Storage units glenwood mn

Before and after cleaning of some Funko bobble heads I found in an auctioned storage unit.

2023.03.25 02:45 TheProctor Before and after cleaning of some Funko bobble heads I found in an auctioned storage unit.

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2023.03.25 02:27 AFlyOnThePie Sales

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2023.03.25 02:11 Tazling Used to be into camera quads and micros, dropped out, thinking of getting back in...

Was wondering if there's a one-stop reading site where I can catch up on what's changed in the drone world in the last 5 years. I had a fleet of early quads (and a couple of indoor helicopters) including a Chroma (that was a big mistake). Loved that Chroma, but the camera gimbal died on me (while in storage!) and really dampened my enthusiasm -- super expensive to replace as the camera units quickly became rare... I kinda gave up at that point. Well, that failure and the avalanche of restrictions and licensing and so on for anything over the weight limit, 150g or whatever it is.
But I see that there is a new generation of small, light, not too expensive camera quads out there (the various Whoops, for a start) and am thinking of getting back into it.
I have an FPV headset from about 2018 and a couple of Spektrum transmitters.
I'm seeing an ad blitz lately for the "Black Raptor 8K" but the overheated ad copy and lack of legit reviews makes me shy of it -- looks like a scam, is it?
Where might I find a good survey of what's available today, reliable reviews etc? I don't think I feel like building from scratch any more (been there done that), more looking for a turnkey quad that has prop guards, is not too expensive (I plan to use it over deep salt water), and takes decent 4k or even 1080p video with stabilisation. And hopefully might work with my older Spektrum radios.
Waterproof quad would be even more interesting but from what I've been reading there is not much progress on that front!
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2023.03.25 02:06 TheDeputyDude how long will it take one zombie to break down a garage door?

i'm in a game where there are 2 separate units in a storage facility with one ghoul trapped inside each. i know you can bust down the door with any weapon, but i don't want to risk the shut in zombies catching my character whiffing a swing halfway through breaking into their garages.
how long will i have to wait for them to break their way out?
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2023.03.25 01:52 Dead-Bowl-4572 The Ninth Circle (Part Twenty-Nine) Finishing Touches

While we talked for a bit and made our way to the elevator, it opened just as Dani got out onto our floor.
Dani, I said. Busy day?
Dani and Cerberus glanced at each other.
Yeah, kind of. Cerberus, your out already?
Just as a fellow guard, the demon replied. I think Apollo wants to tell you something.
Oh, right. I replied, walking into the elevator and pressing the up button as classical music played overhead. Ripley wants us all to meet in the equipment storage room to talk about the plans for the breakout.
Yeah, I can make it there, Dani said, the slightest bit of hesitation seeping into her voice. Might be ten minutes late, I got a few work things to do.
Yeah, were at work. I laughed. Sounds good, see you around.
Our elevator started to ascend, and Cerberus tapped her foot annoyingly while I whistled in the silence.
You remember what I said about her? Cerberus asked, breaking the silence.
Who, Dani?
Yeah. Her.
I dont exactly remember, the last time I remember you mentioning her it was like three months ago. Whats up?
Shes a backstabbing weirdo and youll never know what her true intentions are. Cerberus whistled.
Oh come on, I said. Is this some sort of rivalry thing? Did you do have beef before you came to this prison?
No, but trust me, as a supernatural being looking at another supernatural being, shes bad news. I can tell shes not fully into the plan.
The elevator doors opened, and we walked across the hallway down to the food court. And youre acting like Im not a supernatural being either? Im literally the descendant of some minor Mayan god.
Yeah, and Im a literal demon. You should see angels, they look scarier than half the things we keep locked up in here.
Theres angels? I asked, walking. Anyway, whats so bad about Dani? Shes basically essential to our breakout or wed never make it. She has the highest clearance out of any of us, and has no actual criminal background.
Listen, I just think thats exactly why we cant trust her, Cerberus whispered, while I ordered two pastas. She has no idea what its like to be here against your will, and she also has no reason to escape. She can basically leave anytime, and she would instantly become a wanted fugitive for assisting in the biggest prison breakout since El Chapo was a thing.
You do have a point there, I said. But on the other hand, Ripley and I are basically her only real friends in here besides the big bad Warden, so that would be a bit more motivation.
I literally trust Dagon more than her.
Yeah, because you both have sisters working for international supernatural law enforcement organizations, and youre both prisoners.
Youre kind of a prisoner too, Cerberus shrugged, munching on a piece of pasta.
Ive never been in a cell in here before, at least not for more than a day. Basically guard since day one.
By the way, Cerberus said, pointing her fork at me. We got another big fucking problem. If, and thats a big if, we make it out of this prison alive, every juiced-up super-soldier in the United States is going to be on our asses in seconds. I mean the response time is unusually fucking fast, well be the number one priority for all of those monster-hunting organizations. Or we could just get jumped in here and never make it out of the prison alive.
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2023.03.25 01:50 Ill-Cod8556 Budget gaming PC for my daughter

