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2023.03.22 06:26 myfrickinpcisonfire I own an MX rifle for home defense

I own an MX rifle for home defense, just as NATO intended. Four greenbacks break into my FOB. What the devil?! As I grab my combat helmet and my MX 3GL, blow a 40 millimeter-sized hole through the first man, he’s dead on the spot. Draw my P07 on the first man, miss him entirely because it’s ass and it nails the neighbor’s goat. I have to resort to the Titan AT launcher mounted at the top of the stairs loaded with a high-explosive warhead. Tally ho, lads! The explosion shreds two men in the blast, the sound and extra shrapnel set off car alarms, fix my IMS bayonet and charge the last terrified rapscallion. He bleeds out waiting on CSAT to arrive since Improved Melee System is not compatible with ACE Medical, just as NATO intended.
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2023.03.22 06:25 No-Morning7908 Snow days as a cab driver.

I have a few questions on nights like this.
Why do people who live out in the stick expect a minivan to drive through the snowed over roads to come pick them up? If you truck is stuck in the lot why call us just to have your truck and my van stuck. To me it feels like people in Fargo get off on that.
You get a close as you can and it's not enough. They will yell and curse at you because you are supposed to magically drive through it.
Listen Fargo if the weather is like it is tonight stay home until roads are cleared. If you are at a friend's house you should either spend the night there or knowing the snow was coming left for home earlier. I am not risking my life for it.
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2023.03.22 06:25 darlingchase Tall black figure running into the woods

I’m not sure if I used the correct flair for this. My 11 year old grandson who is not known to lie was at the bus stop waiting to go to school last week. I was on the phone with him and I heard him gasp and I asked what was wrong. I assumed a stray or someone’s dog because people don’t keep their dogs in check here unfortunately. He said he saw a tall dark figure run into the woods. Then his bus came and he said he had to go. I questioned him when he got home and he said the figure was abnormally tall, taller than anyone he’d ever seen. Very thin and wearing all black. He said it had no face that he could tell that the face was all black too. I asked him if he was scared and he said it didn’t scare him but more shocked him as it wasn’t anything he’d ever seen before. I let it go at that and didn’t bring it up again for fear of scaring him. Any idea what it could have been? We live in the country so now I’m a little nervous myself.
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2023.03.22 06:25 Unhappy-Pepper9565 YA novel about a teen girl in a trailer that has sticky notes everywhere and she ends up finding a dead body?

Hi everyone and thank you for checking this out. I checked this book out of the YA section of a library back in the 2010's so it was written in 2012 or before. It's a fiction book about a teen girl and I vividly remember her home having sticky notes everywhere to remind her to do things? I can't remember much else of the plot, but I'm pretty sure she was coping through grief pretending everything was okay until the end when she finds someone who is important's corpse. It was a wild ride. She has mental health issues and it was apparent in the prose. The copy I had was paperback, no other descriptors. It was set in the 90's or 2000's I believe. It was in English.
I hope this is helpful? I think about it all the time, but google isn't helping much. Thank you!
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2023.03.22 06:25 AutoModerator [Get] Super Lumen – The LinkedIn Ads Course

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2023.03.22 06:25 tonnie_taller Save 94% on this beginner-friendly ChatGPT course

TL;DR: The ChatGPT for the Absolute Beginner Course is on sale for £8.23, saving you 94% on list price. You’ve probably heard all the buzz around ChatGPT, the latest craze in AI. Essentially, this artificial intelligence tool is a chatbot ready to answer anything, which means the possibilities for its uses are endless. Since AI … Continue reading Save 94% on this beginner-friendly ChatGPT course
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2023.03.22 06:25 Puzzleheaded_Joke616 AITA for telling my roommate she shouldn't have been touching herself?

I'll try to keep this short. So basically I(19F) am a first year college student and live in the dorms with two roommates(both 19F). Our families all live nearby, so all three of us go home pretty often. My one roommate, Allie, goes home VERY often so a lot of the times it's just me and the other roommate Victoria. Anyway, this week is finals week during college and all of Allie's finals are online so she just went home for the weekend and isn't coming back this week. I came back a few days into the week, while Victoria came back on Sunday. The important part is that Victoria has been alone in our dorm room for a few days now. The second important thing is that our dorm room is just one room with three beds, three closets, and three desks. Admittedly that's very little privacy.

