Koi fish tattoo forearm drawing

The Goldfish

2023.03.29 10:51 _mycinematiclife_ The Goldfish

This is a little piece of flash fiction I wrote for my youtube channel.

Jeremy watches as his new goldfish swims around in the tank before him.
He drops a pinch of fish food into the tank and watches as his fish swims towards it.
The goldfish unhinges its jaw and draws in all the food in one mouthful.
Jeremy is amazed at what he just witnessed but his awe quickly turns to fear as the goldfish turns to face him, its jaw still unhinged.
He watches as the tiny little fish begins to mutate, its body growing larger and larger until it can no longer fit in the tank.
Its fins now transformed into tentacles, the fish pulls itself up and onto the top of the tank. Its bulbous eyes land on Jeremy for a brief moment before it leaps towards him.
Jeremy screams as razor sharp teeth devour every inch of his body. The only thing left behind by the fish would be a set of glasses worn by Jeremy.
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2023.03.29 10:31 ann-ambrose ‘A work in progress’

‘A work in progress’

Virat Kohli opens up on latest tattoo ahead of IPL 2023

The 16th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 is scheduled to begin on March 31, and the fans are buzzing with excitement over the return of arguably the world’s biggest T20 league.

With the return of the tournament, also comes the return of one of the most popular franchises in the competition, the Royal Challengers Bangalore. Despite never having won an IPL title, RCB have been the most popular side in the tournament thanks to their star-studded line-up.

Recently, one of their biggest stars, Virat Kohli was seen with a brand new tattoo on his arm as he arrived in Bangalore ahead of the IPL 2023. The 34-year-old has about 11 tattoos on his body, each of which has a different meaning. When asked about the relevance of his latest one, Kohli opined that it is still a work in progress.

Virat Kohli
“Yeah, it is still a little bit of a work in progress. It is only half right now, so I really cannot explain the meaning of it,” Kohli said on RCB bold diaries. Notably, Kohli has had many tattoos in the past, with one of those having Lord Shiva on his left forearm. Meanwhile, the meaning of his latest ink remains to be known.

Kohli was also asked about the songs he is currently grooving on, to which he responded: “I’ve now actually gone back in time now and downloaded Arijit Singh’s MTV Unplugged playlist, that is like a soft rock chill kind of version and I loved those.”

RCB take on Mumbai Indians to kick their season off

As the 16th edition of the IPL 2023 gets underway, Royal Challengers Bangalore will be under Faf du Plessis’ leadership, and the side will take on five-time champions Mumbai Indians in the fifth match of the competition as the side will be keen on breaking their trophy drought.
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2023.03.29 10:20 Patient_Bed4904 Unique NYE Celebrations Across The Globe For 2023

Unique NYE Celebrations Across The Globe For 2023

Let us welcome the upcoming New Year and hope that it will be truly happier and merrier this time. There are many cultures around the globe celebrating this special day in a unique and quite impressive way. Here lists some of the amazing destinations you must visit for an amazing New Year’s Eve (NYE) celebration, unforgettable and unmatched. Choose what excites you and what draws your attention.
Australia, the graceful coastal tourist destinations in the world, is one of the most sought-after travel destinations to spend your New Year holiday. Head over to Sydney, the capital of the state of New South Wales and head to the famous harbour. Sydney Harbour, housing two unique marvels such as the Harbour Bridge and Opera House is quite popular for its world-class NYE fireworks display. There are many stunning New Year’s Eve cruises on Sydney Harbour offering freshly prepared deluxe dinner and premium drinks. What better way could there be than taking in the prime views of the NYE special fireworks display with a high-end restaurant-quality dining experience? You can enjoy everything with an all-inclusive package. Get on board a New Year’s cruise on Sydney Harbour with your friends and family and enjoy the absolute best of a spectacular night.
Plate smashing and chair jumping is one of the main New Year’s Eve attractions in Denmark. Smashing things against someone is usually perceived as bad behaviour, but in Denmark, it is not. People of Denmark hold on to chipped dishes and glasses all year just for this unique NYE celebration. People go around the homes of their friends and family and smash those plates against their door. It is also considered as a measure of popularity. According to their tradition and belief, smashed plates bring in good luck. So the more smashed plates, the more luck one will get. Like plate smashing, chair jumping at the stroke of midnight is also a part of their traditional belief and it symbolises the leap into the New Year.
Food is something that is so inevitable while describing a culture. Food can link one’s culture and identity. Food is a great aspect of New Year tradition in Hungary. The NYE traditions in Hungary are all about bringing luck, fortune, and health. We can find a menu of lucky meals whilst visiting Hungary on NYE that consists of pork, cabbage rolls, and lentil soup. The people of Hungary believe that a scrumptious dinner of roasted pork on New Year’s Eve can bring a bountiful year. The pork’s rich fat symbolises prosperity that awaits along the way. And it is mandatory to eat only pork. Hungarians avoid eating chicken and fish throughout the day. They believe eating winged fowls will result in luck flying away and fish suggest luck swimming away.
If you head over to Scotland you can see Scottish New Year celebrations, one of the most legendary NYE celebrations in the world, popularly called Hogmanay. Even though there are many customs, fire is something that plays a significant role in Hogmanay customs. The Scots parade through the streets swinging blazing balls of fire around and it is thought to derive from the pagan traditions of the pre-Christian Celts. Get ready, it is not for those chicken hearted. The Torchlight Procession in Edinburgh can be identified as a homage to its history. The Highland custom of “saining” the house, that includes blessing both the house and livestock, is also seen in some households.
These are some of the most popular destinations on the planet to celebrate the last day of the year. Where will you go to ring in 2024?
For more details about Sydney NYE cruises mentioned in this article: https://www.sydneynewyearsevecruise.com.au/
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2023.03.29 09:28 Nachochip16 To the strange boy I meet in mexico let’s not meet again

