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2023.03.30 19:14 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 5 Surpasses 150 Million Units Sold As GTA 6 Hype And Rumors Heat Up

Grand Theft Auto V is still going strong nearly eight years after it first debuted on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 (remember those?), followed by a slightly newer re-release on Windows PCs and the the PS4 and Xbox One. To date, publisher Take-Two Interactive has sold over 150 million copies of GTA V on various platforms.
The publisher revealed the impressive sales stat as part of its earnings report for its fiscal first quarter of 2022. Looking at the data from the previous quarter, it means T2 sold an additional 5 million copies in the past three months. Not too shabby, given that GTA V is far from a new game at this point. That is not the end of it, either.
T2 plans to launch an "expanded and enhanced version" for the latest generation game consoles, those being the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, on November 11, 2021. Developer Rockstar Games had previously said the updated version will bring "new features and more" to the table, but the details are still largely a mystery.
"The new generation versions of GTAV will feature a range of technical improvements, visual upgrades and performance enhancements to take full advantage of the latest hardware, making the game more beautiful and more responsive than ever," Rockstar Games said last year.
We presume the retooled version of GTA V will tap into the fast storage capabilities of modern consoles, to drastically reduce game load times. It will also leverage the newer hardware in the latest gen consoles, namely the custom SoC based on AMD's Zen 2 CPU cores and RDNA 2 graphics.
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2023.03.30 19:13 ADudeOnReddit939 My goals and success no longer seem to matter.

This is more of a vent sesh but also seeking advice. I’ll be vague for identifying possibilities.
Married (28F and 30M) with two children. When we first met I was working at a small company that was meant to be a stepping stone in construction management. I’ll admit that I got a little comfortable here. It was stable and the money was decent but the benefits were almost non existent since it was a small privately owned company.
After our first child we decided that I needed a job with better benefits since I was given only a week off for paternal leave and we had planned on having more kids.
I went back to school to be certified in a trade which we both thought would be beneficial and have plenty of growth and opportunity in the future. I quickly found a job afterwards and the strife began. My schedule sucked for sure. Some days I would work 8 hours and others I would work 11 hours. My wife thought I was doing this on purpose and we would fight because I would come home late. Truth is I was stuck on a job, that’s just how it was.
I left that job because of the schedule and found a retail position at a company for which I’m sure I can grow steadily in. I took a bit of a pay cut but the benefits are the best of all and we know when I’ll be home everyday.
Now what’s starting to bother me is that whenever I talk about potential for advancement the conversation gets killed. Or there’s silence. My wife wants to go back to school and get a job so that we can travel and basically live on the road. That doesn’t really fit with the goals that we planned not only for my career but for our family and when I try to talk about it I’m accused of being non supportive. We have always dreamed of having a beautiful house where we could raise our kids and now that seems to have turned into an RV or an Airbnb. All I want to do is support my family the best I can and I don’t have a degree to take on the road.
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2023.03.30 19:13 Lephutshi 🌊 Riverfront Vacant Plot For Sale in Daunara, Botswana

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2023.03.30 19:13 thesweetsknees very bizarre photoshop bug

every time I hit "-" on my keyboard within a Photoshop text layer, it has the effect of hitting home slash changing my typing direction and I have no idea why. For example, if I were to type "merry-go-round" I would end up with "round-go-merry".
I checked my keyboard preferences to see if maybe somehow "-" got bound to typing orientation, but nothing in the entire type panel has a keybind set. I also don't have any keystroke modification programs running, and am pretty sure it's an internal Photoshop problem because nowhere else do I have the issue.
I use a 60% apple magic keyboard.
What the heck???? What's going on and how do I fix it?
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2023.03.30 19:12 BestFoodphotographer Stylist Food photographer in Haryana Manish Rajput

Stylist Food photographer in Haryana Manish Rajput
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2023.03.30 19:12 gooeysnails I fell for a fake check scam and i really don't know how to cope with this or live with myself

