Gsxr 750 fuel tank capacity

What's the next Job that you think will come to FFXIV?

2023.03.26 12:58 Molecular_ What's the next Job that you think will come to FFXIV?

I don't think they'll add another melee DPS for a long time, so I think the most viable classes will fit into DPS ranged and caster, Healers, and Tanks. right now healers are split 50/50 with pure heal/shield heal, so I would be interested to see where the next healer lands to break that balance. Or if they opt towards subclasses instead of all new classes, adding things like Corsair, Geomancy, or even as second job crystals to base classes like arcanist which both take up essentially the same weapon archetype, only with different stats.
For DPS, my mind mostly sits on the idea of new DOT-focused jobs, so you'll see that reflected in my thoughts.
I'd like to see a Whip class that functions similarly to a Belmont. a ranged DPS with a close-range AOE combo, and a large focus on DOT management along with weaves like throwing poison bottles, and whip laceration DOTs. I think it would have a rotation in a space between Red Mage and dragoon, and feel in lore terms either as a wilderness hunter or a western ranger.
If a BLU overhaul isn't in the cards for a caster, I think a time mage would be a great pick. 1-2 DOTs that deal solid damage that is kept up by "rewinding" them by use of other abilities during the rotation would be pretty neat to see.
For Tanks, as we already have swords/shields, buster swords, axes, and gunblades, I'd imagine going a little more unconventional would be the coolest thing to do.
I think power armor as a class would also be extremely cool, perhaps something that conceptually would act like a heavyset brawler tank with ether blasts, and perhaps a dash on top of the usual gap closer that acts like a reaper dash. gameplay-wise I could see it building up different types of ether, that as you go through your rotation you use different parts of the armor for your rotation, say you have damage, defense, or healing buff that needs to be fueled by the next element in the rotation from fire>lightning>ice for instance, kinda like the idea of wood>fire>earth>metal>fire qi in Chinese philosophy.
You could also take geomancer in the direction of a tank job advancing out of the conjurer class, wielding a staff/club hybrid. while you could call it a battlemage as well, geomancer is cooler so we're going with that. it would be nice if it could also hit that spell sword niche in the sense that it is essentially a melee magic user in concept.
What do you guys think?
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2023.03.26 12:52 oceanofdetermination Attempt at a more cohesive Pate is Creighton and Creighton is Pate theory

So I noticed that this questline is a lot like the two doors two guards riddle where whoever originally owned the ring of thorns was the serial killer in Mirrah: Pate says it's Creighton's ring, Creighton says it's Pate's ring and says Pate is a serial killer who kills "solely for the pleasure of it, Cale says it's Creighton or someone named Creighton, but I think if there was an infamous killer people would know their face in Mirrah so as to publicly shame Creighton before his execution, it seems highly unlikely Cale was talking about someone's likeness being based on their ARMOR or SILHOUTEE that would make no fucking sense, it's like if you said every tall person was lebron james: think about it, even in dark souls 2 it only makes sense that Cale is referring to Pate. Plus giants actually exist in this world. He wouldn't recognize Creighton based on height alone. Given how sure and generally kind Cale is: Cale wouldn't accuse someone of being Creighton JUST because when wearing armor you look similar to Creighton. Executions tend to be public spectales to satiate public outcry so I'm betting Cale knew Creighton's actual face. Plus at no point during the story does Creighton appear even REMOTELY capable of escaping execution RIGHT BEFORE WHEN SECURITY WOULD BE THE TIGHTEST. Only an akuma with a silver tongue would be able to. you can't escape a jail cell though brute strength alone, otherwise Creighton would never have hollowed away all of his sanity and memories and original presumably generic proto-Bearer of the Curse personality(ie personality of spamming soul spear barrage in the brotherhood of blood arena for 500 matches in huntsmen's corpse.)
Anyways, here are some details from another thread, also another thing I just realized is a symptom of hollowing is "forgetting who you are" like what happens in the beginning where your player struggles to recognize themselves in the human effigy and when lucatiel gives you the human effigy and says "of course I have no idea what it is" SHE IS STARTING TO FORGET WHO SHE IS SO SHE DOESN'T SEE HERSELF IN THE EFFIGY BECAUSE OF HOLLOWING
" Not really, both of them are untrustworthy and omit things about themselves. No matter which one you ally with, they'll betray you. My preferred solution is just to help one, get their reward and kill the other.(from SundownKid)"
"But Pate generally tells the truth in a deceitful way. Other than when he pretends to need your help against Creighton and pretending the ring of thorns originally belonged to Creighton. Creighton generally tells lies in a way that is transparent and reveals the truth due to his emotional and paranoid-obsessive nature. But the entire conceit of the questline is how both muddy the waters.(from me)"
"also more than that, it's entirely possible all of Creighton's psychosis are just symptoms of hollowing. What if Pate hid the key to the lockaway in that place with those dagger rogues and thieves **because he didn't want Creighton to be freed and wanted him to slowly hollow and die** honestly that is pretty sick and psychotic way to kill someone and it just makes Pate look more and more suspiscious where as Creighton is literally just hollowing the entire time(note that like Cale who maintains some sanity through the Purpose of making a map; like some blacksmiths do in dark souls with the Purpose of smithing[You'll spoil my focus!], it's possible Creighton does so too from the Purpose of revenge and goes fully hollow off-screen after killing Pate)
So Pate's plan would be to use Creighton's hollowing to make Creighton look like the crazy one to the player while gaslighting the shit out of Creighton while killing Creighton because Pate is just that evil and sadistisc.
If you side with Pate you're literally helping Pate clean up his own mess, also Cale's dialogue is meant to imply either one could be the serial killer from Mirrah. Because Creighton says Pale has serial killer traits in your meeting with him. Whereas Cale fingers someone NAMED Creighton."
"Also of note is the fact that Steady Hand Mcduff is swinging his hammer wildly and is hollowing and are you gona tell me that mcduff and creighton DON'T have similar mannerisms? McDuff: mutters to himself about psycho stalker shit about his ex-girlfriend named Flame, dear Flame.. Creighton: mutters to himself about psycho stalker shit about his ex-boyfriend Pate(at the undead lockaway AND the ruined fork bonfire)
also Pate altered his gear, and Creighton's gear is also altered, a serial killer would dress up people like dolls, it's almost definitely Pate.
plus when you open the trap after creighton gives you the key it could in fact be just another symptom of his hollowing-induced psycosis, I could see Mcduff doing the same thing. Also Creighton's wild rage during the fight with Pate can also be attributed to this. And the timeframe- we know that Creighton has been locked in the undead lockaway since BEFORE we speak to Pate in the forest of fallen giants. Even if the player goes through Heide's Tower of Flame, they still have to open the bridge and THEN go onto the left path and enter a cave WHICH IS NOTABLY LITTERED WITH ENEMIES SO PATE COULD ENSURE CREIGHTON'S DEMISE and in that time I would bet Creighton is already in the same condition as Cale, and he's lost all of his memories, and can only fixate on the last thing that happened to him as his mind/soul has no capacity for anything else. Much like Cale, though who knows why Cale or Chloanne chose to hyper-fixate on stones and maps instead of their original point in coming to drangleic which was presumably to break the curse of the undead.
I'm willing to bet the original Pate who is Creighton is the ordinary one and Pate abadonend his serial killer gear on the New-Pate and thought of the idea to use New-Pate's original armor which is ACTUALLY mild-mannnered(Creighton was probably originally like the player and had rolled the warrior class from dark souls 1) to avoid detection by people like Cale and more easily trick people like the player.
Lastly if you look at the few parts of Creighton's face which aren't obscured they look hollow and the player is supposed to misunderstand this as how a serial killer would generally look but it's from hollowing and Creighton's used to look white like Pate's before Creighton started going hollow in the undead lockaway. Starving to death without any estus."

