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2016.10.18 23:27 chounies #PhillyRoomates4lyfe

Cause we don't spend enough time on reddit.

2015.05.28 05:23 PlanetCoaster

Subreddit for Planet Coaster by Frontier.

2016.10.15 20:21 LopoAc Thumper - A Rhythm Violence Game

Home for the lovers of the nightmare fueled, rhythm violence videogame: Thumper.

2023.03.30 20:22 greenwayautorec Scrap Car Removal Toronto - Greenway Auto Recycling

Scrap Car Removal Toronto - Greenway Auto Recycling
Got a junk car taking up space in your driveway? Let Greenway Auto Recycling take care of it! We offer hassle-free junk car removal services and eco-friendly recycling solutions. Contact us today to schedule a pickup and get cash for your clunker! ♻️🚗💰
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2023.03.30 17:11 _Constellations_ Odyssey / Valhalla question regarding "bullet" sponge

Odyssey question:
I've finished Odyssey about a year ago and recently thought as we are going on a holiday to Greece and I am reading Stephen Fry's fun books about greek mythology and heroes, that I should revisit the game and finish the DLCs (stopped at Hades' realm, and didn't finish hidden blade either).
I am level 62 and the game is night impossible to enjoy, because enemies became such extreme bullet sponges. I have a couple sets saved (fire dps that is worthless, posion that lowers enemy damage and removes the last exciting part of combat, the possibility of dying, Artemis for archery, and Ezio's assassin set). The damage I do is just ridicolously little, even with all my gear being yellow and lv62. The only way to kill enemies fast is using Ezio's set and use the assassin combat ability for extremely high damage, and then the other ability which gives a bar of special ability meter. Needless to say repeating this two abilities means you press a button every 6 seconds maybe, and that's literally all the combat experience you get.
Is there a way to fix this without going all RPG minmaxing and crafting perfect stats? I'm sick of how scaling enemies make it all worthless 2 levels later as every gear becomes "outgrown".
Valhalla question:
I played it only a couple hours (didn't even left the introduction snowy areas) on a free weekend and ditched it, thinking I won't play another map cleaner. But now I have a different approach, I try to switch off as many icons and UI as possible and explore it more naturally and just be happy with whatever I come across, Elden Ring style. I love that there is no constant gear spam and inventory management to get rid of trash, looked up all the generic system and changes compared to other games: except one. Bullet sponge enemies. From reviews, comparison videos, I just couldn't find this info. Personal experience of mine is redundant on this field because early game the battle balance was much different in Odyssey too, and felt more authentic, much like Valhalla. Quick kills, but also quick death (of the player) on higher difficulties. This is the type of combat experience I am looking for, and since Valhalla took some Fromsoftware inspiration in it's combat system with the introduction of stamina, I am hoping it may be available to play like this all the way through - unlike Odyssey. If not, I will not buy it. Need some info on this, please.
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2023.03.30 16:14 cgoldin Lost Headphone Charging Case on Henry Hudson Greenway

My black charging headphone case for Sony WF-1000XM4 In-ear headphones fell out of my pocket on the Hudson River Greenway, I think it was near the part between Riverbank State Park and the Amtrak tracks, but I looked this morning and couldn't find it. I know its a shot in the dark, but did anyone find it? Thanks.
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Online Shopping, Scam, GRA Moissanite Ring Scam, US Postal Service, Delivery, Online Scam - Kent, Washington - Same thing I ordered boots as well from duckstone, which I noticed they... #onlineshopping #scam #gramoissaniteringscam #uspostalservice #delivery #onlinescam
Same thing I ordered boots as well from duckstone, which I noticed they keep changing website page to adjourn and something else. I received a ring GIA omg an paid with a debit SSI card
I'm in El Paso
Read full report here
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2023.03.30 12:08 bentbrook Early morning coffee by a greenway

Early morning coffee by a greenway
I’m training for a 100-mile backpacking challenge, but some days the local greenway is what I have to use to log some miles. That’s okay: a morning coffee at the end made it more special. MSR Pocket Rocket Deluxe with FlatCatGear adapter plate and Sterno Inferno HX pot. Light and efficient. The Brew Co. coffee from Congo.
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2023.03.30 11:46 Sufficient_Ad928 Looking for Roomate for Shared/Private Permanent Accomodation

