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2023.03.31 17:58 Sooperdude24 Britney goes to school 37

The "we're not dead" chapter from u/eruwenn and I. No promises on how fast the next chapter arrives, but it is underway.
First / Prev / Next ------------------------------
Sam Jakobs strode through the lobby of Umgrol Tower with all but one of his most trusted friends. Black suits slipped through the crowd; much like a shark’s fin through waves, they simply parted without a ripple of effort. Faces were grim, eyes focused, and a tension sat on their combined shoulders like a weight they all knew too well.
“I could make an excuse,” Duong offered, deciding to try and break the mood. “No need for you to attend this meeting in person.”
“It’s fine,” former Colonel Jakobs answered with a resigned sigh.
“But, shouldn’t you be with Britney?” Lopez attempted to change his mind with an appeal to his emotions. “She was looking forward to taking you on a roller coaster.”
“I’m doing this for Britney,” the loving father replied without hesitation.
“Avoiding conflict is a good lesson,” Jabari offered his advice.
“True.” Sam conceded the point.
“Knowin’ how to punch a Wachoto so their heart fails is also a good lesson,” Snake said drily.
“Also true,” the group’s leader said, allowing himself a brief chuckle.
Sam!” Lopez struck his shoulder with the back of her open hand. “Don’t even joke-”
“We’re not killing Hopper’s replacement,” Sam confirmed, allowing himself an almost imperceptible shrug. “Not today, anyway.”
The small ripple of laughter that had passed between them had helped alleviate some of the tension that had been building. Duong paused as one of the tower assistants came jogging up to them, and he held up a hand to stop the others. As the young man approached, the terror was visible in his face. "Your order, Sir." He held up a white box from Pierre's, large enough to require both hands to hold, and instead of saluting he simply bowed his head and extended the package towards them.
“Thank you,” Sam replied, accepting the box and tucking it under his arm. He saw the others staring in confusion. “A gift,” he explained.
“From you…” Jabari said slowly. “To?
“Did Choco make an exploding cake?” Duong jokingly asked.
Another exploding cake,” Jabari clarified. “There was that thing in the Whethan Sector.”
Elevator doors opened, and their conversation fell silent as they entered, only to start up again once it began to move.
Jabari had found that humorous antics, or the mere memory of them, often eased tension before combat. He tried the interrupted tactic again. "Remember that time he stole a light cruiser from the Odesza Fundamentalists?" After a brief pause to allow the memories to flow, he added, "What happened to that thing, anyhow?"
“Who knows,” Duong hastily replied, nudging his large friend in the side and nodding to the camera watching them. “Lot of stuff goes missing in war, you know-”
“Cameras are off, dumbass,” Choco’s voice came in over their earpieces.
“Better safe than sorry,” the handsome man replied, flashing a smile to their Erinal in the machine, and began fixing up his hair in the reflection of the camera lens. The elevator stopped, and the conversation paused with practiced precision as the doors parted. The black suits marched silently through the underground military base of Umgrol Tower basement level three, eventually reaching a set of secure doors. Two black armoured soldiers stood either side.
“Death’s Head?” Snake muttered the question to the others, nodding to the unmoving men and the smooth black mirror that made up the face of their helmets. “I thought we were playing nice with the locals?”
“Purely for the new general’s personal security.” Choco supplied the answer over their secure comms channel, as they passed into the room beyond. “Seems he’s the nervous type.” He slurped loudly on something, causing the others to wince at the noise. “Can’t figure why, ha.”
A dozen more of the faceless sets of black armour waited in the room, weapons ready. Near them stood full body scanners, as well as deep, metal trays.
“Weapons,” one of the Death’s Head Dragoons said, gesturing to the waiting receptacles.
The War Rats glanced at each other, smiled, and began unbuttoning their suit jackets. Things began to be deposited at an alarming frequency by everyone present, aside from one. Sam shook his head at the others as he held his box of confections. “I thought I said unarmed?” he asked.
“This is unarmed,” Snake replied, tossing a sixth knife into the tray.
“Oh, you meant unarmed unarmed.” Jabari’s deep voice was full of humour, and he failed to stifle his rumbling laughter as he tossed a large, brightly-coloured grenade into his tray.
The closest guard flinched at the sight of the explosive, and immediately asked, “Is that an Oracle?” He took several steps back, despite knowing that the explosive could vaporise several floors of even this reinforced building. Something whose very name spoke of being a message from god, a literal invite to hell. “Isn’t owning one of those a war crime?”
“In Triumvirate space, sure,” the big man answered, shrugging off the obvious obfuscation. “No local laws are being broken. Besides, I’ve been working on making a better version.“ He smiled at his reflection in the man’s visor. “This one lacks the wow factor.”
Two of the other guards were muttering back and forth, clearly nervous, and Sam stepped in to ask, “Do we have a problem?”
“Err...” One of the indistinguishable soldiers glanced nervously at Lopez, who had stepped through the scanner. "Her arm, Sir. It's been augmented with-"
"You want me to take my arm off?" Lopez laughed, well-acquainted with the multiple warnings her Choco-manufactured appendage had set off. "I guess you really did mean unarmed unarmed.
Sam took control of the situation, his voice calm and even. “We’re all on the same team here. General Midysus requested this meeting himself.” He gestured back towards the door. “I can head up to my office, and he can-”
“It’s fine,” Maria gently interrupted, reaching up to start unfastening her shirt so she could remove the artificial limb. “No me importa, we just need to-”
“No.” Sam’s voice was iron, an infinitesimal amount of the rage that was brewing inside him seeping into that singular syllable. “I care.” His eyes had not left the dragoon who had made the request, and they took a faltering step backwards. “My men brought weapons, which I will punish them for later” -his subordinates grimaced at those words- “but, bad jokes aside, we are allies.” He turned to look at the elevator doors, then asked, “Unless you would like to alter the terms of our agreement?”
In response to his words the elevator doors slid open.
Duong was swept up in the moment, and he leaned in close to one of the dragoon’s. “That’s right. Los-”
“Let’s go,” Sam commanded, and his group straightened, following him through the now open doors.
“Sorry,” the others began as the doors closed.
“I’m not so-” Snake began before being elbowed roughly by Lopez’s metal arm. “Damn it, that hurt.”
“Can we all focus?” Sam's reminder was audibly weary. "Remember why you're here," he said.
"To stop you from killing him," Duong swiftly answered. It was most certainly not a recreational outing they were on.
“Exactly,” the colonel answered, his fists clenched so hard his knuckles were white.
Jabari looked at the group gathered, and muttered, “We should have brought more people.”
