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2023.03.30 19:28 YOW-Weather-Records 🥈Today is Charlottetown's 20th consecutive March day with maximum temperature ≥0°C which puts this run in 2nd place for the longest run on record.

🥈Today is Charlottetown's 20th consecutive March day with maximum temperature ≥0°C which puts this run in 2nd place for the longest run on record. submitted by YOW-Weather-Records to CharlottetownWxRecord [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 19:28 YOW-Weather-Records Yesterday was Winnipeg's 29th <0°C day this March which raises 2023 from 7th to 3rd place for the most during March. Just 1 more day to get to 2nd place.

Yesterday was Winnipeg's 29th <0°C day this March which raises 2023 from 7th to 3rd place for the most during March. Just 1 more day to get to 2nd place. submitted by YOW-Weather-Records to WinnipegWxRecords [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 19:27 YOW-Weather-Records 🥇With a mean humidity of 42.1%, yesterday was Victoria International Airport's driest Mar 29th since records began in 1953.

🥇With a mean humidity of 42.1%, yesterday was Victoria International Airport's driest Mar 29th since records began in 1953. submitted by YOW-Weather-Records to VictoriaWxRecords [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 19:27 YOW-Weather-Records 🥇Today is Halifax-Stanfield's 26th consecutive March day with maximum temperature ≥0°C which puts this run in a 2-way tie for 1st place for the longest run on record. If this continues, we will break the all-time record tomorrow.

🥇Today is Halifax-Stanfield's 26th consecutive March day with maximum temperature ≥0°C which puts this run in a 2-way tie for 1st place for the longest run on record. If this continues, we will break the all-time record tomorrow. submitted by YOW-Weather-Records to HalifaxWxRecords [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 19:27 YOW-Weather-Records With a forecast windchill of -14, tomorrow could be Halifax-Shearwater's windchilliest Mar 31st since 1967.

With a forecast windchill of -14, tomorrow could be Halifax-Shearwater's windchilliest Mar 31st since 1967. submitted by YOW-Weather-Records to HalifaxWxRecords [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 19:19 Summanus337 just casually going through stats bc bored, when suddenly i find this:

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2023.03.30 19:16 AstridPeth_ World largest economies according to Goldman Sachs

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2023.03.30 19:15 otherwisesad Men think I’m boring when I’m stable.

Please know that I find this hilarious.
I just turned 28 and was diagnosed when I was 19. I go to therapy every 2 weeks.
I have had a steady, well-paying job for 2 years now and live alone. I pay all of my own bills and am completely independent.
I’ve been handling my BPD exceptionally well the past few months, all things considered. I went through 2 horrific heartbreaks at different parts of the year in 2022, but I made it out to the other side and don’t harbor any resentment against the people who broke my heart.
But as I’ve gotten more into casual dating, I’ve realized that men legitimately think I am boring if I am just myself.
I went on a few dates with a guy who told me he really, really liked me and thought I was attractive, but he just didn’t see me as a sexual being, for example. He liked that I was a nerd, but he just saw me as “innocent,” I guess.
I can honestly say that I’ve never heard someone say that to me in my life. Since then, I’ve noticed that there are other men who have reacted this way to me.
The only thing that has changed is that I don’t overshare about my life and my mental health, and I don’t go overboard with my sexuality to receive validation.
I look exactly the same as I did before, except that I actually take better care of myself and am more in shape. My body looks better, my hair is healthier, and my skin is clear.
I am literally just being myself and connecting with men over our mutual interests, slowly getting to know them without forcing fast connections or overdoing it. I’m trying not to unintentionally lovebomb.
And, apparently, under that thick layer of BPD chaos that I’ve never been able to shed before now, I’m just a very boring person.
I watch Jeopardy every day and do the NYT crossword and have been working on a complete ranking of every song by the Beatles for months. I can’t live without my library card and know everything about the Legend of Zelda and Taylor Swift. I crochet pikmin and koroks for fun. I have an MFA in screenwriting because I love television shows so much that I want to create my own one day.
And for the first time in my life, all of that is defining me more than my mental illness. And men… think I’m boring.
It’s interesting how men were attracted to the disorder but not to me as a person? Like, they were just sexualizing the insanity.
Man. We can’t win.
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2023.03.30 19:12 ll--o--ll Does batting or bowling win the IPL? Cricbuzz

Does batting or bowling win the IPL? Cricbuzz
There is a statement that has acquired cult status, especially on the T20 circuit, over the years: 'Batters win you matches. Bowlers win you tournaments.' But how true is this? In the first 15 seasons of the IPL, we have seen franchises build teams with a balance weighing towards one side or the other depending on a multitude of factors such as their home venue, style of captaincy and resource availability.
As the 16th edition looms on the horizon, it is a good time to revisit the data from the past and see if the statement is just a subjective conclusion that has led to a sweeping generalization, or whether it actually holds water. A deep look at the numbers shows whether one discipline is actually more important than the other, but also reveals the most complete championship[1]winning side thus far, who was the standout franchise over the first 15 years, and how to succeed at a batting-friendly venue like the Chinnaswamy.
In T20 cricket, every team has two resources at their disposal - balls and wickets. The batting side attempts to optimize the first resource by scoring as many runs off every ball delivered. The bowling side tries to concede as few runs as possible for every ball bowled and knows that an important way to do this is to reduce the wicket reserves of the batting team. The two key metrics here are runs scored per ball, and balls taken per dismissal. In more popular parlance, this is run rate and balls per dismissal for the batting team, and economy rate and strike rate for the bowling team.
A batting impact score is therefore derived by combining the run rate and balls per dismissal (RR x BpD/100), and similarly the formula for bowling impact score is the combination of economy rate and strike rate (ER x S100). To figure out a team's total impact score for a season, we compare their batting and bowling impact scores with the average of the other teams in the tournament.
For example, Rajasthan Royals in IPL 2022 scored 8.72 runs per over and lost a wicket every 20.88 balls, whereas the other nine teams cumulatively scored at 8.52 and lost a wicket every 18.57 deliveries. This gives the Royals a batting impact score of 1.82 (8.72 x 20.88 divided by 100 = 1.82) compared to the tournament average of 1.58, meaning their net batting impact score was +0.24.
Likewise, they conceded at 8.51 per over and took a wicket every 19.19 balls in comparison to 8.54 and 18.76 by the other teams. This works out to a bowling impact score of 1.63 for the Royals, while the remaining nine sides managed 1.60. The net bowling value for the Royals is therefore -0.03, and their total impact score for IPL 2022 is +0.21 (+0.24 - 0.03).

'Batters win you matches and bowlers win you tournaments.' But do they?

Let's start by looking at the broader trend.
There are 126 instances of teams featuring across the 15 editions of IPL (Mumbai Indians for IPL 2008 is considered one instance, while their appearance in 2009 is considered another). Among those 126 instances, there have been 39 occasions that teams have finished with both batting and bowling impact scores in the green. The average final ranking for these sides is 2.7, which falls within the playoff qualification bracket (the top four sides qualify for the knockouts in IPL). In 27 instances teams have finished with a positive batting impact score and negative bowling impact score, and these sides on average have a ranking of 5.1.
On the other hand, of the 25 times teams finished with a negative batting impact score and positive bowling impact score, they had a marginal improvement in average ranking to 4.8. From the data analyzed above, it is safe to conclude that going bowling heavy at the expense of batting will not pay dividends and the sides that have done the best are the one that found the right balance, even if it is slightly tilted towards the bowling. If we look at individual cases, the above adage was perhaps put to its sternest test in 2018.
In general, across all T20 cricket, 2018 was the best batting year and the story was no different in IPL with scoring rates peaking at 8.65. CSK were the best batting team of the tournament with a batting impact score of +0.59, well ahead of the next placed Delhi Capitals (+0.24), while SRH was one of the two teams that ended with a positive bowling impact score. SRH successfully defended totals of under 150 thrice in the season and regularly restricted oppositions to par totals or below.
The two sides faced off against each other four times with CSK coming out on top on every occasion, including the final where they upstaged SRH's bowling by chasing 179 to win by eight wickets. In 13 matches against teams other than CSK that season, SRH went at 7.92 and picked a wicket every 17.18 balls, but they came undone against CSK with the same parameters reading 8.91 and 30.67 respectively from four exchanges.
CSK's batting impact score of +0.59 in 2018 was the best among all the teams that won IPL and they were one of only two trophy[1]winning sides to register a negative bowling impact score (MI in 2015 being the only other side). In this case, batting trumped bowling.

SRH bowling vs CSK batting in 2018
Another instance of this hypothesis being put through the acid test was in the 2015 final. This was the only instance of a final being played between a team with a positive bowling impact score and a negative batting impact score, and an opponent with scores the other way around. CSK, the league toppers, finished with impact scores of -0.04 and +0.27 in batting and bowling respectively.
Their opponents in the final - MI - were the best batting unit of the season with an impact score of +0.35, double the next best, while in bowling their score was -0.11. MI were 0.39 points ahead of CSK in batting and 0.38 points behind CSK in bowling making it the most batting vs bowling heavy sides in terms of impact scores facing each other in a summit clash. MI made 202/5 batting first and got the better of CSK, restricting them to 161 to make it 3-1 in head-to-head clashes in the season. So once again we saw batting strength getting the better of bowling strength.

The bowling heavy sides that went all the way

If the above suggests that it is batting that clinches trophies, let's look at some bowling teams that went all the way. In 2019, CSK were a hit away from clinching the title. The IPL returned to Chennai for a full season for the first time in a while and the tracks on offer at Chepauk slowed down significantly as the match progressed, which meant spin was the order of the day.
CSK realized this early and were aided in their pursuit by the fact they won six tosses out of eight home games. Luck factor aside, CSK on average bowled 15 balls of spin every innings more than their visitors, which proved to be the clincher. Imran Tahir was the Purple Cap winner that year with 26 scalps, while Harbhajan Singh and Ravindra Jadeja played the supporting cast to perfection. Deepak Chahar and Dwayne Bravo capped off the attack, owning either ends of the innings.
Each of CSK's top four leading wicket takers picked 15+ wickets at economy rates under 7.50 per over, covering up for what was one of CSK's weakest seasons with the bat. Two bowling dominant sides that went on to lift the silverware are Rajasthan Royals in the inaugural IPL and Kolkata Knight Riders in 2012, both with a bowling impact score of +0.28. Royals in 2008 had three of the four highest wicket takers (Sohail Tanvir, Shane Warne & Shane Watson) of the season, and a strong bowling attack was the backbone of their success at their bowling-friendly home in Jaipur, where they did not lose a single game.
The story was similar for KKR in 2012, where Sunil Narine led the attack with 24 wickets at an economy rate of 5.48 and was backed up by bowlers who made full use of the Eden Gardens track. No other championship-winning side has had their total impact score significantly boosted by bowling impact like KKR in 2012 (bowling impact score of +0.25 to batting impact score of +0.03). SRH in 2016 is another title-winning team whose balance was more skewed to their bowling unit.
They remain an anomaly as the only champions who had a negative batting impact score (-0.06), despite a cracking season from their skipper David Warner who hit 848 runs. Bhuvneshwar was the Purple Cap winner with 23 wickets and formed a formidable pairing with Mustafizur Rahman, who finished with 17 wickets and played big hand for them throughout the season.

Team with best bowling impact scores
The most complete championship-winning side

It would be little surprise to anyone who has followed IPL diligently to hear which was the most rounded side that ever lifted the silverware. No other side dominated an IPL season as much as Mumbai Indians did in the 2020 edition.
They lost just five games in the season, two via Super Over and one when they rested most of their first choice players, underscoring their dominance. SRH in 2017 aside (more on them later), MI in 2020 is the only team that finished with a batting impact score above +0.50 and a bowling impact score above +0.25.
They had a strong batting order with three of their top four batters (Quinton de Kock, Ishan Kishan & Suryakumar Yadav) aggregating 480+ runs at 140+ strike rate, while both Kieron Pollard and Hardik Pandya provided the finishing touch to the innings striking at 175+. MI scored at 9.09 per over and lost a wicket every 24.41 balls - RCB in 2016 is the only other instance of a team managing the double of 9+ run rate and 22+ balls per dismissal.
Despite the obvious chinks in the bowling attack - like the lack of a genuine second overseas seamer and Hardik's inability to bowl - Jasprit Bumrah (27 wickets, SR 13.33) and Trent Boult (25 wickets, SR 13.76) controlled either half of the innings, which ensured that their bowling towered above the rest. MI on average were +1.15 runs ahead every over of the opposition (run rate of 9.09 and economy rate of 7.94), which was the best a team managed in a season.


