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2023.03.31 17:50 malvud What’s the easiest class to get good with?

Aside from Ret pally. I wanna git gud. I’ve got an unholy DK and arms warrior. I hit a wall progressing past 1500 in 2’s/3’s and 1600 in Solo Shuffle.
I pump damage on both but I feel like half my cognitive energy goes into not messing up my rotation so I can consistently deal damage. Now, I really struggle to keep up with cc’ing the right target at crucial times.
They’ve both got 3 bars of abilities that are a pain to manage. Arms warr I’ve got to constantly hit spell reflect and ignore pain off CD, and I still end up dying often. Using my utility properly to not get kited is becoming more difficult. People stun me out of my shattering throw every time.
DK is much easier to stay alive and position with, but I find it incredibly annoying to macro my pet’s leap and stun. I’m running out of buttons to comfortably hit for a quick target arena1/2/3 leap/gnaw/strangulate/asphyxiate/chains/grip. I also find myself way more dependent on my ally to kill a target (compared to arms). Frost is far easier but feels way worse to play in terms of damage/survivability - I’m useless every round.
Is there any class that is significantly less mentally taxing if I want to start getting better and focusing on things like enemy cooldowns, my team’s cooldowns, etc, or should I just keep practicing? It’s currently quite overwhelming trying to both stay alive/deal damage while making sense of the chaos, but perhaps this is just the nature of the beast.
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2023.03.31 17:45 autotldr Russia's biggest oil producer Rosneft joins hands with Indian Oil Company

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 48%. (I'm a bot)
New Delhi [India], March 31: Russia's biggest oil producer Rosneft Oil Company has signed a term agreement with Indian Oil Company, India's top oil company, to increase oil supplies and diversify India's oil grades substantially.
In the presence of India's oil minister Hardeep Singh Puri, the agreement between the two firms was signed by Rosneft's Chief Executive Officer Igor Sechin and IOC Chairman Shrikant Madhav Vaidya during the former's recent visit to India.
"The parties also discussed ways of expanding integrated cooperation between Rosneft Oil Company and Indian companies in the entire value chain of the energy sector, including possibilities of making payments in national currencies," said the Russian company in a statement.
During his trip, Sechin also met with officials from the Indian government and with the heads of some of the country's largest oil and gas companies.
Rosneft has been actively developing the integrated format for cooperation with Indian partners along the whole processing chain, from extraction to refining and oil product sales.
This company is located in Krasnoyarsk Territory and develops the Vankorskoye oil and gas condensate field, one of the biggest fields discovered and brought on stream over the last 25 years in Russia.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: oil#1 Company#2 India#3 Rosneft#4 Indian#5
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2023.03.31 17:38 CmndrBurnham [FS] [US] Size 41/ US 8.5 Chanel Military Style Lace Up Boots, Tall (Never Worn) Factory Uknown $100

Listen, I’m a suburban toddler mom who in a moment of fantasy ordered these very cool boots that I’m never gonna have the guts or places to wear. In addition, they are a little small. I measure a 25.7, usually buy a 41 and until now – even those have been a hair too roomy. These are snug. I can wear them without socks, which is not ideal for boots.... I think these are best described as a true US 8.5. I normally buy a US 9, because 8,5 Wides are not widely available.
Original Price Paid (including shipping): $103 ($93.84 +$20 shipping)
Selling price: $100 including shipping
Price explanation: These are tall/ solid and am expecting shipping to be in the $20+ range. Have also never been worn except for a try-on on carpeted floors.
What’s included: There is nothing included but the boots. They did not come with dust bags, etc.
Reason for selling (RFS): A little small for my foot and big for my lifestyle
Original Seller and factory: Purchased from Jawakye on AliExpress
When it was ordered/Condition of the item: Purchased November 2022. Shipped after about a month and took several weeks to arrive.
Quality / Accuracy: These boots are actually pretty great. I gasped when they came in. Because they are laceups, they are adjustable if you have a larger calf. The only thing I do not think is quality is the CHANEL on the back. I actually planned to order a lambskin chain and replace the CHANEL logo strap at the back with them to make it a little more low-key. But, the boots are also small for me, so between the DIY and size, I am deciding to sell.
I have not seen an auth version for these searching online, but that seems very common with Chanel in my limited experience.
Housekeeping: PayPal Goods and Services only. Once the item leaves the Post Office, I am no longer responsible. No refunds, yada yada. I ship within two business days and can hustle if you need it faster.
Please, let these boots live the life they deserve.
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2023.03.31 17:36 Nootnootrecruity Can i daisy chain a rumble 25 and second gen fender mustang amp?

i have both amps and am just curious if i can at all for a larger sound.
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2023.03.31 17:34 resurrective Chapter 22 – Come to me, Georgius

So much for a heartwarming reunion, so much for peace. When Keyaruga finally thought about having a moment of rest, Panakea showed up. When he thought nothing would happen for at least a day, he met with his love. And now, it was a red sunset that casted its crimson shadow over Buranikka. On omen of evil, an omen of change.
“Despite everything, she still… remembers me. Remembers us. Norn never forgets, no matter what. The only problem, though, is that she won’t accept me now. She may look like a cute little girl, but she’s also a fully competent warlord, with which we’re on different sides.” The man spoke, standing at the door to the corridor. He carried the white sphere, the one and only thing that could make a breakthrough from the current state. “Only a battle will judge us.” The healer admitted, glancing at the bed. Freia sat there, combing Eve’s hair. Setsuna, in turn, listened while in a handstand.
“Uh-hu-u-uh!” The she-wolf muttered, doing a cartwheel to stand upright. “We will win.” She assured him, sitting on the edge of the bed. Honestly, her smile and words were everything Keyaruga needed not to give in to his angst. The gray-haired girl accepted his pain, and now crawled to Freia to heal the magician with her touch. At least a little bit.
“Certainly.” Keyaruga responded optimistically. He had to. Otherwise, his whole redo would be for nothing. And if having the best strategist in Jioral on Margurth’s side still wasn’t bad enough, he’d end up shackled in Norn’s residence for sure.
No doubt, she’s already prepared a chastity cage for me. Brrr, no way I’m signing up for that.
“Freia, are you alright?” The hero asked, approaching the sorceress. He couldn’t leave yet, even though Tidir had already provided Keyaruga with an isolated room in the attic.
“You shouldn’t worry about me.” The pink-haired girl spoke phlegmatically. She allowed Setsuna to massage her back and shoulders, but inside her soul there was still a skirmish ongoing. She thought of each self-accusation, countered it with numerous excuses, just to realize there was no coming back and fixing what was already done. “Move forward, Keyaru. This thing must become your new weapon. Take it, claim it, and… save my sister. She must’ve been counting on you.” The princess stated, still focused on the black-winged maiden before her. So much evil was caused by her, so many torments had Keyaru suffered. And yet, he forgave her, loud and clear. Now only one thing stood between the girl and her inner peace. Something, only she could attain throughout the long self-reflection. “This orb should’ve been yours from the very beginning.”
“I see. Eve, do you have something to say?” The man deliberately wondered, looking at the queen-to-be, who retained her silence up to that point.
“Hmm… No. Dealing with princesses is your thing. Sorry, I can’t help you with that.” The kokuyoku scion responded, giving the lad a brief look. She thought he was just a calculating cutthroat, someone who’s whole interest resided in violence and sex. Now, that she saw his worries, his inner side, she couldn’t help but find him slightly attractive. Especially after how he stood against Hawkeye. Only… “So… Are you really immortal?”
“I am, birdie. I am.” The Hero of Healing grinned a little. He formed an endearing smile, warm and bright. Alas, underneath it there was only cold. After all, Blade almost killed him, and she was way beneath Organ Trist’s mastery. “Take care, girls. I’ll be back soon.”
“Uh-huh. Setsuna’s waiting.”
Thanks. That’s all I need to hear.