" as for the booby-trapped chest even if creighton and pate were working together before creighton lost most of his memories, it's hardly intentional at that point because creighton was literally a different person a non-killer PERSONA before he started to lose his mind in the undead lockaway. He may have still tricked the player but he's also lost most of his mind already so it doesn't really convince. Plus, at least in the original game, the way he's sitting at the ruined fork bonfire also makes me think he's like Cale in his hollowing. Also this is also why he lives till Dark Souls 3, he was already hollow before Cale was killed. And he remains hollow until the literal end of the world and ends up in that covenant in dark souls 3. NOT because he was the serial killer, but because he THINKS he is." [also of note that I didn't realize when I wrote this comment in the other thread is that the chest is booby-trapped before post-hollowing New-Creighton gets to the cove, and it's highly unlikely that proto-Bearer of the Curse Old-Pate was as meticulous as New-Pate, and even if he was he probably literally forgot about it when he gave you the key EVERYONE WHO KILLED CREIGHTON IS BAD AND SHOULD FEEL BAD also of note is this seems like something they were trying to do with Griggs of Vinheim in dark souls 1 and it's kinda an obvious twist to go for with the premise of hollowing is "what if you were hollowing forget yourself and started thinking you were someone else" and also wouldn't Creighton as a serial killer BOAST about being the original owner of the ring of throns? Notably New-Creighton does not)]
" actually the only thing unaccounted for in this "theory" (it's probably what the developers actually intended you to figure out as there are clues in 3 other NPCs Mcduff, Cale, and Chloanne, who are unrelated to this questline) is why "Creighton" is wearing the mirrah knight armor even if it is slightly altered. I'll get back to this when I figure it out. "
"okay so three last things
  1. the true owner of the ring of thrones was probably something that was used during the killings in mirrah(the ring fuels the spite of a serial killer) which is why pate denies ownership and creighton says pate owns the ring 1b)pate purposely tries to NOT appear spiteful durng the entire story THE OPPOSITR OF SPITEFUL because he came to drangleic as a FUGITIVE, meanwhile creighton is nothing but spite but ONLY towards Pate, meanwhhile Pate's entire "treasure hunt" is FUELED by spite so he is the true owner of the ring of thorns.
  2. the armor setof creighton isn't from mirrah just a good-enough replica to fool people, we know from pate's armor that pate has the skills to alter equipment, need I say more. Creighton just talks about murder all of the time and wouldn't have the focus to steer himself away from his hollowing-induced obsession with Pate to alter his own equipment, much less the smithing skills, so obviously Pate is the one who altered his gear.
  3. Creighton mistakes the player for Pate when you first meet Creighton BECAUSE the effect of hollowing has caused him to hyper-fixate the way Cale and Chloanne do for maps. He literally hallucinates you as Pate due to hollowing. And I think there is some lore backing this up but I'm not sure.
3.5) pate's gaslighting is why creighton says "this isn't right" when creighton dies at the cove during the fight with pate
3.55) Creighton is notably much weaker than Pate and could never actually be an infamous killer in Mirrah A LAND OF KNIGHTS(as stated by lucatiel whose blade is thusu always ready) WHERE LUCATIEL WASN"T EVEN THE STRONGEST ONE to achieve infamy you would have to be as strong as Pate
4) Going back to the original event and breaking down the modus opreandi, Creighton gets trapped, maliciously, on purpose, by Pate in the forest of the fallen giants, according to both Pate(Pate denies malice until the reveal at the engraved gauntlets chest) and Creighton and backed up by the reveal if you chose to support Pate at the cove when he fights Creighton(after this Pate frames Creighton when you first meet Pate by saying HE is the owner of the ring of thorns which if you pay attention to the item descrption is meant to symbolize the serial killer from mirrah-whoever is the real owner is the serial killer) Creighton is upset and goes after Pate following this, Creighton sets a trap for Pate in Huntsman's Corpse, Pate tricks him again with his silver tongue that he employs several times against the player and locks him in the lockaway and literally throws away the key. (Or makes it very hard to find) Now I suppose the question is how do we know if Creighton is telling the truth? well to start with we know that pate is wearing creighton's original gear which looks like a player from dark souls 1 the warrior class meaning it's meant to symbolize that if the player had gotten to drangleic earlier this could have happened to them instead of Creighton. But more substantially, we know that the generic warrior class would probably have a harder time putting the key where we find it in huntsman's corpse, Pate would be able to turtle those hordes of enemies much better, offense alone wouldn't get you through it, in the context of this"theory." Pate's spear has the reach to deny the dagger rogues who would never reach Pate and even if they did Pate could shield it.(also something that actualy happes in pvp; reach is a nice thig to have) The Warrior class wouldn't be able to make it through. Outside from that literal context clue, trying to figure out how exactly Pate tricked Creighton into falling into his own trap and Pate got the key.. I think I know how, it's kinda obvious when you think about it, Creighton is new to trap-making so he just copied verbatim the trap that Pate did to him in the forest of the fallen giants, so Pate probably said "but there's no treasure in there so why would I walk in there" and Creighton walked in like "what, ofcourse there is, I just put it in he- OH FCK YOU"like eggman and tails in sonic adventure 2 which is also completely consistent with Creighton's brash single-minded and obsessive character and it would make sense Pate would just do the opposite of his previous trap to catch Creighton off-guard , the only question remaining is who put the key where we find it after this? well disregard half of what I said, creighton didn't need a key he just saw that the door would lock on the hut and it makes sense and actually backs up my theory that creighton didn't think he would need a way out. Pate would have easily been able to get the key guarded by the rogues if Pate were the one to set up this trap- Pate would have done this beforehand is that Pate would make sure he had the key on him to escape in case Pate got stuck in the trap he himself laid because Pate says he is cautious and calculating and that one is not a lie. Look at how far he set this all up to throw away his old identity to begin with. Actually even the persona Pate puts on as a liie wouldn't have gotten stuck in the trap because Pate would look for the key first before looking for treasure in any huts. He is, again, cold and calcuating, he set all this up and tries to kill you with the engraved gauntlets chest because he is actually that cautious to have that extra insurance as you are the only one left who could potentially tie him to his past as Creighton the serial killer.
anyways making a new thread"
[also something I just realized is that the ring of thorns implies spite, creighton has a lot of spite to make you think he was the original owner for the ring of thorns, pate has none but this is done on purpose by pate to make people think he's not creighton; he just acts in the opposite way as a fugitive who escaped to Drangleic. Besides it makes sense a criminal would come to a lost forgotten kingdom for that reason. Some people came here for reasons other than the curse like Maughlin the Armorer. Or at least you think that's why Maughlin came here at first. Anyways Pate isn't Undead by his own admission. if Creighton was in the lockaway for as long as he was, he would have died if he was human. It actually explains why he didn't warn you about the booby trap. Hollowing made him forget. Pate wearing Creighton's warrior-class gear hint that Creighton is a generic warrior class roller Bearer of the Curse and came to Drangleic to break the Curse. Pate did not.]
also explicit dialogue that hints at Creighton's hollowing:" Who are you?I thought you were that bastard for a moment. "
"Heh heh…Just wait, you dirty rat…Hm? Oh…Oh! I-I remember you?!Don't you scare me like that. I thought you were him. {He's an infamous serial killer who's killed many people but he's scared by you? He talked tough but his real personality shines through immediately afterwards? HE IS NOT CREIGHTOn.]
" When killed(whimpering and sighing; no subtitles)" [WHAT A MANLY WAY TO DIE; whimpering death and not a warrior's death is another thing that implies that Creighton isn't Creighton; Creighton literally has never fought and killed strong as fuck knights of Mirrah.]
[Pate's weaponry implies that he was strong enough to easily kill Creighton without your help; he was just making a show of it to manipulate the player so that you would trust Pate and open the chest that Pate, not New-Creighton, rigged.: if Pate dies to Creighton without your interference he either underestimated the Hollow Creighton, hid his power level too hard, or both. It's simple.]
Anyways I got off-track a bit because I assumed Pate hid the key which wasn't true at all but there are several points within that tangent that actually add to this theory; Creighton was telling the truth because Pate would be cold and calculating enough to find the lockaway key and keep it with him in case Pate got stuck in his own trap if Pate was trying to trap Creighton instead of the other way around.
EDIT: Creighton is still hollow in Dark Souls 3 which is backed up by every Dark Souls game.
EDIT: I guess the point behind this is it's a riff on the two doors two guards riddle(look it up) and here they're both lying. Only, Creighton doesn't know that he's lying because he's lost his sense of self through hollowing. Creighton thinks he's telling the truth, but he thinks he's someone he is not so both guards are lying, but you should kill Pate. Creighton is too hollow to even remember to lead you towards a booby trappped chestWhat hollows in the lore are even capable of this kind of patches-esque intellectual deception before dark sols 3 lmao? Crestfallen in Dark Souls 1 just lunges at you without any dialogue, no thoughts soul empty. my man's INNOCENT Tupac did it tho
EDIT2: why you booing me I'm right
EDIT3: Additional probably last observation "This is true I do that but also when you first meet Creighton you already get the hint that he's hollowing from his first bit of dialogue and Lucatiel when she hollows can no longer recognize her form in the human effigy "of course I have no idea what it is."
Creighton is in a much more Hollowing/harrowing situation than Lucatiel that would be like starving to death in real life. That's why Creighton forgets that he's Pate and starts thinking that he's Creighton. New-Pate also altered the armor on Creighton, and probably the Benhart's parma symbol on it is THE ORIGINAL ARMOR that Pate couldn't erase from it when he was trying to make it look like a Mirrah knight armor."
EDIT4: why you still boo'ing me I'm still more right than I was before not that it matters and not that I would but I just copy+pasted this entire thing and can post it again later
FINAL EDIT: "Creighton is also literally just someone rolling warrior in Dark Souls 1. A BABY Chosen Undead or Bearer of the Curse. He's not badass, he only beats Pate at the cove if you don't interfere because of how absolutely fucking bonkers/Hollow Pate has made him; it's hard for Pate to deal with such an aggressively and quick opponent. Like the Heide Knights move really fast in a similar way; it's the same concept.
tl;dr: he's not artorias, he's the level 1 chosen undead in the northern undead asylum with the straight sword hilt-creighton's original persona before hollowing most likely."
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2023.03.26 12:39 mittenclaw I’ve had an epiphany about overwhelm, and I feel like it might help others out so here it is

