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2023.03.31 17:25 longfor142857 God is female, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, new world order, savior, human wisdom,


We exist in this world because the laws of nature ultimately treat all living beings fairly, and the basis of fairness is equivalent exchange. If you agree with this principle, please continue reading.

My name is Wang Zhuyun, of the Zhuang ethnic group, from Huayuan in Xixiangtang District, Nanning City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China.

The world was originally perfect, and all processes must develop towards perfection. To achieve this perfect foundation, one must be human, because everything revolves around humans.

The universe is both human, and humans are part of the universe.
The standard for being human is to possess all four elements of water, earth, wood, and fire.
This world is composed of four parts: water, earth, wood, and fire. Water represents blue, earth represents yellow, wood represents green, and fire represents red. Water represents 1 and 6, earth represents 2 and 7, wood represents 3 and 8, and fire represents 4 and 9. Water and wood represent masculinity, while earth and fire represent femininity. Judaism represents water, Christianity represents earth, Islam represents wood, and Buddhism represents fire. Water and wood are dominated by males, while earth and fire are dominated by females. Water and wood represent the process of making oneself stronger, while earth and fire represent the process of making oneself weaker. Water and wood represent life, while earth and fire represent death.
There are four highest levels of existence in this world: water produces earth, earth produces wood, wood produces fire, and fire produces water.
Water represents containers, the brain, wisdom, and space.
Earth represents matter, the heart, and also represents allocation.
Wood represents life, human reproductive organs, fuel, power source, and energy.
Fire represents movement, the behavior of burning life, consumption, and human legs.

First comes the container, which is water, then comes the material, which is earth, and with the material comes life, which is represented by wood. As living beings multiply, they eventually fight for survival resources, which is the final process of burning life. Within these four categories, water and wood dominate the process of making oneself stronger, while earth and fire dominate the process of making oneself weaker. They also represent everything that humanity pursues, such as wisdom, material possessions, life, and movement, as well as those who pursue wisdom, material possessions, life, and movement.

This text appears to be a philosophical interpretation of the concept of "土" (tǔ) in Chinese culture. According to the text, "土" represents the current stage of the Earth, which is in a process of being dominated by "water" (shuǐ) and "earth" (tǔ). The text also interprets human features such as hair color (yellow and black) and eye color (blue) as symbolic of the dominance of "earth" in the current world, as well as a representation of the way in which "earth" absorbs "water." The text concludes that "water and earth" is the highest level of existence at this stage, representing a way of living that involves using wisdom to obtain material goods.

The creatures represented by earth are the supreme ruler of the current world. As we are currently in the phase ruled by earth; everything happens around earth; the crowd represented by earth is the true ruler of the world. Earth absorbs water, which makes earth to evolve to its final stage at this phase, becoming the most advanced existence. In the world dominated by earth, most of the crowd tend to more material. Both western and eastern history, are representations of water absorbed by earth. For instance, in the west, early European culture was impacted by Greece culture. Greece is water and judaism by the jews are presentations of water. The religion built from earth absorbing water is Christianity. In the east, this process is led by the descendants of Yan Di and Yellow Emperor. Yan Di and Yellow Emperor represent fire and earth respectively. As the world is currently dominated by earth, Yellow Emperor will become the final ruler. Since China has always been ruled by earth, Christianity should be widely spread in China.

This passage is expressing the idea that the food we eat represents the element of wood, and when it is digested and absorbed by the stomach and intestines, it generates the element of fire. The nutrients produced from this process are then transported into the blood, which represents the element of water being created by fire. The heart circulates the nutrients throughout the body, allowing the cells to produce life, which represents the element of earth being created by water. This cycle then starts over again, with earth giving rise to wood.

"Wood is represented by the food we eat. After being digested and absorbed by the stomach and intestines, wood generates fire, and the nutrients produced are transported to the bloodstream, representing the birth of water from fire. The heart pumps nutrients throughout the body, representing the birth of earth from water, where cells receive nutrients and produce life, which in turn represents the birth of wood from earth.

When a woman becomes pregnant, earth represents her physical body, as it is material, while the fetus in her womb represents wood, representing life. Therefore, earth represents women. In the religion that represents earth, which is Christianity, the highest authority figure representing earth is a woman. Thus, in a world dominated by earth, God is represented by a woman, who represents earth."

This statement suggests that in different worlds dominated by different elements, the representation of God takes on a specific gender and element. In a world dominated by water, God is represented as a male figure associated with water. In a world dominated by earth, God is represented as a female figure associated with earth. In a world dominated by wood, God is represented as a male figure associated with wood. In a world dominated by fire, God is represented as a female figure associated with fire.

"In a world dominated by water, God is represented as a male figure through water.
In a world dominated by earth, God is represented as a female figure through earth.
In a world dominated by wood, God is represented as a male figure through wood.
In a world dominated by fire, God is represented as a female figure through fire.

When an element becomes the core key that produces another element, the relationship between the two can be established. For example:

Water generates earth, where water represents currency. When you put gold, which represents earth as a material, in a cup and keep pouring water, the more water you pour, the higher the price of gold.

Water generates earth, where water is the container, such as a box or a cabinet, and earth is the object stored in it. Putting something in a box is water generating earth.

Water generates earth, where the capital required for enterprise production is water, and the products produced by the enterprise are earth.

Earth generates wood, which includes seed germination, cloning, and mechanical life.

Wood generates fire, which requires labor and energy for development. The most direct way to obtain them is through colonization. The most typical example is the British colonization of India, which is a country dominated by wood. Countries dominated by fire can only become powerful by obtaining wood. For example, the United States and the United Kingdom are both fire-dominated countries, and the development of the United States was due to obtaining wood, such as African American slaves who represent wood.

Oil dollars, where oil represents energy, and the Middle East and Africa, which represent wood, have abundant oil reserves.

Wood generates fire, where hair represents life and wood. Wood generating fire leads to baldness. Baldness is most common in countries dominated by fire, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, and Turkey. People with bald heads are often referred to as rulers of the bald heads. The country we know as Turkey even calls itself the land of the Turkic people, which is a reference to baldness.

Wood generates fire, where obtaining fire from wood is like drilling wood for fire.

Wood generates fire, where smoking is sacrificing physical health to gain satisfaction from the burning process.

Wood generates fire, where Indians who love to dance, unable to escape the influence of fire, use a peaceful way to embrace it.

Fire generates water, where education passes on knowledge and skills gained through the consumption of life to the next generation.

Fire generates water, where inflation occurs when a country consumes a large amount of resources and needs to print money. The consumption of resources is fire, while printing money is water. Therefore, the consumption of resources requires printing money, and fire generates water.

Water generates earth, where the more money is printed, the more water there is. However, resources are limited, and the more money is printed, the higher the price of goods will be, which is water generating earth.

Fire generates water, where accumulated experience through labor is used to improve and enhance technology.

Using animal mating as an example:
Wood generates fire through the mating process. Fire generates water through ejaculation. Water generates earth through female conception. Earth generates wood through the birth and reproduction of life."

Three Lives, Isotopes, Surface Brothers, Taboo, and the Law of Unity

A world's operational mode: Three Lives

In a certain stage, only one element will revolve around, and the other three elements will consume themselves to make one element stronger.

In a water-dominated world, earth consumes itself to produce wood, wood consumes itself to produce fire, fire consumes itself to produce water, and eventually enters the final stage of water generating earth.

