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2023.03.30 20:29 CodPlayer6969 Yamaha with Air Play 2. Question on tv interaction

I have an OLED tv, obviously they are susceptible to burn in I’m getting a RX-A6A and want to know when I hit AirPlay on my phone and start casting music will that connection “wake” my tv up and show album art? Because I don’t want that I just want music to play while I clean the house work on projects etc etc.
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2023.03.30 20:29 walking_saunterer Le Brévent cable car/gondola to Chamonix

If I’m hiking up to Le Brévent on the Tour du Mont Blanc and wanted to come down to Chamonix on the cable cagondola, would I be able to pay the fare at Le Brévent?
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2023.03.30 20:28 bravelittletoasted Any suggestions for a barber for toddlers?

Hi! Just hoping someone can recommend a barber that does Black hair and is good with toddlers? Preferably one that does walk ins? I just need fades done ASAP, but it would be nice to find someone to go to long term with different styles in the future too. It seems like a lot of barber shops don’t list phone numbers so I can’t call to ask about toddlers/appointments.
Thank you!
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2023.03.30 20:28 Piggy9896 Reaharing stories option not available. How do I fix it? Using latest version on iOS 16.3.

Reaharing stories option not available. How do I fix it? Using latest version on iOS 16.3. submitted by Piggy9896 to Instagram [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 20:28 Hunes73 Using Google Pay on PC PIN requirement

If i pay in online store using Google Pay method when should I get a prompt to authenticate using Windows Hello or any other method? (Message me if I chose the wrong subreddit) Is there an option to require it everytime regardless of the order value? I know sometimes i got an prompt to enter the card's CVC number. If not is there an option to disable Google Pay in Google Chrome entirely and just stick to more secure methods? I know the only way to make it work on Android is to disable NFC on lock screen, which my phone doesn't support so i have to disable all quick menu actions on lock screen.
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2023.03.30 20:28 rex_grossmans_ghost Chime won't let me order checks to send out myself. How am I supposed to pay for my passport renewal through the mail?

I need to pay for my passport renewal. The *only* application method is through mail, and the *only* payment accepted is paper checks (because the USA is in the stone age). Anyway, I need to send the check along with my application.
However, Chime only offers the option to send the check themselves for you. I can't do that, because the check needs to be with all of my paperwork.
I was on the phone with customer service for half-an-hour and they basically said they can't help me.
Has anyone been in this situation? What am I supposed to do?
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2023.03.30 20:28 LifeHappensBeKind I get so much anxiety when I have to make a phone call at work. How do I get past this anxiety/fear?

I work in an open office setting, so everyone hears your phone conversations. It gives me so much anxiety when I’m asked to make a call to one of our vendors. When I make the call, I feel like everyone is listening to me and I studder on my words. Any tips to combat this?
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2023.03.30 20:28 _T-ReX_33 Unable to fix midi keyboard latency

So I've tried everything....changing buffer length and what not but it hasn't fixed the latency issue. Even with the best possible audio settings there's like a 1 second delay between me hitting a note and the output. My keyboard is a 10year old casio ctk7300, not specifically made for midi i guess. Could this latency issue be related to the keyboard? I don't really have a proper setup, just experimenting with stuff in fl. Also, the midi connection is via a usb-a to b cable, if that matters.
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2023.03.30 20:27 Acoustic_blues60 Fugitives on the AT

I'm trying to compile a list of people who were fugitives on the AT, hoping to use this sub to collect.
The one I'm most familiar with is the story of Bismarck, who may or may not still be in prison. My son met him on his thru, and I was only one day ahead of him when I joined my son for a section during hit thru. The Bismarck story is fairly widely publicized, so I can pull most of the info off the internet.
I vaguely recall a story about a bank robbery that happened in New Jersey. The robber hiked southbound and stopped off and set up his home in Georgia. I think he got caught when he bragged about his exploits at a bar. This is just a recollection.
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2023.03.30 20:27 marmousset I've found a new tool for the devs

I've found a new tool for the devs submitted by marmousset to kaiserredux [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 20:27 lazymentors What is wrong with marketing today

People ask me what is wrong about marketing.
Earlier today, under one of my post a reddit user commented that why can’t people market like the book “This is Marketing” by Seth Godin.
I didn’t answer him. Because it isn’t just marketing.
The issue is we humans have a thing for numbers. We believe in data more than experience & Insights. Because data doesn’t lie. (As we have been taught till today)
I don’t wanna be rude or point out that everyone in marketing thinks like this. But marketing will change.
Now people believe in data over experience & earned insights. I can’t go on selling course on social media marketing or making a million dollar because many will say I don’t have the numbers to prove my worth.
That happens in marketing too. We are hiring influencers based on numbers, consultants viral on social & running campaigns based on clicks.
I can tell you that this will change, AI can bring you numbers. You will have AI marketers in your teams to do things like that!
It is a loop 🔁 Years ago people with experience were asked to give their insights. Then we had internet, everyone had the access to data & many with zero experience started sourcing data & giving their advice.
In next few years, what we were doing with Internet will be done by AI. And experience + earned insights will be valued & people that hold them will lead.
We are going through a transition phase, marketers that focus on understanding the consumers & impacting will succeed. And those who treat people like CT scan & spreadsheets will fail!
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2023.03.30 20:27 Amirrezatahersoltani USB port power output issue(?) - Acer Perdator Helios 300 (2022)