“Numbers never stopped him before,” Maria said, leaning in close and using her non-metal shoulder to lean into Sam. “We just need to keep reminding him of the reason he chose peace.”
“Speaking of which,” Choco’s voice cut in over the comm’s channel, “guess how many kids threw up on the bumper cars?”
Haruki Sasaki stood in front of a large cartoonish castle, talking with several members of the park staff. They were gathered on a wide drawbridge over a moat, in which many waterfowl of different colours and sizes swam. The crenellated wall was tall, boasting minarets at all four corners, and an impressive keep at the centre. Flags and banners of an eye-searing myriad of hues flapped colourfully in the breeze. As the wind slowed down, the colours suddenly shifted, becoming an even mix of red and blue. It was historically inaccurate, strategically flawed, and the children had all loved it.
“All of the suits are working correctly?” the tailored lawyer asked, maintaining fixed eye contact with a pale and perspiring park worker in an orange jumpsuit. “I want them to enjoy this more than they did the bumper cars.”
“The enjoyment comes from the acceleration, and sudden deceleration,” the sweaty lead park engineer began. “It is very fine tuned, and the intra-species variation in tolerances is something we need to work on.”
“Kids get sick.” A junior worker shrugged off the issue. “That’s why we have the cleaner bots, and disinfectant hoses.”
Brian… we’ve talked about this,” the lead engineer warned her underling. “If a Gr’darian was to vomit on a Peil, during their mating season, what would happen?”
“Errr..” Brian paused, having no idea what the answer might be. “Failed mating season?” he guessed.
No!?” Her angry response contained both shock at his flippancy, and incense at his poor knowledge base. “How many times have I told you to study the secretions of the gelatinous races? Combining those two xeno bodily fluids would create chlorine gas, do I have to remind you why that is a bad thing?” Barry hung his head in shame, his long blonde hair covering his increasingly red face. “My apologies, Sir,” the lead engineer said as she returned her attention to the man in the immaculate black suit. She held up her thumb and forefinger with the slenderest of gaps between them. "I am this close -- this close! -- to shipping him back to Disneymoon seven. A few cycles of repairing the Star Wars Lightsaber Academy animatronics would serve him right.”
“We don’t have either of those species present, Ms. Bizhan,” the lawyer was relieved to point out, feeling a small hint of sympathy for the now cowering Brian. “And we are getting a lot of useful information, which is the purpose of this park.”
“Most definitely.” The head engineer nodded emphatically, adding, “And please, call me Fariba.” She pulled a small tablet from a large pocket on her leg, quickly skimming her notes. “In addition to the expected biology-based observations, we've definitely found several potentially lucrative markets to expand into.”
Haruki nodded. “The Triumvirate will find a way to make you their prey,” he murmured. “Physically or economically.”
“Preferably the latter,” Fariba said with a well-practised smile. “But we must know our enemies better than we know our friends, even if we don’t know which of them will choose which path.” She tapped her tablet once more. “They were all shocked that we could manufacture inertial dampeners small enough to fit in the bumper cars, so we can open up a lot of trade with that minor technology.” She used her thumb to point over her shoulder without looking back. “With those we deem our friends, of course. Helping them get a step ahead of those who choose to be more resistant.”
“Resistance is futile,” Brian added with a grin, having spent an entire summer assembling Borg animatronics for a Trekkie battle arena experience.
“Ignore him,” Fariba quickly said, flapping a hand behind her back to shoo the junior engineer away. “I can assure you, the full dive VR suits are calibrated to the lowest tolerance levels known for each species.” Her sweet smile was pasted onto her face once more. “You will have nothing but positive things to report to Mr Jakobs, I assure you.”
“Of course,” Haruki nodded, realising all eyes were on him, and they were afraid. “I take responsibility for the earlier incident, I should not have allowed them to follow a Britney diet.” He saw them visibly relax, and continued, “I will make sure to monitor their food intake more carefully.” He stepped to one side, and began walking into the castle, giving a polite bow of his head. “I’ll go to the observation room, and see how they’re getting on.”
“They’re still being scanned,” the head engineer answered swiftly, wanting to prove her usefulness. “The match will begin once they’re all ready.”
“Fine, fine,” the lawyer replied, waving over his shoulder as he left them standing on the drawbridge. His swift stride carried him through the portcullis, and away from the engineers.
Fariba let out a huge sigh of relief, and she sagged like a deflated balloon animal found a week after a birthday party. This physical response was soundlessly mirrored throughout the group, except for their newest member. The head engineer rounded on Brian, glaring furiously. “What the hell were you thinking?” she demanded. “You don’t make jokes around people like that!”
“Lawyers?” the slightly slower member of the group innocently asked.
“No. Not lawyers,” Fariba replied sarcastically, waving her hand yet again and dismissing the rest of her team. “Well actually, you shouldn’t make jokes around the Triumvirate lawyers either, but especially not around that lawyer.” She leaned in close, and lowered her voice to barely a whisper. “You served?” she asked, although his presence here meant the answer was a foregone conclusion.
“Thirty-Seventh Avionic Engineer Battalion,” he rattled off his unit immediately, standing a little straighter. “Assigned the Illustrious, maintaining the X-7 Raptors, and the old Higgins Orbital Landers.”
“Well even a wrench bender from Ol’Lusty should have heard of the War Rats.” She eyed his youthful face, waiting for the moment things fell into place.
“Pfft,” he derisively scoffed, rolling his eyes. “It may be that I was sent to requisition clear black paint, and I went without question. I might also have spent two hours at the quartermaster's station when I was ordered by the rest of my team to requisition a Long Stand." He shook his shaggy blonde head in disbelief at his earlier naivety. "But, I never fell for those stories." His claim was punctuated with a guffaw of contempt. "Pure propaganda, to keep the systems in line. There's no way that even half the shit they're supposed to have done could be true.”
Fariba’s eyes were wide. Her mouth opened and closed several times as she stared into the stupidity of his youth. “Why don’t you go home for the day,” she gently instructed him, deciding that someone who could stand next to a shark, and not see its teeth, was not a person who should be around apex predators.
“It tickles,” Fah’Zi squeaked as he walked through the full body scanner.
“It’s reading your skeletal and muscular structure, and mapping your neural paths,” Penny explained. “Completely harmless, and necessary for the synapse translators to perform correctly.”
“And we just lie in the pods,” Pu’Sha hesitantly asked, looking over to the devices plugged into the wall. “And then we’ll be in the game?”
