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2023.03.30 18:39 hotmantra_news According to a report, Google has refuted using ChatGPT as a model for its AI chatbot Bard.

According to a report, Google has refuted using ChatGPT as a model for its AI chatbot Bard.
The Information reported that Google had denied using Microsoft-owned OpenAI's ChatGPT as a model for Bard, its AI chatbot. According to the report, Google's Brain AI division and DeepMind, a subsidiary business, have joined forces to create software to compete with OpenAI in light of the success of the latter. Following the failure of Google's original attempt to compete with OpenAI's chatbot, Bard, the two companies started working together on Gemini.

This is the First look of Google Bard AI - Image created by Bing Image Creator
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2023.03.30 18:39 graudesch Writing a "How I work" text for a freelancer website

Hey guys, I'm trying to write a text for my website that explains to people who aren't familiar with our world what the process of a project together looks like. I'm offering drone photo- and videography. I'm on the ground too but what I'm offering professionally evolves around the world of small-scale aerial videography.
Whether you are small freelancers like me (I'm targeting marketing agencies, small and medium companies) or full on involved with massive production teams, can you criticize my text? I think it's probably too long and can likely be structured and worded a tad more professionally.
Please ignore potential grammar mistakes and the like, I aloud myself to use Google Translate to show you my german draft in english. Should hold up good enough for this purpose I guess:

How I work
[Cool nonsense Icon that somewhat abstractly illustrates the individual part]
Non-binding meeting You tell me in an uncomplicated way during a telephone conversation, video call or meeting about your project, your ideas and ideas for your project and give me an approximate time frame for the implementation.
You tell me who your target audience is and how you intend to use the recordings.
I will give you a first brief assessment of the feasibility and the expected effort.
Offer If that sounds good to you, I will then clarify safety, possible restrictions on drone flight operations and take a first look at the location and surroundings using existing images and services such as SwissTopo and Google Earth.
If we are in a hurry, possible concrete data for the recordings will be added depending on the weather. Based on this, I calculate the expected effort and send you an offer.
Let's do this Happy? Class! Then it's getting really specific. We discuss details, responsibilities and fix the previously non-binding timeline for the project to specific dates and build in a certain degree of flexibility for the days of shooting due to the weather. Where necessary, I organize permits and we exchange any contact persons for the on-site recordings. If you want to integrate me into a team, we will also clarify the work with them.
Second offer Have there been any major changes? Then I will send you a second, adjusted offer in consultation. Maybe we are still happy with the first one and are already on the next step:
Action! shooting day! Well, not quite yet. About three days before an agreed possible day of shooting, I will let you know whether we are in play with the weather gods.
Yes? Then we meet on site, I introduce myself to your local contacts or work independently, depending on your wishes. In principle, I do not need any support for most companies, should you want to do without it.
I am on site for about an hour for a single photo, about two hours for several shots or a few video clips, depending on the weather and project content. Of course, more demanding projects can also take significantly more time or require several days of shooting. But of course you already know that thanks to our discussions and this is agreed in the final offer.
Post production Back in the office, the material is developed and processed. Depending on your wishes, completely independently, together with your team, yours or my partners. Of course, we also agreed on this together before the offer and recorded it in it.
It may take as little as 1-7 days for some photos or raw footage to send results. For tasks that require more time-consuming procedures, it can also be one to three months. Of course, we agreed on that in advance.
Feedback Are you happy with the results? I certainly hope so! But maybe you or your employees still have one or the other idea of ​​how to bring the whole thing even closer to your ideas. We discuss whether we would like to make adjustments to the existing material or arrange additional shooting days.
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2023.03.30 18:38 scientificlee Zoho Forms to trackable artifact

