Ynamp play europe again

Playing pool again I want a couple games!

2023.06.05 12:44 diannlace99 Playing pool again I want a couple games!

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2023.06.05 12:44 matthewtheater 29 M looking for online friends [Friendship]

Hey all,
I'm from the UK I don't really have many friends outside my very small circle so would love to meet some new people outside of my bubble, It's been hitting me harder these days that fact I don't really have people to really talk to you know?.
Just to list a few of my interests incase you can relate which would be fantastic! But even if you can't I'd still like to hear from you :)
I'm a musician have been playing bass and guitar for over 12 years at this point, music tastes are mostly everything but mainly metal, rock, indie, K-pop jpop etc.
I love video games, play everything but to list a few RPGs and jrpgs, from software games, Bethesda visual novels etc etc.
Anime and Korean dramas again cos of my ages I've been watching for along time love all genres and reading manga etc
I've been reading lot of manhwa these days too! They are soo good!
Also love acult stuff like ghost adventures hp Lovecraft stuff.
Also also I used to suffer from depression and anxiety but alot better now comes with age I suppose...still have good days and bad days tho but if you can relate to that and wanna talk about it then great.
Anyone playing Zelda atm?
Anyway feel free to drop me a DM. :)
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2023.06.05 12:43 NewArtLife Is it normal that controller have aim assist even the AA is turned off?

Recently I played a little more controller again on pc and I noticed even without aa I saw that my target moved a little on enemy’s. Can I turn this off or is this normal? Do pros play like with this little aim assist?
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2023.06.05 12:43 Nemesis36978 Eureka! Create [Modded]{Fabric}{Create}{1.19.2}{Whitelist}{18+}

Are you looking for a fun and exciting Minecraft experience? Look no further than our modded Create Fabric server, running on version 1.19.2! Our server is packed with an exciting array of mods and addons. These are some of the main ones that we have:
Whether you're a seasoned Minecraft player or just starting out, you'll find plenty of opportunities to explore, build, and create to your heart's content. With a wide variety of mods and addons to choose from, you'll have access to a wealth of new gameplay mechanics, automation systems, and building blocks that will take your Minecraft experience to the next level.
But that's not all. In addition to our exciting array of mods and addons, we also have VanillaTweaks datapacks to enhance your gameplay experience even further. And with a friendly, active but small community of players, you'll have someone to collaborate with on exciting new projects, trade resources with, or simply chat and hang out with.
So why wait? If you're looking for an exciting and innovative Minecraft server with a small vibrant community of players, come join our modded Create server today! Whether you're interested in complex automation and intricate builds, or simply looking to meet new friends and have fun, there's something for everyone on our server.
The server has been running for around 2-3 months but the activity kind of died down due to the exam season. Some of us are just joining back to play again.
Interested? Come join our Discord and fill out an application! The server is hosted by Eureka SMP, so you will be joining the SMP Discord. Just make sure to choose the "Create Mod" option in the application section in the welcome channel.
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2023.06.05 12:40 ICantWrite1234 The Girl In My Dream - By Me