Looking for Roomate for Shared/Private Permanent Accomodation
Contact :
Vaibhav Mistari +1 (623) 500-9480 or at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Duration: Lease till August 25th (Can be extended)
Location : Ten01 (1001 E Playa Del Norte Dr)
Cost :
$544 Shared Bedroom
$1088 Private Bedroom
(Excluding Utility Wifi and Electricity)
Wifi : Cox 250Mbps Speed Unlimited Data Plan
Utilities : In-house Washer and Dryer
Appliances :
-> Electric
-> Rice Cooker
-> Toaster
-> Coffee Machine in-house
-> Air Fryer
Transportation :
-> Tempe Marketplace - Free of cost transportation using Earth Orbit bus
-> Tempe TC - Free of cost transportation using Earth Orbit bus
-> Walmart/Fry's - 72 Numbered Bus
-> Scottsdale Fashion Center - 72 Numbered Bus
Amenities :
-> Free-of-Cost Coffee Bar
-> Office (Free Printing) (24/7)
-> Pool Table for Snooker (24/7)
-> Swimming Pool (3)
-> Jacuzzi (3)
-> Barbeque
-> Gym (Pelotons)
-> Yoga Room (And multiple sessions organized for tenants)
For Quick Glance :
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The end of the school year came quickly, and I graduated with all the other retards in my class. Debi Sue and I kept at it like rabbits, although I still never had the guts to take her out on a real date. It still wasn’t a real relationship, but I found that I did look forward to seeing her-and honestly couldn’t keep my hands off of her. We’d progressed from strictly using condoms, to me employing the Amtrak method and pulling out on time, making a map of Hawaii on her large roll of a tummy. She loved it, and her pussy felt even better without latex between us.
“Only if Anna switches partners” he said as he looked at how Anna was stretched out.
“It looks a bit shorter when she leans over the chopping board” I replied quietly, feeling the heat surge to my face. Naomi, who must have been listening intently, froze. She had just worked out that I’d been sketching her. No wonder her mum thought at first I was her friend.
She wasn’t expecting too much from this date. She could be quite awkward, and her nerves were getting to her already. Even so, the fact that Ashley had agreed to go out with her put an inkling of hope in her heart…maybe this would lead to something more.
" plenty" I said with a seductive grin.
I nodded. “Yep, every man's dream. You get to fuck sisters.”
There could be an explanation for her not wearing a bra, he told himself. Maybe they were all in the laundry? Certainly there was a better chance of that than his mother trying to get him excited. The red panties in his hamper? Well it was, after all, a hamper designed for dirty clothes. He might not be able to explain it to his satisfaction, but surely it could be explained in bunches of ways that didn't include his mother wanting him to taste her pussy juices and come in her underwear. Damn it, he thought, why didn't I at least rinse them out?
Once I stopped cumming I asked Lynn to get me a napkin from the cooler, and she came over and started to wipe off my chest, Sam got up and grabbed a napkin to wipe my cum off her chest and out of her hair, when she went to wipe off her chest she noticed she had some cum on her hand and licked it off
Her boyfriend knew how to prevent that; he reached in his pocket and found a muzzle that he put on the eel. Sis had a real dreamy look on her face as her knees went weak and she fell back on the sofa. She and her boyfriend must have decided the best way to kill this eel was to mash it between them. He lay down on top of her as she spread and lifted her legs. Johnny heard a gasp followed by an “Oh my God” as they both started mash the eel between them. The eel must have put up a hell of a fight because their movements got wilder and wilder as the sofa creaked and groaned. That was when Sis really started to talk to god as the “Oh my God’s” got louder and louder. After a few minutes they slowed down and stopped to rest. They appeared to have been successful because when the boyfriend stood up, the eel was just hanging there limp and dead looking.
After we explain our selves, the cops tell us to close up shop tonight. We decide to listen to them since we weren’t going to get arrested for holding an illegal club and illegal fight club. The customers weren’t too happy about us closing but when they stepped outside and saw all the cops, they quietly and quickly left.
“No deals, no trades and if he or anyone of his people cross the line you better stomp that shit out right away,” Hawk informs me and I almost remind him who’s in charge.
“It seems there’s an awful lot of people who know about this before we did,” she said loudly, her eyes flashing.
"Yeah...But it felt so good..."
“No, I don't think I could ever feel this way with any guy except you.” She kissed his neck
"I didn't even have to change the inscription since your last name is Davis, it's LD for Lord Davis, you're a lord now Jon, don't let me down" he said sarcastically, fully laughing after his statement.
We found a table in the back and ordered some burgers, frys, and milkshakes. They arrived and the waiter looked kinda nervous.
“Well it’s simple. You just hold the stick at the base with your right hand, then y…”
