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OMORI is a surreal psychological horror RPG Maker game. Explore a strange world full of colorful friends and foes. Navigate through the vibrant and the mundane in order to uncover a forgotten past. When the time comes, the path you’ve chosen will determine your fate... and perhaps the fate of others as well.

2023.03.26 10:29 PresleyYellow [REQUEST][STEAM] OMORI ($22.79)

Hi, I would like to request Omori. I know I recently received a requested game, and I have been having a great time with that, but I wanted to try my luck again if that is okay with you all, especially for another game I passionately want.
What is this game?
Omori is an rpg where you control a boy named Sunny who is about to move in a few days, and works to restore his former friendships and uncover the mystery behind his sister's death. The game has multiple endings depending on how the player chooses to spend their time in the game, and if they are able to complete everything before the moving day.
Why do I want this game?
I love rpgs. I have played games like Pokemon when I was younger and more recently got into games like Final Fantasy and Earthbound. Omori looks like an Earthbound-esque game and that is what pulled me in to learning more about the game, along with meeting friends who have already played and love it.
I initially made a request a couple weeks ago, however while I did know about them, I had not quite fully grasped the more mature themes in the game, and the shivers they gave me caused me to prematurely close my old request, thinking that if I want the game I will just wait. Now though, I have eased up to the mature topics and am now more passionate about the game than ever before.
Why can I not afford it?
I can not afford it simply because I am a teenager without a job. I do not get money for things to spend on myself except for sometimes holidays like Christmas, and those won't be coming up for a while.
I really, really want this game. As an rpg fan, it looks like the type of game that I would be into and I want to be able to experience for myself rather than just read wiki pages on it. Thank you and have a wonderful day!
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2023.03.24 17:26 Few_Anteater_3250 I just feel like I must share this

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2023.03.21 21:09 Tiggywoovit I did the google thing (Absolutely bonkers)

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2023.03.20 05:18 astupididiotonreddit I did this just to see if it worked and it did--

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2023.03.16 02:13 DreamblitzX Wiki Ratings Update - Lady Potato

Obligatory link spam:
Unit Rankings
Rating Information
Damage comparison spreadsheet
Global Exclusive Podcast
Previous Thread
Y’know, this was supposed to be the week where I started making serious progress on the damage dealer revamp for leader skills, but then my home internet decided to go largely comatose…. Reddit was also down half of yesterday, so that’s basically my excuse for why I was busy playing Omori instead of getting this thread up. maybe I was the lady potato all along.....

Lady Shantotto

You guys wanted a… 4th(?) version of the small angry lady right? This one basically boils down to a dark magic SLB that’s a solid 490x after her CD boost and has a 150% amp and 40% rod imperil attached, giving a respectable 73.6t burst for a score of 31.5. Boring, but effective enough, especially with the two upcoming dark leaders. She appears to have plenty of other elemental options, but even in the best case of quadcasting her V-level spells at max chain with all their modboosts (which alone requires waiting til after the SLB) only does around ⅓ of her dark burst, or a bit over half with a really good external amp for the right element, and is very awkward to line everything up with the low uptime of Manafont and the need to stack them first. Probably best to just ignore them.


Lion’s another iteration of the JP 160% Imperil-breakers that we’ve grown accustomed to, this time in Light. She’s a bit better than most of the others on the offensive side with having 89% to both DEF and SPR breaks instead of 89+88, and has two AoE 150% killers instead of one. Her weapon imperil is also a bit stronger at 40%, but dagger isn’t a particularly meta weapon type. Unfortunately, her best ATK/MAG is lower than most of the others at 83% instead of 85%+, So overall she didn’t feel like enough of a boost over the others in the series to be rated higher. She gets the same rating as Emperor, Kuja, Lulu, Gilgamesh, etc. at 30.0

