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2015.11.06 03:12 x_minus_one Copaganda: Cataloguing Pro-Cop Propaganda

Copaganda is a phenomenon in which news media and other social institutions promote celebratory portrayals of police officers with the intent of swaying public opinion for the benefit of police departments and law enforcement. Feel free to post any/all examples of copaganda. This includes, but is not limited to, copaganda on social media, in mainstream media, on TV or even in public education.

2023.03.30 15:44 DoPoGrub Car accident where we both agreed to leave the scene

This happened last night in Ohio.
Was driving downtown, when the other driver suddenly changed lanes into me without checking that he was clear.
We both stopped, there was heavy traffic, everyone was honking at us. I was in a mild state of shock, surveyed the damage, determined that it was purely cosmetic, and offered to just 'forget about it' and 'move on with life', and the other driver reluctantly agreed, since it was clearly his fault.
We did not exchange information or call the police. I do have the incident on dashcam including his license plate number.
Today I am realizing the damage is a bit more extensive than I thought. I have full comprehensive/collision insurance, and judging by the looks of him (rich looking guy in a new lexus), he probably does also.
I am also reading today that it is illegal in Ohio for either of us to have left the scene without exchanging info/contacting police.
I'm personally ok with letting it go, as my car isn't very nice and is still functional despite massive paint scrape and dents along the side of the car. But my friends say I should pursue the matter and get it fixed since I have full coverage, and have his license plate and the dashcam footage.
Thoughts on what my options are at this point, and what the implications would be/how to proceed either way?
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2023.03.30 15:29 BreadfruitSilly9374 Cops broke into my hotel room with myself and gf unclothed. What should I do? (I am innocent)

There was an active shooter in my hotel over the weekend and the police went into my room for a search along with the entire hotel/casino.
Saturday morning with one knock and a quick “sheriff’s department” they proceed to open my door guns pointed at me. There was about 5 officers that entered. I was asleep my girlfriend had just gotten up to start getting ready (we were both unclothed). I had blankets to cover me while my lady had nothing. The bathroom was clearly empty. The shower curtains were open and there was no where else to really hide. She had asked if she could grab a towel and one officer said “no you need to turn and face me”. My girlfriend embarrassed had to turn and face the police while he then asked “anyone else in here?” We both replied “no”. The officers said there’s an active shooter somewhere in here. They proceed to search my room while my girlfriend had to stand there naked one officer just staring at her. I later found out from hotel/casino staff we both look nothing like the description of the shooter and his accomplice. I booked my room through a third party so the hotel wouldn’t upgrade me or do much to compensate. I feel annoyed and like the officers just wanted a good look at my girlfriend who was naked. Just to note; my girlfriend is very good looking and constantly gets compliments, asked for her number when I’m not there, etc. Which gives me stronger reason to think that. What do I do? Is there anything I can do?
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2023.03.30 15:26 Whey-Men The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Colorado said it is opposed to artificial intelligence (AI) analysis of Aurora Police Department’s body camera video.

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2023.03.30 15:22 TieflingMelissa We're gonna rile up a storm in five hours on Twitch as I'm joined by my friend @LluisAbadias for some art 'n' talk! Have to pass the time in jail somehow 👀

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2023.03.30 15:20 MsWeather Please be aware of what is happening with the women of Delhi. PLEASE

A stampede of men forcing their way into a women's college in Delhi
UPDATE: The longer my posts stay up, the more trouble I can get into. There are forces at play in this situation that I cannot talk about but I'm not sure how long this post will stay up. Please, for God's sake, spread awareness about it while you can.
Yesterday, that is March 28 2023, was the second day of IPCW's annual fest, Shruti.
The first day had gone amazingly and our spirits were high. We had spent hours making plans about what to wear, what to buy, and what to eat. We were so happy about the concert that would happen at the end of the day.
When I think of how happy me and my friends were yesterday morning, I feel absolutely shattered. We are terrified now. Our rights are being stripped away. Our safety has become a joke. Our college has suddenly transformed from a safe space for women to a dictatorial space where the administration does not give a shit about student's safety.
It began around 3 PM when the gates were scheduled to close. A large crowd of HUNDREDS gathered outside the college premises. They were getting agitated, shoving each other, and before we know it, the gates were PUSHED wide open.
The crowd was so bad that for a solid 15 minute period, people could not close the gates. No checking could be done. Anyone who pleased, without any checking or passes or safety, invaded our college campus.
Students were trampled in the stampede. Many suffered from fractured bones. Student Union members were manhandled. Word on the street is that one of them has been injured so badly that she will need surgery. People had to be rushed to the nearby hospital in stretchers, wheelchairs, and ambulances.
Multiple women were inappropriately touched. People attempted to tear off their clothes. So many women fainted from the trauma of being trampled and molested.
If that was not enough, the men did not stop. Drunk and high men started scaling our walls. They attempted to break a second entry gate at the back of the on-campus hostel to invade our space further. We saw men emerging from the back lawns of the hostel after climbing up the walls.
Sounds terrible? It was. But it only gets worse.
Once the college authorities realized that the crowd was unmanageable (the police arrived extremely late to the scene, obviously), their plan of action was WONDERFUL— lie to students that the fest has been cancelled to force them out of the college.
Expectedly, most of these rowdy men did not bother listening to orders but a large proportion of women were thrown out of our campus and into the streets where large crowds of uncontrolled men were still around.
Hostel women were forcefully locked into the hostel building "to ensure their safety". Because locking women is obviously easier than finding and controlling the perpetrators, right? Drunk and high men continued to roam around the campus for hours while the faculty and police officers tried searching for them in vain.
Pictures were circulated of these men to no avail. Our college campus has always been a safe haven for women. Suddenly, we were being warned to travel in groups and stick to the crowded areas. It was a woman's worst nightmares come true, all in one day.
Apparently, a second year student got really badly molested during this entire incident. I can only pray that that poor girl recovers from the trauma of this all some day.
Oh, and the cherry on top? After all, the concert continued. Most IPCW women could not attend, of course, because we were thrown out of our own college. Some who had stuck around for 4-5 hours outside the college and others who lived in the off-campus hostel were allowed re-entry. But a large majority could not enjoy their own fest.
Who could enjoy under such circumstances anyway? Me and my friends spent the entire evening sticking close to our department's teachers because it was just so difficult to shake off the fear and violation we were experiencing.
Obviously, after all the mismanagement, our principal had the audacity to dance and celebrate during the concert, the injured and traumatized be damned. Few weeks of her new administration and our college is already turning into a right wing space— our walls are being painted saffron, our logo has been changed, the college's apolitical identity is being stripped away, and now this institute has utterly failed to keep its own students safe.
Do you think the story ends here? Because I wish it did.
Today, that is March 29 2023, we, the students of IPCW, organized a peaceful protest outside the college premises in light of the outrageous events that had transpired the day before. We wanted to be heard. We wanted to reclaim our safe space. We demanded answers from the administration that had failed us so badly.
But our right to assemble and demonstrate peacefully was also stripped away from us.
The same institution that could not arrange adequate security yesterday to ensure our safety had arranged for officers from the police force and paramilitary to be present today. Peacefully protesting students were manhandled by the women officers and have now been detained.
This is a cry for help. Please be aware of what is happening in one of the finest universities of this country. Please be aware of how women are being stripped of their rights and their dignity is being utterly violated in their safe spaces. Please be aware of how the administration has been failing us again and again and again.
Please be aware.
P. S. You can find recordings and pictures of these horrifying events on several news outlets and Twitter. The post was getting too long so I did not attach them over here.
P. P. S. Updates, Clarifications, and Evidence: How DU's women students are being stripped of their rights and dignity

