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I was almost over it then had the worst flight experience (possible trigger)

2023.06.09 08:55 hairball201 I was almost over it then had the worst flight experience (possible trigger)

Hello! I developed aviophobia around 1o years ago rather spontaneously. I have ADHD and ASD so it's hard for me to not get overstimulated on flights which contributes to my overall anxiety. Recently I took a flight involving 3 connections and 19h overall time from UK to Thailand. It was a big deal for me because I do get quite anxious about flying.
The outbound trip went fairly well although I was still anxious for the inbound trip. I tried a lot of different methods to control the anxiety - the 5,4,3,2,1 method, breathing exercises, distractions and educating myself.
The first flight of the return trip (Koh Samui to Bangkok) was beautiful! I was almost completely relaxed most of the way after we reached cruising altitude and I didn't even notice that we had landed it was that smooth! I was thinking to myself, wow, maybe we've cracked it - if the rest are like this I'll be fine.
Flight 2 was from Bangkok to Dubai. While we were taxiing, it started raining very heavily and there were a lot of lightning flashes outside. We were delayed by about 30 minutes, which I assumed was as the pane was waiting for the storm to pass. There was a break in the rain and we took off. As we got to about 2000ft we entered the clouds and all you could see outside was near constant strobe lightning flashes. The cabin was shaking horrendously so I put a blanket over my head so I couldn't see the lightning. The plane suddenly dropped really aggressively, it felt like going over a big drop on a roller coaster, and a lot of the passengers screamed. I didn't scream but I was literally trembling uncontrollably which I have never felt before. I stuck the blanket in my mouth so I didn't scream. A minute or so later and we cleared the storm cloud, the turbulence eased off. I think it might have been a microburst that caused the sudden drop feeling?
The rest of the flight was OK, there was one more episode of turbulence which was bad enough for the pilot to instruct the cabin crew to take their seats - thankfully they sat in the row in front of me as that was closest to them, and started sharing stories about when they've had severe turbulence in the past.
The older man next to me was a very frequent flyer and said he has only ever had two bad fligtt experiences, once many years ago which was worse, and then this take off. He said its unlikely I'll have something bad like that again.
Funnily enough having that experience sort of empowered me for the next flight. I realised if that is what bad means, then that's the point I should start worrying at. I coped through the final flight with a combination of catching my anxious thoughts and telling myself to only worry when something actually happens, and also role playing as a pilot in my head ("We are altering our course a few degrees east, we are changing altitude to 38000ft etc").
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2023.06.09 08:52 diazen Separation when you can’t afford to move out

My husband and I are swiftly heading towards separation, if not divorce. We have two children (18 mo and 7 yo). I’m a SAHM, he works full time.
I strongly believe at this point that the best thing we can do is separate. At a minimum it would give (hopefully) some kind of cessation of hostilities long enough to have an amicable divorce. Plus, I need this for my own well-being. He is immensely codependent and I feel incredibly smothered. I desperately need some breathing room.
Now here’s the rub- we do not have the money for two residences. I do not have a career I can return to, so my financial options are pretty minimal at this time. While I’m working to remedy that, it’s going to take time with how high the cost of living is where we live. We also unfortunately do not live near family or friends one of us could stay with.
We already have separate bedrooms. I did a little googling on the topic and some suggestions were creating a roommate-esque chore chart, divvying up childcare time, etc. I think that could be helpful, as we would have essentially a standard operating procedure and a clear delineation on responsibilities/free time.
Has anyone here separated whilst living together? How did you navigate that? What boundaries did you set in place? Was there anything you implemented to help facilitate as much of a separation as possible under the circumstances? My state has no requirements on legal separation or wait periods with divorce, so this is more in preparation for a likely divorce and to end the drain that is the constant push to try to make the relationship work.
Nothing legal has been filed yet, and while I can’t speak for him, I don’t plan to take any action there until the smoke has cleared enough for me to go into that process from a more grounded place.
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2023.06.09 08:51 alex-e-martin Moving to Spain as an "early, temporary, retiree"

Hello everybody, due to my work conditions and stress at my current 20y job I've developped some health issues which will force me to take a few years off with a very strict regimen. Fortunatelly as a group we have been able to get some compensation in stock and cash which would allow my familly to live, albeit frugally, for these years. Unfortunatelly I do not qualify for disability pension with my illness. We were thinking to relocate to Spain, near family, for additional support with our child and for lower cost of living. We are EU nationals but I am unable to find any references for how this case is handled in Spain. It seems similar to a FIRE situation so this is the reason for posting here. Can we register for residency, pay for health insurance, send our kid to school without active income in Spain? Any feedback appreciated.
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2023.06.09 08:50 TheMarionberry Help me land a job!

