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Salsa & Bachata music collection

2019.05.06 21:20 LoganCLT Salsa & Bachata music collection

Just a simple subreddit with Salsa & Bachata music collection. Feel free to post your favorite pieces :)

2011.09.23 05:29 binary_jester The fun side of MFP

This community is geared to discussions about the MyFitnessPal (MFP for short) platform, including the app for Android and iOS and website. # DISCLAIMER We are not healthcare professionals and you should speak with your healthcare team about nutrition and exercise goals and concerns. What we can try to offer here is assistance with how the MFP platform can be used, in support of your goals.

2013.02.08 01:42 Life finds a way

Where evolution meets science fiction and art. Speculative Evolution (also called Speculative Biology and Speculative Zoology) is the envisioning of fictional, but scientifically possible creatures that could have existed on an alternate Earth, or might actually exist somewhere on another planet or in the deep sea.

2023.03.31 18:17 Livid_Worldliness_10 Easily the lowest I’ve ever felt In my life

Will I ever be enough? Is there people out there that won’t just completely abandon you after you put your heart and soul into it? And had the most deep and beautiful connection ever?
I just can’t wrap my head around how someone can turn on you like that. After everything. Literally the most meaningful moments of my life were with her.
The best conversations I’ve ever had, the best love, support, sobbing in each other’s arms. How do people just forget that? I thought she was the prettiest soul I’ve ever met.
Idek what to do with everything, the hats she made me, the pictures she drew, the love letters she wrote me. The goodbye one makes my heart ache bc it feels like everything said in it was a lie. How does she not miss me?
I’ve been through some shit, but this takes the cake. Like wow.
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2023.03.31 18:16 BVRJLJ Any ideas on how to celebrate Holy Week and Easter Sunday with young children (toddler)?

Easter is my favorite time of year and I am looking for ideas on how to celebrate Holy Week and Easter Sunday with our toddler (2yo). Does your family have any favorite traditions that would be appropriate for a young child? We will be doing Easter baskets, but I also want to keep the focus on Jesus Christ. Thanks
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2023.03.31 18:16 j4m357 To what degree is ChromeOS compromised by running it in developer mode?

I've done my best to use my Chromebook as it was designed to be used. But there are still a handful of things I cannot do except in Linux. Since crouton went south (and it was always a hack), and since the things I want to do require device access, I cannot use crostini. So I have no choice but to install Linux on a USB and dual boot.
So, I have 2 specific questions:
  1. Does ChromeOS run slower in developer mode?
  2. Exactly how is developer mode less secure than normal mode?
In case you're curious, I'm using a MIDI keyboard. Even though I can create music online with, e.g., BandLab and SoundTrap, I really prefer using Audacity along with Fluidsynth. Also, I like to decrypt CDs and DVDs, and this is not feasible in crostini.
The questions I'm asking are really more out of curiosity, as I'm going to run ChromeOS in developer mode come hell or high water :-O
Thanks in advance for your comments.
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2023.03.31 18:16 moodyDipole Struggling to use XYZ method or include quantifiable metrics because of the nature of my work

I find a lot of advice online saying things like "use quantifiable metrics" to describe what you've achieved. I find this so difficult to do because of the nature of my work. Let me give an example, here is a short description of a project I did that I'd like to include:
I find it very difficult to compress this down into a quantifiable metric or achievement. I worked with a ton of other engineers in R&D, so a lot of the job was just making small improvements/bugfixes on large, complex problems and contributing to the overall knowledge base. There are no projects where I can say I improve x by 10% or whatever. Its all more like... hey we needed to know this thing and I figured it out for them by building an experiment and doing data analysis or hey we need this functionality so I built the functionality.
Anyway, my best attempt at boiling this down into a bullet point is:
Does anyone have any advice on how I could improve this?
I know this is a very wordy post. I'd be very appreciative of feedback of any kind.
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2023.03.31 18:15 abigailbarber Advice Please: Ching Chong Chang encounter

It breaks my heart to hear this story from my 8th grader.
I am Asian, and my husband is white. My son looks biracial.
Earlier this week, as he was waiting for me to pick him up, my son stood near a bunch of other kids. One of them started making slanty-eyes and saying, "Ching chong chang" as part of playing around. It was not directed to my son or to me.
He did not lash back, as he did not know how to react. I told him that he would not be in trouble whatsoever if he had gotten into a fight with this kid. I would like to give better advice than that.
Should I tell him to ignore it? Should I advise him to tell a teacher or the principal? If so what do I say?
Although he doesn't know that other child's name, he does know he is in 8th grade and could probably identify him from a yearbook.
Thank you for your help.
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2023.03.31 18:15 GhostBurger12 Simple butterbeer?

