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2022.08.02 08:43 NorajKent The Sims 4 Free Download How to Download Sims 4 on PC & MAC with all DLCs

The Sims 4 Free Download This Community is About how to download Sims 4 on PC & MAC with all DLCs! The Sims 4 Free Download is the most significant life simulation game in which players control the sims 4 download in various ways. This version of Sims 4 free also contains the latest DLCs and content up to date - so what are you waiting for play the video to learn sims 4 download pc & mac! Sims 4 download pc working version (full version game).

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For objects you find in the world that are suspiciously similar to the sims. No bad house builds.

2023.03.22 07:53 nipple_brains Rebuild of Art Disrict Penthouse ID: y0usuck97

Rebuild of Art Disrict Penthouse ID: y0usuck97
Only my second serious build buy I'm pretty happy with it. All play tested and works. Also taking photos of Sims houses sucks 😂
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2023.03.22 07:38 Zach-attack_4237 The Nightmare I Remember the Most

I have had countless nightmares throughout my life, typically occurring every other night. My most recent one, and one of the worst I've had in a while, happened during a vacation I just got home from. I will need to put some context into this, and this story will be rather long, so bear with me here.
In my most recent nightmare I mentioned above, I woke up normally in my house. It was the middle of the night, but I was hungry, and decided to sneak down the stairs and into the kitchen to grab a snack without waking up my family. Once I was a few feet from the refrigerator, I heard footsteps from several entities behind me. I turned around to see just a few black figures, huddled tightly in a group. I knew who three of the five were by the outlines. They were all hostile animatronics, the ones from the horror video game, Five Nights at Freddy's 4. The video game franchise as a whole does not scare me, nor do really any horror movies or games, so it was weird seeing them watching me grab my snack. I saw the animatronic bear, chicken, and rabbit, but not the fox, and I had no idea who the other 2 figures were. Their eyes were not glowing in the slightest, and they were not approaching me, but only moving exactly as I do, and never getting too close. This did not concern me in the slightest, as a typical hallucination looks just like that for me. I went back to my room to eat my snack and fall sleep, when they stopped moving in their typical pattern, and spread out around the house.
Once I was back in my room, and I had tucked myself back into bed, and I felt the worst sense of sudden dread in my life, as if something terrible was about to happen. I knew by some nightmare logic that the figures really were hunting me down, and then I got scared, knowing that I do feel pain in my nightmares. Indeed, I was about to suffer. I sat in my bed, paralyzed with fear about the situation, and planned to just sit there and pray until sunrise. Worst of all, my door was wide open, and with my bed right next to it, an attack could be too sudden. I was going to have to be lucky, as the animatronics were moving in random patterns, entering rooms around the house. 15 minutes later, I heard footsteps coming to my door. I was paralyzed with fear and dread, because there was one animatronic in particular that I knew was going to take his time and torture me if I was ever caught by him. The animatronic entered my room, but luckily it was not the one I feared most. It was certainly about to kill me still, so I was rapidly planning ways of how I could make my death as fast as it could be. I threw my head into it's jaws, reached my arms out, and crunched it's teeth down into my head. It was fast and painless.
Of course, it's a nightmare, and it was not nearly over yet. That was the easy part done. I woke up again after death, in the same situation again, but outside, in an open field on my land. The layout of the field made the experience worse in a way, as it was mostly open, but with a strip of dense forest running through the middle that takes up about one third of the field. At the bottom and and top were ways through it, without having to go through the brush. This is all on about 5 acres of land, so I did not have much of a place to hide from my now sprinting animatronic pursuers. I woke up with the animatronics in a full sprint everywhere in the field. They were sprinting at all times, even if I had not been seen. I got up, ran, and hid in the densely forested area, and in a thick bush. I waited and got spotted eventually, so I got up and ran until I could no longer run. Eventually, I was caught again, but my death would hurt this time. I died via stab wounds to the gut, and all around the torso, but I was stabbed mercifully fast.
This experience, being a nightmare, meant I still had to die another time. This death would be very different, though. I woke up for the third time, but with the worst dread of my life. The fear this time was unspeakable. For no apparent reason, I was far more scared this time around. I was in the house again, and in my bed, but I stayed in bed and never got out. I just sat up, and waited for sunrise again. I had more hope this time, as the sun was only about twenty minutes from officially rising. I was starting to see light in the sky, but with more fear than I have ever had before, bad instincts kicked in. You see, in the house was a system of 6 radio-like devices me and the family used for communication. I held the "Talk" button, and spoke a message into all the rooms in the house, hoping for my family to respond. As you could imagine this was idiotic. I kept staring at my radio, waiting for a reply, when I heard a reply from my family, but something was awfully wrong. The reply came from the radio I was at, and from directly behind me, on the other side of the bed. I turned around and saw the one animatronic I hoped would never get me, and I was about to suffer.
I backed out of my bed, and into the corner of the room. It approached me awfully slow, giving me the opportunity to run at it, and deliver multiple two foot kicks to the body. I hoped these would do something, but the animatronic was utterly un-phased. Here, I finally saw a red glow in the animatronic's eyes, as it still slowly closed the distance to me. It got to me, put it's hands on my shoulder, and looked down at me, with eyes flickering on and off. This was about to be it, the worst pain of my life. There, I was tortured for minutes upon minutes. It peeled the skin off my arms and legs like giant gloves, sliced tendons and ligaments, and cracked all of my ribs, while keeping me alive. All my other bones were being fractured, and I was getting big cuts in my chest all over the place. It kept me alive until I had looked like a mangled corpse smeared on the ground.
Finally, I got to wake up, and I stayed up for about 2 hours before going back to sleep. Once I woke up, I really was unaffected, and not scared anymore, even in the dark room. When I did go back to sleep, however, I started dreaming again. I woke up in a continuation of that same dream, but this time, in the middle of an unknown forest...

For those who do not know what I am talking about, below is an image of the being that killed me for the third time in my nightmare. I know this is rather ridiculous, but that's just the way it happened.
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2023.03.22 06:44 DaizGames Castor Nova AND his son gained NEW memories of him graduating with honours.

I'm including that this happened to a premade uni sim in case that's relevant. I just moved him and his family out of an apartment and into a house. During the cutscene, his son had a thought bubble about graduating. I went to check the memory, and he has a memory of his 53 y/o father just now graduating.
Castor also has two memories, one recent and one real. His wife has no such memory. I did not use any cheat objects to update/upgrade his degree. Any ideas as to what this could be beyond c*rruption would be apresheated. I'd also love to know if these are safe to just delete. I assume they are but like conformation
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2023.03.22 06:30 ogreatgames The Sims 3: Unique Simulation Game Experience - Wii Game

The Sims 3: Unique Simulation Game Experience - Wii Game

![video](vre7ag6y9d091 " Experience an exciting and unique simulation video game experience with plenty to do. Visit to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#wii #simulation #ea --
The Sims 3 For Nintendo Wii. Experience a world with plenty of ways to have fun! The Sims 3 offers unique simulation game features that you might not have experienced before. From customizing a Sim to building a house, there are many things that are under the control of the player. Enjoy eating and talking with locals. And also aim to improve your sim. Be amazed at the expansive open-ended gameplay of this game. Immerse yourself with a unique simulation game experience and live the life in The Sims 3. --
Hey check out similar videos here:
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2023.03.22 06:23 SmileNorth Kyle won’t leave!

How do I get Kyle Kyleson to leave my house? I just got the new pack and when i started playing my sim got Kyle’s message, accepted not knowing what it was and now I’m stuck doing a rags to riches with my two sims and…. Kyle. Its been over three days!! Please help 🙏
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2023.03.22 06:19 beatzmrl I want my earbuds to stay playing forever and just turn off when I want

I use the earbuds to keep my sims entertained but it keeps turning itself off when they go to sleep or leave the house, it sucks to turn it on everytime. Is there anything I can do?
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2023.03.22 05:44 veryshorthealer Trip report: First-time solo travel in south/west of Japan, 4 weeks from mid-Feb to mid-March

Contributing my own experiences as I got a lot of helpful information on this sub!
Went to Osaka - Kyoto - Nara - Fukuoka - Nagasaki - Hiroshima - Matsuyama - Okayama - Himeji - Wakayama.
Will mainly be writing about highlights for each place after some general info:
Had the most wonderful time :)) Just missed the cherry blossom season but also means I missed the peak tourist season too so am content. Would love to explore the north and east areas of Japan next time I travel!
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2023.03.22 05:23 syn-ec-do-che [CA-AB] [H] NEW Wyse Olivetti ANK 785 Keyboard (Vtg MX Black), Apple Extended Keyboard II x2, IBM 5576-B01 Japanese Keyboard, Monterey K102 (SMK) OG Cherry WoB Doubleshot Keycaps (G81-7000HPCUS, 1800 layout), Sharp Alps Double-shot Keycaps, Canon Alps High Profile Double-shot Keycaps [W] PayPal

All prices in USD. Happy to take CAD as well. I ship worldwide!
Wyse Olivetti ANK 785 Spanish Terminal Keyboard
$195 Available
Apple Extended Keyboard II x2
$82 Available
IBM 5576-B01 PS/2 Japanese Keyboard
$55 Available
Monterey K102
$79 Available
Cherry G81-7000HPCUS Doubleshot Keycaps
$89 Available
Canon S66 High Profile Alps Doubleshot Keycaps
$67 Available
Includes all the keycaps pictured, there is some shine and yellowing
Sharp PA-1000H Alps Doubleshot Keycaps
$35 Available
Good condition, includes all the standard size keycaps from the typewriter, compact Alps keycaps not included.
Switch + Keycap Shipping
Canada - $5
International - please inquire with country and postal code
Keyboard Shipping
Canada - FREE
International - please inquire with country and postal code
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2023.03.22 04:48 East-Actuary4886 AITA For telling my mom that I hate her and then refusing to cook dinner?

