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2023.03.25 03:26 Pope-Francisco Super heroes made by gods

400 years ago, the Sage, Herocca, summoned God from the heavens & asked for humans to be gifted powers. Ever since then, a random amount of people are born with powers. These people have been known as the Blessed. Regular humans have formed religions around the Blessed, or hired them for war. As of now in the modern today, certain Blessed are tasked with keeping the peace & fighting against evil blessed. These good Blessed are labeled as “Heroes” originated from the sage. And the evil ones are known a “villains” originated from a blessed warlord named Villiac. Although, Blessed are not the only ones with powers. Average people, if seen as worthy enough, can summon a patron. They can gift their patron a body part & receive a replacement gifting them a power. These people are known as Sages. A Sage can have just one patron, a Blessed cannot become a Sage because their patron is already God.
Blessed: Their powers are centered around enhancement & manipulation of the human body. A Blessed can have super strength, durability, or speed. They could also shape shift or change the properties of their skin. At the same time, they are usually given a single power, or a major power with some minor powers. Such as super speed & a bit of durability. Or they could only be able to morph into others that they touch.
Sages: Their powers are centered around elements or creatures, but are limited to a single body part. A sages hand for example, could shoot out lighting, but it’s limited to just that hand. Or they could possibly have the eye of a falcon. These are often seen as inferior compared to a Blessed’s abilities, but any good Sage who knows how to properly utilize their abilities can easily outperform a Blessed.
Hero League: The Hero league is the worlds biggest organization of Heroes, funded heavily by multiple national governments. Heroes are divided up into multiple categories. Alpha, Omega, & Beta. Alpha are the military heroes, they are the ones fighting in either wars or battling Villains. Omega is focused towards saving people during natural disasters or Villain attacks, allowing Alpha to deal with the villains. Beta is a group specialized towards an array of construction & repair jobs. Focusing towards roads, bridges, buildings, & many more. Sages can be heroes too, but they are often placed below due to their “limited” abilities.
Villains: Villains are far more complex. There are multiple villain organizations that are terrorist groups, drug traffickers, thieves, or assassins. They are even hired by normal people to help out in certain illegal activities. The biggest villain organization doesn’t even have a name, it’s a complex web inside the underworld comprising of villain organizations, mafia, & cartels, all controlled by MathWood. MathWood is a crime lord who operates deep in the shadows. Many have never seen him, some believe he’s a myth or the web itself. In reality, he’s just one, very, very powerful man who likes to keep himself hidden. MathWood likes to use villains to draw Heroes attention away from the underworld as he deals arms & drugs. At the same time corrupting the League of Heroes. He was once a normal man who originally controlled a huge crime syndicate. He then sold off his skin & gained the ability, Warping Space. This allows him to bend the fabric of space, creating vacuums & pulling with gravity. At the same time, he can ensure no one can touch him, being able to squishy & warp things. He loves to use other people’s powers to make himself seem stronger too. He’ll have an illusionist make people see doubles of MathWood or have a plant manipulator make it seem like he can control trees. All to hide his true ability, he wants to make sure no one knows what he’s truly capable of, if they do, they could find a weakness.
Patrons: Patrons are a collection of souls, forming one singular consciousness under a certain purpose, held by the souls it manifested from. The souls of a religious group can & most often collect together due to their shared values & beliefs of a god & rules of the universe. The resulting patron acts much like the god or a mash of the gods they believed in, while also valuing the religion’s beliefs. Sometimes it could also be a political or ethnic group, but these can often be harder to form due to differing views. At the same time, if a soul doesn’t group up with others, it’ll drift in the spirit realm & begin to break down into memories & then core emotions. These emotions can then collect together & form even greater patrons. Patrons centered around happiness, sadness, or anger. Most of the time it’s different variations or subjects, such as a patron of hopelessness or anxiety. The greatest & strongest by far are the lust & fear patrons. Phobias & fears can often form extremely strong patrons & fetishes too.
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2023.03.25 03:26 srsbsnsman Easy Strategy for World Domination

