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The primary purpose of this sub is to help people find (seasonal) work in Alaska and navigate going there, especially people in Washington state/the PNW.

2023.03.30 14:06 xslasherwife I have extremely dark violent thoughts and fantasies.

Before anything, I'd like to mention the obvious. I'm not acting out on any of these fantasies, nor do I plan to. I'm a 110lbs 5'5ft girl so you can imagine it would take a lot for me to actually hurt someone lol.
Anyways, I just have to get this off my chest. I'm 25, and I've been having violent thoughts for years. It started when I was about 15/16; I'd walk trough my school and have really violent dark fantasies of the things I'd do to everyone there, it has led to disassociation twice, where I could literally see myself walk trough the hallway as if I was looking trough camera behind me. I also used to be obsessed with mass killers & true crime shit, it got me kicked out of school because they were worried.
The dark thoughts became less bad when I was around 19? until I was 22-23 ish. I've always liked true crime, slasher movies, and all those things, but the idea of actually doing something myself was not there during that time.
Then around 22-23, I entered therapy for some other unrelated stuff. I also told my therapist that I constantly think about death, murder, and violence, but she never actually followed up on it, I figured it wasn't that serious to begin with then.
The thoughts come and go like waves, sometimes it's there in the background, sometimes it's an obsession. Lately it's really bad again, I think not only about men hurting me (eventually killing me) but also about hurting people myself. Again I wouldn't do this. But I'm obsessed with the idea of it. Sometimes I look at women and imagine what it would be like to hurt them and watch them bleed. Or I hope that I meet a guy who is violent and abuses/attacks me. I'm not sure if this is like trauma related, or some kind of twisted kink, or whatever really.
On another note; I'm not depressed or suicidal etc. I've had depression from when I was about 14 until I was 21, but I really do enjoy life now. I have a great job and a great relationship.
I just had to get this off my chest because the thoughts are so consuming and I've never had someone to talk with about all of this.
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2023.03.30 14:04 Painicillin Entitled teens try to steal (get caught & their photo taken) and proceed to lose their cool on associates.

I figured this day would come inevitably, but for starters I guess you could say I'm fairly new to retail. I started working at two separate retail shops at an undisclosed mall within the past year after working too many years in fast food. Needless to say, the pay isn't great and having to sell my soul for customers to sign up for loyalty programs is grating to say the least, but it's better than my previous jobs and it hasn't been the worst to manage yet.
One of the jobs I work at is your standard crystal/jewelry store that's bound to be at any mall. All things considered, working here hasn't been too bad and management treats the employees extremely fairly. Something we do deal with a lot (especially since it's a big mall) is theft, mostly from teenagers who probably could just ask their parents for money if they weren't so hell bent on proving to everyone around them how cool they are for stealing a $16 ankle bracelet. A little specific? Well, that's precisely what happened today.
For the most part, our company doesn't allow us to get too involved when it comes to stealing. We're told to be overly kind to the point of bothersome. Aside from that, all the shops on our floor are very communicative about theft, so if someone is stealing and going straight for the door without returning our merchandise, we're allowed to take photos of them to share with mall security as well as other shops that can actually have a more hands on approach to preventing theft. We also have a personal work related app with a chat system, so most of the time we drop pictures there to communicate with other associates to keep an eye out for specific customers who have stolen from our stores.
Today, three teenage girls showed up in our shop. My coworker and I had a bad feeling when they came in because they were carrying one plump bag that seemed to be stuffed with various things, but also they went straight for our biggest blind spot (at least from the registers' perspective): the jewelry towers. Usually when we're dealing with theft, people like to camp there and grab things off the tower and anything surrounding it.
These girls came in quick and spent some time there. I personally don't enjoy kissing customers' asses normally, so like hell I was going to kiss some kids' asses while they were stealing material bullshit they didn't actually even need. Plus, the manager on duty was in the bathroom, so instead I went over to our incense table and started fixing things while keeping an eye on them. It wasn't the best spot, but I figured they'd get the hint if they saw I was keeping them within eye view. This is when I heard one of them say, "F*ggot," presumably at me. They all then proceeded to giggle about it, and I made my way over to my coworker to inform them and to confirm our suspicions.
I ended up changing my location to the front entrance. I pulled out my phone and looked at them very pointedly. The shop isn't very big, so they knew I moved to look specifically where the blind spot was exposed. They very quickly made their way from the jewelry tower to the front entrance, leaving the store with whatever they grabbed. I walked over to where they were standing and noticed that they indeed tore (specifically) an ankle bracelet from the packaging and threw it carelessly onto the bottom platform of the tower. Usually when we find this stuff, we have to mark it as theft and throw it in a bin, and as I walked to the back counter behind the registers to label it, I see them walk past our entrance again in the opposite direction from where they left.
Quickly, I pulled out my camera on my phone and hurried over to the entrance to take a quick photo of them walking a bit farther in the distance. It wasn't a great photo, but I figured it was at least something I could show security and my work chat once I made a report. Plus at the time, they had come in and called me a homophobic slur, so even if it was only one thing I found that they visibly stole, they needed to be reported regardless for harassing staff.
This is when they turn around and spot me.
Most of the time, this is the thief's queue to probably exit the mall, but as I made my way back to the registers inside to make my report, within 5-6 minutes, the three girls come back into our store yelling, "Why the fuck did you take pictures of us? That's mad fucking weird, you're fucking weird! Why'd you take pictures of us?"
I've never really dealt with situations like this, so I was taken a bit aback. I don't really remember exactly what my face was doing, but I definitely remember letting out a very tired laugh because of course today would be the day I'd get jumped at my job by a some teenagers trying to act tough.
I remember looking at my coworker, smiling and asking them to call security, and as I said that, I turn to see these kids walking closer (definitely trying to seem intimidating) and saying, "Go ahead, fucking call them! Fucking call mall security!"
Thankfully my coworker backed me up by grabbing the empty packaging of the item they stole and yelled, "Yeah, I WILL," and followed up with, "Now get OUT of our fucking store."
Once they saw that we actually had evidence of them shop lifting, (plus I'm assuming with the knowledge security would be coming and we had their photos) they must have gotten scared because they started to back up towards the entrance, but not before one of them yelled, "You're just upset because you're a fat bitch," at my coworker.
Then as they all turn around to leave, the other two once again yell and call us f*ggots and left the store for good.
Well, we did call mall security. They sent some dude over who looked at the photos, took a photo on his phone to (I'm assuming) share with the rest of mall security, then asked us a series of questions mostly involving, "Are you going to contact the cops?" No. "Do you want the items back?" Obviously. ect, then left to do their mall cop thing.
They kept coming in and out informing us that they "had eyes on them" and that we could charge them with trespassing (1 year ban from the mall) or have them escorted out, but none of it actually mattered in the end because they inevitably somehow "lost sight of them."
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2023.03.30 14:04 Ponug_Ponug What is “normal” after a plateau?

26F, 5’3, SW: 222.8lbs, CW: 193.2lbs
I had been plateauing for about 6 weeks, so in response I furthered my deficit to 1000 cals and swapped some of my cardio sessions for more weight training. It’s done the job and roughly 3 weeks ago the scale started going down again at a rate of roughly 1-2lbs a week which is my goal. This past week however, I have dropped 6lbs! This seems like a crazy amount to me and way too much way too quickly. I have a lot to lose (my body fat is currently 44%) but ideally I’d like to maintain/build muscle whilst loosing fat.
Am I damaging my progress with my current calorie deficit and should I aim to up it gradually back to my 500cal deficit I was on originally? Or is a jump in weight loss normal after a plateau?
For reference my TDEE is roughly 2200 calories, so my current calorie intake is 1200, this is sustainable for me and I do not feel like I am starving myself etc. Protein intake is always 100g minimum. My workouts also feel sustainable, I don’t feel fatigued and I’m able to push myself a little harder each week.
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2023.03.30 14:00 LimpWrangler6385 What to do from here?

