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Cursed Rulers: Parallels Between Auberon & Emhyr

2023.03.26 13:10 varJoshik Cursed Rulers: Parallels Between Auberon & Emhyr

Final part in the series about the mirroring act between the three Aen Elle elves & their Continental counterparts. Previous works: Black Knights: Parallels Between Eredin & Cahir Love(less) Sorcerers: Parallels Between Avallac'h & Vilgefortz

“Emperors rule their empires, but two things they cannot rule: their hearts and their time. Those two things belong to the empire.”
“The end justifies the means.”
Leaders of the highest order for their people, both rulers pursue the greater good at the expense of decency and their own humanity. A greater good to be achieved through similar means – by begetting the child who is prophesised.


In the Witcher, both Auberon and Emhyr are embroiled in a plot of siring the child of prophecy with Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon – their blood relative. Genetically, the incest is a matter of degree: Emhyr is Ciri’s biological father, Auberon Ciri’s ancestor 8 generations past. Symbolically, however, the degree collapses with Auberon because a few human generations are meaningless to elves. They call Ciri Lara’s daughter, effectively deeming Ciri Auberon’s granddaughter. But the reader – not unlike Ciri herself – won’t know about this until the very end of the tale.
Notionally, both rulers bind their actions with Ithlinne’s prophecy. The problem with prophecies is they decouple arguments from verification, lending themselves to the rationalization of all and any action. At least insofar as knowing the future accurately is impossible. This is the case for humanity, it is not the case for elves. Elven prophecies were made by the elves and for the elves in the first place. Consequently, the degree to which each ruler knows the prophecy to be true and believes in it differs. For Emhyr, mystical secret knowledge of the universe is irrelevant in comparison to political expedience: reason of state is what the tomorrow will bring. The Nilfgaardian Emperor is neither a mystic nor a fatalist. Contrary to the Alder King – a Sage, a ruler, and an elder – who has witnessed and likely verified some of what the Seers have prophesised. Elves conceive of the nature of time as cyclical in which the fate of things is tied up in the endless repetition of endings giving birth to new beginnings, the dance of attraction between life and death, two sides of the same coin which form the singular eternal truth of existence – change is only an eternal reoccurrence and re-arrangement of all. Auberon, you see, is a bit of a mystic. And even without Seers privy to secret knowledge, an extraordinary life span reduces the elves’ proclivity to black swan fallacy, or at least pushes the error probabilities. But at the end of the day, mysticism takes the cake.
The idea that either ruler must be the progenitor, however, comes at the instigation of an outside force.
Shortly after Ciri’s birth Emhyr is visited by a sorcerer. Emhyr has a strong aversion to mages; he was cursed by one. Even so, Vilgefortz proves himself capable of helping him regain the Nilfgaardian throne and is straightforward about what he wishes in exchange – gratitude, favours, privileges, power. Vilgefortz tells Emhyr about Ithlinne’s prophecy – a version about the fate of the world; a human interpretation. Then he plants the seed as to what Emhyr should do to steer the fate of this world. Naturally, he has his own agenda. It is not a huge leap of imagination to conceive of Auberon having been similarly persuaded by Avallac’h (an elven Knowing One who thematically parallels the human Vilgefortz). Not only are Avallac’h and Auberon tied by broken familial bonds, they are each a participant of the Elder Blood programme; and each, a Sage. Avallac’h serves nearly as a double for Auberon, his own fate also tied with Ciri’s. And Auberon is a “willing unwilling” in his arrangement with Ciri; implied so in his rage when he reveals Ciri ought to be grateful to him for lowering himself to the endeavour at all. There is an alternative.
Neither the Emperor nor the Alder King is pursuing the incestuous course of action out of lust. But both have the option to waive being the sire. Ithlinne’s prophecy is not explicit about the father of the Swallow’s child. For elves the match is backed by science. For humanity – pragmatism.
Emhyr has ordered to wipe out the Usurper’s name from the annals of history and is cementing his earthly power, conquering and ensuring the succession laws play out in his favour. Not only is he legitimatizing his rule over Cintra – the gateway to the North – by marrying its last monarch’s granddaughter, by keeping it in the family, he is also consolidating his rule among the Nilfgaardian aristocracy. The Emperor’s concern lies with the dynastic struggle for power: it is his blood that should rule the world and because history is bending its arc according to Nilfgaard’s dictation that means surmounting the Nilfgaardian succession laws. From such perspective, not fathering Ciri’s child would create numerous problems. Ciri as Emhyr’s heir would remain behind any other male offspring he might have (with any Nilfgaardian aristocrat). Ciri might not be acknowledged as a legitimate successor in Nilfgaard in the first place as she is a foreigner, born in Cintra at a time when her father was not yet an emperor; a bastard, effectively, and a girl besides. Ciri’s husband, moreover, may have designs on power himself and his remaining under Emhyr’s control, or Ciri’s control, is not a guarantee. It is difficult to be the correctly-shaped chess piece in a game of interests of the state. That a widely recited prophecy about the fate of the world can lend an aura of destiny to the brutal political machinations undertaken to seek retribution and pursue earthly power is convenient; a descendant who will be the ruler of the world – a bonus. But to get there sacrifices must be made.
‘Cirilla,’ continued the emperor, ‘will be happy, like most of the queens I was talking about. It will come with time. Cirilla will transfer the love that I do not demand at all onto the son I will beget with her. An archduke, and later an emperor. An emperor who will beget a son. A son, who will be the ruler of the world and will save the world from destruction. Thus speaks the prophecy whose exact contents only I know.’ ’What I am doing, I am doing for posterity. To save the world.’ - Lady of the Lake
Notably, the manner in which the Emperor claims to understand Ithlinne’s prophecy does not make guarantees that a father’s incest with his daughter will ensure his progeny will one day save the world. The saviour is a few generations away and the causal arrow between now and then is not direct: the son could die, could father a child with a genetically non-fitting partner, could be sterile, or could turn out to be a daughter altogether. Not to even begin with what the world needs saving from in the first place; again, elven prophecies were written by the elves and for the elves. Emhyr var Emreis is neither an elf, a geneticist, an idealist nor a mystic. He is an autocrat.
Elder Blood is the creation of elves and it is elves who understand how their genetic abilities play into handling what was foretold by Ithlinne. Emhyr’s daughter, the Lady of Time and Space, is the descendant of an Alder King who has utilized Hen Ichaer in the past and whose ambitions lie in an altogether different ball park than that of an Emperor of one single world. Appropriately to the Saga’s love for subversion, it is ironic that human understanding of elven prophecies remains on the level of poetry, while elves – the irritatingly poetic, mystical species – can read the science elevating the prophetic jargon into something more. Which regardless does not invalidate the problem with prophecies: they lend themselves to the rationalization of action, frequently covering up the real horses the powerful might have in the race. Legitimatization of the ruler’s right to remain the leader of their people is relevant in Auberon’s life too. More on that when we return to the Fisher King parable and the nature of curses upon the two rulers.