I had a dream. I was with friends that I didn't recognize, in a room I had never been in. A simple bedroom with a four poster bed pushed into a corner. A dresser across the room with pictures I couldn't make out. A tv hanging from the wall above it playing a movie we weren't paying attention to. There were five of us, I can't remember their faces except one. A girl with dark hair and dark eyes. She was mesmerizing. Her hair flowed across her shoulders framing her face perfectly. Her smile was slightly lopsided but seemed to only enhance her beauty. She laughed at a joke someone had said, none of their words made sense to me as i sat on the bed in front of them smiling and talking animatedly about the unknown topic
As we laughed her head rested on my shoulder and I fell into her lap, trying to get oxygen into my lungs. The others left to get something in the other room. We both began to sit up after finally catching our breath. Our eyes locked halfway. Our faces, so close together yet so far away. A slight smile slowly peaked its way onto her face. The emotions I felt towards her in that moment were indescribable. The overwhelming feeling of love. The need to be near her. The beating of my own heart could be heard by anyone.
I felt as if time had stopped as I stared at what could have only been created by God himself.The world around me seemed to melt away as we drew closer. The moment our lips touched I felt as if I had been sent straight to heaven. The feeling of pure bliss, no other moment in my life could be comparable. She pulled me closer until I was laying on her chest, staring into the windows of her soul. I felt so content and safe in that moment as if this was where I was created to be. It was as if she was a part of me. I felt that if I moved it would be like losing an arm, a feeling that I would never be whole again. The air arround her seemed to pull me in as if i had never breathed before and was drinking in as much if her as i could. Everything in that moment felt as if it was made for us. I continued to enjoy everything, sneaking small kisses here and there, cracking jokes in between. The feeling of selfless love for this person was permeating through my entire body as everything faded away...
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2023.06.05 12:40 AutoModerator [Download Course] Jaiya – Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course (Genkicourses.site)

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2023.06.05 12:38 yaco17_20 Best turn of events against ubers

So I don't think bastard are going to lose againt ubers because this team is the representation of fc bayern of 2020 and those were unstoppable. So the best outcome for me is snuffy enter the field and score the 2 nd goal, then isagi stopping Noa from entering and claiming he can win against him because he has understood how to do it. And he will make an incredible play outsmart snuffy the entire field the puzzle scene everything great but at the end isagi is not able to score and Kaiser score the final goal to win the match. Isagi is devastating but he has gain a new weapon and he swear that in the next time he will win Kaiser being unsatisfied with the result and knowing that isagi was clearly superior to him in the last play like rin in the final 4 vs 4. Snuffy and Noa congratulate isagi on his play and telling him that he did an amazing job barou being all hate for losing against isagi again. So egoists what do you think ???
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2023.06.05 12:38 mani_kin 18f and 19m taking a break after half a year together

Me (18f) and my now ex (19m) recently broke up. It wasn’t completely one sided, but it was mostly him.. lol. The reason was because the relationship had been stressful and we were arguing too much lately, he didn’t want to see me hurt and he wanted the best for both of us. After a day a half of not talking after the break up, he calls me to play a game, we stay on the phone for an hour and then he asks if I want to accompany him to watch a movie with some of our friends. Movie was kinda awkward. Afterwards, we talked and he said that he loves me romantically still, wants a future with me, but he doesn’t think we’re good for each other as of now. He said that he still wanted to be friends, since he loves me and wants me close, and he feels bleak without me around. I’m an emotional mess, very awkward. I said that I’ll think about it, and before leaving he tells me to text him when I get home. The next day, he texts me good morning, we chat for a bit, and I ask him to go out for a walk with me so we can talk. We talk about being friends, what it would be like. I get a bit sad, and he gets sad too. He says that he wants to eventually get back together, because he thinks I’m the one and doesn’t want to lose what we have. I agree to being friends. A bit after hanging out, I’m at my friends house and I feel like shit. I’m texting him like an emotional mess. I told him I was going back home and he asks to meet up again. We meet up and start talking. He says that he wants to be with and loves me but we need some time to heal. We both agree on not communicating for a month, and then meeting up again to try to have something romantic again. The mood is surprisingly positive, and he has his arms around my shoulders and is kissing my forehead while we talk just like he used to. Before leaving we kiss for a bit, and says the next month is going to be hellish. After leaving, he texts me “see you soon :)”. As a boyfriend, he was nothing short of extremely dedicated, caring, and just incredibly romantic. I’m hopeful and want this to work out, but I’m young and green when it comes to relationships. Is this the right thing to do? Is there hope? Has anyone successfully done this before? Is one month too long? Will he forget me? Should I have just tried to be friends with him? Any advice greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.05 12:36 Peace_1111 They told me I couldn’t heal