I inherited a website that uses Zoho forms for sales leads. I want to take the form entry and turn it into something that I track and update, like a ticket. What is the best possible solution using Zoho one? I think i can maybe have Zoho create a ticket in Desk but my prefernce is create a lead in CRM and create tasks? I also want to automate all of this.
Anyone have idea what modules I should be using. I can research how to implement. really looking for guidance on what modules I should use to automate and track activity/status. Some parts will have to be manual as sales staff updates activity.
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2023.03.30 18:38 SalamaTire SalamaTire - One of the Leading Tires Distributors in KSA

SalamaTire - One of the Leading Tires Distributors in KSA
We can use our cars for a variety of activities, including driving, rallying, and racing. Yet, tires are essential for a car's mobility, just like legs. Even with an all-wheel drive system, a strong engine, and a stunning design, your car won't go very far if it doesn't have the right tires! For your car, you should always get branded tires. If you're looking to change the tires on your car, you can now buy branded tires online with ease from SalamaTire- one of the topmost Tires distributors in KSA.
Because they come with the automobile and you don't care about them until they are broken or it's time to replace them, tires are the most neglected significant component of a car. Saudi Arabian tire dealers ensure that every component of the tire is made to exacting standards.
It is important to note that your vehicle was built to fit a specific set of tires, and that any tire will not work. If your automobile already has Evergreen tires, you must replace them with tires from the same manufacturer. There are several Dunlop and Evergreen Tire dealers in Saudi Arabia, but you need be aware of all of a tire's different components before choosing one. You can purchase the appropriate tyre from the appropriate distributor with this.
Some more factors to think about while purchasing tyres from the top tyre wholesaler.
Verify the manufacturer's repute
An important factor in the overall problem is finding a trustworthy distributor to purchase Dunlop tires from in Saudi Arabia online. You should think about what your friends and family think and explore the production process on your own. Modern production facilities and superior materials are used by reputable tire manufacturers to create high-quality goods.
Date of manufacture
Always look at the date of manufacture on the sidewall when purchasing tires. The first two numbers of the four-digit code represent the week, while the final two digits represent the year of manufacturing. Purchasing tires that are more than six months old is not advised. Check tire shop near me in the Internet to find the best tires for your car.
In addition to the warnings mentioned above, there are additional tyres made for particular types of weather and terrain. For better traction in the snow, winter tires, for instance, feature deeper grooves and studs. Nevertheless, once summertime hits, they must be replaced. For example, off-road tires include sizable blocks in the tread to give traction when navigating hazards. Although they are ideal for off-road driving, you should replace the tires if you are travelling on a public road.
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2023.03.30 18:38 NewSession931 I’m waiting for your answer , please help ❤️

Hello there ! I’m willing to get a HC S+ on RE2 , can i use Infinite combat knife ? , if yes , can you tell me when last time you tried it and worked ? , and which scenario is the best for the run ? And is there any good guid i can follow ? , thank you so much ❤️
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2023.03.30 18:38 Playboy625 Polis Özel Harekat Kamuflaj - Police special operations unit camo

Polis Özel Harekat Kamuflaj - Police special operations unit camo
Thought I'd show you one of my jackets, it's in a unique camo that most closely resembles A-TACS if I'm not wrong, I'm not very knowledgeable about camos so please forgive me for misidentifying stuff ✌️ We simply call it PÖH kamuflaj, apparently there is no distinct name for it. This is the normal summer blouse used for everyday activities like patrol, road block checkpoints or training.
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2023.03.30 18:38 Pulp25000 [Regulation C] How to play a perish trap team?

I found this team on internet for regulation C :
but i have no experience wish perish trap strat. Can you give some advices to understand how to play it? (i'm french so please don't use too much "abreviation")
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2023.03.30 18:38 __ButWhy__ New reader: Dammit, he got me.

