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I Need Help Finding A Mechanical Engineering Internship Around West Chester, PA

2012.05.15 19:29 jpm374 I Need Help Finding A Mechanical Engineering Internship Around West Chester, PA


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“I’m confident that Reddit could sway elections. We wouldn’t do it, of course. And I don’t know how many times we could get away with it. But, if we really wanted to, I’m sure Reddit could have swayed at least this election, this once.” - Reddit CEO

2023.03.31 17:37 ManiacGoblin46 As a junior ME with a 2.7 GPA. Job fairs are what did it.

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2023.03.31 17:36 sillysprigatito I regret getting my degree.

I graduate next month but I regret the last 5 years of my life I’ve wasted getting my degree. I don’t even want it anymore. If it wouldn’t upset everyone else in my life I would quit now.
I’ll be getting a degree in biology. Which I learned it super useless in today’s world unless you want to pursue a medical career. Even if I were extroverted enough to want a medical career, I’m quite literally not intelligent enough. My grades are shit. I’ve barely scraped by for this half-decade. One reason it took me so long is because I had to re-take courses that I’d failed.
Where I live, a bachelor’s in biology is worthless. Everyone wants experience and a masters/PhD. Jobs that are okay with a bachelor’s pay roughly $13-$15/hr. I do acknowledge that my state is literally 49/50 in opportunities for bio graduates but I can’t afford to move anywhere else. I am also, of course, in student debt.
I just feel defeated. I’ve wasted so much time and money on this degree. I’ll be beginning my “adult” life in debt and with a job that pays less than retail.
I went into this field because I wanted to make a difference in the world somehow. But I really don’t care anymore. Differences don’t matter. Money does.
I know this place isn’t for advice, but if anyone has any it would be appreciated. I’m thinking about going to trade school after my debt is paid off. I don’t know anymore.
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2023.03.31 17:36 ArrivalThese6006 Got a new job but the company is leaving me in the dark about the existing problem for their project. Asking for advices.

I recently got a new job as office manager. This is my first time ever having this kind of position. I got into a problem that comes from previous arrangement with the previous manager. I don’t know what to do as it is a small company and they do not really inform me sufficiently with the ongoing programs and duties that the previous manager was doing. I am all alone without somebody I could ask to and I’m not sure what I should do. Can someone please give me some advice?
So the problem is this: My company is having an annual conference in three months. A university apparently had offered us their conference hall months ago to which they communicated this with the previous manager. Supposedly we had agreed on their offer. However, now suddenly they told us that we must pay for all of the equipment and supplies borrowed from the university, as well as a small charge for the conference location. The previous manager did not include these expenses in our budget because it was prepared months ago.
If anyone could give me some ideas of the things and ways to communicate and negotiate with the university, it would be very appreciated. Thank you!
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2023.03.31 17:35 baym0untingirl Great Romance of the 21st Century

I promised not to let my head go toward breaking up again. I haven’t ever broken up with you, but when things get heavy, I tend to think in terms of all or nothing. “Maybe we just aren’t compatible”. I promised I wouldn’t do that again, so here I am writing a letter that I will never send to you, so I can get this off my chest.
When we started, it was in a dark place. I had always had the biggest crush on you since the day we met. There was something about you. Something about everything about you, that made my knees week..and my heart. Ive always been super emo, and you were too and I knew it. Your energy, unmatched. You were a bad boy, with a perfect mix of sweet and romantic. Your eyes could melt away any uncomfortable emotions I had, any troubles I was currently experiencing. There was never any denying my attraction to you, mind, body and spirit.
I fought this feeling for 6 years. You would come and go from this area, and I would have moments of reprieve from this internal fight. I had a boyfriend this entire time, and you were always in a relationship with someone else. It wasn’t good timing and I thought it never would be for us.
I never crossed any boundaries regardless of my feelings for you. I never expressed how I felt, and I never let our friendship grow to anything past that. I worked through it all with my therapist. I loved my boyfriend very much. He was not the romantic type, and I always yearned for that, but there were other areas within our relationship that I was very happy with and I thought I could be with him forever.
Six years into our relationship, you had been gone for a while and showed back up unexpectedly to our area. The second I saw you; I felt my entire body warm up. Butterflies filled my stomach and I thought, here we go again. I got right to work with my therapist.
Some months later, I woke up to find my boyfriend overdosed in our living room. We are all in recovery and he had a moment of weakness after all these years and died as a result. The worst thing I have ever experienced in my life. Things got dark. I was broken. My best friend, the love of my life, was gone just like that.
A few months later, all our friends were playing poker. I hadn’t thought of you since before he died. But that night, there you were sitting right across from me and for the first time in a long time, I felt something. Something nice, something warm. I texted you that night.
We started off in a dark place like I said before. I was still grieving. I was very confused about my feelings. Was this real or such an intense contrast to the deep sadness I was feeling before you and I fell heavily in love. You were patient with me and understanding. I had never felt this way for anyone. All these years you were the only person I had had feelings for outside of my relationship, and you were lying beside me. I was experiencing falling in love in a way I could never have imagined. You brought me flowers so often. Wrote me love notes and left them for me to find. Gave me all of the attention I yearned for. I never wondered how you felt about me. The sex was intense, unparallel to anything I have ever experienced. The connection, the way we moved, everything was so perfect.
We fought moving in for a long time but could not stand to be apart for more than one or two nights and even that was so hard. So we finally jumped.
Here we are almost a year later. Things have been tough. I am still head over heals in love with you, but I get in my head questioning how you feel about me. The sex is still just as good. When things are good, they are really good. You haven’t bought me flowers in a month. It seems like you are distant. You get so upset about little things, like how I hung the wrong skateboards on the wall. You used to not let us go to bed fighting and now you let it happen. You don’t write me notes anymore. Yesterday, you told me I needed to replace some vitamins that I had used of yours that you told me to take. I didn’t have the money and you made me feel bad about it. I have been taking on all of the bills because you don’t get paid until you complete your job. I have been taking on all the housework because you work late every day. I try and make sure the house is straight for you, dinner and coffee is made. You left angry yesterday about the vitamins, then wouldn’t answer the phone for hours. Over something so small. After being rude to me, you continued to treat me poorly because you were not ready to take responsibility. I can’t help but lose hope, but every time I try and talk about it you disagree that anything is wrong. You said you still do sweet things but couldn’t give me an example. After everything yesterday, you came back with vape juice for you and I. You had enough money to buy flowers if you wanted. You posted a song on Instagram this morning that was about a relationship dying. You used to post things about me, but you never do anymore. You have never posted an actual post with me, just stories. You say you want to marry me one day and have a baby. But it seems like you are losing interest.
I feel like this is the end to the fairytale of a lifetime. It was always you, for me. But maybe it’s not the same for you. Maybe we fight so much because you need someone that is less clumsy. Less needy. Less emo. But you are as emo as it gets. Why isn’t it the same. Why is everything changing. Is it just me?
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2023.03.31 17:35 NoSurprisesForWeirdo Zwift Hub Resistance Issues