Aphmau Crowns

Crowned Aphmau is a bit of a weird one. Previously she was seen as more of a tank who could also break, but her crowns did much less to improve her tanking compared to her breaking, so now she’s more of a breaker who might be able to tank occasionally. On the tank side, her mits and thus final bulk are now very subpar for the modern standard, having only 50% general/physical AoE and 75% general for herself when 75/75 AoE is really the minimum expectation now. The one exception is if the enemy is a pure machine, her 75% machine mitigation brings her up to acceptable levels. For breaking, she can now maintain 88% AoE fullbreaks, 145% imperils for 6 elements, and semi-frequent perfect dispels, all AoE. While not quite as specialized as some of the others, overall this is actually pretty strong compared to a lot of the pack. With the small boon of being able to occasionally tank too (if say, evade cover is all you really need) we figured she was a bit better overall than the niche specialists, and have sat her at 30.5, Alongside Kaktiria but just below Kaito.
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2023.03.04 15:31 Candycanecupcakeice r/omori iceberg (Based on recognition by the sub in current times)

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2023.03.01 04:28 DollarBrSt 🥳

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2023.02.21 22:23 ramh_the_watermelon What is your favorite [spoiler] zone?

What is your favorite primary zone from Black Space 2?

links the their wiki pages just in case:
Black Forest 1
The Docks
Black Forest 2
Weathervane Area
Cloud Walkway

Personnally my fav ones are Black Forest 2 because it's the funniest one and Cloud Walkway because it's the most "chill" and "calm" one (also because there is Omoli and Omoli gud)
View Poll
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2023.02.18 04:05 DollarBrSt 🥳

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2023.02.17 18:44 Basilitz Thoughts about daddy longlegs?

Daddy longlegs is this character:
(potential spoilers inside of link)
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2023.02.17 17:20 Yukimura-4 I was looking for image references to make a drawing of Basil and, uhh... Xd

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2023.02.16 13:37 NineTailedTanuki I'm on my second playthrough. Can any of you help me attain the good ending?

I'm having my second try at the Sunny route. The wiki says the good and bad endings can only be attained by going through the fight against Omori.
And there's a specific thing to do to get to the fight with Omori. The wiki says it can be done by fighting Basil in his room and having it result in both the boys going to the hospital.
I need some more specific instructions.
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2023.02.01 22:51 Hot-Abroad-5735 Who's responsible for Dream!Basil disappearance?

Hello everyone
So, i've recently beaten the game, and have been thinking about a certain issue for a while: we never exactly got a direct confirmation about what was responsible for Dream!Basil's disappearance in the prologue.
It is pretty obvious that he is connected to the truth and this is the reason why he disappears, but if we try to think about it not in the terms of Sunny's real-world trauma, but in the the terms of the interactions of various entities inhabiting his mind - who would be the one to send him to the Black Space? It hardly is Sunny himself, because at this point all he can do is just watch the story unfold through Omori's eyes, which means that there are only two forces that could do it - either Omori himself, or Something, and, well... it's never exactly been made clear which one did it.
The community also doesn't seem to have come to a conclusion since i've seen a lot of people saying it was Omori trying to repress the truth, but the wiki page says it was Something, and i got the impression that at the beginning of the game Omori doesnt remember who he is and why he exists (it kinda would make sense for him to reset his own memory with the entirety of the Headspace too, and it does look like he (re)learns about his purpose and about the truth at the same pace as we do), meaning that either he did it "authomatically", not even knowing that he can do it, or it just was not him.
So what do you think? Could Something be the one who kidnapped Basil, and if it did - why would it do so?
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2023.02.01 16:21 According_Mine_8082 are these sprites ever used in the game? i've never seen Happy Omori overworld before but i can't find them in the wiki's unused graphics section

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2023.01.31 23:30 Dry_Hope2405 (Slide 2 is were the ocs are at)just the two forms for my main oc

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2023.01.31 04:48 GimmeHardyHat_ How Big Is The Omori Cosmology?

How Big Is The Omori Cosmology?