I am an artist. I have a bachelor's in Illustration though I haven't done much with that, I do sometimes work on painting commissions here and there.
Basically this person on Instagram wanted me to paint her dogs and it turned out to be a fake check scam... I felt weird about the whole thing, but ignored the red flags because her account looked normal and she honestly just struck me as a kind of clueless old boomer woman. I even researched if it may be a scam and thought I was good as long as the check "cleared" before i sent any money. Once I thought one check had cleared, and she told me she also wanted to pay for another painting, I trusted her at that point and... long story short between the 2 checks she wrote me, and the "refunds" i sent on venmo, she got about 75% of what was in my bank account.
The problem is I didn't understand that even after it looks like a check is deposited, it actually takes longer to officially clear. I wish I had understood that. I've filed a police report, contacted venmo and my bank 1000x in the past day, and it sounds like venmo may be able to refund me once they've communicated with police. I tried to go to the police station today and just ask questions, how does this work, have they contacted venmo yet, etc. But they told me the officer I filed the report with was busy and he'd call me when he was free... I'm just scared. Any minute the scammer could realize I'm onto them and just delete their venmo accounts I sent the money to, and then I definitely have no chance.
I just feel so isolated and stupid. I always thought I was a smart person who couldn't be victimized on this way, but this scam was so obvious. My friend from college said they were approached by the same instagram user but they evaded it. I haven't told them I fell for it but I just know they'd judge me, and that's probably my closest friend.
My girlfriend made me feel better yesterday, because she almost fell for a job scam recently too. and I was trying to focus on then positive because it could have been much worse. I'm not overdrawn in my bank account, just severely set back, and that's only because I refused to accept a 3rd check because I felt so annoyed and uncomfortable with this person even as they were scamming me.. I trusted my gut the 3rd time they tried to send me money, if I hadn't I would be in really big trouble with the bank.
But still, I worked 6 months to save all that. I moved from MA to NC last June and it's been a terrible decision for me, my only hope has been that I can save up enough money to try to move back home. But now all the money I worked so hard for, in one of the darkest periods of my life, is gone. And I feel like I'm entering the darkest point of all.
they really played to my weaknesses and insecurities. I have severe anxiety and very little resources to treat it. I have a huge fear of upsetting authority/"mother" figures, really crippling anxiety about letting anyone down at all, which is why this person was able to manipulate me so well. I was just starting to feel a little better since the move, since i finally found a job that pays decent. And then this happens. I feel like I trusted myself to not be hurt in this way, I was even trying to finally get my art career started after so long avoiding it due to my depression and anxiety. It feels like the universe is telling me I should just rot. I miss my family so much. I don't know how to trust myself again or take any kind of pride in myself after I've fallen for something so obvious. I feel so stupid. Like I don't know what I'm supposed to be in the world but it was a mistake for me to be born a human person. I don't fit here. I can't do anything right.
I called venmo support a bunch of times yesterday and it sounds like the only way they can refund my money at this point is if the police communicate with them about this. Idk why the police hadn't contacted them by last night when i called, I filed the police report midmorning yesterday but when I called venmo at like 8pm they hadn't heard from anyone at the police department. I'm trying to trust the officer I spoke to but honestly I've never trusted police, I know they probably don't care about this because they have more pressing issues to worry about. But for me it feels like a nightmare. Every second we wait is a second the scammer may catch wise and vanish...
I've worked a lot of office jobs and I know things are always slipping through the cracks, especially since 2020 customer service has become like pulling teeth. But I have to wait and be beholden to these people who hold the power to help me but don't care about me.
The worst thing I can do is to message the scammer on instagram and yell at them or ask them for my money back. But obviously that isn't going to work, and will just make things worse. But it's the only thing I have in my power. So it honestly feels tempting. Idk. Idk. I just don't know how to handle this. I don't knownhow to find someone else who knows what I'm going through. I don't know how long it takes the police to contact venmo and no one wants to tell me and give me an explanation of what to expect.
If anyone has any resources that would be appreciated. I really feel like I've been pushed down 100 flights of stairs
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2023.03.30 19:12 boxesgen Where to Buy Clothes Boxes?

