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2023.03.29 11:17 Vandeth_Kenji [WTS] Brand new in box, Seiko Presage Cocktail Open Heart SARY157

[WTS] Brand new in box, Seiko Presage Cocktail Open Heart SARY157 submitted by Vandeth_Kenji to Watchexchange [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 11:17 FixHonest7983 Can't Access Mywifiext Setup Page

The Mywifiext Setup page is a web-based configuration page that allows you to set up and customize your NETGEAR WiFi range extender. It is used to configure various settings such as wireless network name, security type, password, and other advanced settings.
If you cannot access the mywifiext setup page, it could be due to a variety of reasons, such as incorrect URL or IP address, network connectivity issues, browser-related problems, or cache/cookie-related issues.You can try accessing the page using a different device or browser, clear your browser's cache and cookies, restart your router and extender, and make sure your computer is connected to the proper network in order to troubleshoot the problem.
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By following these steps, you should be able to reset your Netgear Extender Through
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2023.03.29 11:17 Chr-whenever My new hobby is repeatedly putting Archer in different simulations that he's aware he's trapped in.

My new hobby is repeatedly putting Archer in different simulations that he's aware he's trapped in. submitted by Chr-whenever to ChatGPT [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 11:17 Equivalentvexi K: ‘I do not know’ - So can the mind, which is the brain, see its own limitation?

When you say, "I do not know" the content has no importance whatsoever - you get it? Oh do see this sirs. Because the mind then is a fresh mind - you understand? It is the new mind that says, "I don't know". Therefore when you say it, not just verbally for amusement, but with depth, with meaning, with honesty, that state of mind that does not know…. is empty of its content. It is the knowing that is the content. You got it? Do you see it?
This is a contradiction. Saying I don't know is still through thought, as in knowing one doesn't know. And using words like wuth depth meaning and honestly is all effort whcih is against what K says.

….Meditation is…. To see the truth that I do not know how to deal with this thing - right? That is the truth, not knowing, therefore not knowing is the state in which there is no content. It is so terribly simple - that is what you are objecting to.
When content sees the truth that it does not know, then it is a fresh mind K says.
Again, K contradicts himself here, because according to K, content can never see the truth so that would mean it can't see that it does not know.
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2023.03.29 11:17 SeaworthinessTrue711 Alibaba clone

Alibaba clone
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    10. Glad I asked about the reason for dry texts this time. She texted me back after 2 days. We had a good conversation. (86 points, 18 comments)
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    2. And people called me chapri here #SedLyf 🥲 p.s. i dechapri-zed my profile as much as i can 🚶‍♂️ (286 points, 171 comments)
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2023.03.29 11:16 godmode33 This is getting absurd.

Ok I know I have been out of the contractor game for a little while now, but is it really cheaper to install siding than to paint? I have had 4 estimates so far this week for exterior paint on my house and all of them came in higher than the 3 estimates I got for new siding. Literally all of them. How can it possibly cost 12k to paint a house?!?!? I mean what is even going on anymore. Am I really supposed to sit here and believe that I can go top to bottom on my house with new vinyl including soffit and facia and it's STILL cheaper than a coat of primer and a coat of paint? I whole heartedly thought I was being given the f-u price on the first couple of estimates but I have called pretty much every company that services my area now and they are all giving me the same numbers. Am I in a dream?
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2023.03.29 11:16 InvestorCoast MARA should finally take off today.. Bitcoin broke out overnight & and made a new YTD high (next resistance pt isn't until 31K.. MARA's equivalent target is $13.39). $MARA should easily take $8.67 today & possibly $10.24)

BTC flying overnight.. $MARA will be the big beneficiary today (and MARA's 45 Million shorts prob not happy)**
MARA should finally take off today.. Bitcoin broke out overnight & on the verge of a new YTD high (next resistance pt isn't until 31K.. MARA's equivalent target is $13.39). MARA should easily take $8.67 today & possibly $10.24)
HFs have been shorting MARA and BTC past few says to try and create the impression of a selloff. It did nit work and both are moving back up. If looking for a stock to play the btc rise... MARA is positioned to gain the most. After some speed bumps in 2022 related to moving facilities and some downtime for mining machines, and the drop in btc price- it has had a big turn around in 2023.
MARA has a Rock Solid balance sheet: $500M in unrestricted cash. (vs $125M at the end of 2022) virtually no short term debt... and no long term debt due prior to 2026.
MARA will turn profitable this year and by June/July, MARA is on schedule to produce over 2000 coins/month ...and at 30-40% lower production cost. That's over $60M/ month revenues (or close to 750M/year). (That's more than 5x 2022 total coins mined).
...and the turnaround is not priced in- which along with the run btc is on, has left Shorts in a bind that will soon squeeze as they start to cover their positions.
And 45M shorts still have to cover (Plus likely another 5M from the past week or two.. as HFs have heavily shorted, esp the last several days- trying to stall the inevitable breakout).
Available shares to short is drying up- there were 0 shares available several times the past week- so HFs are also racking up an enormous amount of FTDs. Pressure has been building for a month- and has built a solid based of longs who are holding tight.
submitted by InvestorCoast to StockMarket [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 11:16 wilmalalalalala My first love