1. What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games (ex: resolution, FPS, settings) or programs you will be using.
2. What is your maximum PRE-TAX budget before rebates and shipping?
3. When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
4. What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ex: toweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
5. If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? How old are they? Brands and models are appreciated.
6. Will you be overclocking (ex: CPU/GPU/RAM)? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line?
7. Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSDs, mass HDDs, Wi-Fi / Bluetooth, VR, VirtualLink, tensor cores, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc.)
8. Do you have any specific case preferences (ex: mITX/mATX/mid-towefull-tower sizes, styles, colours, window or not, LED lighting, etc.), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
9. Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? Note: some post-secondary students can get Windows 10 for free at OnTheHub or through their school's IT software distribution department.
10. Will you be upgrading this PC in the future (ie: will you swap out better parts later on or will you build an entirely new tower later)? If so, when?
11. Do you have a brand preference? (ex: AMD/Intel for CPUs, AMD/NVIDIA for video cards, etc.)
12. What are the specs of your old PC / laptop? Do you want to see if it can be upgraded instead? If so, paste its build from PCPartPicker here.
[PCPartPicker Part List](

**CPU** [AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 3.7 GHz 6-Core Processor]( $214.98 @ Amazon Canada
**Motherboard** [ASRock B550M Phantom Gaming 4 Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard]( $88.80 @ Vuugo
**Memory** [TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3600 CL18 Memory]( $59.99 @ Canada Computers
**Storage** [Corsair MP600 PRO XT 1 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 4.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive]( $124.99 @ Amazon Canada
**Video Card** [Gigabyte EAGLE Radeon RX 6600 8 GB Video Card]( $299.99 @ Canada Computers
**Case** [Deepcool MACUBE 110 MicroATX Mini Tower Case]( $79.98 @ Amazon Canada
**Power Supply** [Asus ROG Strix 550 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply]( $69.99 @ Canada Computers
*Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts*
Total (before mail-in rebates) $968.72
Mail-in rebates -$30.00
**Total** **$938.72**
Generated by [PCPartPicker]( 2023-03-24 21:06 EDT-0400

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2023.03.25 01:37 Brightheart993 Storage Units

Didn't realize how expensive storage units are. Are there any places that offer something at a reasonable price in Dartmouth? Don't really want to pay $70/month for something the size of a closet.
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2023.03.25 00:36 rais0n-detre Black and Dark Purple Dreadnaught - Outlaw Korvax System

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2023.03.25 00:25 RedOctobrrr Roast my 3 Flat

Roast my 3 Flat
This is my first attempt at designing a 3-Flat to fit on the east half of a vacant plot of land I already own. A driveway would go alongside the left of this building to the back where the single-car garages are.
I plan on living in the 2nd floor unit. Likely going 100% electric and ductless split AC throughout, with the condensing units in the corner of the rooftop deck above the garages, so utilities amounts to basically the water heater tank, everything else is mounted in the walls up above.
The goal is to have three 3br units while keeping exterior dimensions confined to this absolute upper limit (approx 38' wide and 67' deep). Unit 1 would have some external stairs leading to the side door, units 2 and 3 would have a raised porch, so that the garden level unit would extend ~5' above grade.
The one area I am a little stuck with is finding room for closet space on the 2nd floor without much sacrifice. The laundry room acts as a potential closet, but the front door area is cramped and the family room is already on the smaller side there. I could eat into the master bedroom's closet, but that's pretty far removed from the front door.
Open to any and all feedback! Thanks.
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2023.03.24 23:41 HowG00D 2 months between Sale and Purchase of a house, what would/have you done?

Hey everyone,
As title says my house sale closes in April and my purchase closes in June. First Im wondering if anyone knows what to do about my address change for the interim. Will be staying with my future in laws. So fortunately thats settled.
First question is, do I change my address to theirs and then change it again? Or is there another smoother process?
Secondly, wondering if people have made use of Uhaul containers or Pods and what your experience was like. Would you recommend using those or get a storage unit and potentially needing two moving trucks (one to move out of my house and then one to move stuff from the storage unit to the new place)?
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2023.03.24 23:24 Strict-Ad27 Crop Circles in Missouri?? Random google map discovery

Crop Circles in Missouri?? Random google map discovery
Anyone live where Times Beach Missouri once was in the 1970's?

