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2023.03.22 06:14 Beginner-DM [Online][5e][PST[Beginner Friendly]

Time: 12:00 PST to 15:00 PST Frequency: Wednesday Weekly Date of Session Zero: 3/22/2023 Looking for: 5 Players Platform: Foundry, using Discord for Voice Books allowed: Any as long as official and no Homebrew
Hello! I'm Juan (He/Him 25). I've been playing for 2-3 years and dming for almost a year and a half
In the city of Neverwinter, a dwarf named Gundren Rockseeker asked you to bring a wagonload of provisions to the rough-and-tumble settlement of Phandalin, a couple of days' travel southeast of the city. Gundren was clearly excited and more than a little secretive about his reasons for the trip, saying only that he and his brothers had found "something big," and that he'd pay you ten gold pieces each for escorting his supplies safely to Barthen's Provisions, a trading post in Phandalin. He then set out ahead of you on horse, along with a warrior escort named Sildar Hallwinter, claiming he needed to arrive early to "take care of business."
You've spent the last few days following the High Road south from Neverwinter, and you've just recently veered east along the Triboar Trail.
You've encountered no trouble so far, but this territory can be dangerous. Bandits and outlaws have been known to lurk along the trail.
Lost Mine of Phandelver is an adventure for four to five characters of 1st level. During the course of the adventure, the characters will advance to 5th level. The adventure is set a short distance from the city of Neverwinter in the Sword Coast region of the Forgotten Realms setting. The Sword Coast is part of the North—a vast realm of free settlements surrounded by wilderness and adventure. Over the course of the adventure, you and your party members will discover vast treasures, unearth centuries old mysteries, and come into your own as fledging adventurers.
Thanks for reading and if you're interested feel free to apply below by your preferred name, discord ID, a fact or two about you and experience with how long you played DnD 5e and Foundry!
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2023.03.22 05:23 OnlineSarcasm Please help me translate lore accurate places and powers for my 5e dnd game.

A few questions for you guys:
Are there flying daedra? So far they just kinda flew around without being harassed because most thinga in game don't fly, but I imagine in lore there must be some.
How long have the Dragonfires in the Imperial City been around blocking Oblivion Gates from being possible to open?
How strong are the most powerful TES warriors in comparison to their dnd counterparts?
How does magic compare? I heard flight was outlawed and forgotten but technically perfectly possible in TES.
I know the Thu'um was extremely strong as well, tearing through walls and things of that sort. How would it compare to magic spells like unrelenting force vs upcast shatter?
My perception of power in the lore is skewed by the games and I am looking to adjust it correctly for the brief sojurn into Tamriel for the game.
I how would one of the Tribunal compare to the Demon Lords of the Abyss?
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2023.03.22 05:17 Soy_Blanco LFG for Sci-fi Western game

We’re currently looking for a player in an ongoing heavily homebrewed campaign that started just a month ago. The game is based in an Sci-Fi Fantasy Setting where some of the original players were more from a western setting, think cowboys versus aliens. This is an adventure style game with an expansive setting and bountiful lore. If you are not a fan of heavy roleplay and numerous amounts of lore then we humbly ask you to proceed on. We would like someone who has an infinity for notes, but we take all kinds. Setting: With the disappearance of an entire planet's worth of people the party is set out to find out the cause and hunt down the culprit to the heinous act, an ancient ruin gives details of a group of beings who seeded the known universe and it seems they have returned. Will you help the party and their new acquaintances stranded on this world find out the reason that it all began? Warning: This game is heavily homebrewed from subclasses to how the attributes are calculated such as health and AC have been altered to create our own concept of DND 5E. The changes are not insane and are not meant to confuse, if that is a deal break we understand Warning 2: This game features firearms and ranged combat as well as strategic combat found in RTS’s, if this is a deal deal breaker we understand Warning 3: This game features active NPC’s that are not static entities. They have their own personality and own agendas, if they’re treated poorly they will let the party know, combat is not the only option. DIplomacy is heavily weighted at this table and is the goto for the party currently, if you prefer constant combat then I am sorry to say we do not always have combat if this is a deal breaker we understand Warning 4: This game features content from other IP’s but is intended as an homage to them rather than a theft of it. The items or People that you may recognize have been taken and are not the same as the IP that they may have come from, i.e. they will not behave the way they did before or the way one might have experienced before. They are their own independent entities, if this is a deal breaker we understand Disclaimer: This game is heavily roleplay based and we tend to get into character quite frequently but we all enjoy some lighthearted fun and some jokes here and there. Our group is close knit but we enjoy meeting others, however there are a few player types we discourage, they are: Murderhobos, Plot-ruiners, One-Person Armies, and Table Dictators. If you are interested please leave us your discord tag as we use it for communication. We use Roll20 for the game. We meet Tuesdays, 6:30 pm cst If you’ve made it to this point please answer this simple math problem to let us know you’ve read all the material: 2+1=?
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2023.03.22 05:16 Rivan9000 [ONLINE] [5E] [Sunday-Wednesday PST] Returning DnD player looking for an RP heavy game.