I once thought to myself,“Hey I wondered if someone made an Omori cosmology post". I found one, read it and thought to myself,“Hey I wondered if someone made a good Omori cosmology post”. So now I’m making one! There are only a few layers to it so I'll be going from the top to the bottom, and then at the end, i'll show where Omori and Sunny scale to.
Layer 1: Real World
Layer 1.5: The Truth (I'll talk about this at the end)
Layer 2: White Space
Layer 3: Headspace
Layer 4: The Abyss + Black Space
Layer 5: Red Space

Real World

Like the tier says, it's the real world. In the Sunny Route, you spend most of your time here and in the Omori Route, you spend little time here. Not much can be said about this tier.

White Space

White space is a place that was created during the Truth. As in one of the photos, it's stated that Sunny sunk into a crevice of his mind, an empty white room. To follow up, Daddy Longlegs states in the beginning there was only the dreamer and his room (Sunny and White Space). In Deeper Well, the Branch Coral gives us more information on White Space, stating it's a place of nothingness, a place to survive but not to live, and your conscience is unable to be erased.
It's also important to note White Space and Headspace are separate. As stated by Daddy Longlegs, Sunny created doors that led to worlds that he would seal together to create Headspace. Something that's debatable about White Space is it being a timeless place, considering how the laptop in white space cannot display time and the days aren't numbered.
Within the realm that is White Space lies two important things: the black light bulb and the red hands. The red hands are sentient beings in the form of, well, hands that can teleport Omori to the center of White Space if they find him. They can also create a staircase in the realm that is Red Space (more info on that later). The next thing is the black light bulb which is stated by the Branch Coral to represent the repression of an idea. This idea is most likely THE TRUTH. Upon breaking the light bulb will release SOMETHING, further proving the theory.
Now to depict the size of White Space is rather difficult, as there have been claims of White Space being the size of an infinite universe (considering since there's no borders and it goes on forever). The best answer to this is saying White Space is equal in size to Black Space II, which is plausible considering White Space gives access to the universe.


Headspace is the main section that you spend the majority of the game in. This is also where Omori and the gang go on their adventures. It's stated by Daddy Longlegs that Headspace was created via the fusion of the Dreamer's multiple worlds. More information about Headspace is given to us by Mr. Outback in which he states Headspace was created by Sunny's imagination.
The size of Headspace is not debatable, as it's stated by Pluto, Omori, and Captain Spaceboy that Headspace is a universe. It was also created to seal away Black Space, but it doesn't mean Headspace is infinite, as it is stated by the Branch Coral that imagination is limited. To further prove that, there are places in Headspace that show Black Space such as the area in Sweetheart's Castle's Garden showing sides from both the garden and Black Space
Headspace also has things called cycles. To basically explain it, whenever a certain point in Headspace is met, the cycle starts all over again. Within the Humphrey battle, he states the cycle may never end. This can have a different interpretation as you could think he's talking about the cycle of him swallowing you In the river area that speaks of the truth, it questions if you will be doomed to repeat the cycle Stranger in the Hikikomori Route states he won't let the cycle repeat itself
With HS cycles come HS resets. To explain this one, basically whenever the truth is found, Omori resets HS. In the red river area, the voice states no matter how many times the path is concealed, the flower boy (aka Basil) will always find it. The path is the truth basically meaning no matter how many times the truth is concealed Basil will always find the truth. The first HS reset is at the Prologue where Basil finds a picture of the smashed Violin which is a part of the Truth Sequence near the end of the game. Once the truth is found by Basil, Headspace is destroyed by Omori, and Basil is sent to Blackspace. The evidence to support Basil being sent to Blackspace is through Stranger when he states what happened to Basil. Even further proof of what happened to Basil is the Branch Coral stating Basil’s not in the world of Headspace The second HS reset is in Otherworld where Omori follows Stranger into a barn, only for Something to show up, and to show a picture of Basil with a photograph in his hand, and his Something behind him. The final HS reset is in the Lost Library where we see Basil, only for Something to come up from behind.