Okay I have been fan of you for forever but I’ve never shared on here before im beyond sorry if this is messy and or confusing.
So a few years back me and my family decided to do a family trip to Mexico. For reference I was 11-12, my sister being only a year and bit younger then me. My mom is terribly anxious person and planned to only stay on the resort for the entire vaction. As soon as we had gotten to the resort she was explaining how something already didn’t feel right. The whole vacation she expressed how much anxiety she was feelings and couldn’t shake it although had gone to Mexico many of times and understood that we were in a great area.
Since my mom was filled with so much anxiety, I did not tell her about the weird things happening to me. The first day of our stay at the hotel. I noticed this other family. A mom who looked like she had so much plastic surgery and a dad that was supper tattooed wearing massive amounts of jelwery ( I’m not trying to sound negative about their appearance just what I had noted) . A son that was AT least 18 and younger girl who was maybe a year or two older then me.I noticed right away the older boy looking at me.
Weird thing is I’d catch him staring across the pool and he wouldn’t look away even if I would stare him right in the face . I feel like any normal person when caught staring would feel embarrassed and just look away to avoid the situation. He wouldn’t. he’d just keep his gaze locked on me. I made me uncomfortable but I tried to brush it off as him just zoning out.
After a few days of this I started asking my family to go to other pools or the beach attached to the resort in order to escape the feeling of being watch . Every-time we got up, he stared following us. Staying fat enough away but still being oddly close. It got worse throughout the next days , instead of just the son following me the whole family would moved to wherever I decided to go.
Another weird thing was on like the fourth day I didn’t see them at the pool, but at a wedding on the resort. Didn’t think anything of it until after I realized I never noticed them speak to anyone on the resort beside staff. Which I believe if u were at a destination wedding you’d have friends or family hanging around and spending time with you.
As I stated earlier my mom was dealing with alot Anxiety the whole time. She never let us out of her sight. Which was odd as the first time we went to Mexico we were given a lot of freedom ex. Going to the kids club by ourself, going to the buffet by our self things of that nature. But this time it was like she was glued to us. Due to her anxiety and my dad having health problems well there she decided to cut our trip short. On our second last day there my dad had to spend the night in the hospital which meet he was away from us. My mom tried to allow us to enjoy one of our last days because we were already informed that my dad was alright and just needed to be monitored.
So we had decided to go back down to the pool for the last time. Little to my surprised the family was already down at the pool. He was there staring at me. Made my stomach turn. It was like nothing could draw his attention away from me. We got into the pool. Me and my sister just chatting with my mother when she decided to step out of the pool to check up on my father. This was the first time she had left me and my sister alone in the pool.
Im not kidding you as soon as I was out of my mother sit the younger girl with that family immediately approached me and explained that she was approaching me on behalf of her brother. She said “I’m sorry I don’t speak that good of English” well speaking to me in perfect English. Started asking me for my phone number and where I’m from. I told her I didn’t have a cell phone and I froze and said Canada ( I didn’t want to give them any specific information because like stranger danger). She insisted I must have an email or anything for her and kept pushing. My mom saw what was going on immediately came up and she walked away without saying anything to her . Which is weird especially if it was just a young girl just trying to make friends.
After this I told my mom everything that was happening and she had also already noted them family for weird behaviour like they didn’t even seem to interact with each other and the father mostly speaking to staff and others. Just felt odd. During my mom talking to me, they left the pool and we never saw them again before leaving the next day.
Even though this doesn’t seem all that scary it really reminds of people lure children into sex trafficking. I feel like they sent that girl because they felt like we’d feel the most comfortable being approached by her. So to the weird family I meet in Mexico let’s never meet again.
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2023.03.29 08:53 Apollo_Frog The US military, and Greek Mythology

