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2023.03.30 16:13 skincaremuggle Looking for a specific instrumental piece with bird sounds in the music

Hello everyone,
There was a song I used to listen to, I think it was part of some compilation by In the Woods channel, with a bird sound in the song. It's mainly just acoustic guitars other than the bird. I know this isn't specific but I'm hopeful.
Funny story, when I listened to it I thought it's an annoying bird outside and at some point I went out to the garden to make it go away before I realized it's in the music lol.
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2023.03.30 16:12 FelicitySmoak_ Song Of The Day Discussion : "Baby Be Mine"

"Baby Be Mine"
November 30,1982 - 2nd track on Thriller
Written by Rod Temperton. Produced by Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson.
“‘Baby Be Mine’ is a lithe, infectious piece of burbling pop-funk, its spare lyricism allowing Michael the room for one of his best vocal showcases on the album.” - Billboard
The lyrics of the song "Baby Be Mine" are about a person who is in love with someone and is willing to do anything for their loved one. The singer tells the loved one that they don't need anything else in life as long as they are by their side. They are willing to give everything they have to make their relationship work
One of the earliest tracks recorded for the album, "Baby Be Mine" contains a soft disco flavor. All Music Guide's Stephen Thomas Erlewine calls the track "positively incandescent, perhaps because it isn't as familiar, but more likely because it is a brilliantly crafted piece"
On July 3,1983, "Baby Be Mine" was released as the B-side to "Human Nature", the fifth single from Thriller
It has been sampled in 29 songs, including "Dogg Collar" by Snoop Dogg, Aaliyah's "One In A Million(Nitebreed's Mongolidic Mix)" and Tupac's "Show Me Another Way"
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2023.03.30 16:12 Presley_smith04 The Enjoyment of Music 4th Edition

Hi, I really need access to The Enjoyment of Music 4th edition by Kristine Forney for my term paper and my Final for my music class. If anyone has a pdf or anything like that I'd really appreciate it.
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2023.03.30 16:12 1dunn0br0 Idk i think i had my first panic attack

PLEASE HELP Im 23 male a uni junior im not the most mentally healthy person but i think im pretty fine i get depressive episodes now and then has a bit of anger management issues (although it got better and i learned to control my anger pretty well atleast i think i have but the anger and resentment towards myself didnt) but overall i get by pretty fine i think and today i was at school minding my own business listening to music on my airpods playing chess with random people etc2 suddenly my whole body started shaking i think i knew what triggered it or what i was thinking about then but its all a blur now i couldnt breath properly my head hurt i was angry i was scared i was sad i kept on peeing i locked myself in a classroom to hide from people so i wouldnt be embarrassed and i cried like cried i dont think ive ever cried sober since i was 16 or sth i was in an empty classroom for an hour and cried i tried to contact people but i dont have alot of friends and couldnt so i tried contacting a girl i was chatting on tinder basically begged to reply and video chat to no avail i thought this was a good idea cause i didnt know her and she doesnt know me so i wouldnt be embarrassed finally i got a hold of an old friend and talked on the phone about his work my studies family and friends i did my best to mask my broken voice because of the crying and stuff but i think he understood that i just needed someone to talk to and didnt mention it finally i calmed down and stopped crying but since then my head aches like a b*tch and im still angry anxious and cant preform anything the supposed suspected panic attack happened 8 hours ago what do i do to stop all this please help
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2023.03.30 16:12 Dragonnuzzler Évidemment has left me thinking about the genre

Ever since I heard this song for the first time I've slowly built up an urge to hear more of this mix of Chanson and Disco (Nu-Disco Nouvelle Chanson in this case apparently but I don't know the specifics) in more music because it has really dug itself into my brain, and I've already found Juliette Armanet as another French musician who released a whole album devoted to it in 2021, but do any of you know of any other musicians I could look into for more of it? Or other variations in other countries in the same trend. I would love to just have more music in this genre to listen to.

I believe the reason I've built such an enjoyment to it is because of the Schlager scene in Finland in the 70's - 90's being big on the Disco vibes, it's all really really reminding me of it.
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2023.03.30 16:12 toadbog An Herbalife front opened up in my town recently...