Anyways, Victoria had texted me and asked when I was going to be back in the dorms, and I told her Wednesday afternoon. However, unfortunately on Tuesday night at around 11 pm I had a pretty big fight with my family and decided to come back early right at that very second. I took the train back and ended up arriving at around 2 am(Wednesday morning). I was trying to be quiet and enter so I didn't wake Victoria up but to my absolute shock I walked in on her touching herself openly.

It was super awkward as I apologized and looked away while she got herself decent really quickly. She was all red-faced but didn't apologize, and just said a quick goodnight and went to sleep. I got into bed too but thought about it and decided she was an asshole for doing that.

Like, the three of us share this one room. I woke up her and told her that (I don't think she was really asleep though). I just said I wanted an apology but to my absolute shock she said she was sorry I saw that but wasn't sorry for touching herself because it's her room too and that she hadn't expected me back at 2 am of all times and that I should have at least texted. I guess that last part is true but hindsight is 20/20 and also I was really shaken up after the fight with my parents and wasn't thinking too straight. I mean I guess she's always been less conservative than me and Allie but I never thought she would go this far. I was too shocked to say anything else so I just got back into bed. AITA ??????
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2023.03.22 06:24 Longjumping-Knee-757 Need Advice

I need some advice from an outside prospective. My husband and I got married and we are from different states. While deciding where to live we agreed that we would live in his home state due to his job, granted I was going to school at the time. Well, after a year or so into our marriage he got promoted and now he is constantly traveling (he maybe gets to stay in town one week out of a month, if we’re lucky). It just really hard on me because I have no family or friends here to support me and I don’t understand why I had to leave my friends and family (who I am very close with) just to get “left behind”. I do self care and try to keep busy while he’s gone but it gets so boring and lonely. I also have a full time job but I feel that my life is stuck in this cycle where me and my husband are just roommates at this point. I fully support him and his career and I know it is hard on him as well, just need advise on what to do for my mental health that is realistic.
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2023.03.22 06:24 certifiedsoup So my parents are in a cult, and idk how to cope :/

First time posting here, TLDR at the bottom.

So yeah, I'm about 95% sure both my parents (mostly my mom) are in a religious cult. (This has all been happening sine last year). It's practically a guy from my home country who claims he's a 'man of God', and tries to rid people from their financial troubles and demons. He send out water and oil he claims will 'heal' you, and spouts homophobic, misogynistic, and semi-radical ethnic radicalism. He has a pretty large following, but his cult is still unknown cause it's based in a third world country. Still, it's pretty concerning how they were able to buy into this shit, but it isn't at all suprising.
For more background on what he does, nearly every time he preaches, he blatantly says that gay ppl and lesbians are 'demons' and says that you should cut off friends that 'make you follow homosexuality'. He makes it clear that if you don't do things the way he and the bible says, you will die. He see's women solely as wives and baby makers. I know this cause he only 'prophesizes' about how women will find a husband or make babies, and he blatantly talks about how 'spoiled' they are, how they steer men away from God, and how their genitals are the 'mouths of the serpent'. He promises that by using his water, candle, and oil, you will be set free from financial troubles and health problems. He loves to talk abt how he saved men (and only men!!) from poverty and death by simply visiting their home. He also does this 'deliverance' thing on youtube and facebook where he will set you free from these 'demons' that possesses you. It's honestly similar to how some American televangelists do their thing.
My parents had already believed some of this shit, so I'm not at all worried for them since at this point I see myself cutting myself off from them as soon as I turn 18/19. Who I'm worried for is my younger siblings. They aren't even teenagers, yet they have to sit through these exorcisms and the man talking in graphic detail abt how exactly sex will send you to hell. I personally have been atheist for most of my life, but my siblings are not, and I'm honestly worried about how they will develop through this. I don't even care about whether or not they believe this shit at this point, I just need to know how the hell to make sure they aren't permanently traumatized by this. I also don't want them going to school talking about it, since I know that it will only make them be bullied. Another thing is that cause I'm already on thin ice with my parents and stuff like this, I need to do this in a way that will make sure I don't get kicked out, physically abused, or both. This honestly stresses me out, and I need some advice.
TL;DR: My family (minus me, who is semi-physically in, mentally out) are involved in this cult in my home country, and the leader is this extremely homophobic, misogynistic dick who does violent exorcisms and talks in detail about how sex sends men to hell. I need help with preventing my younger siblings (most of whom are too young for this) from getting traumatized, especially with the exorcisms/nsfw about this.
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2023.03.22 06:23 ahhshittttt [WTS/WTT] Trijicon Credo HX, 300blkout barrel, FDE Handguard, SBA4. For 34.5 parts or open to anything ar/glock related or kit

