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2023.03.21 22:13 eakin_kel27 After an escape attempt, this is his” Pick me up and take me back inside” dance.

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2023.03.21 22:12 Adventurous-South886 Been an avid Skyrim player for about 9 years now, and just now picking up Oblivion, Im already obsessed

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2023.03.21 22:12 Spiritual_Affect_177 Honda type R brakes problem

I recently changed the brake pads on my CTR. After I picked it up I noticed an electronic whine coming from the rear passenger tire from inside the car. Has anyone had this happens to them. It’s sounds like a hybrid electric brakes but this is not possible. I turned the rotors and they have a slight grove on them. I hoping this will be worn away by the aggressive nature of the brake pad on the rotor. My mechanic is confused. He doesn’t believe it’s the rotor or the pad and I took it Honda and they want to replace the rotor but they are okay. I’m hoping the pad will wear down the grooves in the rotors. Has anyone had their rotors Re-surfaced and faced this problem Any help will be appreciated
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2023.03.21 22:11 yui11a Mofos - Public Pick Ups - (Samantha Johnson) - Gimme a Peek

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2023.03.21 22:11 Distinct-Medicine-76 Finally passed!

After 2 MOD1 fails and many many weeks of stress, went onto my MOD2 today to pass with 0 minors! Absolutely chuffed and can't wait to pick up my bike tomorrow. See you all out on the road :)
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2023.03.21 22:11 b15uGabe My 2021 DCLB SR5 SSM 4x4

My 2021 DCLB SR5 SSM 4x4
My 2021 SR5 has about 13K miles now. Out in Cali, Tacoma's and all Toyota pickups/body on Frame SUVs have a heavy premium out here. Had to go up to Red wood City at Toyota 101(MSRP Only Dealer, no markups), 4 hours away to pick up this at MSRP of $37.6k with no dealer installed options other than "TACOMA" tailgate sticker and all-weather floor mats($240 for both). Had a 2017 With about 60k miles same, exact one 2017 DCLB SR5 SSM just 2WD. Sold because prices were so high during covid. Never use 4x4 but bought it just to have and for the better resale value/demand. Tried to get a TRD O/R DCLB but were fetching easily 5K markups over sticker, just didn't sit right with me. Love these Long Bois! What is the largest size tires I can realistically add with no rubbing that is also beefy looking and low road noise whiles also good rain performance (I know, contradictory just want the look don't need hardcore K02s). Any way love this subreddit, all you ACLB 4x4 3rd gen owners and SCSB 4x4 2nd/1st gens, I am sooooo jealous of you 😎
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2023.03.21 22:11 No-Department7179 Picked up these gems at the record store last week

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2023.03.21 22:11 Daryldor The ultimate matrix boxset but who knows what the extras are....if any?

Hi, maybe you can help me out here but I'm at a loss. Sorry if I'm ranting.

I recently picked up the Matrix boxset in 4k, the deja vu collection. this one - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Matrix-4-Film-D%C3%A9j%C3%A0-Vu-Collection/dp/B09R28ZYF7/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=the+matrix+deja+vu+collection&qid=1679417233&sprefix=the+matrix+de%2Caps%2C82&sr=8-2
and the box doesn't even list what the extra features are. I put the disk in and it looks like there are commentaries and an in-movie experience and thats it. I was hoping for the matrix revisited and all the other features that have come out over the years.
So that was annoying. So I wondered if there was another set out there that had everything on it and I found this on the Warner Bros. website:

Which now says it's sold out. This says includes the animatrix but I'm at a complete loss as to what the other extra features might be. I looked on bluray.com but that doesn't tell me either.

I remember when the extras were a selling point but that doesn't seem to be the case any more. How can I find out what extras are included with these sets before I buy them?
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2023.03.21 22:10 upandaway7747 Boyfriend (30M) of 6 months thinks he cant talk to me (27F) cause I'll get hurt/blowup or judge him for problems we're having.

