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2023.03.22 07:39 KristinaK124 Truth

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2023.03.22 07:39 ReallyFastParrot Starfield's Main Story


Each BGS game follows a standard three act setup, with each act being a series of questlines with their own mini subplots, all building up to the climactic third act. For Fallout 4, act 1 ended with you killing Kellogg, act 2 ended with you reaching the Institute for the first time, and act 3 ends with either the destruction of the Institute or BoS.
All that said, here's my educated guess for how the plot of Starfield will go.

Act 1

-The game starts with you as an employee of Argos Extractors, a mining corporation. You're given a mining laser, a spacesuit, and you're put to work. While slaving away at your 9 to 5, you dig into a previously sealed cavern. This is where you find the first artifact and have a "vision".
-Word quickly spreads and soon Constellation has caught wind. They send Barrett and Vasco to investigate. Unfortunately they're not the only ones interested in the artifact. The Crimson Fleet deploys a raiding party to plunder the mining outpost and retrieve the artifact in hopes of selling it to the highest bidder.
-Barrett is sadly killed in the resulting firefight, and as a dying wish, requests you continue his work. He offers you Vasco, The Frontier, and everything aboard, should you accept.
-From here, the early-game opens up, you're free to explore, though given your low level stats and gear at this time, you'll be mostly restricted to Sol and a handful of systems around it.
-Assuming you take up Barrett's mantle, your next stop is Kreet, where another artifact is rumored to be. Here you run into more Crimson Fleet pirates and need to defeat them or negotiate with them to get through the abandoned research facility.
-A few more encounters with the other major factions takes place, this introduces you to the universe and factions, and sets the stage for you to join them at some later point.
-Your actions garner the attention of Constellation's top brass. They're impressed that you've managed to acquire (potentially multiple) artifacts, and they want to formally recognize you as a member. You meet with them on Jemison, where they share what they know of the artifacts with you.
-While Constellation has some running theories, they simply don't have enough information to go off of, so they send you out on some more missions in hopes of uncovering more. In addition to creeping the story along, these missions act as further exposition for the setting of Starfield.

Act 2

-The end of Act 1 could go several ways. BGS usually likes to incorporate some twist or complication to the story in their transition between acts, so it's tough to guess what could happen and what Act 2 will be about. My best guess is you either hit a snag in retrieving more artifacts, or have a major breakthrough which requires another set of tasks to further the story.
-From here, the midgame opens up. Several dozen more systems, a majority of the game, become available to you as you upgrade your stats, gear, and ship.
-Here you meet the Russian Stephen Russel collector guy we see in the showcase. I have no basis for this. It's just a hunch.
-Act 2 will end with you assembling all the artifacts, doing whatever else is needed, and ultimately activating the ring gate we see in the trailers. Beyond this gate is anyone's guess, but my personal theory is that it's a portal to another part of the universe or even another dimension.

Act 3

-The third act starts once you find yourself on the other end of the ring gate, in the ruins of a precursor civilization. This is the endgame area, with high-level dungeons and loot, but more importantly, it possesses instructions to build life-seeders, megastructures, planet-killer weapons, and countless other technologies far more advanced than what humanity currently has.
-It's up to you which factions learn of these riches and which are kept in the dark, but the latter certainly won't be happy with you once they find out. Will you take sides and make your faction the undisputed ruler of the Settled Systems? Or will you make peace amongst the factions and unify them, taking one giant leap under a single human banner?


That's my take. Admittedly very front-heavy since that's where most of our information is. Feel free to correct me, ask for clarifaction, or simply discuss. I'll try to reply.
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With this account you can easily grow up your youtube or something else, you can add youtube, twitch or paypal in the nickname if it will be possible. Account has 0 earnings and doesn't have content creator code. I'm selling this account because I don't play so hard Fortnite like in chapter 1/2 so I want money for the time spent. Account has OG Save The World for farming vbucks. Probably this account is one of the rarest accounts in Fortnite. For more information please message me.

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2023.03.22 07:38 Zach-attack_4237 The Nightmare I Remember the Most

I have had countless nightmares throughout my life, typically occurring every other night. My most recent one, and one of the worst I've had in a while, happened during a vacation I just got home from. I will need to put some context into this, and this story will be rather long, so bear with me here.
In my most recent nightmare I mentioned above, I woke up normally in my house. It was the middle of the night, but I was hungry, and decided to sneak down the stairs and into the kitchen to grab a snack without waking up my family. Once I was a few feet from the refrigerator, I heard footsteps from several entities behind me. I turned around to see just a few black figures, huddled tightly in a group. I knew who three of the five were by the outlines. They were all hostile animatronics, the ones from the horror video game, Five Nights at Freddy's 4. The video game franchise as a whole does not scare me, nor do really any horror movies or games, so it was weird seeing them watching me grab my snack. I saw the animatronic bear, chicken, and rabbit, but not the fox, and I had no idea who the other 2 figures were. Their eyes were not glowing in the slightest, and they were not approaching me, but only moving exactly as I do, and never getting too close. This did not concern me in the slightest, as a typical hallucination looks just like that for me. I went back to my room to eat my snack and fall sleep, when they stopped moving in their typical pattern, and spread out around the house.
Once I was back in my room, and I had tucked myself back into bed, and I felt the worst sense of sudden dread in my life, as if something terrible was about to happen. I knew by some nightmare logic that the figures really were hunting me down, and then I got scared, knowing that I do feel pain in my nightmares. Indeed, I was about to suffer. I sat in my bed, paralyzed with fear about the situation, and planned to just sit there and pray until sunrise. Worst of all, my door was wide open, and with my bed right next to it, an attack could be too sudden. I was going to have to be lucky, as the animatronics were moving in random patterns, entering rooms around the house. 15 minutes later, I heard footsteps coming to my door. I was paralyzed with fear and dread, because there was one animatronic in particular that I knew was going to take his time and torture me if I was ever caught by him. The animatronic entered my room, but luckily it was not the one I feared most. It was certainly about to kill me still, so I was rapidly planning ways of how I could make my death as fast as it could be. I threw my head into it's jaws, reached my arms out, and crunched it's teeth down into my head. It was fast and painless.
Of course, it's a nightmare, and it was not nearly over yet. That was the easy part done. I woke up again after death, in the same situation again, but outside, in an open field on my land. The layout of the field made the experience worse in a way, as it was mostly open, but with a strip of dense forest running through the middle that takes up about one third of the field. At the bottom and and top were ways through it, without having to go through the brush. This is all on about 5 acres of land, so I did not have much of a place to hide from my now sprinting animatronic pursuers. I woke up with the animatronics in a full sprint everywhere in the field. They were sprinting at all times, even if I had not been seen. I got up, ran, and hid in the densely forested area, and in a thick bush. I waited and got spotted eventually, so I got up and ran until I could no longer run. Eventually, I was caught again, but my death would hurt this time. I died via stab wounds to the gut, and all around the torso, but I was stabbed mercifully fast.
This experience, being a nightmare, meant I still had to die another time. This death would be very different, though. I woke up for the third time, but with the worst dread of my life. The fear this time was unspeakable. For no apparent reason, I was far more scared this time around. I was in the house again, and in my bed, but I stayed in bed and never got out. I just sat up, and waited for sunrise again. I had more hope this time, as the sun was only about twenty minutes from officially rising. I was starting to see light in the sky, but with more fear than I have ever had before, bad instincts kicked in. You see, in the house was a system of 6 radio-like devices me and the family used for communication. I held the "Talk" button, and spoke a message into all the rooms in the house, hoping for my family to respond. As you could imagine this was idiotic. I kept staring at my radio, waiting for a reply, when I heard a reply from my family, but something was awfully wrong. The reply came from the radio I was at, and from directly behind me, on the other side of the bed. I turned around and saw the one animatronic I hoped would never get me, and I was about to suffer.
I backed out of my bed, and into the corner of the room. It approached me awfully slow, giving me the opportunity to run at it, and deliver multiple two foot kicks to the body. I hoped these would do something, but the animatronic was utterly un-phased. Here, I finally saw a red glow in the animatronic's eyes, as it still slowly closed the distance to me. It got to me, put it's hands on my shoulder, and looked down at me, with eyes flickering on and off. This was about to be it, the worst pain of my life. There, I was tortured for minutes upon minutes. It peeled the skin off my arms and legs like giant gloves, sliced tendons and ligaments, and cracked all of my ribs, while keeping me alive. All my other bones were being fractured, and I was getting big cuts in my chest all over the place. It kept me alive until I had looked like a mangled corpse smeared on the ground.
Finally, I got to wake up, and I stayed up for about 2 hours before going back to sleep. Once I woke up, I really was unaffected, and not scared anymore, even in the dark room. When I did go back to sleep, however, I started dreaming again. I woke up in a continuation of that same dream, but this time, in the middle of an unknown forest...

For those who do not know what I am talking about, below is an image of the being that killed me for the third time in my nightmare. I know this is rather ridiculous, but that's just the way it happened.

