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Welcome to /Redhair! The community for discussion with and about people with red hair. Do you freckle easily? Do you need to use sunblock with SPF in the triple digits? Are you routinely teased for "not having a soul"? Have you ever been asked if the carpet matched the curtains? Do you stand up better to pain than your brown haired friends? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this may be the subreddit for you! This is NOT a subreddit for red hair porn. SFW only posts!

2023.03.21 21:26 pigeonccatcher SpeedyPaper Review Reddit 2023: My Personal Experience

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2023.03.21 21:26 abcsupercorp Original idea turned into fanfiction but back into original idea?

So, I know this sounds confusing AF but bear with me
So, a few months ago, I had an original story that consisted of two witch best friends and one dealing with unrequited love for the other and the consequences of suffering in your own pain due to it being unrequited (and other things too)
I had zero idea how to write it so I decided to make it a fanfic, same plot as my original work but obviously the characters of the show—sadly the fanfic didn’t go how I planned (aka, I was a little bored of writing it)
Would it be okay to go back into writing it as original fiction, since that was the initial idea that I brainstormed prior to making it a fanfiction?
I’m a little stuck because on one hand, I did come up with this idea myself, BUT on the other hand, I struggle with coming to the conclusion of whether or not it’s okay, since I eventually made it fanfiction
Thanks! 💞
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2023.03.21 21:26 johnny--guitar Debating scrapping my campaign.

I've been running Dragon Heist (the Alexandrian remix) for a while, and it has not gone well. IRL drama and players deciding to derail shit just for fun even after being asked not to has caused chaos, and I've tried to carry on regardless and it hasn't gone very well. I'm at a point where all but 1 of the original table has fully left and been replaced, and I'll admit I didn't handle all that very well. Most of the party doesn't know what the fuck is happening because the guy who took meticulous notes gave up and left after he got tired of the chaos. My attempts to catch people up doesn't seem to have gotten through to them, and the 1 holdout's efforts haven't worked either. She's trying her best and clearly cares, but 1 person who gives a shit doesn't outweigh 4 others who don't.
I'm at a point where I'm debating just scrapping the campaign, because it's not fun for me, I doubt it's fun for the players, and I'm losing my passion for DMing. The main reason I'm even considering continuing is that playing Jarlaxle as a villain is super fun. Is there a way I can salvage this?
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2023.03.21 21:25 RobbieIsGae Here are the band I'm excited to see at bloodstock!

Please don't come at me! These are my opinions that don't affect yours.
Thursday 10th august ( in order of best to worst)
Frozen soul : sophie Lancaster stage Tribe of ghosts : sophie Lancaster stage Warkings : sophie Lancaster stage
Don't care for these * The violent inczident : sophie Lancaster stage Skynd : Sophie Lancaster stage *
Friday 11th august (best to worst)
Killswitch engage : Ronnie James Dio stage Fit for an autopsy: Ronnie James Dio stage Gatecreeper : Ronnie James Dio stage In flames : Ronnie James Dio stage Candlemass: Sophie Lancaster stage Wolfbastard : Sophie Lancaster stage Gaera: Sophie Lancaster stage Nonpoint: Sophie Lancaster stage
Don't care/have time for any of these * Bossk : Sophie Lancaster stage Striker: Sophie Lancaster stage The enigma division: Sophie Lancaster stage Zetra: Sophie Lancaster stage Sacred Reich : Ronnie James Dio stage *
Saturday 12th august: (best to worse)
Meshuggah: Ronnie James Dio stage Gutalax : Sophie Lancaster stage Casket feeder : Sophie Lancaster stage Devildriver : Ronnie James Dio stage Knocked loose : Ronnie James Dio stage Skin failure : Sophie Lancaster stage Tortured demon : Sophie Lancaster stage Eyes : Sophie Lancaster stage
Seething Akira : Ronnie James Dio stage (dad?) Triptykon: Ronnie James Dio stage
Urne : Ronnie James Dio stage Brothers of metal : Sophie Lancaster stage
Trollfest: Sophie Lancaster stage Dakesis : Sophie Lancaster stage (dad?)
Don't care for these * Zeal and ardor Crowbar : Ronnie James Dio stage
Sunday 13th august: best to worst
Megadeth : Ronnie James Dio stage Sepultura : Ronnie James Dio stage Decapitated : Ronnie James Dio stage Dead label : Ronnie James Dio stage Biohazard : Sophie Lancaster stage Tuskar : Sophie Lancaster stage Overthrowne : Sophie Lancaster stage All hail the yeti : Ronnie James Dio stage
King 810 : Sophie Lancaster stage Cobra the impaler: Sophie Lancaster stage
Don't care for * Ugly kid joe: Ronnie James Dio stage Unto others : Sophie Lancaster stage Uuhai : Sophie Lancaster stage church of the cosmic skull : Sophie Lancaster Helloween : Ronnie James Dio stage Invisions : Sophie Lancaster stage
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2023.03.21 21:25 rubisfaye Should I [19F] drop out of university to move in with my ldr [20M] boyfriend?