Hi All,
January, 4th 2020 — I sensed my life was never going to be the same again. I started experiencing a host of neurological disorders in the following order:
Armed with these symptoms I went to the best neurologist money can buy at a very reputable medical organization. He diagnosed me with Vestibular Migraines, and pushed a lot of pharmaceuticals. I never got any better, and his solution to that was to add new medications to the mix. Mainly antipsychotics. I was horrified and said the buck stops here. After visiting 20 medical centers in (US, Europe, India) I realized I wasn’t going to get the help I needed. I turned to MM. I did the following:
My brain fog is getting under control balance issues persist. For those of you that developed the symptoms I have listed what would you recommend me to add to this regimen?
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2023.06.05 12:35 ToastSage Question about owning two Switches and Save Data

Have just gotten a Switch OLED but want to keep my standard Switch. On a secondary switch you can only play digital games on the account you purchased them on.
For digital games which do not automatically backup saves to the cloud (and when you do not want them to, i.e. for a New Animal Crossing Island) what happens if you switch which switch is your primary switch.
If I have a game like Pokemon which saves locally to the system but does not back up over the cloud and I played it on the original switch but not on the account which purchased it, what happens. When I transfer ownership that account and therefore save will not be able to be played on that Switch, is it deleted?
I have not explained that the best so happy to clarify or try again in the comments
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2023.06.05 12:35 Spookemon The Gh0st

It happen on my phone on mc pocket edition.I don't have pictures because it happened around 1.13/1.14 I was very young at the time so I didn't know how to ss. I played on my first world in creative mode. It was raining. I flew into a cave full of zombies for some reason. I was small and I was scared of the sounds .I decided to fly upwards.After a few minutes I saw something that I'm afraid of...mob ghosts was there as dark as the sky during the rain on pe there were other mobs...there was also him...ghost...you will say it was zombie ... he had no raķ forward he was like a player ... he looked at me with an empty soul.. he moved slightly slowly you could see clouds in him I ran away but my character began to shake the game stuttered ... I turned off the game .. .after a day i played the game again... nothing happened on my phone's worlds... i didn't come back to this siwat and now i don't have access to it... i was playing then at 10:00 pm and i was 6 years old... I've been wondering what it was from now on ... I named him gh0st or the one who creates shivers . It happend trust me .. im in fear of this world
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2023.06.05 12:34 Head_Swordfish122 kitten got hurt

My 12week kitten got hurt while playing with the macbook charger… She pulled the macbooj down so it landed on her paw. I went to the emergency vet last night (eu time) and they gave her some painkillers (metacam) that should last for 24h, and i gave her a stronger one that lasted 6h when we came home at 4am. I will continue giving her metacam for the next two nights. She has eaten and drank water as normal, and is acting normal. “Luckily” her paw is only bruised. So no broken or sprained paw THANK GOD. She still has some discomfort and i really dont know how to deal with it. My bf is travelling home today so that means i have to do all this alone.. I have to be strong for her but i’m really struggling. I’ve turned our small living room into a room where she cant jump or be very active, i took away all her toys except one and she can only jump up and down from the couch ( i carry her up and down tho) Right now she’s sleeping but shes in discomfort so she adjusts herself every 10 minutes. The vet said i should bring her in again tonight to try new painkillers if it still hurts (enough). But i dont have the money to be honest. I have the money for the painkillers but not the visit.. Of course if it gets really bad ill take her in, in my country they’re obligated to help even if we can’t pay. Her insurance isnt valid until tomorrow unfortunately and even then, the insurance company wont cover it because they dont cover damages that happend before the valid date.. She is 12 weeks, weighs 1.49kg, not spayed and is very healthy.
is there anything i can do at home to relieve her discomfort???
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2023.06.05 12:32 sober2ndthought Where the NDP campaign went wrong

