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2023.03.25 02:04 spicy_vanilla_ Feeling ruined for the future

Recently was cut off and blocked on everything by my pwBPD and Im certain they have devalued me for good. They fawning in the idealization phase was the best anyone ever made me feel (and i have been in plenty of healthy loving relationships before this person). It's so hard knowing now that it wasn't even fcking real and no healthy love will ever feel that good. It feels like there is no point even hoping for healthy love in the future at this point because it's going to pale in comparison to that fawning in the idealization phase. I'm having a hard time letting go of this person who hurt me so bad even before they cut me off and was just endless red flags. I'm still hoping they will unblock me and talk to me again. This is the worst heartbreak I've had and no one will empathize with my pain or even acknowledge it - they just say "good, that guy was bad news/this is for the best/he wasn't good for you anyways" which just makes me feel like my pain doesnt even matter to them. I fcking always knew that deep down but it still hurts so bad and I had hoped we could make it work. Any advice or words from people who actually understand would be greatly appreciated. Feeling very alone in this rn. Hope this post doesn't go against any rules. Sorry if it does
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2023.03.25 02:04 ItsEsmeJones [M4A] A King in Chains [Fallen King x Slave][Friends to Lovers][Yandere Fallen King Dragon Speaker][Loyal Slave Listener][VERY SPICY][Obsessed][Fantasy][Magic][Flirting][Seduction][Confession][Snapping][Calm]to[Furious][Dominant][Protective][Possessive][CW: Spice/Mentions of Torture/Genocide]

