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2023.03.31 17:00 Dear-Judge-152 Converting Pattachitra, an ancient Indian art into NFT tokens🎉🎊

Mate, Last week I had been to an art exhibition organised by the NABARD Group of rural banks [ a National level Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development] at Maleshwaram, Bangalore, India.
There I found this unique piece of art collection so called 'Pattachitra' which is one of the oldest forms of art existing thousands from of years, till today.
So, i bought my self some and thought why don't i share it to people who would appreciate it and hence came up with this idea of a blog.
Talking about the nfts, and its functions:
Firstly, The pictures that are drawn on the palm leaf are strictly based on sculpture carved around the walls of the temples, which makes it unique and stands up from those art which are computer generated .
Secondly, the origin of the art comes from Puri district of Bhubaneswar, which is the major hub for Pattachitra art, located in Odisha India.
Lastly, the ding about buying this nfts would be that there are about 700 temples in Odisha, which is also known as the land of temples, and our aim is to make it life time ticket free entry to the special VIP darshan to one of the most ancient temples in Odisha.
Pleasure speaking to you about this vision.
Thank you, have a nice week.
Jai Jagannath. drjxvi
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2023.03.31 17:00 SpectralHail the eyes the eyes the eyes the eyes the eyes the eyes the eyes the eyes the

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2023.03.31 16:59 HelpNeeded143 [Letter]

Hello. I am hoping that you can reply to this. Last year my fiancé introduced me to your content and I was mesmerized by your ability to make hard situations easy and solve issues for so many people. I am a 39 straight female and desperately need your help to resolve an issue that is about to end our relationship. First here is a bit of backstory. When we met a year ago, I was 140 pounds. I am 5'5. At 15, I met my ex husband, divorced at 30. I had a few dates between 30-38 but not many. I then met my fiancé. Things moved fast and after 3 months he was moved in and we were engaged. Sex was amazing. We had it often. He couldn't take his hands off of me. My 140 lbs body was attractive to him. My chest, thighs and butt were larger. Proportioned correctly for a woman. About a month after he moved in some major stressors started. My household bills were increasing, we were spending money (my bad eating out habit and his bad spending habits on cars, etc.) I ended up putting myself just above 20k in debt on credit cards and personal loans. During this time, I was also struggling with what I thought was criticism. I wasn't listening to him when he said he didn't like something I was doing. He kept telling me I wasn't listening to him. During this time, I started to lose a large amount of weight and fast. (When stressed, I lose appetite and budget for food) I was also a prior picky eater to the extreme and couldn't afford the foods that were unhealthy and what I was used to and mentally struggling with eating what we did have. He kept telling me I was losing weight and I didn't realize the extent of what he was saying until two months later I was down to 110 pounds. Thirty pounds in two months. All of my curves gone. All bone left. During this time we still continued to have issues with my inability to listen. Sex started to be horrible and he made it clear he was not attracted to me anymore. On top of losing weight and appearance, the inability to listen, and a struggling budget - it was def causing major issues. I was still not aware of my inability to listen as I kept taking it as an attack. Plus he had a severe allergy to my cat and I was forcing him to live with it and be sick (3 months ago I made the decision to rehome my cat to my aunt) Unable to see it wasn't an attack, it was a major root problem in our relationship. This continued for several months. Struggling financially. Lack of a sex life. Lack of me listening. Many fights, threats of breaking up. Then 3 months ago something significant happened. I had been taking xanax as needed (maybe once a day) for the last two years for anxiety. I had major panic attacks that would cause panic seizures. The xanax never fixed my anxiety. One day him and I were having a conversation and I was 100% paying attention to him and not focused on anything other then what he was saying. After he spoke for twenty minutes, I tried recount everything he had just said and I could only recall small points in the conversation. I was literally not computing 75% of what he just told me. I was mind blown. How was this even possible? After that I made it a point to start identifying this in other areas. I noticed there were times I would do something and had no clue I was even doing it. Body movements. Conversations. I was spacing out. A LOT. I went to the doctor and ended up on adderall. Which on the positive side removed my anxiety 100% and has helped me to focus better. But I am still struggling with not always remembering every bit of what someone says to me. It is slightly improving. But adderall also doesn't help someone who is trying to gain weight. I increased my calories. I have started eating so many foods I would have never ate in my entire life. Trying to eliminate this picky eater mentality. I started working out to build muscle. In the last 7 months I have only managed to gain and maintain 5 pounds. I'm still 25 pounds short of what I was when we met. I am still boney. I however have eliminated the unhealthy food I was eating and have a much cleaner diet. I believe there is a lot I have improved on in our relationship. But I also believe there is a lot that I continue to fail to improve on. He has repeatedly told me things and now when they happen he has lost any hope as I continue to repeat the issues. All of these issues and add on that before I met him, I was not a very sexual person. I had a horrible sex life with my ex husband and had never given a blow job to my current fiancé who loves them. As our sex life decreased from his lack of attraction and depression and my constant inability to listen, I have attempted probably over 200 blow jobs in the last year. Out of those 200, he has gotten off maybe 20 times. He has told me over and over again what he likes and what he doesn't like. But no matter what he tells me I still manage to do the wrong stuff and be horrible at it. It gets to a point where hes so fed up with me and over it he will say mean things and walk away. Which I understand. Who else can tell someone for an entire year they don't like something and the girl still does it. We can not go from a blow job to sex because my body he loses his erection during sex. 3 months ago we had a female join us to see if she could help learn better blow job skills. This resulted in us going to a swingers club and we have had 5-6 sexual experiences with other couples. He was unable to maintain erection 4 out of those 6 times. However, I could clearly see he was enjoying having sex with the other women, as he had with me in the beginning. They were thicker females. It was my idea to go to the club and bring another woman in. I felt like I could learn something and also he would get enjoyment in the process as sexual satisfaction is important. However, now it's getting to a point that it didn't help me as I still continue to fail at blowjobs. Add his lack of attraction to me and my slow ability to listen to things he says and the lack of sex, I am pretty sure he is ready to leave and end things. I do not want that. At all. I love him. He is intelligent. He challenges me. I learn from him. His harsh comments only come when frustrated and he has a right to that. How can I listen better? Please any advice here would be greatly appreciated. I am desperate. Why can't I just do what he says he likes and not do what he doesn't like? What is wrong in my brain?
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2023.03.31 16:59 PriceAffectionate590 My personal tips for dealing with procrastination in college