So I bought a brand new acer predator helios 300 (2022) about three weeks ago, and I tried to use my phone (pixel 3 xl) as a lined hotspot tether for internet connection. I plugged my phone to the left port on my laptop (which is a usb 3.2 gen 1) and used it as a hotspot. I haven't paid attention to the charging speed so i can't remember whether it was slow from the beginning or not, but i noticed it today when i was working with my laptop and my phone was getting warm since i was calling through skype with my phone too. I wonder if it is normal that my phone charges slowly every time i connect it through that specific port? I tried the other two ports which located on the right (both usb 3.2 gen 2) and they charge my phone just fine with regular speed. I also checked my phone power input current via the ampere app when connected on the left side which shows about 30 ~ 400 mA. I am worried that maybe the latter port got damaged so it can't output much power for phone charge anymore. Please help me or check your laptop if you have the same model and let me know if the same thing is happenning for you. Thank you.
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2023.03.30 20:27 MjolnirPants Jerry and the Apocalypse: Part 60

Part 59
Lieutenant General Marcus Stanley, United States Army
Marcus stomped into the TOC. One of the gods was already there, the naked black woman. He racked his brain for a second to remember her name.
"Vintress, right?" he asked as he approached her, leaning over a folding table with a map spread out on it. Little glowing figures moved slowly about it; fist-sized knots of tentacles, and little pinpricks with arms and legs. The red-glowing ones, including the primordials themselves, were moving forward, while the green-glowing figures moved back.
"Yes, General," Vintress said.
"What's going on?" he asked.
"The primordials have rallied. They are pushing us hard, regaining ground we had taken back. I am observing now, to see their strategy, and seek a weakness."
"Anything jumping out yet?"
"No," Vintress said, and Marcus could hear her grinding her teeth. "They have become inexplicably smarter. And tougher. We have yet to kill one today."
"Let's hope that it disorganizes them as much as usual, then," Marcus said, though he doubted that would be the case. Not for any specific reason, it was just that that was the sort of thing that often changed when plans went sideways.
"We will soon find out," Vintress said. "Look."
Marcus followed her pointing finger to a gold-glowing figure. Marcus squinted, then put on his reading glasses and leaned over the map. It was the honor god, the one who'd tried to stop the vigilante and gotten his hand chopped off for his troubles.
"Tyndale, is it?" Marcus asked.
"Tysrane," Vintress corrected. "Yes," Marcus said. "Sorry, I've always been bad with names."
"Names are both trivial and deeply personal," Vintress said. Marcus glanced at her, meeting her eyes without sweeping her nude form with practiced ease.
"My name, Vintress, it literally means 'huntress' in a long lost language of a tribe I once favored. I adopted it to reflect my position when I acquired my domain. Prior to that, my name was Clisenryr. Do you know what that means?"
"I do not," Marcus said, playing along.
"It meant 'the angry one'."
Marcus eyed her with a blank expression, wondering where she was going.
"I do so enjoy watching this," she said, turning her eyes back to the map. Marcus followed her gaze just in time to see Tysrane turn into a streak that passed through one of the primordials. The creature exploded, and a hush fell over everyone in the TOC who wasn't glued to another screen or desk. Two seconds passed, and then the sound hit them.
A muted, basso crack echoed through the air. The loose fabric of the tent fluttered and Marcus felt the table and ground shaking for just an instant.
Marcus watched as the tiny, glowing primordial rained down around the battlefield as chunks, the largest chunk still in place, deflating and tumbling away.
"Heh," he said. "Rolling away like a booger on a greased pan."
Vintress squinted at him. "Is that a common idiom among your people?" she asked. Marcus laughed out loud. "No, it's just what came to mind when I saw it."
"Good," Vintress said. "It would raise disturbing questions if it was." Marcus couldn't help but agree with that one.
"They're not faltering," he said after a moment. The red enemies were still assaulting the green positions.
"Your men are holding their own," Vintress said. Marcus nodded. "Damn straight. Those are most experienced warfighters, and each position has at least one Spec Ops boy in it. Most have half an A-team. They're going to be punching well above their weight, and that, my friend, is indeed a common idiom."
"Yes, since we left you to your own devices, you have been consistently performing well above our own expectations of you."
Her tone was off. It sounded almost worried. Marcus eyed the goddess for a moment, letting his eyes slip down from her face to take in the set of her shoulders, her pose, the tension in her chest and stomach. There was a lot going on in her head. She was afraid, and not just of this new push by the primordials.
Marcus reached into his pocket and grabbed the heavily-encrypted phone there. It was a Blackberry, based on a model more than two decades old, but full of modern guts, including a tiny transmitter with about fifteen miles of range. His thumb brushed the built in keypad, finding and pressing buttons by feel.
Command Sergeant Major Eric Hale, 5th Special Forces Group
Hale stomped his way from one fighting position to the next, the incoming hail of spines apparently balking at the terrifying expression on his grizzled face, and refusing to come anywhere near him.
At least, that was the impression he hoped to give the men watching him. The truth was, his butthole was puckered so goddamn tight you couldn't pound a needle in it with a jackhammer.
He got to the forward-most position, two M2HBs, one of which was crewed only by two dead bodies, their helmets shattered by the spines.
"They're shooting back, sarge!" the assistant gunner said as he crouched down and pulled the bodies away from the gun.
"Yeah, the enemy tends to do that," Hale said with practiced nonchalance. He checked the gun, made sure it was in working order, then cleared the barrel with a two-round squeeze before settling down into a shooting position. He looked at the assistant gunner's nametape.
"Martinez, you're gonna have to assist both of us, right?"
Martinez checked the ammo in Hale's gun, then in the other.
"Pace your shots to Jeff," he said, hooking a thumb at his buddy on the other gun. "You've got about twice as much ammo left in the can as him. I'll keep you reloaded."
Hale nodded and aimed down the sites. He began to return some hate back to the senders, tearing apart spider crabs and shambling zombies with every round. He didn't notice the encrypted phone in his pocket buzzing.
Both gunners concentrated on the spider crabs, who were the ones who'd learned to shoot back. They spat the spines out of their mouths in short bursts. Their aim was shit, but there was enough of them that it didn't matter.
