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2021.06.29 05:31 alcofrybasnasier PrimevalEvilShatters

For me the occult and esoteric sciences mean freedom. They are the means to awaken the soul’s connection to Reality. Tune in here if: * You seek answers to what life's about * You think “there’s something out there” * You can’t trust the institutions set up to answer your questions * You're agnostic but want to keep an open mind. I focus on Chaldean Theurgy, and the luminous body/perfected nature nexus of concepts.

2023.03.22 07:38 celestialark Answer to “Is Roman Calendar copied from Hindu Calendar? Because in Roman calendar there are 7 days as of Hindu calendar.”

This is a repost of an answer by Aakash Garhwal on Quora for this above question. I really liked it so I thought everyone can find out what our days actually mean. I’ve copy pasted the answer as is and not made any changes.
I won’t say it is copied,coz some won’t like it,but truth is truth.
Its all science.Every Planet justifies its name which was given to it by our Rishis.
Let’s see about the 7 days of week:
● Sunday: It was the first day of Universe according to Vedic Granths.
Just like Sun provides its light to all,in the same way Ishwar also provides its enlightment to all,hence one of the name of Ishwar is Surya.This day was named upon Surya name of Ishwar.
In Vedic Granths,it is called ‘Suryavaar’. Today we use ‘Ravivaar’ and Ravi is the Paryaayvaachi word for Sun. It become Sunday in Roman culture.
● Monday: Just like Moon provides coolness and calmness to all at the night,Ishwar does the same. Other name of Moon is Som.
This day became Somvaar.
Moonday became Monday.
● Tuesday: Romans named Mangal Grah on the name of a Roman God i.e. Mars just like July on Julius Ceaser,and August on the name of Augustas.
In Vedic Granths,Mangal is also a name of Ishwar as he is Auspicious.
Mars is the God of Agriculture i.e. Auspicious.
● Wednesday: In Sanskrit,it Buddhwaar.
Buddh is also a name of Ishawr (not to be confused with Mahatma Buddh). Buddhi is the fastest thing in the world. Our thoughts are fastest of anything in the universe.
Same way,Buddh Grah is the fastest of them all,and completes a revolution around sun in just 88 days. Hence it’s Buddhwar.
Discarding truth won’t make it a lie. It will remain a truth,Vedic people were the pioneers of science.
● Thursday: Its Brihaspativaar in Sanskrit.
Brihaspati means something which is huge and contains everything in it.
Brihaspati planet is the biggest of all planets,hence named so.
And modern science accepts that Jupiter is the biggest planet.
● Friday: Its Shukravaar.
‘Shukra’ is also a name for Ishwar because he is the most beautiful,and glorious (ऐश्वर्यवान).
And need not to say Venus is considered as the most beautiful planet. Venus was the Goddess of love and beauty.
● Saturday: Shanivaar.
Something which is slow,patient and can be get easily is called Shani.
Shani Grah is the slowest of all planets and completes one revolution in around 30 years.
This kind of science is mentioned in Vedic granthas which westerners say are the songs of cow herders. Obviously they can not accept the fact that Vedic granths are the most scientific of all sect’s books.
Now coming to 7 days:
In Sanskrit,a week is called Saptaah. Sapt means 7. So from the beginning week was of 7 days,Romans had nothing to do with it.
Just like Sindhu became Hindu,because persians used to not pronounce ‘S’,in perisan culture,Saptaah became ‘Haftaah’.
Infact,the word ‘Day’ comes from Sanskrit word ‘Deya’.
But the months in Roman calender or western world are outright stupid. In Vedic culture,March is the first month of year which Romans distorted but could not hide the truth.
September- Sapt means 7th.
October- Octa or Asht means 8th.
November- Novem (नवम) means 9th.
December- Dash means 10th.
Hence the month which they celebrate as New year is actually 11th month of the year,and Feburary is the last,means March is the new year which we are celebrating from millions of years.
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2023.03.22 07:37 puzzled4798 my partner was admitted to inpatient bc of depression