TL:DR - It seems like you can solve overwhelm by getting things done on the to do list. I tried and failed at that for 2 years! The root cause was the underlying lack of resolve that was getting used up by other things, including just living with adhd. I didn’t fix it until I took care of the underlying cause.
Burnout and overwhelm I got my diagnosis late last year after putting it off for 5 years. Trying to recover from the trauma of the pandemic, and work burnout broke me, so I couldn’t procrastinate any longer. The burnout looked like this:
Sound familiar?
I spent 2 whole years thinking that attacking the to do list was the solution. I simply had too much to worry about and cutting the list down would fix it. I was angry at my partner for not helping to shorten the list. I made paper and digital to do lists that were so huge they would be no use to anybody. Imagine the following plus about 1000 other task variations:
Essentially hundreds of things with no prioritisation despite ranging from planning my entire life, to absurdly optional or tiny things that could quite frankly never be done and everything would be fine. BUT IT DIDN’T FEEL FINE.
It felt so overwhelming and insane and I scratched around in circles for TWO YEARS freaking out over it all and yet making no progress. I would somehow get a few things done but the finish line always seemed to get further away, and with it went any sense of accomplishment, or hope that I would ever again exist outside of this vortex of overwhelm.
The actual solution Two things changed this year:
  1. I found the right meds for my ADHD. Not a miracle cure but I do feel less overwhelmed
  2. I left a job that was a terrible fit for me (or anyone tbh) and found a much better one.
What’s the point of this post, what’s the epiphany? Well it just occurred to me that I spent a full two years of my life fixating on the wrong issue.
The cause of the problem was a lack of bandwidth, resolve, energy, fuel. If everybody in the world gets through their day running on mental juice, well us ADHD people have to use 80% of that juice just having an ADHD brain. We have to shepherd thousands of unnecessary thoughts around in our brain just to do something simple like make a cup of coffee or cross the road. It’s like running a car with a massive hole in the gas tank. Other cars can run just fine but we run out of juice much sooner because most of it has gone out the adhd hole.
The solution is maximising the juice, and minimising what it gets used on, so you have enough for yourself to feel like you can handle things. I was like a chef in a restaurant kitchen that didn’t have any food in the fridge. No wonder I felt panicked all the time. If you were a chef in a kitchen full of food, you could get the most complex order but still feel ok about solving it because there’s food available in the stores to do it.
Well the food in my case was resolve. Mental energy.
It’s easier said than done to cultivate more of this, but with hindsight, I was working a horribly stressful job that was using up all my measly portion of mental energy each day. At the time I knew it was bad but I had no idea that it was dominating my entire life this way. Instead I thought I had to find a new place to live, have a 5 year plan, sort out my finances, possibly even be in a different relationship. None of those things were urgent or catastrophically important. It turns out finding a job that didn’t use up every last drop of my mental reserve was actually the urgent thing.
I wrote this post because even though there are some great videos out there on recovery from overwhelm etc., I watched them and it still didn’t dawn on me. I thought I could improve my resolve by having a day off, or a hot bath. But it needed much more drastic action including being on the right meds and changing jobs and working schedule. I was just being asked to do way too many things that were hard for me.
The How To ADHD channel has a great video on “the wall of awful” and the downsides of forcing yourself through it. I was forcing myself through for months on end. I had individual walls of awful for several things each day: early work meetings even though adhd sleep is terrible, constant task switching that destroyed my brain, being micromanaged which took away all dopamine from autonomy or sense of accomplishment, long unneccessary video calls where I was forced to keep the camera on and couldn’t fidget or even doodle/“take notes”.
It seems silly now, but those things are gone and all of a sudden I feel ok about my future. The to do list items will get done when they get done. Some of them might never get done or not even belong on the list and that’s ok.
I feel like this has been quite rambly but I hope it’s helpful to someone. I wish someone had shook me months or even years ago and said, you need to patch up the hole in your gas tank first before you start panicking about driving cross country.
Well done if you got to the end!
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2023.03.26 11:13 EricBelov1 Is there any unclassified source on the material used on these fuel tank covers for M1A2 SEP? I just heard that SEP version uses spall-liner inside the crew compartment and I would like to get some verification.

Is there any unclassified source on the material used on these fuel tank covers for M1A2 SEP? I just heard that SEP version uses spall-liner inside the crew compartment and I would like to get some verification. submitted by EricBelov1 to Warthunder [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 10:52 MarvKage17 Unpopular Opinion: Selena needs a buff or a revamp

Basically the title. Honestly I can't really imagine a scenario where Selena is an optimum pick. She's terrible at clearing waves so she wouldn't make for a good mid laner. The CD on her ult is relatively high so you can't clear jungle camps as quickly as other Burst assassin's, or even tanks. Her CC requires distance from the target so it's a little tough backing up your team. Her ganking capacity, especially in the early game, is fire ngl but there are picks who can do that too.
Idk tho, I'm just a nab Selena. What do the pros think, the Selena mains too? Does she need improvement or am I just playing her wrong?
Edit: Words
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2023.03.26 10:21 EdrickV First ship finally made it to Mars.

First ship finally made it to Mars.
My first big ship, from my first SE game, the Aurora, with mining ship Kyushu riding piggyback. I flew it halfway from Earthlike to Mars at 100m/s, before I was reminded that Jump Drives existed. So then I retrofitted it with two jump drives on the bottom. (which got moved downwards) But by the time I did that, I was out of hydrogen and low on battery power. I expanded the small solar wings the ship had, and retrofitted the ship with some ion thrusters. (Something I'd previously done to the atmospheric miner Kyushu that I hadn't expected to be using in space, until I needed gold.)
I managed to find ice, and with the help of a bunch of 02 generators I added, I refueled the Aurora so I could actually try and land once I made the jump to Mars. (Charging up one jump drive and half charging another is what drained most of my power I guess.) I managed to land on Mars before I ran out of fuel. Aurora only has 1 large hydrogen tank. Something I've done better with in newer ships.
One unusual feature of the Aurora is that, with the exception of some temporary O2 gens and hydrogen engines that will get removed, the front section of the ship has no conveyors, it's mostly armor blocks, the antenna, and a few things in the interior. (And those O2 gens/hydrogen engines are actually in the interior, against the ceiling. The ship also only has small hydrogen thrusters facing down, they are in the nacelles in the back. There is one big hydrogen engine facing the rear, but that's the only large thruster it has.
This game started off completely vanilla. I did add a few QoL mods when I started retrofitting the ship with jump drives. No MES stuff as of yet, so the voyage was mostly uneventful aside from the refitting and refueling stops. Next step for that game, will be to remove the ions from the Kyushu and possibly fiddle with the connector strengths. As is, it can't lift off even though Mars has a little less gravity then Earthlike. (Kyushu is a large grid miner, but doesn't have a large cargo container. Just a whole bunch of large grid small containers.) Aurora and Kyushu won't likely win any beauty awards, but they did their jobs.
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2023.03.26 10:17 puhriknbwk 😘👉👌 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM 🍆💦