“Go in, nura (brother).” The blue-feathered deity uttered, closing the door behind the red-haired man. And so, the man found himself in a dark cramped room, filled with nothing but ages-old dust and stains. He sat behind a small table, looking at the perfectly round object of divine origins. No one could enter without the host’s permission, so Keyaruga was safe from outer distractions.
Brother, huh? You don’t sound too happy saying that, Tidir.
“Ha-a-a…” The man exhaled, rubbed his forehead, and then touched the orb with his right hand. The brand had resonated, bizarre white light erupted from it. Up until now, that was a hard object of unknown properties. Now, the healer knew – the white sphere was actually a solidified chunk of godly energy. After a new hero poured his ambitions into the raw armament’s form, it was ready to morph into whatever its new owner deems fit.
But what would it be? Josephine, for example, wished for a shining gilded sword that would allow her to murder her jailers right after she got it from Flare’s hands. It was bright and decorated, it embodied every wish and aspiration the broken girl kept inside her tormented soul. But despite Ragnarok’s golden, inlayed look, it was crude and unbalanced. But even worse, it was ultimately a crutch for a powerless girl. A lesson – do not wish for something you can get taken away from you.
In Bullet’s case, it was Taslam, the massive magic-spitting cannon. Although not without decorative incrustations of its own, the silver armament was not the primary weapon for the veteran of reconnaissance. After all, the massive black man was not ‘born’ a hero. This was the title he got through research, a few shady deals and the assassination of the previous Hero of Cannon. One could think a weapon of such scale wouldn’t be a spy’s choice. They would be wrong, especially when Bullet draws Taslam’s true form – a small pistol he could hide in his sleeve. A second lesson – do not wish for something to brag with, practicality is always preferable to showing off.
And finally, there was Flare. Her armament was represented by Vanargand, an unbreakable staff, allegedly made from the mythical world tree itself. Its twisted, chaotic, branches around a cold blue orb represented the princess’ dominative nature, but in terms of functionality, it was tuned to amplify all possible elements of her bottomless magic pool, whereas a regular magic staff only worked with one, like her current mystical tool boosted nothing but fire. The last lesson was to have something that amplifies your own innate strength, but is not limited by its primary function.
Keyaruga would only get one chance in his entire life. That’s why he carried the orb with his right hand covered with a green glove. No need to hide the mark from Blade, but still, better safe than sorry.
“I wish I could’ve given it more thought.” The lad lamented, pondering on his promise to Norn. And Hawkeye. The last Champion of Jioral stood between him and the princess. An all-seeing demigod needed to go away. “What I wish… is a tool of vengeance. A means of strength. Something that’d amplify my healing powers. And… a guarantee of true immortality. If I die, my girls would be sad. If I die, what was the point of the redo? If I die… how can I complete my vengeance?”
He lied to Eve. Keyaruga was far from true immortality, and they both knew it. Even after all the body modifications, he still remained a human. Someone, who can get knocked out and murdered with ease, but what’s even more critical, his pain threshold was high, but not limitless. One couldn’t forget about Bloodbringer and her sinister living weapon, after all.
I can kill people with one touch. But can I do it through a full plate armor? Can I heal myself while unconscious? Can I exceed the range of an extended arm? No. No! I have to overcome this! Weapons are tools of murder, and I already have plenty. Think, pray, desire your perfect form. Something for a Hero of Healing.
And so, a clear form started to form inside of Keyaruga’s mind. His passion resonated with the wild streams of primordial hue, the energy took form, and finally, the orb began to form a will of its own.
THOUGH HATH DESIRETH ME, HERO?” A mighty voice resonated throughout the premise. It belonged to a mighty aged man, although much too distorted to confuse it with a real person.
“Yes, I do! Give me your everything!” The lad exclaimed, feeling winds of magic carve inside his very soul. A thrilling power was only rivaled by the man’s force of will.
DOTH THOUGH DESIRETH TO SAVE THE WORLD?” The spirit inquired. A question was ritualistically asked to each and every hero. Problem is, all of them had pretty different ideas about how, why, and to what extent the world must be preserved. But to be sure…
“Of course I do! I love this world! I made it! I want to live in it, to have all the fun and happiness! I want to preserve those I love and crush those I hate completely! I want to claim my prize! So… how can I not wish to save this wretched world?”
ALLOWETH ME TO LEND THY MY STRENGTH.” With that said, the wraith began merging itself to the man. Raw energy began mixing with the healer’s own mana, the hero’s mark resonating with the artifact during the process.
“Good! Now listen to my wish! I want to pierce my foes at range, to be immortal! And I want to be safe! Now take my desired form!”
And so, the chaotic winds began taking form. A Vortex of magical might began swirling around the man’s left arm, as he raised the cracked sphere to the ceiling. What lacked substance began taking mass; what lacked direction, was given focus; what had no form, took the shape of a gruesome gauntlet of pink and blue. It was alive, it had an eye, and it was more, much more than just a piece of armor.
“Forget? How can I? Georgius, my holy armor, my property!” The lad spoke, staring at his gauntlet with clenched teeth, while the divine armament bound itself to the man’s muscles, nerves, and veins. Georgius was much more than just an indestructible chunk of metal, although even that offered much in terms of practicality. No, it was a net, a living spell that now dwelled inside the man’s body and soul.
Keyaruga understood Georgius, and vice-versa. They were both now inseparable entities, one complementing the other. First things first…
“Let’s check its primary feature.” The lad muttered, grabbing a poisoned knife from his right gauntlet. A swing, a stab, and the blade pierced his left biceps. Naturally, right? But the sheet of poisoned metal was pushed out by the extracorporeal power, and no trace of the wound remained. Georgius even mended the fabric of Keyaruga’s shirt.
“Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-a! With that, I’m not gonna die!” The healer scoffed, rolling his armored fingers. The gauntlet didn’t confine his movements; it didn’t even make his hand sweat. The armament wouldn’t even require any attention paid to it, as Georgius safely absorbed the ambient mana and filtered it for its master’s safe usage. It would keep the man alive no matter what.
One would think that it was enough for just some testing of the artifact’s ability to enhance healing and defense, that its offensive capabilities were impossible to probe in an attic, where even a mouse wouldn’t dare to show up. Well, that would be wrong, as the red-eyed lad had already unsheathed his alloyed saber and rested his elbow on the table.
Ha-ha-a!” Then, he started cutting. Slamming the light curved sword against the powerful limb was a wasted effort, much more so with the gruesome eye keeping track for each and every wound, but Keyaruga proceeded. “MORE-E-E-E!!! DE-E-E-EPER!!! PHA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!” The gargling laugh mixed with slicing and squashing of meat and cleaving of bones above his own elbow resonated with the utmost excitement in the hero’s brain. Strike after strike, he deliberately mutilated his own body just to see what would happen if one manages to cut off his left arm, to lacerate his veins and tendrils. Blood ruptured just to stop in a moment. Wounds reopened right after fading in green mist. And finally, after a whole minute of zealous self-torture, Keyaruga cast away his saber, grabbed his left hand, and ripped it off altogether. All while guffawing murderously. “HA-HA-HA-HA! WHAT WILL YOU DO NOW, GEORGIUS?!!!
The answer didn’t take long, as right in front of the healer’s eyes, the gauntlet on the severed hand turned into purple dust, along with leather bracers, dangling bloodied cloth and a few throwing needles. All of it returned to where it was supposed to be – on a fresh new left arm. It even was so kind as to erase the crimson stains from all over the man’s body. This kindness didn’t extend to what dripped on his boots from the dismembered arm, though.
“I’m starting to fall in love with you, Georgius!” Keyaruga sneered, unhinged by his own ambiguous commentary. He remained with an extra limb. Of course he used it for more experimentation.
Let’s leave it here, two steps away, and…
The man extended his left arm, focused his will, and called upon his magic. A second and the flesh of the severed arm wriggled in convulsions. Another and it returned to normal… Well, with every bone and tendril mercilessly ruined. Georgius gave the lad so much needed distance, even if it was limited by a bare meter, but no control whatsoever. He would never heal someone with that in his right mind. Holding the arm directly, though, was a completely different story. The touch gave the lad the utmost will over his patients, or victims. But more than anything, all the pain and fear were barred from his psyche. Alas, that wouldn’t allow for copying skills, but nobody forbade the lad from using his right arm. And even if he wanted to use the left one, just a single thought made Georgius completely and utterly disappear. It was still there; ready to come back in an instant.
Fuck, it’s so awesome; I’m getting so hard right now!

“…and then I had him poisoned, thrown into the dungeon. I beat him, had him raped, drugged, tortured…
And while Keyaruga enjoyed his new toy, Setsuna was far, far away from having any sort of fun. She listened to Freia, heeded her every word, every description, and every little notion. The two of them sat on the bed, and the she-wolf was furious. It was a rare occasion to see her frown, let alone openly grinding her teeth. Eve had retreated to her room just in time to spare herself from hearing and seeing the worst.
“…after all of that, I really did deserve the fire rod between my legs,” the princess admonished, unable to raise her head. Freia was desperate, but she couldn’t hide the truth any longer. Not after Hawkeye crushed her spirit just by referencing her sins. “What I didn’t deserve, though, is his lov-!”
That was it, Setsuna’s patience had run out, and she grabbed the sorceress by the throat. With the power of both hands, the huntress easily overpowered the magician, she could end her simply by squeezing a little harder, or scratching her carotid artery a little too deep.
GHHHH!!!” The she-wolf growled, consumed by rage. All those nightmares, all those traumas – it was her fault, she did it to him, she…
She didn’t even struggle.
“…you… YOU!!!” The huntress’ grip had weakened, she couldn’t go on like that, her hands slipped, but the fury didn’t go anywhere.
“Kha-kha-kha-a… A-a-a… Haa… Kha…” Freia’s face was morbidly red, her breath was rugged, and even her eyes looked like they would pop out of their sockets every second now. “Kha-a… Se… tty…” But even in that sorry state, the girl never raised a hand against her friend. One swing, and the huntress would be burned by flames, scourged by a lightning, her brain would pop out on the edge of a sharp flying icicle… And yet, despite all of those possibilities, the heroine insisted on calling her possible murderer… by a friendly pet name.
GRRR! What?!” She roared, still unsure what to do with the pink-haired girl. She was a part of their family, their pack… And someone they would be better off without. Right? Alas, whether that was true or not, Freia herself shared that ridiculous thought.
“Before you kill me… Promise me one thing.” The princess all but demanded. Her voice was faint, but there was power, a true regal authority in it. “Promise, you’d never leave him! Keyaruga… I don’t think he believes anyone can love him! Promise me you’ll take care of Evy and Norn! They have nothing to do with it! Promise…”
“No.” But Setsuna refused.
“B-but why?”
“Because Setsuna…”

Keyaruga returned. He pushed the door open and entered the room. His fervor wasn’t that high ever since the lad successfully broken the chain Flare put him on, ever since he burned the vile arrogant witch from the inside.
“Freia! Setsuna! Let’s fuck!” The hero yelled, as his eyes rolled all over the place. There was passion, there was zeal, and, most importantly…
Haa… Set… ty!..” …his feelings were shared here, two naked girls, with one clearly dominating the other. The huntress held the sorceress from the back, Setsuna played with Freia’s nipple, she twitched her puffy vulva, teased her erect clitoris. All the while the huntress kept gently and caringly biting the princess’ ear. “Keya… ruga…” The caster helplessly pleaded, reaching for the towering man, but the she-wolf’s grip was just too strong.
“You start with Freia.” Setsuna proclaimed, patting her prey’s puffy lips.
“That’s a bold thing to hear from you.” Keyaruga sneered, all while getting rid of his equipment. What was just a normal arousal grew into a burning passion, as his raging erection urged him to drop the trousers as fast as possible. “Still, who am I to refuse a lady?”
And so, the lad jumped into the bed in all of his naked glory. His rod was on fire, his heart’s pounding resonated all the way to his temples, and his sex drive became unstoppable at that point.
“You’re gorgeous, Freia.” Keyaruga said, caressing the girl’s sweaty cheek. While he was gone, Setsuna made sure Freia was hot and wet; this was her tribute to the leader of their small pack. “I wanna fuck you silly.” The lad whispered heatedly, claiming his shivering bounty. She was moist, she was panting, and most importantly – the sorceress was in mad love.
A-A-A-H!” Barely did the huntress let go of her, before the girl got on top of her man. She leant on his chest and lowered her hips, letting the hard penis pierce her dripping vagina. “You’re… mine now.” The princess declared, accepting the lad’s meaty stick all the way to the twitching balls.
“Well-well, care to explain what’s happened? Anybody?” The healer wondered with a mischievous grin on his face. He never missed a chance to get a firm grip on Freia’s bouncing ass; and neither did he deny himself from leaving a bunch of hickeys on her neck.
Nobody cared for conversation anymore. One was too busy moaning, while bouncing on the man’s rod, another was muffledly panting, all while pleasing herself. Setsuna dared not intervene, but neither would she miss a chance to follow Eve’s example.
Freia embraced Keyaruga, rubbing her sweaty body against his torso. Strangely enough, the girl deliberately avoided looking him in the eyes. She even turned her back to the man. And while her trained spine and round buttcheeks did look enticing, just having a beauty riding his dick wasn’t really enough to the hero.
“Hey, Freia…” Keyaruga spoke, lifting himself in a sitting position. That way, he could once again embrace his lovely princess. “You don’t have to fuck me out of guilt, you know.” The healer admonished, bending the girl in to take her doggy-style.
I don- AHH!!!” There was no place for excuses. No moment of reflection, nothing but a primal lust and desire. Freia was his trophy, while he and Norn had a long story behind them? As if it mattered at all right now. “A-A-H!!! KEYARUGA!!!” She yelled, as the lad ravaged her. Gripping onto the bedsheets, the sorceress could do nothing but drown in pleasure. “A-A-A-A-A-A-A-H!!!” She was on the verge, orgasm after orgasm; she was led, or rather dragged, to the highest peak of ecstasy.
A wave of pure joy had covered Freia from her head down to her toes, she trembled, drooled, she even got a small puddle underneath her butt. These five minutes were so intense, she couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe properly. And yet…
“Get up. Master’s not finished.” Setsuna demanded, crawling near the girl. And indeed, Keyaruga’s penis was still far from ejaculating.
“She’s right. You and I have a lo-o-o-ot to do!” The hero uttered, grabbing Freia’s butt.