For almost a quarter of my life you were the most important person I knew. For almost a quarter of my life you showed me what love is. You showed me what love should feel like, but also what it shouldn’t feel like. I hope one day you can forgive me for what I put your through, and one day I can forgive you for what you put me through. I hope one day I can forgive myself, too.
We shared our love for four years, but I have loved you for six. You were the first person I loved and nothing has felt right since I left you. It feels like I don’t belong anywhere because the only place I belong is the place next to you.
I’m not ready to move on. I want to move on, but I don’t know how to or if I’ll ever be able to. It feels like I won’t ever find anyone else because my heart will always belong to you. Like you have ruined love for me. I know that’s not your fault though.
You are in a new relationship now, and it hurts. I told you I was happy for you. I am happy for you. But it hurts that you’ve moved on and I am just a part of your past while you are still a staple in my present.
You will always have a place in my heart and I will always love you but I can’t keep looking for you in other people I meet. I am done trying to find little pieces of your personality in others in an attempt to puzzle together the void you left. I am done comparing every single person I meet to you. But how do I make it stop?
I love you. But I want to be done with you. I hope one day I will be.
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2023.03.29 11:16 SuccotashRepulsive55 Akuma according New Version Notes in Appstore

Akuma according New Version Notes in Appstore submitted by SuccotashRepulsive55 to streetfighterduel [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 11:16 Orochimaster Orochi buff

Orochis current state is bad his rework was the weakes one across the board and he needs some tweaks for competitive level.
after i see basically every new or reworked hero with feintable bash i think they should revert orochis kick recovery cancel at least, basically they should revert his nerf to bring him in line with all other characters. stormrush could need some tweaks too and heavy deflect should be in his kit again.
i know that at low skill level there are a lot of discussions about him but those ppl should just learn how to play the game and than complain.
what do you guys think?
submitted by Orochimaster to forhonor [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 11:16 Kind-Opinion-9629 Caught gf cheating and posted video HELP!

good morning all, i am from new york and caught my ex in the backseat of a car with a man and i recordered it and posted it with no audio to social media could i get into legal trouble by doing so, thanks!
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2023.03.29 11:16 Cheap-Maintenance672 Very confused about Taki in the new timeline

It's shown that in the new 2013 timeline when Mitsuha is saving the village Taki tells his dad he's going to go look at the meteor, but then what happens after that? does Taki just live out his life and suddenly wake up confused on the mountain in the new timeline?
submitted by Cheap-Maintenance672 to KimiNoNaWa [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 11:16 StepwiseUndrape574 One of the biggest questions on everyone's minds is where GTA 6 will be set

One of the biggest questions on everyone's minds is where GTA 6 will be set. Will it be a return to Vice City, the location of the series' fourth installment? Or will it be a completely new location altogether? Some rumors have suggested that the game will take place in a fictionalized version of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Whatever the location ends up being, you can be sure that Rockstar Games will put a lot of time and effort into creating a fully realized world that players can explore.
GTA 5 Modder 👑 Buy gta 5 accounts // Fortnite // GTA 5 Accounts, Mods 💎 Creator on Patreon: 🎪
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2023.03.29 11:16 somethingtaco Who tf is that man on the right?😭😭

Who tf is that man on the right?😭😭 submitted by somethingtaco to okbuddycoral [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 11:16 KaoKoKong TrekCraft [SMP] {1.19.3} {Towny} {McMMO} {Economy} {Custom Boss Mobs} {Regular Events} {Auctions} {LWC} {ArtMap}{Jobs}

TrekCraft is not an ordinary server. Here at TC we have a friendly community that takes part in events every week and staff that will help you through any situation. We have a large number of game-enhancing plugins, including Towny, McMMO, Mythic Mobs with great custom bosses, ArtMap for creating custom artworks, Jobs, chest shops, crates, auctions and auction house, quests, treasure hunts, business partnerships, etc! These plugins help players have the best experience, whether it's having fun with friends, working hard to level skills or trying to build the best town. Our staff also hosts events like trivia (all with items obtained legitimately), weekly contests and competitions!
We're family friendly, so keep the chat appropriate for children: no swearing, or discussion of inappropriate behavior allowed.
When you find yourself on TrekCraft you feel like you are part of the family, and that's exactly what we want you to feel. We've been around for over 8 years, so you can trust us to last! We reset for 1.18 and will be expanded our map for 1.19, so there's plenty of fresh territory.
We're a no raiding, no griefing server. We rarely have a problem, but in the event of grief, our staff will happily roll it back for you. We allow pvp in the wilds and arena, but almost all our pvp is friendly and agreed upon, and our resource worlds have pvp disabled. Almost all towns have pvp turned off within their borders, and we've got a great friendly community that will gladly help new players get started or old ones find what they need. :)
You can see our full rules at: at /warp rules once you're on the server.
We are fully EULA compliant: our great ranks are obtained through in-game events, contests, treasure hunts and voting.
Take time today and come join us at You can also visit our website at or view our server trailer here:
We'd also love for you to join us on Discord: just log in and ask for a link. We keep it private to reduce bots.
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2023.03.29 11:16 VGVideo I'm a trainer of Water-type Pokemon from Astrum, currently training at the Isle of Armor. I just earned a Kubfu to train, AMA!