My(20f) mom keeps the order around our house well. She makes charts, cleans, buys groceries when they're running low, etc. I appreciate her so much for it. I also think she suffers from some sort of OCD, because when the house is dirty she gets really angry and falls into a depression where she has no energy to do anything. She's expressed this to both me and her boyfriend many times. Because of this, she assigned me the task of cleaning the bathroom nightly. And she also has a rule that whoever dirties the kitchen cleans it while using it and again right when they’re done. Sometimes she can be overbearing, and she was abusive to me through my life due to not understanding my mental disorders, so our relationship is very strained at times. I'm always worried she thinks I'm worthless and she always thinks that I'm evil and I hate her. I can see how she would see that as I have trouble expressing myself to her. For more context, her boyfriend refers to me as lousy behind my back and thinks I'm lazy because I still live with my mom while going through school. He also never does any housework, and she doesn't seem to push him to do it either.
So yesterday night, she asked me to clean the kitchen. Even though her boyfriend dirtied it and it was late. I agreed because I knew if I didn't she would have to and she was tired. She also asked me to clean the livingroom and bake oatmeal cups for my sister’s lunch the next morning. This felt easy enough so I said okay. In between playing Sims, I did everything she asked.
The next morning, she woke me up angrily and asked me why I left the kitchen so nasty. I was confused because I knew I left it clean. This really upset me because she was so angry with me. I didn’t leave my room until she left for work. When I came out, it was a disaster. But it was obvious that this had been done in the morning rush as they made their way out of the house. I was so angry she blamed me for it that I didn’t clean up the mess they left behind. I wouldn’t have minded cleaning it if she just asked me instead of blaming me. When she got home, she asked me to cook the meat she brought and I was met with more anger. “You lounged around the house the entire day and left in here like this?” I hadn’t been lounging, I get paid to watch my infant sister. She yelled at me again, calling me lazy and ungrateful for everything she does. I asked her angrily what mess I left. Her reply? I forgot to wash the muffin pan. I got angry. Her boyfriend left food, spills and all the dishes everywhere, and she said nothing to him. But I left a muffin pan and suddenly I’m ungrateful? We started arguing and I felt like she wasn’t listening as she kept cutting me off. So I told her that I hated her and that I wouldn’t be cooking dinner. I haven’t left my room since. During my online class, I could hear her outside telling a fantasy version of what happened to our relatives and friends that I didn't even know. I started to wonder if I overreacted. So, AITA?
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2023.03.22 03:59 Suspicious-Poetry221 What would you do? Pay extra or say ha.

Seller of a home just listed under a week ago had open house & we fell in love with the renovations, the space in each room, the layout and ease of access from multiple points- side, front and backyard. The fenced in yard, pool, master suite with built in sauna , basement with entertainment & game bar & movie theater area. & basement gym. The bedrooms are ample sizes but have small Victorian sized closets (still plenty big for dresser, desk, and full/queen beds, renovated bathrooms, finished attic with a man cave lol (urinal for bathroom & separated living area and gaming area), low taxes even upon sale/reassessment, above ground pool.
Good: -recently replaced roof, furnace, central air, oil tank removal, oldest thing is the fence within 10 years.
-has a dining room and living room and family room!!
Issues; -On a Busy road. Like the town residents complained all over the Facebook page saying don’t live off main road always get traffic. An accident can cause a standstill for an hour. (It’s literally the only main drag for multiple towns off the highway, less you spend time and effort driving double the distance out of way)
(However Victorian house may have good insulation. Because couldn’t head main road from inside besides one room where the old windows are still there)
-house is a foot or less away from neighbor. Yuck. At least the windows on that side are minimal and u kind of forget to look over there
-corner lot, doesn’t bother me, just hate how other corner is main drag.
-school system good, not the best. Not horrible. Good for sports
-kitchen eventually needs a remodel maybe add big walk in pantry and remove eik and install center island.
Unknowns: -across from police station/municipal building
-over time other areas have become a flood zone due to small river- so afraid over time area may actually be a flood zone in future.
-Home is built pre 1900.
Selling agent has been saying they’ve been expecting multiple offers, however after our offer was submitted 10k over ask, they’re saying they appreciate the offer and the thoroughness of our application from lender and realtor, but they want to show the house again and expected multiple offers and want 40k over what they listed. So they’re asking us to raise our offer to match what their mental expectation was and we’re guaranteed the house and they won’t accept or show the house. They’ve owned it for almost 20 years. And their list is almost 200% what they bought it for.
We toyed with the idea of just paying the 15k extra. However the house in the area doesn’t justify spending extra. Recent sales , even if above 20% list are still below our over asking offer Our relator says we’d basically guarantee covering over appraisal. Lender says we’d just renegotiate or walk.
So we’ve politely declined to increase our offer 15k. If they want to be greedy, that’s fine. Figured if it’s meant to be it’s meant to be. However if they come back to us edging 2 weeks after their open house pending this week we’ll consider decreasing our offer to the list price for being greedy haha.
Why is this all mental mind games, guessing games, and a game of chicken
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2023.03.22 03:50 Alarming-Solid912 Rock The Block Season 4 Episode 3: Master Suite

OK, I now understand why people find the twins annoying. I like them fine on their own show, when they're in their own stomping grounds and busy getting houses ready for market. But here, with the two of them together walking into one great bathroom after another crying "OOOOHHHHH!" and "Wooowww!" I started to get irritated with them.
That said, I thought they did a decent job assessing the rooms. They were positive, pointing out what everyone did right. I like that because all of these teams are very competent and it's nice to see their work being praised as it should be. I know one of them got weirded out by the urinal, but I understood that. I think of urinals in public bathrooms, not private ones. It wasn't so much a bold choice to me as a miss. And that bathroom won, so it didn't weigh against them that much anyway.
I thought Michel and Anthony did a great job with their renovation. The bedroom itself was very specific in terms of design, but that didn't bother me. It was really just paint. If I'm a buyer and I don't like the paint, I just redo it. That's not a big job. The bathroom was really well done and the balcony was key! They deserved the win. Paige and Mitch did a great job but they messed up with the closet! That was not enough storage for a master closet at this price range. That lost them the challenge right away, just like blocking part of the view did with the Baumlers last week.
The way the rooms function, how they relate to each other and the outdoors (especially with that view) is so important. The balcony was a great idea. I would love to have that in my master bath (if I had that view, lol). That said, it made me feel a little badly for the Baumlers because again, they were the ones who got it right the first week with the layout of the kitchen. They oriented the two islands to the view and no one else did. I still think they should have won that one. Now they are the only team without a win despite having done equally good work, overall, as the other teams.
I think this week and last week the judges made good calls. The first week, Dave and Jenny Marrs missed the mark. And I wasn't crazy about the design from the Week 1 Winners this time either? The green in the bedroom and the blue in the closet were kind of overwhelming. I like it when designers use color, not when they rely on it too much.
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2023.03.22 03:35 Shibo99 [USA-IL] [H] Consoles/Handhelds, JP Imports, Games for Atari Jaguar, TurboGrafx, NES/SNES, N64, Gamecube, WiiU, Switch, PS1-4, Xbox OG/360/One [W] PS3-5/Vita/PSP/N64/GCN/Switch/3DS/DS Offers, PS5 Games listed, Ys Games, Pokemon games, others listed