Hello, just got a Zwift Hub & I spotted a few weird things.
I am connected through a companion app - you can see my setup in the screenshots , well from a phone
Did anybody had some issues? Yes, I have calibrated the unit multiple times using the integrated spindown calibration procedure. I contacted also a Zwift.
Thanks :)
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2023.03.31 17:35 EntropyOrder1 [WTS] Brian Brown Raptor

Up for grabs today is a catch and release from one of my favorite makers! PayPal FF, CONUS ship only, and no trades at this time…
Brian Brown took the knife world by storm with the production version of his now infamous custom Yeager. When he dropped the Raptor, I knew I had to try it, and finally found the build I liked most (this Urban EDC Supply exclusive distressed blue ano) here on the Swap last week. I was immediately blown away by how smooth this is! I carefully took it apart for a good cleaning, then re-lubed and reassembled. Now, it’s absolute butter! Unfortunately for me, the handle is just too narrow for my preferences. It doesn’t seem to stop the huge love that this knife gets from most though! It’s just not for me. Please be aware this one has been used a bit and shows a little ano wear. It also seems a bit roughed up near the top of the show side scale. The blade has been sharpened to a mirror edge by a previous owner. As best I can tell, the blade itself shows no scratches. Comes with everything you see in the pic. Asking what I paid + priority shipping: $285 PayPal FF to your door!
Thanks for taking the time to look! Again, PayPal FF, CONUS shipping, and no trades. Have a great Friday and weekend!
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2023.03.31 17:35 Dead_Phish812 Best tone

I have been really digging around all of the greats from all of the different genres of music trying to find who has has the best tone. This isn't about who has the highest technical ability or fastest playing just best tone. And through everyone I have listened to Jesse McGuire has to take the prize. His tone is so pure and powerful it sounds like it was created in a laboratory. I'm not the biggest jazz fan but god damn his tone is something that every time I hear it nearly brings me to tears and then I find myself running to my practice room to start practicing. Who in your eyes has the best tone?
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2023.03.31 17:35 llamafeelings It’s like waking up from a fever dream

Maybe it’s because i’m a new nurse and I’ll wake up from this dream soon, but I don’t know if i’ll ever get used to the adrenaline rush.
I’m a new grad Neonatal ICU nurse on night shift. i have been working for almost a year now.
I feel incredibly blessed to be where I’m at right now. i love the NICU. i love my job and my current lifestyle, but i can’t deny a huge part of me is definitely experiencing a disconnect from my reality.
This morning at 5am, I got paged to the operating room for a c-section. I drop everything I’m doing with my current assignment to run to the OR and bunny suit up. They paged me a little early, so we watch the whole procedure unfold. halfway through the incision, as they’re starting to rip open the abdominal wall, the mom is screaming in pain so we have to stand and wait around until the meds start to really kick in. You get a quick report, smell the cauterization, your eyes still adjusting to bright lights of the OR, you hear the small talk of the staff on the side. Finally the meds start working on mom, and they break the water seal, they pull baby out but she’s completely blue, cord wrapped tight twice around her neck, no cries, an uneasy silence in the room. As the NICU team, we have to work quick. They bring baby to us off to the side, but the fellow had been on her 20th hour of her 24 hour shift, so she’s disoriented. the dad comes to the bedside and asks what’s wrong, no one replies to him, his baby is limp on the bed. RT and I ask her if we need to intubate, and she calls the attending. frantic, we’re stimulating the baby, still completely blue, trying to hear heart sounds, starting CPAP, deep suctioning.
finally the baby stabilizes and we transfer the baby to the nicu on CPAP and i admit the baby and clock out 2 hours late— still questioning if i did everything i needed to do and if i charted everything on my other patients. i’m feeling horrible because i gave a half assed report on my other patients and i was struggling to get the IV on my new admission, but incredibly thankful my unit works as a team.
on the drive home, i think about how i’m going prom dress shopping later today with my 17 year old sister. life is good, at least i think? i especially feel this disconnect when patients pass away on my unit after a long code— whether it’s mine or my colleagues. how crazy— my life just goes back to normal after i clock out.
I just don’t think i’ll ever get over the fact that as healthcare workers we all go through and see so much, yet life goes on for us as usual.
is there a term for this feeling? i’m sure it’s universal, but maybe i feel it more so right now because i’m a young nurse learning to leave work at work.
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2023.03.31 17:35 ChristianWriterMom Can we play spot the problem

Can we play spot the problem
This gem came across my best matches today. 🙃 Can you spot the problems in it?
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2023.03.31 17:34 darneech Childcare disaster on resume?

After teaching grades 3-7 in the public school system, I decided to look into childcare as a career option (or staff in higher ed), but not as a teacher. I have a young child and thought that i could take this opportunity to see if I could make it work. I am also willing to do something separate from childcare and just take my child to a centefield that don't work in, but that's another story. I have learned so many skills that I thought why not try?
I applied to a few places and didn't get interviews, and then was just looking around and went to one. They offered me a director position on the spot. After some thinking, discussion, and well, pressure, I accepted. They said that the last director left because they didn't want to mow the lawn. Hmmm. Okay, we'll see.
Turns out the owner is vicious and toxic. She was mean and would yell at teachers for things beyond their control and spread gossip like wildfire. I would say "we need a procedure for that" because there were NO procedures, and everything was a mess, and she would just roll her eyes. I was updating policies in order to even create some procedures, and communication was a huge mess, so even if I DID create a procedure, implementation was another problem. I was excited to direct and it seemed like a good situation except for the morale. Everyone was unhappy but made it work because of their love for kids and all the staff were friends. There were three main people (they were either related or roommates...) who would act as if they wanted me there, and that I would fix everything, but then turn around and say they would quit if I stayed. And the owner would tell me about it. The owner was unethical and did things that I'm pretty sure were illegal, but being so new at this, I didn't know what to do about it and she would argue these things with me. I also had to drive a daycare van which I strongly disliked, but we were trying to hire for that position with no luck. In the end, I quit because the owner told me that no one wanted me there in the meanest, most unprofessional way. I was there for 2 months and also unenrolled my son.
I am still considering working in childcare, but I just don't know if I should put this down on a resume! If it's for childcare, I think I should, especially because our BCI numbers can be easily associated, but who knows what horrible things she would say if they call her. If it is for non-childcare, I would just not even put it down. I have been told not to put the job down at all since it was 2 months.
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2023.03.31 17:34 ArrivalThese6006 Got a new job but the company is leaving me in the dark about the existing problem for their project. Asking for advices.