The first step is to build up a stockpile of gold. I typically play as a mercenary until clan tier 5 and have a stack of a few million gold. 3 million is fine, 5 million is safe, but more is always better. At some point during this process, build up a stack of 200-300 fian champions.
If you take the level 225 Riding perk Mounted Patrols and the level 225 Scouting perk Keen Sight, they stack so that lords in your party have a -100% chance to escape. As long as they're in your party, they're stuck there. This means that the longer a war goes on, the less armies the enemy is able to field. This is the main interaction that lets you win the game.
When you're an independent clan (before you found a kingdom) you can declare war on a faction by talking to a lord's party and choosing the dialogue that you're there to "deliver your demands."
When you're ready to declare a kingdom, find a kingdom that's losing a war (probably Battania) and wait for a town that they've lost to rebel. Declare war on the rebel faction and siege the town down. You can starve out the garrison to minimize losses if you want. Prep the garrison with some locally recruited units, then declare war on Battania (or the other faction that's doing poorly) by attacking one of their parties. Take the guy captive and stand outside your town while they siege it. Watch carefully and wait for their army to start losing guys. This will signify the start of the defensive battle. They lose units when siege is equipment is destroyed, so check for two instances of it in a row. You can also watch the town garrison instead by hovering over the town.
Once the defensive siege has started, attack the party that's laying siege and choose to break in to help the defenders. Since they're already losing a war, they're likely to bring a bunch of low tier units. A garrison + militia + your fian army should be able to handle an army 1.5x its size without you issuing a single order. If you can destroy the battering ram, your chances of victory increase significantly. Without it, your fians can kill practically infinite dudes. You may even just be able to auto-resolve through it.
Assuming you win this battle, take everyone prisoner. You may need to repeat this defensive siege scenario a few times, but you should eventually get to the point that they can only field armies of a size you can handle in a field battle and then eventually only nuisance armies. When you're at this point, other factions will notice they're weak and pile on. From here, you can safely siege down any towns you want. I try to take at least 5 towns at this point to establish some passive income for myself. As long as you're an independent clan (not kingdom) in this process, no one else will declare war on you.
When Battania (or whoever) is sufficiently beaten, you can talk to your governor and declare a kingdom. Use the renown you built up to pass any laws you want (grab all of the ones that increase party size and improve fief stats, especially loyalty). Next, you can recruit the lords you've been lugging around as prisoners directly out of the party screen by picking them and choosing the talk option. If you're missing any clan leaders, you may need to hunt them down in the field to talk to them. Since they have no or few fiefs, you should be able to recruit them for the free-500k range instead of the 1 mill+ range.
From here, pick the weakest neighbor and declare war on them. If anyone else declares war on you, immediately make peace and pay whatever tribute they want. Repeat the same general process where you win battles and take all of the lords captive. It should be easier now that you can form armies.
Importantly, you don't want to make peace with these defeated kingdoms. Keeping any leftover lords hostage will prevent their mini-parties from running around your kingdom raiding your villages.
After you've recruited this next set of lords, you should be a formidable kingdom. Continue the same general concept of focusing down one kingdom at a time and taking all of their guys captive. After the 4th loop or so, you can start to allow your vassals to handle offense. Instead, you should focus on defending the fiefs that they take from enemies trying to re-cap them.
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2023.03.25 03:25 oldsoulkt Best latex mattress brand?

I’ve browsed the sub quite a bit and I’m still lost. I need help finding a mattress for me and my fiancé. Here’s our breakdown:
Medium firmness Full latex or hybrid innerspring Great for all sleeping positions Back, shoulder, and hip pain relief Excellent balance of comfort and support Good for people who weigh up to 300 pounds. (I weigh 240, fiancé weighs 170).
What are some good brands you can recommend? I almost picked Saatva then I came to this sub and read reviews lol. I’m also not opposed to spending up to $4k for a quality mattress that will last. In dire need of help!
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2023.03.25 03:25 Curious-Remote Would anyone happen to have the neutral corner of the boxing ring and peaches?