This is a follow up to my previous post.
The NDP campaign wasn't horrible. Danielle is reduced to a very small majority. If this was any other province with multiple parties this would likely have been a minority government. But because it was two it's a very tiny majority government. But it was also a missed opportunity. They didn't win in an election they could have won.
If you take a look at the polls there was a moment in the second week where the NDP led. That in my opinion is where things derailed.
Successful Campaigns are actually very formulaic:
Incumbent have it easy. They are the default choice because that's who people voted in last time and you really don't have to demonstrate what a government under you looks like peope see it. Incumbents can generally follow two paths:
  1. Promote all the good things they've done and how the challenger poses a risk to the good they've done. Think Trudeau Bus Ad or Morning Again in America.
  2. Things are bad but they could get way worse if you elect the opponent. The UCP used this strategy and Liberals used it against Harper in 2004.
Challengers have it harder:
  1. Convince people that we need change
  2. Convince people that change must be now and you're the change we need.
The problem for most challenger campaigns is that they make a great case for why we need change they often forget to tell people why they should be the that change.
That's where the NDP failed. The NDP campaign successfully convinced people that we need change in Alberta. But they failed to convince people that the change should be them and now.
Comparable campaign
Imagine it's the day after the election. The incumbent party is plagued by scandal and infighting. You're the challenger and you're running against the tide of jurisdiction ideology. The incumbent won re-election but is significantly weakened.
If this sounds like I'm talking about the NDP campaign it would be safe bet but I'm actually talking about Harper after 2004. He faced many of the same challenges as the NDP did. The only difference was he came from the right and the NDP from the left.
  1. Canadians were generally more Liberal and comfortable with liberal policies
  2. Harper was saddled with the legacy of George Bush and neo evangelical social conservatism
  3. Harper was saddled with his own support for Iraq war and anti - same sex marriage policies
The 2004 and 2006 case studies for anyone looking to unseat the Tories from the left in Alberta. So what can be learned from it.
Define or be defined
This is where I think the NDP campaign went wrong.
The entire campaign was digging up dirt on Danielle. They focused so much on attacking Danielel they failed to define people what an NDP government would look like.
But it inevitably overshadowed any other message the NDP has especially about what an NDP government looked like.
This opened the door to the UCP defining what an NDP government would look like. Their solution was effectively to scare Albertans into thinking the NDP was a genuine threat to the province.
Nothing represents this better than the Danielle Smith Weather Vane sign. It was great initially as it softened the support for the UCP. In the first week we saw a shift towards the NDP in the election. But in the second week replace it with a positive message like this is what we'd do in healthcare, third week education, fourth week cost of living.
Keep it as simple and easy to understand messages. For example healthcare:
  1. Picture of a torn up healthcare cards and the large phrase healthcare should not look like this
  2. Side this what the NDP would do on healthcare: replace cards with one on your Alberta driver licence or Alberta ID, new money for healthcare, hire more doctors and nurses, etc.
One of the impacts of defining yourself is that it negates the impact of your opponents attacks. Good example look at Harper in 2004 and 2006:
  1. In 2004 he ran a campaign which tried to convince people the Liberals were corrupt and you saw halfway through he pulled ahead but he forgot to tell people who he was and what he stood for.
Liberals in turn defined him as being a threat to our civil liberties, with a hidden agenda which included send troops into Iraq.