Reviewed the results for butterbeer here and none seem hit what I'm wondering.
I havn't been to Universal Studios, so I don't know how near or far I am from that favor profile in my experiments.
I havn't tried anything fancy:
Result dials back the vanilla flavor naturally part of the cream soda without removing it.
The McGillicuddy's brings a strong butterscotch & a bit of savory salt to the mix (but is overpowering if you go 1 bottle:2oz).
The Phillips Butterripple is quite sweet, but I understand the "real thing" at universal may be in a similar sweetness range. The buttery flavor does present well and softens the impact of the McGillicuddy's, helps the butterscotch flavor creep up on the tongue instead of tasting like something with a strong butterscotch flavor mixed into it.
It isn't a fancy butter washed rum or scotch, but short of a very expensive trip to Universal Studios to try the "real" thing, can anyone help weigh in how close / far I may be to my target?
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2023.03.31 18:15 jlcarver1620 Uber eats pro

So I registered for ASU through the Uber eats pro program and then the following week I wake up and my rating dropped from 97% to 93%. I check my profile and I suddenly have 4 thumbs down from merchants over night. I’ve never been rated by merchants before so I suspect it was just one employee, at one restaurant that has something against me. I stay local and pick up from the same restaurants on a daily basis. I called support to try and get at least 3 of them removed, but no luck. How is it restaurants are allowed to rate us more than once? Essentially this one person may cost me tens of thousands of dollars in tuition because they have some issue with me. To maintain pro it says you need above 95%. Does anyone know if customer ratings will also eventually filter out merchant ratings or will only more merchant ratings filter it out?
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2023.03.31 18:15 Individual-Tea5091 How do I bring up potential medical concerns about a student without sounding like an alarmist?

I teach this one student and in the past month I’ve noticed some things but didn’t think much of it until her psychologist and school counselor reached out to me.
I don’t want to sound like an alarmist but I do want to bring these issues up in case it is something. If it’s nothing , no harm, no foul.
This student has always performed well in all of her classes.
When I call on her sometimes she stares into space for 1-2 minutes. There’s no indication she heard me. And it seems more than just spacing out. I’ve approached her and said her name multiple times and she still does not move.
There have been times where she’s slumping on the desk and no one can get her up for a long time. Like 10 minutes no response. Then when we get her up, she says she’s just really tired.
I’ve noticed she’s been dropping EVERYTHING lately. Pencils, phone, laptop, backpack, books, lunch, etc. It’s almost like she can’t hold onto things. She stopped handwriting this month because she couldn’t keep grip of a pencil in her hand. She started using the voice to typing feature.
When she has tried to have conversations with me and her peers, she has become so vague. For example: “Remember that day? Where we did the thing ? With them? “ at first I thought she was doing it to mess with me or her friends. But after the second time this happened , I realized she genuinely believed she was having a well rounded conversation instead of speaking in circles.
She has mentioned she doesn’t remember where she has been or came from within the building.
She seems to be tripping a lot and stumbling, crashing into things and people. Her walk also has changed. I don’t know how to explain it.
She has glasses that she wears for distance but has been complaining she can’t see things that are 2 feet away from her.
It took her an HOUR to write 2 sentences that were just words in a random order. “are the we was their were you I can”
Her grades have been going down. She’s been doing the work but what she writes makes no sense anymore. And all other responses are incorrect. This is a student who gets all A’s.
Anyways, the psychologist and school counselor asked me if I had noticed these things about her.
I said I have. I’m supposed to be contacting the nurse or her mom about these concerns.
Again, if it’s nothing, then it’s fine. If it’s something, then hopefully things will be taken care of.
But I don’t want to come off as an alarmist. But I don’t know how to deliver my concerns without sounding extremely concerned.
Can someone please help me come up with phrases that are gentle?
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2023.03.31 18:15 xRetz I want to get better at Rein, but every time I play him, I feel useless. How can I improve?

