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American Housewife

2016.05.18 05:41 teapot112 American Housewife

The series chronicles the daily life of Katie Otto, a wife and mother who tries to stand out among the wealthy, pretentious, arrogant housewives and their privileged children after moving to the town of Westport, Connecticut.

2021.02.13 16:50 VoidOctopus AmyReinkeSmith

This is The Official sub for all things AMY REINKE. Amy is a beautiful woman and amazing mother, homemaker, chef, homesteader, gardener, comedian, seamstress and she's also the unfortunate wife of owen benjamin 🤢

2021.01.24 20:02 1000FacesCosplay ThousandFacesCosplay

For all things from the cosplay duo, Thousand Faces Cosplay! We are a husband and wife who love to perform, create, work out, and use our prints to help donate to animal based charities. We will be posting cosplay, modeling, and bodybuilding things here. If you want to see more of us, we're on most social media as "Thousand Faces Cosplay". IG: thousand_faces_cosplay & 95percentlauren Twitter: 95percentlauren & 1kfacescosplay

2023.03.22 07:55 LoveMangaBuddy Read The First Son-In-Law Vanguard of All Time - Chapter 288 - MangaPuma

The First Son-In-Law Vanguard of All Time by a comic artist named Zhǎng yuè tells the story of Xu Wuzhou passing through time and space, and he is surprised to find out that he has become a son-in-law, he is not only known as a trash worm but also On the first night of the marriage lying on the bed of a prostitute, after eating, she entered shan brothel and was caught red-handed. his cold wife was ... Read The First Son-In-Law Vanguard of All Time - Chapter 288 - MangaPuma. Read more at https://mangapuma.com/the-first-son-in-law-vanguard-of-all-time/chapter-288
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2023.03.22 07:55 lost-rok 1607 recruitment

1607 recruitment
👑Kingdom of Wewok 👑1607 ⭐️⭐️⭐️
📯Us: 🔥B seed kingdom with 1 main alliance and two main languages (English and french)
🔥Experienced Leadership
🔥Heavily KVK focused, sleep is for the weak.
🔥Organized Discord (discord is a must)
🔥We have created an interface so that everyone can follow the evolution of his stats during kvk.
🔥Periodic power management (No deadweight)
🔥Off MGE is fixed in order to reward the kvk performances.
🔥MGE during kvk is open when we have acces to fighting zones.
🔥Different AoO times that suits you
🔥Peaceful, stablished and united Kingdom.
📯We welcome: ❗️Single player or a group of warriors.
❗️Fighting spirit not afraid to lose troops.
❗️1B + kp
❗️Rally/Garisson comms would be a plus.
❗️loyal, respectful and friendly people.
Pm me for more info.
⚔️We welcome you to dominate together in future kvks.
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2023.03.22 07:55 gingergirl181 Curl type? YES. (Or: Why Type Doesn't Mean What You Think It Means.)

Curl type? YES. (Or: Why Type Doesn't Mean What You Think It Means.)
This is my head a couple washdays ago. Here are a selection of the curl clumps that formed all in the same zone of my head. Same styling on all sections, same products, but wildly different curl patterns from clump to clump. Why? Damned if I know. I've got everything from 2A to 3A all over my head, and as to which clump ends up in which pattern day to day? Total crapshoot. I'm a year into this and no patterns have emerged as to why one clump might shrink and curl more than another. Other than that one stupid stubbornly straight bit that likes to stick straight up from my crown, I pretty much don't care about my curl type anymore. It is what it is.
I focus my products more on what works for my hair being fine and low porosity, not on my specific curl pattern. I use lighter weight products, avoid over-moisturizing, and focus on technique to not stretch out my curls or weigh them down. Doing this has made so much more of a difference than trying to match products to curl type. So for any wavy/curlies out there struggling to type your hair, consider this your reminder that type isn't the most important factor in figuring out how to care for your hair!
Routine on this day:
-Shampoo with Suave Daily Clarifying -Condition with Suave Luscious Curls conditioner, brushing through upside down and squish to condish - Apply pea-size amount of Cake Curl Friend Cream (it's on the heavier side but my hair seems to like it?) to soaking wet hair, glaze and scrunch -Microplop w/ microfiber towel -Apply pea-size amount of Curlsmith Curl Defining Styling Souffle gel, emulsified w/water in hands, glaze and scrunch -Hover diffuse roots upside down, hover diffuse all over right side up until cast forms (about 50% dry) air dry the rest of the way -SOTC with silk scarf
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2023.03.22 07:54 Plants-by-me Hallucinations and paranoia