“Exactly.” The tower assistant was pleased they were paying attention.
There was a vibration felt in everyone’s bones, and Britney replied to Ung, “You’re not allowed to have them at home.”
“That’s right.” Though Penny hadn’t understood the question, the response made the enquiry clear. “Full-dive VR is heavily restricted, due to its highly addictive nature.” Always keen to add context to a rule, so that it was seen as protective rather than punishing, she elaborated; “A long time ago there was a group called the Neo-Utopian Transitioners, who believed humanity’s future was inside the machine. They fully embraced the virtual world, leaving behind automated systems to take care of the world around them." She took a deep breath, rapidly deciding on the best way to end the tale for these school children. "It... didn't end well. To prevent any future mishaps, the Triumvirate set up a strict regulatory body.”
“This thing’s dangerous?” Inaue asked. The small red Yaou was prodding the machine with his prehensile tail. “And you want us to get in there?”
“The machines are perfectly safe,” Britney replied. Choco had told her all about the N.U.T.’s, when he showed her his highly illegal home VR setup. “They just took it too far. Hooked themselves up to life-support systems, and fully lived in their own world.” She smirked as only a child about to reveal a disgusting factoid could. “Even had tubes to remove-”
“Nobody needs all the details,” Penny interrupted.
“I do,” Fah’Zi insisted.
“Fine,” the mischievous young girl relented, skipping the poop-shoot joke for Penny's sake even though the gag was one of Choco's favourites. "Everything worked fine for a long time, and eventually people stopped going round to check on them.”
“Unfortunately,” Penny interjected, once again taking over the narration of this tragic tale, “with everyone in their own world, nobody was performing basic maintenance. The bioreactor tasked with producing many of their key proteins had been running for decades without issue, but a forced update added advertisements, as well as something called a Captcha to stop them and run the program as intended. There was nobody to select which squares contained traffic lights, and so the bioreactor was effectively disabled.”
“I don’t understand many of the things you just said,” Mike249 said, putting into words what was on the mind of all of the students present.
“They starved while pigging out on imaginary food,” Britney bluntly blurted out, as if this was the worst thing imaginable. “Inside their utopia people started going crazy, then vanishing.”
“Prolonged life in VR requires a medical team to bring you out,” the older human explained. “So they were stuck. Unable to escape. Not knowing why their friends, and family, were acting increasingly bizarrely.”
“What the j’rak?” the green-skinned Zilithian, Todd, exclaimed, looking at the pod and then to the humans who were now suggesting they enter this device for fun.
“Humans have to eat very regularly,” Pu’Sha explained to the newer members of their group who had not spent a great deal of time around Britney. “Without food they become less rational, and aggressive. They even have a special word, hangry, and you don’t want to deal with a hangry human.” She spoke with a very serious tone, as if this single piece of advice was a vital life lesson. Finally, with even greater emphasis, she added, “Always keep your human adequately fed.”
“I’m not a pet,” Britney argued. Realising the advice actually worked in her favour she also added, “But, it’s not a bad rule.”
“So, what happened to the V.R. people,” Mike249 asked, a trembling in his voice accompanied the sagging of his worried antennae. “Were they rescued?”
“Unfortunately not,” Penny gently informed him. “It was actually many years before anyone even noticed.”
Years?” Aekara whimpered.
“How did nobody notice,” Fah’Zi asked incredulously, thinking practically about dead bodies. “Wouldn’t they notice the smell?”
“People died,” the tufty-tailed Emsalio, Li Gorblek, began. “And nobody noticed?” She seemed angry on behalf of these forgotten strangers of another race. “How many?”
“Seventeen billion,” Haruki answered her, as he entered the room. “They had dedicated their entire world to their Neo-Utopia.” He lowered his voice, to make sure they were listening. “Starvation does strange things to our people. Even our brain chemistry alters, and this eventually disconnected them from their VR… forcibly. The shock of reality was enough to kill the lucky ones. The unlucky ones were trapped in their withered, dying bodies. Locked in their pods until they died. Rejecting the real world, and those who lived in it, meant that there was nobody to save them. There’s an important lesson for all of you.”
“Don’t get in that thing,” Inaue guessed, retracting their red tail from the pod it had been prodding.
“Everything in moderation,” Aekara murmured.
“Have a back-up protein thingy,” Fah’Zi said, his hand raised excitedly, hoping to get praise from his senior Sirius comrade.
Britney repeated the mantra Choco had drummed into her as he recounted the story in gruesome detail. “Don’t allow updates on essential equipment without a qualified engineer present. Oh, and VR lovin’ ain’t real lovin’.” She quoted her Erinal teacher directly.
“Not sure that last part is relevant,” Penny said, her cheeks flushing red. “Anyway…” She raised the lid on the first VR pod. “Who’s going first?”
All of the students took a step back, except for two. Britney immediately leapt into the pod. Ung also moved towards the next pod, having a burning passion for human video games.
“Come on,” the energetic blonde human encouraged. “You’re not scared are you?” Her taunts were enough to get Fah’Zi and Li to start moving.
Pu’Sha looked over to where the human in the suit was observing them, and she sighed. Scary stories and indulgent food aside, the humans would never put them in danger. “Fine,” she said, stepping forward. “Come on, Mike249,” she called, waving him to the pod beside hers. “And you, Aekara.” The Verg was already clambering inside her pod when she looked at the nervous newcomers. “You scared to do something the Bubbles are doing?” she asked, taking a cue from Britney in provoking them.
“Never,” the large grey Runuck – Fraskar – grunted, taking a cautious step forward. He turned and glared at the others from the non-bubble classes. “Get in, let’s put them in their place.”
“Oh?” Britney’s eyes glinted happily. “You want to play teams?” She smiled happily. “Fine by me. Six vs six. O.G.’s against Newbies.”
“If you include Ung, there are seven of us,” Mike249 politely corrected his fearless, if forgetful, leader. “Pu’Sha, Aekara, Fah’Zi, Kenra, you and I.” He held up a claw for each name, demonstrating to the human how that added up. “I could join the others? I am always happy to make new friends.”
“Fine,” the human agreed, though she was annoyed to have lost one of her teammates.
There came a high level vibration, accompanied by thunderous drumming; Ung was clapping her hands excitedly. She was on Britney's team! The vibrations continued as the Da descended a reinforced set of stairs and clambered into an enlarged pod that had been sunk into the ground.
The small human listened carefully to her guildmate, then shook her head. "No, this is definitely not a friendly match," the O.G. leader said. Her eyes locked on to Li's fierce gaze and held steady.

