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2023.03.31 18:58 Wifeyandmomof5 marriage, divorce, pregnant, this is a lot

My husband and I got married October 1st. We planned on getting married for a while but not until this year or after or whatever. He asked early because he wanted a VA loan so we could buy another house, etc.. He is into investing which makes sense. It made sense for our relationship. So no big deal. We planned a quick beautiful wedding with our kids and family and friends. Literally it was the best thing I could have ever expected. We planned on having a baby too. We had three losses in 2022.
We get married. Everything is fine and dandy. I have four kids from a previous marriage. My ex and I coparent really well compared to most. He moved to Idaho in September which him and his wife needed to do. So now we had my four kids full time instead of 50/50 or whatever the kids needed.
Then I planned a fun trip for his birthday and we went. The first night there, the night after his birthday we find out his sister had overdosed on fentanyl with her kids there. I have no relationship with my SIL due to her hate for me. I knew of her in high school. But didn't actually know her personally. I had conversations with her over the years because we shared the same midwife. But when I got with my husband, that blew anything. She hated me. It caused a lot of frustration because her publically talking crap. The kids were immediately placed into emergency foster care. My husband and I filed for custody afterwards. It decently ruined the mood of our trip. But it was still fun and we had a good time. We got custody of them mid november. She was livid to say the very least. But we knew it was best for the boys to be with their uncle and close to their grandparents.
What my husband and I didn't see was how out of control the situation would be. I have four kids, I have been a parent for 12 years. But the violence from the 7 year old was highly aggressive. Even more so when my husband wasn't here. We had just bought a house to flip for me to sell. So we were busy to say the least. But we got the older one in school. We handled the problems. My kids were not. This kid was decently aggressive towards my daughters 7 &6. They are used to a pretty chill house (as chill as you can be with four kids). I do have high expectations of keeping a clean house and try to be organized but it doesn't always work. But with six kids, it was over the top. We also found out we were pregnant the weekend we went to his birthday weekend trip. So my anxiety for another loss was hard. It literally killed me watching my husband be so upset at losing our babies. So on top of being pregnant, working a full time night shift job in surgery, going from four kids to six in a 3 bed 1 bath house. It was a lot. A LOT. My husband isn't the impulsive one, he takes things better than I do. We knew that. I have anxiety, I have an order that I have to keep, to keep myself sane. But I wasn't handling it, I was not sleeping. I was not functioning. I wasn't seeing when the kids were doing better. All I was seeing was them doing worse, my kids were withdrawing from normal life, they weren't happy, they wanted to move in with their dad which wasn't an option.
We made it through Christmas. Then on December 27th, my husband came home in tears. I knew something happened to his sister. I had a feeling early that morning when she wasn't blasting crap on social media (it was a regular thing). She had committed suicide. I burst into tears. I was a wreck. How do we tell her sons this? His parents didn't know yet. We called my sister to come watch the kids so we could tell his parents. We were both distraught. It was miserable. Then we went to her apartment which was hard because I do respect his sister as a single mom, I understood she had mental health issues and she hated me. So going to her apartment was a massive stressor for me because I felt as though it was disrespectful to her. Her parents and my husband went through her stuff. I barely could be in there. It was just so awkward.
My husband and I were managing with this news. We got messages about how we killed her, etc... We took her kids, Blah blah blah. No one realizing that the police had been called to her apartment 27 ish times in 5 months. It was horrible. He blamed himself, I blamed myself and we still do.
Then fast forward some days, the older boy pointed a knife at my daughter and she told him to put it away it was a tool, not a toy. Then he held it at his own throat and said he wanted to go be with his mom. We contacted his counselor. We did punish the behavior for pointing knives at my daughter. We know his mom used to do this exact behavior in front of them. He was having social/emotional trouble in school. It was just hard.
Then at the end of January my husband and I got into an argument because my anxiety and anger towards all this was so bad. I see it now. I saw it, and as much as i Tried to control, I could not. Between working, doctor appts, kids sick, a house to remodel, grieivng, blaming myself for her death and blaming myself for my husband hurting, and the kids hurting, it was all my fault. It was too much. I was breaking. We got into it, I left. I needed a break. I needed silence. I needed peace. I knew what I needed. I kept asking for it while trying to care for everyone and give my husband time to grieve. We seemed to do better after this. The boys ended up moving in with grandparents hoping they would emotionally do better.
Then Feb 28 comes. My husband has been giving the silent treatment. Which I find to be a miserable problem. I was blaming everything on myself. Causing my anxiety to sky rocket. Was I too fat, Was he not attracted to me, was he mad at me? Did he hate me? What was going on. I told him what I needed. While trying to give space. I need physical touch. I have been to the counselor at this point twice. He finally tells me after I beg him to that he had gone through some of my stories I have told him and that they were lies. Stuff from 20 years ago, 10 years ago, and one from recent. He said he tried to verify them and they weren't real. I was so freaking stunned. THis was blindsiding. and he was thinking that he was probably going to divorce me because of it. I was utterly confused and still am. Then I had to go to work right after.
Then thursday, he finally tells me he wants a divorce. I beg him not too. He said I flipped my shit. These are two days I do not remember or four days really. I became suicidal. My world was crashing down. I kept saying I wanted to die. I didn't want to die. My soul wanted to die. My heart wanted to die. My brain. But I still didn't. None of it made sense. It still doesnt honestly. I had him leave. He went to my sisters. I kept texting them. Once came over at 3 am to sit with me because I hadn't slept. My other sister called the cops with my husband after he spent the night with her. She told him all these stories were lies, except that my aunt and other sister confirmed all of them. He talked to her and was deadset that I am a liar. I ended up in the behavioral unit.
Fast forward I have been back and forth with him. Hes my human. I talk to to him about everything. I was wishy washy about abortion and adoption and coparenting. And it wasn't me trying to hurt him specifically. I was trying to figure out wtf to do. How does this all come about. How does this make sense. Now, seeing it, I finally feel like I am not crazy. I am doing better. Trying to be civil with him. I have an ultrasound today, and I am freaking out. Every time he stops by and goes to leave, I lose it. It triggers me. He won't talk to me in detail about this divorce and exactly why. Why are you looking for mistakes. But I am going to get a psych eval after talking to multiple counselors. I am so scared to tell him they think I have a type of bipolar. His sister had it and now I know he wont accept me at all. He will just know I am crazy. I thought I had it a while ago. I used to cycle like this more often but I have been going for 4 years. I am scheduling a psych eval. Do I tell him the what they think the diagnosis is. I dont know really. I dont want him to hurt. I dont want to scare him. I am a good wife. I am a good mom. I am a good employee. I am a good person. As much as he is grieving and not seeing that he is going through probably one of the most traumatic experiences of a life time, I can't hurt him anymore. I have to be healthy for me. I have to take care of myself. I feel so bad. What if I am bipolar? What if I am just as crazy. What if I can't coparent with him because I love him so freaking much. He is still my rock. He is still my human. And I do not want him to think bad about himself or about me. I Do not know where to go from here with him. I want him at the appointments and the birth, but its so awkward with us right now. I am so broken. And I do not really understand why he thinks I lied and why this came about. We are supposed to do family therapy to learn to co parent. But sitting in a room is going to be hard. But I know I can do it. I can do it for our daughter and do it for him.
The last 6 months have been a shit show. But I just know we can get through it. I dont even know if any of this makes sense anymore.
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2023.03.31 18:56 nuclearflashpoint Do I get a shock by touching the neutral wire?