I was diagnosed at 19. I was always a very anxious and paranoid child as I grew up. I’d be scared of the dark, scared to go to the bathroom alone, scared of underneath my bed, scared of mirrors at night, scared of my wardrobe being slightly opened, etc. As I got a little older, I started developing these tricks to trick myself into being not scared. Ex: I was scared of going in the basement by myself, so I would start to sing very loudly and aggressively, I would also do this kind of dancing/punching movements. I guess I thought that distracting myself from hearing any kind of sounds would help me. I would also be very fast, no time to waste in such a scary place.
One time, I arrived home, screamed “hi !” to my sister and mother who seemed to be in the basement. I was making myself some food in the kitchen, when I heard them talking, but they seemed to be in a very serious conversation. I was curious so I went downstairs to tell them about my day, There was no one. They were gone somewhere and I was home alone. I literally RAN upstairs as fast as I could.
Another time, I was maybe 8-9 years old, I was sharing a bunk bed with my sister. I had the top bed. One night, I couldn’t sleep, I sat down in my bed, staring at my room. Then I looked at my dresser, I could clearly see a brown and white cat staring at me. We had 2 cats yes, but the ones we had did not look like that one. He seemed like an old cat, his fur was long and scruffy and his eyes were yellow. As I was staring at him, I tried to rub my eyes, change the angle of my vision, to make sure I wasn’t imagining him. Yet he was still there, sitting on my dresser, staring at me. I started to get scared. I started shaking my bed to make some noises so my parents would come see me. My dad got up, he entered the room asking what was wrong. I pointed at the cat and told him that this wasn’t our cat. He turned on the light, and suddenly, there was no cat. He laughed at me saying it was probably a dream.
I have a lot more but I’ll keep it short for now. Has anyone experienced these kind of hallucinations ? What do you do when it happens ?
Sending you all love 💕
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2023.03.22 07:53 lackadaisyrye I'm scared to get tested for ADHD.

I am 18F and for several months now, I've suspected that I have ADHD. I am a very fidgety person and have been since I was a little kid. I constantly need to bounce my legs (to the point where people around me get bothered by it) and keep my hands moving by picking my hair, skin, or rubbing my fingers together. I have also had very poor time management, poor organization skills, and extreme procrastination issues ever since I can remember, though for most of my life I've just chalked it up to me being lazy or not working hard enough (and so have my parents).
Throughout my elementary school years, I was always top of my class, with perfect grades and a status as a "gifted" student, though I always had trouble focusing in class and would often get told off by my teachers for talking or scribbling things on my paper instead of paying attention. I would also have a hard time following long conversations which led to my friends getting upset with me. In middle school my time management and procrastination worsened but I still was able to maintain my grades, so I never really thought anything of it. Teachers never had anything bad to say about me and I had a few close friends. My parents always used to scold me when I seemed to switch conversation topics within seconds and I would often interrupt people mid-conversation.
In high school, I move to a new city during COVID and this really affected me. I had a lot of trouble making new friends because I was scared that the students at my new school would find me weird or off-putting. I struggled with all of the things I did before, like procrastination, time management, and poor organization skills, but since I went to an extremely competitive high school I wasn't able to keep up with the pace anymore. And no matter how much I tried to do better and work harder, I just couldn't do it. My grades took a massive hit throughout my sophomore and junior years of high school and I felt horrible about myself. My girlfriend of nine months broke up with me and said that she felt like I didn't pay enough attention to her. I talked to a therapist and I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. However after six months I made zero progress in therapy so I decided to stop. Now that I am a senior my mental state is much better, but my attention issues are still a big problem and have caused a lot of strain between me and my parents.
A few months ago, my mother, who works with children with special needs, told me that she thought I had ADHD or something when I randomly started switching topics mid-conversation again. I wasn't sure if she was being serious or not, but when I researched it a bit more and listened to testimonials of people who have ADHD, I've found that my experiences seem to match up with a lot of the symptoms, especially with the inattentiveness symptoms. But when I asked my mom if I could get tested, she insisted that I was exaggerating and she didn't actually mean what she said. She also told me to not "self-diagnose" myself.
I am going to college this year and I am worried that if I do indeed have ADHD, then leaving it undiagnosed could cause me to suffer a lot at college. If it turns out that I have it then it would just give me some peace of mind, because so many behavioral problems of mine would finally have an explanation and I would be able to know what exactly it is I need to deal with. However, I really don't want to go to the doctor and make a fool out of myself since I am technically going to be there based on a "self-diagnosis." If my diagnosis is negative then I'm going to be really lost, because then I would honestly have no idea what's wrong with me. Nobody in my family has been diagnosed with it, and I've also heard that women tend to get diagnosed less. I don't know, I'm just really worried.
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2023.03.22 07:53 LordAlucard0 Event outfits.