It’s been… how much time? Twenty? Thirty minutes? An hour? Even more? It was hard to tell after countless orgasms the two enjoyed together. Freia looked more like a dirty rag, than anything else. Her pink hair was all messy; she was sticky with sweat and reeked of semen, leaking right from her loose vagina. But even so, she clung to the Hero of Healing, who didn’t really seem any better, napping with a string of saliva drooling from his mouth.
Only Setsuna remained awake. She didn’t take any part in their love, other than masturbating right beside them. There was an undisputed reason for such a behavior. Specifically, Freia had told her everything; down to the most gruesome detail of how she abused the drug-addicted boy she now called master. The sorceress had expected retribution, a swift and brutal death by the ice claws, knowing she could leave her beloved man for Norn.
But, well, what kind of keeper would Setsuna be if she didn’t direct that lunacy into a fine night for two broken souls? The huntress would get her turn her turn the next day. Now, though, she covered Keyaruga and Freia with a blanket and lied beside him.
Silently, the she-wolf took the lad’s hand and pressed it against her breast. After all, it was kindness and warmth that kept his nightmares at bay.
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2023.03.31 17:30 ticktock3210 Norm Gahn absolutely knew he was breaking the law (that he himself wrote) when he destroyed evidence in the Avery case

For some background. malcontends blogspot explains it well
One illustration of the DOJ and Democratic judges' perfidy concerns the State's returning the murder victim's remains to the Halbach family, a law enforcement scheme revealed when Avery sought to conduct DNA testing, and found out the bones had been destroyed without notice to him, in violation of Wisconsin's evidence preservation law.
Flaunting the evidence preservation law, in 2011 Calumet County Sheriff Deputy Jeremy Hawkins, Mark Wiegert,and DoJ Attorneys Thomas Fallon and Norman Gahn secretly sneaked the remains of Ms. Halbach, and illegally transported the bones to the Halbach family.
The State previously suggested to the Appellate Court in its Dec. 2018 filing that Avery and Zellner drop their appeal without the State ever having "admitted or disclosed that it had given the bones back to the Halbach family in 2011 [illegally] without notice to Mr. Avery or his counsel," notes Zellner in her Feb. 2019 legal filing.
In other words, law enforcement hid evidence it claims is the murder victim, destroyed this evidence, hid the destruction, lied about the destruction, then claimed the evidence cannot be determined to be exculpatory because it has been destroyed.
In short, the State acted in bad faith at every turn.
Even the prosecutor-biased Judge Angela W. Sutkiewicz acknowledges in 2020 what Zellner uncovered: Writes Sutkiewicz: "The report of Deputy [Jeremy] Hawkins indicates that he, Sergeant Investigator Mark Wiegert, Attorney Thoman Fallon and Attorney Norman Gahn removed materials stored in evidence, and released them to the Halbach family," (p 2).
The Appellate Court hearing the case in July 2021, however, divined, "The Halbach family requested these bone fragments for purposes of its own—likely for closure ... ."
Yet, even the DOJ's Thoman Fallon and Norman Gahn who implemented the scheme disconfirm this attempt by the Court, contriving a State-Halbach family scheme, to cover for illegal evidence destruction.
Fallon and Gahn argue that the evidence they helped destroy was "inexplicably released" from the Calumet County Sheriff’s Department’s evidence control unit, March 29, 2019 legal filing, (p 13).
Fallon and Gahn, in effect, assert Fallon and Gahn cannot explain why they released and destroyed the evidence, and state nothing about the Court-invented 'family did it' offering by the appellate court.
This 'Halbach family did it' invention appears nothing so much as a public signal to the Halbach family to speak up and get on board with the lie of moment.
Inexplicably released is of course a disingenuous characterization for the illegal destruction of evidence that not only implicates Fallon, Gahn and Wiegert, but also is a clear violation of the Due Process Clause, and is a Brady violation under Wisconsin judicial doctrine.
Lost in all the Court and DOJ lies is the fact an innocent man is litigating for his very life.
There is probably no one in Wisconsin who knows how important it is to preserve evidence than Norm Gahn.
Norman Gahn, who pioneered the use of DNA evidence in criminal prosecutions in Wisconsin, is the first winner of the State Bar of Wisconsin's Lifetime Legal Innovator award
On February 17, 2019, Prosecutor Fallon left a voicemail on Zellner's cell phone, admitting, "Um, yes, uh, many bone fragments were returned to the family."
What. The. Fuck. This isn't some inexperienced asshole. Gahn was one of the top experts in the country on the preservation of DNA evidence and about how it can be used in the future. It sure makes you wonder if Gahn knew exactly why he needed to destroy the evidence.
In 1998 Mr. Gahn was appointed by the U.S. Department of Justice to the National Commission on the Future of DNA evidence. In 1999 the Federal Bureau of Investigation formally recognized him as a pioneer in DNA technology in the courtroom. The National Institute of Justice formally recognized him in 2000 as an innovator in the field of DNA evidence. In 2010 he was selected to serve as an advisory member under the National Science and Technology Council Subcommittee on Forensic Science.
This scumbag even has a Masters in Forensic Science. How the fuck does someone with a Master of Forensic Sciences Degree give away forensic material in an ongoing murder case?
Mr. Gahn is an Assistant District Attorney and has been with the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office since July of 1984. He received his JD from Marquette University Law School in Milwaukee. He has a B.S. in Psychology from St. Louis University and a Master of Forensic Sciences Degree from George Washington University
Wisconsin has an evidence preservation law that Norm Gahn wrote. He broke his own law when he gave away the evidence.
968.205 Preservation of certain evidence.
(2) Except as provided in sub. (3), if physical evidence that is in the possession of a law enforcement agency includes any biological material that was collected in connection with a criminal investigation that resulted in a criminal conviction, delinquency adjudication, or commitment under s. 971.17 or 980.06 and the biological material is from a victim of the offense that was the subject of the criminal investigation or may reasonably be used to incriminate or exculpate any person for the offense, the law enforcement agency shall preserve the physical evidence until every person in custody as a result of the conviction, adjudication, or commitment has reached his or her discharge date.
This two faced dickhead Norm Gahn knew how important it was to preserve evidence and disclose it. In 2007, Norm Gahn told a court
The very integrity of the judicial system and public confidence in the system depend on full disclosure of all the facts within the framework of the rules of evidence to ensure that justice is done. It is imperative to the function of courts that compulsory process be available for the production of evidence needed by either the prosecution or by the defense. And that's in United States v. Nixon, 418 U.S., 683, 1974 decision. And a few years later, in United States v. Robinson, at 485 U.S. 25, 1988, the Supreme Court stated, The central purpose of a criminal trial is to decide the factual question of the defendant's guilt or innocence. To this end, it is important that both the defendant and the prosecutor have the opportunity to meet, fairly, the evidence and arguments of one another.
Then after he destroyed the bones in the Avery case, he backtracks like Ken Kratz when he tells the court in 2019 that:
As addressed below, the State preserved some bone fragments clearly identified as the remains of Teresa Halbach or that could be identified as being female, human bone. And the State made reasonable efforts to determine the identity, hence importance, of the bone fragments in #8675 when it sent the items to the FBI. The FBI could not test the items. When these items were inexplicably released to the family their origin remained scientifically undetermined. Under these circumstance there is no bad faith.
So what happened to Norm's heartfelt belief that it is important that both the defendant and the prosecutor have the opportunity to meet, fairly, the evidence and arguments of one another? Do as I say but not as I do should be Wisconsin's state motto.
Honestly, there are very few DAs in the entire world who know more about Forensic Science than Norm Gahn, so why does he acts like a dumb fuck in the Avery case? You ever get that feeling that someone is shady as fuck? I get that feeling all the time with every DA in the Avery case: Gahn, Fallon and Kratz. Gahn participated in releasing the bones even though he wrote the preservation law, and knows DNA is ever changing. He was 1,000,000% aware that that Avery's counsel needed to be notified, yet they weren’t. How can this not be bad faith? Tom Fallon (the mastermind because he passed the bar exam) also participated in releasing the bones. Fallon then spent two years telling Zellner he had the pelvic bone when he clearly knew he didn't. More bad faith from the most corrupt DAs office in the United States. Norm Gahn and his conspirators knew EXACTLY what they were doing when they gave away those bones. Fuck these criminals who hide as DAs and Adjunct Professors of Law in Wisconsin diploma privilege law schools (to perpetuate the corruption and scumbaggery). If this dickead doesn't understand the law he wrote, imagine having him explain it to the next generation of Wisconsin diploma privilege morons.
Adjunct Professor of Law Biography
Mr. Gahn holds a B.S. in Psychology from Saint Louis University. He graduated from Marquette University Law School in 1984. Prior to entering law school, he served 10 years in the United States Army as a Military Police Officer and Criminal Investigation Division (CID) Field Office Commander. While in the service and stationed at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, he attended George Washington University and received a Master of Forensic Sciences Degree in 1980.
Upon graduation from Marquette Law School, Mr. Gahn spent 31 years with the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office. His primary duty as an Assistant District Attorney (ADA) for Milwaukee County was the prosecution of homicide and sexual assault cases that involved the use of DNA evidence or other forensic science disciplines. From 2001 to his retirement in 2015, Mr. Gahn filled a DOJ funded position as the statewide DNA prosecutor with duties and responsibilities to assist prosecutors and law enforcement throughout Wisconsin with DNA related matters, as well general forensic science issues.
In 1998 Mr. Gahn was appointed by the U.S. Department of Justice to the National Commission on the Future of DNA evidence. In 1999 the Federal Bureau of Investigation formally recognized him as a pioneer in DNA technology in the courtroom. The National Institute of Justice formally recognized him in 2000 as an innovator in the field of DNA evidence. In 2010 he was selected to serve as an advisory member under the National Science and Technology Council Subcommittee on Forensic Science. On April 21, 2015, at a ceremony in Washington D.C., Mr. Gahn received the Allied Professional Award from Attorney General Eric Holder for his work with DNA evidence on behalf of victims of crime. In 2015 the State Bar of Wisconsin selected him to receive the Lifetime Legal Innovator Award for his work as an Assistant District Attorney in Milwaukee County. He has received numerous other awards and recognitions during his career as a prosecutor for Milwaukee County.
Mr. Gahn has lectured extensively around the country on the use of DNA evidence and the forensic sciences during his years as an ADA. He has taught prosecutors, law enforcement officers, and sexual assault nurse examiners about DNA evidence and DNA technology and forensic science. He has taught DNA evidence for Wisconsin trial court and appellate judges.
Mr. Gahn is currently an Adjunct Professor of Law at Marquette University Law School teaching Forensic Science and the Law.
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2023.03.31 17:26 TheJasonaissance I think I'm using too much coffee per shot