So this is my first time posting here!! But for a long time I've bingewatched antimlm videos and so I absolutely had to share.
So the town I live in has a lot of independently owned restaurants and businesses, and recently this shop that sells "nutritious loaded teas" (so basically iced teas and fruity drinks with tons of extra flavors and toppings with Herbalife mixed in) opened up and even got their own article made on our local news station. They don't specifically advertise it as an Herbalife cafe but they do have the Herbalife products for sale inside and all of their drinks have Herbalife mixed in.
But I'm so glad that people were calling out this "loaded tea shop" as an Herbalife front in the comments of that news article, warning people about the lawsuits against this MLM and how the products have caused liver damage/failure etc. It gives me hope :')
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2023.03.30 16:12 CTDKZOO NPC of the Day: Thordric Ironfoot

The Prompt:
Please use the template below to create an NPC for a fantasy village:
1d2 Short term goals:
One long term goal:
Family and friends:
Dungeons & Dragons alignment:
Secret motivation:
One Plotto inspired plot:
1d2 Allies:
1d2 Enemies:
1d3 Quest hooks they offer:
1d3 Ways to earn their trust:
The Response:
Name: Thordric Ironfoot
Thordric is a stout, middle-aged dwarf with a long, braided red beard and piercing blue eyes. He wears worn and practical clothing, often covered in soot and dirt from his work. His hands are calloused, and his muscles are well-defined from years of labor.
Short Term Goals:
Create a new line of high-quality, enchanted weapons to sell to adventurers.
Repair the village's damaged waterwheel to restore power to his forge.
One Long Term Goal:
Become the most renowned blacksmith in the realm, with his weapons and armor sought after by heroes and royalty alike.
Family and Friends:
Thordric is married to a fellow dwarf named Helga, who runs a small tavern in the village. They have three children, who are all learning the family trade. Thordric's best friend is an elven wizard named Faelar, who helps him enchant his creations.
Dungeons & Dragons Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Secret Motivation:
Thordric wants to forge a legendary weapon, capable of defeating an ancient dragon that is prophesied to awaken and threaten the realm.
Mastery – Thordric believes in the importance of honing one's craft and constantly strives for perfection in his work.
His family, whom he is fiercely devoted to and would do anything to protect.
The village, which relies on his skills for their weapons and protection.
Thordric can be stubborn and uncompromising, making it difficult for him to accept help or adapt to new ideas.
One Plotto inspired plot:
Thordric discovers that his long-lost mentor, believed to have perished years ago, is actually alive and held captive by a rival blacksmith who seeks to steal his knowledge and techniques.
Faelar, the elven wizard
Gideon, a skilled human warrior who wields Thordric's weapons
Brondar, the rival blacksmith who kidnapped Thordric's mentor
An underground crime syndicate that seeks to control the market on enchanted weapons
Quest Hooks they offer:
Help Thordric gather rare materials needed to forge his enchanted weapons.
Investigate the whereabouts of Thordric's mentor and rescue him from captivity.
Defeat the ancient dragon, proving the effectiveness of Thordric's legendary weapon.
Ways to earn their trust:
Demonstrate your own skills in craftsmanship or combat, showing that you share Thordric's values.
Defend the village from a sudden attack, proving your commitment to its safety and wellbeing.
Assist Thordric with a difficult task or problem related to his work, showing your willingness to help him achieve his goals.
I'd like you to merge in the ideas of Brondar kidnapping Thordric's mentor and the crime syndicate into one quest arc.
The Response:
Quest Arc:
The Shadow of the Syndicate
Quest Hook:
Thordric receives a cryptic message hinting that his long-lost mentor, thought to be dead, is actually alive and held captive. The message suggests that a powerful crime syndicate, seeking to control the enchanted weapons market, is responsible for the kidnapping. The syndicate has been working with Brondar, a rival blacksmith, who is using the mentor's knowledge and techniques to craft weapons for the criminal organization.
Quest Stages:
Thordric asks the adventurers to investigate the crime syndicate's operations in the village, gathering information on their whereabouts and plans.
The adventurers infiltrate a local hideout of the crime syndicate, discovering evidence of their collaboration with Brondar and the location of Thordric's kidnapped mentor.
The adventurers confront Brondar at his forge, where they learn that he has been coerced into working for the crime syndicate. Brondar reveals that the mentor is being held in a secret stronghold controlled by the organization.
The adventurers storm the stronghold, battling syndicate members and rescuing Thordric's mentor. They also discover plans to distribute the enchanted weapons to various criminal factions throughout the realm, which could destabilize the region.
With Thordric's mentor rescued, the adventurers return to the village and work with Thordric and his allies to disrupt the crime syndicate's plans, ultimately dismantling their operations and restoring peace to the village and surrounding lands.
Throughout this quest arc, the adventurers must navigate the complex web of crime, betrayal, and ambition that drives the conflict between Thordric, Brondar, and the crime syndicate. By rescuing Thordric's mentor and stopping the syndicate, they will not only earn Thordric's trust and gratitude, but also make a powerful ally and contribute to the safety of the realm.
NOTE: These entries have been edited for formatting. All typos, etc. are literally as I or ChatGPT made them.
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2023.03.30 16:11 AuthorRKeene [The Primeval Apocalypse] - Chapter Eleven (collaboration with u/hydrael)

