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How history might look back at events in our time. Excerpts of news articles and history books that could be written in the future about today's real world events.

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2023.03.31 18:27 jg2516 A Man Without a Soul (Prose)

If I am a man without a Soul, why has the world not told me?
Perhaps it was not as easy as we first thought, a life I held once with no desire I now hold with nothing but, and it is the torturous reality that I exist in. Perhaps it is time, as I always tell, and am told.
My soul is like air. This is not a scientific observation, but simply, reality. I do not see my soul, I do not feel it. But it is there, as days like these where the air disappears, my soul returns. It bleeds on days like today. I can only assume that this is my soul, for i cannot see it after all.
I have often pondered the reality of the world. Am I the only one here? Do the others think like me? Is the world a better place in the minds of the others than in the mind of my own? I hope that is true. My life is conditional, a parole of sorts, measured entirely by the opinion, and the eyes of the others. my value is held separately, held up hostage against a measure I cannot meet without a change I cannot commit.
I am lonely. I speak now as a man. I am not the man I want, or ever did want. Maybe my realisation that I exist in such empty is un-news. I expect so. My mind wanders on days like these. Is this real, why am I so easily un-loved, and why must my soul insist on this being my reality? They are not real questions, they are rhetorical, with no answer at all. it is why I ask them. It is a self-torture, a cataclysm in my own head, that allows me to continue to stutter, and ultimately, become mute.
There is hope, I am sure, but it fails to present itself on days like these. Progress is lost, forgotten in the wind. It is disappointing that I cannot see past this day. Tomorrow, i hope will be different. But I am unsure.
Time heals all, I am told.
I hope this is true for the men without a soul.
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2023.03.31 18:26 Ctrl_alt_ya-yeet Can’t find anniversary Gulag calling card

Logged in today since it was supposed to be the day for the gulag calling card free bundle, but I don’t see it. I saw a brief image of the background for the bundle but that was it. Am I missing something?
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2023.03.31 18:26 itsabop Loreen will be joining us for an AMA on Tues, Apr 4 at 1pm ET / 10am PT / 6pm BST / 7pm CET!

Loreen is a Swedish pop artist. She rose to fame following her hit single 'Euphoria', which went on to win the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, an annual competition in Europe and Australia where dozens of countries compete with original music to win the glass trophy and sweep the hearts and minds of millions of viewers. She has also attempted Eurovision on 2 other occasions, with the singles 'My Heart Is Refusing Me' and 'Statements'.
Eurovision ranks as among the most watched non-sporting events each year globally. This year, for the 2023 contest hosted in Liverpool, UK, Loreen has once again won the right to represent Sweden on the international stage with the song 'Tattoo'. She will be here at popheads to answer your questions!
Join us on Tuesday for the AMA!
Sincerely, the Popheads Social Media Team
You're stuck on me like a tattoo...
For those new to the AMA process, this is not the thread to post your questions. A dedicated thread will go up an hour before the stated time of the AMA.
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2023.03.31 18:26 Mysterious-Task2082 Umrah Travel Agency in UK

The Hajj and Umrah are two of the most important religious events in the lives of Muslims. Whether it is for the spiritual nourishment or for the blessings of Allah, performing these rituals is a must for all Muslims. The pilgrimage can be expensive, but there are many travel companies offering affordable Umrah packages. Baitullah Travel is one such company which offers excellent Umrah packages for those looking for a hassle-free and spiritual journey. Baitullah Travel offers comprehensive Umrah packages for their customers. From the moment you land in Saudi Arabia, you are taken care of. The packages include return airfare from the UK, accommodation in Makkah and Madinah, visa processing, as well as transport between the two holy cities. All the accommodation provided is of excellent quality and is located close to the Haram. Baitullah Travel also offers special packages for families. These packages include special activities for children, such as special tours and visits to historical places in Makkah and Madinah. This makes the pilgrimage enjoyable for the entire family.
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2023.03.31 18:26 stayyfr0styy [WTS] CKF Evo 3.0

