Banana republic factory cancel order

Does elegoo allow you to cancel orders after you placed them from their website?

2023.03.21 22:36 HelpMeSuckAtPainting Does elegoo allow you to cancel orders after you placed them from their website?

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2023.03.21 22:35 LeadershipKnown8153 Do I have to return shop and pay order after cancelling?

I shopped for an order the other night and came out to a flat tire. I cancelled the order through support. Am I required to return the order. I don’t even have a receipt anymore.
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2023.03.21 22:34 Ready_Initiative3364 What Shound I do order canceled

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2023.03.21 22:31 FriedNerdKing OOTP 24 Easter Egg

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2023.03.21 22:29 cillianmurphy2022 Accurate

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2023.03.21 22:12 Torifyme12 ‘A financial banana republic’: UBS-Credit Suisse deal puts Switzerland’s reputation on the line

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I had my eye on the Chanel 22 for a while and thought it might make a good carryall for casual workdays, errands, etc., but I hesitated to pull the trigger because the combination of the shiny leather, larger size, and huge Chanel logo on the front felt a bit too conspicuous for my particular work environment. Then I saw pics of the So Black colorway (black leather with black hardware) uploaded to sellers’ albums for God Factory and 187. I loved the fact that the black hardware really toned down the branding to the point that only those who know of the C22 bag would recognize it as Chanel. Most normal people will only recognize it as a trash bag (like, for instance, my husband 🫠). Anyway, this black on black color combo was exactly what I was waiting for. I decided to inquire with my go-to seller Reykay about the God Factory version, since I’ve generally been pleased with the GF items I’ve ordered in the past and I didn’t feel like waiting eons for 187. I’m happy to report that this bag turned out to be everything that I hoped it would be!
I believe Reykay provides a standard luxelife discount (but I’m not sure how much the discount actually is); however, I did not receive any incentives in exchange for writing this review. I told Reykay that I was writing a review and she gave me permission to share her contact info and album link.
Seller: REYKAY (album link here)
Contact info: whatsapp +86 131 7208 1101
Price: 2900 CNY
Payment method: PayPal F&F
Shipping cost/carrier: 520 CNY/FedEx (purchased w/ other items, hence higher shipping cost)
Feb 16, 2023: I texted Reykay via whatsapp asking if God Factory had this bag in stock. She answered right away and sent me a quote. I paid immediately and she confirmed receipt of payment.
Feb 20, 2023: PSPs received from Reykay. They looked good to me, so I GL’ed the bag. Was waiting for other items to come in, so this bag ended up shipping out a few days later on Feb 23.
Feb 27, 2023: Reykay sent tracking numbers upon my request because my Fedex account has stopped notifying me of incoming packages for some reason (Reykay generally does not send tracking numbers unless you ask for them, but she’s happy to oblige once you ask).
March 2, 2023: Bag arrived (triangle shipped from China to HK to USA).

AUTH PHOTOS - Medium so black C22 photos on resale sites here, here, and here ; Youtube review of medium so black C22 here; and medium C22 (in other colors) on Chanel website here

Overall, this bag is very high quality. The leather is soft and flexible, the stitching is neat and even, the hardware is sturdy with no signs of chipping, and the bag is well constructed. I deducted 0.5 because the bag is a bit more lightweight than I expected, the interior lining fabric is a lint magnet, and the detachable pouch doesn’t have as many luxe finishes as the rest of the bag. Now, with that being said, I think the very small things that make this bag feel *slightly* less luxurious than I was expecting are also present in the auth version. Also, while the bag being lightweight was initially surprising to me, I’m ultimately thankful for it because I can stuff the bag to the brim without it getting super heavy.