Context: Long ago, the Dragon King, Xayd, turned mad and nearly tore the kingdom in two. His younger brothers sent him to a prison-like cavern with only one person to tend to him... you. Over the years you've brought him his food, you've grown fascinated with him. What you don't realize is that he's grown just as fascinated with you.
Setting: The Mad Drake's Prison
Tags:[M4A][Fallen King x Slave][Friends to Lovers][Yandere Fallen King Dragon Speaker][Loyal Slave Listener][VERY SPICY][Obsessed][Fantasy][Magic][Flirting][Seduction][Confession][Snapping][Calm]to[Furious][Dominant][Protective][Possessive][CW: Spice/Mentions of Torture/Genocide]
Usage: You may tweak or record this script. Gender flipping is OK! Please credit me if you use this script in any of your projects. If you would like to use this script for a paywalled recording, please note:
Monetization: All forms of monetization are OK with me! Youtube, Patreon, etc. I would appreciate being able to listen to the recording, if possible. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!
Check out the rest of my scripts by using the Script Directory, if you'd like :3
[Scene opens within a prison-like cavern]
[SFX: A wheelbarrow trundling over the ground/general cave ambiance]
[As you do every day, you push a wheelbarrow deep into a cavern that serves as a prison for its lone prisoner… the Mad Drake. He stirs as you approach with a yawn and a lazy smile]
[X] “Ooh, and here is my little Mouse, bringing me my meal for the day. I’ve heard tale that my name or, well, ‘the Mad Drake’ has been in the mouths of the royal family again, hmm? Are my little brothers growing paranoid that I may burst into the throne room and just… kill them?”
[X] “Oh, come now…Sweet little servant. You always bow to me, address me as ‘Your Highness’... Darling, look at me. While I may have once been the dragon King, I am now a simple madman in rags, being appreciated by a sweet little mouse in chains just…like…mine.”
[He smiles that twisted, calm smile]
[X] “I think they look garish on us both, to be honest… But what is a dragon to do, hmm? I’d need someone brave enough to approach me. Brave enough to help me get this oh-so-pretty collar off… so I feel myself again, of course.”
[To your surprise, he seems to ease]
[X] “No… No, little one, don’t. As much as I’d love my freedom, I know there are things eating my sanity, little by little… I don’t feel mad, you know? Perhaps that is what makes it so frightening for some, hm? I just seem so damn… reasonable until they do something to make me angry…”
[X, chuckling quietly] “Hmhmhm, no, no… It’s not you who would make me enraged, no! It’s THEM, my sweet little friend! THEY’D run in to kill me, and you could very well be caught in the crossfire… killed… I can’t have that.”
[X] “...I suppose my reasoning is somewhat simple. You have treated me well, these many long years of imprisonment. You talk to me reasonably, you sneak me food that doesn’t have maggots in it, you tend to me after they beat me for information… For all of my crimes, for all of my callous behavior and favoritism towards pleasure, you… I don’t know.”
[He smiles. It seems genuinely affectionate]
[X] “Hm… You know, I have taken so many lovers across my long, long life. All so much fun, such a thrill in one way or another, most of them trying to violently murder me after we had a night of torrid sex. My libido is quite high… Insatiable, really…”
[He leans forward, eyes lidded and just a little breathy]
[X] “...I’ve had to use my imagination these last few years to get by.”
[X] “Hmhm, what am I saying? I’m saying that I’ve been obsessed with you since Day…oh, three. Mmhm. Day three of my traitorous brothers sending a sweet little human down to serve the Mad Drake. Ooh, just the thought of touching your skin for just a moment…”
[A shudder goes through his large form but he continues to stare at you like an amused, lecherous cat]
[X] “Ooh. Those little legs are all locked. Hmhm. I don’t mean to tease you, my dear. After all… I’ll always be collared here, only able to stare, obsess, and imagine… Mmh, I bet you’re beautiful. Especially with all those scars, glinting like jewels in the torchlight. You look like a porcelain figure that was broken and then mended with gold.”
[SFX: The wheelbarrow trundling along over a stone floor]
[He watches idly as you carefully push the wheelbarrow into his containment field, tail swaying from side to side]
[X] “M’aww… Did I make you nervous, little Mouse?”
[X] “Ooh, you think a King like me shouldn’t desire a lowly servant? Well, I’m not a King anymore, am I? And even if I were…”
[SFX: Him shifting forward/the chains rattling]
[X] “I have no doubt in every depraved corner of my mind…”
[SFX: The wheelbarrow crashing ovethe meat hitting the floor]
[You jump in alarm as he moves closer. Though he isn’t in his full form, he’s still incredibly imposing, even crouched on the ground. He makes eye contact with you from the floor, tongue rolling out slowly]
[X] “...That I would make you my favorite, and only, concubine…Mmh, pardon me for a moment. Sssllp, mmh. All of this good boar shouldn’t go to waste. Not even the ahh, blood I’m licking clean from the floor…”