Everything is named after the gods. All the planets, science, and trade. All the NASA "moon landings" named after Apollo the God of light. The statue of Liberty represents Helios the sun God. The Goddess Columbia reigns atop The U.S. Capitol building, and named after the Goddess The District of Columbia. MERCURY the messenger god meets you outside the Capitol building. The modern EMT symbol, and symbol from medicine comes straight from the Greeks, and the good Apollo's son teaching medicine to man. The snake emblem also reflects the Rod of Asclepius, widely used as the symbol of medical care worldwide. There are several theories as to its development; it is named for the Greek mythological figure Asclepius, who was said to have possessed healing power.
The American colonial revolutionary, Thomas Greenleaf, subtitled his newspaper "The Argus" after the mythological watchman and took the slogan "We Guard the Rights of Man."
The Pegasus appears frequently on stamps, particularly for air mail. In 1906, Greece issued a series of stamps featuring the stories from Hercules' life. Australia commemorated the laying of an underwater cable linking it to the island of Tasmania through a stamp featuring an image of Amphitrite.
The United States military has used Greek mythology to name its equipment such as the Nike missile project and the Navy having over a dozen ships named from Greek mythology. Greek mythology has been the source for names for a number of ships in the British navy as well as the Australian Royal Navy which has also named a training facility in Victoria called HMAS Cerebus. The Canadair CP-107 Argus of the Royal Canadian Air Force is named in honor of both the hundred eyed Argus Panoptes the "all seeing" and Odysseus' dog Argus who was the only one who identified Odysseus upon his return home.
In science and technology
The Apollo 16 lunar module on the moon Many celestial bodies have been named after elements of Greek mythology. The constellation of Scorpius represents the scorpion that attacked Orion and the scorpions that frighted the horses when Phaëton was driving the sun-chariot; while Capricorn may represent Pan in a myth that tells of his escape from Typhon by jumping into the water while turning into an animal - the half in the water turned into a fish and the other half turned into a goat. Demeter, a main-belt asteroid discovered by Karl Reinmuth on May 31, 1929, is named after the Greek goddess of fruitful soil and agriculture.[25]
The elements tantalum and niobium are always found together in nature, and have been named after the King Tantalus and his daughter Niobe. The element promethium also draws its name from Greek mythology, as does titanium, which was named after the titans who in mythology were locked away far underground, which reflected the difficulty of extracting titanium from ore.
The U.S. Apollo Space Program to take astronauts to the moon, was named after Apollo, based the god's ability as an archer to hit his target and being the god of light and knowledge.
Written more than two thousand years ago, texts by ancient Greeks still have a major impact on the modern militaries of today in numerous ways.
At the start of the Cold War, the then US secretary of state, George Marshall, read the histories of Herodotus and Thucydides, convinced that the events of the Peloponnesian War and the fall of Athens were worthy of review in those unprecedented times when the United States and Russia— the Athens and Persia on the contemporary age, faced each other in conflict.
Thucydides’s History of the Peloponnesian War is still studied at many military academies, including West Point, the Command and Staff College of the US Marine Corps, and the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis. Recruits at army and naval colleges are encouraged to study what the text has to say about strategic leadership, garnering support in a protracted war and the impact of biological warfare.
The “Melian Dialogue” is considered particularly important, containing the Athenians’ justification for conquering Melos in what was one of the bloodiest conflicts of the late 5th century BC.
Also known to have studied Greek military texts are Colin Powell and David Pet­raeus, whose fall from grace in 2012 after the revelation that he had leaked classified information to his mistress has often been noted in Sophoclean terms. It did not go unnoticed at the time that “Petraeus” was the name of a centaur, a half-man, half-horse figure of Greek myth, renowned for his sexual appetite.
But Greek text also have a therapeutic nature for the military, as well as victims on the other side of the conflict.
The Greek tragedies of Sophocles, Aeschylus and Euripides continue to provide a powerful lens through which soldiers heal after returning from conflict. In his recent book, The Theater of War: What Ancient Greek Tragedies Can Teach Us Today, Bryan Doerries describes his work with Theater of War, a traveling drama collective that performs Sophocles’s most intense explorations of the psychological impact of war for US soldiers and veterans.
USS Prometheus USS Triton (SSRN/SSN-586), a United States Navy nuclear-powered radar picket submarine, was the first vessel to execute a submerged circumnavigation of the Earth (Operation Sandblast), doing so in early 1960.
The mythological Greek god Triton was the messenger of the seas. He's usually represented as a merman.
This can be associated with Triton because it explores the seas and it was the first submarine to go around the Earth.
Greek mythology in the military The Nike Missile Project was a U.S. Army Project proposed in 1945 and finished in 1953. The Nike Zeus, Hercules, and Ajax. Nike was the Greek God of Victory and can be associated with speed. It was made to shoot down jet aircraft.
Nike Missile Project USS Medusa (AR-1) was the United States Navy's first purpose-built repair ship. She served in the U.S. Navy from 1924 to 1946. Medusa wasa gorgon. Whoever looked in her eyes was turned to stone. Medusa can Be Associated with the ship because it was the first type of ship, like Medusa was the first mortal gorgon sister.
Gorgon Stare is a video capture technology developed by the United States military[1]. It is a spherical array of nine cameras attached to an aerial drone.[2] The US Air Force calls it "wide-area surveillance sensor system"
HMAS Cerberus has always been Navy personnel training. With the establishment of four tri-service schools over the last 13 years, this role has been extended to training Army, Navy and Air Force personnel. Cerberus was Ares' three headed hellhound which had a serpent's tail, a mane of a snakes, and a lion's claw. This can be associated with the military because it is a military base that trains 3 different branches (like Cerberus' three heads)
The Argus was made for the Royal Canadian Airforce. In its early years, the Argus was reputedly the finest anti-submarine patrol bomber in the world. Argus was Odysseus' dog, the only one to recognize Odysseus when he first got back. The airplane can be associated with Argus the dog because it detects submarines/hidden things. Like Argus when he was the only one to detect Odysseus.
Canadair CP-107 Argus USS Prometheus (AR-3) was a repair ship that served the United States Navy during World War I and World War II.
Prometheus was a Titan, not a god. He is known to have given the mortals fire. Prometheus joined the Gods in the Titan war, instead of the Titans.
It can be associated with the Titan in the way that it repairs other ships and helps them, like how Prometheus helped out mortals by giving them fire.
HMAS Cerberus
USS Triton
USS Medusa
What is Project NIMBUS? Lightning has long perplexed scientists. Not only are atmospheric scientists unsure of exactly what initiates lightning, but they also don’t understand precisely how and why it is able to propagate over great distances, and where it will strike. That makes it, in DARPA’s view, “one of the major unsolved mysteries in the atmospheric sciences.”
First up is a fascinating request for proposals from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, who is looking to build a “Positioning System for Deep Ocean Navigation.” It has the handy acronym of POSYDON.
POSYDON will be “an undersea system that provides omnipresent, robust positioning” in the deep ocean either for crewed submarines or for autonomous seacraft. “DARPA envisions that the POSYDON program will distribute a small number of acoustic sources, analogous to GPS satellites, around an ocean basin,” but I imagine there is some room for creative maneuvering there.
The idea of an acoustic deep-sea positioning system that operates similar to GPS is pretty interesting to imagine, especially considering the strange transformations sound undergoes as it is transmitted through water. To establish accurately that a U.S. submarine has, in fact, heard an acoustic beacon and that its apparent distance from that point is not being distorted by intervening water temperature, ocean currents, or even the large-scale presence of marine life is obviously quite an extraordinary challenge.
As DARPA points out, without such a system in place, “undersea vehicles must regularly surface to receive GPS signals and fix their position, and this presents a risk of detection.” The ultimate goal, then, would be to launch ultra-longterm undersea missions, even establish permanently submerged robotic networks that have no need to breach the ocean’s surface. Cthulhoid, they will forever roam the deep.
U.S. naval forces need a way to project key capabilities in multiple locations at once, without the time and expense of building new vessels to deliver those capabilities.
DARPA has initiated the Hydra program to help address these challenges. Named for the multi-headed creature from Greek mythology, Hydra aims to develop a distributed undersea network of unmanned payloads and platforms to complement manned vessels. The system would integrate existing and emerging technologies in new ways to create an alternate means of delivering various capabilities above, on and below the ocean’s surface. The goal is to create a force multiplier that enables rapid, scalable and cost-effective deployment of assets close to the point of use
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2023.03.29 08:23 hataiynwa Its nice when you can crop and narrate pictures to fit your agenda isn’t it….