  1. 2006 Harper ran a policy a day campaign. Focused entirely on demonstrating what an CPC government would do. This allowed Harper to define himself before the Liberals had a chance to define him.
Liberals still ran attacks again which failed miserably and the Liberals had to even pull one.
Another example was Obama 2008. He denied himself early as a post racial candidate which protected him when his pastors sermons came out and the picture of him Kenya came out.
The pastor sermons could have doomed his campaign but because he had already defined himself early he successfully distanced himself in his race speech. A speech most people never watched but narrative of a post racial candidate existed it was already set so just saying he gave a speech on race wa enough to give him credibility on it.
Don't run away from yourself
One of the moments that made me cringe was seeing Rachel Notley in Blue next to Danielle Smith in blue in the debate. The visual was effectively hey we're the same. Which isn't the message you want send when you are saying Danielle is crazy.
You are the NDP deal with the fact it comes with some bagge. Being the UCP also comes with baggage.
Baggage can be overcome look at your cousins in BC. In 2017 they had the baggage of NDP govrement of the 90s and now are effectively a stable governing party.
Better option would have been to stick to a message which defines your government in light of your ideology. In other words play up the positives of your brand don't run away from it.
Running away from your brand actually gives credit to the incumbents attacks. It paints a picture of a group of people with a hidden agenda who cannot be trusted.
Again I point to Harper in 2006. He didn't run his campaign like he was a Liberal. Instead his policy announcements were from the right but not threating:
  1. GST cut
  2. Child Daycare tax credit
  3. Transit tax credit
  4. Fitness tax credit
  5. TFSAs
  6. Child sports tax credit
Find the equivalent from the left. Albertans want positive change too. They want something done about cost of living, state of healthcare or education. Some ideas to play up:
  1. Regulating auto insurance rates and electricity rates
  2. Building schools or hospitals
  3. Improving transit
  4. Deal with impacts of climate change
  5. Fund public services
Two major oversights in this campaign here. The back drop to this campaign was literally massive forest fires. Which could be balme on climate change and were made worse by UCP cuts.
The other one as the spike in auto insurance and energy prices in Alberta. This campaign ad writes itself:
  1. When UCP came to power Alberta had lower auto insurance rates than BC. While British Columbians have seen their cost for auto insurance fall albertans have seen year over year increases while insurance companies deny our claims.
  2. Under a new NDP government we will bring back auto insurance regulation and ensure that Albertans are protected and pay their fair share.
This great message:
  1. Everyone knows BC has an NDP government and if their rates are falling the NDP can take credit for it
  2. It offers a genuine plan which Albertans are requesting.
Don't expect people to find your policies
Because they will not.
Most voters want your vision and policies to be given to them. They want them communicated to them in a way that is simple and easy to understand.
The idea is that they will go to your website to find the policies is ludicrous. You need to put those front and centre.
Best idea take the signs you saw on the street. Fine week one focus on attacking Smith. But week 2, 3 and 4 turn them into a policy a week idea;
For example week 2: picture of torn healthcare cards message healthcare shouldn't look like this and list of the things you'd do in healthcare like tying healthcare cards to driebes licence and Alberta IDs
Week three could be education week four could be cost of living. Etc.
Positive messages do work
Think back to most campaigns where a challenger took on an incumbent. The ones where you are successful you tend to have a message of hope and forward looking:
  1. Masters of our own house - Quebec Liberals 1960
  2. Choose forward - Liberals 2019
  3. Stand up for Canada - Conservatives 2006
  4. Hope. Change. - Obama 2008
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2023.06.05 12:31 No-Profile-7780 I need advice