Role & Relationships

Let’s take a look at the characters’ personalities.
Appearance: a play of contrasts
A very tall, slender elf with long fingers and ashen hair shot with snow-white streaks. An elf with the most extraordinary eyes – as on all Elder Blood carriers – reminiscent of molten lead. A man with black, shiny, wavy hair bordering an angular, masculine face that is dominated by a prominent nose (hooked, presumably, or Roman if you like). The Emperor of Nilfgaard does not resemble an androgynous elf by any means. But this does not mean nothing remains in him of the elven gene pool. Not only does Emhyr’s etymological origin link with the Romano-Celtic world underpinning all things elven in the Witcher. Nilfgaardians are effectively the Romano-Brytons. The human population in the South of the Continent mixed with elves heavily, retaining a lot of elven law, customs, language, and DNA. As Avallac’h says about heritability, “the father matters,” and Emhyr was one half of the equation for getting Ciri.
Rex Regum - King of Kings
The readers are probably more familiar with the imperial system and how that features in the depiction of Nilfgaard. Auberon Muircetach’s position as the Supreme Leader of the Aen Elle – as opposed to merely a “king” – is instead much more reminiscent of the station of a High King.
Ancient and early kingdoms of Great Britain and Ireland boast many High Kings (e.g. Ard Rí Érenn Brian Boru, Ard Rí Alban Macbeth, Vortigern, King of the Britons, etc). The High King was usually elected and set above lesser rulers and warlords as an overlord in a land that shared a high degree of cultural unity. Emperors usually ruled over culturally different lands (regularly obtained through recent or ongoing conquests). In character such high kingship was sacred: the duties of the ruler were largely ceremonial and somewhat restricted, unless war, natural disaster or any other realm-wide occasion created a need for a unified command structure. The Irish High King, for example, was quite straightforwardly a ruler who laid claim to all of the land of the Emerald Isle. Noteworthy, because the ruler is frequently seen as the embodiment of the land, associated with the health and well-being of the realm that the land sustains. In quasi-religious terms, High Kings gained their power through a marriage to, or sexual relationship with, a sovereignty goddess; frequently, a mother goddess who was associated with the life-giving land. As one of the most frequently studied elements of the Celtic cosmology, this feature is instantly recognisable in the outlook of the elves in the Witcher and factors heavily into Auberon’s relationship with Ciri. Ciri who is the avatar of the Triple Goddess – the Virgin, the Pregnant Mother, and the Old Woman Death. As Sapkowski notes in Swiat króla Artura. Maladie:
“…no Wiccan mystery in honour of the Great Triple, cannot be performed, [without] the goblet and the sword. Grail and Excalibur. The rest is silence.”
Through the Triple Goddess’ interaction with her God-counterpart (a ruler who briefly assumes the role of the god) is showcased the eternal cycle of life – one which cannot be realised without the interaction of the cup (feminine) & the sword (male). Excalibur is the symbol of rightful sovereignty and its wielders are frequently powerful men, but Ciri is a woman and a woman is the Grail, bringing salvation and new life. To possess the Grail is to legitimize oneself as the ruler, as the leader, protector, and father figure of the realm. Thus a King of Kings must do exactly that. A protector, a father figure, and a druid (wise man) merge into a symbolic whole in the Supreme Leader of the elves.
(But Ciri is also the witcher girl and owns a sword, unyielding before the matter of her gender. And though many a men might take her for the Lady of the Lake, she is not about to part with her sword.)
The realm is all
From early age, Emhyr’s father instilled an understanding in his heir that nothing counts more than the interest of the state. The blood of the Emreis family must be on the throne. Fergus never abdicated, not after torture, not even after his son was turned into a mutant hedgehog in front of his eyes. Love for his child did not sway Fergus from having his son suffer in the interests of power and the realm. This is how the shard of ice in Emhyr’s heart forms. Auberon, equally, “thinks of England” when attempting to regain his daughter’s legacy and restore their people’s power. The circumstances of Lara’s demise, however, beg the question about the Alder King’s role in facilitating or enabling the conditions that let things spiral out of control and break beyond repair. The stakes were infinitely higher for Auberon than they are for Emreis’ dynastic struggle. But what would an answer to this question change? In their cold hearts these characters see themselves each as duty-bound.
Ambitious and gloried, they nevertheless occupy different stages in their lives.
Emhyr’s ambition burns bright and fresh. Auberon’s has dwindled into a shadow of the past; buried under having witnessed and lived through the sacrifices that a ruler makes in the name of power. Emhyr chooses to seek retribution and power beyond what would befall him should he accept his life as Duny (the cursed, pitiful Duny), the prince consort of Cintra. Never losing sight of his goal, love and human happiness become temporary phases and means to an end, and Emhyr returns to Cintra only in the form of flames and death to pursue his daughter in insane ambition. The White Flame retains an active disposition; a lust for life. Neither Emhyr nor Auberon gallop at the head of their armies though, leading instead from the rear. They have lackeys for carrying out their will remotely (e.g. Cahir and Eredin). Emhyr, however, is said to be otherwise highly involved in the ruling of his empire, even if many revolutionaries who had helped him on the throne had hoped he would remain but a banner of the revolution. In contrast, the Alder King has more or less withdrawn from life and active service. In presence of Avallac’h and Eredin, Auberon appears much more like the standard Emhyr had refused to become. Of course, many decisions the equivalent of which Auberon has already made are still ahead of Emhyr, including as concerns the freedom of his daughter.
A ruler’s heart
Did Emhyr believe that he would be able to see Pavetta in Ciri and thus push through with the incest? Did Auberon hope to glance the memory of his wife in the eyes of Lara’s “daughter” and manage in this way? As already noted, neither ruler is pursuing their plans out of lust, but as lust must be induced for the act to bear fruit I cannot help but wonder what these characters must do to themselves to follow through with their plans. Because the love that is called for between a woman and a man in order for new life and hope to be born is in this instance abnormal. Yet it is undoubtedly love that plays a huge role in determining both Emhyr’s and Auberon’s eventual fate.
Until the emergence of false-Ciri, Emhyr var Emreis is said to have had numerous ladies in the imperial court. Little is known about Auberon’s disposition, but by the time Ciri starts frequenting his bed chamber it has become evident the image of a dowager king fits the elf like a glove; disaffected with romantic dalliance, he is still aware of the courtly intrigue and expectations surrounding it.
The next evening, for the first time, the Alder King betrayed his impatience. She found him hunched over the table where a looking glass framed in amber was lying. White powder had been sprinkled on it. It’s beginning, she thought. At one moment Ciri was certain it was about to happen. But it didn’t. At least not all the way. And once again he became impatient. He stood up and threw a sable fur over his shoulders. He stood like that, turned away, staring at the window and the moon. - Lady of the Lake
Emhyr’s marriage to Pavetta, Ciri’s mother, was an unhappy one. In his own words, he did not love “the melancholy wench with her permanently lowered eyes,” and eventually would have had the vigilant Pavetta killed. Inadvertently, Emhyr caused Pavetta’s death anyway.
‘I wonder how a man feels after murdering his wife,’ the Witcher said coldly. ‘Lousy,’ replied Emhyr without delay. ‘I felt and I feel lousy and bloody shabby. Even the fact that I never loved her doesn’t change that. The end justifies the means, yet I sincerely do regret her death. I didn’t want it or plan it. Pavetta died by accident.’ ‘You’re lying,’ Geralt said dryly, ‘and that doesn’t befit an emperor. Pavetta could not live. She had unmasked you. And would never have let you do what you wanted to do to Ciri.’ ‘She would have lived,’ Emhyr retorted. ‘Somewhere … far away. There are enough castles … Darn Rowan, for instance. I couldn’t have killed her.’ ‘Even for an end that was justified by the means?’ ‘One can always find a less drastic means.’ The emperor wiped his face. ‘There are always plenty of them.’ ‘Not always,’ said the Witcher, looking him in the eyes. Emhyr avoided his gaze. ‘That’s exactly what I thought,’ Geralt said, nodding. - Lady of the Lake
After Pavetta’s demise Emhyr hounds his own daughter to the ends of the earth, killing her grandmother, burning down her home, and driving Ciri into an exile from which she never fully recovers. An exile which kills the innocence in her; the snow-white streaks in Ciri’s hair are from the trauma. In contrast, Auberon does not seem to even know what became of Shiadhal – his partner and the mother of their daughter together. On the verge of death he confuses Ciri for Shiadhal and says, “I am glad you are here. You know, they told me you had died.” The Alder King recalls Shiadhal affectionately, in the same loving breath as he recalls their daughter Lara. Lara whose exile – voluntary or not – killed her.
When Ciri was six years old, Emhyr took a lock of hair from her and held onto it; out of sentiment and for his court sorcerers to use. One of Auberon’s last lines to Ciri involves tying a loose ribbon back into Lara’s hair.
In regard to their brides-to-be, both rulers are saddled with fakes. A fake Ciri-Pavetta and a fake Shiadhal-Lara. But Emhyr’s and Auberon’s attitude toward the fake is diametrically opposite. Emhyr sees false-Cirilla as “a diamond in the rough.” Auberon calls Ciri “a pearl in pig shit, a diamond on the finger of a rotting corpse.” For Emhyr, a diamond is the essence of his poor peasant girl. While a pearl in pig shit, for Auberon, remains the essence of Ciri. Neither ruler can entirely ignore the social vigilance extended toward the ruler’s bedchamber either. The idea of a “foreign bride” is frowned upon among the Nilfgaardian aristocracy; it decreases their ability to influence the Emperor. Ciri’s social status at Tir ná Lia is never explicitly addressed, but the presence of human servants – all of whom that the reader sees are female – and casual xenophobia from Auberon himself does not make it hard to venture a guess.
‘If I were … the real Cirilla … the emperor would look more favourably on me. But I’m only a counterfeit. A poor imitation. A double, not worthy of anything. Nothing …’ - False-Cirilla Lady of the Lake
‘It’s all my fault,’ she mumbled. ‘That scar blights me, I know. I know what you see when you look at me. There’s not much elf left in me. A gold nugget in a pile of compost—’ - Ciri Lady of the Lake
The Alder King is unable to bring himself to love Ciri. The Emperor relents, caring for his daughter at last as a father should at the very end, in the one moment where it matters. Moreover, Emhyr ends up eventually marrying his own reason of state and comes to love the false-Cirilla. The contrasts do not end here. Real Ciri threatens to tear Emhyr’s throat out for what he is planning to do to her (unknowing that he is her father), yet with Auberon Ciri turns submissive and grows attached. She weeps over Auberon’s corpse and vows vengeance on Eredin for killing the Alder King. Ironic as Auberon never intended to let Ciri go, while Emhyr does let his daughter walk free. The shard in Auberon’s heart never melts. It shifts in Emhyr’s.
In their last meeting with the girl, both rulers implicitly reveal their blood relation to Ciri.