I think Rein is one of the best tanks you can play if he's played correctly, but every time I play him, I feel like I'm barely contributing to the team. I feel like he should be relatively easy to play, just use the shield in front of your team, swing hammer when they're close, charge somebody into a wall if you ever get the chance, and so on, but I still can't play him whatsoever. I feel useless as him.
Does anybody have any tips and advice for playing him? Any resources I could look at such as YouTube videos to watch? I really want to play Rein better, but right now, I don't know how to.
EDIT: I will queue as Tank soon and play Rein, and post the replay code here for review.
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2023.03.31 18:15 could_use_a_snack battery swap

I don't need to do this yet, but if I needed to get a new main battery for my 500e how does that work?
Is there a core charge? Do I get the old battery back? A 40+ KW battery is worth a lot to someone putting in a solar + battery system onto their house even if the battery is only at 60% so what happens to the old battery (ies)?
I don't know what it would cost, but if I paid 10K for a new battery and was able to sell the old one for 6K it starts to look worthwhile.
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2023.03.31 18:15 Opposite-Offer3744 Is it just me, or does everything break like glass now?

I won’t lie, I play this game in like 6 month bursts. I’m not a constant player. But I feel like all of my equipment is breaking a lot more than I remember it. Did something change, or has it always been this way? Lol
Either way, does anyone know how I can best acquire the equipment to repair? I’ve always struggled with finding stuff, but adhesive in specific.
Thank you so much
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2023.03.31 18:15 insertafunnyjoke Trying to figure out the solo lines in Be The MUSIC!! (help pls) (post includes the whole talking part)

so. i couldnt find anything but i need them. ill only be doing the solo lines. lyrics are by me too so i didnt get them all but im going in order so hopefully its still readable?! i wont do full lines since some of them wrong, only when the singer changes since thats the only thing that matters. (this is for fun)
(first speech)- miku
ikou yo! - saki
hey genki dattari - minori
tenkai ittari bitari - rui (kikasete yo kimi mo has rin (?) as bg vocals
donna otoni mo(???) - kanade (sorry her pronounciation is weird)
machigai nante nai yo - toya
(???) shichau yo na - shiho (its right after a loud 'music' so i cant tell)
(???) shichau yo na (but the next one) - airi
ageshiku ikou! - akito
kono mama (?) tsutae de - honami (?)
chotto (????) - mafuyu (her happy mode)
sora mo toberu no sa! - tsukasa
(no solo lines til after the chorus, but emu throws in a 'minna de' right before it)
(im pretty sure everyone is always singing in the chorus aside from the vs-only part at the end, from)
(then there are two parts i have no idea what they are saying in, but its wxs -> vbs i think, its the part with almost no instrumental)
(the good part comes)
minna iku yo! - an
oke! - the rest of her class (minori, saki, mizuki and rui, tho i cant hear him?)
watashitachi mo minna de! - emu
various noises of agreement - her class (toya, kanade, shizuku & ichika)
wonderhoy! - i have no idea. i need help. it sounds like tsukasa but it cant be?? by proccess of elimination it has to be the last class (akito ena shiho airi nene) but?????? does april fools come with a personality swap? also i think ichika late-wonderhoys as well. is this just wxs? do they break the class pattern just for this? someone please help
omaetachi, ikuzoooooo! - tsukasa
uwah! - kohane
sugoi ne.... (?)- honami
genki da ne~ - mafuyu (presumably haruka says something then too since shes in the same class as the previous four but i cant hear her)
hai! hai! - no idea but i hear shiho
sasuga idol~ - shizuku
hai! hai! - rest of mmj i think, i hear minori
motto ikuzo! - akito
(some angryish response) - ena
m-mou!! - kohane (?) (rip my girl no lines last longer than a split second)
We're the music! - everyone ieii>>
music is my story - miku (music is my life is hers too)
bokura ima- - len
-hitori janai! - rin (aww theyre matching)
minna (?) - meiko
kanade yo - luka
zutto zutto - kaito
(then somone speaks before the chorus and i think its ichika?)
chorus is everyone again, til wasurenai yo sekai which is vs-only
saki (?) yaaaayy's
emu yells
multiple people laugh but theyre overlayed so i wont bother with ordering them
shizuku wonderhoys
miku says... something, for sure
the last 2 giggles are by different people. one might be ichika. i know nothing beyond that.

i wonder how may i got wrong. correct me if you can/add something new pleas.e
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2023.03.31 18:15 Agitated_Ad_4420 Thinking about buying an e46…

I’ve heard a lot about these cars. I’m looking at a 4 door 330i. I just want to know from people who daily drive theirs, what the experience is like. How reliable/unreliable is it? How much does maintenance generally cost? Does it break often? Would you recommend?Any responses would be appreciated, thank you
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2023.03.31 18:14 sloth-irl Should we backfill soil before laying a paver patio?