My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 months. My last relationship in the past was horrible and I felt like I couldn't open up about certain things or problems but I have been trying to get better and my boyfriend has seen that.
Since the beginning of the relationship my boyfriend has asked me to go bungee jumping. I have since day 1 voiced that I hated the idea and I don't like the idea of falling and we move on then he'll ask me again. Same thing goes with eye surgery for Lasik, I have horrible vision but am scared of surgeries and he has said it's a discussion we need to have because if were to have kids he doesn't want glasses to "get in the way". I've just told him no, I'm not comfortable and we move on.
We just recently had a hugeee blow up because he's been trying to make me go to the gym and I keep pushing it off and he said I need to get out of my "comfort zone", which I agree with but let me do it on my own. It turned into a huge argument and all the past things with the Lasik, bungee jumping and gym came up. I told him to stop pressuring me into certain things and if I am not comfortable to please respect that. He said he didn't know I was uncomfortable and asked why I didn't voice myself earlier. I told him I did and obviously this is also coming up because of the whole gym situation.
Yesterday we had a talk because I voiced that I didn't like how he just read or reacted to my messages when we were having an active conversation. I told him if he's busy to just let me know and we can pick up on it when he's free. Well today it happened again and I asked a question, he read it and didn't reply. I messaged him again saying we just talked about this yesterday, if you're busy say so and he then replied saying he doesn't talk to me when I'm in a "mood" and doesn't feel like he can talk to me about his problems anymore because I'll "judge" him or it'll blow up in his face 2 months later and there's no winning. I'm kind of lost because I told him this was obviously a bigger conversation now and I don't want either of us to feel that we cant talk to each other and I don't know what to do because I feel like I started all of this.
TLDR: Boyfriend of 6 months feels like he cant open up to me about problems as it'll "hurt me" and blow up in his face in the future.
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2023.03.21 22:10 Working-Mistake-6700 My cat is sick and it's stressing me out.

My poor Max is quite ill at the moment. He's been to the vet and he has antibiotics and appetite stimulant. They gave him fluids because he stopped drinking and eating right off. He's been vomiting and having diarrhea so I'm going to the vet to pick up some more meds for him. I feel so bad for him and it's made me suddenly terrified he's going to die on me. This is not helped by the fact that one of my coworkers had to put his car down today. Can I have stories of cats getting better from being sick please.
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2023.03.21 22:10 starfomder A Summary of President Benjamin Franklin's Term (1784-1788) u/starfomder's Alternate Elections

A Summary of President Benjamin Franklin's Term (1784-1788) u/starfomder's Alternate Elections

Benjamin Franklin, 1st President of the United States
Vice President: John Adams
Secretary of State: Thomas Jefferson (resigned in 1787 after forming the Democratic-Republican Party) Timothy Pickering (appointed to replace Jefferson in 1787)
Secretary of the Treasury: Alexander Hamilton
Secretary of War: Henry Knox
Secretary of the Navy: John Paul Jones (Appointed in 1787 after the department was created)
Attorney General: Edmund Randolph

President Franklin would create the 1st Presidential cabinet. He made the cabinet bi-partisan, including Thomas Jefferson, an opponent of the Federalists as Secretary of State.
For the position of Secretary of the Treasury he chose Alexander Hamilton, a Federalist leader.
For Secretary of War he chose Henry Knox, a veteran of the American Revolution.
For Attorney General he chose Edmund Randolph.
In 1787, the department of Navy was formed, and John Paul Jones would be appointed as secretary. Jones had planned to join the Russian navy until he was offered the position of Secretary of Navy. He decided to accept and oversee the US Navy. Jones has not aligned with anyone or any parties.

Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of the Treasury
Domestic Policy:
-Congress would decide tariffs will be used to generate revenue. However, there would be disagreement because each region wished for favorable terms. Congress was eventually able to pass the Tariff of 1784, with Franklin signing it.
-In order to repay debts states had incurred in the Revolutionary War, Secretary Alexander Hamilton created a proposal for the government to assume state debt.
-Meanwhile, the new capital for the United States has been debated on. James Madison and Alexander Hamilton met to make a compromise, with Madison to support Hamilton’s state debt proposal and for the capital to be built on the Potomac.
-Secretary Hamilton would start making a plan after congress directed him to. He prepared an economic plan after his debt proposal passed, in which he would call for such things as the establishment of the National Bank and excise taxes.
-Hamilton’s National Bank proposal was quickly pushed through Congress, as the Bank Bill of 1786. Anti-Administration leader James Madison and Attorney General Edmund Randolph would be among those opposing the bill, decrying it as an unconstitutional extension of the Federal Government's power and lobbied President Franklin to veto it. However, Hamilton successfully argued for the bill and got President Franklin, who has already begun going closer to Hamilton and his ideas, to sign the bill.
-Hamilton would start promoting excise taxes on Alcohol, and the Whiskey Act of 1786 would be passed. This also had some support from some people, called social reformers. The tax would cause unrest among western farmers, who have begun resisting.
-The next year, Congress passed the Coinage Act of 1787 establishing the United States Mint and the United States dollar.
-Early in Franklin’s term, the Bill of Rights was ratified by the states, adding 10 amendments to the constitution.
-President Franklin, working with Pennsylvanian abolitionists, would attempt to push the abolition of slavery throughout his Presidency. Congress would debate heavily, with abolitionists in Congress supporting abolishment. Ultimately however, Congress decided not to vote on any of these proposals in fear of too much division.
-In 1787, Kentucky was admitted into the Union as a state.

Foreign Policy:
-While America had defeated the British and had gained independence, there would be unresolved matters such as the problems of sailor impressment. President Franklin would appoint Thomas Pinckney, the former Governor of South Carolina, as Minister to Great Britain in 1785. In a victory for America, Pinckney and the British made a deal, known as the 1786 Pinckney-Britain Deal, to end impressment and release American sailors. However, Pinckney was unable to get Britain to relinquish the forts in the Northwest Territory. Pinckney has garnered popularity despite that.
-In relation, a war over control of the Northwest Territory has been occurring since before Benjamin Franklin’s election. Known as the Northwest Indian War, American forces and the Northwestern Confederacy, made up of Native nations, have fought for control beginning in 1780. The US had been granted the territory in the 1777 Treaty of Paris, yet the British have continued their military presence. American settlers would after the acquisition begin migrating west to settle the lands, which would be met with resistance from the Native Americans. They organized into the Northwestern Confederacy, and the British would continue to support their Native allies. With Franklin becoming President, Secretary of War Henry Knox has been helping to fight for American control. After several defeats, Franklin has tasked Revolutionary War veteran Anthony Wayne to train the troops.
-Meanwhile, relations with Spain has also been less than good. Spain had gained the British territories of West Florida and East Florida after the end of the American Revolution. The Floridas had remained loyal to Britain, and would come to be safe havens for tories/loyalists during the Revolution. After Spain invaded West Florida, Britain which was defeated in the revolution would cede the territories to Spain. Disagreements between the US and Spain have arisen, about the border between the US and Spain with Spain claiming parts of Georgia. Thomas Pinckney, who had made a treaty with Britain, has been appointed as a diplomat to Spain, near the end of Franklin’s term in office.
-Also near the end of Franklin’s term, he would decide to form a navy department in the cabinet and start building a stronger standing navy.
Thomas Pinckney, noted for his diplomatic work
Supreme Court appointments:
President Franklin would be tasked with creating the Supreme Court. He chose John Jay, who is noted for being a diplomat as well as one of the 3 authors of the Federalist Papers, as the Chief Justice. After the Chief Justice, Franklin appointed the rest of the Supreme Court Justices. The appointed Justices are as follows: John Rutledge, William Cushing, James Wilson, John Blair Jr., and Robert Harrison. All Federalists.
-Over a year later, Justice John Rutledge resigned to become chief justice of the South Carolina Court of Common Pleas and Sessions. James Iredell was then nominated to replace Rutledge and was confirmed.