[The Primeval Apocalypse] - Chapter Eleven (collaboration with u/hydrael)

The Primeval Apocalypse by Robert Keene and Alex Raizman
Cover Image Robert's Published Books Hydrael's Published Books Robert's Patreon Hydrael's Patreon Get updates on Discord!
Start Here (Prologue) Previous Next
With the promise that we could work together to make my new friend a horrifying deity someday, a pact was struck. The Baby Baurusuchus became my first pet.
Making it my pet changed a lot. First of all, the lizard creature was added to my equipment, which gave me knowledge of its stats and abilities. I was also aware that the pet system included a growth system that would let me upgrade the pet as I wished in order to customize its stats and abilities.
Baby Baurusuchus [Set Nickname] Level 5 Pet (Beastmaster)
HP: 375/375 MP: 250/250 SP: 100/100
Attitude: Friendly Growth: 2/100
STR: 10 CON: 15 DEX: 13 AGI: 8 INT: 14 WIS: 12
[Class Abilities] Teamwork (Passive): When a pet or master uses an activated buff ability that affects only themself, the buff applies to the other as well, and 50% of its effect will be applied to all allies within 30 feet. Howl (120 second cooldown): With a fearsome roar, increases the DAM rating of all attacks by 50% for 30 seconds.
Bite: 20
Claw: 20
Dodge: 20
Detection: 20
Stealth: 20
Athletics: 20
Swim: 20
Survival: 20
[Growth Tree]
Juvenile Baurusuchus Physical Path Requirements: Beastmaster achievement “Sic ‘em II”, pet consumes 1x Savory Shank, Growth > 90 Ability Unlock: Kick Out (30 second cooldown): Affect a conal area with a bellowing blast. Knocks enemies back and reduces their DEF rating by 10% for 15 seconds. Enemies pushed into walls or other obstacles take physical damage on impact.
Apprentice Baurusuchus Magical Path Requirements: Beastmaster achievement “Best Friends”, Pet consumes 1x Peppered Steak, Growth > 100 Ability Unlock: Comet (120 second cooldown): Call down a magical strike from above. Deals magic damage in a circular area at range, and inflicts Irradiate for 90 seconds, dealing minor damage over time and reducing enemy DAM rating by 10%.
My original objective had been to go for a pet that was more powerful than me in order to carry me to greatness. Now it seemed that I had a pet weaker than me that needed my support to grow into something powerful. Its stats were mostly lower than mine, and it appeared that the pet didn’t have any achievements to shore up its abilities.
At the very least, it looked like it wouldn’t be long before I could make the creature into something powerful. Making my friend into a scaly little artillery piece or a fearsome area denial monster sounded like a lot of fun. It was just a shame that it was going to be a long-term goal instead of something I would benefit from now.
As usual, the system didn’t give me enough information. I didn’t know how to get those achievements, how to find or make those food items, or how the Growth mechanic worked. But, also as usual, I would figure it out. It might have been sampling bias, but I had adapted to all the weirdness the system had thrown at me so far. It would just take time for me to figure out this new stuff.
At the very least, the creature’s abilities were very promising. Affecting DEF and DAM ratings directly was tremendously powerful with the way the damage formula worked in this system. With Howl active, I might even be able to hack through the alpha’s thick hide. Not to mention the ability to share that buff with all my friends. And if I could grow it up to the next stage, cutting enemy DEF or DAM would make them significantly less effective combatants.
I felt a tickle of an urge to find new pets and see what options they would offer. Would an adult Aurochs have options for growth to develop its abilities? What abilities would it have? How about skills?
Without more Stable slots, I couldn’t investigate right now. But I was excited for the possibilities.
Either way, my Challenge was complete. There was a satisfying sensation as the system rewarded me for stealing my first pet from the Mandrill camp.
For its part, the critter puffed up with a little bit of pride. All the uncertainty drained from its demeanor, and discomfort that I hadn’t even noticed it was feeling towards me. It might have been just my imagination—or the censer’s vapor escaping the room and letting my senses get a more accurate read—but the reptile seemed stronger and healthier now. As if becoming my pet had made it more powerful than it had been before.
More than that, though, when it communicated with me, it was much clearer and more understandable. It was less of a vague series of sensations, and a lot more like speech, even if it wasn’t verbal.
Power, the Baurusuchus said. Much power. Satisfying.