I found out about the disaster that happened at Times Beach, MO in the 70s after watching a youtube documentary about the East Palestine, OH disaster. (article on Times Beach here:

So anyway, I was curious to see where Times Beach is/was (its not on the map anymore) and found out its a Route 66 tourist stop now. Checking out the satellite view on google shows some weird shapes seemingly cut into the woods:

Crop Circles?
If you zoom in to the area just below the bottom right crop circle there seems to be some weird terrain there:

Cave Entrance??
Anyone live in this area know wth is up?
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2023.03.24 23:03 Yormir Feedback on Gaming build

Build Help/Ready:

Have you read the sidebar and rules? (Please do)
What is your intended use for this build? The more details the better.
Primarily and predominantly for gaming
If gaming, what kind of performance are you looking for? (Screen resolution, framerate, game settings)
Wanting to run games, that are able to, at 144 refresh, and on high / ultra if possible
What is your budget (ballpark is okay)? $2,000
In what country are you purchasing your parts? United States
Post a draft of your potential build here (specific parts please). Consider formatting your parts list. Don't ask to be spoonfed a build (read the rules!).
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU Intel Core i7-12700K 3.6 GHz 12-Core Processor $258.99 @ Newegg
CPU Cooler Deepcool AK620 68.99 CFM CPU Cooler $64.98 @ Amazon
Motherboard Asus TUF GAMING Z690-PLUS WIFI D4 ATX LGA1700 Motherboard $226.00 @ Amazon
Memory G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3600 CL16 Memory $114.99 @ Newegg
Storage Samsung 980 Pro 1 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 4.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive $79.98 @ Amazon
Video Card Gigabyte GAMING OC GeForce RTX 4070 Ti 12 GB Video Card $849.99 @ Amazon
Case Phanteks Eclipse G360A ATX Mid Tower Case $99.99 @ Newegg
Power Supply Super Flower Leadex III Gold 850 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply $114.99 @ Newegg Sellers
Case Fan Phanteks PH-F120SK 50 CFM 120 mm Fan $16.98 @ Amazon
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $1826.89
Generated by PCPartPicker 2023-03-24 18:01 EDT-0400
Provide any additional details you wish below.
I'm avoiding water cooling and one of my biggest concerns is proper air flow
NOTE: You do not have to follow this format, but please be sure to answer these questions. Please do not ask to simply be given a build. You are welcome to delete this section.
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2023.03.24 22:52 kcheves Concrete Block BBQ Island Project