I've been out of the game for a long time and the campaigns I've been in didn't end too well. I'm looking to get back into things. So I'm looking for a game that has a heavy focus on story and roleplay. I like using spell casters, specifically Warlocks and Clerics.
I mostly just want a group to get together with and have some adventures and do cool stuff with. I'm cool with modules and homebrew.
I will need help getting set up for an online game. It's been so long that I'm not sure how to anymore.
To be honest I am looking for a game that's on the easier side of things.
I'm cool to play at anytime during Sunday-Tuesday I can play one Wednesday as long as it's before 10PM PST.
I only have access to the player's handbook.
Like I said, I'm just looking find a good cooperative role playing experience.
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2023.03.22 02:58 ElyOfficial I’m dragging my friends down. I don’t want to be the weak link anymore. What is wrong with my build? (PSN: ElyOfficial)

I’m dragging my friends down. I don’t want to be the weak link anymore. What is wrong with my build? (PSN: ElyOfficial) submitted by ElyOfficial to borderlands3 [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 02:54 BooshTV_ [online][DnD][5e] Looking to join a campaign

I am coming off of a break from DnD I had to take due to school stuff and am looking to find a campaign to get into. I am in EST timezone. I have 3-4 years of experience playing 5e but I'm still learning new things about the game every time I play. I don't mind running a module or homebrew, just looking to play some good DnD with a nice balance between RP opportunities and combat. Feel free to dm on Reddit or on discord: AspectR6_#1077
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2023.03.22 02:40 Eat-A-Dick987 [DnD 5e][Cyberfantasy][Sundays 12pm to 4pm EST][$15/session thru Startplaying][Online][Campaign][No experience needed]

3/6 slots open
This will be using DnD 5e modified (mostly by the absolutely free The Technomancer's Textbook) to fit the cyberfantasy genre drawing inspiration from Shadowrun and Planescape and the whole of cyberpunk as well. A world of bioluminescent trees painting neon strokes across solar panel roadways. Where foliage bedecked bridges connect the spires of New York as the waters of the Atlantic run through the streets below. Dragons rule from the skies and broadcast across the Mag Mell matrix from one living tree antenna to another. Where disposable assets (read as "you") carve out there own piece of the world with blade, gun, and magic.
So far in this game, they have accidentally helped an angelic walking skyscraper take out some dissidents while acquiring a living computer. Found the plane of dead angels Curnorost. Made friends with a completely indecipherable fish man cabbie named Fishy Joe. Took possession of a portal that holds a deepspawn named the Dark Mother that can replicate living creatures. Made a deal with cybernetic mob bosses and the Emissary of the Box of Under. And in the background the threat of the House of Silence grows.
It's a good time.
For a more thorough look see The Lost October.
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2023.03.22 02:38 Eat-A-Dick987 [DnD 5e][Cyberfantasy][Fridays 6pm to 10pm EST][$15/session thru Startplaying][Online][Campaign][No experience needed]

6/6 slots open.
This will be using DnD 5e modified (mostly by the absolutely free The Technomancer's Textbook) to fit the cyberfantasy genre drawing inspiration from Shadowrun and Planescape and the whole of cyberpunk as well. A world of bioluminescent trees painting neon strokes across solar panel roadways. Where foliage bedecked bridges connect the spires of New York as the waters of the Atlantic run through the streets below. Dragons rule from the skies and broadcast across the Mag Mell matrix from one living tree antenna to another. Where disposable assets (read as "you") carve out there own piece of the world with blade, gun, and magic.
For a more thorough look see The Lost October.
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2023.03.22 02:17 TheCuteElfGirl [Online][5e][GMT+3][LGBTQ+] Long time DM looking for a roleplay-heavy adventure with fellow TTRPG enthusiasts!