late sale pics
-Trijicon credo HX 1-4x with a 30mm aero lightweight mount. LNIB never fired 480$ shipped
- Aero precision 300 black out 10in w/ gas system never fired but was mounted at one point 135$
- FDE Aero quantum handguard 9.3in, again never fired but was mounted 70$
-SBA4 black bnib w/ buffer tube 70$ ship trade for fde mbus
offers in comments questions or more pics in pms
open to trades for anything glock gen 5 related or gucci ar parts maybe an afterburner and ramjet or 34.5 competition parts kit worst i could say is no so just comment what you have
deals for bundle Zelle proxy needed, ships tomorrow
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2023.03.22 06:22 BesselVanDerKolk Bait and switched out of a fantastic upper level sales job, into minimum wage

A very small tech company headhunted me from my account executive position at a very large tech company and promised me significantly better pay than the role I was in at the time, which was already high six figures. Now last week I finally started this new job, and when I get in there they tell me that instead of doing account exec (upper level sales) work, I will instead be cold calling for a minimum of a month on their most dead, cold lead source to "prove myself" while being paid nothing more than my state's minimum wage.
I feel like an absolute moron. I gave up a fantastic job to become just another space filling body for this company m. When I left my old job they said I could come back if I ever wanted to, but I am feeling too ashamed to even reach back out to them. And I am very angry about the recruiter lying to me. I had many long phone conversations with this recruiter about the projected commission pay, going over all the numbers and metrics and lead sources to try and vet the hell out of this company before taking this risk - and in the end it's just as simple as they lied through their teeth to me.
This is a 100% commission job and so the only pay it talks about on my signed job offer is just the "base" which is my states minimum wage, which come to find out is all I will be making for at least a month, before they will apparently even consider me for the job they promised me in the first place.
It is also a very toxic workplace and I am treated very disrespectfully by management. It's clear that it is a good old boys club and I am not in the club, nor are the 50 other people they lied to the exact same way they lied to me. At this point I'm considering quitting despite having nothing else lined up, considering the fact that I could make the same money literally working at McDonald's. Not to mention with the economy, it is feeling much more difficult to get interviews than it did last year.
Does anyone have some wisdom for me? Or feel free just tell me I'm an idiot. Just could use something aside from being alone in this, I am in a near constant state of mild anxiety attack ever since realizing how badly I've been duped and have no significant income source now.
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2023.03.22 06:22 Jazzlike-Ad-1922 Naming