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2023.03.22 07:37 anookee The State of Black (Removal) in Modern

Black seems to be in a very weird place in modern at the moment. While the color is represented, it seems that it's mostly for unique synergies rather than any independent strengths.
Persist has obvious, narrow deck directions. Grief can be quite powerful, but is similarly reliant on a narrow shell of cards. Yawgmoth exemplifies, "good black card surrounded by trash specific to him". Living End and Archon of Cruelty are hardly black cards for the purposes of deck building. Death Shadow is perhaps the "blackest" card actually being played in modern, but it once again fits a very specific mold.
On the other hand, black "staples" are at an all time low. Tempo negative cards like Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Kozilek are seemingly as close to the worst they have ever been. Liliana of the Veil and Dark Confidant are more easily answered and less impactful than they once were. Fatal push is still quite powerful, but only when compared to its black alternatives. White and red removal put it to shame. Modern Horzion(s) feels as though it has left "fair" black strategies in the dust.
That's not to say that Modern Horizon sets have been bad for the format; I would argue quite the opposite. While subjective, Modern's gameplay is outstanding at the moment and it's due in no small part to fair strategies receiving a tremendous boost in power. That said, black didn't seem to get in on this, outside of some minor upgrades like Dauthi Voidwalker and Tourach, and multi-color cards like Grist, the Hunger Tide.
So, what can be done? Black is not in desperate need of an overhaul or anything drastic, but its strengths should be more robust. It seems to me that the most obvious solution is giving black the "mana leak treatment". In the beforetimes, the 2 mana counterspell slot was highly contested with a bunch of equally unsatisfying options. While some enjoyed the push and pull of logic knot vs mana leak vs delay vs remand and so on, it undoubtedly dragged blue down as an interactive color. Should black receive an analogous boon to counterspell? It pains me to see the plethora of doomblades that are all equally irrelevant. Infernal Grasp and Power Word: Kill are the closest WotC has dared to push the boundaries, but they're still subpar for a format like modern. Is it too ridiculous to let black have "1B, Instant: Destroy target creature."? Terminate is hardly dismantling the format, and is really only fine at best.
For the color supposedly best at "creature removal", black has been lacking severely. While improving the removal is only one step for the color, perhaps actually letting it be strong at its strengths would further incentivize playing these cards that have lost some of their viability. "A rising tide lifts all ships" as it were.
TL;DR: Black's identity in modern is suffering (though not necessarily its power level), and it's creature removal might be the most obvious place to start.
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2023.03.22 07:36 i_have_not_eaten_yet My Midnight Prayer

Jesus, Your name is the sweetest sound. You extend an invitation to experience and participate in the Kingdom of Heaven, guided and encouraged by the Holy Spirit. Although spiritual realities and endeavors are not always "safe," I can trust that You are sovereign through the dark night of my soul. I can know that Your purpose is to conquer fear with love in the universe, just as love reigns in heaven now.
You provide rest, joy, and health. You give strength to endure toil, sorrow, and misfortune until death. You provide the light of the sun, food from the earth, and the exquisite relationships between all life on Earth. In Your wisdom, You created life whose purpose is to recycle the raw materials of death into materials for new life - a sure reminder that You hold the power to overcome death.
And so, the steadfast faith I have in my own power to navigate life’s challenges appalls You, yet You have forgiven me. The gifts I have received exceed the gifts I have given by an infinite margin. But I am encouraged, in Your flock, to love boldly, to sacrifice joyfully, and to forgive foolishly, in a spirit of gentle confidence, even though I’m tempted to retreat into myself to nurse my wounds and question my motives. Cast out the evil that sews these doubts and starves me of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.
The glory belongs to You. Your name has humbled my heart and mind. It has replaced my schemes with a peace that passes understanding. Thank You, Jesus.
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2023.03.22 07:34 IbtesamSadiq Need Some help and Feedback on lighting in Unreal Engine 5.1

Need Some help and Feedback on lighting in Unreal Engine 5.1
Hi, I am using Lumen with Ray tracing. All settings are set to max in post-process volume for lumen and reflections. 1. Dynamic Directional Light with an "Intensity" value of 10 and "indirect lighting intensity" is 1. 2. Dynamic Sky Light with the "intensity" of 2. 3. Post Process volume with the "Min Brightness" and "Max Brightness at 1. and Exposure Compensation at 2.
The trees look fine, but shadow on the ground looks dark
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2023.03.22 07:31 jredid Lost, alone and confused early 40’s

I never had a path in life. I had medical and health challenges all throughout my life. I was married to a narcissist abusive woman who left me because of money. I see no way out and the only way out I see is ending the useless life that I know. I am all alone with no friends and no one to turn to!
I think there might be just one thing I can try and do that might actually give me so hope at the end of the dark tunnel and that is YOUTUBE content creator!!
But… there is one caveat,
I have the ideas but I don’t know what I am doing as far as actually videotaping myself and editing and how to make the cloning pretending to be 2 characters of different people, etc.. I just don’t know where to get the help from!!! Why do I feel so stuck??!!! I have even made posts looking for people to teach me and help me with editing and making the videos. However, I have no luck! How do people make content??? How am I so stuck?? I can’t figure out how they do certain things (playing 2 characters, etc..) it’s trusting me!! Please help me as this might be the only thing left for my broke ass self!
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2023.03.22 07:31 Lamp0319 Music and Birthdays

Hello folks, A few days ago I turned 20, and I've been reminiscing on the music I found when I was 19, not sure why.
For some reason 19 was an age of musical discovery for me, I found 2 new bands (to me, anyways), discovered a love for one I'd heard previously, and rediscovered a fourth. May not be a lot for some but this is more than I had found in the previous 5 years combined, I'm sure.
The new to me bands are Soul Coughing and Galactic.
Soul Coughing is strange, if you were a fan of Cartoon network in the late 90's and early 2000's you may have heard 2 of their songs on a segment called CN Groovies. The songs are "Circles" and "Rolling." Both are off their El Oso album.
I found them after my mother told me about them on a road trip, after their song "Super Bon Bon" came on the Spotify playlist we were listening to. She told me how apparently they were devicive, you either loved or hated them. From then on I was hooked, and all 3 of their albums would have a place in my personal top 10 albums of all time.
Galactic is a band that's funky as hell based out of New Orleans. I found them by random chance. I just happened upon an "artists from New Orleans" section on Spotify and there they were. I didn't even mean to listen to them, I accidentally tapped on their album "Ruckus" and thought I'd give it a listen. That set off a chain of events that would place Galactic at number 5 on my Spotify wrapped.
Number 2 on my Spotify Wrapped was Red Vox, who I'd known about for a while, but only really delved into them this past year. The vocalist for this band happens to be a YouTubetwitch streamer I have followed for close to a decade at this point. I'd heard of his side project and heard that it was good, but never really listened to them until recently. They released an album this month, probably my favorite from them so far.
The fourth band I'd been meaning to talk about is a band called Umphrey's McGee. I'd actually seen them live some years ago, I was probably around 15 or 16, but I hated it. I'd only ever heard one of their albums, Zonkey, and they didn't play a single song I recognized. Oh well, I wasn't at the concert for me so who cares. Problem is, it got worse, I was sleep deprived, and to top it all off, a light from the stage would just constantly be in my eye, no matter if I stood or sat, it would be shining directly in my eyes, and it was too crowded to move out of the way. I was miserable.
Flash forward to 2022. I'm playing some VR game, and it has a music player, I put on some Primus, as I normally do, and let it play. After the song I was listening to ends, "In the Kitchen" comes on. Uh oh, here we go again, another album takes over my life, the second one this year since Ruckus by Galactic.
Anchor Drops is my favorite album ever. There is only one song I don't like on it, that being "Bullhead City." every other song is a complete bop. Their other stuff is great too. So I guess I'll be seeing them live again, this time I'll like it, hopefully. Won't let those damn lights get me again, and I'll get adequate sleep ahead of time.
Wow.. this was a bit long winded, but I guess you get that when you're passionate about something. Oh well, hope this wasn't too sucky to read.
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2023.03.22 07:30 roxyjin This year will be 6 years since the last time I tried to end my life.

Today, I published my website for a creative arts business that I created by myself.
I am tearing up reflecting on who I was 6 years ago and who I am today. I truly did not believe my life would ever get better.
I am a person that I thought I would never be and living a life I couldn’t even imagine 6 years ago. Not even 2 years ago, tbh.
Am I financially rich? Nope, not yet. Am I rich in all other areas of my life? Absolutely.
To those struggling, I know exactly where you are and I know the last thing you want to hear is “just keep going”. I’m here to tell you it’s true. It will get very dark before the light arrives, just know it’s waiting for you.
I can honestly say I am proud of the person I am today and I’m proud of everyone who chooses themselves everyday!
Thanks for reading ❤️
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2023.03.22 07:30 DragonsandStories Orion's Edge

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2023.03.22 07:29 SippinSoda320 Demon Radio. This happened at Walmart by the mall on 3/16.