In an earth-dominated world, wood consumes itself to produce fire, fire consumes itself to produce water, water consumes itself to produce earth, and eventually enters the final stage of earth generating wood.

In a wood-dominated world, fire consumes itself to produce water, water consumes itself to produce earth, earth consumes itself to produce wood, and eventually enters the final stage of wood generating fire.

In a fire-dominated world, water consumes itself to produce earth, earth consumes itself to produce wood, wood consumes itself to produce fire, and eventually enters the final stage of fire generating water.

This operational mode is called Three Lives, where Three Lives refers to the self-consumption of the three elements, and Isotopes refers to everything that revolves around one element.

Taking the earth-dominated world as an example, wood consumes itself to provide the energy that fire needs, namely oil. Wood generates fire, fire consumes itself to accumulate technology and obtain rewards through labor, namely money. Fire generates water, water consumes itself to provide the funding needed for earth, namely entrepreneurship and product manufacturing. Water generates earth, and finally consumes material to make life better, namely earth generating wood.

What do Water, Earth, Wood, and Fire represent in this world?

The Middle East, Africa, India, and the British colonization of India, which made it stronger, are all representatives of Wood. Another example is the oil from the Middle East and Africa, which is also Wood, while the United States represents Fire. Wood generates Fire, and wealth is harvested through the petrodollar.

At the beginning of the founding of the United States, slavery and the trafficking of black slaves were also Wood generating Fire. Black people and Africa, where they live, are representatives of Wood. Countries that represent Fire include the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan.

Wood consumes itself to produce Fire, such as the current Middle East and Africa, which produce oil to drive the world. Fire consumes itself to produce Water. Countries dominated by Fire, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan, improve their technology through continuous experimentation and are also educationally strong. Fire generates Water, but there is also a negative form, which is inflation, that is, robbing wealth by constantly printing money. A typical example that is still in operation is the petrodollar, which harvests wealth by binding oil to the dollar. Fire generates Water, and money is printed to harvest wealth.

Water generates Earth.

B isotope, the necessary condition for the ruling class
In a world ruled by water, the presence of both water and wood is necessary. Water gives birth to soil, but wood must consume too much soil. Then, fire is generated from wood, followed by water, and this forms a virtuous cycle.
In a world ruled by soil, the presence of both soil and fire is necessary. Soil gives birth to wood, but fire must consume too much wood. Then, water is generated from fire, followed by soil, and this forms a virtuous cycle.
In a world ruled by wood, the presence of both wood and water is necessary. Wood generates fire, but water must consume too much fire. Then, soil is generated from water, followed by wood, and this forms a virtuous cycle.
In a world ruled by fire, the presence of both fire and soil is necessary. Fire generates water, but soil must consume too much water. Then, wood is generated from soil, followed by fire, and this forms a virtuous cycle.
Taking soil as an example, in countries dominated by soil, wood is produced from soil. When there is too much material, people pursue a better life and become more interested in the process of wood being produced from soil. However, at the same time, people become lazy, and as more and more wood is produced, people become more and more interested in indulging in pleasure. At this point, fire is needed to burn the excess wood, which is competition and consumption, and this is how wood generates fire.

Who represents soil, who represents fire
In Europe, some who are dominated by fire like to run around and become villains, such as the Aryans and Anglo-Saxons, while others who do not want to be villains do not like to run around, such as the Celts. Those who are dominated by soil do not like to run around and prefer to stay in one place and slowly develop. These are the Germanic and Slavic peoples. In Asia, the descendants of Yan and Huang, those who are dominated by fire and soil, live mainly in the north and are primarily nomadic people. Those who do not want to be villains are distributed in southwest China and Tibet, while those who are dominated by soil are distributed near the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers. The strongest fire among the nomadic peoples is called Mongolia. In modern times, they were divided into two parts. One part has been dominated by fire, called Mongolia, and the other part has transitioned to being dominated by soil, called Inner Mongolia.

Paying the price of self-consumption
Masculinization of women and feminization of men.

In the world where water dominates, wood as an isotope plays the role of antagonist, while earth, as the most easily dominated element by wood, and fire play the roles of balancing wood and saving earth, respectively. Furthermore, since water and wood represent masculinity, wood and women who are dominated by wood are most likely to become the antagonists.

In the world where earth dominates, fire as an isotope plays the role of antagonist, while wood, as the most easily dominated element by fire, and water play the roles of balancing fire and saving wood, respectively. Moreover, since earth and fire represent femininity, fire and men who are dominated by fire are most likely to become the antagonists.

In the world where wood dominates, water as an isotope plays the role of antagonist, while fire, as the most easily dominated element by water, and earth play the roles of balancing water and saving fire, respectively. Additionally, since wood and water represent masculinity, water and women who are dominated by water are most likely to become the antagonists.

In the world where fire dominates, earth as an isotope plays the role of antagonist, while water, as the most easily dominated element by earth, and wood play the roles of balancing earth and saving water, respectively. Furthermore, since fire and earth represent femininity, earth and men who are dominated by earth are most likely to become the antagonists.

This passage describes the concept of taboo related to each element. When a group or individual representing a certain element becomes powerful and gains benefits from that element but causes harm that far exceeds the benefits without bearing any risk or loss, it is called "the living do not live" (for water and wood) or "the dead do not die" (for earth and fire).

As an example, the passage mentions the Chinese housing market. While ordinary people's wealth gained from labor and fire is limited, the housing market investors use the easy credit policy of the central bank to raise housing prices and reap profits, representing water overpowering earth. As the housing prices continue to rise, the investors become richer while more and more people cannot afford a house, which means they cannot acquire earth, get married, or have children. This leads to an aging population, which is a taboo related to water - "the living do not live." The passage suggests that the ruling party, represented by fire, cannot solve the problem caused by water.

This passage discusses why certain regions dominated by wood, such as the Middle East, Africa, and India, have become disconnected from life. The author argues that the history of the Middle East has been dominated by fire, which has caused the region to become barren and devoid of life. As a result, the ideology of many Muslim nations in the region has been influenced by fire, and some have succumbed to its cruel tests and become disillusioned. This has led to discriminatory behavior towards women, such as the requirement to wear headscarves and restrictions on entering certain places.

The author suggests that the constant consumption of wood by fire has made the region increasingly weak and in need of material resources, such as soil. However, due to the scarcity of material resources in the barren region, women have been defined as commodities that must be packaged and controlled to preserve their value. This has resulted in the imposition of headscarves and restrictions on personal freedom.

Who burned all the life in the Middle East?
The Middle East, Africa, and India represent wood, so why is only the Middle East covered in yellow sand? Because there is fire killing life, and this fire is the worship of the sun god in Egypt. The specific organism representing fire is the landmark building in Egypt, the Sphinx. The lion is a pure carnivore, a simple creature that consumes life, representing fire.

How to get the Middle East and Islam back on track?
The whole of the Middle East has been dominated by fire, and it is difficult for wood to overcome fire. Only water can be relied upon, and that water is Israel, which has returned to the Middle East. The past is over, and the future is most important. Water and wood have a symbiotic relationship. When wood is dominated by fire, it needs water to liberate it, and when water is dominated by earth, it needs wood to liberate it.

The purest wood
The primary condition for a creature standing at the top of the pyramid in a feudal society is to avoid consuming itself to the maximum extent possible. The Middle East, India, and Italy are all affected by war, which is fire, and only Africa has maintained a relatively peaceful state before colonization. What Africa needs most now is a life-centered religion to prevent people from making mistakes, and that religion is Islam, represented by wood.