Hale emptied his can and let Martinez fit a new one. "Only one more can, Sarge," Martinez said. "And Jeff's up next." Hale nodded and focused on killing the spider crabs.
The ammo didn't last nearly as long as he'd have liked. He ran dry and unhooked the can. "That's it," he said as he folded up the bipod and grabbed the heavy gun by the carry handle.
"As soon as you're out, I want you to fall back to the rally point and rearm. Sergeant Lewis will show you where to set up, next. Huah?"
"Huah!" Martinez shouted as Jeff ran dry. Martinez quickly got his cans swapped and Jeff resumed shooting. Hale turned and began to make his way back. The rain of spines seemed to have actually gotten worse.
He threw the notion of striking an intimidating figure to the wind and hustled back to the rally point, dropping the weapon off at the stack. First Sergeant Lewis walked up.
"Lewis," Hale said. "Send two guys up to FP Echo to pick up a couple bodies, then try to find someone to man this gun."
"I'll do what I can, Top," Lewis said. "Lot of losses today."
"Relatively," Hale pointed out. From what he'd seen, they were standing at about one and a half percent casualties, and that included the wounded, who were being treated magically and sent back within hours of coming off the line.
"Yeah, but you know that still affects morale," Lewis pointed out.
Hale nodded and reached in his pocket to check his phone. "Shit," he swore as he saw the message.
"Can I help?" Lewis asked. Hale thought about it, then turned the screen to let him read it.
Gods r scared of us, might turn. b prpred
"Shit," Lewis said.
"Spread the word," Hale told him with a sigh. "I can't imagine a worse time to get this news, so naturally, this is when it happens. Get someone down to the clinic to get our boys rushed through and get the docs out and into the MASH tents. Have word sent back to camp to get everybody out of those standing-doorway rooms and into barracks tents. I was everyone in their battle rattle and carrying their weapon, and I mean everyone. Cooks, techs, logi boys... Every fucking one."
"Right," Lewis said with a nod. "Anything else?"
"Yeah, pray this is just the General being paranoid."
"Pray to who?" Lewis asked.
"Good fucking point," Hale said, clapping him on the shoulder. "Go on, I gotta go find the Colonel."
Hale stomped off towards the HQ tent as Lewis jogged away. He found Colonel Stanislaw leaning over a radio console with headphones on.
"...that's right, Major. We're splitting out from the magic fuckers. One second, my Top's here now." The Colonel covered his mouthpiece with one hand and slipped one of the speakers off his ears.
"Did you see the General's message?" Stanislaw asked. Hale nodded. "I sent Lewis to get our people out of their facilities and get everyone armed."
"Good. I'll issue orders to the officers to let you and Lewis lead the way. But right now, I need to discuss strategy. Let me wrap this up."
"Major," he said, unhanding the mic. "Major, I've put Top and Sergeant Lewis in charge of the prep. Spread word to the officers to defer to them on this. Yes, that's right. Damn straight, they are. Good. Report back to me in, let's say, ninety minutes. Good. Stanislaw out."
He pulled the headphones off. "Walk with me, Top."
Hale fell into step beside the Colonel and they walked out of the camp. When they'd gotten far enough away, they stopped.
"What are your initial thoughts?" the Colonel asked.
Hale frowned. "Not good, sir. They can do all kinds of tricky shit with their magic that we can't counter. From what I hear, we can strike back, but it won't be easy. With over twenty of them still here, I don't think there's enough of us to stand."
"We don't really have a choice," Stanislaw said. "We can't let these primordials get past us, or the whole world is done for."
"Then I say we concentrate everything right around the FHQ, sir. We'll have the docs set up at the aid station, have the men break down a couple of the tents. Motor pool and cavalry staging is going to be a bitch to move on short notice, but we'll get it done."
"I know you will. I need to go find Major Danvers, work out placement for the cavalry if we have to fall back. Go ahead and get started prepping."
"Yes, sir," Hale said, snapping the Colonel a salute. Stanislaw saluted back, and Hale jogged off. As he approached the HQ, a humvee pulled up and two men climbed out. Hale recognized the General's bodyguards right away. Both were large, bearded men in DADPAT, with backwards-turned baseball hats and gucci-ed out M4s. They emerged and began prowling around the area before one of them clicked his radio, said something and then walked over to Hale.
"Eric," he said as he approached.
"Hey, Jim," Hale replied. "Colonel just ran off to talk to Danvers about cavalry placement in case this emergency happens."
Jim nodded. "Fucked up shit," he said. Hale nodded back. General Stanley stepped out of the vehicle, spotted Hale and walked over. Hale came to attention and saluted. Stanley saluted back casually, "As you were, Sergeant. Did you see my message?"
"I did, sir, as did the Colonel. Preparations are already under way. If you need to talk to the Colonel, he's on his way to Major Danvers as we speak."
"I'm actually here to talk to you, Top," Stanley said. "I've got a job for you."
"Whatever you need, sir. I should inform you that the Colonel has asked me to oversee the transfer of equipment and personnel from the allied facilities to our own and the consolidation of our forces here."
"I'll step in to handle that personally, Eric. You remember a fellow named Bill Martin?"
Hale nodded. Bill and he had served together. He know Bill was a solid soldier and a holy terror in close quarters.
"Well, Bill's one of the executives at the DCM Group. I want you to take Jim and Mac with you, head back earthside and get with him. Tell him about our concern here and find out what kinds of resources they can spare. I've got six million budgeted for expenses, and I'll drop every dime of it on them if they can provide enough support to help us survive a two-front war out here.
"After you're done with that, I want you to go see the man himself and explain the situation to him. You tell him I said the following, verbatim. 'Sir, if this shit goes down and we don't throw everything we have at it in one big mass, right off the bat, I do not think we will survive'. You tell him those exact words, and that I mean it. I've already called in an appointment for you at three PM local time. Don't worry about getting there on time, just make sure you get it all done."
"Sir, yes, sir," Hale said, snapping another salute. Though he could barely believe it, the pucker factor was even higher than it had been walking out to that gun position.
Stanley saluted back, far more crisply than usual. He turned to his bodyguard. "You heard me, Jim," Jim nodded and stepped over next to Hale. "Ready when you are, Top."
Nate, the General's other bodyguard, wandered over. "We set?" he asked. Hale and Jim both nodded.
"Take my transport," Stanley said. "And get back here as soon as you're done."
They climbed into the Humvee and took off.
Bill Martin, President of Physical Security, Divine Crisis Management Group