I feel a mess of emotions. Relieved, worried, sad, lonely, scared, hopeful. We have dogs, cats and a whole farm to care for. The kids who volunteer keep coming to me with questions, and it just makes my heart ache. He does so much for everyone here, but he's been struggling for so long and his attempts to get help elsewhere were in vain. This week we have had a lot of tough conversations and so many stressors, I'm glad he was able to recognize what needed to be done to save our relationship, our farm, and his own life. It is not the same without him though I am relieved to know he is finally getting the care that he so desperately needs. I am thankful I have a decent support system, friends, coworkers, the volunteers here. Today one of our dogs got loose while someone was riding a horse in the ring (and this dog is notorious for trying to chase them while working, which is horribly dangerous for everyone) and I was in tears running around trying to catch him. Two girls helped me lure him with treats and get him back inside (because of course he just learned how to jump the 4ft fence, of course!) and I cannot stop thinking about how grateful I am for that. I thank god for bringing us here, for these animals, for the people i can lean on. I'm writing him letters to keep him updated, and so he doesn't have to miss out on all the crazy farm antics. Tomorrow is a new day and I pray for his healing.
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2023.03.22 07:37 gripother Tristan Tate - Godmode Playboy Tactics (High Quality)

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2023.03.22 07:36 Jaiden051 it knows insults

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2023.03.22 07:36 Dumdums267 Will I ( 24 F ) always have to take the hit for his ( 22 M ) inexperience in life and justify his wrongs cause of his immaturity since he is “still learning” ?

TL;Dr What can I (24F) do to help myself with coming to terms that my first actual relationship is not working due to my partner’s ( 22 M) inexperience in life and lack of dicipline, no boundaries and very low self-esteem ?
We are both freshmen, studying different majors, and the reason we started dating was cause he was obsessed with me (or idea of having a gf) and wouldn’t stop dm-ing, and I found his stubbornness cute at first, just to realise that he is in-fact limerencing over me.
I appreciate his good heart but sometimes I find myself teaching him manners/respect and playing a parent-like role.
He is the only child of a single-narcissistic (per his words) mother and I am tired of making excuses for his behaviour and my unfulfilment.
He is seeking therapy after he a threw a tantrum that ended up hurting me to an emotional numbness… yet I still feel like it is not fair that Ive worked on myself before taking on a relationship while he hasn’t. He does not view this as a problem as he is willing to work on himself.
Is it fair that he gets to drag down the version of me that I’ve worked hard for while he is presenting to me an ungrown version of himself ?
My GPA did not turn out so well over the first simester as I was trying to also maintain this relationship but unlike him…he failed all his courses!! I am failing to understand a lot of things.
My goal in a relationship is partnership, marriage and becoming a mother but I don’t know if he can bring anything to the table by the time we graduate.
( I also enjoy healthy amount of solitude while he can’t stand being on his own). I’ve grown hopeless when it comes to relationships from what I’ve seen in my family but I chose to give this a shot to see where it takes us, maybe his stubbornness gave me some reassurance at the beginning.
He is attentive to a certain extend and is caring but the above mentioned is becoming too heavy on me.
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2023.03.22 07:36 Individual-Lime-4246 Airy, wet, full sounding headphones with good high and mid?