Since holding the phase wire while you're in touch with the ground gives you a shock because the circuit gets complete, why wouldn't same be the case with neutral wire. It also carries current, tho back to the source and touching it would mean current changing the path to the ground through your body.
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Add me for discuss if there is a serious offer that needs to be discussed.

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2023.03.31 18:56 Nekokama Dumb Things the Imam Says - 22 - "Islam is so Easy!" (Apparently)

I was recently temp banned from Reddit a week ago, as you guys may know, from a post I made mocking a Muslim tiktok where he made a cringy comment in regards to someone saying that Islam kills LGBTQ people. So apologies for this delayed episode.
I was going to post this yesterday, but I took a shot of tequila in preparation for seeing some of my family, and needed a rest. Lol
Today's khutbah was an interesting mix of celestial contradiction and obsessive compulsive gaslighting.
"My brother's and sisters, I speak today to tell you all that the blessed month of Ramadan is upon us, and it's as I say to the youth who attend our Islamic classes, as I say to the dedicated people who come to the masjid every single day, every night, and do their salat, and I will say it again for those who have come and did not know this, but our beloved Rasul SAW, has told us, 'that the one who comes to the masjid at night and does his dua, his salat, his sadaqah, and does it in the holy month, will be guaranteed by Allah, by all that is decreed, to have his sins TOTALLY forgiven' Alhamdullilah!!!"
The crowd all chant Alhamdullilah in unison.
"And this is the beautiful Islam, this is what makes islam so great, something the disbelievers will never understand, unless they open their hearts and remove the corruption of the Dunya inside them, and I tell you this, to all who keep complaining, especially those who say evil things about our religion, that Islam is too difficult, it's too hard, it's too complicated. NO IT'S NOT! I came back from Saudi, and I tell you, Islam isn't difficult, it's not challenging, it's as easy as you make it to be, who said that our Deen had to be difficult? I spoke to another sheikh, who said that he has Muslims who come to him complaining that they're so scared or worried about missing their rakats, or doing their whudu wrong, I was in the men's washroom, and walked inside, wallahi I tell you, I walked in, did my whudu, and did my salat, came back downstairs and the saw the same person still in the same position doing whudu!
Everyone found this awkwardly funny. There was some mumbled chuckles, whilst the rest of them looked at each other with smirks or faces of embarrassment.
"Wallahi, I was thinking what is wrong with you. Are you mentally ill? We have ex Muslims, so called murtads, who leave our religion saying Islam is too hard, Islam makes me OCD, mentally ill, I can't handle it!? Islam is easy, it is you who make it hard! I told you already the rules about whudu, I told you that in Ramadan, if you get water in your mouth, it doesn't break your fast. I told you that bleeding doesn't break your fast, only if it begins to run and it's enough to spit out, then it breaks your fast, accidentally swallowing water will not break your fast, that is not water! That is saliva, the water is so minimal it won't change anything, in fact in hot countries it's encouraged to let a small amount of water go into the mouth, make that saliva! Islam is not hard!"
"I also told you last week the rules about giving zakat, non Muslims cannot have zakat, poor people who don't earn over 300 in whatever currency, that person is acceptable for zakat, but cannot give that away to someone else and also say it's zakat, if you give nafli zakat, and it's not for anything else, then you must say so. Syeds, those who are of the family of the Prophet, cannot accept Zakat, do not give them zakat, you may offer them food, help, money to go towards something if they are poor, but they cannot accept zakat. As for fasting! Who is exempt from fasting, nobody, yes the traveller, but these days you have no real excuse, unless you have an urgency, you have a plane or a train, bus or coach you need to take, and you know you miss the times for salat or for breaking your fast, then that's fine, but these days travelling is so quick and easy, so if it's easy for you, then fast!! You have no reason not to, and the same goes with people with a sickness, Allah won't accept anything other than that he would exempt that person with a terminal illness, if they are on a machine, have to take medication to survive, or know they only have a short time to live, can be exempt from fasting, but even that last person, it would be better for them to spend their last days dedicating all their time to the obligations that is for all muslims! Don't you dare come to me saying Imam Saab, my doctor said I get headaches, and I'm exempt, no you are not! Not even pregnant women are exempt, only if it's a risk for the child and the mother, and only I will accept a doctor saying if it's a danger, and this is where I say to you, don't go to these non Muslim doctors, get a second opinion, these non Muslims do not understand us, our Deen, our way of life, and our complex understanding of the benefits of fasting. So go to a Muslim doctor. ONLY if that Muslim doctor says that you cannot fast for whatever health issue, then I will accept it, otherwise Allah is watching you, and he knows if you're lying and if you're telling the truth!"
"I once had a person come to me, Imam Saab, if I miss some of my salat during Ramadan, can I come and make it up on a Jummah in the masjid, and ALL my previous missed salat will be forgiven? I looked at him and said where are you getting this idea from? What hadith? There is no hadith! You miss a salat you can't make up all those ones you missed by simply doing nafli namaazi, or what is wajid upon you on a Jummah namaz, oh I'll do my nafl and sajdah with the Imam, and it will all get forgiven... NO! No! The Prophet SAW, said, ANYONE who misses a salat their name will be written onto the doors of Hell! The ONLY way you can get that removed, is if you make up for ALL the namaaz you missed and continue to not miss any more! And then the man asked me if I forgive a person who did me wrong, I'll be forgiven by our Rasul and that's what counts, and yes I said that counts but it won't go ANYWHERE if you don't do what is OBLIGATORY of you! Sure you read your salat, but do you know if you've done it right? Under the right conditions, many of you will be so shocked to learn that you come here to this mosque, you do your salat, and your duas are NEVER going to be accepted. A Muslimah came to me and said I've been doing all I've been commanded by Allah to do at home, my salat, Qur'an, dhikr, I make sure I'm in a state of purity, I dress modestly, and yet I told her, have you done ghusl properly? Do you know how to do it the correct way? *You sure you're not in a state of impurity? Allah said COMMANDED YOU "NOT TO TOUCH MY QURAN" in a state of impurity, you bring haram to yourself and THAT QUR'AN BRINGS HARAM TO YOU DOUBLE!** All of you, who come here to Jummah, you don't know if you're in a state of purity, because you did not follow the correct guidance, the rules, the specific instructions telling you what clarifies that requirements, and this knowledge is obligatory on you! It's not optional, it's not a side thing and salat and charity and Qur'an comes first, no no no, you want to be able to recognise Muhammad SAW on the day of Judgement? You want him to say that you are part of his Deen? You want him to increase your chances of forgiveness by Allah? He said in the Hadith, anyone who increases their respect for me, I shall increase their good deeds, their chances to get into Jannah, Alhamdullilah! If you don't respect and learn the example, the history, the life story of our prophet, how will you be able to recognise him, he won't recognise you, and you won't know him, and this is an obligation on you! Your Deen is not complete without this obligation being fulfilled, you will not escape Jahannam without completing this obligation. You want correct knowledge on salat, whudu, zakat, ghusl, inheritance, marriage, divorce, manners, treating your parents right, you will not escape Jahannam, you will ALL go into Jahannam without this obligation being fulfilled."*
"Don't think you are secure, no you are not. You come to this masjid, and you bring your haram with you, this salat with do now, it will not benefit you, it will increase the fuel of the fire! And as I said before, what feeds Shaitan?? Yes I know he's locked away, but what feeds his Dominion?! His home?! You! Haram! Haram feeds the fires of Hell! And you bring that Haram with you, the salat you do, is double haram! You touch that Qur'an! The Qur'an is now a haram upon you!!"
"Islam is easy, do not make it harder upon yourself! And all those who complain, it's you who made Islam difficult, if you understood your obligations, had a basic level of the knowledge that you need to recognise and be counted as a Muslim on the day of judgement, bring your children, you even over the age of 50, come to the masjid, come and learn these courses, I am doing it for free whilst others are charging you, you have no excuse, I have people on social media who are going to attend my video stream, and they're outside the city, but you are in the same city, what is your excuse not to come! And do come! Bring your wives and children, aunts, grandma's, every one, we will even do iftar, you can eat in the masjid, and give the women of the household free time away from the kitchen! Isn't that easy? Look at how everything is being given to you so easily by Allah SWT, you have no excuse!"
As we left the mosque, I got an elbow into the shoulder by my cousin, winking and grinning, and he said in a smarmy way "looks like you could learn something, you should go!"
I replied; "the day I need to learn all of that shit, is the day you pick up a book that's not the Qur'an, and genuinely learn something from that."
He shrugged and said something along the lines of "those books won't get me into heaven."
I laughed. "According to this Imam, you never will, all those times you touched that book in the evenings, you got nothing but haram."
He started getting irritated. "What you trying to say?"
I burst out laughing, a little to obnoxiously, I know, but the thought of him realising all those years of devotion to the cult got him nothing was too funny.
"Wiping yourself off with a tissue isn't ghusl. In fact, ghusl isn't even ghusl."
Hope you guys are having a great week! Keep on going, this month will soon be over!
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2023.03.31 18:53 Bright-Molasses-8890 no longer a mirror but a shadow.