The council meeting has started and everyone is present. The Human engineer was also invited, odd, but it is only fair since HE was the one who found the burning comet circling around a very large moon. First time invited amongst the council, should he feel honoured? Lucky? Proud? FUCK THAT! He got to name the comet since he found it first.
"Soooooooooo? I was thinking-"
"Listen human, about that..."
"You won't get to decide the name of the comet"
"WHAT?!" Thomas shouted. Looking straight in the eyes of the feathered alien that is trying his best to look away from the human's gaze.
"Well, you see. We have made a vote already that you won't be naming the comet."
"BULLSH-" His screams was interrupted by the human ambassador Hania. Who puts her hand on his shoulder, sadly shaking her head.
"We can't anymore"
"What...why not? I FOUND IT FIRST!"
"No No NO You can't do this to me!"
"apparently, they can"
"Can you at least tell me why?"
"Well cause humans are shit at naming things" A feline like alien spoke.
"RITHOW!" The alien that looked like a jellyfish shouted at the feline that spoke her mind with such rudness.
"What the hell? Prove it!"
"No, I think it's best that we-"
"...spell Colonel" The feathered alien suddenly spoke. asking..him to spell a word?
"Spell Colonel?"
"k-e-r-n-e-l, what is this about-"
"the hell"
"actually, it's spell like this" Ambassador Hania proceeds to show the engineer the correct spelling in the dictionary that she brought with her for some reason.
"that..that doesn't-"
"doesn't make any since" The feline smirked, much to the displeasure of the jellyfish ambassador
"That's ONE thing. That still do-"
"What's your earth natural satellite called?"
"the satellite? You mean the moon?"
"So humans named their moon, the moon, but the other moons on Saturn has their own little names. But yours is THE MOON."
"How about the ship that carried you here?"
"say it."
"Spell the acronym."
"...UNSC Wait Where AM I"
"We have like....a 4 books about the names humans gave to things."
"YEA YEA I GET IT!" He shouted again, decided to get up from his seat and was about to leave the council chambers.
"Wait, where are you going?"
"I'm not staying here if you all aren't going to use the name i picked for it, so what's the point? I have more important stuff to do than to name some fucking rock floating in space..."
everyone watched as the human slowly walks away. Looking like he was just told his family was dead and- wait. IS HE CRYING!
"Are you crying?"
"....You're crying..."
"...(sighs in alien)....wait...ok look....what's the name you were thinking of?"
"You can't be serious?!" The feline interjected.
"Listen to it first, than you can search if it has some stupid reference or meaning of something "human". After that we vote. Ok? Ok!" The jellyfish replied back the her fellow ambassador.
"Soooooo, what's the name?" Hania asked Thomas while they left the council chamber together.
"I'm very lucky that kitty over there" He points at the feline glaring at him, knowing he faked his tears and got to name the newly discovered comet. "Can't find shit when it comes to great names!" He said proudly.
"....what's the name?"
"OOOOOOOHHHH You'll like it. I'll give you a hint, it's your favourite franchise!"
"Oh? A reference I see? Let me think..."
"YES WAY! Don't you think that comet looks a lot like that one from-"
"YOU NAMED IT THE ''Sozin's Comet''!!!"
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2023.03.22 06:22 matchamilkteabb How important are leadership positons for internships

My CS club elections are coming up, and I signed up to run for PR chair, because I thought it could be a fun experience but after I applied, I found out that my friend that I hadn't talked to for a while also applied for the same position. I felt really guilty because the last time I talked to that friend (let's call them A) , I found out they were struggling to get internships and experience, and I, by some miracle was able to get into a really good underclassmen internship this coming summer. I feel really guity about it since A is a junior, and this could be their last change to have great leadership positions and I am a sophomore, so I would have another chance. In any case, how important are club leadership positions, and would it be ok if I dropped out to help my friend
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2023.03.22 06:21 shadowboxgem AITA for telling a secret that sort of involved me?

Told another friends secret, but the secret impacted my life too. Am I the add home and should I tell her?
I have this friend who has been in and out of my life since we were 12 years old and 22 now. Always had a special connection with them but had some growing pains. We recently became friends again about a year ago and since then I have been put in a lot of bad situations because of their choices. Such bad of situations I can’t go into detail. I have been dealing with a lot of my own shit, moreso than I usually lead on to my friends. We used to hang out all the time and had some really special time together despite the bad situations. But a month or two ago she became more distanced because of her excessive drinking that I later came to find out. I was really hurt during this time of distance because I have been dealing with the loss of a parent and she wasn’t there for me when I reached out for help.
She went to pick up the guy she was seeing at work one night during this time of distance and had a few drinks while waiting, resulting in her becoming incoherently drunk. She shortly after crashed her car leaving the restaurant. Didn’t tell me for a few days because she was so ashamed and asked me not to tell anyone about it.
Another friend of mine who grew up with us but isn’t close to her, has a boyfriend that works at that restaurant this occurred in and was there that night. I saw said friend a few days after I heard the news about my friends car, and she began telling me about that night. I didn’t know how to respond since I’m a terrible liar and I told her what happened after she left the restaurant.
My friend is now seeking help for her problem after that terrible night and we have since had good communication about where our relationship stands from here on out. But I had told the other friend before her and I had a good talk about everything and I was still feeling really hurt and confused about the whole situation. I wanted to help my friend through her journey but I felt really wronged, and since it fit the pieces my friend was missing about that night I told her. I feel so guilty about telling the other friend that I feel like I should tell her I did. Since it feels like I’m keeping a secret from one of my very good friends. I just don’t think at this point in her life and healing that she will be able to take this truth in a calm manner or understand why I told the secret. Should I tell her anyways?
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2023.03.22 06:21 ChairBedsUK123 Maximizing Your Space: The Benefits of a Double Sofa Bed

Maximizing Your Space: The Benefits of a Double Sofa Bed
If you live in a small space, you're likely always on the lookout for ways to maximize your living area. One excellent solution is a double sofa bed. Not only does it provide a comfortable seating area during the day, but it can also transform into a cozy bed at night. Here's how a double sofa bed can help you maximize your space and enjoy the benefits of both a sofa and a bed.