Its nice when you can crop and narrate pictures to fit your agenda isn’t it….
I can’t even with people. Sigmund already explained the drawing. And for the rest here… the pics?
The tattoo IS A PIRATE SKULL!! Do you think it would be drawn wrong if it was meant to be a SS Totenkopf?
And the pic with Sarah? Well the WHOLE graffiti kinda says it all doesn’t it…
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2023.03.29 08:00 AutoModerator March 29, 2023 - April 05, 2023 Weekly Questions & Advice Megathread

This megathread is to house your questions regarding teambuilding or just questions in general about the game.
Don't hesitate to ask!


Frequently Asked Questions

There is no 2x Special Chance anymore
How To Raise Bounty/5 Gem Quests in CMM? A: If they aren’t event related, they are bounty quests; you finish them over time by completing events and you can’t rush them
Which TM units should I get from the shop? A: Visit /onepiecetc/w/guides/tmunitrankings
What do I do with dupes? A: See this comment by GoldFishPony, or follow the graphic in this post for legends.
How do I complete a Clash? A: There are clashes every day except Saturday in the Event tab. After Level 150 they can be unlocked from the Archive at any time.
What units should be farmed/purchased first? A: Recollection Archive, Kizuna Shop, Daily Raids, and PF Shop listed in this document.
How do I get more than +300 CC? A: Upgrading Pirate Festival facilities increases the CC cap.
Which 30 Gem ship(s) should I get? A: Hoe >>> Hind > Megalo = Oro Jackson = Castello > Zunesha = Shark> Germa > Koi. If you have both the Hind and Castello, you can probably hold off on Megalo.
What do I reroll fohow do I reroll? A: See the global guide here, created by Mr MattZz, Achilles, Gacha and FlyingDonut from the /OnePieceTC discord server.
What will I lose if I transfer devices? A: You will always lose mail. You will only lose gems and your gem subscription if transferring operating systems, such as going from iOS to Android or vice versa.
How many gems can I get from the Story/Colo? A: Check out this sheet for story and this one for colo.
Large download (600+ MB) every time you open the game? A: Free up more space on your phone, ideally 4+ gigabytes total.
Where can I find [Unit's 6+ Skull]? A: See this comment.
How do I trigger Invasions/How do I get skulls? A: Invasions have a chance to trigger (and have a chance to drop skulls) whenever you clear a raid that is 8* difficulty or higher and costs 60 stamina.

Helpful Resources

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2023.03.29 07:49 Impressive-Work-5770 Update on girl with bf (seems loyal)

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2023.03.29 07:46 MistaGeh What I want from the 3 skills

POH 2 and "naval wildy." If we can get another instanced designed hub with things we don't currently have, such as silver jewellery box, then that's what I call meaningful non-game-breaking. Naval wildy for the memes. Also fishing augmenting and a reliable method of getting manta rays with +85 sailing levels to balance it.
I just want Maplestory pets. I'm still wearing ring of wealth at every slayer task to reduce the stuff I need to pick from floor. So as long as they add pets that fetch the loot from ground to your inventory, slowly or at limited ranged scaling with the taming level, I'm happy. In additon I also hate the way achievement diaries work and affect skilling with Varrock armour and Kebos scroll. Instead I want the croc-pet to have a chance to dive into fishing spot to get me an extra fish. A snake pet that applies poison to enemies? A bear that poops unicorn horns passively to aid herblore?
Since we don't want pet clutter in the game and the pets might be hidden for others, I want multiple pets to follow in party (1-3?) Also the meme potentials are off the roof. I don't want too serious designs. Give me gnome children as "tamed pets". Or at least a ornament kit that makes monkey pets look like that. I want the Thurgo pet for real.
I want the name and theme changed completely. Honestly I just wish we had archeology instead of this. I can't imagine this being fun without breaking the game or overcomplicating it. I hate niche buffs with barely having an effect that needs to be maintained. If this passes it might just suck the draw of this game for me so... I really wish this doesn't pass haha.
EDIT: It's funny how I thought at this before sleeping but, isn't this shamanisms basically summoning? You collect "tokens" to maintain your "buff" that's also spirit based? Instead of follower, it's oil. Sure the Taming has the animal theme of summoning but Shamanism is really just summoning in mechanical side with leaf and goo as camouflage?
I imagine the sailing mechanic to be like Heroes of Might and Magic 3. When entering the ocean, your character is replaced with miniature of the ship (1x1 tile just like your normal character), and you play on the sea the same way as on land.
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2023.03.29 06:34 Toiletgoldfish101 I’m a graphic designer currently working on a tattoo portfolio. I turned three drawings into a trash polka collage. Thoughts?