Hello girlies and ladies,
I recently found an amazing opportunity that ticks ALL the boxes for me, but I'm stuck in a loop of perfectionism and can't seem to complete my application.
While the deadline is near the end of this month, I would really like to finish my submission asap. I've already been sitting on it and spooling out words non-stop for the past week and a half.
I'm having difficulty with
- making my letter of motivation personable and professional within the character limit (I keep on coming up with anecdotes I want to squeeze in)
- ensuring that I apply like a man (aka not undersell myself) but also not come across too strong
- making sure I list off all my qualifications and experiences in line with the requirements

Any words of motivation or wisdom are immensely appreciated.
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2023.06.09 08:49 sworks33 Seeking Advice: Mother's Inheritance Case - Need Help to Stop the Scam

Hey, Reddit! I could really use your help. My mother, who is 75 years old, has been entangled in a complicated inheritance case in Mexico for almost 15 years. The story is quite convoluted, but to summarize, a part of our family wrongfully claimed ownership of a property that rightfully belonged to my mother's father. Now, she is fighting to obtain her rightful share of the property.
Unfortunately, her experiences with legal representation have been disheartening. The first lawyer she hired seemed unproductive, and after spending a substantial amount of money, she had to dismiss them. Next, she approached a prominent law firm in Mexico, but they rejected her case outright, stating she had no legal standing. Eventually, she resorted to a small-time lawyer who operates out of his home, and he took on her "case." Personally, I'm skeptical about the legitimacy of this case.
Over the past 10+ years, this lawyer has been taking advantage of her. He has filled her head with false promises, and my immediate family has been led to believe that we are on the verge of a substantial financial gain. They say things like, "We are almost there" or "You won in the supreme court; now just one more step." One particularly absurd claim is that my mother supposedly owns a single-family home in Mexico, but she has been advised not to take possession until all the "land" is consolidated. Another five years have passed, and nothing has materialized.
I firmly believe that this is a scam. There is not a single piece of documentation to support their claims, no deeds, nothing. What's worse is that my mother refuses to let me communicate with her lawyer, as he threatened to drop the case if I got involved, deeming me an "asshole." I have attempted to persuade my mother that she is being defrauded, even suggesting that she hire another law firm to investigate and verify progress. However, she adamantly refuses and continues to pour money into this "lawyer's" pockets, while assuring our family that we will soon become millionaires.
This situation is incredibly disheartening, and I feel utterly disappointed. I know it's nearly impossible to convince my mother that she is being scammed because she is emotionally invested and refuses to let go. Nevertheless, I am determined to put an end to this. I've tried searching for a compliance bureau or regulatory body for lawyers in Mexico, but I have had no luck so far. I desperately need another perspective—a fresh set of eyes that can force a meeting or thoroughly investigate this matter with comprehensible expertise.
I don't speak Spanish, and the only documents I've been given are generic legal forms with watermarks that my mom expects me to decipher. Clearly, that's not possible. I'm at a loss for what to do next.
TL;DR: My mother is being scammed by a "lawyer" in Mexico regarding an inheritance case, and I urgently need advice and suggestions on how to stop this fraudulent situation.
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2023.06.09 08:48 strayoung not sure whats wrong with my cat

so my cat suddenly started to bob his head and he keeps one of his eyes open while the other one stays closed i tried to see what was wrong with his eye but theres nothing in it and i tried to feel near his eye and thats when i noticed he didnt like me touching around his eye it made him uncomfortable this behavior is new to me and ive never seen him act this way, if anyone has any advice or can help me id very much appreciate it, id take him to the vet if this continues but the vets super pricey here and the cheapest one around me theyre no help and just want my money. i attached some videos it may look like hes asleep but he isnt he just seems tired of continuously having his head move i called him and gave him some treats to make sure he can hear and respond to me and when i went to give him a treat he got scared and meowed loudly almost as if he didn’t really see me going to give him the treat, again very strange behavior never seen him act like this and im pretty concerned for him
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2023.06.09 08:48 ffredrikk [EU-SE] [H] Paypal, Swish [W] Corne low profile (prebuilt)