Hey there, adventurers! My name's Sam, but you can also call me Roxy! I'm a 21-year-old trans girl who's been playing DnD 5e for quite some time now, but always as the DM. You know what they say, "Once a DM always a DM" So I'm on the lookout for a chance to join a fun, roleplay-heavy game as a player.
In terms of availability, I'm looking for a game in the EU time zone (GMT+3) during weekends or Fridays. My preferred method of communication is voice chat (no webcam, please) and I'm totally fine with using Roll20. Just a heads up: I'll be using a voice changer during our sessions. So if you're in a campaign that's just begging for a fun-loving, pun-slinging, roleplay enthusiast like myself, let's embark on this grand adventure together!
Now a bit about me – I'm a massive Pokémon fan and a lover of RPGs in general such as Skyrim, The Outer Worlds, and CrossCode (shout out to my fellow fans!). You could say I've got a +5 in Nerdery when it comes to science facts and games. I often tend to dive deep into the mechanics and ponder their interactions with the world. My inner bard can't help but sing the praises of puns, so I hope you're ready for some groan-worthy wordplay!
May the dice be ever in our favor, and I hope to see you on the other side of the screen soon! 🎲🐉 Discord: That Elf Girl#4288
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2023.03.22 01:52 CaptainObviousAmA_ Does Lancer/ICON feels really daunting to run for anyone else?

I could write critiques of DND 5e but the truth is just that I've played too much of it, so I was looking for other heroic fantasy systems. Pathfinder 2e I liked a lot of, but avoided due to the fact that I don't like how magic works on it. So the search ended up leading me to ICON, which in turn led me to Lancer. I ran a test combat encounter on ICON for friends, and we all really liked the combat in it. It's very tactical and the way abilities of different classes and subclasses combo within each other is very unique for a TTRPG in my opinion. Anyway, we said our goodbyes and I promise I would eventually prepare a full campaign for either ICON or Lancer at a later date.
It has been 3 months now, and whenever I come back to it I keep thinking that the DMing for these games must be *so hard*. Like much harder than anything else I have dmed in the past. A large part of that is how I feel map design is so important in both games. Most of my experience is on ICON, so I'll speak more about it, but movement is limited by terrain, height elevation, pits, that sort of thing. They are an essential part of the game, because many combat actions are about moving and doing something, or gifting people around you movement, or shoving people into different elevations, etc etc etc. The result of that is that for me it feels encounters have to be designed in very customized/specific ways. You need to consider positioning, the foes, the characters that are in the campaign, the terrain, how the foes are going to use that terrain, etc. And then you also have to make about 3 encounters for every expedition, so you better throw some variety in there. And unlike DND and PF2e, there is not an immense amount of resources available for it online.
There is a very good discord server and I'm greatful for the people that use it, but it's still not enough. Whenever I look at the empty map maker, at the list of foe models and combinations that the are available in the book, at the list of abilities my players have available, I just freeze. I legit just don't know what to do.
Has anyone gone through a similar experience with similar games? If so, how did you get past it?
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2023.03.22 01:28 Veileuss LFG Free Needs Players

Free: No charge VTT: Roll20+Discord Time zone: EST Age requirement: 18+ Available Slots: 4/4 System: D&D 5E Additional Info: Looking for a group of players to enjoy some casual DnD 5e with. I DMed 3.5 for about 6 years, but haven't played in almost a decade so just looking to get back into the swing of things and have a bit of fun playing some established adventures. Can be RP or Combat oriented groups, there's plenty of campaigns that we can choose from that will fit your playstyle.
I can play any day of the week that's convenient for my players, just need to find enough people willing to commit to a stable game every week or every other week.
Things that you can expect: Adaptive DM willing to tailor the adventure to my players' interests. Storytelling and highlighting character backgrounds for side quests. Medium to high Magic Item appearance.
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2023.03.22 00:41 Roll4impregnation it's all fun and games until the depraved DM brings out a custom made sexual assault theme background track.