Hey everyone! As a fellow college student, I struggle with procrastination like many of you. But I've developed a system that helps me manage my workload and stay on top of things, and I wanted to share it with you all.
First, I prioritize the essential or exciting tasks and spread them out over a few days. It helps me stay engaged and motivated rather than cramming everything in at the last minute.
Next, I tackle tasks that are more tedious but still need to be done. I usually set aside 30-50 minutes for these, so I don't get burned out.
Finally, I tackle whatever is left on my to-do list. Hopefully, I've made some progress on the more critical tasks, so I feel manageable.
Of course, there will always be times when deadlines are tight, and I need help to get everything done. I turn to a service like EssayPro to help me out in those situations.
I hope these tips help some of you who are struggling with procrastination like I am. Let me know if you have any other recommendations.
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2023.03.31 16:59 Satrapes1 Fleshing out 321 backup strategy

Fleshing out 321 backup strategy

Backup pwnage state machine
So the past few days I have been trying to understand how to implement a 3-2-1 backup strategy that will allow me to sleep well at night. I have been having discussions with quite a few members in the discord and I would like to flesh out some of the details here if you guys want to help me. For the record currently my main copy is on ZFS, the offsite backup is going to be Backblaze and the local backup is an external hard disk plugged to a separate host. (I am also considering getting a second ZFS system but currently would like to avoid having to buy hardware and set up another system, I am having enough trouble with the amount of gear I already have :p)
To tackle this I started by creating a truth table which is the power set of (healthy vs user account hacked vs root hacked) x (main, local backup, offsite backup) but decided to trim it down to the above as it is unlikely that multiple hacks would happen at the same time.
On the diagram you can see a state machine where the starting state is the healthy state and A-F represent situations where only one of the copies has been compromised. The edges are either of a) backup copy user account has been hacked, b) backup copy root account has been hacked or c) privilege escalation which is a possible scenario.
I will now attempt to assess the impact of each state and how it can be mitigated to the best of my abilities
State A:
Impact Mitigation
Eve corrupts/encrypts all user files Can be protected up to the most recent snapshot
Eve forces backups to both local and offsite threatening recovery options by overwriting Can possibly be mitigated by versioning backups provided Eve doesn't try to write over those too.
Backups must be run as root and must be COPY, not SYNC or MOVE.
Extra: Backups being pull only can mitigate this since it won't be possible to initiate a backup. Not sure if I can do this with Backblaze though
State B:
Anything in State A plus
Impact Mitigation
Eve deletes all snapshots Backup required
If backups are not pull only then I think that in this scenario you are in deep doodoo. Depending on Eve's appetite she can both kill the main copy and the 2 backup copies I think.
State C, E:
Impact Mitigation
Eve deletes all backups Backups owned by root
Recover from other backup copy
If ZFS I don't think and you use zfs send/recv I think that Eve can't do anything in this scenario.
State D, F:
Anything in States C, E plus
Impact Mitigation
Eve deletes all snapshots if zfs Recover from other backup copy
Some assumptions:
  1. After Eve has taken control you first take the steps to identify the vulnerability and make sure that your system has recovered and then proceed with the mitigations.
  2. Eve probably wants to encrypt your files more than just deleting everything
  1. Snapshots should be kept regularly to make sure that you only lose your most recent work
  2. It seems like a great idea (almost a necessity) to only have pull backups
Any comments are more than welcome, hope I am on a good path.
And thanks to all who have contributed to my search the last few days.
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2023.03.31 16:59 LRzzzX I'm 21 and have this sense of urgency it's giving me existential dread and slowly killing me