Michelle actually growled. She bit my bottom lip and pulled it as her hips rolled under my body. I released her hands to better support my weight by moving my hands to either side of her torso. She grasped my head in each hand turning my head one way and then the other as her kisses began to move from just my lips to my cheeks, my jaw, my throat. Likewise, I was kissing her neck and that soft tender spot just below her ear. I felt a tug and realized that Michelle had grabbed my tee-shirt and was pulling it over my head. I raised my arms so she could extricate the offending garment. With a flick of her wrist it went sailing somewhere into the recesses of the flickering candlelit room. Before I could even think of what next I felt Michelle tugging at my belt buckle and the snap on my jeans. Taking a hint I rolled over and shed my pants and underwear in one motion then pulled off first one then the other sock. With my proud soldier standing at rigid attention and casting some interesting shadows on the ceiling and walls, I stood next to the bed and reached for Michelle’s jeans. Unsnapping the button and pulling down the zipper I tugged them straight off her body, hips, knees, legs and all. So now my goddess was reclining on her bed sunken softly into the overstuffed comforter, dressed only in a very skimpy pair of panties.
I obliged, pounding Jessica as fast and as hard as I possibly could. She moaned as I pounded her tight little pussy. As I fucked Jessica, I rubbed her clit with my right hand. She screamed loudly as a stream of cum slowly poured out of her pussy and down her legs.
“Why are you hanging out with them again?” Dana asked pissed.
I looked at her but said nothing. She looked at me, then scooted her butt over next to mine and slowly rested her head on my shoulder.
“Sorry” she said.
"Well, let me see," and I started to rub myself up and down to see how hard I could get.
Thankfully, someone who I can only assume is Kathy's friend, bounces up next to her and throws her arms around Kathy. I'd seen her too, she's a dancer alongside Kathy. She's a bit taller than Kathy and I, standing at around 5'9". Her tits were on the small side, sitting at probably an A cup and like Kathy, her ass wasn't one you'd forget. She had slightly wavy hair dyed to an auburn. Her blue eyes were kind of piercing.
“Yup.” Sylan replied without even looking at her; he was continuing to appraise his beverage.
Blaise threw him a knowing look, before smirking and stepping
"Yes." Chris grumbled. "Truth or dare?" he asked immediately, his mind already racing.
I was awoken with a soft kiss on the lips. I slowly opened my eyes and turned my head to see my younger sister, Katie, standing over me, dressed in only a tank top and panties. “Good morning, James,” she said shyly.
There was also a part of him that didn’t want to see his teammates again. Especially Sakura. After this incident, she didn’t seem all that appealing. She seemed…whinny and pathetic. She was always going after Sakura and never giving him the time of day. Sasuke now seemed equally pathetic. If he was running away from girls because he was afraid something like this would happen, he was the baka!
Jackie is pregnant; Steven got her pregnant and shut her out. It’s a spark really, the fuel of my rage is already there but you take the first person to accept me down in Texas last year and you not only dishonor her by turning her away when she’s pregnant but you but you leave her homeless and out on the streets? Meltdown and explosion to go off in 3… 2… 1…
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Evan looked at his chest. There was no bullet hole in his chest. No injury that he could see.
She went into the Galley enclosure and went into the head compartment. As she sat there tinkling, she heard first the low groan, and then felt slight motion on the boat. She flushed the Head, and heard the groan again; she exited out the aft door from the enclosure, towards the sun deck.
they saw her reach down and grab him by the ass, urging him on.
"Right now," Mr. Walker added, "Let's watch the girls dance for us."
She replied, “You are her mother’s Master, just tell her that you are keeping her daughter.”
Time passed and after about 15 minutes I heard someone at my door. I quickly switched tabs, not wanting to end up in the same situation again. Then, just as I looked over at the door, I saw my sister quickly grab something from my bed and run out of the room laughing. I looked over at my bed trying to figure out what she was up to, but I really couldn't figure it out so I stood up and walked over to my bed.
Jamie bounced down the stairs to greet her father. Leaving her bedroom door ajar and listening I was able to hear a little of their conversation.
“Oh gosh,” Grace said, patting her belly. “I’ve had plenty to eat already.”
Short Description of myself and my friends:
"Yes and if your going to throw up go to the bathroom to so you dont get sick in the hallway. Take your time." He couldnt have made this any easier for me. I got up and left the room turning left down the familiar dark hallway, remembering all those times with Aide back here, just making out. As i got to the closet i saw it slowly open and my arm getting grabbed, pulling me in.
“I was wondering if you’d like to hang out after school? I mean, I don’t know if you have time or anything like that, but I’d love to get to know you better and show you around town.” Ed suddenly had an epiphany. She wanted to sleep with him, or rather the squad wanted her to sleep with him. She wasn’t exactly against the idea, and neither was he; but he didn’t plan on giving in easily.
Later Mom went to the kitchen and Debbie looked at me. She winked and said, "Haven't seen much of you lately." I just shrugged. So she said, "Miss me?"
"Sure, help yourself." I didn't think there was anything I could talk about I hadn't already talked to the counselor about, but hey, she was still hot.
“Zoë… breath… can’t…” She let him go and kissed him. Michael didn’t quite know what to do beside kiss her back. When she pulled away she had gotten control of herself.
I asked, “How do you know she has big boobs? She never wears anything revealing.”
“Yeah, can you believe that? I wasn't gonna do it at all, then I wasn't ever going to do it again, and then minutes later, in the shower, I did it again.”
towards her breast bone. Pulling on her knees I slid her down so her
"Tell me what's wrong." I said forcefully, slightly worried.
I was pretty surprised when I saw Maggie go up on stage to give the valedictorian speech. She looked rather pretty and had somehow managed to make her black graduation gown look good. I don’t remember a word she said, because her whole speech I was lost in thought recalling our night in the park only 7 days before.
The picture was probably shocking to say the least. Me, her baby boy, laying in bed with his aunt, naked, slamming down on his lap. The unmistakable sound of moist skin slapping moist skin. As usual, my face was buried in aunt Carol’s cleavage, sucking and kissing and gnawing away at her wonderful breast meat. Neither of us saw her come in, or even knew she was there until she spoke… ok yelled… so I don’t know how long she watched, but needless to say, it was long enough. She stormed out of the room, and Carol quickly jumped off of me and ran after her, pulling her nightgown on as she darted out of the room. I waited, expecting to hear a gunshot, or at least some sort of physical altercation taking place. But there was a door slam and that was it. Their muffled voices started off loud, then disappeared, presumably to avoid waking my sister’s. I don’t know exactly how long they were talking, but eventually aunt Carol returned.
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Soon enough, Nancy bustled back in with a large, loaded shopping bag. "Oof!" she exclaimed as she deposited it on the floor next to the counter. "Now, here we have your textbooks, your schedule, your locker assignment, a copy of the new student handbook, water bottle, and your student ID. Be sure you don't lose it!"
“I was looking at the games they have on display,” Morgan explained, pointing off to the shelf.
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2023.03.26 10:12 tcj_izutsumi Using custom materials and models to make a fuel tank!

Using custom materials and models to make a fuel tank! submitted by tcj_izutsumi to TheFortniteCreatives [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 09:41 bochnik_cz UA POV - Russia's losses estimated up to 26.3.2023 - Armed Forces of Ukraine

UA POV - Russia's losses estimated up to 26.3.2023 - Armed Forces of Ukraine submitted by bochnik_cz to UkraineRussiaReport [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 09:26 Jack_n_trade 🦓 “Shores of Zebrica” 🌴

