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2023.03.30 19:48 Moonycakey I can’t get the starbuster core

I’ve been in a calamity play through and I’ve got to the point where I need the star buster core and the wiki said that I needed to intersect a unicorn with a stellar clux and I manage to trap them in a box, but nothing happened. What are am I doing wrong and is there any other way to get it?
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2023.03.30 18:26 GramGrendy PROFANED GUARDIANS ⭐ Calamity & Remnants ⭐ Terraria Master Revengeance M...

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2023.03.30 16:39 DaimondSlayer The meme that made me decide to make this sub.

The meme that made me decide to make this sub.
I am pretty surprised I made this. Both the meme and sub.
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2023.03.30 08:13 GoPro478 Where do I read the Calamity lore?

Reading from the wiki page on mobile is tough and it’s not in order. Does anyone have a full lore page/script that covers all of calamity? Tnx
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2023.03.30 04:44 Relevant_Ad_6690 my terraria calamity world is broken

so I'm playing a playthrough with my friend on calamity and other mods like boss checklist, recipe browser, unofficial calamity whips, calamity mod music, loot beams, magic storage, and alchemistNPC lite. so the glitch is whenever I host a multiplayer server its glitched where the time always starts at 12pm and it takes a while to change to when I last played the world and I'm sure you know of the cosmolight which that doesn't work to change the time either and I cant spawn any events just bosses and everything works perfectly fine on a single player world if anyone knows how to fix this problem please help me.
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2023.03.30 04:16 Longjumping-Mud9054 how do i edit a modded world without being in game

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2023.03.29 23:39 NamelessGamer_1 Why do I struggle so much with Expert Revengeance?

Now, i’ve got a few things to say
I started the playthrough on Master Death Mode, but after giving up on the Slime God fight, I used TEDIT to bring the world to Expert mode and disabled Death mode(and enabled Revengeance) but I still struggled. A lot.
Slime God on Expert Revengeance was painful. It’s probably been the hardest boss of the playthrough so far. Also, i’ve got to say that i’ve never really beaten Terraria aside from years ago in my old Xbox(Moon Lord wasn’t a thing in Xbox back then, so i’ve never fought it legit).
After struggling a lot to kill Slime God(using Molten Armor, Broken Biome Blade, etc) I finally killed it. After that, i went to Wall of Flesh just to find it was also insanely difficult even though i’m playing on Expert Revengeance.
Btw, by now I installed a mod called “Difficulty Changer” which adds a consumable to change your world between Master and Expert mode at any time. I’m currently doing the playthrough on Master Death but I turn on Expert Revengeance for bosses. The rest i do it in MM Death bc it isn’t that hard – aside from the ****ing Demons in Hell.
The demons (and voodoo demons) have these attack which i’ll call “Death Scythes” but basically they throw dark purple scythes that almost perfectly track my position and kill me in 2-3 hits. Same thing in Expert Revengeance. And, guess what, Wall of Flesh starts shooting those too when it gets low!
After acquiring Fractured Ark(I was using Gelitic Blade before, but it still took me like 5-8 attempts to beat it with Fractured Ark) and being extremely lucky on a Wall of Flesh run, i beat it.
But then, I progressed into Hardmode, got Palladium Armor and True Caustic Edge, and attempted fighting Queen Slime. Keep in mind i never fought that boss before ever.
My question here is, does Queen Slime enrage if outside The Hallow? Bc i spawned it in The Hallow, but since I was lazy to make a new arena, I just went to another one which is above my Crimson and Astral biome thing added by Calamity on Hardmode. Also, i’m using Fargo’s Best of Both Worlds mod, so I have both Corruption and Crimson in my world.
I struggled a lot on Queen Slime as well, even though playing on Expert Revengeance.
Can someone help me? I heard that while playing on said difficulty, none of the Bosses should take over 2-3 tries assuming correct gear and arena is being used. Is my world somehow glitched and it’s still taking the effects of Master Death mode? I lose the extra Accessory slot from Master Mode when I use the Expert Mode consumable, so i doubt it. I gain it back when i use the Master Mode consumable. Is it just a "skill issue"? Or is there something else i'm missing? Thanks in advance.
Also, completely unrelated but, while grinding for the Fairy Wings in The Hallow biome i somehow summoned Empress of Light once even though I never beat Plantera(wiki says you have to kill Plantera for the special critter to spawn)
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2023.03.29 21:01 iBazzl Adding mods to a terraria world