Double Sofa Bed from Chair Beds UK
  1. Space-saving solution
One of the biggest benefits of a double sofa bed is that it's a space-saving solution. Unlike a traditional bed, a double sofa bed takes up very little space in your room. During the day, it functions as a comfortable sofa, and at night, it can easily transform into a bed.
  1. Multi-functional furniture
A double sofa bed is a multi-functional piece of furniture that serves two purposes in one. It's an excellent option for those who don't have a dedicated guest room but still want to provide a comfortable sleeping option for their guests. Double Sofa Bed is also a great option for those who want to make the most out of a small living area.
  1. Comfortable sleeping area
A double sofa bed can provide a comfortable sleeping area for both you and your guests. Many double sofa beds come with high-quality mattresses that provide support and comfort for a good night's sleep.
  1. Affordable
A double sofa bed is also an affordable option when compared to a traditional bed or even a futon sofa bed. If you're on a budget or looking to save money, a double sofa bed can be a cost-effective solution that still provides comfort and convenience.
  1. Easy to use
A double sofa bed is incredibly easy to use. You can easily transform it from a sofa into a bed in just a few seconds, making it a convenient option for those who don't want to spend a lot of time setting up their sleeping area.
Now, let's relate the benefits of a double sofa bed to a double futon sofa bed. While a double futon sofa bed is another space-saving solution, it's slightly different from a double sofa bed. A futon is typically made up of a mattress that can be folded in half and used as a sofa during the day.
One benefit of a double futon sofa bed is that it's easy to fold and store when not in use. However, the folding mechanism can sometimes make it less comfortable than a double sofa bed. Additionally, a double futon sofa bed may not provide as much support as a traditional mattress or even a double sofa bed.
In conclusion, a double sofa bed is an excellent way to maximize your space and enjoy the benefits of both a sofa and a bed. It's a space-saving solution that provides a comfortable sleeping area for you and your guests. While a Double Futon Sofa Bed is another option for those looking to save space, a double sofa bed is generally more comfortable and provides better support. Ultimately, the choice between a double sofa bed and a double futon sofa bed will depend on your individual needs and the space available in your home.
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2023.03.22 06:21 maayyginn I made a little cat bookmark out of cardstock :)

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2023.03.22 06:21 Rallen2110 Gun Parts :

I hear every day from people on the phone who have been looking for parts for years and couldn't find them. And when they ask, we don't even have to look because it's something we inventory or even manufacture. That is usually followed up by them being thankful they found the parts after years of looking. And most of the time, they become a repeat customer.
We are a Gun Parts Supplier and specialize in Obsolete Gun Parts. We inventory around 8 million gun parts and are always buying more.
We specialize in .22 Bench Rest Rifles. We are extremely well known for Winchester 52's. Also the Winchester 69A's and 75's as we are the manufacturer of most bolt parts and miscellaneous other parts We also are well know for Remington 540, 541, 580, 581, 582 parts as we manufacter multiple parts for this series of rifle as well. We inventory parts for all the major manufacturers as well as little know or long since gone gun companies.
However, we inventory parts for just about everything. We are somewhat weak on AR-15 parts, as there are so many others companies competing for that business. And Military parts we have a good inventory, but are weaker on knowledge of these of these parts. But, we are willing to help any way we can.
We also have a large selection of Stock, Butt Stocks, and Forends. We manufacter Plastic Butt Plates and Trigger Guards along with other plastic parts. In total, we manufacter around 700+ plastic parts. We also manufacture around 1000+ Cast and Machine Parts.
We are willing to help anyone we can. We've been in business now for close to 40 years, and we haven't advertised since about 2008. We are so busy just based on our reputation and service. We will spend as much time and effort to sell you a $4.50 Buttplate Screw as we will to sell $450 set for Target Sights and Attaching Bases and whatever else you are looking for. Customer Service is our first priority!
Tired of Looking??? Call Us!!!
Out Back Gun Parts, INC. New Albany, IN 47150
812.945.0480 [email protected]
We Buy Gun Parts! Whether it be 3 parts in a bag, or 3 truck loads, We're Interested!!!
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2023.03.22 06:21 XylaLya Guy I'm interested in takes forever to respond.