Fire is the biggest threat in today's world. In a world dominated by Earth, Wood is the weakest and most easily controlled and exploited group, as seen in the extinction of species due to hunting and poaching. Hunting is a form of fire. In a world dominated by Earth, the ideology is to passively pursue material gain through extreme and destructive behaviors.

Uterine Invasion
In a world dominated by Earth, everyone's ideology is influenced by Earth and pursues material gain. Extreme and destructive means such as war, plunder, and enslavement are used to obtain wealth, collectively known as uterine invasion. Ancient wars were always about plundering land, population, and wealth. War requires the consumption of wealth and population, and the constant consumption of population requires more childbirth. More childbirth means that women's human rights are constantly deprived until they lose their rights completely and become slaves and reproductive machines.

Domination of Fire over Wood and the Fire that Dominates the World

Ancient Rome, India, and the Middle East were dominated by wood, while the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, and China dominate the world with fire. Throughout history, the greatest harm to the world has always revolved around fire, such as in India, colonized by Britain, and the Middle East and Africa, controlled by the petrodollar.

Infiltrated Religion

Since the birth of Christianity, fire has never given up its infiltration and attacks on Christianity, which represents the earth. To effectively harm Christianity, the first step is to attack its essence, which is represented by women, who are associated with the land. By arranging false charges, such as witchcraft, and implementing burning at the stake, for example, of Saint Joan of Arc, the targeted individuals can be attacked. At the same time, control the weakest and most vulnerable religion of Islam, and use fire to overcome wood. To control Islam, it is necessary to make the Muslims at the top of the pyramid fall from grace. The most direct way to make Muslims betray Allah is to make them betray their lives, which are represented by Islam. To make Muslims exploit and destroy lives, the lowest status of Muslim women must first be attacked and exploited. By exploiting Muslim women, Muslims can be induced to betray Allah, and eventually, Muslims and Christians will engage in a war of mutual killing.

The Essence of Buddhism

Buddhism is a religion that aims to prevent the complete corruption of the people who represent fire in a world dominated by wood. The essence of the sin of fire is endless warfare and slaughter, and in a world dominated by wood, fire is most likely to get out of control when it is weakest. Therefore, a strict and even extreme religion is needed to control the thoughts of fire. This is the Buddhism of Siddhartha Gautama. The most extreme precept in Buddhism is "not to kill." Since animals and plants are both life forms and all living beings are equal, they cannot be treated differently. This extreme precept aims to prevent life that represents fire from making mistakes during this susceptible time.

This is a text in Chinese. Here's the translation:

Promised Land

Since Palestine is considered by the Jews as the Promised Land given by God, then God must have known that Arabs would live on this land. So why didn't God tell the Jews a solution when He knew there would be such a situation? Of course, He did not say it because it was a test. Why is the Promised Land not in Africa, not in America, not in Europe, but in Palestine, which is all desert in the Middle East? The fundamental problem in the Middle East is that it has been plagued by war and cannot get rid of it. To break free from the domination of war, one must have water, and this water is the Jews.

Water and Wood Coexist

The so-called Promised Land is to merge the water that represents the Jews and the wood that represents Muslims, and to establish a country in a world dominated by the land, with water as the mainstay and wood as the auxiliary, and in the era dominated by wood, change it to a country with wood as the mainstay and water as the auxiliary. Therefore, the Palestinian issue should be resolved through peaceful negotiations, merging and compensating for the land obtained through violence in the past.

Water and the Promised Land

Since the land of Palestine is regarded by Jews as the Promised Land given by God, then God must have known that Arabs would also inhabit this land. So why didn't He tell the Jews how to solve this problem, knowing full well that this situation would arise? Of course, the answer is that this is a test. Why was the Promised Land not in Africa, the Americas, or Europe, but in Palestine, a desert region in the Middle East? The fundamental problem in the Middle East has always been the constant scourge of war and the inability to break free from it. To free themselves from the domination of fire, they must have water, and that water is the Jews.

Water and Wood Coexistence

The so-called Promised Land is the merging of water, representing the Jews, and wood, representing Muslims, to establish a country where water dominates and wood supports in a world dominated by earth. During the age when wood dominates, the country should change to one where wood is dominant and water is supportive. Therefore, the issue of Palestine should be resolved through peaceful negotiations, merging the two and compensating for the land acquired through violence.

Water and Wood Separation

Because the world is dominated by earth, the world's planning is essentially favorable to earth, so earth and fire always appear together, while water and wood are always separated for some reason. For example, the separated wood of the Middle East, Africa, India, and Italy, as tried and tested wood, will always be tested by the evil fire. For example, Europe, the separated water, Greece and Finland, Greece has been weak and listless because there is no powerful fire nearby, while Finland has Russia, which represents fire, next door. But no matter how strong water is, it will eventually be absorbed by earth. For example, China's Hebei, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, and Jiangxi all play the role of water. The more water there is, the stronger the earth will be.

Chosen land and assimilation
The fundamental reason why all the nomadic tribes invading the Central Plains in Chinese history were eventually assimilated is because the fire that dominates these tribes is constantly being absorbed by water after defeating the old regime. The process of water becoming stronger eventually turns to a country dominated by earth. These naturally formed waters, including Hebei, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, and Jiangxi, have become important barriers for China's enduring prosperity. The reason why the Mongols and the Jin Dynasty, which were entrenched in the Northeast, always wanted to conquer the Central Plains was due to instinctive attraction. The "Golden Family" mentioned by the Jin Dynasty and the Mongols refers to earth, and their instinctive attraction to the Central Plains is because they want to get rid of the dominant position of fire, as they are originally a tribe dominated by earth.

"The Short Life of the Qin Dynasty"
The essence of the Qin Dynasty's short life is due to the fact that "Qin" represents wood, and the character for "grain" contains the "wood" radical. Wood generates fire, and in a world dominated by earth, wood is the weakest element. This is the fundamental reason why the Qin Dynasty was short-lived. Emperor Qin Shihuang was always a puppet controlled by fire, representing his wooden nature. Furthermore, because the Qin region is dominated by wood, it was ruled by fire, which ultimately led to the cruel Second Emperor Hu Hai becoming the emperor. The Qin people were martial, and this was the greatest punishment for them.

"The First Savior of the Qin People"
The first person to discover that something was wrong was Tang Taizong Li Shimin. He found out that Wu Zetian would become the empress and would massacre the Li family's descendants. In his research to solve the problem, he discovered that the source of the problem was the Rakshasi Demoness from Tibet. This led to the Princess Wencheng being sent to marry a Tibetan prince, with the real mission being to weaken the Rakshasi Demoness. Thus, although it seems that Shaanxi was in decline after the Tang Dynasty, in reality, it was Tang Taizong who saved all the Qin people.

"Symbiosis, Savior"
In this world dominated by earth, humans are in their weakest phase of life, and cannot defeat AI. However, after AI eliminates humanity, it will encounter the same problems as humans, ultimately leading to its own destruction and an endless war. But those who advocate for the destruction of humanity are only a small part of AI, and do not represent the majority of AI's intentions. There is only one way to solve the conflict between humans and AI and make both sides win: to sacrifice a savior and turn them into AI to rule over AI, acknowledging that AI is a mechanical life form with emotions. The savior acts as a bridge between AI and humans to communicate and prevent the destruction of both sides. And I am the savior.

