Is a scam?

2021.05.21 22:34 9-27-82 Is a scam?

I’ve seen a couple of rental listings with out of state area codes linked to this website
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2021.02.18 20:27 Individual-Ad6627 Combs Homes Renter Scam

This man claims to have multiple properties in las vegas, being 8121 chestnut hollow avenue, 6621 painted morning ave, 1516 wild lilac ct, 1516 iron springs dr. he got us into the property and everything, while we later found out the property is already leased out through another company, american homes for rent. so this man is literally breaking into peoples houses and scamming people for deposits & holding fees, then asking you to take a key from the lockbox and leave it outside, so he can break into these peoples homes once they’re moved in. after he takes your money he’ll block you and go lol. steer clear, seriously. he could be dangerous. his website
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2021.02.18 20:13 Individual-Ad6627 BEWARE OF COMBS HOMES SCAM LAS VEGAS RENTERS

This man claims to have multiple properties in las vegas, being 8121 chestnut hollow avenue, 6621 painted morning ave, 1516 wild lilac ct, 1516 iron springs dr. he got us into the property and everything, while we later found out the property is already leased out through another company, american homes for rent. so this man is literally breaking into peoples houses and scamming people for deposits & holding fees. after he takes your money he’ll block you and go lol. steer clear, seriously. he could be dangerous. his website
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2020.09.08 01:02 Boneyardtrain Is this a scam?

Looking at apts on PadMapper, is this a scam??? $685 for a 1 bedroom in Nob Hill sounds too good to be true.
Address is 2083 NW Johnson Street.
Google search of the address shows these are either the American Apartments or Ball Parc Condos.
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2020.05.27 22:04 tspier Apartment Hunting

Hi, y'all! My wife and I moved to Jersey City two years ago, and we've been living down by Lincoln Park. Our place only has one window with any sunlight, so we were hoping to find another apartment. However, I'm having some trouble finding a reasonably priced place that is also close enough to reasonable public transportation, as my wife works in NYC. We currently pay $1400/month for a one-bedroom. I've been looking on and, but I'm not sure if there's a better way to "hunt." Any suggestions? Thank you!
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2020.04.13 20:18 taji34 Potential rental scam? Need input.

So, my girlfriend and I have been recently searching to rent a house. We have found one in Wallingford that seems great, and the rental price is amazing as well (asking $2000/mo for a 2 Bed/1 Bath with what I would consider a large yard, on street parking only though). We reached out and their response gives me a bit of a sketchy vibe.
One: The only way to contact them was on the phone, or through, and the name of the owner was a company name that doesn't show any results when google'd other than the listing on Already at this point I was a bit worried.
Two: When they responded to our contact through the website, there were 2 emails and 3 names. Our original contact was sent to (omitting real names here) [email protected]. Their response came from [email protected], and they signed of the email with name3. This gave me the most suspicion.
Three: While the rent is low, their asking for an entire month of rent for the refundable security deposit, which seemed odd. I've never rented a home before, so maybe this is a normal thing to do.
I've tried searching all three names and have come up with nothing which also concerns me a bit.
What do you all think?
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2020.03.12 03:09 mittromneyshaircut [HOUSING] 2br 1.5ba loft apartment available 4/1

Looking to get out of my lease a month early because I just bought a house.
The place is in south/olde kensington across the street from Reanimator coffee on Master St., and just a couple blocks from Fishtown and Nolibs.
The unit itself is on the top two floors of the building with lots of exposed brick, wood beams, and vaulted ceilings. Washedryer, full bath with tub downstairs and a half bath upstairs, rooftop terrace, and free storage unit in basement. $2075/mo.
Check the link below and scroll to Unit 4C to check out pics. Let me know if you have any questions!
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2018.08.28 23:18 nmossalam Rooms for Rent in Amazing Malden apartment

A great apartment is available immediately in Malden with 5 bedrooms. Two rent options available: Whole apartment for $2,600/month not including utilities and 1 year lease. Or Each room is available for $790 rent including all utilities. Apartment is deleaded. There’s onsite laundry, very close to downtown with all its fabulous restaurants and several public transit options including the Malden T station, outside deck space, and much more!
Those interested can contact Ariane Taylor at 339-224-1437
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2017.07.06 04:01 InitialSplit Apartment Hunter