So I had this quarrel with my friend, let's saher name is Sarah. We have been close since the first year of our college and it's our third year. The first time I had an argument with her and our friend group(we are four, myself, Sarah, daisy and Florence). I was at the center of it. Basically I was at my lowest and I started isolating myself, I didn't think it was affecting them and when I realized it I apologized and told them that I'll be needing space and I didn't want to bother them with my problems. I thought everything was fine but unbeknownst to me they were thinking I was holding grudges. It was my first time having and argument this huge. I kept trying to explain that I'm not used to telling people my problems even to my friends and there was a lot on my mind. But they only kept saying I was lying and I was making them feel like they had done something to me. I felt really guilty and accepted the blame. I was also ashamed of myself, so I went back to them. Fast forward towards our exam period, my anxiety went up really high. I couldn't read for more than 5 mins and I'll loose my attention span. I was getting scared because I didn't want to drop my cgpa again. This time I decided to be serious about it. I switched to a different reading style and tried improving myself. Now I told Sarah that I was really scared of my exams and I won't be reading with her because I want to try something different (because I didn't want what happened during the last argument to happen again). I really hate conflict. I thought everything was cool but I started noticing she was kinda off but I didn't think too much of it. That was until I met up with a former roommate, her name is Stacy. Stacy met me and told she noticed I wasn't myself, I folded instantly and was happy someone wanted to help me. She also opened up to me about her breaking up with her boyfriend and it's affecting literally because people were trolling her for it. So we decided to help each other out. We are in different departments so she prefers night reading while I was up during the day. I was like her alarm clock whenever I wanted to go to bed, I would wake her up and in the morning she would do the same for me. It was a simple routine and I really enjoyed it. During this same period, my bank froze my account and I had to go there everyday to rectify it and it was always one excuse after the other. Literally after all my exams I would have to go to the bank to remind them again. This particular day I went to the bank as usual and on returning back to the hostel I was exhausted. Florence saw me and she greeted me when I walked into the room. I didn't pay attention to anyone else, I was hungry. I decided to take cereal. Then I realized my spoon wasn't there. I went to Stacy's room to ask for her spoon, then we started talking from there. I was in her room when Sarah called for me and she confronted me saying what did she do? I already knew where this was going and I tried to explain again that nothing is happening, I'm not holding grudges or anything I'm literally just doing my own thing. She then proceeds to say I'm not acting like old me, she misses the old me and I dont care. I was really confused and I overwhelmed I could only reply with I'm not holding grudges and I have Nothing else to say. The last thing she said to me was that she wasn't going to make the first move again. I was too tired and hungry to continue the conversation. I said okay and left her. Well we didn't talk again till we left for holidays, I was too determined to get right with my exams than give into another problem. So during the holiday, I decided to try and solve this. I asked my boyfriend and Florence on what to do because they are friends with Sarah and have had conversations like this. It was then my boyfriend told me that she already met him and told him that I'm making her do too much for me and she doesn't want to be my friend anymore. She said I told her about everything that I was going through but why was she seeing me with Stacy? I was devastated and started blaming myself but I decided to ask Florence and she told me further that people went to meet Sarah to ask her why we weren't walking to places together and if she did something to me. She also told Florence that she wasn't my friend anymore and she told all out friends. Too be honest I felt like everything was my fault and I made someone go through all that. I started thinking of ways to apologize but everyone told me to wait because she doesn't want to change her mind. I decided to let go too. I deleted all our photos and literally detached myself from those feelings. Upon resumption, I resumed late and when I got to school, she had switched the position of our bed(it's a bunk bed). I didn't want to ask about it, I just let her be. One of my roommates was on her IT, so I took my bed to her space and decided to sleep there. I know I should have said something but I couldn't. So I was going about my daily activities and basically pretending she wasn't there because it would only make me feel pain. Then I receive a text and Sarah is telling me she has things to say to me and if she doesn't let it off her chest, it would hurt her. I didn't want to have a conversation with her, I dread it. She always end up playing the victim. One random Sunday, she walks up to me to confront me, I'm already scared. She starts attacking me that why didn't I talk to her and it was affecting her, she needed someone to talk to about her problems and I wasn't there. She had to tell her mum because it was that bad. I then asked why should I bother you if you said we shouldn't be friends again and she said it was out of anger, she didn't mean it. People were the ones that told her to do it and she told them not to tell me. I'm already feeling guilty, I can't get my head straight apart from ohhh I let this person down I let this person suffer. In all this, she kept saying how she was suffering and she knows that I didn't care enough and she was wondering what she did to me. The fact I moved my bed, people would start talking about it. I got tired and just apologized cause I wanted it to stop. We apologized to each other and I moved my bed back. I know we made up but I couldn't get over it for a while, I was still in pain. I wanted to talk about it but the words wouldn't leave my mouth. I didn't want to be close to her again so I said we should start over. I didn't do things with her anymore. I was still trying to get over it so I decided to try new things. I met up with Stacy and she was teaching how to clear my blackheads. I had a terrible outbreak. She was also taking me lessons for my CAD with solid works, I was using this period to distract myself and sometimes I would sleep over in her room to get things done. Sarah came to meet me again that she's lonely and I tried telling her that I can't help her, I don't know what to do because I myself am lonely. We chatted for a while and I really thought we were cool. Until after a while, she messaged me saying she doesn't think we can be close again. I say I'm fine with it and we can't be close overnight. She then questions what I was doing with Stacy and I explained it to her but next thing you know, she says I'm lying and giving excuses. She even said I'm not doing enough and I want to start over but I'm not staying with her. I tried to explain that I'm not avoiding her, we are still talking, for crying out loud, me and Stacy are not in the same department I'm not doing things I did with Sarah with Stacy. I'm learning from her. She doesn't listen and she claims I'm not listening and it's her fault for being too attached to me. I snap and get angry. I told her that I'm sorry she feels that way but all I've done as her friend is listen to her problems even when I had mine because if I don't listen, I'm not doing my job as a friend. I then say it's also my fault for tolerating some things she did. And I'm sorry I hope she finds someone better but I'm done with this friendship. I ended things. I cried myself to sleep that night. I felt horrible like I honestly felt like a bad person. I didn't forgive myself and I don't think I have. Right now, I feel uncomfortable with the whole group. I feel like I have committed an offense, I feel like I made a person beg for my attention and I don't know what to do. I'm trying my best to ignore it, it's the only thing I'm good at. Please help me.
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2023.06.05 12:30 Hunnybun7 All interaction animations stopped working