Hello, I have a CKF Evo 3.0 for your consideration today.
This Evo is in excellent condition with no damage or wear. It has excellent opening and closing action. Please see photos and videos. This one comes with the Timascus pocket clip as well as the DLC pocket clip. Also includes extra hardware, card, cloth, & pouch.
Asking $950 shipped PayPal Goods and Services
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2023.03.31 18:26 Ready_Owl1668 Loop recorder vs event monitors

I don’t think this violates any rules, if so please delete.
I’m looking for a little more info on loop recorders. When it makes sense sense to bring up or when make sense to use a loop instead repeated event monitors?
The possibility of needing one had come up in the past. I’m on my 3 monitor in a year, have had a previous ablation for arterial flutter, I have still have symptoms.
An adhesive allergy makes repeated 30 day event monitors hard to get through. I’m wondering if the switch would make more sense.
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2023.03.31 18:26 DoctorDizzo What is this?

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2023.03.31 18:26 kevinpaulmyrick Cedartown First United Methodist has their Community Egg Hunt coming up tomorrow. More about that and other events on the Holy Week calendar in the link. (Freebie, all Easter announcements are free.)

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2023.03.31 18:25 thatgirlfromtaft Still rooting for you

I’ve already had my heart broken a couple of times in the past. But tonight, my heart feels numb. Shattered, but numb. What a godf*ck heartbreak. Can’t say I’m at my lowest, I had worst, but what’s f*ckening is how I opened my heart, my dirt, and every little mad thing about me, and yet I was still played.
It’s been so long since I received that kind of cursing and yelling. But, tu puta madre, it’s cruelly funny how it feels so familiar, can’t say I missed it, but it’s been a year since I froze like that, like buckets of ice were thrown at me. Although in reality, it was a big man throwing curses and scolding me. Just like before. Also this time, it was the wall being punched, not my eyes. Que cabrón, how I hate black spots and marks on my skin. What a total piece of sh*t.
I wanna believe I just dodged another bullet. And how I wish I could continue spoon-feeding that thought into my head until I feel better. When in fact, it was just another failed setup because karma is doing its job now.
Dark nights like this are when I feel the most alive, but at the same time, the unluckiest person alive. Damn, I remember my first love. The first time I feel that unusual excitement as though my heart was coming out of my chest. The very first time I experienced a plane ride. The first time my eyes landed on the beauty of Palawan. It was enchanting. I thought it would take me a long time again to travel after that, but thanks to my generous grandparents, I got to experience overseas. Different, but it was the same enchanting feeling. Everywhere I go, every new destination.
How I fall in love with places I travel to, every single time, is still a million-dollar question to me. If it’s the plane ride, or the nice beaches, or the perfectly built hotels, or maybe the weather, I don’t know. I have a clue but some people think it doesn’t make sense, I was thinking maybe the reason why is how new destinations make me feel small, especially when parasailing. How the sea is overwhelmingly vast. How the sky is so high. And when I feel small, I feel like I can do more, a whole lot of other things. It’s amazing, and amusing too. Especially how it makes me think that a godf*ck heartbreak is nothing but a deluge or an apocalypse– an event that’ll pass, but maybe the worst in one’s living memory.
I wish for healing. I do not need any closure. All I want is healing. I want to be healed asap, I want to function normally. To function without breaking down over a memory. I wish for healing to be more productive so I can work harder. So as to save and earn more money. So the next time I feel lonely, I won’t go around looking for someone who wants to be with me, to make myself believe that maybe they really love me, and there’s a chance they would wanna live their whole life with me. When in reality it’s the convenience for them. Love isn’t supposed to hurt, love isn’t tricky, never a cheat.
I have to heal. I have to function well. So the next time I feel lonely, all I have to do is pick a destination where I want to go and fall in love there.
And I wanna believe that if I can survive this night, just this night, the following nights will be easier. So help me, God.
No advice is needed. Just letting it all out.
Goodnight! :)
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2023.03.31 18:25 New-Peach4153 Question about cabin air filter (and maybe engine air filter)