Hello! This is my first time on this subreddit and I really need some advice.
My boyfriend and I met each other online through gaming, have known each other for 2 years and we have been in a ldr for about 6 months. We basically know everything about each other, I love him very much and he is obsessed with me and constantly gives me gifts, his time, treats me the absolute best, and I know his core values and they are the same as mine. We talk for 3-6 hours a day every day (yes I have friends irl and my own life) and every second I spend with him we both treasure a lot.
He lives in the US and I live in Canada, and he never attended uni because of circumstances that required him to work, and now that he does work he makes quite a lot and can definitely afford to support another person. It's been increasingly harder for him to see me because his work requires him to travel a lot throughout the states and because we both really want to be together, he suggested the idea of me moving in with him and travelling with him (he loves his job) and living with him forever. We've been talking about it a lot. He'd never want to control me and would let me do whatever I want while I'm with him and he'd support me financially, even invest in me because I eventually want to start working on personal projects and he wants to fully be able to support my dreams.
The problem is that I would have to drop out of university and leave my life behind while being financially and emotionally dependent on my boyfriend. I am currently on the path to a BCom degree in my first year, and I have never enjoyed school and knew that university wasn't for me because my lack of an attention span (I have ADHD), however I was pressured into it by my parents who are paying for my tuition, that plan to help and support me after I graduate. I would probably lose their support in the future if I ever were to bring up this idea to them. However I really do not care because they have ruined my childhood and I bear a lot of grudges, even though our relationship right now isn't the best but it's okay.
I know I'd be missing out on so many opportunities and it's a better advantage for me to have a proper education in this economy and that it could go a very long way, and I'd be safer on this path. However, my urges to drop out and start a new life with the person I really truly love and see an entire future with are quite strong and I'm very indecisive and am young, dumb, and impulsive. I do also believe that doing things with the person you love is just better than unhappily pursuing an education, and yes I know it would go very wrong if I ever decide to break up with him.

I don't know what decision to make, and I could really use some advice or an experience you've had that is somewhat similar. I am going a little crazy deciding what to do, because I am about to finish my 2nd semester and I don't know if I should continue. Any advice would be appreciated :)
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2023.03.21 21:25 AutoModerator [Get] Super Lumen – The LinkedIn Ads Course

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2023.03.21 21:25 KittenLoven My mom screamed at me for being sick