Bill looked up as the door opened to reveal Julie. She looked haggard and run down.
"You look amazing," he said as soon as the door closed. He made sure his voice sounded sincere. Julie smiled and walked right over to sit on his lap and lay her head on his shoulder.
"Thank you," she said. "I feel like I'm being torn in a million directions. And I just got more bad news."
"What's that?"
"Jerry's gone radio silent. I got in touch with Michelle Vasquez, and she told me he's run off to kill the goddess who took his family."
"Shit," Bill muttered. He waited a beat before adding. "I can't really blame him, though."
"Except he was supposed to be tracking down the escapees," Julie said.
"The man's lost his family. He's wild with grief, right now. And truth be told, if he manages to kill her, that's not exactly a bad thing."
Julie lifted her head to meet Bill's eyes. "Are you defending a revenge quest?" she deadpanned.
"No, just pointing out that this one is advantageous. It's liable to produce a more positive outcome than him returning the escapees."
Julie sighed. Everybody was turning on her over the issue of Jerry. And then she sighed again, because Bill was still Bill.
"I'm gonna lock that door," she said. "Because I need to unwind."
Bill frowned in confusion. "What are you going to-" he stopped as the light came on in his eyes, making Julie smirk. "Ahh, I get it. What the hell, I mean, you're the boss, right?"
Julie stood and locked the door, then turned towards Bill and began unbuttoning her shirt. "I used to never understand people who got a thrill out of risking getting caught," she said as she peeled her shirt off and reached back to unhook her bra.
"But I think I'm starting to get it. It's the relief of getting away with it," she said, dropping her bra on the floor. Bill stared in fascination, the sight of her stripping easily the most alluring thing he'd ever seen. She unzipped the side of her skirt and then peeled it off to reveal a set of garters and a hard-on.
"You uh," Bill said, the words difficult to find as his mind focused on the imagery. "You planned for this.. Uh, this morning?"
Julie smiled and walked back to him, loosening his tie. "I stopped wearing underwear when we started dating," she said as she pulled it out of his collar. Bill put his hands on her hips and leaned forward to kiss her ribs, just below the solar plexus, where it always made her gasp.
Her gasp came at the same instant that Bill recognized the sound of someone pounding on the door.
"Shit!' he cursed. He looked around for a second, shooting to his feet. "Get under the desk, quick!"
Julie crawled under the desk and Bill moved to the door, kicking her discarded clothes behind a potted plant. Right as he opened the door, he cursed himself for not kicking them to her.
Three men immediately walked in, pressing past him. Two were in DADPAT and armed, the third in a set of ACUs with a CSM's stripes. Bill blinked as he recognized the Sergeant.
"Eric? Eric Hale?" he asked.
Eric stuck out his hand. "Hey Bill, been a long time." Bill shook his hands. "Yeah, it has. Who are your friends?"
"General Stanley's bodyguards. Jim and Nate. They're solid."
Bill held out a hand to each, who shook it with a respectful nod.
"So what brings you here?" Bill asked. He stepped over to his desk and sat down behind it, careful not to trod on Julie. She immediately slid a hand up his inner thigh and he struggled to maintain his composure. Eric took a seat while the two bodyguards stood.
"I need to hire as much magical muscle as I can for six million dollars, as fast as possible."
Bill frowned. Julie let go of him. "What for?"
Eric glanced around meaningfully. Bill nodded at the door, which one of the bodyguards closed, then he pressed his fingers to the rune inscribed on the right corner of his desk.
"Total privacy," he said.
"We have reason to believe the gods may turn on us," Eric stated.
"Holy shit," Bill said.
"Hell of an understatement," one of the bodyguards rumbled. Bill thought it was Jim. "You must have been a ranger."
"I was," Bill confirmed. "Shit, we're spread pretty thin right now. Wizards are mostly out levitating ruined buildings and healing injured people. This is some serious shit, though."
"Don't ask me why, I don't know. But Stanley's behind this, and I trust the old man's judgement."
Bill nodded. He remembered Stanley back when he was a full-bird Colonel. He'd been a solid, brilliant and trustworthy officer back then.
"I'll start making calls. I've got to hold some back, but I think I can round up about a hundred or so for you. You want extra shooters?"
"With magic guns?"
"Magic guns, armor, uniforms, gear... The works."
"Yes, very much."
"I can get you eighty before you leave the office. Another hundred and sixty in a couple of hours, and two hundred more by tomorrow."
Eric nodded. "How much?" he asked.
"Not a dime!" Julie said from under the desk. The three visitors all jumped. Bill rolled his chair back as Julie stood. Despite her state of undress (and Bill was relieved to see that she wasn't aiming any anatomy around any more) and the bags under her eyes, she managed to project a regal, businesslike air.
"We'll work up a bill after the fact for expenses," Julie clarified. "And we'll present it to the feds. I know the General's budget was to be used for supplies. If the gods are turning on us, they'll need to spend that money. And before you three go, you can all head down to the armory and get geared up. There's a quartermaster who can tell you how it all works."
"Thank you, Ma'am," Eric said, standing up and carefully keeping his eyes on Julie's face.
"Thanks," Jim added.
"Awesome, sir," Nate said. The room went quiet as Bill narrowed his eyes at the bodyguard. Eric turned to glare at him as well, and Jim shook his head slowly. Nate frowned in confusion, then his eyes widened.
"My apologies, Ma'am," he said quickly. "I just... I don't... I mean, I didn't mean anything by it. I'm cool with, I mean, it's none of my business, I don't-"
"Enough," Bill snapped. "Slip of the tongue. You're good. Just go get geared up. There will be a team waiting for you in the lobby in thirty minutes."
He turned to his computer and began to type quickly, issuing the orders to assemble as many as they could. He pointedly did not meet Nate's eyes, because he didn't want to lose his temper.
Julie ushered them out.
"I'm really sorry, Ma'am, I swear I didn't mean anything..." Nate stammered as they left. Julie patted his shoulder and closed the door, turning back to Bill.
"Orders are sent," Bill said. Julie gave him a funny look, which Bill couldn't interpret. He decided to assume the worst.
"He started apologizing and making excuses before I could even figure out how best to threaten him-" Bill started to say defensively, but Julie threw her head back and laughed.
After a moment, Bill's face cracked into a smile and he joined her.
"Well, that was ironic," Julie managed to wheeze as she walked back and began to unbutton Bill's shirt. "But since we got caught anyways... Hehe, we might as well enjoy it."
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2023.03.30 20:27 godzilla101118 Dreams of Azure Blue (series pt.4)