Just a question to see how everyone would approach this. I have a Breville Barista Express, roughly 6 years old, 54mm basket. I typically use 16-17 grams in the double shot basket and pull decent shots. Until about two months ago I was using a standard tamp but upgraded to the Normcore spring-loaded tamper. It come with the 25 lb spring installed, and with an alternate 15 & 35 lb spring if I want to swap. So far I've been using the 25 lb spring and I noticed right away that 25 lbs seems like way more force than I assumed prior to getting the spring-loaded tamper. I was getting good and consistent shots with the new tamper and I haven't had any complaints. But I was watching some videos yesterday and noticed how much easier people were pushing the spring-loaded tampers and I realized mine was so difficult because maybe my portafilter is too full and it's compressing the grounds before the spring-loaded collar hits the edge of the basket. So, maybe I'm too full? Has anyone else used this combo and had problems? Should I try dropping down to 15g of coffee or less? That seems really light?
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2023.03.31 17:19 their_teammate +2 S&B vs +2 GWM, Ancestral Echo

Just got a +2 shield from mission drop of a west march server. Currently using GWM +2 Glaive, but considering switching over to sword (or axe/stick) and board. Class/Race is Echo Knight/Ancestral Guardian Wildhunt Shifter, lv 11 with a 8/3 split.
Switching over Blind Fighting to Dueling, 1d8+2 is slightly better than 1d10, but not sure compared with 1d10+10 (-5). I also want to note that PAM doesn't work through Echo, and my bonus action is already filled with Echo, Rage, Shifting, and Second Wind, so shield and spear isn't an option for me.
Should I stay GWM or switch over to S&B?

Average DTPR cr11: 71.5
Average to-hit cr11: 8
Chance to hit AC17: 100% - ((17-8 = 9) /20 = 45%) = 55%
Chance to hit AC21: 100% - ((21-8 = 13) /20 = 65%) = 35%
DTPR AC17: 71.5*0.55 = 39.325
DTPR AC21: 71.5*0.35 = 25.025
Survivability increase: (39.325/25.025 = 157.14%) - 100 = 57%

Base chance to hit: 60%
Average damage Reckless, Dueling, Rage, +1 weapon (min to hit 7, advantage, 1d8+4+2+1+2 damage): 25.45
Average damage Reckless, GWM, Rage, +2 weapon (min to hit 11, advantage, 1d10+4+10+2+2 damage): 36.32
DPR loss: 100% - (25.45/36.32 = 70.07%) = 29.93%
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2023.03.31 17:03 Nazta JP - FF13 (NV B.Lightning, NV D.D.Hope) - Banner(s) Megathread - 04/01~05/07

JP Version Only
FF13 - Pickup Thread

Related Content:

Featured Banner :

Featured Units

DEX Name Wiki Rarity Rates (+1) C.F.         TMR                 STMR        
2523 NV Beautiful Lightning 美しき稲妻ライトニング Wiki NV ??%* [BS/Gr16] [AT/Gr1] セラを想う心 [Materia] +75% P/M Machine & Undead Killer w/ Sword, +75% P/M Machine & Undead Killer w/ Gun 真・オメガウェポン(FFXIII) [2H Sword] +237 ATK, +100% P/M Machine Killer, B.Lightning Only: +500 Static ATK
2524 NV Destiny Defying Hope 運命と戦う少年ホープ Wiki NV ??%* [BS/Gr16] [MC/Gr4] 秘石アレキサンダー [Materia] +30% HP/MP, +100% LB Fill Rate, 2 LB/Turn 真・ヌエ(FFXIII) [2H Throwing Weapon] +144 ATK, +212 MAG, +40% MP/MAG/SPR, +50% LB Damage, Hope Only: +500 Static MAG (+50% Acc, 1.3~1.7x)
2525 NV Dressy Ayaka ドレスアップアヤカ Wiki NV ??%* [BS/Gr16] 玉翼の杖 [2H Staff] +19 ATK, +178 MAG, +156 SPR, +20% HP/MP (+50% Acc, 1.25~1.75x) (Female Only) アヤカのドレス [Clothes] +180 MP, +13 DEF, +100 MAG, +72 SPR, +150% EQ MAG w/ TDH, D.Ayaka Only: +500 Static MAG
Note: Split banners / Older FF13 Units also in the pool.

Vision Card(s)

祝賀祭 (B.Lightning Ex+3)
Lv1: +170 ATK/MAG ----------- LV1: +80% ATK/MAG (Req: 報旗を翻す者たち) LV1: +100% LB Damage (Req: 報旗を翻す者たち) LV1: +650 Static ATK/MAG (Req: 報旗を翻す者たち) 
VSキングベヒーモス (D.D.Hope)
+65~130 MAG ----------- Lv4: +50% MAG Lv7: +25% LB Damage Lv10: +500 Static MAG (FF13 Only) 
ドレスでお散歩 (D.Ayaka)
+65~130 SPR ----------- LV4: +4 LB/Turn LV7: +100% LB Fill Rate LV10: +500 Static SPR (FFBE Only) 

Exchange ticket

The usual exchange ticket stuff.


Featured Step-up

Step Cost Content
1 2500 11 Summons, 1x 5★+ Summons
2 3000 11 Summons, 3x 5★+ Summons
3 5000 11 Summons, 50x D.Ayaka Unit Fragments
4 FREE 11 Summons
5 5000 11 Summons, 50x D.D.Hope Unit Fragments
6 5000 11 Summons, 1x NV (10% Featured NV)
Featured: D.Ayaka/D.D. Hope.

B. Lightning Premium Step-Up

Step Cost Content
1 2000 11 Summons, 10x Featured Shards
2 3000 11 Summons, 10x Featured Shards
3 FREE 11 Summons
4 5000 11 Summons, 20x Featured Shards
5 5000 11 Summons, 20x Featured Shards
6 FREE 11 Summons, 1x NV (5% Featured)
7 5000 11 Summons, 20x Featured Shards
8 5000 11 Summons, 20x Featured Shards
9 5000 11 Summons, 1x NV (10% Featured)
Featured Unit: NV B.Lightning.
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2023.03.31 16:59 Careless-Inevitable8 [WTS] PRICE DROP JMAC AB-9R w/ AB-BA, Milspec Trigger, Rugged 5/8 x 24 FH

All prices are shipped
PayPal F&F preferred, NO NOTES
JMAC AB-9R w/ AB-BA - $125 $105
Milspec Trigger Group - $25 $20
Rugged 5/8 x 24 FH - $55 $40
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2023.03.31 16:56 dhotlo2 [Hiring] Xcode + Swift Developer for a chatGPT app

Hey everyone, I'm looking for a developer that can build me a small mvp that will be ready to sell on the App Store for macOS. The app will live in the top tool bar as an icon and just show a popup/modal when clicked or if a keyboard shortcut is clicked (should be configurable). The popup will be a chat box where you can type into it and talk to chatGPT and show responses in there, basically like the web app they have except this one is just easily accessible instead of having to open the page. I will provide the necessary info for the api requests. Designs will be rough wireframes and the standard macOS components should be used. The app should also allow users to upgrade to a paying plan which doesn't have limitations put on it (x amount of requests per minute, x amount of chat sessions open). Hope that is enough info to get a good estimate from developers. Budget is +$25/hr at least but would prefer a whole project estimate.

Send online portfolios along with estimates please.

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2023.03.31 16:56 r3crac BANGGOOD Deals (31.3.2023)!

BANGGOOD Deals Compilation (31.3.2023)!
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-1- 7A USB to Type-C Cable 2m
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-2- USLION 5A USB to Type-C Cable 1m
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-3- BlitzWolf BW-VF2 Celling Wall Projector Mount [EU]
📉 Price: $9.99 / Lowest: $9.99
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-4- 3.3V 8MHz ATmega328P-AU Pro Mini Microcontroller With Pins [EU]
💰 Price: $9.99 / Lowest: $10.99
-5- MECO ELEVERDE HD 1080P Webcam [EU]
💣 Price: $11.99 / Lowest: $12.99
-6- 4Pcs SG 1603 1/16 RC Car Upgraded Hudraulic Shock Absorber
💥 Price: $12.99 / Lowest: $12.99
✏️ Coupon: BGfaca3e
-7- Smartda 1800mAh Sterilizer UV Lamp
💰 Price: $14.39 / Lowest: $14.99
-8- BlitzWolf BW-S22 Mini PD 35W GaN Wall Charger
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-9- DIN875-0 100x70mm 90 Degree Angle Corner
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-10- BlitzMax BT05 Audio Transmitter Receiver BT5.2 [EU]
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-11- 12V 50W Portable Solar Panel [EU]
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📍 Coupon: BGdc1afc
-12- 2pcs Ambient Light Bar Atmosphere Lamp RGB
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-13- Xiaovv V380 Pro HD 2MP IP Camera [EU]
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-14- Xiaovv V380 Pro HD 2MP IP Camera
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-15- BlitzMax BT06 Audio Transmitter Receiver BT5.2 [EU]
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-16- DAREU EK868 Mechanical Keyboard Bluetooth 5.1 68 Keys
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-17- ZOP Power 14.8V 6000mAh 65C 4S RC Battery XT60
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-18- LDNIO SC10610 Power Socket 10 Outlets with 30W 6 USB
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-19- DAREU EK861 Keyboard Bluetooth 5.1 RGB 61 Keys
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-20- 12 Line 360deg Horizontal Vertical 3D Green Laser Level [EU]
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-21- Zeeray 220-240V 28W Wifi Bluetooth Ceiling Light [EU]
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-22- Wnew 3D Table Saw Woodworking Pushblock
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-23- MUSTOOL 16 Lines 4D Laser Level with 2 Batteries [EU]
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-24- BlitzWolf BW-VD2 External Blu-Ray DVD Reader USB3.0 Type-C [EU]
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-25- ENJOYWOOD M1 PRO Telescope Miter Gauge [EU]
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-27- SKYRC GSM020 RC GNSS Performance Analyzer
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-29- 49cc Motorcycle Engine With Accelerator Handle [EU]
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2023.03.31 16:54 CollectorCache [Store] BIGGEST Store of TI5/TI6/TI7/TI8/TI9/TI10/Nemestice/Aghanim's/2022 Collector's Caches Sets

Why me?