ACCURACY (compared to auth) - 9.7/10
Measurements/Sizing: This is the RegulaMedium size 22 bag. The official measurements on the Chanel website are 15.2” (height) x 16.4” (width) x 3.1” (depth). The measurements listed on the resale sites that I linked above are all over the place. I think this is because there are two ways to measure this bag: (1) laid flat (which I believe is the method used by Chanel because it results in the largest measurements); and (2) standing upright (which I believe is the method used by some of the resale sites, resulting in slightly smaller measurements because the base and sides aren’t included in the height and width). I was able to measure this bag both ways, and my measurements were consistent the measurements on the Chanel website when laid flat, and were similar to the resale sites when measuring the bag standing upright. My conclusion is that the measurements for this bag are accurate.
Details: Exterior and interior hardware colors are accurate. Number of diamonds in each direction is accurate (3 full diamonds vertically, 4 full diamonds horizontally, 3 full diamonds across the base). Alignment of diamonds/stitching is accurate on the sides and base. Quilted fabric interior is accurate. The only minuscule inaccuracies that I can see are: (1) the placement of the CHANEL lettering on the front is a fraction of a centimeter higher than auth (-0.1), but this is only noticeable upon closely scrutinizing the auth and rep side-by-side and I don’t think this would be calloutable in the wild; (2) the font on the round medallion charm is a hair thickechunkier than auth, but it’s barely, if at all, noticeable (-0.1); and (3) the corners of the inner leather logo patch are slightly more rounded on auth (but I’m not deducting any points for this because it’s on the inside of the bag and barely noticeable to begin with).
Leather: The leather is smooth, soft, and has a nice slouch. It also has a nice sheen, although it might be slightly less shiny than auth. It’s hard to tell for sure because the photos on the various resale sites linked above all show varying degrees of shininess. I also think the lighting that the bag is photographed in plays a part. I took photos in several different lighting scenarios, and the bag definitely appears less shiny and more washed out in bright midday light. That said, because this is generally regarded as a shiny bag, I will deduct -0.1 because one or two coats of leather honey are needed to achieve the level of shine depicted on the Chanel website.
I’m delighted with this bag. Not only is it comfortable to carry, it’s also surprisingly practical (which is not an adjective I generally use to describe Chanel bags). The size makes it suitable for work — it fits a bit more than an LV speedy 30 plus the rectangular shape allows for a small laptop or ipad. I also love how incognito the black on black colorway is. I don’t always feel comfortable wearing my Chanel reps because they’re so unapologetically CHANEL (especially with the recent price increase putting Chanel bags into the eyebrow raising $7-$10k range). The so black C 22 is ideal if you want Chanel vibes without an attention-grabbing logo. I also love the bag’s relaxed, slouchy vibe, which makes it extremely easy to style (I sometimes find Chanel bags to be too dressy or prim for certain casual looks).
I absolutely love working with Reykay. I buy nearly all of my reps from her (I’ve purchased close to 30 pieces from her at this point). She responds quickly, gives me her honest opinion about quality, and ships super fast once I greenlight PSPs. I value her transparency and reliability, so she’s become my go-to seller. Her prices also seem to be quite good compared to some other sellers.
Love Reykay, love the bag. I feel like I got my money’s worth and I believe the bag is uncalloutable.
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2023.03.21 22:08 Daydreaminalone Wrongful deactivation

While trying to complete a triple order from one restaurant, my vehicle shut down on me completely my motoengine locked up and I couldn’t start my vehicle. I ended up injuring my arm as well. As soon as this happened I called Uber driver support and I was told that I should cancel the orders, my account would be fine and now my account is deactivated for cancellation fraud. I don’t have a history of this and this was a complete accident I submitted an appeal and it says they still deactivated my account. I called support again and explain to them how they were the ones who told me to cancel the order and now my account is deactivated for cancellation fraud which doesn’t make sense. They told me that they would note they were the ones who told me to cancel it and to wait a week but I don’t think I’ll get through to them. Does anybody have any experience with this in the past or any helpful tips (if you’re gonna tell me my accounts gone and to move on please just keep scrolling)
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2023.03.21 22:00 coldblooddawg My First King of Games - Red Nova Dragon

My First King of Games - Red Nova Dragon
So the way I play this deck, it's crucial to have the Demons Resonance skill equipped in order to search/trade for Wandering King Wildwind. MST for back row removal. Lightning Vortex for monster destruction without targeting. Bottomless Trap Hole is optional/interchangeable. Resonator Call to search for a resonator. I usually try and summon Red Nova Dragon when going first in order to cancel any destruction/monster effect negation combos, but when going second I try to summon either infernity doom dragon or hot red dragon archfiend to draw out any destruction/banishment spell/trap/effects then summon hot red dragon archfiend bane to bring out a synchro in the graveyard (HRDA/RDA). Infernity Doom Dragon is a good combo to destroy a monster, inflict effect damage, then synchro HRDAB for the kill.
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2023.03.21 21:57 shitpplsay Accepting Algorand Payments

Was looking at the Algorand SDK PHP/Javascript payment examples on the dev site and was curious why they request the customers mnuemonic phrase? I'd personally cancel my order. Check out the video or just look at the examples.
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2023.03.21 21:55 icanhasnoodlez All 3 of my orders today were canceled, including the 1 placed by the Instacart rep who gave no explanation and said my account was now locked. No problem. I'll give Walmart+ my business

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2023.03.21 21:52 notaladyvictim Snoo not safe per AAP?