Jacob Chasler was exhausted. It had been 9 days since the bombing of pearl and jacob had been inside the spare office in the conference building for practically all of that time - signing papers, sending requests, approving resource allocation - and thankfully the port was almost entirely repaired - thanks to strange small yellow birds - with the errant pile of rubble here and there.
Thankfully - mercifully - jacob hadnt been alone. Having been assisted by kuybyshev, Z23, and theseus when they would come into the office for the day to help - but there was only so much help that could provide with there being so much paper work that jacob had to stay up long nights to get as much of it done.
This night was one of those nights. Jacob was currently, signing and reviewing his current paper work with caffeine induced zeal - hoping to get as much done before he invariably and innevitably crashes.
As jacob finally finishes his current stack of paper work, he hears the door to the office creak open. Jacob looks up and finds the newest member of azur lane - HMS daedalus - standing near the door way, looking at him with a questioning look.
"Hello daedalus," jacob says "Why are you here so late at night?" He asks her, only for her to respond by walking towards the offices coach and sitting down on it.
Jacob just stares at daedalus with tired drooping eyes for a few moments, before grabbing his mug of coffee and getting up to get another cup. "Want some?" Jacob asks, only for daedalus to shake her head. As jacob fills up his cup, daedalus finally begins to speak.
"Lord Commander chasler," she started, "i wanted to come here tonight to ask you a question" she finishes as jacob walks over to the same couch she was on and sits on it.
"Shoot." Jacob says before he takes a sip of coffee. Daedalus takes in a short breath before she began to speak.
"Why did you have me manifested? While i was with akashi and mrs.yuubari the other day, they revealed to me that you discovered my cube in a random pile of rubble - what couldve compelled you to knowingly manifest a cube that by all accounts could have been a trap set by tbe sirens?" She finally finishes with a deep exhale.
At this jacob is left in contemplation. Why did he have daedalus manifested? Why did he feel compelled to trust that the cube that he had found was an ally to humanity - even when it could have been a ploy used by the sirens to infiltrate the port? As jacob thinks about his response, he finally comes to two realizations - the first one is that the only reason why he had her manifested is because her unconsciousness from the cube experienced true emotion - not the fascimile of emotion and thought that humanoid siren cubes apparently sent out, when they were in contact with humans - it experienced fear, hope, determination, despair and happiness - all the emotions that make kansan and humans the same.
Jacobs second realization is that his exhaustion had finally caught up to him, so he did the only thing he could think of. He put down his coffee on the table - took off his hat and put it down - and promptly passed out.
Daedalus seeing this was first showed a face a suprise, before it turned into a light smile as she gazed upon his sleeping form.
"Idiot" she slightly chuckled out.