I am trying to build a boxing ring and am only missing one corner. They are not items you can change and the one time they had it in Nooks Cranny, it was a corner I already have.
Also, looking for peaches. They are the only fruit I don't have and I would like to finish off my garden.
Please send DM and I will send my DODO code
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2023.03.25 03:24 miss_mossycoat for the likely very niche overlap of hollow knight and joanna newsom fans

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2023.03.25 03:24 Additional_Key_6525 Help Me Find a Childhood Memory

Hello all,
Please help me find a photo that hung on the wall of my grandmother’s home. It is: A darker skin women in a white dress holding a white parasol in a light colored boat on the water in what looks like spring - it belonged to my grandmother who purchased it before 2000 and passed in 2018.
I was alone in traveling to her home state to organizing all of her after life needs and by the time it came to cleaning out her house I was emotionally numb and could care less. I got the most important things to me at that time (her wedding ring, things from my father who also passed, etc) but in looking back there are a lot I wished I had taken the time to ship back to my home.
One of which is this picture. It hold a lot of sentimental value to me and while I know I cannot have the original I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me find a replacement.
Thank you kindly, Star
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2023.03.25 03:24 Bowling_is_great20 Drop in average y-o-y

Just curious what other's thoughts are. Last season 2021-22, I bowled on a 4 man team and subbed occasionally in another league. Last season over 35 weeks, I had 17 series over 650. 6 of those were 700s. And two other series in 640s. I finished with 209 avg.
This season I'm bowling on a 5 man team league and my avg and scores have dropped significantly. Averaging 201.5, have only had 4 series over 650 in 24 weeks with 4 left to go.
The lane conditions have been far more challenging and I wonder if it's the 2 extra bowlers per pair of lanes that is contributing to this? Lane transition occurs more quickly and become "burnt" by 3rd game. My house doesn't seem to use a heavy volume because I rarely see any oil rings past the the first game and even then, only faint.
Wondering if I need a different ball for light oil allowing me to play straighter late in the set.
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2023.03.25 03:23 sunthemata "Is Baal the true god, papa?"

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2023.03.25 03:22 LodroT68 Lama Thubten Yeshe.

One day I awoke with his name ringing in my ears. I thought what is this, who is this. On seeing his picture I was immediately hooked. He embodied compassionate emptiness if I had any sense I could realize that. That morning when the sweet music of his name greeted me, on the other side of dream, I was invigorated and began to perceive the immense possibility of the Dharma. My practice has continued to benefit from in reality what is a brief encounter.
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2023.03.25 03:19 Saiyan_Gods Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4k Night Chase Quality

I watched a new copy of the movie last night and during the night sequences where the girl is running from LF, there’s moments where it looks soooooo dirty (heavy looking grain) or some weird effect is happening on the screen. It also looks really dirty when the chick and chair dude are heading to the house. Anyone else have this problem? Or is it just the nature of the film being that way?
The movie overall isn’t as clear as others; it’s 1974 and had a low budget and not high on 4k quality as far as other films I’ve seen on the format but still manages to look fantastic minus the 2 issues I mentioned.
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2023.03.25 03:18 VirusAudio is this a coincidence?