As most of you that frequent this sub know they put gramps in the hospital for a stroke and when I went to visit him he was sleeping but his nurse said he's going to be there for a while and that a caseworker from the hospital will work with him on getting a permanent place when he's released. I have since began my travel to Sanford Florida for a job. Yesterday I walked from Miami up to Hollywood Florida and from there I jumped a train (tri rail and got a ticket because I didn't have the money to pay for the fare) up to West Palm Beach so I traveld 76 miles yesterday but still have 150 or so to go. I have zero cash or I'd grab Amtrak or greyhound and be there faster. My plan today is to call a couple churches and see if they can direct me or help me cover these last miles so I can get to work. My goal is to be there today but hopefully definitely by tomorrow. Gramps will be fine he's in good hands and BTW the hospital is also going to give him another wheelchair if and when he's released. I felt comfortable leaving him there because he's no longer on the streets and he's somewhere with 24 hour help so I made my decision to leave and get up to this job. Just wanted to update my reddit biography so there you have it. Have a great day I have to get to walking until I figure out how I'm getting further north (might hop a freight train if I can find one)
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2023.03.30 14:00 Chico237 #NIOCORP~THE ELK CREEK MINE PART IV



Sharing Jims's responses to my follow up questions for CONTEXT on 11/15/2022:

1) - Has Niocorp recently applied for a DoE/LPO loan for "debt"..?
"We are indeed in discussions with several U.S. federal agencies about potential financial assistance to the Project, but all have very strict rules about disclosure of those discussions and processes. I’m sorry but I cannot say anything more about this at present. "
2) - Could any additional CO2 capture methods still be possible by ex-situ, direct mineralization, or other methods now being undertaken via the New Process?
"The reagent recycling tied to the Calcium and Magnesium removal, which we recently announced as part of our demonstration plant operations, is effectively a carbon sink and is expected to reduce the carbon footprint of the eventual operation*."*

3) - Who owns the patent/rights to this New Process being implemented? Or can it be licensed moving forward?


"We hold the rights to any intellectual property developed and related to the Elk Creek process by virtue of our contractual relationships with L3 and other entities involved in the work. While our focus remains on using proven commercial technologies in the public domain, we will act to protect the parts of our process that may be novel. "

We'll Pick up EARLY Jan, 4, 2023

NioCorp Rare Earth Demonstration Plant Showing Positive Rare Earth Recovery Results

NioCorp Rare Earth Demonstration Plant Showing Positive Rare Earth Recovery Results - NioCorp Developments Ltd.
CENTENNIAL, Colo. (January 4, 2023) – NioCorp Developments Ltd. (“NioCorp” or the “Company”) (TSX:NB) (OTCQX:NIOBF) today announced that its demonstration-scale processing plant (the “demonstration plant”) in Quebec, Canada has succeeded in obtaining a rare earth dissolution rate of 86-95% from Elk Creek ore through hydrochloric acid leaching, and has achieved a loading rate of rare earths as high as 99% in the follow-on solvent extraction recovery step. These relatively high rates, which were expected, point to potentially strong rates of overall recovery of separated rare earth oxides, subject to additional demonstration testing over the coming weeks.
Additional solvent extraction steps will be deployed to establish the ultimate recovery rates of potential rare earth products. The demonstration plant has further established that the rare earths recovered in the initial solvent extraction step are accompanied by only two impurities of note: iron and a very small amount of nickel. Given the success of this initial separation step, L3 and NioCorp expect that losses in the additional solvent extraction steps would be low.
NioCorp is currently focused on demonstrating its ability to recover three high-purity rare earth products: (1) neodymium-praseodymium (“NdPr“) oxide, which is the principal component of neodymium-iron-boron (“NdFeB“) permanent rare earth magnets, (2) Dysprosium (“Dy“) oxide, and (3) Terbium (“Tb“) oxide. Both Dy and Tb oxide are critical to the type of powerful NdFeB magnets used in the traction motors of electric vehicles. However, very little of these high-purity separated rare earth products are made outside of Asia.

“These results are in line with our expectations and they show that the ongoing work at the plant is proceeding in a positive direction,” said Scott Honan, NioCorp’s Chief Operating Officer. “In the coming weeks, we look forward to seeing the final results from the separations extractions testing that is now underway and to reporting those results to the public.”

(APRIL 4th 2023 -will be 12 WEEKS out.... Expecting Results SOON IMHO....)

JAN. 31st 2023 NIOCORP HOLDS Meetings at the White House & with White House Staff for several days....

~ "Working with White House officials on critical minerals issues. This Administration is working hard to help support environmentally responsible critical minerals projects like NioCorp’s Elk Creek Project in the great State of Nebraska. "~

Feb. 2nd 2023 THE NYTIMES ARTICLE DROPS ~Nebraskans Are Sitting on Strategic Metals. Is Mining a Patriotic Duty?~ By Dionne Searcey