This is me venting so I apologize in advance for the length. She called me an attention-seeker, lazy ass and womanchild. I have a weak autoimmune system and was subjected to many illnesses ( anemia , kidney stones, hypoglycemia,hyperthyroidism, eye disease that makes me have terrible migraines till I throw up, etc.). Every doctor I went to told me I have a weak immune system and I should be more careful with my body. I was exempted from many PE classes until the exam where they went easy on me due to my diseases.
She never taught me anything and got mad at me for failing a task. She never taught me how to sew nor how to cook. I am a slow-paced learner and struggle to focus with details so I need to practice something and got it reviewed many times in order to learn something. While her golden child is a fast-paced learner and she always tells me how proud of him she is everyday. Despite watching many YouTube videos, I still don't know how to sew. She told me she never had the time and how others learn from YouTube and so should I. The ones who taught me how to cook were my classmates and high school teachers. She never lets me cook in the house because in her words, it's disgusting. The only times when I got to cook was during High school events. I felt proud of myself since everyone liked it every time.
Now I got sick because I got hungry and there was nothing to eat. I got a terrible stomach ache and fell ill with a terrible migraine that made me puke and my body trembling all over till the point I struggled to hold a glass. My body heated up so bad I felt like a volcano while my insides were cold if that makes sense. I can't handle the cold and can get sick even from a little breeze. She always refused to buy something for me on the pretext that she always forgets because she's so busy yada yada.
Now my problem is that I dropped out of college 2 years ago and yet I still live with her and her golden child. I'm not from the US and my best friends left the country. Despite me learning many skills on the net and selling it for almost free (ie copywriting and translating 250 words for $3 or cold calling someone for $10 per prospect), I don't have any gigs due to my lack of experience and me coming from a poor country. So everyone backs out.
Her golden child is on his 4th year of dropping from college and doing nothing until last year when he decided to help her in her job because he was fired from a company in which he was for 6 months.
I remember for 2 years, he did nothing and I had to clean the dishes every night, work for my mother from 7 am till 7 pm on the basis that she let me stay in her house for free. And it was hard managing time. He only played games in his bedroom and got out just to eat. I even had sleep deprivation due to him being loud at night and my N-mother doing nothing.
Now, after being depressed and dropping out from college 2 years ago and me wasting my time for her, I stopped helping her last year since I take care of 15 cats her son refused to let go and 3 dogs. It's hard and she told me compared to what my brother does, it's not physically challenging. I clean the place where they stay at least 5 times a day and feed them 2 a day and petsit them everyday when they get out while changing 3 huge litters everyday. She told me my brother and her had it worse and she's sick of me complaining.
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2023.03.21 21:24 maxis348 Aspiring Law Student

I'm currently a Junior at Georgia State. I am a Political Science major seeking to get into GSU's College of Law and I have a few questions for law students and law graduates:
I haven't taken the LSAT yet. When is the best date to take it and what score do I need in order to get in?
Is it easy for GSU undergraduate students to get into GSU's College of Law?
What is law school like? My goal is to be a defense attorney, so what classes should I take?
What professors should I talk to beforehand?
What GPA do I need and does it matter as much as my LSAT score?
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2023.03.21 21:24 Positive-Pie-8122 A little advice needed:

I am building a portfolio for my children and wanted to know the best options strategy I can consider to hedge it against a downturn. Any advise is appreciated.
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2023.03.21 21:24 No_Mission_5880 Terrified of Love

My best friend, we’ll call her Sara, and her new bf, we’ll call him Luke. They’ve been talking for several months now. They met through a mutual friend. Luke is a very genuine nice guy, will give you the shirt off his back. Comes from great people. He’s insecure of relationships, he’s only been in one and she did him dirty. Sara hasn’t had the best record of relationships either, she’s a single mom and has been doing it on her own for a while. Luke has been very adamant to Sara that the child is not an issue and eventually made it official. Luke has not met the child. He admitted after a month that he was falling in love and Sara was so happy. But he shortly cut it off and admitted that he’s terrified. They still have contact with each other like friends, no physical connection. They are going to meet up for lunch this week and she’s scared but has this gut feeling he’ll come around they just moved too fast and if they did start up again they need to go slow. I just want to be able to give her good advice.
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2023.03.21 21:24 oldpopinanoak What’s the best barbecue within an hour of Gatlinburg? Any other recommendations for excursions to find extraordinary foodstuffs?

My family and I tend to stay “on the strip,” but I’m wondering what would be worth driving to one day when we visit this coming week. TIA!
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2023.03.21 21:24 Astrology1999 My (23F) ex (23M) broke up with me yesterday to work on himself