✢ Additions:
- Added new portraits for Oborin in Tobuck and God-Emperor Leer in Angriver. - Added AI decisions to connect railways in Equus. - Added advisor icons for River Republic. - Added generic portraits for polar bears, llamas and harpies. - Added a unique trait for Con Mane in Equestria. - Added AI game rule for the secret Hippogriffia path. - Added new concerns for Watertowns. - Added new concern icons for Bakara, Chital and Austurland. - Added a decision for Colthage to core Zinder. - Added unique focus icons for Chital's viking path. - Reworked flag for Kimball's Bronzehill. - Herald of Boreas in Yale can now crown Grover VI as Emperor. - Added a decision for Hippogriffia to handle having Wingbardy as a puppet. - Added a light nuclear engine naval module. - Added placeholder focuses for Free Camel Tribes and Boltrian Kingdom that allow them to fight and core each other. - Added new deer unit 3D models. 
✢ Changes and fixes:
- Improved performance. - Made Eye of the Storm into an urban province. - Adjusted shapes of various strategic regions and renamed some of them. - Rebalanced the Storm Kingdom civil war. - Fixed event about Zalathel's child not triggering in Colthage. - Sanity checks for Romau's trade league. - Removed Jaki-Clan's duplicate concern. - Fixed crash caused by Prywhen CAS. - Kristallregen experiment in Gryphus now needs the weather tower to be completed. - Sanity checks for various hillpony focuses. - Coral Ridge advisor in Hippogriffia now gives war support from casualties. - Converted Bakaran starting air planes to support By Blood Alone. - Fixed Colthage losing mercenary division names while still having "Army of Mercenaries" national spirit. - Hippogriffia's underwater nuclear reactors focus now requires nuclear technology. - Improved AI for Stalliongrad. - Fixed issue with army/ainavy chief advisors in Tobuck. - Fixed issue with Greifenmarschen fighter plane focus. - Made Changeling AI use scorched earth when losing. - Tried to prevent Luna being advisor in Solar empire. - With By Blood Alone, focuses that unlock airframes now also unlock a few techs to customize them. - Fixed Maud Pie advisor not being in the correct ledger. - Fixed header positions in the welcome screen. - Fixed Steeltalon advisor icon. - Replaced Coral Ridge's advisor portrait. - Fixed allowed checks for some concerns. - Made some Aquileian concerns available for puppets. - Vedina and Sunstriker concerns that are available for Griffonian Republic are now available for National Republican Army as well. - Fixed various issues with concerns. - Fixed incorrect costs for various advisors. - Fixed some Chital advisor icons. - Switched portrait of an Austurland admiral. - Fixed ledgers for various theorist and high command advisors. - River Federation can now get some Bakaran concerns and advisors. - Changed subideology of Dust Hoover in Vanhoover to Revolutionary Dictatorship. - Sinister's war focuses now require Stalliongrad to be at peace. - Sinister's "Simplify Bureaucracy" focus now gives political power. - Updated No Step Back tank tree to properly match rather recent basegame changes. - Hippogriffia will now abandon Colthage to its fate in a prolongued civil war. - Warzena no longer gets generic Tank and Naval Designers. - Squark Tank Factory can now only be assigned in one slot. - Reduce Industrial Research from Bob the Builder. - Reduced Prywhen focus times. - Prywhen no longer gets instant cores. - Fixed poverty and illiteracy endgame focuses for Prywhen. - Implemented research slot checks to Lushi focuses. - Removed experience gain from Colthage's theorist. - Fixed wrong terrain in a couple of provinces. - Tweaked how Wittenland's coring of Wild-Vodina works. - Make ideology checks for some Bakara advisors visible. - Coltvan focus tree now works when the country is puppeted. - Fixed "The Last Charge of the Imazeeb" event not triggering if Zumidia exists. - Fixed a state for Avian's Haukland puppet. - Disciples now get same news event responses as Lunar Empire. - Chiropterra now gets a unique news event response to Summer Sun Celebration. - Changed Klugetown communist leader portrait. - Fixed generic ace icons. - Fixed a Zarantia national spirit icon. - Fix research bonus from Aquileia/Vinovia's Support Equipment Designer. - Fixed missing advisor icon for Starry Plough in Las Pegasus and Nova Whirl in River Republic. - Fixed faction leader scope. - Implemented a tag alias for Aquileia. - New Mareland now starts with armored cars. - Fixed AI plane designs. - Solar Empire's focus to core Crystal Empire no longer requires impassable states. - Fixed Playthrough Overview button not appearing in the pause menu. - Removed an impassable province border in Sunstriker Clan. - Fixed deprecated tech bonus in River Republic focus. - Fixed wrong HP bonus for a griffon racial technology. - Gave Daybreaker faster mobilization speed. - Fixed availability of a Lushi national spirit. - Fixed GFX for fuel tank 2. - Fixed Chiropterran localisation treating Lucent as the country leader of a puppet Zarantia. - If Nova Whirl is dead, she can no longer flee to Skynavia. - Implemented empty slots for By Blood Alone planes. - Attempted to fix Flowena not getting resource rights in Adelart. - Increased demolition gun hard attack. - Fixed Feathisian air chief giving naval experience. - Skynavian general congress now has a trait. - Fixed advanced CAS airframe icon. - Duplicate navy decisions don't appear if By Blood Alone is enabled. - Changed various event pictures in Gerza's Colthage. - Fixed bypasses for Aquileia's focuses about attacking Herzland. - Adjusted when Stalliongrad gains ownership or cores of the Griffish Isles. - Removed civil war buffs for the secret Hippogriffia path. - Fixed various missing icons. - Generic leaders for races without generic portraits now use silhouettes. - Free Camel Tribes and Twizanyika now have placeholder country leaders instead of generic ones. - Changed color of Evi formable again. - Fixed Amphibious Modern Tank onmap icon. - Fixed general portraits for Sen Kinh. - Fixed advisor icon for Dominik Pinkfeather in Blackrock's Bandits. - Fixed National Griffonian Republic not being able to remove "The Language Issue" national spirit. - Caballeron now has description as a Field Marshal too. - Fixed Baltimare navy chief being high command. - Swapped trait of a Baltimare advisor so it isn't the same as that of a Stalliongrad advisor which you can get. - Replaced a Baltimare general portrait. - Various general traits which reduced chance to be wounded to 0 now do the same to sickness chance. - Fix formats of Kása communist and fascist flags. - Research bonuses from Nuclear and Rocket Scientists now match vanilla values. - Macawia now gets access to Macawian concerns that are available for Kása and Chital. - Equestrian breakaway countries now get Equestrian equipment templates. - If Hippogriffia has cored Warzena prior to the Tobuck compromise, it now gets cores on the states Warzena normally gets. - Miscellaneous character fixes. - Dehumanized some GFX. - Miscellaneous bugfixes and improvements. - Miscellaneous localisation fixes. 
Checksum: 7bf9
This update should be save compatible with, but some fixes will only work on a new game (which we recommend starting regardless).
submitted by Jack_n_trade to equestriaatwar [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 09:18 TauntNut03000 Does anyone knows why my bus doesn't have it's armor anymore? and why does the armor slots doesn't appear? Haven't added new mods recently

Does anyone knows why my bus doesn't have it's armor anymore? and why does the armor slots doesn't appear? Haven't added new mods recently submitted by TauntNut03000 to projectzomboid [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 08:19 Kitchen_Duty Module Advice

Do not, under any circumstance link your steam account to the ED stand alone client until you read this.

If you link too early, you just lost $100 or more, seriously. More on this later.
TLDR: Buy the F18. Rent modules on stand alone. Buy the F18, then syria, then something cool. consider persian gulf.