Ali moved down between Jenny’s legs and descended on her pussy, spreading her lips wide with her fingers. Sarah’s hands squeezed both of the tits in front of her as she moved between then with her mouth licking the areolas and lightly biting the rock hard nipples between her teeth. Soft moans turned to heavier deeper groans and throaty sighs as the girls worked on their prey.
"Right, catch you in a few" he replied as the hung up the phone.
Melissa followed suit and drained her glass, realizing the kind of party they would be attending. A stray thought chilled her. "Uh, Jacqui, when Steve, ah, fucked me..."
her drooling mouth. She took a few deep breaths then started sucking on
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"Yeah, Katha, this is it what really gets me going. You should try it!"
“Oh my God, I’m cumming
When they woke up in the morning, they smiled at each other and then kissed, a long deep kiss with lots of tongue action. Then they turned and locked themselves into a 69, licking and sucking each other to quick orgasms before getting up and wandering out to the kitchen, this time without their clothes. They didn't find anyone there and they found that puzzling, as Ann had been up before them each day getting breakfast ready. They went back down the hall to their brothers' room and peeked in, not finding them there. They went to Ann's door and gently pushed it open and peeked in. What they saw caused their eyes to light up and they pushed the door all the way open and went in.
(324 votes)
it... Until now..."
“But you have to let me tie your hands to the bedpost so you can’t grab me.”
“I’m fine, just need a minute” I chuckled.
“Because you’re different. You’re kinder and wiser than anyone I’ve ever met. I don’t understand you, but I’ve never felt safer with anyone else.”
“Oh fuck!” My brother shoved his dick deeper as it erupted inside me. Spraying my walls with all of his sibling jism. I wanted to scream at him, but his orgasm brought on my own, and it was a big one. I dug my nails into his broad arms and clenched my legs around his waist as I shuddered through my own mind-numbing climax. It brought my brother to the hilt as he was still shooting his semen in me and I couldn’t be contained as it made me cream even more. My brother collapsed on top of me with his slowly softening cock still inside me. We rested there for a long time before my brother pulled his now semen-glazed cock out of me and rolled onto his back to catch his breath.
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“You guys aren’t allowed on the third floor, but the second is fair game.” We reached the landing and he led me through another door into a normal looking hallway, then to another door. It opened into a big room filled with stuff that would entertain a teenage guy. About six computers lined one wall, and a huge flat screen TV dominated another. There were seven guys not including Andrew and I, none of whom were over twenty. Again I was scrutinized, though I wasn’t nearly as uncomfortable, mainly because I was pretty sure no one in this room was stripping me. There was a chorus of ‘wus-sups’, ‘heys’, and subtle nods. The majority of the guys were enthusiastically engaged either on the computers or with the 360 hooked up to the TV. I don’t know why, but I was drawn to the more subdued guys sitting together near the other end of the room. Normally I would be kicking ass with the guys playing Call4, but for some reason I felt a connection to these guys. Andrew, who also headed towards that group, introduced me to Eric, Jason and Sam. As I looked around, I noticed that the guys I was sitting with were the older ones.
Coming back to the conversations. It was just three days and we would be together.
"Down you go bitch," said the school captain. Katie looked down the stairs and could just make out a deathly pale white face staring up at her from the bottom step. She couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman. It looked so thin for a moment she thought it was a skeleton but suddenly it moved and ran screaming like a banshee towards her.
“It’s her fault” April volunteered.
Keep those first paragraphs coming in!
“Morning Guy, we’re a little busy,” Lilly says sweating.
Kimmie was sex-mad. Sex-crazy. A nymphomaniac. And this is her story.
Feeling Stacy’s ass grinding against his cock had Nick’s mind back to more important matters. He wanted to make sure she felt how hard she made him. He wanted her to beg for his cock when they were alone later that night. As long as Mari’s flirting and his own thoughts didn’t interfere, he was confident he would get his way.
My girlfriend rubbed her forehead. “I don’t know, man. She’s just young, you know? And things are moving so fast, and I feel like I’m taking advantage, and it’s a little weird, you know… with you watching.”
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2023.03.30 05:44 duellingislands 6:40 EET; The Sun is Rising Over Kyiv on the 400th Day of the Full-Scale Invasion. Today's subject is the tradition of decorative barrel-making in the western mountains of Ukraine. + Discussion + Charities!