95% of women in prostitution want to leave but feel they have no other options for survival. The "sex work is work" brigade seek to legitimise rape and exploitation in the name of profit for pimps, sexual access for any man and cash for a few privileged sex workers.
"The wide-ranging debate about the harms of prostitution suggests that it generally involves women selling sex to men and that those involved frequently experience violence, coercion and control. Nearly 95 per cent of those involved in prostitution report wanting to leave but feel they have no other option for survival."
This is the biggest human rights abuse in modern times.
I was just on another reddit sub arguing about how SW shouldn't be normalised and was called anti-feminist as per usual as well as likened to a rape apologist. It makes me sick tbh.
SW will never be like any other job as much as people love to believe. Let's say a single mum goes to the job centre. Should they recommend SW to her? Sure, she can decline it but then she'll be wondering if she's doing a disservice to her children by not accepting the job because after all it's just like a normal job, is it not? And sure, desperate women already go into SW. What this whole SWIW movement does however, is push more women who previously wouldn't even consider it into the industry.
As for those who can't stop promoting the idea that SW has been so good for them, to me, they're just like the tories they love deriding — personal profits above all else.
They don't care about how normalising it affects other women, they don't care about ex SW who talk about how damaging the experience was for them, they don't care about how all women (especially attractive, young women) are now seen as potential SW (just look at the OFSTED reports and the Everyone's Invited thing to see examples like how male classmates already assume their female classmates will be on OF the moment they turn 18).
I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

And there it is, abortion trafficking, You don't negotiate with terrorists,you don't negotiate with religious Zealots.
What the GQP wants is for red states to be as inhospitable as possible to the political left. You know, like ISIS.
Hear me out...
Jihadists are not looking to topple the west with a car bomb. Their goal, in part, is to foment an anti-Muslim sentiment because they don’t want Muslim diaspora, they want Muslims as far away from Western culture as humanly possible. They want their people to be as concentrated as possible so as to exert maximum political and social pressure.
They want their brothers to come home.
For decades, the political right has done everything it can to make their numbers count more because they realize their party ceases to exist otherwise. The conservative demographic is dying, quite literally. Each new generation becomes less and less interested in their backwards asses but they’ve got a pretty big range of tricks to tip the scales away from democracy.
Gerrymandering. Redistricting. Closing voting locations. Cutting off the USPS at the knees to slow mail voting. VoterID. These are the first volleys in an assault on democracy.
What’s plan B if all the skullfuckery doesn’t result in a GQP caliphate?
Concentrate forces geographically. It’s better to hold all of the power in half the country than it is to hold no power across the nation. Concentration of forces itself is a force multiplier. In the case of the GQP, it also results in more groupthink because the differing views got run out of town.
Yes, progressives will suffer from concentrated groupthink as well, and that’s bad, it just isn’t their fscking goal.
It may seem backwards for a party to seemingly go out of its way to alienate the moderates and enrage its opponents. The political right’s plan for the next 20 years might be hidden in plain sight.
If conservatives become convinced that they cannot win democratically, they will not abandon conservatism. They will reject democracy.
  • David Frum

Female Russian medics used as sex slaves by officers

Philippines proposes 2-day monthly menstruation leave
Im a woman who doesn't menstruate (IUD). I really strongly dislike things like this. It assumes each and every single one of us is less capable of being productive because of our reproductive organs without nuance, and as others point out will lead to gender discrimination from businesses

Here's a crazy idea, u/Ok_Skill_1195

How about people be able to take sick leave when they need it, no questions asked as to why
No more 'pink tax' in Texas? Bill eliminating tampon, diaper sales taxes OK'd by House

Missouri House votes to strip state funding from public libraries

Democrat lawmaker, Jared Moskowitz interrupts Marjorie Taylor Greene’s transphobic rant to raise assault weapons ban

Lauren Boebert Says She Wants To Abolish the Department of Education

Article 1 Section 8 Congress has the power to raise and collect taxes, excise and tariffs to pay the debts, and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States
Keep Matt Gaetz out of schools
At least 500 ft away

Matt Gaetz’s Legislative Aide is a Convicted War Criminal

Junior high school on remote Japan island holds graduation ceremony for only student - The Mainichi

Here are several possible solutions for covering up David's obscenities

TIL in 1956-1957, the chinese communist party (ccp) launched a campaign called "hundred flowers movement" where they encouraged chinese citizens to give their opinions about the communist party. it failed. then mao zedong, conducted an ideological crackdown to those who criticized the party.