Don’t judge me by what I’m about to say but…….
I smoked something I shouldn’t have. My brain was tuned to Demon Radio. I was hearing a demon speak to me all night long and all the next day. Telling me how I have 4 days to live. Then down to one. Then down to as soon I get home. Then I said the wrong things and it said I had 1 hour to kill myself or it’s going to take my family’s souls to hell. By this point I have been convinced this is real and really happening. It used my sisters voice to further manipulate me and I ended up driving my car really fast it said let go of the wheel I said no I’m not dying that way. I pull up to a shell by a couple beers and head towards Walmart. I have negotiated with the demon that knife will do. I chug most of a Budweiser (I don’t drink at all) park my crown vic right outside the welcome doors of Walmart and run inside the nearest sharpest object is a pizza cutter. All while telling myself I have to kill myself to save my family over and over. I rip open the packaging and look for a place where I won’t be bothered. Can’t find one. Stop looking. Running out of time. Sock aisle. Sit. Begin cutting left arm. Quick deep cuts down the street not across. Demon cheering me on. Deeper. Deeper. Faster. People are noticing. Do you need help? Are you ok? I’m fine leave me alone. I get up. Run towards dressing rooms. Run into a man. Arm severely wounded hemorrhaging blood. Bloody pizza cutter in on hand. He freezes. I check every dressing room door. All locked. Fuck. Running out of time. Pools and trails of heavy thick red blood marking everywhere I’ve been. Heads up. Security Guard. Quick walking towards exit now everything’s blurry. Pocket the pizza cutter so I don’t look like a maniac who is trying to hurt more than just himself. Blow past the receipt lady. Car’s right where I left it. Initially walk past the car but knew police would tie me to it if I survive, not only have I faked my family but I’ll have to deal with a dui. Open container, full beer. Get in the car and I throw both away. Drive off deeper into the parking lot. Park all fucked up. My dad calls me. Where are you? He witness a full length day of me talking to the demon he knew I wasn’t right. Walmart. Wyd? Saving you. Lala (my sister) is trying to call you. Ok I’ll call her. Call her. Break down can’t tell what’s real anymore. Phone dies. My conversation with my sister continues via the demon. (It used Lala’s voice) . My sister in my head telling me I fucked up I have to kill myself. Suddenly unconvinced that this is real. Fuck you! My sister would never tell me to kill myself! Look down at arm. Holy fucking shit what did I do. Cops swarm the area. Pizza cutter sits nexts to cigarettes. Cops pulls up. The whole right side of car is a wall. Window don’t go down door won’t open. He goes around . Hey man what’s going on . I’m saving my family. Don’t remember the convo too good but I tell him I’m teaching for a smoke while teaching without hesitation. I thought he’d get mad but I guess he realized I’m more a danger to myself than I am to him. He lets me smoke one. This entire time I’ve been pumping my fist in an effort to bleed out. Hey cop what time is it. 959. I was supposed to die a minute ago. Completely defeated I finished the cig and flick. I make my way out of the car. Frisk. Emts. Ambulance. Get tied down. I start talking shit to the demon. When all of sudden. Another voice soothing at first. Revealed to be the devil himself. “Taken a special interest in me”. Holy shit. Fear over 9000. Going insane in my head. My subconscious continues to disrespect and insult the devil. He beckons me to continue tell me everything. Visions of eternal suffering. I can’t make it stop. Fall asleep they say. When you wake up you will wake up in fire. Holy shit no. Been awake over 30 hours fighting off sedatives. Holy shit no. Get to the hospital. Completely insane. Strap down ripping straps. Eventually accept my fate. Decide to sleep but my subconscious has developed Tourette’s and is constantly insulting the devil. I bet I don’t mean it I can’t make it stop. He says my subconscious is just telling him everything it truly feels. He hangs on every word. Everytime I’m about to fall asleep my subconscious makes our situation worse. The first demon says your already in the deepest shithole you can be in just fall asleep. Holy shit no. Panic. Panic. Panic. More sedatives. Finally asleep. Wake up intermittently while receiving stitches. Ow. Fuck. Ow. “You think that hurts? Just you waiiiiiit”. Sleep. Darkness. Wake up. Hospital. Not on fire. Holy shit why am I here? I’m supposed to be dead. They lied. It wasn’t real. Arm? Stitched. They make their presence known. Holy shit it’s still happening. Why didn’t I die? You have to do it yourself. “Rip out your stitches and you will bleed to death” over and over and over and over . So I start ripping them. Can’t do it. Think of the suffering ahead of me . Find the strength. Rip one or two . Nurses notice. Sedatives & strap down . Wake up new stitches. Being transferred. Demons volume has gone down . Have a nice conversation with the emt about street fighter the entire ride to the psyche ward. Notice my gold bracelet is gone. Bummer. One last echo chamber, “your days are numbered”. Holy shit . Now at the psyche ward. Spent 3 1/2 days there . Each day tuning off of demon radio and coming back to human radio. Psyche ward is a whole other story. Get out family takes me to eat get me new clothes shoes haircut. Says they found a rehab ranch I’ll be spending a year in once my arm heals. Reconvince me of reality and say I was being manipulated. They were never in danger. The demons have tried to get you to kill yourself before but your too strong you’d never do that. Unless it meant you’d save your loved ones. You would do anything to save us. Even the one thing you’d never do. The demons hated you for your strong will. And used against you. We’re here your here. Let’s go get food. It. Wasn’t. Real. A day goes by. Then another. Now today. Got my stitches removed and healing pretty well. I cut really deep and pretty far. Who knew a pizza cutter could do that. Looking forward to the ranch rehab.
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2023.03.22 07:26 Fike101 Any tips on Dark souls 2 SOTFS?

I have been on and off on this games for at least 3 years i have made so many characters the farthest ive gotten was lost bastille I would love to beat this game once but the beginning just wears me out. I would like try out pyromancy as in the first game i had alot of fun with it but am unsure of what class is best for tht as I have tried sorcerer but really does not feel right.
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2023.03.22 07:26 jesika543 1 arrow ⬆️ = 2 🐱 videos (yes I actually send)💓🤤and hit my snp:olivialexi67

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2023.03.22 07:25 tiwarinitish Parseable - an open source log observability platform

Hello DevOps community, we've been working on https://github.com/parseablehq/parseable for a while now. Would love to get any feedback, questions etc.

Major driver for us to build Parseable, is the acute absence of a developer friendly, simple product to just ingest logs and integrate with current tools in the ecosystem. Parseable is
  1. Written in Rust for memory efficiency and performance.
  2. Uses Apache Arrow and Parquet for data management.
  3. Based on indexing free design for fast ingestion (up to 100K events / sec / node).
  4. Uses object storage (like S3) as primary storage system for cost effective storage.

Log dashboard in Grafana (powered by Parseable data source): http://demo.parseable.io:3000/d/ojonXSp4z/parseable-demo-data?orgId=1&refresh=1m
Get Started: https://www.parseable.io/docs/
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2023.03.22 07:25 HughEhhoule The Klink Mike's Story Part 1