Black Space + The Abyss

Black Space is a realm that is sealed under Headspace. It’s stated by Daddy Longlegs that the realm is a place full of darkness that whispers lies, and truths. It would also be the cause of the creation of Headspace and OMORI due to Black Space tampering with Sunny’s sanity. It's also known that Black Space would leak into Headspace occasionally in the form of Somethings. Some notable are DOROTHI, NANCI, CINDI, MERCI, and LILI. These notable enemies can also be found within The Abyss; a place that sort of connects Headspace to Black Space. The Abyss is only accessable once all Hangman Keys have been obtained. Black Space is a universe that is infinite within size, and Blackspace having doors which contain dimensions that are infinite within size, some with different time pacing, and the doors in Blackspace are ever expanding due to Omori burying the truth. Plus there’s Blackspace 2 as well.
Within Blackspace is a being called Stranger. It’s stated by him that when Sunny became nothing, he was split in half. Stranger is also a being that wants to help Sunny find the truth, unlike Omori. Most Strangers in Black Space wander due to them not having the keys Omori has to open the doors. These doors hold infinite dimensions such as the Pain Room, Disco Room, Scribble Room, Town Room, Beach Room, Rain Room etc.
There is a very important place in Black Space called the Church of Something. It is stated by Stranger to be where the truth lies and it is the place where Stranger chases you down. The Church of Something also leads to Red Space

Red Space

Like the Real World section, nothing much can be said about this category. Red Space is a, space, which seems to be inhabited by large red hands. It shows up briefly during the My Time segment and is shown in the background of the Omori fight

The Truth

This is going to get quite complicated so stay with me here. The truth is something shown to be within all realms (except Red Space):
Black Space holds the truth

Headspace holds the truth
White Space holds the truth
Even so, the truth creates Keys that inter link Headspace and Black Space
And the truth is something not even Omori can conceal
This may be a stretch, but you could say the truth is greater than all 3 of the realms. By using this argument, the truth is greater than the Black Spaces (Black Space 1 and 2) which together are an infinite multiverse.
This post scene takes place after Sunny tells the truth, causing his SOMETHING and Basil's SOMETHING to disappear.
And it's greater than Headspace, which Omori can't fully seal.

Top Tiers:

Stranger is stronger than Sunny (Omori Route) who created White Space, Headspace, and Black Space:

The creation of WS and HS
The creation of BS
This should place him around Uni+ to possibly Multi as for speeds, he should get FTL-MFTL at least due to him being semi-able to keep up with Omori
Omori is capable of controlling both Black Spaces which together should make Omori Multi+. A further explanation was in the Black Space section.
For speeds, he should be immeasurable due to being able to move in White Space, a timeless void and is able to keep up with Space-Ex Husband who transcends time and space
NOTE: This is Sunny from the Sunny Route, not the Omori Route. Omori route Sunny is much weaker. Sunny already gets Multi through Black Space scaling. But he gets higher. By using the truth to defeat Omori, he scales higher. As the truth transcends the Omori cosmological realms (WS, HS, and BS) transcending an infinite multiverse should make it 5D. And considering Sunny has the power of the truth strong enough to set free Headspace even further proving it, this should make Sunny Low Complex.
THIS TOOK MUCH LONGER THAN IT LOOKS. And for some reason, I feel like this is going to be controversial. But who knows, we'll just have to wait and see...
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2023.01.29 09:34 Weak-Math1280 sorry if this is just repost, but why no one talking about this faker become tumbler sexyman?

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2023.01.26 14:28 GuyWithOneEye Small question about Rain Town and Hikikomori route

So I'm doing a Hikikomori route for the first time, I'm trying to see all the little changes to Headspace if I can. On the wiki, it mentions there's a change in Rain Town on One Day Left. However I'm a little confused about whether or not you HAVE to turn the valve to the left and flood it. The wiki says, after talking about what happens when you turn it left, "This will also render the place inaccessible for the remainder of the game. However, it can still be revisited on ONE DAY LEFT of the OMORI ROUTE."
It also says later "This renders the area permanently inaccessible, unless you are in the OMORI ROUTE then you will be kicked out. Upon reentry, the place will be flooded with the SOMETHING variant, LILI."
So I'm slightly confused, do I HAVE to flood the place, then go back in on One Day Left, or can I just do the quest like normal, save the town and get the charm, and then on One Day Left it changes no matter what I did? Does completing the quest lock you out of the Somethings showing up on One Day Left?
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2023.01.24 15:56 Routine-Ninja7793 Vol 18