Female soldier found dead at Fort Hood, the same Army base in Texas where Vanessa Guillén was murdered

OPP officer guilty of sexual assault on unconscious woman and recording it to 'teach her a lesson'

Police officer is caught inappropriately touching a women.

Stand In Solidarity, 26 March 2023
beyond proud of otautahi and kiwis in general rn. what really struck me was the diverse age range, it really showed how this isnt a generational thing, this is a kiwi thing

Tick tock
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2023.03.30 15:18 miaplasticsurgery Mia Plastic Surgery

A woman who underwent a Brazilian butt lift procedure at a South Florida plastic surgery clinic ended up at a hospital where she later died.
The Miami-Dade Police Department said they received a call at around 11:13 a.m. Friday about a woman in distress at Mia Aesthetics on Southwest 72nd Street.
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2023.03.30 15:17 Whotrynakillme666 Are police officers qualified for working at prisons or private security work( like guarding entrances at restaurants, schools, etc.)?

Just curious cause im planning on talking to a recruiter to enlist and wanna know the job opportunities for being police outside of just the department work.
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2023.03.30 14:56 _BL4Z3__ Graffiti

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2023.03.30 14:19 2DeadMoose Amazing

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2023.03.30 14:18 Mrmuse12 Woman hit while crossing Newport Avenue; it's Quincy's 15th pedestrian crash this year

Woman hit while crossing Newport Avenue; it's Quincy's 15th pedestrian crash this year
A woman is expected to recover from the injuries she suffered when she was hit by a car while crossing Newport Avenue on Tuesday night, police said.
Capt. Daniel Guarente said two pedestrians were crossing Newport Avenue just before 10 p.m. Tuesday when the woman was hit by a car in a southbound lane. The driver stayed at the scene, was cooperative with police and has not been charged, he said.
The pair were not in a crosswalk. The crash is still under investigation.
State crash data shows Tuesday's was at least the 15th pedestrian crash in the city this year. Nine happened in January, four in February and at least two in March, according to the Department of Transportation.
Of those crashes, Tuesday's was the first on Newport Avenue and the 12th after dark. Two crashes were recorded as suspected of causing a serious injury, but none were listed as fatal.
State data shows there were 58 crashes involving pedestrians in Quincy last year, causing two deaths. There have been 401 pedestrian crashes statewide so far in 2023.
Last year's numbers show an increase over the previous years, and this year is on track to outpace 2022. There were 52 pedestrian crashes in 2021 and 55 in 2020. Those numbers are down from 86 crashes in 2017 and 85 in 2018.
Ed Grennon, head of the city's traffic, parking, alarm and lighting department, said in December that Quincy has focused heavily on speed mitigation to reduce crashes by implementing a 25-mph citywide speed limit several years ago, narrowing lanes, adding three dozen speed feedback signs on 24 streets and extending curbs to force slower turns.
The traffic department recently created a "transportation safety action plan," which Grennon described as a "playbook to curb the serious pedestrian crashes in the city." The plan states a goal of zero serious injuries caused by pedestrian crashes by 2040.
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2023.03.30 14:17 based_trad3r I'm a republican on national issues most of the time, BUT I firmly believe UBI is coming, Wanted to share my vision of what it could look like and curious to see if there's any common ground.

I came here to be genuine, not trying to piss anyone off or say anything ridiculous. I am rare in my party looking for UBI and seeing the big picture in how it is *definitely* coming in the not-too-distant future. So since it's coming, it's a good idea to talk about what it will look like and how it will work. If I said something to upset you, I'm sorry, but I don't mean to mean it. I came here to share and learn. In any event, cheers, and I'll keep tabs on this subreddit, as I have no doubt it will grow. And grow big.