Cursed Rulers of the World

Emhyr’s tale begins and is framed with a curse. Likewise Auberon’s. And for both it is love in its different manifestations that will shift the curse just enough to offer closure. For healing largely entails obtaining closure.
‘They were silent for a long time. The scent of spring suddenly made them feel light-headed. Both of them. ‘In spite of appearances,’ Emhyr finally said dully, ‘being empress is not an easy job. I don’t know if I’ll be able to love you.’ She nodded to show she also knew. He saw a tear on her cheek. Just like in Stygga Castle, he felt the tiny shard of cold glass lodged in his heart shift.’ - Lady of the Lake
The reference to H. C. Andersen’s fairy tale of the Snow Queen is self-evident. Emhyr var Emreis is an Emperor whose heart has been pierced by a shard of ice. In the Saga the legend is elven and refers to the Winter Queen who conducts a Wild Hunt as she travels the land, casting hard, sharp, tiny shards of ice around her. Whose eye or heart is pierced by one of them is lost; they will abandon everything and will set off after the Queen, the one who wounded them so gravely as to become the sole aim and end of their life.
There are two ways in which to interpret the way Sapkowski applies the legend of the Snow Queen in the Saga. First, as a complement to the author’s stance that in life - where most things are shit - the Holy Grail is a woman, because it is the love of a woman and the hope a woman instils that often makes men act in inconceivable ways; love is the great motivator and the great balancer of scales. Almost as powerful as death. Or more so?
‘I would not like to put forward the theory that hunting for the wild pig was the primordial example of the search for the Grail. I don’t want to be so trivial. I will - after Parnicki and Dante - identify the Grail with the real goal of the great effort of mythical heroes. I prefer to identify the Grail with Olwen, from under whose feet, as she walked, white clovers grew. I prefer to identify the Grail with Lydia, who was loved by Parry. I like New York in June… How about you? Because I think the Grail is a woman. It is worth investing a lot of time and effort in order to find it and gain it, to understand it. And that’s the moral.’ - A. Sapkowski Swiat króla Artura. Maladie
In this reading, we find the framing to the stories of Geralt and Yennefer, Lara and Cregennan, Avallac’h and Lara, and many others. Including the story of Ciri herself – for Ciri is ultimately the author’s Grail in more ways than one. More than one party goes to great lengths to solicit her favour in a guise that includes elements of a love relationship but not the heart of it.
Secondly, we can interpret the legend in universal terms: the shard of ice is the definitive experience of our lives which distorts reality and makes the rest of our lives spin around it in one way or another. For Emhyr, such an experience could have been the trauma experienced in his youth. Fergus’ uncompromising death conditioned the boy early on to sacrifice personal feelings to the cause and let the only true feeling in his heart remain forever locked behind the ends a ruler must go to unthinkable lengths to achieve. Fergus did not deem his son above suffering for a cause and the son learned the lesson. Until…
In Andersen’s Snow Queen, Gerda manages to find her brother Kai in the Snow Queen’s castle, but despite her calls his heart remains cold as ice. Only when Gerda cries in despair do her tears finally melt the ice and remove the piece of glass from Kai’s eyes and heart. In the Witcher, the shard in Emhyr’s heart moves first upon witnessing his true daughter’s angry tears. For the second time – in thanks to the bogus princess of Cintra; his poor raison d’etat.
It brings us to the defining contrast in Emhyr’s and Auberon’s stories, and it concerns alleviating the suffering of those are bound to you by blood or love.
Recalling another case of incest that resulted in Adda the strigga, we may remember that the Temerian king recognises that his daughter is suffering and insists on disenchanting her instead of killing her. Realising that your own blood – who has been thrown into this world of suffering thanks to you – is suffering and consequently choosing to do something to alleviate this suffering fortifies the Saga’s faith in enduring human decency. Geralt himself is thoroughly vexed by the prospect of letting the same evil happen to Ciri that happened to himself and does everything within his power to prevent it (failing, trying anyway). Here lives the redemption of man, and in redemption his rebirth.
They passed a pond, empty and melancholy. The ancient carp released by Emperor Torres had died two days earlier. “I’ll release a new, young, strong, beautiful specimen,” thought Emhyr var Emreis, “I’ll order a medal with my likeness and the date to be attached to it. Vaesse deireadh aep eigean. Something has ended, something is beginning. It’s a new era. New times. A new life. So let there be a new carp too, dammit.”’ - Lady of the Lake
As Emhyr and false-Cirilla take a stroll in the gardens after Stygga, they pass a sculpture of a pelican pecking open its own breast to feed its young on its blood. An allegory of noble sacrifice and also of great love – as False-Ciri tells us.
‘Do you think—’ he turned her to face him and pursed his lips ‘—that a torn-open breast hurts less because of that?’ ‘I don’t know …’ she stammered. ‘Your Imperial Majesty … I …’ He took hold of her hand. He felt her shudder; the shudder ran along his hand, arm and shoulder. ‘My father,’ he said, ‘was a great ruler, but never had a head for legends or myths, never had time for them. And always mixed them up. Whenever he brought me here, to the park, I remember it like yesterday, he always said that the sculpture shows a pelican rising from its ashes.’ - Lady of the Lake
It is difficult to set aside our trauma and not pass it on to our children. Letting our children be free to choose and not sacrificing them on the altar of our fate is to rip open ourselves, calcified and bound to our path, and to feel all of it as we grope in the dark to feel for them. Emhyr’s father might not have gotten it entirely wrong, though his mind at the time was set on making his child an extension of himself. The cycle of death and rebirth begins and ends within that to which we give birth. Giving our children a chance before it is too late, we also give a chance to ourselves. By finding it in his heart to extend to his daughter the courtesy his father Fergus never extended to him - by letting Ciri free - Emhyr lets the part of himself that has defined his entire life die. His end stops justifying the means. He breaks the cycle on the edge of the precipice to which he has brought them and thus allows for the possibility of new beginnings for himself and for Ciri.
In a sense, False-Cirilla and Emhyr get the ending Ciri and Auberon might have gotten if –
The story of Auberon Muircetach achieves a fundamentally different resolution.
‘What does the spear with the bloody blade mean? Why does the King with the lanced thigh suffer and what does it mean? What is the meaning of the maiden in white carrying a grail, a silver bowl—?’ - Galahad Lady of the Lake
Galahad asks the questions that the innocent Perceval in his Story of the Grail failed to ask, thus losing his chance at freeing the Fisher King from his curse. And the Fisher King is the guardian of mysteries, among them the Holy Grail. But it is not because of gain that a chivalric knight with a shining sword should seek to free the Fisher King from his curse, but rather because it is a human thing to do. Sapkowski claims to be partial to Wolfram von Eschenbach’s rendition of the Grail myth in Parsifal. Wolfram’s message, according to Sapkowski, is the following:
‘Let’s not wait for the revelation and the command that comes from above, let’s not wait for any Deus vult. Let’s look for the grail in ourselves. Because the Grail is nobility, it is the love of a neighbor, it is an ability for compassion. Real chivalric ideals, towards which it is worth looking for the right path, cutting through the wild forest, where, as they quote, “there is no road, no path”. Everyone has to find their path on their own. But it is not true that there is only one path. There are many of them. Infinitely many. … Being human is important. Heart.’ ‘I prefer the humanism of Wolfram von Eschenbach and Terry Gilliam from the idiosyncrasies of bitter Cistercian scribes and Bernard of Clairvaux…’ - A. Sapkowski Swiat króla Artura: Maladie
The unimaginable sadness in Auberon’s eyes belies the suffering of the Alder King who is the avatar of the Fisher King. In the Witcher’s story between elves and humans, it is the elven males who all share aspects of the Fisher King’s fate, because they are the keepers of their Grail – the protectors of elven women. Auberon’s wound is wrought by time: by surviving his wife and daughter, by the witnessing of the fading of his ambitions and the results of pursuing them without success. He has lost his line. The Fisher King’s injury represents the inability to produce an heir. A ruler who is the protector and physical embodiment of his land, yet remains barren, sterile, or without a true-born successor, bodes ill for the realm. The Alder King’s injury consists in having lost control of the source of his people’s power, leaving the elves imprisoned and scattered across two worlds. Auberon’s personal tragedy, however, subsists in the lost power having been functionally manifest in a daughter.
‘Lara.’ The Alder King moved his head, and touched his neck as though his royal torc’h was garrotting him. ‘Caemm a me, luned. Come to me, daughter. Caemm a me, elaine.’ Ciri sensed death in his breath. - Lady of the Lake
Elder Blood is indeed an accursed blood because it enslaves its carriers to its purpose. Emhyr has a theoretical chance to walk away from the pursuit of earthly power; the construct is social. Elder Blood, however, has a particular and real, magical function, and in virtue of being a genetic mutation it is embedded in the gene-carrying individuals. Functionally, Elder Blood allows to shape fate with degrees of freedom unimaginable for an ordinary individual. It’s a difference comparable to the one between a character in a story and the story’s author. Therefore the Aen Saevherne – the carriers of the gene – are bound to the thing they carry within their DNA that allows them to a greater and lesser degree shape the fate of reality. However dearly Auberon, or Lara, might have ever wished to untie themselves from their own essence, it seems impossible. The loss of control over power then is quite simply so pivotal as to necessitate a moment of original sin.
As already witnessed by way of the legend of the Winter Queen, the original “myths” of the Witcher world usually originate among elves; humans, the interlopers, push themselves into those myths only later. This creates an interesting conundrum. In Parsifal, the Fisher King is injured as punishment for taking a wife who is not meant for him. A Grail keeper is to marry the woman the Grail determines for him, which – if we equate woman with the Grail – is what the woman determines. Unfortunately, we know nothing about Shiadhal, so we cannot verify if this part of the legend dovetails. But generally, in a wholly elven world which may have matriarchal tendencies, in lieu of worshipping the mother Goddess, such cosmology is relatively unproblematic. Except suddenly there are humans too. And Auberon – the highest leader of elves and the father of the new scion of Elder Blood – is indirectly injured because a human sorcerer – Cregennan – turns himself into a Grail keeper (in place of another, special elf) by taking a woman not meant for him.
‘Witcher,’ she whispered, kissing his cheek, ‘there’s no romance in you. And I… I like elven legends, they are so captivating. What a pity humans don’t have any legends like that. Perhaps one day they will? Perhaps they’ll create some? But what would human legends deal with? All around, wherever one looks, there’s greyness and dullness. Even things which begin beautifully lead swiftly to boredom and dreariness, to that human ritual, that wearisome rhythm called life.’ - Yennefer Sword of Destiny
Cregennan’s injury is to die. But what about the original Fisher King figure? What is Auberon’s original sin in this?
I see two possibilities. It could be that Auberon in his ambition hastened his daughter’s way into exile and, in a display of his displeasure, never made any effort to ease his daughter in to the personal sacrifices they, as Aen Saevherne, must make; walking without blinking to the end of the path Emhyr turned away from. It could equally be that Auberon, instead of locking Lara up in a tower to protect her from the folly of youth, let her go to Cregennan. It could be an amalgam of both, and the misjudgement of a father who allows freedom, who feels for his child, and is rewarded with an irreversible injury is probably the greater tragedy.
Because, regardless of the origin of the curse upon Auberon, one thing does not change – the icy eternity in the Alder King’s heart never fractures.
‘‘Zireael,’ he said. ‘Loc’hlaith. You are indeed destiny, O Lady of the Lake. Mine too, as it transpires.’ - Auberon Lady of the Lake
Ciri passes through the shadow world of the Alders; a manifestation of fate. Her footsteps sowing discord and movement and change into the immutable, time-locked amber of the elven utopia. Her presence providing the trigger that will unshackle the past from future in a world where for a long time nothing has changed, died, or been reborn. She is destined and destiny, annihilation and rebirth, the grain of sand in the gears of the great mechanism; a strange girl. The child of hope and the Goddess who ought to be Three. Lara, the true daughter of the Alder King, is dead. Emhyr’s daughter still lives. There is nothing Auberon can do for Lara anymore and thus the ice in Auberon’s heart has crystallised. Emhyr still has a chance; he is where Auberon once was. And yet, there is one thing Ciri, the witcher girl with a sword of her own, can still do for the Alder King.
‘Va’esse deireadh aep eigean… But,’ he finished with a sigh, ‘it’s good that something is beginning.’ They heard a long-drawn-out peal of thunder outside the window. The storm was still far away. But it was approaching fast. ‘In spite of everything,’ he said, ‘I very much don’t want to die, Zireael. And I’m so sorry that I must. Who’d have thought it? I thought I wouldn’t regret it. I’ve lived long, I’ve experienced everything. I’ve become bored with everything … but nonetheless I feel regret. And do you know what else? Come closer. I’ll tell you in confidence. Let it be our secret.’ She bent forward. ‘I’m afraid,’ he whispered. ‘I know.’ ‘Are you with me?’ ‘Yes, I am.’ - Auberon Lady of the Lake
The only way Ciri the Grail knight will be able to find her true self – the Grail – is to cure the suffering Alder King from his curse. Ciri’s presence in the world of the Alders is after all also part of her coming of age story. Through becoming Auberon’s destiny, Ciri must close the circle for him and bring closure. He would never let her go because the shard in Auberon’s heart is no longer able to melt. Auberon does not follow the motif of alleviating the suffering of one’s blood and/or love; and he dies. The roles are reversed, in fact. It is Ciri who realises Auberon is suffering. So Ciri must do what only she can do, because remaining human is important. Heart is important. The sacrifice a ruler makes on the altar of power includes his own heart, which is why there should never be only one, but always two; always.
‘Time is like the ancient Ouroboros. Time is fleeting moments, grains of sand passing through an hourglass. Time is the moments and events we so readily try to measure. But the ancient Ouroboros reminds us that in every moment, in every instant, in every event, is hidden the past, the present and the future. Eternity is hidden in every moment. Every departure is at once a return, every farewell is a greeting, every return is a parting. Everything is simultaneously a beginning and an end. ‘And you too,’ he said, not looking at her at all, ‘are at once the beginning and the end. And because we are discussing destiny, know that it is precisely your destiny. To be the beginning and the end. Do you understand?’ She hesitated for a moment. But his glowing eyes forced her to answer. ‘I do.’ - Lady of the Lake
Death Crone to Auberon Muircetach, Ciri never becomes the Mother Goddess in the Saga. It is a choice she must make for herself and the choice still lies ahead of her. The predicate to making such a choice at least for now, however, she achieves; she goes her own way. In a sense then, both rulers are father figures, who through their choices “beget” the child who is destined. Perhaps this too the Knowing Ones knew, and for this reason Auberon never could have budged, never could have changed his mind in regard to his purpose in the long and winding story of his life. Something is ending, but something is also beginning. A good ruler is responsible for the flourishing of their realm, for providing hope. It is Ciri’s role to be the beginning and the end, and though there might be ways in which to nudge the hand of Fate, whatever is destined must happen. Destiny, however accursed, must run its course.
That is the hope and the release.
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2023.03.26 12:42 StaticNocturne Do you feel pressured to be highly ambitious?