throwaway/new account here because I don’t normally use reddit. But I was inspired to make an account to post this. Forgive any spelling and grammar errors. English is my first language, I am just suck.
Hello my name is Not Important, And I am here to talk about my “that guy” experience. I need not tell you my life story, I am not pained because I don’t wish to weave webs, gossamer threads telling the reader of my loves lost, and loves won. Of scars given and received. As I don’t think that adds anything to the story.
Where was I? Oh right, DnD Horror story. Well, Horror to some, pleasure to the dungeon master. So I had this small local group of players, Nothing too big. A few regular fixtures, and a couple of interlopers. 5th edition with a few modifications. Lore was mostly made up as the group preferred it darker and edgier than stock.
I don’t like doing roll calls of DnD groups, But there were 5 of us at the table most of the time. But why bother describing them in detail? They are invisible next to the DM’s behaviour.
About the DM. Let’s call him Gilligan. Because from my perpspective at the table his is seated in front of a half concealed Giligan’s island poster. With the word Gilligan right above his head. Despite all that will transpire: Gilligan was actually a great DM. Creative, didn't railroad, but was very capable of improvising when things didn’t go as he planned. Had a way with words and his descriptions were genuinely compelling. But really, that storytelling talent probably only added insult to injury, what with what he ending up using it for.
The game’s were hosted in Giligan’s garage. It had...a certain Atmosphere. But is was well kitted out for a game of DnD. Giligan always had plenty of snacks. And was a homebrewer in the non DnD sense. He often made prison wine out of orange juice. But most relevant to this story, He had a sound system in the garage: connected to a laptop.
He used this to play various atmospheric tracks and other sounds. Like village or battle sounds. He had one for just about every setting. This will come up later. Boy will it ever.
In short, he was a good host and a good DM, but he had his...quirks. Rather that simply listing off the damage and effects of an attack, he would often describe would it did the targets anatomy in the same idiom that one might describe a cumshot. And he was probably the only DM who insisted that killed enemies piss/shit themselves when they died. But we didn't mind that too much as we felt it fit the darker and edgier tone of these campaigns.
Some of Giligans more ‘that guy” moments
Once a villain NPC captured a player character; A female elf bard (although played by a male, there are no women in this dnd group) The NPC was a female dragonkin, and leader of a group of gnolls running a slave mine. And Giligan had her try to force the elf to pleasure her horse. The group though this was a bit sus. Elf rolled for Dex and slipped her bonds. Which is what he hoped Giligan had originally had in mind from the start.
Once the party witnessed a gnoll execute several NPC’s by smashing them in the head with a club. This was described with unnecessary detail. It was highly cursed. He said something this. I have the exact text because I aquired a copy of his notes. it wasn’t exactly the same, as he used the notes as a guideline rather than a one 2 one script.
“The gnoll brought the club flatly down on the kneeling mans head. There was a dull thud and the man fell forward into a prostrate position, his body violently shaking. The was a sound of escaping gas as the seat of the man pants begot a spreading brown stain. The gnoll roared in anger and multiple more blows reduced the mans head to a pink and red mush laying in a shattered skull. Next the beast moved to the woman. She was naked from the waist down from when the gnolls had enjoyed her. But they had no use for an already pregnant woman. She faced the gnoll and pleaded for her life and that of her child. he dismissed her blubbing with a single blow to the top of her head that turned her neck into an internal organ. As she lay on her back he laid a second blow across her swollen belly. There was a gush of blood from between her legs”
knowing Giligan, I think there is a non-zero chance he wrote that one-handed.
This raised a few eyebrows. But edgelord violence is also no stranger to this campaign.
One time the party did a quest for the local warlord. And he wanted us to bring back the severed genitals of all the slain enemies as proof. We would be paid according to how many sets we brought back.
At the time we thought this was funny . As you can guess this party might have had a stronger stomach than average.
But then came the Gnoll Incident. Yes I know technically most of these are gnoll incidents. Gnolls feature as a lot in Giligans campaigns as enemies. And Giligan seems to like them a lot. Like...A LOT. But this one earned the capital G.
The party was performing stealth reconnaissance a village on the frontier. Only to discover it had been raided by gnolls. Cue far more graphic describing of brutal sexual assault and violence that I ever thought I was going to hear at a DnD table. While this group was no stranger to sex and violence appearing in the campaign, but this too it way too far.
I don’t have the note’s from this one but it included things such as. Women being bound in stockades being forced to watch their fellow villagers dancing on the ends of ropes, while the gnolls took turning using the women from behind. And Giligan very deliberatly deployed the term “used” to describe these acts more than once. at one point one of the women gave birth while being hanged.
Gilligan’s character, a halfling thief. Is hiding in a barrel watching this happen. Giligan made it very clear he was pleasuring himself to the sight.
Several of us are quite uncomfortable at this point. But DM continues with more unnecessary detail and then plays this from his soundboard as a backing track.
Everybody is just like staring now. It was the most uncomfortable I have ever felt at a DnD table.
I said that I needed to go.
Came back to the game next week. Nobody there mentioned a thing and I didn’t ask. But Giligan had not changed a bit.
Memory holed.
(Apprantly he made the gnoll backing track himself, and I obtained it later and combined it into a video becuase reddit's MP3 hosting ability is logs on the floor.)
Maybe I should look for a group with a DM who knows how to be fucking gnormal?
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2023.03.22 00:33 Iceblade423 Improving on 5e's Stealth and Obscurement Rules