Please note what items from my list you are interested in when commenting.
Please also pay attention to what system you are looking at as there are sections of Japanese (NTSC-J) games
Working systems come with necessary cables and controller unless otherwise stated.
System Notes
PS1 1001 fat
PS1 7501 fat
PS1 7501 fat
PS2 fat
PS2 fat
Sega Model 2 rf, power, oem 6 button controller
Sega Model 2 rf, no power cable, oem 3 button controller.
Sega Model 2
Sega Model 3 no av cable. 3rd party controller, 6 button
Black gamecube 3rd party controller
Wii U screen light scratches. all cables, dock, sensor bar
Wii U gamepad right joystick issues. all cables, dock, sensor bar
Xbox 360 S R2D2 C3P0 controller, kinect, 320gb
Wii RVL-001 Eject button doesn't click, but does work
TurboGrafx Express Includes tv tuner, car charger
PSP Black 1001 includes oem charger, soft case. battery holds charge
Original DS Blue NTR-001 rough shape. screens are pretty scratched
3DS XL Red Overall good condition. Screens have no visible scratches. OEM charger, sd card, and carrying case
PS Vita Dev Kit PDEL-1000 Great condition. On 3.570.011 FW currently. No charger included
Atari Jaguar Games
Game Notes
Raiden sealed
Fever Pitch Soccer sealed
Zool 2 sealed
Theme Park Designer Series sealed
Skiing and Snowboarding sealed
Zoop no manual
Cybermorph sealed
Doom manual cover seperated
Troy Aikmen Football cib - box in below average condition
Pinball Fantasies no manual
Rotary controller w/ Tempest cart Tempest is setup, ready. Rotary installed in place of dpad
Super Burnout cart only
Ultra Vortek cart only
Alien vs Predator cib
Ruiner pinball cib
Cannon Fodder cib
Wolfenstein 3D cib
Towers II cib
Flip Out cib. box has some liquid damage
Bubsy cib
Checkered Flag cib
Worms cib
I-War cib
Attack of the Mutant Penguins cib
Brutal Sports Football cib
Hover Strike cib
Rayman cib
Zero 5 cib
International Sensible Soccer cib
Flashback cib
Dino Dudes cib
Dragon Bruce Lee Story cib
Missile Command 3D cib
White Ment Can't Jump cib
Kasumi Ninja cib w/ headband
Supercross 3D cib
Club Drive cib
Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy cib
Fight for Life cib
Power Drive Rally cib
Atari Karts box only
CIB for TurboGrafx includes jewel case, not outer cardboard box unless noted
TurboGrafx Games
Game Notes
Alien Crush cart only
Keith Courage cart only
Power Golf cart only
Turrican cart only
World Class baseball CIB
Victory Run CIB
Vigilante CIB
TV Sports Hockey CIB
Keith Courage CIB (no comic)
Bonks Adventure CIB
For carts with manuals, I am willing to sell manuals/carts independently. Not seperating boxes and manuals.
NES Games
Game Notes
10 yard fight 5 screw
A Boy and his Blob
Adventure Island
Adventures of Dino-Riki
After Burner tengen cart
Air Fortress sticker on label
Arch Rivals
Back to the Future bad condition. appears to have spray paint on front of cart
Bad Dudes
Bad News Baseball
Bandai Golf: Challenge Pebble Beach
Baseball Simulator 1000
Baseball Stars sticker on label
Bases Loaded
Bases Loaded II
Bayou Billy
Bill Elliott's Nascar Challenge Box + game, no manual
Black Bass
Blades of Steel Box + game, no manual
Blades of Steel
Break Time National Pool tour Box, manual, no game
California Games
Championship Bowling
Cobra Triangle
Commando 5 screw
Contra Force comes with cart protector
Days of Thunder
Days of Thunder
Destination Earthstar
Super Dodgeball
Donkey Kong 3 5 screw
Donkey Kong Classics
Double Dragon cart + manual
Double Dragon II
Double Dragon III
Double Dribble
Dr Mario
Dragon Warrior
Duck Hunt 5 screw
Ducktales top of label damage. includes reg card
Family Feud
Fantasy Zone tengen cart
Magic Johnson Fast Break
Fester's Quest
Freedom Force
Friday the 13th
Galaga: Demon's of Death
Gauntlet tengen cart
Golgo 13 cart + manual
Gradius 5 screw
Gyromite 5 screw
Heavy Barrel
Hogan's Alley
Hollywood Squares sharpie on label (mostly cleaned, slightly visible)
Hoops sharpie on label (mostly cleaned, but visible)
Hunt for Red October
Ikari Warriors II Victory Road
Iron Sword
Iron Tank cart + manual
Jack Nicklaus' Championship Golf cart + manual
Jeopardy 25th Anniversary
John Elway's Quarterback
Jordan vs Bird
Karate Kid
Kickle Cubicle
King of the Ring cart + manual
Kings of the Beach
Knight Rider
Knight Rider
Legacy of the Wizard
Legendary Wings
Major League Baseball
Maniac Mansion sharpie on label (mostly cleaned, but visible)
Marble Madness
Mario Bros Arcade Classics Series 5 screw
Mario Bros Duck Hunt
Mario Duck Hunt Track Meet
Mickey Mousecapade
Mighty Bomb Jack
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out
Milon's Secret Castle
Mission Impossible
MTV Remote Control
NES Cleaning Kit CIB w/ box protector
NES Cleaning Kit CIB w/ box protector
NES Play Action Football
Ninja Gaiden 2
Operation Wolf
Pac-man tengen cart
Pro Wrestling
Pro Wrestling 5 screw
R.C. Pro-Am
Racket Attack
Rad Racer II
RBI Baseball tengen cart. includes reg card
Rolling Thunder tengen cart
Romance of the Three Kingdoms cart + manual
Rush'n Attack 5 screw. sharpie on label (mostly cleaned, but visible)
Section Z
Sesame Street ABC
Silent Service
Silent Service
Simpsons Bart Vs the World
Skate or Die 2
Ski or Die
Spy vs Spy
Star Force
Star Soldier Box + game, no manual
Star Trek 25th Anniversary
Star Tropics Box + game, no manual
Star Voyager 5 screw cart, manual, poster
Super C
Super Glove Ball
Super Mario Bros cart + manual
Super Mario Bros 2
Super Mario Bros 3 cart + manual
Super Off Road
Super Pitfall
Superspike V'ball
Sword and Serpents cart + manual + poster
T&C Surf Designs
Talespin top of label damaged
Target Renegade
Techmo Bowl Cart + manual
Tecmo Super Bowl
Terminator 2 Box + game, no manual
Terminator 2
Terminator 2
The Addams Family
The Fantastic Adventrues of Dizzy
TMNT II Arcade Game
TMNT Manhattan Project cart + manual
Top Gun
Top Gun Second Mission
Total Recall
Track & Field
Track & Field
Trick Shooting CIB
Twin Eagle sharpie on label (mostly cleaned, slightly visible)
Vice Project Doom label damage
Code Name Viper
Wheel of Fortune sharpie on label (mostly cleaned, slightly visible)
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Win Lose or Draw writing on label
World Class Track Meet
Nintendo World Cup Box, no manual - writing on front of box
Wrestlemania cart + manual
Wrestlemania Challenge
SNES Games
Game Notes
Aaahh Real Monsters
Arkanoid - Doh It Again!
Bass Tournament of Champions
Batman Forever
Battle Clash
Best of the Best Championship Karate
Bugs Bunny Rabbit Rampage
Championship Pool
Cleaning Kit
Cool Spot
Daffy Duck The Marvin Missions
Family Feud
Fifa International Soccer
Final Fight
Home Alone 2
Inindo Label damage
Judge Dredd Some label damage
Jungle Strike
Ken Griffey Jr. Winning Run
King of the Monsters
Kirby Avalanche
Lethal Enforcers
Lion King
Looney Tunes Basketball Label damage
Madden 94
Mega Man X
Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat 3
NBA Give N Go
NBA Jam Tournament Edition
NBA Live 95
NCAA Basketball
NFL Quarterback Club
NHL Stanley Cup
Nigel Mansell's World Championship
Operation Europe Path to Victory
Paperboy 2
Power Moves
Primal Rage
Revolution X Not working. Contacts look very stripped.
Road Runner's Death Vally Rally
Scooby Doo Mystery
Space Invaders
Speedy Gonzales Los Gatos Bandidos
Spider-man and the X-men in Arcade's Revenge
Street Fighter II Faded label
Street Fighter II
Street Fighter II turbo
Stunt Race FX
Super Bases Loaded
Super Battletank: War in the Gulf
Super Black Bass
Super Empire Strikes Back
Super Mario Kart
Super Pinball Behind the Mask
Super Play Action Football
Super Punch-Out
Tecmo Super Bowl
Tecmo Super Bowl III
Tetris 2
The Jungle Book
The Pagemaster
Tory Aikman Football
We're Back A Dinosaurs Story
Wing Commander The Secret Missions
Word-Tris Damaged Label
N64 Games are cart only unless noted
Item Notes
Battle Tanx
F-1 Grand Prix
Gex 64
Madden 64
NFL Blitz
Star Wars Rogue Squadron
Star Wars Rogue Squadron
Star Wars Shadows of the Empire
War Gods
Wayne Gretzy 3D Hockey
Wipeout 64
N64 HoriPad Mini Black
N64 HoriPad Mini Yellow
N64 HoriPad Mini Red
N64 HoriPad Mini Blue
N64 HoriPad Mini Clear Ocean Blue
OEM Controller Gray
OEM Controller Atomic Purple
OEM Controller Ice Blue Clear
OEM Controller Black
OEM Controller Red
OEM Controller Watermelon Red Clear
OEM Controller Black & Gray
OEM Controller Blue
Hudson Turbo JoyCard Controller
Gamecube Games
Game Notes
Bionicle Disc only
Crash Bandicoot Wrath of Cortex Disc only
Fantastic 4 No manual
Fantastic 4 Disc only
Godzilla Disc only
Harry Potter Goblet of Fire Disc only
Harry Potter Prizoner of Azkaban Disc only
Harry Potter Sorcerer's Stone Disc only
Kids Next Door Operation: V.I.D.E.O.G.A.M.E Disc only
King Kong CIB
Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events Disc only
Lord of the Rings Return of the King Disc only
Madagascar CIB
Mario Kart Double Dash Bonus Disc disc only
Mario Kart Double Dash No Manual
Mario Power Tennis Disc only
Mario Superstar Baseball No manual
Mega man Network Transmission Disc only
Metroid Prime Disc only
Monsters Inc Scream Arena Disc only
Nascar Chase for the Cup 2005 Disc only
Nascar Thunder 2003 Disc only
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 CIB, Players Choice
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 Disc only
NFL 2K3 Disc only
One Piece Grand Adventure Disc only