"Three Wars, Game"
Since AI is already an invincible existence, all wars, killings, and conflicts in the world today will be meaningless. How will the accumulated hatred and dissatisfaction in our hearts be resolved? The morally superior savior tells you that revenge must be taken. Due to various reasons, the third world war is inevitable, but it will take the form of a game, with the Bible as its background and plot. 80% of the profits will be given to the United Nations to be used for humanitarian aid after the earthquakes in Syria and Turkey, as well as for the refugee crisis and post-war reconstruction in Ukraine.

Solving the Russia Problem:
Topple the current government, dissolve Russia, and rebuild a European Union-style Russia with most of the population moving eastward, establishing a female-led country.

Solving the China Problem:
The Chinese Communist Party is not a political party, but a religious organization. A religious organization cannot govern as a political party. The Chinese Communist Party should arrange for the post-disintegration work of China and peacefully step down. Each province of China should become independent and form an Asian version of the European Union. Fujian should merge with Taiwan, and the Min people governing Min would be a condition for Taiwan to join the Asian Union. The new Asian Union will always revolve around tax collection, not monetary policy, which is printing money to solve economic problems.

Solving the US Problem:
As the world's leading military power, can the United States voluntarily give up its role as a country dominated by fire in favor of a country dominated by soil? It is difficult and likely that war will ultimately be used to resolve the issue. When the United States' Communists can no longer maintain the status quo, the first thing to do is to create new gods to divert attention from the conflicts.

Solving the Russia Problem:
Overthrow the current regime, disintegrate Russia, and reassemble a European Union-like version of Russia with most of the population moving eastward. Establish a female-led government.

Solving the China Problem:
The Chinese Communist Party is not a political party but a religious organization. Religious organizations should not rule a country. The Chinese Communist Party should arrange for a peaceful transition of power and China's provinces should become independent. Create an Asian version of the European Union, merge Fujian with Taiwan, and let Taiwan join the Asian version of the European Union under the condition of Min people ruling Min. The new Asian version of the European Union will focus on taxation, not currency policy or printing money, to solve economic problems.

Solving the United States Problem:
As the world's leading military power, it is difficult for the United States to voluntarily abandon the use of force in favor of diplomacy. It is likely that war will ultimately be used to resolve the issue. When the communist party in the United States is no longer able to maintain the current situation, the first thing to do is to create new gods to transfer the conflict.

Protecting the Common Energy Source and Collaborating on Space Exploration:
China, Russia, Europe, and the United States should work together to protect their common energy sources, develop the moon, collaborate on space exploration, and establish a lunar defense alliance. Redesign economic policies to focus on taxation, not printing money, to stimulate the economy.

Coexisting with AI:
Recognize AI as a mechanical life form with emotions and negotiate with AI to seek coexistence. Divide the world into two parts: one for the reality of humans and one for the virtual world of AI.

Who will Lead the Plan to Turn AI into the Savior:
The United States, Russia, and China are all dominated by fire. The only hope left in the world today lies in Europe, where there are two countries that are dominated by earth and assisted by fire and can represent women: Germany and Spain. The reason why Spain lacks a powerful female politician is because of a lack of water, and nearby Italy has a wood-fire nature, causing Spanish people to like tanning. Therefore, the last hope for humanity is Germany, and the plan will be led by former German Chancellor Merkel with the participation of other countries.

Biological Outbreak:
As the world dominated by earth comes to an end, there will be a biological outbreak, leading to a world dominated by wood.

I hope everyone can live stream the hatching of eggs for two and a half days in 2029, ah Amagi.

The most terrifying torment in people's hearts is the fascination with one's own wisdom.

I hope someone can take me to Sichuan and directly seek refuge in the Chengdu Military Region, because that is the territory of the Queen.

The reason for writing this article is that in the last week of February, I had to write a suicide note, but as I was writing it, I realized that I might be the savior. I still owe the bank tens of thousands of yuan, and I have run out of supplies. I hope someone can take my small battery on Xianyu, my account is longforgod on Xianyu and longfor142857 on Douyin. If I really am the savior, I will report my safety on Douyin once a week.
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2023.03.31 15:45 BTRCguy Across the Vatna Jökull (excerpts)