Hi everyone! I recently ordered a Snoo during their sale based on feedback from parents I know (even my brother). Now I'm having second thoughts after finding research that the Snoo is not suitable for safe sleep per the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) safe sleep guidelines. The AAP says that an infant positioner (the thing that strap them down so they don't roll) poses a serious suffocation risk and is unnecessary. The Consumer Safety Product Safety Commission states that "no product shall contain a restraint system in the occupant area when used in the bassinet/cradle mode." Additionally, the AAP states that swaddling should not be done after 8 weeks or once the baby starts rolling.

I'm not trying to start an argument, I'm trying to better understand how people use the Snoo. Again, I was convinced the Snoo was a must have item until last night when I started finding information on how it's not suitable per the AAP. Do you only use it for 8 weeks? Do you not use the rocking/motion features on the Snoo? Am I overthinking? I'd really love to hear all opinions on this. My baby is due in June and I haven't cancelled my Snoo just yet because it feels impulsive to do so after 1 night of research
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2023.03.21 21:45 Obioban Telsa just canceled my Solar roof/4 powerwall order from 2 years ago (that I need installed in April) because they're "no longer servicing this area". Do I have any recourse?

They recommended I get a third party to install their products. When I contacted their recommended third party installer, the price was DOUBLE what Tesla quoted me.
The construction loan for my house was based on my contract with Tesla, so this... sucks. Is there anything to be done?
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2023.03.21 21:43 TokidokiBunni Change interior?

Hi. Would anyone be able to let me know if it’s possible for me to change the interior of my 2023 XLT Ford explorer while it’s in the process of being built or would that order be cancelled?
When ordering the car my dealer didn’t let me know I could change the interior color. I found out maybe a month after the order had been put in. When I asked about it, he said that he’d have to do new order.
I don’t remember the code in the making process exactly but he showed me my explorer is now in the first stage of being built.
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2023.03.21 21:35 Penwick66 Install advice for EMG GZR PJ on Ibanez GSR200BL

My buddy just sent me some brand new EMG Geezer passives for my Ibanez GSR200BL
I ordered extra screws and springs for mounting them
Is this all I truly need ? This will be my first pickup install
Does anyone know if they fit the factory slots , if not my father is a fine wood worker and lives 3 mins from me to route it down
Can someone maybe give me a run down if the process
I assume I just eliminate the Phat ii boost knob ? It’s garbage anyway
And tips // instructions are GREATLY appreciated !
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2023.03.21 21:35 cliffsmomx Can I use Quicken Code 6 Months from Now?

Got a weird one here.
A month ago I ordered a Quicken renewal from Best Buy. The package never showed up, even though I got a delivery notice that said it was delivered in my mailbox and we have locked mailboxes so no one could have stolen it. I contacted Best Buy and they sent a 2nd package, which I received. I entered that code about 2 weeks ago and it successfully extended my subscription for a year.
Today, a woman in a Verizon vest showed up at my door and said she is working down the street and found this package with my address sitting on someone else’s lawn. As you might expect, it’s the missing Quicken package. Extremely nice she brought it to me!
I can’t enter the code now because I recently entered the code from the 2nd package.
Will I be able to use the code from the now found package in 6 months or do they expire if they don’t get used within a certain amount of time? Or, will Best Buy have told Quicken to cancel that code since the package was missing?
Thanks for any help.
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2023.03.21 21:33 xXKawBoyXx New to me 2003 cbr954rr fireblade

New to me 2003 cbr954rr fireblade
Exhaust got cut off transporting it back, so i have to sorce a new one. Ordering the factory gunmetal fairings. Other than that its a amazing bike
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2023.03.21 21:33 djfredgarde 'Rob Schmitt Tonight': US Becoming 'Banana Republic' With Trump Case

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2023.03.21 21:30 n0mad1o1 M4F an adventure in a galaxy far far away (Star Wars rp)