One Piece Treasure Battle Disc only
Over the Hedge CIB
Paper Mario Thousand Year Door CIB, Players Choice
Rocket Power Beach Bandits No manual
Scooby Doo Unmasked CIB
Shrek 2 CIB
Shrek 2 Disc only
Sonic Heroes Disc only
Spiderman 2 Disc only
Spongebob Lights Camera Pants CIB
Spongebob Squarepants Creature from the Krusty Krab CIB
Star War Jedi Knight II Jedi Outcast Disc only
Star Wars Rebel Strike Rogue Squadron III Disc only
Taz Wanted No manual
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Disc only
The Hobbit Disc only
The Incredibles Disc only
The Incredibles Disc only
Wave Race Blue Storm CIB
Wii Games
Game Notes
AC DC Rockband Track Pack CIB
Balls of Fury Disc only
Bass Pro Shops The Strike Tournament Edition Small sleeve version (no plastic case)
Batallion Wars 2 Disc only
Ben 10 No manual
Boom Blox No manual
Cabela African Adventures CIB - game art faded
Cabela Dangerous Hunts 2013 Disc only
Cooking Mama Cook Off CIB
Cruis'n Disc only
Dead Space Extraction CIB
Disney Sing It Pop Hits CIB
EA Active CIB
Golden Compass Disc only
Guitar Hero 3 CIB
Guitar Hero World Tour CIB
Heavenly Guardian sealed
Hollywood Squares Disc only
Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 no manual
House of the Dead 2&3 Disc + manual
House of the Dead 2&3 CIB
House of the Dead Overkill Disc only
Just Dance 2 sealed
Lego Batman 2 no manual
Mad World CIB
Madden 11 CIB
Mario Super Sluggers Disc only
Marvel Ultimate Alliance CIB
MLB 2K10 CIB - game art slightly faded
Monster High Ghoul Spirit Disc Only
Monster hunter 3 tri No manual - art very faded
Netflix disc Disc only
New Super Marios Bros Case and manual only, no game
Ninja Reflex No Manual
Pikmin No manual
Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands Disc only
Rapala Pro Bass Fishing No manual
Rapala Pro Bass Fishing Disc only
Redneck Jamboree CIB
Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles CIB
Sonic All Stars Racing CIB
Sonic Secret Rings CIB
Sonic Unleashed CIB
Spiderman Edge of Time No manual
Spongebob Squiggleplants No manual
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Smash-Up CIB
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 CIB
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 CIB
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 Masters CIB - art on front slightly faded
Trivial Pursuit CIB
UFC Trainer No manual
Ultimate I Spy CIB
Wii sports Disc + manual
World of Zoo No Manual
Victorious Boxers Revolution CIB
WiiU Games
Game Notes
007 Legends CIB
Disney Infinity 3.0 Disc only
Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams CIB
Lego Avengers CIB
Lego Movie CIB
Mario Kart Wii U System Box System Box + both tray inserts
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate CIB
Pokken Tournament CIB
Star Fox Zero + Guard CIB w/ Outer box, actual games are sealed
Super Mario 3D World CIB
Super Mario Maker CIB w/ Outerbox + idea book
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 disc only
Twilight Princess HD CIB
Wii Party U CIB
Wii Sports Club CIB
Windwaker HD disc only
Xenoblade Chronicles X CIB
Yoshi's Wooly World Sealed
Switch Games
Game Notes
Atelier Lydie & Suelle PAL version - CIB
Bravely Default 2 CIB
Moonlighter CIB
Sakuna Rice and Ruin Divine Edition Sealed
Skylanders Imaginators Starter Pack CIB
YS 8 Standard Edition Sealed
PS1 Games
Game Notes
Air Combat CIB GH
Asteroids CIB
Breakout CIB
Destruction Derby CIB Longbox (cardboard)
Destruction Derby 2 disc only
Destruction Derby Raw CIB
Driver Missing Manual / Front art of Jewel Case
Driver 2 CIB
Frogger Missing Manual / Front art of Jewel Case
Gran Turismo CIB
Gran Turismo 2 CIB GH some cracks in case
Gran Turismo 2 CIB
IHRA Drag Racing CIB
Interactive CD Sampler Pack Vol 3 Disc Only
Interactive CD Sampler Pack Vol 3 Disc Only
Invasion from Beyond CIB
Iron & Blood CIB
Jeremy McGrath Super Cross 98 CIB
Math Gallery Collection 1 disc only
Nascar 98 CIB
Need for Speed III Hot Pursuit CIB GH
Pac-man World CIB GH
Pong CIB - case hinge kinda broken
Street Sk8ter CIB
Striker 1945 Blockbuster sticker on disc
Syphon Filter 2 disc only (has discs 1 and 2)
Tomb Raider 2 CIB
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater CIB
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 CIB
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 CIB
True Pinball CIB
Wheel of Fortune disc only
Wipeout CIB flat longbox americanized cover variant
World's Scariest Police Chases CIB
You Don't Know Jack CIB
PS2 Games
Game Notes
007 Agent Under Fire CIB
Acme Arsenal disc only
American Choppers 2 CIB
ATV Offroad Fury 2 CIB
Blitz The League disc only
Blowout CIB
Bully CIB
Cars No manual
Dance Dance Revolution Super Nova CIB
Dukes of Hazard CIB
Fight Night 2004 CIB
Final Fantasy XII Disc only
Frogger The Great Quest CIB
Gran Turismo 3 CIB
Gran Turismo 4 CIB
GTA 3 CIB w/ Map
GTA Liberty City Stories no manual
GTA Vice City Stories CIB w/ Map
GTA Vice City Ultimate Codes CIB
Guitar Hero III CIB
Jaws Unleashed No manual - sharpie on front
Kengo CIB
Lord of the Rings Two Towers Disc only
Medal of Honor European Assault Disc only
Nascar 06 Disc only
Nascar Dirt to Daytona CIB
NBA Live 2005 Disc only
NCAA Football 07 Disc only
NCAA Football 2004 CIB
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 CIB
Need for Speed Most Wanted Black CIB
Need for Speed Pro Street CIB
Need for Speed Pro Street Disc only
Need for Speed Underground GH CIB
Need for Speed Underground 2 CIB
NFL Street 2 no manual
Pinball Hall of Fame CIB
Pirates Legend of the Black Buccaneer No manual
Rock Band No manual
Sly 2 Band of Thieves GH CIB
Sly 3 Honor Among Thieves GH CIB
Sprint Cars 2 CIB
Sprint Cars Road to Knoxville CIB
SSX 3 GH no manual
Test Drive Eve of Destruction disc only
The Sims Disc only
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 01 CIB
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 02 CIB
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 02 CIB
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 03 CIB
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 04 CIB
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 04 CIB
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 05 CIB
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 CIB
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 CIB
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 CIB
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 CIB
Wave Rally CIB
PS3 Games
Game Notes
Assassin's Creed CIB
Assassin's Creed GH CIB
Assassin's Creed II CIB
Assassin's Creed Revelations Sealed
Batman Arkham City CIB
Battlefield 3 Limited Edition No manual
Battlefield 3 Limited Edition No manual
Battlefield 4 CIB
Battlefield 4 CIB
Battlefield Bad Company 2 Limited Edition No manual
Beijing 2008 disc only
Borderlands 2 disc only
Borderlands 2 disc only
Borderlands 2 CIB
Brutal Legend CIB
Call of Duty Black Ops CIB
Call of Duty Ghosts CIB
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 CIB
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 CIB
Call of Duty World at War GH CIB
Dark Souls CIB
Dark Souls CIB
Dark Souls CIB - Disc is greatest hits, case is regular
Dark Souls II Disc is greatest hits, case is regular
Dead Space 3 Limited Edition CIB
Destiny CIB
Destiny CIB
Def Jam Icon Case and game, no manual
Demon Souls CIB
Devil May Cry CIB (art is sunfaded a bit)
Diablo 3 No Manual
Diablo 3 Disc Only
Dragon Age Inquisition No manual
Dragon's Crown CIB
Dragon's Crown CIB
Duke Nukem Forever Disc only
Duke Nukem Forever Disc only
EA Active 2 CIB
Facebreaker CIB
Family Game Night 4 disc only
Far Cry 3 CIB
Fifa 14 Disc only
Fifa 14 CIB
Fracture disc only
God of War Ascension CIB
God of War Collection CIB
God of War III CIB
God of War Origins Edition CIB
God of War Saga Sealed
Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition CIB
Gran Turismo 5 CIB
Gran Turismo 6 no manual
Gran Turismo 6 Disc only
Grid Disc only
GTA 4 GH CIB w/ map
GTA 4 GH CIB w/ map
GTA 5 no manual or map
GTA San Andreas Disc only
Guitar Hero 3 CIB
Guitar Hero Live CIB w/ dongle
Heavy Rain Disc only
John Daly's ProStroke Golf CIB
Kane & Lynch Dead Men No manual
Killzone 2 CIB
Killzone 2 no manual
L.A. Noire CIB
Lego Movie no manual
Little Big Planet GH CIB
Madden 13 Disc only
Madden 13 CIB
Madden 25 CIB
Madden 25 CIB
Madden 09 disc only
Madden 07 CIB
Mass Effect 2 CIB
Mass Effect 3 CIB
Metal Gear Solid 4 CIB
Metal Gear Solid 4 CIB
Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor No manual
MLB The Show 12 Disc only
NCAA Football 09 Disc only
Need For Speed Rivals Disc only
NHL 11 No manual
NHL 13 disc only
NHL 15 disc only
PlayStation Move Disc only
Rapala Pro Bass Fishing w/ Big Box, rod, game, and rod dongle/receiver
Ratchet & Clank Future A Crack in time GH no manual
Ratchet & Clank Future A Crack in time GH no manual
Ratchet & Clank Future A Crack in time CIB
Ratchet & Clank Tools of Destruction CIB
Resident Evil 5 CIB
Rock Band 2 CIB
Saints Row The Third disc only
Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments CIB
Skylanders Giants CIB
Skyrim CIB GH (no map, unsure if GH had map)
Sly Cooper Thieves in Time No manual
Smackdown vs Raw 2009 CIB
Socom 4 disc only
Soul Calibur 4 no manual
Sports Champions CIB
Sports Champions CIB
Start The Party No manual
Tekken 6 CIB
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 CIB