So on a monday i was in my 6th period science class and the bell was about to ring, when the bell rings me and my friends run out the class all grabbing on to eachovers backs like a train. There was this wall of pictures of staff at the school basically appreciating them. Then my friend, Ryder grabs a picture of the nurse and flushes it down the toilet laughing thinking its just some joke. ON FRIDAY THE FUCKING NURSE HAS A HEARTATTACK AND DIES
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2023.03.25 03:18 ChromaticPalette [LFA] Luna, a reverse-tuxedo cat

Some character details:
Name: Luna
Gender: Female
Species: Cat (tuxedo)
Pattern: Blue (medium shade) fur on paws, end of tail, and tips of ears. Also on the stomach up to her cheeks and meeting above her nose/eyes. Rest of fur is a light lilac.
Eye colors: Left eye (her perspective) is a deep pink, right eye (her perspective) is a bright green. Facial features: soft face, slightly round but and feminine
Body type: Tall and slightly thin (not underweight)
Personality: Changing and erratic, she is sweet but can switch trains of thought in a heartbeat and go from one project to another in the blink of an eye. She can get sad or stressed, but tries to keep things upbeat and cheery.
Fashion: Prefers light, long garments (whether flowing tops or dresses and skirts) in medium to light tones. Any bracelets (optional) would be thick and colorful, earrings (optional) would either be multiple studs along the outer part of her ears or thin gold rings.
No special objects needed but she does enjoy tea, flowers, books, and likes bees, if you’d like to add objects/background or other detail. If you have questions ask away! :) Feel free to draw even if someone else also draws her I love seeing different interpretations of a character.
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2023.03.25 03:17 LuggageMan Why are feet used as a measurement unit in Unital Ring?

I'm reading the first volume of Unital Ring and I noticed they are using feet to describe distances and lengths. I am used to the metric system so it's kind of confusing.
Could the Yen Press English translation be converting it? Or is it Reki's decision? I know he used "mels" in the Alicization arc which are equivalent to meters so why would he switch it up?
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2023.03.25 03:17 KillerOrangeCat Three New Creepy True Stories 3 24 2023

Three New Creepy True Stories

Number One: Motel

This happened to me and my girlfriend when we were travelling across country. We had to stay in various motels because all though she was okay with sleeping in our car, I was never able to do that. She could fall asleep with her head on the window at the drop of a hat, but I would be up all night trying my best to fall asleep.

We didn’t make reservations or anything like that. We just drove until we got tired and began looking for a motel with a vacancy.

Maybe on the third night of our trip, we had a pretty creepy experience with a motel that we found. I could tell driving into it that I wasn’t going to like it too much. We were in a pretty rural area and it looked pretty run down. But I was exhausted and needed to get some sleep, so we decided to spend the night there.

We got into our room and began getting ready to get some sleep. Suddenly, the phone began ringing. Figuring that it was the office I picked it up and answered it.

“You’re wife’s cute,” the voice on the other end told me. “I can’t wait until I am sleeping in bed with her.”

I wanted to say something back, but whomever was on the other end hung up immediately.

My girlfriend asked me what happened and I explained it to her. Maybe I shouldn’t have, because it frightened her. But if we were to get another call, I thought she should probably be prepared now. Not that I was expecting anyone to call back.

But about 10 minutes later, the phone rang again. I decided to answer it, thinking that it was likely the caller from before. And I was right.

“Time’s running out,” the voice told me. “Soon I will be in bed with your wife.” Then he immediately hung up.

We were very freaked out by that point. Gathering our stuff up, we decided to go check with the office.

We told them about the calls, but it was obvious it wasn’t coming from him. I had considered it, because he was the only one who should have known that we were in that room. But the voice wasn’t even close to sounding like the other. We asked if he had any idea what was going on and he said he had no idea.

We asked him if we could change rooms. We figured that maybe someone just knew the number to that room and was giving us a hard time or something. So he put us into another room on the other side of the motel.

We went to the room. At this point, I was very tired. I knew that it wouldn’t take long for me to fall asleep. However, I didn’t get a chance to.

We had only been in the room a few minutes before the phone began ringing again. My girlfriend and I both immediately got tense. I decided to answer the phone.

“Changing rooms won’t change the fact that I will be sleeping with your wife,” the voice on the other side of the phone said to me. Then, like all of the previous times, the phone hung up.