Everyone here might hate me; I’m a republican and vote republican in national elections. That said, I am a staunch supporter of UBI, not right this minute, but very short. You have to be ignorant of the world around you, tech, and everything that’s happening, NOT to think UBI will be here in the following decades. I could go for so long why this is very obvious to me. I personally want to be on the right side of the debate; I think this is not something to be depressed about but something to be encouraged by. If we need UBI, it means AI and autonomous robotics have come so far that most basic labor has been replaced. There is no need for human work, as all the goods, resources, and experiences we want to pay for and enjoy are readily abundant and provided to us by artificial entities. Some people may doom and say this is the end of the world, but this is the opposite; it’s the beginning of a new world, labor as a construct will be crushed, and capitalism will be crushed. We will live in a society where everyone can live a quality life and express themselves in ways they never could before. We will see a huge explosion of artistic creativity and talent, a massive surge in content makers, and, more broadly, a non-labor industry of self-determined desire to create content and experiences for other people. Our lives revolve around our jobs; our identities are so attached to our labor; it’s been that way for thousands of years. And here we are on the cusp of a revolution that could entirely or nearly eliminate that construct. I think 15-25% of the population will still work; I think you will still have some very driven people that choose to pursue the CEo type of positions, joke on them. They will miss all the fun, but I think a small group remains in human labor. Especially as time goes on. In the near future, electricians and plumbers will have excellent job security, and some physicians too. But in a few devices, much of this stuff won’t exist as it does now.
I think people’s minds are going to be blown. It raises a fascinating existential question, without labor, what are we? Throughout history, we have primarily reflected and been defined by our labor. Now, without the shackles of labor or the life or deat5, h need to labor to put food on the counter, people can truly flourish. Maybe not for this audience, but the metaverse is deeply intertwined with this. With all this new time, people will want to do new experiences and socialize with people in ways they maybe never have. I think this is going to be a tremendous period for humanity to enter in, there are some risks and concerns, of course, but I’m choosing to be optimistic.
To show the Republican part of me in answering the question I saw. If I had the honor of ruling this country by fiat, I would eliminate every net welfare program. Medicare, Medicaid, social security, all of it. But, I would replace those 9+ bureaus and departments of government with one streamlined office with one simple job, which would furnish universal basic income to the citizenry. The UBI needs to be done so that some of it can be saved and that there is enough in UBI to afford health issues when they arise. This program could be more fiscally possible if we just said, " Look, the government isn’t writing you 13 checks anymore. You're getting one really big check each month, and we will help guide you so that you are prepared for health events. you have to have some cushion program for people that still mess it up and have no money for health care, but the numbers could be done unnecessarily. My healthcare plan, which I've been playing with and love, goes hand in hand with this. Shut down all entitlement bodies of the government. freeze all federal payments, shut down those agencies, and shift the employees elsewhere or out if there is no space. in return (again, here are my republican stripes with democrat stars), we say ok, we can’t fully socialize the healthcare system; there are just too many issues with it, as can be seen aboard; sure, some things are better, but at the end of the day when dictators are dying, where do they fly to for surgery. So my solution is that private insurance companies remain; however, they must enroll in a federal program for designation that would require they offer plans for some things and that patients can’t be excluded for certain pre-existing conditions. Why would insurance companies agree to join this program? Because I, as chief ruler, have ordered a new sister agency to the UBI agency that remits an 8k voucher to every American, old you, rich-poor, that can only be used as payment for health insurance at one of the insurance companies that have met the government’s standards and are on the list. This allows insurance cos and people freaked out about social medicine to say, " Well, hold on, nothing has been socialized; other than that, the gov is giving us money to pay for insurance but were still buying private insurance. I have no problem with insurance companies also offering 30k a year health insurance programs, do what you want, but at the baseline, to be eligible to receive patient vouchers for insurance, you have to offer plans at the 8k level that covers everything reasonable, no short cuts, genuine real insurance. As another part of this initiative, I would order that hospitals become utilities, no longer allowed to be profit-seeking institutions. and I would 10000% ban insurance companies from owning hospital systems, ala UPMC and others. Hospitals would become utilities, and to produce revenue, private practice physician groups would reverse auctions for privileges at the hospital. So a doctor might have to pay 20% of his revenue from a procedure to the hospital to use the hospital space and servcies. Additionally, the Federal government should set up a public health lending facility where hospitals could go and borrow large sums of money at 0 to very little interest so that the hospital can continue to grow and upgrade its facilities. I would treat them as a new form of nonprofit, they can have a private board, sure, but they own the infrastructure where the medicine happens, they get paid as a portion of what surgeons get paid, and that money then can go to pay for overhead, maintenance, etc. For bigger issues, they can tap the federal lending facility to make that big upgrade they need for cardiac. I think it’s really important to keep private medical practices private and the insurance companies in place, I want government help, but the government has a bad history of doing poorly in micro-management. Allow the government to set standards, create the structure, issue 8k vouchers, approve recipients of voucher dollars, and let physicians do what they do best. So that’s how I would do it. There would be one large office that processes UBI and a medical department that facilities 8k payouts, maybe more I’m just starting there and handles lending duties to the hospital. We have so many programs now that5 don’t even coordinate well with each other. this is a much cleaner solution, and i think it could work. Also, it's not mentioned until the end because its controversial, but the reality is that by 2030-2035, the United States will have a CBDC. Once the CBDC is in place, all of this becomes much easier. Each Thursday, the government (it wouldn’t even have to be a huge agency) executes despoiling UBI into checking accounts, and within a few seconds, everyone has their income. Same with the health insurance component, on February 15th, you are issued CBDC units. However, they have a smart contract that can only be tendered at a health insurance company that meets the government’s coverage criteria. The last I will add to help further drive health costs down; for one thing, the government IN healthcare creates problems; I have many friends who are RNs, MDs, and others who have complained and complained about stuff the government gets all involved in that creates more problems than it fixes. id like to see less of that. the only other thing I have to add is the insurance companies. If money is coming from the federal government, and there is a federally approved list of insurers to work with, what’s the point of state lines? Just allow health insurance companies to compete for wholesale against each other nationally. It will create a deflationary battle between the carriers until 1 or 2 reach a point where others can’t compete, and we have successfully driven health insurance costs down as much as the market will allow. Anyways, that’s all a lot, just some thoughts from a friendly Republican,
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2023.03.30 14:09 sassHOLE666 CPS and guardianship

So I am not actively looking for advice. I just have to get this all out. I met with CPS, police, and my attorney yesterday. But gosh! I've never been through anything like this. I have had my nephew basically since my brother passed away in 2020. He has never spent much time with his mom, and hasn't seen him since Jan, for only 3 hours. No over nights since she was evicted in Oct (multiple runs by ems to the house, unsupervised children, one was unrepsonive twice, and terrible bed bug infestation). Her girlfriend has officially had her children removed from their new home. After learning about what happened with CPS, my mom, dad, and I decided that it was time to apply for guardianship, me being the one to really tackle it and hire attorney. This has been going on since Jan and we go to court in less than 2 weeks. The mom just was served and stopped receiving the child's social security check. When she found out I got the check instead she sent so many horrible texts to my mom and I, threatening for sure. She has since then been calling CPS and several police departments reporting both my mother and I for kidnapping and using drugs with the kids around. CPS cleared us yesterday and said he was safe here and they wouldn't remove him unless court told them to. A few hrs after we met with CPS, the mom contacted the next county over and told them I had JUST snatched her child from her. This officer was ready to arrest me! It was scary. I have other kids. Thankfully the first officer we were in contact with straightened it out. Her lies every time she calls keep getting more eccentric. They know what to say to get a response. There are a lot of drugs involved with the mother and her girlfriend, and now we have this huge pile of police reports, EPO, CPS, enrollment, social security, medicaid and WIC all what I have been trying to get straight since November of last year. I got him enrolled in an early education program and just have been so excited to finally be on track and have him on track with my boys. I am just at a loss. I am not trying to keep her child from her, we used to communicate well. Visits aren't off the table but with all this I just don't know how I feel going forward. This mom has never once provided for him, never a diaper, never a Dr appointment, he's never had a bed of his own with her. I was in the hospital giving birth with my youngest and she didn't even ever offer to come get her kid, ask how he was. Nothing. I feel like I am losing all the fight in me. I'm not responding to her what so ever, but just reading nasty texts and hearing what she is calling departments and saying about us has been the most draining thing in my life. I just had not 1 but 2 of my brothers die and she is telling us how much we deserved losing them, how they died to escape us. It will never not weigh on me, it's part of the grief I carry now.
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2023.03.30 14:06 MOTOMOMMA [MA] HR not hiring someone under 40