As jacob consciousness slowly returned from the sweet embrace of sleep, he was confused. He felt a strange warmth and strange softness where his head was at.
At first jacob thought that his pillow had just taken an abnormal amount of heat from his body while he was sleeping, but then he remembered that he didnt get to his living quarters last night. The final nail in the coffin was when he slightly pinched the soft thing and heard a soft sigh after he did that, followed by a voice.
"I hope you didnt do that on purpose lord commander" the voice said with a serious overtone but with a subtle teasing undertone. After that jacob opened his eyes at lightning speeds and saw - with near horror - that he was laying in daedalus's lap.
As he was assesing his situation, he noticed that daedalus had actually taken off her trench coat, revealing that she wore a white dress shirt underneath - and to jacobs embarrasment and near astonishment- revealed a generous bust.
As this is happening, daedalus looks at jacob with a slight smile and amusement in her eyes. After a few moments daedalus speaks again.
"Well lord commander, since you've been working near non-stop for thr past several days, it would be best for you take a break" she finishs. At that jacob could on slightly nod in agreement, as he once again - slowly - relaxes back into her lap.
After a few moments, daedalus begins humming a tune - a soft somber tune, that spoke of loss, but of also hope of returning. Jacob and daedalus went on like this for a while until eventually, jacob had decided that it time to resume working, and daedalus had left, saying that she had things to do at the royal navys dorms.
And thus, a new routine was born