[SFX: The Listener’s heartbeat escalating]
[X] “...Am I trying to seduce you?”
[He studies you for a moment, tongue and face bloodied]
[X] “Hmm… I suppose that depends on if it is working or not, doesn’t it? Hmhm, your face! Oh, it is sweet… No, I suppose I should behave myself. If they find out you care for me, so, then they’ll no doubt have you killed, or worse… No. I want you to stay safe.”
[He chuckles, rising fully at long last with a stretch]
[X] “You seem surprised that a noble, even an ex-noble, would care more about a slave’s safety than their own benefit, no matter how temporary. Does that notion confuse you?”
[X] “Hmm. Me, too, to be honest.”
[With that, he settles before the spilled meat and gets to eating]
[X] “Mmh? Yes, the meat is, mmph, delicious, as always. Would you like to join me? It’s not the most couth way to eat, but…”
[X] “Ooh, someone was starving… Literally, it seems. My poor, wee little Mouse.”
[X] “Shh… Do not apologize. It’s… Any time they punish me, I feel as though I should be angry, but all I feel is amusement. I can’t explain why it’s so funny that this is where it all led to me, but hearing that they’re harming you, now…”
[He growls under his breath. The cave rumbles subtly]
[X] “...Why do you apologize, my sweet?”
[He looks at you, unreadable, as you confess]
[X] “...When I asked you, years ago, if you were being hurt or not, you said no. You were…lying.”
[You bow to him again, pleading for forgiveness. When he speaks, at last, his voice is deathly quiet]
[X] “...Darling.”
[X] “...Please take off the collar binding me here.”
[He’s still quiet, but his voice hits like a hammer]
[X] “Mouse. If you believe me to still be the rightful King, then I am issuing this command: take off the collar binding me here, NOW.”
[X, with a little scoff] “Why?”
[His eyes flash with a terrible power, beyond rage. Beyond madness]
[X] “Because I intend to commit a genocide in your name, my love.”
[X] “Shh, I won’t let them hurt you anymore. You don’t need to hide your rage from me. I know, sweetie, I know… Don’t worry. You won’t have to face your demons. You won’t ever have to admit that you fantasize about revenge.”
[He smiles ‘sweetly’]
[X] “You can just fantasize about me.”
[He lowers his voice to a whisper]
[X] “It will be the exact same thing, darling… because I will be your vengeance. Hmhm, ohh, FINALLY, some motivation! Hmhm, now I can finally get my glorious ass up and get to work on destroying everything my little brothers ever loved~. But, the collar…”
[X] “Oh, love… Yes, I know, it was incredibly rude of me to hide the fact that I could leave this silly little prison at any time were it not for the collar. All the other wards, spells, human sacrifices… Well, it certainly made them feel better, I’m sure. Me, I just wanted some time to think… and a quiet place to speak to you. If I’d known that they dared to lay a hand on what is mine… I’d have done this much sooner.”
[He reaches out and puts a claw under under your chin and tilts your head up to look at him]
[X] “...Darling.”
[SFX: The Listener’s heartbeat escalating again]
[X] “...Don’t you ever lie to me again… alright?”
[X] “Hmhm… You’re so smart to curb that desire to argue with your King. To simply obey and accept that you are mine. No one else’s… and if I want to go to war over you, I shall… and I will expect you to be waiting in my bedchambers once I am done decimating everyone that has ever harmed you… What do you say to that?”
[X] “Mmh… ‘Yes, my King’. Good Mouse. Now… won’t you be a love and take off this collar? Pretty, pretty please?”
[SFX: Heartbeats growing faster]
[He lowers his voice to a whisper again, voice in your ear]
[X] “...Don’t be scared, my love… I’ll protect you. You’ve trusted me for years, now. Proven yourself loyal and loving and so… fucking irresistible. Please…”
[He pulls back enough so he can look you in the eye]
[X] “...Let me burn this kingdom to the ground… Just for you…”
[SFX: A magical hum and two metal pieces hitting the ground
[You shakily reach up around his neck and unbind the collar with what little magic you have left. The old device hums briefly before splitting in two and dropping to the ground. Xayd rolls his neck slowly with a few sighs]
[X] “Mmh… Oh, that feels so much better. That mark around my neck won’t fade for years… Thank you, my sweet little Mouse. No one has ever trusted me like you… and I will love you until it hurts, I am sure. Doesn’t that make you happy?”
[He smiles widely, regardless of your answer]
[X] “Wondrous. Now… Take my hand.”
[You do]
[X] “There we are. Now…”
[SFX: His wings unfurling]
[X] “...Let us make our wedding bed in the ashes of a wicked world… Shall we?”
[You have no idea what lay ahead. Or if you’ll even survive the night. But you do know that, no matter what happens, he will never let you out of his sight again]
[To be continued]
Note: Curious to see how people react to this character.
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2023.03.25 02:04 jackerman729196 Ranger tune