I finished Fool Moon. No spoilers for future books, please. I enjoyed it. Similar formula to the first book: Opener sets the theme with Harry meeting an inquisitive ingenue for some exposition, off to a nauseating murder scene, hypersexed reporter, potion mixology with Glowskull McRapey, surprise Marcone visit with a job offer & a clue, meet scary underworld creatures led by a woman, the threat of an authoritative body hangs over Harry as they watch him very closely, summon a mystical creature for information, boobs, Murphy arrests Harry, boobs, get attacked by a monster, boobs, side villain and main villain showdown, boobs. Still a bit too predictable, but I enjoyed it for the popcorn it is. You're a wizard, Harry. So his mother didn't die in childbirth. And his father went out by some other mysterious means than previously believed. Voldemort, you naughty boy. You're a b*tch, Elaine. She did some evil stuff and she doesn't have a square to spare. Looking forward to meeting her. Would I throw up if I looked into Harry's eyes? I wanna see. Murphy doesn't just hate litter. She saves it for later. Somewhere around the time Harry noticed Murphy's "cute earlobes" as she was going about her work, I wondered, "Does Harry have a crush on Murphy?" ..."Do I have a crush on Murphy?" I wasn't sure if I was reading (listening?) too much into Harry's perceptions. He notices the bodies of every woman around him, but he also missed her when they couldn't talk directly. And I like Murphy. I relate to her. Then of course, a few chapters later, Harry's subconscious made a comment that I wholeheartedly agreed with. As soon as Carmichael showed a little faith in Harry's innocence on the question of Harry's involvement with Marcone, and the humorous moment they had, I was like "Oh no, don't kill Carmichael." :/ Made me sniffle. And immediately wonder who Murphy's new partner would be. Harry isn't an officer. So, someone handsome, smart, and just open minded enough to be friendly with Harry so Harry gets all twisted up about a niggling jealousy he has about New Guy and Murphy? Does New Guy show himself to be untrustworthy and Harry has to prove it to Murph, inviting all her ire in the process? Hm. My subconscious wears perfume, black leather boots, runs a 5-minute mile, and got her degree way before I did. The whole bit with the subconscious was fascinating, and reminded me of a redditer's warning to be careful what I wished for because Harry becomes one big internal conflict later. So now I can't help but wonder if there will be more of those little fireside chats with subconscious Harry, perhaps with a few other manifestations of Harry's worried mind. Like Harry's id to his superego. Bet that would be scary. Perhaps a magical intruder. Oh boy. Phrasing: "Sex to donuts." Loved it. The feels when Murphy saved Harry from the wolf and used her DIY bullets. "Fuego!" LOL I know it's Latin as well as Spanish, but that will never not make a Southern California kid laugh. Oh, the menacing imagery of Parker kneeling casually with a blown out knee while making nonchalant murder promises. So good. Also, Parker's team can do a mean type & screen. Butcher paints a picture. He proved himself capable in Storm Front, but this one ramped up. I adored the concept of sensory overdrive as part of the magic experience - feeling snakes rubbing Harry's palms, whispers of natural elements that weren't actually there. Ugh! So good. Felt terrible for Harry when he realized he might have been able to prevent Kim's death, if he'd just given her the information she needed. He was facing a real ethical dilemma there, though. Can't just go around explaining how to read bomb schematics. If she told him what it was for, he would have helped. His emotional outburst with Susan felt like forced intimacy, though. Both for the two of them as characters, and for the reader and Harry. It felt just as hollow as the random sex pit stop in the middle of battle time, followed by the weird use of Susan as servant for Harry's gear-up scene. That coupled with the chat with Mr. Subconscious seemed like a not-so-thinly veiled metaphor for a larger character arc set up for Harry and Susan. She'll play nurse to his broken parts, fill a lovergirl space until Harry becomes a real boy, before having to tragically let her go as part of his larger self-actualization. BEST SCENE The background potion as Harry infiltrated the station, then confounding his efforts to warn that poor guard. I asked for more suspense. I got it. The way monochrome shifted to colorful bright spots as people paid attention to Harry - such a great concept. I was not disappointed when Butcher made full use of it for the moment the wolf locked on Harry. The tension built up perfectly. The guard felt real and I ached for him to make it. The way the wolf painted the room with him was genuinely horrifying. The way Harry delayed using his magic made me squirm with frustration. That became a theme, a sometimes convenient plot device, it seemed. Harry jumped out of a moving car and thought/narrated, "Don't look at me like that." I was looking at him like that, so I laughed aloud. More 4th wall breaks, please. Where are the swinging sweaty dicks? When people get hypersexed for whatever magical reason, it's just the women. Tera was the born-sexy-yesterday trope. The FBI agents all dealt with the same magic