Observer alpha was laughing. Genuine laughter. She was laughing at how fast daedalus and the commander had cosied up to each other - with daedalus even letting the commander sleep on her lap.
"Oh how this anomaly continues to intrigue and amuse me" she said after she stopped laughing.
Observer then turned to look behind her, gazing upon the figure standing behind her. The figure had long platinum hair, a red hair bow, blue eyes, and wore a short red and black dress skirt, with a breast piece barely concealing her chest - accompanied by detached shoulder cloth that were held together with metalic pieces of cloth - and lastly, around her ankles and hands were metal cuffs, attaching her to her rigging and false metal halo.
"My dear fortune, would you be a dear and interfere with their commisions~" observer said - she wasnt asking, and they both knew that if fortune didnt do as she was told that she would cubed.
"Y-y-yes observer alpha" fortune said as she quickly exited the room. A few moments after fortune left, observer spoke again to outloud.
"While she may not be the best suited for this, she will do just fine to collect the data i require~" observer finished with a malicous smile as she used her console to view fortune as she skated in the water - heading towards azur lane.
"Thats one step of the plan down, just several hundred left until we are free of this hell" she says as she proceeds to her console - attaching the errant cables to her interface.
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2023.03.30 20:26 PenOld175 I messed up..

My Mom and I have been through a lot together, I (15, Male) haven’t been the best son, I’ve made mistakes. My mom as well. We all have but that’s not point. When I was 13-14 as stupid- I’d stay up at night using my computer or phone. I look back at it and now think to myself how absolutely ridiculous it was to stay up from 10 pm to 3-4 am, I’ve stopped doing it for a long time. My Mom and I have a gained a strong relationship but- I messed up.. I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately- I don’t know why but It’s been pretty annoying. And well- instead of informing my mom about it. I decided to listen to minecraft osts (the 10 hour video) on my headphones before I go to bed for maybe 2 hours, I’d dose off a bit but I’d still be awake. Until around 12 am, I’d shut it off and hide my phone and go to sleep. I only did this twice- and the second night my mom caught me and now- well- I feel horrible about it… she’s doesn’t trust me anymore and she doesn’t even wanna talk or look at me.. I feel awful and I don’t know what to do to help her or myself! Please I really need help-
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2023.03.30 20:26 SJBurns28804 Question about iPhone screen specs and Polaroid Lab image quality

Hi all--I thought that I had read something on this sub-reddit about the phone screen specs and image quality using the Lab. Someone had mentioned that the specific screen specs on the phone--OLED vs LCD--can make a difference in image quality. I have the opportunity to purchase a dedicated iPhone (an older one), specifically for use with the Lab. The iPhone I currently use, an 11Pro, gives me good results--not great results (but I frankly think that is the Polaroid app limitations.)
The iPhone X, XS and 11Pro all use the same OLED / HDR tech (per Apple's specs.) However--and this is the nut of the question--the iPhone XR (again, per Apple's specs) uses an LCD screen. When this question first crossed my mind some months ago (perhaps after reading a post), I was under the impression that the LCD screen generally gave better results with the Lab.
Does anyone have a feel for this? Any suggestions for further research? Any responses will be greatly appreciated. Thanks--Steve
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2023.03.30 20:26 ninjadev64 Is it possible to convert a "Hot Seat" game to a "Play By Cloud" multiplayer game?

My friends came over yesterday and we played a hot seat game. Is it possible to convert this game to a cloud multiplayer game? We all own Civ 6 on Steam.
If not, would it be possible to convert to a regular Internet game, or as a last resort, use Steam Remote Play to make this happen?
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2023.03.30 20:26 Legitimate-Record951 CMV: I don't miss out on much by ignoring meme culture altogether

I never cared much for social media. I only use Reddit, and often disable the voting altogether because it just seem stupid. My phone is used solely for note taking, SMS, email and telephone calls.
Being in my mid-fourties, I have this nagging fear that I'm turning into a bitter old fart whose sole foundation is being opposed to everything contemporary. So I thought I might at least try to hear some counterpoints!
I guess the core of meme is getting the reference. If so, I haven't really seen any memes in the right context. But I can't imagine how any context can save something that is, uh, just fundamentally crappy.
The memes I've seen looks a bit like dad jokes. A tired punchline repeated badly, without any effort. And while dad jokes, in their pure form are at least geniue (the "dad" truly believe he is being fresh and clever) in contrast to this, memes just seem so desperately ironic and distanced.
My feeling is that memes will go the same way as the Flash format. This was the format for everything entertaining on the web, but today it is all but forgotten because badly animated clipart with an ironic voice-over simply isn't all that grand.
A lot of books, reddit posts, youtubers and games offers inspirering, honest and challenging ideas. Why should I miss out on any of this for something that just seems worse in every aspect?
What am I missing?
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2023.03.30 20:26 RadishLeafs 25 [F4M] AB/ Canada/ Anywhere - so what’s your favourite cryptid?