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2023.03.29 06:21 myg724148 24 [F4F] North FL - Looking for Friends

So I moved to FL almost a year ago and I've had trouble making friends. I attend school online (UCF) and besides that I really only work and stay home. The thought of going out alone makes me uncomfortable. I'm friends with my coworkers to a degree, but we only speak at work.
I live in north FL, equal distance from Orlando and Tampa (not saying where specifically on here just because its a really small town). I spend most my free time gaming and drawing but I'd love to get out more. I'm into fashion and tattoos and I have three cats.
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2023.03.29 06:13 Eat-A-Dick987 [DnD 5e][Cyberfantasy][Sundays 12pm to 4pm EST][$15/session thru Startplaying][Online][Campaign][No experience needed]

3/6 slots open
This will be using DnD 5e modified (mostly by the absolutely free The Technomancer's Textbook) to fit the cyberfantasy genre drawing inspiration from Shadowrun and Planescape and the whole of cyberpunk as well. A world of bioluminescent trees painting neon strokes across solar panel roadways. Where foliage bedecked bridges connect the spires of New York as the waters of the Atlantic run through the streets below. Dragons rule from the skies and broadcast across the Mag Mell matrix from one living tree antenna to another. Where disposable assets (read as "you") carve out there own piece of the world with blade, gun, and magic.
So far in this game, they have accidentally helped an angelic walking skyscraper take out some dissidents while acquiring a living computer. Found the plane of dead angels Curnorost. Made friends with a completely indecipherable fish man cabbie named Fishy Joe. Took possession of a portal that holds a deepspawn named the Dark Mother that can replicate living creatures. Made a deal with cybernetic mob bosses and the Emissary of the Box of Under. And in the background the threat of the House of Silence grows.
It's a good time.
For a more thorough look see The Lost October.
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2023.03.29 05:54 Kamen-Ramen [H] Doom Eternal, TÜRKIYE-SYRIA, STAND WITH UKRAINE, Black Desert, Blasphemous, Bloodstained, and more! [W] Steam Games or PayPal

I am in the USA. :)
IGSREP (60+ confirmed trades): https://www.reddit.com/IGSRep/comments/107d3lb/kamenramens_igs_rep_page/
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2023.03.29 05:54 Kamen-Ramen [H] Doom Eternal, TÜRKIYE-SYRIA, STAND WITH UKRAINE, Black Desert, Blasphemous, Bloodstained, and more! [W] Steam Games or PayPal

I am in the USA. :)
IGSREP (60+ confirmed trades): https://www.reddit.com/IGSRep/comments/107d3lb/kamenramens_igs_rep_page/
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2023.03.29 05:25 PorcelainBerry How to proceed with my semi full body design?

Obligatory ‘sorry for formatting, I’m on mobile’.
I am currently four sessions into what will likely be an 8-9 session semi-full body piece that is largely amorphous swirls and lines. Because of the technique of the artist, planning the piece is somewhat difficult - my artist can plan out the direction of the swirls, but almost all the detail only comes into play while the tattoo is getting inked. On top of that, I am creatively stuck on where exactly I want the swirls to go right now.
I have my next session scheduled in about two weeks. Normally, at this time I send my artist some rough doodles of the direction I want the swirls to go, they send me a digital mock-up with their interpretation of the design a week out, then we tweak what’s necessary at the session and go from there. But I am so undecided about how I want the next section to look right now, and I’m worried that a photoshopped image isn’t going to be enough for me to get a feel for what I really want to be doing next. I don’t want to cancel, because I feel like I need my artist’s input on the design, and I’ve already asked them to go back and alter some of our previous work because I realized I didn’t like the design on my actual body as much as I liked the design in a drawing (3D image always looks a little different than a 2D rendering and I am not great at mentally visualizing things), but I really don’t want to have to keep doing that, as it obviously sucks for both of us.
So here are my questions:
1) if I go to my next session armed with some bodypaint pens, and just ask my artist to draw some shit on me and snap some pics so I can see what their ideas actually look like on my body, will I be being a nightmare client? For clarification, the section I’m undecided about is on my lower back and has been incredibly difficult to try to draw on by myself.
2) If I do this, how should I pay? I want to compensate my artist for their hard work, but they won’t actually be tattooing me - except for one small area I want them to alter from last time. I’m in a major metro area and their rate is $200/hr, which is adding the f*ck up with such a huge piece (I have asked about the possibility for a discount, and was told no).
3) If I don’t do this, what’s my other option?
Thanks for your help. Unfortunately, a sick ass panther coverup is not an option at this time
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2023.03.29 05:02 ringosuave1689 Team TIES as koi fish swimming into their underwater base entrance - 2000x4000px

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2023.03.29 04:37 tinydragon_0 5 little rats, the rat king

Hi! I'd love for some help with a tattoo idea I have. I'm trying to picture 5 rats cuddling together with a little crown over them but I can't really draw.
Here's a messy sketch of what I tried to do :)
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2023.03.29 04:08 Scolipass The meta impacts of rotation

Disclaimer: This is a post examining how the current meta will be impacted by the upcoming rotation. It will NOT contain any opinions on how rotation is being implemented or if it'll be good for the game. Instead, it will contain a surface level comparison between each region's current decks and the tools being removed/added tomorrow in an attempt to speculate on what kinds of decks each region will have come tomorrow.
Bandle City:
Lulu Poppy Rumble Ziggs Aloof Travelers Arena Kingpin Arena Mechacaster Assistant Librarian Babbling Balladeers Bomber Twins Bouncing Bomb Cloud Stance Curious Shellfolk Double Tap Ember Monk Entrapment Event Horizon Fix-em-Uppers Flamespitter Friendship! Gruff Grenadier Gust Monk Heroic Charge Hexplosive Minefield Hidden Pathways Hothead Inventive Chemist Keeper’s Verdict Loping Telescope Mega Inferno Bomb Minion Mushroom Ring Papercraft Dragon Pokey Stick Pompous Cavalier Primal Strength Prowling Projectile Purpleberry Shake Quick Quill Rainbowfish Rissu, the Silent Storm Safety Inspector Scholarly Climber Shell Game Spirit Portal Stress Defense The Arsenal The Bandle Tree Thunder Fist Tornado Warrior Transposition Wizened Wizard Yordle Newbie Yordle Ranger Yordle Smith 
The most relevant removals here are the 4 champions, Pokey Stick and most of the multi-region followers. Given that Taliyah Ziggs was one of BC's strongest decks, this is a pretty big blow. Darkness and various flavors of Norra Control should survive, but BC/Demacia style swarm decks appear to be struggling. I predict BC will continue to be niche in the upcoming meta, as they lost quite a lot and aren't really getting anything in return. They might be able to make something happen with Prize Fight in Bilgewater, but the loss of Pokey Stick removes a major incentive to try and force that.