Link to original story
The floor of the cell is covered in decades of mildew and dust. This disgusting carpet does nothing to dull the pain as I skip across it, thrown in by someone with the intention of making a point.
My Name’s Mike, and if any of you are the types to go on a deep dive, you probably know A little about me already.
For those of you that don’t, Jesus I don’t know exactly where to begin.
The Cliff’s notes would be that I spent a little over a decade either being a serial killer or a vigilante. I won’t try to justify my actions, both of those are just sides of the same shitty coin. I’m not a person to be idolized or emulated, so I choose not to plead my case.
Now, while I thought that was just about as screwed up as life could get, one day, out of the blue, after burying my best, fuck, my only friend I found myself, somewhere else. A world that looked and felt like mine, but one where the things that go bump in the night actually existed.
Where I came from, I’d seen monsters, to be sure, but only the kind that happen when people break.
Since I’ve been here? Got caught up in some demented gameshow for demons or something, threw a massive shit in the punch bowl of the thing running the production, and got the world’s unluckiest man his freedom.
And that leads me to my current situation, staring down the rage filled, mildly bruised face of that asshole, that fucking, demonic Ted Turner, Art.
He runs a hand aggressively through his slicked back hair, standing at the door to my cell.
“Looks like your little plan didn’t work, exactly as I predicted, you fuck.
I mean, great try with the little cat thing you had, honestly didn’t see that coming. But, Jesus, Mike, what was your end game? “ Art gloats.
“Cards on the table? It was a lot better, but shit fell through, that whiskey abomination, it was the one that ratted me out I assume?
That being said, still got Kev out. And you can’t really ‘flip off his lightswitch’ if he didn’t let you screw around with his wiring, can you? “ I grin, I keep it, even as a Gucci shoe slams into my face.
Am I scared? Of God damn course I am, I’ve been pissing myself (metaphorically speaking.) since I realised that the rules of reality don’t really apply any more.
Every new grain of sand on the beach of hell my life has become, tosses me further down the road of mental failure. Shit, that’s half of what fucked up my last plan in the first place.
If I could have just kept my shit together long enough, I’d be sipping a beer with Kev in some shit hole town somewhere. But the only thing harder than trying to stamp down fear in the face of God’s and monsters, is trying to do it while projecting some kind of ‘death fears me ‘ persona.
Between you and I? Death doesn’t fear me, in fact, it seems to love to hang around. And every day I have to stare down that grim spectre, the closer I get to losing the tenuous grip on reality I have .
“Oh, fuck Kev. He’s smart enough to stay off my radar, and too stupid to figure out a way to come back at me.
He's got a 1 bedroom in Idaho or something? Salud, good on him.
You, I had high hopes for, and then you decide to wipe your ass all over my carpet, cost me more than I could even explain, and even, get me a little roughed up. My favorite shell, anyway.
I want to recoup some loses Mike. So, you, get to be a part of another one of my projects.
You thought The Path was bad? Oh, you literal, fucking clown, you haven’t seen anything.
I won’t spoil it for you, the devil’s in the details and all, but you know what everyone loves?
Not being in it themselves, of course, but seeing others, especially those they hate in there.
This place isn’t fair, the path was a boxing match with Queensbury rules, this is a handcuffed knife fight.
And I can’t wait to see you figure out, all the little surprises it has in store for you. “ Art laughs and tosses me a battered, ancient looking smartphone, “ Feel free to drum me up some good press online if you want. “
My heart is pounding, I have to use every bit of will I have to stop from shaking, to roll my neck and sit against the cold, padless cement bed behind me.
I feel sick, my stomach boiling and gurgling.
“For the love of whatever the demonic equivalent of Christ is, why not just kill me? I’m right here, I have no way of fighting back, and you know damn well that if you give me enough time, I’m going to find a way to wipe my ass on your doorframe next. “ My tone is flippant, or at least, I hope it is.
“The ego on you kid, you think you’re that guy don’t you?
They exist, don’t get me wrong, probably a couple thousand folks capable of taking me out, but trust me, you are not one of them.
This isn’t some ‘Arch’ idiocy where I leave my greatest rival alive. This is me watching you squirm because I can, and making a little profit on the deal.
Don’t flatter yourself. “ Art has produced a long thin knife as he talks, he spins and rolls it absently.
“Before your guys dragged me off, I met something. A corner store, I don’t know if it was haunted, possessed, or if it was some kind of creature that just decided to look like a knock off 7-11.
Point being, it was out there, ethereal, I couldn’t hurt it, outwit it, even slow it down. I ran from that thing as fast as I could. It gave me some serious Lovecraft vibes.
You, Art, are not that guy. “ I notice myself tapping my finger nervously on the slime covered floor, I focus, stopping the tic.
The tip of Art’s knife glows, the sick, grey sheen isn’t heat, but something that makes me start to back up.
“I am, but you will never see that. You’re not worth the effort.
I want to give you a little something though. “ Art stalks toward me, I stand as I back into the farthest corner of the cell, “ Proud of your face paint were you? “
Art grins, and for a moment lets some of his true self slip through. For just a moment I see timeless horror in his eyes, a dark black void of consumed souls and unrestrained evil.
That knife parts my flesh with pain like a whip. Without even using the blade, it’s presence flenses my face, opening up raw, textured furrows in my flesh.
He leaves after he is done, laughing to himself.
The pain makes me black out, my stomach is boiling, I come to dry heaving, the effort sends me back into the oblivion of sleep.
I don’t know how long has passed, my face feels like it is on fire, and the thick steel bars of my cell door are closed.
It takes me two minutes of cupping my hands under the grime laden steel tap to get enough water to clear off a spot on the rusted, old, wall mounted steel mirror.
No mortal hand could have scarred me as accurately as Art did. The wounds, not healed, but cauterised as to not make me bleed out, used depth, and width, to create a colorless replica of my makeup.
I know trauma, physical as well as mental, and these are scars that will never heal. As the fact sinks in that my face is literally no longer my own, I scream, heart pounding, I split open my knees on the cold cement floor.
Pain flares, threatens to send me back to the bliss of unconsciousness, but I don’t care.
I read Kev’s journals, and they paint me in a really… positive light, in a sense.
What I mean is, going by what he thought he saw, I’m some kind of supervillian or something. Tossing three hundred pound air conditioners ( it was the outer shell, seventy pounds, physics and luck did the rest.), wrestling Art ( I was clinging on for dear life, had it not been for Jr and the mass of denizens, I’d have been killed with a flick of his wrist.), or appearing like a ghost (people, even immortal are very unobservant. Especially in an emergency.).
I’m great at seeming horrifying, and that’s a weapon in and of itself, but at the end of the day, that’s all it is.
Kneeling in my own blood, vision blurry with pain, I realise how small, vulnerable, and unarmed I truly am.
By the time daylight shines through the yellow reinforced glass window, I’m already awake. I’ve spent an hour and a half calming myself, trying to find some focus, some centre to keep me going.
I’ve been in prison before, back home, first and last time I tried plying my trade outside of America.
Being the stupid payaso gringo that I am I bit off so much more than I can chew that I wound up choking on it for 2 months in a Mexican prison.
The routine of, count, lineup, chow, remained the same.
The demographics of the population on the other hand…
Being observant is one of my main skills and as I was brought into the absurdly sized cafeteria, I was taken aback at just how many people were here.
Tens of Thousands, easily, maybe a hundred. I try and think of how many missing person cases this accounts for, and even that math doesn’t quite add up.
I quickly inventory the groups that make up the place, not that it wasn’t obvious.
The first, of course are the guards. Some, the majority, appear to be human, well geared up and in intimidating physical condition.
But a handful, they are clearly, something else. Some are smooth featured ebony skinned giants, carrying truncheons that could crush a car engine. Others are grinning, pale skinned bad attempts at human copies, wild eyed and twitching.
Second would be what I called the cultists. They all appeared to style themselves after certain tropes and urban legends, clearly human, but dressing, tattooing and mutilating themselves to appear like, myths, legends, and monsters.
The subtle violence I see tells me I’ve found the gangs.
Third are the Everymen, I can’t see any kind of pattern to them, but they seem to make up the majority of the population. They keep their distance from the guards and the cultists, but on more than one occasion I see then stand, united against attempts at extortion.
The last group, I call the candles, people that are clearly on their way out mentally and physically. Sunken eyed, and set upon from all angles, at any moment these folks could be simply snuffed out.
I keep my distance, and stay respectful, the meandering, twisting line seems to take hours to get me my thick slice of crumbling yellow bread, and thick red slurry that reminds me of porridge masquerading as meat.
My coat is gone but I’m left with the majority of the clothing I fashioned back in the path. I see a mix of unwashed orange uniforms and ‘civilian’ clothing, some of the cultists, bordering more on costume than wardrobe.
As the massive, butchers apron wearing man in smeared clown makeup sits down, I wish I’d have been issued something more generic. I saw this coming the second I noticed a lump of Chlorophiles in blood stained getups.
“You sit with us. “ I can’t tell if it’s an accent or speech pattern, the clown sounds strange, either way.
I eat a spoonful of the red sludge.
“No disrespect intended, I’m not one for clubs. I’m going to make no waves, no plays, nothing. I’m a ghost. “ I say, levelly, avoiding eye contact.
Why, you might ask, having been told about my adventures in murder.
Well, that’s just it. Murder is easy, and any time you saw me end a life, it was just that.
A fight, that’s another thing entirely, especially against someone with a significant weight and height advantage.
“Not asking. You got friends. “ The massive clown moves his bulk closer, it’s like sitting next to a forklift.
I eat the bread, it tastes amazing until I swallow, then has a foul, chemical aftertaste.
I drink some tepid, burgundy fluid that might be caffeinated.
No weapons nearby, no one watching that might step in. I’m full of bruises and sprains, and probably anemic from blood loss. Not to mention one eye is running at about fifty per cent. Art didn’t sever the optic nerve last time, but he wasn’t gentle. My heart races.
“I don’t play well with people who take clowning and slap a coat of dark paint on it.
You guys are Clown Killers. You are good at killing, I’m sure, but the clown part, it’s tacked on.
Myself, I’m a killer clown…. “ I had a really good rant planned, honestly, it was a corker, douche bags would have used it in memes for a decade.
But before I can react, with one massive hand, he bounces my face off of the pitted steel table.
It rings my bell, but not as much as I let on. In clowning terms, what I do Is called a pratfall.
For those of you that don’t speak nerd, I oversell the hit, falling backwards, eyes fluttering.
I tip backwards, reaching out my left arm, as if to steady myself. The meat mountain is unbothered, knowing I have no chance unarmed, in this close, he let’s me grab one shoulder of the butchers apron. The material is thick, and matted in stains that will never come out, literally or metaphorically.
If you want to take someone out, in a relatively harmless way, you don’t want to choke them. It takes forever, usually ends up killing them, and generally is a bad idea for everyone involved.
Your goal is go cut off blood flow to the brain as quickly and fully as possible.
I hook my thumb around the opposite shoulder strap, and snap my body backward, the apron acting as an impromptu Garrotte.
His right arm is knotted through my left, as he tries to struggle, to put his murderous intent and ability to work, the choke only becomes tighter.
I don’t want enemies here, and I only have so many tricks to play before things come to a knock down drag out fight, so I leave the clown unharmed.
I do need friends, but the look I get as I take a seat at a loose collection of men is cold and fearful.
A red haired guy, five foot nine or so, makes eye contact, “Anything we can help you with? “ he says, fearless.
“Yeah, despite the face work I’ve had done, I have fuck all in common with any of those penny wise, Icp, Gacy dressed, assholes.
I need a tribe guys, you all look like the unlucky ones around here, but I don’t want to get involved in bloodshed.
I’m Mike “ I know, that’s only mostly true, but I mean it, either way. I extend a hand.
“Chris. “ the red haired guy says, he wears a white dress shirt and surprisingly blue jeans, “Those stains around your cuffs tell me otherwise.
If you’re telling the truth, that’s great. If you are lying, and still sane enough to keep your word, that’s even better. “ Chris’s tone is mirthless, I read him easily. He’s been here a long time for a short life, he looks thirty max, and I shudder to think how young he may have been when he came in.
Chris catches me up on the ins and outs of this place, beyond what a general knowledge of prison would give.
Everyone here has crimes they were not convicted of, that would, otherwise put them in jail for life. A large amount, obviously are murderers, torturers, real bastards.
But a significant minority are just regular folks, maybe a bit thoughtless, but that have collected a litany of small, petty, in cases almost victim less crimes.
No one seems to be aware of the… reality t.v. Meets demonic fast food aspect of things, but there is a Doom cherry on this fear Sunday.
There is a single way someone can get out. To earn 20 tokens.
And how does one earn these tokens you ask?
Each day the prison holds an event, to call it a challenge would insinuate a level of fair play that is simply not there. The events range from somewhat fair, a fight or game of chance, to esoteric rituals complex enough to rip someone’s soul from their body.
These tokens are also the sole form of currency in the prison, they can buy everything from commissary snacks to literal free passes from guards.
The economy has created a cut throat society, the heads of the cults not even taking advantage of being able to be free, but simply reveling in the power of being psychotic and enabled.
The weak are enslaved, their lives traded on the off chance at tokens.
So, of course, braindead asshole that I am, I signed myself right up. Feeling a little more confidant after climbing Mount Bozo.
It's 8pm and the volunteers are rounded up and brought to a massive room that has all the trappings of a gymnasium, but the scale is large enough easily hold the focus of tonight’s events.
In tiered bleachers all around us, our fellow prisoners cheer and scream. The smell of thousands of unwashed, men is overpowering, the din of excitement is deafening.
But my attention is focussed on the small, single floor home, sitting out of place in the middle of the polished wood floor.
What I wouldn’t give for Demi to appear right now, give me the low down on all the supernatural bullshit that is heading my way. But the longer we stayed in the mountain the less and less the most useful voice in my head could, or would, make an appearance.
I study each of my fellow volunteers, the goal seems simple, last the longest in the home. Men enter and leave within minutes. They come out looking shaken, with minor lacerations, and a general sense of shell shock.
By the time my turn arrives, I think I know what I’m in for.
I’m wrong.
As the baby blue door closes behind me, nothing immediately in the home causes me concern. The fixtures and furniture is a bit out of date, the lighting is, not inviting, and there is a general fog of gloom hanging around.
I smile, I’ve felt this before. Granted I had Demi feeding me supernatural errata at the time, but, I’m positive I can wing it.
“So, I think I may have met one of you guys before. Back in New York, a Happy-Face corner store, anyone you know?
Scary dude, took a couple of pieces out of me.
But this, it’s more like an MMA fight, right? I tap out when you start kicking my ass? “ I stretch, trying to see if I’m getting any kind of reaction.
I inventory the objects around me, last time everything that wasn’t nailed down, shifted, changed and tried to take me apart.
You may have noticed by now, I love using the phrase ‘ last time’, and that’s because up until this moment, I haven’t learned a fucking thing here.
Mike’s first rule of paranormal survival, last time means nothing.
“It’s you” the voice is young, late teens, and male.
I spin, expecting violence, then, wishing violence.
I know the young man, not this pale, older, revenant with a self inflicted gunshot wound, but I know him none the less.
I’m not being metaphorical when I say my heart misses a beat, I almost fall over, pounding at my chest to stop it’s arythmatic pounding.
I knew what happened to him, found it out long after I could do anything about it. And wasn’t in the best of places when I did.
I’ll call him a ghost for simplicity sake, but this kid, he’s my first, and biggest mistake.
I based who I turned into on finding what I thought was one of the worst people on earth. This kid’s father.
I did things to him worthy of what I knew he did. And to top it all off, I had him die by his wife’s hand.
Well, a decade later I find out, the guy wasn’t a Saint, but he didn’t do anything worthy of the twisted shit I put him through.
I got wind of some false information put out there in a moment of rage by a tech savvy ten year old. The kid never intended it to see the light of day
“I found out about you Mike, I saw that you were a hero. “ The voice is thin echoes like a stuck record.
“No kid, don’t think that. “ I mumble, I’m shaking, the air is freezing, each breath comes out as white mist.
I’m sitting on the flower printed couch now, and it hits me.
I’d assumed because Art couldn’t screw around in my head last time, the same went for everything here.
Remember what we said about last time.
“My told me what happened one night, what I made you do.
I destroyed her memory of him, I made a real Hero kill him, I couldn’t keep hurting people. “ I can see images, flashing in my mind, memories that are not mine.
I’m counting seconds, trying to focus, trying to stay long enough to get the token. It has to have been fifteen, twenty minutes at least.
I try to work up a smirk, to convince myself that I’m just being played by the paranormal equivalent of a heckler.
That’s not it though, This place, this house, is reaching inside me and finding places to look. As I stare into the young man’s rotted eyes I know this is some part of him, torn away from whatever rest he was entitled to.
The lights dim, then turn off. The house is silent.
Hollywood gets being both a lunatic and a hitman wrong in equal measure. No matter how much morality you want to inject into the profession, there are going to come times when you make mistakes.
As the lights slowly turn to a dull orange glow, I’m surrounded by the hovering, mutilated forms of mine.
Those that died that could have been spared, those that died because of my inaction, or stupidity. I’ve never forgotten them, I use them to make sure I never make the same mistakes again, but having them looming, screaming, all demanding I hear their stories, their accusations, their placations.
It's too much, I stumble from the couch, trying to avoid the icy touch of these phantoms. For a moment I find some last scrap of courage, I close my eyes, shut out the shrieking din of the dead.
The silence hits like a truck, I focus, trying to calm my burned out nerves.
Then they are reignited like a fucking welding torch.
“This place didn’t bring us here.
We’ve been right next to you for years Mike. We can’t leave. “ The voice of my first mistake.
Like a toddler I try to run with my eyes closed, I trip over a glass coffee table, clawing my way up the door, grasping at the handle.
I can feel a slight pull now, almost magnetic, trying to drag me backwards.
My hands shake too much, I have to steady my right wrist with my left hand, the floor becomes slick, I see the door, escape start to move further away as I’m pulled backward.
I've taken a hit or two, and had a couple of three day benders that have made me piss myself. But as I stumble, trying to make progress on the nearly friction less floor, I have another unpleasant first experience.
I grab the handle, pulling myself out of the house, launching my body into a skin peeling tumble across unforgiving plank flooring.
I’m a shaking, fetal wreck, by the time I’ve pulled myself together enough to take in my surroundings, I see the red Led clock displaying my time.
42 seconds. Bottom of the barrel. The jeers and booing from the crowd do nothing for my frayed nerves or the storm of fear and anxiety going through my mind.
I’m exhausted, but I can’t sleep, it has nothing to do with the concrete slab that serves as my bed.
My stomach has been knotting and cramping, with each passing second I get more worried I blew some internal gasket in one of the many life or death struggles in the past months.
When I finally manage to vomit, the urge is strong enough I get no where near the filth crusted hole in the floor that serves as my toilet. And my worst fears are confirmed as I see the massive pile of vomit is mostly blood.
… and bones? Is that an eyeball? A piece of fur?
The mass begins to pull itself together, bits and pieces forming the most rudimentary attempt at a face.
“Junior? “ I say, stunned.
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2023.03.22 07:24 PaimonNovem Attention all dark souls and zombie hunters! Kill Zombies - Win 5000L Only @ Sinister Event