This post might fit better elsewhere but it’s about apartment hunting in Tucson, so I thought I'd give it a go.
So last December I was changing my living arrangements and was looking for an apartment. This is about my process from then.
My requirements were:
My preferences were:
As it'd been awhile since I'd been in an apartment (and I hadn't been too happy with the one I had been in last time), I thought I'd approach it more thoroughly this time.
And as it is typical with me, it started with a spreadsheet:
Rental (Example)
I've removed my personal information, anonymized the contact information, and tweaked it somewhat for publication, and I'll explain how to use it:
The first tab "Variables" has a few boxes to enter in information. You really only need Budget and Work Address, but I've provided a box for Monthly take-home pay to help figure out your budget for rent, with some common proportions.
The second tab "Websites" has resources for:
Finding apartments
The official TPD crime maps let you filter by type of incident, but they also use random boundaries (possibly not to suggest specific "bad blocks"), however it's hard to get a good sense of a neighborhood's safety that way, so I thought Trulia's system was a better gauge for that.
The third tab "Rentals" is where I did a lot of data entry and where all of the work is done.
The first grey section lists the properties with essential data (rent, square footage, bedrooms, bathroom, address), links to Google Street View for remote street reconnaissance, and generated Google Maps directions to the property from your current location.
The green section relates how this data relates to your goals. It's sorted by Score, which is a simple addition of Distance to Work (graded on a curve) + how much under Budget it is + the cost of the square footage is (graded on a curve).
(You may notice the 3rd entry is 100% under budget but that’s because no rent was listed.)
The second grey section starts with how long the property has been listed, then the office hours, the status of the apartment or contact attempt, followed by contact information with generated telephone hyperlinks (to allow for easy calling from a smartphone). After that is a listing of different features, what floor it’s on, what features/appliances it has (0 confirmed no, 1 maybe, 2 confirmed yes), when it was built, then additional fees and charges.
That’s followed by a questionnaire (sourced from Reddit, fully listed in the 4th tab), then a listing of all the websites where the property was listed and the data collected.
The next dark grey section is where the supporting information for the calculated values starts, first with the address, then the distances from the property to my Work from Google Maps, then square footage calculation.
I had a limited amount of time to find an apartment with fairly low funds, so I spent a good deal of time collecting data for and developing the spreadsheet before driving around for a couple days while making plenty of calls to get more details and schedule viewings. I had this spreadsheet loaded on my phone, and was able to easily make calls, get directions and make notes. Between appointments, I also drove around neighborhoods that I was interested in, and called the phone numbers listed on signs, in case they hadn’t gotten around to listing them online yet.
Many of the apartments I looked at were in what I felt were somewhat sketchy areas, and not in great condition, so I had begun to resign myself to that reality. However in the end, I was so relieved when I found an apartment in a nice quiet neighborhood that had a yard, for $55 under budget. That said, it’s a small studio without a dishwasher, washer or dryer. But I also cut out 4 hours and 110 miles of commuting a week. There have been a few minor issues with it but I’ve been pretty pleased.
So I went into this level of detail because I like having some degree of certainty that I’ve made the best decisions I can, but I realize that this is definitely not for everybody. I just hope that there are some good resources and ideas that can help others out.
To make your own spreadsheet, you should be able to copy mine and then edit the copy.
edit: If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know.
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2014.05.09 02:51 sarieh Looking for a place with no luck. Please help!

Hi Reddit GR! I'm looking for some help here. My boyfriend and I are moving in together and we've not had much luck finding anything before someone else gets to it before we can. We've been looking every day, several times a day for about 2 months now. All the websites - craigslist, hotpads, padmapper, showmetherent, rentgr,, zillow, trulia, etc. Even been checking local property management sites like compass, lighthouse, united, urbanpharm, etc. Still no luck. We've applied to several places now, but other people get chosen over us.
I'm 29 and he's 33, and we're both employed full time. We are not interested in apartment complexes - we're more looking for a single family home, duplex, or Triplex and are open to many areas of Grand Rapids. Though, we really like the idea of being in/around Eastown, the West Side, Fulton Heights, etc. Our budget for rent is a max of $750/mo, and we're not interested if water isn't included in the rent. We're looking for something at least 800 sq ft, with 1 to 2 bedrooms (So no studios). Cats must be allowed, and we need laundry on site. Beckett Family Rental is being avoided at all costs.
So if anyone knows anyone renting out a place, or knows of a place that is available that fits the description, PLEASE let me know. I'm getting frustrated. Thanks. :)
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2013.08.14 02:34 lerind Renting in GR---need your GR redittor expert advice!

I've lived in GR for about 6 years now---mostly downtown/heritage hill (which I love). Anyways, due to unfortunate circumstances I ended up in Ramblewood in Grandville. Now, our lease is up, roommate is suddenly moving to Cali and the property found out I own a restricted breed dog. Long story short, I need some help/advice on where I can find a decent, safe and clean apartment for cheap ($600 with utilities is my max) that will allow me to bring my awesome, well behaved German Shepherd. I've searched craigslist, rentgr, leasegr, showmetherent, rentlinx, michiganhousinglocator, individual property management company websites, etc... Beginning to panic! Thanks in advance.
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2013.07.16 23:46 sawwsea Anyone know of any good resources for apartment searching in Ann Arbor?

Craigslist's housing section gets spammed mercilessly and many of the other rental websites I have visited are not kept up to date. For example, on the first 3 places I called that were listed as having available apartments were full until next spring at the earliest. I am starting a new job in Ann Arbor after Labor Day and I am starting to stress out a bit. I realize this is probably the worst time of year to be looking for a place to live with the Fall semester starting soon, but I figure there must be something available. So, does anyone know of any good resources, online or otherwise, that would be beneficial for my search? Thanks for the help!
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2013.01.04 02:01 tetnies213 I'm looking for a roommate stat.

I had one lined up, but she just recently canceled on me. I've already filled out an application, and have seen the apartment, and I want to move in. It's two bedroom one bath. Washedryer in unit, water included $750/mo.
Here is the link to the place.
I have even met the landlord Rudy, and the neighbors are all super wonderful. If you are anyone with income that isn't allergic to cats, please PM me to schedule a meetup and be my new roomie. :3
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2011.11.21 21:21 jerschneid Just relaunched my Internet startup website. Would love feedback.

It's a rental housing search site! It's been live for a few years now, but just totally redesigned and relaunched it and am very carefully watching the traffic:
I would love any feedback you have or any errors you find! Thank you!
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2011.11.21 20:12 jerschneid U of M rental housing search website

Hey guys! I graduated from U of M a few years back and have been working full time since college on my rental housing website. We just relaunched to make it easier to find housing and I would love your opinion:
If you have searched for housing in Ann Arbor before, you probably used our site (but may not have realized it). We have over 1,000 properties in Ann Arbor which are constantly updated and we power about half of the Ann Arbor property managers websites behind the scenes.
I'd love any feedback you have or any referrals if you think your friends may find it useful. Thank you! :)
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