Best Selling Deals:

steam link:

Aghanim's 2021 Collector's Cache:

Set [Hero] Price[items] Reserved/Sold
Silverwurm Sacrifice [Dragon Knight ] 17$ 33 Sold
Scales of the Shadow Walker [Phantom Lancer] 13$ 44 Sold
Perception of the First Light [Dawnbreaker] 14$ 37 Sold
Apex Automated [Clockwerk] 13$ 38 Sold
Test of the Basilisk Lord [Razor] 8$ 41 Sold
Secrets of the Frost Singularity [Ancient Apparition ] 5$ 36 Sold
Perils of the Red Banks [Chen] 9$ 40 Sold
The Chained Scribe [Grimstroke] 9$ 38 Sold
Widow of the Undermount Gloom [Broodmother] 9$ 33 Sold
Forgotten Fate [Mars] 5$ 44 Sold
March of the Crackerjack [Rubick] 10$ 37 Sold
Stranger in the Wandering Isles [Drow Ranger ] 20$ 38 Sold
Cosmic Concoctioneers [Alchemist] 13$ 41 Sold
Days of the Demon [Axe] 15$ 36 Sold
Blightfall [Abaddon] 10$ 40 Sold
Pyrexae Polymorph Perfected [Ogre Magi ] 30$ 38 Sold
Wrath of the Celestial Sentinel [Chaos Knight ] 47$ 26 Sold

Nemestice Collector's Cache 2021:

Set [Hero] Price[items] Reserved/Sold
Twilight Hex [Dark Willow] 13$ 23 Sold
Litany of the Damned [Doom] 12$ 25 Sold
Astral Terminus [Enigma] 5$ 21 Sold
Caerulean Star [Enchantress] 6$ 21 Sold
Arcane Inverter [Gyrocopter] 15$ 23 Sold
Creed of the Skullhound [Lycan] 18$ 22 Sold
Desert Bloom [Nature's Prophet] 8$ 22 Sold
Silence of the Starweaver [Oracle] 7$ 23 Sold
Eyriebound Imperator [Skywrath Mage] 9$ 21 Sold
Anthozoan Assault [Tiny] 13$ 21 Sold
Vision of the Seraph Scion [Vengeful Spirit] 26$ 23 Sold
Defender of the Brumal Crest [ Winter Wyvern] 8$ 23 Sold
Red Sands Marauder [Shadow Shaman] 13$ 21 Sold
Indomitable Legacy [Sven] 48$ 21 Sold
Footfalls of the Sporefathers [ Witch Doctor] 45$ 13 Sold

The International 2020 Collector's Cache I:

Set [Hero] Price[items] Reserved/Sold
Origin of the Dark Oath[Night Stalker] 25$ 32 Sold
Ravenous Abyss [Underlord] 15$ 36 Sold
Apocalypse Unbound [Ancient Apparition] 9$ 31 Sold
Beholden of the Banished Ones [Warlock] 10$ 39 Sold
Fury of the Righteous Storm [Disruptor] 5$ 25 Sold
Lineage of the Stormlords [Juggernaut] 27$ 43 Sold
Silent Slayer [Silencer] 15$ 47 Sold
Mindless Slaughter [Pudge] 17$ 28 Sold
Heartless Hunt [Bounty Hunter] 9$ 32 Sold
Herald of the Ember Eye [Grimstroke] 10$ 36 Sold
Fissured Flight [Jakiro] 5$ 29 Sold
Flashpoint Proselyte [Huskar] 11$ 36 Sold
Signs of the Allfather [Nature's Prophet] 15$ 37 Sold
Glory of the Elder Flame [Lina] 25$ 42 Sold
Songs of Starfall Glen [Enchantress] 10$ 35 Sold
Ancient Inheritance [Tiny] 27$ 51 Sold
Forsworn Legacy [Mars] 40$ 24 Sold
Spirit of the Sacred Grove [Mirana] 100$ 30 Sold

The International 2020 Collector's Cache II:

Set [Hero] Price[items] Reserved/Sold
Evolution of the Infinite [Enigma] 5$ 33 Sold
Beast of the Crimson Ring [Bristleback] 9$ 42 Sold
Clearcut Cavalier [Timbersaw] 6$ 36 Sold
The King Of Thieves [Keeper of the Light] 9$ 34 Sold
Horror from the Deep [Tidehunter] 22$ 47 Sold
Ire of the Ancient Gaoler [Arc Warden] 40$ 39 Sold
Talons of the Endless Storm [Chaos Knight] 11$ 33 Sold
Carousal of the Mystic Masquerade [Rubick] 6$ 29 Sold
Crown of Calaphas [Shadow Demon] 10$ 38 Sold
Wrath of the Fallen [Doom] 20$ 31 Sold
Blacksail Cannoneer [Sniper] 8$ 32 Sold
Secrets of the Celestial [Skywrath Mage] 5$ 38 Sold
Blaze of Oblivion [Phoenix] 5$ 23 Sold
Master of the Searing Path [Ember Spirit] 40$ 37 Sold
Steward of the Forbidden Chamber [Templar Assassin] 24$ 29 sold
Claszureme Incursion [Faceless Void] 57$ 26 sold

The International 2019 Collector's Cache I:

Set [Hero] Price[items] Reserved/Sold
Echoes of the Everblack [Abaddon] 14$ 52 Sold
Allure of the Faeshade Flower [Dark Willow] 25$ 52 Sold
Paean of the Ink Dragon [Grimstroke] 9$ 55 Sold
Scorched Amber [Dragon Knight] 19$ 51 Sold
Priest of the Proudsilver Clan [Chen] 10$ 53 Sold
The Arts of Mortal Deception [Enigma] 7$ 57 Sold
Poacher's Bane [Tidehunter] 6$ 59 Sold
Soul of the Brightshroud [Death Prothet] 9$ 57 Sold
Curse of the Creeping Vine [Undying] 18$ 56 Sold
Pursuit of the Ember Demons [Huskar] 14$ 51 Sold
Appetites of the Lizard King [Slark] 25$ 53 Sold
Forbidden Medicine [Dazzle] 17$ 57 Sold
Riddle of the Hierophant [Oracle] 6$ 59 Sold
Glimmer of the Sacred Hunt [Drow Ranger] 25$ 57 Sold
Adornments of the Jade Emissary [Earth Spirit] 23$ 57 Sold
Defender of Ruin [Disraptor] 18$ 55 Sold
Gothic Whisper [ Phantom Assassin ] 70$ 51 Sold

The International 2019 Collector's Cache II:

Set [Hero] Price[items] Reserved/Sold
Souls Tyrant [Shadow Field] 40$ 42 Sold
Sight of the Kha-Ren Faithful [Drow Ranger] 15$ 45 Sold
Tribal Pathways [Warlock] 6$ 41 Sold
Directive of the Sunbound [Clockwerk] 8$ 43 Sold
Prized Acquisitions [Batrider] 5$ 47 Sold
Verdant Predator [Venomancer] 8$ 49 Sold
Fury of the Bloodforge [Bloodseeker] 7$ 47 Sold
Distinguished Expeditionary [Tusk] 8$ 43 Sold
Automaton Antiquity [Broodmather] 8$ 47 Sold
Tales of the Windward Rogue [Pangolier] 18$ 48 Sold
Endless Night [Abaddon] 30$ 44 Sold
Grim Destiny [Wraith King] 10$ 47 Sold
Dapper Disguise [Pudge] 17$ 47 Sold
Fowl Omen [Necrophos] 27$ 40 Sold
Cinder Sensei [Ember Spirit] 70$ 33 Sold

The International 2018 Collector's Cache I:

Set [Hero] Price[items] Reserved/Sold
Trail of the Sanguine Spectrum [Bloodseeker] 13$ 23 Sold
Pitfall Crusader [Pangolier] 22$ 23 Sold
Insights of the Sapphire Shroud [Dark Seer] 14 20 Sold
Pillar of the Fractured Citadel [Spirit Breaker] 16$ 11 Sold
Forlorn Descent [Undying] 28$ 16 Sold
Stonemarch Sovereign [Wraith King] 24$ 17 Sold
The Murid Divine [Necrophos] 18$ 16 Sold
Primer of the Sapper's Guile [Techies] 17$ 18 Sold
Molokau Stalker [Venomancer] 17$ 16 Sold
Morbific Provision [Witch Doctor] 17$ 15 Sold
Raptures of the Abyssal Kin [Queen of Pain] 20$ 20 Sold
Fate Meridian [invoker] 24$ 20 Sold
Grasp of the Riven Exile [Weaver] 17$ 17 Sold
Visions of the Lifted Veil [Phantom Assassin] 40$ 14 Sold
Dread Compact [Warlock] 140$ 9 Solt

The International 2018 Collector's Cache II:

Set [Hero] Price[items] Reserved/Sold
Pitmouse Fraternity [Meepo] 12$ 95 Sold
Fires of the Volcanic Guard [Ember Spirit] 9$ 73 Sold
Third Awakening [Dragon Knight] 19$ 88 Sold
Shackles of the Enduring Conscript [Axe] 4$ 58 Sold
Shimmer of the Anointed [Nyx Assassin] 4$ 66 Sold
Cruelties of the Spiral Bore [Magnus] 20$ 101 Sold
Loaded Prospects [Brewmaster] 14$ 81 Sold
Ire of Molten Rebirth [Phoenix] 8$ 74 Sold
Pattern of the Silken Queen [Broodmather] 4$ 43 Sold
Dread Ascendance [Doom] 24$ 92 Sold
The Rat King [Chen] 7$ 68 Sold
Raiments of the Obsidian Forge [Underlord] 17$ 53 Sold
Legends of Darkheart Pursuit [Night Stalker] 180$ 41 Sold

The International 2017 Collector's Cache:

Set [Hero] Price[items] Reserved/Sold
Jolly Reaver [Pudge] 40$ 21 Sold
Eternal Testament [Death Prothet] 20$ 21 Sold
Secrets of the Katekhein [Winter Wyvern] 25$ 22 Sold
Rumrunner's Carronade [Brewmaster] 27$ 25 Sold
Abyssal Vortex [Enigma] 15$ 23 Sold
Samareen Sacrifice [Huskar] 23$ 22 Sold
Seablight Procession [Undying] 20$ 23 Sold
Corruption of the Virulent Krait [Venomancer] 19$ 22 Sold
Seaborne Reprisal [Kunkka] 70$ 25 Sold
Pressure Regulator [Clockwerk] 15$ 23 Sold
Meranth Dragoon [Sven] 40$ 21 Sold
Spoils of the Vodou Rover [Witch Doctor] 18$ 24 Sold
Shadowforce Gale [Luna] 17$ 22 Sold
Mechalodon Interdictor [Gyrocopter] 22$ 22 Sold
Riptide Raider [Monkey King] 25$ 20 Sold
The Dread Prophet [Nature's Prophet] 20$ 21 Sold
Covenant of the Depths [Invoker] 50$ 23 Sold
Sovereign of the Kray Legions [Sand King] 25$ 21 Sold
Cunning Corsair [Riki] 20$ 22 Sold
Chitinous Stalker [Nyx Assassin] 30$ 21 Sold
Manta Marauder [Batrider] 140$ 8 Sold
Submerged Hazard [Tinker] 110$ 14 Sold