Hello guys, I made a post about vol 18 spoiler a few days ago

and I'm looking for more now that I have free time and I was able to find more spoilers in wili amd evem some translations. thou I'm sure if they are accurate. I'll be posting them (might get edited or even deleted if there is a misinformation)
First one:
Ottar told Ais about the favor that she couldn't interact with Bell all during the war game, notice her reaction at the end:
"The price of payment is silence" "Oh..." Ais's' lips, which had been closed, shook. "Don't get involved in anything related to Bell Cranel." "......!" "The deadline is until the end of the Battle Wargame, and considering that it was here in the wilderness, it should be a fair reward." "That's it..." "Are you saying it's unacceptable?" "......" "After all, it's a verbal promise, and if you're going to make a 'contract' go away, do as you like." "............ Okay?" "At that time, your sword will just rot." "!!" "How can a sword that cannot keep its oath not be blunt?" In a green sea where there are only two people, Ottar doesn't say much. Boaz's warrior turned his back on Ais and disappeared into the depths of the mist.
Left alone in the field of battle, Ais ties her mouth and looks up to the heavens.
It was that one word that Ais could squeeze out.
First, I have to say Tiona was a really awesome wingman for Ais. Truly heartwarming to see Tiona help Ais through the difficulty she was having because of the favor. After Loki familia is informed they won't be fighting in the war, Tiona gets upset that she can't fight for Bell in the wargame. She looks to Ais who says, "I'm Sorry" (because of the favor). Tiona goes and talks to Bell. Tiona and Tione end up training with Bell. Finn trains Lili. At the end of the training Tiona says it was too bad Ais couldn't train with them. Bell said he understood that there were circumstances that she couldn't. Tiona responds by saying that she is sure Ais is cheering him on. Bell is touched by this, indicating he was very understanding of Ais's circumstances. Also, Ais's techniques were on Bell's mind during the training.
Here is the scene where Bell was getting hurt:
"Stop it!!" The first person to shed tears was Eina. "Please... Stop it...!" "Eina..." In front of the "mirror of God" that reflects the "scene", I skip my chair and stand up. After letting out a loud cry, he covered his face with his hands, unable to hear her colleague Misha's voice.
It was Ais who clenched her fists so tightly that blood flowed out. While cursing and cursing herself for not standing on that "battlefield", she harbors despair in her appearance. While the other first-class adventurers kept their mouths shut, Tiona, who was pale next to her, was the only one who understood her.
from Jtg1111111 on danmachi wiki. People who gave spoilers says that Ais is like her SO self in this vol. Which is good

Anya's magic "Remiste Felis" (not sure on spelling) 迷子の子猫 レミスト・フェリス she creates a sound wave that debuffs the statuses of anyone that hears it (can be blocked with earplugs). It requires more than a half day cooldown to use again
Allen's magic "Gralineze Fromel" (not sure on spelling) グラリネーゼ・フローメル extreme increase in Allen's speed, Allen's power increases the faster he is with there theoretically being no cap

Angelo Gabrini gave the information about their magic

Also Anya and Allen's home destroyed by OEBD (needs to be confirmed)

I also mentioned something about Ryuu joining the Hestia familia in my previous post but seems like it's just Astrea asked her to leave. So I don't know if she joined to HF yet.

Couldn't get anything about afterward other than it's about school district arc(?) or something similar to it. Idk what will Omori do in that


About Bell's level up. Bell is calm and happy about it. First time truly feels like he is getting closer to Ais and says/thinks that he can touch her back. Asks Hestia if he can fight against Freya familia members, Hestia says she is no war god but thinks that Bell isn't enough to fight the likes of Freya Familia.
I'm getting help from a guy who already read the vol, he may give more information than wiki does rn. I'll update if there is anything new.
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2023.01.22 08:04 Chair_Alt (Major spoilers) Question/ discussion in actual post.