“I’ll wake up later,” they tell me again.
“Liar,” I say in response as I look away, unable to hold eye contact.
I know what they're saying is a lie, they've said it too many times for it to be true. Have you ever heard of the story of the boy who cried wolf? Exactly. They're just like that. Saying over and over again; “I'll get up soon.”, but it's never true.
I feel a hand on my shoulder as I fight back tears. It startles me, but I don't flinch. They're trying to reassure me. It's a pathetic attempt. I shake off their hand from my shoulder and glare at their direction, of course, no ones actually there. I sigh and turn away once again, the cold engulfing me as I wrap my arms around my own body. It doesn't warm me, no. not at all. But it feels nice to think someone is holding me, it's nice to pretend.
“Will you be okay on your own?” they ask, sleepiness evident in their voice.
“I guess,” was all I could say back. I didn't know the answer to that question, really. But the last thing I want is to ask for more attention. Pathetic.
“If you need me, I'll be lying here-.”
“Asleep.” I interrupt, a sarcastic tone in my voice.
They don't respond. They know I'm right, they won't be awake if I ever need them. It's all just white lies and false promises. I learned this the hard way. I can feel them staring at me, burning the back of my neck. I don't say anything though, I'd rather not start another fight.
“Do you remember when it was all okay?” I hear them suddenly ask. It was like their voice was ringing in my head.
“No.” I admit coldly.
“Neither do i,”
“Then why did you ask?’
“Its fine…” fuck.
Im such an asshole sometimes, i should learn how to shut the fuck up sometimes.
They stopped looking at me, I feel guilty now.
“Sorry.” I say softly, regret filling me as I feel them smile.
“It's okay,” was all they said back.
I let out a sigh as I got up, groaning as I felt dizziness take over my body. I shouldn't have drank so much, now I can't even walk right. I try to steady myself against the wall, the cold wallpaper making me realize how alone I truly am, and how the cold is all I have.
“I'm going to get something to eat.” I say before leaving. I don't hear anything in response, they're probably asleep again already. Whatever.
My head aches as I feel my hands shake, it makes it hard for me to grab any food, but I manage. When I take a bite I grimace at its bland flavor, disgust running through me as I swallow slowly. Yuck.
As I continue to eat, my hands stop shaking, my dizziness fading. When's the last time I ate? Three days ago? Four? I can't tell. It doesn't matter anyway. I've been stuck in my room for days on end, eating pretend food made by pretend people. Drinking pretend drinks from pretend cups. It's tragic. I'm insane.
“What are you eating?” I flinch as I hear a voice behind me.
“Just chips.” I say as I roll the bag up, putting it back away.
“Are you okay?” Once again, another question I don't know the answer to.
“Yea I'm just tired, I didn't sleep last night.”
“Get sleep tonight then,”
“Alright,” and then I left. I don't entirely know who I was talking to. A family member? A family friend? I don't plan on finding out.
When I walk back into my room, I see their sleeping body tucked under a layer of blankets, their breathing slow and calm. I sit at the edge of the bed and frown, I wish I could sleep that peacefully. For the past month all I've been having were nightmares, I'm not sure why. I can't remember them all in detail but I can remember a pattern.
My parents hate me. My friends are using me. My friends are leaving me. Being alone in my head. Dying by my own hands. Watching myself in the second person point of view. my parents screaming at me. My heart is exploding inside my chest. My lover realized I'm not the same person they fell in love with.
All in all; tragedy.
I let out yet another soft sigh as I got up once again. But before I walk away, I feel a hand grab onto my wrist, it's theirs. They tug gently in a very affectionate manner, their hand cold to the touch.
“What?” I ask as I try to pull away.
“Go to bed.” is all they say before letting go.
I think for a moment before nodding, “fine.”
As I get into the bed, I can feel their body melt into mine, their thoughts soon consuming mine. I can't help but cry. As I lay there limp, I close my eyes and lose consciousness, slowly drifting asleep.
They are me and i am them. I hate them so much.
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2023.03.31 18:53 First_Flan6631 AITA FOR SENDING MY EX CONDOLENCES??