What is the difference between REPLACING your cabin air filter and BLOWING ALL THE DIRT off your cabin air filter? Is it better to replace? Why do some people say just slap it a few times to get dirt out and put it back.
Today I checked my cabin air filter. It seemed to have a bit of debris in there.
I already plan to buy a new one from Toyota (it costs like $20, let me know if this is bad price for a 2022 Corolla LE).
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2023.03.31 18:25 SuperFox289 Stonks

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2023.03.31 18:25 leMonkman I persisted with water-only for over a year, despite greasy hair. Here's my experience:

I'm an unusual case of someone for whom no-shampoo didn't work as advertised, but who persisted anyways for a very long time, which I think makes my case useful for understand the effects of water-only because it can't be rejected on the basis that I didn't stick with it long enough.
I'm 17M white/chinese with shortish hair. I wash water-only every day with hard water. I only use shampoo once every few months before I get my hair cut.
My main motivation for switching to water only was that the idea that you NEED to wash your hair with shampoo is preposterous from an evolutionary point of view. So every other animal with hair evolved for it to be perfectly healthy without shampoo... except humans who needed to invent it?? If your hair were more healthy with the oil removed, surely we would evolve to produce less oil. The fact that I found this argument so convincing meant that I continued with water-only even when it wasn't doing what people said it would.
As normal, when I first quit shampoo, I entered the transition phase and my hair got more greasy. Not as extreme as other people experience, but definitely greasier.
And... the transition phase never ended. Over a year later, my hair is still greasy.
But it's not that bad! "Greasy" has negative connotations to it, but really it just means oily. My hair is basically what it would be like if I washed it with shampoo and then put product in it, and it looks quite good. If I just told people I was using hair product, I think it would be absolutely fine.
In my personal case, the thing is that I know nothing about hair products and I'm a really bad liar, so I just tell people that my hair is just like that naturally (I don't say about water-only though). Today a friend of mine felt my hair and asked "oh do you use hair product" and when I said no, she told me I need to wash my hair. I had had comments previously about my hair being very "thick".
My dandruff disappeared though! It used to be pretty bad and I had to use a special dandruff shampoo which you apply separately and leave on for 5 mins because the standard anti-dandruff stuff didn't work. Now it's gone!
I still believe my hair is healthy as it is, but think I'm gonna start using shampoo again (at least for a bit to see how it goes) because it's too embarrassing to have greasy hair. If I could go back I would just pick a hair product to tell people I use, but I've already told my friends I don't.
Hope this is useful!
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2023.03.31 18:25 Accurate_Reception_8 How can I (29f) make my relationship work w/ my bf (35M)?

I (29f)need advice, please be nice im going through it lol.
My boyfriend (35M)and I met in 2021, we made it official after 2 months of dating. During this time I had a lot going on, I was my father & grandmothers care giver, my dad got diagnozed with a terminal illness. The pandemic was ending , it was time to find a job. Just alot of stress from life.
He was so kind and loving to me in the beginning , but I started getting concerned because I never met his family, and they had no idea i existed. He would stay over my house every day (we both still live with our parents NYC is too expensive). He was included in all my family events, it just hurt that he wouldnt tell his fam about me. Ive let my past traumas, and personal issues get in the best of me.
Ive done, and said nasty things to him. Like I was literally so toxic im ashamed of the scenes and arguments ive caused. I caught him cheating on me with some girl, and tbh I cant blame him I made him miserable. In my defense he wasnt really giving me what I needed when I would have those episodes. I would beg him for date nights or to do cute things during the summer 22 but all he wanted to do was stay in order food and watch tv. Im not kidding like we never did anything.
He claims to still want to make this work, but Im scared because I feel like we broke each others trust. Do you think trust is something that can be rebuilt?
BTW: Ive been going to therapy and was prescribed antidepressants to help with my anxiety and issues. Ive been feeling alot calmer and finding coping strategies.
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2023.03.31 18:25 dicyroll Esport Matches Google Calendar