Following up on a comment i made in a post by u/Hop1226, here are some details of a project Im just wrapping up. I did the design and material selection and my very talented stone mason did the work.
This was the original concept.
Here are photos of the finished product. Youll notice that the patio cover is missing. The original plan was to fabricate this from Corten steel, but the cost was going to be crazy and we deferred this until later.
Heres the rough gas line, electrical, and drain work.
I ended up not putting in a sink because a) I had one in my old BBQ island and rarely used it. The outdoor kitchen is adjacent to our indoor kitchen, and I have a hose nearby if I need it.
We trenched and then placed the first course of block. The electrical was run under the block and then brought up to a central location in the back wall of the island. Where needed, he poured short concrete walls to achieve the final dimensions.
Heres a view with most of the island built up. The slab that will support the smoker has already been poured, and hes starting to build the forms for the countertop.
You can see two of the j-boxes on the back of the island. There are three outlets total on the outside walls (plus one by the BBQ for a rotisserie) and 4 that are accessible inside the island for appliances. I also ran conduit between the BBQ island and an adjacent fire pit area in case I want to run AC or low voltage wiring to that location. Photos of the fire pit are at the end of this post.
All of the conduit is hidden in the block or in the poured countertops. My mason used a propane torch to bend the conduit smoothly so we could pull wires later.
Here are some shots of the forms he created for the countertops.
There were several pours required to creat the openings for the appliances and storage drawers and doors.
Heres a pic with the countertop poured. I really like the way the cantilever was constructed. We debated having two counter heights with a backsplash between them, but I think this looks cleaner.
Its not shown, but the inside of the island is brown coated and the floor is poured concrete.
The outside was brown coated, and then covered with architectural stone.
We decided that we didnt like the little shelf you can see poking out under the various openings, so it was removed.
Our original plan was to use granite for the countertops, but we couldnt find any we loved. We ended up using large format porcelain tiles that a have a cool concrete look. We kept the grout lines as thin as possible to make it look more like a slab. We also used a 4 tall strip of tiles to cover the exposed edge of the slab, and coated the underide of the counter overhang with smooth concrete.
A few other details
My daughter gave this to me, its from a local brewery and adds a nice touch.
The grill is a 32 natural gas Artisan, which is the budget brand from Alfresco. I was originally going to get a 36 DCS grill, but we didnt need something that large, and Ive got an XL egg for turkeys and other big cooks.
There are stainless access doors under the BBQ to get to the gas valves and outlets, and storage doors on the far side of the smoker for storing charcoal and accessories. There is also a unit with a double trash bin pullout and a storage drawer. I bought these directly from the company (Pacific Coast Manufacturing) that makes the house brand units for Barbecues Galore and BBQ guys.
The egg, side burner and fridge were reused from my previous BBQ island. The fridge is on the North Side of the house and does not get direct sun.
The stools are teak, also left over from our old BBQ island. I had to shorten the legs because the new countertop is thicker and the height from my knees to the bottom of the counter was tight.
Theres a cheap 55 TV hanging behind the island. It is on an articulating arm so that we can watch from the bar or from a sitting area we have next to the house. Its under the eaves and covered. Im not sure how much well use this, but it would have been harder to add after we repaired the stucco.
The pavers are pre-poured concrete from a company called Stepstone Pavers. They still need to be cleaned and sealed, which will make them a shade darker and more uniform in color. They are sand set and are 2 thick. We used these for all of the pool and patio decking, and for several walkways through the yard.
Finally, I mentioned that I ran electrical to an adjacent fire pit area. Its not part of the kitchen, but we like the way it turned out. This area has a concrete border, and the fire bowl and chairs sit on polished pebble.
With the exception of the trees, the plants you can see are still in containers, they will get planted this week.
Thanks for looking!
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2023.03.24 22:46 Need-More-Calcium [WTS] Holsters, Benelli stock and forend, shotgun sling, belly bands, trigger locks, Montefeltro magazine cap, lockbox, sight pusher, and P365X sight plate with rear night sight

/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /
/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /
Still available:
PHLster Skeleton holster for Glock 19 and identically sized Glocks
Galco holster for Ruger LCR and similarly sized revolvers
OLight Flashlight Holster
Benelli Montefeltro 12GA Satin Walnut Stock and Forend
Magpul MS1 Padded Sling for Shotguns
Clip&Carry STRAPT-TAC Belly Band Rig 2XL - 3XL Extended Size Pouch
Clip&Carry STRAPT-TAC Belly Band Rig 2XL - 3XL Standard Size Pouch
Ruger soft pocket holster for LCP Max and similarly sized pistols
MasterLock Trigger Lock (4 units available)
Benelli Legacy and Montefeltro Magazine Cap
SnapSafe TSA approved lockbox
NcStar VISM front and rear universal sight pusher
Sig Sauer P365X sight plate assembly with rear night sight
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2023.03.24 22:38 3amHustle Can someone help identify this piece of art?

Can someone help identify this piece of art?
Got this out of a storage unit. Looks handmade using carved 1 in strips of wood. Must ha e been hung up cause there is glue on the back. No identifying marks or signa8
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2023.03.24 22:33 Thick_Hovercraft_660 Do you charge for travel time during a task?

Quick question, if im helping someone move something, we load it onto a truck, and then say we drive 15 minutes to a storage unit and unload it, should I as a tasker charge for the 15 minutes of my time that was technically part of the task?
Edit: Thank you all for the insight, its very helpful since Im still pretty new and dont want to upset my clients.
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2023.03.24 22:28 Dizzy-Grape97 Private Property Vehicle Impound from my Condo (King County, WA state)