addiction making them uber violent and uber sexual, but only Benn felt the need to moan and rub her nipples or just rip her top off for no reason. The other agents should have been striking similar poses, walking everywhere dick-first, fingering their buttholes, etc. If you wanna write weird stuff, write weird stuff. Just be consistent, is all I ask. Just because there's a view, doesn't mean you should look. Harry ogling the young wolf girl when she stretched in her robe and walked away was annoying AF. He called her and her friends children a few words ago, but apparently *she* wasn't too young for him to openly gawk at, and she wasn't even naked. Then his complaining about Susan, the fully grown hot woman prone to throwing her lips all over him, getting in the way of his view as if that were a bad thing. Get ahold of your selective chivalry, dude. Why does Susan like (maybe love) Harry? He puts her in danger without giving her the information she needs (warn a bish if she's being followed, don't just jump out of her car and leave her to the ...wolves). He apparently didn't even trust Tera at the time (though he had reason to), but he left Susan alone with her. Susan plays nursemaid, costume dresser, ego smoother, therapist, sex buddy, and still doesn't know much about him because he won't share. He ogles like it's his job, even when Susan is right there. He's high investment, low return, and large with the danger. I bought them as f*ck-buddies, but as soon as she said something about falling for Harry, I was out. She's also written with all the dimension of a sheet of paper with (.)(.) drawn on it, so I guess I should be glad she surprised me? Hope she gets more interesting. Poor MacFinn & Tera I was really bummed when I thought Tera died. And MacFinn's story was such a tragedy. Really wished he and Tera could chase their litter around that park. Butcher does this dance between setting up his main charactenarrator's faults as impeding his awareness of a larger plot (giving me faith in Butcher as a writer), and then occasionally doubling down on making his character Mr. Uber Cool or the smartest guy in the room when he has no reason to be & other characters have every reason to know better than him (returning me to believing Butcher's really just doing a self-insert). Like when Harry kept assuming Murphy just picked up his discarded paper because it was litter. Were we supposed to think Harry was dumb, just didn't give her enough credit for being a friggin' detective (is it because her earlobes are so cute, Harry?), or was Butcher just bad at misdirects and wasn't giving readers enough credit? Or did Butcher know the readers would catch onto that before Harry and Butcher was just showing how Harry's chauvinism gets in his way again? If it's the latter, then why did Butcher position Harry as the one to break the case to Murphy in the end, as if she couldn't figure out his simple dot connecting herself - especially after everything she witnessed? Which leads me to: Butcher got me, dammit. When Murphy put herself between Harry and the wolf as Harry was finally swinging his silver, apparently aiming her gun at him and ordering him to get down, I was fully pissed. "Oh goddammit, fine, make her stupid. WTF." Plot twist, Denton lives to club another day! Or try to. I totally thought Butcher was dwindling Murphy into a dumb plot device, but he mostly wasn't. Of course she was defending Harry. But a cop would have chosen a better angle. At least he didn't make her a total moron. Why did Wilson bite Benn? Marcone's got 99 problems and not having enough guards by his death pit is one of them. How did Susan recognize wolf Harry? Was it the power of lurv? Someone fire Murphy's surgeon. I know it's annoying to nitpick about medical errors in fiction. I usually let the overly frequent concussions go - people like to knock their characters out and pretend there are no effects or they only "see stars" for a few seconds. Alright, fine. But Butcher gave Murphy an open fracture to her upper arm, with enough angulation that a passerby could see the bone protruding. Likely vascular and nerve injuries. From a beastie with claws covered in dirt and other peoples' blood. She'd need to be in an OR for vascular repair within 3-4 hours tops, with staged debridement at 24 and 48 hour intervals, and probable external fixation rods instead of a plate with all the soft tissue and bone reconstruction she'd need. Surgery likely delayed by all the swelling. And no way in hell anyone would put a cast on that arm at that point - oh hey there, compartment syndrome, fancy meeting you here. Who needs arms, anyway? It's just a very dramatic wound to give a character and then have them up and running around the next day. Also: don't put hydrogen peroxide on wounds! /rant Dear Narrator, Wow. Pretty sure that if I ever get around to making kids, my grandkids will still be getting chills. Great job. Also, just a couple minor details, but uh, the "s" in "debris" is silent. It's "periph-er-al" not "periph-ry-al," and it's "miss-cheev-us" not "miss-cheev-ee-us." Just small things, really. The pacing and emotion however, great. Edge of my seat. Carry on. Best regards, My Judgmental Ear Holes P.S. I won't tell anyone about the fart.
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2023.03.30 18:38 EnvironmentalShoe132 Botanist Strains