Besides the soaring cost of living, I feel that it's getting harder to justify just cruising in a position for without trying to climb the ladder to higher roles or launching one's own company and being ruthless and entrepreneurial.
Of course there's benefits to climbing the ladder and being one's own boss but that level of responsibility and stress surely isn't appealing to many people (most people even) and nor is the entrepreneurial / risk-taking lifestyle.
Yet I'm hearing more and more snide remarks and offhand comments from friend and colleagues insinuating complacency and ambitionlessness toward those who have for instance held the same position for 'too long' in their minds or who seems to be content working a role that's deemed to be 'beneath them'.
I recently told someone I was thinking of pursuing disability support or social work and they made a joking comment about how I had so much potential - but there's an undertone of sincerity to these facetious remarks, an idea that if one can than they should (and would) take on the most prestigious course or lavish job available to them. (Sidenote: it's the same with dating. People tend to assume that any guy would be with the most conventionally attractive woman he could possibly land, completely ignoring personal preferences, emotional compatibility. My friend had a conventionally extremely attractive girl and you would hear people mentioning how well he had done for himself. They didn't know she's bipolar and once abducted his dog and threatened to skin it. He now has a less conventionally attractive but less insane partner and as expected there have been comments about how Tim has downgraded blah blah, it's pathetic)
There's also the pressure for everyone and their dog to have side hustles, not just as a form of supplemental income but almost as proof that you have business acumen and competency. According to instagram Bio's virtually everyone is a CEO of some bedroom nail salon or doggy mind reading or a sustainable clothing brand that uses pubic hairs or something ridiculous.
I'm told I have a terrible work ethic. I want to work the absolute bare minimum that allows me to pay the bills and indulge in hobbies and interests, and put a little aside for travelling - granted this actually requires a pretty significant income these days. But I want to invest most of my time and energy into friendships and hobbies/interests and when I was working 45+ hours a week these all began to degrade majorly and I began to question what the hell I was bothering for - just so I can survive? just so I can buy a soulless house an hour from the CBD and have my two week holiday to Indonesia every two years? Hence why I'm searching for a more intrinsically rewarding form of work.
I digress, do you feel the pressure too?
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2023.03.26 12:22 stlatos Uralic Animal Names, etc.

*h2loupehk^- > G. alṓpēx, Arm. ałuēs, Skt. lopāśá-s, A. luumóo ‘fox’, Ni. livaša, Kt. řavéki, Kv. vříka, *-aka > Is. urvesok
*rompek’ > *rompec’ > *repomc’ > *repäns’ > F. repo, Es. rebane, Mv. r’ives’, Hn. raasz

These have been seen as loans, but no Iranian word matches completely (various Dardic ones also given for comparison), so either not a loan or some changes in PU obscured its origin. The *-ns’ (if original) would match G. as a C-stem (with -C > -0 in nom. for PU). If related, evidence that u was w after V, vp > mp (maybe like A. luumóo, other ev. that Dardic m \ v alternated). In *h2loupehk^- > G. alṓpēx, *ovp > *o_p > *ōp (like dáphnē \ daukhnā- ‘laurel’, with u disappearing before ph but not kh showing it was *v even in very old dialects). The k^ : c’ found in so many words seems to support their relation.

Skt. caṭaka- ‘sparrow’, Hi. ciṛā, Ben. côṛai, B. čOṛkuṛi ‘bird’, Rom. čiriklo
*či(n)čä > Sm. cicce ‘sparrow / small bird’, *či(n)čikä > Skp. čičik(a)
*c’iNc’V(kV) > Nen. s’inc’ek ‘small bird’
*c’Vlc’V > Mi. c’ül’c’ ‘wading bird (redshank?)’
*čäčkä > Z. čakčej, Mv. šekšej ‘spotted woodpecker’
*čac’kV > Sm. cisku ‘falcon’
*s’äRkc’e > Z čikči, F. sääksi ‘kite’, Es. sääsk

It is hard to think all these words are unrelated. Only a small group of Indo-Iran. languages have the basic word for ‘bird’ contain č-k-R. Dardic languages often show assim. of affricates (c-č > č-č , etc.) if *ki > *c’i in *čaṛkiṛu > čaṛc’iṛu etc. It is again likely r > R > k in some.

*k^h2anku- > Skt. śaŋkú- ‘twig/peg/post/stake/spike/stick/arrow’
*čxeŋkV > Sm. *cэŋkē prop/strut/support’, Ud. čog ‘nail’, Hn. csegely ‘wedge-shaped field/meadow’

This supposes *cseg ‘wedge’ >> csegely. The cs- instead of s- in Hn. might be caused by a cluster instead of plain č (reasonaly it would be čx or c’x ) and the IE words have -a-, meaning h2 should be there. This is unlikely to be chance.

Skt. nā́man-, G. ónuma, Lac. énuma-, Arm. anun, TA ñom, TB ñem; *nime > F. nimi ‘name’

This is a hard one. There’s a vague similarity, but what kind of strange changes could have brought this *nime about? It’s a little too much for me. I’ll have to come back to this later, using all my faculties to their fullest.

*dhuh2tó- ‘shaken / fanned’, *dhuh2ti-s ‘smoke’ > Skt. dhūtá- \ dhutá- ‘shaken / agitated’, B. dukti ‘soul / last breath’; *dhuxti > *dhwati > *lwali > *lewle > F. löyly ‘spirit / steam from the sauna stove’, Hn. lélëk ‘soul’

More t > l. That it is closest to Dardic with Toch. uh2 > ua > wa would be important.

*-es, *V-:s (pl); *-t

This would make the most sense if s > θ in some environments in PU (after V but not before C, for ex.). If s could merge with t, the odd treatment of t in PU, like t > l, could be from the same change. This would mean t > l could come from t > θ > l. This means s > l would be possible between V’s (that is, for -s- and -s, the difference is > l but not after C, not word-final).

*wes- > OE wesan ‘be/remain’, Skt. vásati ‘dwell’, TB woloktär ‘dwells’; *wole- > F. ole- ‘be’

This is what would be required if they were related; the similarity to TB is clear, but this is usually taken as contamination with koloktär (below)

*kWelh- > G. pélomai ‘move’, Skt. cárati ‘move/wander’, TB koloktär ‘follows’; F. kulke- ‘go/walk/travel’

If they were related; the similarity to TB is clear. Toch. had k / 0 (which I say came from *x in
*memsuxā- > *pesukā- > TA puskāñ
*memsuxā- > *pesuā- > *peswā- > TB passoñ ‘muscles’

*lewax^- > *lewa(k)- > TA lu, pl. lwāk
*lewax^- > *lewa(s)- > TB luwo, pl. lwāsa ‘animal’

*gWHoluwxo- > *guluxo- > Arm. glux ‘head/summit/end / chief’
*gWHoluwāx > *golwā > R. golová ‘head’, Li. galvà

*mxulto:(n) > *mxëlto > TA mkälto ‘young’, malto ‘in the first place’

Toch. and Arm. having some *x > k / 0 would match *k > *x > 0 in:

Skt. srákva- \ sṛkvaṇ- ‘corner of mouth’, TB *sǝrkwan- > *sǝrxwan- > särwāna (pl. tan.) ‘face’

L. dingua, TA käntu, TB kantwo; *kääle > F. kieli
Li. liežùvis, Kh. ligìni ‘tongue’ (reanalyzed with *leig^h- ‘lick’ ); *leikwi > *läike > *kääle > F. kieli

If close to Toch., similar to *mntis > L. menti-; *manti > *menle > *meele > F. mieli ‘reason/understanding’). That it is closest to Toch. would be important.
If close to Dardic, the long *ää would correspond to *ei (which would need to be shortened before CC elsewhere). That it is closest to IE with reanalyzed forms would be important.