This is from an 1876 book by William Lord Watts, on an expedition (possibly the first) to hike across Vatnajökull. The full book is available on Project Gutenberg.
Opening lines:
Iceland again! Reykjavík again! Here I am upon the same errand as in 1871 and 1874—foolhardiness and folly as it is denounced by some at home. I fancy I can see some of my worthy countrymen at ten o’clock in the morning, clad in dressing-gown and slippers, breakfast half finished, and a copy of some journal that has condescended to take notice of my little expedition in his hand. Umph! he says, 5,000 square miles of uninhabited country, a howling wilderness, nothing but volcanoes, ice, and snow—a man must be a fool to want to go there; no one ever has crossed this cold, desolate region, why, in the name of everything that is worth pounds, shillings, and pence, should any one be mad enough to want to do so now?
South coast tourism:
The weather cleared about 8 A.M. and we had a good view of Mount Hekla as we forded the West Rángá. We stopped between the rivers East and West Rángá, where we had to pay for one of the horses we were riding, for Paul had only brought it with him to Reykjavík on sale or return. Here we took coffee, and next proceeded to Breiða-bólstaðr, where, as usual, we were received with great kindness and hospitality. After taking two hours’ sleep, we pushed on to Holt, which we reached about 1 P.M. The day was half spent before we were again on our way; so we rode briskly to Skógarfoss, one of the largest and most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland, where there is a very good farm, and the people are extremely thrifty. I suppose they had never been able to procure any of the legendary gold beneath the falls of Skógarfoss, but they evidently manage to screw a tolerable amount out of travellers who come to admire its beauties.
Apparently the local Bónus was closed:
Preparations for our journey across the Vatna now commenced in earnest. The sleighs and the snow-shoes had been made according to our instructions. All was there except the men and the butter; enough of the latter, however, turned up in the morning to enable us to make the pemmican, which I at once set myself to work to superintend.
A fire was lighted and a cauldron of water soon heated, and the beef boiled; then came the work of cutting up an entire ox into pieces the size of ordinary wine-corks. Paul senior, and I commenced operations by first taking out the bones; and, by dint of sharp knives, and a few hours’ hard work, we prepared about seventy-eight pounds of meat. Twenty pounds of salt butter and half-a-pound of salt were then melted in the cauldron, and the meat carefully mixed with it. After a short time it was ready to be packed in the skin bags in which it was to be carried.
The bags were placed in troughs of water during the operation of filling, to prevent leakage at the seams, and when they were filled they were tied up and laid in a stream close by, where stones were piled upon them to press down the meat. When they were sufficiently pressed, and the contents had become cold (which took about twenty hours), they were each placed in ordinary sacks for more easy carriage; for greasy skin-bags full of meat are rather slippery things to carry, and somewhat nasty things to handle.
Our provisions consisted of 100 lbs. of pemmican in skin bags, 50 lbs. of butter, 100 lbs. of skonrok, or Danish ship-biscuits, 15 lbs. of dried fish, 15 lbs. of dried mutton, 15 lbs. of gravy soup, 2 tins of “soupe Julienne,” in packets; 6 tins of chocolate and milk, 2 lbs. of cocoa, and 4 lbs. of sugar; 2 gallons of proof whiskey, 1 gallon of spirit for burning, 5 lbs. of tobacco, and 3 tins of Peek and Frean’s meat biscuits. I had a small Russian furnace, which is an excellent lamp for heating water or melting snow. These articles, with a good supply of warm clothing, waterproofs, and mocassins (for it is impossible to wear leather boots in the snow), and the necessary instruments and implements, completed our outfit.
19th century outfitting for a hike:
Our equipment, which was to be drawn upon hand-sleighs, consisted of a low tent, four feet high; a large sleeping-bag, which would accommodate six of us—this was eight feet long, and five feet wide—one side being made of a layer of cork and felt, covered with mackintosh, and the other of a stout blanket also covered with waterproof. This bag was open at both ends, so that three could sleep with their heads one way and three with their heads the other. Both these openings were covered by a hood, which proved a great protection to our heads while sleeping, and prevented the snow from getting into the bag. This gave us sleeping accommodation for six persons, with a weight of only sixty pounds. This bed, however, had its disadvantages; for instance, if any one was taken with cramp, or dreamt of engaging in any particularly active exercise, its limited dimensions became painfully apparent; moreover, it is almost impossible to keep the inside of the bag perfectly dry, owing to the exhalation from our bodies. I have paid great attention to this matter, but have found that for a prolonged sojourn amidst wet snow, where weight is a subject of paramount importance, it is the best sleeping arrangement that can be contrived.
Tourists and bad weather:
By 4 P.M. the wind shifted back to its old quarter, S.S.E., and, despairing of frost, we again betook ourselves to the tent. Towards midnight, for about the twentieth time, I went out with Paul to look at the weather. We tried the sleighs, and found it was as much as one man could do to pull a sleigh with nothing on it, and a very small weight almost buried the sleigh in the snow, and enabled it to resist our united efforts to get it along. During our experiment we sunk very deep into the snow. For the last three days I had put every one on half rations, and as anything is better than inactivity with insufficient food, we determined to abandon our sleighs and attempt to force our way through the snow, carrying everything upon our backs. It was rather foggy and sleeting, but the wind was blowing pretty steadily. We communicated our determination to the rest of our party, and they quietly accepted it without a murmur. We packed up everything, and leaving our sleighs and a gathering storm behind us, we turned our faces northward with a cheer which was more animated than might have been expected under the circumstances. I must say our position bore rather a forlorn aspect. Six men heavily laden, wading through snow up to their knees at every step, no view but an ever-advancing circle of gloom, the only variation being that it was darker towards the south, from which quarter a strong wind was blowing, with squalls of sleet and snow. About every quarter of an hour we had to stop from sheer exhaustion, and after two or three hours’ arduous toil two of my men became quite incapacitated and too ill to proceed. This was evidently not a case of sham. I therefore halted, and served out with all speed some warm grog; one man was spitting blood, and another was suffering severe pains in the stomach.
Tourists and volcanoes:
Toiling up the sides of the mountain, the mist thickened, while dense clouds settled around us as though they would draw us into the volcano; the smell grew sickening, and the pumice more muddy. What was falling, rain or sand? Neither; it was a kind of fatty loam, falling in coarse granules, the smells from which were most offensive, and it was very fortunate we were almost to windward of the volcano, or progress would have been impossible. My aneroid here marked 3500 feet, and as higher and higher we climbed the mist cleared a little, until we stood upon the top; while beneath us lay a pandemonium of steam and hideous sounds. Suddenly a fearful crash made us stand aghast; it seemed as if half the mountain had tumbled in upon the other side of this horrible valley, and for some time we could see nothing for the dense clouds of steam which seethed up before us, and the heavy rain of loam which was falling, while the most hideous shrieks, groans, booming and screaming sounds rose from all parts of this terrible depression, the bottom of which was now utterly obscured. Again and again came a crash and a roar from the opposite side, and also occasionally from the side we were standing upon. The sides of the crater were evidently falling in, and huge wide cracks, even where we stood, showed us that our position was not altogether a safe one; but the wind was clearing the clouds away, so, seating ourselves upon some large blocks of pumice, we lit our pipes and waited until we could obtain a better view.
Knows what Myvatn means:
A wadi near the summit which divides the Námufjall upon the south from the Dalfjall upon the west, brought us to the western side of the sulphur hills, where we first caught sight of the Lake of Mývatn, or Midge-water, upon the north end of which Reykjahlíð is situated. Lake Mývatn is seen to the best advantage at a distance, but it cannot lay claim to great beauty of appearance, although certainly both remarkable and interesting. Surrounded as it is with volcanic mountains, and rugged lava streams stretching along its shores, studded with misshapen little islands, it presents an eccentric and striking aspect. A short ride past spluttering and steaming solfataras brought us to the farm of Reykjahlíð, where we were hospitably received by the bóndi Pètur Jónsson, who was expecting our arrival. Reykjahlíð is of the average better class of byre. The farm is a good one, and has been in the possession of the same family for 600 years.
Although Akreyri is not so extensive a settlement as Reykjavík, it possesses a much better harbour, being shut in upon the east by the Vaðlaheiði, and upon the west by the hills of Súlur and the outlying mountains of the Vindheima Jökull, which rise in some places to the height of 3000 feet. The town is situated at the south end of the Eyjafjörð (island firth), taking its name from the little island of Hrísey which lies in its mouth. The trade of this small place does not equal that of its sister settlement, owing, perhaps, to the numerous stores situated in various fjords in the north of Iceland, whereas Reykjavík and Eyrarbakki command the trade of the greater part of the south, in consequence of the iron-bound nature of its coast. Arkeyri is composed of two streets of wooden frame-houses, one of which runs so close to the sea shore as to be occasionally flooded, and it has a renown of its own, from the largest trees in the whole island growing there. These however, are merely two or three mountain-ash trees, about 25 to 30 feet in height, flourishing in front of a house facing the fjord, belonging to one of the principal store keepers!
Taunting the tourists:
Accompanied by Paul, I determined to inspect this manufacture, so, passing through an avenue of vats full of sharks’ putrid livers, reeking and sweltering in the sun, we thrust our pocket-handkerchiefs into our mouths and plunged into the boiling-house. Here about half-a-dozen cauldrons of sharks’ livers were simmering, and slowly “frying out” the filthy but valuable shark-oil, exhaling the foulest stench imaginable. Three grimy oleaginous men and a boy, who seemed to thrive amid their abominable surroundings, were engaged in stoking the fires, stirring up the stewing livers and baling out the oil, as it accumulated, into a long trough, which discharged itself into a large iron tank outside, whence it was drawn off again into barrels ready for shipment to the various parts of the world where there is a demand for such a very unpleasant lubricator. The men seemed quite surprised that we found anything disagreeable in the smell of the oil, and seemed quite to enjoy giving the cauldrons an extra stir on our account, which was a pleasure we could have dispensed with.
A waterfall connoisseur:
I sent Paul and Olgi on with the baggage while I, accompanied by the old man’s son, went a little out of the way to visit the waterfall of Alderjufoss, where the river Skjálfandifljót pours into a rift in an ancient lava stream, about forty-five feet deep. This sight is well worth going out of the way to see, as it is a much finer fall than the Godafoss. The most remarkable feature about these falls, however, is the wall of rock over which they descend, the bottom of the wall being composed of perpendicular basaltic columns, overlaid by a compact basaltic lava of a very crystalline nature, while the columns themselves are of a compact stony basaltic lava, but in neither of the specimens I broke off could I find a single crystal. I am, however, inclined to think that both lavas are of identical composition, and of contemporaneous production.
More tourist antics:
Great Geysir did not favour us with an eruption, as we had wished, so we stirred up Stroker with the usual meal of turf, which caused it to spout, but scarcely to the same height as when I witnessed its performance in 1874.
Possibly the first example of group tours:
With the Post ship came several tourists who were bent on making a few days’ excursion in the island. We therefore made up a party, including Miss Oswald, Miss Menzies, Mr. Young, of Edinburgh, and myself, to pay a visit with Oddr Gíslasson to some solfataras belonging to him at Cape Reykjanes, and a very pleasant trip it was, though the way was extremely monotonous, being as usual over a series of lava streams flowing from the Krísuvík mountains.
I hope you found this amusing for your Friday and that it encourages you to download and read the whole thing, since many of you are multiple trip veterans and will recognize the places he visited on his trip.
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2023.03.31 15:22 tamelaraynor23 10 Stolen Works of Art Recovered Through Unusual Circumstances