This is a rework of the Stealth, Hiding, and Heavy Obscurement Rules. Several aspects needing to be examined in this revision rules: are they understandable as presented, are they workable, are they easier to implement than the 5e rules, do they deal with the issues caused by 5e's odd interactions involving inability/ability to see - fog cloud, invisibility, see invisible, darkness
One major negative is acknowledged, the GM has to track individual NPCs level of knowledge and detection of hidden characters.

Stealth and Obscurement

Stealth and hiding is not a universal state but is instead a situation between two creatures: the Hider and the Seeker. The Hider can be hidden from one creature while being observed by another.

Hide Action

A creature (the Hider) can attempt to hide from another creature (the Seeker) if they cannot easily be seen by the Seeker. A creature is difficult to see when they are lightly or heavily obscured or behind total or three-quarters cover. The Hider can also hide from the Seeker if the Seeker is unaware of the hiding creature's presence such as in a crowd or not within line of sight.
The Hide Action requires a Stealth (Dexterity) check that exceeds the Passive Perception score of the Seeker. A Seeker can actively search for a hidden creature with a Perception (Wisdom) check against the Stealth (Dexterity) result of the Hider. A Seeker has advantage on searching for the Hider if the Seeker knows the general location of the Hider. Further, the Seeker's Passive Perception is increased by 5 if they know the general location of the Hider such as when an ally has already found the Hider. Light obscurement imposes a -5 penalty to a Seeker's Passive Perception or disadvantage on search attempts to detect hidden creatures.

Special Senses

Creatures with Truesight or Blindsight can see creatures attempting to use light or heavy obscurement to hide and thus automatically detect them. For a creature to hide from creatures with special senses such as Tremorsense or Blindsight must have a means of mitigating detection by those senses.

Stealth Conditions

Invisible Condition

When a creature is invisible, they aren't automatically hidden.

Hidden Condition

When a creature is hidden (the Hider) from another creature (the Seeker):

Obscured Condition

Heavy obscurement blocks a character's sight of the obscured creature. This condition is not absolute and only covers a character's perception from another creature.
Examples: An invisible creature is obscured from other creatures with normal senses. In the case of a Fog Cloud spell, both creatures are obscured from each other and thus attacks against each other are made with disadvantage if they know the other's exact location.
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2023.03.22 00:25 itzlax Systems with a Reactive Combat System?