I was thinking of trying out some different strains with their mix and match oz. The only strain I’ve bought many times is Highway Man so my question is, what other strains would your oz include? I usually prefer indicas but I have plenty of medical problems so I can usually find a use for most things lol
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2023.03.30 18:38 joeyrinaldicomedy Thank you everyone who came out to the last show. It went so well Bad Trip Comedy is coming back to EZ Lover again this Wednesday 4/5 at 7pm. If you show this post to the bar you'll get 1 free beer on us. For more info click the link below. Also, use promo-code reddit for free tickets.

Thank you everyone who came out to the last show. It went so well Bad Trip Comedy is coming back to EZ Lover again this Wednesday 4/5 at 7pm. If you show this post to the bar you'll get 1 free beer on us. For more info click the link below. Also, use promo-code reddit for free tickets. submitted by joeyrinaldicomedy to Bushwick [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 18:38 Trinity_Chayse Black semi permanent dye

So I’m looking for suggestions on what brand of black semi permanent hair dye I should get. I want something that does not have green undertones tones as it fades I’ve used arctic fox Transylvania and hated it because after just a couple washes it would look very greenish So if y’all could drop some brand suggestions that would be much appreciated 🙏🏻
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2023.03.30 18:38 danneboe [USA-CA][H]PNY 3060Ti + ITX Cooler Mod, SFF ITX Cases, DDR4 RAM, Samsung SSD, Fans [W] Low Profile GPU (1650 GDDR6, A2000)/Paypal/Cash

Hello, I have a few items for sale
If you want next day shipping, it will be $20 on top to any of the big items, for smaller items we can work it out. All shipped prices are local prices + 3% + estimated shipping. All prices are per item if there are multiple. All items are assumed used unless indicated.
Item Local Cash Cost Shipped Cost
PNY RTX 3060 Ti 8GB XLR8 Gaming Dual Fan Edition $310.00 each $330.00 shipped
PNY/StormX Single Fan Cooler Mod (Converts the 3060Ti into a ITX size dual slot card for cases like Velka 3 or Densium 4.0) $30.00 each $35.00 shipped
PNY 3060 Ti Bundle (3060 Ti + Single Fan Cooler Mod) $330.00 each $350.00 shipped
Velkase Velka 3 Rev 2.0 with PCIE 3.0 - USED $125.00 each $140.00 shipped - PENDING
Velkase Velka 3 Inverted Feet - USED $10.00 each $15.00 shipped - PENDING
Enhance 7660B Flex ATX 600W Platinum PSU - USED $110.00 each $125.00 shipped - PENDING
Metalfish Z39 with AM4 Mounting - USED $20.00 each $28.00 shipped - PENDING
Noctua A9x14 Chromax - USED $10.00 each $15.00 shipped - PENDING
Velka 3 Bundle (Case + PSU + Inverted Feet + Metalfish + Noctua) $240.00 each $270.00 shipped - PENDING
Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB - USED $35.00 each $40.00 shipped
Oloy Blade RGB DDR4 32GB (2x16GB) 3200MHz C16 - USED $80.00 each $90.00 shipped
Aklla A4 Pro Max Black Comes with PCIE 4.0 cable - USED $100.00 each $120.00 shipped
1 x Thermalright TL-D14S 140 x 25mm ARGB Fan with 120mm mounting holes. 25.6 DBa max with 77.8 CFM and 2.09mmH2O max - USED $10.00 each $15.00 shipped
1 x Silverstonetek FW124-ARGB 120 x 15mm ARGB Fan. 24.6 dBA max with 32.6 CFM and 1.52mm H2O max. - USED $10.00 each $15.00 shipped
I am locally based in Los Angeles/Orange County and can meet anywhere around there. :) If I get payment before 4:00 PM PST, I can ship it same day.