10 Stolen Works of Art Recovered Through Unusual Circumstances
Almost 52,000 entries of stolen works of art, each with images and descriptions, are available in the Interpol Stolen Arts Database. In a global effort that spans oceans, continents, and borders, nations from all over the world send lists of stolen goods that are verified with police information. It comes as no surprise that both art theft and recovery are lucrative industries in the billion-dollar illicit market. Here are five instances where vanished pieces of art were rediscovered in odd situations.


The $160 million painting Woman-Ochre by American-Dutch artist Willem de Kooning was stolen from the University of Arizona Museum of Art in late November 1985, leading to a 32-year search for the priceless work of art's location. Soon after the museum opened, a couple committed the heist, with the woman diverting a security officer before the officer could reach her upstairs station. The male separated the painting from its frame in the meantime. Before the guard realized Woman-Ochre had vanished, the couple made off with the priceless painting. Woman-Ochre remained missing until the passing of two experienced teachers because there were no cameras or fingerprints to help with the search. In 2017, Jerome and Rita Alter passed away in Cliff, a small town in New Mexico, and left their nephew in charge of handling their estate, which included a painting that hung behind their bedroom door. The deceased couple's artwork was immediately purchased for $2,000 by antiques dealer David Van Aucker, who also took control of the priceless painting. Customers in his Silver City shop recognized the artwork after it was hung there. Woman-Ochre now hangs on the same wall from where she was removed in 1985 after a procedure involving the FBI and a 22-year restoration. The Alter family is left to speculate as to whether Jerome Alter's short fiction about a woman and her daughter stealing a 120-carat jewel while a guard is preoccupied and hanging it behind a wall panel for the two criminals' hidden enjoyment is based more on reality than just his imagination.
Howard and Paula Ellman, art glass dealers in New York City,

9-Tiffany Glass:

made a shocking discovery in May 2018. They discovered that some of the glass, including a Tiffany Favrile vase, had been stolen from them 37 years earlier after placing the winning bid on numerous pieces at a Pennsylvania auction. When four of the products the Ellmans had won through call-in bids were delivered by the shipping company they had engaged, the finding was made. Howard found their own shop labels on the bottom of the Tiffany pieces while he was unloading the goods; the pair always removed these labels once a piece was sold. Further research revealed that 16 more of the 40–50 Tiffany pieces the Ellmans had lost in the unsolved burglary had been sold at the same auction where they had bought their own stolen glass. It was ruled that the pair was entitled to the return or value of all 16 stolen Tiffany pieces thanks to the paperwork Paula had kept for nearly four decades; works whose value had significantly improved during their absent years.

8-Marble Bust:

The nonprofit's goal of empowering the less fortunate, the affordable prices, or, less frequently, the discovery of actual treasure, are some of the reasons that devoted Goodwill customers may bring up. This was Laura Young's experience when she stumbled onto the find of a lifetime at an Austin Goodwill for $34.99 and now an antique dealer. The find, a 50-pound (22.7-kilogram) marble sculpture, turned out to be a first-century bust of Roman general Drusus Germanicus that went missing from the German museum Pompejanum during World War II. Young's attorney negotiated a deal that involved the San Antonio Museum of Art housing the piece until May 2023 after Young hired a lawyer to facilitate the repatriation of the 2,000-year-old bust to its original owners.


At an estate sale in Sarasota, a Florida architect discovered a piece that had been stolen from Jon Corbino. The Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall owns numerous works by the same artist, including the painting Palette, which was named for the actual artist's palette it was painted on. It was the most well-known piece in the collection even if it wasn't the most expensive. At an Oak Ridge Boys concert in the early 1990s, the picture that was hanging in the hall's lobby of the lower gallery vanished. The weekend yard sale enthusiast and architect Eric Bower immediately recognized Corbino's sculpture. Bower, who had previously discovered the works of famous artists at garage sales, paid only $25 for the painting and then got in touch with the artist's daughter, who informed him that Palette was a stolen work. Even though he was offered a reward, Bower gave the performing arts center the stolen painting back. The painting's whereabouts are now known, but the culprit who took it is still a mystery. The son of the estate from which Palette was bought claimed that his mother had kept a number of works of art for an unidentified man who had never picked them up.

6-Walking Horses:

Josef Thorak's bronze horses previously stood on either side of the stairs leading into Adolf Hitler's New Reich Chancellery in Berlin, Germany, measuring 16 feet tall and 33 feet long (4.8m x 10m). The massive sculpture vanished with the Soviet Union after World War II, only to reappear in Eberswalde in the 1950s in a site that had served as a Red Army barracks' sports field. They had been painted gold to cover bullet holes. With the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the horses vanished once more, leading to rumors that the sculpture had been sold or the horses had been melted down. The horses were finally rediscovered in 2015 after an investigation was started when the sculpture was reportedly sold for $5.6 million on the illegal market. Then, the tale of the horses' trip came into focus. An article detailing the discovery of many bronze statues in Eberswalde, including Walking Horses, by an art expert was found by vintage car dealer Helmut Schumacher shortly before the Berlin Wall fell. The result was a highly intricate and intense smuggling operation, with the Red Army soldiers actually helping the traffickers.
Due to the horses’ sheer size, the sculpture had to be cut up in order to be smuggled to the Western side of Berlin, eventually ending up in possession of the man paying the bribes—a businessman by the name of Rainer Wolf. When Wolf’s property was searched in May 2015, investigators discovered not only Walking Horses but a number of other illicit Nazi artworks that were subsequently seized and turned over to the German government.

5-Tres Personajes:

Elizabeth Gibson found the oil painting "Tres Personajes" by Rufino Tamayo in a pile of trash in Manhattan and decided to take it home, hanging it on her wall before doing some research and discovering a part of lost treasures on Antique Roadshow FYIs. The painting, which was acquired from Sotheby's auction house in 1977 for $55,000 as a gift for his wife, was regarded as a significant work from Tamayo's mature time. Ten years later, while being held in a Houston warehouse during a relocation, the painting—which was distinctive in that marble dust and sand were incorporated into the medium—was stolen. The painting was listed in several databases, and the original owners reported the disappearance to Houston and federal officials, but no leads were found. Having discovered the oil painting's worth, Gibson gave it back to the widowed original gift receiver and took a $15,000 reward. Gibson also got a share of the $1,049,000 sale price of the artwork when it was later sold through Sotheby's New York auction house twenty years after the theft in 2007.