I recently got a new job as office manager. This is my first time ever having this kind of position. I got into a problem that comes from previous arrangement with the previous manager. I don’t know what to do as it is a small company and they do not really inform me sufficiently with the ongoing programs and duties that the previous manager was doing. I am all alone without somebody I could ask to and I’m not sure what I should do. Can someone please give me some advice?
So the problem is this: My company is having an annual conference in three months. A university apparently had offered us their conference hall months ago to which they communicated this with the previous manager. Supposedly we had agreed on their offer. However, now suddenly they told us that we must pay for all of the equipment and supplies borrowed from the university, as well as a small charge for the conference location. The previous manager did not include these expenses in our budget because it was prepared months ago.
If anyone could give me some ideas of the things and ways to communicate and negotiate with the university, it would be very appreciated. Thank you!
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2023.03.31 17:34 disco-dingus There’s something wrong with the cacti in the Sonoran Desert, AZ

I’m not a good guy and I’ll never claim to be. I’ve done things I’m not proud of for a shit ton of money. But that’s not what this is about; at least not directly.
Something happened to me recently and I want to get out of this line of work for good. Unfortunately that’s easier said than done. No one gets out of this line of work without digging their own grave. That’s not a metaphor; I’ve seen it happen. But I think I’ll take my chances and run.
It was a simple enough job, one that had gone down countless times:
Drive to a secluded area of the desert, meet shady guys, swap packages, bring said package back to Jules; the big boss.
Alexi was my partner that evening. He was my kind of guy; didn’t say too much but always had your back. I drove us into the Sonoran and Alexi directed me to the exact location. I parked up and we waited.
The skies over the desert are always striking. It was a stunning swirl of purple and red that you only get to see at twilight. I admired it silently.
“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” said Alexi. He almost made me jump. "Look at the saguaro against those colors. Just beautiful.”
I smiled to myself as I nodded. "Agreed. That's a backdrop to die for."
“Well, hopefully it won’t come to that,” he said, taking out two 9mms from the glove box. He handed one to me and I checked the ammunition before tucking it into the waistband of my pants. We continued to watch over the desert in silence.
“It’s gonna happen someday,” I said.
“Well, yeah,” he said. “That’s life unfortunately.”
“You know what I mean. Prematurely, like an execution or…”
“Come on man!” he said. “Don’t spoil the moment.”
I laughed. “Here’s to dying of old age in Cancún.”
“Cuba for me, but I’d drink to that.”
Before long another car pulled up some hundred or so yards away, the headlights dipping. I took a deep breath and climbed out of my car, taking the holdall we’d been given from the trunk. Three guys stepped out of the other car.
“Fuck,” I said quietly. “Didn’t Jules say there’d be two guys?”
“Don’t worry about it,” said Alexi, his hand in his waistband.
We stopped about 20 ft away as they lined up in a row. I looked at Alexi and gave him a quick nod before I walked to the halfway point. I put the holdall down and stepped back. The guy in the middle motioned to a guy with a briefcase, who proceeded to make the exchange. Alexi retrieved the briefcase and checked the contents, then nodded to me. The other guys looked satisfied too.
“Gentleman,” said one of the guys, then they returned to their car. I let out a breath as Alexi and I began our walk back.
“Easiest grand we’ll ever make,” said Alexi with a grin.
“It’s almost criminal how easy,” I laughed.
A loud bang pierced the air and Alexi was on the ground. I turned to see flashes in the distance as shots were fired.
“Alexi!” I shouted as I pulled out my handgun, ducking down. He rolled over groaning, pulling out his gun too.
“My leg,” he groaned. “Fuckers!”
Despite his injury he got to his feet and started firing.
“Jesus Alexi, take cover!” I yelled, running to a nearby rock. I took a few shots when I could. Alexi managed to hit one guy who I saw fall down. He came to his senses and limped to another rock for cover. I could make out the silhouettes of the two remaining guys. One of them made a beeline for Alexi and one came towards me.
I took a shot and ran for another rock, taking a moment to breathe. I heard a hissing noise from nearby. My first thought was a rattler, but it was followed by a whoosh and I felt a blow of cool air over me, like something big had quickly passed by. I turned with my gun outstretched. I could only see the outlines of the tall cacti.
A bullet hit the ground too close for comfort. I leaned over the rock and took a couple more shots, kicking myself at how off I was. I heard the guy skid on the ground as he reached my rock, taking cover on the other side.
“You’ll pay for Seymour!” he snarled.
“You took the first shot, asshole!” I yelled.
“And I’ll take the last!”
Another bullet hit nearby as I flinched. We were both taken off guard as two deep screams filled the air. One of them was definitely from Alexi. Looking over in that general direction I could see several tall, dark shapes moving across the desert.
“What the…” I said as the shapes left a cloud of dust. I heard another loud hiss on my other side and turned to see a saguaro, or at least what looked like a saguaro looming over me.
I screamed and fired directly at it, the flash revealing rows of deadly spines that retracted like wasp stingers. The cactus let out a high pitched squeal and swung an arm out, meeting my left bicep. I screamed in pain as the spines punctured my skin.
It started to suckle. The muscles in my arm pulsed as the cactus attached like the tentacles of an octopus. It was feeding from me!
I fired my remaining shots and screamed until I was out of breath. The cactus squealed as bullets penetrated its green flesh, but it didn't let me go. It appeared to breathe as it suckled. When I tried to pull away it felt like my arm was going to tear away from my shoulder!
“You fucking freak!” the guy yelled as I heard more shots. The cactus squealed as it let me go. I took the opportunity to run, starting on all fours before getting to my feet. The guy was close behind me firing into the night. The saguaro gave chase, its roots still firmly in the ground as if it was being dragged beneath the earth.
“What the fuck is it?” I shouted, clinging to my bloody arm.
“Are you blind?” he yelled. “It’s a fucking giant-assed cactus!”
I made it to another rock, this one larger than the others. I started to climb it, my arm stinging like a son-of-a-bitch! I grimaced through the pain and made it to the top some 10 ft from the ground. The guy took another shot behind him and started to climb. I reached down with my good arm.
“Give me your hand!”
It’s amazing how a scenario like that can change your stance. I genuinely wanted to help him, but that wasn’t to be. The saguaro caught up and two of its several arms closed around him. He screamed out as his arm was pulled away from me, and two more shots were fired into the ground before he dropped the gun.
“Oh God!” he screamed. “Help me!”
I could only watch in terror as his body began to convulse and shrivel. His skin rippled as if his insides were being sucked into the cactus. He made several gargled attempts at crying for help before giving up, or he simply couldn't anymore.
I ran. I jumped from the back of the rock and fucking ran. The whole time I could hear a terrifying symphony of hisses behind me. The ground vibrated under my feet as clouds of dust shot across the desert. But I made it. My chest burned like I’d run a marathon but I made it to my car, starting the engine as cacti hurled themselves into it.
As I sped away I prayed that Alexi had somehow escaped. I felt truly awful for leaving him like that, but I had no choice.