Hi I am male 18 yrs old. I recently finished my national examinations and passed well. I was invited by the school board to attend a Thanksgiving ceremony in honour of the school's great results. I have nothing good to wear and I have poor fashion taste. I need advice on what outfit I should go out and buy. It's currently 10:00 am Wednesday in my time zone and the ceremony is in this Saturday. The event will take place in a hot area as we are close to the equator. Most of my classmates who are attending have great fashion sense and I wish don't to be embarrassed. If anyone has any good recommendation on what I should put on, kindly give me a reply. The event itself is semi formal so I am not required to wear a full on suit.
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2023.03.22 07:53 SpiritFloss Future ex wife is asking for full physical custody

Hey folks,
Moving through some anger around, receiving the divorce papers recently. The first thing I see is that my future ex-wife is asking for full physical custody of my child. However, she’s not asking for any child support or alimony and also does not have a job. I feel that I would be a better parent although I would rather have equal custody so my daughter can have is both.
My fear is that my daughter will grow up being treated the way I was treated in the marriage . Criticized, blamed and the objective angry outburst.
I don’t think she would be physically abusive, but my experience was that of emotional abuse.
I want this divorce to go through without having to hire expensive lawyers, but if she’s not willing to do split custody, what should I do?
Thanks y’all!
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2023.03.22 07:53 SpiritFloss Future ex wife is asking for full physical custody

Hey folks,
Moving through some anger around, receiving the divorce papers recently. The first thing I see is that my future ex-wife is asking for full physical custody of my child. However, she’s not asking for any child support or alimony and also does not have a job. I feel that I would be a better parent although I would rather have equal custody so my daughter can have is both.
My fear is that my daughter will grow up being treated the way I was treated in the marriage . Criticized, blamed and the objective angry outburst.
I don’t think she would be physically abusive, but my experience was that of emotional abuse.
I want this divorce to go through without having to hire expensive lawyers, but if she’s not willing to do split custody, what should I do?
Thanks y’all!
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2023.03.22 07:50 AstroPlaneti 23F [F4A] - Kansas City, KS and Surrounding Area

I'm looking for someone to date or maybe seek a relationship, it depends on how we feel about each other. I am greysexual, and I hope we can communicate if you are uncomfortable about any attraction. I am open to receiving DMs and I hope that we can meet in a public place.
Zodiac: Taurus
No smoking/occasional drink
Hobbies: I play video games a lot, but I also like to bake and learn how to decorate cakes. I enjoy playing instruments and used to play the violin a lot. My mother introduced me to the beading loom, and it really makes me stay occupied and away from the computer. I would also really like to explore places, but I am usually afraid to do it by myself (come with me!!!) I like to write poems or lyrics into my phone and sometimes I like to imagine I'm in a rock/metal band.
Pets: I love dogs! I have two dogs right now and they have been with me since childhood. Cats are cute, and I would love to meet a cuddly cat. I'm fine with any pet, and I think it is nice to know what other people are interested in and care for.
Education: I currently enrolled in a community college, and I take two or three classes to slowly build my undergraduate degree. I think I'm leaning towards a healthcare profession, and I hope to maybe explore more from volunteering.
Religion: I'm fine with anyone, but I have a background with LDS or Mormons. I sometimes attend with my parents because I don't want them to be alone.
Manga/Anime: I'm really excited over the new JOJO part 9! Dumb prefect is also a good one I currently follow. I have read death note, land of the lustrous, all jojo parts, some junji ito, and much more!
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2023.03.22 07:50 FrigginMasshole What career in the automotive industry should I go for?