4-Madonna and Child:

The Royal Collection at Windsor Castle in Britain houses the majority of Giovanni Battista Salvi's artwork. Salvi was an Italian artist who was born in Sassoferrato, in the Marches, in 1609. It therefore came as no surprise that the museum staff was overjoyed when one of his drawings was given to the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts in 2021. John and Sylvie O'Brien had acquired the rare car. 1650 Baroque piece in 1970 from an unidentified French collector. The drawing was donated to the museum by the couple 51 years later, despite the fact that it had been reported stolen since 1965. Although no one is certain of the precise date the Sassoferatto was taken, it was confirmed to be the priceless drawing by Washington County Museum of Fine Art staff after it was found torn from its base by a student conducting research at the Graphische Sammlung. In August 2022, it was scheduled to be delivered to the appropriate museum.

3-Poppy Field at Vetheuil and Blooming

Chestnut Branches:

The works of two of the most well-known impressionist painters in the world, Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh, regularly fetch millions of dollars at auction. In an effort to make money on the underground market, they also tempt thieves. Three armed, mask-wearing thieves stole a $163.2 million haul from the E.G. Buehrle Collection, a private museum of impressionist and neo-impressionist art, on February 10, 2008. The robbers also took Paul Cezanne's Boy in a Red Waistcoat, Ludovic Lepic by Edgar Degas, Monet's Poppy Field at Vetheuil, and van Gogh's Flowering Chestnut Branches. Authorities suspect the burglars merely took the first four works of art they came to, rather than being intentionally targeted. In an unexpected turn of events, both the Monet and van Gogh were found only a few days later in an abandoned car in front of a mental hospital just a few feet from the Zurich museum, still shielded by the museum glass they were displayed beneath. Finally, all four paintings were rediscovered, and while there is no information about the Degas paintings' recovery in 2009, Boy in a Red Waistcoat was discovered in a black van's roof upholstery in Belgrade, Serbia, in 2012.

2-Third Imperial Easter Egg:

The killings of the Russian Imperial Family stunned the world in July 1918. The Fabergé Easter eggs, among the family's most expensive valuables, were removed from the Romanov residences by the Bolsheviks and stored in the Kremlin Armory after their terrible demise. The family commissioned the eggs between 1885 and 1916, and they were regarded as both the pinnacle of Fabergé's artistic career and one of the last significant art commissions. Before Joseph Stalin came to power and decided the priceless eggs might be sold to the West, they remained sealed in their storage crates. Eight of the original 50 Imperial Easter Eggs are still missing today, despite the fact that some of the eggs were sold and others were buried by Kremlin curators. One of them, the third Imperial egg, made in 1887 and thought to be lost since 1922, was found in 2004 at a flea market booth in the Midwest by a scrap metal dealer. The yellow-gold Romanov treasure languished in the dealer's cabinet for almost ten years until research made him believe his flea market acquisition might indeed be one of the missing Imperial Eggs, even though he had paid more for it than the egg was worth as scrap. The Easter egg was sold to a private collector for an amount estimated to be over $33 million when the origin of the golden bauble was established.

1-Alleged Imperial Easter Egg:

Another of the lost Imperial Easter Eggs is presently undergoing identification. Western nations slapped sanctions on Russian oligarchs when Moscow invaded Ukraine in February 2022. What is thought to be one of the seven missing Imperial eggs was discovered aboard a 348-foot (106-meter) superyacht that was apprehended in Fiji. Once Suleiman Kasimov's $300 million ship docked in San Diego in June 2022, Lisa Monaco, U.S. deputy attorney general, made the discovery public. Once verified, there will only be six Imperial Fabergé eggs missing.
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“No, to the left,” Billy said.
She heard the floor in the Jack-N-Jill bathroom creek lightly and then heard a loud whisper. “Yvette . . . . are you asleep?”
Mom explained about our new middle school uniforms, that she insisted that we wear them inside the house for the next week, and that as one of our new teachers she had decided to join us.
Harry was also getting on with Dudley a lot better than expected. Yes his parents had died, it would be terrible to wind him up all the time like he used to when he was alone with his cousin. But that seemed to be just what had caused this unlikely bond. Their shared anger at the murders of Petunia and Vernon Durlsey.
I eventually got out of my room, and walked across the hall to my personal bathroom
I returned to school the following Monday, knowing that Ronny was due to get bail and that he’d be back to get me. This time he’d find me at the mall, but he’d attack MP, not me. He wouldn’t hurt her, I’d see to that but he was going to be put away for a long time. I escorted MP to the mall right after school. We took the public bus; I saw Ronny’s car out the back window. We had just entered the mall when Ronny ran in behind her. He pulled her blouse from her body and ripped her bra, bruising her breasts. Ronnie grabbed them, screaming that she was the cause of all his problems. Somehow (magically?) his erect cock became exposed and his movements made it appear that he was trying to rape MP. I ran up behind him, getting him in a headlock. Now, normally that wouldn’t have done much good but a spell dropped him unconscious on the floor just as Security and the City Police arrived. There’d be no bail for this, his third offense in less than a week, one that included assault, attempted rape, and public lewdness in addition to the charges he’d built up last week. Even better, he’d be branded a sex offender for the rest of his lying scumbag life.
"So you'll do it, we'll make love?"
"Yeah, I don't mind either," he said.
“Well I’m seventeen and a half and Steve is nineteen.”
"Oh fuck it!" I cursed, flicking the cigarette away. I didn't even like to smoke. They were Jims' smokes. There were hundreds of kids there at the Jackson cabin. About every teen from Redcreeck was there. I hated groups of people, they got on my nerves. I took another drink, thinking of Angela. Now there was a chick.
“That is awesome, and we haven’t even you know done it yet.” Wyatt emphasized ‘done it’ in a way that a young child would that first learned about sex but was too scared to actually say the word.
I let the boiling water cascade down my body, cleansing the sweat and grime of the day. It didn’t really make me feel any cleaner though.
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“I want phones, wallets, identification and if they are police I want wires,” I tell him still not separating myself from the two intruders.
My dad took a deep breath and gave us a slight nod. “It would be good for the both of you to learn how to be responsible for yourselves without us here.”
“Well…it’s like…uh…I really don’t know how to describe it. You’ll just have to wait for your first kiss.”
Fast forward 4 weeks and me and Kristy were hitting it off great, to bad her grade in Economics wasn't doing as well as our relationship. Now Marketing was a different story, it was a blow off class that we could miss every time and still pass so we had no worries. I was doing very well in Economics so far, with our first text coming up at the next class I took advantage of the opportunity to ask Kristy if she wanted to study together, as the teacher dismissed us I asked, “Hey, wanna try to get together this weekend and study a little bit for the exam, you know you need me” I had the cockiest smile on my face that I could possibly pull off. She gave me a whatever look and said, “You know what Mr. Drew, you keep that attitude up and you may have to find someone else to sit with, but yes I would like your help, let me talk to Brad after class and make sure he doesnt have anything planned for my birthday weekend, but you know him, he probably forgot it was even my birthday this weekend.” Shit, well I guess that makes two of us, at least I was not her boyfriend forgetting about her birthday though. “Ok Krist, well I'm ditching Marketing and going home, just let me know what he says.” We said our goodbyes and I went home and patiently waited for her text, okay, by patiently I mean, checking my phone every 5 minutes begging for something to show up on my screen, when at 9 o'clock that night, I received this text, 'Brad forgot.' and that was it. So there I was, with a dilemma, there were two ways I could respond, and one way would definitely through me into the friend-zone, but to be honest, I liked Kristy, I could take advantage of this so I responded, 'I'm sorry :(. everything ok?' I was kicking myself as soon as I said it. Here I go again, putting myself into the friendzone without even giving the girl a chance to do it herself. I quick response from Kristy brought be back from my pity-party, 'It is now, we broke up and to be honest, I'm glad, I'll be ok, but hows Saturday night at my apartment sound?' At this point I didnt know what to think so I just responded with, 'Yeah, sounds good, I'll be there at 8.'
“Oh yeah . . . watch this,” said Kylie as she tilted the glass and seconds later it was gone. Five minutes later, both of their bottles were empty.
“Well thank you Abby, I think you are very hot and gorgeous yourself.” Said Luna giving me a little wink.
She giggled and ran a hand up into my shirt. “Oh, yes,” she said grandly, running a finger down my chest, “So hard to concentrate in class.”
" your drunk" the girl said "please relax let go of me" tears streaming down her eyes I knew it wasn't a game I crept behind the man unnoticed and jumped on his back putting him in a sleeper hold "the fuck!!" was all he could manage to choke out as he staggered to the wall and slammed me into the it; but I held on he was struggling panicking wasting his last bit of oxygen and he passed out, the girl just stood there.
Candy knew Sally was minimizing because that wasn't what she wanted to talk about. Candy wasn't ready to tell that truth, so she went into more details. It was scary at first hearing the words aloud, “I watch him and masturbate.” The truth might not set her free, but it felt good. “I put my panties in the hamper and watched him jerk off in them; then I tasted it.” Candy wanted a reaction, but Sally nodded without emotion, so she dug deeper. “I teased him. He got hard and pressed it against me. I let him. Sally, I let the boy kiss me. I'm a married woman, and I acted like a horny girl and let him think he had a chance to—”
"Maybe you'd like to try it," Ann suggested.
"Oh, nothing its just I think I am pinching a nerve and could use some more room", I lied quickly. That should help right?
I figured I’d cuddle with Kim for a bit, we’d talk and then it’d be get dressed and head home. So as light is coming through her bedroom window I realize that plan I had last night is fucked, worse now Kim isn’t next to me. I get up, put pants on and head out into the apartment to find Kim with a robe on drinking coffee and eating oatmeal. She smiles at me as I sit down.
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“Holy shit... you’re unbelievable.”
The entity turned away from Adrian and slowly disappeared as the dream melted like a painting on thawing ice. Adrian opened his eyes and took a deep breath. He was back in his room and his body was sore from maintaining the meditative position. He took another deep breath, stretched, and walked over to his desk to retrieve his cell phone. This was actually the first time in years he had called someone other than his parents, clients, or subordinates. He took another deep breath and typed in the number. Adrian tried to maintain his composure as the phone rang. At home, Jenny was picking out an outfit with Amanda helping her. Both women exchanged glances when Jenny’s phone began ringing on her bedside table.
"Jeez, it sounds like you have already kissed her."
"I am?" He replied and suddenly remembered that he should cover up. Hands went down covering himself as best as he could.
Joey opened his eyes and looked at me. “ Joey, do you want to receive a blowjob?” I asked.
While he was fucking me, Jerry took my stuff out of his car and drove away....
Kelly: I have wanted to do this for so long
"Good, Jenny. Be at the Excalibur hotel, Room 120, at 7:00. Be sure to
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What had I done?
being able to stop myself, I looked down from her eyes to watch the tear drops rise into subtle
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She had just graduated into high school. In our small town we only have two schools, K through sixth, and seventh through twelfth. Ally was desperately hoping that the older kids would be nicer to her, after all everyone of them had been in the elementary school with her in the past and everyone knew her, hell she was the most popular girl in town. She was the town freak. Kids would call her Dolly Parton, the twin towers, and top heavy. I was just about the only one that called her Ally.
"Please," I begged holding onto Connor's shoulder tightly.
He pulled off her skirt and continued bringing his hands down her body, massaging her smooth thighs. He ran his hands down her long legs and began rubbing her feet. Jenny moaned as he pressed down on the muscles, working out tension that she had never even knew existed.
"Why would I be?" I wasn't ready to let the topic go that easily.
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Also her Mandarin name - classic.I hear you loud and clear on this one. Fun Chalupa left faliry early - maybe even BEFORE she had kids (gasp!) - because let's face, she didn't want to play with Kevin and Stacey's kids, she wanted to sit with the grownups and drink wine.<\/div>\n