6:40 EET; The Sun is Rising Over Kyiv on the 400th Day of the Full-Scale Invasion. Today's subject is the tradition of decorative barrel-making in the western mountains of Ukraine. + Discussion + Charities!

400 Days.

Another entry in our series about the traditional folk crafts of Ukraine! Other entries are here:
Pysanky, Ukrainian Easter Eggs Motanka, Ukrainian Dolls Rushnyk Hutsul Blankets Petrykivka Painting Opishnya Ceramics Didukh Vyshyvanka: Ukrainian Embroidery Vinok, Ukrainian Flower Crown Cheres, the Talisman Belt Korali Necklace Yavoriv Toys

Practical Art

A master at work. Yosyp Prymak from Kosiv begins a new piece.
Decorative barrel-making is one of the oldest folk craft traditions in Ukraine, and can be found even today - especially in Bukovyna region and in Hutsul communities.
The Ukrainian word for barrel-makecooper is bondar, which comes from the word bodnya - a vessel that served as a chest. If you've ever met someone of Ukrainian heritage with a surname of "Bondar" , "Bondarchuk", or "Bondarenko", you now know where these very common names come from! At first, a long time ago, these products were made by craftsmen out of a single, carefully hollowed-out tree trunk. Smaller houseware items, too, were made using this method; some examples have been found that are a millennia old.
But practicality was not enough! Craftspeople wanted little works of art to decorate their walls and liven up their tables. They made barrels, baskets, cups, and more - entirely from wood and with no metals. Later of course, metals were used, especially with larger vessels, but you get the picture. And these products were in great demand! People would buy them at fairs, or exchange the vessels themselves for food. Some were made to order as a gift for any occasion or event - wedding gifts for newlyweds, a parting gift for an old friend, a talisman for a young person.
Some examples of simple but beautiful antiques from Bukovyna region.
There were highly specialized vessels that were adapted to the environment of the people who needed them - take for example the Berbenytsya, a tall, thin barrel used for carrying sheep's milk on horseback. In another post, we will examine how this type of vessel turned into something historical and musical.
These wooden artsy vessels caught the eye even of the divine. In Ukrainian churches, many of the ritual objects were made by the same decorative cooper artisans.
By the mid-19th century, decorative cups, goblets, little barrels, plates, boxes, and wooden utensils were one of the top exports of Ukrainian artisans from western Ukraine.

It's All About the Materials

A container with a tree motif.
A cooper, to ensure success, needs to first prepare the wood very carefully. A tree's materials need to be collected in a specific season of the year, and be of the right age and growing in the right place.
The cooper prepares the cut wood years in advance because the wood needs to dry for two years in the shade - under a roof or other covering - to ensure that the final product will not crack.
When making smaller items, the artisan needs to consider the items intended use when choosing a species of wood with the right physical and technological properties. Oak and beech were used for wine vessels or for Kvas. Spruce, sycamore, and aspen would be used to store sugar, salt, butter, honey, milk and other dairy products, and fruits. The wood of plum and pear trees would be used for non-food uses.
Heating the \"pencils\" with a pich
After the item is made, the artisans decorate it by burning various ornamental designs into it. To do this the traditional way, you bake little "pencils" of metal with a Pich, and then draw your designs. If you're skillful, you can get a variety of effects and tonalities from this method.
A collection of traditional decorative patterns assembled by Volodymyr Voronchak.

The Craft Today

Master Ivan Hrymalyuk at work in the 1970's.
The most famous modern craftsman of this practical art was Ivan Hrymalyuk (1904 -1989) from the village of Richka in the Kosiv region. He came from a family of coopers and his works of art still impress with their wealth of various forms, clear proportions, and decorativeness. He attentively and generously shared his wealth of knowledge with his students, and thanks to them the art is being kept alive.
(Left, Middle) Modern vessels prepared by craftsman Volodymyr Voronchak in 2015. (Right) Volodymyr proudly displays the world's most appropriately-sized Borshch spoon (haven't you heard? Ukrainians are soup-centric!).
The 400th day of a nine year invasion that has been going on for centuries.
One day closer to victory.