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  1. Wide Range of Boxes BoxesGen offers a vast selection of clothes boxes in different sizes and materials, making it easy to find the perfect box for your specific needs. Whether you need a large wardrobe box to transport your hanging clothes or a smaller box for your folded clothes, BoxesGen has got you covered. They also offer specialized boxes for shoes, hats, and other accessories.
  2. Affordable Prices One of the significant benefits of purchasing clothes boxes from BoxesGen is their affordable prices. You can save money by purchasing boxes in bulk, and they often offer deals and discounts to help you save even more. Plus, their prices are competitive with other packaging retailers, ensuring you're getting great value for your money.
  3. High-Quality Boxes BoxesGen takes pride in offering high-quality boxes that are sturdy and durable, ensuring your clothes are protected during transport or storage. Their boxes are made from premium materials and are designed to withstand the weight of your clothes without collapsing or tearing. You can rest assured that your clothing items will arrive at their destination in the same condition as when they were packed.
  4. Convenient Online Ordering Another significant benefit of purchasing clothes boxes from BoxesGen is the convenience of online ordering. You can browse their selection of boxes from the comfort of your own home, and they'll deliver your order directly to your doorstep. This is especially helpful if you're short on time or don't have a packaging retailer nearby.
In conclusion, if you're looking for high-quality clothes boxes at an affordable price, BoxesGen is an excellent option for all your packaging needs. With their wide range of boxes, competitive prices, and convenient online ordering, you can easily find the perfect box for your specific needs. So, head to their website today and start shopping for your clothes boxes.
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2023.03.30 19:12 ThisHatFitsFine I didn't go flying and I'm proud of myself

Every year my wife and I go to the beach for her birthday. The coast is about 1.5 hour drive or a 20 minute flight. The last few years I've gotten back into flying again but my home field is 5000 long while most the coastal strips are 2200 or smaller.
The plane I fly is a bit of a handful and while I have 40 hours in it (340 total) I'm still learning. She asked me if I could fly her to the beach for her birthday this year and initially I said yes but as we got closer I started to worry about being able to land there so I decided to say we'll drive this year and next year we'll fly.
I'm glad I made that decision. I knew if we flew there I would feel a lot of pressure to land and make the trip happen even if I didn't feel super comfortable landing. I know she wouldn't quite understand if I shot a landing, didn't like it and flew back. I'm going to spend this year getting familiar with short field landings locally and a few coast trips by myself so next year I have the confidence to make the trip with her.
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2023.03.30 19:12 ShimmyShane The Best Strategy For The Left Regarding The Ukraine War: Encouraging Mutiny In the Russian Army

It is my firm belief that the anti-imperialist stance in Ukraine is that it should not be invaded and the Russian army must end the war by leaving. Currently the discourse revolves around two strategies:
1) Supporting Western Nations giving needed weapons and supplies to the Ukrainian defenders to push out the Russians 2) Promoting that the Ukrainians should not be supplied leaving them likely to be overrun by the Russian army.
It’s evidently clear that these two options do not reach consensus among leftists. The thing is though that the Left does not have the material capacity to meaningfully influence or affect either of the two above options with the current state of our movement.
There is a third option for organizing however that is not just in line with leftist internationalism but is also materially available to leftists: Promoting mutiny among Russian soldiers.
Russias army is the attacker in this scenario and thus is the initiator of conflict. It’s clear that their generals do not have the best interests of their soldiers or Ukrainians at heart. The soldiers, who are fellow proletarians, are being used as cannon fodder.
Every leftist organization in the West has access to the internet. Russias communications have proven themselves open to sabotage. We must flood Russias citizenry and it’s soldiers with agitprop encouraging mutiny. Material and money should be distributed to leftist channels in Ukraine. Calls for solidarity with Russian mutineers should be made by organizations around the world. Pamphlets promoting Russian soldier mutiny should be distributed en masse
The war ends when the Russias proletarian soldiers mutiny. It ends when they arrest their officers and demand to be let home.
If the Russians mutiny, then AFTER we can call for Ukrainian defenders and comrades to do the same. But it has to be the Russian army first.
Enough bickering about NATO or the benefits of a Russian victory and “multi-polarity”. It’s gotten us nowhere. We do not have the capacity to organize a general strike to end the war. We DO have the capacity however to flood Russian communication channels with agitprop for mutiny with little more than our access to the internet and printers. This is how we engage in solidarity and effective anti-imperialism.
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2023.03.30 19:12 chotulus Earn Extra Cash As A Student - Work From Home!