My HR director is doing the first round of interviews for a receptionist/ cashier (a person that I train and oversee as part of my department in the company, I am a business development manager). Typically, I am included on picking through resumes and sometimes doing first interviews with HR in the room but not this time (very odd). She has made statements saying things like finding people who shows 20+ years experience and wanting to hire someone who is a little older because “they’re less drama”. She did this with our last hire. I felt there were better candidates but she loved the fact that the person we ended up hiring was a little older and just wanted a easy job. I didn’t catch on until this most recent hiring ordeal. I feel she is purposely discarding resumes that show by job descriptions that they are in their 20’s. I don’t know if this is also why she’s not giving me full access to see resumes.
She also took her sweet time even posting an ad for the position even though we knew of a the cashiers departure date on February 1st (she is moving to a different state so she knew the exact date of her last day with the company 60 days in advance). We’re now 1 week away from our cashiers departure and since the ad was only posted a week ago (even though I requested it be put up for March 1st the latest) she has only had 1 interview and when I asked how it went, she said “ok but I don’t think she’s a good fit”.
I guess I’m not sure what I’m asking here; but I wish I could just say “what the f**k” to my HR director for dropping so many balls on this AND skipping over resumes to find candidates that are specifically older. How do I approach this without being accusatory?
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2023.03.30 13:59 zsreport City of SeaTac Police Department Ford PIU (Washington)

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2023.03.30 13:54 Emeryfox Never done anything like this before but here goes… Just curious.

I will try my best to keep this short but just curious on what others opinions are on this which is not usually me however every night at some point Ive been thinking about this to myself and curiosity hits.
My parents divorced when I was four years old. My mother turned to alcohol and I was left alone at home for the most of it. A bit forward I was S/A my whole childhood both physically and mentally. I was specifically told during these times to “smile and not cry” my mothers new partner was always horrible to me and it was always about him and his daughter and my mother. I was always put to my room and never aloud to be involved because I was the “bad” child. For example he would make breakfast and I would come in the kitchen to get mine and I was told to disappear basically and I wasn’t allowed. Maybe he hated me because I looked like my father I’m not sure. Maybe he was happy for my mother to accept his daughter but not the other way around. I never understood why exactly and as I’ve never reached for therapy or anything I’ve never been able to get an answer but I’m not bothered about that.
I struggled to stay out of trouble at school and was in a lot of physical altercations and doing illegal things in and out of school. I would never care about these things and every time authority, social work or anyone would try and tell me it was wrong or get me in trouble I would simply just be angry at the fact they were always trying to tell me something I truly didn’t care about. I was never interested in the consequences of my actions and still am not.
I’ve always been someone you either like or you don’t and the simply depended on how you met me.
I would play friendships and groups of people off against each other and like it for some reason. I always picked people up and then dropped them as soon as I was bored or they became annoying to me. More of a problem than what it was worth kinda thing.
I’m now 23 and I live alone after moving out at 17 once my court order was lifted as one of my conditions was not to “move out”( flight risk? along with other things after several incidents with the police before I was 16.
I lost a few people when I was young and it was obviously sad but I didn’t have the same strong reaction to it all in the way everyone else did. It’s just like nothing shocks me or makes me feel any extreme type of way. I can’t really explain it maybe just like I have a “flat personality” maybe not the best way of describing it.
I keep to myself and work from home I have no friends because I don’t find people any good for me and I have no contact with my family as they always tried to get involved and wanted me sectioned when i was around 14/15 years old. I have a cat which I really like I found him straying one night I was out walking. He’s pretty much my best friend.
I have found life easy to pass by without any care and despite everything I’ve done which I won’t get into detail about I don’t think about it or care about it. My issue is i have a chronic pain condition which is something I can’t control and it’s the first time in my life where I have not been able to either deal with the problem and move on or drop it because it’s a burden to me.
Life has got dull for me it use to be more exciting than this and doing bad things although they were bad they just got me in a good place. I see people going out partying and stuff at my age and I just don’t see that as fun. My fun isn’t typical fun and I recognise that.
My last relationship a few years ago did not go very well and the moment they tried to put a hand on me they realised it was a big mistake. I realised in that moment I have no limits. I would never intentionally go out my way to hurt anyone these days but if someone crossed my path with bad intentions against me…
I have some very unbelievable stories which I enjoyed being part of and although again these situations are bad I can justify them.
Well deserved.
I can’t really do these things anymore as my health is just getting at me.
I have wondered about just leaving and then that’s it. Problem solved. I’ve not got anything to loose really and for me it’s not about feeling sad or emotional about it it’s just a thought and a fact that it would solve my issue.
I would never seek help like therapy or counselling as I just don’t want to it’s just not something I’d to I’m not sure why exactly. I could perhaps and take this post with me however I don’t want to change my ways or have any official labels put on me. I also don’t want people knowing who I am and this attached to me. I’m just more curious so thought maybe this is better as I’ve never said anything to anyone before.
Don’t feel good about stuff as I’m never going to get the career I want due to my chronic pain and the surgeries etc I need and what my future looks like with it and that’s another issue I don’t tend to think about the future I’m more of a in the moment person but I am able to knowledge I’ll be like this for the rest of my life so.
Maybe it’s what I deserve for what I’ve done in the past but I have withdrawn a lot from society and don’t really bother anyone these days like I said unless they come at me.
Social work thought I maybe have autism due to my response to things I think (I may be wrong) I have also had bpd mentioned however I have done my own research and I know it’s different for everyone but I don’t think I have that. I am confident in myself and have no issues with my self image as it’s never stopped me getting what I want so I don’t see why it would ever be an issue if that makes sense? Like not insecure I don’t have people in my life because I don’t relate much and if I do being anyone in I will then drop them once I’ve got whatever I wanted or if they become more of a problem to me. It’s never about being left if that makes sense.
I don’t get super emotional about anything and don’t need or want anyone. I don’t have anxiety but I do think I have depression as I feel sad sometimes… more recently anyways.
I’ve looked into my ways and my feelings and I have mixed things coming up. I could just be a horrible person and that’s ok.
Anything welcome in the comments, I can take it. ( I was extremely tried when I wrote this last night so hopefully it makes sense.)
Don’t want to offended anyone I’ve tried to be careful what I say with guidelines etc.
Thanks for taken time to read. Appreciated .
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2023.03.30 13:48 Whiplash92123 FLYOVER TODAY between 1:45 and 2:00 for the Red Sox Home Opener