I was with my ex for 4 months in 2014 and before that we were just friends from middle school. I’ve been with my current gf for 7 years. Hadn’t seen or spoken to my ex in about 3 years. A couple weeks ago my Ex’s brother passed away and I messaged her my condolences. Nothing more and then archived the message thinking nothing of it. My gf randomly asked if I had been in touch with my ex lately(later I found out it’s because she went through my messenger and saw the archived message). And I told her about the message and even showed it to her. Ever since that day my gf keeps calling me by my ex’s name and accusing me of cheating and wanting to be with her still. I have no feelings for my ex in that way at all but my gf doesn’t believe me and says I’m being sneaky. AITA?
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2023.03.31 18:52 partbrass My(20F) boyfriend (20M) of a year wants to be “more affectionate” after being away for a weekend.

Hi everyone so this may just be nothing but I am a bit confused as to why he’s started acting like this.
To start; some context is my boyfriend and I are generally pretty affectionate towards each other. We hold hands and hug in public and in private spend a lot of time cuddling or touching in some way. Neither of us are huge fans of PDA so we try to keep that minimal. We both agreed that this is what we like and seem satisfied by it.
So three weeks ago my boyfriend and I had a bit of a disagreement over future plans, but we had managed to work through it and come to an agreement to not worry about it since we are only 20 years old. We had been fine for the rest of the week, though we had little to no time together since he was going away for the weekend with his all male friends and he had to get ahead of work.
So he went on his trip, we did not talk very much (like 2 conversations a day maybe) since he was busy and I wanted him to have boy’s time. He came back and immediately was very affectionate, like would not leave my side for a minute and constantly touching and hugging me even in public. I chalked that up to him missing me since this is common when we are separated for a period of time. I assumed it would subside and go back to how it normally was within a few days.
Its been two weeks and he is still being very affectionate and attached. I had to go home this weekend for an event and he seemed upset by it. I understand we have not had a weekend together in a month due to other activities occupying the time but he struggled to let me go. I even offered to let him come with me, but he had work so he could not come. When I was leaving he kept hugging, kissing, and telling me he would miss me, which is unusual since we normally depart with a hug and kiss and “be safe”. Our normally 5 minute exchange became 30 minutes.
I asked him what was wrong and if he would rather I stay, since it was not a necessary event, but he said nothing was wrong he was just being more affectionate. I asked him why and his answer was “just because”. I have been home for a day and I have essentially been spammed with messages about how much he misses me and how he feels about me.
I don’t think he’s cheating/cheated, but I am unsure of how to broach the topic since I feel a bit uncomfortable with all the affection and not much reasoning.
TLDR; my boyfriend and I had a disagreement, he went on a boy’s trip, now he’s being overly affectionate “just because”. Idk how to tell him it makes me uncomfortable.
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2023.03.31 18:49 TheThuliumElement I'm a little sad

I have a couple friends, the only people I talk to and whom I trust. They're a bunch of 6-7 people. I get really good grades while they get 40s out 80 or even 50. I kind of have bad social skills, basically an amibvert. Recently, they've started abusing me by calling me a "retard", "dumbass", "idiot" etc. they don't just do it once or twice but they've done so - fairly many times. I'm starting to feel like either I need a change or I'm the problem. Some of them are interested in gym and make fun of me because of my bad posture and the fact I don't get out of the house. I really don't know what has happened, my entire friend circle has started abusing me (well, individually and somtimes they make fun of me in some group). Even my female bestfriend has started it even though she is not associated with those people. I'm not somebody who takes offense very easily but this has started to depress me lately. I don't feel like talking to anyone at this point but when I try to ignore them, I start feeling lonely. I don't know what to do, I've been friends with these people for over an year or so and recently I've become their main target. Some of you may say that they must be joking but I can assure you that they are not. They are just serious about it when they're making fun of me. I've just lost hope in myself. I don't even know why did it start and why is it happening. Did I do something? They stopped giving me attention as well, I hardly get any when I'm trying to talk. I feel like I should get rid of all my social medias and cut contacts with everyone for God's sake. I won't talk to a single fucking one of them.
About the posture: In June, 2022, I had a minor spinal injury so I quit exercise, I am normal but I kind of sulk while walking and I am working towards self improvement but I've lost my touch since it's been almost an year that I haven't worked out.
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2023.03.31 18:47 Dice_here838 sales on Leatherjacketgear

The Oldest Leather Jacket Supplier From Pakistan For USA, UK, Canada, Europe & Worldwide

LEATHER JACKET GEAR® - An exquisite combination of the spirit of creativeness and the energy of youth. Its existence and continuation are the outcomes of the passion and vision of a team of youngsters, who have inherited the proverbial artisanship of Sialkot. Blending the inherited skill with state-of-the-art technology, they have grown into an organization manufacturing and exporting Leather Garments and Accessories the world over, within a short span of a few years, it has earned the trust of business partners and customers worldwide.
Now with our buyers and business partners spread across the globe, we are ready to explore new horizons in the art of manufacturing Leather Garments and Accessories.
Our R&D departments work round the clock to search the new dimensions in the field. This keeps us in touch with the ever-changing global professional and technological scene.
Quite naturally, no business organization stands in a vacuum. Therefore our trusted customers & buyers are the other most important side of the picture. The ever-flowing stream of feedback from them .keep us on our toes and brings us closest to the feel of things. Without this support, we lose considerably. Hence, we honor the reputation and trust of our customers ahead of everything else.
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The professional and aesthetic demands of any kind can be met without any problem. Under the vigilant eyes of our experts, every stitch is scanned to maintain the highest standards of quality and performance, because three important things are at stake: End-user honor, Buyer’s reputation, and our Pride.