I'm 35(F) and started speaking to a guy (27M) I met on bumble on February 12th. I am really into him so far.
I'll admit that at the beginning I was in California visiting my sister and was super busy so ended up taking an entire week to respond to his second message. I almost didn't even bother messaging back figuring I had already screwed things up but ended up deciding to message. I apologized and explained the situation. He responded saying it wasn't an issue, thanked me for letting him know, and stated something like "life happens." I have made sure to respond promptly ever since then, however now he's the one who takes for ever to respond! He has also taken up to a week to respond but on average he takes 1-3 days to respond. I am honestly just not used to this dynamic at all. Our messages however are long and involved and paragraphs long so I told myself it was understandable that he doesn't respond instantly since it takes time. I also believe he is super busy. I know he works full time, coaches a cross country team, dances tango 1-2x a week, and does the whole adulting thing (grocery shopping, laundry etc.) He might even have more things going on such as juggling his own friends etc.
Eventually since the messages were getting long he asked if I wanted to try video chatting. I agreed and we set up a video chat this past Friday. I enjoyed myself and believe it went well! His sister ended up getting home earlier than he anticipated and he had to cut it short. He instantly messaged me apologizing and I said not to worry about it, that I was surprised we videochatted for an hour 20 minutes, that it didn't feel that long meaning I must have had a good time. He responded that he agreed and it was good to talk. I then told him we should do it again sometime and he agreed again. I let the conversation be at that point. The next day (Saturday) I sent him a quick message relating to the videochat (pizza I was suggesting that was dairy free since I found out he is lactose intolerant) Three hours later he thanked me but that was it. I then was like ok its definitely his turn to initiate. He finally messages me Monday afternoon and told me happy monday! and that he hopes the beginning of my week goes well. I reply telling him happy monday, asking him about his trip (he was visiting his sister), and send him another picture relevant to our videochat. It has been over a day and no response. I can understand that he would take a while to message at first since we were writing really long messages and he barely knew me. I was hoping it would change now that we have virtually chatted and are now sending super short messages, but it hasn't.
After having written all of this I feel like maybe I'm being a little ridiculous. Do I just need to be more patient? Do you think he is just slow moving? Do you think things will improve as things (hopefully progress)? Is this actually a normal pace for the beginning of dating and I just happen to have taken things faster in the past with other guys? Do you think this is a sign that he's just not that into me? I'm pretty sure I also have an anxious attachment style but don't know what to do about it. I'm so impatient and every time I'm waiting for a response I get anxious and fear I'm getting ghosted etc.
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2023.03.22 06:21 AWildLampAppears I asked Chat GPT to write an epic poem in iambic pentameter in the style of John Milton but from the perspective of Gimli and dedicated to Galadriel after Gimli received the three strands of her hair. The tone is solemn. Here's the response (it even came with a title!):

Of Gimli's Praise to Lady of the Wood

O Lady of the Wood, fairest and wise,
Thou art the beacon in our darkest skies,
When shadows loom and all seems lost in night,
Thou art the star that shines with purest light.

To thee, O Lady, Gimli offers praise,
For thou hast blessed him in so many ways,
Three golden strands of hair, a gift divine,
And in thy presence, peace and hope now shine.

With thy fair words, thou didst heal our wounds,
And drove the darkness from our hearts and minds,
For thou art Elven-kind, the eldest race,
Whose wisdom and power none can e'er replace.

Though Gimli is of Dwarvish blood and bone,
He feels thy kindness and thy grace are shown,
With every strand of hair he doth possess,
He feels thy love and knows his heart is blessed.

And in the darkness, when all hope is gone,
He thinks of thee, O Lady, fair and strong,
And feels thy spirit by his side to guide,
And in thy grace, his heart finds peace inside.