Hello! Hoping some of you can lend some advice in this messy towing scenario.
We live in King County but not in Seattle so its been difficult to find the laws that apply to us. While I was out of the country, my roommate borrowed my parking pass for our open lot (first-come, first-serve). He accidentally parked in the one reserved spot (its painted reserved but its basically a bonus spot given to an old owner that isnt in accordance with our Rules and Regulations).
Anyways, my incompetent property management company decided to tow the car without any notification to either of us, even though the parking permit was clearly displayed in the vehicle. He was home and couldve easily moved it. It was a rental car, so it had Montana plates, and the property management company decided to tell the towing company it was also a stolen vehicle (they have no proof of this).
Our issue now is that this tow cost nearly $1400. The towing company is charging us for 3.25 hours of labor, claiming they had to wait the person who ordered the tow to arrive (from the property management company), even though the drive was less than 30 min each way. They also charged for two 12-hr storage fees even though it was towed around 8pm and he called first-thing in morning but was told he couldnt get the vehicle until the police verified it wasnt stolen.
He obviously had to pay to get the vehicle out so he could go to work and to avoid extra storage fees. He has asked for the time breakdown to justify the 3.25 hours but the towing company has stopped replying. We are wanting to take this to court for an improper towing hearing to dispute this exorbitant charge, but we are wondering what our rights are?
  1. Can a towing company charge you for standby time on an impound that you didnt order? In my experience, towing companies leave if the person ordering the tow is not present when they arrive.
  2. Are there any limits to how much time a towing company can charge you for? Is there a limit to standby time?
  3. Does a property management company need to attempt to contact or notify you if they plan on towing your vehicle? My parking pass is tied to my unit so this shouldnt be very difficult and neighbors even offered to go door-to-door but management said no and insisted on towing.
  4. Our Rules and Regulations state that parking violations that do not involve vehicles without a permit should be brought to the attention of the Board and HOA. Then it states that towing will be arranged at the discretion of the Board, but I have asked 4 times and they have failed to provide authorization from the Board and claim they dont need to. How can I fight this? Is my only option to sue?
Overall, our first priority is getting my roommate his towing cost back, and it seems like the fastest way to do this is with a hearing. However, just wondering if we even have a strong enough case to pursue this?
Im planning on going after the property management company separately because they have broken many other laws since I purchased my property such as failing to provide me with the Rules and Regulations document prior to closing on my purchase and not holding an annual meeting in 2022.
Any advice or facts would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advance!
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2023.03.24 22:25 newtmad My boyfriend (30M) wants me to take an OP out against my family!!!! (28F)