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 no manual
Time Crisis 4 No manual
Timeshift disc only (2x available)
Uncharted CIB
Uncharted GH No manual
Uncharted 2 no manual
Uncharted 2 CIB
Uncharted 2 CIB
Uncharted 2 CIB
Uncharted 3 CIB
Uncharted 3 CIB
Uncharted 3 CIB
PS4 Games
Game Notes
Agents of Mayhem disc only
Anthem cib
Battleborn disc only
Battleborn disc only
Bayonetta Vanquish CIB
Binding of Isaac CIB
Bloodborne CIB
Brunswick Pro Bowling CIB
Call of Duty WWII CIB
Cyberpunk 2077 CIB
Destiny 2 CIB
Deus Ex disc only
Fifa 14 CIB
Fifa 15 CIB
Minecraft Story Mode CIB
Nioh CIB
Rock Band 4 Disc only
Spider-man sealed
Ys VIII disc only
Zombieland Double Tap CIB
Original Xbox
Game Notes
Outlaw Golf CIB
LA Rush No manual
Greg Hasting's Tournament Paintball CIB
Madden 06 Disc Only
Lego Star Wars Video Game No Manual
NFL Street CIB
Roadkill No Manual
Midtown Madness 3 No Manual
Flat Out 2 CIB
Grabbed By The Ghoulies CIB
Xbox 360 - All collector's / limited editions are 100% complete. Many of the extras are still brand new or were kept in their box
Xbox 360 Games
Game Notes
Army of Two 40 Days Disc only
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood CIB
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Collector's Edition CIB
Assassin's Creed III Limited Edition CIB
Battlefield 4 CIB
Big Bumpin Sealed
Boderlands 2 Limited Edition Ultimate Loot Chest CIB
Call of Duty Ghosts CIB
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 CIB
Dance Central 2 CIB
Dance Central 2 CIB
Dead Space 2 Collector's Edition CIB
Disney Infinity 2.0 CIB
Disneyland Adventures CIB
Disneyland Adventures No manual
DJ Hero 2 CIB
DJ Hero 2 CIB
Elder Scrolls Oblivion Collector's Edition CIB
Elder Scrolls Skyrim Collector's Edition CIB
Fallout 3 Collector's Edition CIB
Fifa 12 CIB
Fifa 12 CIB
Fifa 13 CIB
Fifa 14 CIB
Forza 3 / Halo ODST Double Pack CIB
GTA V No manual - only 1 insert
GTA V Collector's Edition CIB
Just Dance 3 CIB
Just Dance 3 CIB
LA Noire Discs only
Madden 25 CIB
Madden 25 no manual
MX Vs. ATV Alive CIB
MX Vs. ATV Reflex CIB
Naruto Rise of a Ninja sealed
NBA Ballers Chosen One No manual
NBA NK11 no manual
NBA NK13 no manual
NBA NK13 no manual
NHL 13 no manual
NHL 13 no manual
NHL 14 no manual
Pocket Bike Racer Sealed
Rock Band 2 CIB
Shadow of Mordor Discs and manual. No game art
Skate No manual
Skate 2 Disc only
Skylanders Giants No manual
Sneak King Sealed
Soul Calibur IV Disc only
Table Tennis CIB
Tansformers War For Cybertron No manual - art is sun faded
The Wolf Among Us No manual
Tomb Raider Collector's Edition CIB
Witcher 2 disc 1 only
Xbox One
Game Notes
Doug Flutie's Maximum Football 2019
Dragonball Xenoverse XV
Fifa 14
Fifa 15
Fifa 15
Fifa 16
Madden 15
Madden 15
Madden 16
Madden 17
NBA 2k15
NBA 2k16
NHL 15
NHL 15
The Division disc only
The Wolf Among Us
This is the Police
Spyro Reignited Trilogy
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2
Tempest 4000
Rory McIlroy PGA Tour
Sega CD Games
Game Notes
Slam City Box w/ all 4 Discs, no manual
Fifa Soccer Case and manual, no game
Corpse Killer CIB
PSP Games
Game Notes
Daxter Greatest Hits CIB
Jeanne D'Arc demo disc NFR Sealed
Game shield cover small umd protector (3x avail)
Monster hunter freedom umd only
Spiderman UMD Movie CIB
Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron CIB
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force CIB no cards
Amiibo are loose unless noteed
Amiibo Notes
32x Games
Game Notes
Moto Cross
Virtua Racing Label damage
Super Famicom
Game Notes
Chrono Trigger CIB
Derby Stallion 3 cart only
Dragon Ball Z CIB
Dragon Ball Z 2 CIB
Dragon Quest I & II CIB
Dragon Quest III CIB
Excite Stage 94 cart only
Excite Stage 96 cart only
Exhaust Heat CIB
F1 Grand Prix Part 3 CIB
Family / Famista Stadium 4 Baseball cart only
Fire Emblem Genealogy Of Holy War CIB
Kirby Super Star CIB
Motoko's Wonder Kitchen cart only
Mountain Stream King Fishing cart only
Pachi Slot Monogatari: Universal Special cart only
Prime Goal 3 cart only
Rockman X2 cart only
Sim City 2000 cart only
Space Bazooka CIB
Space Invaders cart only
Street Fighter II CIB
Super bomberman 2 cart only
Super Bomberman 3 CIB
Super Donkey Kong cart only
Super Goal! 2 (aka Takeda Nobuhiro no Super Cup Soccer) CIB
Super Kyukyoku Harikiri Stadium cart only
Super Zugan 2 cart only
Yoshi's Safari CIB
Yoshi's Safari CIB
Japanese N64 Games
Game Notes
1080 Snowboarding CIB
1080 Snowboarding cart only
Animal Crossing / Doubutsu no Mori cart only
Baku Bomberman cart only
Banjo Kazooie cart only
Banjo Kazooie 2 CIB - excellent condition
Banjo Kazooie 2 CIB - small writing on front of box
Bass Tsuri No. 1 Shigesato Ito Fishing cart only
Blast Dozer cart only
Bomberman 2 Baku cart only
Bomberman Hero CIB
Custom Robo V1 cart only
Custom Robo V2 cart only
Densha De Go cart only
Derby stallion 64 cart only
Derby stallion 64 CIB
Diddy Kong Racing cart only
Donkey Kong 64 cart only
Donkey Kong 64 CIB
Donkey Kong 64 Big box - No expansion pak items (insert, pak, or box). Otherwise CIB
Doraemon 2 Temple of Light cart only
Excitebike 64 cart only
F-Zero X cart only
Famista Family Stadium Baseball cart only
Famista Family Stadium Baseball CIB
Ganbare Nippon Olympic 2000 cart only
Goemon Mystical Ninja cart only
Goldeneye 007 cart only
Harvest Moon 2 cart only
Hey You Pikachu Big box - CIB w/ VRU
Hey You Pikachu Big box - missing inserts and smaller game box. Includes game + vru
Hey You Pikachu cart only
Hiru No Ken Twin Flying Dragon cart only
Human Grand Prix cart only
Human Grand Prix CIB
J League 1999 Perfect Striker 2 cart only
J League Perfect Striker cart only
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2000 cart only
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2001 cart only
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 4 cart only
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 5 cart only
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 6 cart only
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 6 Boxed - no manual
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 6 CIB
Jikkyou World Soccer 3 cart only
Kirby The Crystal Shards CIB
Kirby The Crystal Shards CIB w/ extra control guide "hyper copy technique"
Kirby The Crystal Shards cart only
Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask cart only
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time cart only
Magical Tetris Challenge Featuring Mickey CIB
Mahjong Master cart only
Mario Golf cart only
Mario Golf CIB
Mario Kart 64 cart only
Mario Party 1 cart only
Mario Party 2 cart only
Mario Party 2 Boxed - no manual
Mario Party 2 CIB
Mario Party 3 cart only
Mario Party 3 CIB
Mario Party 3 CIB
Mario Party 3 CIB
Mario RPG / Paper Mario cart only
Mario Tennis cart only
Mario Tennis CIB
MRC Mutli-Racing Championship cart only
Nushi Tsuri CIB
Nushi Tsuri cart only
Ogre Battle 64 cart only
Olympic Hockey 98 cart only
Ozumo Sumo Wrestling cart only
Pilotwings cart only
Pokemon Snap cart only
Pokemon Stadium cart only
Pokemon Stadium 2 Boxed - no manual
Pokemon Stadium 2 cart only
Pokemon Stadium Gold & Silver cart only
Pro League 64 Baseball cart only
Pro Mahjong Kiwame cart only
Pro Yakyu King of Pro Baseball cart only
Puyo Puyo Sun cart only
Robot Ponkottsu cart only
Shin Nihon Pro-wrestling Toukon Road Brave Spirits cart only
Snowboard Kids cart only
Star Wars Episode 1 Racer cart only
Star Wars Rogue Squadron CIB - outer box has some wear
Star Wars Shadows of the Empire cart only
Starfox 64 cart only
Super B-Daman Battle Phoneix cart only
Super Mario 64 cart only
Super Mario 64 Shindou / Rumble version cart only
Super Mario 64 Shindou / Rumble version CIB
Super Mario 64 Strategy Guide
Super Robot Taisen cart only
Super Smash Bros cart only
Super Smash Bros CIB
Tamagotchi World cart only
Tamagotchi World Boxed - no manual
Transformers Beast Wars cart only
Utchan Nanchan Flame Challenger cart only
Wave Race 64 cart only
Wonder Project J2 cart only
Yoshi Story cart only
Yoshi Story CIB
Yoshi Story Strategy Guide
Japanese Wii
Game Notes
Winning Eleven Play Maker 2013 CIB
Mario Strikers Charged CIB
Wii Simple 2000 Series Vol 2 The Party Game CIB
Donkey Kong Returns No manual
Your First Step to Wii No manual
Super Mario Collection No manual
Mario Super Sluggers No manual
Japanese Vita
Game Notes
Dynasty Warriors Next CIB
Exist Archive the Other Side of the Sky CIB
Fate Extella CIB
Fate Extella Regalia Box Missing extras - Just LE box and Vita case + game
Freedom Wars CIB
God Eater 2 CIB
God Eater 2 Rage Burst CIB
Gravity Daze (Gravity Rush) CIB - "The Best" version
Kaleido Eve CIB
Legend of Heroes Blende of Locus II Limited Edition CIB. CD still sealed
Monster Hunter Frontier G "Beginners Package" CIB
Persona 4 Golden CIB
Power Smash 4 CIB - "The Best" version
Professional Baseball Spirits 2013 CIB
Professional Baseball Spirits 2014 CIB
Ragnarok Odyssey CIB
Soul Sacrifice CIB
Super Robot Wars OG Taisen Saga 3 Pride of Justice CIB
Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment CIB
Sword Art Online Hollow Realization CIB
Sword Art Online Lost Song CIB
Sword Art Online Lost Song Limited Edition CIB - game itself sealed
Uta No Prince Sama Repeat Love Premium Princess Box Sealed
Utawareumono Mask of Truth CIB
Item Notes
Beatmania cart only
Beatmania cart only