Hey, I have a big question for yall.
How badly do you think Mari treated Sunny prior to the recital?
For context, I want to explain how this question even came to my mind. Recently I’ve been reading through some fanfics and fan theories around the way that Mari and Sunny practiced for the recital. For the most part, I’ve seen the same thing over and over, and that’s Mair being over dramatic at best and borderline emotionally abusive at worst. Things like yelling at Sunny for simple mistakes, using manipulation tactics to get him to practice more, projecting her perfectionism onto Sunny (I’ll talk more about this later), and overall just mean behavior towards Sunny. For me, that all seems to be completely out of character for her.
Now I want to know what you think. Do you think that Mari went to those lengths to get Sunny to practice or for her to get her “perfect” recital? Personally I don’t think so, and there are some reasons that I believe explain this. I’ll go through some things I’ve found and how they relate to this topic at hand.
[The Photo Album]: In the RW photo album, the final three photos are particularly interesting to me, and they reveal some insights into just how Sunny and Mari practiced. For one Sunny isn’t there, at least initially. You see, Mari is photographed practicing alone, until Sunny is convinced to join. This reveals that Sunny isn’t forced to practice with Mari. This could mean that Mari often practices alone, needing to convince Sunny to join, but rarely doing so. However, this could have changed as they got closer to the date of the recital since these photos were taken a month before it. But forcibly making Sunny practice against his will? I don’t know if this seems like something Mari would do.
[Black Space Pond Quotes]: Within Black Space 2 and within Black Forest 1 you can interact with a pond which would give you random text. One such randomized quote references Sunny’s hands and the pain he feels as he looks at them. Here the direct quote, “You see a boy staring at his fingers. He whimpers in pain.” Many have theorized that this implies that Mari pushed Sunny to practice so much that he hurt his hands playing the violin. This could be the case however, at the same time this is actually normal for violinists. I’ve been researching this and it turns out that it is a normal part of the violin practicing process (It’s also the same for most if not all stringed instruments). When you play the violin, it will hurt your fingertips, and eventually they will/ should form calluses. Those calluses then prevent any pain or uncomfortableness when playing. Now if that pain remains after playing, or even when you haven’t played in a while then it becomes an issue with the potential to develop overuse injuries. Now Sunny could be overreacting (As a 12 year old would likely do), or it could be that Mari truly was pushing Sunny too hard when he should rest. OR that quote could have nothing to do with violin injuries and could simply be misinterpreted. Who knows?
[The Lost Library Memory]: Within the Lost Library, the final book reveals a memory of Sunny’s. It’s about Saturday morning cartoons, and Sunny’s disdain in being taken away from his friends for tutoring. What’s notable about this is that it’s only Sunny being given tutoring. Likely Mari doesn’t have a tutor because she doesn’t need one. Sunny on the other hand, barely had his violin for a year, so it makes sense why he specifically would need a tutor. This could also imply that Sunny rarely played his violin. However without a proper date on the memory, it’s hard to pinpoint when exactly it happened. Whether it was close to the recital or later on in the year. If it was during a time close to the recital then, it could imply what I stated prior, but if it was before the months leading up to the recital, it could mean that Sunny actually did practice playing the violin. Practicing for over half a year and seeing little progress is definitely frustrating. Frustrating enough to compel someone to destroy that violin entirely? I don’t know. But that point is the more likely answer for Sunny’s frustrations rather than the cause being Mari’s perfectionism. Speaking of which…
[Mari’s Perfectionism]: Going back to the photos in the photo album, Basil mentions that Mari got embarrassed over a “small mistake” and that she should “Just keep going! No one will even notice!”. There’s also more to add to this during the memory sequence within Sunny’s house, before you get the violin out of the toy box. By interacting with the bookshelf within Mari and Sunny’s room it will reveal that Mari is taking cram school. Also of note is that Mari spent a lot of time practicing the piano as well (This point I could not find evidence to back it up and my only source of this is text without proper citation from the fandom wiki, so take it with a grain of salt). Overall it’s clear that Mari is pushing herself. Being an overachiever too I can see it clearly within her. She’s trying too much with everything. Cram school for college, constant practice, and a general need to be perfect can be stressful and tiring. Most likely she is spreading herself too thin, and in the end she made things worse for herself. If you want to be good at something you need to focus solely on it. Now could this stress cause Mari to lash out at Sunny? Possibly. But I think that Mari would actually turn that abuse to herself. She would hate that she makes mistakes, and rationalize Sunny’s mistakes as her own, possibly even taking blame for them. Being the caring and loving older sister that she is, she wouldn’t dare think that Sunny wasn’t good enough. Instead she would think that she wasn’t good enough.
Ultimately, I find that depictions of Mari’s treatment of Sunny in the days leading up to the recital, overly dramatized the way things most likely played out. Mari probably didn’t force Sunny into practice with her. She probably didn’t push Sunny to injury with their practice (at least not with ill intent). She probably wasn’t the cause of Sunny’s frustrations with the violin. And she probably wasn’t pushing her perfectionism onto Sunny. But that’s just my thoughts. What do you think? Was there something I missed or over read? Do you think something is different? Am I overanalyzing a video game and spending way too much time getting into the intricacies of fictional characters? Yeah I probably am…
- Chair
Also here are the sources I used.
Fandom Wiki =
Lost Library =
Black Forest 1 =
Violin Calluses =,
Sunny’s House =
Also also, sorry for any gramma spelling errors that I might have missed.
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2023.01.22 03:04 Gender_Sloth Holy moly