My boyfriend and I welcomed a baby in January. He wasn't planned, but gosh, I love him and always wanted to have kids. I couldn't have dreamed of a more perfect baby. Unfortunately everyone loves him a lot and it's started causing huge family issues. The other part of the problem is that my family has never liked my boyfriend, so I'll state that now. To briefly explain, they didn't like him from first sight. He's very different, he grew up on a farm and we're all big city suburb people. They've always thought he was a mooch and that he isn't good enough for me. Boyfriend bought all the groceries throughout my pregnancy and paid his end of the bills up until February.
A few months before the baby, my boyfriend had bought a house at auction to rehab for us to either live in or resell. My emergency C-section greatly changed the way my (too short already) maternity leave panned out and it put a lot of pressure on my boyfriend (BF from here on out). BF already needed counseling, but got pushed kind of to the edge. He was having worse PPD symptoms than I was and didn't really have any resources for support. He didn't end up working on the house at all, between trying to help me with everything and I guess trying to make sure I didn't have my family over to see the baby. He asked me not to have them at our apartment as they have always treated him disrespectfully, I tried to set up meetings with them to get ice cream and stuff and they repeatedly declined. If BF is there, they didn't want in. I wished everyone could have mad nice for my son. Then right at the end of my leave, BF and I got into a bit of an argument and I felt we needed to separate for the night. Long story short, I called my brother who lives at home for an assist. He showed up with my dad and ended up getting into a physical altercation with BF when he wouldn't let them come in. This resulted in our landlord asking my boyfriend to leave our apartment but he said I could stay. I was devastated and didn't want to, rushed to get the bills cut off and now I regret it. Went to stay with my family because I don't have a lot of money and needed to go somewhere, I thought I would be comfortable there for awhile to save up money and never said I didn't want to work to get my family back together (BF, me, baby).
For awhile, before I moved stuff out of my apartment to a storage unit, I was trying to use it as a safe place for me and BF to spend time with our son. I knew he wasn't supposed to be there but we weren't trying to cause trouble and were keeping a low profile. The house BF is staying at/supposed to be working on still doesn't have the water or heat hooked up because someone stole the copper piping before it's purchase, and my brother and dad broke his rib in that fight so he hasn't been able to do that work yet. So a few weeks ago, BF had asked to spend the night with both of us over the weekend. I decided the apartment was the best vs. a motel, I had to get stuff packed up anyway. Things were going well, his friend came over with some tequila and visited with us and the baby. *I want to note that I enjoy a drink, but I would never get too drunk where it's unsafe for my son.* I was relaxed after having so much stress in my life, so I went a little heavy on the drinking but BF had his stuff under control. I had called my parents to check in and they immediately told me I was too drunk and that they should come pick up the baby. I got nervous and complied, but messaged right after and said they didn't need to get the baby. They showed up unannounced and my dad urged me to give my baby to them for the night, I said no, and intended to stay another night there then have BF watch the baby while I was at work (usually it's my mom, that was the plan since before he was born). I get BF wants to spend time with our kid, he never gets to, so it just happened to be a situation where he could and I wanted to take advantage of that. Here's where the problem starts. My parents hang out outside for 2 ours I guess. During this, I hear them knocking on my downstairs neighbor's door and apparently they contacted my landlord to spill the beans about BF being at the apartment. My mom had contacted him once before at a restaurant he owns previously and I had told her I wasn't cool with it and it was a big overstep. I'm an adult, she has literally no business talking to him. SO landlord calls me in the morning while I'm at work, I wiggle my way out of that and promise he won't be around the apartment anymore even though I really needed help moving my stuff. I rush back at lunch and tell BF to get himself and the baby out, I didn't want him to be in more trouble. He said he might go visit his family's farm or maybe his grandma in the meantime since the house he's working on still needs all that work. My parents both start sending me messages at work because they think he brought the baby back to the house that needs work. They say they will call the cops in 30 mins, then ten. I'm a receptionist so I'm trying to answer phones and accommodate people in my lobby. I told them to reach out to BF and they refuse. Eventually I'm just like you know what, if they do call the cops, I shouldn't be worried I'm the mom, he's with his dad, and even if they were having to hang out there, I trust BF would make sure he is safe and comfortable. So I call the nonemergency police and explain what's going on. My dad had already called so they add my name to the welfare check ticket and ended up calling me to tell me no one was at that house. Turns out BF went to visit his grandma with the baby and everything was fine. Neither of my parents bothered to contact him. I told them that I was traumatized from all this and felt that they were harassing me at work, and that calling the police was not okay. They seemed to understand. Yesterday, baby had his two month check up, I took the rest of the day off so we could spend time with BF as a family afterwards. We ended up going back to the house that's being fixed up for a few hours after dinner and running errands. We were just going to hang out, have a beer together, but the baby ended up getting fussy from his vaccine and I ended up being there later than expected. My parents call to check in, they ask if I had been drinking and demand to pick up the baby. I say no, but agree that buzzed driving with him isn't okay. BF doesn't want to deal with it and tells me to leave, I ask if I can just sleep there. He's got water jugs and formula, the baby is safe there for the night and was sleeping at this point. Low and behold, the cops show up and ask us to prove we have water, heat, electricity. He shows them his bills for each. My parents are there too, my mom tried to come on the property and they told her she has to go. Probably the same cops who I ha talked to on the phone, they apologize and BF asks what he can do because they call the cops every time he tries to spend time with his own kid, they say he can file an OP. We sleep there, baby actually slept so well, and I go to work today. Neither parent contacted me after they left with the cops. BF calls to tells me that my parents must have reported us to DCFS. He heard knocking and by the time he got to the door, a lady was walking away with a clipboard and a guy with a security shirts. Baby was great when I went on lunch, BF took him to his mom's place and we are going to spend the night there but I have to go to my parents after work to get clothes for the baby and myself. He asked me if I would take out an OP against my family, I really don't want to do that but they are being too extreme. It's really effecting me adversely mentally. Like I'm afraid that if I go back to stay at their place as I had planned to do for awhile, they won't ever let my baby out of their house again. I am the mother, what I say should go, I don't want to put him in danger and he hasn't been. They are making it hard for me to communicate and I admittedly have been drinking more than I even want to when I'm out because I'm so so stressed. I just wish everyone could try to play nice when they have to communicate with each other for my son's sake and that my parents would trust me with my own child. I am smart, I have a good job and college degree, I'm just going through a hard time and this pressure is making me crack a bit. I don't want to cut anyone out of my child's life and would love for my mom to continue being his primary childcare for awhile longer. The house BF bought isn't ready yet but I do ultimately want to try to be a family there, but my parents are trying to make that impossible!
Please give me some insight and advice. I told my mom I want to talk about stuff once I'm more well rested and have hat I want figured out.
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2023.03.24 22:13 Otherwise-Farmer-788 How soon can you take vacation after joining?

I will soon go to marsille but rent an apartment i want to keep during the training time. If i make it trough, how fast can i take vacation just to end my apartment contract and rent a storage unit for my stuff? I only need 2-3 days off
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2023.03.24 21:56 payslipinuk Understanding Payslip: A Comprehensive Guide to Payslips-Plus in the United Kingdom

As an employee in the United Kingdom, one of the most important documents you receive every month is your payslip. It provides you with a detailed breakdown of your earnings and deductions, enabling you to monitor your salary and ensure that you are paid correctly. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about payslip and the services provided by Payslips-Plus, a UK-based company that specializes in providing secure, accurate, and customizable payslip to employers and employees alike.