Rise of Political Parties and the upcoming election:
With the 1787 election approaching, Benjamin Franklin would have to decided to run for re-election or not. After careful consideration, taking into account his age of 81, he decided to step down. After the midterms in 1785-1786, Jefferson, in increasing hostility to Hamilton, would officially form the Democratic-Republican Party and will run as its nominee for the Presidency in the 1787 Election. The Federalist Party, which has also officially formed, has created a plan for a National Convention, where Federalist delegates will meet to cast votes on the Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees.

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2023.03.21 22:10 AutoModerator [Get] Simpler Trading – Squeeze Pro System Premium

[Get] Simpler Trading – Squeeze Pro System Premium
Get the course here: https://www.genkicourses.com/product/simpler-trading-squeeze-pro-system-premium/
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Now, John Carter is offering his breakthrough indicator and trading system – the Squeeze Pro. This complete system for timing explosive trades is unlike anything seen in the trading world since John Carter first introduced the eye-opening power of his original ST Squeeze indicator.
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2023.03.21 22:10 WiccanMama Stacked Magazines DIY from Chai, shops & Redd on SH island

FCFS on limited items on the Treasure Trawler & in the Cranny. Turnips @ 163. The pipe next to the airport goes to Redd. He has what looks like a real famous painting, fake beautiful statue & quaint painting in the limited art selection, and the unlimited, overpriced furniture offerings are a lily-pad table (green) and dress-up doll (white/simple).
Chai is making stacked magazines. Her house on the eastern edge of the residences, south corner; use the map on your Nookphone if you get turned around.
Explore as you like; if you can pick it up, you may take it. Gather shells, fish, bugs, go diving, enter buildings, talk to villagers...just please be considerate of other players (including me!) — don't litter unwanted items, leave quietly, block flights or upload designs. Picking flowers keeps bugs from spawning off them, so if you need blossoms for crafting, ask before picking; I may have some to spare in storage. Southern Hemisphere island with native pears. Device is docked, on a wired connection, Pacific US (UTC -7) time zone.
Code is 7 F F L 3
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2023.03.21 22:09 mike20070 Edeka Easter opening?

Good evening all. I'm flying into Munich on Good Friday with my family and I'm hoping to be able to pick up some basic items from a shop when we arrive (bread, water, snacks.) Is the Edeka in HBF open please?
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2023.03.21 22:09 kaikai808-234 I finally picked up the season 1 limited edition I’ve been wanting it for 2 years and finally pulled the trigger and it just arrived

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2023.03.21 22:09 mingusadderley Shortscale Bass neck question.

Hello all,
A little while ago I got goven a fret-slotted 34" scale fretboard. However, children and life got in the way of that particular project.
Now I've picked it up again, I'm into the idea of a shortscale (maybe 30" scale) bass.
Can't I just use that fretboard, but use what would have been the 3rd fret as the 1st fret instead?
Presumably in that case I could use the current 2nd fret as a 0 fret, if I go down that route?
Just want to make sure I'm not missing something.
Thank you!
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2023.03.21 22:09 anderfelswarden Temu New App Users

Temu New App Users
So I've been using Temu for a bit and while I've purchased things I have gotten some freebies too (and received all of it)!! It's like Wish, but honestly alot cheaper on some things and free shipping.
Anyway, there's a mini game on Temu called "Fishland" and I've almost earned a tablet for my son! I attached a screenshot, I'm so close! It popped up am offer that if I get a single new app user referral I will earn the tablet!!!
I don't have a ton of money for big items like this, so I would super appreciate it if just ONE of you would use my link.
No purchase- just use my link, create a profile, and for good measure search "fishland" in the app and start your mini game by picking a freebie to work toward.
Can you accept my invitation so that I can get a free gift? https://temu.com/s/EHRKDZ9N7213tD
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2023.03.21 22:09 Rubmynippleplease Bone hurting disorder is no joking matter

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2023.03.21 22:08 a1209j TukTukPatrol Petite Thai Girl Picked Up At The Mall For Sex

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2023.03.21 22:08 funNgamezzz Sequel Expectations in Graphic Novels