Sinister Event is proud to present the ultimate challenge: the Zombie Killing Contest. Do you have what it takes to survive the undead hordes and emerge as the ultimate champion?
Between now and April 3rd, the Sinister Event will be overrun with zombies, and it's up to you to take them down. But beware, getting bitten will cost you dearly. It's a fight for survival, and only the most skilled and daring will come out on top.
As if the thrill of the fight wasn't enough, the winner will receive a prize of 5000L. That's right, 5000L just for being the top Zombie Hunter. So sharpen your weapons and get ready for a bloodbath.
But that's not all. At Sinister Event, we believe in giving back. A portion of the proceeds from the monthly shopping event go to Don't Be A Monster, a non-profit organization that provides free bullying prevention assemblies to schools across the USA. 100% of the donations made through the kiosks scattered around the event will also go to this great cause.
Join us at the Sinister Event and help us fight the zombie apocalypse while supporting a worthy cause. We'll see you on the battlefield.
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2023.03.22 07:21 Tigreal Patch Notes 1.7.68 - Org. Server

From The Designers

For the upcoming March season, aside from the usual hero adjustments, we've also optimized the gameplay of some older heroes such as Layla and Freya. We hope they'll be back with a spring in their step, ready to shine upon the battlefield!
We've also optimized 6 lesser-used equipment (Sea Halberd, Necklace of Durance, Twilight Armor, Rose Gold Meteor, Blood Wings and Thunder Belt) and 2 Battle Spells (Aegis and Revitalize) to hopefully make them more viable options in battle.
Additionally, for the upcoming Season 28, we will be launching a new Mythic system with a new rank, new Display Logos for Mythic ranks, and optimized the Mythic Points system into the Stars system. Reach 25 and 50 stars in Mythic to get upgraded appearances for Mythic stars.
We've also optimized the Placement Match experience and added a new Mythic Rank Exclusive Skin Voting system (avaliable after reaching Mythic rank, vote for 1 out of 6 heroes).
Added "Road to Mythic" challenges at Mythic rank that will grant the S28 Profile Namecard Background and Personal Profile Background. Reach Mythical Glory rank to upgrade them. Good luck in the new season!

I. New & Revamped Heroes

[Revamped Hero: Courageous Warrior - Minsitthar]
[Spear of Glory] and [King's Calling] are Minsitthar's core skills, so we've kept their gameplay the same (with some optimizations) in this revamp.
In addition, we've redesigned his Skill 2 and Passive to provide more damage and control to his kit. This redesign focuses on maintaining his roaming role while exploring the possibility of taking the Exp Lane.
We've also given Minsitthar a complete makeover. With this revamp, the courageous warrior shall reclaim his rightful glory!
Hero Features: A courageous warrior who excels in battle with spear and shield.
[Passive: Mark of the King]
Minsitthar's Basic Attacks and skills apply a stack of Mark of the King. Upon reaching 5 stacks, the next attack will detonate all Marks to deal a large amount of damage and stun the target, and restore HP to Minsitthar.
[Skill 1: Spear of Glory]
When pulling back his spear, Minsitthar will pull all enemy heroes in its path to him.
[Skill 2: Shield Assault]
Minsitthar holds up his shield, reducing incoming damage from the front for a period of time.
While in this stance, Minsitthar's Basic Attacks will hit all enemies in a rectangular area and have increased Attack Speed.
[Ultimate: King's Calling]
Minsitthar's Ultimate now prevents all enemies in its area from using all movement abilities.
Summoned Royal Guards can also trigger Minsitthar's equipment effects with their attacks.
Slightly increased the cast range.
Reduced the effect's duration.