The International 2016 Collector's Cache:

Set [Hero] Price[items] Reserved/Sold
Nightsilver's Resolve [Luna] 16$ 9 Sold
Rising Glory [Magnus] 18$ 4 Sold
Oni Knight the Dark Conqueror [Chaos Knight] 35$ 9 Sold
Family Values Bundle [Meepo] 50$ 7 Sold
Diabolical Fiend [Shadow Field] 50$ 4 Sold
Iceburnt Elegy [Winter Wyvern] 18$ 5 Sold
Heir of Terror [Bain] 17$ 6 Sold
Diabolical Fiend [SF] 100$ 7 Sold
Creeping Shadow [PA] 110$ 8 Sold
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2023.03.31 16:52 rotsihylop [WTS] Hammerhead to Polaris upgrade $45, Pack of 5 Constellation Taurus LTI $690, Glaive LTI $370, Endeavor Masterset 2018 LTI $1250 ◄ Many LTI ships and packs Inside ► Aurora LN SQ42+SC Game Package $60, Referral Code STAR-TGVR-RMW9, Subscribers

Standalone Special-Offer Ship
Name Insurance Price (USD) CCU from
5 x Constellation Taurus LTI 690 5 x Aopoa Nox LTI
5 x Ares Inferno LTI 1010 5 x Aopoa Nox LTI
Glaive LTI 370 Dragonfly LTI
Polaris LTI 750 Dragonfly LTI
Cross-Chassis Upgrades
Base Ship Target Ship Melt (RSI) Price (USD)
Andromeda Redeemer 25 60
Hammerhead Polaris 25 45
Original-Concept Combo-Pack Ships/Vehicles
Name Contents Insurance Melt (RSI) Price (USD)
Caterpillar & Dragonfly Pack Caterpillar, Dragonfly (Black & Yellow) LTI 300 375
Endeavor Masterset 2018 10 Modules (2 Bio Dome) LTI 1000 1250
X1 Three-Pack X1 (Baseline, Velocity, Force) LTI 130 165
Race Team Pack X1, Dragonfly, Nox LTI 115 150
Drake Dragonfly Ride Together Two-Pack Dragonfly (Black, Yellow) LTI 65 110
The Tortoise and the Hurricane Hurricane, Terrapin LTI 345 450
600i Series Combo Pack 600i (Touring & Exploration), G12, X1 LTI 835 1000
Air and Space Pack Terrapin, Cyclone-AA LTI 250 290
All-terrain Vehicle Mega Pack Cyclone (Standard, AA, RN, RC, TR), Rover (Ursa, Lynx), Greycat PTV LTI 405 500
Offroad Vehicle Pack Cyclone TR, Ursa Rover, Greycat PTV LTI 110 150
Tumbril Cyclone Pack Cyclone (Standard, AA, RN, RC, TR) LTI 255 320
Starfarer + Nox 2 Pack Starfarer, Nox (Standard, Kue) LTI 365 425
Top Secret Bomber Pack Eclipse, Gladiator, Retaliator Bomber LTI 670 770
Banu Combo Pack Defender, Mechantman LTI 515 615
Ground Vehicle Pack VIP Dragonfly Yellow, Nox, X1, Ursa Rover, Cyclone, Nova Tank LTI 320 420
Deluxe Ground Vehicle Pack Dragonfly (Black, Yellow), Nox (Black, Kue), X1 (Standard, Velocity, Force), Ursa Rover, Cyclone (Standard, TR, RC, RN, AA), Nova Tank LTI 725 850
Standalone Original-Concept Ships
Name Insurance Melt (RSI) Price (USD)
Freelancer LTI 110 150
Vulcan LTI 200 240
X1 Velocity Edition LTI 45 70
Hawk LTI 90 115
Hammerhead LTI 650 800
Polaris LTI 750 900
Sabre Comet LTI 185 225
Gladius Valiant LTI 110 140
Hornet Wildfire LTI 175 210
Avenger Titan Renegade LTI 75 100
Origin 85X LTI 50 75
Prowler LTI 425 500
Vanduul Blade LTI 250 315
Prospector LTI 140 185
Buccaneer LTI 110 150
Dragonfly (Black or Yellow) LTI 35 65
Terrapin LTI 195 250
Vanguard Hoplite LTI 225 275
Razor LTI 135 170
Endeavor Base LTI 350 450
Hurricane LTI 175 215
Banu Defender LTI 185 230
Eclipse LTI 275 340
Nox Kue LTI 40 65
600i Luxury LTI 400 475
600i Exploration LTI 435 525
Standalone Original-Concept Vehicles
Name Insurance Melt (RSI) Price (USD)
Cyclone LTI 50 75
Cyclone-AA LTI 70 95
Cyclone-RN LTI 55 80
Cyclone-RC LTI 55 80
Cyclone-TR LTI 55 80
Nova Tank LTI 105 130
Original-LTI Game Packages
Ship Insurance Games Hangar Starting Melt (RSI) Price (USD)
UEE Exploration Pack LTI SQ42 + SC VFG Industrial 20,000 UEC 495 700
Exploration Mega Pack LTI SQ42 + SC VFG Industrial 20,000 UEC 895 1100
Game Packages requiring referral code: ►STAR-TGVR-RMW9◄ +5,000 UEC bonus
Ship Insurance Games Hangar Starting Melt (RSI) Price (USD)
Aurora LN 3M SQ42 + SC SelfLand 1,000 UEC 45 65
Hangar Flairs Subscribers Exclusives
Name Melt (RSI) Price (USD)
Kastak Arms Custodian SMG Citizen 2947 Edition 5 15
UEE Calendar 5 15
Stellarsonic Jukebox 5 15
Locker from Another Universe 5 15
Mr. Refinement's Cabinet 5 15
Patron of the Arts Award 5 15
Puglisi Collection Planet Artifact 5 15
Puglisi Collection Vanduul Scythe Armor 5 15
Puglisi Collection Vasli Fragment Stone 5 15
Puglisi Collection Kamposi Magnus Skull 5 15
Puglisi Collection AV8 Battle Armor Replica 5 15
Space Flower - Emperor Blossom 5 15
Space Cactus - Kavische 5 15
Space Plant - Ophelia Vine 5 15
Conner's Beard Moss 5 15
Opera Mushroom 5 15
Revenant Tree 5 15
"Tears of Fire" Painting 5 15
Hitbox Magazine 5 15
Icarus One Holographic Model 5 15
Takuetsu RSI Constellation Phoenix 2944 5 15
Takuetsu MISC Freelancer MIS 2944 5 15
Takuetsu Mini Reliant Kore 5 15
Takuetsu Mini Aegis Sabre 5 15
Takuetsu Mini Hornet F7C-R 5 15
Takuetsu Series Mustang Beta 5 15
Takuetsu Series Aurora ES 5 15
Takuetsu 350R Ship Model 5 15
Takuetsu Starfarer Model 5 15
Takuetsu Aegis Avenger Model 5 15
Takuetsu Khartu-Al Model 5 15
Takuetsu Aegis Gladius 5 15
Takuetsu Mustang Delta Model 5 15
Takuetsu Origin M50 5 15
Takuetsu Mustang Gamma 5 15
Takuetsu Golden Herald 5 15
submitted by rotsihylop to Starcitizen_trades [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 16:41 DaHagerBomb Latest booking is in.

the latest booking is in: Gunther retains, Cody beats roman, holds the titles for a few months then will be splitting them at summerslam.
Cody issues an open challenge for the WWE championship and a brand change if needed. Gunther beats out LA Knight (Yeah 😎 ) to claim the match. Before the match, Cody will host a 10-man broyale-style ladder elimination match (where getting pinned means you are out, with the title being the game-ending prize 25 ft in the air) with all men 🤼‍♂️ starting in the ring for the universal championship.
Gunther is upset at Ludwig Kaiser for losing to Cody 10 days prior to Wrestlemania, kicks 🦵 him out of Imperium.
Ludwig Kaiser wins a gauntlet of matches to secure his own spot in the match. Austin Theory (after retaining vs John Cena) enters the match with his USA belt 🇺🇸 going to anyone that pins him, with cascading pin rules. Gunther sends Giovanni Vinci to enter the broyale to teach Kaiser a lesson and claim the belts on behalf of imperium. His target is anyone claiming the USA belt, and then of course the universal. 🌍
The match goes on with many people getting eliminated. final four are Ludwig Kaiser, Giovanni Vinci, Austin Theory, and Bobby Lashley. The almighty is destroying Kaiser. Giovinci pins Austin Theory and wins that belt. USA now belongs to 🇩🇪, boys. Giovanni shoves Bobby lashley off Kaiser, says “only one that will eliminate that disgrace is Imperium.” Gets Bobby in a sleeper, night night 💆🏾‍♂️💤🛏️.
What’s this?? Kaiser has climbed the ladder while Gio was cleaning up the allsleepy. Vinci grabs the🪜 and shakes before Ludwig Kaiser reaches the top. Last second, Kaiser LEAPS to grab the belt. Equips it. Ding ding 🛎️ match is over. There is now a new USA champ 🇺🇸 and a new Universal champ 🌍.
The main event: Gunther vs Cody Rhodes, the IC vs WWE Champ, Imperium 🇦🇹 vs America 🇺🇸 . After a grueling 20 minute match, Cody has Gunther on the ropes, we’re about to see a repeat of the Rumble Royale. No, this time is different. Gunther has imperium. Giovanni Vinci is in Gunther’s corner, Cody has no one. Vinci slams down the USA belt and enters the ring. It is now winner takes all 3 titles. Cody slams Vinci with a back-to-back Cross Rhodes and Cody Cutter combo. He’s tired. Exhausted. Gunther takes advantage and pins Cody. 🛎️ Gunther has done it. He is now the champ.
What’s this? The stadium goes dark and a single light is on the entrance. ITS LUDWIG KAISER! He wants revenge on the Imperium while they are exhausted from dealing with Cody. He approaches the ring while Gunther looks SICKENED 🤢 .
And then he smiles 😈.
“You have done well my warrior.” “Thank you, my general.” Kaiser was working for imperium the whole time. Kaiser submits the belt to Gunther.
submitted by DaHagerBomb to SCJerk [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 16:10 RyanoftheDay The Warrior Anna Guide - Slashing more than prices!