Over the past few years I was able to go through a few headphones searching for one that would allow me to enjoy music the most. I bought a Meze 99 Classic, Hifiman Sundara, M50x, Denon AH-D7200, Beyerdynamic DT 770 and was able to see how each of them portray music but I think I found out how I want to listen to music. I wish for my headphone to be detailed but at the same time sound as if it's in real life with every of its details. I think I can't have the best of all worlds but having the qualities above would allow me to enjoy music much more. I would rather have something that sounds like pure, radio like but full, than a headphone with good bass, but dull sounding. I had a hearing test done and my hearing is fine althought I have minor low frequency loss so I think some of my headphones sound dull. Is there a good headphone that is like this? I'm aiming for a Grado Hemp since it's fairly affordable under 500 but it was also said to have lesser highs? It would be great if it's comfortable since my Denon AH-D7200's pads make my jaw feel quite uncomfortable.
Here's my opinion about my past gear I don't remember exactly how these headphones sound but these are my impressions of them.:
- Meze 99 Classic: I had it a few years ago and I can't remember exactly how it sounded. I tried taking off the damping and it sounds much clearier, like my Denon AH-D7200, but without the damping it makes my ears feel really uncomfortable after a few minutes of listening. With the damping on as designed, the Meze sounds meh to me. Nothing really stands out though I still remember its soundstage quite small and strange. About comfort, it's a small and light headphone so it didn't cause me much pain to wear it on long. The reviews on the internet are pretty hyped about this headphone and I can see the hype building up when someone comes from worse mainstream headphones.
- ATH M50x: It's my firsty entry into the headphone world. At first, it sounded really good because all I had before are bloomy apple earpods, then, my perception changed and it sounds like it has a very small, thin sounding soundstage with basic and quite mediocre technicality compared to the Meze.
- Hifiman Sundara: This pair sounds quite airy and all but it still sounds pretty thin to me. As I have used the Denon AH-D7200, the Sundara feels like an open back version of the Denon with similar qualities but with with worse bass,a bit bigger soundstage, thinner and a bit ethereal sounding. The Sundara also has better highs but I feel like it's not enough for me. I want to feel the vibrations when the notes get higher, when the singer sings higher.
- Denon AH-D7200: This is my current pair of headphones after I've sold other pairs. I think it does everything very well but just well enough to still be stuck in mid-fi hell. It has punchy bass, good mid but blunted high, making everything sound duller. The Denon however sounds pretty full but quite clearer, and I can feel the singer's voice's thickness that I can't compared with my other headphones. I guess that's what sets its price much above the other headphones. This headphone does very well against other mid-fi headphones but I don't expect it to rival high end headphones. Comfort wise, Its jaw fitting pads and slightly heavier weight often causes me strain on my jaw. This is also another reason why I'm searching for another headphone.
- Beyerdynamic DT 770: The first thing I remember about this headphone that I demoed a long time ago is its dirty treble. The treble is definitely there, but along with its mid and low, it all sounds quite blurry and dirty, but more with a bit more clarity than the Meze 99 and a bit less clarity than the Sundara? the DT770 also has a pretty large soundstage but it doesn't fit well with the sound's dirtiness for me.
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2023.03.22 07:36 Far_Quantity_6133 I struggle so much with committing to long term goals and it makes me feel like I’m destined for failure

I’m not sure if this is a common symptom (I am diagnosed with adhd and on meds) but for the entirety of my life, I’ve been indecisive and unmotivated. I know that I’m intelligent, but whenever something doesn’t come easily to me, I struggle immensely to follow through. I have changed my career aspirations countless times, often becoming incredibly zealous about each path for a week or two before suddenly having no interest/passion anymore and changing my mind. This cycle happens to me at least monthly, and it’s an emotional nightmare. Ex. I’ve been a passionate violinist for years but never really saw it as a viable path for me until recently. I did some research on my state’s orchestras and found that many of them pay a good living salary. While I’m definitely an advanced player (have been concertmaster of my college symphony) I knew I’d have to work hard to make this my life. It was something I’d previously only done for the joy of playing and I didn’t practice or study enough to be a career musician. After a couple weeks of deciding to practice hardcore every day to eventually audition for my state symphony, I felt disappointed in my playing and scared I wouldn’t eventually get in. It all felt overwhelming and I again had immense doubt that I was making a good choice. While last week I was fully prepared to switch to a life of music, now I have completely cold feet and feel totally defeated. This issue scares the hell out of me because I have no idea if I’ll ever be able to live securely on my own and get somewhere job-wise. When I’m not quickly assured that something will succeed, I have to drag myself to do it. I’m honestly terrified of my future if I can’t find a way to fix this problem for myself, and if I can’t put in consistent work towards something that I don’t see an immediate yield for.
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2023.03.22 07:36 hamgrammar Do I have a chance in fine dining?

I'm moving to a bigger city for the first time in my life soon. Hoping to work in a nice restaurant with high standards and creative food so that I can learn more, improve my skills, and be a part of something stellar. However, I'm afraid that at 28yo, maybe I have too much experience in "the wrong places." I've quit a couple of fine dining job opportunities that I've had because of rampant food safety issues, inconsistency, and poor leadership. Other than that I've only worked so-so stuff, baking, managing a food truck, and some restaurants and catering gigs.
I've heard that if you're not in the club (ie culinary school graduate or already have yourself established in fine dining), then you have little chance of getting in.
What do I need to do? Specifically in Seattle if you know. I'd like answers from folks who actually know, not people that want to tell me that fine dining isn't worth it. I want the experience. Thanks.
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2023.03.22 07:36 i_have_not_eaten_yet My Midnight Prayer