My girlfriend immediately knew what had happened. We talked about what we were going to do. I was exhausted, but now we were both on edge. We had no idea if this was a prank or if someone was actually going to do something. But we also knew that at that point, there was no way that we could get any sleep. Someone obviously knew the phone numbers in the rooms and was also watching us. That is the only way they could have known that we had switched rooms.

We decided that we needed to just check out and get back on the road. We would find another motel.

We gathered our things again and then left the room. We both felt very conspicuous, walking outside of the room. We felt eyes on us, that whoever had called us was now watching us. So we decided to put our stuff in the car before going in and telling the clerk that we were going to check out.

When we got to the car, however, we were stunned to see that all four of our tires had been slashed. So we just got more scared and immediately went to the clerk and asked him to call the police.

We could have brushed off the phone calls as being a prank, even with the switching of rooms. But seeing the tires cut made it so much more real. It really made us believe that someone had been watching us and was intent on hurting us.

Unfortunately, the police couldn’t do very much. There were a lot of guests in the motel and they couldn’t wake everyone up and question them. The most they could do was look around a little bit and make a report. Our car was taken to a mechanic and we rode along with the police to there.

It was a really long time before everything was taken care of. I was a very long time before I was able to get a good night’s sleep.

Number Two: Night Ride

This happened to me when I was 13 years old, but I still remember it as clearly as if it happened today. I had some uncles who were pretty close to me in terms of age. And a lot of times in the summer, if I went over to my grandma’s house, we would go for rides in the back of a pickup truck. I especially loved doing this at night because it was very, very creepy to do. And back in those days, I was looking for anything that could creep me out to entertain me.

This was a bit of an impromptu visit in mid summer. It was really hot outside, as I remember. This was back in the day when we had glass bottles of soda, not plastic ones. And I recall this mostly because we were stocked up on bottles of Mountain Dew.

My two uncles decided at night that they wanted to go for a drive through the hills. My brother and my cousin were with us and they wanted to do it too. So we loaded up in the pick up truck at night time. My uncles and my older brother were all in the cab. My cousin and I were in the bed of the truck.

I enjoyed those rides a whole lot and as I recall they were always a bit scary. There were no lights on those country roads, so when it go dark, it really got dark. The only light that we had was from the headlights of the truck. And being in the bed of the truck, that didn’t do us a whole lot of good.

My cousin and I were having fun. We liked being scared and we liked scaring each other. But on some level, the two of us were also expecting the older boys to try and do something to scare us. So we kept waiting for a possible scare to be on the way. But that was more in the back of our mind.

I really wish that I could describe to you what it was like to be riding in the bed of the car like we were in the dark. It’s the sort of thing that I miss in the world of today. Everywhere we go, there are lights everywhere. It is really hard to get scared like it used to be. The darkness was so encompassing that it nearly felt like we were isolated. Another thing I can think of is that it felt like were driving through a tunnel made of trees and such.

My cousin and I were doing our thing. We were talking about things that we thought might scare each other.

These were old dirt roads, so my uncle was not driving the truck really fast. There were tons of twists and turns, especially the higher up you got into the hills. And that is sort of important for what eventually happened.

The truck slowed down a little bit as it was about to go around a turn. We weren’t going very fast to begin with, but the turn was pretty sharp and we grabbed the sides of the truck to brace ourselves as we made the turn.

I was very familiar with this sharp turn. My uncles had tried to scare us one time by telling us that cars have had accidents right on that turn. In fact, they said that some people have died going around the bend. I was sure that it was their way of trying to scare us by making us think that we could die by going around the bend.

My back was facing the inside of the road, with my hands bracing me on both sides. And that was when it happened. I felt something on my left wrist. I turned and looked at my arm, and was stunned by what it looked like I saw. For a very brief moment, it looked like a human hand was grabbing my wrist.

So, I pulled my arm away. But as I mentioned, it was only for a brief moment and I easily pulled my arm away and the truck was around the corner. However, I quickly moved to the opposite side of the truck, where my cousin was sitting.