II. Hero Adjustments

The following heroes have undergone significant adjustments in this patch: Joy, Freya, Layla, Wanwan, Badang, Esmeralda and Eudora.
The following uses (↑) (↓) (~) to indicate Buff, Nerf, and Adjustment.
[Joy] (~)
Joy has impressive durability, but her burst potential is a bit lacking in the mid-to-late game. As such, we're making it harder for her to gain durability while increasing her damage to fit her role as an Assassin.
[Passive] (~)
Removed the shield effect.
New Effect: Joy's skills now deal an additional instance of damage each time they hit a non-Minion unit.
[Skill 2] (~)
Max Uses: 5 >> 4
New Effect: Gain a shield when hitting on beat.
[Ultimate] (~)
Number of Skill 2 casts required to unlock: 5 >> 4
New Effect: Gain Physical & Magic Defense during Ultimate.
Damage increase after hitting on beat: 30% >> 40% (max damage when hitting all beats is the same)
[Freya] (↑)
While Freya has great sustainability, she plays more or less the same as other heroes that rely on Basic Attacks. So, we're making it easier for her to chain her skill combos, and in some circumstances, indefinitely. We're also improving the feel of Spirit Combo and Leap of Faith, and that of Freya's combos as a whole. Her shield and damage in the early-mid game have been adjusted to keep things balanced.
[Skill 1] (~)
Skill 1 is no longer enhanced by Sacred Orb nor does it cost any Sacred Orbs.
Can move through obstacles more easily.
[Skill 2] (↑)
Skill casts needed to trigger leaping strike: 3 >> 2
Reworked how the cooldown works: Cooldown is no longer triggered after the leaping strike, instead it triggers after not continuing to cast the skill within a certain period.
Slightly reduced the foreswing time of the leaping strike.
Airborne Duration: 0.5s >> 0.4s
Base Damage: 130-230 (+90% Total Physical Attack) >> 20-230 (+90% Total Physical Attack)
Final Damage: 156-276 (+108% Total Physical Attack) >> 26-276 (+108% Total Physical Attack)
Shield: 160-260 (+70% Extra Physical Attack) >> 60-260 (+70% Extra Physical Attack)
[Layla] (↑)
As a Marksman without Blink, Layla has trouble with survivability. We hope the following changes will allow her to kite enemies more efficiently and increase her skill cap. We've reduced a bit of her damage to balance these buffs.
[Basic Attack & Skills] (↑)
Greatly reduced backswing time to allow her to move and attack more efficiently.
[Attribute] (↓)
Physical Attack Growth: 9 >> 7.5
[Passive] (↓)
Maximum Damage Increase: 135% >> 130%
[Skil 2] (↑)
Changed the slow effect from mark detonations to a 0.25s AOE stun.
Only marks the first target hit.
[Wanwan] (~)
With fewer Weaknesses to hit, more players have been enjoying Wanwan, but it also made it harder for her opponents to counter her Ultimate. Therefore, we want to make it easier to escape her Ultimate while not affecting her power. After the changes, the locked target can more easily get out of lock range, and frontline heroes can move to block Wanwan's crossbow attacks to tank the damage. To compensate, we buffed Wanwan's damage, and how much she gains from Movement Speed bonuses in the early and mid game (Wanwan should get extra Movement Speed to take advantage of this).
[Passive] (↑)
All Weaknesses Hit Damage: 55-97 >> 70-112
[Ultimate] (↓)
Lock Range: 8.5 >> 6
Speed Boost while in the air: 10% Total Movement Speed >> 100% Extra Movement Speed
[Badang] (↓)
Badang has become too dominant in this version with the buff to Knockback effects. We've moderately reduced his damage in the early and mid game for balance.
[Skill 1] (↓)
Base Damage: 160-260 >> 125-225
Explosion Damage: 120-195 >> 100-175
[Ultimate] (↓)
Base Damage: 80-140 >> 60-120
Explosion Damage: 40-70 >> 30-60
[Esmeralda] (↑)
We've slightly increased Esmeralda's damage to make her more competitive compared to other Exp Laners.
[Basic Attack] (↑)
First Damage: 80% Physical Attack >> 100% Physical Attack
Second Damage: 100 +55% Magic Power >> 100 +75% Magic Power
[Skill 2] (↑)
Cooldown: 5.5-3.5s >> 4.5-3.5s
[Eudora] (↑)
We want players to be able to use Eudora's skills based on the situation, instead of always starting with Skill 2.
[Attributes] (↑)
HP Growth: 142.5 >> 160.5
[Skill 2] (↑)
Orb of Lightning bounce's Stun Duration: 0.6s >> 0.9s
[Lesley] (↑)
We've slightly buffed Lesley's damage because the meta has been favouring Attack Speed Marksmen.
Passive (↑)
Base Damage:50 >> 75
[Skill 1] (↑)
Cooldown: 5-3s >> 4-2.5s
[Paquito] (↑)
We've slightly buffed Paquito's durability in the mid and late game to fit his role as a fighter.
[Skill 1] (↑)
Shield: 150-500 +110% Physical Attack >> 150-650 +135% Physical Attack
[Fredrinn] (↓)
Slightly reduced the damage of Fredrinn's Ultimate when not enhanced.
[Skill 2] (↓)
Base Damage: 200-300 >> 140-215
[Skill 3] (↓)
Base Damage: 300-500 >> 210-330

III. Battlefield Adjustments

[New Map]

The brand-new map "Harmonia" is available free for a limited-time! Featuring a new design, with new models, effects, and more. And the "Harmonia" Lord is stepping into the fray, too. Check it out!
[Lord] (↑)
The Enhanced Lord can now use Turret Clash against all turrets it encounters after the 12-minute mark, instead of only the first one.


[Sea Halberd] (↑)
We don't want Physical Damage heroes to lose much damage output when using this equipment.
[Unique Passive - Punish] (New)
Increase damage by 8% against enemy heroes with more extra HP than you.
[Necklace of Durance] (↑)
Optimized the build path to better fit some mages and supports.
[Build Path]
Mystic Container >> Elegant Gem (Necklace of Durance attributes modified accordingly)
[New Passive] (↑)
Gift (the effect is the same as Elegant Gem)
[Twilight Armor] (Revamped)
We've noticed that most tanks focus on absorbing damage instead of dealing damage, so we've changed this equipment to help against burst damage and also made it more versatile.
[Unique Passive - Twilight] (Revamped)
When taking more than 600 damage in a single hit, the excess amount will be reduced by 300 +5% of Max HP. Cooldown: 5s.
[Rose Gold Meteor] (↑)
Rose Gold Meteor has been overshadowed by Athena's Shield, so we've changed its function to help heroes escape when the passive triggers.
[Attributes] (↑)
Physical Lifesteal: 5% >> 10%
[Build Path] (~)
Magic Blade + Dagger >> Magic Blade + Vampire Mallet
[Unique Passive - Lifeline] (↑)
Shield: 510-1350 >> 840-1820
Removed Effect: Increase Magic Defense by 25 for 3s when triggered.
New Effect: Increase Movement Speed by 50% when triggered, the effect decays over 3 seconds.
Cooldown: 40s >> 60s
[Magic Blade] (↑)
[Unique Passive - Lifeline] (↑)
Shield: 280-700 >> 420-910
Removed Effect: Increase Magic Defense by 12 for 3s when triggered.
New Effect: Increase Movement Speed by 50% when triggered, the effect decays over 3 seconds.
Cooldown: 40s >> 60s
[Blood Wings] (↑)
Optimized Effect: Now when the shield is attacked, it will be restored after 30s even if it's not destroyed.
Cooldown: 30s >> 20s
New Effect: Increase Movement Speed by 30 when shield is active.
[Thunder Belt] (↑)
Thunder Belt is too costly for roaming tanks, so we're reducing its price and boosting its Mana Regen.
[Cost] (↑)
2290 >> 1990
[Attributes] (↑)
Mana Regen: 6 >> 10
[Clock of Destiny] (↓)
Reduced the survivability it granted to burst damage mages.
[Attributes] (↓)
HP: 625 >> 500
[Unique Passive - Time] (↓)
Each stack grants 20 HP (was 25).
[Ice Queen Wand] (↑)
Increased the survivability it granted to sustained damage mages.
[Attributes] (↑)
New: 300 HP
Removed: 150 Mana
[Fleeting Time] (↑)
Optimized Effect: Certain heroes with Ultimates that enter cooldown after their duration is over now also gain cooldown reduction from kills and assists during their Ultimate's duration.
Includes: Faramis, Yve, Luo Yi, Leomord, Baxia, Hanzo, Granger, Edith, Aldous.
[Dominance Ice] (↑)
We want this piece of equipment to be more effective against heroes with high attack speed.
[Unique Passive - Arctic Cold] (↑)
The attack speed reduction is now calculated after all attack speed bonuses.
Lowers nearby enemy heroes' Attack Speed to: 75% >> 70%
[Black Ice Shield] (↑)
[Unique Passive - Arctic Cold] (↑)
The attack speed reduction is now calculated after all attack speed bonuses.
Lowers nearby enemy heroes' Attack Speed to: 90% >> 85%

[Battle Spells]

We've adjusted [Aegis] and [Revitalize] to more clearly differentiate them from [Vengeance]. Heroes of different roles should now have more viable choices for defensive Battle Spells.
[Aegis] (↑)
Aegis works well enough to protect heroes with low HP in the early game, but the shield is too flimsy in the mid and late game compared to how much hero damage ramps up.
Shield: 750 + 50Hero Level >> 750 + 90Hero Level
Removed the effect of granting shield to nearby allied hero.
Cooldown: 90s >> 75s
[Revitalize] (~)
The effect will now move with its caster, making it more suitable for Supports.

[Role Adjustments]

As the meta evolves, certain heroes have gone through a lot of changes compared to their original playstyle and abilities. Therefore, we decided to update their roles to better fit their playstyle.
  • Grock: Tank >> Tank/Fighter
  • Johnson: Tank >> Tank/Support
  • Carmilla: Support >> Support/Tank
  • Kaja: FighteSupport >> Support/Fighter
  • Ruby: FighteTank >> Fighter
  • Fredrinn: Tank/Fighter >> FighteTank
  • Paquito: Fighter >> FighteAssassin
  • Yin: Fighter >> FighteAssassin
  • Benedetta: Assassin >> Assassin/Fighter
  • Harley: Mage/Assassin >> Assassin/Mage >

[Lane Position Adjustments]

  • Silvanna: Exp Lane/Jungling >> Exp Lane/Roaming
  • Cyclops: Mid Lane >> Mid Lane/Jungling
Removed Jungling classification from the following heroes: Lapu-Lapu, Argus, Selena, Masha, Popol and Kupa.

IV. Weekly Free Heroes & New Skins

[New Skins]

1- New Epic skin Vale "Keeper of the Winds" will be available on March 27, 2023. Original Price: 899 Diamonds, 30% off during launch week.
2- Rafaela "Seraphic Selfie" will be available in the Purify Harmonia event on March 31 (Server Time).
3- April StarLight Skin - Edith "Ancient Warden" will be available on April 1, 2023.
4- Miya "Atomic Pop Miya" will be available on April 5 (Server Time) for 899 Diamonds. 30% off for the first 21 days.
5- Cyclops "Yokai Warlock" will be available in Grand Collection on April 10 (Server Time).
6- Eudora "Atomic Pop Eudora" will be available on April 12 (Server Time) for 899 Diamonds. 30% off for the first 21 days.
7- Hanabi "Moonlit Ninja" will be available in Moonlit Wish on April 15 (Server Time).
8- New Epic skin Bane "Soul Defiler" will be available on April 19, 2023. Original Price: 899 Diamonds, 30% off during launch week.
9- May StarLight Skin - Moskov "Violet Spear" will be available on May 1, 2023.
10- New Gloo "Jellyman" skin will be available on May 4, 2023. Original Price: 749 Diamonds, 30% off during launch week.
11- Clint "Crimson Blast" will be available in Grand Collection on May 6 (Server Time).
12- Roger "Phantom Pirate" and "Fire Pirate" will be available soon with a fully revamped design.
13- Hilda "Aries" will be available soon with a fully revamped design.
14- Minotaur "Taurus" will be available soon with a fully revamped design.