I have a 93 ranger xlt and I want to get my ranger tuned but no one dose obd1 tuning near me any ideas to be able to get a tune maybe a adapter or some idk
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2023.03.25 02:03 r4r42 [FOR SALE] Moving Sale: 65" LG CX OLED TV, Sofa and Table, D&D Books, and more!

Hello there.
I'm selling a variety of things in preparation for a move. I've posted many of them on OfferUp at I can't move the larger items, so you will need to pickup near Adams/Fairfax. Cash or Venmo only. Some highlights include:
65-inch LG CX TV and Stand. I'd keep this if I could, but it's just too large to take with me. It's still like new and has been reset to initial factory settings. Includes a Besta TV stand from IKEA, though there are some extra parts that are not included. The two items together retail around $1640 but I'm looking for $1,100 mostly because it's difficult to move this by oneself. I can help you load this up, but you'll want a vehicle with ample space, a blanket or three for cushioning, and help unloading it at your destination.
D&D 5E Book Set. A large, but not complete, collection of official releases for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. All in new or like new condition. The set includes Strongholds & Followers, the first book released by Matt Colville's MCDM designed for 5th Edition. Items can be purchased individually at the prices in the post but the whole set is discounted over individual prices since that saves me some trouble. Looking for $255.
Sofa and Coffee Table Set Gray KNISLINGE 3 seat sofa from IKEA. Excellent condition. It's been discontinued but it retailed for $500. Two blue pillows included. Set also includes a black TRULSTORP coffee table with hinge top, which extends to the perfect height for using as a desk or table while sitting on the couch. Retails for $170.
I have more available including a queen size bed, an IKEA nightstand, and a computer chair but OfferUp is a pain to use and taking photos and everything takes awhile, so there may be more soon.
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2023.03.25 02:03 xursaso How can I set up a remote access between two client Linux distros (i.e., not server-specific) running on different networks?

This question has been asked here a few times already, so I'm sorry for asking it again. These are the links I found:

What I want to do:

  1. I have a home computer running Linux (PC1). This is my main computer.
  2. Somewhere else, on another network, I have another Linux computer (PC2), which I need to use daily for work. This is my secondary computer.
  3. I have many files which need to be sync'd up between PC1 and PC2. I could pay for a syncing service, but PC2 stays on pretty much all time except for weekends. Therefore, I'd like to employ a self-hosted solution.
  4. I intend on using rsync or Syncthing to sync up my files.

How can I achieve this?

  1. Suppose I can't port forward at the moment. Is it recommended to use OpenVPN/ZeroTier and connect PC1/2 with a "pseudo LAN"?
  2. I know that VNC and RDP are very insecure for remote access. What are my options? Is Remmina safe with tunneled ssh?
  3. If for some reason the best option security-wise is to port forward my router and set up a DDNS, how can I do this? How much will it cost me?
Thanks for the help.
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2023.03.25 02:03 mgaff5290 Accordionist looking to improvise

I have been playing the accordion for a year and a half now, and in that time I've gotten. Decent. hectic work schedules makes for inconsistent practice times, ya know? But I'm at a point where I feel like, with enough practice I can play most songs I come across relatively easily
and so I've recently started pulling more and more sheet music from the internet, most of which ends up being made with piano in mind, which is fine for the treble parts, but because of how the bass side of the accordion is designed, the bass parts need to be simplified in to some variation of single note into a chord, back to a different single note into a different chord.
so I guess what I'm wondering is this: what areas of music theory would be best for me to study, so that I can learn what notes/chords will sound good with whatever it is I'm playing on the treble side
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2023.03.25 02:03 canadiancainiac06 Superfeet Comfort vs Carbon pro