Chennai Super Kings, with an average impact score of +0.41 across the 13 editions in which they competed, is the standout IPL side in the first 15 years of the competition's journey. CSK registered a positive impact score in 12 of the 13 seasons they featured in, missing out only in IPL 2022 - which also happens to be the only time both their batting and bowling impact scores were in negative territory Among the sides which have featured in at least three editions SRH is a territory. Among the sides which have featured in at least three editions, SRH is a distant second with an average impact score of +0.14, while MI is the only other side to register a net average impact score in positive territory (+0.09).
Of the top ten entries on total impact score across the 15 editions, CSK occupy as many as five of them, with three of those culminating in title wins (2011, 2018 & 2021). In all three title-winning seasons, they managed a +0.50 batting impact score while their bowling impact score in all of these seasons was below +0.10, underscoring how batting-dominant CSK have been in their successful years. CSK teams are renowned for having deep batting lineups and they often rely on skipper MS Dhoni's tactical acumen to ensure the bowling unit's output is greater than the sum of its parts.
The only exception to this trend was their maiden title win in 2010 where they achieved their lowest batting impact score (+0.25) and highest bowling impact score (+0.11) of their four title-winning seasons. They were staring at an early exit midway through the tournament with just two wins from seven matches but regrouped well in the second half to win five matches, four of them at their bastion at Chepauk, to stage a comeback that culminated in the double of IPL and CLT20 trophies.

Title winning teams with impact scores
Cracking the Chinnaswamy code
A common denominator for every T20 dynasty is the dominance at their home ground and a team built around the characteristics of it - for example the fast bouncy wickets at Perth for the Scorchers, or the Chepauk turner for Chennai Super Kings. The Chinnaswamy Stadium typically presents a flat wicket combined with short boundaries, negating the home team's ability to assemble a squad tailored to the venue and leaving them little home advantage.
Yet RCB seemed to crack the code when they realized it is futile to plan to defend runs, and a far better strategy to go hunting for wickets. The 2015 RCB bowling attack did this to perfection when four of their highest wicket takers (Yuzvendra Chahal, Mitchell Starc, Harshal Patel & David Wiese - all with 15+ wickets each) combined to take 76 wickets between them at a rate of one every 13.9 balls. RCB's strike rate of 15.10 in that season is the best any side had managed in a season and the blueprint was set.
In the following year, they followed the same strategy with changes in personnel around Chahal. Chahal broke the door to national team selection with a 21-wicket season (SR 14.05) and was assisted by Shane Watson (20 wickets, SR 16.95), Chris Jordan (11 wickets, SR 15.27) and Sreenath Aravind (11 wickets, SR 15.91). As mentioned below, they failed to grab the clutch moments in the final and fell at the last hurdle for the third time.
The Chinnaswamy wicket was re-laid in 2017 but RCB veered away from this approach in the following years, failing to qualify for the Play Offs for three consecutive seasons between 2017 and 2019. They haven't played at the venue in the post-Covid era, a phase in which they have leaned towards a strong bowling lineup - unlike the sides of the past which were heavily loaded towards batting. RCB did find some success with their new approach, making the Play Offs for three successive years since 2020. How RCB's fortunes will pan out as they return to their home at Chinnaswamy will be one of the stories to watch out for in the 2023 IPL.

The outliers

In the 126 instances of teams featuring in the IPL so far, only one team has managed a total impact score of over one point. To the surprise of many, the team in picture is SunRisers Hyderabad in 2017, who finished third in the league phase, winning eight of the 13 completed games. SRH lost a wicket every 26.32 balls, which happens to be the second best a team ever managed in a season(marginally behind Chennai Super Kings' 26.63 in 2014).
Bowling strike rate wise, their 16.36 deliveries per wicket was only bettered on two other instances, giving them a positive difference of almost ten balls for every wicket lost and every wicket taken - the highest any team has ever achieved in a season. SRH in 2017 had five batters aggregating over 200 runs, four of them averaging over 28 balls per dismissal, while four of them scored those runs at a 135+ strike rate.
David Warner won the Orange Cap for his 641 runs (SR 142, BpD 41) followed by Shikhar Dhawan (479 runs, SR 127, BpD 29), Moises Henriques (277 runs, SR 136, BpD 34), Kane Williamson (256 runs, SR 151, BpD 28) and Yuvraj Singh (252 runs, SR 142, BpD 20). SunRisers' run rate of 8.64 was the highest they ever managed in an IPL season, further underlining how good a season they had batting wise - in a phase where SRH were renowned for their bowling-heavy strategy under Tom Moody.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar led the bowling charts, winning Purple Cap for the second year running with an eye popping strike rate of 12 balls every wicket. A teenaged Rashid Khan made giant strides in his debut IPL season with 17 scalps at an economy of 6.63, followed by Siddarth Kaul and Mohammed Siraj, who bagged 16 and 10 scalps at strike rates of 13.4 and 13.8 respectively.
In a tournament where they dominated with both bat and ball, SRH were unlucky not to go further as they crashed out in the Eliminator to KKR at the Chinnaswamy Stadium. The tracks at Chinnaswamy were re-laid before the season which made it play contrary to its usual self, making batting a mean job. Adding to SRH's misfortune, the chase was cut short when rain reduced the game to a five-over shootout, leaving them little chance of a comeback.

Teams with best impact scores

The only other instance a team came close to match SunRisers' feat was RCB in IPL 2016, where they finished with a net impact score of +0.96. They assembled what could arguably be the finest batting lineup the IPL has ever witnessed - Virat Kohli, AB de Villiers, Chris Gayle, Shane Watson, and KL Rahul making up their top five. Kohli's magnum opus of 973 runs in a single edition in 2016 remains unmatched, and he was ably supported by AB de Villiers (687 runs, Avg 52.85, SR 169) and KL Rahul in what was his breakout season (397 runs, Avg 44.11, SR 146). RCB's scoring of 9.63 in 2016 is the best any team has managed in an IPL season thus far, and they did so losing a wicket only every 26.17 balls, giving them a batting impact score of 0.92 - the highest any team achieved in a season.
Gayle and Watson did not have particularly fruitful tournaments with the bat, but Watson more than made it up for that with his best season with the ball, accounting for 20 wickets. Like SRH in 2017, RCB was also unlucky not to end their title drought in 2016 as they failed to latch on to the key moments on the night that mattered. From a winning position, their inform middle order choked under pressure in the back half of the run chase to end eight runs short.

Team with best batting impact scores


The unlucky ones

Of the top 25 teams on total impact score, the only side that failed to make it past the league phase is the RCB side of 2013. They finished with a total impact score of +0.60, while no other side that finished outside the top four could even get to +0.30. RCB in 2013 also remain the only side across 15 seasons that failed to finish in the top four despite winning more than half of their league games (nine wins and seven defeats from 16 league games).
MI in 2008 is another side that was unfortunate to miss the knockouts despite a total impact score of +0.28. They started off in the worst possible manner, losing four games on the trot, their original captain injured and their stand-in captain suspended. They staged a remarkable comeback to win their next six games before falling agonizingly short in the final over in their following three games.

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2023.03.30 19:04 tvchase THE GREATEST TRICK THE DEVIL EVER PULLED -- Part Five (1/2)