I'm looking to get my first split keyboard (coming from the HHKB) to go with my vscode → neovim transitioning, and I'd like to try out the corne layout as I find the layering and thumb cluster appealing.
Since I likely will have to focus on just hitting the right keys 😅 I don't need the absolutely latest model or anything. Doesn't have to be wireless. I just want to get my hands on the layout/layering/thumb cluster and see if I can make it work - or if this layout isn't for me.
So if you live in/near Europe/Sweden, have an old/previous corne LP, maybe you're willing to let go of it for a reasonable price?
Either way, let me know if you have something you think can suit my desires! 😊
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2023.06.09 08:47 misomai I can’t escape the anxiety of my imposter syndrome and I’m having a hard time keeping my head above water lately.

Fuck. I’m not some hot shot software developer.
I graduated high school with C’s. Graduated college with a degree in computer science with a 2.3 GPA. Fuck I even was in all the “extra” help classes all through elementary school. I never even scored anything above “below average” on any of my standardized tests in k-12.
Society has been telling me I’m a moron for my entire life.
I don’t know how the fuck I landed my job, surrounded by colleagues who have never failed at anything and the interns are 4.0 students from MIT and other Ivy League colleges that have 6 figure side projects.
Every time I start a new project, I’m paralyzed by anxiety forever and can’t seem to start the thing because I’m afraid I’m going to fuck it up.
Then I fuck it up because I procrastinated on it for so long because I was scared of fucking it up.
So here I am. Taking a break from being awake for nearing 48 hours with minimal sleep because I need to catch up on a project I’ve procrastinated on.
To put the cherry on top of the situation, rather than telling my boss “oh, I’m having some troubles getting started” on this project, when I was asked for status, I said “yep no problem, should have it by the end of the week”. because I didn’t want to look like an moron for not starting my work for the last week.
I’m so tired of having my life ruled by my anxiety that I’m not good enough for my job.
I’m so tired of feeling like I need everything explained to me like I’m 5 for me to understand it.
I’m so tired of my bosses looking for “bigger” projects for me to “own” so can I “get my name out there”
I’m so tired of having to pop adderall everyday just to do my job.
I’m just so tired.
But fuck that, back to work.
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2023.06.09 08:47 Pristine-Lab3997 Maths (OL)

Message to everyone doing maths in OL because I’ve seen so many people worried they’re gonna fail. My grinds teacher told me that only 1% of people fail so it’s near impossible. Those are the people that do not attempt the questions. Even if you’re unsure of an answer, try write down the steps or for example or the formula from the log tables. The examiners are rooting for you and they find every single possible way to give you marks, so give everything your best shot. Please don’t worry about failing the exam it is totally unnecessary as it will not happen you’ll all do well :)
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2023.06.09 08:47 majorfreakingcupcake Dealing with an emotionally clingy RPer doesn't know how to respect boundaries