I am hosting a terraria world with a few mods e.g calamity, alchemistnpc, recipebrowser etc to my friends and am wondering if i am able to add any more mods to the world that wont affect the world generation e.g DPSExtreme. will i be able to do this without breaking the world?
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2023.03.29 21:00 Zucchini-Complex Calamity doesn't work anymore

So I've played calamity before right, and I think maybe it has to do with me being on revengeance mode because before I just played it regular mode and it worked fine, and I have a multiplayer world with my friend and it works fine. No clue. Since an update it hasn't been working. Anyways here's the log error.
System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. (Parameter 'Function called with a bad style argument') at Terraria.ObjectData.TileObjectData.GetTileData(Int32 type, Int32 style, Int32 alternate) in tModLoader\Terraria\ObjectData\TileObjectData.cs:line 4281 at Terraria.ModLoader.TileLoader.CheckModTile(Int32 i, Int32 j, Int32 type) in tModLoader\Terraria\ModLoader\TileLoader.cs:line 287 at Terraria.WorldGen.TileFrame(Int32 i, Int32 j, Boolean resetFrame, Boolean noBreak) in tModLoader\Terraria\WorldGen.cs:line 54161 at Terraria.WorldGen.SquareTileFrame(Int32 i, Int32 j, Boolean resetFrame) in tModLoader\Terraria\WorldGen.cs:line 52558 at CalamityMod.Tiles.Abyss.ViperVines.RandomUpdate(Int32 i, Int32 j) in CalamityMod\Tiles\Abyss\ViperVines.cs:line 97 at Terraria.ModLoader.TileLoader.RandomUpdate(Int32 i, Int32 j, Int32 type) in tModLoader\Terraria\ModLoader\TileLoader.cs:line 701 at Terraria.WorldGen.UpdateWorld_UndergroundTile(Int32 i, Int32 j, Boolean checkNPCSpawns, Int32 wallDist) in tModLoader\Terraria\WorldGen.cs:line 47737 at Terraria.WorldGen.UpdateWorld_Inner() in tModLoader\Terraria\WorldGen.cs:line 46961 at Terraria.WorldGen.UpdateWorld() in tModLoader\Terraria\WorldGen.cs:line 46889 at Terraria.Main.DoUpdateInWorld(Stopwatch sw) in tModLoader\Terraria\Main.cs:line 13765 at Terraria.Main.DoUpdate(GameTime& gameTime) in tModLoader\Terraria\Main.cs:line 13222 at DMD(Main this, GameTime gameTime) at OreExcavator.OreExcavator.Detour_Update(orig_Update orig, Main self, GameTime gameTime) in OreExcavator.cs:line 142 at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.Tick() in D:\a\tModLoader\tModLoader\FNA\src\Game.cs:line 546 at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.RunLoop() in D:\a\tModLoader\tModLoader\FNA\src\Game.cs:line 878 at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.Run() in D:\a\tModLoader\tModLoader\FNA\src\Game.cs:line 419 at Terraria.Program.LaunchGame_(Boolean isServer) in tModLoader\Terraria\Program.cs:line 231 at Terraria.Program.LaunchGame(String[] args, Boolean monoArgs) in tModLoader\Terraria\Program.cs:line 192 at MonoLaunch.<>c__DisplayClass1_0.
b__0() in tModLoader\Terraria\MonoLaunch.cs:line 56 at System.Threading.Thread.StartCallback()

List of mods I have installed:
magic storage Recipe browser Magic storage && recipe browser Wing slot extra Ore excavator Plentiful ores Friendly npcs don't die Census Calamity (obv) Boss checklist Instant respawn Alex's timeskip Fargo's mutants Fargo's loot bonus LuiAFK reborn Global autoswing
The crashes happen randomly, as in there's nothing specific that will trigger it. There's occasional hiccups where the game locks up for about a quarter of a second. It never happened before, and it only happens on calamity revengeance.