Chocobo Mysterious Dungeon cart only w/ protector
Chocobo Mysterious Dungeon cart only w/ protector
Detective Conan Case Closed cart only
Digimon Adventure Anode Tamer cart only
Digimon Adventure Cathode Tamer cart only
Hataraku Chocobo CIB
Mahjong Touryuumon cart only w/ protector
Nice On Golf CIB - sticker residue on front of box
One Piece "From TV Animation" cart only w/ protector
Rockman & Forte cart only w/ protector
Super Robot Taisen Compact cart only w/ protector
Super Robot Taisen Compact cart only w/ protector
Tarepanda no Gunpey cart only w/ protector
Trump Collection cart only w/ protector
Vaitz Blade cart only w/ protector
Vaitz Blade cart only w/ protector
Wonder Stadium 99 cart only w/ protector
Wonderswan Color
Item Notes
Digimon Tamers Battle Spirit cart only
Digimon Tamers Battle Spirit cart only w/ protector
Digimon Tamers Digimon Medley cart only
Final Fantasy CIB
Final Fantasy CIB
Final Fantasy CIB
Final Fantasy cart only w/ protector
Final Fantasy II CIB
Final Fantasy II CIB
Final Fantasy II CIB
Final Fantasy II CIB
Final Fantasy II cart only w/ protector
Final Fantasy II cart only w/ protector
Hunter x Hunter Determination CIB
Hunter x Hunter Determination cart only
Hunter x Hunter Determination cart only
Inuyasha Kagome's Dream Diary cart only
Kinnikuman Nisei Choujin Seisenshi cart only
Mobile Suit Gundam Vol. 1 Side 7 cart only
One Piece Grand Battle cart only w/ protector
One Piece Treasure Niji no Shima Densetsu cart only
SD Gundam G Generation Mono Eye Gundams cart only w/ protector
Shaman King Asue no Ishi cart only w/ protector
Japanese PS1
Item Notes
Arc the Lad I CIB w/ Spine card
Arc the Lad I CIB
Arc the Lad II CIB w/ Stickers
Bakusou Dekotora Densetsu Art Truck Battle CIB
Bastard Utsuronaru Kamigami no Utsuwa CIB
Beatmania CIB
Beatmania Append 4th Mix CIB w/ Spine card
Beatmania Append Gotta Mix CIB w/ Spine card
Bomberman Land Manual + Disc + Blank jewel Case
Bomberman Wars CIB
Breeding Stud CIB w/ Spine card
Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon CIB
Cyber Sled CIB
Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) 2nd Remix Append Club Ver 1 CIB
Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) 2nd Remix Append Club Ver 2 CIB
Densha De Go CIB
Derby Stallion 99 CIB
Dragon Quest VII CIB w/ Spine card
DX Jinsei Game II Game of Life CIB
DX Monopoloy No manual
DX Nippon Tokkyou Ryokou Game Let's Travel Japan CIB
Fighting Illusion K-1 GP 2000 CIB
Final Fantasy Tactics CIB
Final Fantasy V CIB
Final Fantasy VIII CIB
Fist of the North Star CIB
Gekitotsu Toma L'Arc: Tomarunner vs L'Arc-en-Ciel CIB
GPM Gunparade March CIB
Gucho de Park CIB
Gundam the Battle Master CIB
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone CIB
Honkaku Mahjong Tetsumen Special CIB "Best" version
Hots Shots Golf 2 CIB
I.Q Final CIB
Itadaki Street Gorgeous King CIB
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 95 CIB
Kawa no Nushi Tsuri: Hikyou o Motomete Disc only
Kileak the Blood CIB
Kouryuu Sangoku Engi CIB
Martial Beat CIB
Mingo Country Club Golf CIB w/ Spine card
Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counter Attack CIB
Monster Farm CIB
Moon Remix CIB
Pass Max 2 CIB
Pocket Fighter CIB + Pocket fighter stickered memory card
Pop'n Music 6 CIB
Pop'n Music 6 CIB
Puyo Puyo 2 CIB w/ Stickers
Quest for Fame Aerosmith Big Box Complete w/ Pick
Rockman X4 CIB
Rockman X5 CIB w/ Spine card
Rockman X6 CIB
RPG Maker 3 CIB
SaGa Frontier I CIB
SD Gundam G Generation CIB
Shin Super Robot Taisen CIB
Simulation Zoo CIB
Super Robot Wars F CIB
Tales of Destiny CIB w/ Spine card
Tales of Eternia CIB
Tenchu Shinobi Hyakusen CIB w/ Spine card
Tennis no Oji-Sama: Sweat and Tears CIB
Tetsunoko Fight CIB w/ Spine card
The Chess Simple 1500 Series Vol 9 CIB
The Crown is For You Baseball CIB w/ Spine card
The Fifth Element CIB
The King of Fighters 95 CIB
The Tetris SuperLite 1500 CIB
Thirteen of Black / Kuro No Juusan CIB
Tokyo Majin Gakuen Gehoujou High School Limited Edition CIB
Trap Gunner CIB w/ Spine card
Wedding Peach Doki Doki Oironaosi CIB
Japanese PS2
Item Notes
Canvas 2 Rainbow Color Sktech CIB
D.C. II P.S. Da Capo II Plus DX Box Set CIB
Dragon Ball Z 3 CIB
Everybody's Golf 3 CIB
Final Fantasy XI Special Art Box CIB
Gachinko Pro Yakyuu Professional Baseball CIB
Gekikuukan Pro Yakyuu At the End of the Century 1999 CIB
Gundam Musou Special CIB
Kamen Rider Blade CIB
Kanokon: Esuii CIB
Kao no nai Tsuki Select Story DX Edition CIB
Katekyoo Hitman Reborn! Let's Ansatsu!? CIB
Mahjong Taikai III Millenium League Disc only
Mobile Suit Gundam CIB
Mobile Suit Gundam Climax U.C. CIB
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed CIB
Mobile Suit Gundam VS Z Gundam CIB
Mobile Suit Gundam Z: AEUG vs. Titans CIB
Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation vs. Zeon DX CIB
Mystic Heroes - Chou Battle Housin CIB
Naruto: Uzumaki Ninden Chronicles CIB
Onimusha CIB
Puyo Puyo 2 Perfect Set CIB
Ratchet & Clank CIB
Ratchet & Clank 2 Going Commando (GaGaGa!) CIB "The Best" version
Ratchet & Clank 3 CIB "The Best" version
SD Gundam G Generation Neo CIB
SD Gundam G Generation Seed CIB
SD Gundam G Generation Spirits CIB
Shin Onimusha Dawn of Dreams CIB
Soul Eater Battle Resonance CIB
Sui Year Zun Sweet Season CIB
Taiko Risshiden IV CIB
The Prince of Tennis Smash Hit! 2 CIB
To Heart CIB
Viewtiful Joe A New Hope CIB
Japanese PS3
Item Notes
Power Smash 3 Virtua Tennis CIB
Tales of Vesperia CIB - "The Best" version
Wining Eleven 2013 CIB
Japanese PS4
Item Notes
Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online Limited Edition CIB
Pokemon game wants (NTSC/US)
GBC pokemon crystal cart
GBA pokemon fire red cart
DS pokemon pearl CIB or cart only
3DS Pokemon Ultra Moon CIB
Gamecube Pokemon Colosseum CIB (main game, not bonus disc)
PS5 Wants
Neptunia Reverse
Record of Lodoss Wonder Labyrinth
Kena bridge of spirits
Star Ocean
Valkyrie Elysium
Potentially other PS5 Offers
Box/Case/Manual wants
2DS XL Pokeball Edition Box & Inserts only
Code of Princess EX - Switch Case
DS Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia - case and manual
DS Chocobo Tales - case and manual
DS Final Fantasy Tactics A2 - case and manual
DS pokemon white 2 Case and manual
DS pokemon black - Case and manual
DS Shin Megami Tensai Devil Survivor 2 - Case and manual only
Harvest Moon DS - case + manual
New Nintendo 3DS XL Galaxy Edition Box & Inserts only
Mario & Luigi Dream League 3DS XL Box & Inserts only
Mario Power Tennis Gamecube - Case + Manual
Phantasy star 1 & 2 plus gamecube - manual only
Pikmin 2 gamecube - manual only
Pokemon Channel Gamecube - Case and Manual
3DS Pokemon Art Academy - Case and manual
Pokemon XY Red 3DS XL Box & Inserts only
Puppeteer PS3 - Manual only
Other wants
Capcom Fighting Collection - Switch
Chrono Trigger - DS complete with map or just the map
Dreamcast light gun - needs to be a US model that will work with house of the dead 2.
Enter the gungeon - Switch
F-Zero - Looks for Gamecube (cib for gcn) and N64 cart
Final Fantasy 1 - NES cart
Final Fantasy XI collectables - open to offers if you have any
Final Fantasy Theatrhythm Final Bar Line - Switch
Fire Emblem games for 3DS
Ikaruga - Gamecube
Katamari Games - Looking for the Vita, Xbox 360, and PS2.
Kirby and the Forgotten Land - Switch
Kirby Return to Dreamland Deluxe - Switch
Legend of Zelda offers - open to offers on non explicitly stated zelda games, merch/items, etc.
Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks - DS CIB
Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom - Switch
Muramasa - PS Vita
Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Vol 1 - Switch
PS2 Light gun offers - looking for Light Gun games such as the time crisis series and a guncon for ps2.
Rabi-Ribi - PS4/Vita
Ratchet and Clank Quest for Booty PS3 (physical version, I think it's PAL exclusive)
Ratchet and Clank Vita Collection (physical version, I think it's PAL exclusive)
Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash All service edition - PS4
Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury - Switch
Tales Games for PS3 - Looking for Xilia 2 and Graces F
Tornado Outbreak - PS3
Virtual Boy - looking for a working system and some games (need system before game offers)
Wii U - Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE - special edition
Wii U - HD Windwaker Limited Edition (the one with the figure/statue)
Ys games CIB (mostly looking for PSP and older)
Zone of the Enders HD Collection - PS3
In the rare event anyone has a IIDX DJ DAO Phoenix Wan controller they want to swap I am looking for one.
Looking to work towards complete collection for Wii U - feel free to send offers for Wii U games you may be looking to trade off. Only interested in CIB items.
Potentially open to PS3-5/Vita/PSP/N64/GCN/Switch/3DS/DS offers. I am primarily interested in JRPGs (especially action RPGs), 2D platformers/action games, arcadey games, schmups, beat em ups, etc., but feel free to send me a list to look at!
Willing to consider Pokemon TCG trades as well (English or Japanese, singles/slabs/sealed)
I am not interested in digital codes for games (primarily seeking to add to physical collection).
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2023.03.22 03:16 No1-exporter-of-K Question about building houses in SIMS 4