Gangplank Tahm Kench Twisted Fate Abyssal Guard Black Market Merchant Bone Skewer Boxtopus Crusty Codger Double Up Fortune Croaker Golden Narwhal Hunting Fleet Jack, the Winner Jaull-Fish Loaded Dice Lost Riches Lounging Lizard Marai Songstress Mind Meld Monkey Idol Monster Harpoon Mystifiying Magician Pick a Card Pilfered Goods Pocket Aces Prowling Cutthroat Ripper’s Bay Ruined Rex Shakedown Sleight of Hand Smooth Soloist Strong-Arm Sunk Cost The Dreadway The List Wise Fry Ye Been Warned Yordle Grifter Zap Sprayfin 
Bilgewater got off relatively lightly all things considered. The entire nab package is being shipped off, so value plunder is pretty off the table. They also lose Fortune Croaker + Zap Sprayfin, who made their way into virtually every BW deck to ensure they didn't run out of gas. That being said, they still have card draw in the form of Eye of Naga, they still have a large collection of extremely potent 1 drops like crackshot and jagged butcher, and their staples like Make it Rain and Mirai Warden are still very much intact. In addition to whatever Jack brings to the menu (I think pablo is gonna be real strong), pirate burn appears to be alive and well, despite Gangplank leaving. Deep and Lurk were mostly untouched.

Fiora Lux Poppy Back to Back Brightsteel Formation Captain Arrika Cithria the Bold Concerted Strike Dragon Chow Egghead Researcher En Garde Field Promotion Gallant Rider Golden Aegis Greathorn Companion Laurent Bladekeeper Laurent Chevalier Laurent Protege Loyal Badgerbear Mageseeker Conservator Mageseeker Investigator Mageseeker Inciter Mageseeker Persuader Mobilize Molten Breath Petricite Stag Pompous Cavalier Radiant Guardian Radiant Strike Ranger’s Resolve Redoubled Valor Reinforcements Sharpsight Silverwing Diver Stalking Broodmother Stand Alone Succession Swiftwing Lancer The Grand Plaza Vanguard Bannerman Vanguard Firstblade Vanguard Lookout Vanguard Redeemer War Chefs Winds of War Yordle Ranger 
Scouts actually got hit surprisingly hard this rotation, losing Concerted Strike, Ranger's Resolve, Yordle Ranger, and Golden Aegis. The loss of Aegis in particular will be felt across virtually every Demacia deck. Demacia's 3 drop slot also took a surprising number of hits, losing important options such as Vanguard Redeemer and Laurent Protege. While most of the dragon package remains intact, losing Dragon Chow will be deeply felt and pretty much single handedly kills off any hopes for SI dragons being good anytime soon (Targon dragons still have some hope though). Lux/Jayce is very dead, even if Jayce himself is doing fine. Last but not least, Demacia loses an important anti-burn card in Radiant Guardian, making them far more susceptible to just being burned out. Fortunately for Demacia players, Vayne with all her flexibility is still here, meaning Gwen Vayne, Aatrox Vayne, and more are all very much on the table. Elites got hit in the patch, but virtually their entire package is still right there and I don't see them going anywhere either. While they lost the easy tech answer to aggro decks, they should still be very strong in the upcoming meta.

Anivia Braum Trundle Abominable Guardian Ancestral Boon Ancient Yeti Augur of the Old Ones Avarosan Marksman Avarosan Outriders Avarosan Sentry Babbling Bjerg Blighted Ravine Call the Wild Catalyst of Aeons Caught in the Cold Ember Maiden Entreat Faces of the Old Ones Feel the Rush Feral Mystic Gift of the Hearthblood Hearthblood Mender Iceborn Legacy It That Stares Kindly Tavernkeeper Pack Mentality Revitalizing Roar Rimefang Wolf Scarmaiden Reaver Scarmother Vrynna Scarthane Steffen Spirits Unleashed Stalking Wolf Take Heart Tarkaz the Tribeless The Howling Abyss The Scargrounds They Who Endure Troll Chant Troll Ravager Troll Scavenger Troop of Elnuks Unscarred Reaver Voices of the Old Ones Wyrding Stones 
I'm gonna level with you, this one hurt to look through. Their easy in-region ramp payoffs in FTR and Anivia are very gone, but I'm not actually all that worried on that point, win conditions will be found. What's more concerning is that many of their strong board stabilization options are gone. Kindly Tavernkeeper, Hearthblood Mender, and Trundle are all key cards in ramp, control, and even some midrange decks to give the region a fighting chance against burn while they try to survive to their ramp payoff. These removals mean that Freijord goes from being a very important check to burn decks to honestly being rather vulnerable to burn, and given how strong burn traditionally has been in this game, that's very concerning. I'm willing to be proven wrong, but I think any sort of Freijord control/ramp gameplan is pretty dead now. On the bright side, frostbite midrange was essentially untouched, but I still fear that Freijord is about to become a rather 1 dimensional region starting tomorrow.

Irelia Lee Sin Lulu Yasuo Blossoming Blade Charm Claws of the Dragon Dawn and Dusk Deep Meditation Defiant Dance Dragon’s Rage Emerald Awakener Eye of the Dragon Flower Child Fuzzy Caretaker Go Get It Greenglade Elder Greenglade Lookout Health Potion Homecoming Inspiring Mentor Jeweled Protector Ki Guardian Kinkou Lifeblade Kinkou Wayfinder Lead and Follow Memory’s Cloak Mushroom Ring Navori Highwayman Pix! Ribbon Dancer Ritual of Renewal Scattered Pod Shadow Flare Solitary Monk Sown Seeds Steel Tempest Storm of Blades The Mourned Twin Disciplines Vanguard’s Edge Whimsy! Windfarer Hatchling Windswept Hillock Yone, Windchaser Yusari Zephyr Sage Zinneia, Steel Crescendo 
Ionia lost a lot of combo tools. Stuff like Eye of the Dragon and Deep Meditation leaving are going to be pretty substantial blows to the region. Blade Dance is completely gone, so no more azirelia. Yasuo rally is also gone. It's a good thing Sett's getting added, otherwise I'm not sure what the region would have going for it outside of elusive aggro. On the bright side, most of the region's control tools like Will of Ionia and Deny are very intact, so splashing it into other control regions to enable their wincons is just as strong as it was before.