Help much needed and appreciated!
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2023.03.29 18:20 GramGrendy ASTRUM DEUS (WEIRDNESS) ⭐ Calamity & Remnants ⭐ Terraria Master Revengea...

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2023.03.29 13:11 Gamecollector14 bat-bogey guide

bat-bogey guide
The Bat-bogey hex (incantation unknown) was a hex that transformed the target's bogeys into large bats that flew out of the victim's nose.The spell was invented by Miranda Goshawk.
The use of the Bat-Bogey Hex on a non-human target (such as a chicken) could be fatal, and may have resulted in punishment by the Wizengamot. It was also Ginny Weasley's signature spell.
This hex was invented by Miranda Goshawk in the mid-20th century when she was young. Growing up as the youngest of nine sisters, she often found it difficult to get her older sisters to listen to her, and sometimes relied on this spell to silence them long enough to allow her to speak.
For example, Mirands cast it on her sister Diadema to get her to return clothing she borrowed without permission; on her sister Romilda to get her to keep out of her room when she did not want to be disturbed; and on her sister Tangwystl when she wanted to keep her quiet so that she could do her homework.
Sometime between its invention and the late 1990s, the Bat-Bogey Hex had been involved in several notable incidents throughout wizarding history. One notable incident may have included the bat-bogey hex of 1972 when an entire class of Hogwarts was affected by the spell.
Ginny Weasley was a noted practitioner of the hex, and used it to good effect on at least two occasions. The first use was to overpower Draco Malfoy in Dolores Umbridge's office during her tyrannical tenure as Headmistress of hogwarts, allowing herself, her brother Ron, and their companions, Neville Longbottom, and Luna Lovegood, to escape from her office after they were held there by members of Umbridge's Inquisitorial Squad.
The second occasion Ginny used this hex was on Zacharias Smith. Smith annoyed Ginny on the Hogwarts Express by repeatedly asking her exactly what occurred at the Battle of the Department of Mysteries. Her use of the hex garnered the attention of Horace Slughorn, who invited Ginny to take lunch with him as part of his Slug Club. Ginny may have also used this spell on her brother George, as he once mentioned her skill to her future husband Harry Potter.
The Bat-Bogey Hex was the subject of a question on the 1996 Theory of Charms O.W.L..
In the 21st century, Ginny Weasley taught the Bat-Bogey Hex to members of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force who pursued an Auror profession, in order to help address the results of the Calamity. Magizoologist and bat-expert, Mathilda Grimblehawk also helped improve members' insight into this spell.
Transforms target's bogeys into bats that fly out of the victim's nose


Miranda Goshawk (mid-20th century)

Wand movment
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2023.03.29 03:26 Vegetable_Ad_9032 Anyone know any good texture pack for terraria? I’m currently using the calamity texture pack

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2023.03.28 19:41 markasabrt Way too much hp in revengeance mode

Way too much hp in revengeance mode
Duke fishron according to the official calamity mod wiki should have: 117 000 hp in reveangence mode. Duke fishron in my world has 168 000 hp. I have not changed the hp multiplier in the editor, and the game mode is set to revengeance. I have no idea how to fix this, can anyone help?

Update: I swear i checked before and it said 117 000 hp on the one. Thanks for the help and it looks like i was wrong (still way too much hp bruh)
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2023.03.28 18:20 GramGrendy IT ENDS HERE! ⭐ Calamity & Remnants ⭐ Terraria Master Revengeance Mode ⭐...

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2023.03.28 09:44 SeaAimBoo What do you think is the "flagship mod" or "mod of mods" of Starsector?