Nebraskans Are Sitting on Strategic Metals. Is Mining a Patriotic Duty? - The New York Times (
Mr. Honan, NioCorp’s chief operating officer, on Beverly Beethe’s farm. “The rocks are different here,” he said.
  • Feb. 2, 2023
ELK CREEK, Neb. — In this rural part of Nebraska, county-board agendas include moratoriums on solar farms and some residents scowl when they pass the handful of wind farms that have sprouted. But the idea of a new mine that could help power the transition to renewable energy has received broad support.
The tenor of these quiet flatlands, where deer bounce across gravel roads and neon sunsets scream across the long horizon, would change dramatically if mining for metals like niobium, scandium, titanium and rare earths begins.
But many people here think Southeast Nebraska, dotted with dying downtowns and aging residents, could play a small part in helping to solve a full-blown geopolitical crisis that Doc Evans, a Johnson County commissioner, summed up like this: “The trouble with China.”
Mr. Evans and numerous others welcome the digging that a company called NioCorp wants to begin because they feel it’s their patriotic duty. For too long, they said, the United States has depended on other countries for metals and minerals the nation could find at home, if only someone were willing to spend the money and effort to retrieve them.
“I think it’s good for our country,” said Don Othmer, who lives in Elk Creek, where the mine would be. Relying on other countries for raw materials means “we’re kind of held hostage,” he said.
Geological fate meted out hundreds of millions of years ago left the United States lacking rich stores of many of the raw materials found on the federal list of minerals critical to the economy and national security. The country has relied on imports of certain minerals and metals that are abundant in China and elsewhere and are needed for America’s fighter jets, building materials and cellphone batteries.
The United States is determined to no longer be dependent on other countries, particularly now as these materials, which are also used in making electric-vehicle batteries and for transmitting energy from wind turbines and solar panels to the power grid, are key ingredients for an economy that relies on renewables. Measures enacted under the Biden Administration offer major incentives to mining companies and processing facilities to do their work domestically.
But the biggest incentive is the market demand that has increased the price of metals including rare earths — a set of elements found together, with names like terbium and dysprosium — making it newly economical for mining companies to scour the nation for even small amounts that can be scraped from underneath the soil.
Downtown Tecumseh, Neb., one of the nearby towns that would feel ripple effects from a new mine.
NioCorp wants to bring in hundreds of workers and heavy drilling equipment to dig the metals. After decades of exploration and looking for financing, it soon may be able to get started, buoyed by new demand for a domestic supply of critical minerals and metals that can power America’s transition to renewable energy. And the company has embraced the messaging that plays well in this conservative area that counts patriotism as a key value.
“It will help America,” said Mark Smith, chief executive of NioCorp, which is based in Colorado.
The federal government is hoping to find new deposits of minerals and metals by carrying out projects to digitize information from 100-year-old geological maps and by flying survey planes all over the country. The government is also financing programs to comb through waste piles of old mines, including coal ash, for materials once deemed worthless. One program tests ways to sift minerals and metals from Superfund sites.
“Can the U.S. meet its own mineral supply needs? It’s a big, complicated question,” said Graham Lederer, researcher at the United States Geological Survey’s Geology, Energy & Minerals Science Center. “Anything could be a resource. You just need to develop the technology and bring the cost down.”
Just outside Elk Creek, pronounced by some locally as “Elk Crick,” workers from NioCorp are clearing trees to prep the land for digging, should it succeed in getting more financing. The company, now listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, said it has lined up German buyers for some of its niobium.
Hundreds of people and a new governor-elect turned up for a series of town halls in November held by NioCorp. The meetings drew investors from Kansas City who snapped photos as they wandered Elk Creek’s tiny downtown past a bank, a post office, small grocery store and the Village Tavern, which is known for its signature drink, the Elk Creek Water (Mountain Dew, Squirt, 7 UP, vodka and gin) as well as an annual event where beef testicles are served (the “Nut Feed”).
“We’ve had a harder time keeping the younger generation here,” said Don Gottula, who owns a propane shop on Main Street. “We need a booster shot, I guess you could say.”
As the hunt for more materials used in batteries continues, energy officials predict more scenes across America like the one in Nebraska, a state with abundant cornfields and cattle but no operating mines. In Utah, a mine has begun producing tellurium. A new cobalt mine in Idaho is expected to be operational this year. New lithium mining is planned for North Carolina, and in California companies are trying out new technology to extract lithium from geothermal brines.
The world may need more than 300 new mines in the next decade to meet demand for electric-vehicle and energy-storage batteries, according to Benchmark Mineral Intelligence.
In Nebraska, metals that were a distant memory from high school chemistry class have become part of regular conversation. Like most people in the Elk Creek area, any of the dozen or so farmers who gather for morning coffee several days a week before the lanes light up at Harvest Bowl in nearby Tecumseh can speak fluently about niobium.
“Didn’t they put that in Superman’s underwear?” one joked on a recent morning.
Niobium might help batteries hold a charge longer, another said, and that’s a good thing out here where miles separate even gas stations. But did anyone ever consider what happens to the wind turbines and solar panels years from now when they no longer function?
“When they wear out there’s no place to go with them,” said Milton Buchholz, a retired farmer and former county roads department worker.
The conversation turned to the prairie fires and dust storms that swept across parts of Nebraska last summer. The crop-withering drought just won’t let up.
“I’m not convinced whether this is all man-made or God-made,” said Mr. Evans, the county commissioner who sat at a table near farmers in hats advertising pesticides and fertilizer and one that read “cow whisperer.”
“I know that we may be contributing but who did it 100,000 years ago when we had an Ice Age?” he added.
To build the mine here, workers would burrow nearly 2,500 feet into the earth, creating an underground mini city to operate machinery. Construction would take almost three years, requiring 400 workers and convoys of heavy trucks rumbling across the plains surrounding Elk Creek, population 98.
“If we want to give our kids a chance, we’ve got to use the resources we have,” said Harold Richardson, a farmer and retired teacher from Elk Creek.
China is the world’s main producer and processor of scandium and rare earths. America has only one rare earth mine, in Mountain Pass, Calif. It sends its ore to China for processing. (Mr. Smith of NioCorp is the former chief executive of MolyCorp, which used to own the Mountain Pass mine.)
Brazil is by far the world’s biggest producer of niobium, which is used to strengthen steel. China Molybdenum, a state-backed company, bought a key niobium mine in Brazil in 2016.
The importance of having a domestic stash of metals was highlighted in 2010 when China blocked exports of rare earths to Japan during a dispute over a fishing trawler incident, sending prices soaring. Since then, tensions between the United States and China only have escalated, prompting fears about politically and economically motivated supply-chain disruptions.
NioCorp executives say the amount of metals they could recover at Elk Creek would be scant compared to the Chinese supply; they are still determining whether they can economically retrieve the rare earths. The company plans to dig titanium, too (China, Japan and Russia are among the world’s biggest titanium producers), but niobium is the most abundant metal at the site, and if operations go forward, Elk Creek would be the only niobium mine in America.
Company executives say they expect demand for the metal to increase for use in new versions of lithium ion electric vehicle batteries under development.
NioCorp has obtained all the necessary permits to start digging. But if it digs the rare earths, NioCorp may need to look overseas for processing. A new processing facility that is in the works in Texas could take years to become operational.
“I’d really want to see these activities done in the United States or an allied country” such as Japan or Britain, said Mr. Smith of NioCorp.
New demand for greener sources of energy is fueling interest from Wall Street in the Elk Creek mine. But the messaging from NioCorp tends to focus on the metals’ traditional uses — in oil pipelines and guided missiles, residents said.
“NioCorp is being very thoughtful in how they’re communicating with Southeast Nebraskans,” said State Senator Julie Slama, who represents constituents in Johnson County, which has voted Republican in every presidential election since the 1960s. “In Nebraska, we have a sense of patriotism and desire to serve our country.”
People have been talking about a mine in Elk Creek since the early 1970s when, according to local lore, pilots reported their instruments went haywire while flying over southeast Nebraska. The real story: University researchers received a federal grant to fly over the state with instrumentation that identified changes in the earth’s magnetic field, indicating the possible presence of certain minerals and metals.
“The rocks are different here,” said Scott Honan, NioCorp’s chief operating officer.
Back then local workers were hired to carry out exploratory drilling, digging up hundreds of core samples, tubes of earth, for testing. Stacks of them are stored in metal sheds on Beverly Beethe’s farm, where the mine would be located. Residents signed land leases with the company, which eventually bought 226 acres. Some landowners netted lucrative deals and could receive royalty payouts of as much as $10 million a year.
But the deals created bad blood. Some residents who were left out were miffed. Others like Ms. Beethe question whether they got a fair deal, especially in an area where the price of farmland has recently skyrocketed.
“The way I got treated, I hope that they don’t treat the community that way,” she said.
Many residents also are worried about damage from the toxic chemicals used in mining and processing.
They wonder about cancer cases near the mine site. Rare earth metals are found alongside radioactive elements. Mr. Smith said that at Elk Creek the amounts are so small they don’t require state licensing, but he said as a precaution NioCorp plans to seek licensing anyway and will carry out required monitoring.
Higher paying jobs would be welcome in the area, residents said, but still they wondered, how will the mine ever be able to find 400 workers? The nearby state prison has tried to fill vacancies by nearly doubling starting pay, to $28 an hour. Staff shortages are so severe at the local school district that the superintendent is pondering a four-day week for the next academic year. He already doubles as a bus driver because he can’t fill the job.
And what if the workers do come? “Where the hell are 400 more people going to eat in this town?” said Tim Weber, who opposes the mine.
Residents like Lavon Heidemann, a former lieutenant governor from Elk Creek, have benefited from the mine already. He was paid to help drill exploratory hole No. 7 back in the 1970s and now works as a local representative for NioCorp, fielding questions from his neighbors.
Mr. Heidemann sometimes stares out from his hilltop farm at the blinking lights on the wind turbines several miles away. They bug him a little. He worries the nation might be transitioning too quickly to renewables. But, he said, the Elk Creek mine would be good for America.
“I wish it wasn’t in my backyard, but it is. Other people sacrificed, and we need to sacrifice too,” Mr. Heidemann said. “I love this country to no end. We have challenges today and if we can help make it a better place in an environmentally safe way then, hot dog, I want to be a part of that.”

~NIOCORP CALLS OUT 5.7 TONNES OF REDUCTION FOR EVERY 1 TONNE EMITTED ~ (Via Value Added END-USE of Critical Minerals Processed on Site)

SEE VIDEO BELOW: NioCorp's Elk Creek Critical Minerals Project ~During the latest Niocorp Video (@3 minute mark)~

NioCorp's Elk Creek Critical Minerals Project - YouTube
Click on link above to view video

FEB. 6th, 2023 ~NioCorp’s Rare Earth Demonstration Plant Showing Strong Rare Earth Recovery Results, in Line with Expectations~

NioCorp's Rare Earth Demonstration Plant Showing Strong Rare Earth Recovery Results, in Line with Expectations - NioCorp Developments Ltd.