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read more
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2023.03.31 18:47 gnocchi_connoisseur Is this a normal way for OB to do fundal measurement?

Curious how it goes for the rest of you when your OB/midwife does a fundal (belly) measurement at regular prenatal appointments. Do they go under your pants so that the measuring tape is against the skin over your pubic bone, or do they keep everything outside your clothes? One OB (older and kind of "old school"/gruff male), has shifted my leggings/underwear a bit and placed the measuring tape directly against my pubic bone to measure the fundus (both times that I've seen him). He didn't say or do it in a pervy way or otherwise inappropriate, but it surprised me because I didn't realize how low they have to reach get to your pubic bone, and he just reached down and adjusted my already rolled down pants rather than asking me to roll them down further. I chalked it up to him being "old school" and having a poor bedside manner and the attitude of "I'm the doc so I provide care and medical advice, and the patient is a passive recipient of that care and follows my advice"
For what it's worth, this is my first pregnancy and I'd only had a fundal measurement done once before (by a younger female midwife) who just used her fingers to measure distance between my bellybutton and the top of my belly for an approximate measure. So the measuring tape plus doc having to basically touch the top of my vulva was new to me. But it also doesn't seem invasive compared to all the standard things things I've had done at regular gyno visits pre-pregnancy?
Saw a different OB today (younger female) who did the fundal measurement with a measuring tape but just laid it against the outside of my jeans. I asked if it was normal to measure "under the pants" like the other OB did, and she said it was just a matter of preference and that measuring over pants/clothing is less exact but "good enough" for her since she knows I'm getting regular ultrasounds which provide more specific measurements.
Anyway, how do your providers do fundal measurements? Is what my OB does weird? I have a personality clash with the male OB to begin with, so I'm trying not to let that cloud my judgment.
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2023.03.31 18:43 shimmerblitz Used Up Decants Parts 1-3

This is just a compilation of previous comments. [Part 1, 2, 3]

Tier Fragrances
S Thé Noir 29, Molecule 01
A Lira, BdA, Pure Musc for Her, Remember Me, Cedrus, Infusion Cèdre
B Café de Dua 2.0, Choco Violet, Versense, GFG, Coffee Break, Petit Matin, Musc Ravageur, Prada L'Homme, Whispers in the Library
C Maui Fantasy
D, F None
Britney Spears Maui Fantasy - a tropical fruity floral. Fresh, shampooey, inoffensive, great for daily use. [3/5]
Byredo Bal d’Afrique - also a love at first sniff. This is one of those sunshine in a bottle fragrances. To me, this is a woody, lemony (but not tart), fruity floral with a soapy dry down. There’s also some sweetness to it from the fruity notes. My only gripe is how this ridiculously underperforms on me considering the price. Signature-scent worthy here in the tropics. Idk if I’ll ever get a full bottle because I still have bottles of dupes. [4.75/5]
Chloé Cedrus - there’s something familiar about this, and it's not something I'd consider unique. Looking at the notes, I wasn’t surprised to strongly like this at first sniff: cardamom, sandalwood, vetiver, and moss blended well. This is sheer, skews feminine but dries down mossy and earthy, which I love. It's an easy reach, and it's summer weather signature scent worthy. I want a full bottle, but it’s not the easiest to source. So a bigger decant maybe. [4.5/5]
Dua Café de Dua 2.0 - sweet, buttery latte. Stronger than Al Rehab French Coffee. Whole day longevity and good projection. If you like to smell like café latte and café latte only, i.e., no flowers and no fruits compared to the likes of Black Opium, then this is a great option. It's full-bottle worthy, but I’d rather have this as a candle. [4/5]
Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 - Woody, musky. Fragrant cardboard? Couldn't smell this at first. The trick is to spray it away from your nose, move, and let the scent warm up and waft up to you. The way this is being described makes you think about The Emperors New Clothes, but it does have a smell! Thought about the layering possibilities so got a full bottle and a backup. [5/5]
Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur - This reminds me of the holidays and cooler weather. Cinnamon, vanilla, and cloves. There's an animalic note towards the dry down, and I think it's part of the charm. Not getting much of the cat pee thankfully. Some people find this sexy, I find it more comforting. [4/5]
Jovoy Remember Me - another love at first sniff. When someone asks for fragrances that smell like milk tea, this has been my answer. Opens with lemon, bergamot, tea, and cardamom notes. Gets creamier and sweeter over time. Very comforting. Almost a chai latte in a bottle. This has shades of By Kilian Princess, but RM is like a more laid-back second cousin. This has more cardamom while Princess is more fruity. Got a bigger decant for now, but I won’t hesitate to get a full bottle if I come across a great deal. [4.75/5]
Le Labo Thé Noir 29 - Black tea, vetiver, tobacco, fig, and hay masterfully blended together. Sometimes herbal, sometimes foresty. Not a whole-year scent. Sprayed this one summer morning and got a headache. There’s an occasional sharp and almost bitter accord here that kind of makes it seem unfriendly, but it’s part of its charm I guess. Above average projection and lasts the whole day. Already sprang for a full bottle. [5/5]
Maison Francis Kurkdijan Gentle Fluidity Gold - an airy, fresh spicy vanilla with some powdery touches. Vaguely reminds me of Montale Intense Café, but IC has more heft and definitely has more pronounced rose notes. Didn’t like this at first, but that airiness has kept it interesting and the scent overall has an elegant vibe. Would make a great vanilla fragrance for semiformal to formal afternoon events. Maybe I’ll get a bigger decant. [4.1/5]
Maison Francis Kurkdijan Petit Matin - White florals and citruses. Instant mood lifter. I find the full bottle too pricey for the scent profile, but it was worth the try. It's a contender for a signature summer fragrance. [3.75/5]
Maison Martin Margiela Replica Coffee Break - you’re sipping your latte inside a coffee shop. On the table beside you is a mason jar loosely filled with lavender stems. That’s pretty much the vibe. Projection is on the gentle side. Longevity is around 6 hours. IMO as for lavender vanillas scent-wise: this > Mon Guerlain EDP > YSL Libre > Mon Guerlain EDT. Not really missing it so no bigger decant for me for now. Also eyeing that dupe from Eternal. [3.8/5]
Maison Martin Margiela Replica Whispers in the Library - Projection is indeed more of a whisper than a shout. The spicy woody notes and cedar give off that old library vibe. Saw a comment somewhere that this is dark academia in a bottle, and I couldn't have worded it any better. It may not be the the best smelling or the most ground-breaking vanilla out there, but I like the mood this creates. Heard this is getting discontinued so got a 30ml. BUT it's back on the US website now (which has an ongoing 20% off sale on some fragrances btw) [4/5]
Mancera Choco Violet - The violet gives it this powdery accord. There was a fleeting hint of orange in the first few minutes. Mostly cacao with some nuttiness. Strong projection and good longevity (it’s Mancera after all). [4.25/5]
Prada Infusion d'Iris Cèdre - pretty much soapy but with a gentle woody twist. Starts with some mild citrus notes. Dries down powdery and slightly woody. This is clean and fresh and lasts the whole day, the last few hours being a skin scent. Got a bigger decant. Torn between this and Molecule 01+Iris, which is in the same ballpark, but the latter is simpler with only cedar + iris and projects less (but I love them both equally). [4.5/5]
Prada L'Homme - Soapy clean, powdery with a sweet and woody drydown. A crisp, white button down type of fragrance. Good projection during the first two hours. Marketed to men, but this shouldn't stop anyone from trying it. I'd probably get a bigger decant once I use up my other samples. [4.25/5]
Narciso Rodriguez Pure Musc for Her - this has been my constant recommendation for musk fragrances (and I’m not alone here -- note: 'here' as in the beautytalkph sub). Has a clean, just got off the shower vibe. Opening has a sharp floral note, but it goes away after a few minutes to make way for a comforting and clean musk. Wore this one humid morning, was sweating, and yet I still smelled fresh two trike rides later. It blooms in the heat. My favorite among the For Her flankers. Got a full bottle. [4.7/5]
Versace Versense - starts with a zingy citrus then becomes more floral, woody, and a little musky over time. Around 6 hours longevity. Not a dupe of Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche imo. Would've recommended this as an alternative to to D&G Light Blue if it wasn't discontinued. [3.9/5]
Xerjoff Lira - love at first sniff. Citrusy vanilla pound cake. Would’ve been S-tier in my book had it performed better. On the flip side, that means it’s more wearable in Philippine weather. Bigger decant for now. [4.8/5]
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2023.03.31 18:43 Coldweather1030 Am I lesbian or Bi?