Happy Friday! We're beginning our next project this weekend and clearing out a janky old plywood/OSB deck the previous homeowner's son left in our yard in preparation for laying a paver patio. The spot itself is really nice with 3 mature trees, but the ground underneath the rotted wood platform is super muddy and a good couple of inches lower than the rest of the yard. There are also some chunky tree roots around the edges just due to how low the ground is in the area.
We understand the importance of laying a good base and how far we have to dig but we are a little confused about whether or not we need to backfill and compact the area with soil before digging down to the appropriate depth, laying gravel and sand, and then our pavers. Does anyone have experience with something similar or just know what the right approach is here? Thanks in advance :)
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2023.03.31 18:14 Agitated_Ad_4420 Thinking about buying an 2003 e46…

I’ve heard a lot about these cars. I’m looking at a 4 door 330i. I just want to know from people who daily drive theirs, what the experience is like. How reliable/unreliable is it? How much does maintenance generally cost? Does it break often? Would you recommend?Any responses would be appreciated, thank you
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2023.03.31 18:14 SMTPWebTools If The Internet Did Not Exist, How Would You Regularly See UFOs or UFO Footage?

As the title states, pretend that the internet does not exist. With that imaginary concept, how would you then go about viewing footage of UFO sightings? One step further, how often do you think YOU (not anyone else, but just YOU) would see a UFO in person?
What I am getting at here is that I have a feeling a great majority of those who are into this (which there's nothing wrong with that) have never seen a UFO in person.
Now, I'm not talking about some speck in the very distant sky, or something that would most likely be some kid's balloon or something similar. I am talking the footage we typically see online of what appear to be crafts...traditional saucers/ships/etc. The good stuff, the credible footage. That's what I am referring to here.
So, regarding "the good stuff and credible footage", how often would YOU see something like that in real life...NOT online?
Sure, some on here might have seen something, and if so, that's great. Wonderful. But the vast majority have NOT seen anything in real life with their own eyes...just footage online in the form of some pic or vid. I'm talking completely offline sightings, folks...not tales from another, but that YOU saw and saw IN PERSON.
Again, let's pretend the internet does NOT exist here, and go back to the original question:
How would you then go about viewing footage of UFO sightings if the internet did not exist?
Of course it would be difficult, because the sources for such footage would be limited. Now, with the sources limited, how often would you even hear about much of this? Sure, there's printed material and academic journals...but those of course would cost money (or money to access), and not everyone's a fan of spending their cash.
All of this leads to two final questions:
1) Can I see these crafts in person AND regularly, WITHOUT the use of the internet or any footage/pics at all? Yes or No?
2) If this is possible, can anyone provide consistent locations, typical viewing times, and specific types of crafts I would be able to see?
If this is possible, thank you.

NOTE: As a fun experiment, do not actively seek out any UFO footage online for a week, especially don't go on any sites like this. Only rely on what YOU see IN one else. How do you think it would go?
Did I follow the UFO Rules?
  1. Follow the Standards of Civility
(Yes…I was civil)
  1. Discussion Must Be on Topic
(The reddit involves discussions of UFOs, and this post is directly related to that; specifically, it involves whether one can regularly see UFOs in person at specific locations, as opposed to merely seeing footage and pics of them online posted by others.)
  1. No low effort discussion
(Original post was not low-effort)
  1. No duplicate posts
(This was an original post)
  1. No commercial activity
(None was present)
  1. Titles must accurately represent the content of the submission
(Title matched the post)
  1. Do not post more than two times within any 24-hour period
(Not an issue)
  1. No memes
(None included)
  1. Link posts must include a submission statement (comment on your own post)
(It’s not a link post)
  1. Submissions with [in-depth] in the title have stricter post length and quality guidelines
([in-depth] was not in the title)
  1. Common Question posts must include a link to the previous question thread if previously asked
(This is not a common question post)
  1. Meta-posts must be posted in ufosmeta
(This is not a meta-post)
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2023.03.31 18:14 bumblebee0512 How to prepare for calc 1 final exam

Hi y'all,
I have my calc 1 final in a few weeks and I want to do really well so I can bring up my grade. I want to start preparing from now, so does anyone have any advice as to how I should prepare? I'm trying to make a study plan this weekend
Thanks in advance!! :D
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2023.03.31 18:14 Riceballtabby I got a transkins packer/STP