These are the two main insoles I see players use, but the Carbon Pro costs almost double. What are the main differences that set them apart. I have a very low arch in my foot and wondering what would be best for me.
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2023.03.25 02:03 lolsnowflake Dating rejection after revealing ADHD

I [26F] went on 2 dates with someone [32M] who also has ADHD. Probably one of the best first dates I’ve ever been on (felt I could be completely myself).
He revealed he had ADHD during the first date, which led to us opening up about our ADHD and relating on our struggles. This is probably the fastest I’ve ever opened up to anyone about these things. We shared a lot of fun stories about our lives, talked about growing up, friends, struggles, and similar interests. We talked and laughed nonstop for hours which I loved.
After date 2, he ghosted (did not reply to my msg). And now I’m not only feeling sad/rejected from a dating partner, but more so feeling completely unaccepted for having ADHD, and after actually being completely MYSELF on a first date. I’ve never felt so ‘accepted’ or ‘’normal’ earlier on in any relationship before, and Im starting to feel ‘unlovable’ since even someone with ADHD couldn’t ‘accept me’ and my quirks. I feel like my ADHD is making it hard for me to find/keep long lasting connections, as I’m always seen as the ‘fun girl’. ):
How do I find motivation to keep dating? And move on from a short lived intense connection? I was also diagnosed late (in my 20s), so these are still new struggles I’m noticing and learning to navigate.
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2023.03.25 02:03 Gargalhar Desmume on android?

I'm trying to play ds games with retro achievements and I've been seeing that people use desmume but I can not see how you actually get desmume. I used melonds but it crashed near the beginning of pokemon black. Is there a better way for me to play with retro achievements?
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2023.03.25 02:02 Ledeycat Movies where the main character is alone

Can you recommend me old movies where the main character is mostly alone throughout the movie? The main characters who struggle with difficulties alone, alone with their thoughts. The best example I can give is Taxi Driver. I watched The Machinist movie recently, which is a good example. It doesn't matter how old it is, but 2010 and earlier would be fine.
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2023.03.25 02:02 restinghearts Should I tell her about this?

Hi all, just wanted to ask some advice. So around mid February, I started talking to this girl on an app (25F) and it seemed to go well enough. However, she isn't in the country at the moment so we decided we'd just do weekly voice calls till she is. We agreed at that point we'd just see how it goes, since we hadn't even met each other IRL yet. About two weeks after that, I kinda realised that I needed to sort out my feelings for one of my best friends if I wanted to be serious about this girl and so I hypothetically asked her out. I wasn't really expecting anything and she turned me down and we've been good since.
The issue is that I'm feeling fairly guilty about doing this while kinda also talking to this girl online, I know we weren't exclusive or anything, but now there's this implicit implication that I'm only going after her since my friend turned me down, which I don't really like. Ah, I just feel like I screwed up everything.
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2023.03.25 02:02 Chrisiztopher In defense of turn based combat

It's often asked why people like turn based systems. We all have our reasons. The most common I think is that we like the pace and ability to plan ahead.
Recently it dawned on me that the whole reason RPGs grabbed me back in the SNES era was having a party, especially the excitement of finding new allies along the way.
FF6 is a perfect example of this, and the best part was finding hidden characters.
Action systems can have parties but it's not the same. They either only help you secondarily or you have to switch back and forth.
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2023.03.25 02:02 Send_In_The_Clowns_ Why am I freezing cold rn?

It’s crazy that my brain even allows me to think of you anymore. Even if it’s once in a great while, during the most random of moments, for the dumbest of reasons… I just don’t understand why I haven’t blocked you out like most other traumatic memories. Honestly, maybe I have blocked most of them out. It’s hard to remember the how’s and why’s of how we got to here and that’s probably in my best interest. Details continually escape me, but somehow you don’t. Times like tonight, I stop and think about that. I wonder why. Was there a reason we met? What was my lesson other than the lesson I’ve been taught most of my life which is… forgive others who have hurt you and move on. Or was it something else?
Then I remember my life’s purpose. I remember that I was the reason someone made it to the hospital today. I remember that I am part of why a family won’t be living together in a teeny tiny room anymore. I remember why they trusted me over others who look like me. I remember holding a baby and asking an interpreter how to tell them they were beautiful in their own language. I remember how people didn’t eat so this beautiful child could. I remember how tired I am and how this week has flown by so fast and I wonder what next week holds.
And I go outside to look at the stars and the moon- something I used to do every single night that brought me comfort. I’d listen to the ocean and the trees blowing in the wind and I’d look up and see stars clearer than I had ever seen them and feel so grateful. But I don’t anymore. And I don’t feel the same way when I look up anymore.
You know, there were a few things you claimed I “took” from you, as far as outlets go. You should know you took mine, too. Looking up at the moon and the stars only reminds me of one thing now. I let you into my peace and you took some of that away with you. I don’t really regret it. I still don’t hate you. Honestly, I’m still pretty afraid of you. I just miss my peace. I hate this feeling of unrest.
I guess I just hope that tiny piece of my joy that you took brings you the stillness and calm it brought me.
Until the next time my brain decides to go here, I guess.