I feel like I have a hard time processing if I am bisexual or a lesbian.
Conclusion: - I am confused because I really didnt feel sexual feelings towards guys until I was a little older and I had fantasies about clit stimulation with faceless women/ or women from porn since I was 12.
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2023.03.31 18:42 viisi Looking for passionate individuals to join our gun reform project and make an impact.

Are you frustrated with the lack of progress on gun reform and reducing gun violence? Do you want to help make a difference in your community?
Our gun reform project is looking for passionate individuals to help us create a platform that makes it easier for people to contact their elected representatives and advocate for sensible gun control measures and mental health policies.
Our project aims to reduce the barriers that prevent individuals from contacting their elected representatives by providing email templates and lists of emails and eventually automating the whole process on behalf of the user. We believe that this will help to make the process more accessible and increase the number of people who can participate in the democratic process.
As a team member, you'll be working with cutting-edge technology. We use advanced AI models, such as ChatGPT, to generate compelling and persuasive emails that users can send directly to their elected officials. We also use Grammarly to ensure the emails are clear, concise, and well-written.
But we need your help to take this project to the next level. We are looking for individuals passionate about gun reform and with skills in software engineering, AI development, or project management. You'll have the opportunity to work with other talented individuals, collaborate on exciting new features, and make a real impact on reducing gun violence.
Our project is heavily focused on technology, with a frontend built on React and TypeScript and a backend built on Node.js, TypeScript, and Nest.js. We are looking for individuals who are comfortable working with these technologies and excited about the prospect of creating something that can make a real difference.
So if you want to help make it easier for individuals to contact their elected representatives and advocate for sensible gun control measures, we encourage you to join our project. Together, we can make a real impact and help create a safer, more peaceful world.
Whether you are a frontend developer, backend developer, AI expert, or just someone who is passionate about gun reform, we want to hear from you. This is an opportunity to work on an important and meaningful project alongside other talented individuals who share your values.
If you're interested in learning more about the project or want to get involved, please get in touch with us. We can't wait to hear from you!
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2023.03.31 18:42 RombaroExpato 37 [M4F] Northwest Ohio and Nearbyish hopefully - Older Golden Retriever thinks too much and could use younger SFW chats to focus on.

I'm tired of looking at dating apps and sifting though profiles with only pictures or less than ten words that tend to lead up to an OF link (I don't care if people do that, it's just not what I'm looking for. I want to build something real with someone.
I've got trauma I've survived and I've met some truly toxic people in my past and I really put my heart into relationships so while being very friendly and personable all the way though, I also am very cautious and truly just want to find warm, life affirming and humanizing connections with people.
I'm looking for younger people because I feel out of place with my own age group. I always felt more in touch with older people growing up, and now that I'm beginning to be older people, I'm weirdly finding the opposite is true and that I maybe have more in common with younger people.
The people I see in IRL that are my age are starting to become set in their ways and get bogged down by kids, co-parents, and hardened by their pasts. I also have my scars and maybe looking for younger is related to them, but I really want to be genuinely there for someone and vice versa. I have no interest in doing anything selfish or hurting anyone in any way, and I truly mean that, I just hope for the same from someone and I don't want to waste anyone's time.
That being said, If you want to find someone that wants to be there for you and wants your opinion on things just as much as he's willing to provide his time and knowledge towards figuring out life together, talk to me.
I could really use some warmth and people that want to be there for others as well and aren't too scared to be real and open with others. I'll go a head and shut up now.
Thank you for your time reading this and hopefully something nice happens for you just as a cosmic reward for getting to the end of this even though I'll have no idea unless you message me the word "mangos" or something.
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2023.03.31 18:42 uberfunction Oh wow, The Richmond Daily covered OLA's restaurant

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2023.03.31 18:42 hussafeffer Repair & Deduct/Rent Withholding, TN

We rent a home in Tennessee from a national property management company.
The house was a bad investment on their part. We're their first tenants in the house and there are thousands of dollars of repairs that need to be done, the most serious of which being the leaking from the yard into the living room (bad drainage combined with a DIY demolition of a sunroom and replacement patio put in by previous owners). We had no idea about these issues when we moved in. I've been calling them for months about it, they've gotten three different estimates from contractors that they sent, and at this point they no longer return my calls or respond to my emails.
I've already contacted a legal service that will be putting me in touch with an attorney in 1-3 business days. I don't care if we have to repair and deduct, or if just a letter from an attorney will be sufficient to scare them into getting their shit together; either is fine with me.
My question is this: if our rent is due on the 1st and I'm actively trying to get something fixed, can I withhold my rent in order to help pay for the repairs that need to be done in the event that this does become a repair and decuct issue? Or do I need to pay them this month and it becomes an issue for next month? I'm not trying to get evicted, but I'm tired of having to put towels down on the floor for a week after it rains and the less I need to borrow, the better.
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2023.03.31 18:41 NexicTurbo We Should Bring Back the Art of Handwriting Letters as a Mainstream Form of Communication