I’ve been in a 10 months relationship with a guy that live about 4 hours away from me. We met with work and we were both out of 2-3 years relationships when we started dating. I remember being unsure about being together due to that and told him that I wasn’t healed and needed to work on myself. He was really sweet and told me that he didn’t mind and that he wanted to help me through it etc. A year ago he was very convincing and he really wanted me.
We got together officially in May of last year and we had the best summer ever. Unlike my last relationship in which we never fought at all, with him we did have disagreements but we were always respectful and loving.
In October he questioned the relationship and made it seem like he wasn’t happy with me. This came out of no were. I was devastated I really thought we were over. I came to see him and he said it’s all good and we brushed it off.
But then I started being insecure in the relationship because I thought that any change in his mood meant he was going to break up with me. I started over analyzing everything and because very insecure and controlling, something he didn’t like. We started having more fights and I would always try to be understanding and emotionally available but he would always turn his back to me and nice very cold. I knew he had a hard time sharing his emotions but I tried everything he would never take accountability and he would always threaten the relationship which made me more anxious.
He convinced me that the problems were my insecurities and to be fair, a lot of it was. I started therapy in December and got so much better. However the relationship only got worse.
For the Christmas we flew to the UK to visit his family and everything was perfect. We didn’t even had one fight we were really so happy. When we came back I felt like everything was getting back to the way it was.
But he started to get distant and the fights we used to have on the phone started happening in person which usually never happened- we were always good in person.
I visited him for the last time in the beginning of the month and was there for a week. It was bad. We did have some fun and all but the vibe just wasn’t there. I was planning on breaking up with him before leaving but he inniciated a conversation which is very unlike him. He took all the responsibility and said that he wasn’t a very good person to be with and that I deserve better and that he can’t be better but that he wants to seek helps etc. We ended this conversation by hugging and saying that we can get through it and I was so happy that he finally opened up I thought that it was the first step and I was ready.
I left last Sunday and was supposed to be back on the Wednesday. We agreed I would be back and have a real talk about it. I was so relieved and I just couldn’t wait to be back with him.
On the Tuesday he called me and told me he wanted to break up. Then we agreed to give him space and go on a break, i canceled my train for the Wednesday and gave him space for the whole weekend. He did text me that he wishes that he didn’t ask me not to come and that he wanted to be better. Again, relief and hope.
And then yesterday morning, not even a week after starting the break, I recepa text saying that it’s over and that he has to do it for himself and it’s not the same anymore. We called and he was very respectful and he cried too. He said that he loves me but isn’t in love with me and that he enjoyed the space the break gave him.
What I’m confused about is that he said ; - he wishes this isn’t goodbye forever - he will miss me - he wants to stay in contact and doesn’t want to lose me completely - I didn’t do anything wrong and I gave him everything
Why can’t he just let me in then? Why can’t he work on himself while with me?
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2023.03.21 21:24 WakefulDishonesty best plants for the bedroom

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2023.03.21 21:24 Draeg18 Please Help - M24 and F20

I (M24) have been in a relationship with my girlfriend (F20) for the past 15 months. During this time we have moments where I absolutely adore my girlfriend, she comforts me when I'm down and encourages me and I love having someone to always do things with, she's like my best friend. She makes me feel warm and good about myself. Then we also have moments where I can't bare her in the slightest, she drives me crazy, always picks fights over the smalles of things, patronizes me and embarasses me in public. Also worth nothing she is bipolar, has depression and schizophrenia. About 5 months ago my roommate kicked me and my brother out and me, my girlfriend and brother decided to all move in together in a 2 bedroom apartment for financial reasons. It's been a severe up and down road but recently about a month ago I found my girlfriend cheated on me via texts with one of my gym bros (flirting with him) and she sexted with one of her friends. My brain knows what to do, that I need to leave her because I can't tust her (she's practically cheated on me twice prior to this) but my heart can't bring me to do it, and I also need her income to afford rent and living expenses. What do I do because I constantly have this internal battle with myself and I don't know how to proceed with this relationship. I wanted to break up with her but I panicked because of the finances and she begged me for another chance and I gave it to her, but I feel like something tearing away at me each time she kisses me now or wants to hold me. Please help.
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2023.03.21 21:23 DrBusinessGoosePhD How did you move on?