I'm in a Discord RP server with a small group of active individuals, but for all intents and purposes it's me, and three other people: Dragon (ownemod), Priest (Mod), and Koi (the problem rper).
This server is, honestly, filled with some of the most creative and passionate character makers I've ever seen. Dragon and Priest got together with another friend of theirs in the community to make this server. I joined first, and Koi joined not long after. Koi and I joined for very similar reasons as Dragon is somewhat famous in the fandom the server is for- but never mind that.
We all join and for a while things are pretty sweet, but it's apparent Koi is not very familiar with text-based RP. That's all fine- we all start somewhere- but the problem is that they regularly cross lines and boundaries that everyone thinks should be pretty much common sense.
Koi's characters will walk into the middle of a closed interaction without permission, or have their characters listen in outside so they aren't interrupting but STILL meta-gaming. Koi is in the vent chat nearly every day complaining about not getting a lot or enough RPs, and ignoring half of the advice or encouragement we give...
To make matter's worse; they're the kind of person who will freak out if you DO have a thread and you haven't replied in a day or so, regardless if you've had time to rp or not. We've all had to explain to Koi at one point or another that we don't dislike them- we just have lives outside of work. In fact, I've just recently had to take a weekend away from discord due to going out of town. I let everyone know I wouldn't be available but Koi still proceeded to spam-message me at a wedding when they were informed I wouldn't be available.
See, though, I find it ANNOYING, but no big deal. I just don't respond. If they don't give my privacy the light of day- then that's they're problem. I can get back to them when I'm done. The problem is that Dragon can't ignore this since they're a mod. They're also VERY clearly, an inspiration for Koi, and this is where the situation goes south.
Koi will frequently try to cajole people into rp, and throw head canons out for other characters. Not in a questioning sort of way, but in like a "Statement of fact" sort of way. We've repeatedly asked them not to do this- but they do so anyway. I guess, that's they're indirect way of trying to lure people into RP? I don't know.
Anyway, on this particular weekend I was gone, something like this went down between Dragon and Koi. Apparently, Koi said some rather uncomfortable stuff about one of Dragons characters and Dragon sort of snapped at them, leaving Priest to see the situation a few hours later. A lot of messages were deleted, and Koi back-pedaled hard- but Dragon had to take a few days away from the server to calm down. In that time, Dragon tells Koi not to contact them, and to just give them space.
After I returned, Koi vents in the vent chat about how they feel bad for making people so uncomfortable, and how they're not really mentally well, and that they're sorry... And I respond, with Priest's okay, in the nicest way I can- that it doesn't seem like they're trying to change. Dragon and Priest both approve of my message in DMs, and Koi seems to be receptive.
Koi tries to apologize again, and we move the discussion to DMs, instead of clogging the vent chat. I try to suggest that Koi steps away from the server for a few days, take care of themself, et cetera... And they mention how they want to mend their relationship with Dragon specifically.
I EXPLICITLY TELL THEM TO GIVE DRAGON SOME TIME. Whatever they did- Dragon doesn't want to interact with them. They've crossed several boundaries a few times, and it's not going to take a simple "I'm sorry" for Dragon to forgive them. Koi needs to change and follow their request: give them space.
I don't know which version of the story is worse. Either Koi decided a few days was PLENTY of time for Dragon to get over it, or decided my advice wasn't worth heeding... Anyway, Koi tried to DM Dragon, and now is blocked.
I don't even know IF KOI knows yet. I assume not- I haven't been told that they were aware. Either way- I can read the writing on the wall. A maelstrom of victimized drama is heading towards the server and I think Dragon and Priest might be jumping ship to a new, very similar server of theirs...
But I'm going to suggest we ban Koi instead.
I don't dislike Koi. I know what it's like to lose your cool in front of an idol and act stupid. I know what it's like being a fledgling rper. I don't even feel like this is being done maliciously, but it is being done out of a lack of emotional intelligence- and it's hurting people.
If we just up servers- there's always a chance Koi could find that server- and even worse: they may not learn from their mistake going forward... Heck, even if we DO ban them, they may not, but I think putting out explicitly is probably the nicest thing we can do...
I don't know. If anyone has a better idea on how to solve this problem: please let me know. Thanks for the read.
TLDR; Emotionally clingy rper who constantly breaks RP etiquette and personal boundaries got blocked by a mod, and I'm going to suggest they just ban this person instead of jumping ship to a copy server.
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2023.06.09 08:46 Random_earthling248 Theory about the bite of 87

People think the Toy Chica caysed the bite of '87, due to the line "Where's my beak? Lodged in your forehead of course." However, the game Toy Chica says this in is UCN, not FNaF 2. In UCN, you play as William Afton, not Jeremy Fitzgerald. Toy Chica can't have caused the bite of '87. People also think Toy Bonnie caused it, and I'm really not sure why. However, it must be mangle. When mangle jumpscares you in FNaF 2, she bites near the top of the screen, (Jeremy's head) and he died due to a frontal lobe injury. Mangle bit the top of his head, it all makes sense. (Also can anyone tell me why people think it was Toy Bonnie?)
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2023.06.09 08:45 DeathIsEternalBliss My dogs go crazy?