“There’s more where that came from,” I said, taking a quick peek out of the narrowly open door towards the Mandrill town. No sign of any patrols yet, but even with the vapor thinned as it was, my Detection skill wasn’t working. “But we need to get out of here without being seen if we want to collect it.”
Fish? the critter asked.
I looked down in my arms to find that I was hugging the wooden case of smoked fish to my chest. I didn’t even remember picking it up.
“Listen, bud, we need this,” I said quickly. “Adding you to the town’s population might be a hard sell, and having a big box of food is going to go a long way towards getting James on our side of that fight.”
Not arguing, the reptile said, conveying a grin to me without actually changing its expression. Fish good.
“Stay close to me on the way out,” I instructed. “This might get a little spicy.”
Experimentally, I activated Hide In Plain Sight. There was a tingle as the Teamwork passive did what I hoped it would, applying the effect to the Baby Baurusuchus as well. Though to my perspective, it was a clearly-visible shaded outline, the Hide In Plain Sight effect would make it much easier to sneak out of here.
A part of me wanted to make off with the censer as well as the fish. It would prove a useful tool back in Jamestown. But I simply couldn’t justify the risk. So long as the room was shrouded from Detection skills, the alpha would never know its prize was missing. I could be all the way back home before the Mandrills even knew I was here. That was worth more than a little alchemy toy.
Also my hands were full of a big box of fish. Don’t judge me.
There was also the matter of the jugs of Masquerade Poison. I could smuggle one or two out and still have plenty of ability to carry the fish. But I didn’t know if it would work without the censer, and it was a lot of risk to find out. There was no telling when the alpha would return.
As soon as the Baurusuchus crept down the ramp, I slid the door closed behind it.
I was glad the creature had Stealth skill already, so that I didn’t need to carefully instruct it to tread carefully. At the far end of the pen, the docile Aurochs barely seemed to notice us. That was a good sign. I was afraid that they might react poorly to a big toothy predator in their pen. Obviously, though, they identified that the baby reptile was not a threat to their near-impenetrable hides.
I considered jumping the fence again, but discarded the idea quickly. My new pet was pretty large, meeting me at the hip with its shoulders, but it didn’t have any Climb skill, and its low-slung body would make the effort an absolute mess. The pen had a crude wooden gate to the south, though.
It seemed silly now that the entrance was facing out of town. Obviously the entrance being on the north side of the pen would allow more security, making it harder to steal away with their livestock. But I’d long since recognized the purpose during past raids.
Once upon a time I’d considered riling up the aurochs for a diversion once by driving them through the town on a stampede. The powerful beasts would reduce the Mandrill’s homes to matchsticks in seconds, and take hours—if not days—for the primates to control and recover. But the gate pointing out of town meant that unless I busted through the thick clay brick wall, the hard-shelled cattle would only stomp around in the woods for a little while until they blundered into one of the Mandrill farms, calming down once they ate a little.
Now, though, the tables were turned. I was able to open the simple latch on the wooden gate, open it just a few feet wide for my new friend to slip out, and we were as good as gone, circling around the nearest farm and heading on a straight shot south, moving nice and slow to avoid lighting up any guards’ Detection skill, and leaving as little trail as possible.
“Alright,” I said, once I was confident that the only thing around us were forest-dwelling vermin and the distant creatures in the forest canopy above. “I think we need to settle one thing first, before we go any farther.”
Settle? the critter asked, giving me a curious look.
“Yeah. This is possibly the most important decision of your life, too,” I added, “besides choosing to join me.”
Decision, the reptile said, conveying to me that it wanted to help. Tell problem. Make decision.
“There’s one surefire way to make sure that nobody has a problem with you,” I said, holding up a finger. “Trust me, this works one hundred percent of the time on humans. We get this right, and everyone in Jamestown will love you.”
I pulled up to a stop and knelt down to look the critter in the eye. It stopped as well, meeting my eyes in return. Without proper meaning, it conveyed preparedness. It was ready to handle any task, so long as it could continue to be fed and grow stronger.
“You need a name,” I said at last.
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2023.03.30 16:11 BlondeAgent007 Ceramic cookware?