“Wrestling is linear. But these are not linear times…”
Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four
September 9, 2022 – The Fallout from Brawl Out
AEW is in crisis. Its champion and biggest star turned the world upside down three days prior. CM Punk is in exile, two titles are vacant, and three of the company’s founders have their futures in jeopardy. The landscape is pure chaos. Amidst that chaos, a villain strolls out to the stage with a big smile on his face.
MJF eats it all up… AEW’s greatest heel may have become its greatest face in one night. The live audience is jubilant to see him and he reciprocates, diving into them just as CM Punk had done, hugging Taz at the broadcast desk, wearing the jersey of that city’s football team.
Joy reverberates in his words once he grabs the microphone:
"BUFFALO, NEW YORK! THE DEVIL IS BACK! Now listen up Buffalo, first things first... Who's excited to see MJF? “Lord knows I am. Guys, I love Buffalo, New York, hell the greatest Quarterback of all time, Josh Allen is from Buffalo. Now, we're gonna get down to brass tacks a little bit here, okay? Last time you guys saw me I might've said some offensive stuff, I'm just being honest…
The fans strike up a loud chant: “YOU WERE RIGHT”
Now hear me out, hear me out, hear me out... Hold on g-- Seriously, I only have so much time allotted. Shut up. Please. Jesus. Alright listen... If there's one thing I know to be true, it's that right now you might think that we're in dark times, but we're not. What we need is leadership. And I can not think of one more person, more trustworthy than me! Now let me tell you a story: there was once a wise Jewish man, and his name started with a M. And when his people were meek and weak and they needed help, he split the sea wide open and he walked them straight to the promise land. Buffalo, I'm not telling you I'm Moses, that's ridiculous. I'M BETTER THAN MOSES! I'VE GOT TO WIN THAT WORLD TITLE BECAUSE MY NAME IS MAXWELL JACOB FRIEDMAN AND I'M BETTER THAN YOU...
“AND YOU KNOW IT!”, the crowd finishes for him. “Wild Thing” comes over the speakers and Jon Moxley walks through the crowd to the ring.
He stares down MJF then says: “You are absolutely full of crap.”
Crowd laughs a bit, but they also boo him some.
"So let me get this straight, Jonathan. You think I'm not being sincere here in Buffalo, New York? In front of all these grotesque, poor, lard asses who have quite possibly the worst Football Team in the history of the United States of America? [MJF shed’s the jersey and wipes his ass with it] … Now Jon, I don't know if you're a little bit woozy considering you went to sleep on Sunday… [MJF mimes CM Punk's “Go To Sleep” pose]
But maybe you got a point. Maybe I don't care about AEW.... Maybe I don't care about these people... Maybe, just maybe I look at the World Title as nothing more than a bargaining chip that I can use for the bidding war of 2024. Maybe I take that title to a real Wrestling Company, WITH REAL FANS. And real wrestlers like my friend and hero 'The American Roller Coad-ster' Cody Rhodes. And – I'M HOLDING THE MICROPHONE YOU BUMS! KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! And maybe, just maybe I get to work for a real boss, the only Khan in professional wrestling that's worth a damn; Jolly Old St. Nick. Because to quote the greatest wrestler of all time, and my personal hero, The Game: 'That is what's best for business.’”
"Dude. This is not the time, this is not the place, and I am in no mood. You need to leave this ring right now, or I will make you leave.
MJF stands toe-to-toe with Moxley before slithering out of the ring. Mox continues:
Hey, your theme music sucks by the way. Now Buffalo, New York. I am in no mood... I am pissed off. I am embarrassed. I am pissed off about a great many things. But none more so than the fact that I'm standing here without the AEW World Championship... The AEW World Championship represents passion for this sport! Passion for this business! It represents the passion of the guys and girls in the back, and the fans that fill the arenas and watch at home. Those three letters in the AEW World Championship, they represent heroes during a pandemic at a time where the world needed heroes. It represents the dream, the vision that we all had when we started this thing years ago, and we wanted to show the world just what wrestling could be. The AEW World Championship represents taking the dark and ugly side of this business and letting it die with another generation. The World Championship represents the freedom to be as great as you are willing to dare to be. The AEW World championship means being better than I was the day before. Even if it's just a little bit better. Even if nobody notices but me. That World Championship represents slaying demons. That World Championship represents EVERYTHING I LOVE ABOUT THIS BUSINESS!
But the fact remains: on Sunday, I lost. And that's on me, that's my fault. I made mistakes. I got pinned. That's on me. I missed the game winning shot. And I was supposed to be on vacation right now, like until about two days ago. But here's another chance to take another shot when the game's on the line. This Tournament of Champions is one hell of a shot. That's one hell of a big rock to push all the way to the top of the hill again. Chris Jericho, the greatest of all time. Bryan Danielson, the best pure wrestler to ever step foot into a ring, a better wrestler than I'll ever be. Darby Allin, Hangman Page, Sammy Guevara, three dudes all younger than me, faster than me, more naturally gifted than I could ever be. So yeah, that's a hell of a shot. But winners always want the ball when the game is on the line. The Ace always wants the ball. And I want the ball. So hell yeah, I'm gonna take the shot.
Cause this isn't just a time to win… This is a time to be a legend!
Moxley leaves to a furious ovation and has rallied the AEW fans back to reason and rationality. It’s only temporary though, and an unnerved mood persists. The message is delivered by Moxley, truly the Ace of the company… But it feels like it should’ve come from someone else and perhaps that someone else would have been there to deliver it if he wasn't turned away. Better yet, the situation may have been avoided entirely.
But then again, maybe the whole damn thing was inevitable all along.
January 4, 2016 - Tokyo
Following their tag win over CHAOS, Kenny Omega betrays and usurps the leader of Bullet Club, AJ Styles, at NJPW: New Year’s Dash.
"AJ Styles! My god, you can't be surprised, can you? You people, you can't be surprised. You at home you better not be surprised. You had this coming, AJ. We gave you the big matches, we gave you the big pay-per-views. We made you a star, we paid you like a star. While I struggled, while I starved, forcing myself to be a junior. Everybody called you a leader, everybody called you the boss. Well AJ, if you are the boss, I'm just gonna say it. You have now been fired.
The rest of the Bullet Club is initially in disagreement before coalescing around Kenny and ganging up on Styles. They leave with their former leader in a heap, but Kenny and the Young Bucks gather at ringside. The three of them return to the ring and continue the brutal assault on AJ Styles… They are still in the Bullet Club, but within that organization, henceforth they will be The Elite.
January 4, 2017 - Wrestle Kingdom 11
Having stormed through his first ever attempt in the tournament, Kenny Omega became the only gaijin to have ever won New Japan’s G1 Tournament and earned the right to challenge for the company’s top prize at WK11.
That night in the Tokyo Dome, Omega and Okada created magic in one of the greatest matches in wrestling history. On the same show, Bullet Club’s newest member debuts: Cody Rhodes. Frustrated with his position and his creative direction, Cody had requested and been granted his release from WWE the previous summer, Cody makes his way across the Pacific, sending shockwaves through the international wrestling landscape.
Despite this shot in the arm, Bullet Club is tested by the crushing defeat of its leader. Following his loss to Okada, Kenny steps away from wrestling to assess his future. When he returns after several weeks Cody had grown ambitious and plots in the background.
June 11, 2017 - Dominion
In a rematch of their classic from the start of the year at Wrestle Kingdom 11, Kenny Omega attempts to avenge his defeat and claim the IWGP Heavyweight Championship from Kazuchika Okada. Earlier in the night, Cody had grabbed a headset and proclaimed he wanted to face Okada himself.
Omega and Okada push each other over the limit even harder than before. Omega is taking inhuman punishment yet refuses to give up. Eventually, Cody makes his way down to the ring and attempts to throw in the towel for Kenny, but the Bucks stop him.
The timekeeper’s bell rings, marking it a 60-minute draw.
Afterward, the Elite debate whether it was a true act of mercy by Cody or a scheme for his personal goals
Cody storms Okada’s post-match press conference, where he mocks the champ, spits in his face, and challenges him for a title match.
May 16, 2017 - The Bet
Dave Meltzer quote-tweets a question asking if anyone could sell 10,000 tickets to a non-WWE show in America, to which he replies, “Not anytime soon.”
Cody takes note and responds: “I'll take that bet Dave… put The Bucks & I on the card & 3-months to promote”... Over the next year this grand dream between Cody and the Young Bucks will come to fruition.
July 1, 2017 - Returning the Favor
Cody unsuccessfully challenges Okada for the IWGP championship. Kenny comes to ringside and wants to throw in the towel just as Cody had tried weeks earlier. After the match, the two of them nearly come to blows backstage and Cody flips a table.
August 2017 - G1 Climax
Throughout the tournament, Bullet Club nears a boiling point. OG member Toma Tonga questions Omega’s leadership due to having his small inner circle of The Elite within the larger group. In the weeks and months to follow, Cody identifies Kota Ibushi as Kenny Omega’s weakest point and starts targeting him as a wedge to divide the Bullet Club and create chaos wherein he can ascend to power.
January 4, 2018 - Wrestle Kingdom 12
Looking to use a win over Ibushi as a flashpoint to take control of Bullet Club, Cody viciously mauls Kota in a singles match but can’t secure the victory. Frustrated that his plan failed, the next night at New Year’s Dash he launches a post-match assault on Ibushi. Cody and the rest of Bullet Club are wailing on Ibushi until Kenny rushes out to stop them… but the rest of Bullet Club can’t help feeling Kenny views his old tag partner as more important to him than they are. Cody’s plan bears fruit as Kenny makes a massive unforced error: he invites “Switchblade” Jay White to join Bullet Club and be a shot in the arm for the faction, only for White to betray him immediately and join CHAOS.
January 7, 2018 - Being the Elite #87
Camera follows the Elite as they are tense and nervous preparing for Wrestle Kingdom a few days earlier. It jumps to the group after New Year’s Dash, all gathered at a tense dinner conversation. To break the tension, Matt proposes a new gimmick for the group: “BTE IS DRUG FREE”... aka, Straight Edge… no one shoots it down, but they’re not thrilled either, and Cody hides his beer underneath the table.
The effort to relieve things fails, however, and Cody blurs the line between kayfabe and shoot, shouting for the cameraman to put the camera down. Then we get a fly-on-the-wall glimpse at him charging Kenny with always “turning everything into a bit”, disregarding the group, and heatedly asking him if he’s actually their leader before Kenny finally storms away from the table.
January 28, 2018 - Civil War
Jay White scores a massive upset at New Beginning and takes the IWGP United States Championship from Kenny Omega. After the bell, Hangman confronts Jay White and seeks to challenge for the title, but Kenny stops him. The Bucks and Cody rush to the ring, and Cody accuses their leader of stepping on Hangman’s moment. A violent argument ensues with Kenny shoving Matt Jackson to the ground.
Once the Elite have left the ring and Kenny is alone, Cody seizes the opportunity and hits Kenny with a CrossRhodes, initiating the Bullet Club Civil War. The only thing saving Omega from a brutal attack that night is Ibushi, who runs off Cody and returns the favor for his old friend and partner, reuniting the Golden Lovers after years of separation. Regardless, Cody’s plan is in full effect. Bullet Club is in disarray and if he is to take power, now is the opportunity.
In 944 days, Roman Reigns becomes world champion to begin his and the Bloodline's vice grip on WWE.
January 30, 2018 - Being The Elite #90
Cody, to the assembled Elite of Matt, Nick, Hangman, and Marty:
It isn’t my place, but you’ve known that guy for over ten years. I don’t get it, I’m sorry. Yeah, he’s a great wrestler, but leadership… Like I said, it’s action not position! That’s not acting like a leader! ‘Oh, you’re my second, you’re my second’... Who the F-CK are you seconds for? Nobody! The best tag team in the world! And Hangman, it’s your moment! He… He ruined it.
Bullet Club is fine… Bullet Club is fine.
Kenny & Ibushi go to visit the Bucks in their hotel room, Room 710… but we aren’t shown what happens next.
February 12, 2018 – Being the Elite #92
Cody floats around reassuring everyone: “Bullet Club is fine.” All of the guys have pure depression on their faces, but Cody continually gasses them up, telling the Bucks they’re ready for the jump to the heavyweight division and encouraging Marty to start up a Villain Club of his own. Later, Matt, Nick, and Marty are commiserating in a locker room prior to a Ring of Honor show when Hangman and Cody strut through the door.
Cody, smugly:
“Whew, look at that! Did you guys see [Hangman] kick the door down??”
He thinks a couple of surprises might cheer them up. The first, some new merch that says “Bullet Club is Fine” doesn’t do the trick, so he takes them for the second surprise: their new mascot, Bury the Drug-Free Bear. Using his best Sting voice, Cody introduces Bury as someone who will “shock the world” only for him to “fall on his f-ckin’ arse” like the Shockmaster did 25 years earlier.
Kenny tries to call Matt, but Cody sees the call coming through on the phone and declines it.
February 19, 2018 – Being the Elite #93
Cody maneuvers the Bucks around the Melbourne airport to keep them from running into Kenny. While traveling, Cody further drives the Ibushi wedge between Matt and the absent Kenny and plays up that Kenny only views the Bucks as a junior tag team. Later, Cody takes the brothers out to the zoo and to the movie theater as we see Kenny emotionally watching Casablanca on his phone.
The Bucks catch up with Tonga and the OGs backstage in a locker room where they try to make peace.
“Alright guys, thanks for gathering here. Nick and I feel like there’s one important thing that we need to talk about… I think it’s kind of obvious, right? There’s a divide in the Bullet Club. It’s almost like there’s two entities all of a sudden. It’s like there’s Bullet Club BTE and Bullet Club OGs… Nick and I have been watching what you’ve been doing in Japan… holding down the fort, representing the Bullet Club, making the name proud. But we’ve been back at home in the US doing the same thing. There is no heat here. We love you guys. When we all say that catchphrase, when we say ‘Bullet Club is for life’, we mean it. It’s not just a catchphrase, okay? There’s no heat here. The only heat is between two individuals: Cody and Kenny.”
“Cody is right. Bullet Club is fine.”
The two groups shake hands, then Cody enters the locker room, surprised to see everyone together:
“Did somebody call a meeting? I didn’t call a meeting…”
In strolls Kenny.
Kenny: So there he is. The snake in the grass. Three-star savior. Hey Cody.
Cody: Did you see the sign outside? It says 'Bullet Club'.
Kenny: That's right, and I AM THE LEADER.
They start brawling and the others can barely keep them apart.
Touch me and I'll sue! Touch me and I'll sue!!
Cody throws a chair that barely misses Kenny and the Bucks.
Matt and Nick look at each other, devastated at what’s become of the group.
February 25, 2018 - Being the Elite #94
Matt Jackson is on a plane traveling between shows, doing the same thing as Kenny from the previous episode: watching Casablanca.
For those who haven't seen it, the story at the heart of the film is a love triangle: cynical club owner Rick, his first love Ilsa, and her rebel husband Laszlo, enhanced by a background of espionage and war with the local police chief, Renault, at the crossroads of the entanglements.
It’s foreshadowing the story to come. In the film, Rick and Ilsa had a passionate love before the events on screen, but they split up and Ilsa then wound up with her now-husband Laszlo, a Czech rebel carrying vital documents for the resistance against Nazi Germany. Rick and Ilsa reunite and rekindle their romance until Rick – knowing she’s better off with her husband – convinces Ilsa to leave with Laszlo before local authorities catch them. Rick stays behind, killing the evil Major Strasser who was attempting to stop the married couple from escaping Casablanca. Renault, who has been playing both sides (Germans and Resistance) up to this point, is touched by Rick's sacrifice. Other policemen arrive and see Strasser's dead body. Rather than identify Rick as the culprit, Renault instructs the cops to "round up the usual suspects"... And of course, that classic line provides the name of the film The Usual Suspects, from which Punk, and MJF, and Don Callis have all quoted the final line:
"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was making you believe he doesn't exist."
The Usual Suspects is a tale of a mysterious crime lord who manipulates and controls multiple criminals to achieve his ultimate goal and get away scot-free. It is tightly designed so that if you rewatch it knowing the ending, you realize and notice dozens of things you missed on the first viewing.
As Casablanca ends, Rick says to Renault: "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship", implying that if they work together, they can get away with almost anything…
This BTE episode ends with the group all in Japan. The Bucks approach Kenny and Ibushi to have a conversation, but Kenny doesn’t have time for them. Later that night at the event, Cody pulls the Bucks into a hallway and implores them to listen to the promo Kenny is cutting in the ring at that exact moment, where he declares the Golden Lovers the greatest tag team in the world. Cody pushes them to go handle it. The Young Bucks go to the ring while Cody flashes a devilish smile.
From this day forward, my brother and I have decided to move up and compete in the heavyweight tag team division.
It puts them directly in opposition with the Lovers. Kenny and Ibushi confront them backstage, but the Bucks don’t take anything from him, saying they’ve always been there to support him but it’s never been returned. All those times they were there to pick Kenny up off the mat, where was Ibushi?
March 5, 2018 - BTE #95
In Vegas, Matt and Nick are in the dressing room talking when Bury the Drug Free Bear enters and seems desperate to tell them something. Bury is about to remove the head to his costume when Hangman bursts in. He is angry with Matt for not helping him during his confrontation with Joey Ryan the week prior. Cody enters and asks Bury why he hasn't got his Bullet Club shirt on and pulls him away to get changed. Everyone looks confused and Matt wonders what the bear was trying to tell them.
Cody is in the production studio and calls Nick over to suggest that Matt is holding him back and that he should consider wrestling in singles matches, but Nick looks unconvinced. Later that night, Cody is in the ring celebrating with Brandi and Bury after his match. As Cody goes to hug Bury, the bear pushes him to the floor. Standing over a prone, confused Cody, Bury removes his costume head to reveal Kenny Omega ,who knocks out Cody with a knee strike as the fans go wild.
Cody is demented after the match:
“What a time. What a time to be involved in this great sport… Everybody’s eyes in this sport are fixed on New Orleans, on Supercard of Honor… my very first encounter with Kenny Omega. So wouldn’t that be enough? As a professional… that feather in your cap, that everybody is talking about your match, that everybody wants to see your match, that you have stolen the [Wrestlemania] weekend from the rich and you have given it to the poor… wouldn’t that be enough?
So why the… escalation? Why come to Las Vegas? … You’re supposed to be the best wrestler in the world! A hero! You’ve got a bag full of them [match rating] stars, well I have a book full of dates, full of cities, full of towns, because I’m not a hero once a month! I’m a hero every single night!
Perception is no longer reality. Reality is reality.
And the reality is that I am the leader of the Bullet Club… that I am the hero in this story.
March 20, 2018 – BTE #97
Just like he did with Nick previously, Cody sequesters Matt and says his brother has been holding him back and he needs a singles push.
In Japan, Kenny records a message to the Young Bucks apologizing, saying how Cody has gotten into everyone’s heads and divided the group, and hopes to make amends… Unbeknownst to him, Cody has Nick’s laptop so he intercepts the message and edits it down to an insulting challenge. Matt is enraged, but Nick is suspicious.
March 25, 2018 – The Elite Fight It Out
In Los Angeles at NJPW: Strong Style Evolved, the Golden Lovers face the Young Bucks in a deeply personal grudge match. After a brutal, back-and-forth war where the Lovers emerge victorious, Kenny attempts to bury the hatchet. Nick accepts the olive branch, but Matt refuses to shake Kenny’s hand. Cody hits the ring and berates Matt for eating the pin during the match. When Nick intervenes, Cody spins around and shoves him to the ground.
Later in the locker room, Cody comes in to ask what happened out there. The Bucks are challenging him for his actions, but Cody shouts them down, saying he thought it was Kenny in the ring and that he would never do such a thing to them. Cody apologizes profusely and leaves.
“I don’t think we can trust this guy.”
April 7, 2018 – Supercard of Honor XII
With the leadership of Bullet Club at stake, Kenny Omega and Cody Rhodes square off in a hard-hitting match. Having grown wary of Cody and his schemes, the Bucks come down to the ring and decide to attack Cody. They launch double superkicks… but Cody ducks and the kicks land on Omega, allowing Cody to hit his finisher and claim the win. Matt and Nick attempt to explain, but Kenny refuses to listen.
In the backstage area, Cody is ecstatic at wresting control of Bullet Club away from Kenny. He wants to celebrate, but the Elite leave the dressing room and leave Cody sitting alone in his ring gear, sweaty, bloody, with a black eye and a gym towel draped around his shoulders, looking starkly similar to another guy post-match four years later…
June 4, 2018 – BTE #105
After a busy summer in which Cody and the Bucks have assembled the looming All In event, Matt and Nick try establishing lines of communication with Kenny in Japan. Ibushi implores him to reconcile with his old friends but he’s reluctant. Cody is obsessed with running a Senate election campaign in Texas and practices his speeches in bathroom mirrors, but it almost sounds like he’s talking to his stablemates. Meanwhile, a package that Matt and Nick sent him weeks ago has been collecting dust the whole time. Ahead of his fourth match with Kazuchika Okada, Kenny decides to open the package…
June 9, 2018 – Omega vs Okada IV
Everyone is in Japan for the big Dominion show. Hangman approaches Cody and asks what the plan is for tonight. Cody looks sullen and calls off whatever he had been plotting to ruin Omega’s big night.
Kenny triumphs in possibly the greatest match in wrestling history, claiming the IWGP heavyweight championship. He reunites with the Young Bucks afterward, and it’s revealed that in the package are Golden Elite shirts, honoring the pact they made in Hotel Room 710 at the start of the year.
Cody approaches the locker room with congratulatory gifts for Kenny and to make peace, but he stops short and leaves them outside the door.
July 7, 2018 – Debts Are Settled in San Francisco
At the G1 Special NJPW show, Cody challenges Omega for the IWGP championship. After a war with Kenny emerging in triumph, the Elite gather and celebrate… until the Bullet Club OGs attack them in retribution for the dysfunction and strife they’ve brought to the group over the previous two years. Cody returns to the ring and is given a chance to brutalize Kenny, but instead he defends him and rejoins the Elite in full.
Over the coming months, Cody, Kenny, Matt, Nick and Hangman solidify themselves as a core group leading up to:
September 1, 2018 - All In
By far the greatest triumph in indie wrestling history, the show was a massive success both at live gate and on PPV, wildly exceeding all expectations. In its main event, Cody wins the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, the same world title his father had claimed 31 years earlier.
After this monumental night, the Elite ceded the war for control of Bullet Club to the OGs and stepped away from the group, turning their attention to the establishment of something new entirely: All Elite Wrestling. This new national promotion came into being on January 1, 2019, and at its forefront was the core group of five. As the inaugural and omnipresent face of the company, Cody’s claim to AEW gold is surely just a matter of time.
May 25, 2019 -- Double or Nothing
AEW holds its first event ever.
In 944 days, on the Christmas episode of Rampage, Cody claims his final championship in AEW.
August 31, 2019 -- All Out
As the clock strikes midnight, Chris Jericho pins Hangman Adam Page to become the first AEW World Champion.
In 944 days, Cody Rhodes rises onto the WrestleMania stage and returns to WWE.
November 6, 2019
Allied with his friend, protege, and personal recruit to AEW, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, the public face of AEW prepares to challenge for the world championship of the company he helped build. He seems destined for it, it’s damn near his birthright, and yet there are whispers he’s only in position to claim it through politics.
“Eddie Graham... Cowboy Bill Watts... The American Dream Dusty Rhodes... For the cold and sterile historians of our business, there's an air of controversy that surrounds them, it's from the simple fact that those men were also, in addition to being competitors... they were management. Not unlike myself. And for the last year I've told everybody: every podcast, every radio, every correspondent. I've shouted it off the rooftops how proud I am of AEW, how proud I am of the all-inclusive nature, of the schedule, of the pay, of the fact that we will listen. This! This is Ellis Island for a professional wrestler! This is freedom! So, when I hear the same criticism attached to my name for being management and being in a title match… I can't not hear it... And with that said, I am announcing that if I do not defeat Chris Jericho at Full Gear... I will never challenge for the AEW World championship again.
And so Cody faced Chris Jericho at Full Gear 2019 with destiny in his grasp. There, with MJF in his corner, Cody and Jericho pushed each other to their limits. Late in the match with the challenger locked tight in the Walls of Jericho, MJF throws in the towel for Cody and costs him the match, effectively locking him out of the title picture thereafter.
MJF’s ascension begins. He wins the Dynamite Diamond Ring and begins climbing the rankings. Winning isn’t simply enough, though. If he wants everything, he needs chaos. He needs to flip the world upside down. He needs the world to believe its heroes are the villains and its villains are the heroes.
November 14, 2019
You wanna boo me as if I’m the villain… Meanwhile, you people have been cheering for the real villain the whole time. That villain is Cody… Cody Rhodes couldn’t give less of a shit about any single one of you… You sheep don’t want to admit it. There’s only one man on this planet who knows the real Cody Rhodes, and you’re looking at him.
December 11, 2019
"What are you gonna do Cody? Are you gonna try to fire me? Are you gonna pull Tony Khan over to the side and get me fired? Well how bout you do that Cody. HOW BOUT YOU FIRE ME. Oh wait. That's right. You won't. Because the one thing you want most in this world is to get your hands on me... And to top that off, you'd be letting down each and every one of these people you claim to care about.”
February 29, 2020 – Revolution
After weeks of taunting and weeks of enduring the original gauntlet of trials MJF sets in order to get a match with him, Cody gets his match with MJF… but he falls short, defeated and humiliated by the young man he brought into AEW himself.
March 5, 2020 – Cody is bitten by the original Snake
Jake Roberts emerges from the thickest of weeds and slithers down to the ring. He nearly devours Cody. He mocks him… “Hail Caesar”. He neither fears nor respects him.
“What a Snake wants, a snake takes. I’m not in AEW for the whole pie.. Just your slice”
Two weeks later the world screeches to a halt as an unknown, lethal virus spreads rapidly around the globe. For several weeks Dynamite is patchwork, assembled from whatever talent is available. A tournament for a new title belt is announced. Ahead of its opening round we get the darkest promo we’ve thus far seen from the purest babyface in the company’s short history…
April 8, 2020
Cody sits ominously at a table, in a pitch black room, and lights a cigar… just as he’d done before when laying out his machinations against Kenny Omega for control of Bullet Club.
"Why do I wanna be TNT Champion? Wrestling is so linear you're gonna hear the same answer to that question over and over again. You'll even hear the announcers strike some of the same hyperboles as they describe the stakes. The wrestlers will give you that real wrestling school, paint by numbers interview where they say things like --- you see: ‘The boys in the back.' Or my favorite: They perpetually say their own name or the person they're wrestling against or the person who's interviewing them over and over again. Like I said, wrestling is linear. They might even do the – [Cody gestures around his waist where a belt would be worn] - that thing. You see, where you pantomime, where you indicate that you want the belt. I've done it a thousand times. We've all done it, we're all guilty. Wrestling is linear. But these are not linear times, are they? I think we'd all give our last dollar for a little bit of normalcy, a little bit of linear. It's my personal hope that we get through this just fine. We wanna live by each other's happiness, not by each other's misery, right?
So why do I need to become champion? It is not the fame. It's certainly not the added money. It's not the specialized lower third that they put on the screen. It's not even my specific, unique circumstance of trying to carry a last name that is worth 58 years in gold. It's much simpler. It's because I don't wanna lose. AEW has four major pay per views: Double Or Nothing, All Out, Full Gear, Revolution and I'm 50/50 and I have felt lost and I don't ever want to lose again…The motto, the expression, what the Nightmare Family means, it's sitting at the side of my neck is when we say: DO THE WORK! It's not: Do the work and lose.
And this tournament is flush, it's rich in talent. Take Colt Cabana. Probably the second most experienced guy in the tournament. Does a better flip, flop and fly than me, Dustin and Bully combined. Ask anybody in any locker room the world over – they'll tell you they love Colt Cabana. Well frankly: I do not trust a wrestler that doesn't have any enemies.
Kip Sabian… and that hellfire fiance of his… What happens when those two cohabitate? They’re either gonna motivate themselves upwards or they're gonna drag themselves down to Complacency City, right next to ‘Jobber Avenue.
Darby… I feel like I handpicked Darby. He's clearly the fastest rising star in all of wrestling in any company, hands down. He's putting on weight by the day, he's assassin quick. But Darby is a freshman on the varsity squad. I don't think he has the mental aptitude to finish this tournament.
My oldest friend… Shawn Spears. My former tag team partner, kind of my Dick Murdoch. Could be a world champion pretty much anywhere he wanted to be. But Shawn Spears is ‘King Boo-Boo Face and he will mentally defeat himself before we ever even lock up…
Every one of those guys, they want to be TNT Champion. The difference with me: I NEED IT!
It was an outright heel promo, preceding his entry into the tournament which he ultimately won, facing Jake Roberts’ client – Lance Archer – in the finals. Cody is the conquering hero he always aspires to be, and he rattles off five straight title defenses in five weeks. Someone’s not very impressed, however.
July 7, 2020
Cody stands with Arn in the ring, congratulating himself on the recent string of victories against… let’s say, less than impressive competition.
Onto the stage charges Eddie Kingston, who’s heard enough:
"No, no, no, we're gonna get this right, we're gonna do this real quick. Cody, you talk about grinding, you talk about living this rough life, all that jazz. No one's gonna 'out-grind' you, all that stuff. My man, it's easy to say that when you grew up around used-to-be legends like Arn Anderson. Yeah, you heard me. Keep shooting murder-ones at me and I'll knock your jaw right off your face, partner. You know what I grew up around? You know what I grew up around? Alcoholics! Junkies! I GREW UP AROUND THAT... AND I HAD TO SURVIVE. I HAD TO GRIND. You couldn't last a day in my shoes, so you don't tell me nothing about grinding. You talk about the sport of pro-wrestling... that's a joke. Because every person you faced has been a child. I am a grown-ass man and I will put you in the ground and smile.
But here's the best part about this whole thing: the guy that you like to mention because you like to be best friends with the boss, Tony Khan… He paid me to show up. And now he's going to pay me to kick your ass and take that championship. Oh yeah, you wanna go? Arn, I swear on my beautiful mother's life, if you don't shut up, I'm gouging your eye out. All right? Let me speak! It's my time now. Real easy, relax, you've had yours. Tony Khan said to me, ‘‘You know what, King? If you want No DQ, man, that's fine by me.. just.. you know.. Cody has to accept.' You have to accept, cause either you're an egg-sucking dog or you're an egg-sucking bitch."
Infuriated that he would be upstaged like this, Cody accepts on the spot. He survives an incredibly violent match and continues on with his title reign.
August 13, 2020
Mr. Brodie Lee whips Cody’s ass. In just over three minutes, it’s done and his beloved championship is gone. The Exalted One and The Dark Order put a massive beatdown on Cody and he’s carried out on a stretcher… Then they continue attacking him on the stretcher.
Cody disappears for weeks.
September 23, 2020
Brodie spends over a month terrorizing anyone even remotely close to Cody, but he still doesn’t come back until after Brodie beats down Orange Cassidy in a title defense. It’s a surprise attack, which incenses The Exalted One.
"You gotta be kidding me! The audacity of a man, the audacity of you Cody to return like that! You have been gone for five weeks while I’ve been here doing the work, being undeniable! Oh my God, the audacity of you Cody. What kind of man sends another man to do his work? Did you see what I did to Dustin? Did you see what Anna Jay did to Brandi? What kind of man Cody, what kind of man lets his wife post Instagram thirst traps while calling me daddy? What kind of man stays away in a little bubble? A man like you, Cody. But YOU are no man! YOU are a coward!
Mr. Brodie Lee grabs a pair of dog collars and looks into the camera.
Cody, you can run on for a long time, but sooner or later Brodie Lee is gonna cut you down! And I am gonna take this dog collar, Cody, I am gonna wrap it around your neck, I am gonna wrap it around that God-forsaken tattoo! And you, Cody, will have nowhere, nowhere to run and nowhere to hide! You, Cody... You have one week to answer me: Are you a man... Or are you a coward?!"
Two weeks later, Cody reclaims his championship in the first dog collar match in AEW history. He would hold it for only a month until one of the Four Pillars pries it away from him, beginning Darby Allin’s ascension to the main event scene... And sending Cody spiraling into the Codyverse of excess and absurdity.
February 17, 2021 - “It’s a girl!”
Despite a litany of viral media and news segments addressing how excessive and even dangerous pregnancy gender reveals are… Cody and Brandi have theirs live on Dynamite, with full entrance and theme, as well as what still to this day is among the largest pyro displays in the history of AEW. It’s shockingly tone-deaf.
May 12, 2021 – The worst promo in AEW history
Just before the one year anniversary of the George Floyd murder that rattled America and stirred racial dialogue in a manner unseen for decades…
Cody addresses Anthony Ogogo and delivers an all-time terrible promo. I'm not even gonna transcribe it here, it's the most pandering cringe ever.
Here's a link if you absolutely need to see it...
When AEW returns to touring, all the cheering and adulation Cody was accustomed to at AEW's beginning is gone. His goodwill has completely evaporated. They’re tired of his phony, self-fellating act and want something different.
July 7, 2021
Still nursing a vicious eye injury incurred at the hands of Kevin Owens on WWE programming the previous October, Malakai Black posts on Instagram a video of him in a mental institution where he's been locked up for 5 years, coincidentally the same length of time he was in his old company... He viciously attacks and kills the doctors and staff.
Walking out, he says "The Devil made me do it."
[Continued in comments]
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2023.03.30 18:50 Hu3yKnewTHen Daily Song Discussion #79: Positive Vibes Only