My husband (39m) has been making it increasingly clear that he doesn’t want to be married and likely never actually did in the first place. I (38f) am devastated. Beyond devastated. Long story condensed, his ex is stalking me, he does nothing about it and has severed any relationship I had built with those kids. He has grown away from mine and myself and my mental health is plummeting. We were friends for 20+ years before dating, in love the entire time but kept distance when we were with someone else, but always resurfaced back to each other. Finally started dating when the timing in both of our lives was right. Got married 2/22/22. One of the happiest days of my life. I’ve devoted my life to this family. We were so close until his ex ramped up her crap and he started actually siding with her, despite the fact it was proven that she had neglected their child to the point of emergency medical attention. And also that she is most definitely stalking me and almost cost me a SECOND job (her harassment at the last one got so bad they fired me for it to save company image.) Maybe I don’t see this the way he does, his mom left him when we were teenagers and he has taken his role as an active parent very seriously so it could possibly be that he is trying to do what’s best for those two kids while we worked on getting a bigger home to fight for them in court to be with us full time. Don’t know. I guess none of it matters, things finally got so bad that we are separating, he’s refusing to do any marriage counseling or even take accountability for the coldness he has left me to deal with on my own for the past year. The past two days have been so bad that I almost quit my job because I can’t function. Everything is falling apart. I desperately needed his support or feel some semblance of love while I deal with everything else going on, including my failing health. I’ve never been thru a split that I didn’t initiate, my last long term one I had been with an abusive alcoholic that almost killed me so I wasn’t exactly heartbroken to escape it. I love my husband. I’m very much in love with him. I don’t know what to do, where to turn, there’s no one to talk to, I can’t afford to miss work, I don’t have enough money to move…. My family is everything to me. I’m trying to hide my real pain from my kids but it’s leaking out because he is my best friend and one of the very few I still have as an adult and working mother. Any advice on how to ease up this, idk, darkness? Has anyone else felt so terrible about their marriage falling apart that they didn’t know how to get out of bed in the morning? Is there anything I could possibly try to maybe make him wake up and see that he is pushing his family out? In march of 2022 he “couldn’t live without us” and now he can’t get enough distance between us. It’s now he and his kids and me and mine. Obviously there is tons more to this, and I’m sorry for already being all over the place because I’m scared and alone, if I put even just the major details down, we would be reading for days. I cannot imagine my life without him and his kids. tl;dr: advice on how to move on from a loss when you are still very much in love with your spouse?
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2023.03.21 21:23 mavericklovesthe80s Had my 1st intake today