Aphelios Soraka Taric Zoe Against the Odds Arbiter of the Peak Battle Bonds Blessing of Targon Crystal Ibex Earth Elemental Fledgling Stellacorn Freed Colossus Frightened Ibex Giddy Sparkleogist Gift Giver Gifts from Beyond Ground Slam Loping Telescope Mentor of the Stones Messenger’s Sigil Mountain Goat Mountain Scryer Mountain Sojourners Out of the Way Paddle Star Rockfall Path Scholarly Climber Shards of the Mountain Sleepy Trouble Bubble Sneaky Zeebles Spacey Sketcher Sparklefly Spell Thief Spring Guardian Star Shepherd Star Spring Starbone Stargazer Starlit Epiphany Starry Scamp Startipped Peak Supercool Starchart Targon’s Peak The Fangs The Flight The Sky Shadows The Veiled Temple Wish 
RIP Da Fangs. Ok on a more serious note, the big losses here are Zoe + Aphelios, two champions that made up the backbone of countless Targon Value decks, and Mountain Goat, a surprisingly critical card in Fated decks. On one hand, the excellent Daybreak package was untouched, so Targon still has an excellent midrange deck to stomp around with. Dragons could potentially make a comeback, especially with Targon being one of the few remaining regions with strong anti-burn cards to slot in. While The Winding Light has largely taken back seat to Demacia's Champion Strength in terms of "Big midrange wincon", the card is still there for folks who want to experiment with midrange outside of Demacia.

Draven Katarina Rumble Vladimir Arachnoid Host Arachnoid Sentry Arena Bookie Arena Kingpin Arena Mechacaster Arrel the Tracker Battering Ram Black Rose Spy Blade’s Edge Blood for Blood Captive Yeti Crimson Aristocrat Crimson Awakener Crimson Bloodletter Crimson Curator Crimson Disciple Crowd Favorite Culling Strike Death Lotus Death’s Hand Decimate Draven’s Biggest Fan House Spider Hunt the Weak Legion Grenadier Legion Rearguard Legion Veteran Legionary Charge Mimic Noxian Guillotine Ravenous Flock Ruined Reckoner Shiraza the Blade Shrieking Spinner Shunpo Sigil of Malice Survival Skills Thorn of the Rose Thrashing Snapper Whispered Words Wild Claws 
Noxus is a strange case. It feels like they got hit hard and not hard at the same time. Swain control decks are going to be extremely sad with the loss of Ravenous Flock, and a pretty wide variety of decks are going to miss Wispered Words, House Spider and Legion Grenadier. Burn decks will finally be forced to cut Decimate, and the loss of Rearguard is going to incentivize them into Bilgewater even more than before. That being said, Noxian burn still feels pretty intact? They're getting an excellent plunder package, Crimson Pigeon is still terrifying, imperial demolitionist and saboteur still push the damage, it feels like most of what's being lost are midrange to control tools. The loss of flock does make it particularly difficult to level up Swain in region though. I recommend players still looking to use him to either look at PnZ and try to force control to work or to look at strike spells like Brutal Skirmish or Prize Fight.

Ezreal Vi Viktor Academy Prodigy Aloof Travelers Amateur Aeronaut Ambush Assembly Bot Astute Academic Ballistic Bot Bandle Painter Boomcrew Rookie Calculated Creations Caustic Cask Chempunk Pickpocket Chempunk Shredder Concurrent Timelines Counterfeit Copies Coup de Grace Death Ray – MK 1 Defective Swapbot Eager Apprentice Eminent Benefactor Fallen Feline Fanclub President Flash of Brilliance Get Excited! Give it All Glorious Evolution Hexcore Foundry Hextech Transmogulator Insightful Investigator Intrepid Mariner Iterative Improvement Jae Medarda Mechanized Mimic Midenstokke Henchmen Parade Electrorig Patrol Wardens Poro Cannon Professor Von Yipp Progress Day Rising Spell Force Scrapdash Assembly Shady Character Statikk Shock Stinky Whump Stress Testing Suit Up! Sumpsnipe Scavenger The University of Piltover Thermogenic Beam Trail of Evidence Tri-Beam Improbulator Unlicensed Innovation Unstable Voltician Used Cask Salesman Vault Breaker Volunteer Elnuk 
I found the burn nerfs guys, looks like they were just concentrated almost entirely in PnZ. Get Excited, Boomcrew Rookie, Cask Salesman, pretty much all the classic PnZ burn cards save for Jynx herself are getting rotated out. I'm not sure what the logic of this was, imo PnZ has been the weakest of the 3 "burn" regions for a long while and this rotation cements that. Obviously an entire archetype is going away in the form of Ezreal combo. Control got off lighter, but the loss of Static Shock and Thermo Beam are definitely going to be felt. Jayce Heimer should survive, but I'm not seeing a whole lot else here in the region. Darkin Harp + Vayne might also be able to live without Vi, but at that point it's less a PnZ deck and more a Demacia deck that splashes one or two PnZ spells. At least Ekko might finally be able to branch out of Shurima (clearly we should run him in Bilgewater so that Ekko can predict off of Prize Fights).