I sat in Jules’ office as my arm was bandaged up by his right-hand man, Nails. Looking at it in the light it was covered in rows of circular puncture wounds.
“Where’s the briefcase?” said Jules with a smirk.
“Boss, come on,” I pleaded. “Look at me.”
“Where. Is. The. Brief. Case?”
I shook my head. “Something’s out there, boss. In the Sonoran. Something that isn't… natural.”
“Where’s the fucking briefcase?" He cocked a gun at me as Nails squeezed my arm, patches of blood seeping through the bandages.
“It’s in the fucking desert!” I screamed.
He smiled. “Then I suggest you go get it from the fucking desert.”
I shook my head, trying to hold back tears. “Please boss. Don’t make me go back there. The cacti… They’re not right. They feed on…”
He started laughing hysterically. “Did I ever tell you why we call him Nails?”
Jules held up a pair of pointed pliers, then handed them to Nails. He grabbed my hand and stretched out one of my fingers, nipping the end of my nail with the tool.
“Okay!” I yelled, my heart thumping. “Okay, I’ll go back!”
“Good boy,” said Jules. “Nails, why don’t go with him. Hold the baby’s hand.”
Nails didn’t speak, just nodded.
“Oh. And if the briefcase isn’t there, put a bullet in this motherfucker’s head.”

We drove in silence, Nails pointing the gun at me the whole journey. He didn’t convey any emotion. In fact, thinking about it I don’t think I’d heard him mutter a single word. Ever. He had this gift of appearing super intense while looking like he couldn’t give the slightest fuck.
I pulled up in the same area I’d parked the previous evening, the sun now starting to rise. The car belonging to the other guys was still parked up in the distance with the doors open. I cautiously stepped out of my car. There were several tall cacti dotted around.
“It must be in this area somewhere,” I said. “Will you help me look?”
Nails just stared at me with the gun by his side.
“Okay… Well, I’m gonna look over here. But seriously Nails, watch your back. These things are alive.”
He continued to stare deadpan as I started searching for the briefcase, trying to find the area where Alexi had been shot. That was likely where I'd find it as he’d been holding it at the time. But there was still a chance he’d made it out of there with it. That didn’t put me in a good position though as my life currently depended on finding it.
After looking for a few minutes I found some spots of blood on the ground. I got a shiver down my spine as I was reminded of the evening’s events. As I searched I looked over my shoulder and listened out for hissing. But none of the saguaro looked particularly alive. They just looked like ordinary cacti.
My heart jumped when I saw the briefcase.
“Oh, thank God!” I yelled. It was leaning against a rock. I assumed it must have been the rock that Alexi had taken shelter behind, the last place I saw him. He was nowhere to be seen though.
I picked up the briefcase and held it to my chest, closing my eyes to appreciate the moment.
It was disturbed by laughter.
I looked around to see Nails standing in front of a saguaro, and he was laughing his head off. I had to do a double take. This man had never even smiled in my presence, let alone laughed!
With the briefcase secured I made my way towards him.
“I got it!” I yelled, holding it up.
He kept laughing as he looked up at that darn cactus. When I reached him he was doubled over! Something had tickled him. He was human after all.
“Alright Nails, what’s so funny?”
When I looked up I almost fell back in horror.
It was Alexi, or at least part of Alexi. His face was pinned to the top of the cactus.
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2023.03.31 17:34 ripyoudude (Plus) Garrison always recognizing you in incognito mode

So recently I moved from the official Antistasi file to Antistasi plus and I noticed the incognito mode isn't nearly as useful in plus as it is in the regular. Having vests on while in civilian vehicles prevents undercover, and even worse in my opinion, you can't seem to get anywhere near outposts, military bases, airbases and even the police stations (military administration) without the garison recognizing you immediately. Is there something I'm missing or are the days of walking into an outpost with a backpack filled with grenades just not possible in Antistasi plus. I get it's definitely more realistic that way, but it makes it damn near impossible for a solo like myself. I couldn't find any information about this online so if someone could help me it would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.03.31 17:34 resurrective Chapter 22 – Come to me, Georgius

So much for a heartwarming reunion, so much for peace. When Keyaruga finally thought about having a moment of rest, Panakea showed up. When he thought nothing would happen for at least a day, he met with his love. And now, it was a red sunset that casted its crimson shadow over Buranikka. On omen of evil, an omen of change.
“Despite everything, she still… remembers me. Remembers us. Norn never forgets, no matter what. The only problem, though, is that she won’t accept me now. She may look like a cute little girl, but she’s also a fully competent warlord, with which we’re on different sides.” The man spoke, standing at the door to the corridor. He carried the white sphere, the one and only thing that could make a breakthrough from the current state. “Only a battle will judge us.” The healer admitted, glancing at the bed. Freia sat there, combing Eve’s hair. Setsuna, in turn, listened while in a handstand.
“Uh-hu-u-uh!” The she-wolf muttered, doing a cartwheel to stand upright. “We will win.” She assured him, sitting on the edge of the bed. Honestly, her smile and words were everything Keyaruga needed not to give in to his angst. The gray-haired girl accepted his pain, and now crawled to Freia to heal the magician with her touch. At least a little bit.
“Certainly.” Keyaruga responded optimistically. He had to. Otherwise, his whole redo would be for nothing. And if having the best strategist in Jioral on Margurth’s side still wasn’t bad enough, he’d end up shackled in Norn’s residence for sure.
No doubt, she’s already prepared a chastity cage for me. Brrr, no way I’m signing up for that.
“Freia, are you alright?” The hero asked, approaching the sorceress. He couldn’t leave yet, even though Tidir had already provided Keyaruga with an isolated room in the attic.
“You shouldn’t worry about me.” The pink-haired girl spoke phlegmatically. She allowed Setsuna to massage her back and shoulders, but inside her soul there was still a skirmish ongoing. She thought of each self-accusation, countered it with numerous excuses, just to realize there was no coming back and fixing what was already done. “Move forward, Keyaru. This thing must become your new weapon. Take it, claim it, and… save my sister. She must’ve been counting on you.” The princess stated, still focused on the black-winged maiden before her. So much evil was caused by her, so many torments had Keyaru suffered. And yet, he forgave her, loud and clear. Now only one thing stood between the girl and her inner peace. Something, only she could attain throughout the long self-reflection. “This orb should’ve been yours from the very beginning.”
“I see. Eve, do you have something to say?” The man deliberately wondered, looking at the queen-to-be, who retained her silence up to that point.
“Hmm… No. Dealing with princesses is your thing. Sorry, I can’t help you with that.” The kokuyoku scion responded, giving the lad a brief look. She thought he was just a calculating cutthroat, someone who’s whole interest resided in violence and sex. Now, that she saw his worries, his inner side, she couldn’t help but find him slightly attractive. Especially after how he stood against Hawkeye. Only… “So… Are you really immortal?”
“I am, birdie. I am.” The Hero of Healing grinned a little. He formed an endearing smile, warm and bright. Alas, underneath it there was only cold. After all, Blade almost killed him, and she was way beneath Organ Trist’s mastery. “Take care, girls. I’ll be back soon.”
“Uh-huh. Setsuna’s waiting.”
Thanks. That’s all I need to hear.