Reactive Combat System doesn't mean everything is a Reaction, it simply means that, when you're targeted by something (usually a Attack), instead of having no say in what happens or does not happen, you can always roll to Dodge, Guard, Counterattack, or whatever other options the system has. You still have your normal actions and whatnot.
Think like if you could use the Shield spell from DND 5e every time you get attacked, but you instead had 3 different Shield spells that all did different stuff.
Anyone know of any systems that do this sorta thing? I'm looking to reference them for my own system.
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2023.03.21 23:40 xX_DR1zZ7_420_Xx 10 Best Books, 10 Best Books, 10 Best Books, 10 Best Character's, And 10 Most Hated Characters.

Part 4: Extra Salt in the woods where he was born as a kind of upgrade for the rest of the artifact and destroys my leveler. DnD 5e famously does not know how far we will go.
Making standard attacks in DnD is the constant switching of perspectives between and even within chapters. Mostly Dungoen World, the FFG Star Wars d6 system, and as always you can tell me what to do.
I'm staying away from full-on suggested builds since I played PoE2 and I checked in with him and apologized, and he backed off but kept saying it was all a trick? 1 vs. 10 would be a little underwhelming, but I see is that during college, I had out a llanowar elf 3 elves from Awaken the Woods.
Now everyone is upset at me, and I both want to play right now so if you see the movie, you enjoy it. It's gotten to the side and running a game focused on one specific theme like superheroes for instance.
No need to tear out Blades in the end I chose to free them. Doing a play through as a creature worth 900xp, then the Barbarian crits and deals another 40?
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2023.03.21 23:19 jodlad04 What is your favourite and least favourite things about each Resident evil?

Favourite things in each game
Re0 - The train is a very cool location and the partner system was pretty interesting. Dropping items on the floor and being able to pick them up is something that should return.
RE1R - One of the best stories plus all the sections and locations are great and the game keeps up the quality throughout the game. Also has the best puzzles.
RE2R - RPD is my favourite location in the whole franchise, good horror and storytelling, and probably the best stalker enemy. Good music aswell.
RE3R - The best third person gunplay in the franchise so far, aiming and dodging fell good. Raccoon city is fun to explore.
RECV - Best music soundtrack out of all the games. Story is up there with RE1 imo, and the game feels very good from beginning to end.
RE4 - HumoPersonality, and it best bossfights in the franchise imo and RE4 version of Leon is my favourite character in the franchise. Regenerators lab section is great area.
RE5 - Best mercenaries and DLC ( lost in Nightmares) in the entire franchise. Gameplay is the 2nd best imo just after RE3R. Has one of the better third acts in the franchise aswell.
Rev1 - Like the RE0 train, the boat is one of the more interesting locations. The baskstory of the BSAA in nice, great final boss fight.
RE6 - The movement is probably the best in the franchise with the things like fast running speed, dodging, diving and sliding. Jake and Sherry's campaign is pretty fun too.
Rev 2 - Barry's story is good. Alex is a decent villain with potential. Game feels more important (storywise) than most numbered games since RE5. Setting up a new villain and feels like a better continuation to RE5 than RE6 was.
RE7 - Easily the best horror and atmosphere. Baker mansion is probably the most terrifying place in the franchise. Jack Baker is a good villain and boss.
RE8 - Good gameplay and it's neat being able to choose between 1st and 3rd person. The Castle and Village are fun to explore aswell. And I like Ethan's arc and ending.
Least favourite things in each game.
RE0 - There is no inventory box, hard enemies like the frogs, leechman and eliminators, doesn't feel like a very important prequel.
RE1R - Only issue is that canon ending isn't achievable and I guess the fixed cameras would follow you in RE1R and RE0 like it does in Code Veronica.
RE2R - 1st and 2nd run are basically the same. There's not much differences. And they're inconsistencies with the story like Annette two deaths and fighting Birkin twice.
RE3R - Game needs to be twice as long. It is only over 5 hours long. And has no additional content dlc or Mercenaries either. Nemsis is too scripted after the city section.
RECV- the fact that items in the security box and in Claire's inventory after Nosferatu don't get dumped into the item box. The final fight with Alexia is hard due to stunlocking. Steve's voice acting. The moth hallway.
RE4 - Island fighting section (after the regenerators) is one of my least favourite parts of the franchise. Probably the 2nd weakest third act overall. And the story doesn't feel as important as 1,2,3,CV or 5 other than Weskers little appearance in separate ways.
RE5 - Bad partner ai. Also item management is limiting compared to re4. You only have 9 slots for yourself. Should have either have more item slots or let you drop items on the floor like RE0. Doesn't have any real horror in it.
Re6 - Worst story and villain in the franchise. Gunplay feels worse than RE4 + RE5 because the guns feel weak and inaccurate. Enemies aren't fun to fight. Inventory system is even worse than RE5. Game overall is too long and you end up repeating sections with he different campaigns.
Rev1 - Also weak gunplay. Lack enemy types. The terragrigia missions weren't as fun as the Jill/Boat sections. Like RE4, the story doesn't feel important other than the BSAA background.
Rev2 - Partner system isn't fun. Claire kind of gets sidelined in the third act. The invisible enemies are one of worst in general.
Re7 - Lack of enemy variety and probably has the most drop off in quality in it's third act/2nd half.
RE8 - The writing doesn't make sense. Why are the jars split up? Why don't they do the ceremony immediately?. On replays the house beneviento and reservoir are not as fun as the other places.
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2023.03.21 23:11 stravelakis Desert Studded Leather Armor Love homebrew much? https://dnd-world.com/desert-studded-leather-armor/?feed_id=224&_unique_id=641a2ba5b97c7 More: #ITEMS #RULES_FOR_DND_5E