I am in the market for a Low Profile GPU. I am looking for one of the following models:

PM me with any questions or offer.
Feel free to combo with anything to make shipping cheaper :)
Aklla A4 Pro Max Details: Check my white build. Black is the same except just black and has a front USB C port.
Size: 13.44L (340mm x 155mm x 255mm)
MOBO Compatibility: MITX
CPU Cooler Height: 73MM or 65MM, 120mm, 240mm, 280mm AIO 55mm thick
PSU: 140mm ATX with GPU at 51MM and CPU height at 73MM, SFX and SFX-L with either configuration
GPU: 332mm x 143mm x (59mm at 65MM CPU cooler height or 51mm at 73mm CPU cooler height)
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2023.03.30 18:38 DisturbedJawker I have figured muerta out (mid only)

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2023.03.30 18:38 Birdseeding How did our hotel know my wife left a negative Google Maps review?

We're staying in a hotel in a country without strong privacy laws, but this is beyond creepy. We just received a phone call to our room phone from reception, noting that we'd left a negative review, and apologising, I assume hoping we'd amend the review.
The question is: how could they have have known my wife left a negative review? She left it under her maiden name, which is still used for one of her Google accounts. We talked to them and they claim an outside service told them about the review, and tried to bullshit us that we'd somehow have to leave a phone number as part of the review and they got her name from there. No information other than what's publicly visible on your Google account is available from seeing a review and nothing special is entered when making it.
Possibilities I've thought of why it could be, in ascending order of creepiness:
  1. They recognised the room from the picture of water damage included in the review.
  2. They puzzled together my wife's semi-unusual first name and that the Google account had left reviews in our home country to make a guess that it was her. But wouldn't it be risky to call, then, on the off-chance that the guess was wrong?
  3. The external service they use somehow connects big data points within Google and other services automatically to effectively auto-dox my wife.
  4. Everything we do on the hotel WiFi is monitored and the external security contractor somehow tracked that we used it to leave the review and connected it to our room number, that we had to leave to connect to the WiFi in the first place.
What do you think? Are any of these plausible explanations? What kind of services do review monitoring for hotels in the first place? I work in communications so I know the wealth of Internet monitoring services that exist.
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2023.03.30 18:38 ThatBrofister WSIB GoW Ragnarok or Hogwarts Legacy?