I am researching and planning ahead for adopting a cockatiel. I would have to replace about half my pots, pans and baking sheets. The pioneer woman sells ceramic cookware that is pretty cheap at Walmart. Is that safe for my future bird? I cook everyday, bake my own bread, make my own stock from meat chickens from my own yard.... I'm that person, so I can't take any chances. In that same vein, my bird will have tons of veggies, herbs and fruit to eat because my kitchen is stuffed with them. But anywho, ceramic, yes?
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2023.03.30 16:11 Delmar9885 22 [M4F] Netherlands/Europe/Anywhere - Healing empath about to wave his white flag in dating

I'm Delmar, an altruist and empath from the Netherlands. As an INFP-T (93% introverted) I have realised that dating is something for extroverts. Hence I am about to wave my white flag of surrender if nothing changes.
Here is some basic info about me besides my age: I'm 1.75m/5ft9 tall, blonde hair, skinny built. My hobbies consist of playing video games, watching sports, listening to music and politics. Music wise I listen a lot to Citizen Soldier, NF and Linkin Park.
I would love to find the right person for me that motivates me and helps me heal. Pushes me to become the best version of myself mentally and physically. If things start out casual and develop into something more that is fine.
When it comes to preferences I am not the pickiest. But I do have some limits when it comes to smoking, drinking and drugs. As I do none of that myself I would prefer if my partner doesn't smoke or doesn't do drugs. With drinking I am fine as long as it isn't like getting drunk every Friday or something. Age-wise I don't have a preference. But due to my own experiences in life, I tend to bond better with people that are my age or older. This is due to mental and emotional maturity.
If I somehow made you interested enough to send me a message. You can do so. Hope to hear from ya soon :)
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2023.03.30 16:11 Delmar9885 22 [M4F] Netherlands/Europe/Anywhere - Healing empath about to wave his white flag in dating

I'm Delmar, an altruist and empath from the Netherlands. As an INFP-T (93% introverted) I have realised that dating is something for extroverts. Hence I am about to wave my white flag of surrender if nothing changes.
Here is some basic info about me besides my age: I'm 1.75m/5ft9 tall, blonde hair, skinny built. My hobbies consist of playing video games, watching sports, listening to music and politics. Music wise I listen a lot to Citizen Soldier, NF and Linkin Park.
I would love to find the right person for me that motivates me and helps me heal. Pushes me to become the best version of myself mentally and physically. If things start out casual and develop into something more that is fine.
When it comes to preferences I am not the pickiest. But I do have some limits when it comes to smoking, drinking and drugs. As I do none of that myself I would prefer if my partner doesn't smoke or doesn't do drugs. With drinking I am fine as long as it isn't like getting drunk every Friday or something. Age-wise I don't have a preference. But due to my own experiences in life, I tend to bond better with people that are my age or older. This is due to mental and emotional maturity.
If I somehow made you interested enough to send me a message. You can do so. Hope to hear from ya soon :)
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2023.03.30 16:11 fionag00de Checking if possible car accident scam

Hey guys wanted to check with you if something similar has happened to you/ someone you know or for your thoughts in general. My brother was on his way to pick me up in BGC earlier tonight- he took the Lawton road as recommended by waze. Anyway, while he was in traffic, someone knocked on his window and asked him to come out bc he hit her car. My brother to be very honest, can be quite naive, and admitted that his car audio could possibly be too loud for him to notice hearing if he bumped a car. I’m also not very familiar with cars but normal ba na you wouldnt feel if you bumped a car? Anyhow, Her car showed some scratch/ bump marks but my brother’s car didn’t; nonetheless, the lady insisted my brother had a fault. It wasnt really his lucky day either as our dash cam happen to be not working when the supposed incident happened. They initially agreed to head to the proper authorities to process the accident but a traffic enforcer was nearby so he helped with the intervention. The enforcer also agreed that there was no visible damage on my brother’s car.
I wasn’t there when it happened but I can see how visibly shaken my brother was when he was retelling the accident and I can only assume that the lady was very aggressive. Of course if I was in the lady’s shoes naman I’ll be upset too kung nabunggo ako so gets ko rin naman. But what’s bumming me out is the lady asked 10K for the damages. My brother agreed to give all his cash - 8k- then and there as she was aggressive and wouldn’t settle for talieinsurance na magusap. Again, kung nabunggo talaga siya magets ko naman frustration niya). they agreed for my brother to gcash the rest of the money soonest.
Honestly, from what my brother has told me and after seeing na Walang scratch yung car niya, I feel like he was scammed talaga. lowkey it sucks that he also didn’t take any picture of the lady’s car so we also couldn’t figure things out more. I recommended we meet the lady to check the damages in person but my brother just wants to get things done and over with. Both of them have a copy of each other’s licenses.
Anyway, really seeking for your help and thoughts here. Thank you!
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2023.03.30 16:10 sametpainting How to Choose the Right Floor Paint for Your Office– A Comprehensive Guide

Floor painting is the best way to beautify your commercial complex and give it a facelift. However, you need something more resilient, hard-wearing, and long-lasting for your office floors. Floor paint comes in many varieties designed to handle different levels of foot traffic, water damage, and other environmental issues.
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2023.03.30 16:10 Kadus27 [MODERN} Eidolon Damage Data Collection

In order to understand the performance of Eidolon in the current meta, we're collecting data on Eidolon's damage output. If you're able, please add your data to the following google form:
Please do not cherry-pick your data. Good or bad, add it all!
Instructions are included in the sheet, please pm me with questions or improvements.
Thanks for your help! For more great Burn content, join the discord:
Will report back after I feel like we have a sufficient sample size.
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2023.03.30 16:10 mrskaylad At a loss for what to do