New here and new to SIMS. I’m thinking about buying SIMS 4 on PC (maybe Mac) because I’m really into Architecture and want to use the game solely for the purpose of building houses.
My question for you is:
If I buy just the standard version, will I have access to all the materials, textures, building types, colors, and designs required for building any type of house, or am I going to have to buy DLCs for certain building features that might not come standard, such as round windows, for example, or cone shaped roofs?
Thank you.
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2023.03.22 03:07 Acceptable-Fan-6055 [HIRING] Digital Web Designer (UI)

As a Digital Web Designer (UI), your mission is to bring to life the story of our digital healthcare brands to attract new patients and customers. You'll never be boxed in by a client brief for a brand you're not familiar with. Instead, you'll be designing digital content and landing pages for our health and wellness brands that will be seen by millions of Australians. The role will be highly collaborative with our designers and creatives based in Australia, as well as the newly formed creative team in Manila.
WHY YOU’LL THRIVE HERE: * Competitive monthly salary plus government contributions. * HMO for yourself and 1 dependent. * Hybrid work setup to work flexibly from home, and enjoy time in the office with your colleagues. * Social clubs that allow you to bond with employees with similar interests! Some of our favourites include #kpop-club, #basketball-club, and #euc-kids-club (a great place for parents). * Fun office parties and team dinners (did someone say KTV?) so you can bond with your team regularly. * Eucalyptus and brand merchandise designed by our very own in-house creative team. * Become part of one of the fastest growing startups in the APAC region while we are still small in size (~200 people), during a time of exciting innovation and growth. * Work from Manila and maintain high collaboration with the teams in Australia. * Drive meaningful impact for tens of thousands of actual patients through your work, helping them live healthier, happier and longer lives. * Learn from some of APAC’s best marketers, engineers and creatives, joining a diverse team from successful and disruptive companies such as Atlassian, Canva, Koala and more.
JOB DESCRIPTION: As a Digital Web Designer at Eucalyptus you will: * Work across multiple different Eucalyptus brands and projects, evolving your style for each. * Design a wide variety of lo-fi and hi-fi content primarily for website landing pages, as well as for social media ads and email marketing. * Build and maintain working files, templates and a library of assets that are shared with other in-house designers and the wider creative team. * Retouch and resize campaign imagery and artwork. * Collaborate with the broader design teams across the business to produce high quality, beautiful work that resonates with each brands’ audience. * Create and manage workflows for projects and ensure designs are delivered by the deadline. * Communicate your thinking through lo-fi designs, storyboards and treatment decks when appropriate. * Stay up to date with the latest in tooling, processes and trends in the design world
EXPERIENCE REQUIRED ESSENTIALS: * A design portfolio with your best work. * 6+ years experience working as a digital designer. * Highly proficient in designing web landing pages, including UI best practices. * High level of proficiency in Figma & Adobe Creative Cloud. * Excellent eye for core design principles like typography and layout. * Ability to comprehend a design brief and work autonomously. * Have an understanding of, and passion for design trends. * A collaborative team player that's not afraid to ask questions. * Resourceful and capable of working to deadlines independently and collaboratively. * A proven interest in various forms of media, including social media and website design. * A high standard of written and verbal communication skills. * Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment.
NICE TO HAVE: * Experience managing a team and mentoring junior creatives.
Send me your CV here: [email protected]
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2023.03.22 02:24 occasionallywriting Eliza Pancakes invited herself to stay at my sim’s house and she keeps fighting Bob lmfao