Jesus, Your name is the sweetest sound. You extend an invitation to experience and participate in the Kingdom of Heaven, guided and encouraged by the Holy Spirit. Although spiritual realities and endeavors are not always "safe," I can trust that You are sovereign through the dark night of my soul. I can know that Your purpose is to conquer fear with love in the universe, just as love reigns in heaven now.
You provide rest, joy, and health. You give strength to endure toil, sorrow, and misfortune until death. You provide the light of the sun, food from the earth, and the exquisite relationships between all life on Earth. In Your wisdom, You created life whose purpose is to recycle the raw materials of death into materials for new life - a sure reminder that You hold the power to overcome death.
And so, the steadfast faith I have in my own power to navigate life’s challenges appalls You, yet You have forgiven me. The gifts I have received exceed the gifts I have given by an infinite margin. But I am encouraged, in Your flock, to love boldly, to sacrifice joyfully, and to forgive foolishly, in a spirit of gentle confidence, even though I’m tempted to retreat into myself to nurse my wounds and question my motives. Cast out the evil that sews these doubts and starves me of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.
The glory belongs to You. Your name has humbled my heart and mind. It has replaced my schemes with a peace that passes understanding. Thank You, Jesus.
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2023.03.22 07:35 DebateBrief8859 Landmark Worldwide is a dangerous cult inspired by Scientology with links to law enforcement

Stay away from Landmark Worldwide Seminars. This organization is very misleading and evil. They force people to share very traumatic incidents and then use it to investigate their lives and burn their lives to the ground. I believe there is link with them and law enforcement. They were inspired by Scientology and follow very similar tactics. For example, they will purposely have members share their deepest traumas and introduce their friends and family just to eventually turn against them and put them in a program that negatively targets their entire life. STAY AWAY from LANDMARK WORLDWIDE / LANDMARK FORUM.
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2023.03.22 07:35 Sorin61 Novel drug makes mice skinny even on sugary, fatty diet [03 -2023]

Researchers from The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UT Health San Antonio) have developed a small-molecule drug that prevents weight gain and adverse liver changes in mice fed a high-sugar, high-fat Western diet throughout life.
Scientific research:
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2023.03.22 07:35 littledude69420 Reddit is duckin awsome

Love this place, I can ask questions and talk abt shit yk. Stuff I can't talk to friends/family/teachers abt, I love reddit, true life saver
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2023.03.22 07:35 Regular-Pop1678 Beware new player's

I just wasted 3 hours when on a server I didn't read all the rules. I for the very first time became an adult solo as a sucho on this noob server. I didn't read the rules and after partying up with a baby sucho to help them out. I as I was running towards him everyone was making sounds so I joined them... Now I know generally you shouldn't do that but this server was very passive or seemed that way. Basically apparently if I did any other call besides 2 around people it would mean that I had to fight. I hit three without a care in the world and when I arrived there I knoticed rexes attempting to ambush me omw to the pond. My mini aquatince was with them however he was across the pond so fearing for my life I sprinted towards the pond and swam into the center for safety. The global started blowing up saying because I threed I absolutely could not stay in the pond and I would have to fight or get banned. Truthfully I'm still upset and think it was rather dumb because I didn't show hostility at all and they knew why I was there. I got out and fought two rexes to no avail unsurprisingly. All ten others just spectated. anyways they have there rules and it's their server but just remember to check the rules especially if it seems like a generally passive server. Sorry for this being so long.
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2023.03.22 07:35 ThisSleepyBoi My life is ok…but I think I’d be better if I’m gone

I’m 23. Still in college. Covid fucked up my credits and the only reason I continue is to not hurt my family. I won’t graduate this year. The scenarios of killing myself through a gun or rope is appealing more and more. Personally I am close to give in to the intrusive thoughts.
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2023.03.22 07:34 Featherless_b1ped Emotionally unavailability