[Fragment Shop Adjustments]

Fragment Shop Adjustments on March 22 (Server Time)
a- Rare Skin Fragment Shop
Added: Argus "Dark Draconic", Dyrroth "Ruins Scavenger", Lunox "Ash Blossom", Natalia "Phantom Dancer" and Wanwan "Darting Star".
Removed: Gusion "Cyber Ops", Clint "Rock and Roll", Zilong "Eastern Warrior", Alucard "Viscount", and Minsitthar "Gilded King".
b- Hero Fragment Shop
Added: Hanabi, Edith, Moskov and Alpha.
Removed: Ruby, Gusion, Lesley and Valentina.

[Free Heroes]

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 03/24/2023 05:01:00 to 03/31/2023 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)
Aamon, Khufra, Vale, Alice, Natalia, Harley, Guinevere and Phoveus.
6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Claude, Atlas, Beatrix, Sun, Harith and Grock.
8 Free Heroes: Server Time 03/31/2023 05:01:00 to 04/07/2023 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)
Lylia, Estes, Martis, Angela, Hanabi, Vexana, Thamuz and Rafaela.
6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Irithel, Faramis, Masha, Paquito, Lesley and Bruno.
8 Free Heroes: Server Time 04/07/2023 05:01:00 to 04/14/2023 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)
Clint, Dyrroth, Diggie, Alice, Fanny, Yin, Aulus and Hylos.
6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Akai, Brody, Chou, Aldous, Melissa and Franco.
8 Free Heroes: Server Time 04/14/2023 05:01:00 to 04/21/2023 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)
Martis, Cyclops, Gatotkaca, Helcurt, Karina, Kaja, Khaleed and Gloo.
6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Kadita, Edith, Moskov, Vale, Masha and Beatrix.
8 Free Heroes: Server Time 04/21/2023 05:01:00 to 04/28/2023 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)
Floryn, Minotaur, Pharsa, Kadita, Thamuz, Bane, Barats and Harith.
6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Johnson, Cecilion, Kaja, Chang'e, Roger and Ling.
8 Free Heroes: Server Time 04/28/2023 05:01:00 to 05/05/2023 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)
Lapu-Lapu, Carmilla, Moskov, Jawhead, Mathilda, Khufra, Akai and Phoveus.
6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Luo Yi, Selena, Lolita, Aldous, Bruno and Atlas.
8 Free Heroes: Server Time 05/05/2023 05:01:00 to 05/12/2023 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)
Vale, Chou, Irithel, Esmeralda, Faramis, Baxia, Lancelot and Bruno.
6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Martis, Karrie, Sun, Aurora, Lesley and Hanabi.
8 Free Heroes: Server Time 05/12/2023 05:01:00 to 05/19/2023 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)
Leomord, Valentina, Terizla, Yi Sun-shin, Phoveus, Karina, Kimmy and Rafaela.
6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Natan, Helcurt, Guinevere, Vexana, Barats and Uranus.

[StarLight Shop Update]

The following will be removed from the Shop on 4/30 23:59 (Server Time): Karrie "Dragon Queen", Aldous "The Insentient", Chou "Go Ballistic", Masha "Combat Maiden", Ling "Street Punk", Benedetta "Street Blow", Yi Sun-shin "Azure Sentry", Sun "Simian Curse", Luo Yi "Siren Priestess", and Ruby "Pirate Parrot".
The following will be added on 5/1 00:00: Layla "Bunny Babe", Freya "Dragon Hunter", Zilong "Eastern Warrior", Franco "Apocalypse", Martis "Searing Maw", Wanwan "Teen Pop", Lapu-Lapu "Special Force", Khufra "Dreadful Clown", Pharsa "Peony Bloom", and Cecilion "Stargazer".

V. New Functions & Events

[Ranked Mode]

1- Season 27 will end on 03/24/2023 at 23:59:59 (Server Time).
2- Season 28 will start on 03/25/2023 at 02:00:00 (Server Time). Play Ranked to get rewards, including Lapu-Lapu's S28 skin "Son of the Wild" and S28 Avatar Border "Fearless Armor". Complete rank tasks during the season to upgrade the skin's tag.

[S28 First Recharge Event]

1- Recharge 20 Diamonds to claim the S28 First Recharge Avatar Border for free!
2- Recharge any amount to purchase the S28 First Recharge Exclusive Elite Skin Khufra "Iron Hook" only for 100 Diamonds after discount!
3- Recharge a total of 3 days to purchase a Rename Card (7-Day). Only for 50 Diamonds after discount!

[The ALLSTAR event is here for a limited-time with the best deals of the year!]

1- From April 5 - May 28, ALLSTAR exclusive skin [Miya "Atomic Pop Miya"] and its Custom Action Bundle will be added to the Shop. 30% off for the first 21 days!
2- From April 12 - May 28, ALLSTAR exclusive skin [Eudora "Atomic Pop Eudora"] and its Custom Action Bundle will be added to the Shop. 30% off for the first 21 days!
3- From April 15 - May 8, the Moonlit Wish Draw event will be available. Participate in the draw and you'll have the chance to obtain the new ALLSTAR exclusive skin
4- [Hanabi "Moonlit Ninja'] as well as STUN, M-World, and [Guinevere "Psion of Tomorrow'] skins for a limited-time! Spend ALLSTAR Promo Diamonds to draw from 4/20 - 4/25. Don't miss out!
5- From April 15 - April 19, purchase Mega Draw Bundles (including Moonlit Wish Token + Lucky Number) for a chance to win 10,000 Diamonds daily, and a chance to win a 50,000 Diamond jackpot. Start buying early for the best chance to win!
6- From April 15 - April 23, log in daily during the event to win free rewards.
7- Complete daily and consecutive Recharge Tasks to earn rewards, including up to 5 Moonlit Wish Tokens, ALLSTAR exclusive Emote, Magic Wheel Potions, and loads more!
8- From April 20 - April 25, enjoy a shop-wide Mega Sale with up to 50% off. Spend ALLSTAR Promo Diamonds to buy skins for as little as 1 Diamond!

[ALLSTAR Free Rewards]

Four permanent skins, permanent hero choice, limited-time resources, Diamonds and more, all FREE and waiting to be claimed! You don't want to miss this!
1- From March 22 - 31, join Rafaela's Livestream event to claim a free ALLSTAR exclusive Emote!
2- From March 31 - April 30, join the Purify Harmonia event to claim a new ALLSTAR permanent skin, Spawn Effect, Avatar Border and more for free!
3- From March 31 - April 30, join the Last Encore event to claim a permanent event-exclusive skin of your choosing!
4- From April 1 - 25, join the ALLSTAR Login Gifts event to claim the new ALLSTAR Graffiti, Recall Effect, Draw Token, Elite skin and more for free!
5- From April 5 - 20, join the ALLSTAR Festival event to claim free ALLSTAR Promo Diamonds. Spend them in place of Diamonds!
6- From April 21 - 30, join the ALLSTAR Hero Academy event to claim one of five free permanent heroes!
7- On top of all that, there's Nostalgia, All Heroes Free Access, ALLSTAR reward exchange, and loads more reward-packed events coming soon!

[MLBB X Transformers: March 22 - April 30]

1- MLBB X Transformers draw event: MLBB X Transformers skins Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron, Soundwave & Ravage, Grimlock and Starscream available for a limited time!
2- Transformers: Scratchcard Event: 1) Event is held from March 22 - 28. Transformers Scratchcard will offer Transformers Passes at a discount! 2) Gain a free scratchcard attempt with each purchase, with guaranteed Transformers-related resources!

[Superheroes Assemble!]

The Dawning Stars series exclusive skins and resources will return for a limited-time from 5/9 - 6/2 (Bruno "Firebolt", Lancelot "Swordmaster", Chou "Thunderfist", Vale "Blizzard Storm", and Esmeralda "The Foreseer")!
1- A permanent prize is guaranteed in the first 10 draws. Enjoy 50% off on your first 1X draw each day and 10% off for every 10X Draw.
2- Vote for your favourite Dawning Stars series skin from 4/24 00:00 - 5/13 to get discounted in the Event Shop during the draw event!
3- More Premium Supply events coming from 5/13 - 5/15 and 5/27 - 5/29. Get draw tokens at a discount!

[Weekly Diamond Pass]

Added the [Savings Box] feature: After purchasing/subscribing to the Weekly Diamond Pass, if you logged in on a particular day but forgot to claim your Weekly Diamond Pass rewards, they will be available the following day in your [Savings Box] (located on the Weekly Diamond Pass page). These can be claimed at any time, so don't worry about rewards you forgot to claim!

[StarLight Lucky Chest]

1- From 4/1 00:00:00 - 4/30 23:59:00, spend 10 Diamonds to participate in the draw for a chance to get a StarLight Card or Premium StarLight Card!
2- Added new "StarLight Last Light" Killing Notification to the StarLight Shop.

[Astral Star]

1- Starting 4/1 00:00 (Server Time), purchase Premium StarLight Membership to get the exclusive name [Astral Star] that will be valid during April StarLight.
2- The [Astral Star] name color is an exclusive Premium StarLight Member privilege, and is displayed in the game where names are shown.

VI. System Adjustments

[MMR Function Optimization]

1- Bonuses and Protection that affect Hero Power are now shown more clearly on the post-game screen.
2- The best title obtained each season is now recorded on your Favorite Heroes page.
3- Adjusted the minimum score required to enter each level's leaderboard, as well as the amount of points gained at each rank.