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2023.03.31 17:57 Honest_Sky_1177 96errt

96errt submitted by Honest_Sky_1177 to u/Honest_Sky_1177 [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 17:57 Matt13151 Best budget table?

Hi I’ve owned my x1 carbon printer for bout 2 months now and I’ve loved it. My problem is I have no furniture that is sturdy enough for the movement the machine makes. I have my $1500 printer on the floor because that’s where I get my best results lol. What is everyone’s suggestion on budget friendly table?
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2023.03.31 17:56 jubbagalaxy layering a decal, can you put regular permanent vinyl on top of chrome vinyl?

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2023.03.31 17:56 Jazzlike_Ad4553 Titans mock draft based on player meetings and fit

Player visits are not 100% indicative of who a team is going to draft obviously but it means the organization at least has interest in them. I used a combination of need, draft stock, and the fact that we have hosted them on a visit to make these picks. Thought it would be fun to have a mock draft in a slightly different way and arguably more realistic. I used MDD’s big board to decide if these players would be available at our picks. Boards will vary greatly and change with time so this likely won’t be accurate on draft day. With those caveats and explanations out of the way let’s get into it!
1.11 Darnell Wright, OT, Tennessee
Wright has experience at LT and RT but primarily RT. It is worth stating he didn’t change spots on the line due to skill issues, but team need. He is the only player I have seen give Will Anderson fits and make him switch sides. Will Anderson is also said that Wright was “the best tackle he faced” as well as “the toughest player he faced
He also played flawlessly against former #1 overall pick and now divisional rival edge rusher Travon Walker. He could easily fit in at LT or RT for us. Wright met with the Titans at the NFL Combine.
2.41 Josh Downs, WR, North Carolina
Josh Downs is an interesting prospect as he plays way bigger in his size. This is apparent in his contested catch rate and RAS score. He can be an immediate help in the slot and a sneaky outside receiver potentially. With the uncertainty of Kyle Phillips, he could prove to be a hot commodity for the Titans. He was met with at his Pro Day.
3.72 Tyler Scott, WR, Cincinnati
Scott is all the buzz for the Titans as of late. Teams are allowed 3 private virtual visits with players and the Titans just used one on Scott and his WR coach. Scott has met with the Titans extensively and said that it went well. The scouting department sees something in him and for good reason, despite being undersized he is incredibly speedy. His explosiveness shows on film and he is great at getting separation. He like downs, is incredibly fast and that is just what our offense needs to modernize, speed. Vrabel has also said that’s something he wants to focus on, adding speed to the offense.
Scott is also a threat in the end zone, ranking 19th in the nation for receiving touchdowns. Further to add to his speed traits, he is a former track star. Despite only running a 4.44 forty time, he has an unofficial time of 4.32.
5.147 Braeden Daniels
Daniels is one of the offensive lineman that the Titans met with “Daniels brings some versatility with him to the NFL, as the Utah product has experience playing at both guard and tackle.” -Justin Mello. Another lineman that can move to multiple spots on the line and sporting a 9.65 RAS score Doubling up at the position will greatly aid the line.
6.186 Payne Durham
With the loss of Austin Hooper and the hopeful incoming renaissance of Konk, an addition at TE is needed. Payne Durham fits this need and has been met with by the Titans. With 525 snaps in-line and 612 snaps in the slot, he is a versatile player that can help in blocking and as well as receiving. Coming in at 6’6” and 253 lbs he has the size to be a matchup nightmare as well as a heavy blocker. He also ranks T-9th in contested catches with 8. With sticky hands he ranks in the top percentiles of drops with a slight drop rate of only 3.4%.
7.228 Steven Gilmore
The only player that does not have a visit on this list is Gilmore. He is the brother of Stephon Gilmore and has flied very under the radar. Coming in at 6’0” and 170 lbs he would need to put on significant muscle he “opted to play at Marshall despite offers from Duke, Georgia, Kansas State, Louisville, Maryland, South Carolina, and others”. He shows great technique and IQ, as TheDraftNetwork says “he has a glass ceiling” eluding to the fact that if he can put on some weight he could really shine. He was used as an outside corner at Marshall as well as inside corner at a fair split. With extensive experience in special teams with covering kicks and fine tuning his tackling he could come in as an immediate help on special teams. With bringing Chris Harris onto the staff, a potential defensive coordinator candidate, it would be a travesty to not give him a project.
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2023.03.31 17:55 Lunityk Seems like Ubisoft ignores their problems unless an influential player addresses them.