Always had a passion for cars and wanted to work in the industry. I’ve always wanted to get into auto body but there don’t seem to be as many entry level positions as an auto tech for example. My background is retail management, would it be better to work at an auto zone for example as a store manager or something? Thanks!
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2023.03.22 07:50 xAkMoRRoWiNdx Read. The fucking. Label

Istg, the multiple times that customers say "but the label said it was ___" ok show me. We go and look, and the wrong product was there, like one thing over. THE LABEL SAYS IT'S FOR THIS COLOR, NOT THE ONE YOU GOT. OR A DIFFERENT CASE OF BEER! "Oh, that's my bad".
Customers fucking up shelves, or workers neglecting their zoning, cashiers then bear the brunt of this. AND THEN THERE'S THE "wElL tHiS iS fAlSe AdVeRtIsInG. THe ItEM iS ThErE!
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2023.03.22 07:49 Atlantic0ne FatFire lifestyles. Purchasing services vs goods.

So I’m sure there are some of you on this sub so fat that you can do both. You can have huge houses and boats and have the services too. That’s no fun to ask about because it’s still unattainable for many.
This thread is for the lower more common end of the FatFire crowd.
Have any of you who are still simply high earners gone all out for paid services?
A fee services I could think of:
House cleaner, once a week, $200/trip, $600/month, $7,200/year
Massage therapist IN HOME, have any of you ever done this? Getting a massage in my own home before going to bed sounds incredible but… feels a bit weird if you know what I mean lol. I have a wife and having some woman come out to rub us before bed might raise some eyebrows 😂 but I’m still interested. Cost? Worth it?
Lawn care service (trim, hedge, mow, blow, rake) $80/visit, twice a month = $160/month, $1,900/year
Lawn treatment =$200/month = $2,400/year
In home childcare (babysitting) outside of daycare, $100/week, $400/month, $4,800/year
Food delivery - $50/week, $400/mo, $4,800/year
I’m already at like $21,000+/year for some services. They’re awesome services but it can get spendy, it doesn’t include massage.
Which ones are worth it? What do you spend for at home services?
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2023.03.22 07:48 Far-Degree-9294 Baby’s weight

For the mothers who’s babies exclusively drink breastmilk without supplementing- is your baby smaller than average? My son is 9 months and weighs 16 lbs 9oz, in January he weighed 16 lbs even. He’s gained 9 oz in 2 months, is this normal? His doctor said she isn’t too worried but she wants us to come back for a weight check in 6 weeks. I read that babies who drink breastmilk can be smaller because of something to do with metabolism but I wanted input from you guys as well to see how much your babies weighed at what ages. I really don’t want to supplement, I have less than 3 months till a year
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2023.03.22 07:47 bakabich69 శోభకృత నామ సంవత్సర మోదటి thoughts in the shower

  1. Poddunna thala snanam chesthunte venakala intlo సీతా రామం chitram nundi ఇంతందం anabadu paata ni speaker lo full sound esi pettadu. So na doubt entante sita antha Andam ga undi undaka pothe ram sita ni friend zone chese vaada?🤔 ram loves sita for her personality or her beauty? Did personality play a major role in his love towards her or her beauty?🤔
Deeni gurinchi na 28 personalities round table conference petti debate chesthundaga na kantlo ki shampoo velli kallu mandayi, appudu inko doubt occhindi.
  1. Chinnappudu Johnson and Johnson vaadidhi "no tears" ani pillaliki shampoo vacchedi ante vaalla kalladi manta manam matram bharinchukovala?🤨 Manaki kuda oka "no tears" shampoo cheyocchu ga. Lekapothe pillala shampoo vaadithe evadu em peekuthadu🤔
మీకు మీ కుటుంబ సభ్యులందరికి ఉగాది శుభాకాంక్షలు🌾🥭🤗
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2023.03.22 07:47 Puzzleheaded-Land334 Need help coping

I don't know where to start. Unprotected relations happened at some point. Which I was 18 a freshman in college. I was living with my sister in Texas. I didn't pick up all the symptoms but when the morning sickness, bloating, and emptions came I took a test. It came out negative. Later my sister also caught on and she asked me to take a different test one she told me it was for drugs. Which two lines popped up. She never told me what the test really was for. My family is really heavy on the baby needs a father and mother or you go to hell. Well, my sister asked me what would happen if I was to find out. Being so young, I said I would most likely go with an abortion but it's always different in the moment. I later was set up to take a trip with her, my father, and stepmother. In this trip they slipped an abortion pill in my drink and never told me. Not long after I left to the bathroom with extreme cramping not understanding why it was like that. I ended up not on the toilet but on all fours swaying. Apparently, my sister watched in secret behind a slightly cracked door. I am extremely angry now that I know as I did not find out till eight months after it happened. Now that abortions are illegal in Texas I kind of wish I could criminally charge them. Then again, I don't because that won't change what happened. I have a lot of emotions surrounding what happened.
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2023.03.22 07:47 cagliandoch Katara never misses a beat

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2023.03.22 07:46 Booyag4life Favorite TAZ Flavor Text?