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2023.03.30 19:12 GIGA30 My struggle to lose weight despite trying what feels everything

I'm a 22-year-old male, standing at 180 cm and weighing 104 kg. I'm really struggling to lose weight and it's becoming increasingly frustrating. I've tried a lot of different methods, but nothing seems to be working for me. I wanted to share my story with you all and maybe get some advice or insight on what I could be doing wrong.
Last summer, I managed to lose some weight when I was walking 20,000 steps a day and eating less due to working night shifts. I was eating only before going to work. I went from around 112 kg to 100 kg, which gave me some hope. So when my job ended, I started exercising at home.
I started off by incorporating 30-45 minutes of biking at home into my daily routine (I can hardly put more in my schedule) since I can't afford a gym membership but I was fluctuating around 102 kg. When that didn't work, I tried using the ECA stack for 3 months while working out but saw no change. To suppress my appetite, I've tried ginger, nicotine gums, and drinking lots of water. With that I managed to stop eating between meals. I'm currently living with my parents, so I don't have control over what's being cooked for dinner, making it hard to accurately count calories for that meal. However, I chose my own breakfast and lunch and they combined are around 800 calories. I avoid snacking, alcohol, and soda as well and don’t eat junk food. I’ve tried skipping lunch entirely to lower even more my calories but I can’t, if I don’t eat I feel weak and I can’t focus and work properly.
I have been doing this for 8 months with a 2 month break in between where I did not gain any weight nor lose any. I genuinely don't understand why I can't lose weight. I feel like I've done everything by the book, and yet nothing is changing. I've even considered weight loss surgery, but as a student, I can't afford the costs. It feels like I'm stuck and running out of options. Even though I won’t stop exercising and trying to lose weight, whatever the cost, it feels more and more that I do that just to cope and not feeling bad that I’m a fatty.
Has anyone else experienced a similar struggle? Is there any hope for me or am I doomed to stay at this weight? Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read my story.
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2023.03.30 19:12 ll--o--ll Does batting or bowling win the IPL? Cricbuzz

Does batting or bowling win the IPL? Cricbuzz
There is a statement that has acquired cult status, especially on the T20 circuit, over the years: 'Batters win you matches. Bowlers win you tournaments.' But how true is this? In the first 15 seasons of the IPL, we have seen franchises build teams with a balance weighing towards one side or the other depending on a multitude of factors such as their home venue, style of captaincy and resource availability.
As the 16th edition looms on the horizon, it is a good time to revisit the data from the past and see if the statement is just a subjective conclusion that has led to a sweeping generalization, or whether it actually holds water. A deep look at the numbers shows whether one discipline is actually more important than the other, but also reveals the most complete championship[1]winning side thus far, who was the standout franchise over the first 15 years, and how to succeed at a batting-friendly venue like the Chinnaswamy.
A batting impact score is therefore derived by combining the run rate and balls per dismissal (RR x BpD/100), and similarly the formula for bowling impact score is the combination of economy rate and strike rate (ER x S100). To figure out a team's total impact score for a season, we compare their batting and bowling impact scores with the average of the other teams in the tournament.
For example, Rajasthan Royals in IPL 2022 scored 8.72 runs per over and lost a wicket every 20.88 balls, whereas the other nine teams cumulatively scored at 8.52 and lost a wicket every 18.57 deliveries. This gives the Royals a batting impact score of 1.82 (8.72 x 20.88 divided by 100 = 1.82) compared to the tournament average of 1.58, meaning their net batting impact score was +0.24.
Likewise, they conceded at 8.51 per over and took a wicket every 19.19 balls in comparison to 8.54 and 18.76 by the other teams. This works out to a bowling impact score of 1.63 for the Royals, while the remaining nine sides managed 1.60. The net bowling value for the Royals is therefore -0.03, and their total impact score for IPL 2022 is +0.21 (+0.24 - 0.03).

'Batters win you matches and bowlers win you tournaments.' But do they?

Let's start by looking at the broader trend.
There are 126 instances of teams featuring across the 15 editions of IPL (Mumbai Indians for IPL 2008 is considered one instance, while their appearance in 2009 is considered another). Among those 126 instances, there have been 39 occasions that teams have finished with both batting and bowling impact scores in the green. The average final ranking for these sides is 2.7, which falls within the playoff qualification bracket (the top four sides qualify for the knockouts in IPL). In 27 instances teams have finished with a positive batting impact score and negative bowling impact score, and these sides on average have a ranking of 5.1.
On the other hand, of the 25 times teams finished with a negative batting impact score and positive bowling impact score, they had a marginal improvement in average ranking to 4.8. From the data analyzed above, it is safe to conclude that going bowling heavy at the expense of batting will not pay dividends and the sides that have done the best are the one that found the right balance, even if it is slightly tilted towards the bowling. If we look at individual cases, the above adage was perhaps put to its sternest test in 2018.
In general, across all T20 cricket, 2018 was the best batting year and the story was no different in IPL with scoring rates peaking at 8.65. CSK were the best batting team of the tournament with a batting impact score of +0.59, well ahead of the next placed Delhi Capitals (+0.24), while SRH was one of the two teams that ended with a positive bowling impact score. SRH successfully defended totals of under 150 thrice in the season and regularly restricted oppositions to par totals or below.
The two sides faced off against each other four times with CSK coming out on top on every occasion, including the final where they upstaged SRH's bowling by chasing 179 to win by eight wickets. In 13 matches against teams other than CSK that season, SRH went at 7.92 and picked a wicket every 17.18 balls, but they came undone against CSK with the same parameters reading 8.91 and 30.67 respectively from four exchanges.
CSK's batting impact score of +0.59 in 2018 was the best among all the teams that won IPL and they were one of only two trophy[1]winning sides to register a negative bowling impact score (MI in 2015 being the only other side). In this case, batting trumped bowling.