“Go in, nura (brother).” The blue-feathered deity uttered, closing the door behind the red-haired man. And so, the man found himself in a dark cramped room, filled with nothing but ages-old dust and stains. He sat behind a small table, looking at the perfectly round object of divine origins. No one could enter without the host’s permission, so Keyaruga was safe from outer distractions.
Brother, huh? You don’t sound too happy saying that, Tidir.
“Ha-a-a…” The man exhaled, rubbed his forehead, and then touched the orb with his right hand. The brand had resonated, bizarre white light erupted from it. Up until now, that was a hard object of unknown properties. Now, the healer knew – the white sphere was actually a solidified chunk of godly energy. After a new hero poured his ambitions into the raw armament’s form, it was ready to morph into whatever its new owner deems fit.
But what would it be? Josephine, for example, wished for a shining gilded sword that would allow her to murder her jailers right after she got it from Flare’s hands. It was bright and decorated, it embodied every wish and aspiration the broken girl kept inside her tormented soul. But despite Ragnarok’s golden, inlayed look, it was crude and unbalanced. But even worse, it was ultimately a crutch for a powerless girl. A lesson – do not wish for something you can get taken away from you.
In Bullet’s case, it was Taslam, the massive magic-spitting cannon. Although not without decorative incrustations of its own, the silver armament was not the primary weapon for the veteran of reconnaissance. After all, the massive black man was not ‘born’ a hero. This was the title he got through research, a few shady deals and the assassination of the previous Hero of Cannon. One could think a weapon of such scale wouldn’t be a spy’s choice. They would be wrong, especially when Bullet draws Taslam’s true form – a small pistol he could hide in his sleeve. A second lesson – do not wish for something to brag with, practicality is always preferable to showing off.
And finally, there was Flare. Her armament was represented by Vanargand, an unbreakable staff, allegedly made from the mythical world tree itself. Its twisted, chaotic, branches around a cold blue orb represented the princess’ dominative nature, but in terms of functionality, it was tuned to amplify all possible elements of her bottomless magic pool, whereas a regular magic staff only worked with one, like her current mystical tool boosted nothing but fire. The last lesson was to have something that amplifies your own innate strength, but is not limited by its primary function.
Keyaruga would only get one chance in his entire life. That’s why he carried the orb with his right hand covered with a green glove. No need to hide the mark from Blade, but still, better safe than sorry.
“I wish I could’ve given it more thought.” The lad lamented, pondering on his promise to Norn. And Hawkeye. The last Champion of Jioral stood between him and the princess. An all-seeing demigod needed to go away. “What I wish… is a tool of vengeance. A means of strength. Something that’d amplify my healing powers. And… a guarantee of true immortality. If I die, my girls would be sad. If I die, what was the point of the redo? If I die… how can I complete my vengeance?”
He lied to Eve. Keyaruga was far from true immortality, and they both knew it. Even after all the body modifications, he still remained a human. Someone, who can get knocked out and murdered with ease, but what’s even more critical, his pain threshold was high, but not limitless. One couldn’t forget about Bloodbringer and her sinister living weapon, after all.
I can kill people with one touch. But can I do it through a full plate armor? Can I heal myself while unconscious? Can I exceed the range of an extended arm? No. No! I have to overcome this! Weapons are tools of murder, and I already have plenty. Think, pray, desire your perfect form. Something for a Hero of Healing.
And so, a clear form started to form inside of Keyaruga’s mind. His passion resonated with the wild streams of primordial hue, the energy took form, and finally, the orb began to form a will of its own.
THOUGH HATH DESIRETH ME, HERO?” A mighty voice resonated throughout the premise. It belonged to a mighty aged man, although much too distorted to confuse it with a real person.
“Yes, I do! Give me your everything!” The lad exclaimed, feeling winds of magic carve inside his very soul. A thrilling power was only rivaled by the man’s force of will.
DOTH THOUGH DESIRETH TO SAVE THE WORLD?” The spirit inquired. A question was ritualistically asked to each and every hero. Problem is, all of them had pretty different ideas about how, why, and to what extent the world must be preserved. But to be sure…
“Of course I do! I love this world! I made it! I want to live in it, to have all the fun and happiness! I want to preserve those I love and crush those I hate completely! I want to claim my prize! So… how can I not wish to save this wretched world?”
ALLOWETH ME TO LEND THY MY STRENGTH.” With that said, the wraith began merging itself to the man. Raw energy began mixing with the healer’s own mana, the hero’s mark resonating with the artifact during the process.
“Good! Now listen to my wish! I want to pierce my foes at range, to be immortal! And I want to be safe! Now take my desired form!”
And so, the chaotic winds began taking form. A Vortex of magical might began swirling around the man’s left arm, as he raised the cracked sphere to the ceiling. What lacked substance began taking mass; what lacked direction, was given focus; what had no form, took the shape of a gruesome gauntlet of pink and blue. It was alive, it had an eye, and it was more, much more than just a piece of armor.
“Forget? How can I? Georgius, my holy armor, my property!” The lad spoke, staring at his gauntlet with clenched teeth, while the divine armament bound itself to the man’s muscles, nerves, and veins. Georgius was much more than just an indestructible chunk of metal, although even that offered much in terms of practicality. No, it was a net, a living spell that now dwelled inside the man’s body and soul.
Keyaruga understood Georgius, and vice-versa. They were both now inseparable entities, one complementing the other. First things first…
“Let’s check its primary feature.” The lad muttered, grabbing a poisoned knife from his right gauntlet. A swing, a stab, and the blade pierced his left biceps. Naturally, right? But the sheet of poisoned metal was pushed out by the extracorporeal power, and no trace of the wound remained. Georgius even mended the fabric of Keyaruga’s shirt.
“Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-a! With that, I’m not gonna die!” The healer scoffed, rolling his armored fingers. The gauntlet didn’t confine his movements; it didn’t even make his hand sweat. The armament wouldn’t even require any attention paid to it, as Georgius safely absorbed the ambient mana and filtered it for its master’s safe usage. It would keep the man alive no matter what.
One would think that it was enough for just some testing of the artifact’s ability to enhance healing and defense, that its offensive capabilities were impossible to probe in an attic, where even a mouse wouldn’t dare to show up. Well, that would be wrong, as the red-eyed lad had already unsheathed his alloyed saber and rested his elbow on the table.
Ha-ha-a!” Then, he started cutting. Slamming the light curved sword against the powerful limb was a wasted effort, much more so with the gruesome eye keeping track for each and every wound, but Keyaruga proceeded. “MORE-E-E-E!!! DE-E-E-EPER!!! PHA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!” The gargling laugh mixed with slicing and squashing of meat and cleaving of bones above his own elbow resonated with the utmost excitement in the hero’s brain. Strike after strike, he deliberately mutilated his own body just to see what would happen if one manages to cut off his left arm, to lacerate his veins and tendrils. Blood ruptured just to stop in a moment. Wounds reopened right after fading in green mist. And finally, after a whole minute of zealous self-torture, Keyaruga cast away his saber, grabbed his left hand, and ripped it off altogether. All while guffawing murderously. “HA-HA-HA-HA! WHAT WILL YOU DO NOW, GEORGIUS?!!!
The answer didn’t take long, as right in front of the healer’s eyes, the gauntlet on the severed hand turned into purple dust, along with leather bracers, dangling bloodied cloth and a few throwing needles. All of it returned to where it was supposed to be – on a fresh new left arm. It even was so kind as to erase the crimson stains from all over the man’s body. This kindness didn’t extend to what dripped on his boots from the dismembered arm, though.
“I’m starting to fall in love with you, Georgius!” Keyaruga sneered, unhinged by his own ambiguous commentary. He remained with an extra limb. Of course he used it for more experimentation.
Let’s leave it here, two steps away, and…
The man extended his left arm, focused his will, and called upon his magic. A second and the flesh of the severed arm wriggled in convulsions. Another and it returned to normal… Well, with every bone and tendril mercilessly ruined. Georgius gave the lad so much needed distance, even if it was limited by a bare meter, but no control whatsoever. He would never heal someone with that in his right mind. Holding the arm directly, though, was a completely different story. The touch gave the lad the utmost will over his patients, or victims. But more than anything, all the pain and fear were barred from his psyche. Alas, that wouldn’t allow for copying skills, but nobody forbade the lad from using his right arm. And even if he wanted to use the left one, just a single thought made Georgius completely and utterly disappear. It was still there; ready to come back in an instant.
Fuck, it’s so awesome; I’m getting so hard right now!