Hello, my name is Kitchen and I have a problem and hate money. If you click my name, you'll see the modules I own. I fly them all, mostly proficiently, so I feel I'm qualified to talk about most of them. This is advice for a new player on 'what modules I should buy?' Or perhaps the 2nd module to buy. This is mostly an essay on purchase order, not for only planes but modules. And yes, this is an essay. If you don't want to read it, that's cool, I still think you're probably a neat person and will probably enjoy flying with this group. So first, DCS is a flight sim, so you'll need: a computer, a module, a map, and hardware to fly it with. Perhaps you need advice on hardware, so see my other essay on that. Let's also discuss the variety of eras and planes in this too. For people that know what generation things are, cool, I don't. I don't really know anything about real life planes but I do know DCS. Modern planes will get you the most play. Followed by the cold war (think F14, mig 21, f5, mirage). Korea is a smaller pool, ww2 is as small or even smaller. If you are a part of this group looking for module advice I'll only recommend modern planes first. If you want a korea war experience, you'll probably have to find that elsewhere or be the change you want to see and spark that fire and lead the group into an era/playstyle that you want. We have a personal server and can host any map/mission that is provided that has interest in playing. We of course will have themed missions from creators but generally, modern all the way. (edited)
Steam Vs Stand alone. There are huge benefits to both but I want to discuss the stand alone. For those on steam you already know how great steam is. On standalone: First, you can rent modules for 2 weeks (including maps) on the stand alone every 6 months. This is a huge deal and is awesome. So try out the module before purchase. Second, on stand alone, your first cart (the entire cart) is 50% off. You can save $100's if you dogpile your first purchase cart. Third, you can link your steam account purchases to stand alone and play on the standalone with all the modules, so you lose nothing. If you link your steam account before your purchase, you are boned for the 50%. So do not, do not, DO NOT, link your account before purchase. Lastly, standalone has "miles" you accumulate on purchase. Basically it is 10% of your purchase in savings for the next purchase, so a $50 modules will get you $5 off your next. I got the mig21 for free because I bought enough, neat. Also, the accounts are still linked, so you can always play on steam or buy more stuff on steam after the linking process and it will pass to stand alone just fine. I don't know much about you personally so I'm going to speak generally as possible but the best advice I can give is: Buy the F18 first, then buy something exciting next. Also, I'll be using words in here like you already know what it is, I can't include a dictionary for the post but if you have a question, ask. We are here to help and learn together. Ok let's go. (edited)
Free Module SU-25T This is not a bad plane, it is actually capable and it can deliver HARM based weaponry well. With a human trainer, you can be effective and useful without money. It is not as good at ground pounding as other modules but this is also free. The AI provided training is not as good as it should be. If you want to learn this and only this, ping someone that knows it and we can have you doing ground pounding in a few hours and be GOOD at it. Seriously, I'd almost recommend this over the harrier some days, more on that later. If this module had a ground locking 360 tpod like the NATO planes it would almost be too good. First Module, F18: This is the jack of all trades plane in this game that will be generally featured in every mission we host as a group. It can carry almost all the weapon types (except good cluster bombs… grrr rock eyes) like: dumb bombs, smart bombs (laser, GPS, and the walleye),mavericks, JSOWS, dumb rockets, fox 1,2,3s, HARMs, cruise missiles, and harpoons. It can land on the ground and on a carrier. It is full fidelity, has easy to learn systems, has robust and easy to find tutorials from all your favorite and least favorite youtubers. It has easy to learn air to air refueling when you are ready, easy to understand MFDs that are readable. Systems that make sense, INS aligns quickly, is easy to taxi, doesn't require a ton of buttons on a HOTAS, TPOD actually works… well-ish. If you learn this pretty well, other NATO jets will be easy to learn. There is a reason why the F18 is recommended, because it is very good. Now if you personally (or find someone that agrees) that it isn't "exciting" that's fine. But if you are clueless and willing to just jump in this is the plane to go for it. It's also easy to land on the ground, no flare required, you can literally slam it down > 2000 ft/min. This plane will hold your hand really well. (edited)
Ok so after the F18 and a map, it gets gritty. Let's talk about personality and full features. Minecraft (yes, I'm blaming minecraft) allows people to perpetually live in early access with a list of "coming soon, full release". So, anything you see promised is a lie, buy what the module has now and expect it to never go further, possibly get worse. Ignore what all these companies will tell you is coming. And yes if you haven't guessed, we're gonna talk about Super Carrier and then yes, the harrier.Super carrier is money pit but I think it is 100% based on personality for the player. Do you want to be restricted to just one carrier? Do you like being spawn limited? Want to wait your turn? Animated deck crew that has hand signals (only useful in the day time…). Then perhaps Super boat is for you. Super carrier has features that I find useful (like the FLOOS system or 'the ball') and the deck crew is kinda neat. Is it $30 neat though to you? It was to me and for us boat planes it is nice to never miss the wire because that boat wasn't available to us. You get the Su-33 with this purchase. If you think $30 is a lot then you should not buy super boat. If you think $30 is like a happy hour bar tab for yourself and it isn't, consider a purchase. If you hate exclusion and peasants, come to $uper boat and make fun of peasant boat with us. (edited)
2nd plane: So the big ones, in the modern era in my personal (by fly hours, guessing)order: A-10 F-16 JF-17 F-14 Mirage Harrier FC3 - worth it for the j-11a, f15, and the SU-25 (non T version) - appended on the bottom Viggen There's a lot to discuss in the above list and now it comes down to what you enjoy in DCS and what makes you excited. If you see the above list and one plane sticks out, like the F-14 because "it is awesome", trend that way.Comparisons, if this then that: A-10/Harrier - A-10 is the winner for me right now. Razbam keeps changing things and breaking the harrier and making it a bit less fun to fly. The a-10 is rock stable development wise and is a great experience. A-10 needs a ton of 4 way switches though. So if you are light on controls, trend towards the harrier. The harrier is faster and able to land on FARPS/crayon-boat. It can carry an impressive loadout also, around 8 bombs and 14 guided rockets. It is a considerable amount of ground pound for a small plane. You'll have to micromanage the fuel and asymmetric loadouts. It is a solid choice but very difficult to learn/master but it solid. (edited)
A-10 does have some drawbacks though, mostly dealing with speed/altitude. Some SAM sites literally can't shoot 20k up, so in the a-10 you will be generally very very low. Also you will be sub 250 knots in the a-10. So if a mig 29 is coming, you cant run away very quickly. Gun on the a-10 is obviously better and the harrier gun imo is only used for emergencies. In fact, you can only use it throttled up, which makes gun runs interesting because you are going speedy bois in a nose dive throttle up! F-16/JF-17. These planes are pretty comparable in capability and systems and weapons. I think the jeff gets ignored mostly because so few of us even know it exists before DCS. The Jeff has some really really quirky things going on with the systems/flight model/pylons that you will probably struggle with but if you are not excited about the f16, perhaps the jeff can fill that single engine void.
The 16 is more capable with a wider pylon weapon arrangement and it can carry more fuel because of a dedicated belly tank. You also don't lose a slot for a tpod but you will always be turning left/right due to drag and imbalanced trim. You can sacrifice fox 2's on your tips for fox 3 loadouts, which is worth it imo. The 16 is lacking development in a lot of systems, the TPOD makes you want to commit soduko in the parking lot of an Ikea, and it finally got JSOWs but it got the A model which is maybe better than urinating out the window at anything larger than a infantry unit. It does carry JDAMs and laser guided in all the good flavors plus the CBU 105s of doom, plus the 6 pack maverick loadout. It is a fast plane, able to actually catch up to someone, think mach 1.5 in a dive no problem, mach .99 in mil power at 30k. Air to air refueling though is very difficult to master, if you struggle in the 18 the 16 might kick you, and kick you, and kick you. It doesn't have short legs though if you stay in mil power, think 2 hour flight times no problem.
The jeff is an interesting plane. The displays look like a tesla and the tpod is seriously 4k. It has a limited ordnance selection but has the usual JDAM, GBU12, plus its own flavor of HARM, cruise missile, and harpoon. Doesn’t get an HMD and I'm not a huge fan of the fox 2s, rear aspect only most days but the fox 3 (sd-10) is a murder machine. While the jeff is multirole you don't get to do multi mission sortie since you lose a ton of flexibility by loading mixed. Expect some dirty dirty loadouts for fuel, bombs, fox 2's, and a tpod. Jeff has a datacartridge implemented, so you can do custom chaff/flare programs but you only carry 32 chaff and flare. It has also has restricted jettison requirements, below I think mach .8 for jettison which really sucks when you are going defensive against SAMs. Jeff is kinda slow, expect F18 performance, but if you are looking for full fidelity red, this is it and it honestly isn't bad, it just isn't what we expected. I find refueling it difficult due to input lag and engine spooling/cool down but maybe it is just me. And to clarify, I have refueled every plane in the game that is capable and am proficient in it 📷 Also the quirk: you can emergency jettison in both and the 16's doesn't drop your missiles. The jeff you have to be slow though, below mach .8, which makes dog fights hard because the jettison. Then you might want to switch your config switches (2 of them) and it's awkward. jeff's guns are pretty limited and the 16 carries more of them and i think its dogfight mode is better. Jeff also can't use tacan with datalink on... quirky. (edited)
F-14. So I'm torn about this plane for several reasons. First, from a mission design standpoint, the phoenix missiles it carries allow you to kill any red plane without even being shot at, so it is hard to balance against. That is a DCS thing, not a you enjoying the plane thing though. 2nd, the pilot role comes in two flavors: nothing to do and FLYING the plane. This is one of the few non fly by wire systems so you have to use rudder and gently pull into stuff. You have to trim when fuel is misbalanced, you have to make sure your wings are swept when performing certain actions. The F14 is probably the best module for look, feel, performance, and detail thanks to heatblur. The gold standard developer for this game by a long shot. Other torn reasons, the sparrow implementation is rough, you'll need to use boresight often to get a stt pal lock and that is sometimes rough. Fox 2's are old too so don’t expect some insane stuff from those. Lastly, the f14 is an old machine, so don't expect a lot of hud information, including a useful velocity vector. You are going to be looking at gauges around the cockpit and between your legs for the radar. If you don't have headtracking I feel this is 100% not the plane for you. So now let's go to RIO. Learning RIO is a whole other job. It requires the same amount of time as any other module because the F14 is like a ww2 radar simulator. You don't just tell the radar 'over there' you have to micromanage and tell the radar how to work. There's tutorials obviously but it isn't easy. The LANTIRN pod (anime cam) is also very hard to use, so don't expect a lot of joy in the backseat doing ground pound. (edited)
Oh… jester. I find jestor not too bad but sometimes I die because of him. Jester has an issue with locking onto planes I feel he should be able to. I have abandoned the AI so often just to burn towards the target, get a PAL lock and fox 3 on the guy. Or just maddog one out there because jester won't lock.But my most favorite couple of experiences in this game was with a human rio and me in the front. It was a great ride, and the stories and fond memories makes me want you to do the same. It is satisfying to murder bad guys with your friends, especially when you work together, even if it is poorly (him losing lock and me ripping the wings off in a dodge attempt….) F14 has lase bombs/dumb bombs but bombing isn't the main goal for it. Seems like an afterthought honestly and really only use for giggles and not for serious mission stuff. Difficult to air to air refuel too. Probe causes a lot of drag and is pretty far away from the nose, so getting locked in is difficult, keeping it trimmed is difficult, seeing the tanker is difficult. Jester also cyberbullies me when I do bad just like my dad did before he went away for cigs that one time.
F14 is fast though but not for long. Big plane, big engines, big fuel use. But for it's role, fleet defense, I feel if you really want to enjoy it, you will. There are some huge f14 fan bois and they are probably not wrong. Mirage - Razbam product but actually good. If you want to fly high, murder people from far away and see art, this isn't for you. Mirage needs to fight dirty with no datalink, an unusual RWR symbology, typically low altitude, and only 2 fox 1s and 2 fox 2s. If you get into a turn fight with guns, you're gonna get em. Big delta wing turns good, loses speed fast though. Air to air refueling is similar to the f18 in difficulty. Can carry snakeyes well and big 2000 lb runway baguette delivery. Fits really well into our cold war themed stuff because of the 'limitations' but I often see some EU and Zen coming back with 4 kills to their name with only 4 missiles. Maybe they were born with it, maybe it is just the make up they wear. Viggen I own this now: It is great dumb fun but planning is everything. Easy start up, good bomb loadout, has mavericks which are difficult to use. Has cool rockets, dumb bombs. You won't get a ton of use on general multiplayer servers. It is probably the best anti ship plane in the game. (edited)