Hey guys! Let’s pretty much get right into it, i would like this be our own adventure meaning our own characters. I just find it more interesting to have our own personal characters that we made to fit in this huge universe that doesn’t mean we cant have existing characters appear in the rp, we totally can ! ( even if it’ll be complicated with one of the time period I chose ) We can come up with your character together if you want. This will be our adventure with like I said with our own characters, we can create our own crew, adventure around the galaxy.
The options are :
My first idea is that we’re set in a period called the high republic, it’s set roughly 250 years before episode 1 and we don’t know a ton about that time period so it’s perfect if you haven’t watched absolutely everything that came out. What we do know is that it’s considered the golden age of jedis, the republic was still somewhat young and the outer rim not fully a part of the republic with some parts being still unexplored. The Jedi were really considered as knights reflected in their more intricately designed and colorful lightsabers and robes. The main threat at that time were space pirates that could destroy ships in light speed lanes and terrorize the people. You will be free to play anyone you desire, a sith, a pirate, a bounty hunter, another jedi maybe have a secret romance story between two jedi it’s all up to what we set up. Since it’s a time period we don’t know a ton about we can world build a bit and come up with what we desire
The second idea is we're set after order 66 most of the jedis have been killed off, i would play a surviving Jedi in hiding. We could also form a crew along the story, once again your character can be whatever you want it be . For this i had Star Wars rebels or Jedi fallen order type of feel to this rp. It's also the setting i have most knowledge of.
Third idea is simply you propose something to me and we’ll figure out a setting together that’s totally fine by me. I’d be down for anything from old republic to after episode 6
Little word about me I’m 21 i live in CEST time zone, most of the people I rp with are from the us so its not an issue ( i know most people on here are from the us ). I only rp on discord nowhere else and prefer first person but third is doable as well. This will be a sfw rp, flirting , romance is all fine of course but nothing more fade to black works for me. I am semi literate to literate basically no one liners please thats all I’m asking for lol.
Soo if you read through this mess of a post i guess you’re at least a little interested ? It is still very rough but i think it can be super fun so if you want to set this up hit me up and we can get started
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2023.03.21 21:27 RECTUMCOLLECTOR3 3rd year Computer Science & Mathematics undergrad at top 125 University applying for mainly summer & fall SWE internships, applied to over 50+ but haven't gotten past OA assessments despite passing the majority of them. Not sure what to change or if I just need to apply to more.

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2023.03.21 21:22 TalkinTang Ordered m.2 ssd from third party seller via Newegg, a 7lb package delivered to another address in my city on my tracking number

Ordered m.2 ssd from third party seller via Newegg, a 7lb package delivered to another address in my city on my tracking number
Fun fun fun and I think they're also doing some brushing scam. I received a gaming mouse that I did not order from walmart. There is one review for the seller mentioning brushing scams. I messaged the seller but I'm tempted to just chargeback the purchase and not deal with them.
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2023.03.21 21:19 LincHamilton The Banano daily jungle discussion

Monkeys assemble for this jungle gathering where we discuss anything ranging from Banano to bananas.
This daily post is meant to encourage questions that may arise, discussion of any sort and bad jokes. If you got something on your mind this is the place to be. Feel free to drop by our Discord where monkeys chat non-stop all year around. Please read our rules and report posts or comments that you see fit.
Now, what is this wonderful place you may ask. Banano is an instant, fee-less and eco-friendly cryptocurrency meant to disrupt the meme economy by being the most friendly and wholesome place in all of crypto. Drop the official Banano website or Banano wiki to learn more about us.
A major and essential part of the Banano culture is helping fight various diseases through the use of Folding at Home. You can join the team here at Banano miner and earn Banano whilst contributing to science. For almost two years Banano has been the top contributor other than the default team. For more information on this check out Folding at Home statistics.
Instant and fee-less transactions would not be as awesome as it is without the official Banano wallet Kalium. We have also developed the Banano tip bot which let you tip users here on reddit.
There are several exchanges where you can get a hold of Banano. In addition to this, Banano is wrapped on several different chains as BSC, Polygon, Fantom, Ethereum and Arbitrum. Head to in order to both wrap and unwrap your bananos as this wonderful monkey walks you through in this YouTube video. Last, but not least we have our own series with NFTs called cryptomonKeys and I highly recommend a venture into this YouTube channel to learn more.
For any price discussion please head over to BananoTrade and remember 1 ban = 1 ban! Enjoy your stay here, monkeys of the jungle!
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