This is something I’ve noticed and I’m wondering what other people think.
With genres like manga, superhero, or horrothriller, there’s an expectation that a book will end mid-story with a cliffhanger, and you’ll pick up the story with the next volume. There’s a small story arc that usually wraps up in the volume, but the adventure lives on either indefinitely or over several books, kind of like a TV series.
With the more indie, “literary” genres like personal narrative and such, the stories almost always conclude within the 200 page or so book, and there is no reader expectation to wait on the next book to drop to see how the story ends. More like a movie.
Is there any particular reason that books with the more indie look and stories are published as one big book, as opposed to serialized in several GNs? I know there are exceptions, like Eightball floppies (but that was a while ago) and Persepolis Vol 1 and 2. Money reasons? Reader Expectations? Eisner bait? I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts on this.
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2023.03.21 22:07 haltheorderlyguy First Basket Picks 3/21

First Basket Picks 3/21
You may have noticed I dont post here quite as often as I used to. I still post picks pretty much daily on Twitter, but these writeups are just a lot more tedious and hard to cover all the games in one post since lineups for later games arent always set before the early games tip off. I recommend following me there or joining the free D!scord. Or you know, subscribe to my data:
  • I have an interactive dashboard that allows me to view and dissect all first basket data by teams and players. I use it to breakdown matchups each night and make my picks. This data is available for you here: First Basket Data
  • To see all my picks join my free D!scord (link is available in the post above or on my Titter) or follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/firstbasketdata

[email protected]:
  • Porzingis should win this tip
  • Orlando gives up most first baskets to opposing SG and C
  • In 2 matchups this season, Porzingis and Kuzma each cashed first basket once. Each team missed at least once in both games.
  • Porzingis and Beal hit most frequently for the Wizards, but both of them have very low odds tonight. The best I can find are +400 for Porzingis and +475 for Beal. I dont typically like playing 2 guys that low, but the data points at them pretty strongly in this one.
  • Picks: Porzingis (+400 on DK) or Beal (+475 on DK)
  • Bonus: Porzingis - Layup is +5000 on FD despite being his 2nd most common method (he has 7 Other and 6 Layup first baskets this season)
[email protected]:
  • Wiseman lost 2 tips to Capela back in 2021, but this season he is winning 67% of his jumps while Capela is only winning 45%. I think Wiseman should win this tip
  • Atlanta has given up most first baksets to opposing PF this season. SG is tied for the least, but their starting SG is out tonight (Murray)
  • Percentage-wise, Bagley scores first most frequently for the Pistons, doing so in over half of his starts.
  • Picks: Bagley (+650 on FD) or Hayes (+1000 on MGM)
[email protected]:
  • Jarret Allen might be coming back tonight. If he does, he should win the tip. Will need to wait for an official announcement
[email protected]:
  • Valanciunas should win this tip
  • The Spurs give up most first baskets to opposing C and SG, but theyre missing basically all of their traditional starters tonight.
  • Ingram and Valanciunas have combined to score the first Pelicans basket in 19 of the last 21 games. Just like with Porzingis and Beal, its really hard to justify picking anybody else in this one.
  • Picks: Valanciunas (+425 on DK) or Ingram (+490 on FD)
will post late game picks on my Twitter later
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2023.03.21 22:07 KYlibertyguy Objective Testing for Dementia

I’m almost 68 years old and suspect I have signs of dementia. My education was in engineering that included a LOT of math. I truly loved it. I haven’t used any of it in decades and when I retired a few years ago I wanted to see if I could pick it up again. I picked up a Schaum's outline for college algebra to brush up before I got back into some calculus. I was mortified that not only did I forget it all, I couldn’t even learn it again. I spent days trying and I couldn’t even learn how to do simple problems. By that I mean, before I moved on I couldn’t grasp or remember that basic fundamentals. I’d forget what I just learned minutes before. This is one of many problems I’ve noticed about myself like not being able to recall words I used to know.
Long way to ask, but what kind of professional should I see to determine I’m suffering from some form of dementia? Are there tests for this, whether they be medical or observational?
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