TLDR: Im a 29 year old female with a 29 year old boyfriend of 3 years. Bf is controlling, does no housework, has unrealistic expectations, hates my family and is incredibly angry all the time. This behavior is so abnormal to me, it's not how I grew up or even how I function in the world. I'm dumbfounded and at a loss for how to even respond to him anymore. So I need to know, how would you respond? Am I the asshole? Am I in the wrong? See below for more details and examples.
Control: This has been getting worse and idk what to do about it. He doesn't like being told no. And if I say the word no he gets angry and starts to pester me until I give in. It's exhausting. A small example is when we go out to dinner. I have to try his alcoholic drinks or beer every time. If I say "no" he gets mad. He told me that unless he agrees with the reason why I'm saying no and deems it a justifiable answer then I have to do it. I told him me saying "no," regardless if it's over something like trying his alcoholic drink or regarding sex, my no should be respected. Regardless of the reason behind my no. But he doesn't agree. And if I say no he starts to blame me (you never try new things, your boring), guilt me, and if those don't work he begins to annoy me until I give in. And if I stand my ground he will make comments about how I'm being difficult and its not even that big of a deal. I literally feel like I can't make any decisions on my own and if I do I better be prepared to defend myself like I'm going to court. It's ridiculous.
He is alway giving me commands and telling me what to do. But if I don't do something the "right way" aka his way then he loses his shit. I feel like I'm in a parent/child relationship.
Housework: I work from home except for 1-2 days a week. My boyfriend works away from home every day. Because of this my bf expects me to do all housework and be available to do anything he asks. Those things include: dishes, laundry, all cooking, making him drinks, grocery shopping, sweeping/moping, cleaning litterbox, mowing the lawn, raking leaves, shoveling snow and honestly anything around the house that needs to be clean. He has unrealistic expectations of things and due to his OCD has to have everything in a specific place (but leaves piles of his stuff everywhere that he never cleans up until I move it into a pile out of the way and he blames me for losing his things). Mind you, we moved into our house a year ago and he has no idea where things go or how to even "work" the dishwasher or washedryer. He 100% engages in weaponized incompetence (pretending he doesn't know how to do thing. When he lived on his own for a long time and used to do everything himself). I have told him that I don't need "help" doing chores rather he needs to contribute to living in this house too. He contributes to the messes so he should clean up. I did not grow up in a house where the woman did everything like his mom. I've seen it with my own eyes and when we visit his family his mom does everything. I grew up in a house where you make a mess you clean it yourself, you do your own laundry and care for yourself. But it's like he assumes I take on the responsibility of doing chores because I'm a woman. And I say this because he makes "jokes" all the time about how house chores are not his job and "that's a woman's job."
Also, he gets very upset when he gets home from work and I don't want to do any more chores or work on the house. Since I work from home I'm always doing housework in between working. But he thinks that I should keep working on house stuff with him hours after he gets home cuz if i dont then he isnt motivated to do anything. He can't do things by himself and he gets upset when I just want to relax. It's like he thinks I'm lazy but im the one who does everyhing!! He made a comment the other day that all I do is dishes and laundry....He thinks that's all I do when in reality I do everything.
Finally, I pay for our house payment which is $1800 a month as well as groceries, any pet items or bills. He makes 3 times more than me but expects me to pay 100% of the rent. And when I've talked to him about this he tells me I need to just work more or make more money. He did have to help pay the rent a couple of times within the past year and believe me he let's me know. And the only reason I couldn't help was because I went through something big (I don't feel comfortable disclosing) which led me to being very sick and out of work for a while. Which he wasn't very nice to me during that time either.
Anger: He instantly gets pissed about everything and starts to yell. I have told him that yelling scares me and makes me shut down but he doesn't seem to care. I've never seen someone so angry all the time. He seriously hates everything.
Friends and family: He hates my mother. I mean hates her but before we dated he used to love her and my mom adored him. But since we have started dating he hates her. Every time we are around family or friends he doesn't like his body goes stiff. Like literally straightens up and he just stares forward not speaking. I've asked him about this and it goes nowhere. Now this guy knows how to socialize or at least pretend to be nice, he works in sales! But he makes no effort. It's so awkward and people have brought this to my attention because he makes them feel uncomfortable.
My mom even texted him over a year ago saying she wanted to mend their relationship cuz she could sense the hostility and he never responded to her text at all. He told me "I'm fine with how things are between me and your mom, I don't need to be her best friend." But it bothers me, she's my mom. Yes I've had to work at putting up boundaries with my mom but I will not cut her out of my life. I wish my boyfriend and mom could get along but I'm stuck in the middle doing damage control.
Also he views my friends (i have like 2 good friends) as low life's. He has made comments to me about how he wants me to hangout with rich people like the people he works with and whenever we hangout with his rich friends all they want to do is drink and tell stories that last 20 minutes and its just them bragging. There is no real substance to the relationships and I don't value that. But he eats it up.
Honestly, there is so much more that I can't even write down because it would take me days. The behavior he exhibits does not seem normal. I'm sick of hating waking up in the morning cuz I'm going to get yelled at for not washing all of his clothes or being given a list of chores to do. I'm defeated and feeling unvalued. Is it too much to ask for him to contribute to basic life stuff?
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2023.03.30 16:10 sevenmentors The French language is difficult or easy to learn?