Like it says on the tin, I had my first intake today at a genderclinic. It will be long just so you know. Tw: female body parts, dysphoria, mentioning of genitalia and sex.
I am just going to write down how the conversation went and what questions were asked in case anyone wants to know what to expect. Now this is in the Netherlands so I don't know how other countries work. I had to send a autobiographical intake list beforehand which basically asked me to describe when the dysphoria started, when I realized I am trans, what my family looks like, how my childhood was, etc. It also asked me to put down a timeline of all the things I have noticed from the age of 0 to now regarding gender. This resulted in a 20 page intake form. Could be shorter for other guys, but I've just had an eventfull life lol. So today was the actual intake. They asked why I was there and to describe what my issues were in my own words. I said that I wanted to start my medical transition as I have already socially transitioned. They asked why and I answered that I continue to feel trapped in my feminin body and I want my body to reflect how I feel inside. They asked why now (I am 44). I answered that up until then I did not feel the space or had the safety nor had the opportunity to start. I also for the longest time did not connect the does, that I could be trans. I just felt awkward and disconnected the whole time and thought that it was linked to other stuff in my past. But as those were taken care off and I processed them, did therapy etc, the awkwardness remained. They asked me where I had therapy and what my diagnoses was. Now I don't think that was very relevant, because it was more than 20 years ago, but I answered them. They seemed surprised about the lack of diagnoses ( I was diagnosed with evasive personality trades and borderline trades). I think that in that time that was rather the fashion. Everyone who went to therapy was diagnosed with borderline trades. Only because I said I feel angry all the time and I don't know why (I do now by the way). Obviously women don't get angry, anyways I am digressing. The awkwardness was with me the whole time as I went through live. Occasionally flaring up but I would just push it back down again, because I didn't know what to do with it. Until I lost 30 kg of my weight due to healthcare reasons and due to corona lockdown I could not get my hair cut. I felt hugely uncomfortable in my own body as it became more and more recognizably feminin. They then asked me to describe my dysphoria, which in itself was dysphoria inducing. So be aware of that. I described my hate of my chest, my wide hips, small shoulders, feminin curves, high voice, feminin jawline and hair, lack of facial hair. They asked what I wanted. Which threw me a bit, because I thought I had to defend why I thought I am trans enough some more. So she started writing down what I wanted. And it was very matter of factly, like do you want your brests removed, do you want to have a lower voice, more masculine feature etc.. Eventually she asked what I wanted to do about my genitals. I said what do you mean ( I was a bit shocked by the point blanc question tbh)..So she said do you want a penis. And I was a bit taken a back by her forwardness in this. I said that I was not sure. She asked me why. I replied that I am not sure because if I look at the results online and how other transmen describe it, it's not risk free and a lot can (and does) go wrong and that made me kinda wary of it. She pointed out that there are also positive results online and how I felt about those when I looked at them. I replied that "in a perfect world" if someone would asked me that, I would say "yes off course", but that that's not the case and I still need to be fit enough to be able to take care of my son and support my wife. She asked me what my greatest concern was. First thing that popped in my head was, for example you don't feel anything anymore, ever. So she said like you wouldn't be able to orgasm anymore. I said yes to that (because for me that is a big deal). I am mean why would you want a dick if you can't have fun with it? I kinda felt a bit embarrased by this whole part, because these are like my very personal private thoughts and now they are in the open. They then went on about who new already that I am a transman which, for me, is basically everyone now. She asked about my wife and son and my family. How is my support system. Do I know off any other trans men irl. Which, thank God, I do. She then explained that next time my partner needs to come with me and they will try to get a better picture of what kind of man I am. I need to fill in a lot of psychiatric assesment lists, which will be emailed to me. Then they will ask an inhouse psychiatrist for a 2nd opinion, who will, most, likely will want to see me too. And if they are satisfied with the results, I will be referred to a hospital to start my medical transition. So the story continues in 8 weeks.
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2023.03.21 21:23 Rickgrimes24 USPS

What’s the best way for my cousin to mail me my prescription I left in a different state. I think only is 30 pills not controlled . But I don’t want people go through them either at the post office. Sorry if this ask before! I love pills btw !
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2023.03.21 21:23 Suitable-Cake8993 Why didn’t my wife (29f) come to me(35m)

Tldr: wife didn’t come to me for money
Just a wee bit of back ground, my wife and I have been married 5 years and together 8, she is very independent and ensures everything we do together is split down the middle, whether it is meals, cinema, holidays….everything was split down the middle. I respect her hugely for her independence she is a wonderful woman/mother in all respects. Even though I have a very well paying job and her not so much she always ensured we went 50:50. (She loves her job and I would never ask her to leave it if it was the last thing on earth(it’s a critical job helping people in our society)) Anyhoo, my wife has been on maternity leave for 2 out of the past 3 years raising our two wonderful children.
Now to the crux of my problem. As I have said we have been pretty much 50/50 with everything we do apart from when it has come to our house, I pay the mortgage, insurances, tv, cars etc etc and she pays our tax and food. This was discussed between us that I was unhappy her paying too much more because I believe it is important that we both have some funds to save each but also some to treat ourselves independently, whether go out with friends buy ourselves new clothes. Just little niceties to treat ourselves. (Our finances are separate) We agreed it was a fair way of working things. Well I just found out the other day that she has been asking her parents for money to help pay for bills etc as she is struggling a bit. I am so hurt and I suppose I could say angry too. Why couldn’t she come to me? I thought we were a team and any issues were our issues and we dealt with them together. I have said before if she needed any help to come to me and I would help as best as I could. I offered and almost tried to insist whilst she was on maternity leave that I would take up all the finances for the house as I know that she is on a sliding scale of pay(final 6 months no pay) and she would take it back up once she returned to work. All she had to say was that she was beginning to struggle a bit and I would have been there instantly. I feel hurt but maybe I’m just being over sensitive but felt she could speak to me about these things. How do I go about this? As I have said she is a wonderful woman and I have the upmost respect for all that she does, I’m just wondering if I have done something wrong or something I could do to make me more approachable I just want to be there for her when she needs me.
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2023.03.21 21:23 CV_LOVERBOY 19 [M4A] just trying to get a bf or gf [Relatinship]