The seventy-ninth entry in this series introduces Positive Vibes Only, the seventeenth track from Ab-Soul’s fifth album, Herbert (2022).
Positive Vibes Only
How would you rate this song from a scale of 1-10? In words, how do you feel about this song? What are some of your favorite lyrics in this song?
1-4: Not good, regular skip
5: It’s okay, but I have to be in a certain mood to listen to it
6: Better than average, I won’t skip it but I wouldn’t choose to play it
7: This is a good song that I fairly enjoy
8-9: Fantastic song, I rank it highly overall
10: Masterpiece, perfection
After 24 hours, every number rating commented in the replies will be averaged and be set as the subreddit’s rating of the track. Results will be posted in the next daily song discussion, with the exception of the final track post being edited to prevent results bleeding over into the next album. After every track in an album is rated, they will be aggregated to give the album its own rating overall.
Longterm Mentality: 7.86
Control System: 9.25 (w/BLB 9.29)
These Days: 7.98
Do What Thou Wilt: 8.61
1. Message In a Bottle ft. Lance Skiiiwalker: 9.37 2. No Report Card: 9.41 3. Hollandaise: 9.23 4. Moonshooter ft. Joey Bada$$: 8.93 5. Fomf: 8.35 6. Goodman ft. Punch: 9.72 7. Do Better ft. Zacari: 9.71 8. Gang’nem ft. Fre$h: 8.77 9. The Wild Side ft. Jhene Aiko: 7.78 10. Art of Seduction ft. Ambre: 7.35 11. Bucket: 8.81 12. Go Off ft. Russ and Big Sean: 6.80 13. Fallacy ft. Alemeda: 9.00 14. Herbert: 9.35 15. Church On the Move: 8.00 16. It Be Like That ft. SiR: 9.55 17. Positive Vibes Only: - 18. Gotta Rap: - 
Credit for format of DSD goes to brockhampton
Link to megathread for all DSD’s
Playlist of the best of Ab-Soul (songs that scored a 9+ from this subreddit)
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2023.03.30 17:56 doggoflipflops The game is dying already... 5 minutes queue waiting, then this every now and then.