For context: 29F, wants a family, something something biological clock. I live in an extremely commitment phobic city. Feeling extreme pressure to find a partner before I'm "too old".
I used to be really needy in my early twenties. I think that's why I sort of learned that
a) my emotional needs not being met in a relationship is normal because they are "too much"
b) limiting contact with the other person is how you prevent them from abandoning you. If you tell anyone you miss them or want to see them, that's bad
To the surprise of absolutely no one, I'm starting to realize that I've fallen into a pattern of running after men who treat me like an afterthought. Or well, to be honest I'm not even running after them. I only contact them as much as they contact me (which is hardly ever) and pretend like I'm an independent boss babe who has a super interesting life, friends and a million hobbies and totally doesn't miss the person I'm supposedly involved with romantically. If men show too much interest in me right from the get go, it freaks me out because I feel like they're interested for shallow reasons.
Was in a relationship for 6 months with a guy who told me he had the same dating goals as me. Changed his mind and said he wanted to go traveling instead. Left me. Met another guy. Knew him for 5 months. Went on 6 dates altogether, 5 of those during the last two and a half months. Sometimes takes days texting me back. Says he's just a bad texter. Never calls. I tell him nicely I feel bad about how things are going, I want more time together. He dumps me. At this point I don't even know anymore if that was me being "needy" again or if it's normal to want to see someone semi-regularly once you're 6 dates in.
At this point I've been heartbroken for almost a year straight.
I honestly don't know how I can stop this.
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2023.03.22 07:34 No-Childhood1262 Coming out // pressure of finding a partner?

Today at the ripe age of 19 I realized I am aroace (gasp). The asexuality was easy to come to terms with, because I felt like no one was gonna know about my sex life anyway as that’s private, and it was also pretty obvious because I have just.. never wanted to fuck anyone because of how they looked. Ever. But the aromanticism is making me worried because I feel a lot of social pressure to have a boyfriend (as a girl) due to family, social media, and my own self-worth being tied to my ability to “bag” a guy. When I dated guys I felt kind of empty and like something wasn’t clicking, and then whenever they would want to go further than like hand holding and shit I felt uncomfortable.
Being aromantic makes so much sense now, given my past experiences. This is gonna sound stupid but it never really occurred to me that you were supposed to /like/ the person you were dating. I never had a crush based on who someone was, I just developed squishy feelings in the hopes they would reciprocate so I could get a boyfriend. It was like a mating dance I learned how to fake really well to get what I wanted. Looking back on my past crushes and guys I dated they were good friends I felt comfortable to “do the sex” with or “do the dating” with but never really wanted to, just felt like logically they were good enough because they checked off boxes. Like it felt like a thing I had to do, and they were a good enough person to get it over with. Not to mention my idea of dating/flirting is what I know now to be considered good friendship, hence why I have more than once thought I was in a relationship with someone who thought we were just friends. Confusing.
Anyway uhhh yeah this is sort of an advice post, a coming out post, and a vent. I’m very excited to embrace this new identity because a lot of e way I viewed relationships in the past makes sense, and I feel relieved from the pressure of faking something I didn’t realize I was faking. But I don’t really know what to do now.
Side note- is platonic dating a thing? And if so how does one go about that 😭😅
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2023.03.22 07:34 Puzzleheaded_Cat_351 Congratulations and vote!

Congratulations and vote!
Blue Wednesday, a new game we've been working on for a long time, has been selected as a Top 10 Fan Favorite in the Studio category at GDWC 2023 and is now open for public voting.
It would be great if you could vote for us.
Blue Wednesday is a narrative adventure game that tells the story of our protagonist, jazz musician Morris, and his failures, setbacks, and triumphs.
In a way, it's a story about all of us. The game is about a failed jazz musician, but I think we all have similar experiences in real life. Not everyone does what they dream of doing.
Sometimes we have high ideals, but sometimes we have to do things we don't want to do to make ends meet.
We wanted to tell the story of those dreams and realities in the game, and we hope that people can relate to his story through the game.
Steam :
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2023.03.22 07:34 Therealalhambra I am so overwhelmed