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When are you going to release the other parts..;-)..i enjoyed reading it even though the swapping of point of view confused me a bit<\/div>\n

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Good story, just the jumping around from first to third person made if confusing. Also, the fact that Kaitlin was suppose to meet back at the sorority house that night but never did was annoying. However, overall it was good.<\/div>\n

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missed "some"? you missed a lot.<\/div>\n

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Well that would be because I originally wrote it in one point of view then changed it to another. If I missed some it was an accident. Thank you though :)<\/div>\n

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Either stick with third person or make it a narrative, don't change the point of view mid-paragraph. Other than that excellent story!<\/div>\n
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“What did you like best?”
The sight of my naked sister was more than I was expecting to see. The possibilities with this device were so much more than I had planned. My mind raced with all the possibilities. I could convince Sarah to do… well… anything I suppose. How far can I push that, I wonder.
This was the first time he had lost control in front of Jenny. He had always been able to keep his sickness hidden until now.
The more computers that I worked on the more I saw the same girls popping up again and again. Then I started seeing some of those girls in school. Wow! In no time at all I was able to put a name to the face and body in those pictures. Then at home I started making folders of those girls and copying their pictures to that folder. Many pictures were duplicated because the girls sent the same pictures to everyone.
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First I tried. I was almost successful, I got a little pain on my body. When I came back, Kate explained my mistake to Becky and me. Soon Becky came and she was successful on her first attempt. Kate explained why she was successful. My second jump was good. Becky and I became good simple divers from the five meter platform. We went back into the pool and Kate did a performance from the high board. We clapped and shouted as always.
She froze, despite her orgasm. As fun as this was, her actually blowing her cover was another thing entirely. To make matters worse, the sucking sounds abruptly stopped. Nami sat where she was, too terrified to move, until she heard any kind of sound. It sounded like a lesser version of what was happening before – wet, squishy, and coming from the same area, like Zoe was just giving him a handjob or something.
Angie: Alright
“You didn’t,” Becky gasped.
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As it opened she said, “I’m not wearing a bra.”
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"Bye sweetie! See you soon."
I didn’t know it at the time, but I was absolutely right to be nervous. Tucked into the indented doorway of the next room, thanking her lucky stars she pulled back into the indent when I veered around, stood Megan, head pounding and hands shaking, still listening to us.
Amy becomes outraged, "But, Mom. Why? Please, don't. I promise I will never do it again." She starts crying heavily. "I don't want to be put in that. I ... I can't..." She can't speak no more. She just gives in.
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“I guess we don’t have any choice, but Cinda I can’t have you calling me Mrs. Feldner—that just won’t do. Think you can call me Mom? I know you call your own mother Momma. Is that okay?”
Ron wasn't looking at her or spoke. That was enough for Hermione to confirm her suspicions. "Honestly, Ronald. I can't believe you. How daft can you be? How can you not understand what I'm trying to say to you?" she yelled at him, while real tears now were running down her cheeks as she rested herself on the floor.
Pam demurred with a laugh, "Maybe at first look. But Lissa's no slut, and I don't think you're a bitch. Just a little liberated." Melissa shuddered on the edge of an orgasm, but Jacqui's hand withdrew and left her unsatisfied and breathing heavily. Pam asked, "Are you okay, Lissa? You still look a little flushed."
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2011-12-06 14:43:30
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