Hey, everyone!
I made a Google Calendar with all the esport matches that are avaliable on the Ubisoft Calendar website.
The calendar is updated 3 times a day with new events, you can add it to your account by clicking here.
The weeds:
The script that updates the calendar runs three times a day in a Docker container on my Raspberry Pi. It interrogates the Ubisoft API to retrieve the events, checks if they're valid, and sends them to the Google Calendar.
If you're interested in the code, it's available on GitHub.
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2023.03.31 18:25 StepwiseUndrape574 Native Trainer trouble

For some reason, today, two multiplayer vehicles disapeared from my saved menu in simple trainer vehicle save and loader. It basically said, "not found" and when I try to load it, it persists with saying, "not found loaded" when I try to load in the Bf weevil custom from the vehicle spawner instead, it does nothing. keep in mind I only have this problem with the Bf Weevil Custom. If anyone has faced this problem and/or found a solution, I would be extremely grateful for the solution in the comments. Thanks in advance. (ps, I already tried Menyoo)
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2023.03.31 18:25 juniorjunior29 RED ALERT

Sitting at a cafe for a work meeting. India Gants is directly across from me. Unbelievably beautiful in person. Truly a terrible season of ANTM but this gal is sensationally pretty. It’s a good omen for all of us today!
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2023.03.31 18:25 BigDeal716_Flipz Steam Deck bricked after reimaging

Steam Deck bricked after reimaging
After I upgraded the SSD on my steam deck I re-imaged it and it shut off in the process and wouldn’t turn back on
I spent hours that night trying to get it to turn back on and the screen only came on once amongst countless tries and it was a weird glitched steam deck logo. After trying for hours with every possible button combo, unplugging the battery and back in, unplugging the battery and holding button combos while unplugging (saw some guy recommend that). Nothing
So I gave up, swapped the original SSD back in and came back days later (today) and pressed the power button and it booted with a single press. I was ecstatic, so I reinstalled the new SSD, reimagined the deck again and it went great, the storage was reading correctly, everything was working fine, until i decided to check out desktop mode. The glitchy steam deck logo returned (2nd pic) and I’m exactly back to where I was the first time. The boot sound chimes, nothing on the screen, the power light comes on, but no booting. Exactly what was happening the first time
Any help would be greatly appreciated
(P.S I know for a fact that I made no mistakes whatsoever while installing the new SSD at least physically, I’m very experienced working on electronics and used a anti static wrist strap. But I’m not good with software stuff.)
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2023.03.31 18:25 DemocracyStan A play in two acts

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2023.03.31 18:25 Hug_the_Curve I don't know how you put up with it.

This is a FSD rant. I live in an area of suburbs among many areas best defined as rural. The roads are all usually 35 to 45 mph and none have changed speeds in the two decades I have been out here. I don't live in a world of grid like roads you find in a city.
I cannot even make a FSD drive to a grocery store less than five miles from my house let alone the ten mile drive to my parents without disengaging FSD either out of frustration or to communicate to Tesla that it did something wrong.
I do leave some choice words when it prompts me for why I disengaged. I am not even remotely embarrassed by the language I use anymore. I want to participate in the beta but honestly at times I am aghast at how bad it is. I would be too embarrassed to show it off to anyone. I am certainly too embarrassed to use it anyone gets behind me.
2018 TM3 59004 2022.45.12
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2023.03.31 18:25 Awkward_Ad6449 If you could travel back in time and witness any event, what would it be and why?

What's the most ridiculous thing you've done just to impress someone?
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2023.03.31 18:24 KawaiiKiryu Also got a fly pot

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2023.03.31 18:24 zomenis Oh hell yes

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