I'm torn between buying GoW or preordering HL. I'll just give my own why and why not's and help me decide thanks :)
Ragnarok: Why: I love story games, I love Sony exclusives, I loved GoW, it's my second favourite game ever behind Nier Automata. The combat in the first game is one of the most fluid and satisfying I have ever seen, and while it is simple and might get boring, higher difficulties do make you mix things up. I'm also very curious about what happens in the new realms, and the Tyr and Thor stuff.
Why not: The game is probably going on sale soon, unlike HL. People said the story was worse than the first. The combat was pretty much more of the same, which I don't mind but I would have loved some changes to switch things up. Also the game seems pretty short (around 30 hours?) and given there is no replayability, it's such a HUGE bummer.
HL: Why: I love superpowers and magic. The combat looks sick, I missed having magic in games. The last game to have superpowers done good was probably Infamous or Control. I also just can't imagine flying around the amazing looking world, fighting all these crazy beasts and shit. And I get a preorder bonus, which seems pretty cool + tbe game probably won't go on sale for a while.
Why not: I got spoiled on the ending. Heard the game turns into a collect-a-thon later on, which doesn't seem to be an issue if I got my fair bit of enjoyment from the game. The game definitely seems to be longer than Ragnarok, and seems to include more content, at least for a completionist like me (who only completes games he enjoys)
Games I loved: Nier, GoW, Spider-Man (I loved just flying around), GotG, Skyrim, Batman Trilogy, HZD. Games I'm yet to play/finish: Control Deluxe, Mass Effect LE, P5R, MGS5, RDR2, TW3, Saints Row 3, Bloodborne. Just for more info, don't really make these affect your choice, I'm still buying one of these.
So, really the only things holding me back from getting Ragnarok rn are it's potential completion time, lack of replayability/content after finishing the story, the fact it could go on sale soon, and the preorder bonus I get from Hogwarts Legacy.
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2023.03.30 18:38 VampireFlowerArts Traditional 1/2 Off Sale! Half off all commissions for a Traditional one!

Traditional 1/2 Off Sale! Half off all commissions for a Traditional one!
I'm having a commission sale for my traditional art! All my prices are cut in half for a traditional version. ^^ (Please check out the "before you buy" on my website before requesting)
More information here and press the Back button to see original prices:
Before Commissioning: -Payment is upfront and within 24hrs -Payment is through Paypal, Venmo, or Cashapp USD -Please let me know if you have a time restraint before requesting -TOS
Comment or message to claim a slot ~o(≧∇≦o)
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2023.03.30 18:38 Viktor_Sikorvich R6 Extraction not loading after Optimizing Shaders

Just picked up the game today. First wanted to ask if the game can be run using DirectX10 at all (since DX11 and 12 on games like Mortal Kombat 11 straight up don't launch on my computer, which leads me to assume this would be true amongst all games).

Aside from that, after I got through the nightmare that was installing the game, I launch and get BattleEye launching, the little popup with the yellow background and "Rainbow Six Extraction: an Ubisoft original", game runs at <1% CPU usage for around 5min, optimizes shaders in around 30s, then sits at <1% CPU usage and around <150MB memory for at least up to 1 hour (which is how long I tested for).

AMD RX5300M dedicated
Radeon Vega Mobile GFX integrated
Ryzen 5 3550H core
Running windows 10

- Verify
- Reinstall
- Running Ubi connect as admin
- Reboot

Any help would be appreciated, thank you in advance
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2023.03.30 18:38 candytropicalsteel 20% Off Old Navy Coupon & Promo Code

Use the link for 20% Off Old Navy Coupon & Promo Code. The website features a wide selection of Old Navy coupons, promo codes, and discount deals that are updated regularly for you to choose from and make your purchase more affordable.
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2023.03.30 18:38 Italian_Millennial Blended families are no joke🤦🥱

Emotionally drained and just tired of living with my husband's adult son. The fact that his kids come first is just...well it sucks lol As for the son, I want him to be happy and live a good life, we get (he used to hate me) and he's fun to hang with sometimes; he's growing into his own. I just want to live with my husband just the two of us. I want less clutter, I want peace, I want privacy... Seems like it's gonna be a while though. I know it could be a lot worse, but I still feel this way.
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2023.03.30 18:38 KrisisHD WGU A Good Option For My Situation?