Oh Lady Galadriel, queen of grace,
Thy gift hath filled my heart, my soul, my face.
In halls of Mandos, where the spirits roam,
I'll find my peace, in thy eternal home.

Chat GPT
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2023.03.22 06:20 disddiscover 1 Package of Cream Cheese Cheesecake Recipe

1 Package of Cream Cheese Cheesecake Recipe
1 Package of Cream Cheese Cheesecake Recipe
Cream cheese cheesek is a very delicious delicious dessert that anyone can make at home. This creamy, Tangi sweet is perfect for any opportunity, whether it be a family gathering or a dinner party with friends. Making this sweet at home is not only easy but also fun, and the result is always worth effort. In this article, we will share our secret prescription with you for the perfect package of cream cheese cheesek, which will dance your taste buds.
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2023.03.22 06:20 Apprehensive_Unit_74 I don’t know why I allow myself to keep suffering. 19M. Loneliness.

I’ve had severe social anxiety since I was 13. This has led me to live nearly 6 years with little social interaction, which has made me pretty miserable. I can’t believe I’ve lived this long feeling unfulfilled and generally dissatisfied with my life. Like damn I’m gonna be 20 and I have very little life experience. I’ve spent many weekends fishing w my father, because I didn’t have anything else to do, bc I have no friends.and it’s like even tho I love fishing it just starts feeling like I’m always missing something I need regardless of what I’m doing, I’m missing friends and social interaction. I moved out of my parents house and in w my grandparents to work over here and I’m at a very low point. Every day is painful. If I’m at work I fucking hate it. Being at home is ok but still I’m lonely and depressed, and having nothing to do brings my loneliness to center stage. I’ve though about suicide a lot. It feels good to imagine the pain ceasing. I can’t stand to watch myself get older and each year im still the same. No friends and generally miserable. I’m just so done with life.
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2023.03.22 06:20 Valence545 I'm losing my grip on reality

TL:DR - I need to talk to someone. I really don't want to kill myself, but I'm scared. Most of this post is skippable brain vomit. Basically, I'm having suicidal thoughts and losing control of everything in my life because everything feels meaningless. Sorry for the mess here.