Most players look at Lady Anna in Fire Emblem Engage and either ignore her because she starts as a level 5 Axe Fighter or build her towards Mage Knight to take advantage of her high Mag and Spd growths. I’m here to inform you that while the Mage Knight route is powerful, Anna may be the best Warrior in the game- and no Second Seal required!
Now you may be skeptical. She’s a Mag/Spd character, how could she possibly be the “best” at a physical class? Warrior Anna has 2 things going for her: Warrior’s above average growths and bases, and Radiant Bow being the best Bow in the game. In early game Maddening she’ll have enough StSpd to ORKO enemies, and once her Str side damage starts to fall off, Radiant Bow kicks in. The result is her being a better mixed attacker than most other characters in the game, having the StMag/Spd to manage a wide amount of threats and OHKO endgame Maddening Fliers. Oh, by the way, if you didn’t know, she also has a Lck% chance to get 500 Gold every time she KOs an enemy.
Starting Out
As cool as the end product is, getting this “helpless trainee” unit there has to be infuriating, right? It’s not. Micaiah Emblem is right there to glide her to level 10 with minimal effort. Now, the anti-Anna committee doesn’t like that idea. We’re “babying” her. “Denying” other units the opportunity to press “Great Sacrifice” a few times for exp. Well, that’s fine. Just give her Marth then.
With Marth, Anna will be slashing more than prices, ORKOing everything but the Armors and Sword Fliers in Chapter 7, right out of the box at level 5 with Mercurius, Divine Speed, and Break Defenses. The Axe Cavaliers don’t need as much thought, as Anna can just OHKO them with a Poleaxe+3. Same deal in Chapter 8, but the Corrupted Axe Fighters might need a little extra damage support, either through cooking, a tonic, or someone with the Alfonse Bond Ring being nearby.
If an Emblem isn't in the cards for her, Anna is as competent as Boucheron is at finishing stuff off and providing Chain Attack support. Boucheron does have more Bld, but at this stage in the game the Spd/Bld doesn’t come into play as much as you’d think. “But Boucheron should be a level or two ahead by the time you get Anna!” It doesn’t matter. We’re not even past Solm yet. They’re getting mostly the same KOs and the whole point of using Anna is her mixed attacking swag, which all other Warriors at this point won’t have, and her ability to generate money, which no one but her has. If you don’t want to play with Anna no one is forcing you to, but don’t pretend it’s some great sacrifice to include her on your team in the earlygame when it isn’t.
Promotion Time
In general, my promotion priority order is Jean d/t the growth change(if you’re using him)>Staff Access>Bow Access. Usually my promotes are Chloe, Celine/Citrinne, and a bow unit, roughly in that order. In this scenario, the flex is Anna. I’ve delayed Alear’s promotion in every run and it doesn’t matter. Louis similarly doesn’t care about promoting that much. Overall, very few characters are really impacted by the growth change, it’s more about the Staff and Bow access. If you don’t want to promote Anna before Chapter 10, that’s ok, she won’t be impacted negatively by it. I only recommend it as having Bow access is valuable and the Warriors bases are strong.
Anna Skills & the Midgame
Canter is generally enough for Anna, making her 2nd Skill slot flexible. You can give her +2-3 Spd to take some pressure off her doubling but it isn’t mandatory. I usually go with +Lck, others may like Dual Assist or a Dmg skill more. When it comes to most of the StMag/Spd/Bld checks highlighted in this post, Warrior Anna will be on point as long as she has a +1-2 Spd Bond Ring (have the Anna wear the Anna Ring?) and you’re cooking Spd food. That Poleaxe+3 from Chapter 7? Warrior Anna has enough Str to OHKO the Wolf Knights in Chapter 13 with it too.
Once you get a Radiant Bow, it’s recommended to take it to +3-4, as it will better enable Anna to ORKO Generals right away. All serious Mag Bow users will want a 23-25 Mt Radiant Bow in the end game anyways to OHKO both Griffin and Wyvern Knights, so it isn't an unusual investment here.
Depending on where Anna’s at by Chapter 17, she may either want Byleth as her Emblem (for the Mag/Spd/Lck), a single friend chain attacking, or a damage boosting skill to consistently ORKO the Generals there. Emblem, level, skill, and chain attack depending, she may also be short on damage for the Halberdiers or short on Spd if she uses a Killer Axe to solve the StMt. Killer Bow+3 enables her to consistently ORKO the Barbarian’s and Royal Knights though. So the lower path might be better for her to tackle if you divide your army for this map and are unsure of your Anna’s consistency.
“Hold the phone. Radiant Bow+3? Killer Bow+3??? BABYING?!?! BABYING!! NOT STRONG! NOT INDEPENDENT CHARACTER!!!” If you’re not forging your weapons, then very few of your characters are ORKOing at this stage in the game and almost none of them will be ORKOing later on. The Poleaxe, Radiant Bow, and Killer Weapons are of the best value weapons in the game to forge too. Not to mention that Anna pays for her forges, unlike the 9-13 freeloaders in your party. Citrinne literally has buying-an-island-as-a-gift purchasing power and cannot be bothered to even upgrade her own equipment!
The Lategame
Chapter 21 and beyond is where Anna truly shines as a Mag Warrior, as she’ll reach the 96 Mag/Mt damage threshold for OHKOing Griffin and Wyvern Knights more easily than all but two other characters. Citrinne can do it, but Citrinne is a pretty poor Bow user for your entire run and is a Zhongli tier freeloader. Mauvier can also flex into the role, but is slow, limiting his non-Flier and non-General KOing power. Aside from specific class pathways, all other characters will require some extra degree of Mystic Dust, Engraving, and/or Skill love to OHKO Fliers as easily as Warrior Anna. This is where Warrior Anna goes from matching WarrioCupido!Fogado to surpassing him. Oh, and there’s also the tens of thousands of Gold she’ll happen to pick up along the way.
“Best” Emblems
Without DLC, generally anything that provides Spd will be appreciated if you don’t Skill Spd and/or Speed Wing Anna. Byleth is a particularly good option, as he provides Mag, Spd, and Lck. Dance + Canter + Longbow is quite useful too, and Anna’s pretty competent with Byleth’s engage weapons. That said, Thyrsus is one hell of a drug and I know a lot of people love to use Dragon+Byleth for the spectrum dance/rally.
Marth is a solid option once you get him back, as the Spd, Sword, Break Defenses, and Divine Spd are all strong effects. Eirika is a strong choice too, as she synergizes with Anna’s mixed attacking role and enables her to punch well above her weight. You’ll likely need to give Anna Skill Spd or Speed Wing support at some point though. Roy isn’t bad, as his Rise Above Spd/Bld hike will usually get her where she wants to be, but Roy’s utility feels like the most dependent on engaging. Engage+ is also a strong option for mixed attackers in general. There’s also nothing wrong with having Anna be more supportive with Micaiah either. She won’t ORKO as much, but she can group Rewarp + Chain Attack and still take out endgame Fliers and Armors. And needless to say, Lyn is fantastic on nearly anyone, I just prefer her on higher Str characters.
For DLCers, Tiki, Veronica, and Chrom standout to me. I still feel Byleth>these, but they’re all competitive with Marth and Eirika. Of the bunch, I like Tiki early game with a transition into Veronica + Starsphere Skill once you get a Radiant Bow (dropping Starsphere around Bld 13-14 in favor of Dual Assist+ or HP/Lck). The perk here is that a Backup’s Summons are always treated as Backups and Reprisal can enable Anna to punch well above her weight at times. This isn’t to suggest Chrom is the worst of the bunch, the StSpd/Mag, free backup, and Brute Force all do a lot for Anna. Anna’s also a competent Edelgard driver, I just prefer Edelgard on more StSpd focused characters. Camilla also provides Spd and Flying, but I feel other characters appreciate her more. After Starsphere though, you could put anyone on Anna and she'll be doing numbers.
Closing Thoughts
When I think of the “best” characters in FE Engage, characters that will nearly always improve your gameplay experience, Chloe, Kagetsu, and Panette are the big 3 that come to mind. Lady Anna isn’t as impressive as they are, but her unique role as money maker has been a huge boon in my current run. Since doing my Weapon/ORKO guide, on my current run, I’ve been pushing the limits of optimized forging. I’m just approaching chapter 21 right now and have been perpetually broke. Without Anna’s charitable efforts, my casters would likely be rolling with just Bolganone+0, my melee’s without +5 Killer weapons, and so on.
Maximizing your forge potential isn’t essential to beat the game, but it has made clearing maps a whole lot more consistent for me. So if nothing else, give Warrior Anna a shot in your next run. If you’re dissatisfied, I’ll refund you 10 million gold.
Other Guides
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2023.03.31 16:07 MSPMediaNetwork MSP Dispatch 3/31/23: 3CX VoIP Software Compromise Explained, AI's Great "Pause" Debate

Catch the full coverage at:
On this episode of MSP Dispatch featuring special guest Sharon Martin of Huntress, we cover, How hackers compromised the 3CX Desktop app in a supply chain attack and have a discussion on the AI great “pause” debate.
Time Codes:
0:00 Teaser
0:47 Intro Banter
5:46 3CX VoIP Software Compromise & Supply Chain Threats
18:11 AI's Great "Pause" Debate
23:41 Notable Mentions
25:19 AI Roundup
26:58 Community Events
28:27 Sign-off
31:05 Outtakes
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Story Links:
Notable Mentions:
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2023.03.31 16:07 MSPMediaNetwork MSP Dispatch 3/31/23: 3CX VoIP Software Compromise Explained, AI's Great "Pause" Debate

Catch the full coverage at:
On this episode of MSP Dispatch featuring special guest Sharon Martin of Huntress, we cover, How hackers compromised the 3CX Desktop app in a supply chain attack and have a discussion on the AI great “pause” debate.
Time Codes:
0:00 Teaser
0:47 Intro Banter
5:46 3CX VoIP Software Compromise & Supply Chain Threats
18:11 AI's Great "Pause" Debate
23:41 Notable Mentions
25:19 AI Roundup
26:58 Community Events
28:27 Sign-off
31:05 Outtakes
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Story Links:
Notable Mentions:
AI Roundup:
Banter Story:
Community Events:
MSP Media Network Events:
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2023.03.31 16:05 waxmuseums The Cranberries, top 40 success, and corporate alternative