Hey there, y’all! So like many people here, I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from the adventure zone for my own DMing style. One particular element of Griffin’s DMing I’ve tried to implement is how he does flavor text. There’s something really engaging about how he describes things, and he always has an emotional connection to the sights and sounds.
I was wondering if you guys have any favorite bits of flavor text from any of the Taz series. Always looking to get more quotes that I can use for inspiration! Also, it’s just fun to reminisce. One of my personal favorites is from the final interlude:
“And then we pan up. And we see a Thirteenth Plane descend. It is a disc of shimmering, living darkness, crossed with ribbons of blue, red, green, and gold. It is larger than all the other Planes combined, and as it lowers...slowly...bright white eyes begin to open all along the underside of this Plane — millions of them, burning with malice and hunger, all of them focused inward and down, back down, all the way down to the Bureau of Balance headquarters. And somewhere in that Plane, a smile flashes across someone's face."
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2023.03.22 07:45 Vivid-Persimmon Need some help with mouthbreathing

Hello everyone, i didnt really know where to post this so i thought id try in this reddit.
When i was a kid i always breathed through my mouth. It wasnt until i was 15-17 i started breathing through my nose during the day. Ive always felt like my nose is kinda clogged. When i exercise (walking really fast or running) i start to breathe from the mouth because it almost feels like it hurts to breathe from the nose, like a cold stingy feeling and a feeling that it doesnt provide enough oxygen for the activity.
During the night i also think i breathe through the mouth since im waking up dry with a bad smell and wife says im snooring. Ive read about mouth-taping but i feel afraid to try it.
I dont really know what help i expect since im not sure what is normal and what isnt.
Thank you!
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2023.03.22 07:44 ClearCounter Malazan Book of The Fallen Analysis and Reactions - House of Chains - Chapters 5-11


Welcome or welcome back! I have decided to tackle the Malazan Book of The Fallen series. Because I think veteran readers will enjoy it, I will write down my reactions and speculations as I move along.
NOTE If I pose questions, I am just sharing the questions I'm thinking in real time at X scene or book. I don't actually wish for commenters to answer them for me unless it is an extreme circumstances (Mixing up characters, misremembering events in previous scenes.)
Gardens of the Moon Deadhouse Gates Memories of Ice House of Chains Prologue - Chapter 4
Wowee, to make up for basically only being with Karsa in the first section, we jump around A LOT in the second one. If I forget to hit a character or event or skip it, remember to please nudge me in the comments so we can talk about it!

Tavore Paran

There isn't much to talk about here because we don't get a lot of reactions out of her, even when Ganoes was revealed to be not a traitor, but also dead, making some of Tavore's questionable actions ultimately unnecessary. I like the way she handled her Fist's at her briefing, giving her orders then dismissing them when they might seek to undermine her, but it also worries me because Fiddler criticized his company commander for refusing to hear his sergeants' thoughts. There seemed to be a bit of a mirroring between the Lieutenant and the Adjunct, both nobleborn untested commanders dismissing their veteran subordinates contributions.
We do see that she is worried about Felisin, so I'm giving her a tentative pass on the whole execute your mother and send your sister to a prison-camp thing.

The Fists

Gamet seems to be suffering from an inferiority complex and/or is being ill used by Tavore, being treated like a household guard captain still, despite being named a Fist. He has a bit of a good moment when he accuses Blistig of orchestrating the omen, then backtracks when he hears Blistig's response.
Blistig is broken from witnessing the end of the Chain of Dogs and his faith in his superiors is probably cracked. He might be a problem.
Tene Baralta - the Red Blades commander, now Fist, seems to be basically the only grounded Fist here, he just wants to get out there and prosecute the war, though in the previous books, Red Blades were acting like raging psychopaths, so he might be a problem too.