*h2anti- \ -o- \ -0- > Skt. ánta- ‘end/limit’, Go. andeis, H. hanz() = xant-s ‘front’, TA ānt, TB ānte ‘surface/forehead’; *anli > *ajŋe ‘brain/temple’ F. aivo(t), H. agy

This seems to show nt > ŋl then l > l’ before front, l’ > j after N (before nl > _l ). A similar case, with no fronting in tu vs. ti

*pett(u)ro- > Arm. pHetur ‘feather’, Skt. pátatra- ‘wing/feather’, pátra- / páttra-
*pewturo > *pimtulo > *piŋlule > *piŋul \ *piŋe > Es. püvi, F. pyy ‘hazelhen’, Mv. povo, H. fogoly \ fogor-\fogu-madár

In which dissim. of l-l in *piŋlule > *piŋul prevented loss of ŋ. The opt. change of tt > wt in Arm. is similar (see Skt. aṃ-vitti- ‘not finding’, Arm. an-giwt ‘not found’; *wid-ti- >Arm. giwt -i- ‘finding / invention’, git -i- ‘finding / gift’). The alt. of w \ m \ ŋ seen in others (*pilŋ- \ *pilm- \ *pilv- ‘dark, cloud’; *xaŋ’t’a- > ŋ \ n’ \ m > X. âŋǝt ‘horn/antler’, Mi. ān’t, Nen. n’amtǝ). Other met. might have created:

*pimtula > *limputa > *linta \ *lunta > F. lintu ‘bird’, X. lont \ tunt ‘goose’, Hn. lúd

in which the alt. of 2 V’s in i \ u come from *i-u in the older form, just like i \ u for ‘fly’:

*pimtula > *pimlula > *limpula > *limplä \ *lum(p)lä > *lum(p)ä(l)- \ *lim(p)ä(l)- > H. libëg- \ lebëg- ‘float’, libben- ‘fly up / flutter’, levegöö ‘air’, Ud. lob-, lobal- ‘fly’, Z. leb-, le.bal-

*polh1o- ‘broad’ > OCS polŭ ‘side/shore’; *päxlä > Mv. päl’ ‘side’, Sm. bælle ‘side/half (lengthwise)’, F. -piele

If h1 = x^ this palatal would opt. change V > front. Met. of lx > xl

*pah2g^s(a)lo- > G. pássalos ‘peg’, L. *pakslos > pālus ‘stake’; *paaK^lo > *pääK^lo > *peele > Es. peel ‘pole/post’, F. pieli ‘(door)post/jamb’, Hn. ajtó-fél

If native, h2 = x would prevent xg^ from becoming xd^; after VxC > V:C, this palatal g^ would opt. change V > front. It’s possible the double K(^) here caused both length, then long V before a C > 0 was raised. This explanation would be unavailable if a loan from L. (or indirectly).

*gWrh2ur- > Go. kaurus, G. barús, Skt. gurú- ‘heavy’; *gWraxur > *gWraurǝ > *läwlǝ > F. läyli ‘heavy’

As in Arm., old *-ur in u-stems. If final -V added after all -r, it might only remain in those words that would become monosyl. if lost. It’s also possible -x- was lost in Vxu and Vxi first ( > Vwu and Vji ), hard to tell. Looking at this, it’s possible that TB krāmär did not come from a derivative in *-mr or *-wr but instead directly:

*gWrh2ur- > *gWraxur > *gWrawur > *gwrawur > *grawur > *gramur >TB krāmär ‘weight’, kramartse ‘heavy’

with w-w dissim., then w > m by u.

*wedo- > Arm. get ‘river’, *do-are-wedo- > W. darwedd ‘bubbling/fountain/spring’
*wete > F. vesi, g. veden, Mi. wit(’), Hn. víz, acc. vizet

*wediko- > *wed’iko- > *woð’kV > Z. vol’ ‘small river’

Now, if *wete means ‘water’ and *woð’kV ‘small river’, doesn’t that imply the existence of *-kV as a diminutive? As in F. poika ‘son/boy’? The alt. of e / o here would show either ablaut or optional rounding; whichever you pick, both seen in IE in this word (*wodo:r > *wudo:r in G.). The sound that became either *t or *ð’ implies either d > t / ð’ in different environments or ð > t / ð’ (and voicing as original would be preferred, since *tk > *dk would not be ususal).

Skt. putraká- ‘little son/boy/child’, *pütRak^á > *pöxäc^a > Kt. pe-éts \ pe-éz, Dm. paai, A. phay- / phoó ‘boy’; *polraka > F. poika ‘son/boy’

V-harmony u-a > o-a again. The change of t > l after V as before could give *polraka > *porlaka > *porlka > *pojka > F. poika (with no more ex.), but the palatalization in Dardic could be responsible instead (it could be that the suffix was *-akx^a- not *-aka- , etc., hard to tell).

*webh- > OE webb ‘web/weft/woven work’, *webhto- ‘cloth’ > Av. ubdaēna-; *wepte- ‘catch with a net’ > Mr. wapte-, Ud. votes

If this shows the existence of PU *weptV- ‘net’ to a verb *wepte- ‘catch with a net’, it would be hard not to see IE.

*syuh1- ’sew / stitch’, L. sūtor ‘shoemaker’, OPr schumeno ‘shoemaker’s filament’
*syuh1to- > OHG siut ‘suture/seam’, Skt. syūtá-, Li. siútas; *s(j)ukto > *sukse > F. suksi ‘ski / snowshoe’

If t > θ first, kθ > ks before θ > l. The many matches of h : k don’t seem like chance.

G. kurtía ‘wickerwork shield’, kúrtē ‘fish-basket’, Skt. kuti(:)- ‘hut’
*kuta > *kota > F. kota, Sm. goatte ‘tent / Lapp hut’
*külä > F. kylä ‘village/dwelling’, Mi. kül ‘house’

If rt only opt. > rl, it would fit. There are too many words with the same meaning showing front vs. back harmony to be coincidence. Some are caused by *jV (jalka ‘foot / leg’ vs. *jelkä > jälki ‘footprint’), this would require opt. u > ü > u / i as in Arm., Dardic. The same in *wülä below.

*ud- > Go. ut, Skt. ud-; *wülä \ *wilä \ *wile > ylä- ‘uppehigh(er)’, yle-mpi

With d > l, u- > wu-; if not a derivative, it would require opt. u > ü > u / i as in Arm., Dardic. The same in Skt. kuti(:)- ‘hut’; *kuta > *kota > F. kota, Sm. goatte ‘tent / Lapp hut’, *külä > Mi. kül ‘house’)

*ud-t(e)ro- > Skt. úttara- ‘upper’; *udteRo > *uðtego > *tuðego > *tuð’ka > F. tutka ‘tip/peak’, Mi. tal’ǝk

Met. before any further changes of dt (if the same as tt).

*(s)kermn- > Skt. cárman- ‘skin/hide’; *k’er’man > *c’eð’mä > *c’ämd’e > *c’äpte > Sm. čävddë ‘skin/bark’, Nen. s’āpt

The same change in G. pérdix ‘partridge’; *perdā > *pað’ta > Mi. pal’tā ‘black grouse’, Hn. fajd, then met. (maybe d’m > md’ > bd > pt was regular).

*septǝmó- ‘7th’ > G. hebdomós, OPr sep(t)mas, L. septimus; *s’eŋ’c’emä > F. seitsemä- ‘7’, Z. s’iz’im

The great similarity and possibility of Ce > C’e being so strong makes a relation nearly certain. Now, if this might come from a word with -pt- and it contains -ŋ’c’- there instead (or whatever cluster you prefer), shouldn’t this be taken as evidence that pt could change into mt \ ŋt before palatalization? This is because of he alt. of w \ m \ ŋ seen in others (*pilŋ- \ *pilm- \ *pilv- ‘dark, cloud’; *xaŋ’t’a- > ŋ \ n’ \ m > X. âŋǝt ‘horn/antler’, Mi. ān’t, Nen. n’amtǝ; *petturo- > *pewturo > *pimtulo > *piŋlule > *piŋul \ *piŋe > Es. püvi, F. pyy ‘hazelhen’, Mv. povo, H. fogoly \ fogor-\fogu-madár). That tt and pt could become mt matches Arm. (with tt / pt > wt(H) all possible). This kind of coincidence is not believable.

If the ‘7th’ > ‘7’ change was shared in the higher numbers, the clusters *-tt- in both ‘5’ and ‘6’ would be from *-CCto- in ‘5th’ and ‘6th’ in IE. Some also added *-ti-, which might be closer.

*y(e)mho- > ON Ymir, Skt. yamá- ‘twin’; *jaxma > F. jama \ jaama ‘joint’, Sm. juomek ‘twin lamb’

If this is a loan, it would show metathesis and IE *h > *x in reconstructions, good evidence for its existence for those who have made a case for Vx vs V: or V > V: in the past.

*wag^- > G. ágnūmi ‘break/shatter’, Skt. vájra-s ‘Indra’s thunderbolt’, Av. vazra- ‘Mithra’s club’; *vas’ara > F. vasara ‘hammer’, TB bhaśīr ‘lightning’

These seem like loans into both PU and Toch. The V’s in both probably come from *vadz’ǝra- with various V’s (ǝ > i is expected in Indic, Skt. vs. Pkt). Likely Iran. *vadz’ǝra- > *vaz’ǝra- > PU *vas’ara, Indic *vadz’ǝra- > *vadžǝra- > *vadžira- etc. A loan of this age does not show that *Kr would become KVr in PU in native words (or earlier loans).

*k^oh3no-s ? > G. kônos ‘(pine-)cone / spinning top? / bullroarer?’, Skt. śān(.)a-s ‘whetstone’, MP afsān, Shu. pisēn, Os. insōn(ë), Kh. usàn, Rom. (y)asan; *päxnV > Ud. penon, Hn. fen- ‘sharpen/whet / whetstone’

If a loan, it is closest to Shu. pisēn which would show CVC- > CC- (like Skt. pāṃsulá- ‘dusty’, Ni. pasalä ‘dust’, *psulá > Dk. phúla ‘ashes’; *psora > Hn. por ‘dust/powdeashes’). If native, it would show the unexplained *pk^- or *nk^- \ *mk^- in Indo-Iran. was old (many different affixes attached to a noun make little sense). Note the *h causing opt. n > ṇ (maybe a similar hn > nHnH in Dv.).

*hanhtukāh \ *hanhtikāh > Li. antuka ‘snipe’, Slavic *ontĭka > R. utka ‘duck’; *s’oðka > F. sotka ‘scaup (diving duck)’, Mv. s’ulgo

If utka ‘duck’ : sotka ‘scaup (diving duck)’ is wrong, it would be odd. If right, it would show V > 0 creating *tuk > *θuk > *ðk or similar in the middle syllables. If syllabic h > a, a sequence


might work. It depends on the nature of the first *h- (whether x or x^ > s^ (or dissim. of x-x earlier)). If *x^ > *s’ here, *Cn- > C- at some point. In H. lahanza(n)-, it’s possible that *h- > *R- > l- (instead of n-n, which did not exist in PIE at least).

Since *toktaŋ’ > X. taxtǝŋ, F. tohtaja \ tohtava ‘Arctic loon / black-throated diver’ seems to be met. of the form that also gave *s’oðka > F. sotka ‘scaup (diving duck)’ (both similar diving birds), it’s likely:

*x^anxtukāx ( = *hanhtukāh )
*x^aŋaθokā u-a > o-a
*x^ŋaθkā *x^ŋoθkā

with V1-V2 > either when middle V > 0 (like *pimtula > *limputa > *linta \ *lunta > F. lintu ‘bird’, X. lont \ tunt ‘goose’). Then, the very odd form would undergo several cases of met. and assim., which were regular would be hard to tell:


*θ^ŋoθkā fric-assim.
*θ^ŋokθā met.
*t^ŋoktā reg.?