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2023.03.25 02:01 kp-- Douces Séparations

Sailesh sat listlessly watching the rain drops just lazily slapping the window pane he was next to. He'd just arrived from a flight not long ago. Not only could he still feel the strain the long flight had on his knees, he was yearning to perhaps, stretch them out. But an Asar in Kathmandu doesn't relent. The downpour was vicious, often making it difficult to have any fun time. Forget hiking, he'd be lucky to even get past the hotel without getting soaking wet. As he took another long swig of his cigarette, he contemplated the life choice that led him to the place he was currently. Surely, it'd mark a closure, perhaps seal the old wound. He'd relish this.
As his breath clashed with the pane, and fog slightly formed, he was interrupted by the host,"So brother, what will you be having today?". He impatiently waved him off, angry that the waiter had interrupted his train of thoughts. The waiter, rather meekly said,"So will you have anything else, sir? This is your 6th peg, Mother was wondering if you'd like anything else". Sailesh softly chuckled before replying "I'm waiting". As the waiter gave him a knowing nod, and gently faded away, he took another swig of the whiskey he was drinking. Cheap shit will always be cheap, in this shithole, he thought to himself. Still, anything to get that familiar burn down your throat, with the slight buzzy sensation in your temple. For the money he was tossing at it, he couldn't possibly complain. It would be that he dearly missed his scotch - his favorite poison. He rapped at the table impatiently, she hasn't changed a bit, had she? Always taking her sweet time. As he could make out the silhouette of a woman with a child through the foggy glass, he grew excited: "She came, she finally did!". Not only that realization made him jerk back from him day dreaming, he proceeded to straighten up, and pull his hair back. After taking a few moments to compose himself, he hailed the waiter silently to take away the glass and empty his ash tray. As the entrance door slowly opened, he could make out his once love of his life, slowly approaching him with a kid, his, presumably. Aakanshya was a woman of sophistication, and absolute grace. The moment she walked towards you, you'd feel a gentle breeze on your forehead, whilst the back of your throat dried out, and you just wanted to steal a gaze from her, as long as time allowed. Her full lips often made you aware that even despite not smiling, she had a soft, gentle curve that made her face anything but hard. Suffice to say, Sailesh felt a cocktail of emotions within him growling, as he looked at a woman he once loved over anything else.
As she sat down with the kid, Sailesh gently motioned towards her. After a brief eye contact, he felt as if they were pulled down, away from it. Perhaps he still had feelings for her. Perhaps he was here to find out why things happened, the way they did. Still, he could feel the pangs of that same constricting pain in his heart, as if someone, or something, held it. It took an effort breathing in. And thus, he started, "So Aaku...". Aaku gently smiled back, that same smile he now knew he yearned for more than 5 years. As she waved, the kid chimed in, "Is he the uncle you were talking about, mummy?". Aakanshya slowly nodded, then proceeded to speak, "Yes, Sailesh uncle here is my best childhood friend. We practically grew up together, just like you and Saakshi". "Eww, Momma grew up with a boy? That's so funny hahaha". "No Arya, uncle here was very good at tying my ribbons! Firstly, say hi to uncle, will you, dear?" Arya suddenly shouted, "Namastey Sailesh uncle!" in a manner that could only be described as being contagious. It was impossible not to have your heart melt right there and there, this some five odd years old brat, speaking in the cutest manner possible. Sailesh extended his hand "I'm Sailesh, how old are you?". Arya looked puzzled at the hand offered to her, promptly looking towards her mother for clues on what to do. As Aakanshya motioned Arya to shake his hand, Arya followed suit. Sailesh hasn't shook a hand that was more tender, warm in a while. As he dismissed her hand, he directed his gaze towards Aakanshya. "How long has it been, again?" he said, words slightly slurred. Perhaps the whiskey finally hit. As Aakanshya drew a long breath, Sailesh leaned back, reaching for his zippo. That's when he noticed her hard gazed, the same stone cold, disappointed pair of the most beautiful doe eyes one could imagine, staring through him. As he followed her gaze to Arya, it hit him that perhaps lighting a cigarette in front of a child, wasn't the best of decisions. Arya chortled,"Look momma, uncle smokes too, just like Daddy!". As Aakanshya frowned,"Momma are you about to shout at uncle?", with the most innocent of eyes. Sailesh bit his lips in a mixture of embarrassment, and restlessless. Yeah, fucking A man, fucking A, light a cig right in front of the kid.
"So how have you been?" Sailesh said, huffing after his own silliness. Aakanshya answered,"I'm doing great, Sailu, how are you doing?". "Doing fine. Company offered me a vacation plan, I rejected, caught the very first plane from Cali straight here so I could perhaps go visit old friends. But with this weather...", Sailesh chuckled. Aaku sighed, "Well, that's a nice change I suppose. You always were the overworker". As Sailesh motioned the waiter yet again, he asked Arya, bored, "So what will you have, Arya?" Arya took the menu, and immediately pointed at what she wanted : An icecream. Well, she was certainly her mother's child, this girl. Once the orders were placed, Sailesh spoke "So what are you doing these days?" Aakanshya slowly turned her head towards Arya, and said "Well, mostly taking care of Arya. Housework was much more difficult than I imagined", she smiled softly. "How long are you staying?" Sailesh sighed,"Hard to tell. I can return anytime, but I was looking to meet old faces here. Suffice to say that's nigh impossible at this weather. So I'm probably going to get holed up in a hotel till I get back home". "And how are your parents, how's Aunty doing?" "You know they're dead, Aaku. Why must you ask?" Aakashya's eyes widened,"When?". Sailesh bitterly replied,"It's been what, 2-3 years?" "I'm sorry, Sailesh, I didn't know that". Sailesh's lips curved ironically, as he smiled and retorted,"Well, it's none of your business anyway, so there". Before those words were barely out, he regretted saying it. "But I do care. And I'm sorry." Sailesh could see hints of tear well up in her eyes. "Sorry I wasn't there for Aunty and Uncle". Sailesh whipped back, "Well they'd not count on it, after all, you abandoned me". Aakanshya look at Sailesh, with a look of surprise, speechless. Arya, startled, looked at Aakanshya, "Mommy, are you crying? Are you about to have a fight with uncle, just like daddy?" Sailesh asked, opportunistically, "Do mommy and daddy get in fights often?" "Yes, daddy shouts at mommy, and mommy shuts the door and cries. It's really sad, you know -" Aakanshya interrupted Arya's monologue, and quietly motioned her to hush. So Sailesh went into brooding, before letting out his next question, "You're happy with him, aren't you?" He could feel Aakanshya visibly disturbed, silent. Perhaps blaming her from the get go wasn't the best of ideas. At the same moment, the orders were served, and that was the end of that. As mere small talked, veiled in pain were exchanged on both sides, Sailendra couldn't help but walk down back the memory lane.
It was that night, that had been their last. They had sneaked out of their friend's wedding together, got to his apartment, then started making love. Intimacy with her was a special time, he'd only been vulnerable with so many women. As they rolled over the bed, he had gotten up to look at the moon-lit fields across the window. He had sat down in the arm chair, contemplating the difficulties ahead in life. He was but merely deep in thought, when she had rolled over, glistening in sweat beads, whilst gently being caressed by the moonlight. That's when she'd said, "Sailu, we should get married, na?" He had but merely scoffed, looking at her saying, "Babe, I'm hitting the states next week, I won't be back for at least 4 years, you seriously think I'd be able to take care of myself, let alone you?!" Whilst running his fingers on her playfully, he'd find her smiling slightly, then turning over, pulling the blankets. And that was the exchange they had, before she abruptly called Sailesh a week after he landed on states, stating she was getting married soon. And him, in a foreign land, feeling utterly dejected, and betrayed. Why did she choose this banker, over him? What possibly could that bald jerk give her, that he couldn't?
As Sailesh was wading through the free fall of his thoughts, reality struck when Arya tugged at his jacket. "Uncle, will you come home? I'll show you my doll". Sailesh, frowning, shook his head. Suppose it was time to part ways. The visit had been extempore, after all. He had called her on messenger right as he landed, perhaps to make peace with himself. Though how exactly this meeting ended up making him any less disturbed than he already was: He wouldn't know. All he knew was the ship had sailed, and he was left out in the rain. As the bills were paid, and they stood in front of the restaurant under umbrellas, Sailesh said "Well, guess this is it then. Take care, alright?" As Aakanshya turned after nodding, he could have sworn he saw her back shake.
As he stood there, questioning himself, all the while lighting his cigarette, he couldn't help but kick himself for being an ass. Perhaps he went too hard on her. After all, she did come, didn't she? And yet, he was right there, in the same spot she left her, 6 years back. As the gentle pitter patters of droplets onto the puddle singed but meekly, he looked at the mother-daughter slowly walking away from her. He was but just there, looking at her, then her daughter, a spitting image of her, going away, engrossed in conversation. As he scratched his nape, he couldn't help but spot a familiar birthmark on little Arya. Something he had grown accustomed to, often bemoaned about for being unsightly. Then it dawned him, that perhaps, this would be the last time he'd see her, as he couldn't possibly face himself after today's charades.
Not after what just happened, not after what he said to her.
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2023.03.25 02:01 ajm0418 inc taxes and dollar value LIFO