Fiddler is back and he is coming off better than I remember him being in Deadhouse.
He is now basically the Whiskeyjack for a whole new squad of Malazans and he is working hard behind the scenes to make sure the Adjunct Tavore is successful. He has decent moments with everyone, gelling well with all the soldiers.
The best moment was probably when he and Cuttle (an old sapper friend) "drew a line in the sand" and got the recruit-army in formation by blowing up munitions in their faces. Paraphrased from Cuttle "WE ARE GOING TO DO THIS RIGHT OR PEOPLE ARE GOING TO DIE". Lol
OH and its hinted that if Fidder (or any Bridgeburner) makes it back to Raraku, the dead Bridgeburners will play a role in whatever Ganoes Paran is doing now.

The Quest Storylines

This is basically what I'm calling many of the plot elements introduced in this section. They are
Lostara Yil + Pearl : Quest to find Felisin. Pearl gets credit for digging up the Talon, Lostara is being dragged along for the ride.
Kalam Mekhar : Quest to kill Korbolo Dom and (Reloe)? Cotillion has him do it and he accepts because his wife is mad at him. (He meets the Malazans that escorted Karsa most of the way to Otataral Island, and in the time honored tradition of Malazans, they murdered their officers.)
Apsalar + Crokus/Cutter : Quest to (secure?) the Throne of Shadow, located on a moving island located in the mortal realm. Shadowthrone apparently does not sit it, so it is a fragment that might not be in his possession. I almost thought that ApsalaCrokus was going to fade out of the story, given a happy ending / normal life, but looks like we have more to go. I like the divorce from Crokus to Cutter, in order to protect himself Crokus has crafted a new him to lay all his sins on. All is not well in loveland.
Onrack + Trull : Quest to get the fuck out of this warren (This is the 3rd or 4th time we've had to watch characters try to escape from this shit warren.) Onrack introduces the concept that statues/icons can be inhabited by the powers they represent, then later releases two Hounds of Darkness, who might be the two Paran sent into the Warren of Dark in Gardens. Oh and we finally meet some Tiste Liosan (Light) and they are certain High Elf archetypes (aka dicks).
Karsa Orlong : Quest to do something for the Seven, but really he is probably just looking for a horse and its conveniently in the same direction. Ostensibly Sha'ik's only trustworthy bodyguard, he is leaving her to a pit of snakes. Also we discover that he isn't a Whirlwind follower like he seemed to be in Deadhouse, and he is also getting pretty done with the Seven, if he finds out they are Imass, it might be the last straw.

Book of the Fallen and Death

So I've basically decided at this point that anyone who has died is not really dead until I forget they exist. A LOT of characters have come back from the dead, in full, in spirit, or partially. If a god still wants to use you, you don't die, sometimes you get to become a god, or magic saves you.
List of people who died but are not dead off the top of my head - Tattersail, Bellurdan, Nightchill - Duiker - Ganoes Paran - Toc the Younger - Baudin (If he is the Knight of Death, im 99% sure) probably more but its very late for me, and I'm sleepy

The Whirlwind Rebellion

Things are looking very very very very very bad for this rebellion tbh. Every "officer" except MAYBE L'oric is conspiring to kill each other and/or Sha'ik. Bidithal isn't worth an ounce of slimy scum. Felisin Elder doesn't seem to be commanding well. And its home to the weirdest most complicated conspiracy I think I've seen in a book.
Korbolo Dom's plan A. Betray Malazan forces in Seven Cities, slay half your legion, assist in the uprising B. Allow High Mage Febryl to assassinate Sha'ik C. Allow Tavore Paran to defeat and kill High Mage Febryl and all Whirlwind forces not loyal to Korbolo D. Kill Tavore Paran and her army E. Destroy the rebellion and everyone who resists and return Seven Cities to the Empire F. Return to the Malazan capital, assassinate the Empress, be Emperor.
wow...just wow. I mean, good for you shooting for the stars but....what?????
Speaking of slime, even Felisin Elder couldn't stand Mallick Rell, the Jhistal Priest of Mael, so he has been sent packing. He'll pop up elsewhere, he has to get his just desserts.
The storyline going on between the two sisters opposing each other is cool and I'm down for it. I wonder what Tavore is going to do when she figures out her opponent is Felisin Elder.
Korbolo Dom does have an idea that starts off as good and then tapers off into bad. He wishes the world would be free of gods and magic so that the common man can take control of his own destiny, but then goes on to fantasize about exterminating all the other races and making his way to live the only way to live.