This also seems to be behind the various words for types of duck, all very similar and showing met., assim., even if not IE:

*xaŋV(t’)- ‘polar duck’ > Sm. haŋŋā, Nen. ŋāŋū, En. ŋau, Nna. ŋaŋod’a ‘duck’




The likeness of these words to each other and *xaŋV(t’)- to IE *hanht(i)-, etc., seems like more than chance. Some of the likely changes:

*kaŋ’c’V > *k’aŋc’V > *čanc’V

*k’aŋc’V > *k’amc’V > *k’awc’V > *wak’c’V > *wajc’V

with some of the developments not certain due to the unique clusters.

*mangyo- ‘man’ > Slavic *monžjo- > R. muž; *man’c’V > F. mies, Mi. man’s’i, OHn. mogy-, H. magy-

This has been seen as a loan; whatever source would still show a change within PU.

Iran. *muxšti- ‘fist’ > Avestan mušti-, *müRšti- > Kv. mř'üšt, *muxštika- > Ni. mustik; *mučkV > Ud. mïžïk, Mv. mokšna

This has been seen as a loan; whatever source would still show a change V > 0 in mid. syllable, št(‘) > č.

*peu- / *pau- ‘cut / divide’ >> L. putāre ‘cut/trim/prune’, *ambi- > amputāre ‘cut off’, *pautsk^- > TA putk- ‘cut / divide/distinguish/separate/share’, TB pautk-; *päčkä- > Mv. pečke- ‘cut’, F. pätki- ‘cut into pieces’, *püčkV- > pytki- ‘cut into long slices’, *pučkV- > puhkaise- ‘pierce/puncture’, Mr. püškä- ‘sting/bite (of insects)’

The alt. in PU could show *au / *aü > *äü etc. That *pautsk^- > pautk- : *päčkä- : *püčkV- : *pučkV- might not be true, with all the other similarities between PU and Toch. (*kWelh- > G. pélomai ‘move’, Skt. cárati ‘move/wander’, TB koloktär ‘follows’; F. kulke- ‘go/walk/travel’; *pedyāx > TA päts, TB patsa ‘bottom’; *potsjä > *pesä > F. pesä ‘nest’; etc.) requires some explanation; the alt. within PU would need *au or *aü independent of this, but its match is telling.

*g^hans(o\i)- > OHG gans, E. goose, Skt. haṃsá- ‘goose / swan’, OIr géis ‘swan’; *jomkc’e(n) > F. joutsen ‘swan’, Sm. njuk’čâ, Mr. jükšǝ; Y. jaŋdže ‘goose’

These are much too similar to be unrelated. The nasal in Nkc’ can’t be determined from internal ev., but either IE or Y. would require a > o by m. The changes to k^ in *h2ag^- > L. agō ‘drive/act’; *aja- > F. aja- ‘drive/chase’; *h2ak^ma:h2 > G. akmḗ ‘point/edge’; *äjmä ‘needle’; show that k^ > x^ or γ^ / V_V or V_N were matched by g^h > j (except before i ). Palatalized nT > ŋT’ also in *h2anti- > TB ānte ‘surface/forehead’; *anli > *ajŋe ‘brain/temple’ > F. aivo(t). This differing from *mangyo- : *man’c’V might show different timing of pal. by y vs. i or alt. in the pronunciation of n’ (like for m / ng, etc.).

Likely that this includes:

*γ’ansi- = *g^hansi-

with the same changes seen elsewhere (ŋ > m opt., rounding by P, pal. before front); it’s likely n’ > ŋ’ after a V, ŋ’- > n’- word-initial, if reg.).

*yuhs(o)- ‘soup’ > Skt. yu(:)s.á-, Li. júšė, *yuhmo- > G. zū́mē ‘leaven’, zōmós ‘broth’; *jamV > Mv. jam ‘soup’, Nga. jamâ ‘gruel of blood/meat/flouwater’

This would show uh > wa as in *dhuh2ti-s > B. dukti ‘soul / last breath’; *dhuxti > *dhwati > *lwali > *lewle > F. löyly ‘spirit / steam from the sauna stove’, Hn. lélëk ‘soul’; then *jwama > *jama.

*gWiyó- > G. biós, Skt. jiyā́-, Av. jyā- ‘bowstring / sinew’; *jijä > *jäji > *jäje > je ‘broad strap’, Skp. tjyy, Kam. t’ī; Y. juo ‘girdle/belt’

*gWiy(e)tlo- > L. fīlum \ fīlus ‘string/cord’, Li. gīsla ‘vein/sinew’; *jetlax > *jätnex > *jäntek > F. jänne ‘bowstring / sinew’, *jätnex > *jänne > jänni ‘frenulum of tongue’

*gWiyó- : *jäje is not in need of great thought. Obviously these words look very much like IE ones (a 2-syllable word with j-y vs. y-y in such a specialized meaning would be unlikely, and this is unlikely match # 45), and the existence of extensions with t in both (or s > t or t > s, if needed) would be hard to explain. This shows merger of g^h and gW before front (if not an assim. of C-j > j-j after palatalization). Some of this could depend on opt. gW > gw (as previous). Again, for CVC- > CC-, this would give *jij- > *j- in *jetlax (or similar depending on timing); both *-etlo- and *-tlo- are seen in tool-words, maybe ablaut in IE. Other words show n / l within PU, so if tl > tn was not regular, the same here. The fem. *-āh > *-ax seems needed to explain ev. of other words in Samoyed with -’ (glottal stop) where the rest have -0.

*sh2ai- > H. ishiya- ‘bind’, ishuzzi- ‘belt/sash’, *sh2aito- > L. saeta ‘coarse haibristle’, Arm. haytHem ‘attach’; *sitV > F. sito- ‘bind/fasten’, side, gen. siteen ‘bandage’

Either original ai > i(i) or ablaut.

More opt. ŋ > m in

*y(e)mho- > ON Ymir, Skt. yamá- ‘twin’; *jaxma > F. jama \ jaama ‘joint’, Sm. juomek ‘twin lamb’

*jäsŋe > Mv. jäz’n’ä, Mr. ježǝŋ, F. jäsen ‘joint/limb’

which might show ŋ’ > n’ in some (if *ymho- = *ymx^o- > *yax^ma- with met. of palatalization after x^ > s^).

The existence of alt. within PU is clear; these words require an explanation no matter what their source:

*yah2giyo- > *yagi- \ *yago- > OIr aig ‘ice’, ON jaki ‘piece of ice’, Wx. yaz ‘glacier’, Kh. yòz ‘ice’; *jäxŋje > *jäŋxe > F. jää ‘ice’, Sm. jiekŋa
*jaŋka ‘ice hole’ in Samoyed (showing *ja- ( > *jä- ) was opt. in all )
*jäxkšV > Mr. jükše- ‘become cold’, F. jä(ä)hty- ‘cool (down)’
*jänte- > Mi. jant-, Z. jed- ‘freeze’

If g or γ > ŋ in *jäŋe, the lack of a nasal in *jäxkšV is explained as the oldest form. This shows opt. *ja > *jä (*jäŋe ‘ice’, *jaŋka ‘ice hole’), matching other *a-i, *a-j. PIE *ya(h2)giyo- giving the *eh > *ah ( > *a ) and opt. dissim. of y-y > y-0 (to explain o- vs. i-stems) would allow similar variants in PU with *x and *j > C to be related. As in opt. j > s’ previously, this would show kj > ks’ > kš (like xj > xs’ > š for *pekW-ye\o- > *pek’-yo- > *pix’yo- > *pišä- ‘bake/roast’). The 2 C’s in *jaŋka vs. *jänte- also come from changes to j; since this shows γ > ŋ in *jäŋe, j > γ’ would also be able to become ŋ’, and other words show this. If some of this created ŋŋ’, a change > ŋŋ > ŋk is possible (other paths exist). With g^ > d^ > t^ > t in others, *jänte- could come from ŋγ ‘> ŋg’ (and a shift of palatalization to ŋ’g might be the source of ŋk also, hard to tell). This would also show that *ä-o > *ä-e occurred, and if for all front V, it would explain the many *-e and *-a in PU as partly from *-o-.

These same changes in F. jalka ‘foot / leg’, jälki ‘footprint, etc., seem to show more ev. of ja \ jä (and fronting caused by j or front V’s in general). With the l > n in *gWiy(e)tlāh > *jijetlax > *jetlax > *jätnex, it makes sense that these words were related (some say loans):

*g^heh1- > *gēn- > E. go, G. kikhā́nō ‘reach/find / overtake’, Alb. ngah ‘run/hasten’, Skt. jáhāti ‘*leave > abandon / renounce’

Skt. jáŋghā- ‘ankle/shank’, Os. zëng(ë) ‘shin/stalk’ >> L. zanga \ zancha ‘Parthian shoe’, It. zanca ‘leg’
*jalka > F. jalka ‘foot / leg’
*jelkä > F. jälki ‘footprint / track/trace/trail’
*jVCka > *jokkV-tta > *jo:h-ta > F. juohtua ‘come up / arise’, Mv. jaka- ‘walk’
*jänxe- > *jäŋV > F. jää- ‘remain’, Hn. jön \ jő \ jöv- \ jö- \ győn \ gyün(n) ‘come’, Mi. ji- \ jäj- \ jüw- \ jin’kve ‘(be)come’
*jekkV- ‘dance’ > Mi. jēk-

The many changes are, again, needed even if not a loan, not related, but only within PU. Since a root is often called by the word for ‘foot’ in other languages (even zëng(ë) ‘shin/stalk’ is part of this range of meaning), the similar changes in these words are likely ev. of other alternation:

*jekkVrV ‘root’ > Ms. jükäär, Hn. gyökér
*jälŋV ‘stump’ > Sm. jâlŋes

*(s)kermn- > Skt. cárman- ‘skin/hide’; *k’er’man > *c’eð’mä > *c’ämd’e > *c’äpte > Sm. čävddë ‘skin/bark’, Nen. s’āpt
*k’er’man > *kelmä > F. kelmä ‘membrane/surface’, kelme(e-) ‘white surface layer of birchbark’, Z. ken’
*kal’we > F. kalvo ‘membrane’, Mi. khal’p ‘*skin (flakes) > dandruff’, xal’ǝp ‘white surface layer of birchbark’