In some games, there exists at least one mod that is so popular and so extensively creative, fun, and immersive, that they become something like the front page of the game's modding community.
For examples:
In Terraria, the Calamity mod quite literally has its own dedicated full set of well-made soundtracks in addition to its numerous new bosses and biomes plus its own lore to go with it. There are even cases where communities from other games were inspired to showcase bits of Calamity in their works.
In Hearts of Iron 4, Kaiserreich is sometimes referred to as the best mod simply because of how much it improves on the game's base mechanics and contains a wikipedia article's worth of lore dump on pretty much every country, character, and event included in the mod.
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2023.03.28 04:26 First_Fractal Project monitor video is different than the rendered video.

Project monitor video is different than the rendered video.
Hey, I'm new with Kdenlive and video editing as a whole. I'm trying to create a clip to use for my videos. When viewing the clip on the project monitor, everything looks fine. However, when I render the clip, the character looks horrible. Any ideas on how to fix it?
Kdenlive version: 22.12.3
Platform: Windows 10
Install Method: Official installer

Edit: I should explain the problem in more detail. The problem is that the characters render at a lower resolution then the sword, and the rendered version has all of the blocky artifacts at the edge of the character. For reference, this is how the character is supposed to look like.
Edit 2: I realize that the solution is to resize the gif somewhere else, ( I used this site with the Gifscale method) and import it into kdenlive.

Clip in the project monitor:
Clip in the project monitor
Rendered Video:
Rendered Video

Rendering settings:
Rendering settings
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2023.03.28 01:52 Lucatmeow How did You find out about Homestuck?

So, I want everyone here to post in the comments how they became a fan of this stupid webcomic. I, for one, found out about it through the Terraria Calamity Mod Wiki.
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2023.03.27 23:59 pwrwq Terraria Trivia! What non-vanity accessory or vanity shirt item(s) have a "cape" to them? (somewhat easy trivia, does not show on the wiki)

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2023.03.27 23:06 WeekendBard New to this game, anything I should now?

I'm about 2 hours into the game, just got to some autopsy after activating a portal in the first planet I got to.
Pretty cool game so far, it's cute, and it gives me a comfy feeling, similar to when I first played other games, like Spore, Terraria and Minecraft.
By now I've only looked up on the internet if dropped items despawn on death, and if food rots, is this a game where you end up consulting the wiki very often, like Terraria?
Now repeating the title, is there anything I must know before going further, to avoid having a bad time?
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2023.03.27 19:42 throw-away451 First time going into hard mode, how should I approach this?

I’ve started Terraria a few times over the years but always ended up not continuing because I’ve had other things come up in my life. The last time I played was about 8 or 9 months ago when I continued from an older world I’d generated. I did quite a few things and made it to the point where I was ready to fight the Wall of Flesh and enter hard mode:
I have to admit that since I felt overwhelmed and wanted to get a good grasp of the game without needless hours of trial and error, I looked at the wiki to see what sorts of things were possible and I looked at my world’s layout by viewing a seed analyzer tool. But now I have a pretty good grasp of how the game works, at least pre-hard mode.
In the process, I learned that I’m missing out on an entire new biome (shimmer) because my world was generated years ago. I am not sure how I want to handle this. I think it might be a good idea to generate a new world that incorporates all the updates I’ve missed out on, but what approach should I take?
  1. Just go in with my existing character and bring a bunch of items with me, blasting through the terrain (literally, now that I have read how useful bombs are) to optimize travel and set up the world efficiently with the knowledge I’ve gained
  2. Bring in a few useful/rare items, but start a new character and don’t use any of it until I’ve gotten far enough to “deserve” it (e.g., bring the meteor zapper gun over, but don’t equip it until a meteor actually appears)
  3. Start a new character from scratch
  4. Force myself to continue in my existing world (I don’t see how this is ideal though)
Please let me know what you think would be best given my current situation.
Also, on the subject of hard mode, a few questions:
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2023.03.27 18:45 GramGrendy RAVAGER ⭐ Calamity & Remnants ⭐ Terraria Master Revengeance Mode ⭐ EP.33

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2023.03.27 16:13 Ali38Krc How can I get Essence Of Babil in Calamity. When I looked through the wiki, I could not find any explanatory information. (I tried the ones written in the wiki and failed)

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