Hear me out, I know this sounds like a blast from the past, but I genuinely believe that we should bring back the art of handwriting letters as a mainstream form of communication. In today's world of instant messaging and social media, we've lost the personal touch that comes with taking the time to write out our thoughts and feelings by hand.
Handwritten letters provide a more intimate and heartfelt connection between people. Plus, the excitement of receiving a physical letter in the mail is something that cannot be replicated by email or texts. The time and effort put into crafting a letter show the recipient that you truly care about them and the message you're trying to convey.
Of course, I'm not saying we should abandon modern communication methods entirely, but I think that reintroducing handwritten letters into our lives could lead to more meaningful connections and a deeper understanding of one another. I understand this opinion might not be popular, but I'm curious to know what you all think.
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2023.03.31 18:39 campervango Rear quarter panel damage on a Model Y, looking for advice

Rear quarter panel damage on a Model Y, looking for advice
Hi, so I just bought this 2021 Model Y with only 10k miles on it. I am trying to repair this tiny bit of damage, but the shops all want $3,000 or more to fix it. It was done by the previous owner, so I can't run it through Tesla insurance. Does anyone know if there's a way to pull out this rear quarter panel? It's only pushed in maybe 10-20mm. I can touch up the bumper myself. Maybe someone has had a repair like this done and know what it takes to pull it back out? Thank you kindly!
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2023.03.31 18:39 riuryK Buying your vBAT for other crypto

For the next few 4-5 days, I'll be offering vBAT users stuck without the possibility to withdraw the chance to exchange* your vBAT for any other cripto of your choice available at either Nexo or Binance, which is where I have accounts.
When I say exchange, I mean that I'll buy your vBAT for 75% of its current value, so to simplify things, let's say you're currently holding 100 vBAT that you're going to lose soon, so if you were to sell to me your vBAT today, I'd give you back...:
100 * $0.26 * 75% = $19.5 worth of the crypto of your choice, roughly
...I say roughly, because when you tip a creator Brave takes a 5% cut, and that's something nor you nor me cannot do anything about. It's their fee for the transaction. I'd also like to know why they do it, but it's them setting the rules. So in other words, if you want a much clearer picture following the example above your 100 vBAT minus a 5% Brave fee would be 95 vBAT, so I'd give back...
95 * $0.26 * 75% = $18.53 worth of the crypto of your choice.
Why am I doing this? Well, I believe it's a win-win situation. Of course, I get something out of it, a 25% of vBAT for the risks taken, but I think you also win a 75% of vBAT because what's the alternative? Let Brave take your 100% of your earned vBAT? Anyway, the decision is of course yours, but if you're interested we can be in touch at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). I accept vBAT tips in either Reddit, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter or Vimeo. I've already done this last month with 3 people without a single issue, and I intent to keep it smooth and transparent.
Please DO NOT tip me before contacting me since I need to know the amount of vBAT we're talking about and the crypto you want, so please write me first, then we'll agree.
Any question you might have, I'll be glad to answer by email.
Last BAT price update: 3:02 PM, March 31, 2023 as per
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2023.03.31 18:35 Physical_Charge_772 TN2 or TMJ?

I'm male, 48. I first had dental pain in my lower back two molars. Saw a lot of dentists and finally was diagnosed with Bruxism by an oral surgeon. I knew I grind my teeth so I started wearing a mouth guard to see if the pain resides after wearing for a couple of months. It didn't. I then went to my family doctor who diagnosed me with TN, and referred me to a neurologist who also diagnosed me with TN. Currently I'm waiting for my MRI but not holding my breath that it will give me a clear answer since if it's TN, I don't think it's TN1, so unlikely there is a clear compression.
My neurologist didn't ask me much and in my opinion was a little quick to diagnose me with TN. I've been reading a lot and my symptoms aren't typical. This is why I feel I either have atypical TN2 or TMJ and that possibly my TN2 is caused by my TMJ. Recently after going to a chiropractor that adjusted my back, neck and did electro acupuncture, my pain increased A LOT. I'm now taking carbamazepine and it's only my third day, so not feeling much of a difference yet.
So here is what's going on: Left side cheek pain, jaw pain, chin pain, headaches, my two back molars are in a lot of pain and are protruding (which is a symptom of TMJ). Top left side molars are also in pain. The flares are long, like 2-4 hours at a time. I am able to touch my face without pain though. I put heat and ice right on the effected cheek and it soothes it a little, which seems like it's not something that most TN sufferers can't do. I can brush my teeth and tolerate wind with no problem. Strange no?
I have been listening to my neurologist and going down the path of TN2, but I'm wondering if I should be pursuing a better diagnosis of TMJ or something else? I'm not really sure the best way to get a proper diagnosis of TMJ. Also I've had shingles and have read that TN can come from viral issues like shingles. I just want to be thorough here. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.03.31 18:35 justinbeggar Earn money just by browsing

Are you looking to earn money while you search for things on the internet? Then this article will help you with this chrome extension called Slice.

Slice is a browser extension that allows users to monetize the time and attention they invest in internet browsing. Slice is the browsing standard of tomorrow, ready to start generating passive income for you today.

Slice is very simple to use: You Earn passive income simply by browsing with the Slice extension enabled; remove it at any time, with no strings attached. Ad banners are also not annoying, you can just do your work without any interrupt and meanwhile earn also while watching those banners
or watching any youtube video or any twitch stream without any interruptiions these banner just appear at sides or bottom and you literally have to do nothng. So dont miss this golden chance.

Slice place users at the top of the internet pyramid to maximize the cash value of their time and attention. By browsing with Slice, you’ll earn your fair Slice of the internet economy.

How to start earning money with Slice:

Install the browser extension here: Or get it here: (no refferal). Slice will display ads on your visited pages as you browse the internet.
How do you get paid?

Payouts are currently available via the Bitcoin Lightning network and PayPal. They will gradually integrate more payout methods, including gift cards.

How much can you expect to earn?:

This depends on your online activity; a decent estimate would be around 5$ a month on average.

If you want to start earning money to search for things online, Slice will be your best option here.
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2023.03.31 18:33 TheACMJS Everything we know so far about AC Mirage.