Not once did I ever have a server issue even after playing this game for over 3 years, starting in White Noise, but after taking a year break and coming back in the middle of the last season, Solar Raid, the servers crash at least once every 2 weeks, and I now need to repeatedly restart my game until it doesn’t say connection error as soon as I get into the menu screen. This abandon penalty thing when my game crashes is also annoying, but I do understand that it would be exploited if they took away penalties for disconnects, so I’m not too annoyed by that. I also know that it’s not a wifi issue, because my cousin who uses the same wifi is constantly running a low ping, and his game rarely ever crashes. I’ve also replaced my router several times.
Whenever I crash, the match either gets cancelled before I can even load in, or my game crashes when an important round like match point comes, and I get an abandon penalty as soon as I rejoin, because my teammates apparently can’t last a single round without me because of this new ranked 2.0 system, where I’m constantly being matched with people who—with the help of the lord himself—somehow managed to hit plat, and have the charm. I mean, the other day, I had a teammate who crouch walked 80% of the round, and over-droned WAY to much. And I know you’re going to say “there’s no such thing as droning too much” or “droning constantly is better than not droning at all”, and although I agree, you’re not the one who had to spectate a 2v1 situation where while one of my teammates was pushing the enemy, the other was outside of a window, droning out the opposite side of the map. The teammate who was pushing died, and time ran out because he couldn’t get to site in time.
Lastly, why in the name of god would they make abandon penalties so long? I’m currently banned for two entire days after lagging out yet again, but they don’t give penalties to xim users even though that is literally cheating? I personally think I’d rather see a xim user penalized rather than a player who “left” a ranked game, but I guess Ubisoft thinks differently. Why don’t they add a feature where they can appeal abandon penalties if they’re going to make them so long? Any time I see someone saying that they disconnected and were penalized on the R6 twitter, they just say that they can’t do anything about it.
Anyways, although I vented quite a bit here, I’ll still play this game until the day I can’t anymore. I’m already getting the siege shakes after taking a little break 😣
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The Best HOLDEM 2/4 Cub on pokerrrr2 just became 5/10 as well. Join now & Play Action Packed games with over 1850 Members We are the best #NLHE club on the app with the Deepest Stacks! #pokerrrr2 NLH2/4 #PY7P6 #Coast2Coast #pokeronline #pokerplayer #pokergrind #pokernews #pokerclubs #HighStakes submitted by Cultural-Werewolf914 to pokerrrr [link] [comments]

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2023.03.31 17:55 DropDeadGaming An AI called me into a war, then left the war and now it's just me against russia and france.

An AI called me into a war, then left the war and now it's just me against russia and france. submitted by DropDeadGaming to victoria3 [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 17:55 Erwinsherwin How long to taper off 0.5mg of Klonopin?

Started taking 0.5mg a day on Nov 29th, 2022, then upped it to 0.5mg 2x a day since. Hasn't done anything for my anxiety. Just wondering, what's the best taper method for such a low dose & how long would it take? I have about 2-3 weeks worth
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Patch Vitality (Gold) Stockholm 2021 -
P250 See Ya Later - FN
SSG 08 Dragonfire - FT
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StatTrak™ R8 Revolver Llama Cannon - MW
AK-47 Blue Laminate - FN
Galil AR Chatterbox - WW
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M4A4 龍王 (Dragon King) - WW
StatTrak™ AK-47 Slate - BS
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M4A1-S Nightmare - FT
USP-S Whiteout - FT
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Aces High Pin - - x2
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StatTrak™ Five-SeveN Retrobution - FN
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AK-47 Blue Laminate - FT
Bloodhound Pin -
Glock-18 Neo-Noir - WW
Dual Berettas Twin Turbo - MW
Five-SeveN Case Hardened - FT
Glock-18 Wasteland Rebel - FN
Lt. Commander Ricksaw NSWC SEAL -
StatTrak™ Music Kit Skog, Metal -
AWP Fever Dream - FT
StatTrak™ Music Kit The Verkkars, EZ4ENCE - - x2
AWP Fever Dream - BS
StatTrak™ Music Kit The Verkkars & n0thing, Flashbang Dance -
FAMAS Mecha Industries - FN
Trapper Guerrilla Warfare -
M4A4 Global Offensive - MW
SCAR-20 Bloodsport - FN
SSG 08 Detour - MW
MAC-10 Neon Rider - MW
MAC-10 Disco Tech - MW
Col. Mangos Dabisi Guerrilla Warfare - - x2
StatTrak™ Music Kit Laura Shigihara: Work Hard, Play Hard -
StatTrak™ AK-47 Elite Build - MW
StatTrak™ Music Kit bbno$, u mad! - - x2
Rio 2022 Dust II Souvenir Package -
Glock-18 Vogue - MW
StatTrak™ UMP-45 Momentum - FT
StatTrak™ SSG 08 Fever Dream - FN
Glock-18 Water Elemental - MW
M4A4 Tooth Fairy - MW - x2
SSG 08 Big Iron - FT
Negev Power Loader - FN
Five-SeveN Angry Mob - MW
MP9 Starlight Protector - FT
Glock-18 Umbral Rabbit - FN
Victory Pin -
StatTrak™ M4A4 Tooth Fairy - FT
SSG 08 Bloodshot - FT
AK-47 Phantom Disruptor - FT
Sticker Virtus.Pro Atlanta 2017 -
Nuke Pin - - x2
M4A4 Neo-Noir - FT - x2
FAMAS Roll Cage - MW
Desert Eagle Mecha Industries - MW
Desert Eagle Crimson Web - BS
P90 Tiger Pit - MW
AK-47 Slate - MW - x3
AK-47 Emerald Pinstripe - BS
StatTrak™ M4A1-S Flashback - MW
P250 Visions - FT
FAMAS Valence - FN
MAC-10 Heat - FN
M4A1-S Basilisk - MW
'The Doctor' Romanov Sabre -
Lieutenant Rex Krikey SEAL Frogman -