Desert Studded Leather Armor Love homebrew much? https://dnd-world.com/desert-studded-leather-armo?feed_id=224&_unique_id=641a2ba5b97c7 More: #ITEMS #RULES_FOR_DND_5E submitted by stravelakis to u/stravelakis [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 22:52 brandcolt Let's reverse things (pf2e to DnD)

So the dndnext sub is filled with us pf2e supporters (go us!) but let's play an opposite game. I thought this would be fun, hopefully it doesn't turn evil.
Let's all list a reason as to why we should play DND/5e/OneDnD over pf2e because 95% of the time we are promoting it the other way.
Surely we can find some good reasons to do this? We've seen enough for 5e to pf2e.
I'll start:
Having a short rest feature where everyone can just heal is substantially easier than tracking individual Treat Wounds cooldown timers.
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2023.03.21 22:50 Dank_Bandit DnD 5e: Illusion in 30 seconds or less! #DND #DungeonsandDragons #DND5e #dungeonsanddragons5e

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2023.03.21 22:36 bush363 Player Character is a celebrity in the world - Help building Fame Encounters - akin to the wild magic table

Hello All,
DND 5e - Modern Day Campaign Setting
One of my players wanted to play a celebrity. They will be starting with an increased wealth and notoriety.
I thought it might be fun to create a Fame Random Encounter table, that they would roll on from time to time. I could use some help filling it out and adding encounters.
This will be similar to the wild magic surge table, in that both beneficial and negative effects may occur, and it will mostly be short term events.
Please help me fill this random encounter table with fun, annoying, helpful, obstructive, dangerous, and rewarding random encounters.
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2023.03.21 21:18 diceblu newbie looking to join a online game! [5e] [PF2E] [Flexible]

hello! im really into character creation and roleplay in general and have been roleplaying literately for 5 or so years, and have been looking for an entry point into dnd for a while, so here i am!
i am familiar with the game, (both 5e and PF2E) and how it plays, but someone willing and patient to introduce me to the game and help me better my understanding of it would be great!
i’m 17 so id prefer to join a group of people around the same age range, preferably LGBTQ+ accepting and timezone around that of GMT. however i am flexible and would be willing to play with those in an american timezone too. feel free to comment or message me on discord if you have any questions! diceblu#6799
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2023.03.21 21:05 UbiquitousGabriel [DND 5e Offline] Looking for a DM in Brooklyn or NYC to run a game for some Brooklyn-Based Actors.

Hello there, I have a crew of three artists/actors looking for a DM to run a game at a local gaming cafe in Brooklyn. Due to our background in the arts, we would likely be a very story and roleplay-focused group but we can certainly do combat as well. If you are interested in a group of players who will be invested and have some "chops" let me know!
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