Are you prepared for the 'Globalist Warming' this week??????? You know, THE SECOND DAY OF WINTER???????

2022.12.22 01:39 Scroetusk Are you prepared for the 'Globalist Warming' this week??????? You know, THE SECOND DAY OF WINTER???????

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2022.02.24 09:14 seouled-out anyone get out in snow today in SD county?

Looks like it dumped hard last night into today basically for miles around Julian, especially the 79 and Sunrise highways.
Ordered ice spikes immediately after I saw this coming on the forecast. Did anyone get out on any trails today? Any particular suggestions? Are the road conditions reasonably safe?
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2022.01.31 17:15 Strict_Casual Tuesday or Wednesday night (Feb 1 or 2) overnighter?

I know it's weird timing, but with my limited sleeping bag situations I need to pick and choose my winter camping opportunities. Until I get a proper winter bag I'm limited to trips where the lows are at least +15F.
Tuesday Sunny, with a high near 33. Wind chill values between 10 and 20. Light and variable wind.
Tuesday Night Mostly cloudy, with a low around 23. Calm wind.
Wednesday Mostly cloudy, with a high near 42. Calm wind.
Wednesday Night Cloudy, with a steady temperature around 35.
Thursday A 50 percent chance of rain. Cloudy, with a high near 44.
My preference is to go on Tuesday so as to avoid the slush on Wednesday and rain on Thursday.
I'm thinking that meeting up in Tuxedo might work best for folks however I would rather go to the Poconos (Pinchot Trail) because there's more snow there.
Not looking to do a ton of miles on this trip. I just want to get out in the winter forest and practice using my whisperlite. I might even try to make a go of it with my pulk if there's enough snow, which is probably a no go for Harriman, but there's just enough (8-10 inches) that there might be enough in the Poconos (
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2021.12.13 07:47 DrBunnyShodan Where can I buy some snow?

Here in southern Wisconsin, I'm usually skiing down my property line by this time of year. Who can I call for a snow delivery?
These guys up north are keeping it all for themselves!
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2021.11.14 00:19 randomstardust Streamstream

How often the the northern jet stream flux. I was checking out a wind tracker over the last several day. And is seems to be changing rather quickly, or am I seeing more just surface wind. Link for reference
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2021.06.27 19:49 A_Sc00py_b0i websites like for the UK

are there any websites similar to in Britain/UK? I really like that underground look and no information simplified if you understand what I mean
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2021.05.28 06:32 VanGoJourney Great weather tool for US

Hey All,
Just got back from an epic 6 week US Road trip. We were hang a new weather website that helped us avoid two major storms and snow in Yellowstone.
Stay safe everyone!
Edit: I should say that you tap through the days on the bottom and the weather systems update so you see where rain and snow are heading. We loved it.
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2021.02.14 19:10 GagOnMacaque Weather sites are completely inaccurate.

Weatherstreet says Issaquah got 2" while weather underground says we got 0.5". Yet, snow is almost to my knee.
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2021.02.05 13:39 m104 Would it be crazy to hike without snowshoes this weekend (2/6)?

Hi all,
A friend and I have been itching to get up to Harriman, and we were hoping to go this weekend. The problem is that neither of us owns snowshoes, just waterproof hiking shoes.
It looks like snow depth is in the 10-15" range at the moment. So is this a terrible idea? It feels like a terrible idea, but I thought I'd check with the crowd before we throw in the towel.
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2020.12.18 21:01 mitchatcatprint Useful Information

It's the time of year to be really concerned about the weather. Here are some useful tools to help with your planning. Remember these are just tools, regardless of what the weather report says be prepared for worse.
If it says there is only 5" of snow bring snow shoes anyway.
Even if its says blue skies all day, bring enough gear to survive much worse weather.
Snow depth:
Aviation Weather (METAR and TAF) for Saranac Lake and Burlington:
The weather report lists first the current weather at then the forecast.
You have to subtract 500 (five hours) to get the current local time (on a 24 hour clock)
So if it says **Forecast period:**1800 UTC 18 December 2020 to 1400 UTC 19 December 2020
This means 1300 LOCAL 18 December to 0900 LOCAL 19 December 2020
and 1300 Local = 1:00 PM (subtract 12 if its greater than 1300 to get AM PM)
The relevant part for hitting the peaks is the ceilings and wind speed.
Ceilings are listed AGL (above ground level)
Saranac Lake Airport is 1663' so we will call it 1600' to keep the math simple, and
Burlington is 335' and will will round to 300'
So if it says:
"few clouds at 3000 feet AGL" at Saranac Lake (for example)
You would expect to have a few clouds at 4600'
You will also see current and forecast wind speed. KEEP IN MIND THIS IS AT THE SURFACE! WIND SPEED UP ON THE MOUNTAINS WILL BE HIGHER.
Why Saranac Lake and Burlington?
It's the nearest reporting station on the west and east side of the high peaks.
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2019.10.14 03:20 Maxwell_hau5_caffy Colorado's in Colorado Meetup!

Colorado's in Colorado Meetup!
UPDATE 10/29/19: We will be meeting up here in the morning for cars and coffee. Come out and join! If you dont have facebook here's a description of the event.