Weeell hello, I’m Radish. Welcome to my own little square of the internet. Take a look around~
I posted here a few months(?) ago and met some amazing people. I am hoping to find that again. I’ll be honest- I am in a really rough spot. I’m suffering from a lot of anxiety and depression. I’m working on it and I know I’ll come out stronger but… ~oof~
I want someone to share passions and hobbies with. Let me listen to you rant and ramble about your day, or something you enjoy, or something you dislike. We can share pet photos and silly dad jokes. Who has the best pun of the day. That kinda thing!
So about me… I enjoy movies and tv shows. I am a huge Marvel nerd and will talk about the MCU for hours. I may have an entire Marvel wall in my bedroom. What's your favourite MCU film or top 3 MCU characters? Let’s talk about it~ I am also always down to discuss Star Wars. Let’s argue over what is the best film. I’m pretty dedicated to my answers, just so you know.
I also love horror movies. Another subject I will easily ramble on and on about. A good horror movie that actually messes with your head? Yes, please. Or, oooh- a good horror novel. Or oooh- a horror game? I may jump and throw a controller or two but still!
Speaking of that… I like video games, like most nerds here on Reddit I think. I love playing anything on the Switch. I was that hardcore Nintendo kid. Yeah, hasn’t changed haha. I have a ps5 and gaming laptop as well.
Um, what else? I am from a tiny town in Alberta, Canada, I am chubby/curvy, dark hair, and 5'4"! I am the giggliest, most rambly person you will ever meet. I feel guilty if I have to select a mean dialogue option in games. I love board games, dnd, baking, and hiking. Just a mix-mash of Radish interests.
In classic Radish fashion, I have rambled on enough. If any of this interests you, feel free to message me! I hope you’re having a lovely day! Okaaay bye. <3
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2023.03.30 20:26 Delicious-Credit-947 [Seiko] Received the limited edition Seiko SRPK03 recently and loving the red second hand

[Seiko] Received the limited edition Seiko SRPK03 recently and loving the red second hand
First post here, and here is my latest Seiko, a SRPK03 limited edition celebrating Seiko 5's 55th anniversary. From what I gathered, this version is designed and voted for in the Japan market, and is one of the 4 variants in this run.
I really love how the red second hand pops from the dial, and this is my first attempt at taking photos of my watch using my phone camera.
I have a variety of straps on the way, and am all ready to swap out the stock bracelet for a rubber strap as the sizing of the stock bracelet is either too tight or too loose. Any recommendation for strap pairings?
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2023.03.30 20:26 Tall_Blood_5179 Looking for nurse

Hi, I am an international student here in Lyon, and unfortunately I injured myself during waxing. I have a 2nd degree burn on my leg and the doctor told me to find a nurse on the internet, who can dress my wound every day. They emphasized it should be done by a professional. Is it a common thing here? Could you recommend me websites, where I can find one? And also, could you tell me roughly how much it will cost?
Thank you in advance!☺️
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2023.03.30 20:26 Afraid-Emotion-5102 Fiona Sinnott (County Wexford, Ireland)

This is a case, where everyone basically knows who the prime suspect is, but due to the lack of available evidence, there seems to be little anyone can do.
She has been missing since the early hours of Monday 9th February, 1998.
Fiona was from Bridgetown, in County Wexford. She had been in a relationship with an older man, and they moved in together.
Going by what I've read, there were hints of domestic violence, and a general unhappiness in the relationship.
When Fiona had a baby girl, called Emma, the situation didn't change, and she ended the relationship, but her ex boyfriend and his family had access to the child, and babysitted on occasion.
On the night of her disappearance (Sunday 8th February, 1998), she met with friends in Butlers pub in Broadway, County Wexford.
That evening, she noticed her ex boyfriend in the same bar.
She phoned her parents house, asking one of her brothers to come down, without explaining why.
Going by what I've read in a book, one of her friends asked Fionas ex boyfriend to walk her home, her house she was renting at the time, being roughly 20 - 25 minutes walk from the bar.
When she left it, that was the last time she was seen alive by anyone else.
Her ex boyfriend claimed that he slept on her sofa that night, and got up in the morning, gave her some money for a taxi to go to the doctors, as she was complaining of pain in her arm.
Because this was the late 1990s and the lack of access to mobile phones and the like, no one raised any alarm initially, her family not realising for nearly a week that she was missing.
When the Gardai examined her house, it seemed that the house had been cleaned of any trace of her, as none of her possessions were there.
A local farmer had found bin bags dumped in his field, and burned them.
Some of the correspondence in those bags had Fionas details on them, but because they related to an address ( her old address) in Wexford Town, he didn't link anything.
There have been numerous searches over the years in the local area, but no remains have been found.
There was one story that someone who had been involved took their own life.
There was gossip, seen something in the tabloids that the suspect may have lived in Spain and the Middle East, nothing more was elaborated on that.
The books Missing, Presumed, by Alan Bailey and Missing Without Trace by Barry Cummins
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