My current circumstance put simply:
I am attending community college in order to get my G.E.‘s to transfer back to Cal Poly Pomona where I left on probation a few years ago to study Information Technology. I reapplied and thought I’d be accepted considering I’ve really changed as I have a 3.9 GPA at the time of submitting my application however I was rejected. I’m currently seeing if this can be challenged but the more I’m weighing my options the better WGU is sounding.
I’m currently interning at my community college and a few part time support positions are opening. I was suggested by my coordinator and colleagues to apply. On top of all my classes, I am studying for my Network+ certification (currently have my A+).
With my free time I work on projects and some projects have already been seen as successfully useful in the work environment.
They are in the process of converting a part of their infrastructure to the cloud and my end goal is to have a job role within the cloud.
My girlfriend is graduating and has a few options for employment but nevertheless, both her and I will be moving out for the first time soon.
My idea is to attend WGU to have time to work at my community college, focus on projects, learn as much as I can with our schools migration to the cloud, make my own schedule so I can enjoy time with my girlfriend, and of course finish faster to possibly to get a full time position at the school or move into a cloud position somewhere else.
This seems much more easier to accomplish if I go to WGU instead of my CSU. My CC’s website even mentions WGU as being apart of some credit transfer program they have with them.
Though it is the most easiest and seemingly convenient move, I am not sure if it is the smartest. I would miss out on other potential opportunities with networking or finding possible better internships. So I’m here from more experienced people what are your takes / helpful comments.
Any advice would be great.
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2023.03.30 18:38 jonnybutler I asked ChatGPT to create the worst possible WrestleMania card...

I really wanted to test ChatGPT 4’s ability to accurately showcase its knowledge of niche hobbies/interests and asked it to generate the BEST possible WrestleMania card using talent from any era and promotion. It spit out a dream card… but honestly that’s super easy to do. There are so many resources, whether it be pre-existing Reddit threads or blog posts that it can pull info from for the “best of the best”.
Then I thought to REALLY test it out, I need it to give me the worst of the worst. This is what it spit out:
Here's a WrestleMania card featuring 12 matches that may be considered the least interesting:
1. The Great Khali vs. Giant Gonzalez
A slow, lumbering battle between two of the least agile big men in wrestling history.
2. The Gobbledy Gooker vs. The Red Rooster
A match between two of the most infamous and ridiculed wrestling gimmicks.
3. The Boogeyman vs. The Zombie
A supernatural showdown between two bizarre and limited in-ring performers.
4. Hornswoggle vs. El Torito (WeeLC Match)
A comedy match featuring a miniature ladder, table, and chairs.
5. Eva Marie vs. The Kat
A contest between two less skilled in-ring performers, primarily known for their on-screen personas.
6. The Shockmaster vs. The Yeti
A battle of the clumsiest, most ill-conceived characters in wrestling history.
7. The Ding Dongs vs. The Mulkey Brothers (Tag Team Match)
A match featuring two largely unmemorable and unsuccessful tag teams.
8. The Brooklyn Brawler vs. Barry Horowitz
A matchup between two of the most famous jobbers in wrestling history.
9. The KISS Demon vs. The Fake Razor Ramon
A contest between two gimmicks that failed to connect with fans.
10. David Flair vs. Erik Watts
A match between the less accomplished sons of legendary wrestling figures.
11. Enzo Amore vs. James Ellsworth
A bout featuring two of the least physically imposing and less skilled in-ring performers.
12. Main Event: Vince Russo vs. David Arquette (WCW World Heavyweight Championship)
A mockery of a world title match, featuring two controversial figures from the infamous WCW era.
I really don't know if I can mark this original content considering AI generated it for me, but I did it anyway to better sort the /SquaredCircle user experience for people using filters.
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2023.03.30 18:37 Il26hawk When did the term or phrase "Pa libre" start or appear?

May tanong ako, Just a random and curious question, When did the term/phrase "pa libre" appear because usually I associate that term with people wanting to ask their friend or buddy something like a item or something etc, using their money to buy them something for free
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