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2023.03.30 13:40 Old_Heart_7780 Peru man sentenced to 2190 days, of which 1 day is ordered executed and the balance is ordered suspended, to be served on Supervised Probation.

PERU - A Peru man was arrested on Saturday on two warrants related to allegedly having "hundreds, if not more, images of child pornography," according to Kokomo Police investigators. Zachary Vermillon, previously of Kokomo, was arrested by Howard County deputies on charges of child exploitation, a Level 4 felony, and possession of child pornography, a Level 5 felony.
The case began when the National Center for Exploited and Missing Children contacted the Kokomo police about a suspected collection of child pornography recovered by DropBox, a cloud-storage service. DropBox had flagged 25 files in an account connected to an email in Vermillon's name, according to the probable cause statement.
One file was uploaded on Feb. 14, 2017, while the others were uploaded on July 17, 2017. Officers requested a copy of the documents from DropBox, which provided 120 gigabytes of data. Officers eventually tagged 2,519 files - both photos and videos - as child pornography.
Officers executed a search warrant on the morning of May 9, when they found Vermillon in his home. They interviewed Vermillon, who told police he did view child pornography and shared it online, but did not have sex with underage people, according to police.
Officers seized two laptops, two desktops and three cellphones and performed an additional interview of Vermillon. He was released.They requested a warrant for his arrest on June 14.
The Judgement:
03/26/2019 Amended Judgment
Judicial Officer: Menges Jr., William C Reason: Court Ordered 01. CHILD EXPLOITATION- Same As 5393, But With An Aggravating Factor Found In 35-42-4-4(C)(1). • Finding of Guilty Lesser Included 02. POSSESSION OF CHILD PORNOGRAPHY- Same As 6944, But With An Aggravating Factor Found In 35-42-4-4(E) • Dismissed
The Sentence:
State of Indiana appears by Eric Grzegorski, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney. The Defendant, Zachary W Vermillon appears in person, and With counsel, Laura A. O'Donnell. The Defendant having previously entered a plea of guilty to Count 1, Child Exploitation, a Level 5 Felony, as a lesser included offense, and the Court having previously entered Judgment thereon, this cause now comes on for sentencing. I
The Court now sentences the Defendant to the Indiana Department of Correction for 2190 days, of which 1 day is ordered executed and the balance is ordered suspended, to be served on Supervised Probation.
As specific conditions of Probation, the Defendant ls ordered to follow any and all recommendations made by the Probation Department including, but not limited to, treatment and education. As a further specific condition of Probation, the Defendant ls ordered to attend and complete an approved adult sex offender treatment program register as a Sex Offender as required by Statute WITHIN 7 DAYS OF SENTENCING, and abide by the Indiana Recommended Special Probation Conditions for Adult Sexl Offenders as specified on the record.
The Defendant has jail time credit as 0f 03/25/2019 in the sum of 1 actual days or 1 credit days, served while awaiting disposition in this matter. The Defendant ls ordered to pay the Probation User? s Fees and the Probation Administrative Fee. The Defendant ls ordered t0 pay Court Costs. The Defendants bond, if any, is ordered released sfibject to fines, fees, and costs. In the event the bond is insufficient to pay all of the fines, fees and costs, the balance ls to be paid, in full, on _or- before the end of the Defendant s probationary period.
This guy got one day in jail and 2189 days suspended for CSAM found in his possession:
One file was uploaded on Feb. 14, 2017, while the others were uploaded on July 17, 2017. Officers requested a copy of the documents from DropBox, which provided 120 gigabytes of data. Officers eventually tagged 2,519 files - both photos and videos - as child pornography.
*Notice the date the one file was uploaded. This upload was done in the form of an email containing a DropBox, which provided 120 gigabytes of data.
It all sounds so familiar. A DropBox full of CSAM. A CSAM defendant from Peru, Indiana. He spent one day in jail. One day. There is a big difference tho— this man was not catfishing young teenage girls in the surrounding counties. Looks to me he made the mistake of downloading these images to his “two laptops, two desktops and three cellphones”.
Even with the fact that this man was not catfishing young girls— there is still a huge discrepancy in the amount of time served in jail. We know Junior has been sitting in the Miami County jail since August 19, 2020. That’s 953 days in jail. I did the math.
Two men young men from Peru, Indiana approximately the same age. They could have known each other. It’s not that big a town. One of them was rumored to have been at the Kelly Street Bridge escorted by two detectives. One of them is rumored to have told law enforcement where evidence from a double murder was thrown. One of them has a dad with a serious criminal record of sadistically abusing and harming small children. One them has a dad that was served a restraining order to stay away from an 11 year old little girl. The daughter of a former girlfriend. One of them has a dad that fits the profile of a man capable of committing a double murder of two teenage girls.
One of them has a dad that had access to a purple PT Cruiser. One of them has a dad that is an avid deer hunter and very likely hunted the property where two teenage girls were found murdered. One of them has a dad whose house has been searched twice by the FBI and the ISP, including his mothers property that was searched once. His mothers backyard burn pit where ISP investigators were seen sifting through years of ashes— and shortly afterwards the same ISP investigators were seen by a neighbor in the predawn hour using flashlights to sift through Richard Allen’s pile of ashes behind his backyard shed.
The tale of two men arrested for CSAM in their possession. One man sitting in jail 953 days— the other man just 1 day.
I think it speaks volumes where this is all going…
Justice for two young girls that were just out hiking, exploring and enjoying each others company one warm winter day..*
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2023.03.30 13:35 ghostmachine2 European Season update