So I have a ton of mods installed none that change the animation, BUT even so, all of my interaction animations stopped working! I can't use terminals any crafting benches robot workshop and worst of all power armor! All that happens is I get put into 3rd person nothing happens and I get booted out of the terminal bench etc, Except for power armor which I do get inside of but I can never leave once I'm in and again the entering animation and leaving animation never plays, I need to load a save even to leave. This has literally made the game almost unplayable and made many mods fully unplayable
Found a Steam discussion page by someone with the same problem from 2016 and no one ever replied to them.
(Load order is 66 mods used to be 69 but i got rid of some hope I did this right)
so if anyone has any way to fix this I would love the help please do I'm getting desperate
I also posted this in fallout mods but I got no real help
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2023.06.05 12:27 PsionicShift Is it rude to whistle in Japan?

(Apologies for the cross-posting; I originally posted this in another subreddit.)
I’m an ALT at a junior high school in the inaka. During my school’s cleaning time, I help out by restocking the paper, sweeping the floors, and bringing the cellphones back to the classrooms.
During this cleaning time, the school plays a nice orchestral song over the intercom, and I whistle to it. Not obnoxiously loudly, but just a nice mezzo forte.
Well today, one of the teachers (whom I don’t work with at all) told me to stop whistling. When I asked her why, she told me that Japanese people don’t whistle. I was kinda peeved, not gonna lie, and I begrudgingly said 分かりました。
Whistling is a pretty heavy habit I have, and I’ve already been doing it for almost a year without her saying anything, so I’m not sure how to approach this.
Do I need to stop whistling during the cleaning time? Should I ignore her and go to the vice principal of the matter gets brought up again? What are your thoughts?
Thank you!
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2023.06.05 12:27 feelslikefreya Venting about how my abusive ex made me feel as an autistic woman

I’m not much of a writer but I really need to vent. I hate this. He was the first person who I felt actually accepted me. He accommodated me in ways I never had been before. I actually felt seen and I felt loved. I was diagnosed with ASD/ADHD while we were together (right at the end) and it made so much sense. We shared many of the same interests, I know it’s common for abusers to gain interest in things they’re victim is into as a way in but I know with 100% certainty that these were already interests of his. I NEVER got bored in conversation with him which is something I’ve never experienced before. Honestly, if I had to write down my perfect person on piece of paper it would be him, minus the abusive qualities/behaviour. At this point I’m just mad, I’m so fucking angry. How dare he make me feel a way I’ve never felt before just to go and ruin it repeatedly, ruining me in the process. And now it’s my job to grieve and heal? That’s fucking bullshit and I never deserved this. He simultaneously set the bar for what I want/need from a partner and what I simply will not tolerate again. I’m really scared I won’t find anyone who is as compatible with me as he was.
Before anyone says, yes I know a lot of the “nice” things abusers do are part of the manipulation. I also know it’s not helpful to split him into the “good” and the “bad” like I’ve done above. I’m well aware that the person who abused me is the real him and I’m in no way trying to focus only on the good parts. I’m just angry at the game he played.
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2023.06.05 12:26 Kindly_Mushroom4597 Going back to Morocco