Hey, I'm looking to talk to some people and see if it ends with us falling for each other, becoming mortal enemies, or maybe becoming best friends. Honestly, I'm hoping for all three. I'm a pretty happy-go-lucky guy. I love to meet new folks and hear what they have to say, though I am warning you that I love to joke around the first time we talk. As for my hobbies, I'm sort of a homebody. I usually read history or entertainment news, draw, code, and play games. But I do like to skate and go shooting with my air soft guns. Regarding what I'm looking for in a girlfriend, appearance really doesn't matter, as I'm looking for someone I can be chill with but also pour my heart out to in the heat of the moment. I would really prefer someone from the US of A, but I can make exceptions if you're really cool either way. DM me and I'll get back to you when I can.
I top only and I prefer twinky boys when it comes to men as for women I like the type that's gush over men with me
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2023.03.21 21:23 Soggy_Cellist_6230 I got cheated on and dumped on spring break/my birthday.

We had issues and had broken up for about a month but decided we wanted to work things out. I went all in, gave it all I had and got her back. Planned my spring break trip to go and stay in a place close to her as it was too late for me to join her group. I did this so I could spend my birthday with her. Got down there met up hung out on the beach all seemed great. Later that night we planned to go out together with friends but my group decided not to bc of the price for below 21 she decided to stay with her friends (couldn’t blame her). We decided to go back to our hotel and hangout. I wasn’t hearing much from her and i was frustrated she was obviously very intoxicated. I got mad and let her know i was upset then went to bed. Next day she made me think that everything was my fault and we might break up because i was angry the night before. We discussed it i apologized then at the very end after we resolved her issues she says “there is something you might break up with me over”. She let me know that the night before she had been talking to some guys and one of them bought her a drink and then they talked some. he asked her for her snapchat and she gave him her instagram. i was in her bio at the time and later that night she decided to remove my name from it. she tried to to say it was unrelated to her giving that guy her instagram. I trusted her and decided that we should wait until the end of the week to make any decisions but i had one condition that she not go to any bars without me. this was the the day before my birthday. i was very upset and let her know that she was gonna have to prove to me again that i could trust her. Very bad idea shouldve dumped her on the spot. The next day(my birthday)i decide to call her i wanted to talk things over but she lets me know that i’m not worth the trouble that it would take for us to fix the problems she’s now caused and that if she was truly happy with me she wouldn’t have done what she did. Things got heated i said things i shouldn’t have said but don’t think i went too far. Tried to make the most of the trip obvioulsy it wasn’t what i wanted but i powered through and distracted myself as best i could and now i’m back in the fallout of what happened. not sure what to do at this point or why i’m posting this but hopefully i can find some benefit from this. sorry for the long read. Note: i understand it debatable to say she cheated however i believe there was more to the story than she admitted. I also have not spoken to her since that day.
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2023.03.21 21:23 prism_k Starting out in the industry

Hi guys I just wanted to ask a question on the best way to go about entering the Biotech industry and getting different positions over time work. So I have a BS in biomedical engineering and I might get a job offer that relates to medical device testing for a third party company. I’ve always wanted to experience R&D development/product development cause I really liked that aspect of my courses while in school.
Would you guys say that starting out as a technician or device tester is a good why to get your foot in the door? Like would it be possible for me to explore other things with testing experience or would I need to go to grad school and gain a masters in design or etc?
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2023.03.21 21:23 prism_k Starting out in the industry

Hi guys I just wanted to ask a question on the best way to go about entering the Biotech industry and getting different positions over time work. So I have a BS in biomedical engineering and I might get a job offer that relates to medical device testing for a third party company. I’ve always wanted to experience R&D development/product development cause I really liked that aspect of my courses while in school.
Would you guys say that starting out as a technician or device tester is a good why to get your foot in the door? Like would it be possible for me to explore other things with testing experience or would I need to go to grad school and gain a masters in design or etc?
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