Verified Charities

Keep 'em flying!
  • u/Jesterboyd is a mod for ukraine and local to Kyiv. He is currently selling rad t-shirts raising money to buy some very interesting drones. Link to donation
  • United24: This site was launched by President Zelenskyy as the main venue for collecting charitable donations in support of Ukraine. Funds will be allocated to cover the most pressing needs facing Ukraine.
  • Come Back Alive: This NGO crowdfunds non-lethal military equipment, such as thermal vision scopes & supplies it to the front lines. It also provides training for Ukrainian soldiers, as well as researching troops’ needs and social reintegration of veterans.
  • Trident Defense Initiative: This initiative run by former NATO and UA servicemen has trained and equipped thousands of Ukrainian soldiers.
  • Ukraine Front Line US-based and registered 501(c)(3), this NGO fulfills front line soldiers' direct defense and humanitarian aid requests through their man on the ground, Ukraine's own u/jesterboyd.
  • Ukraine Aid Ops: Volunteers around the world who are helping to find and deliver equipment directly to those who need it most in Ukraine.
  • Hospitallers: This is a medical battalion that unites volunteer paramedics and doctors to save the lives of soldiers on the frontline. They crowdfund their vehicle repairs, fuel, and medical equipment.
You can find many more charities with diverse areas of focus in our vetted charities list HERE.
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2023.03.30 02:38 FenrirIII Reputable PC shops or places to buy components?

Looking to get a new gaming OC and pre-builts are insane. Are there any local shops that do builds? As Fry's is gone, where do you find reasonably priced parts?
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2023.03.29 23:59 wantingtodobetter CMV: Burger King is better than McDonald’s

Three category’s:
  1. Stone cold sober. (No one eats here sober but the frys are bussin)
  2. Baked like beans. You have an Oreo pie, better value cheese burgers, chicken frys, and for some reason tacos.
  3. Hung over: far superior breakfast and cini-minis at most locations.
McDonald’s only has the breakfast platter, doesn’t count if you are traveling because of course McDonald’s is gold standard for breakfast while on a road trip.
Change my mind. Mind you, I will accept 0 fact based arguments, only subjective opinions, you only need to change my mind in one category.
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2023.03.29 23:23 joblessClaims Concept - Belfast Circle Line: Ballyclare Train Station

Concept - Belfast Circle Line: Ballyclare Train Station submitted by joblessClaims to northernireland [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 18:26 yrnmigos Considering selling my car and bike commuting 30 miles by e-bike.

I live in very car-centric San Antonio, Texas and I drive around 13 miles to work and back. It takes about 20 minutes with no traffic but that's only on weekends and holidays. Typically the commute is at least 30-35 minutes. Sometimes longer.
I recently bought a Lectric XP 3.0 and want to begin commuting to work. San Antonio roads are dangerous for cyclists but it's possible with the correct route. It takes a little under 1 hour and I would not try it at night.
Now here's where the fun begins! San Antonio just completed the connection of the Leon and Salado Greenways and I can theoretically take the lonnnng way around and be on paved bike trails for 95% of my commute. However, this increase the commute time to 1.5 hours and a total of 30 mile each way. Sounds like a lot of fun but also can be inconvenient and everyone will think I'm nuts.
If this can be viable commute, I might just sell my car or just turn it in at the end of the lease. We would still have my wife's car and it's almost paid off. I want to be independent of a car. At least for myself. My wife can do whatever she pleases. The irony is that I sell cars for a living!
I just wanted to bounce my thoughts off of the community to hear what experience they have had with transitioning from car to bike. San Antonio is not the best for public transit but used to use all the time when I was a kid so I'm not stranger to getting uncomfortable and being outside in the elements.
submitted by yrnmigos to bikecommuting [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 17:59 em3113 Burlington Greenway conditions?

Anyone in the Burlington area know if the Greenway is passable by road bike right now? I'm in the NEK and desperately wanting to get on my bike this weekend to help kick away the lingering seasonal depression.
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2023.03.29 16:32 seatownquilt-N-plant [suggestion] WFH PC for data entry state employees

Budget: $500 or less for just PC. Peripherals can be extra.
No microcenter, RIP Renton Frys.
My office is finally opting into hybrid work. My coworkers though are not very computer literate. Some of them do not use PC at home. Because this is an opt-in situation our government employer is not giving us PCs to take home.
We will VPN into our workstations at work, we will all still have a personal workstation in our office. The advice is that a good internet connection is more important than home computing power.
I believe my coworkers would like to buy brand new with warranty.
I was browsing and it looks like their micro PC start at $800. Is this the normal price for things in 2023? I was looking for computers like the ones we have at work. Those very small ones with no DVD drive, the size of a box of Girl Scout Cookies.
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2023.03.29 12:58 Overall_Equivalent26 Are my emotions justified? Dogs shit in my yard and i really don't like it.

Dog walkers letting their dog do their business on my lawn. I've caught some surprises that were not picked up but for the most part owners pick up the waste. This is where I feel most people will not relate. I'm still bothered by it. I don't want your dog on my lawn.
I like walking barefoot it's a major reason i bought a house with a lawn and i feel i can do that because it isn't also a puppy pad.
I don't really get it there is s park and Greenway very close to our neighborhood.
Ready for the dissent of the internet to pour in!
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2023.03.29 11:35 Limp_Afternoon6788 Running spots around Taguig aside from BGC?