& more

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2023.03.31 17:55 CPCowboy My 2 pennies or three

I apologize in advance for this ramble. Just want to come on here and speak my mind and thoughts for a little while. Been playing ck3 for a few dozen hours now and Its unlike any game I've ever played. Better than any movie, a little bit of imagination is all that is required. Yesterday I was a medieval king in the year 970. My grand father started as the War leader and chief of a small island of Viking raiders known as the Gutes. I was falsely imprisoned by my father for the crime of adultery/incest and when I started my reign I came into a world of angry Jarls and power schemes against me. My Father had just finished fighting a war of conquest to the south conquering a vast territory from the slavic savages and It was given to my brother to continue the wars and fighting for control. My first move after coming into this Kingdom from a life of imprisonment was to take control from the surrounding Jarls who would have me destroyed. I did what I thought best and tried to reclaim the title of Jarl stripping him from power. Starting an rebellion where me and my 2000 or so troops with no help from my brothers were faced against 6000. With no allies my wife was assassinated by the other Angry vassel who had not joined in. I had time to arrange a marriage of opportunity and against all odds and a war chest of 1200 was able to resub jugate the uprising keeping my reign stable for the next generation. After the fight I was literally shaking a little. Ive played a lot of stellaris and total war and the mechanics of ck3 is far advanced taking the roleplaying aspect to a whole new level and I love it. There is definitely room for improvement I would like to see the immersion improved the sound effect from clicking any icon is annoying after a while and the pop ups could be more subtle and immersive but all in all this could be my favorite game ever dare I say life changing in that its given me a whole new hobby to look forward to. Just wanted to come on and ramble for a bit about my new adventures in medieval 970 hope everyone is having a great day :)
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2023.03.31 17:54 Cultural-Werewolf914 The Best HOLDEM 2/4 Cub on pokerrrr2 just became 5/10 as well. Join now & Play Action Packed games with over 1850 Members We are the best #NLHE club on the app with the Deepest Stacks! #pokerrrr2 NLH2/4 #PY7P6 #Coast2Coast #pokeronline #pokerplayer #pokergrind #pokernews #pokerclubs #HighStakes

The Best HOLDEM 2/4 Cub on pokerrrr2 just became 5/10 as well. Join now & Play Action Packed games with over 1850 Members We are the best #NLHE club on the app with the Deepest Stacks! #pokerrrr2 NLH2/4 #PY7P6 #Coast2Coast #pokeronline #pokerplayer #pokergrind #pokernews #pokerclubs #HighStakes submitted by Cultural-Werewolf914 to pokerrrr2 [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 17:54 OurQuarterMaster 6th Moon of 200AC Recap


News from the Crownlands was unfortunately lost in the noise of all other events happening around Westeros.


The starbreaker's attack on the village near highpoint turned out to be a ruse and an apparent assassination attempt on dale whitehill, castellan of highpoint. The attack was enough to draw the attention of the garrison, which an unknown infiltrator exploited to bar closed and burn the castle sept, where much of the family, including almost all of the children, had sheltered to pray during the attack.
Gared Whitehill returns from Essos and exile, after a chance encounter with Lord Dale Whitehill in Braavos. He arrives with three loyal mercenaries in tow, to speak with Dale and the Whitehill family at Highpoint
Hearing the news of an attack on Highpoint and death of his kin, Lord Harmond Umber full of wrath. Pledging his support to Whitehills, he mobilizes his men and rides there.
At the isle of Skagos, Jormar of Magnar bids goodbye to his family and prepares to set sail North, while his eldest daughter attempts conversation with her now-betrothed.
Meanwhile, Lord Manderly sends the ravens to all high lords of the realm, offering his scion's hands in marriage.
Down in the swamps, Rickard Reed prepares an ambush for the faith of the seven pilgrims traveling through the Neck.


Gretchel Waxley has made a new friend through letters to the Lord Commander of the Crownsguard Davos Doggett. Gretchel and Jasper Corbray have found the beginning of a romance in unexpected places. Four young noblemen-Ethan Redfort, Willem Royce, Asher Egen, and Roderik Tully-go on a hunting trip through the Vale of Arryn. House Redfort arrived at Gulltown for the funeral of Lord Robar Grafton in force, both the number of family members and soldiers. Ethan Redfort swears an Oath to the Warrior with Lord Jasper Arryn as witness before being appointed as a military liaison to the Riverlands. Arwen Arryn at last arrives at Gulltown for Lord Robar’s funeral.