Shadow Isles
Elise Hecarim Kindred Thresh Absorb Soul Ancient Crocolith Arachnoid Horror Astral Fox Atrocity Blighted Caretaker Brood Awakening Crawling Sensation Cursed Keeper Doombeast Fading Memories Frenzied Skitterer Fresh Offerings Gluttony Go Hard Hapless Aristocrat Haunted Relic Iron Harbinger Lamb’s Respite Minion Mistkeepers Mistwraith Neverglade Collector Oblivious Islander Onslaught of Shadows Pesky Specter Phantom Prankster Possession Ravenous Butcher Risen Mists Shroud of Darkness Song of the Isles Soul Sheperd Soulspinner Spectral Matron Splinter Soul Stirred Spirits Stygian Onlooker The Box The Twisted Treeline Thorny Toad Tortured Prodigy Unspeakable Horror Unto Dusk Vile Feast Withering Mist Withering Wail Wraithcaller 
I will never understand why Kindred had to go. Anyway, the three big headlines here are spiders are extremely dead, ephemeral burn is dead (and with that ephemerals as an archetype most likely), and Vile Feast is going to drastically weaken the aggro matchup of any SI control deck. Fortunately(?) Hallowed was almost literally untouched, so most of your favorite Gwen decks should still be on the menu (Red Gwen losing Kat will def sting, but I doubt the deck is dead). As mentioned earlier, if any control deck can survive the loss of Vile Feat, it'll likely be Darkness. Blighted Caretaker, Ravenous Butcher and Cursed Keeper leaving pretty much kills any sort of slay midrange ideas, as you can no longer do the "SI Special" of Barkbeast into Keeper into either Caretaker or Butcher to instantly create a massively threatening board that heavily swings the game into your favor. Atrocity leaving doesn't help that either. Viego is still here, even if his primary wincon of Atrocity is gone. Depending on where the meta goes there might still be a home for Viego control.

Sivir Xerath Ziggs Zilean Acolyte’s Reliquary Bomber Twins Boomerang Blade Callous Bonecrusher Careful Preparation Chronoshift Construct of Desolation Desert’s Wrath Endless Devout Herald of the Magus Hothead Imagined Possibilities Inner Sanctum Payday Preservarium Preservationist Profiteer Raz Bloodmane Ricochet Risen Altar Rite of Calling Rite of Passage Rite of the Arcane Ruin Runner Ruinous Acolyte Ruinous Path Sai Scout Sanctum Conservator Sandseer Shaped Stone Spirit Fire Stoneweaving The Absolver The Time Has Come Thrumming Swarm Treasure Seeker Unleashed Energy Unraveled Earth Unworthy Waste Walker 
Man almost every Shurima archetype got hit here. Shurima Girls is gone with Sivir and Ruin Runner. Acolytes are dead and buried. Sun Disk probably returns to meme tier without Xerath (won't stop me from trying though). Preservium leaving is going to hit a lot of decks, and Taliyah in particular got utterly pummeled this rotation. She lost Ziggs, Herald of the Magus, Endless Devout, and even Shaped Stone. I'm not calling the gal dead, but if she does manage to hang on, I'll be impressed. Even Akshan managed to get hit with Absolver getting removed. If I had to find a silver lining here, it's that Azir got some neat support this expansion and Akshan isn't gone gone. That being said, I don't see too many obvious routes for Shruima to go. Maybe Prize Fight Renekton? (I really like Prize Fight, can you tell I really like Prize Fight?)

Anyway, that's all I really got today. Bilgewater appears to be the obvious winner of this rotation and expansion, with Demacia and Noxus getting through relatively unscathed. The rest of the regions got hit pretty hard and don't have obvious directions to go post-patch. Freijord in particular is really struggling, even more than it was in the previous meta. Anyway that's all I got, night folks.
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2023.03.29 04:05 giga_ice Golf graduation gift ideas

I’m a golf instructor and I’ve been teaching these 2 high school boys for 3 years, they were my first lesson and they even worked their first summer jobs with me at the course. We’ve even kayak fished several times too. I want to get them something special as a thank you for helping my coaching career but I’m drawing a blank, any ideas would be helpful. Thanks
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2023.03.29 03:24 Unhappy-Swan-8732 Tattoo help in memory of a dear friend

Hi everyone,
My best friend and I read this book in our late teenage/young adult years. We absolutely loved everything about it. I won't get into the nitty gritty of how much this book meant to us, but it was something we talked about a lot.
He passed away last November very suddenly and I didn't even have time to say goodbye. In his life, he had gotten several tattoos. One in particular was the word 'Sunglow' across his forearm. I didn't think much of it at the time until I was re-reading through old text conversations and saw that he said he was matching with Holloway from House of Leaves.
Now, I don't remember the book mentioning that Holloway had a tattoo or even anything remotely about the word 'Sunglow' in the book, but granted it has been years since I've read it. I have tried to Google it to no avail.
Something that we discussed a lot was getting matching tattoos the first time we met (long story short, he was an online friend of 15 years and we always thought we had time) and settled on getting 'known some call is air am' in an ouroboros/infinity symbol. I was thinking of incorporating 'Sunglow' as well, but only if I can confirm it's actually from House of Leaves.
I guess the simple answer is to just read the book again, but with how life is right now, it's going to take forever and I simply don't have time.. so I was hoping that someone on this sub would know the answer off the top of their noggin. It's been a very difficult few months and I have been dedicating my entire days to a job that he had cheered me on getting.
Thank you in advance, and thank you for taking the time to read this.
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2023.03.29 03:17 thecrawlingrot Alright dumb question..

I just want reassurance that my instincts are correct before I let go of this opportunity. I have a good chance at getting an apprenticeship with a certain shop, however the work I typically see them put out is… not great. Could I learn general tattooing techniques/ sanitation procedures from a mediocre artist while practicing my drawing skills on my own time, or would this just kinda be a waste of time/negatively affect my future tattooing skills?
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2023.03.29 02:47 TrashBee17 Anyone have any suggestions on a tattoo design for the seraphites/scars

I’ve been wanting to add some stuff to my tattoo and I was wanting to incorporate a seraphites symbol but I’m not sure exactly what would look cool besides just the symbol alone. I’ve tried drawing it with some plants but it feels kinda basic.
Any suggestions?
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