He was confused but I explained to him what I had seen. I don’t think he really believed me at first. But he knocked on the window and told my uncles to stop the truck. They did this and we told them what had just happened.

We took a flashlight and walked back over to the sharp turn. My uncle also took a rifle out that was kept behind the seat in the cab. But when we went back, we were unable to find anyone or anything. There was definitely no one anywhere near us.

My uncle then tried to scare us a little bit by suggesting it was the hand of someone who had died while making the turn. And of course, my cousin and I believed them. We got back in the truck and they took off again.

Riding in the bed of that truck was so terrifying. Both my cousin and I wanted to be in the cab, but there wouldn’t be room for us. Whatever I had seen and the story my uncles told us, well combined that scared the crap out of us. We were all too eager to get home.

I really have no idea what we saw that night, but it was the scariest moment of my life.

Number Three: Train Guy

Right on the outside of town, there is an old railroad track. At this time, I had lived in this town for about ten years. I could count on my hands how many times I have actually seen a train moving on it. However, right after a bridge, there is another off track. I am not really sure what you call it, but there are often train cars parked there for a really long period of time.

The area around the tracks is heavily wooded. There is a road the goes through it and up a hill. There are a few houses up on the hill, but very spread apart. But I often take that road because it’s a short cut to get back home because it leads through a field. That is how I knew about the train cars that are often parked there.

I was walking there with a friend one day and he decided that he wanted to take some pictures of the train cars. He was designing some sort of game and felt that he needed pictures to model off of. I can’t really explain that part, but I guess it’s just important that we needed to get pictures of it.

After taking pictures of some of the back cars, he wanted to walk to the ones in front. We had been taking pictures for a good 15 minutes at that point. However, when we started walking forward we noticed something. Someone walked out from between two of the cars. And then he started walking in our direction.

I can’t completely explain why, but seeing the guy made us both feel very uncomfortable. There were rarely any people back in that area. So I asked him if we should maybe just go. For some reason, the appearance of the guy, who was a bit far from us, was making him feel uneasy too. So we decided to just leave and to come back at a later time.

About a week later, he and I went on another walk. We decided to take the back road again. He wanted to take some more pictures. The same train was there, but that was not a surprise. They would sit there for months at a time. So we were going to try and go to the front of the train again and take those pictures of the front cars that we didn’t get to do last time.

However, as we began walking in that direction, it happened again. A guy came out from between two of the cars, which could have been the exact ones from the first time. And once again, there was something very creepy about the whole thing. So my friend and I once again decided to leave.

We talked about it for a while and came to a conclusion. There were some homeless people in our town. So we figured that for some reason, he must have been living in between two of the cars. Perhaps he didn’t want anyone snooping around in his area. So we decided that maybe we would just skip trying to get those pictures.

We kept away from the train area for quite a while. But my friend is really stubborn and he really wanted to get pictures of that train. So after a short period of time, we decided to go back to the train.

My friend was taking pictures and was going further down the track than we had before. Since the man didn’t come out, we figured that he was not around. So my friend started going between the cars to get all of the pictures that he needed.

It happened so quick that it took me by total surprise. The man pounced out from behind one of the cars, yelling all sorts of gibberish. And he was holding what looked like a pocket knife in his hand. And he began running straight toward my buddy.

My friend was closer to the guy than I was, and he fell over in surprise. The crazy man easily got to him and held him down. My friend was struggling to get up.

I hate to admit, I almost ran in fear. But I knew I had to help my friend. So I ran over there and tried my best to pull the crazy man off him. The man was a lot stronger than I would have thought, but with both mine and my buddy’s strength, we were able to pull him off. The guy stumbled backward and fell down.