SRH bowling vs CSK batting in 2018
Another instance of this hypothesis being put through the acid test was in the 2015 final. This was the only instance of a final being played between a team with a positive bowling impact score and a negative batting impact score, and an opponent with scores the other way around. CSK, the league toppers, finished with impact scores of -0.04 and +0.27 in batting and bowling respectively.
Their opponents in the final - MI - were the best batting unit of the season with an impact score of +0.35, double the next best, while in bowling their score was -0.11. MI were 0.39 points ahead of CSK in batting and 0.38 points behind CSK in bowling making it the most batting vs bowling heavy sides in terms of impact scores facing each other in a summit clash. MI made 202/5 batting first and got the better of CSK, restricting them to 161 to make it 3-1 in head-to-head clashes in the season. So once again we saw batting strength getting the better of bowling strength.

The bowling heavy sides that went all the way

If the above suggests that it is batting that clinches trophies, let's look at some bowling teams that went all the way. In 2019, CSK were a hit away from clinching the title. The IPL returned to Chennai for a full season for the first time in a while and the tracks on offer at Chepauk slowed down significantly as the match progressed, which meant spin was the order of the day.
CSK realized this early and were aided in their pursuit by the fact they won six tosses out of eight home games. Luck factor aside, CSK on average bowled 15 balls of spin every innings more than their visitors, which proved to be the clincher. Imran Tahir was the Purple Cap winner that year with 26 scalps, while Harbhajan Singh and Ravindra Jadeja played the supporting cast to perfection. Deepak Chahar and Dwayne Bravo capped off the attack, owning either ends of the innings.
Each of CSK's top four leading wicket takers picked 15+ wickets at economy rates under 7.50 per over, covering up for what was one of CSK's weakest seasons with the bat. Two bowling dominant sides that went on to lift the silverware are Rajasthan Royals in the inaugural IPL and Kolkata Knight Riders in 2012, both with a bowling impact score of +0.28. Royals in 2008 had three of the four highest wicket takers (Sohail Tanvir, Shane Warne & Shane Watson) of the season, and a strong bowling attack was the backbone of their success at their bowling-friendly home in Jaipur, where they did not lose a single game.
The story was similar for KKR in 2012, where Sunil Narine led the attack with 24 wickets at an economy rate of 5.48 and was backed up by bowlers who made full use of the Eden Gardens track. No other championship-winning side has had their total impact score significantly boosted by bowling impact like KKR in 2012 (bowling impact score of +0.25 to batting impact score of +0.03). SRH in 2016 is another title-winning team whose balance was more skewed to their bowling unit.
They remain an anomaly as the only champions who had a negative batting impact score (-0.06), despite a cracking season from their skipper David Warner who hit 848 runs. Bhuvneshwar was the Purple Cap winner with 23 wickets and formed a formidable pairing with Mustafizur Rahman, who finished with 17 wickets and played big hand for them throughout the season.