I figured I would write a review for the transkins packeSTP. It's a $199 packeSTP, shipping took just a little over a week. It came in discreet packaging and even came with a couple bonus brand stickers.
Looks: I got B1 coloring (whitest you can be) and no realistic coloring. The preview images are a LOT lighter than they appear. I felt that the F3 or even E5 looked more like my actual skin tone, but B1 matches almost perfectly (I say almost because the color matches my arms or stomach color more than my groin area). I already plan on buying a second one but with realistic coloring. The packeSTP is VERY realistic, I refuse to believe it isn't genuinely just some guy's dick they casted into a mold. Especially since there's a human unevenness to it, the shaft has a curve, the balls hang differently, the circumcision cut doesn't look perfect (not bad, just average). Many packers/STPs could look fine at a glance, but with this one you could even fool someone giving it a longer look. It doesn't look like a sex toy or medical device, it looks real even without the realistic coloring (just pale for me). Even the urethra looks natural instead of a hole, which was big for me.
Stp usage: Speaking of the urethra, you have to pinch the tip to let more liquid out, because it isn't just an open hole. I went into using it already knowing that, but some other reviewers said that it caused major back flow without it. I've never had a problem with back flow, in fact I've never had a strong enough stream to use other STPs without having urine cling to the shaft and get all over my hands, not with this one. The cup in the balls is a little more shallow and the shaft narrow on the inside (I can't fit more than one finger, and I have small hands), so using it is immediate and feels a lot more controlled because I can wait a moment before pushing the head. It didn't take me long to adjust using it at all, if you already know where your actual urethra is. There's a protruding bit of the mold at the back that better seals the area between your front and back, it's pretty spot on to where taint would be, I only mention it because if something being within your inner labia is uncomfortable, you might not like it. I personally don't notice it much once it's in place.
Packing usage: It's comically big. It's a constant boner and because it's so hefty, you're regularly readjusting it unless you have a harness that really holds it against your body. Since the shaft is thick and the tube narrow, it doesn't flatten nearly as much as other large but manageable packers might. If you have briefs with a pouch as a harness (like me) then there's no way you're hiding this buldge, I personally don't plan on wearing it outside of my house. The flap above the penis isn't very large either, so while I can't test how well it would sit in a harness that relies on it having more of a base, I'd image its not great there either.
Durability: Much of the silicone is thick, and fairly stretchy. It has the usual risks of silicone products for the most part. I however am an idiot, and managed to tear the urethra hole open a little more while playing around with how stretchy it was. The head is the thinnest area and is more likely to tear if you're like me and don't know when to put things down. HOWEVER, the tear didn't ruin the functionality much, it split the stream but still holds well enough to be controlled and goes back into place enough that it doesn't look like a terrible flesh wound unless you look directly at it. So it's not completely ruined if the slit does get damaged.
Play: It is not meant for play, but it's a thick 24/7 boner and if you really want, I think you could easily get away with stuffing something soft into the holes and doing something gentle with it. I'm not exactly testing that out (especially after I've torn it) but it has so much weight and girth to it that it doesn't seem impossible to 3 in 1 it if you want to squeeze as much utility as possible out of it. Again, you'd need a really good harness to keep it in place.
Overall I'd say it's a fantastic Stp device, especially if you're struggling with stream control, but a bad daily packer. Considering the price and its realism, I think it's great if you need more realism to settle your disphoria.
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2023.03.31 18:14 DryChard4861 How many damn kids need to die before the US government does something about it.

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2023.03.31 18:13 xojc New EV tax credit rules

Does anyone have any insight into how the new US Federal EV Tax Credit rules may apply to the F-150 Lightning? Apparently the rules are pretty strict and few vehicles are expected to qualify.
Edit: here's an article for context.
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2023.03.31 18:13 Mr_rodger_man California Nurses?