The game is dying already... 5 minutes queue waiting, then this every now and then.

How is matchmaking even supposed to work whenever there is no enough players of each pool at the time???
Should we start blaming Nintendo due to the lack of content? Support?Outside of Japan this game doesn't even exist, and I'm not talking about commercial success but rather online presence in-game, Japan is the only community keeping this game alive thanks to it's grinding culture but westerns are way more casuals and relaxed.
DLC Wave 1 was disappointing and we are waiting way too long for new content. I can't get to understand why Nintendo can't keep up with a good content update schedule, given the commercial success of the game and all the reusable assets from Splatoon 2 and 1. Another issue is the price range of the digital game, while Splatoon 2 went on-sale thrice in it's first year only, Splatoon 3 has not, not even once, I may even assume we are all the exact same community there was at December 2022, the exact same 10 million users ever since.
If there is no enough players online, then matchmaking system gets broken, which means mixing newbies and veterans randomly altogether, which means more newbies encountering a wall of a learning curve, which means less new players to fill the rank's pools accordingly, which translates to less people online and matchmaking getting snubbed, sadly, the game is going to die by the day. Same as Splatoon 2, or even worse.....
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2023.03.30 17:30 hallach_halil Halil's top 10 offensive tackles of the 2023 NFL Draft:

Halil's top 10 offensive tackles of the 2023 NFL Draft:


We’ve arrived at the big-boy portion of our positional draft rankings! After already breaking down the best running backs, linebackers, wide receivers and cornerbacks of this class, we will spend these next two weeks talking about the guys inside the trenches both inside and out for offense and defense – and we are starting with the offensive tackle position!
I believe there are four small-dunk first-round players among this group, who can all be week-one starters, with varying degrees of technical advancement compared to physical upside. After that, there are five names, who I’d have no problem with all going inside the top-75, including a couple of athletic specimen, who aren’t close to the potential of players they can become one day. At number ten, there’s one more highly talented prospect, who may actually go earlier than a few names I have listed above him, based on the ceiling he presents. After that, you’re looking at more so serviceable players, who will largely be backups, along with a couple of underdeveloped kids you may want to take a flyer on day three, if you have the edges of your O-line secured for now.
Just to clarify – North Dakota State’s Cody Mauch will see his name listed among the interior offensive line.
Here’s how I have this group stacked up:


1. Paris Johnson, Ohio State

6’6”, 315-pounds; RS SO

The top-rated offensive tackle in the 2020 class, Johnson saw the field for just 22 snaps as a true freshman, before taking over as the full-time starter at right guard in ’21 and earning second-team All-Big Ten honors (13 games). Last year he improved to consensus first-team and second-team All-American this past year, when he moved out to left tackle. His steady presence on C.J. Stroud’s blindside enabled the Buckeyes to finish first (45.7) and second (44.2) respectively in points per game in FBS these past two seasons.

+ The grip strength, demeanor and leg-drive are all there in the run game and he really works up through contact to create that momentum
+ Out at tackle, he can really widen that edge and cover up guys responsible for contain, routinely allowing backs to stretch out and get out to the corner or cut underneath, At guard, you saw him come in from the side on nose-tackles to push them over into the opposite A-gap, so that guy can’t two-gap
+ Shows the hip mobility to reach-block three-techniques, as well as come off combos late and get a piece of the linebacker, while having some extra room for error if his angles up to the second level aren’t perfect
+ With the way he covers ground on zone concepts, Johnson can execute fold-blocks and make the job easier for the guard inside of him, to just seal the down-lineman
+ Swiftly establishes the inside foot and gets his base turned, in order to force edge defenders to have to go through him on the backside of gap schemes
+ Gets after second-level defenders with tremendous urgency and you actually see him seal off true MIKEs straight over the center at times
+ His dexterity to twist defenders and get his lower body turned simultaneously to open up lanes is highly impressive, You saw that when LBs try to blitz the play-side gap and he pins them away from it, to present a wide hole (B-gap at guard)
+ Displays good awareness for defenses walking down a linebacker late outside him and how that changes responsibilities on run schemes
+ Clearly has that mobility to play in space, with impressive success getting his hands on corners and safeties in the screen game

+ Johnson features a well-coordinated, patient kick-slide and uses his wingspan well to not present a free B-gap
+ Arms for days at just over 36 inches and edge rushers have to take wider angles consistently, while being able to stab with the inside arm at the near-shoulder to actively elongate those
+ With those long branches and strong upper body to control rushers even if his elbows are outside his frame
+ Smooth lateral mover, to stay in front of inside counters and help out on the interior in a hurry, if his man drops out
+ It also enables him to slide in front of interior linemen in the play-action game and full-line slides before they can even get that first step down regularly
+ When defenders sell out for the bull-rush and create movement, Johnson can increase his step frequency and knee bend to re-anchor effectively
+ No problem at all flipping and riding aggressive upfield rushers towards his own end-zone
+ Shows the ability to recover and still ride loopers off track, as he has to transition on delayed T-E twists
+ Playing at guard, you saw Johnson actively looking for work if he doesn’t have a direct assignment, delivering some significant chips from the side, And that transitioned along with moving out to tackle, where week one against Notre Dame, the next-closest rusher ended up being in the A-gap and he still made sure that guy hit the ground
+ Did allow two sacks last year, but only one other QB hit across 910 pass-blocking snaps since the start of 2021 (26 non-sack pressures)

– His base can get a little narrow as he churns his legs in the run game and it may lead to him landing on the turf more regularly against pros
– Tends to stop his feet when he throws his hands and heavily relies on the two-handed punch – he will need to adapt more independent hand usage
– His hands overall are pretty high and wide, particularly picking up loopers and blitzers
– There’s room to still get stronger, when it comes to swallowing initial power and snatch guys late, not allowing them to escape as plays are being extended
– Can overstride at times selling play-action and allow his D-end to slip inside of him

Based on his height and general skill-set, Johnson was a miscast at right guard as a redshirt freshman in 2021, but did show he can excel in the run game right away. Once he moved to his designated position at left tackle this past season, the pass-blocking skills were able to shine as well. He’s one of the smoothest athletes you will find for the position, yet has the strength in his hands to take control in both facets of the game. Where I do believe he needs to improve is not using two-handed punches regularly and his base to anchor against power leaves things to be desired at this point. Considering what an easy mover he is and the length he possesses to counter-act that, those should be fixable areas though. I do believe he’s best suited for a zone-based rushing attack, where his mobility and leg-drive can really shine, rather than just blowing defenders off the ball vertically, but there’s upside to utilize him even more as a puller across the formation or out towards the perimeter. I don’t see Johnson making it out of the top-15.


2. Broderick Jones, Georgia

6’5″, 315 pounds; JR

Right outside the top-10 overall recruits in 2020, Jones only started four games over his first two seasons (all at left tackle in 2021). He ook over on the blindside this past season and was absolutely dominant, paving the way for a Georgia offense that averaged 500 yards and 41.1 points per game (fifth nationally), which made it all the way to an undefeated championship season (their second straight title). Jones himself was named first-team All-SEC.