Guys I need some help , I have been in europe for 3 months now for my exchange semester , it was the best 3 months of my life but now I need to go back to Morocco , I start feeling depressed I dont feel like I belong there but I have to go back ( I need to do my internship to get my degree) . Im not a religious person (I dont believe in religions at all ) so that's makes it more difficult for me to be there again and pretend that Im someone else . I need some advices or some tips of how can I fit in the society again ( most of my friends are religious) Thank you
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2023.06.05 12:26 Commercial_Bicycle92 In the end I never mattered and will d*e like a useless human. Many people will think of me as pathetic or will forget me quickly.

I 15M never mattered and never will matter.
I never mattered. I was a useless human.
My parents divorced, when I was 5 after many physical arguments between eachother which I don't remember everything about.
At 7 I was involuntarily sent into a mental hospital.
At 8 I was involuntarily sent into a boarding school for hard to parent kids. Where I was bullied physically on a level that rendered me insane being treated like a toy. Being thrown around laughed at used, humiliated and sometimes for example where I was thrown around on a metal plate on the play ground, where I hit my head multiple times and body and could have gotten a concussion or something worse and di*d.
The adults there let dogs near me as a treatment method for my phobia. They let them run to me and other things which made me scream.
The adults let me sit in my room and so nothing for hours because of a so called "3 times rule" which meant for everytime you didn't attend school did chores or didn't do any other thing you had to sit in your room for 3 times as long as you didn't do it or as long as the adults thought was necessary.
After that many other things happened like my mother sometimes telling me how i'm an a**hole and destroyed her life and doing other things.
Again I never mattered as a human. I was only here ti be a funny useless human to laugh at and use to their fun or to be a burden on my parents.
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2023.06.05 12:26 Imgaybutnooneknows Electric thumbs up

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2023.06.05 12:25 Suicidal_Garbage An entity is watching me while I sleep..

(SORRY FOR BAD ENGLISH!!) So, recently I have been experiencing weird things in my room especially when I’m alone.
Let me give you an example: I once entered my room and it had a really foul smell and I saw the silhouette of someone sleeping on my bed but the moment my mom came in the thing ran away and a lot of pressure was released from the springs that were holding the bed.
Another experience is that I astro projected (idk how to write it) and I saw myself sleeping in the bed and I noticed a dark figure behind my curtain it creeped me out and out of fear I woke up and I saw my door open (where I was earlier)
The creepiest encounters I had were these: -I was sleeping one night and my bed faces a big mirror so I woke up and looked at the mirror and saw someone playing with my hair it was again the dark figure I was so creeped out I had a panic attack and fainted. Then the next day this thing came back but this time it was breathing next to my ear. And after that day it came back and this time I felt it’s cold tongue lick my neck it felt so real.
Idk what to do so please help?
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2023.06.05 12:24 Terri1596 Help! I think I’ve got to start again 🥲

So I was editing a podcast on Friday using Adobe audition. It kept telling me that the file wasn’t able to write to disk, so I should perform a save as of my work and close audition.
I did exactly this, loaded it up again this morning and two of my edited pieces of audio are no longer playing. I can press play, I can see a waveform, but there’s no sound level bar and no sound playing from my headphones.
There are other bits of audio playing fine, I’ve looked at audio mapping & hardware preferences and they are all fine.
Are these files corrupted? They aren’t playing in waveform or the multitrack session.
I had nearly finished and have a tight deadline so it would pain me to have to start again :(
Appreciate any advice or help you can give!
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