Hi anyone know a good running spot around Taguig? Bgc track 30th, terra and greenway gets a bit crowded na eh and i hate running sa treadmill. Or if anyone knows a track and field na open to public that would be great!
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2023.03.29 09:44 Faction_Chief @USATODAY: The boy, Christopher DiPrima, was a student at Excel Academy Charter High School in Boston and previously graduated from Excel Academy Greenway, the school posted on Facebook.

@USATODAY: The boy, Christopher DiPrima, was a student at Excel Academy Charter High School in Boston and previously graduated from Excel Academy Greenway, the school posted on Facebook. submitted by Faction_Chief to NoFilterNews [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 02:52 HTPC4Life Trouble hearing dialog, can I just get a really big center speaker?

The speakers in my 3.1 setup are very entry level: Jamo system I got from Fry's on sale 12 years ago, S426 left and right, S 420 center, subwoofer 210, (satellite speakers deleted long ago due to unfriendly room layout). Like many others, I am constantly increasing and decreasing the volume because I can't hear the dialog in most films. I have a Denon AVR-S660H and I have maxed out the center speaker and enabled dialog enhancement, all to no avail. I've been looking at large center speakers like the Klipsch RP-504C, Klipsch RP-504C, Polk R400, Klipsch Reference R-34C etc. I have also been intrigued by these slim centers with multiple speakers like the Polk Signature Elite ES35, JBL Stage A135C and the like.
Are there any reasons why I shouldn't go with a large center speaker, considering that my left and rights are rather small? I am willing to upgrade my left and right speakers down the road.
Will I get the dialog improvements I am looking for?
What is the consensus on these slim center speakers with multiple drivers?
What recommendations do you guys have for center speakers?
Thanks in advance for your help!
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2023.03.29 01:26 California415808 First time in Boston - loved it

Was just in Boston for my first time - was there for a conference in Copley Place. I spent 5 days.
Some thoughts:
Boston is gorgeous! Good gracious the built environment was stunning. So is the river! I also didn't know about the islands in the Harbor.
People were polite & friendly - many said, "Welcome to Boston" to me. I thought that the Northeast had a poor reputation for friendliness but really people were so kind.
Back Bay was sooo pretty, but I think I preferred South End. It felt more neighborhood-y.
The Target near Fenway is one of the best Targets I've ever been to.
The New England Aquarium was underwhelming...
The Copley Place Mall & Prudential Center is probably the most upscale mall I've ever been to.
I ate at Flour Bakery & Tatte - I thought that the famous sticky bun from Flour Bakery was overrated!! Ahhhh - I mean, it was good, but not delicious. Tatte I thought was great. I also went to the Greystone in the Southend which was super, super cute. The greek place, Saloniki, was super delicious.
The North End was really pretty but I don't think it's a place I'd choose to live. I love the pedestrian greenway space where the highway used to be - it's beautiful. I also love linear parks so the linear park in BackBay was a great place to walk.
I thought the T was super convenient. Boston is also quite clean, especially compared to SF.
It felt quite small and walkable which is great - it was cooolllldddd haha.
Anyway, really had a good time. Thank you!
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2023.03.28 21:42 AbleAd3932 A Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing

I am dyslexic so I pre apologies for the grammar and spelling in this story.
Come on Jixy, I had it made just for you, at least try it on.” “Not gona happen” Jixet said as he wondered what Rebeca could have been thinking when she had this made ‘just for him’ Rebeca looked at him with ‘the face’ anyone who has spent time with humans knows the one. It is the on with the big eyes. “Why is this so important for you?” ask Jixet. Rebeca thought about her answer for a few seconds. “I think this will be good for you, wearing a mask is a sort of magic.” Jixet interrupted “Rebeca I know Vinlil’s size confuses humans, but I am not a child, and I do not believe in magic.” Rebeca gave Jixet another one of those ‘looks’ this one said shut up and let me talk. “I am serous there is science behind it.” Jixet thought about asking how magic can have science behind it but did not want another ‘look’. “It has been proven that people who are engaged in things they think they might be judged for like battles, stage performances and even sex acts show more confidence and willingness to commit to what they are doing is increased by wearing a mask.”
Jixet mulled over what his friend had said. “So, a weird quirk of human psychology is why you want me wearing a mask to try plant-based meat replacement?” “Well sort of but also it is Halloween and wearing a costume is traditional.” Rebeca held up a child sized wolf costume as she said it. To Jixet’s credit he only grumbled a little as she helped him into the elaborate mascot mask that had a moving jaw to allow him to eat without taking it off. The mask had been expensive, so Rebeca had to go a bit cheap on the rest of the outfit. It consisted of a fuzzy gray onesie, some oversized slippers that were likely supposed to be a pun for the term bear feet, those had taken some work to get to fit Jixet, and gray children’s gloves with plastic claws glued on. “Just try to get into the mind set of being a predator. It will be fun I promise.”
This was not fun! Jixet clung to Rebeca’s arm for dear life. All around him things with claws and big teeth, blood, bones, and things jumping out at him. Halloween was the worst thing ever. The plastic claws on Jixet’s costume dug into Rebeca’s arm in a way that was surprisingly painful. “Jixy, buddy ease up a bit it is just decorations people in costumes, none of it is real.” “I know that” Jixet snaped. Wait did Jixet actually just snap at her aggressively do to fear? Rebeca smirked to herself; this plan just might work. “Don’t worry hun we will be at the restaurant soon.” “Why do you insist we walk” Jixet whimpered. “Well, a few reasons, first it is only a short walk and part of the fun of Halloween is showing off your costumes and looking at everyone else’s. Also, with all the people walking around driving would be a pain. Not all the costumes are scarry, look at those kids.” Some young children dressed as either Vinlil or maybe sheep walked by. “No some are just uncanny valley.” Jixet was rather pleased with himself for remembering that human term. “Ok grumpy we are here anyway.”
The restaurant they were meeting Rebeca’s friends at is called the happy cow. Its smiling cow mascot made Jixet uncomfortable for reasons he doesn’t completely understand. “Hay Jixet, Rebeca over here. You guys’ costumes look grate.” It took Jexit a moment to understand the green thing calling them from across the restaurant was Jack. Jack had on nothing but ripped purple pants and green body paint. Lily, the other person at the table was dressed just as strangely. She had on a short black dress and a tall pointed black hat. Lily grinned at both of us “yo Jixet I would not have known it was you if you were not with Rachel.” Jixet was not certain that was a good thing, but Lily seemed to think it was. Not that he thought about it Rachel was dressed oddly as well, she had on a fluffy blue dress and a red clock with a hood. After the two new arrivals sat down Jack told Rachel “I already ordered for you guys I got you the mock chicken salad and Jixet the mushroom burger we talked about.
Rachel had explained to Jixet that humans like mushrooms a lot do to the fact they taste more like meat than any other plant. Jixet whimpered and tells the humans “I don’t know if I am up for this.” Rebeca gave him a stern look “You promised you would try.” Jixet whimpered more. Lily pulled a small mirror out of her purse. “I want you to look into this. See the forwarded facing eyes, the teeth and claws? Tonight, you are a fierce predator, you have to believe that for the mask to work. I have seen Vinlil plays your people are good actors, so act like a wolf.” ‘Act like a wolf’ Jixet fumed to himself suddenly more disgruntled then disgusted. ‘He would show her!’ He would eat the fake meat and like it! It did smell good, rich and earthy like the tubers from Vinlil prime that human had taken to calling space potatoes. Speaking of potatoes this meal came with a side of the tasty golden frys that Jixet had come to love in his time on earth.
Most of the burger was things Jixet has tried before on earth. Fluffy sweet bread, a salty brown liquid made from fermented beans, crisp lettuce and a juicy tomato. But the mushroom itself an oversized flat cap of fungus, was almost imposable to describe, savory, salty, sweet, dry, and wet all at once. It was the single best thing he had ever put in his mouth. Was this what meat test like, is this why predators so crave the forbidden food? The entire universe seemed to come into a wonderful focus. In that moment Jixet understood everything. Why did everything suddenly look so sparkly? It doesn’t matter I am a scary predator.