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2023.01.20 19:54 Bubbly-Education-320 THANKS FOR YOU ALL!!! r/Sunny_cult THANKS YOU!!

In the last few days this sub has been undergoing a major renovation (especially since I became the top mod here). When I became a mod here we were 70-90, now we are 200+!!!
I appreciate the support of everyone who decided to make this place a place to stay. I would like to remind you that we have many other plans for this sub (like, for example, emojis, competitions to win unique flairs and maybe even adding a wiki page and a discord [we are not sure about a Discord server and it is likely that there will not be such a thing])
I am also grateful to the moderation team for accepting my request for help, and I also want to pay my respects to u/Robowiko123, founder of this sub, we in the moderation team put a special flair on them. We would also like to announce that everyone who selected a flair before this post will get a special flair of their choice.
I would also like to mention the rules again, as we change specific points several times or add new rules. Here are the rules:
  1. Sunny: Sunny is the best character and a god.
  2. Be respectful: Please, be respectful with others. Don't start fights or violent arguments here. Posts that cause violent argument might be locked or removed.
  3. No off topic posts: Feel free to post anything here AS LONG as it's Sunny/Omori centric (characters from the 2020 video game OMORI, by OMOCAT.) Posts that are subjectvely related to Sunny/Omori will be locked or deleted
  4. No spoilers: Use the spoiler tag. This is valid for spoilers of other media (series, games and other media) Posts that break the rule will be removed.
  5. No NSFW: This is a SFW sub and NSFW comments or posts will be removed and the user might be banned. This rule includes pornography, and excessive blood. Implications also counts as NSFW
  6. Respect the author: Do not steal others' work without permission when posting content. You are required to provide a link to the original art, and add the author's name to the title. If you're posting an OC, please, put (OC) in the title.
  7. Ship Art: Ship art is allowed as long as it has Sunny in it, it is wholesome, has Sunny's pairing as its center, and it is not some illegal ship. ABSOLUTELY NO HEROSUNNY OR SUNMARI
  8. Absolutely no advertising: Absolutely no advertising. We are willing to mention friendly subreddits on the side bar. (EDIT: FRIENDLY SUBS WITH OMORI AS ITS FOCUS AND MENTION US TOO)
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