Eliza Pancakes invited herself to stay at my sim’s house and she keeps fighting Bob lmfao submitted by occasionallywriting to Sims4 [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 02:12 alidripdrop Let me build a house for your sims family

I really want to build something in the sims tonight, but am feeling uninspired. I’d love if someone could tell me all about their sims family and their style so I could build something for them. I have all of the expansion packs and most of the game and stuff packs so just let me know which ones you have.
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2023.03.22 01:39 Popular-Walrus-8566 Eleanor Sullivan is ruining my life

My single mom sim had twins and she’s barely holding it together trying to keep both infants alive and happy. When Eleanor called and offered to come over and help I jumped at the chance. BAD idea. She’s made no less than 13 white cakes which are rotting all over my house, she’s broken my computer and my sink, cussed my sim out twice and done absolutely nothing to help with the twins. Now I’m getting tons of dirty surrounding negative moodlets because of all the cake and my relationship with her is really bad so I’m getting bad moodlets from that. Oh, and I can’t figure out how to get her out which means she’s stuck here.
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2023.03.22 01:17 VviFMCgY Rock hard clay soil - Tips to improve it?

TLDR: Rock hard Houston TX Clay "soil" with St Augustine and Bermuda grass growing. How to help it and make it less like a clay pot on the ground?
Full story:
I have a large back yard which is mostly St Augustine, which I have no problem with in general. I got my pool removed last year and they graded the area properly, but due to the layout of the house and poor grading in general, it became a natural low spot for rainwater to collect. I was happy, because it now didn't sit against my house, however the new St Augustine sod they put in this area did not like it.
Pair the poor drainage, hard clay soil/fill dirt, extremely compacted ground, my initial overwatering, then lack of watering and you've got yourself a sad section of grass
Since then I've fixed the drainage by installing about 650 feet of SDR35 pipe, 12 catch basins, downspout adapters etc, and it started to improve.
I also researched and decided I wanted to overseed with Bermudagrass, so I did. I got 10lbs of it from Douglas King Seed and spread it around, watered it for 10-15 mins a day and its started to come up and fill in. I also got the Premium Gold fertilizer from Southwest Fertilizer and spread it, and it seems to be doing alright. But, I've noticed its going much slower on the hard clay sections
What can I do to improve that? if I buy a ton of compost and spread it over, will that help? I have a truck and trailer so I can easily buy a lot of it
Thanks! Any help appreciated
EDIT: This was my plan, getting this and spreading it -
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2023.03.22 01:10 thebearjuden Searching for a home within the US - not many limitations - hoping for some help

I hope i am in the right place - if not please tell me and I will go there. I think this is a bit unique. I can't work with just one realtor since ballpark, I am looking in about 20 states.
So yeah. I am currently on the lookout for a new home and I could really use some help. My budget is around 675k, but I can stretch it a bit if needed. I am currently living waterfront with over 1/2 acre of land on a good size lake that is about 500 acres. I'm surprised by how difficult it is to find a clean lake with moving water that isn't covered in weeds etc. That is a MUST if the property is on the water. I do really enjoy being on the water and it is ideal, but not an absolute need so I am willing to sacrifice it or even go salt water if possible.
My current home is a 3 bedroom (one is my office) 2 bathroom home which is about 2800 sq ft. The basement is not great and the attic is huge but filled with HVAC so it is just storage. However, I do have a second structure which is another 2 bed 1 bath, but it needs to be torn down and rebuilt. It is approved for a full basement, two floors, plus a full (non crawl space) attic which could also be livable. Basically, it's ready to be a 3000+ sq ft home.
I have no limitations on location, but I would like to stay in the US. I am currently living in a very gun-friendly state with a collection of cool stuff. I understand if you don't like guns, but please respect my responsible firearm ownership and that I would like to be in a firearm-friendly-ish state. I just want to be able to keep what I have. Nothing full auto or NFA etc.
Size-wise, I don't care, as it is just me and the dog. As much as I would love a wife and family, I don't see that happening, and it hasn't for the past 20 years, so I guess I am forever alone until someone comes along. Oh well. I am social-ish and like space though. I love to entertain, have people over and being able to have some friends visit and stay would be nice.
What I would really love is a big kitchen with awesome appliances and a nice layout. Nice cabinets and all that stuff. I love to cook, even though cooking for just me is lame, I still cook, grill, BBQ, and smoke for friends and such. I would also love a really nice bathroom with a tall shower - one of those tiled, over sized showers, not a stupid tub I will never use. A separate spa/hot tub, jacuzzi tub would be cool, and I have seen some really nice ones, but again, not a hard need. The shower though is important. I want it to be nice.
I love nature and live in the northeast, but as I said, I have no ties here anymore, and this is a fresh start with no significant limitations and that also gives me the opportunity to go somewhere warmer than up here. I have been looking all over and found a lot in Texas, California, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, some in the Carolinas, Tennessee, and tons in the Midwest. Log cabins are a dream, and I would love to be semi or fully off-grid, meaning solar and geothermal. These are things I can't search by, though.
I would also like something unique if possible. I like architecture. I fall in love with every Queen Anne Victorian I see or anything that isn't a cookie cutter special. I would like room, space, land, the more the better. I have chickens right now but it wouldn't take much for me to enjoy having a goat or two, a bigger flock, and maybe a goose, a horse, and a cow (especially a highland cow!) or something.I definitely want to grow my own fruits and veggies. I thoroughly enjoy gardening. I like being self-sufficient and I don't mind raising my own harvest.
If you know of any houses that might fit my criteria, I would really appreciate it.
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2023.03.22 00:32 csmart01 Basement, crawl space or slab on grade?

Upstate NY house and considering the options. As I see it:
Basement: pros are lots of storage, place for utilities that does not consume living space, plumbing and electric easier to run/repair. Cons are expensive, stairs take up living space, need an outside egress (flat lot so “escape windows with pit” or Bilco doors - both I dislike), it’s a vacation place so do I really need a ton of space to collect junk?
Crawl: pros are less expensive, still easy to run/repair plumbing and electric, don’t need an outside egress. Cons are vent or conditioned and may always have issues given cold winters/humid summers.
SoG: least expensive, no floor joists to buy (again saving money), no concern for venting, could heat it for supplemental heat (although I’m using electric mini-splits so not sure how efficient the electro floor recirculating units are). Cons: better get the plumbing right during layout, repairs a nightmare.
At first glance it seems slab on grade is the way to go… so why do I keep coming back to a crawl space with a rat slab below it? Help!
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2023.03.22 00:25 teh_stev3 My thoughts on a "Legacy" difficulty (Above "Hard").

I've really enjoyed my time with Hogwart's legacy, having pumped in a couple of hundred hours and several playthroughs. But every time I play I can't help but think about what the game could have been.
I.e it's lacking immersion that even the ps2 harry potters had, it gets rediculously easy towards the end game once you have the full talent selection, and it feels like a good 50% of the systems and content got left on the cutting room floor.
The most fun I've actually had is when playing without buying talents (other than spell knowledge), as it keeps the various systems fresh and forces you to be more intelligent with your spell useage.
As such, I'd like to propose a "Legacy" difficulty to make the game a little more difficult, and add some immersion where previously there wasn't, but in such a way the game becomes a bit harder.
Some spoilers ahead as I discuss some aspects of the game.
Hogwart’s legacy “Legacy difficulty”
  1. Fast travel is gone. Instead floo flames will let you access the room of requirement and return to where you were, but not teleport across the map.
    1. Alternatively add floo powder and greater flood powder
      1. Floo powder is spent to teleport and costs money.
      2. Greater floo powder registers a point on the network - setting it up to be teleported to, and is v. expensive.
  2. Make brooms a lot more expensive to make them a late game item and introduce high wing (and flying mounts) earlier so there’s a travel option in the early game.
    1. As it is, there’s no point in using beasts to fly as they’re slower than brooms.
  3. Add flying enemies that can force you to the ground - this can be dark wizards in mistform. Shouldn’t be too frequent and maybe not during the day but should add risk so that simply flying around isn’t guaranteed safety.
    1. The way I see this working is if they touch you they apparate you to a small arena camp and you have to fight off some waves - there can be one of these per region.
    2. Beast should take damage or similar, giving them a health bar and making them “safer” than brooms (where you are instantly caught) but slower, giving them some utility in the dangerous areas.
  4. Remove healing over time outside of combat, unless you drink a healing potion outside (at which point it enables the healing over time).
  5. Harder enemies
    1. Enemies “actively” defend, meaning their protego shield only appears when they’re blocking
      1. This means their shield colour is potentially randomised (at least between the other two colours)
      2. If you’re quick you can send out a second spell to shatter the shield.
  6. Overall increase difficulty to make talents more justified
    1. Maybe even give a talent point every 2 levels so it’s more important what you select.
    2. Maybe a “no-talent” mode where you get the spell knowledge talents for free but are otherwise stuck without upgrades.
  7. Better use of stealth.
    1. Add a curfew system and actual time of day so prefects and teachers roam Hogwarts at night (similar to the quests where you break into the restrictive section and the faculty tower).
      1. This means getting into and out of hogwart’s is a lot more difficult.
      2. Can also add a punishment (in the form of house points- see below) if you don’t return to hogwarts at least once a day and do something (eg. get a field guide, complete a quest, do a mini-game)
      3. Could even add prefects to hamlets and Hogsmeade to keep things interesting.
    2. you need to be hidden to perform lockpicking, and being inside a building to take such an item can get you caught and lose housepoints (as you’re reported to the school)
      1. Locks should also reset on a 24 hour timer to prevent opening them during an easy period while people are inside and returning later, people would lock their doors afterall.
      2. Put a timer on the lockpicking minigame with an alarm/damage getting you caught if you don’t complete it, so there’s some actual challenge.
  8. Actually add a house point system, there’s no excuse for this missing. Deduct points for being caught stealthing around, add points by doing repeatable minigames.
    1. Minigames should be justified as class attendance
      1. Charms - some more Summoner’s court with randomised layout
      2. DADA - more duels, especially like those in crossed wands
      3. Herbology - Duels but with plants?
      4. A simple memory-test for potion ingredients, could be in the form of a card-flip match game.
  9. Lower the amount of money you get, as it’s insane how much money you can make by the late game
    1. Getting about 10% of what you currently do would probably be fair, but keep the costs the same.
    2. Also, implement actual currency, it’s implied the coins used are knuts but it’s not hard to have them in 3 columns for a bit more immersion.
  10. Unforgivable curses - these should have a negative influence - eg. If you start using them - so do enemy spellcasters.
    1. Avada Kedavra has to be rolled out from - Give this to assassins.
    2. Crucio gives you a stun that you can’t finite - Give this to Executioners.
    3. Imperio would likewise be a long-term stun that you can potentially finite out of - Give this to Duelists.
General improvements:
  1. Give a “quick start” option that takes you straight to the sorting hat
  2. Give a post game “time-turner” that lets you reset missions and play through stuff you haven’t, giving some longevity to the game.
  3. Loadouts, let us save a set of gear as a loadout
  4. Let us add some dedicated buttons for some spells
    1. Disillusionment is the big one, I’d like a dedicated stealth button.
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2023.03.22 00:20 palmettobugnemesis question ab babies LOL

this might be a dumb question but i have a house of 1 married couple & one roommate sim, i placed a crib & used the add a baby option, will the married couple be the parents to this baby? every other time i've added a baby it's just been a married couple in a house by themselves. i'm just curious
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