Jixet bolted down the rest of his food like a starving animal, as his human friands looked on in confusion. “Wow, so mushrooms are a hit” Jack said as he handed Jixet a cup of coconut milk “Drink this and chill while the rest of us finish our meal. Then we will all go out and join the fun.” Jixet’s tail swished with excitement for the fun. He could finally understand why the humans liked this Holladay so much, it was scarry but also fun, and he wanted to be part of it. When the meal was done, and they all headed back out Jixet bounced back and forth between the humans. Sometimes running ahead and sometimes falling behind. Every so often a decoration or costume would scare him, and he hid between the humans’ legs. “I am so proud of you Jixet, you have really gotten into the spirit of things.” Lily praised him. “a good job buddy” Jack joined in.
Jixet barely heard them. Lily’s earlier words echoed in his head ‘tonight you are a predator, act like a wolf’ The world just kept getting more sparkly. He is a well feed wolf surrounded by his pack and that was all that mattered. “Rowrs!” Jixet exclaimed loudly. The humans smile, they are so happy, that makes him happy. He doesn’t know where they are going but he doesn’t care. “We are almost there Jixy you aren’t scared, are you?” Rebeca asks, “I am a wolf” Jixet yelled. Rebeca looked at him a little concerned. But decided that her plan to pull Jixy out of his shell with a bit of play acting must have worked.
The zombie and skeleton decorations gave way to cartoon ghost and black cats as they retched the street fair. They were soon surrounded by children in costumes that ranged from unbearably cute to seriously scarry. One Rebeca found a bit upsetting was a blood covered teddy bear with sharp teeth and a meat clever. But Jixet just responded to it by shouting “look another wolf” Then running off to look at carved pumpkins. After playing a ring toss game and losing badly Jixet took up residency in a nearby bush. He seemed to be having a wonderful time. Jumping out and scaring older children. The bush game ended when Rebeca had to scold him for scaring some little kids. After that Lily had to chase him around the trick or treat stands to prevent Jixet from eating something with animal products in it, and he still managed to eat so much candy he would likely be sick soon. The sugar rush that followed was the stuff of legend. He ran from both to both playing fair games, poking at decorations, and happily squeaking with children. Also, a lot of yelling “I am a wolf aaaaWhoo!”
Jixet was having so much fun. He hunted the little humans in costumes roaring vary fiercely at them. He could not understand why his pack of big humans laughed at his ‘squeaking’ He also got to throw things like balls and rings and bean bags. Eating sweet colorful things was nice to. “Hay that plant has a face!” he pointed at the large orange vegetable. “I am a big bad wolf!” Jixet happily giggled to himself “I’m a wolf!”
Am old lady walked up to Rebeca “Your little boy is such a cute kid” “my boy, what? Oh no he is not” Rebeca tried to say but she was already gone. Rebeca looked at her best friands “do you think we should rain Jixy in? He seems a little out of control.” “This is the most fun I have ever seen him have, let him be a little out of control.” Jack answered. Jixet only lasted about another hour before the sugar crash hit.
Timmy had liked that kid dressed like a wolf, he was fun to play with. But he had fallen into the classic Halloween trap, to much candy all at once. “amacher” Timmy scoffed. He knew you got spread the candy out after all he is 12 that that kid seemed a lot younger maybe only 10. But he was still fun to play with.
Jack settled Jixet into a more comfortable position in his arms, as the group walked back to Rebeca’s house. “Poor guy the sugar crash hit him hard” Rebeca was pretty proud of herself her idea about building Jixet’s confidence up by dressing him up in a costume and taking him to the kiddy fair so nothing would be to stressful, had worked well. “Um guys” Lily said braking into Rebeca’s thoughts “Jessica sent me a text” “so?” Rebeca asks her. “Umm. Let me just read it to you.” ‘Jack told me you guys are planning to take Jixet to that new vegan place. Just don’t give him anything with portabella mush rooms, those things make Vinlil high as kites.’ “Oh Shit!” James said “He is never going to forgive us” Rebeca groaned. As they debated how to tell him what they had done, Jixet shifted in his sleep and happily muttered “I am a wolf Aaawoo.”
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2023.03.28 19:16 mayence Is there any way at all to prevent the (north) Greenway from flooding so bad?

tried to go for a morning walk on the greenway today but it was cut short because after about half a mile the trail was entirely inaccessible, just before it goes under the loop. There also were a couple sections where the actual trail was flooded, but some desire paths around the side were not.
This is a recurring issue; made evident by multiple posts over the last few years on this sub complaining about this exact problem. I know we got heavy rain this past weekend, but it feels like this happens every time we get more than a moderate amount of precipitation, this great facility is out of commission for a day or three.
What can be done to remedy this problem? I know that having a trail in a low-lying area directly next to a body of water means that flooding will be very hard to overcome. But I want to clarify that at least today, the flooded areas were not directly next to the river and were not inaccessible because the water level of the river rose. That, and the fact that some flooded parts of the trail were directly next to areas that were not flooded, tells me as a layman that there is an issue with drainage. (But I very well could be wrong; this kind of issue is not my wheelhouse.) Is there any effort being made either by the Commission or Leisure Services to try to fix this?
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