“…and then I had him poisoned, thrown into the dungeon. I beat him, had him raped, drugged, tortured…
And while Keyaruga enjoyed his new toy, Setsuna was far, far away from having any sort of fun. She listened to Freia, heeded her every word, every description, and every little notion. The two of them sat on the bed, and the she-wolf was furious. It was a rare occasion to see her frown, let alone openly grinding her teeth. Eve had retreated to her room just in time to spare herself from hearing and seeing the worst.
“…after all of that, I really did deserve the fire rod between my legs,” the princess admonished, unable to raise her head. Freia was desperate, but she couldn’t hide the truth any longer. Not after Hawkeye crushed her spirit just by referencing her sins. “What I didn’t deserve, though, is his lov-!”
That was it, Setsuna’s patience had run out, and she grabbed the sorceress by the throat. With the power of both hands, the huntress easily overpowered the magician, she could end her simply by squeezing a little harder, or scratching her carotid artery a little too deep.
GHHHH!!!” The she-wolf growled, consumed by rage. All those nightmares, all those traumas – it was her fault, she did it to him, she…
She didn’t even struggle.
“…you… YOU!!!” The huntress’ grip had weakened, she couldn’t go on like that, her hands slipped, but the fury didn’t go anywhere.
“Kha-kha-kha-a… A-a-a… Haa… Kha…” Freia’s face was morbidly red, her breath was rugged, and even her eyes looked like they would pop out of their sockets every second now. “Kha-a… Se… tty…” But even in that sorry state, the girl never raised a hand against her friend. One swing, and the huntress would be burned by flames, scourged by a lightning, her brain would pop out on the edge of a sharp flying icicle… And yet, despite all of those possibilities, the heroine insisted on calling her possible murderer… by a friendly pet name.
GRRR! What?!” She roared, still unsure what to do with the pink-haired girl. She was a part of their family, their pack… And someone they would be better off without. Right? Alas, whether that was true or not, Freia herself shared that ridiculous thought.
“Before you kill me… Promise me one thing.” The princess all but demanded. Her voice was faint, but there was power, a true regal authority in it. “Promise, you’d never leave him! Keyaruga… I don’t think he believes anyone can love him! Promise me you’ll take care of Evy and Norn! They have nothing to do with it! Promise…”
“No.” But Setsuna refused.
“B-but why?”
“Because Setsuna…”