CENTENNIAL, Colo. (February 6, 2023) – NioCorp Developments Ltd. (“NioCorp” or the “Company”) (TSX:NB) (OTCQX:NIOBF) today announced that its demonstration-scale processing plant (the “demonstration plant”) at L3 Process Development in Quebec, Canada has succeeded in producing a high-purity mixed rare earth concentrate from NioCorp’s integrated demonstration plant. These encouraging results lend support to the technical feasibility of separating high-purity oxides of several key magnetic rare earths, on which the U.S. is presently 100% dependent, primarily from China, from ore comprising the Elk Creek Critical Minerals Project (“Project“).
NioCorp’s patent-pending demonstration scale rare earth extraction and purification solvent extraction process operation is ongoing in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, using solutions generated by the upstream operations of the demonstration plant. The rare earths were then precipitated out of solution, producing a solid that contains 6% praseodymium (“Pr“) oxide, 25% neodymium (“Nd”) oxide, 0.35% terbium oxide (“Tb“), and 1.6% dysprosium (“Dy“) oxide, with the balance of the solids consisting primarily of rare earths with minor base metal impurities.

Based on these results, and subject to additional demonstration testing over the coming weeks, L3’s process engineering team have determined that overall recoveries for these four magnetic rare earths are likely to be greater than 92% and meet commercial purity specifications for magnetic rare earth oxides.

#NIOCORP ~ Biden Advisor says ~U.S. is ‘absolutely’ behind on supply chain independence from China!~ Feb. 7, 2023

By :Natasha Turak
“This is a major concern for the U.S. and I think for the rest of the world,” Special Presidential Coordinator Amos Hochstein told CNBC.~China controls roughly 60% of the world’s production of rare earth minerals and materials, according to a recent report by Rice University’s Baker Institute.~For the U.S., whose relations with China can currently be described as tense at best, this poses several potential security risks. "

#NIOCORP ~President Biden Signs Presidential Waiver of Statutory Requirements for Supply Chain Resilience~ Feb. 28, 2023

President Biden Signs Presidential Waiver of Statutory Requirements for Supply Chain Resilience > U.S. Department of Defense > Release

MARCH 6th 2023 ~Export-Import Bank of the United States Issues Letter of Interest to NioCorp for Potential Debt Financing of up to $800 Million for NioCorp’s Elk Creek Critical Minerals Project

Export-Import Bank of the United States Issues Letter of Interest to NioCorp for Potential Debt Financing of up to $800 Million for NioCorp's Elk Creek Critical Minerals Project - NioCorp Developments Ltd.

CENTENNIAL, Colo. – March 6, 2023 – NioCorp Developments Ltd. (“NioCorp” or the “Company“) (TSX:NB) (OTCQX:NIOBF) is pleased to announce the receipt of a Letter of Interest from the Export-Import Bank of the United States (“EXIM“) for potential debt financing of up to $800 million through EXIM’s “Make More In America” initiative to fund the project costs of NioCorp’s proposed Elk Creek Critical Minerals Project.
EXIM’s communication to NioCorp states: “We are pleased to extend this Letter of Interest in support of the proposed capital funding plan by Elk Creek Resources Corp. for the Elk Creek Project. Based on the preliminary information submitted on expected exports and jobs supported, EXIM may be able to consider potential financing of up to $800,000,000.00 of the project’s costs under EXIM’s Make More In America initiative.” Elk Creek Resources Corp. is a Nebraska corporation wholly owned by NioCorp.
A project finance letter of interest from EXIM represents only a preliminary step in the formal EXIM application process, and the Letter of Interest states that the communication “does not represent a financing commitment” and “is not an explicit indication of the financial or commercial viability of a transaction.”

MARCH 13, 2023 ~Sharing Responses from Jim Sims to three relevant questions on 3/13/2023~


A) Could you offer comment on What Scope 3 emissions mean for the Elk Creek mine moving forward into production & to the end users utilizing the products being processed at the mine? & Would Niocorp's Scope 3 Carbon Emission Reductions qualify foas "Carbon Credits" in the context above? Could/Does Niocorp's "Carbon Friendly GHG/ESG" mining processes & work scope qualify for- INNOVATIVE CLEAN ENERGY LOAN GUARANTEES Department of Energy?

"We have made an internal estimate of the benefits of our planned products at a Scope 3 emissions level. However, the definition and applicability of Scope 3 emissions must eventually be determined by government regulators, and the SEC is examining many aspects of this issue now. At present and in general, carbon credits are created by mitigation measures taken at the Scope 1 emissions level, although there are several different approaches being examined across the U.S. As to DOE programs, I am not allowed to comment on that at this time."

B) Is/Could an "ANCHOR" Investos still have interest in the Elk Creek Project? Comment If you can... (A,B,C,D.... as all options are on the table.)

"Yes. "

C) (Follow up) - Is Niocorp still engaged with "Several Federal Agencies" other than the EXIM Bank as sources for "Debt" or Off-take agreements? Comment if you can...

"Yes, multiple federal agencies, elected officials in the Congress, and the WH. "

\***(After announcing an application (MArch 6, 2023) to the U.S. FEDERAL EXIM BANK. NIOCORP IS STILL ENGAGED WITH OTHER FEDERAL ENTITES, CONGRESS & THE WH!)***\**

MARCH 16th 2023 ~NioCorp Gains Access to as Much as $71.9 Million in Net Proceeds Over the Next Three Years from its SPAC Transaction and Two Additional Financings as it Prepares to Launch Trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market

NioCorp Gains Access to as Much as $71.9 Million in Net Proceeds Over the Next Three Years from its SPAC Transaction and Two Additional Financings as it Prepares to Launch Trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market - NioCorp Developments Ltd.
New Cash Infusion to NioCorp is Expected to Accelerate Progress of the Company’s Elk Creek Critical Minerals Project in Nebraska
NioCorp Shares Expected to Begin Trading on Tuesday on Nasdaq Under the Ticker Symbol “NB” and Will be Cross-Listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange
CENTENNIAL, Colo – March 16, 2023 – NioCorp Developments Ltd. (“NioCorp” or the “Company“) (TSX: NB; OTCQX: NIOBF) is pleased to announce that it expects to have access to as much as $71.9 million in net proceeds over the next three years following the completion of the transactions contemplated by the Business Combination Agreement, dated September 25, 2022 (the “Business Combination Agreement”), among NioCorp, GX Acquisition Corp. II (Nasdaq:GXII) (“GX”) and Big Red Merger Sub Ltd (the “Transaction“), and two separate financing deals with Yorkville Advisors Global, LP (“Yorkville“).
The Transaction was approved by a vote of GXII shareholders on Wednesday, March 15, 2023, and the deal is expected to close on Friday, March 17, 2023. NioCorp’s common shares (the “Common Shares”) are expected to begin trading on Tuesday, March 21, 2023, on the Nasdaq Stock Market (“Nasdaq”) under the ticker symbol “NB.” The Nasdaq listing is expected to make investment in NioCorp’s stock open to many more investors around the world, including institutional investors and funds. Upon listing on Nasdaq, the Common Shares will be cross-listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and will continue to trade there under the ticker symbol “NB.” The stock will no longer trade on the OTCQX under the ticker symbol “NIOBF” in connection with the commencement of trading on Nasdaq.

MARCH 30, 2023 ~ NioCorp to Ring The Nasdaq Stock Market's Opening Bell!~

NioCorp's Executive Team to Visit New York City and Ring the Opening Bell at The Nasdaq Stock Market on Thursday, March 30, 2023CENTENNIAL, Colo. (March 28, 2023) – NioCorp Developments Ltd. ("NioCorp") (Nasdaq:NB; TSX: NB) is pleased to announce that Mark A. Smith, NioCorp's CEO and Executive Chairman, will ring the opening bell on The Nasdaq Stock Market (“Nasdaq”) at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, March 30, 2023. NioCorp's stock began trading on Nasdaq on Tuesday, March 21, 2023 under the ticker symbol "NB."
  • What: NioCorp to visit the Nasdaq MarketSite in New York City’s Times Square to ring the Opening Bell.
  • Who: NioCorp executives Mark A. Smith (CEO & Executive Chairman); Scott Honan (COO); Neal Shah (CFO); Jim Sims (CCO); Jeff Mason (Corporate Controller); and members of NioCorp's Board of Directors.
  • Where: New York, New York: Nasdaq MarketSite – 4 Times Square on 43rd & Broadway at Broadcast Studio.
  • When: Thursday, March 30, 2023 – 9:15 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. ET
Additional Information
A live webcast of the Nasdaq Opening Bell will be available at multimedia features such as exclusive content, photo postings, status updates, and video of bell ceremonies posted by Nasdaq, please visit these Facebook pages:
Additional photos from the event will be posted on Nasdaq's and NioCorp's Instagram pages:
For news tweets, please visit Nasdaq's and NioCorp's Twitter pages:


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2023.03.30 13:57 Gamygyn I gave up on dating and women, even though I honestly didn't try that much.