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2023.03.30 13:23 madmanddls Anyone had this happen before? It came to atlanta where I live and is being delivered, but now is in Oklahoma.

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2023.03.30 13:21 FewUnderstanding2830 Detective Career.

Hi, my name is Kyle! I was wondering how to become an NYPD Detective within the NYPD Detective Bureau specifically the Gun Violence Suppression Division. I wanna become a detective mainly because I just love the passion for the job, and I love working undercover (Covert, Clandestine). I'd love to work Covert (plain Clothes) civilian jobs. And I'd love to drive the unmarked suburban chevy tahoe. I Was just wondering on how to get there I'm currently a sophomore in high school but I wanna go to NYU (New York Uni) and try to go there and interview many NYPD Officer's / Detectives. I was just wondering if you guys could lend me a hand! Thanks, all help is deeply appreciated! I was also wondering on how to make it into a plain clothed unit. I Was thinking about going to other police department's as well such as HCSO SWAT (Houston, TX) but Idk honestly. I guess I'll just try to make it up you know? NYPD Detective Bureau kind of just caught my eye out of all the police departments. I Feel like I have the passion to become a LEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sine PAri lads.
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2023.03.30 13:18 BigMonkeEnjoyer39942 MLB X Squid Game (Part 2): Red Light, Green Light