“We’re not just another pop band. Most pop bands are laughed at; most of them are false people who just want to make money and sell lots of records and that’s all they’re interested in. Then you can go to the other extreme of being so alternative that no one buys your records. Luckily, we’re kind of in the middle. We’re a mix of pop, rock and alternative, I suppose. You can be successful and write really good songs and good music.” This is what the Cranberries’ drummer Fergal Lawler told an interviewer in 1994, after “Zombie” became the most-played song on alternative radio in America. I’ve been thinking about them and their status in the canon of 90s music.
It started because I was listening to them on Spotify and I noticed their plays were surprisingly high. They’re currently rated 393rd most popular on Spotify in terms of monthly listeners and are growing at a fast rate. I’ve been watching for a few weeks and when I started they were something like 490th, and they just keep climbing. Being 393rd may not sound like much, but for an alternative band from the 90s, that’s very high.
If we go with Spotify monthly listeners as a metric, they are one of the most popular bands of the 90s - they’re bigger than any of the grunge bands, except Nirvana. They’re bigger than the bands of guys in bowling shirts who dominated radio and albums sales after grunge: Counting Crows, Hootie and the Blowfish, Dave Matthews Band, Gin Blossoms, Matchbox 20, etc. They’re bigger than Alanis Morissette and Shania Twain and Celine Dion and Garth Brooks, who had some of the best selling albums of all time. They’re bigger than the boy bands except the Backstreet Boys, though they may well surpass them soon. They’re bigger than any of the Britpop bands except for Oasis and Radiohead. They’re bigger than Nine Inch Nails and Weezer. And outside the 90s, you’ll see some pretty big names underneath them on the list. They’ve recently surpassed Bruce Springsteen and Nickelback for instance. But I don’t feel like they come up as a topic much. I don’t think I’ve ever even seen a Cranberries t-shirt or anything like that and I don’t think they even have a logo. So why are they so big, and how? And besides that I’m more curious what people think of them? Do you like them? Do you remember of them for their big singles from the mid 90s or for their whole output? I’m a millennial and I grew up with them but am I out of touch about their popularity today? Are they popular with young people today? Do they have an exceptionally big international fanbase?
Personally I thought they had a handful of fabulous singles - every aspect of “Linger” still makes my hair stand on end - but I never found their larger catalog super compelling. A lot of it is just too meandering and melodically formless to my ears and the rhythm section doesn’t pull me in enough for the album cuts to stick out, though that’s all a subjective matter of taste. They seem like one of those bands that would have been important for someone back when we only had so much music because we had to buy cds or tapes to own it, and they clearly also have massive broad appeal but again they just don’t come up in conversation very often - on this subreddit, there’s only two posts actually about them, both on the occasion of Dolores O’Riordan’s death, each of which got 8 comments. When they come up in comments, it’s often just in a list of examples of bands that were popular in the mid 90s. On the other hand, you can plug something like Stone Temple Pilots or Alice In Chains or Smashing Pumpkins into the search bar and find lots of discussion happening. I’m not saying that’s good or bad and I don’t expect to extrapolate too much from those three examples, but to be clear, it’s an assumption I’m making in this thread that The Cranberries aren’t really discussed (apart from maybe retrospective op-eds) a lot considering how listened to they are - feel free to disagree with this very premise if I’m wrong.
One factor I’ve become aware of regarding their current streaming popularity is a tv show called Derry Girls. I don’t know anything about it but it’s apparently pretty good and has played their music so there may be something of a Stranger Things effect, though I’m not sure what the extent of that is. “Zombie” is almost certainly the biggest factor in their popularity, with over 888,000,000 total streams. But all of the songs in their top five are pretty darn big. “Linger” has over 450mil, “Dreams” is over 300mil, and “Ode To My Family” will soon reach 200mil. I think these songs may be popular on their own merit - The Cranberries could occasionally knock it out of the park on singles. But maybe that in itself - stellar singles - doesn’t garner respect.
The dichotomy Fergal Lawler laid out - where the basic implication is pop is not serious and alternative is - could have some relevance to their standing, and I think also breaks down to a single/album dichotomy. Singles aren’t as respected as albums, particularly in rock. And this is part of the story - the article linked above mentions their label didn’t even want to release the single because basically they were worried pop success would damage the bands image. They didn’t want to be seen as a “top 40 act.” It’s a bit funny a label would consider leaving all that money and success on the table over “credibility” in these terms, but I understand why it was a gamble. And this was probably still an era where everyone had the idea of “the next Nirvana” on their minds in terms of marketing and chart success and all that, so I’m sure there were industry people and trend forecasters worrying about these things. "Zombie" was a definitive song of the era, but it didn't really have the kind of larger impact "Smells Like Teen Spirit" had - in some way you could possibly even view the two as bookends. Do you think the pop success of their singles has had an impact on how they are perceived? They’re currently one space below a-ha - the placement is trivial, but are they sort of in the same boat?
I don’t think that the comfortable middle-ground Fergal Lawler describes is so simple and straightforward though. I think it does exist; it’s maybe a space for infectious stuff that’s often discussed with a degree of surprise, like “Lovefool” and “You Get What You Give” and “Barely Breathing,” but it’s an extremely delicate balance. What he’s describing is effectively more often named “middle of the road” or “middlebrow” and those are rather pejorative terms which critics traditionally have deployed over the last 50 years to dismiss popular music which avoids edginess. And those stakes were very charged in the grunge era.
The way I see assessments of rock-oriented music playing out from the 90s, artists well-associated with the angstier subgenres spawned from alternative, (or at least ones with a more clear pedigree from something like punk or “the underground” or something with some kind of ideological underpinnings) are more likely to be considered worthwhile of consideration and taken seriously, even in cases where much of the attention given is negative (ie nü-metal, butt rock, post-grunge aren’t ignored - they are the subject of a lot of discourse, even it’s often the consensus that it’s not good.)
But on the other hand there were also lighter, less angsty, definitively "middle of the road" forms of rock that developed out of alternative, and it’s undeniable this stuff was massively popular but today it barely even registers as anything worth mention or thought at all. I don’t think there’s even really a name for it which is maybe part of the problem, so I’m going to call it “corporate alternative.”
I realize it’s a snotty term, but I have reasons for using it - I’m calling it corporate because it occupies a similar cultural space as the so-called “corporate rock” of the 70s and 80s, and because it was decidedly radio-friendly and commercial-minded amidst the media-consolidation conditions of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 (for the record I like a lot of corporate rock and I’m not necessarily against radio-friendly music.) But I see it as rooted in alternative because it almost always as far as I know had a genealogy that goes back to REM or the Smiths or 10,000 Maniacs or Camper Van Beethoven or whatever other jangly college rock of the 80s and because I feel like it evolved stylistically within the parameters of the alternative rock world of the 90s. Its development started with stuff like Counting Crows and the Gin Blossoms and Better Than Ezra and Toad The Wet Sprocket in the early 90s; then Hootie and the Blowfish and Our Lady Peace and the Wallflowers and Matchbox 20 and Vertical Horizon and Deep Blue Something in the years following grunge; along the way it picked up converts like Goo Goo Dolls and Soul Asylum and Sheryl Crow; and arguably developed into stuff like The Fray and Train and Five For Fighting and Maroon Five (which for the record is the point where I don’t find much value left.) Despite how big these bands were, they really seem to have left little footprint in assessments and discussions on 90s music, and when they do come up the discussion is often along the lines of “exactly how much did they suck?”
And to reiterate, to some extent I believe there’s an essential distinction for corporate alternative involving the legacy of punk… the corporate alternative bands shared 70s classic rock and 80s college rock influences with alternative proper, but they didn’t care about punk or the underground or angst. They wanted to have hit singles and play arenas and enjoy success more than they wanted approval from John Lydon or Robert Christgau or whatever.
I personally did associate The Cranberries with that first wave of corporate alternative, though as with a lot of Irish rock bands who’ve had international success there’s a strong sense of exceptionalism to them. I know some people have an aversion to her voice or to “Zombie” and they seemed to fall off quickly - I recall them doing a song about John Lennon on Letterman that was a big dud. But at the same time I don’t feel like they were considered as dorky as Counting Crows or Hootie and the Blowfish were. So in the grand scheme of things where did you place them on a scale from Kurt Cobain to Darius Rucker?
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2023.03.31 15:58 EmptyVeterinarian320 Apply a notion ai prompt to all the components of a table view

Apply a notion ai prompt to all the components of a table view
I have these articles in a table view and I want to apply the same prompt to all of them automatically without having to write it in each one . How do I do it ?
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2023.03.31 15:49 saskakitty Times I stood up to men that ended really well

I just wanted to share two funny stories of being creeped on/catcalled that ended up being funny. I've had lots of horrible experiences, but it's nice to think of the funnier ones sometimes.
Once I (21yo at the time) was heading out to a club with a friend at night. We parked by a red light and were going to walk down the street to the venue. We were in dresses and heels and just wanted to go dance together. When I stepped onto the sidewalk, a big black SUV pulled up to the light with their windows rolled down. A few guys were looking at us and one called out "HEY!". I replied "NO" to which he said " OKAY. YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL THOUGH". They rolled up their windows and we kept walking, but we couldn't stop laughing. It was such a wholesome catcall and we were just in shock at how well it went. Especially in our city, where they're usually aggressive if you don't entertain them.
A different night (also 21yo) I was at another club with a few friends. It's a very small intimate baclub with candy themed drinks and a mostly 21-25 y/o crowd. I got a drink that came with a ring pop and was wearing it while dancing with my friends. A 40~ year old man in a cream coloured oversized suit came right up to me and took my hand. Before I could pull it away, he put MY RINGPOP IN HIS MOUTH.. WHILE STILL ON MY FINGER.... I was in SHOCK and just wide eyed ripped it off my finger and threw it across the room while yelling in horror at his face. The guy went bug eyed, probably in fear at my 'craziness' lol, and quickly left the area we were in. I didn't see him the rest of the night, but when I turned around, my friends and a few strangers that witnessed it were laughing and sharing their disgust at what he did. How do people think that's okay?????!!!!!
If you got good stories too please share!! I love hearing women standing up for themselves and it working out.
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2023.03.31 15:45 bryxo96 Eligibility to support towards accommodation when studying masters part time

I currently live with two other people who were a couple and have now separated so one person is leaving the house. The person staying will be a part time student from September completing their master, whilst part time working (I think they have to study within a certain timeframe to ensure they get a discounted rate of the course). I’m currently full time working and part time studying so have only ever qualified for my course costs to be covered. There are worries that they will no longer be able to afford 50% of the household bills once studying starts? Will my housemate be able to claim anything toward accommodation and would my earnings impact them in anyway (SFE website suggests they would be an independent student, as I am). Neither of us currently or have ever claimed any sort of benefits, gov uk & SFE advice is fairly vague.
Housemate is over 25 & works in a bar, and will be working less than 20 hours as week when they start their studies. Has anyone had any experience with this? TIA
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