It is not reasonable that so many words for ‘skin/bark’ with the same shape be considered unrelated. I’ll add that in many languages, simply translating these as ‘skin’ not ‘membrane/surface (layer)’ is done, but since the distinction exists in English I avoided this to keep from appearing to only give data favoring my interpretation. These show m > w (as previous), and probably k’-r’ > k-r’ before k’ > c’ (compare opt. n’-l’ in *n’el’ja \ *nel’ja ‘4’ )

There are many examples of metathesis of K-P and P-K in Balto-Slavic. This has led to a loan being used to explain some of:

*pekW- ‘cook’ > Skt. pácyate, L. coquere, R. pekú, Li. kepù
*pexje- \ *pexije- > Mv. pije-, Hn. fő- ‘cook/boil’, En. feri’a-
*pišä- > Sm. bâsse- ‘roast on a spit’, Ud. pïž ‘bake/roast’, Mi. pīt- ‘cook/brew’
*kewje- \ *keje-? > F. keittä- ‘boil/cook’, Hn. köved- ‘boiled down’
*kips’ä > F. kypsä ‘ripe/cooked/baked’

I do not think 4 different IE languages happened to give 4 different loans at 4 different times into Uralic. There is no IE with e-y > i-y, p > w / 0, etc., needed for all (or maybe any) of these. The met. in R. pekú, Li. kepù is tempting, but this would still need pj > wj ( > j ), pj > ps’, e-j > i-j or some set of changes to explain all this. Since some of these are ‘ripe’ vs. ‘cook’ by itself, the odd cluster in *pekWwó- > Skt. pakvá- ‘cooked/baked/ripe’ might be responsible for met. to fix kWw, creating 2 sets. The alt. of e \ i in both groups is unlikely to be from separate causes; no IE with e > i here could be responsible, and there aren’t two IE with e > i AND k-p < p-k in one, not in the other. The same alt. in both groups then shows both groups were native, with a change not seen elsewher, more V-harmony. What I think happened:

*pekW-ye\o- > *pekwye- > *pekweye- > *pekwiye- > *pexije- ‘cook/boil’
*pekW-ye\o- > *pek’-yo- > *pix’yo- > *pišä- ‘bake/roast’
*pekW-wó- > *kWep-wó- > *kWep-yó- > *k(w)ipja > *kips’ä ‘ripe/cooked/baked’
*kWep-yó- > *kWew-yó- > *kewje- ‘boil/cook’

This requires alt. of kW \ kw and p \ f \ w (elsewhere), with j > dz’ > s’ opt. This p / w is required here in PU even for the alt. in F. keittä- ‘boil/cook’, kypsä ‘ripe/cooked/baked’. No matter what the source is, it exists, and has never been applied to other words. Knowing that p > w (or p > 0, depending on the timing and which reconstruction of PU is right) is possible, but never looking for matches of p : w when checking for cognates is not a useful method. The other examples of alt. also are needed within PU, even if ALL of these are loans, due to not being found in known IE languages. This means that we can get *witte ‘5’ from *penkWto- (as *septǝmó- ‘7th’ > L. septimus; *s’eŋ’c’emä > F. seitsemä- ‘7’). If the ‘7th’ > ‘7’ change was shared in the higher numbers, the clusters *-tt- in both ‘5’ and ‘6’ would be from *-CCto- in ‘5th’ and ‘6th’ in IE. This *(k)swek^sto- > *kutte ‘6’ might show a common set of changes:

*penkWto- *kswek^sto-
*fenxWto- *xswex^sto-
*fenxWto- *xwex^sto-
*finxWto- *xwex^sto-
*finxWto- *xwox^sto-
*finxWto- *xwox^xto-
*finxWto- *xwojxto-
*fixWto- *xwojxto-
*fitto- *xwojtto-
*fitto- *xojtto-
*witto- *xojtto-
*witto- *xujtto-

Though the details are not clear due to clusters like nkWt and k^st only occurring here (more on the other changes below), Cxt > Ctt probably is best.

Other oddities created by *kWw in IE include:

*pekWwó- > Skt. pakvá- ‘cooked/baked/ripe’, *pekWpó- > *mekpo > TB map(p)e ‘ripe’

with the same kWw > kp > p in *leikW- > Latin (re)linquere, *likWwotor > *likpotor > TB lipetär ‘is left over’. Usually, p-p > m-p would seem odd, but with the other changes of m > p in Toch. for no reason, the opposite caused by dissim. fits.

In the same way, PU makes other changes in Toch. understandable. The closest match of:

*pedyāx > TA päts, TB patsa ‘bottom’; *potsjä > *pesä > F. pesä ‘nest’

*ped(y)o- \ *pod(y)o- ‘place, ground, soil’ > G. pedíon ‘plain’, pédon ‘ground’, OCS podŭ ‘ground/foundation’, Ni. pad ‘foundation’, *eni- > MIr ined ‘place’, *enpodyo- > *yäpoy > TB yapoy, TA ype ‘land/country’

shows that PU dy > s (not s’ or c’ ) which seems to be from the difference of T before front V vs. j. It is easiest to explain if te > t’e, tj > t’j > ts’j first, before any other palatals > affricates, ts’j > č (deleting j ), later č > š > s before ṣ > š etc. (Skt. mákṣā- ‘fly’; *mekše > Mv. mekš ‘bee’). This same type could occur before loss of voicing, so dj and tj might differe in some way if only dy > ǰ > s. If the same sequence happened in Toch., then č or ǰ as an intermediate leading to ts would allow the apparent loss of d in *enpodyo- > *yenpoǰo- > *yäpoy to be explained y the same assim. of y-ǰ > y-y that I see in:

Skt. prayuj- ‘yoke/join/harness to / unite with’, also fem. noun ‘team’ >> *prayuyo- > *pyauryo > TB pyorye (fem.) ‘yoke’

which is probably an early loan before devoicing in Toch. It is unlikely a complicated sequence like this could be made more clear by PU data if patsa : pesä were unrelated.

*puk^syo- > Av. pusa-, NP fuš, Skt. púccha-m ‘tail/rod’, Hi. pūñch ‘tail/rear’, B. punzuṛO ‘tail’, *pačhoóḍ > Dk. p(h)ačoó \ čipóoy.
*po(n)čoxa > Mr. pač, X. poč, Mi. ponš-pun ‘tailfeather’, Nen. panco ‘tail’, En. batu’o

The *-x- is retained in Samoyed, others > 0 (opt. or between unstressed V’s?). Sine the suffix in Dardic and Dk. is probably -ula- > -uḍa- (as in Skt. lāNgūla-m & Sh. lʌmúṭi ‘tail’), probably analogy added it. This would require either a loan or a shared descent within IE. The similar words would then show met. in:

*poksyora > *pksyora > *poryaks > *pol’akš > Mi. pōl’ǝx ‘tail of reindeers’, Mh. pula ‘tail’, Mr. pulŭkš *behind/back > ‘shoulder(joint)’

The opt. p > w might merge with w > m in

*mä(n)c’Vx > Mi. man’s’ik ‘tail of reindeers’, Skp. mätjä

The origin of -N- in the Indic words (Hi. pūñch ‘tail/rear’, B. punzuṛO ‘tail’) being shared by PU would require either a loan or a shared descent within IE. The origin of this seems to be y > y~ (nasalized). This is seen in Indo-Iran.:

Bu. kHakHā́yo ‘shelled walnut’, Shina kHakHaái~

*h2loupehk^- > Skt. lopāśá-s > *lovāyá- > Kh. ḷòw, Dk. ló(o)i ‘fox’, Sh. lo(o)i~

*madhy~a- ‘middle’ > Braj māhi~ ‘in’, Hi. māñjh

*puk^syo- > Skt. púccha-m ‘tail/rod’, Hi. pūñch ‘tail/rear’, B. punzuṛO ‘tail’

This seems to become n in causatives like *kōreye- > Dk. (g)uráa- \ (g)uraaná ‘make _ do’, and apparent old causatives like *lōgheye- > Dk. lukh(ā)na ‘hide’. Also, old loans from Dardic (or related) to Bu. show y > n also:

Skt. méṣī- ‘ewe’, *méṣiy- > *méṣiy~ >> *méṣin > Bu. meénis ‘ewe over one year but not a mother’

Skt. videś[í]ya- ‘foreign’, Kv. vičó ‘guest’, Ni. vidišä, Kt. vadašó, *vadišiy~a >> *waišin > Bu. aíšen \ oóšin

This could come from intermediate y > ŋ^ > n^ > n. Other PU words show y > ŋ (and opt. ŋ > m, as previously). It is impossible for such an odd set of changes to be independent in supposedly unrelated languages that seem more like sub-branches to me.
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2023.03.26 10:33 TheTrueGamer66 I'm Lost in My Standing