Shadowthrone + Cotillion

I noticed a recognizable lack of Shadow in Memories of Ice but they are back and sticking their fingers in everything again. Cotillion is straight up asking people to go on quests for him, Lostara Yil, Cutter, Kalam, so he is invested in the outcomes of their storylines. He also implies that Shadowthrone is not the master in the relationship and that they are not as unified as previously perceived in the books. There are also implications that their claim on the Shadow Warren is being contested by someone, though Anomander Rake has proprietary claim on the Throne of Shadow, he is protecting it for some reason.
I'm really lost on what their objectives are now, none of these questlines seem to be able to hurt Empress Laseen. Has the Crippled God's recent moves changed their objectives?


Ahhhh favorite parts are probably the tangled and sordid conspiracies happening in the Whirlwind. We had A LOT of characters this section, and there is a bit of a pattern with the books being mostly a slow burn that ramps up to several major conflicts where all the characters kind of eventually mash together, so this one is sure to be a mess for all involved. In Deadhouse we got character pairings in, in this one we get individual quests and two mega collections of characters heading towards a fight.
TBH though, this was kind of a weaker section compared to all the other ones, a few of the POV characters from previous books don't seem to have any motivation other than "Cotillion asked me to do him a favor and despite no one liking him or Shadowthrone, we said yes." Maybe I'm just cranky.
Favorite character THIS BOOK so far : I don't know, uh, Cuttle, Karsa Orlong, The sergeant that broke a shovel on Karsa's head, Shard or Cord.
Until next time!
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2023.03.22 07:43 Acceptable-Stock-513 Dinos After Dark

Are you tired of official's lack of rules? Are you looking to start up with a great, supportive community of players? Do you enjoy semi-realism? Then look no further, Dinos After Dark has what you are looking for!
Welcome to Dinos after Dark.
How to find the server: Go to Community Server in the Launch menu Type in “Dinos After Dark” Press “Connect/ Confirm”
Discord is encouraged to help foster community growth, but not 100% required.
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/xgfhZMYf ‐-------------------------------------------------------------------------
Server Stats: - Quest Multipliers - 3.5x - Waystone cooldown - -0.1 - Quest Growth - 1.5x - Server Logout time - 30s - Hatchling Cave - None - Passive Growth Detection - 0.006
Mods: - Simple Skins - Isle of Asylum Skins - Parasaurolophus - Therizinosaurus - Carnotaurus - Dilophosaurus - Deinosuchus - Utah Raptors (including Feathered) - Argeninosaurus (Titan Boss only) - Giganotosaurus - Sachicasaurus (Mosa) - Ampelosaurus (Herbie) - Compy - Z rex - Yangchuanosaurus (just added) - More to come! ‐--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We have easy to remember rules, so you can spend your time playing and less time worrying!
Server Rules:
  1. Mix packing: Herbivores and carnivores can not protect each other, team up to fight together or travel/quest together.
    1. KOS: Do not kill for fun or for sport, hunting for food is allowed once your hunger bar reaches around the top of the stomach icon, you must eat until you are completely full before leaving the body. EXCEPT IN THE PVP AREAS.
    2. Herbivore aggression: Herbivores are peaceful but cautious creatures, if they feel threatened, they will act accordingly. If a herbivore is actively being hunted or stalked, they are permitted to make the first strike, the carnivore does not have to have attacked first. We ask that you act sensibly with this, please do not abuse or we may have to take a more strict approach.
    3. In game behaviour: Please be respectful to other players, they might not have the same opinions as you, but please keep in game communication respectful and polite.
    4. PVP ZONES: The savanna grasslands caves and the whistling columns pools are PVP areas, all rules are off the table, herbs can attack herbs, carnivores can attack without being hungry. Enter at your own risk.
6: Territories: These are areas that packs or herds have claimed as a 'safe place' they are controlled by the pack/herd alpha and each territory will have its own rules that may be different from the rest of the map, please check the Territory Guidelines in the 'Territory' section in discord for more information.
  1. Reporting: Please try to include a clip, a picture or as detailed as description as possible of what happened, an in game report is also very helpful to help us to help you.
  2. Revenge Killing: When fighting outside of territory and PvP zones and you die in a fight, do not go back to the same POI and re-enter the fight if it is still going. Do not go back with the intent to kill the same person. If you're fighting with a group, you can return to the POI and regroup. However, if the fight you died in is still ongoing, the returning player must wait until that fight ends before they can join in the fighting again.
Additional Info:
  1. Our terroritories are entirely optional to join and function much like guilds in other MMOs. The alphas tend to have strong bonds with their pack and terroritorial disputes can/will happen. Each terroritory can have slight variances in rules while inside of them. Furthermore, terroritories do not take up the whole map (vasts parts of Gondwa remain open) and can change over time.
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2023.03.22 07:42 SavorySour How to deal with negative feelings while conveying a message ?