Heya folks, just writing this to get it out of my mind.
I'm a dude who's 35 years old.
Had a normal life for the most part. Made friends, got interested in women, went through that awkward phase of being a young adult searching for himself and not looking like much. I did spend some time in my twenties getting my head in a good place, took me a few years until I got out of that.
In my late 20's, I started considering dating more seriously. I had never kissed someone so far and suffered from loneliness. Felt like I was missing out on a lot of fun too (and headaches, but I suspected the latter was worth it if most people kept going back to the dating pool).
I didn't like the idea of dating apps, prefering meeting people more organically. So I redid my wardrobe, did more stuff to get my introverted self out of the house and joined various clubs about stuff I like.
I did meet new people, made a few friends, extended my social circle. But none of these turned to love. Now, I did fall in love, but it was never reciprocated. To get further, I asked for help from my friends and on the internet too.
Some of this did stick and is genuinely good advice, although I must admit there's often a specific subject lacking, and that's something I noticed missing in talks with men, women, or on the internet.
Only had a few people in my circle actually tackle the main point head-on: I don't appear as very interesting. I have hobbies and a nice job, I listen and know what their problems are, I help when I can and invite them out to eat. These are all good qualities to have, but then there's how you make the other person feel, and how you "sell" yourself so to speak, and from my limited experience I think that's the really big point.
Like, I often read on the internet that the bar is really super low and you're already above it just by listening with intent and having some personal hygiene and not beign a complete bum. It feels that folks forget that this low bar appears after you cleared the previous one: appearing interesting. Otherwise, you're a good friend. It's the being interesting part people struggle with, And it takes more than listening to come across as such. It helps, but I think that's the polish, not the main issue. Just feels like there's a cliff between what people think they want and what they actually want.
The "Don't try and be yourself" may also be there. Works for some people, but if you don't have that thing in yourself to attract people in the first place, that's a good way to end up alone.
Of course, I say this as someone with a very limited experience for myself. I observed a lot, but can't say I felt or went through many couple struggles myself, so take all of this with a massive grain of salt.
The more I delved into it, the less dating seemed to make sense to me.
Ultimately, I even joined dating apps. But it feels like a meat grinder, going through profiles, having matches, and try to keep a conversation going and have it die out all the time. I'm not the best at conversation, less so in text, I know, I worked on it too. But with apps it all felt so, I dunno, pointless? I suppose.
Came the good old thirties and realizing I had never someone tell me they loved me, or even appreciate me, or just show some appreciation beyond a good handshake and a "job well done" from work. Last compliment I got was seven years ago, a woman telling me I had a great personality, and I don't know if she said it because she didn't find something else to say. But it stuck. Last physical contact I had beyond a handshake was a blond woman dancing with me for a minute in a nightclub before giving me a kiss on the cheek and leaving. Only time it happened, also several years ago, I still remember it vividly.
The older I get, the more intimacy looks like a fantasy, something removed from reality. Someone wanting me feels like a scenario from a movie, not a real life possibility.
It got so ludicrous an idea that after some years, I dropped the idea of dating and uninstalled all the apps and turned back to a more solitary lifestyle. It's easier to handle loneliness when I'm not surrounded with people who do have these experiences. I suppose I integrated that love and sex are things that happen to others, but not everyone gets to have a try at it, and I was likely part of the latter group.
I don't like to think of myself as a social being, or even someone with sexual needs and wants. Would love to be rid of my libido.
I like my job, I have hobbies to think about something else. I'm used to the loneliness of it, I'm aware a few years isn't a lot of trying on reddit, but I don't see myself catching up the years I'm lagging behind anymore. If I can get used to my loneliness, that should be enough. As long as I'm more or less happy too.
There, that's written. Thanks for reading and all the best.
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2023.03.30 13:52 ThrowRA-6045 My (30M) girlfriend (30F) doesnt love me as much I love her and being in a relationship doesnt fulfil her life

Dear Redditors,
thanks to whomever takes the time to read this long text! Throwaway for privacy reasons. Please be kind with my english. I am sitting here typing this with my heart being ripped apart and not knowing what to do. I should start with some background informations:
Me (30M from central Europe) went on a business trip to south east asia early 2022. A few weeks before that I switched my Tinder location to where I was heading. I wanted to match some girls to maybe spent some time on the evenings/weekends and get some locals recommendations. I matched with a girl (30F) and we started chatting. A lot. We even had some phone calls and I was feeling very comfortable with her. We were also talking about relationship by that time, but not specifically us getting into a relationship. When I went there and we met I instantly fell in love (had feelings before already) and she was also very much into me. I asked her to be my girlfriend and she happily agrees.
I left after a few weeks and we needed a few month to adjust to a long distance relationship. She put more effort in the beginning, no doubt. I was a bit hesitant at first and had worries it won't work out. We adjusted and it was going well.
Fast forward. Around new years we had an almost break up. I was in a very bad mood (I was at my hometown and friends/family there is a very toxic environment) and made her feel bad about something that she happy about. She was thinking about breaking up, but accepted my apology and things went on. It was a bit rough after that, but we managed to get a bit more comfortable again. Not fully as it was before though. But everything was still fine and we were planning on her coming to my place for 2 weeks.
(I should add at this point, because I did many mistakes in my earlier life I am in a very bad financial situation and simply couldn't afford to be there even though I wish I could - though it will get much better from late summer of this year and I promised her to travel there for 2 months and work from her place; kind of like a test if living together works out)
Last week she turned 30 and we spent time on the phone the night before until she fell asleep. I sent a sweet birthday text at midnight and got a sweet response in the morning. Her schedule for that day (+ the following 2) was super packed with work. I knew it and we exchanged some messages in between. Everything as it used to be. On sunday she didn't reply to my messages and when I called her she was in a very bad mood. Said something like 'we should talk later' and 'I´m 30 now, no husband, no kids, no house, no dogs' (I guess here comes the south eastern culture into play) as well as 'I don't want to be in a relationship' as well as 'I dont want to be in a long distance relationship' and 'I don't know if I love you'. She asked for time and space for herself. I agreed to that and for 2 days I sent her a message about what happened in my day, not expecting an answer. First thing she responded was 'I need more time for myself'. I didn't send any answer to that until she texted me again the next day. Asking me about my day. I told her and she left me on read. I thought she had enough time and space for herself because she started texting me again, so I called her that night. Got declined 3 times. She texted 'I'm trying to sleep' after the 3rd time. This is very unusual, because normally she even picks up when she is sleeping and just mumbles a cute 'let me sleep'. Didn't hear anything again for 24h on my messages, when she started replying again today. She said she doesn't want to do anything, neither talk nor text to anyone or anything. (I think she sometimes has depressive phases). Also said it has nothing to do with me. When I asked if she felt better having no contact with me she said 'I can live with that. I miss you sometimes.' so I asked whether she wants to live without me and she said 'I dont mind. You shouldnt waste your time on me. Its me not you.' Conversation went on a little and I'm just gonna throw some of her statements here:
'I put myself first'
'I dont think about us or care about your feeling much, when I care about mine'
'I dont think I want the same thing' (replied to me say I want to spend the rest of my life with her)
'I dont feel like being in a relationship fulfills my life'
'I dont know what I want to do with my life'
'I dont know what I like, it´s just boring'
'I dont think you´ll ever understand me' (I pretty much do, because I was going through pretty much the same issues - gambling addiction + depression, thats another story)
And the following two hurt the most:
'when it comes to the time I have to choose you over something else i.e. work, my own feeling. I won’t choose you.'
'I don’t think I love you as much as you love me.'
I offered her that I will go there instead of her coming here (big financial burden for both of us, but I can cope easier with it longterm) and she didn't seem happy about it. It was another 'I dont know' from her.
I really dont know how to deal with the situation. It´s ripping my heart apart and I truly love this woman, but I feel like I´m not good enough and she wants something or someone else.
I should also add two more facts that play a role in my opinion: She is working tons and tons of unpaid overhours in her job (for 3yrs) and even though she is fine with her boss, he promised to raise her pay at least 3 times and didnt do that. She was in a 7 yrs long distance and toxic relationship before (about which she lied to me. When we were already pretty serious texting, before i came there, she was still hoping to get back together with him even though she broke up. I never truly figured out the whole story). I feel like being in a toxic relationship (job + ex) is kind of her 'thing' at this point. I even thought she maybe got a message from her ex on her birthday which caused this whole situation, but according to what she said months ago she blocked him everywhere.
I really dont want to give up on her. Any random redditor advices out there?
tl;dr: My GF (30F) tells me (30M) she doesnt love me as much as I do and being in a relationship doesnt fulfil her life. What to do?
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2023.03.30 13:51 No_Software Lots of ‘small’ health issues — overwhelmed with where to start