I suggest reading through part 1 here before going any further
Fade in, TV Station, Paris
Nadia: Don't be bemused its just the news, a total of 65 people in paris were reported missing just last night and 83 people in tokyo could this be a coincidence
A list shows up with all the people reported missing the scene then zooms out to Alya who is watching the broadcast on her phone while on the metro after seeing Marinette's name she is chocked
Alya: Marinette, but how
Nino: Alya what alright
Alya: No, I just saw a broadcaste claming Marinette reported missing alongside Chloe and Lila
VIP Lounge, Atlantic Island
Gabriel is pissed off at the Recruiter for failing to prevent Kagami and Adrien from joing in the games
Gabriel: I gave you one task and you messed up
Recruiter: Gabriel, Im sorry
Tomoe: Gabriel it's too late now to do anything if we set the two free they will be busted.
Gabriel: You got lucky this time but if you mess up again that will be the last time i ever see your face again
Recruiter: Don't worry Gabriel I got the costume you needed
Gabriel: Perfect
Gabriel and Tomoe wear special customes and proclaim them selves as the front man and front lady to the elites
Bunk Rooms
Everyone is waking up as the sleep effects begin wear off. Most people feel as if something is missing
Person 1: My necklace
Person 2: My watch
Marinette: My ear rings
Jewerley and other valuables were taken away from the partipants before the game started including the miraculous of the ladybug, black cat and peacock. Suddenly everyone's finger begins vibrating. On the special rings the front man has a message in it he talks in a deeper and more robotic tone in contrast to Gabriel
Front man: Welcome to the squid games where you will have the ability to win a grand prize of $100 billion euros if you lose however you will get nothing. Anyone who dares step out of line will be eliminated. The guards and security cameras will be monitoring every move you make so don't dare breaking the rules here. You have been assigned a uniform which you will change into afterwards you will be served breakfast
The guards come there are 50 of them all holding guns they begin to escort the players to the changing rooms.
Marinette: Don't you think this is weird
Adrien: I should've trusted my gut this is no game this is a prison we can probably talk about this when we head back here
Guards: You will be silent at once
Marinette and Adrien are forced to be silent. They decide to change into their uniform before heading back to the bunk room here they are served an orange and a bottle of water. Felix and Kagami are already here. Felix is scolding at her
Felix: I told you not to come
Kagami: I'm sorry but i had to
Felix: Well we still have one chance left
Marinette and Adrien walk towards felix and kagami
Marinette: Seriously an orange and water
Adrien: Tell me this is the worst combination ever
Kagami: Hey Adrien, hey Marinette
Felix: Listen we've got to stratergise if we want that $100bn euros we gotta work together to win
The three: I agree
Just as they are about to plan Nathalie also offers to join and the four agree and 5 begin planning. Chloe, Lila and Sabrina also try join
Lila: Can we join you too
Felix: We
Nathalie: don't
Adrien: trust
Marinette: You
Chloe: It doesnt matter those five are utterly riduclous and will certainly make us lose
Lila: You're absolutely right chloe
The ring vibrates again Gabriel is ready for the first game
Front man: The guards will now begin to escourt you to your first game you will be briefed on the rules as soon as you get there
Felix: Lets do this
The Guards escourt all 500 contestants a new area where they will play their first game
Valuable Rooms
Tikki wakes up she tried to escape this room she ended up in but the walls are kwami proof. Plagg also wakes up and also tries phasing through the walls.
Tikki: Plagg there is no use the walls are kwami proof
Plagg: Don't worry Ill just use my catacl-
Tikki: Remember the last time you did that it caused a massive explosions besides we should just wait for our holders to finish the game
Red Light Valley
Everyone ends up in a new place called red light valley covered with mountains on all sides and a sand patch. On the other end is a robot which will say red light and green light continously. The front lady then begins to play a message
Front Lady: Welcome to red light green light in a matter of 10 minutes you will have to cross the 500 metre strip if you fail to do so you will be eliminated. If you move during a red light you will be-
Chloe: We get it we play this utterly riduculous game and win
Front Lady: If you say so
Adrien: Chloe why did you say that
Front Lady: In 3,2,1 green light
The games start without Chloe letting Tomoe finish explaining the rules resutling in the time to begin ticking everybody begins to run
Front Lady: Red light
Everybody stops except for Chloe who walks with pride expecting to win
Chloe: What are they going to do shoot m-
Just as Chloe said they shoot her causing to drop dead the other panick resulting in them being shot to death just here 43 people already die.
Felix: Guys just stay calm we can do this
Front Lady: Green light
Nathalie: You guys will have to continue without me my robotic legs are failing to function
Adrien: We can't leave you behind, here grab my hand
As the game continues Adrien and Felix help Nathalie reach the end although they take longer to finish than Lila, Sabrina, Marinette and Kagami they still manage to just on time before everyone who didn't finish gets shot to death a total of 273 people died causing the count to go from 500 to 273.
Marinette: Well we won
Kagami: Barely, this is madness who ever is behind this I will make sure you pay
Adrien: Calm down Kagami atleast we survived
The guards take everyone back to the bunk rooms we then zoom out to see the dead bodies being cleaned up in a screen in the VIP lounge
Vip Lounge: Elite 1: 273 people are people that bad at this, more than half of them are already gone.
Elite 2: Bob this is awesome where did you get think of this
Bob Roth: I took some inspiration from a comic book
Elite 2: Classic Bob also Gabriel I decided to bet all my money into your son winning
Gabriel: Intresting I do hope that will pay off, however it appears he is too selfless to possibly win
Tomoe: Don't worry Gabriel our children appear to be expectional enough to win no one here is of such status
Gabriel: You are right
Police Department, Paris
The police had also been given reports about the missing people in Rome, London and New York Roger is at this scene hoping to solve the crime and meet his daughter again
Roger: Got any leads
Officer: No Chief just more missing reports upwards of 360 people in 5 cities all missing
Roger: I will do anything just to see my daughter again, I just hope she is alright
Bunk Room
Felix managed to help Nathalie fix her robotic legs even though he knows this will have a negative impact on his winning odds.
Felix: and there you are good to go
Nathalie: Thank you so much Felix
As evil as he is Gabriel wants to give everyone who survived a special gift by showing the full features of the ring
Front man: Well done to all 227 of you for surviving our first round we have decided to give you a special reward. Your ring will have access to wide variety of books and movies which you can watch between rounds.
Front Lady: Additionally we will open up a recreational room for all of you to hang out
Everyone is happy about the front man's decesion to provide more recreational amenities little did they know what was happening behind the scene
Person 1: OMG, for real
Person 2: This is amazing even if die i get to enjoy this
Person 3: This is the best day of my life
Felix: Do you really trust this
Adrien: Come on just give it once chance besides we might not even make it out alive
Marinette: Adrien's right can't we have a bit of fun while we can.
Control Room
Gabriel: How innocent, how naive it appears that the cards really are in my favour
Tomoe: Indeed Gabriel this is alot of fun and we will get away scott free if anyone dares to report us nobody will believe
Gabriel: We are unstoppable
-Cut to Black end of part 2-
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2023.03.30 13:13 xiaodaireddit Is burning your bridges in a small industry ever worth it?

Ok, so I work in a very specialised industry, transaction-level analysis of credit card data for mining customer insights.
The tools are very specialised; think mainframes (ok the cool kids are on Spark, but they are rapidly losing hair trying to debug java error logs that make 0 sense). And the number of people in it is maybe between 100-200 in Australia. So it's a very small field of high-paid jobs.
This junior person came into the team with 2-3 years of experience in "automation" in another field, but when you work with him, you know his technical skill sucked. So we spend time training him up, but he's still got a long way to go. But given how hard it is to find talent, we decided to keep him on even though he's just mediocre because even finding someone mediocre is HARD AF.
Lo and behold, one day during code review, a senior developer decided to give him some advice when he said, "I tried this way, but it didn't work so I went and did it the long way" The senior developer just said, "well the solution to that is to try harder" and on the spot wrote the code that would solve his problem with 10x less code and it looked cleaner!
Anyway, the guy felt indignant the rest of the day, and you can tell he was trying really hard to control himself and not throw a tantrum that day.
Three months later, he came in one day and said that he had gotten an offer elsewhere, and the managers scrambled to put together a deal to keep him. He stayed and got a decent pay rise. This is all happening when there's a company-wide hiring freeze, and all hires need to go to the CIO. So the managers pulled a lot of strings and spent heaps of social capital on keeping him.
Two months later, a head-of of another department just said, we offered a role to this guy, and he accepted.
All the managers were like, what?! After we had spent all the time in the world to try and keep you, and you just stabbed us in the back by joining another team? What makes it worse is that he was clearly being used as a pawn. The reason is that the head-of actually lost a team member to our team a few months back, so instead of hiring the best talent in the market, he decided to offer a role to this junior person to get back to us. He was gloating about it too.
To management in my team, that felt like a sick burn, especially the guy who offered him a job has a reputation of being a bad manager, and even with that, he decided to jump ship. I mean, he will not grow much given how bad the reputation of the other head-of is, but he won't listen and just coldly resigned from the team.
Bridges are burned. After the effort the manager had put in to retain him, he just walked away without a hint of regret, which looked very disrespectful. I doubt he will ever get another role in our team, and given how small the industry is, his reputation is basically ruined.
What do you think? Do you think it's ever worth burning your bridges like this?
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