Hi guys
I was diagnosed t2 on November 7 2022 with an a1c of 9.2.
I went to the doctor for a yeast infection I honestly never even considered diabetes, it just never crossed my mind. My usual doctor was on leave and a visiting doctor called me exactly one day later (practically unheard of because my clinic is so busy). He told me I was diabetic and my blood glucose was very high and I needed to come in immediately. He honestly scared the ish out of me the next day. He put me on a strict keto diet, 2 hours of exercise everyday and 500mg x2 daily metformin.
Those first couple of months were hard. I’m a baker, I bake when I’m stressed or overwhelmed and my one avenue (I know it was unhealthy) was suddenly gone. I thought I was going to die. I had been feeling numbness in my legs and fingertips and my vision would occasionally get blurry. My symptoms combined with the gravity of my doctors speech kind of made me depressed. I went on like that until my primary care physician was back from her break. She said keto was extreme and since she knows my personality she said making all these changes at once is not good for my mental health. I spoke to a dietitian and started a high fibre low carb diet. I felt marginally better about life. Funny how bread will do that.
Yesterday I got my 3 month blood results back and I’m at 5.1 A1c.
I sobbed. I didn’t even realize I was so overwhelmed thinking I was gonna die. Everyone kept repeating “you’re too young” (I’m 27) and it just made me feel shittier. I just felt the whole time that I didn’t really get the support I needed- I felt like I was being bullied for my condition by family and doctors when all I wanted was support. I mean it was already hard enough and I kept thinking don’t you think I already said all these hurtful things to myself?!
I say all this to say if you’re someone who’s newly diagnosed, don’t listen to the comments blaming you disguised as caring and love. You’ve got this! ❤️
Also: thank you so much to everyone in this subreddit who made a post or commented on one, it made me feel like I wasn’t alone.
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2023.03.22 07:34 Deepsea318 38F looking for long-term friends in Los Angeles and New York

Looking for a man to accompany each other
Share your daily routine and share your troubles every day
You can talk a lot every day, whether you are happy or not
Share funny things every day, our joys and sorrows
our life our everything
I have a slow personality, but if you are nice to me, I will be nice to you
Hope to be good friends
Added no chat, don't want three minutes of heat
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2023.03.22 07:33 Amazing-Newt2268 Dear dad...

It's been two years since you left us. You deserved more than this world gave you. From your siblings to your friends to me, your daughter. I hate what you went through. I'm sorry your life wasn't easy. I'm sorry that I was such a shitty daughter.
I'll forever wonder if you died thinking I hated you. If you could hear me I'd tell you I didn't. I held on to your past mistakes and I shouldn't have. I forgive everything. I wish I could tell you.
I think about you everyday. I have so many feelings. Sadness, anger, shame. I hope you're resting well and I hope these words reach you somehow. Love you always.
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2023.03.22 07:33 absolutequack Buddhists and Death