Sorry I’m not sure if this is the right sub to post to. I’ve not been formally diagnosed with a chronic illness but have been consistently unwell for years and am trying to figure it out.
Right now I feel extremely overwhelmed as I’ve been trying to take care of myself by going to appointments but that’s resulted in me finding out the absolute horrific condition my body is in, and I’m becoming overwhelmed with what to do first as I legitimately cannot afford to deal with all of them at once despite being on a six figure salary.
I’d love some advice on how to approach these issues, in what order.
Here are some of the things I’m dealing with:
— ADHD potential (this is something I have no choice but to deal with later as every psychiatrist is booked for 12-18months)
— bone spurs & spine misalignment causes me daily pain (sciatica, arm pain, nerve pain) and I assume is where some of my near daily headaches come from)
— thyroid issues potential, while the standard blood test is not picking things up that are out of the ordinary, I’ve gained weight inexplicably and have become constantly cold
— PCOS (diagnosed) and potential endo, I have a mirena that is keeping these symptoms at bay but am coming to the end of it, and am considering removing it as I’ve been on hormonal BC since age 15
— depression/anxiety, potentially adhd in disguise but until I can deal with this I’m still stuck with dealing with the symptoms. I see a psychologist fortnightly, and I could also get anti depressants from my GP
— gut issues that seem to flare up at random times, not seemingly tied to a food allergy. I used to see a naturopath and acupuncturist for help with this but have stopped for financial reasons (not covered by insurance)
— headaches all the time, daily headaches that make it almost unbearable to work and live. I spend a lot of time curled up on the couch with migraine symptoms. GP seems less than interested in dealing with this
I can’t sustainably continue going to work everyday in a high pressure job with all of these things just getting worse, but if I stop working I won’t have the money to fix these issues. Or pay my mortgage. I’m starting to feel hopeless.
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2023.03.30 13:50 StarzMarket Glasses?

Sorry if this is a little off topic, but thought there might some with experience on this.
I work a job where I'm staring at a computer all day. I already have blue light glasses and have everything set to geriatric mode on my computer. I've always had really good eye sight and can read everything just fine, but at the end of everyday, I can tell there's been a lot of strain on my eyes.
I'm looking to get new glasses with blue light filtering and magnification (reading glasses), and have a few picked out. I'm not sure what strength to get for the average monitor distance. Any good starting points for people with already good eye sight? Should I just go to an eye doctor?
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2023.03.30 13:50 DarthNer0 I need help deciding

So I'm an international student and I've applied to business management top-up to multiple universities, my viable options are (Portsmouth, Coventry and Uwe Bristol), Coventry was my first choice but I've heard a lot of bad things about the city, that made me reconsider my decision, help me deciding, which is better in terms of university and the city safety, transportation and jobs.
Any details are appreciated.
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2023.03.30 13:48 devenneke How to court/flirt/seduce a busy wife with 2 kids

I love my wife. She is witty, she is very straight forward, has lovely curves, smells great...and cooks amazing.
However she is generally less into sex than I am. She is also kinda vanilla. I think I might be more horny than average guys. However that doesn't mean I always need sex when im horny. Because just feeling horny is great.
But she has a very good job that demands a lot of her time and concentration. And I'm 100% okay with that, as she also loves doing her job. She also works her ass of for our family, and I realise that also takes a lot of energy from her. But since our second child our sex lives dropped from 50% to 0%.
Besides the fact that she is often tired, which I get, plus her libido has declined because take birth control.
Also there were a few times we almost had sex....but because I was too nervous/anxious to perform well...we both got frustrated as I couldn't get it up.
We have talked about it and promised each other we would work on it. However we actually don't as she keeps being tired...and i sometimes give up too easy.
So what can I do (besides helping more in the household) to make my wife feel desired again. And what can I do to seduce my wife? I mean I can be funny...or can be serious when she needs a good talk. But i have no clue anymore how to seduce her.
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2023.03.30 13:46 ThrowRA74346753 Feel guilty for feeling like my (19F) boyfriend (19M) encourages me to be the worst version of myself.

We're coming up on 2 years together.
First things first, I know that no matter how somebody encourages you, the onus is on yourself to make the best decisions for yourself. I am not putting the blame on him, because that is unfair and takes accountability off myself.
Having said that, there are a lot of things he's done/said and some of them are starting to get on my nerves. (Not fair since he's being so kind about it)
Whenever I say I want to go to bed before 2am and fix my sleep schedule, he argues against it and tries to get me to stay up late.
When I try to knuckle down and study, he distracts me and has chuckled and said, 'I kind of like distracting you from studies!'
When I go over to his house, I'm encouraged to lie in bed and eat junk food and snacks (having said that, that's partially on me for being lazy too, but it is the created atmosphere - we're not really in an area with a lot of ability to do things outside the house, aside from walk and get more snacks).
When I get a little bit complainy about the gym - despite also clarifying that I love it and it makes me happy, that I enjoy it a lot - and lack the motivation to go sometimes, he told me it's fine if I just cancel the membership.
This annoyed me a bit because, when I have a monthly membership for anything, I always make sure to go enough times to make back the money I'd spend if I paid for one-day passes. I definitely can go to the gym enough to make back my money, easily (6 times a month). Just because I'm a bit mad that I'm busy and going to the gym 2-3x a week instead of 6x, doesn't mean I need to quit the gym, imo??? Why is he jumping to quitting, does he believe in me so little?
Also, if not for him, I - a sequestered, hermit-like nerd - never would have gotten a taste for heavy drinking. Of course, now I know I like it. There was a time where he encouraged me to prioritise a night of drinking over work and it stressed me out a lot.
He introduced me to it and I went running. The first time I got blackout was surrounded by his friendgroup and that was scary AF. I'll never do that again. And while I know, if somebody shoves a shot in your hand, you can refuse it or spit it out, but jeez I was too hammered to be thinking sense. My fault, but still a situation I wouldn't have been in if not for he and his friends.
Then again, without them, I'd just be sitting at home on my laptop, so different evils, I guess.
To be honest, I understand that some prioritise being young over a min wage job, but still. Just felt icky. I'm a very rules-following person. But with his encouragement, sometimes I bring out the worst in me that's already there. The lazy, the slacking, the useless.
When I used to stay with him often I used to feel physically, like shit, because we'd be in his parents house and eating a lot of processed foods and not a lot of fruit and veg. Now, the visits have been cut down which is a relief to my nausea and overall lack of physical well-being.
Having said all this, it all comes from a place of love and adoration. He wants me not to be so stressed, but I think being encouraged to laze about all day, everyday, actually stresses me out more. He's so funny and kind and loving to me. This is my own collection of awful hang ups.
He's optimistic and acts like everything will be alright, we'll make lots of money and live in a fancy house and have cute kids. Whereas, I think more about the realistic side of things, saving money for retirement, poor job prospects, the realities and exhaustions of childcare, etc.
Having said that, I'm also torn. He's so kind and emotionally supportive and he holds me when I cry. I couldn't find someone who cares about me as much as him. So I don't know.
TL;DR Boyfriend encourages me to give up on gym, to not fix my sleep schedule, to not study, to eat snacks and junk food and to prioritise nights out on the town getting drunk over my job. It's starting to annoy me. Even so, he's kind and treats me excellently otherwise.
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2023.03.30 13:45 Shins06 Levelling another job