taking FAR in a few days and this DTA/DTL stuff and DV LIFO just are not clicking for me. Should i pound them this weekend or just try my best but not kill myself over it?
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2023.03.25 02:01 Mindless_followers I'm a first time dad to be need advice

So I'm a Male age 30 and I've been with a women age 29 she already has 3 kids and we are expecting my first and her 4th baby I'm very excited about it, but I have a few concerns (she's 13 weeks btw) but for the past month she's been very distant and doesn't wanna be no where near me doesn't want me to touch her or kiss her or be cute with her, she says she doesn't wanna be with me and she's dealt with every pregnancy alone cuz past baby dads aren't great if u k own what I mean they just left her, but I want to be there but she doesn't want me around so what do I do??? I also don't live with her but I pay all her bills plus mine do I continue and get myself into debt and keep trying when she doesn't want me to be around??
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2023.03.25 02:01 AutoModerator [Get] Biaheza – Dropshipping Course (COMPLETE)

[Get] Biaheza – Dropshipping Course (COMPLETE)
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Biaheza – Dropshipping Course (COMPLETE)

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I guess that’s why I’m so passionate about what I teach. It’s because it changed my life in unexplainable ways. I don’t think I could ever go back to my old life after living like this.
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2023.03.25 02:01 BSBubbaRobinsonLuv R.T.Grievances, unum post aliud? Notes for the day. Delirium, Gaiety, Mirth, Rapture."falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus." BEALE'S NUT SQUARE ARE IN TODAY WITH ACCESS. 3 O'CLOCK INDUCED SYNTHETIC APERTURE RADAR RADIO GAIN HITS THE MY MOUTH, NOISE CAVITY AND EYES.

R.T.Grievances, unum post aliud? Notes for the day. Delirium, Gaiety, Mirth, Rapture.
Radio traffic from the point of origin to that point of reception"AURAL TRANSFER"to my mouth,eyes,face,& body. Stop tormenting and torturing me with your actions,access,use, of airforce synthetic aperture radars this Friday afternoon. Stop looking the other way with these nuts. Heavy dB radio gains to my ear channels. Heavy ringing, humming, white noise, static noise, to my ear channels and mouth. The last few nights have been a living hell for me. Airforce criminal pride mutt mouth has been inducing heavy radar radio gains to my mouth, nose cavity and eyes. This morning I had nothing but radio blindness in my eyes. Because of these airforce nuts ungovern actions. A lot of radio traffic about, he used to work in the BayArea. Like that's a treat. He'll, everybody I grew up with worked in the BayArea. AirForceBase mutt mouth has a lot of frustration about his monies. Lack of monies, benefits and housing. He's very full of himself. Full of this airforce mutt mouth haters hatred, anger, jealousy, resentments... The airforce nut is a joke. But he has access to carrier out his treats with radar radio gains to the human body. The thing is that airforce nuts needs to be held accountable for their actions. I live with to much induced radio gains from thier action to not try to get them caught. Held accountable lawfully. Creditable, Lawfull accountable. These nuts lately have been tearing into my mouth and nose cavity. Lately It has really regressed. They are not held accountable for their actions and it's like a ungoverned nuts doing whatever they pleases to do without worries. I am so sick and tired of hearing Air Force mutt mouth and how he, they, them, can skull f♡♡k folks Air Force style, off all the air bases or out of VA housing. Stop torturing and tormenting me and other folks with your actions, access, use, of synthetic aperture airforce radars, harmonics, and radio. Stop trying to take my head off with radar Threw my nose cavity in mouth. Get off your welfare a** and go on get a job. 26 years you've been going after me, sitting on your ass. You still don't have anything. Who's fault is that? You airforce nutf♡♡k. Stop torturing and tormenting me. What did I do to deserve this? Pass entrance exams, drug screenings, Background checks? What did I do you jealous nut? Grow up, working. Making more money than you? I still think you had something to do with the rapes from the Presidio back in 1986-86 in San Francisco of children and the rapes off the air bases in Sacramento "Sunrise mall off Watt ave" in 1981-83. There's something wrong with you. I've been forced to have to listen to you and your actions in my mouth since May 15th and 1998. You have something wrong with you. Your self indulgence is admiserable as evidence. You can't threaten everybody all the time and expect to get away with it. Stop torturing and tormenting me with synthetic aperture radars. Leave me alone.
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2023.03.25 02:01 mileysmustache Just a tangent from a walking T10

Long time lurker here. I was injured in August 2021 when a tick blessed me with Lyme disease and my body reciprocated with Transverse Myelitis beginning at T10. Long story short, I’ve been walking independently since October 2022 and do an hour of PT and exercise five days a week to try and recoup what muscles I can. Some muscle groups work, some don’t. I can’t run, balance is medium at best, and my proprioception sucks. But I’m happy with the progress I’ve made.
My frustration tonight is in the uncertainty of this injury. My muscles fire most of the time, but building them back up is proving damn near impossible. I eat meticulously healthy. I take excellent care of my body, I’m on a good bladder routine etc. but it never feels like enough. I get overuse injuries in my legs so easily and won’t know for a few days until the pain is strong enough for me to notice. It’s an isolating feeling. I am not able bodied enough to keep up with my healthy friends. I’m not injured enough to not feel like an imposter in the SCI community. I am lucky to have a very supportive, understanding fiancé who shares my passion for fitness. He’s good at reminding me not to compare how much easier muscle gains happen above my injury. But it’s so frustrating to not only feel like I’m doing everything right and not progressing anymore, but to also look “fine” to passersby who don’t understand why I can’t keep up.
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2023.03.25 02:01 Fickle_Ad_3554 [WA] Personal Injury Malpractice