Keyaruga returned. He pushed the door open and entered the room. His fervor wasn’t that high ever since the lad successfully broken the chain Flare put him on, ever since he burned the vile arrogant witch from the inside.
“Freia! Setsuna! Let’s fuck!” The hero yelled, as his eyes rolled all over the place. There was passion, there was zeal, and, most importantly…
Haa… Set… ty!..” …his feelings were shared here, two naked girls, with one clearly dominating the other. The huntress held the sorceress from the back, Setsuna played with Freia’s nipple, she twitched her puffy vulva, teased her erect clitoris. All the while the huntress kept gently and caringly biting the princess’ ear. “Keya… ruga…” The caster helplessly pleaded, reaching for the towering man, but the she-wolf’s grip was just too strong.
“You start with Freia.” Setsuna proclaimed, patting her prey’s puffy lips.
“That’s a bold thing to hear from you.” Keyaruga sneered, all while getting rid of his equipment. What was just a normal arousal grew into a burning passion, as his raging erection urged him to drop the trousers as fast as possible. “Still, who am I to refuse a lady?”
And so, the lad jumped into the bed in all of his naked glory. His rod was on fire, his heart’s pounding resonated all the way to his temples, and his sex drive became unstoppable at that point.
“You’re gorgeous, Freia.” Keyaruga said, caressing the girl’s sweaty cheek. While he was gone, Setsuna made sure Freia was hot and wet; this was her tribute to the leader of their small pack. “I wanna fuck you silly.” The lad whispered heatedly, claiming his shivering bounty. She was moist, she was panting, and most importantly – the sorceress was in mad love.
A-A-A-H!” Barely did the huntress let go of her, before the girl got on top of her man. She leant on his chest and lowered her hips, letting the hard penis pierce her dripping vagina. “You’re… mine now.” The princess declared, accepting the lad’s meaty stick all the way to the twitching balls.
“Well-well, care to explain what’s happened? Anybody?” The healer wondered with a mischievous grin on his face. He never missed a chance to get a firm grip on Freia’s bouncing ass; and neither did he deny himself from leaving a bunch of hickeys on her neck.
Nobody cared for conversation anymore. One was too busy moaning, while bouncing on the man’s rod, another was muffledly panting, all while pleasing herself. Setsuna dared not intervene, but neither would she miss a chance to follow Eve’s example.
Freia embraced Keyaruga, rubbing her sweaty body against his torso. Strangely enough, the girl deliberately avoided looking him in the eyes. She even turned her back to the man. And while her trained spine and round buttcheeks did look enticing, just having a beauty riding his dick wasn’t really enough to the hero.
“Hey, Freia…” Keyaruga spoke, lifting himself in a sitting position. That way, he could once again embrace his lovely princess. “You don’t have to fuck me out of guilt, you know.” The healer admonished, bending the girl in to take her doggy-style.
I don- AHH!!!” There was no place for excuses. No moment of reflection, nothing but a primal lust and desire. Freia was his trophy, while he and Norn had a long story behind them? As if it mattered at all right now. “A-A-H!!! KEYARUGA!!!” She yelled, as the lad ravaged her. Gripping onto the bedsheets, the sorceress could do nothing but drown in pleasure. “A-A-A-A-A-A-A-H!!!” She was on the verge, orgasm after orgasm; she was led, or rather dragged, to the highest peak of ecstasy.
A wave of pure joy had covered Freia from her head down to her toes, she trembled, drooled, she even got a small puddle underneath her butt. These five minutes were so intense, she couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe properly. And yet…
“Get up. Master’s not finished.” Setsuna demanded, crawling near the girl. And indeed, Keyaruga’s penis was still far from ejaculating.
“She’s right. You and I have a lo-o-o-ot to do!” The hero uttered, grabbing Freia’s butt.

It’s been… how much time? Twenty? Thirty minutes? An hour? Even more? It was hard to tell after countless orgasms the two enjoyed together. Freia looked more like a dirty rag, than anything else. Her pink hair was all messy; she was sticky with sweat and reeked of semen, leaking right from her loose vagina. But even so, she clung to the Hero of Healing, who didn’t really seem any better, napping with a string of saliva drooling from his mouth.
Only Setsuna remained awake. She didn’t take any part in their love, other than masturbating right beside them. There was an undisputed reason for such a behavior. Specifically, Freia had told her everything; down to the most gruesome detail of how she abused the drug-addicted boy she now called master. The sorceress had expected retribution, a swift and brutal death by the ice claws, knowing she could leave her beloved man for Norn.
But, well, what kind of keeper would Setsuna be if she didn’t direct that lunacy into a fine night for two broken souls? The huntress would get her turn her turn the next day. Now, though, she covered Keyaruga and Freia with a blanket and lied beside him.
Silently, the she-wolf took the lad’s hand and pressed it against her breast. After all, it was kindness and warmth that kept his nightmares at bay.
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2023.03.31 17:34 SoftInfernalLottie Should You Apply If You Don't Have All The Qualifications?

I am trying to apply for internships but they are all asking for people be currently enrolled at school.(Even the ones that offer actual hourly pay not just a stipend or lunch and school credit.) I did get my AAS afew years back but I have not had a job in the feild I am applying to & in all honesty am abit rusty. When I look at internships this is what they list:
• Currently enrolled in an undergraduate program.
• Must be able to commit to at least 2 full days.
• Knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, and Microsoft Excel.
• Previous internship experience preferred.
• Positive attitude, team player, ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment.
I am not in school or have internship experience. Which would put me at 3/5 qualifications (if we dont take the "preferred" for internship as a soft qualifier). Would you say I don't have a good enough chance at applying for any jobs like this? I applied to go back to school this fall but didn't make the cut & I'd like to not just fill my time in other dead end jobs twiddling my thumbs (and working on my portfolio again) till I can re apply. I like the structure of traditional jobs so I am not looking to freelance or start my own business at this time.
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2023.03.31 17:34 sadgirlhours1412 my (19F) friend (19M) is being weird and its very confusing

I don't know how to structure this but here goes hehe I'm sorry its really long there are a lot of details.
I'm (19f) a freshman in college. Around 6 weeks ago I got paired with 3 people for a group project for one my classes. One of my group members, let's call him S (19m) was very nice. One day our group met up at college to discuss the project and I didnt have a ride back so I asked S to book me an uber. He was reluctant because its not safe in my country and my house was far from college, so S offered to give me a ride home in his car. I need to add that S lives in the opposite direction from me so this was like a really huge favour on his part and he was really nice about so I agreed.
The car ride was really nice and we talked about a lot of stuff and and I bought him a coffee from near my house to return the favour and to not feel like I owe him anything since he's a new friend. Fast forward a few days and we started texting a lot and it was really fun. One day I was sitting alone at college so he came and sat with me for a while and gave me company. I got to know that he's a really nice person and I enjoyed his company as a friend. We had our midterms so we didn't meet then but would text every couple days. He was usually the first to text me. After midterms we were texting and I told him we should hangout outside college someday and he was into it. He invited me to go to some event but I couldn't cos I was sick and it was too far. A few days later I asked him to go somewhere with me but he couldn't come cos it was too far.
ANYWAYS it was all nice and friendly up until now. Another friend of mine, K (20F), who is good friends with S's bff, D (19M) texted me. Keep in mind that both K and D are in different colleges. K told me that D asked her about me and he told her that S thinks that I like him?? And D wanted K to confirm or deny that and K was like no she doesn't like him. D then asked K who I liked and to show him a picture and K said no of course and told me the whole thing. I found this really weird and icky because S was the one who had been extra nice to me and thats why I was reciprocating the niceness you know??
Anyways fast forward a couple days and S texts me and he was lowkey flirting. College finally reopened and S walked past me like 3 times and I said hi everytime and he did not respond in a very friendly way so I was like ok?? Later that day he commented nice stuff on my ig post and then ignored me at college again the next day and I was like wtf man. At this point I took this as a challenge and even though I liked him as friend before now I kind of did start liking him as more lol. I posted an ig story and he replied a flirty thing and I was like say this to me irl so he said u never meet me irl SO we decided to hang out the next day. Come next day and he ignores me in our morning class and then texted me at the time we were supposed to meet. We hung out and talked for more than an hour and it was reallyyy nice and then I had to leave so he said ill walk u to ur car but he met his friends on the way so he said OK u go ahead and he said bye. This was disappointing to me.
Then the next day he ignores me AGAIN and I went up to him and I said hi and he literally just looked at me for 2 seconds and went off with his friends and I was like wtffff. Its been a couple days since then and im genuinely really confused. Because he is SUCH a nice person when he chooses to be and its really fun with him but then he doesn't acknowledge me and its just messing with my brain??? So can someone please explain why he's being so hot and cold and give me a list of possibilities ok thank u
TLDR: my (19f) friend (19m) is very nice to me somedays and other days he ignores me and he told his friend who told my friend that he thinks i like him. the friendship was on the brink of becoming a situationship but now hes gone cold on me and its really confusing.
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2023.03.31 17:33 Ok-Acadia2574 1st time choosing to Euthanize & help our senior dog to pass. The 1st day without him hurts more than yesterday?!