So does anyone’s dogs go ballistic after smoking dmt, I literally was no where near them I finished my cooked trip which I couldn’t accept as it was too much so until another time. Anyways I go out of my room to my dogs weirdly licking the ground to the sound in my ear like it was synchronised, then they kept being bizarre doing weird things like rubbing their bodies on their bed which they usually do after a bath, then they broke their bowl. For some reason I feel as though I don’t go anywhere but entities come to me studying my brain or doing something weird to it I know it’s just a drug but like what the fuck was that I got this weird realisation I shouldn’t do dmt because it harms my animals. Sorry for the crazy rant I just need some form of answers.
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2023.06.09 08:45 now_you_own_me I'm finally beginning to realize I'm not actually extremely stupid

I was raised to think that I'm stupid. I was constantly made fun of and degraded at home for being really really dumb. I didn't even apply to college after high school because I genuinely believed I was too stupid so there was no point in trying. I ended up being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and ptsd due to physical abuse and assault much later on after trying and failing at everything I did.
a few years ago I got into a pretty good conceptual art school, and even got a scholarship, which i believed was a freak accident and I only got in because my friends helped me edit my application. I still believed I was just dumb as a brick and felt so insecure all the time. I was afraid of speaking in class, and I was genuinely shocked at every good grade I got even if i put in a lot of effort. It just felt like nothing i did was ever going to be enough and if i got good grades i convinced myself it's because the professor felt bad for me.
Now I have a BFA, and I'm taking psych classes and my memory is so damn crispy. I work all day and memorize a whole chapter every single night and get nearly perfect grades. I literally shock myself after every test that I expect to fail.
It's blowing my mind right now that I probably could have done everything they convinced me I couldn't. It's so messed up. It makes me wonder if I'm actually broken fucked up and unlovable, or is that something I was just told and can prove to myself otherwise. I'm not even sure. But it's nice to feel confident and trust my brain again.
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2023.06.09 08:45 smcgr Getting my Beagles ready for my baby arriving

I have two 5 year old male Beagles. We got one as a puppy, and one when he was 9 months old from a family they didn’t have time for a hyperactive Beagle puppy.
We moved them from England to Australia with us at the beginning of the year and they managed the move really well.
They have had a very stable life and aside from the emigration move, had never moved house, always stayed with the same person when we went on holiday etc.
We (me especially) did baby them and spoil them, especially as puppies and at one point did have to get a dog trainer just to teach them some general obedience when they were about a year and a half. We went through infertility so they have had probably a ridiculous amount of attention during this time as they have always been our world, even more so due to what we were going through.
We are having a baby in 3 months time and I didn’t realise how traumatised I was by my childhood regarding animals, until this has got closer and become more real.
For context, I was mauled by a family dog that was not well looked after when I was a toddler leaving me with scars on my face and in my mouth, and my eye was missed by a very small distance. My mother was very neglectful of everything and was constantly getting pets and neglecting them then rehoming them or getting them put down months or a year later. I’ve become absolutely terrified of one of my dogs hurting the baby or ending up hating them when baby is here.
I will never ever leave the dogs alone in the same room as the baby but I’ve got to the point where I’m wondering how I will cope them going near the baby at all. It’s not just if they hurt the baby, it’s the thought of having to make a decision about them when I love them so so much.
I want to get a dog trainer just to smooth some things out and help my anxiety a bit but my husband doesn’t see where I am coming from (because he had a perfectly normal childhood with a childhood dog that died of old age) and we can’t really afford it either.
Neither have ever shown any aggression towards humans - one has become reactive towards larger dogs which I think has been fed off my anxiety towards them and he used to be fine with a dog walker that took them out with other dogs, just not us like he is trying to protect us.
The things I have an issue with that I would like a trainer for if you know of any good videos I could watch and teach them myself are;
Going absolutely WILD when we come home or somebody is at the door. I’m talking unbearably crazy. We have started ignoring them completely for the first 10 minutes we come home to try and settle this down.
One of them stares and whines when we wants something, or when he just wants attention. Like I said we have spoilt them and always had endless attention time for them before. Have started redirecting to their bed when this starts but this can be so frustrating, especially as I’m getting bigger and more exhausted, and having to get off the couch constantly to do it.
Loose lead walking - my husband can just take them out if I can’t crack this but I’d like to be able to take them out with baby as I will be at home.
Unbearable staring and whining, howling with excitement whenever we move if it’s time for their walk or something, I know this is their routine but sometimes it feels like we are being ruled by them and have to put it before everything when I feel like we should be able to put it off by an hour if other things are more urgent there and then.
And how do I introduce them to the baby, I see so much conflicting advice. Beagles are meant to be very good family dogs I’m just so worried about something going wrong - much more than I thought I would be.
I have a Moses basket specially for the living room just to make sure that I have somewhere safe to put him, and am getting a playpen for when he grows out of the Moses basket so they can always be separate if I cannot be fully present.
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2023.06.09 08:44 MelaniesJournal My fiancé 29M wants a break 2 months before our wedding - would should I 28F do?