[Ranked Mode Adjustments]

1- Optimized the Mythic Points system to the Stars system and added a new rank, Mythical Honor, at 25 stars.
2- Added "Road to Mythic" challenges at Mythic rank. Complete them to get the S28 exclusive Profile Namecard Background and Personal Profile Background, and unlock upgraded versions of them at Mythical Glory rank.
3- Every season, you can get 10 Mythic Coins by winning 10 Ranked matches after reaching Mythic rank. Collect 40 Mythic Coins to exchange for the Mythic Exclusive Skin coming later.
4- Reach 25 and 50 stars in Mythic to get upgraded appearances for Mythic stars.
5- Optimized the Placement Match experience. The stars you earn during placements will be applied after you complete your Placement Matches.
6- Optimized Mythic rank matchmaking.

[Recharge Event Rule Adjustments]

After the version update, buying/subscribing to/renewing Weekly Diamond Passes or subscribing to/renewing Weekly Ticket Passes/Monthly Ticket Passes will all count toward Recharge Events and grant the following task progress:
  • Weekly Diamond Pass/Weekly Diamond Pass Subscription: Progress +100
  • Ticket Monthly Subscription: Progress +150
  • Ticket Weekly Subscription: Progress +50 >


Changed the Flag Change Card cooldown period to 3 months. Flag Change Cards will also be available for 70% off.

VII. Bug Fixes & Optimizations

1- Optimized game [Terms] and their descriptions in the [Tutorial].
2- Optimized the display for the 'Disarm' and 'Blink Disabled' markers shown during combat. They've been relocated from above a hero's head to beneath their HP bar.
3- Fixed an issue where some menus would cause crashes.
4- Fixed an issue where Lolita's Enhanced Basic Attacks would end when it's not used (also fixed on the Official Server).
5- Fixed an issue where Gloo would remain on Hayabusa after he used his Ultimate.
6- Fixed an issue where Gloo would remain on Wanwan after she used her Ultimate.
7- Fixed an issue where the animation of the knockback on Chou's Ultimate didn't fully match its control duration.
8- Fixed an issue where Odette's enhanced Basic Attacks couldn't trigger Attack Effects.
9- Fixed an inaccuracy with the damage of the second part of Lapu-Lapu's enhanced Ultimate.
10- Fixed an issue where the damage of Wanwan's Ultimate didn't properly scale with level.
11- Fixed an issue where the blocked damage of Badang's Skill 2 didn't properly scale with level.
12- Fixed an issue where the description and numbers on Argus' Ultimate's status icon weren't displayed correctly.
13- Fixed an inaccuracy with the damage description of Edith's Skill 2.
14- Fixed an inaccuracy with the description of Lapu-Lapu's passive.
15- Fixed an inaccuracy with the cooldown description of Xavier's Skill 2.
16- Fixed an inaccuracy with the movement speed description of Pharsa's Skill 4.
17- Fixed an issue where the movement speed of Hylos' Ultimate didn't increase with the skill level.
18- Fixed an issue where Hilda's Basic Attacks did not match the effects.
19- Fixed an issue with Johnson's Skill 1 description where the stated Physical Attack bonus was slightly off.
20- Optimized the visual effects when control immunity triggers.
21- Fixed an issue where Turret Protection takes effect after a long delay when allied minions die within the enemy turret's range.
22- Fixed an issue where Tigreal's passive was not correctly blocking additional damage triggered by Basic Attacks.
23- Fixed an issue with Windtalker not getting the correct cooldown reduction from Basic Attacks.
24- Fixed an issue where players would rarely lose sound in matches.
  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
submitted by Tigreal to MobileLegendsGame [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 07:20 Ryanlilman Coming from Dishonored 1

So I recently decided to purchase Dishonored 2. It was a game on my wishlist for many months, yet I didn't want to pay the full $40 Steam charges. I waited until it was 75% off and then proceeded to buy it.
So far I'm really enjoying it. Whether it be nostalgia or me being used to how Dishonored 1 played, I still prefer it over the second game. I'll go over some general changes and what I liked and disliked. I have yet to beat the game as well, but I've beaten 3 levels so far.
Firstly, I love the ability to play as Corvo or Emily. I've yet to play as Emily, as I personally like Corvo better. Corvo feels like corvo, yet he actually talks. I'm very much glad he talks. In Dishonored one, he spoke none at all , making it very easy to put yourself in the characters boots and believe you yourself were Corvo. Like your motives and actions you performed were yours alone and not backed by some moral standpoint the actual character has (Obviously some decisions in game are Corvo's actual decision, but hopefully you understand what I mean). I'm yet to play as Emily, and once I'm done with my low chaos no kills hard mode playthrough of Corvo, I'll do a high chaos run of Emily. Whether there are story implications on high chaos and low chaos along with what character you play as, I have no idea. I've yet to beat the game and I've so far avoided most spoilers for this game.
The powers are basically exactly the same, at least for Corvo. I liked them being simplieifed a little bit more in Dishonored 1 where it was tier one, then tier two - and that's it. I don't mind some powers having a little buff, especially when the game coughs up the runes to get said upgrades. Only slight issue I have with that is the extra time it takes to get the runes. No big deal though.A power change I absoulutely don't like however is Dark Vision. Not how Dark Vision works, no. That's fine. It's how it visually works. Dark Vision (As I'm sure you all know) reveals enemies through walls and if upgraded can show items and collectables as well. In Dishonored 1 this was a big AOE for how far you could see enemies and collectables, so the nerf for it I don't mind. My bigges issue however is how items are highlighted. The hue that Dark Vision gives off is like a light orange, and the collectables are light orange as well. I can barely see the items right next to me on the table. It ends up with me missing most of the paintings, easily 2/3rd of the gold on the map, and much more. It's infuriating.
On to combat. Combat in Dishonord 1 was simple. You block, parry, and stabby stab. In Dishonored 2, there's still blocking, parrying, and stabby stabbing, but now there's big stabby stab. Along with more gruesome animations, more gadgets and ways to take out enemies nonlethally (thank god we can drop assasination non lethally now), amongst many other things, the game feels much more fleshed out and enjoyable. It's a shame I wont be able to kill anyone until my Emily playthrough, but I can wait.
Considering I haven't played through the entire game, I can't speak on the maps. I like what I've played through so far and I'm sure it'll only get better.
Considering I just 100% Dishonored early Febuary, I was definetely concered there were going to be some straight up bullshit achievements like Headhunter or Daredevil. Scrolling through the achievements, none of them seem horribly difficult, which is very refreshing to see. I like achievements based on skill and comittment, not straight up luck and RNG like Daredevil and Headhunter. Some may not care about achievements, but I personally do as they give a goal to go for if you chose to and often times require new playthroughs and playstyles. It gives a reason to replay the game long after you've beaten it.
submitted by Ryanlilman to dishonored [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 07:18 heretowrite2574 only reply if you believe

explaining alien human people. "The LORD God said to the serpent, “Because you have done this, cursed are you above all livestock and above all beasts of the field; on your belly you shall go, and dust you shall eat all the days of your life. [I WILL PUT ENMITY BETWEEN YOU AND THE WOMAN, AND BETWEEN YOUR OFFSPRING AND HER OFFSPRING]; He shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel.” ~ Genesis 3:14-15 "And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, [they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men]: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay." ~ Daniel 2:43 "But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way. But when the grain had sprouted and produced a crop, then the tares also appeared. So the servants of the owner came and said to him, ‘Sir, did you not sow good seed in your field? How then does it have tares?’ He said to them, ‘An enemy has done this.’ The servants said to him, ‘Do you want us then to go and gather them up?’ But he said, ‘No, lest while you gather up the tares you also uproot the wheat with them. Let both grow together until the harvest, and at the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, “First gather together the tares and bind them in bundles to burn them, but gather the wheat into my barn.” ~ Matthew 13:25-30 "For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the [COSMIC POWERS] over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the [HEAVENLY PLACES]." ~ Ephesians 6:12. since this makes it clear it is happening. whether you believe or not for this question just answer hypothetically even it its not true does this mean that black people are the seeds of lizards, since we are hated more than all other races of people. if so will blacks one day slither on our stomachs since that's one of the curses. whether you believe or not for this question just answer hypothetically even it its not true, like lets say even if its not if you pretend it is true, would that curse apply to his offspring if they were part human.
submitted by heretowrite2574 to exchristian [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 07:17 heretowrite2574 only reply if you believe ?

explaining alien human people. "The LORD God said to the serpent, “Because you have done this, cursed are you above all livestock and above all beasts of the field; on your belly you shall go, and dust you shall eat all the days of your life. [I WILL PUT ENMITY BETWEEN YOU AND THE WOMAN, AND BETWEEN YOUR OFFSPRING AND HER OFFSPRING]; He shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel.” ~ Genesis 3:14-15 "And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, [they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men]: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay." ~ Daniel 2:43 "But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way. But when the grain had sprouted and produced a crop, then the tares also appeared. So the servants of the owner came and said to him, ‘Sir, did you not sow good seed in your field? How then does it have tares?’ He said to them, ‘An enemy has done this.’ The servants said to him, ‘Do you want us then to go and gather them up?’ But he said, ‘No, lest while you gather up the tares you also uproot the wheat with them. Let both grow together until the harvest, and at the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, “First gather together the tares and bind them in bundles to burn them, but gather the wheat into my barn.” ~ Matthew 13:25-30 "For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the [COSMIC POWERS] over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the [HEAVENLY PLACES]." ~ Ephesians 6:12. since this makes it clear it is happening. whether you believe or not for this question just answer hypothetically even it its not true does this mean that black people are the seeds of lizards, since we are hated more than all other races of people. if so will blacks one day slither on our stomachs since that's one of the curses. whether you believe or not for this question just answer hypothetically even it its not true, like lets say even if its not if you pretend it is true, would that curse apply to his offspring if they were part human.
submitted by heretowrite2574 to TooAfraidToAsk [link] [comments]