Hi there I am new. I had to learn how to properly communicate forced by life 🙃 I have an history of trauma and I am conscious of my triggers most of the time. I find it utterly difficult to stand up for myself or my beliefs without either being a doormat or being aggressive. I am looking for literature,tips or videos that cover that subject. The pain lies in the amount of feelings I feel during a dialog which end up freezing my brain and, therefore,not making my point. Plus I am an expat, so not talking in my mother's tongue makes it extra difficult.
For example yesterday my husband gifted me a very expensive gold chain. I find it ugly. I thanked him because the gesture is incredibly sweet and caring, even the reason why he did it made me extremely grateful to be with him. But still, my God, it's nothing for me. So I even feel offended that he didn't listened when I said "I never wear gold" but of course I immediately feel guilty of even just thinking it thus I shut my mouth and wear it.
I noticed I do that a lot, therefore letting people think I am a different person not to hurt their feelings. I know it's very dysfunctional, I am working on it real hard even,I communicated with my husband and told him that I valued his present a lot, but do not like the look of it and that no matter what I'll keep it if it can't be exchanged because it means something to me. I had to think about it at 4.30, it kept me awake at night !
Is there a trick I can apply to hijack myself and just be able to deliver my truth without hurting anyone? This time I did it kind of ok but mostly I suck at it. I get this is an attitude issue ans I wish something could help me "fake it till you make it" kind of thing. I know I need to exercise and accept a certain level of discomfort but I'd like to make it easier on me.
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2023.03.22 07:40 InternalNarrow5806 AITAH for not wanting my fiance's mother in my daughter's life?

I (24f) took a trip in march due to family emergency and left for a month out of state. My fiance (26m) came down to visit and help me move back home. A few weeks later we found out I was pregnant and we decided to tell strictly immediate family due to how early along I was. His mother instantly made the remark stating that our child wasn't his. After arguing for a few weeks she dropped it.
As my pregnancy progressed she would either make comments about me either not looking pregnant enough or I looked too pregnant. Saying things such as " you aren't showing yet, you're just fat" or "after you lose all that weight then we can look for wedding dresses."
Due to how she was during my pregnancy I discussed with my fiance I absolutely refused to have her in my delivery room. Instead I wanted his stepmother as she had helped me every step of the way in my pregnancy and was my largest support system. He fully supported me in my decision saying it was my body my choice and we told his mother. Later on that night she called us at midnight and stayed on the phone for 2 hours.
Instead of trying to understand why she completely reversed it on me saying I'm not considering her feelings and I'm hurting her. Telling me it's completely unfair and proceeded to tell my fiance' he had until the day I give birth to change my mind. Completely ignoring my decision. And had told us the whole family is on her side and saying that we were inconsiderate.
She decided to throw a baby shower to "put the past behind us" and to "make amends." To state this ahead of time I do not mind anything from thrift stores or anything that is a hand me down. It's time for us to open the gifts and I kid you not everything I opened was torn or so old it was falling apart. My daughter received books for her library that were falling apart with every touch. Clothes and headbands that were torn, withering, or molded. After everything we went through we left instantly.
I went into labor 6 weeks early. And had visitors until I was getting ready to push. During that time she made comments about my weight once again saying I can't go dress shopping until I lose my birthing weight. Trying to ignore it due to the excitement of meeting my daughter. After my daughter came out she was more than than my fiancé and I and she instantly made comments saying she wasn't his daughter until it turned more into a yellow due to her jaundice. After the doctors explained what was going on she immediately discussed watching our baby and how much she loves her grandbaby.
I refuse to take my daughter to her house. I tell my fiancé I want nothing to do with her but he wants me to make an effort because she doesn't see her often. Am I the Asshole?
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