Understanding Payslip: The Basics

What is a payslip?

A payslip is a document provided by your employer that outlines your pay, deductions, and other relevant information about your salary. It is a legal requirement for employers to provide payslips to their employees in the United Kingdom.

What information is included in a payslip?

A typical payslip contains information about your gross pay, deductions (such as tax, National Insurance contributions, and pension contributions), net pay, and the pay period that the payslip covers. It may also include other details such as your employee number, your tax code, and any overtime pay or bonuses.

Why is a payslip important?

A payslip is a crucial document that enables you to monitor your salary and ensure that you are paid correctly. It also provides valuable information about your tax contributions and pension contributions, which may affect your future finances. Furthermore, it serves as a proof of income for financial institutions and can be used as evidence when applying for loans or mortgages.

Introducing Payslips-Plus

What is Payslips-Plus?

Payslips-Plus is a UK-based company that specializes in providing secure, accurate, and customizable payslips to employers and employees alike. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Payslips-Plus has developed a reputation for delivering high-quality services that meet the needs of a diverse range of clients.

What services does Payslips-Plus offer?

Payslips-Plus offers a range of services designed to make the payslip process as simple and stress-free as possible. These services include:

What are the benefits of using Payslips-Plus?

There are many benefits to using Payslips-Plus for your payslip needs. These include:

How do I get started with Payslips-Plus?

Getting started with Payslips-Plus is simple and straightforward. Here is a step-by-step guide:
  1. Contact Payslips-Plus: The first step is to contact Payslips-Plus and discuss your needs with one of their experts. They will help you choose the right payslip templates and services for your business.
  2. Set up your account: Once you have chosen your templates and services, Payslips-Plus will set up your account and provide you with login details for its online platform.
  3. Input your employee data: Next, you will need to input your employee data into the system. This includes details such as employee names, addresses, salaries, tax codes, and National Insurance numbers.
  4. Generate payslips: Once your employee data has been inputted, you can start generating payslips. Payslips-Plus offers a range of options, including paper payslips, electronic payslips, and P60 production.
  5. Access your payslips: Once your payslips have been generated, you and your employees can access them online anytime, anywhere. Payslips-Plus also provides secure storage for your payslip data, ensuring that it is always accessible and protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it a legal requirement for employers to provide payslips in the UK?
Yes, it is a legal requirement for employers to provide payslips to their employees in the UK.
  1. Can I customize my payslips using Payslips-Plus?
Yes, Payslips-Plus offers a range of customizable payslip templates, enabling businesses to create payslips that are tailored to their specific needs.
  1. Are electronic payslips secure?
Yes, Payslips-Plus provides secure and convenient electronic payslips, which can be accessed online anytime, anywhere. The platform is protected by the latest security measures to ensure that employee data is always secure.
  1. Can Payslips-Plus help me migrate my payslip data from another system?
Yes, Payslips-Plus offers data migration services, enabling businesses to transfer their payslip data from other systems to its own platform.
  1. What are the benefits of using Payslips-Plus for my payslip needs?
The benefits of using Payslips-Plus include customizable templates, secure and convenient electronic payslips, experienced and reliable service, and cost-effectiveness. By choosing Payslips-Plus, you can ensure that your payslip needs are met efficiently and effectively.
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2023.03.24 21:40 Miserable-Ad-5573 Respect Robocop! (Mortal Kombat)

"You are under arrest, dirtbag!"
RoboCop, also known as OCP Crime Prevention Unit 001, and formerly as Alex Murphy, is a former Human police officer turned Cyborg, known for the franchise of the same name. A former Detroit police officer killed in the line of duty by the Boddicker gang and later remade by OCP into Robocop. He has three prime directives, those directives are 1. "Serve the public trust" 2. "Protect the innocent" 3. "Uphold the law".
One day, Robocop encounters Kano and finds him dealing weapons to gangs of Detroit, because of this he now attempted to apprehend Kano, the chase eventually brought him to the Mortal Kombat universe, and after that a fight against Kronika which he won. After the defeat of Kronika, Robocop gains her powers which gets rid of his programming which essentially means that Murphy was himself again but in a cyborg body, and he now saw how corrupt the entire company as OCP was as they were selling to both cops and criminals, this makes Murphy determined to bring OCP to justice when he gets home and he will do so with the help of a few characters from Mortal Kombat.
Robocop's Ending.
Robocop has four intros, they are On Patrol, Urban Pacification, T.J. Lazer, and Fight in Progress.
Robocop has four victory screens, they are Under Arrest, On the Record, Directives , and Apprehended.
Also, Robocop is customizable like every character in the game, so he may look very different in some feats.