I can’t believe I’ve come here, but after a shocking night, I need some advice. For context my fiancé 29M and I 28F have been together for nearly 8 years. We have planned our wedding on our 8 year anniversary in August. We’ve bought a house together 3 years ago and have been making future plans, such as our goals in life, children etc.
Our relationship thus far has been very stable. We are not the same person but support each other unconditionally. He always says how much he loves me for how well we are as partners.
But now, suddenly he tells me he’s not feeling well, especially about us. He says he loves me and is very comfortable and happy in our relationship but also bored and feels like he’s missing something. But when I press him he doesn’t know what he is missing. And so he wants a break to figure this out for himself.
I am freaking out… and honestly don’t know how to feel. I don’t mind giving him some space but I also don’t want to loose him.
He has suffered from despression from time to time which he is working on with a therapist, and I think that has something to do with it.
Reddit please help.
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2023.06.09 08:44 globaltech07 Global Tech Solution

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2023.06.09 08:43 ecarolinaweightloss Best Weight Loss Treatment Weight Loss Specialists Near Me Weight Loss Clinic Near Me

If you want Weight Loss Specialists Near Me, contact the Weight Loss Specialists NC from East Carolina Weight Loss for better results.
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2023.06.09 08:43 liminalspayces I wish I could predict the future

The first truly serious relationship I've been in ended at the very end of April. We were going to move back to my hometown together because the city we were living in when we met was too horrible for me. Everything was so tender and compassionate. We were living together in that city, and all the plans to move were completely set up. We are both highly sensitive which lead to near daily conversations when one of us would get upset. I figured this was healthy, but I believe it was excessive and draining for both parties. I admit I did not have the capabilities to be the partner I want myself to be, for many other factors. But moving to a place where I knew I had support made me excited to show him the true partner I could be. He saw the happy me at the beginning of our relationship, and he saw me slowly sink into one of the worst eras of my life. I gained 30 lbs, I stopped seeing any friends, I couldn't bring myself to go out, and I lost interest in everything I used to love. But I stayed in that city for him, with the knowledge we would be in a much better place soon. Out of the blue, 2 weeks before we were going to move, he ended things. Although it wasn't mutual, I didn't disagree and every week that passes I agree with his choice more. He said he needed to finally make a selfish decision, and he did not see our lives together in the immediate future. We have a 4 yr age gap (me 19, him 23) which I also struggle with. It never posed much of a problem within the relationship, but I believe it did lead us to a position where our lives and goals were just far too different. All this to say, I don't know how to handle this. I recently decided to go no contact, after multiple occasions of only me reaching out. He would respond, but I don't believe he wants to be in communication. The amount of love between us felt and feels incredible, and I just don't know how to reorient my life now that I am moved back to my home state. I struggle with subconscious hope that we will be together again, though I honestly think way too much has shifted to allow that any time in the next few years. I want to move on. But i don't even feel ready. Any words of wisdom?
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2023.06.09 08:42 Aequitas-Equitas First time NAS help! QNAP or DIY?