New Gameplay:
Best guess for any type of update will be at Ubi Forward (Ubisoft version of E3 for their own games.) On June 12th 2023. (As of *Edited date above,* no games have been specifically announced yet for Ubi Forward.) []
No gameplay has been shown, and no release date has been announced.
Internal Delays:
There are current rumors as of early January 2023 of delays. It has been rumored that Mirage would come out in August 2023. As yet, nothing has been officially confirmed by Ubisoft as of (1-20-23). More rumors point towards a June release.
More rumors that Mirage will be delayed as a severe lack of news/advertisements. []
Last Ubisoft Update:
September 10th 2022. When the cinematic trailer was released. []
9th century Baghdad, 861 the “Golden Age” of Islamic Baghdad 20 years before Valhalla (872 to 878) Fortress Alamut means “the eagle's nest” in Arabic.
No gender option, No dialogue branches/choices. Linear storytelling.
Play as Basim from a street thief to apprentice to Master. Basim becomes a young orphan and after committing “an act of deadly retribution” (Perhaps revenge against those who wronged his father) he flees Baghdad and joins the Hidden Ones.
Transitional period between Hidden Ones and the Assassin’s. The same for the Order of the Ancients and the Templar's.
Confession rooms are back.
Modern Day: There will be no modern day segments. Only 2 cutscenes showing entering the animus and exiting. [] We don’t know if this means exclusively just no walking sections, or if there will be cutscenes to establish canon reasons we are playing as Basim. Besides the 2 mentioned above.
Developer Background:
Mirage will have more of an insight into the Hidden Ones and the evolution of the ancient civilization.
What (if anything) will Mirage change from AC Origins, or will it simply fill in gaps in the origin story?
The game trailer itself is an homage to previous game trailers in the franchise.
The game creators are using the original games Assassin’s Creed 1 and the Ezio trilogy as inspiration for the game to go “back to basics.” Focus on the three pillars; stealth, parkour, and assassinations. A more narrative driven approach to progression and a more contained map to explore. Compared to previous games, hopefully Mirage will be more active and detailed and won’t leave much “white noise” like in Odyssey and Valhalla.
Meeting Sigurd and the Vikings will take place at the end of the game, but it is not known at what point Haytham will become Basim’s apprentice.
Gameplay features:
Use a guard as a shield, pole-vaulting over objects, pulling down market stands as a distraction or objects blocking enemies paths.
Social stealth is back (blending in with crowds, benches etc . . .)
Improved and reworked the detection system. Allows the player to see who is tracking you and how far away.
Other features include changes to the parkour and stealth systems. (changing speed of parkour
movements and animations.
Multikill assassinations or “assassin focus”. Some type of ability that can eliminate multiple targets at once. (might be Brotherhood iniaties or some other upgrade, will have to recharge.)
Assassinations are one hit kills.
Thieves sense. Not sure if just for loot like Bayek in Origins, or if it can also sense enemies.
Eagle is back can be locked if spotted by archers. May be used to spot enemies.
Gameplay loop includes: Identify, hunt, eliminate, vanish.
Tools, Throwables, Ranged:
Throwing knives, (No bow, only ranged weapon) smoke bombs, sleep darts, mines, noisemakers. Not officially confirmed, but claimed these various tools can be upgraded. It is not known if the tools will be accessed via the Dpad or a weapon wheel.
Valhalla hit box system (Not counter based system as some had hoped)
Three weapons: Sword, Dagger and Hidden Blade (hopefully not only used as an offhand attack/parry weapon like in Valhalla). Sword and Dagger are a combo. Not known if the sword and the dagger will have to be the same cosmetic skin, or if the skins could be applied separately.
The sword and dagger can be changed in terms of the look (cosmetics), but not swapped out with any other weapons as in previous games.
No separate armor slots or pieces. It will just be one costume that will change cosmetically. No specific stats.
Something not known is if there will be some type of armor to be acquired. For example, in ACII Altair’s armor was acquired by collecting the 6 seals. The Romulus seals in Brotherhood. The keys for the Templar armor in Black Flag, or the Mayan stones. The Carnellion’s Master Assassin outfit through the Nostradamus Enigmas in Unity.
World Building:
The bigger world in previous games (Origins, Odyssey, and Valhalla) meant less focus on stealth and certain animations were taken out new animations have been added in and others restored.
More densely populated city.
There are Assassin contracts in the game, presumably through the Assassin Bureaus. There are 4 districts. 2/4 districts have been confirmed. Industrial area and the Lush Gardens of the round city.
In total, the rumor is that the map is about the size of the city of Paris in Unity. It is not known if the side missions are separate from the Assassin contracts.
Black Box Missions:
Black box assassination missions are back.
A problem is that officially, there is no “canon” way that a target goes down in these missions, as players are given a multitude of approaches and opportunities. It is not known if there are “100 sync” sequences or optional objectives to achieve on a sync bar or if they are truly free like in Unity. If a player messes up, there is no reset option unless the player dies. There are multiple opportunities and no planned New Game+. So it will take a few walkthroughs to do them all. It is not confirmed if there is a way to replay through the Black Box missions besides “failing” them or dying. One workaround would be to use multiple saves to see which approach you feel best adapts to your game style.
How Long to Beat:
Game time: 15 to 20 hours.
No planned DLC or Expansions.
Something else not known is the type of collectibles. In previous game collectible types consisted of keys, manual scripts, feathers, songs, animus fragments etc.…
Most notably in previous games, keys, or seals were collected through a series of parkour challenges to acquire an armor set. AC II, for example, collect all 6 seals and get Altair’s armor. In AC Brotherhood, collect all 6 Romulus seals and earn the Armor of Romulus. In Black Flag, get all the Templar keys for the Templar armor. Also in Black Flag, solve the Mayan stone puzzles to earn the Mayan Armor. In AC Unity, solve all the Nostradamus puzzles to unlock Thomas de Canellion’s medieval armor. Finally, in Origins, collect the silica fragments to unlock the ISU armor. If there is an armor set to unlock, we’re not entirely sure what that would look like.
Behind the scenes:
Started work in April 2021. (If released by August as rumored, Mirage will have been worked on for 3 years and 4 months)
Originally known as and referenced to as AC Rift.
Mirage began as an expansion DLC for AC Valhalla.
Mirage is built on AC Valhalla’s assets.
No microtransactions in the game through a Helix credit store.
Bundled consumables will be available for real money on the Ubisoft (Uplay) /PS (PlayStation) /MS (Microsoft) stores. What consumables will be available and how they will be used is as yet to be determined.
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