Team with best bowling impact scores
The most complete championship-winning side

It would be little surprise to anyone who has followed IPL diligently to hear which was the most rounded side that ever lifted the silverware. No other side dominated an IPL season as much as Mumbai Indians did in the 2020 edition.
They lost just five games in the season, two via Super Over and one when they rested most of their first choice players, underscoring their dominance. SRH in 2017 aside (more on them later), MI in 2020 is the only team that finished with a batting impact score above +0.50 and a bowling impact score above +0.25.
They had a strong batting order with three of their top four batters (Quinton de Kock, Ishan Kishan & Suryakumar Yadav) aggregating 480+ runs at 140+ strike rate, while both Kieron Pollard and Hardik Pandya provided the finishing touch to the innings striking at 175+. MI scored at 9.09 per over and lost a wicket every 24.41 balls - RCB in 2016 is the only other instance of a team managing the double of 9+ run rate and 22+ balls per dismissal.
Despite the obvious chinks in the bowling attack - like the lack of a genuine second overseas seamer and Hardik's inability to bowl - Jasprit Bumrah (27 wickets, SR 13.33) and Trent Boult (25 wickets, SR 13.76) controlled either half of the innings, which ensured that their bowling towered above the rest. MI on average were +1.15 runs ahead every over of the opposition (run rate of 9.09 and economy rate of 7.94), which was the best a team managed in a season.


Chennai Super Kings, with an average impact score of +0.41 across the 13 editions in which they competed, is the standout IPL side in the first 15 years of the competition's journey. CSK registered a positive impact score in 12 of the 13 seasons they featured in, missing out only in IPL 2022 - which also happens to be the only time both their batting and bowling impact scores were in negative territory Among the sides which have featured in at least three editions SRH is a territory. Among the sides which have featured in at least three editions, SRH is a distant second with an average impact score of +0.14, while MI is the only other side to register a net average impact score in positive territory (+0.09).
Of the top ten entries on total impact score across the 15 editions, CSK occupy as many as five of them, with three of those culminating in title wins (2011, 2018 & 2021). In all three title-winning seasons, they managed a +0.50 batting impact score while their bowling impact score in all of these seasons was below +0.10, underscoring how batting-dominant CSK have been in their successful years. CSK teams are renowned for having deep batting lineups and they often rely on skipper MS Dhoni's tactical acumen to ensure the bowling unit's output is greater than the sum of its parts.
The only exception to this trend was their maiden title win in 2010 where they achieved their lowest batting impact score (+0.25) and highest bowling impact score (+0.11) of their four title-winning seasons. They were staring at an early exit midway through the tournament with just two wins from seven matches but regrouped well in the second half to win five matches, four of them at their bastion at Chepauk, to stage a comeback that culminated in the double of IPL and CLT20 trophies.

Title winning teams with impact scores
Cracking the Chinnaswamy code
A common denominator for every T20 dynasty is the dominance at their home ground and a team built around the characteristics of it - for example the fast bouncy wickets at Perth for the Scorchers, or the Chepauk turner for Chennai Super Kings. The Chinnaswamy Stadium typically presents a flat wicket combined with short boundaries, negating the home team's ability to assemble a squad tailored to the venue and leaving them little home advantage.
Yet RCB seemed to crack the code when they realized it is futile to plan to defend runs, and a far better strategy to go hunting for wickets. The 2015 RCB bowling attack did this to perfection when four of their highest wicket takers (Yuzvendra Chahal, Mitchell Starc, Harshal Patel & David Wiese - all with 15+ wickets each) combined to take 76 wickets between them at a rate of one every 13.9 balls. RCB's strike rate of 15.10 in that season is the best any side had managed in a season and the blueprint was set.
In the following year, they followed the same strategy with changes in personnel around Chahal. Chahal broke the door to national team selection with a 21-wicket season (SR 14.05) and was assisted by Shane Watson (20 wickets, SR 16.95), Chris Jordan (11 wickets, SR 15.27) and Sreenath Aravind (11 wickets, SR 15.91). As mentioned below, they failed to grab the clutch moments in the final and fell at the last hurdle for the third time.
The Chinnaswamy wicket was re-laid in 2017 but RCB veered away from this approach in the following years, failing to qualify for the Play Offs for three consecutive seasons between 2017 and 2019. They haven't played at the venue in the post-Covid era, a phase in which they have leaned towards a strong bowling lineup - unlike the sides of the past which were heavily loaded towards batting. RCB did find some success with their new approach, making the Play Offs for three successive years since 2020. How RCB's fortunes will pan out as they return to their home at Chinnaswamy will be one of the stories to watch out for in the 2023 IPL.