+ Jones has good girth in all the right areas, without any excess weight in the mid-section
+ Imposing road-grader in the run game, Gets after people whether the score is 0-0 or his team is up by 50
+ This guy regularly tosses the edge defender on the front-side of zone runs out of the way and forces linebackers to fill the B-gap in a hurry
+ Can absolutely blow D-tackles off their landmarks when coming in on an angle on double-teams, particularly in short-yardage and goal-line situations
+ If he gets underneath the arm-pit of linemen, he can wash them down and create significant cutback opportunities, And he has the grip strength to twist defenders out of running lanes, even if he can’t block down on an angle
+ Understands when he has to add a gather-step against wider alignments, to not presents easy opportunities for edge defenders to jump inside of his blocks
+ On combo-blocks his eyes are usually up and he doesn’t struggle to work up to the backer with space, with the force in his hands to shove them to the ground
+ Regularly was utilized as a puller on GT power, where he’s light on his feet as he skips out of his stance but heavy at contact, and has the reactionary agility to adjust on the fly
+ This dude is scary to be in front of on screens and pulling out to the corner, where most defenders try to go low on him, to avoid getting thrown around

+ Even if his technique isn’t perfect yet, Jones presents the athletic lower half and strong upper body to ride edge rushers off track
+ If defenders go into the chest of him, they quickly realize there’s not much they can do anymore
+ You rarely see guys turn the corner when engaged with Jones, where they try to dip-and-rip, but he still guides them enough off track to not affect the QB
+ He packs a lot of strength in those hands, to widen their arc significantly or push them into the pile, if they try to quickly crash inside
+ Linebackers trying to get around Jones on delayed blitzes seem to have no clue how to actually approach this and are content with just standing there with his arms extended
+ When Jones’ guy slants away from him and he’s unoccupied, he delivers some devastating rib-shots on somebody tangled up with one of his teammates
+ Watching the 2022 season-opener 49-3 destruction of Oregon, the pass-pro reps for Jones was so clean throughout the day and he completely shut guys out trying to work against him
+ Wasn’t responsible for a single sack and just nine other pressures across 470 pass-blocking snaps this past season
+ Ran the best 40 time among all O-linemen in Indy this year at 4.97 and his movement during the on-field drills was well-coordinated

– His feet can get a little heavy late and defenders are able to work off his blocks, where you’d want more flexion in the lower rather than upper half, and that’s in part due to imperfect hand-placement
– Too often in 2022, you’d see Jones drop his eyes when initiating contact in both facets of the game, and defenders being able to pull him off
– Makes himself vulnerable to inside counters on a regularly basis, when he should keep his shoulders and hips squared, but instead opens up to the edge rusher, who doesn’t even have the angle to beat him around the corner
– When he did face a legit speed-rusher in LSU’s B.J. Ojulari, you saw him punch with the outside hand and had that left foot in the air as well, creating a soft shoulder to get past
– Has to do a better job of coming to balance at times when working up the field in the screen game, as guys have the ability to side-step him

This is still clearly an ascending tackle prospect, who won’t turn 22 years old until after the draft and only logged 19 career starts at the Bulldogs. However, his natural talent stood out right away and he was already one of the premiere players at his position in his first season as a full-time starters, despite facing a loaded slate of SEC edge defenders. Now, some of those guys were actually the ones who gave him trouble, because they could threaten the edges of his frame off the snap and were more technically advanced, but there’s no reason to believe he won’t be able to get to that level sooner rather than later, with the natural power he possesses and the awareness he showed as a young player already. I want to see him eliminate this nasty little habit of not keeping his chin up, but in terms of brute force in the run game and ability to snatch up pass-rushers, he has a chance to turn into the most complete guy of the bunch.


3. Peter Skoronski, Northwestern

6’4”, 300 pounds; JR

Slightly outside the top-100 overall recruits in 2020, Skoronski stepped in at left tackle as a true freshman and was named to the All-Freshman team, when Rashawn Slater decided to sit out the season due to COVID concerns. Then he improved to a first-team All-Big Ten performer in 2021, which he repeated this past season, along with being a unanimous first-team All-American. His grandfather Bob Skoronski was a starter and team captain for all five of Vince Lombardi’s championship teams.

+ The best compliment I can give Skoronski is that his tape can be almost boring at times, because every rep is clean and there’s not much to note
+ His aiming points and angles are excellent for such a young player
+ Operates from a wide base and with good leg-drive, while lifting up through contact with his elbows in tight
+ Does well to establish positioning with the inside foot sealing edge defenders on the backside of run concepts
+ Gets underneath the arm pit of D-tackles on angular blocks and rides them down the line
+ Brings plus grip strength and ability to twist bodies to expand running lanes, along with the dexterity to keep his hands latched as defenders try to slip or turn away from contact
+ Consistently works with square shoulders and stays tight to his teammate on vertical combos, to maximize force and not allow defenders to split those
+ Patient and under control working up to the second level, being able to get under the chest with great consistency
+ Also getting out to the corner on fly sweeps or those completely horizontal handoffs, he rarely overruns targets, just blindly hustling out there
+ Somehow people are inferring that Skoronski isn’t a great athlete, when he tested in the 70th percentile or better among all combine events other than the three-cone and his jumps were 96th and 97th percentile respectively

+ Already a very sound and comfortable pass-protector, who consistently is first off the ball, gets to his landmarks and doesn’t throw his technique out of the window
+ Shows an understanding for the depth of the pocket and how to manipulate rush angles, along with the easy lateral movement to mirror guys across multiple moves
+ Adjusts the length of his initial dependent on where combat will occur and is able beat wide-nine alignments to the spot
+ His hands are so consistent with landing inside the frame of rushers and controlling reps, because they typically stay attached throughout
+ Varies his approach and excels at using his arms in independent fashion, whether he’s trying to widen guys with the inside hand or wants to take charge off them on power rushes
+ Rarely does his weight shift too far to the outside foot and he’s ready to negate angles as guys are trying to slice through the inside shoulder
+ Extends his inside arm when deciphering through the pressure and is ready to redirect towards guys slanting to the B-gap if there’s no threat off the edge
+ His feel for shuffling along and how to pick up loopers with the two-handed strike, to guide their path is impressive for a young player
+ Allowed just two sacks on nearly 700 snaps as a true freshman and did the same in ’21 on over 800, along with 18 additional pressures, However he quietly just had his best season in that regard (one sack, two QB hits and three hurries)

– The big hold-up with Skoronski of course is only having 32 and ¼-inch arms, while I also believe he played below 310-pound mark
– You see edge rushers really create problems for him with long-arm maneuvers, where he can’t place his hands or has the kind of super-strong base to just swallow those
– It can also show up in the run ground where guys can just out-reach him and therefore pull him off when leaning into contact
– Doesn’t create a whole lot of knock-back at first contact with his strike generally and you rarely see him take linebackers for a ride, the way you’d like to
– While I love with how much control he plays, at times I’d appreciate a little more urgency to just negate space in the first instance rather than trying to establish position

At the risk of sounding like a cop-out, it’s pretty easy to find a comparison in terms of player profile for Skoronski, if we just go to the guy he replaced at Northwestern, in Rashawn Slater. I do believe the now-Pro Bowler was a greater athlete, particularly with some of the insane stuff he did in the weightroom, to balance out length concern. However, Skoronski is clearly the most technically advanced tackle in the 2023 class. The way he fits his hands and is able to transfer force from the ground up in the run game, along with reading rushers and using different combat-maneuvers to counter them, are tremendous. There’s not much to criticize on tape, but you just wonder how high his ceiling may be, due to always having a disadvantage in that one area. Ultimately, I believe a team will start him out at tackle and he will play it at a pretty high level, but he transitions inside a couple of years into his pro career. Having him down at number three almost feels wrong, but it only speaks to the strength of the top of this class, as Skoronski will be a top-15 overall prospect for me.


4. Darnell Wright, Tennessee

6’6”, 335 pounds; SR

The number two offensive tackle recruit in 2019 behind only Alabama standout and now-Giant Evan Neal, Wright started seven of eleven games as a true freshman (five at right tackle, two at right guard) and then nine of ten available for in year two (all at RT). In 2021 he started all 13 games at left tackle and helped the Tennessee offense score a team-record 511 points, before moving back to the right side this past season, when the Vols immediately broke that record (599) and Dwight was recognized individually as a first-team All-SEC performer.

+ When you look at this guy, everything you see screams “power” at you
+ Shows a natural ability to sink his hips and work up through contact, to create movement on angular blocks
+ You’re just not going to rock this guy’s pads backwards or squeeze him down on backside seal-blocks
+ Has the explosiveness out of his stance to work cross-/fold-blocks and skip pulls in the run game
+ For a man his size, the agility in short areas and flexibility in his lower half to reach-block edge defenders on fly sweeps is pretty impressive
+ Just engulfs smaller bodies stepping down or replacing edge defenders, when he comes across the line on kick-outs
+ Really strong with that inside arm, to extend and create that little bit of extra movement, while riding bodies on the interior into the trash when given the opportunity
+ Can create some significant momentum on B-gap defenders as the angular element to combo blocks by accelerating his feet through the target
+ Showcases the dexterity to keep his hands in place with the hips of the man he’s responsible for, as they’re trying to slice past, and he rides them off their landmarks
+ Doesn’t look uncomfortable getting out in space and has the natural power to put defenders on the ground by just getting a hand on them

+ His feet are quick enough to match legit speed off the edge and then sit down to not allow himself to be ridden into the quarterback’s space at the top of the arc
+ Shows good awareness for that platform of the guy padding the ball back there and when to flip with the rusher, to ride him past that point
+ His base is so strong, that even when rushers seem to set up speed-to-power well, Wright can stymie their charge and force them to look for different strategies
+ Can work in some independent hand usage to keep rushers in line with his frame, along with really snatching cloth and dropping his hips, in order to take control of reps
+ Displays impressive body-control, to quickly puts his outside foot back down and mirror inside moves, even by twitchy guys at nearly 100 pounds less
+ Once rushers get off balance, he can quickly put them on the ground and exploits of the opportunity to jump on top of them
+ Extremely battle-tested against a collection of impressive SEC edge rushers and more than held his own – Allowed just one hurry all day against Alabama in 2022, largely going up against a lock for the top-five in Will Anderson, who simply couldn’t work his typical speed-to-power against him
+ Didn’t give up a single sack and just eight total pressures across 507 pass-blocking snaps this past season

– Carries a little excess weight in the mid-section I’d say and he’s not quite up to par with the top-three guys in terms of foot quickness
– Doesn’t consistently play up to his size and brings the aggression to create displacement in the run game, while other times he gets his weight shifted too far out in front as he really goes for it (partially due to the type of offense the Volunteers ran)
– Gets too far over his skis at times and ends up stumbling forward when he can’t connect with his hands as D-linemen reduce their surface area
– While you like the mobility to get to the second level, he doesn’t break down and secure blocks consistently enough to take care of his assignments
– Regularly late off the snap and has a certain up-kick to his pass-sets, which didn’t become as much of a problems with less than a quarter of his work being labelled as “true pass-sets” by PFF (tons of RPOs, screens, etc.)

I’ve been a fan of Wright for a while now and he’s been ascending his draft stock throughout this process. He came in at a massive 342 pounds for Senior Bowl week, yet he showcased impressive movement skills, effortlessly mirroring a couple of spin moves, along with taking the fight to more power-based string, showcasing his strong upper half. Then he moved around extremely well during the on-field drills at the combine and you heard those bags pop when he landed his punches in pass-pro. This guy has 2746 career snaps with full years starting at both left and right tackle, put together an incredible track record against a murderous row of SEC edge defenders. So I have no doubt that he should and will go in the first round. I’d like to see him enforce his power on a more consistent basis and there’s a little bit of a tweak that he has to work on his kick-slide, but I don’t think there’s much of a gap between him and what is generally accepted as the “big three” at offensive tackle.