The Stormlands have been quiet this moon, a scattering of movements between the lords and ladies have seen many arrive at Storm's End, largely for communication and friendship.
Meanwhile others plot marriages and pacts and friendships between the leading houses of the realm in the city of Kings


After the tourney at the beginning of the sixth moon, Ser Bors Rowan approached Lady Cynthea Tyrell to speak on the preparations for Barba Tully’s arrival, his choices for commanders in the army and to tell her about the clandestine meeting Ser Raymund Tyrell held where he had declared her unborn child Tommen Blackwood’s and said it was treason.
Lady Tyrell then ordered Ser Bors to arrest Ser Raymund Tyrell under suspicion of treason.
Moving quickly, Ser Bors did so but not before summoning Lord Peake to speak on the precarious nature of the situation.
Ser Bors assured Lord Theodore, who had since accepted a position in the army, that Cynthea would not find out about Lord Peake’s attendance at the clandestine meeting from him.
Upset with Ser Bors for telling Cynthea about Raymund’s meeting, Lord Athos Rowan argued with his twin about the implications and consequences of courtship his actions.
After the twins ended their argument badly, Lord Athos would write a letter to Ser Victor Hightower, asking for permission to visit Oldtown in order to continue the courtship between Ser Victor’s nephew, Ser Olyvar Hightower, and Lord Rowan’s oldest daughter, Cersei.
Early in the month, Ser Paxter Rowan, heir of Goldengrove, elopes with Baela Manderly, marrying her in front of a septon and witnesses. One of which was his younger brother, Franklyn Rowan. Franklyn recounts the night as he travels to Coldmoat to court Lady Rohanne Webber as was agreed upon by his lord father and Lord Webber. Upon arriving Frankly is informed that Lord Webber had passed a few days before his arrival and that Rohanne is now the Lady of Coldmoat.
Ser Bors and Cynthea would also confer on the importance of keeping Bitterbridge in the fold. Lady Tyrell agreed and told Ser Bors to offer the position of Lord Treasurer of the Reach to Theo Caswell, on top of the command position within the army Bors wished to offer as well.
Having befriended Ser Wendell Westbrook during training in the hopes of having him become one of his sworn swords, Ser Bors and a brigade of men accompanied the young knight as he escorted Lady Sirella Caswell back to Bitterbridge.
Hoping the show of good faith and strength would encourage Caswell to renew faith with Highgarden, Ser Bors was surprised to find Bitterbridge’s levies had been raised and were in force at their arrival.
Delivering Sirella Caswell safely to her brother, Ser Bors extended the generous offers to Theo Caswell, who refused them and warned Ser Bors that if Cynthea’s child should prove to be his then he would come for it, by force if need be.
Ser Bors then said farewell to Ser Wendell, who had chosen to stay at Bitterbridge. Upon arriving back at Highgarden Ser Bors immediately set on bolstering scouts and defenses. Upset at the lack of knowledge Cynthea had sent him to Bitterbridge with, he went to confront her only to find her bedridden and contemplating abdication.
By the time Ser Bors had returned to Highgarden, Lord Athos had left with Cersei. A difficult decision to leave behind his youngest children warding in Highgarden, Lord Athos is plagued with nightmares on the road before arriving in Oldtown and being greeted by Ser Olyvar and Ser Víctor Hightower.
Barba and Oscar Tully arrive in the Reach, and Eden Oakheart is sent to greet them. Marya Florent reveals to Eden the truth about Cynthea's pregnancy, and Theo Caswell talks to him about his anger towards Lady Tyrell and his doubts regarding the paternity of the future newborn.
Eden, recognizing the gravity of the situation and the fact that the region finds itself deeply divided by almost unbridgeable cracks, goes to Oldtown to confront Urrathon Hightower about matters both political and deeply personal.
Meanwhile, Lord Garmon Oakheart is proposed by Lady Cynthea for a position on the Small Council, and he is offered an important role in the Government of the Reach.
At Brightwater, Lord Nyles Florent talks with his bastard son about his legitimization. Worried about the future, Nyles talks with Cynthea Tyrell about the next steps and coming marriage.
At Oldtown, ser Harrold Hightower hosts a practice tourney outside city gates to find capable jousters. Meanwhile, Lord Urrathon Hightower attempts to lure Cynthea Tyrell to Oldtown but fails: Cynthea discovers his forgery of the Queen's seal. House Hightower convenes at the Great Hall and informs all the lords present of the bigamy of Cynthea Tyrell and Nyles Florent. Ravens are also sent.
Wendell becomes the new lord of Westbrook with the passing of lord Toman Westbrook.
At Highgarden, ser Ryam Florent writes a poem about himself. He is approached by Lucia Tyrell to have a chat. Lucia has been stressful lately, writing off letters to Eden Oakheart, who she is being threatened to marry by Cynthea. Lucia collected flowers, so that she and Yanda Redwyne could make Flower Crown. Yanda was having a chat with Brandon Flowers, when Lucia entered the quarters and was making little small flirtatious action towards Brandon whilst shipping him and Yanda.
At King's Landing, Chief Diplomat Daven Chester represents Reach at court. There, he gets rejected for a loan despite his maester Grunwald's effort and masterful negotiating skills. Before his departure back to the Reach, Daven goes shopping with lady Fiona Mullendore, with whom he suffers mental breakdown at the reminder of his childhood. Desperate for the ships, Chester tries to purchase Florent's but his letter is ignored. Back in Reach, Chesters try to buy more wood for the construction of their ships. At last, Daven puts his skills to use, managing to secure a trade agreement with iron bank for the supply of construction materials to Greenshield.
Tired of all scheming against her and failure to control her vassals, Lady Cynthea Tyrell decides to abdicate her seat and titles in favor of her uncle, ser Harrold Tyrell. Cynthea invites lords to Highgarden to swear fealty to the new lord Paramount of the Reach. When the abdication was announced, Ser Bors was one of the signatures honoring the binding document of Lady Cynthea’s abdication.
Nyles Florent is displeased with Cynthea's abdication and decides to no longer marry her, nevertheless, he pledges his fealty to the new lord of Highgarden.
Ser Brandon Flowers visits Raymund Tyrell, who gad been under house arrest, to tell him of his cousin’s abdication and his father’s ascension to lordship.