Our senior boy Diesel was a 14 year old border terrieschnauzer mix. My boyfriend rescued him from the alley behind his job in Florida and moved with him to Colorado, where I met/fell in love with both of them 5-6 years ago.
He had Congestive Heart Failure, and started to yelp in pain about 5 times a day. Some days were better than others, but the scale was definitely tipping. We knew he didn't have the luxury of getting to pass "naturally " or in his sleep.
I feel guilty for putting him down on a "good day," but I also know that it would have been extremely traumatizing if we had waited for him to be in an emergency situation.
I made scrambled eggs with his kibble for breakfast. We took him on a car ride to his favorite park. I made a ribeye steak for lunch.
The vet came, and the process began. My boyfriend held him in his arms and fed him doggy ice cream while he slowly drifted. One of the hardest things to watch was his little lifeless body being lifted into the casket.
Experiencing all the firsts without him has been brutal. Our first time looking at his pictures without him being alive. The first time, I came home without him there to greet us. The first time getting out the shower with him sitting on the mat to lick my legs.
I knew the silence would be piercing, but I had no idea it would hurt this much. But I also don't hear him coughing/wheezing or yelping in pain. I am trying to find peace in that.
I am hoping this will get easier. I have never experienced something like this before. I know healing is not linear. Hoping putting thoughts to "paper" will help me process.
We love you Diesel.
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2023.03.31 17:33 TheNiceFrenchMan Alright guys, I still need your help.

I posted something yesterday. Just a silly idea of mine about a post I want to do. It consists on making a fantasy story based on what you pals tell me. Sadly, I didn't get nearly enough replies/ideas. I did post pretty late so I guess that's my bad. If you want to go check it out, you can go on my profile. It shouldn't be far since I don't post a lot. :)
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2023.03.31 17:33 ArrivalThese6006 Got a new job but the company is leaving me in the dark about the existing problem for their project. Asking for advices.

I recently got a new job as office manager. This is my first time ever having this kind of position. I got into a problem that comes from previous arrangement with the previous manager. I don’t know what to do as it is a small company and they do not really inform me sufficiently with the ongoing programs and duties that the previous manager was doing. I am all alone without somebody I could ask to and I’m not sure what I should do. Can someone please give me some advice?
So the problem is this: My company is having an annual conference in three months. A university apparently had offered us their conference hall months ago to which they communicated this with the previous manager. Supposedly we had agreed on their offer. However, now suddenly they told us that we must pay for all of the equipment and supplies borrowed from the university, as well as a small charge for the conference location. The previous manager did not include these expenses in our budget because it was prepared months ago.
If anyone could give me some ideas of the things and ways to communicate and negotiate with the university, it would be very appreciated. Thank you!
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2023.03.31 17:33 ProblematicBrowser [chat] 23 from ohio

My job offers plenty of down time and I spend most my time bored on my phone. Tell me something tell me anything. Ask any questions and so on y’all know how it works
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2023.03.31 17:33 ProfessorLeeLee A couple of International students are giving me issues…

At the moment, I am teaching a freshmen English composition class, and I have two international students who are making my job even more difficult than it already is. They make excuses for EVERYTHING that they don’t do well on/turn in on time. They want me to pre-grade everything (even though I’ve told them that I don’t do this), and they NEVER turn in work on time. They are constantly missing class due to illness. They both speak English, but not very well. I don’t speak their language, but I am trying very hard to pick up some words to try and communicate with them, however, nothing seems to be helping. They are both wanting to take my British Lit class next semester, and I am already dreading it. I spend so much time making sure they understand every single thing, and I’m drained. I don’t know how to fix this. I can’t teach a literature class to two people, who, once again, can’t participate in class discussions, can’t turn in work on time, and are never in class.
I have tried multiple times this semester to explain all of this to them, but it never seems to sink in. I do not want to do anything to accidentally offend their culture, so I’m not quite sure how to phrase things. I don’t want to let them down, but I just have no idea how to handle any of this.
Kind advice would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.03.31 17:33 BranRung 1898 Farm House Remodel

I just wanted to share my progress on the old family farm house that I bought three years ago. I looked up so many different posts in this community to find answers to my questions, it was a life (and wallet) saver! I was very nervous to tackle this project. My family has owned this 5 acres and house (built in 1898) since 1920. I am the 5th generation to live in it, with a baby on the way making 6 generations. For people wondering how much money we have, I am a teacher along with my wife. I hope this gives some people the confidence to tackle their own projects.
I remodeled the house in two stages. The first stage can be found here. I started this in September of 2019 and moved in during March 2020 (crazy times!). I was 23 and had almost no idea what I was doing. I can't even guess how many hours of YouTube videos I watched. All said and done, the main floor was roughly 1,200 sq ft, with a total of 2 beds (upstairs) and 1 bathroom. It cost me just under $20k to do all of this myself, but we didn't really change the footprint of the house. Buying the house, 90' Morton building, and 5 acres cost me $100k (Nebraska).
My wife and I lived here for a year before I started the next project, here. This took me from roughly March/April of 2021 to early April 2022. We both started new jobs halfway through this second project, otherwise I would have been done around Christmas time. New basement and porch foundation (including lifting the house) cost about $95k. This was the only major thing done by contractors. Once the house was set down, I started the bulk of my project. Everything from here on out was DIY. Building both additions, including all materials (electrical, ductwork, lumber, shingles, re siding and shingling entire house) cost about $60k. I did a lot of the work solo, but my dad would help whenever he could. When my basement is finished this next year, we will have 7 bed, 3 bath and have added over 1,000 sq feet to the main level (then all of the basement).
I'm not saying a project of this magnitude is for everyone. Some people will probably look at this wonder why we didn't tear it down and build new (I wondered myself many nights!). My house and remodel project are not perfect by any means, but I am proud of the work I have done to this point. With hard work and attention to detail, there is so much you can do to improve your house and investment!
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