5. Dawand Jones, Ohio State

6’6”, 350 pounds; SR

Just outside the top-1000 overall recruits in 2019, Jones appeared in nine games as a true freshman and then in six of eight contests in the COVID-shortened following campaign, including his first start, In 2021, he started all 13 games and was a second-team All-Big Ten selection for the Buckeyes, which he repeated this past season, Then last year he was a second-team All-American, as a mainstay on that right edge

+ Massive upper half and can knock defenders off balance when he just lands those hands in the run game, And with the long arms he can deliver that last push to get the man further off track to create room late
+ I thought overall Jones’ urgency off the snap and willingness to impose himself physically was a lot better in 2022
+ You see him dish out some literal two-handed shoves to blow the front-side wide open
+ When he grabs the shoulder-plate and extends though, you see put guys flat on their backs at times, especially linebackers mugged up in the gap
+ If D-ends try to crash across him face on the backside of zone runs, he will wash them way down the line and optically show the ball-carrier to cut back behind him
+ Because of how massive he is, when he tries to reach-block guys on the edge, they often try to peak around and get off balance, to where he can ride them along and allow the back to stay behind his block
+ Yet, if he’s tasked with simply sealing the back-side, extending that outside arm in the chest of edge guys and bringing the opposite hip-around is very effective
+ When he arrives at the party, with no direct assignment, he can help move the significantly and allow the ball-carrier to hide behind that wall or push through it
+ Some of his tape is just hilarious to watch, when he puts guys on the ground seemingly without breaking a sweat

+ Offers a quick jump out of his stance to cut off the angle for edge rushers, has his hands ready at his mid-section and is patient with his punch
+ The way he snatches and traps guys when they do get closer to his body makes him basically negate guys completely
+ His insane 7’6” wingspan allows him to constantly put a hand on defenders before those guys could even get to his frame, and it gives him a ton of room for error in his technique
+ If guys try to loop wide around him and don’t actively try to find an angle, he’s fine sitting back and waiting there, but if he does go for it, those long arms can really stymie rushers in their approach
+ Even if the outside hand is swatted away, he can push guys further off track by still reaching them with the other arm
+ When he does overset and rushers create that lane to the quarterback seemingly going underneath, Jones is typically able to ride those guys across the QB’s face, to leave him unaffected
+ Buries guys underneath himself with regularity, if they shift their momentum too far out in front
+ After surrendering three sacks and eight other pressures in 2021, Jones didn’t even allow his quarterback to be hit once due to him last year and only hurried five times
+ PFF awarded him with their highest pass-blocking efficiency of any draft-eligible tackle at 99.4 last season

– You see Jones just throw his hands and not move his lower body at times, when he can’t get his body positioned accordingly throughout run plays
– Appears disoriented when his initial assignment is changed post-snap and he has to come up solutions on the fly in that regard
– The way he puts his hands on the face-mask of defenders and some of the pull-downs will be flagged more regularly at the pro level
– Short-setting guys and forcing them to go way around him, because of his size and length, was an effective strategy at the college level, but that won’t fly in the NFL
– At this point, Jones does get by with his massive frame and length along with natural strength, which won’t be as prevalent going against pro players, who will force him to get on their level technically

Jones only took part in the first practice at the Senior Bowl, but he just stood out from the moment he stepped on the field with his giganteous size and unheard of wingspan. Edge defenders quickly realized that they weren’t going to get through his chest, but the one rep that really stood out to me came during individual run-blocking, where he was supposed to reach-block his man but didn’t gain enough ground laterally with that first step, yet he was able to create so much torque on the far-shoulder of his man, that he ended up turning and pinning that guy inside anyway. That’s what you’re dealing with here – an absolute mountain of a man, whose strength and length give him a lot of room for error and when he puts it altogether, he can dominate people. Now, while he has definitely shown technical development, he does heavily rely on his natural gifts and will have to overhaul his pass-sets in order to actually cut off angles for more talented and crafty NFL rushers than he’s faced so far. However, he has things you can’t teach and the potential(!) to become a more athletic version of Orlando Brown down the road.


6. Anton Harrison, Oklahoma

6’4″, 310 pounds; JR

A four-star recruit in 2020, Harrison already logged over 1000 snaps at left tackle through his first two seasons with the Sooners. As a junior, he started all but on one of 12 regular season game on the blindside yet again (one at right tackle and opted out of the Cheez-It Bowl) and received more recognition on a national scale, when he was named a first-team All-Big 12 performer.

+ Presents an athletic frame with minimal excess weight and long arms (34 and ¼)
+ Can create some knock-back as he lands his hands inside the frame of defenders, shoving linebackers off track regularly
+ Last season I thought he was more assertive near the point of attack, to drive-block edge defenders or block down on three-techniques and get guys off their landmarks
+ You see him lift stand up D-tackles in order for fellow linemen wrap around behind him regularly
+ On the backside of wide zone runs, if linebackers try to shoot the B-gaps Harrison hits and rides them way down the line, to open up massive cutback lanes behind him
+ When guys try to dip underneath him or get around blocks, Harrison typically rides them towards his own end-zone to blow the front-side open
+ Has the quick burst to help secure the down-linemen on combo blocks and then deliver some force to open up a lane inside of them as somebody from the second level behind it steps down
+ Bends off the inside foot and uncoils force through defenders in the hole wrapping around on powecounter schemes
+ Frequently is able to face-plant defenders as he catches them off balance, with one foot off the ground, with the triceps strength to extend and push them down
+ Makes the job of his teammates a lot easier, when he’s passing off down-linemen on front-side combos by extending with the inside arm and allowing the guy next to him to bring his base and secure the block
+ Rarely overruns his targets in space and forces guys to work around him consistently, being able to put his hands on third-level defenders in the screen game
+ His 4.98 in the 40 was tied for the second-best mark among all offensive linemen at the combine

+ There’s good rhythm and a certain calmness in his kick-slide, with the light feet to guide edge defenders around the loop
+ Times up his strike as rushers try to throw their hands, frequently hitting them as they’re off balance and taking them to the ground every once in a while
+ His initial hand-placement may not be great always and he gets caught with his elbow out wide, but he does work to re-fit them and finds way to gain control
+ And he finds ways to maximize his length to out-reach his man
+ Can really snatch rushers as he grabs cloth of guys trying to work through him, without giving them a lane to escape
+ Plays under good control generally and doesn’t overreact to defensive movement, picking up games and mirroring guys with space to work
+ Smoothly transitions from the slanting linemen to the looper on E-T twists
+ Has some impressive recovery moments on tape, where rushers have him on skates and he’s somehow able to drop his anchor due to his high-level balance
+ Allowed just one sack and eight hurries (no QB hits) across 447 pass-blocking snaps in '22

– Can’t reduce his height very well and you can see them roll his weight over his shoulders at times trying to establish contact with smaller linebackers
– Doesn’t set the tone in the run game like you’d want to see for that size, having to become more effective with his hand-placement and re-work the way he transitions force from the ground up
– You see some of that as well in the pass game, when his chest folds forward instead of working with sink in his hips and then he kind of tries to chase after guys up the arc, where if timed correctly can leave the inside lane to the QB completely free
– Carries his hands fairly low and comes in wide with the punch, to where guys who sell out on attacking his chest can take him for a ride a few times, as he doesn’t seem ready to land his hands – You see that at times when he’s not ready for somebody coming his way on twists
– There’s a few reps, where he tries to ride edge rushers up the field, but he doesn’t maintain contact and that guy is able to slip underneath him

It’s never easy projecting tackles in particular going from offensive systems that relied heavily on a few run concepts, off which they build their RPO game and offer limited reps for pass-protectors to prove themselves. The areas of weakness in Harrison’s game right now are pretty clear – he struggles to bend at the knees and maximizing his power in the run game, while his hands and feet aren’t married regularly enough in pass-pro. On the Brightside, he does bring plenty of shock in his hands and well-coordinated movement to work to the second level, while being light on his feet to deal with speed off the edge and being able to clamp down on guys once he takes control of reps. There is a fairly steep learning curve in front of him, but he has all the physical tools and the mindset to become a plus starter on the blindside, which is why he regularly finds his name late in first-round mock drafts.


7. Matthew Bergeron, Syracuse

6’5”, 320 pounds; RS JR

Just inside the top-1000 overall recruits in 2019, Bergeron played in 12 and started five game as a true freshman. Other than missing two games this past season, he started all of the other 34 games, with all but three of those at left tackle. He earned honorable mention and then second-team All-ACC accolades most recently, whilst being a team captain in 2022.

+ Nice girth throughout his frame and effectively rolls his hips through contact to create movement in the run game
+ Even with sub-optimal hand-placement, he can widen the edge pretty consistently on the front-side of zone concepts
+ Shows a strong grip with the inside hand, which doesn’t allow edge defenders to back-door or slip his blocks typically
+ When having to block down on three-techniques who aggressively try to get through his gap, Bergerson does well to get his hand on the defenders’ hip and use that momentum against that guy
+ Does well to on hinge-blocks and just get the job done when tasked with sealing guys on the backside of concepts
+ In formations with a tight-end next to him, where the C-gap was uncovered, Bergeron effectively was able to able to pick up and ride smaller bodies at the edge of the box out of the picture
+ You really like what he presents blocking on the move, sweeping around the edge and taking linebackers for a ride or blowing DBs trying to set the edge out of the picture
+ Was utilized on some skip-pulls, where he would wrap around on GT power plays and looked pretty light on his feet to get to his landmarks

+ Shows a real plan in his approach as a pass-protector, changing up between quick sets, jumping out of his stance aggressively versus speed-based rushers, etc.
+ Covers a ton of ground in his kick-sets in order to counter true speed-balls off the edge
+ Carries his hands at his hips and is ready to punch and counter the movement of rushers
+ Will land some surprise stabs quickly at the chest of rushers, to throw off the timing of the moves they want to set up
+ Displays the body-control to re-anchor even when it looks like power rushers are under control of reps
+ Transitions well on twists by the D-line, whether it’s the strong base to absorb force by the initial slanter or the lateral agility to slide in front of the secondary looper
+ Quickly redirects from the initial kick to a lateral shuffle in order to help out or take over stunting interior defenders, if his man on the edge peels off
+ Generally can use the momentum of defender to guide them away from the quarterback
+ Takes advantages of chances to pull off-balance rushers to the ground and pins them down there
+ While he was officially charged for five sacks by PFF last season, in terms of total pressures he was at 12 compared to 11 the year prior, with 770 combined pass-blocking snaps

– His hands regularly start off high and wide already and he minimizes the force he can apply in the run game, as well as make him vulnerable to get flagged, because the refs can see everything
– Pro Football Focus only credited his with 33 positively graded run plays last season, which I wouldn’t judge as such (in terms of a net plus), but in terms of having his hands latched onto the aiming points, that number is probably about right
– Tends to pick up his inside foot too much, as he’s trying to gain ground vertically in his pass-sets and becomes vulnerable against guys with a great long-arm – Clemson’s Myles Murphy was in control of that matchup for most of the day, even if Myles didn’t get to finish many plays
– Edge rushers frequently are the ones to get their arms inside and Bergeron ends up with his elbows out wide, which limits his ability to slow down power

Bergeron has nearly put together the exact same resume during his pre-draft process as Tennessee’s Darnell Wright. Throughout Senior Bowl week, I thought his movement skills in pass-protection were highly impressive, not allowing guys to gain an angle on the quarterback, as well as being able to mirror and shut down some challenging counter moves. And while he didn’t test at the combine, he had a tremendous on-field workout. He looked so light-footed, changed directions and reacted to the coaches’ indications without any issues. His hand-placement in both facets of the game drove me wild at times on tape, but that area already looked improved down in Mobile and I also understand that he will receive the type of coaching to see major benefits. How well he carries 320 pounds, being able to cover ground vertically and horizontal in protection, is rare – and he doesn’t even yet take great advantage of his play-strength all the time. I would not be shocked if he ends up being one of the last few picks of the first round and he’s probably a top-50 lock.


8. Jaelyn Duncan, Maryland

6’6”, 320 pounds, RS SR

The rest of the analysis can be found here!


9. Tyler Steen, Alabama

6’5”, 315 pounds; RS SR


10. Blake Freeland, BYU

6’8″, 305 pounds; RS JR

The next names up:

Jordan McFadden (Clemson) Wanya Morris (Oklahoma), Ryan Hayes (Michigan), Richard Gouraige (Florida), Warren McClendon Jr. (Georgia), Asim Richards (North Carolina) & Carter Warren (Pittsburgh)

If you enjoyed this breakdown, please consider checking out the original piece and feel free to check out all my other video content here!
Twitter: @ halilsfbtalk Instagram: @ halilsrealfootballtalk
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2023.03.30 17:20 Soul-Denied Why I am no longer able to get Overwatch?

Why I am no longer able to get Overwatch?
Hi guys,
I have 510 wins and MGE in CSGO.
Earlier I was getting overwatch to review suspect cases when I was GN and MG.
But my rank is MGE but I am no longer getting any further Overwatch reviews to do from the past few months.
Can someone help me why this is happening to me? and what I can do to resolve this.