Hello, I have started the game, having a blast through it despite all the critics on ARR and I’m now on my way to HW with a DRG (currently Lvl 55)
While I do like this class, I would also like to try leveling up another job (archer or mage), what is the best way for me to do it ?
Go to Limsa Lominsa, Uldah or Gridania and start hunting creatures until I reach a certain level to do roulette dungeon ? Start side quests LVL1? (How do I easily find the ones still undone ?)
Thanks a lot for your answers
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2023.03.30 13:45 ChongieB December applicant, haven't heard back from Georgetown or Northwestern

I mean come on guys. I know it's a soft rejection at this point and I had little chance of getting in in the first place, but for some reason I naively thought that each school would give me a decision by deposit deadlines? Some of my deadlines are coming up in the next couple days and I can't afford the privilege of depositing at one school and riding the ghostlist at another.
All of these schools act like social justice warriors and yet their admissions practices are majorly inequitable to people who can't afford to deposit at multiple schools or ride a waitlist into oblivion because we have families or jobs or whatever. I know I'm not the only one too - on LSD, you can see that each of these schools have accepted or waitlisted a million and a half applicants, but there is a large chunk left on read. It's clearly to the school's advantage to retain as many people in their applicant pool as possible, for as long as possible, but it can be a real wrench for applicants.
I learned a lot about the law school admissions process from this subreddit and from being an applicant myself, but my most recent lesson is to not expect answers AT ALL from some of the schools you applied to. It's will never be about you, no matter what their Office of Student Enlightenment says in the pamphlet - it's about the school's ability to fill a class that meets their metric goals.
Inb4 some losers slide into my DM's about my 3.low - I know.
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2023.03.30 13:44 New-Suit5141 My mom who's been a housewife for years (barely) makes dishes that taste nothing. I don't like re-seasoning myself or resorting to foods from grocery store

Full story, it's not she's busy so she can't do it; she's not a working mom, and she has a time to experiment or learn.
She sometimes eat rice with only vegetable oil and soy sauce, which baffles me. She also says she's happy to eat salad with no dressings. It's not that I want heavy seasoning.
She often fries cut vegetables with no batter, and she doesn't add any seasoning a lot of times. Everything she makes is bland, and I feel guilty just sprinkling salt onto my plate to eat it better. I feel like I don't belong because I feel like I have a strong objection to how she thinks it's ok for foods to taste (or no taste). She also never samples before putting on a plate, so I say "This doesn't have any taste" and she's just surprised (it's not that she's pretending to be surprised. She probably thinks it's not her job.).
So I just don't understand.
Additionally, my dad has a slightly high blood pressure, but her dishes tasted nothing as long as I can remember before he was recommended by the doctor to cut the salt intake. So it's probably not going to change.
I've grown to be someone who hates adding salt or anything without breaking the original flavor but has to because it just tastes nothing. I really love foods from grocery stores just because I can actually taste salt and seasoning.
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2023.03.30 13:42 Overall-Adagio-1502 I’m losing the battle.

This is an open cry for help, depression have taken over me.
Is so bad that I have a disturbed sense of reality, I cannot see myself being happy no matter what I do nor what I achieve.
I’m 21 and about 3-4 years ago everything in my life was running smoothly.
I started to pursue my passion as a filmmaker and started doing a bunch of music videos and other cool projects while I was in high school.
I also had good friends, had a girlfriend and was in good shape.
Once I finished high school I had the opportunity to travel for a few months to a foreign country to practice my English.
There I had the time of my life, met cool ppl, took awesome pics, visited cool places and I even make a film project there and turned out excellent.
After that, I got the opportunity to go to college in that country but in another city
I didn’t study what I wanted (filmmaking), I ended up studying marketing bc I started to learning it by my own to market my own filmmaking biz and it seemed fun.
At that time, I was all-in in the entrepreneurial mindset. I got my mind washed by internet gurus and thought that I needed to make lots of money by a young age so I put an unrealistic pressure on myself.
I also got contacted by a friend (the same age as me) who asked me if I wanted to start a marketing agency with him.
I accepted the offer, and because I was a very competitive person and I have this urge to “succeed”, I started learning all I could about marketing.
I lied myself telling me that’ll manage to run the marketing agency while running my filmmaking biz
But that was not the case. I got “addicted”to consume all kind of online marketing (mkt) courses from all kind of mkt gurus as I realized that my college was trash and I’ll not learn anything useful.
I easily spent about 3-4k worth of courses, book, coaches, etc
I literally spent all the money that I was making in my shitty part time job in mkt courses - thinking that I needed all that info to succeed with my mkt agency
But y’all already know how this went. After a year trying to make it, my friend and I only got bad clients, lots of rejection, humiliations and we only made like 300 bucks.
And I lost precious time, I literally spent the whole day in the pc studying. Add that , my college classes where online so I barely leave the house.
I gained LOTS of weight (+30kg) and my social skills decreased a lot too.
Noted that all this happened when moving to a new city, so I didn’t invest time to meet new people & make friends.
After that, I spend all Day (and money) playing video games, masturbating, arguing with strangers on internet and posting memes on fb groups.
I’m even more fat, have no social skills at all - I now can’t stand people, stopped watching movies, stopped learning about directing and now I have so much hate inside ( towards life and my choices, not others)
I also developed a food addiction, a social media addiction, and a “no leaving my house” addiction.
All of this is making me feel lonely & depressed.
To the point that I could not talk with anyone in DAYS.
And let’s don’t even talk about women, I see myself in the mirror and I feel like no one would want a guy like me.
So right now I’m not even trying. If I match with a girl in tinder, I’d ghost her by auto sabotaging myself, saying that is not worth it bc she will ghost me once we meet in person and see how ugly I am and how socially awkward I am.
I know this is fucked up, I think that the fact that I left my dream aside for a project and failed, hit me extremely hard.
I feel like a failure, I feel like a bad son, bad brother & bad human being.
Rn I don’t have the will to do anything, I finish college in a few months and the idea of working just terrifies me.
My biggest fear is working in cubicle for 8 hours in a company for the rest of my life. And rn it seems the only option I have.
All this has led me to fantasize about killing myself every night, and if I’m being completely honest, the only reason I’m not dead is because I cannot purchase a gun and I’m too scare of doing it in other ways as it’ll be too painful.
I know I need profesional help, and last week I payed for a therapy session and I left completely disappointed.
The session was like 20 minute long and I couldn’t tell her everything that’s happening to me.
Then she asked me to pay for some expensive test and suggested me to pay for two completely treatments at the same time (neuro rehabilitation and therapy) I felt that all she wanted his my money.
So while I give therapy another try with another therapist, I’d like you guys to give me some advice and how to deal and overcome this situation ❤️‍🩹
Ps: if you read until here, I want to say thank you for taking the time to do it. This is the first time I open up like this.
Also, feel free to ask questions.
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2023.03.30 13:41 Boysenberry-Infinite Honest advice

Yog - 2021, step one pass, step two - 262. US IMG. No research or publication. Graduated with honors
Working as an MA/scribe/surgery coordinator for an ENT, head neck specialist and plastic surgeon. Struggling to find USCE in IM due to financial reasons. My job is great because my doctor teaches me a lot of things, I get to examine patients, Propose possible treatment plans and much more. And we do go over review of systems with each surgery. A lot of his patients have seen him for years and he reviews a lot of IM things with them as well. But idk how helpful this will actually be in my situation given its still not IM
What chance do I really have in matching? And any tips on how I can work to be a better candidate?
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2023.03.30 13:40 VoidOfEevee AOT / FNAF RP!