The outliers

In the 126 instances of teams featuring in the IPL so far, only one team has managed a total impact score of over one point. To the surprise of many, the team in picture is SunRisers Hyderabad in 2017, who finished third in the league phase, winning eight of the 13 completed games. SRH lost a wicket every 26.32 balls, which happens to be the second best a team ever managed in a season(marginally behind Chennai Super Kings' 26.63 in 2014).
Bowling strike rate wise, their 16.36 deliveries per wicket was only bettered on two other instances, giving them a positive difference of almost ten balls for every wicket lost and every wicket taken - the highest any team has ever achieved in a season. SRH in 2017 had five batters aggregating over 200 runs, four of them averaging over 28 balls per dismissal, while four of them scored those runs at a 135+ strike rate.
David Warner won the Orange Cap for his 641 runs (SR 142, BpD 41) followed by Shikhar Dhawan (479 runs, SR 127, BpD 29), Moises Henriques (277 runs, SR 136, BpD 34), Kane Williamson (256 runs, SR 151, BpD 28) and Yuvraj Singh (252 runs, SR 142, BpD 20). SunRisers' run rate of 8.64 was the highest they ever managed in an IPL season, further underlining how good a season they had batting wise - in a phase where SRH were renowned for their bowling-heavy strategy under Tom Moody.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar led the bowling charts, winning Purple Cap for the second year running with an eye popping strike rate of 12 balls every wicket. A teenaged Rashid Khan made giant strides in his debut IPL season with 17 scalps at an economy of 6.63, followed by Siddarth Kaul and Mohammed Siraj, who bagged 16 and 10 scalps at strike rates of 13.4 and 13.8 respectively.
In a tournament where they dominated with both bat and ball, SRH were unlucky not to go further as they crashed out in the Eliminator to KKR at the Chinnaswamy Stadium. The tracks at Chinnaswamy were re-laid before the season which made it play contrary to its usual self, making batting a mean job. Adding to SRH's misfortune, the chase was cut short when rain reduced the game to a five-over shootout, leaving them little chance of a comeback.

Teams with best impact scores
The only other instance a team came close to match SunRisers' feat was RCB in IPL 2016, where they finished with a net impact score of +0.96. They assembled what could arguably be the finest batting lineup the IPL has ever witnessed - Virat Kohli, AB de Villiers, Chris Gayle, Shane Watson, and KL Rahul making up their top five. Kohli's magnum opus of 973 runs in a single edition in 2016 remains unmatched, and he was ably supported by AB de Villiers (687 runs, Avg 52.85, SR 169) and KL Rahul in what was his breakout season (397 runs, Avg 44.11, SR 146). RCB's scoring of 9.63 in 2016 is the best any team has managed in an IPL season thus far, and they did so losing a wicket only every 26.17 balls, giving them a batting impact score of 0.92 - the highest any team achieved in a season.
Gayle and Watson did not have particularly fruitful tournaments with the bat, but Watson more than made it up for that with his best season with the ball, accounting for 20 wickets. Like SRH in 2017, RCB was also unlucky not to end their title drought in 2016 as they failed to latch on to the key moments on the night that mattered. From a winning position, their inform middle order choked under pressure in the back half of the run chase to end eight runs short.

Team with best batting impact scores

The unlucky ones

Of the top 25 teams on total impact score, the only side that failed to make it past the league phase is the RCB side of 2013. They finished with a total impact score of +0.60, while no other side that finished outside the top four could even get to +0.30. RCB in 2013 also remain the only side across 15 seasons that failed to finish in the top four despite winning more than half of their league games (nine wins and seven defeats from 16 league games).
MI in 2008 is another side that was unfortunate to miss the knockouts despite a total impact score of +0.28. They started off in the worst possible manner, losing four games on the trot, their original captain injured and their stand-in captain suspended. They staged a remarkable comeback to win their next six games before falling agonizingly short in the final over in their following three games.

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2023.03.30 19:12 Colony_Nine Takanaka music on Merchbar?

I was listening to some Takanaka music on Spotify and I saw this website on the Spotify page. Has anyone bought from this site before? I haven’t heard of it.
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2023.03.30 19:12 jjeff09 [US, US] [H] Modern Charizards, Eevolutions, Tag Teams, Trainer Galleries, Secret Items, GXs, Legendary Collection, PayPal [W] PayPal or Full Art Trainer Needs (attached google sheet)

I have some cards wanting to sell or trade.
Time Stamp + Card Lot Images
Card Lot in Google Sheet
Prices are priced of TCG Player Market Price. But feel free to offer.
For Sale : PayPal GS. Add $6 for BMWT. If it is a cheap card, can do $1 for PWE (plain white envelope, sleeved, toploader, padding)
For Trades, looking for these Full Art Trainers (Google Sheet, sorted from oldest to newest set)

Let me know if you have any questions :)

P.S. if you want to buy the whole lot $520 (75%) (shipping and fees included), will definitely entertain that.