Hello all, as I was reading an article the other day a sort of discussion prompt came to my mind and I’m interested to see what you have to say.
A recent research paper looked into different religious interpretations of death, and found that Tibetan Buddhists fear death significantly more than any other religion. The article goes on to discuss a sort of paradoxical complexity in Buddhist ideology as a whole — that Buddhists actually do value their personal life over the lives of other and that this fuels their fear of self-annihilation.
As someone who has partially turned to Buddhism as a way to understand death after the loss of a close loved one (and yet still very early-on in practice), I wanted to get your opinions on this article and on death as a whole — your raw, uncut opinions. How do you feel about the conclusions reached in this article? More importantly, do you feel about death, really? Do you fear death, just a bit?
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Services Offered
ENTERTAINMENT • SLING Orange & Blue + 4 extras deal - $15 • Sling Orange & Blue - $14 • Sling Blue + 4 extras deal - $12 • Sling Blue n Sport Extra - $12 • Sling Hindi Pack - $7 • Sling Arabic Mosaic - $10 • YouTube Premium 6 Month - $20 • Anime Digital Network - $15 • Funimation - $10 • History Vault Premium - $5 • AT&T TV Now HBO - 10$ • Criterion Channel - $15 • Mubi Premium - $15 • Paramount Plus - $15 • DC Universe - $10 • DAZN Brazil - $10 • DAZN Italy - $10 • DAZN Japan - $10 • DAZN Canada - $10 • DAZN Spain - $10 • DAZN Germany - $10 • DAZN USA - $10 • Shudder Premium - $10 • Starz - $10 • VRV,CO - $5 • MLB - $8 • NBA TV - $10 • HBO Max - $7 • Netflix 4 UHD screens lifetime - $13 • Hulu Premium all Subs - $5 • Cruncyroll Premium - $3 • Disney Plus 1 Year - $7 • Virgin Media - 15$ • Direct TV Utilmate - $7 • WWE network lifetime - $5 Store - Rewards/Credit Card • Walmart w/ CC - $4 • Nandos w/ CC - $4 • Subway w/ CC - $4 • Olive Garden w/ CC - $4 • DoorDash w/ CC bal - $10 • Taco Bell Acc w/ payment - $6 • Walmart Acc w/ payment - $10 • Amazon Store Cored 5k-10k - $30 • Bufallo WW, 3-4k points - $20 • Wendys - $4 • GFuel - $4 • &Pizza- $4 • StockX w/ CC - $10 PORN • VRHush - $15 • badoinkvr - 15$ • Wicked - $15 • AllAnal - $15 • Nympho - $15 • GirlsOutWest - $15 • Nfbusty - $15 • Weliketosuck $15 • Girlsway - $15 • 21 Sextury Porn - $15 • Girlcum - $15 • Xconfessions- $15 • Life Selector - $15 • BBC Pie - $15 • Pornmegaload - $15 • Tushy Raw - $15 • FakeHub - $12 • Babes - $10 • Team Skeet - $18 • Bang Bros Premium - $15 • Digital Playground - $20 • Onlyfans acc $150-300 bal - $80 • Xvideos red - $12 • Brazzer 1 year acc - $8 • Pornhub 1 year acc - $5 • sexy hub acc - $25 MUSIC • Apple Music Gift Card Code - $10 • Tidal Hifi - $5 • Spotify 5 lifetime tokens - $30 • Reseller 60 Spotify lifetime keys - $165 • Disney, Netflix, and Spotify bundle lifetime- $30 Netflix, Hulu, live TV, crunchroll, Disney Plus, life time - $45 • upgrade your acc Spotify - $3
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Services Offered
Meditation/Yoga/Exercises • Daily Yoga - $15 • Daily Burn - $15 EDUCATION • ProwritingAid - $0 • Chegg - $5 • Symbo Lab - $15 • Mimo - $15 • Yousician - $10 • personal account unlimited Google drive lifetime - $10 • Grammarly - $20 GUIDES / BLACK HAT EBOOKS • Refund Guide 4 Microsoft, Amazon, Google, etc - $20 • Ewhore Autopilot Tool n Guide - $150 • HQ Refund Method $5k+ - $10 • Ultimate Ewhore Guide - $5 • Doxxing Ebook - $20 • Greyhawk the ethical hacker ebook - $10 • Bot 2 Bunk Online Classes - $5 • TUT 2 ban Insta accs - $5 • Snapchat Money Making HQ - $5 • TUT only fans accs - $5 • Insta Followers HQ Method - $5 • $2100 EXE 2 DOC exploit leaked - $20 • #1 cutting edge income program (ebook) - $20 • FBI manipulation techniques - $20 • Youtube Monteization Method 4k watchtime, 1k subs - $5 • biahezzas full dropshipping course - $20 • Social Engineering (ebook) - $25 Infinite snap chat score method - $20 • All in 1 cracking Guide combos, tools - $60 • ebooks leak 400+ - $70 • Kaspersky Internet Security 2021 - $13 • Any psn game - $25 •Target Refund Method - $12 MISCELLANEOUS • Calm / Device Strip - $15 • Duplicate Calm / Ios - $15 • Calm Device Andriod - $15 • GLO - $15 • JetBrains - $15 Trading View - $15 • Azure Acc $100 CC - $10 • windows 10 pro key - $15 • Bitdefender- $12 • 1K HQ steam games - $20 • Malwarebytes keys - $12 • Canvas Pro - $3 • Canvas Pro Lifetime - $5 VPN • Hide My Ass, 2m/2r - $12 • Ultra VPN - $10 • Surf Easy VPN - $10 • Ipvanish - $15 • Nord VPN Lifetime - 2$
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We've a new store now! Please support us by adding positive feedback upon your purchase!
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We've a new store now! Please support us by adding positive feedback upon your purchase!
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We've a new store now! Please support us by adding positive feedback upon your purchase!
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We've a new store now! Please support us by adding positive feedback upon your purchase!
Any many more on my Shoppy page!
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We've a new store now! Please support us by adding positive feedback upon your purchase!
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