BAD TITLE. Should be "I'm lost on my Gender Identity"
This first part is the background story:
Part 1 Early Stages: Hey there guys. I'm AMAB and I am beginning to feel lost in my position. From about 3rd grade I had small feelings of wanting to be a girl, but I shoved those away. . At one point I found a dress in a tub and had temptations to put it on, but I was scared of getting caught and that cause me to shove those feelings away, but they were still there. At around 5th grade they came back. I always found myself looking up fictional stories of becoming a girl on fictional story sites (cringy, I know). Things began to get complicated by middle school. In 6th grade, I began looking at girls skirts and finding myself wanting to dress up in them.
Part 2 Manifestation: It manifested until I went into the bathroom/laundry-room and put on my sister's skirts. I was caught after only 2 times by my mom. My mom is mildly homophobic and probably more transphobic. She didn't ground me or anything, but she definitely gave no approval. She had me have a talk with my dad. I don't remember what exactly was said, but I don't remember Dad having anywhere close the disapproval mom did. I ended up stopping for a certain amount of time out of guilt. But I found out about what trans people were and I found myself putting on my sister's clothes many more times and even began trying on her bras. The word trans would stick to me and never left my mind. This time I would make sure mom and my sister weren't home when dressed up. I had kept telling myself one more time each time I did it. I had even wanted to put on my mom's make up, but didn't dare risk it, but I tried lipstick once. This would go on until I graduated high-school and am now in college.
Part 3 College I live in a dorm. My roommate's girlfriend regularly in the room and practically lives in the dorm. I have had many temptations to put on her clothes, but didn't for fear of being caught and it was weird to me and seemed disrespectful to wear a stranger's clothes. This temptation built to where I finally said fuck it and went to a clothes store and began putting on girl's clothing. I felt liberated, and I took photos with that girl filter on snapchat, and I began to wish it was me. I then after that went to a Wall-greens to buy makeup because I thought it was cheap and looked up tutorials for how to do makeup to look like a girl. It was $100 and the most I ever spent on myself as a "luxury" at one time ever. I could not fathom spending that much prior. I began to put on makeup and nail polish and showing up in class (unfortunately don't look like a girl, but the makeup is obvious). No one cares and it feels good going out with makeup. Not only that, but I have also gotten really close to buying hormones (spironolactone and estradiol) off the internet, but stopped out of fear of University mail think it is contraband plus that stuff requires a perscription so I'd still get in trouble. I eventually told my sister (didn't give her an affinitive on my identity, but told her about what I had been doing after she realized I bought make up and she's also part of LGBT so I knew she would be a safe one to talk to). She said she was ok with it and she would be supportive of whatever I did and told me about sites where I could get clothes cheaply. I spree and got my self quite a bit of girl's clothes. I want to get more, but the other clothes are too expensive. I have begun wearing my clothes privately and secretly publicly and even picked out a name for myself, but the more I wear those the harder it is to change out of them. I have even risked getting caught returning to my dorm (they're partially separated by gender with a boy hall and girl hall) just to wear them longer and have even bought a wig and with makeup I look like a girl which is an absolute win.
Part 4 (Final part for background) (Dysphoria? Euphoric Moment?): I have found myself when I go out, I go out as a girl more and more and have been noticing some issues regarding how I feel about myself. While I look like a girl in the face(only with makeup and long hair unfortunately), my arms are, while not muscular, look beefy, and it really shakes my confidence. I have been looking for cardigans to cover my arms, but no luck and have been using a hot(temperature-wise jacket) because it honestly looks better than my beefy arms. I also have a squarish build and worry it looks boyish. Lastly are my legs. I am afraid that my calves look too muscular and it also shakes my confidence. I'm really worried how people will perceive or if they see through my veil of makeup and wig and recognize me. Then I also have small Euphoric moments when I look at a face mirror. Not only that I noticed I am piling up selfie after selfie of myself because of how much I enjoy looking at my face when I looks like that of a girl's. Then came a big moment. I was out in a dress and presented as a girl. I went to Mcdonalds as all the other places around were closed and it was late. I was heading to the bathrooms and a woman stopped me and asked for my name. I gave her my chosen name and she said she was sorry for bothering her and she then said I looked like her daughter. That sent so much happiness to me that I can't describe. I wasn't at all tearful, but it was probably the best I've felt in a while and has still stuck in my head.
Now this is where things get complex:
ISSUE 1 (Early-early Signs not so apparent): Growing up as I said, I had temptations and thoughts of being a girl, but doing research on dysphoria I am doubting myself. I looked at early signs and early signs often show a rejection or less adherence to things of masculine construct in favor of feminine. However, I notice I don't necessarily fit feminine as a child, but I never outright rejects things of feminine or masculine nature. I liked Spiderman and Sonic and Mario etc, but I also liked Winx Club and the Barbie Movies and etc and while they were my sister's movies, I never felt like I was just tolerating them, but actually enjoyed them. I know these aren't decisive, but they are known indicators, and most trans people I have seen as activists very much were all in on these signs whether they were MTF or FTM. I know that those things shouldn't be gendered and are not decisive factors, but even people like Jammidodger (FTM) admit that he liked footballs as a kid and hated wearing clothing specifically designed for women in our modern day world (also not exclusive to men, but that is considered a potential, but not at all deciding,sign for FTM individuals like himself as well as having mostly opposite-sex (not gender as he is a man) friends and trying to fit in with boys. I found myself with mostly guy friends growing up, but I was always more of an outsider, but the fact I never really tried to fit in with girls also makes me question myself.
ISSUE 2(Name): Outside of that nitty-gritty is where I am afraid. I've been watching and reading many trans people's stuff and the biggest is their assigned name. The thing is, I don't outright hate my name and I mostly enjoy my name my family calls me(Buddy). My birthname I have a complex relationship with. I don't like it being a boy's name, but I only sometimes feel dysphoric about it as the name also reminds me of my dad and I love my dad and he is the strongest and hardest-working man I know and I hope to be a lot like him someday in terms of heart and spirit. I sometimes do feel dysphoric about it like when I sometimes write my name or when people call me by my birth name. When my mind isn't thinking about fearing everything else going wrong, I feel dysphoric, and I'm worried if I'm trans if changing my name will hurt his feelings and about losing the name. Not only that, but I fear losing the name as I feel it connects me to my dad. I have chosen to make it a feminized variant as a middle name, but I still fear hurting my dad as it won't be my first name anymore as I still prefer my chosen name. I also don't wanna lose being called Buddy by my family (However, I much rather would prefer being called Buddy-girl over Buddy-boy by my dad). Even though it is a "masculine" name (I have great uncles who are named Buddy), it has been one that has been one used to distinct me and my dad and I always thought of it as a name of endearment and I don't consider it a strongly masculine word.
ISSUE 3(Boobs): Boobs. I gained quite a bit of weight in middle school (junk food) and developed small boobs (I don't know if it's actual breast tissue or just chest fat). My mom said she was concerned I would be made fun of, and I felt dissatisfied with them as I associated them with being fat. I told myself that as a boy I couldn't have boobs. However, as I have been actively trying to lose weight, I have been afraid of losing them and hoping by some miracle that they are from a hormone issue and thus won't go away as I lose weight, and I have also been wishing they were bigger as I have been exploring my identity.
(Final) ISSUE 4 (Puberty): Another issue trans people talk about is puberty and how it affects them. For me it wasn't the worst thing, but still not good. I went through puberty and things are weird here. I don't like it, but unlike what others say, I don't say it was the most excruciating thing. It is quite painful, but not by any means almost suicidal level or severely depressed level like most seem to mention. It sucks though. I'm not a fan of my voice at all. It is while higher pitched, very heavy and quite buzzy and it makes it difficult to sound feminine where I'm scared to order food or speak to anyone. I already mentioned my dissatisfaction with my arms and legs. I also think my height sucks, 5'9 is a little too tall, but I don't mind my height at all (mostly cause I can make fun of my sister lol). I'm also not satisfied with my body build as I am almost squarish. Outside of serious dissatisfaction and quite a bit of dysphoria, I haven't felt this utmost severe dysphoria that everyone mentions. I don't have any facial hair (thank god), but I worry about getting it in the future as my dad's facial hair was late, so I worry on that future, and I don't have an adam's apple, and I don't think my build looks terrible when I wear outfits that make my boobs appear.
As seen by the issues and background it has me questioning things. I really think I am a girl, but due to not having as strong dissatisfaction that most seem to talk about I am doubting myself. I know everyone's experiences are different, but mine seems so far outside the status quo that I am getting nervous. I thought I might be Non-Binary, but I don't feel that way at all. I feel more like a girl than non-Binary. Yet I also wonder if I'm just a feminine man as I don't adhere what most trans people I've listened to. However, that doesn't satisfy me as I don't feel like man either. If I am a girl, then I'm afraid of the consequences. It gets worse as time goes on because I have been wanting more and more to go to class as a girl and spend most, if not all my time as a girl, but my voice isn't good enough yet, and I'm worried of what my peers will think of me.
Consequences and fears (You can & probably should just read TLDR here)
***TLDR: TwinSisterWouldbeCoolMomNotsoMuch:***I know my sister will be supportive (she's a twin btw) as she is LGBT herself, and she already knows about my questioning on identity. My mom however, is, as I said, mildly homophobic, but she denies that. She thinks trans(especially non-binary) people are loony. She thinks most people are gay because it is taught. She acknowledges gay people exist, and claims she doesn't care if anyone's gay (she told my and my sister we shouldn't have any issue with an LGBT roommate as that was a question for helping match a roommate(neither of us did surprise surprise), but you have the issue of literally everything homophobic she says, it's so paradoxical), but she seems to say that someone who is gay has obvious signs they are gay from an early age. While true, gay people can have signs from an early age, obviousness varies, and some people don't find out until much later. Unfortunately to make matters worse, my mom is damn good at reading people just from a photo due to years of working fast food (accurately guessed the character of my classmates with about 95% accuracy without crunching numbers), so trying to convince her I'm the 5% will be fucking impossible especially with me being her kid and being trans rather than just gay.
TLDRDadUnknownReactionIsScary: Then there's my dad. The scary part is I don't know how he'd react. My dad seems very lax on gay people and seems to genuinely not mind on people's sexuality and has shown to snigger or say sarcastically "Yes honey." when mom says something homophobic, not in an agreeing way either, my dad has only ever said "Yes honey" when he's sarcastic. However, I have no idea what his opinions are on trans people as that is likely something he's not too familiar with. The only thing I can think of worst than my dad being angry, as I don't think he'll be too angry, is him being heartbroken. If my dad is heartbroken, it would hurt more than any yelling from my mom. Because I think deep down he would feel like he lost his son and there is some more serious background around dad that I'm not going to get into out of respect for him. It was a sad time for my dad.
TLDRConservativeFamily My family is very conservative as far as I'm aware and much of them are individually. My grandma is very religious and my mom is mildly. I think one of my cousins and an aunt wouldn't be too bothered, but the rest of the family is a no-go.
TLDRPeersatCollegeRisky The college I go to is particularly odd. There's quite a bit of religious influence, but in the city people (especially younger women) have been increasing
Final Thoughts and Questions
As a result of these feelings I have had I have considered coming out as trans at least to my sister, but as I had these conflicted feelings I thought I would ask you guys what you thought as I don't wanna come out for it to be more awkward explaining I wasn't x but actually y as it takes a lot from me to have the courage to do so. I'm wondering if you guys could help me out, I'm pretty sure I'm a trans girl, but due to the issues above, I wanna make sure I get it right. Also I would like to know if I should tell my sister whom will be cool about it. I know she will want to tell her friends, but I don't want her to. I know she'll respect my wishes, but I think she'd be a little heartbroken by me telling her she can't tell her friends as she already told them about my previous tendencies of putting on women's clothing. Thank you so much for reading. I apologize if this was long. It is a complicated story.
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"Theres a reason people tend not to do... what we are doing. Lives get messed up and.. well I won't talk about the genetics bit... I don't want to be responsible for screwing you up.. Jesus." I gave a nervous laugh.
The stress of being about the drug was heavy upon the teenager and she was moving to leave. "He did mention something about you having daughters?"
"You could say that," she said, sniffing. I recognized her trying to get a hold of herself. Our parents weren't due back for a while, but if they saw she'd been crying there could be awkward questions.
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