Let's make a deal!
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2023.03.30 19:12 Vemars Mainvue Homes

We are looking into buying a Mainvue home here in the PNW. Has anyone worked with them before/bought a Mainvue home?
What was the experience like? How was the quality? We are seeing not great reviews online and have dealt with a few incredibly rude sales people. Normally this is where I’d walk away, but I’m in love with one of their floorplans…
Any insight that anyone can provide would be amazing!
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2023.03.30 19:12 Daviiid09624 International

Hello, I recently moved to the UK on military orders and am in need of a phone service. I was in the process of signing up for google fi but it’s asking for a service address. It only gives me the option for an address in the states. If I put my parents address back home will that work and let me use the services over here?
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2023.03.30 19:11 broWning_1234 Home birth vs. Birthing Center

I am due with my second child this August. I was able to do a home birth during the start of COVID in 2020 and it was amazing! I am trying to decide between a beautiful local birthing center if it's available or a home birth again.. My biggest issue for deciding on the birthing center is how quickly things progressed my first pregnancy. My water broke in the middle of the night and our son was born within 3 hours. I had hardly any signs of labor before my water broke. The birthing center is about 20 minutes away from our house and I am worried that this next birth may be just as fast if not potentially quicker with no signs of labor before my water breaks again. Anyone have a similar situation with any of their births?
I would love some advice or input! I have an appointment today to talk over birth plan with a new midwife as well. I am sure I will get more answers then.
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2023.03.30 19:11 Hihieveryoneitsme I’m so damn miserable

I love my 20 month old & would do anything for him.
I’m sick of him waking up in the middle of the night and crying for milk and screaming if he doesn’t get.
I’m tired of making food for him and he refuses to eat most of it & throws it around.
I’m tired of the house being a disaster all the time, no matter how hard I try to keep it clean.
I’m pissed that my husband and I worked hard in our lives to have good careers and we are barely making ends meet due to the high cost of every damn thing.
I’m pissed that I had a career & gave it up because childcare is so expensive in this country.
I’m pissed my husband barely helps around the house because his job is so demanding & he has no energy left to give us.
I’m angry that discussing gun control to save children’s lives is political. Wtf is that about?
I’m sick of seeing perfect moms on social media with their perfect homes, perfect activities, and perfect meals. Yea, I know it’s probably fake, but it still sucks to see it.
I’m tired of looking like a mess all the time, but also don’t care because my child has clean clothes, takes baths regularly,and looks way better than I do.
Is anyone as miserable as me?
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Hey Beautiful Angels!
I cant make the Saturday show and have 2 tickets for sale for the late show at $100 each. The seats are Mezz Row C, seats 2/3. I paid $128 each so really just trying to get something back for them.
DM me for details. I'm in Glenwood Springs so payment will have to be through venmo or zelle unless you're nearby.
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2023.03.30 19:11 MC_BennyT Any recommendations for a USB-C to Surface Connect cable?

My current laptop is a Microsoft Surface Book 2. I usually keep the stock charger at home and use the Surface Dock as a charger and hub/expander. The Dock lives in my laptop bag but is kind of bulky.
I've been migrating toward using USB-C for as many devices as possible and downsizing on chargers. I'm thinking of ditching the Surface Dock in favor of just charging via USB-C through my Anker 737 charger.
However, the Surface Book 2 only has the one USB-C port and there might be times when it's more convenient to have that port free while also charging. I have an Anker USB-C hub that supports Power Delivery via a USB-C port but that doesn't seem as elegant as I'd like it to be. I still like the Surface Connect interface because it's magnetic and the charger has more flexible placement than a USB-C cable or hub.
So, I got the idea of finding a USB-C to Surface Connect cable. That way, I can plug into one of the USB-C ports on my Anker charger and charge via the Surface Connect port while keeping my USB-C port available.
I've been looking at possible candidates on Amazon and specifically want one that can push 100W because that's the max output from a USB-C port on the Anker charger. So far, all the ones I've seen will specify that they can push 45W since that's the minimum amount for a Surface device to initiate charging. But they don't specify the max output capability.
Does anyone have a recommendation for a USB-C to Surface Connect cable that can push 100W?
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