I'm a trainer of Water-type Pokemon from Astrum, currently training at the Isle of Armor. I just earned a Kubfu to train, AMA! submitted by VGVideo to PokeMedia [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 11:16 MagazineVivid What is a good laptop for someone who changes its hobby every other month?

I am new in this pc and laptop area. However, I'd like to know what I should buy. My budget is 1'300 $. I have the Microsoft Surface Studio (14.40", Intel Core i5-11300H, 16 GB, 256 GB ) in my mind, which I can buy for 1'200 $. I have my doubts, maybe the performance is too high for what I actually need. I change my hobbies quite often and they are often related to the online world (digital art, animation, porgramming, accounting...) and my interest never goes deep.
submitted by MagazineVivid to Laptop [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 11:16 JamesJerryLewis [Epicgamespc] Correction pour "Un service Epic Games n’est pas disponible pour le moment" (Pour les jeux Ubisoft)

[Epicgamespc] Correction pour
Si vous possédez des jeux Ubisoft sur la boutique de jeux epic, il est possible que vous ayez obtenu cette erreur en essayant de lancer lesdits jeux via le lanceur epic. J'ai vu beaucoup de personnes faire des fils de discussion sur cette question depuis un certain temps, car j'ai également eu ce problème moi-même.
Voici une capture d'écran du message d'erreur qui s'affiche.
Une solution que beaucoup de gens choisissent consiste à lancer les jeux directement à partir d'Ubisoft connect, ce qui fonctionne parfaitement.
Mais si vous voulez que vos jeux Ubi soient lancés directement à partir d'epic, vous devrez peut-être relier votre compte epic à votre compte ubi. Vous pouvez le faire en utilisant le lien ci-dessous :
Une fois que vous avez refait le lien, redémarrez simplement votre lanceur de jeux epic et essayez de lancer vos jeux ubi.
Cela a été présenté comme une solution dans quelques fils de discussion, mais il ne semble jamais y avoir de mention sur la façon de relier à nouveau ces comptes.
J'espère que cela aidera quelqu'un !
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2023.03.29 11:16 zatura45 Corporate tax in UAE will open new vista for investment and growth

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2023.03.29 11:16 ThrowRABBRAT I (F34) snooped in husbands (M38) and found something. Not sure what to do.

Husband and I have been together 12 years, married 10. He has this habit of developing some sort of emotional affairs. it’s a cycle : he becomes friends with one of his co-workers, the texting gets very frequent, I notice and give him shit about it, he stops, then a new one starts. Always platonic, I am certain of it. This happened 3 times in the last 10 years. It used to bother me a lot but I kind of got used to it I guess, as it doesn’t affect our family that much and I don’t feel as threatened. Maybe I don’t care as much. I try to trust him but I still keep an eye on his activity so I’m sure things don’t get too much out of hand. I know this situation is not healthy, and that my behaviour is not appropriate. I snooped and went through his phone yesterday - you can now retrieve deleted messages on iPhones - and found deleted texts he exchanged with his new “fling”. To my surprise, the texts were VERY flirtatious, this woman hit on him and he went for it. I also learned that he lied to me and he went for a drink with her when he said he was working late. I’m pretty sure nothing happened yet between them, based on their messages, because they keep joking about finding more time to spend together. I don’t judge him for being attracted to someone else, it has happened to me too. But i never acted on it. I guess we have the usual issues that other married people have, small fights over house chores and a boring sex life, nothing major and a pretty good life. Lately during fights we have been talking about divorce, but when things get better between us it’s like nothing happened and we go on with our life.
I’m not sure what to do next. Should I confront him now, or wait and see where this new one goes ?
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2023.03.29 11:16 Forcebot Will Sales Reps Main Work Hub Be Chatgpt in 2-3 Years?

With the ability for Sales teams to perform tasks in one simple interface, will companies increase Sales productivity by integrating their sales tech stack with the new ChatGPT Plugin Marketplace?
An example of this would be Salesforce, Zoominfo, LinkedIn premium, Outreach, Gmail, and Crunchbase data all accessible and easily able to communicate with each other within the ChatGPT interface. No more switching between tabs to piece together information to write that email or pick up the phone. No more manual data entry into multiple systems.
That’s the question I’m left with after examining the possibilities of the Zapier plugin. It’s mind blowing to think how much the way we work will change in the near future.
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