I tried my best to pull my friend up. By the time we got him to his feet, the crazy guy was up too. And this was the first time I got a look at him. His eyes were chilling to me. I mean they made Norman Bates look normal. He also had what looked like blood on his face. IT was only then that I realized that he had actually bitten my friend.

It was too much and the two of us just took off running. He followed us, but fortunately only as far as the end of the train. We were able to get out of there safely from that point.

My friend had to go to the hospital. The police went and arrested the man who attacked us. They found tons of dead animals in the area where he was hiding. It looked like he had tried eating some of them.

He went to jail for the attack. It was three years for aggravated assault. But the two of us are stuck with the memory.
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2023.03.25 03:17 Various_Ad_2327 New player with some genuine questions

Hi guys,
This is my second 'souls like' game. I just finished Sekiro and moved onto this. (I know Elden Ring is much more like Dark Souls than Sekiro but you know what i mean.)
Just to be clear, im not complaining as it has been fun despite what i have typed out below.
Im not far in and tbh i kinda confused by it. I killed some wolf man i guess mini boss and i think a real boss Margit the fell omen or something. Im now going through stormveil castle.
The thing im struggling with is
How do you know how to craft or where to get materials you need? How do you know what to put your points into when you level up? Is there an easy way to just buy arrows, im always running out? I bought an incantation but nothing happens when i click on it? I think i heard i need a staf or something to use it, i dnt know if thats true but unless i missed it how am i meant to know that?
Basically feels like most aspects of the game arent 'taught'. I also feel like im just kinda wondering around without a real 'purpose'. Again its kinda fun in a weird way for now but it does feel 'off' to me in the way that not much is explained to me (the player).
How do you guys figure it out?
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2023.03.25 03:16 shonenhikada Anyone love that Hal Jordan is way stronger than Superman now?

Anyone love that Hal Jordan is way stronger than Superman now?
It's been a running gag for a long time of making green lanterns look like complete pussies when compared to kryptonians. Superboy prime was tearing through them like insects. Superman always use to punk out green lantern by destroying their constructs and using his super speed to steal their rings. Hell, in New Krypton series, Zod basically called them complete bitches to their face when they came to inspect New Krypton. The disrespect has been going on for a very long time.
And now we finally get some respect for green lanterns. Zod busted out of black gate prison and joined the superman haters club in order to kill superman and free his family. He failed in the former but succeeded in the latter and went to another planet which had 2 yellow suns and ruled the people there with an iron fist.
Green Lanterns step in and Hal Jordan ends up fighting 1 v 1 with Zod. For context, this Zod while on earth complete destroyed superman in a fight and swatted away supergirl like she was an insect.




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2023.03.25 03:15 austinkendall45 [WTS] High FOM PVS-14

Friday night price drop, catch a little buzz and do some drunk spending so you can have the mystical power of seeing at night.
L3 Unfilmed/White Phosphor PVS14. Purchased this recently from night vision guys, was assembled by n-vision optics and comes with their 10 year warranty. Comes with everything shown in pics including Noise Fighters arm.
Specs: SNR - 39 Res - 72 EBI - .8 Halo - .7 FOM - 2808
Has one tiny little pepper spot on the far outer ring. Asking $3800 $3700 shipped/insured.
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2023.03.25 03:15 Admirable_Bread_9395 Dauntless bug

friend of mine managed to bug the game and get dauntless without doing the quest lol
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2023.03.25 03:14 monkeysolo69420 Lord of the Reatles

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2023.03.25 03:11 Leather_Bench8040 The house payment must be due

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2023.03.25 03:11 DareToDoom Good knuckle straps with lanyards or a hole to put one in?

I was looking into getting knuckle straps so I can play games like beat saber and even though its a daycare, Gorilla Tag. I also want to have it so I can have wrist straps so my family can play and I can be confident they won't throw the controller. I was looking and I want one that has a full grip, not the one that loops around the ring of the controller, thanks in advance.
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2023.03.25 03:11 ProdPizer 3 deck ideas , any cards come to mind?

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