Hi everyone. For all of those nurses who live/work in California, I have a few questions for you.
Iive in a small rural town in Connecticut and I am looking to move to a city. I've always enjoyed the city life and being in a rural area, it's hard to meet new people, date and make new friends. I guess I just feel kind of stuck and need a change.
California cities stand out in particular to me. The climate is great (no cold snowy winters and summers with oppressive humidity for days on end). The mindset and vibe of the people in the cities there seemed to match my personality and just visiting there I saw a difference at the relative ease of meeting diverse groups of people.
I possibly have a chance to go work out there in San Diego but I hear a lot of things about California (both positive and negative) so there's some questions/concerns I have first.
1) How happy are nurses that live/work in California and how is their quality of life there? Yes, it's pretty well known that nurses in California have great unions, good patient reatios and the highest pay of anywhere; not saying it's perfect because nowhere is perfect but is it really as good as it's made out to be? I'm always skeptical when I hear people talking about how great something is, like what's the catch? Lol.
2) I know people always say how great the pay is and that it's so much higher in California than other states (except for maybe the Pacific Northwest) but when you adjust for the ridiculously high cost of living on the West Coast, is it really all that great? Does your pay get you any further than it does in other states? Or after taking into account the cost of living, are most nurses (those that are single and don't have a spouse's income) broke and living paycheck to paycheck despite the high pay?
3) Aside from the cost of everything else, I do know that in regards to housing (buying not renting) that real estate is out of reach for most single nurses (or most single people period) in the majority of the state; even a small 2 bedroom condo in a not so good area is over $750k. The idea of living in a place where I'll have to indefinitely rent and never have the possibility of the American dream of homeownership makes me a little anxious/ uncomfortable.
So I guess my biggest concern is pay/cost of living. Are most nurses out in California trying to flee and move to other states so that way they can finally have the chance to buy land/purchase a house? Or are nurses there ok with renting for the foreseeable future? I keep hearing how so many people in general are trying to leave the state due to corrupted politics and are fleeing to lower cost places like Arizona and Texas.
Is it frowned upon to still be renting/ need roommates by a certain age over there? (Where I am it is). And do you think in the future that homeownership will ever be within reach for nurses out there?
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2023.03.31 18:13 inkandhowl [S20 Spoilers] The Witness Kills - Revisiting the Prophecy