The question of whether French is difficult or easy to learn is a complex one. For some people, learning French comes naturally, while for others, it can be a challenging and frustrating process. In this article, we will explore the factors that make French a difficult or easy language to learn. Join the French Language Course in Pune
  1. Pronunciation
French pronunciation can be difficult for non-native speakers, particularly when it comes to the many nasal sounds that are unique to the language. These sounds are not found in English, and it can take time to learn to distinguish between them and to produce them correctly. Additionally, French has a range of vowel sounds that can change the meaning of words, depending on how they are pronounced. For example, the words "beau" and "bureau" sound very similar but have different meanings (beautiful and office, respectively).
  1. Grammar
French has a complex system of grammar that can be challenging for non-native speakers to master. French has a system of gender and agreement, which means that the gender of a noun affects the way adjectives and articles are used with it. French also has a system of verb conjugation that requires the speaker to memorize different endings depending on the subject and tense of the sentence. Additionally, French sentence structure can be quite different from English, with the verb often placed before the subject.
  1. Vocabulary
French vocabulary can be both challenging and rewarding. French has a rich vocabulary that includes many words that are not found in English. French words often have multiple meanings, depending on the context in which they are used. This can make learning French vocabulary a challenging process. However, French also has many words that have been borrowed from other languages, such as English, Spanish, and Italian, which can make learning French vocabulary easier for speakers of those languages.
  1. Pronunciation and Grammar Exceptions
One of the biggest challenges in learning French is the many exceptions to pronunciation and grammar rules. French is known for its many irregular verbs, which do not follow the standard verb conjugation rules. Additionally, many words in French are spelled the same but pronounced differently, adding to the confusion for learners. Join the French Language Classes in Pune
  1. Spoken vs. Written French
Another challenge in learning French is the difference between spoken and written French. Spoken French can be quite different from written French, with many contractions and informal expressions that are not used in written French. This can make it difficult for learners to understand native French speakers and to produce natural-sounding French themselves.
  1. Cultural Differences
Finally, learning French can be challenging due to cultural differences between French-speaking countries and the learner's own culture. French culture has its own unique customs and social norms that may be different from those of the learner's culture. This can create additional challenges in learning to communicate effectively in French.
Despite these challenges, many people find French to be an easy language to learn. French pronunciation may be difficult, but the language has a regular system of pronunciation rules that can be learned with practice. Additionally, French vocabulary may be challenging, but many cognates in English and other languages can make learning French vocabulary easier.
Moreover, the French have a strong presence in popular cultures, such as music, film, and literature. This makes it easier for learners to immerse themselves in the language and to find engaging resources for practicing and improving their French skills. Join the French Language Training in Pune
In conclusion, whether French is difficult or easy to learn depends on a variety of factors, including the learner's native language, their learning style, and their exposure to French culture and language resources. While there are certainly challenges to learning French, with dedication and practice, anyone can become proficient in this beautiful and rewarding language.
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2023.03.30 16:09 Wibss123 Another "how do I get stars on 6.3?" thread

So, killing the boss in normal is easy. But that's not the point - no way I can get even near the damage and score required for stars. I my research bad? I am mostly using Tesla, Venom, Cannon and minigun. Flame for those purple enemies
I've tried adding speed to Scalar miner and getting all enemies only from there, but I guess I just don't understand how the enemies spawn. Is it not related to type of miner? I understand there is no time to get tower levers, so I guess I just should improve the damage of each? My research is around level 15, though.
I worry too much and should just keep grinding?
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2023.03.30 16:09 Important_Mall8204 Percentages

I am looking for the best way to optimize for a relative noob like myself. Currently my biggest run is about 1 mill on t1 and highest wave 1539.
What I was wondering is when to change to complete damage over health. I am currently running about 10% damage versus health. When I get to 1 million health then I go full damage but I wasn't sure if that was the right mix. When I hit 25k damage I have 250k health then take damage to 50k and health to 500k then 100k damage and 1 mil health. My damage absolute I keep at roughly the same $ amount as my health not a set reduction amount. How do you all do it? Any and all advice is welcome and will be a big help. Thanks.
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2023.03.30 16:09 InfrequentlySober Pro Perks