Hits Kronika so hard that she goes flying with a punch.
Gets shot with two bullets and is unarmed.
Defeated Kronika and got her powers.

Special Moves

Straight Auto-9: Robocop shoots his opponent with the Auto-9.
High Auto-9: Robocop shoots an opponent who is above him with the Auto-9.
Cobra Assault Cannon: Robocop shoots his opponent with the Cobra Assault Cannon.
Riot Shield: Robocop's riot shield blocks all projectile attacks and if his opponent tried to hit him while he has his riot shield out, he will counter their attack.
Flamethrower: Robocop uses a flamethrower that comes out of his wrist on his opponent.
Close Shoulder Crowd Control Cannon: Robocop shoots a m79 or a land mine out of a cannon that comes out of his shoulder but it has really short range.
Shoulder Crowd Control Cannon: Robocop shoots a m79 or a land mine out of a cannon that comes out of his shoulder. Also this is the only one that has an electric stun type of Grenade that can be shot.
Far Shoulder Crowd Control Cannon: Robocop shoots a m79 or a land mine out of a cannon that comes out of his shoulder, this one has more range than the previous one.
Very Far Shoulder Crowd Control Cannon: Robocop shoots a m79 or a land mine out of a cannon that comes out of his shoulder, this one has the most range.

Fatal Blow

Robocop pulls out his Riot shield and uses a rocket to slam into his opponent he then shoots them from their legs to head multiple times and very quickly and then hits them over the head, he then grabs them by their neck and lifts them up with one hand before using his data spike to punch right through his opponent and then puts his data spike away and punches them in the face, said punch sends them flying a pretty good distance but they are stopped when they hit the ED-209 which shoots them multiple times before firing a rocket at them.


The Klassic: Robocop uppercuts his opponent so hard that their head comes off with their spinal cord still intact.
Kase Klosed: Robocop shoots his opponent three times before shooting them in the knees and then shooting their body multiple times, he then uses a spike that comes of his foot to keep their hand on the ground and shoots their hand off, then shoots them in the head.
Don't Kount On It Chum: Robocop smashes his opponent's head with his riot shield and then blows up their body with a m79 that leaves their body on fire.
That One Time: Robocop blocks a attack with his riot shield which knocks his opponent back a bit, he then hold them at gunpoint before shooting them in the balls which seemingly kills them.
You're Coming With Me: Robocop stabs his opponent with his data spike and holds them up with it before stabbing them a few more times and then uses his flamethrower on them.
Thank You For Not Smoking: Robocop shoots his opponent's head 3 times which causes the whole head to be destroyed.
Need To Comply: Robocop shoots a rocket at his opponent, this completely Destroys everything else about their legs except for the head.
Your Move, Creep: Robocop uses a Cobra Assault Cannon on his opponent, this blows up everything above their knees except for their head and arms.
Let's Step Outside: Robocop shoots a bullet that travels around the whole stage for a little while before it eventually hits his opponent in the head.
Air Control: While Robocop and his opponent are in the air, Robocop pulls out his riot shield and uses rockets on his legs to go through his opponent, this Destroys everything but their head.
Keeping The Peace: Robocop punches his opponent's head so hard that is goes flying in the air off screen.


Dead Or Alive: Robocop stabs his opponent in the neck with his data spike and then shoots their right hand off, the ED-209 then comes behind Robocop and starts shooting Robocop's opponent multiple times, Robocop then used a Cobra Assault Cannon to blow his opponent into pieces.
Thank You For Your Cooperation: Robocop shoots a m79 round at his opponent which bounces off their head, he then times out a shot to their nuts which hits the m79 and causes his opponent to be blown up, and it looks cool as fuck.


Breakin' It Down: Robocop does the robot as a he gets a gold chain with OCP's logo on it from nowhere, and he also gets a boom box that came out of nowhere, he can only do this when he already defeated his opponent and doing this makes said opponent disappear.
I know Robocop has more special moves in game, but I could only find some clips online for a decent amount of special moves but not all, and if I did the links would never work for most special moves, so sorry for the short special move list.
Also this is sort of a repost of a repost, I say sorta because I accidentally posted it this morning when it wasn't completed. And I reposted it around 11:00 but for some reason it was deleted.
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2023.03.24 21:28 3amHustle Can someone help identify this piece of art?

Can someone help identify this piece of art?
I found this in a storage unit. Seems like it took some effort and skill into it. The back is just plywood w what seems to be glue from being attached to a wall. Size is like 4fr by 2ft.
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