Also, Note That I don't have any kind of ban on my profile.
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2023.03.30 17:05 krishu96 Travel the Globe with Netflix: 30 Original Shows That Take You There

Travel the Globe with Netflix: 30 Original Shows That Take You There

Name Year Released Genres
Somebody Feed Phil 2018 Comedy, Documentary, Food, Travel
The Chef Show 2019 Documentary, Food, Travel
Down to Earth with Zac Efron 2020 Documentary, History, Reality, Travel
Street Food 2019 Documentary, Food, Travel
Ugly Delicious 2018 Documentary, Food, Travel
Twogether 2020 Food, Reality, Travel
Salt Fat Acid Heat 2018 Documentary, Food, Mini-Series, Travel
Street Food: Latin America 2020 Documentary, Food, Travel
Street Food: Latin America 2020 Documentary, Food, Travel
Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father 2017 Comedy, Documentary, Travel
Dark Tourist 2018 Adventure, Documentary, Food, Travel
Island of the Sea Wolves 2022 Documentary, Travel
Ancient Apocalypse 2022 Documentary, Erotica, Fantasy, Mini-Series, Science-Fiction, Talk Show, Travel
The Kindness Diaries 2017 Adventure, Documentary, Reality, Travel
Waffles + Mochi 2021 Family, Food, Travel
New World 2021 Reality, Travel
Larry Charles' Dangerous World of Comedy 2019 Comedy, Documentary, Travel
The World's Most Amazing Vacation Rentals 2021 Reality, Travel
You vs. Wild 2019 Action, Adventure, Children, Documentary, Family, Travel
The Hungry and the Hairy 2021 Food, Reality, Travel
Street Food: USA 2022 Documentary, Food, Travel
Korea No.1 2022 Comedy, Reality, Travel
Sue Perkins: Perfectly Legal 2022 Documentary, Mini-Series, Travel
Fresh, Fried & Crispy 2021 Food, Reality, Travel
Death by Magic 2018 Reality, Travel
The Last Bus 2022 Children, Travel
J-Style Trip 2020 Reality, Talk Show, Travel
NatureVision TV 2014 Documentary, Travel
Terra Brazil - Guides 2017 Adventure, Documentary, Travel
The Chef in a Truck 2020 Documentary, Food, Mini-Series, Travel

  • Source & Table Generated from SIMKL
  • Based on the Number of Votes & Ranking
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2023.03.30 16:46 NASDQplayer97 Friendable Identifies New Opportunity Following TikTok CEO's Meeting With US Congress March 23, 2023, Allocating Resources to Complete a TikTok Competitive App or White-Label Offering Leveraging Existing and Proprietary Technologies

The Company's Fan Pass technology features share many similarities that TikTok offers users/artists and by updating design elements alongside feature tweaks, the Company will be in position to deploy a new app for the Company or white-label for partners seeking to compete.
Campbell, CA - (NewMediaWire) - March 29, 2023 - Friendable Inc. (OTC: FDBL) (the "Company"), a mobile technology, marketing and software services provider, is pleased to announce an additional revenue opportunity and strategy to extend its technology to new mobile applications, web apps or products in general that can be rapidly deployed by leveraging its many years of software development and owned assets.
As TikTok has taken over social media in recent years the app has also come under tremendous scrutiny based on its roots or ownership being derived in China. Following the TikTok CEO's presentation to U.S. Congress on March 23, 2023, which was labeled a disaster by Business Insider last week, Friendable's team has taken a deep dive under the hood of its existing technology ownership as well as the features and functions of its Fan Pass Livestream Platform that was released in 2020 as a music artist centric app, of which TikTok itself boasts many new music artists launched from the social platform.
"Our journey continues with even more knowledge, metrics and technology to build upon and after watching and listening intently to the market successes and failures as of late, the recent meeting between TikTok and U.S. Congress was most interesting as our paths are not too different. Seeing the rise, success and ability to attract users to a platform has amazed just about everyone around the world but following a not-so-good meeting it seems likely TikTok will be banned or sold, which created a real excitement for me and our team because we have understood for quite some time now that our tech, features and functions for Fan Pass are not too far off from becoming a TikTok clone or competitor," said Robert A. Rositano Jr., Friendable, Inc., CEO.
"This said, we believe there needs to be and will be a TikTok competitor and with the recent developments it seems it may come sooner than later. We must leverage our technology, prepare for this opportunity ourselves, or deliver a white-label managed solution for a partner company our team can support, should they be seeking to compete or become the next TikTok. Additionally, the Company has also secured a domain name that fits with another big name in video streaming and would also lend itself to a white-label offering to compete in this market as well, which I will detail in a future press release. In closing I'd like to remind everyone that it is never a straight line to success and although we've been fortunate to have seen many, this journey continues on our road to what I truly believe is more successes just waiting to come to light. The Company will continue to commit resources to our next release of FeaturedX.com, as well as taking care of these artists that have been so patient with the Company following its acquisition of FeaturedX in 2022. Thank you to all the believers, we will never give up," concluded Mr. Rositano.
About Friendable Inc.
Friendable Inc. is a mobile technology, marketing and software services provider. The Company has developed a base of technologies that have been productized beginning in 2013 and is now leveraging these various technologies to power certain Friendable owned brands, as well as white-label offerings to companies or entreprenuers seeking to enter an existing market quickly and cost effectively, leveraging the many years of technology developed and owned by the Company. The Company is also involved in the marketing, development and identification of products, services or brand opportunities the Company feels have mass market potential and scalability.
Friendable published its first mobile application in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in 2014 in the social networking and dating category. The Friendable app achieved over 1.5 million downloads, top 10 worldwide rankings, and has led to celebrity-related marketing opportunities and various relationships with well-known music artists as well as up-and-coming independent artists.
Friendable's most recent technology deployment aimed to service Indie Music Artists; including a one of a kind 360 artist platform. The offering previously included music production/collaboration, music distribution (Spotify, SoundCloud, Play Listing, Livestream/live events, promotions, ticket sales, behind the scenes, Merch designs/store/ship, tips, fan interaction, subscription offerings and more, which all equal revenue sharing and earning for all music artists. It has been the Company's goal to become the new launch point for Indie Artists, as well as Artists at all levels, as they build engagement, revenue, and fans/followers. For 2023 the company has focused on providing these technologies to others seeking similar or the same functionality, with new skins, features or UI/UX that targets a new or existing market.
Fan Pass, Fan Pass Live and its livestream artist platform, launched July 24, 2020, has proven invaluable for artists and fans alike as performances shifted from the stage to the screen. The Company acquired Artist Republik and FeaturedX in January 2022, and was unable to proceed with the technology assets acquired from Artist Republik, but continues to proceed with new versions of FeaturedX.com the Company expects to be released in 2023.
Friendable was founded by brothers Robert A. Rositano Jr. and Dean Rositano, who have more than 27 years of experience working together on technology-related ventures.
For more information, visit www.Friendable.com www.FanPassLive.com and www.featuredx.com/
Forward-Looking Statements
This press release contains forward-looking statements. The words or phrases "would be," "will allow," "intends to," "will likely result," "are expected to," "will continue," "is anticipated," "estimate," "project" or similar expressions are intended to identify "forward-looking statements." Actual results could differ materially from those projected by Friendable, Inc. The Company's iTunes rankings should not be construed as an indication in any way whatsoever of the future value of Friendable's common stock or its present or future financial condition. The public filings of Friendable, Inc. made with the Securities and Exchange Commission may be accessed at the SEC's Edgar system at www.sec.gov. Statements made herein are as of the date of this press release and should not be relied upon as of any subsequent date. Friendable, Inc. cautions readers not to place reliance on such statements. Unless otherwise required by applicable law, Friendable, Inc. does not undertake, and Friendable, Inc. specifically disclaims any obligation, to update any forward-looking statements to reflect occurrences, developments, unanticipated events or circumstances after the date of such statement.
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2023.03.30 16:28 SteelCityVintage Full set vintage constellation w/ original box, papers and strap. Some military background

Full set vintage constellation w/ original box, papers and strap. Some military background
This reference, a 2782, represents a lot of what we love about vintage watch collecting. It was found with the original box, paperwork and leather strap that were sold with the watch back in 1956! From the paperwork we can deduce that the watch was originally purchased in Verdun. We see the location mention: Apo 122. After some investigative work I came to find out that there was a United States Army base at that specific location, operational from 1952 - 1967. Another clue we were given was the name of the person the watch was delivered to: "Anthony W. .Annunziata." Given those 3 clues: 1) The name 2) location of delivery and 3) name of the army base we were eventually able to locate the original owners obituary:
In summary, Dr. Anthony William Annunziata was born on March 5, 1931. He served in the U.S Army during the Korean Conflict. Following his service he earned his Masters and Ph.D degrees from New York University. He spent his entire 37 hear career as a professor of English at SUNY Oswego where he eventually earned the rank "Professor Emeritus." During his tenure he develped visionary cources on the literature of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. He passed away on November 22, 2022. He was 91 years old.
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Taylor cooed and moaned and let me know just how much she appreciated my efforts as I tried using everything I learned from the last time and applying it – for now, she was my tutor, and I wasn’t just trying to learn and grow, I was trying to please her directly. She wasn’t teaching me, she was the goal. Her pleasure was the goal.
giggled and leaned back towards her brother. "Heeeey, I'm not a little
I felt a painful crack on my head before-.
With that, we mounted our bikes and continued our battle with the seemingly increasing north wind. Finally, after nearly 20 miles, the highway began to climb into a forest, and the wind was less of an issue. Now it was the grade, but still pretty easily doable. A few miles farther on, it was time to exit the main highway and start a steeper climb up toward the lake. We both shifted down to some of our lowest gears, but continued to make good progress toward my uncle's cabin. As we climbed, the wind began to feel cooler, and some very dark clouds suddenly covered the sun. Finally, we were where the private roads that accessed the cabins diverged from the public road. By now, there were some distant rumbles of thunder, and I wondered if we could make the final mile as Uncle Fred's cabin was on the far side of the lake before the rain started.
"Know what?" I ask.
Ethan: I couldn’t help it, there is just something about her. It makes me wish every day that we weren’t related or even just really distant cousins then we could be a normal couple. I didn’t stand a chance against her. She is perfect in every way and has not one flaw about her whether physical of personality wise. She is an angel.
Things never stayed good for very long…
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Candy wondered how grave the expression on her face must have been. "Yes, yes it is. He caught us, walked in. He'll ruin everything for her. She doesn't deserve that.”
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Holly came over often to play with Fred so he understandably became very protective of her. Thus I was shocked one morning during our Easter break when Fred began to bark, something he rarely did. He was racing back and forth along the fence and barking like crazy at Holly in the yard next door. I knew something was wrong. Fred raced in front of me as I opened the gate to her yard. He ran in, grabbed her by the elbow and pulled her back to the house. I walked cautiously past them.
Nick could smell Tiffany and Mari’s dastardly plot from a mile away.
I heard those three words of finality, and my world shattered. Again.
“Who the hell do you think you are, my dad?” she queried.
This isn't going to be an instant sex story, it all builds up to it.
I removed them from Mom’s pussy and looked at Mystique.
Tomorrow is going to be a most interesting day.
I asked if she was ok she said ye she was fine then I quickly left.
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Tina and I weren’t hermits by any means, but we tended to stay at home a lot, and make our own fun, although we still had our share of friends. One friend we had in common was Katy Hutchins, who lived in the next street over from our place. Katy was my age, and was the first girl I ever kissed, not that kissing Katy Hutchins was any achievement. Just about every guy in the neighbourhood had done it, but a couple of times when I was about fourteen, she had let me kiss her on the lips. We didn’t go any further than kissing, but I was pretty excited just the same. Another girl in the neighbourhood was Sally Rankmore, who went to a different school from Tina and me, and one night at a teenage birthday party, she had let me kiss her on the front veranda of her house. Once again, we never went any further, and when I tried to get her to go out with me later on, she said she wasn’t looking for a boyfriend just then.
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This continued for the whole 40 minutes until we reached Pitsea station where got off the train. We walked through the turnstiles and entered the first taxi in the rank. We gave the driver Jade’s and Banksys post codes and he set of for Jades house.
“I’m sorry. Here have this one,” I said handing him the one still on the plate on the table. I added, “I’ll clean that up,” indicating the sandwich on the floor.
He looked at his mobile, the number was unknown. He pressed the button to answer, but did not speak. The voice that came from it was the same as the one that had just spoken to him through the door.
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“Maybe we should have a ‘support Dani’ party where all us girls are naked and invite a load of guys.” Emily said.
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