So um.. HI!
I'm searching for a long-term, 3rd person, very literate roleplayer. I want it to be a long term (few weeks or even months). Let me introduce myself a bit so if you would be interested you'd know a bit about me! :D
I'm Julian (Or Void as nickname), 20 years old and a huge fnaf fan! I’m a guy! (He/Him) and I love roleplaying and love reading. I have been roleplaying for 7-8+ years! I write 4k+ characters per roleplay response approximately! I think you can call that a literate writer? Not sure! And I put a lot of detail in a roleplay :D I am from The Netherlands so my main (mother) language is Dutch! So please excuse my English sometimes haha! I'm self taught so it's already kind of difficult but I do know a lot about it!
omg I'm actually so shy writing this, excuse me ;-;
So I have some ideas!
Five Nights At Freddy's - Idea: I'd play William Afton as the supervisor of Fredbear's Diner and you'd be the new night guard who I have to train to work as a nightshift guard. You really didn't want to take the job but you had to as it paid much, the interview would be taken by Henry so William wouldn't know who you'd be at first. Later in the roleplay one of us falls in love with the other. (Slowburn). William would already be divorced with his wife but still has his 3 kids, in the roleplay he will tell you this! The bite of 83 (Evan ((his son)) will happen too!) [Slowburn, Romance, Drama]
Five Nights At Freddy's; Security Breach - Idea: I'd play as Montgomery Gator in the Mega Pizza Plex, he had been the guitarist of the band and reportedly the most violent if made angry, which happens rarely. He had been best friends with the security guard "Jeremy" for a long time, until he decided to quit. But a new guard has been hired, her name is [your OC name here] and he really didn't think a lot of it, he missed Jeremy a lot, but.. would there still be a chance..? [Slowburn, Romance]
Attack on Titan - Idea: When Annie was crystalized, Armin couldn't help himself but keep visiting the crystal every other day to talk to her, she would always been a "good person" to Armin and he knows what she did was wrong, but he couldn't bring himself to hate her, he'd have told her everything that was happening in the scout regiment, even though he knew she couldn't hear him. On March 22nd, Armin would have baked a caked for her, got some chocolates (which he worked his butt off to get as chocolate would be rare to get) and a bouquet of flowers for her birthday, even though he knew it wasn't worth it at all, he'd still have done it. He stayed with Annie till 12:00am and blew the candles for her. When he was ready to leave, he put one of his hands on the crystal, turning away and started walking away he couldn't believe what happened.. The crystal cracked..? [Romance, Slowburn, Action]
A lot of stuff can be discussed! I like to make the roleplay as fun as possible for both parties instead of my own ego xD I'm pretty flexible with plot changes!
That's the idea!! If you're interested in the roleplay you could send me a message! It will happen on Discord or Reddit but preferred Discord! But if you send me a message then we can talk about how and why!
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2023.03.30 13:40 VoidOfEevee AOT / FNAF RP!

So um.. HI!
I'm searching for a long-term, 3rd person, very literate roleplayer. I want it to be a long term (few weeks or even months). Let me introduce myself a bit so if you would be interested you'd know a bit about me! :D
I'm Julian (Or Void as nickname), 20 years old and a huge fnaf fan! I’m a guy! (He/Him) and I love roleplaying and love reading. I have been roleplaying for 7-8+ years! I write 4k+ characters per roleplay response approximately! I think you can call that a literate writer? Not sure! And I put a lot of detail in a roleplay :D I am from The Netherlands so my main (mother) language is Dutch! So please excuse my English sometimes haha! I'm self taught so it's already kind of difficult but I do know a lot about it!
omg I'm actually so shy writing this, excuse me ;-;
So I have some ideas!
Five Nights At Freddy's - Idea: I'd play William Afton as the supervisor of Fredbear's Diner and you'd be the new night guard who I have to train to work as a nightshift guard. You really didn't want to take the job but you had to as it paid much, the interview would be taken by Henry so William wouldn't know who you'd be at first. Later in the roleplay one of us falls in love with the other. (Slowburn). William would already be divorced with his wife but still has his 3 kids, in the roleplay he will tell you this! The bite of 83 (Evan ((his son)) will happen too!) [Slowburn, Romance, Drama]
Five Nights At Freddy's; Security Breach - Idea: I'd play as Montgomery Gator in the Mega Pizza Plex, he had been the guitarist of the band and reportedly the most violent if made angry, which happens rarely. He had been best friends with the security guard "Jeremy" for a long time, until he decided to quit. But a new guard has been hired, her name is [your OC name here] and he really didn't think a lot of it, he missed Jeremy a lot, but.. would there still be a chance..? [Slowburn, Romance]
Attack on Titan - Idea: When Annie was crystalized, Armin couldn't help himself but keep visiting the crystal every other day to talk to her, she would always been a "good person" to Armin and he knows what she did was wrong, but he couldn't bring himself to hate her, he'd have told her everything that was happening in the scout regiment, even though he knew she couldn't hear him. On March 22nd, Armin would have baked a caked for her, got some chocolates (which he worked his butt off to get as chocolate would be rare to get) and a bouquet of flowers for her birthday, even though he knew it wasn't worth it at all, he'd still have done it. He stayed with Annie till 12:00am and blew the candles for her. When he was ready to leave, he put one of his hands on the crystal, turning away and started walking away he couldn't believe what happened.. The crystal cracked..? [Romance, Slowburn, Action]
A lot of stuff can be discussed! I like to make the roleplay as fun as possible for both parties instead of my own ego xD I'm pretty flexible with plot changes!
That's the idea!! If you're interested in the roleplay you could send me a message! It will happen on Discord or Reddit but preferred Discord! But if you send me a message then we can talk about how and why! :D
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2023.03.30 13:40 croissantdechocolate Where to live: Galway (Ireland) or Brussels (Belgium)?

Basically, I have two different job offers. They are both interesting, the people seem equally nice, the pay is equivalent. Job-wise, I'd say both are equally-interesting, so I'm more interested in deciding according to the life around both cities.
Apart from English, I am fluent in French, and I'm learning Dutch. None of those are my native language.
Brussels: - I've been there already, and I know I like the city. - Even though I don't have friends there, I have friends that live close to it (France/Netherlands). - I usually like medium-sized to bigger cities. - I could practice Dutch.
Galway: - Never been there. - Seems to be a very nice city in general. - A lot smaller: seems like a quiet/chill place, even though there seems to be a lot of stuff to do. - Would be my first time living in an English-speaking country, which could be good for my English.
I'd love to have people's opinions on this! Specially people who have been to Galway, so I have an idea of how it is to live there.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.30 13:39 Not_a_shill_666 AD field sup here looking for advice

How can I make field AD job suck the least amount possible? There's a lot that I don't control (I need to do reinspects, it's my job) but what can I actually do to HELP???
I loved field AD for years, thought I would be here forever. The culture now is so sad and so far gone.. I want to help where I can. any tips for helping to support my team would be greatly appreciated
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2023.03.30 13:39 Dragon_Master6785338 It does absolutely no good for people to dunk on other people for bragging about their good deeds on social media.

I've seen a lot of people complain about people bragging about doing good deeds on social media,(cleaning the ocean, working at a homeless shelter, giving to charities, ect.) They always say something like, "why can't you just do the good deed and be quiet about it, it seems like you're just doing it to make people think you are a good, selfless person.", or something like along those lines.
Ya'll can argue all you want that the people who are bragging are just doing these good deeds for attention and validation, which might be true, MIGHT. But a good deed is a good deed, even if the motive is selfish.
And I think that if even one person it inspired to do good because they saw someone else dong good on social media, than it is worth it. And the really big good deeds help restore peoples hope during grim times.
But if everyone ends up being guilted into not posting about their good deeds, than what possible good could that do for anyone?
That's what, it doesn't do crap. That literally helped no one. It did no good. Good job.
We are better off just letting these people brag, even if they are just being selfish, it might inspire some people to do good.
On a side note, I think that some people who dunk on people for bragging are insecure because they haven't done any good for anybody else.
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