Generally, they are going to flat out try to kill you. They want to faceplant you into the ground and explode. I wouldn’t consider flying one without rudder pedals (not twist) except the KA-50. I would only recommend a heli if you understand that DCS does not natively support heli stuff at all really. You will have to push a lot of 'I believe in make believe' buttons. I personally own the HIP, huey, and Ka-50, and the apache is on the way.MI-8 (hip), and huey: The hip is better at killing and is stronger and faster. But it is like a semi truck with RUSSIA painted on the side. Fly it with purpose and not a sports car. Side gunners aren't the best but it gets dumb amount of rockets. Gun pods are like a light show but lags everyone out. Switches are russia: everywhere, all the time, not convenient. To switch to guns/rockets is literally two seats away. Makes sense for real life maybe but in dcs that is annoying.
Huey is a wobble fest sports car. Side gunners are murder machines, you can also get a free copy of Fortunate Son by CCR if you know where to look on ED's website. Ask in general, the link changes sometimes and is hard to find. With both the hip/huey expect to kill humvees/people only. Light APCs if you are lucky. Expect to die a lot. Hind: I think it is ok based on reports. The AI Petrovich is pretty 'god mode' kinda like jester. You can murder all sorts of tanks and stuff, plus with CTLD you can do everything the HIP can do but with more dakka. If I didn't have the HIP already, I probably would own the hind. If you go to fast, you can die easy, if you try to hover too heavy, you die. If you try to fly when the weather is hot, obviously straight to die. KA-50: imagine you are on a roller coaster but with machine guns and you will understand the ka-50. Try to get it off the rails and it will fight you and you might die. But keep it there and you will murder all of those innocent tank children you encounter. The ka-50 gun can kill t-55s, the vikkors can kill t-90s and you can carry 12 of them. It is not the Hind, so do not fight toe to toe, you want to hide behind buildings and hills and be sneaky. It is effective if you are but it is frustrating if you don't spend the time. Oh….. No night vision in it at all. So daytime or gain/contrast on high and squint. Apache: not out as of this essay. Gazelle: It exists but no one has sung its praises to me to determine its worth. Sorry

Flaming Cliffs 3:

Is it worth $50, no, and you should not buy it for that price. Is it worth $25 sort of. Is this particular module worth $7(on sale) or $15 not on sale? Probably notish. Ok, first I'm an elitist and I'm going to talk down to you. If you have only $7 for this game, it's gonna be a rough game for you to play. Just the hardware alone, stick, computer, etc is going to add up much faster than your modules. If a $7/15 module puts you off of purchasing a module because you don't want to waste your money then perhaps you're in the wrong game. It would almost be smarter to just rent in perpetuity in a round robin fashion all the high fidelity modules till you find one you like and can afford. Also I hate when people say "I want to start with something easier then transition to high fidelity". That is the wrong attitude. FC3 planes are usually low performance/capability . You will have less control of your plane and limited options with these aircraft and you will hate it when you learn the comparison. Something simple like radio management is non existent in these planes and that is just the surface. Some modules don't let push a button for gear down and another for gear up. It is just up/down on one control. Or the Su-25t, doesn't allow an axis for wheel brakes, it has to be a button. Annoying:
If I had to pick one module to buy in FC3, it'd be SU-33. Carrier ops, good fuel loadout, carries the most missiles, has datalink, has some air to ground capability, sneaky long range fox 2's. Also can air to air refuel with the basket which is easier to learn. It is in KM/h and metric but it is pretty good at what it does. Note: if you buy super carrier module you get the SU-33 included. Next choice would probably the the su-27/j-11a. J-11a is the better choice and it has fox 3's and a ton of weapons, datalink. Basically a non carrier Su-33. Next would be the F-15C. Air to air only. Can carry amraams or sparrows for the 1980s roleplay. Has an absolute insane amount of gas, can air to air refuel with boom. No 9x missiles so you can't do the spicy offbore shots. It does not have datalink and the tires pop easily. Air to air refueling is really difficult in this plane. You will have to learn radar on a system that is similar to NATO planes but lack finer controls as the 16/18 etc. It does murder people well because fox 3's though once you get them locked. (edited)
Su-25, A-10A, mig 29 - these are ok at best but for a first module it is a waste of your money imo. It is a much better deal to buy the entire FC3 pack and play with these modules but for most people, you won't touch these very often unless we have a themed mission around these airframes.There are a lot of people that think they are neat, cool, and capable and these airframes are. But this essay is written towards people buying their first couple of modules. Also gearing towards $/value which FC3 use to be good value till all the better full fidelity modules came out. If you are considering FC3, I'd either buy it first as a $30 taste test for DCS (but the hornet/viper cost $50 and they are superior and that is only two meals out at fast food) or like your third or fourth module because you want to pick some red planes. FC3 is also a possible better choice if you are on a super limited budget/don't have a full decent HOTAS setup since you'll need significantly less hardware to operate the plane well. (edited)

Buy the F18. Rent modules on stand alone. Buy the F18, then syria, then something cool. consider persian gulf.
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2023.03.26 08:15 srl80 Russian losses per 26-03-2023

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2023.03.26 08:11 PP3V42G3H Which spark pugs for a 2011 gsxr 750?