I hired Dubin Law Group to represent me in a personal injury case, but my experience with them has been disappointing even beyond my wildest expectations. During negotiations, Josh Campbell, a professional bullsh*t artist, repeatedly told me that my case was worth more than the settlement amount, but he still strongly urged me to settle and accept the offer against my better judgment. It soon became evident that there was a lack of diligence, urgency, and care paid to my case. It seemed like he was only interested in settling the case quickly, rather than putting in additional research or effort to reach a satisfying result. Looking back, I felt forced to follow his counsel to accept the low-ball offer of $35,500 on nearly $19,000 in medical bills, barely enough to cover their 33.3% attorney fee and my own bills.
On April 6, 2022, I sustained extensive injuries, including a 2-inch diameter concussion and subsequent dent on my head, bruising, and injuries to my neck, arms, shoulder, both legs, and knees in a car accident in Seattle. I had difficulty walking for many months due to shooting pain in my knees, and I hired this firm to protect me during my recovery process. I finished all treatment in August 2022. I had to spend hours tracing down providers and insurance representatives during my workday, which was something I specifically hired this firm to do. Ali Waters told me during our last interaction over the phone that I did not have health insurance last year, which was not true as I had provided that information when I signed with the firm and they had it on record. Josh Campbell later said she misspoke, but it raised concerns about whether they cross-checked information for accuracy.
Furthermore, a majority of bills from this case have been sent to collections and I have been in the complete dark as to when they would resolve. My insurance company had no records of Radia or Green Lake Physical Therapy, and I had to personally bring all this to their attention and present relevant information to facilitate these claims. I never received detailed and itemized ledgers of claims, dates of service, or regular updates. It is their responsibility as my legal representation to ensure that all balances have been verified and confirmed as correct, but it is now clear that this was not the case.
I found additional errors with their balances at UW Medicine and learned more balances were in collections. When I brought this to their attention, I was met with more condescending and dismissive responses. It is very clear that this firm is incapable of taking responsibility for their actions and apologizing for their mistakes.
The lack of communication and negligence from this firm is deeply unacceptable and has caused me significant harm. I was then handed over to Rebecca LaLiberte the 'managing partner' to be handled and mitigated. It was clear immediately by her condescending tone that she did not take this case seriously and offered to 'set up weekly meetings over the next few months' as the case resolved and bills re-processed due to this firm's specific errors. I started to look deeper into the firm and ask questions around other firms as to their conduct and reputation. It is clear now that this is simply a high-volume firm and litigation adverse, meaning they try to settle cases as quickly as possible without consideration for the best outcome for their clients.
Even after I brought all this to their attention and they agreed to take 25% off the attorney fee, a slap in the face for the amount of time I have personally put in to get this case back on track. Rebecca LaLiberte, the managing partner, has now said to 'please move forward with filing a complaint with the Washington State Bar. We will cooperate fully with them and hold the remaining funds in trust.'
What can I do to hold these people accountable?
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2023.03.25 02:01 sugar-k Recovering from Burnout

Hi All,
It has been about a year since I graduated from college and I've been living a (somewhat) NEET lifestyle ever since. I studied engineering and I worked really hard, got decent grades, and even had an internship. The problem is that I was severely burned out by the end of it. During my studies, I was obssessed with self help and productivity which helped me achieved my goals and never procrastinate. My lifestyle during that time, was not healthy and all I did was sleep, eat, and study. I was very anxious at the time too.
I had depression from 2020 up until last summer. Medication and therapy worked wonders. After my graudation, I started to feel so much better (no depression, no anxiety) which was the beginning of me becoming somewhat of a NEET. I refused to get a job because the thought of doing work reminds of the time I was in school which was a constant state of anxiety for me. The only reason I'm not a true NEET is because my mom encouraged me to sign up for one master's course just so the gap in my resume won't be so huge. I, however, am doing the bare minimum but am somehow still in good standing in the class because "it's easy".
I know deep down that I would like to escape my current situation and actually get a job instead of going through more school but its been so hard to work towards that. I keep procrastinating cleaning my room and sending out job applications because the thought of doing real work is just so painful. Self help stuff doesn't work on me anymore because to me it's mostly generic and bs.
I'm also trying my best to develop a healthy excercise routine and journaling but like I said I have a big procrastination problem. I would appreciated any advice. Thanks.
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2023.03.25 02:01 HauntedOverpayment Fidelity Roth IRA funds

Hey folks, what are the best funds for a Roth IRA vs individual? Are any of these better for one or the other?
I’m a young investor hoping to max out my Roth first. I try to put away at least 1k each month in my fidelity account.
These are funds that were suggested to me but I’m still learning about the differences between them so let me know what you would keep, what you would toss, or if there’s something missing.
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