Hey guys, hope you're all having a great day so far. I'm writing this because I am really confused and don't know what else to do, and you have helped me out before. I feel like my entire worldview is wrong and I'm watching a movie called consciousness. I've posted things like this before on this account, and I've received very helpful responses, so I wanna try it again now, when I feel I am at the lowest I've ever been mentally.
Before all else, I want to acknowledge that there are people whose lives are far worse than mine and that I am blessed beyond comprehension. I am eternally grateful for my life. I'm not rich or famous or powerful. I have a wonderful family, a home, and a prospective future lying ahead, not to mention countless things like my computer, our TV, my car, delicious food, a bike, a pool, and all the freedom I enjoy being a middle class American citizen. I am not suffering tangible difficulty or hardship. I'm not writing this to beg for sympathy or complain about my life. Rather, I'm seeking a different perspective on some issues I have been facing for a very long time that I are all increasingly causing me to want to end my life. If I come across as an attention seeker, I apologize and would love to know how I can correct myself.
It started in January when I had to leave my physical school and move to online school again for the remainder of my 12th grade year. I'm an extremely anxiety-prone person and a grand overthinker, and being alone makes these things flare up, as I learned painfully during Covid when I had similar issues. All of the problems I've ever faced I have created for myself, and I feel safe in saying that this is not an exaggeration.
Basically, I started overanalyzing the world around me, thinking of things so specific it started to scare me, like analyzing the cloud patterns and sunset and biological mechanisms driving my own brain and describing them scientifically in my own head UNWILLINGLY. I started hoarding all the receipts and little pieces of trash I could, like tags from clothes and such, because I feel sad at the thought of throwing them away. I couldn't bring myself to clean my room because I didn't know if there was even a right way to do so, or whether I should throw anything away. I started thinking a lot about the end of time, and the end of my life, and the nature of my own consciousness, and how meaningless everything is because one day it will all be gone.
The transient nature of everything became my only thought, and I can't help but obsess over it. I couldn't enjoy an evening at the park with my sister because my mind was full of unwarranted thoughts of how she, I, the park, all who built, and all who will ever visit it it will one day pass into oblivion. This has led me to start having severe panic attacks and sobbing fits, especially at night and in the shower, when I am totally secluded. I can't enjoy video games, music, reading, playing the piano, driving, talking to people, working out (I still work out, but it's just a routine at this point), coding, eating, watching science and engineering videos, or anything anymore. It all feels gray and dull to me. I am constantly overwhelmed by a feeling of impending doom.
All I can do is watch youtube and distract myself with focus-grabbing stimuli, like movies, eating, and porn (which I had come close to cutting out of my life before this), but I am losing my grip on my life. I am late on my assignments, have not decided on my college yet even though I have been accepted into a ton of them and earned some scholarships. I can't make any decisions. I fall asleep at 3am and wake up around 11am, though this varies greatly. I keep inventing and believing a ton of different bone-chilling scenarios, like being a brain in a vat or being in a simulation or being the incarnation of God himself, and it is terrifying me and I can't take it because it's all stuck in my head on repeat. Even worse, a lot of the time I am propelled into a euphoric high by some random motivation. I can't really describe it. Sometimes I get extremely motivated randomly by looking at something random like a leaf or an ant or a bluetooth speaker and my entire worldview and mindset shifts. Everything becomes oversaturated. I feel alive. Then I crash again and it all turns gray again. It feels weird. All of my goals don't motivate me anymore though, because they are overshadowed by my fear of the end and meaninglessness.
This was just some of the stuff I've been experiencing. I don't really know if I've described it well enough. I have gone to a counselor to try and talk to him about this stuff, but he hasn't really helped all that much, although I appreciate the experience and his friendliness. He was a very nice man. Every day is getting scarier because my mind seems to be digging an ever-widening hole that I just can't escape. It's all chaos. My only respite comes from unexpected places, like going for a drive listening to jazz, talking to my mom while her favorite Christian radio station is on, or working on a random project (like my sister's 4th grade science fair project). It's just that nothing seems to make sense anymore. It's all chaotic and unordered. Like there's no structure anymore. It's all just stuff, jumbled together, and whatever happens happens. My most terrifying moments are when I feel like I'm losing control of myself and waking up from the simulation and everything will be gone immediately and it's being unplugged. I'm alone in this and I feel like I've been stuck in the same place for years. Sometimes I feel like my memories are fabricated and not real. These types of panic attacks have been happening since I was like 10 or 11. I'm 18 now. I'm a boy.
I feel an immense mental, almost physical pressure in my head, and at night I burst into tears and all of my emotions stream through my head and I just pray to God asking for it to go away and most of the time it does. Sometimes I have an outburst and say things I regret to people I love. Sometimes I have a lot of fun with them and we are all happy. I have no ideals anymore because nothing makes any sense and there is no meaning, or so I'm beginning to believe.
The focal point of all of this negativity has been suicide. Every day, I obsess over the idea of not living anymore, of being carefree and just spectating the world rather than living in it only to die anyway, and I keep thinking of different ways I can kill myself. These thoughts are uninvited the majority of the time, and I am forced to endure them. I don't want to die, but I feel like I'm slipping into the hole. I feel like my life is slipping away very quickly and I have nothing left to live for and I've already missed out on it.
I now realize that all of my previous posts have been about this same issue, just in different circumstances. I'm really sorry if I come across in a negative way, as a selfish person or an attention seeker. Maybe I am. I don't know. I just want to be a normal, functional person who can live a meaningful life and die a meaningful death. I want to feel right. I want someone to tell me what to do. I want to stop being alone. I want friends who I can mess around with and not feel anxious while doing so. I want a girlfriend with whom I can share my life and whose trust, respect, and affection I can earn and in turn reciprocate my own. I want a meaningful career that I can leverage to make positive differences in the most crucial and overlooked parts of society, and in creative ways that will leave an impact.
I need someone to talk to. I don't want meds, or maybe I need them. I don't want to be told off, I don't want money or a fancy car or anything. I just want to feel like all of this matters and that someone understands me. I want to be nice to everyone. I don't want animosity. I want to find meaning. But there is something wrong with me. I want to feel like a human again. I just wish I'd grown up with one close friend to share this with. I wanna try going to a therapist, maybe I should.
Thanks for listening to my ramblings. I hope you continue to have a great day, and wish you all the best!
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