Hello everyone. I love Destiny's lore and storytelling, but I don't know a lot like many of you gurus here. I wanted to share some information with all of you, in hopes that someone that is better at the whole lore thing might be able to do something with it or see something I could not.
Before I start, I need to say that I am very much not the person anybody would ask about Indian and/or Hindu spirituality and philosophy. I stumbled upon all of this while tumbling down one rabbit hole after the next (ya'll know how it goes), and I think there's something here. If I've gotten anything wrong, please let me know--it is not my intention to offend or misrepresent.
Very long post. TL;DR at the bottom.
Spoilers for Witch Queen story, Lightfall story, a little bit of the current season (20, Defiance).
In Vow of the Disciple, we were told a story of sorts. It goes like this:
hive scorn love darkness worship witness
pyramid fleet enter earth stop guardian
witness commune traveler drink light
witness kill (blank)
The first line is known. It's part of the baseline gameplay at this point, more or less. It isn't the focus of this post.
The second line just happened in Lightfall's campaign, which ended with the Witness activating the Veil and entering(?) the Traveler.
I believe I know (or have a very strong sense) what the Witness is doing, what it's next step is, why it is doing this, and how all this relates to the so-called Final Shape.
First, some concepts and a little bit of history.
Advaita Vedanta is a classical Indian philosophy (and/or spiritual discipline) that (very, very basically) revolves around a concept known as "nondualism"--that is, there is no individual but all things are manifestations of the ultimate truth. There is no "me" or "you" that is different or separate at the core than the "all." There is no mind, body, or ego that exists (i.e., conditional reality) separate from the divine self (I visualize this concept like a flow chart or tree that originates at a single universal point.)
Moksha is the liberation of oneself from the cycle of suffering and rebirth, which continues onward until one attains a certain level of knowledge or understanding. This is referred to as Witness-consciousness--a disconnection of the observing self from the causal(!), phenomenal word, unaffected by it, not a participant in it, beyond it and its trappings (sometimes--and I think mistakenly--translated as illusions). This world, the way we perceive it, is sustained through a force known as maya, also sometimes called the the veil of ignorance or simply the veil (again, this seems to be a poor translation but it is a commonly used one and appropriate for this discussion).
A 17th century philosopher known as Shankara used a rope and a snake to illustrate the concept of maya. In the dark, a rope on the ground might at first seem like a snake and you might become frightened, only to realize upon closer inspection that it is instead just a piece of rope. You no longer can see the snake--the veil has been lifted. You see its true self.
Diksha, very basically, is a ceremony by which a person would be purified (by cleansing) and surrender something for the purpose of receiving some divine spiritual knowledge. During ancient times, this ritual often used an unidentified plant known as soma, the juice of which was often drunk. This ceremony I believe is done typically before a fire, which holds some significance as it is viewed as a means to bridge the gap between the material world and that of the divine.
BONUS TERM: This one doesn't play a role in my post today, but ahamkara is a function of the mind that might be best described as ego. It is the mind's ability to perceive things in the phenomenal world and attribute a sense of self-identity to them. A person who has surrendered or bound their identity to something, such a brand new fancy car or computer or an ideology, is said to be in a state of ahamkara. In this sense, and again perhaps poorly translated, the state of ahamkara could be a kind of illusion.
In order to attain salvation, one must liberate themselves from the cycle of death and rebirth. Remember: this is the Traveler's gift to its Lightbearers (in other words, this does not seem to be inherent to the Light but to the Traveler). It is the villain, profane in the Witness' eyes (end TWQ cutscene):
Enough. Enough death. Enough life.
The Witness wants to liberate "the children of Sol" from this cycle of suffering. To do this, the Witness must perform a ritual.
This ritual requires it to, as seen in VOTD, commune with the Traveler and drink of the Light. By doing this, the Witness consecrates itself in preparation for the offering—itself. By sacrificing itself in this ritual, it will become ascendant, divine—the Final Shape.
Yes, I believe the Witness seeks to kill itself (or its phenomenal manifestation) to become something greater.
I believe the Witness has currently entered the Light’s version of the Ascendant Plane. In this realm resides … someone or something, but during the final cutscene of the Lightfall campaign, the Witness seems to be speaking directly to an individual:
The universe makes us all victim and perpetrator of its infinite cruelty.
You more than any suffer both fates.
Again, the Witness seeks to eliminate the infinite cycle of death and rebirth, and in order to do this it must become divine (or ascendant, however the universe of Destiny should choose to define this state of being) in such a way that it can traverse all the paracausal realms freely. Once it can do that, once it holds dominion of both the Light and the Dark, it will draw all of phenomenal existence into the Ascendent Plane (or expand the Ascendent Plane outward), unshackling us from the “illusion” that binds us, granting us divine salvation.
So what the hell is the Veil exactly? If maya is the energy that allows us to perceive the phenomenal world as real (real in the sense of personal meaning, as opposed to the divine truth that lies beyond), I have to believe Destiny’s Veil does something similar. It seems to be connected to the Light judged simply by the color of the energy that shot out of it, so my theory is that it is a font of Light energy and likely responsible for what we commonly attribute to the Traveler (AKA our cool powers).
The distinction between Light powers and Dark powers could be discussed in its own post, but briefly here as it relates to the Veil, it seems the Light specifically harnesses (and/or sustains) that "illusory" world. Nuclear force, gravity, entropy, electromagnetism--the driving forces of our Light subclasses; whereas the Darkness seems to instead draw upon functions of the mind--willpower, control, consciousness, connection. (For you psychology majors, it's externalizing v internalizing.)
(You might ask yourself here: so why was Strand a by-product of the Veil? I offer you this thought: if the Veil is the engine that helps keep the "illusion" of the phenomenal world, it makes sense that Strand, concerned with seeing the truth from within that connects us all, would occur as a natural opposite energy.)
The Witness needed a surge of Light energy to open (and/or perceive) the portal leading to the Light’s Ascendant Plane, which the Veil provided.
This all leaves one final question: who was the Witness talking to beyond the shell of the Traveler? The only theory I have here is tenuous at best. In Hindu scriptures, there are two beings: Yami (later called Kalindi) and Yama.
They are twins. Yami sometimes referred to as the Lady of Life where Yama is called the Lord of Death. The story of the two does not really match up with what is happening in Destiny, but they are twins and they are reverent figures and I can't help but wonder if what is inside the Traveler or the Light's Ascendent Plane is not in fact another of whatever the Witness is or used to be.
This might also mean the Witness seeks to kill its mirror image inside the Traveler, but since I think a lot of people suspect this, I convinced myself it was too easy an answer.
TL;DR: The Witness wants to become Khaleesi and break the Wheel (of death and rebirth), become a being of Light and Dark, shedding (killing) its "self" in the process of becoming the Divine Truth (the Final Shape), paving the way for the rest of us to also be liberated from our suffering and surrendering our selves to the Shape, ascending.
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