Flatirons Church - 355 W South Boulder Rd, Lafayette, Colorado 80026
Join us for our monthly Cars & Coffee in Lafayette, CO! Every first Saturday of the month from 7am-10am. FREE to public!
Stop by our booth to purchase products or ask us detailing questions! Food & Coffee Trucks will be on site to purchase goods to enjoy while you walk the lot and view all the vehicles that attend!


UPDATE: I hate to do this, but we were not anticipating this amount of snow and it doesnt seem like any of the trails will be passable, or even open for that matter. Buena vista is sitting under 12" of snow and expected to get even more in the mountains. I'd hate for people to come all the way from out of state and not really be able to experience the Colorado high country.
That said, we are pulling the plug on this event. :(
I will leave this post pinned until the weekend so everyone has a chance to see it and be notified.

For those of you still interested in meeting up to socialize some, we will follow up shortly with details for a Saturday morning Rigs & Coffee meetup.


Keep an eye out, next Colorado's in Colorado will be coming up soon! We've got a location and working on dates around the beginning of November!
UPDATE: Details have been figured out. The facebook event link can be found here for the most up-to-date information:

Where: Sacred Grounds Coffee Salida, CO
When: Saturday November 2 at 9am at the location listed above.
Description: It is time once again for a wonderful Colorados in Colorado meet up. We will start the adventure with a Saturday meetup in Salida at Sacred Grounds Coffee. Once we get introduced and caffeinated we will head up Aspen Ridge trail. We'll make our way north to intersect with 285 and cross to the Fourmile Area where we can intersect trails and make our way to camp. Sunday morning will be an early start heading West through BV towards Taylor Park Reservoir, then South to the iconic Tin Cup Pass! Crossing through two national forests and rising to 12,154, you don't want to miss this. We will complete the loop through St Elmo ghost town and back East to 285 to air up and head home.

Disclaimer: Saturday will be an easy scenic day rolling around the 4-mile area. Sunday morning will have more technical trails planned.
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2019.05.06 09:46 Wombatwillson Spooky thunder

So I saw a big ass flash of light texted my gc to see if we died or something and now hear crazy rain. Also found a weather site not sure if legit but says tornado warning. Website for weather
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2018.12.26 02:35 wigenite Lake Superior suggestions?

I'm in southern Wi and thinking about either heading towards northern Michigan or Minnesota shores of Lake Superior over my 4 day weekend next weekend.

I want to see some snow, shoot some photography, some light hiking,(no snow shoes only crampons) and find some cheap hotels.
(I ended up in Porcupine Mountains for fall colors during the fall)

I'm looking at snow cover maps, and it looks like northern Michigan is going to get some nice snow soon.

Anyone have any suggestions on what to go see next weekend?
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2018.12.10 00:16 sloppyharp Sunday Funday Nighthread

Congrats RVA on a new snow record of 10” today*! GRTC buses will stop running 7pm fyi. Shoveled my arse off twice: 2 autos, 2 driveways, 2 walkways and paths to 2 birdy feeders. I am enjoying ibuprofen and boiler maker(s). Do tell about your snowy Sunday!
Edit: * yet to be determined
Edit: by 11:30pm rva got 12-16" and @53K customers w/out power.
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2018.11.19 00:42 prestono converting video or gif image into js slider noob question

Can the following be done, and if so, what are some good tutorials for accomplishing it?
Take a video such as
and convert it into a js slider such as
sorry for the long links, but regular reddit formating is not working in this sub.
Hosting it for free on wordpress or other open source type viewing.
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2014.05.20 07:32 ATrainLV As the potential meteor shower of the decade approaches, here is some info on how to easily get the most of the experience.

Basic info on the meteor shower itself:
-The meteor shower will occur in the Northern sky late Friday evening into early Saturday Morning.
-The shower is expected to be best early Saturday from 2-4 AM EDT. This is between 11 PM Friday and 1 AM Saturday morning on the west coast. Meteor activity could occur prior to and after these times.
-Predictions on how many meteors may be seen vary greatly. Some experts say 100+ meteors per hour while more optimistic models suggest 400 to perhaps even 1000 per hour. Numbers aside, the consensus is that greater than normal meteor activity is very likely.
-The shower is best visible in the Northern United States and Canada, but southern latitudes may well see some meteor activity as well.
-As with all astrological events, there are no guarantees. These predictions could be absolutely incorrect and there is always a possibility that this meteor shower could be nothing exciting in the slightest.
Having gone to observe many, many meteor showers, I offer the following best practices:
1.) For us urban dwellers, it is important to seek skies lesser affected by the light pollution of the city. Check out how light pollution affects your area on the interactive map at the following URL.
Top tip: Since the meteor shower will radiate from the constellation Cameloparadlis in the Northern sky, it's best to find a dark sky site to the North of your metro area.
2.) Weather may or may not play ball. Cloud cover is probably the biggest bummer for stargazing. I've found this 7 day cloud cover forecast map to be reasonably accurate and dependable. Be sure to click on your state for more detailed info!
3.) Prepare accordingly. The best dark skies are in rather remote locations. This isn't a post about survival tips, so I'm not opening that topic here. Just don't be an idiot before you go out to a remote location in the middle of the night.
Here's to clear skies this Friday night!
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