Lmk if this has been stated before. I come from a FPS gaming background and thought the idea of pro versions of perks that give additional benefits after completing tough challenges would be a nice improvement to the current perk system.
Beast Master Pro Challenge: Have Steve kill 100 Praetorians Benefit: Make a Praetorian into a Steve once per mission
Sweet Tooth Pro Challenge: Recover 10,000 bonus health using Sweet Tooth Benefit: Earn Health from mining any mineral
Thorns Pro Challenge: Kill an Oppressor with thorns damage Benefit: Greatly increased thorns damage to large enemies
Iron Will Pro Challenge: Complete 10 missions where all 4 players are down by using iron will to survive. Benefit: Temporarily give iron will to a downed teammate by shooting them or tagging them with Laser pointer
What other suggestions for Pro Perks do y'all have? At the very least it's a fun thought experiment.
I thought of this because I feel the perk system is easily overlooked and there are some perks which are almost never used, having a great Pro benefit will diversify class loadouts and can make all perks worthwhile without feeling the opportunity cost of using the already good perks.
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2023.03.30 16:09 ATYNNIE Idea for a tanky support (that actually works unlike Brigitte)

Idea for a tanky support (that actually works unlike Brigitte)
I was thinking of a medieval armor type support, 300hps (50 are armor)
▪ Equipped with sword and shield (physical not energy one that simply reduces damage)
▪ heals other when he receives damage (but he doesn't heal himself) doesn't have an active heal. (passive ability)
▪ Everytime he activates the shield it goes up to 450 hp (from base 300) and everytime he get hit he heals aoe for 50hp each hit every second (himself included) he moves 40% slower during this
▪ Sword deals like 40 dmg base attack where he moves slightly forward
▪ Has a horizontal swing sword attack that deals 75 dmg (available during shield ability)
▪ Melee is a shield swing while he stays still that stuns for like 1 sec and distanciate others from him
▪ Only ranged ability is a rope with 3 balls at the extremity (magnetic) that has a lil bit of tracking brings to the ground opponents and everyone who gets hit is locked for 2 seconds
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2023.03.30 16:09 JoyForOlderAdults I redesigned some gratitude sheets for older adults! Check out the unique, creative, and uplifting topics and prompts :)

I redesigned some gratitude sheets for older adults! Check out the unique, creative, and uplifting topics and prompts :) submitted by JoyForOlderAdults to etsypromos [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 16:08 elianabear DAE find their creativity is affected by trauma?

I've always been a very creative person. When I was a child I had so many creative interests and pursuits: drawing, painting, jewelry making, baking, fashion, creative writing, ice skating, and more. But most important was art. I used to draw in my notebooks on the bus everyday to and from school. I was known as the art kid.
My mom was overly clean and would not let me do anything that made a mess. I couldn't even draw with a pencil in my own room because she thought I would get graphite everywhere. Paint kits that were given as gifts were left in closets for years, despite begging my mom to let me open them. And forget baking. Until the day I moved out my mother gave me hell if I ever wanted to use the kitchen unless it was to make a bowl of cereal.
Since I went to orthodox yeshivas, art classes, theater, music and the like just weren't offered. Most kids who wanted to do these things did them outside of school. I begged my mom for painting lessons, ice skating lessons, anything, and besides for a Sunday program for a period of time she denied all my requests and I spent a lot of my weekends watching TV until my eyes glazed over.
The interesting thing is now, as an adult, I realized my creativity is so tied up with my existential dread and childhood fear that I have a hard time engaging with art despite having gone to art school and pursuing it as an adult. Post college, only occasionally I will sketch or paint so I don't lose touch with it entirely. For a long time I would think about other traumatized people, and how they would use art to help with their pain. I thought maybe I wasn't a "real artist" since I didn't have that kind of drive. For some reason looking at the art I made over college filled me with anxiety and dread. I only realized recently through my work in therapy how my art and creativity as a kid was never nurtured by any of the adults in my life, how my creativity was the least desirable part of me that nobody wanted to engage with as it's so tied up with my true essence, which was denied for so long. No wonder I can't look at the art I've made. I feel stunted.
I know a lot of people find healing in pursuing the self expression and interests they were denied as a kid. I've done that too and have found it helpful. I bake whenever I want now. I took figure skating lessons. I go thrifting and wear things I like. But with art it just feels so much deeper and personal that I can't heal that part of me just by painting and drawing like I wanted to then. Going to school for art was definitely a step in the right direction and made up for years of lost art education. But I feel like I won't be able to uncover the artist I really am until I heal the trauma that it's bound to.
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