Following the marriage between his heir and Della Tully, Rycherd Lannister and the rest of the Lannisport Lannister head home to the West, leaving his son Edwyn in Lady Tully’s care.
Lady Tully recalls simper times with her children and her ward, Gaemon. She then writes to the Queen and meets with Lords Bracken and Piper to discuss the King’s intent to back his daughter Gaelyn should she try to contest her brother’s ascension to the throne.
An unwanted guest attempts to eavesdrop on the confrontation between the King and his son, Lady Tully dispatched him.
Finally, the King decides to clue in the Riverlords to the deal he offered to Lady Tully, which she refused.

Iron Islands

While sailing the seas due to a bout of boredom, Harmund Drumm stumbles across a whale, he plans to hunt it.
Eurona Greyjoy calls a council of her Ironborn to discuss the state of the realm, and the mess that is the Targaryen family. They discuss the looming threat of war, and the concept of plundering Esoss for all its riches.
However, before this council, the absentee lord of Blacktyde, Sauron Blacktyde, decides to arrive at Seagard with a large number of ships. Lady Greyjoy, understandably, sees this as a threat, though the Blacktyde is dismissive and rude about his liege’s objections, leading to him being stripped of his titles and lordship. Not that it made much difference, given that he had been off playing pirate for five years.
Finally, to avoid being offered up to some Greenlander by her ‘father’ the King, Eurona agrees to take Sigfryd Farwynd as her Rock Husband.


Ser Tywald Lannister receives another raven from Lady Arwen Arryn, inviting him to Gulltown. Ser Tywald agrees to come and writes back to Lady Arwen, professing his enthusiasm to marry her. With a new look, the now-supposedly-faithful Mina Marbrand makes an appearance at the sept, denouncing her sister as faithless and promising the people of Ashemark that she will restore the gods to her family’s seat. Even as the rumours of her sister's speeches reach the Lady of Ashemark, she is unconcerned, convinced that there is little Mina could do to move against her.


Where sands are soaked through with blood, the lord Dayne buries his predecessor. The funeral draws visitors from the Stormlands, Dorne and beyond, all paying respects to a great man, leading a tenuous realm.
Soon after the burial of Gerold Dayne, Arthur is quick to move to dismantling the sedition and tension that plagues the land he is charged to protect. Starting with Vaith.
Meanwhile, the fractured remnants of the red cultists continue to hide and rally, gathering their strength once more.
And lady Toland and Morgan Uller chat over their concerns.


The Faithful lie in wait this moon.


All seems quiet from across the sea, in Essos.

The Wall

All remains quiet in the lands North of the North.
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2023.03.31 17:53 No_Brick4943 I love my dad but can’t tell him with words

So I read a post that reminded me of my dad. This man is the human form of toxic masculinity, he’s gotten better since becoming a grandpa. But you know no crying near him cause that’s for the weak no hugs or any form of affection you get it. Now for the event 2017 hurricane Maria hit my island Puerto Rico and just my luck I got my period during it. Now the pain was unbearable the bleeding was like a massacre I was in the shower passing out from exhaustion. No energy no gas for the cars no hospitals or doctors available. Now this 55 year old tank man left me with my mom and went by foot to look for an open store. He got me maxi pads, pain killers, dark chocolate (it helps with the pain) salty chips (he said it should help with the bleeding🤣) and lemon juice. Almost 2 hours later he came back told my mom to cover me I was sweating so she had me in underwear. He started to throw me a gallon of cold rain water to regulate my temperature. This man who never touched me was stroking my hair, holding my head while giving me lemon juice. When I looked at him he was crying not full but I saw tears. I asked how he knew what pads were 🤣 his answer “Your mother gave me 2 kids who do you think took care of her during quarantine” That day I saw my dad in a different light. I realized he was always present from the sidelines. Not emotionally available but always ready to give the fight to make sure his kids are safe. Now seeing him with my son I’m teaching him how to be emotionally available and connected with his grandson. He did his best with what he had and it was enough. Someday I may print this and show it to him to thank him without actually saying it cause he won’t like that since you know he’s a manly man 🤣
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2023.03.31 17:53 no_pink_lemonade What can you do for an acquaintance whose mother died?

It’s my boyfriend’s best friend (let’s call him Sam). I’ve hung out with him a handful of times at the local bar. I wanted to text him but my boyfriend said Sam asked to be left alone and even turned down my bf who wanted to come over. His mother died young (42) from liver failure caused by alcoholism.
I’m from a culture that’s very social and intense about things like this and there are a ton of rules, but I’m not sure what’s appropriate among caucasians in Canada. The funeral’s not planned yet but my bf says it’ll probably just be for family, and that I can offer condolences whenever I see him next. But that may be a long time from now and it would make me extremely uncomfortable because where I’m from it’s very inappropriate to mention a family death more than 2 weeks or so after the fact, and it’s not really a good thing to bring up at a bar or something.
I’m thinking of sending over a small bouquet of white flowers to his house, would that be weird? I feel terrible for him and want to do something but also don’t want to overstep.
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