Looking to replace the spark plugs on a bike I bought last year with 18k miles. Which spark plugs should I get, and should I replace the coils with them?
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2023.03.26 07:44 JustAMule5868 H: well rolled quad bundle 3:1 (q/25ffr/bs flamer is level 40) W: q/25/25 hm or q/50c/25 hm

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2023.03.26 07:35 Successful_Regret789 Magnaflow catback exhaust

Hey guys, I got a 2016 Lx coupe. I got a cold air intake several months and defintely noticed a kick in power and also mpg. I recently then got a magnaflow catback exhaust but Im have now second thoughts. First, theres a considerable amount of drone, i added another resonator at a muffler shop and it helped tone it done alot but its still there somewhat. Second, my mpg tanked. I was gettinf roughly 45mpg on the highway and 35 on streets. Now I get around 19 on the streets, I was willing to take a hit on mp but to me that was to drastic. Lastly, should I tune it? Some mechanic friends said I need to tune it because the engine and the throttle body is trying to compensate and trying to pull more oxygen in and thus more fuel wasted. This is my first exhaust, Im a noob btw. So please any tips or advise.
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2023.03.26 07:28 WellThatsABruh Final Boss for a campaign I'm writing: The Wendigo

The Wendigo: A hulking behemoth strapped into a highly modified DaiOni the human inside is nearly out of sight as it is obstructed by the sheer amount of cyberware strapped onto and installed into it. The Wendigo is a corpo crafted and geared cyberpsycho created by Militech.
Appearance: 11’ 1”, high-tech deer skull head (cybernetic)
Clothes: N/A
Cyberware: Custom DaiOni, Major Facial Modification
Stats (Base):
Stats (Scaled for time):
\for context, the stats will be scaled from his base at a rate of +1 to every stat per real life hour it takes for players to reach his fight. Also, I'm starting writing on this campaign before I've purchased books so I'll figure out stats later.**
Humanity (2000-2010): Jack Fiddler, a second generation Blood Nation nomad was born recently after the transition from a gang to a nomad group. Jack spent his early years traveling with his clan across the vast landscapes of the NUSA. He spent time in their camp set up in places of desolation and or prosperity. Through his travels he learned many skills, he worked as the clan’s mechanic, showing an aptitude for mechanical and technical work.
Hunger (2010-2012): At 10 years old on a routine supply run to town with several members of his clan, they encountered a situation where the store they were in was robbed. The robber in question had a fair amount of cyberware installed into his body. During the thief’s robbery, he had his head blown open by the store owner directly in the view of Jack. Seeing the robber’s head blown open, Jack saw as a piece of the robber’s cyberware flew off of his corpse. Jack took this piece back to the nomad camp where he studied it obsessively, eventually gaining a keen interest in cyberware and cybernetically enhancing his own body. Much to his dismay however, this dream is something he knew would be impossible as any piece of cyberware he found or purchased would be stolen from him by any one of the stronger clan members.
Isolation (2012): While camped outside of Austin, Texas, Jack saw his chance to pursue his new desires of enhancing himself with cyberware by leaving his clan. He ran away in the dead of night, making his way to the highway with a car he stole from the camp. After reaching the highway he drove, he drove as far as the half-tank of CHOOH2 would take him, and after, he hitch-hiked the rest of the way into Austin. As soon as he reached Austin, he was enamored by the bright neon lights of the skyscraper sized advertisements that took up every inch of his vision and made each spot of darkness feel so much darker when compared to the blinding lights at which he now stared. He stood in place staring at the blinding lights for hours until the soft orange light of the rising sun ripped him back to reality and his dream. His first course of action was to find a ripperdoc and explore his options as he’d squirreled away a sizable sum of eddies through various odd jobs he worked before he made his escape.
First Taste (2012): Wandering the streets of Austin, Jack was hyperfocused on finding the one building he’d been directed to by a random passerby when he inquired as to where the nearest ripperdoc was. Bull Horn Clinic, that was the name he was told to be on the lookout for as it was the place where all of his wild dreams and fantasies would then become his new reality. He walked for what felt like hours, until he saw it. The glowing neon sign that beckoned him to enter and fulfill his ultimate goal. Walking into the dimly lit and grimy lab, he took his first step into the final chapter of his life.
Transformation (2018): Following years of buying and installing several pieces of cyberware weapons, bioware, and fashionware he was now a man defined by his cyberware. He was an interesting case, particularly for the fact that his body and its form of coping with the mental stress of new cyberware were especially unprecedented. Most would have succumbed to cyberpsychosis or would have begun a quick descent into it if they were to install the amount of cyberware Jack did. His body, instead of holding onto the stress of new cyberware and letting it fester and wear away at him, his mind seemed instead to slowly analyze and begin to understand every facet of each piece of chrome he installed into his body leading to any amount of cyberpsychotic symptoms resolving themselves with time alone as his mind had time to adjust to the cyberware. Due to his prolific nature with many ripperdocs within and around Austin, his name became a nickname for anyone who displayed even a slightly above-average capacity for cyberware. This reputation led him to being contacted by a division of Militech’s research and development department for a prototype piece of cyberware that they needed to test. Jack Fiddler being the man that he is, agreed immediately. With his agreement he was shadowed away and taken to a secure Militech facility near Night City where he was strapped into an extremely heavily modified version of an Arasaka DaiOni. Upon Jack’s installation into the DaiOni, he immediately slipped into a cyberpsychotic state. He started a rampage throughout the underground facility that led to the death of 73 Militech employees before the sector he was in was sealed and the vents were filled with a chem-cocktail of sedatives. Following his sedation, Jack was placed in a secure holding cell where he was constantly mainlined with proprietary sedatives made by Militech exclusively for Jack Fiddler to keep him dormant. They left him in this state as they believed two things: 1. If they removed him from the modified DaiOni, Jack would die and there would be no other person that could rival his cyberware capacity that they could attempt this experiment with 2. With enough time in stasis, his mind would be able to comprehend the DaiOni and allow him to be, at the very least, a functional cyberpsycho such as Adam Smasher.
First Hunt (2020): Due to a recent spike in tensions between Arasaka and Militech, Militech has begun a program called Operation Eversor. Under Operation Eversor, Militech began kidnapping people off of the street and installing cyberpsychosis-inducing levels of cyberware weapons into their bodies. Following these installments, the person was then heavily sedated and transported to an area that had an Arasaka presence. Upon arrival at their target destination, the person was then awakened and injected with several combat chem-cocktails to make their rampage even more deadly. Following several Operation Eversor attacks, Jack Fiddler’s DaiOni was fitted with chemical injectors on his left and right shoulder. The pump on his left shoulder contained the same mixture of combat chem-cocktails used on ordinary Operation Eversor victims, however Jack’s combat drugs had their potency increased ten-fold. The pump on his right shoulder contained enough of his proprietary sedatives to allow for transportation from a target site back to his holding cell. As a test of his new equipment, Militech took Jack to a major Arasaka distribution facility on the outskirts of Night City and let him loose. Prior to Jack’s mission, Militech had his face cybernetically transformed to resemble that of a high-tech deer skull akin to a Wendigo. He completed his mission successfully, even holding off NCPD and MaxTac long enough to get them to stop attempting to take him down. At that point, Militech activated the pump on his right shoulder and took him back to his cell where he was hooked back into his permanent stasis. The destruction and fear Jack’s rampage wrought made him an urban legend, and the visage of his deer skull face evoked memories of old Algonquin folklore, leading to him being dubbed “The Wendigo''.
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2023.03.26 07:22 Awgustow Почти 200.000 расхорошевших россиян

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2023.03.26 07:19 Barch3 Losses of the russian army as of 26.03.2023

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2023.03.26 07:17 Johngb12 Discover Huge Fuel Discounts: Save 15 Cents Discount on Your First Tank + Earn $7 Off with Upside! Don't Miss Out!

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2023.03.26 07:03 hlanus Amon's Trial

Okay we all know what happened to Amon at the end of Book 1.
He broke out his brother Tarrlok and hijacked a boat, where the latter ignited the fuel tank to commit a murder-suicide.
So what if Amon had been captured alive? Obviously he would have been imprisoned but what would they have charged him with? Clearly Blood-bending would have been a major part of his crimes, as that was made illegal by Katara, but what else would he have been charged with? Was removing a person's Bending technically illegal? Was there a law against that? Or would he have been charged with terrorism, treason, and assault on multiple persons?
Asking for a fanfic I'm writing so I appreciate your feedback.
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2023.03.26 07:00 sharewithme Word of The Hour: burden

English: burden
  1. the capacity of a vessel, or the weight of cargo that she will carry
  2. the proportion of ore and flux to fuel, in the charge of a blast furnace
  3. the tops or heads of stream-work which lie over the stream of tin
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