Hey everyone, so I'm new to Home Servers and need some help and suggestions in setting up a NAS. I have currently both a QNAP TS-433 and a spare pc with my specs listed below and have issues deciding between the two.
PC Specs PC Part
CPU: Ryzen 3 3200g (Can upgrade)
MOBO: Asrock b450M Steel Legend
RAM: 16GB 3200GHz
GPU: RTX 2060
PSU: EVGA Plus Bronze 500W
My use case: I would like a simple storage, that backs up my files on my various devices (Laptop, Desktop) with redundancy. I would also like to access my files over the internet, when I'm out and about to either view photos and play videos (nothing demanding).
My problem: I would like to use the QNAP however, I've read various articles regarding ransomware and security vulnerabilities that makes me hesitant to use it. Regarding the DIY, I'm a bit tech savvy but do not know nearly enough to properly setup something like TrueNAS or Unraid, port-forwarding, setting up a tunnel through a VPN etc. Though I don't mind learning, my only concern is would I need to upgrade pc-parts to server grade stuff and whether the backups and redunancy similar to a stand alone solution like QNAP or Synology with similar features like accessing over the internet?
Moving forward: Should I use the QNAP and setup custom-firmware on it? As I've heard this is what most QNAP users do or should I try the DIY solution with something like Proxmox and Docker using Unraid or TrueNAS or should I sell the QNAP and just get a Synology instead?
Thank you for your opinions and help!
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2023.06.09 08:42 No_Comb_7197 Electric devices malfunctioning

I have a lot of electric devices malfunctioning in really weird ways, I guess I’m just wondering there could be some supernatural explanation since technical ones are escaping me 😅
Examples: - my phone won’t charge well, no matter what charger I try. I took it to be fixed, they said they tested it out and there it worked normally but they changed some charging port etc anyway. At home, it still didn’t charge properly. I took it back and it was the same story: it worked perfectly, they changed the port again and at home, it still doesn’t work properly - my laptop’s keyboard stopped working properly. Some letters don’t work (a,s,d,k,l,ö,7) and I took it get cleaned. They called me back that for them it worked perfectly and gave me some tips. I took it home and again, the same problem repeated itself - I have a box for Google cast type of thing, it won’t go on or off sometimes. No matter how many times I reset or update it. If I watch something, it might freeze and jump back to menu. My TV won’t turn on sometimes. This is my third TV inside a year, two have stopped working completely. They are all second hand.
Alone these would all be pretty normal but all of them happening, I just feel something has to be wrong. I don’t get a bad vibe in my apartment and the building is new-ish and in a good shape. I live in suburban area, near a lake, in Scandinavia so somebody might think this is more rural-ish than suburban but anyway.
I was given instructions to burn white sage to clean the space and to leave tobacco in exchange for good spirits coming here to take away negativity.
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2023.06.09 08:41 strayoung not sure whats wrong with my cat

so my cat suddenly started to bob his head and he keeps one of his eyes open while the other one stays closed i tried to see what was wrong with his eye but theres nothing in it and i tried to feel near his eye and thats when i noticed he didnt like me touching around his eye it made him uncomfortable this behavior is new to me and ive never seen him act this way, if anyone has any advice or can help me id very much appreciate it, id take him to the vet if this continues but the vets super pricey here and the cheapest one around me theyre no help and just want my money. i have some videos of the way hes behaving if anyone’s interested in seeing them im just nervous for him since this has never happened.
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2023.06.09 08:39 A-Real-Schtibly Differences in 40v and 18v tire inflator?

I’m a red tool guy currently living in Japan, where Milwaukee is very limited, and Makita is way less expensive.
I need a tire inflator and I’m wondering if there’s any difference in the 40v inflator and 18v one? On the outside they look the same, and have nearly identical specifications.
I’m leaning towards the 40v one just because I have a plenty of 18v Milwaukee tools, and also a couple 18v Bosch.
If I’m buying a new company, I might as well get a new system… right? It will open up the world of 40v Mikita tools to me. Whereas the 18v ones almost all have Milwaukee counterparts already.
The other option is to get the 18v inflator and use it with a battery adapter.
What are your guys’ thoughts?
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