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2023.03.20 21:49 cmbeegs Aaron Tveit Bootleg Gifts

Hi all!
I've decided to gift some miscellaneous Aaron Tveit bootlegs I have because he is amazing, and should be enjoyed by all =)
Link to mega folder:
Show info below:
Video Wicked Broadway 8 March 2009 VOB + Smalls SJBernly master
Cast: Nicole Parker - Elphaba, Alli Mauzey - Ginda, Aaron Tveit - Fiyero, Anthony Galde - (u/s) The Wizard, Jayne Houdyshell - Madame Morrible, Cristy Candler - Nessarose, Alex Brightman - Boq, Timothy Britten Parker - Doctor Dillamond
Notes: Aaron’s final performance, great quality

Video Catch Me If You Can Pre - Broadway, Seattle WA 4 August 2009 VOB SunsetBlvd79 master Cast: Aaron Tveit (Frank Abagnale, Jr.), Norbert Leo Butz (Agent Carl Hanratty), Tom Wopat (Frank Abagnale, Sr.), Rachel de Benedet (Paula Abagnale), Kerry Butler (Brenda Strong), Linda Hart (Carol Strong)
Notes: This is a great capture of the show. The show is filled with wonderful talent. Aaron and Norbert have a great chemistry together and Aaron has a huge voice. Kerry and Felicia both have great songs and great vocals. The show itself is very sleek and mod.

Audio Company Regional - Barrington Stage 15 August 2017 M4A Untracked totallyoffbway master
Cast: Aaron Tveit (Bobby/Bobbie), Ellen Harvey (Joanne), Lawrence Street (Harry), Kate Loprest (Susan), Jane Pfitsch (Jenny), James Ludwig (David), Mara Davi (April/Andy), Rebecca Kuznick (Kathy/Theo), Nora Schell (Marta/PJ), Lauren Marcus (Amy/Jamie), Joseph Spieldenner (Paul), Peter Reardon (Larry)
Notes: Stellar performances all around! Includes a very intriguing 25 minute talk-back with director Julianne Boyd, Aaron Tveit and most of the cast.

Video Moulin Rouge Broadway January 2022 mp4 diamondsareforever master
Cast: Ashley Loren (Alt Satine), Aaron Tveit (Christian), Eric Anderson (Harold Zidler), Sahr Ngaujah (Toulouse-Lautrec), Ricky Rojas (Santiago), Tam Mutu (The Duke), Robyn Hurder (Nini), Jacqueline B. Arnold (La Chocolat), Holly James (Arabia), Jeigh Madjus (Baby Doll), Kevin Curtis (Pierre)
Notes: Very steady video from the orchestra. There are two very brief dropouts in act 2 but apart from that a nice steady video of this spectacular cast. Trader Notes: this video has a watermark overtop, but I cannot find the version without the watermark

Video Concert Aaron Tveit Live at Barrington Stage 19 July 2001 mp4 Proshot - livestream
Set List: 1. Live in Living Color (Catch Me If You Can) 2. I’ve Been (Next To Normal— Tom Kitt Version) 3. Untitled Song “Remember” (Unfinished Peter Pan Musical) 4. Marry Me A Little (Company) 5. Falling (Harry Styles) 6. Les Mis Medley- I’ve Dreamed A Dream/ On My Own (snippets) / Bring Him Home (Full Song) 7. Thunder Road (Bruce Springsteen) 8. Why God Why(Miss Saigon) 9. Sandy (Grease) / Heart and Soul (Hoagy Carmichael) Medley 10. If I Loved You (Carousel) 11. I Believe in Us (James Bay) 12. How Glory Goes (Floyd Collins) 13. Goodbye (Catch Me If You Can) 14. ENCORE: Your Song (Moulin Rouge — Movie Version) credit for set list: loveable22 on tumblr
Notes: Singing beloved theatre, rock and pop favorites, Aaron's performance — available for one weekend only — is sure to delight. Aaron dazzled BSC audiences in Company (2017), for which he won Broadway World’s Regional award for Best Vocalist of the Decade, and is currently starring in Moulin Rouge! The Musical. Aaron’s Tony-nominated performance is hailed as “staggeringly impressive” (Stage Left) and “gorgeous” (Entertainment Weekly).

Audio Moulin Rouge Broadway 28 February 2023 MP3 Tracked and Untracked SparklingDiamond master Cast: Aaron Tveit (t/r Christian), Ashley Loren (Satine), Eric Anderson (Harold Zidler), David Harris (The Duke of Monroth), André Ward (Toulouse-Lautrec), Caleb Marshall-Villarreal (Santiago), Jessica Lee Goldyn (Nini), Tasia Jungbauer (Arabia), Jacqueline B. Arnold (La Chocolat), Jeigh Madjus (Baby Doll), Kevin Curtis (Pierre)
Notes: usual disclaimers: recorded from the can-can right next to where the actors tend to enteexit, so beware a lot of stage creaking and footsteps. pardon any sounds of drinks and/or ice. Rouge, baby. Aaron and Ashley are superhuman. special shout-out to the way André runs across the stage before "Raise Your Glass", because it's so silly and I love it.
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