21 M in my sophomore year (4th sem) of college, was supposed to be in junior year but due to some reason I had a year gap. Doing a 4 year BS degree in Chem right now, not because I like chem or anything but because I couldn't get into med school, all the good bio offering uni's were far away from home and hate math so that physics were totally out of the equation. Funny enough this semester we have math as "compulsary elective" that's really scaring me : ( Reason for my urgency is that among my peers there are a lot of early and over-achievers plus most of my first WHO didn't have a gap year and chose a 3 year degree are graduating in a month or two time and I often find myself comparing, 'by the time they'll have done their masters in 2025 only then I'll be completing my bachelors' this just increases by sadness tenfolds and increases my anxiety a LOT!!! I've always been indecisive and could never settle on one thing somewhere in my heart I still wish I was in med school haha funny right? Even here in chemistry I just dread this course barely passing, rarely seen in classes my classmates often give me the concerned pity look, I understand them I would too. But I just can't move on from my past, I dread it every second in uni feels like an eternity. Truth is this chem course itself isn't that hard but I just haven't studied earnestly since 2020 since high school, procrastinating since then like I literally forgot how to study and now look at me. In addition to that since I've always lived the shut in lifestyle I really lack social tact and've become so emotionally soft and take everything personally so I ended up isolating myself (most of my friends are in junior year so I rarely meet them, and I just don't know how to break the ice with people) so I'm always lonely in uni. AND in addition to that, I'm overweight and the places my body decided to store the fat oh gawd in the chest face and the love handles I'm SO SO insecure and have body dysmorphia now. During the quarantine I've been plagued with this genre of 'travel' and 'day in the life of X' content I've watched so much of those, so much that I yearn to travel the world. Have a job that involves going to a lot of places (this is like the first time I've wanted to do something so so much this and maybe med school : ) I know if I play my cards right I could realise this dream but I don't know how to start everything is so overwhelming, and this further creates the sense of urgency. This sense of urgency makes me feel the need to do something but IT'S the same sense of urgency that makes me overthink, depressed and overwhelmed, I don't know what to even do anymore. If you've read this far then thankyou and have a nice day.
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2023.03.31 16:58 nekitamojaa Situationship, what to do

Hi every1 , im a 23m male that has never been in a relationship . A year ago I moved to a big city and that is where my " hook up " Journey began. Like every1 else I was on grindr , would see guys for one night and never again . Since I never was in a relationship I crave hugs and kisses . As a child I did not receive much love from my parents and I kinda became also like then . Can't really express my feelings with words . I will be there for the person and show that I care with little things . So anyway , for the last 4 months, a guy massages me and we hooked up . We never said that we would see each other again but after 5 days he messages me again . We hooked up again and he likes everything I like , like sexualy. We would cuddle a lot a talk a lot . A big coincidence is that we are both nurses so we have a lot in common . He likes to kiss and does it how I like ( not much tounge) . We exchanged numbers and would text each other quite frequently I would say . The last time he was at my place , we cuddled and he took my hand and we interlocked fingers . My weaknesses are holding hands and cuddling . Since we were seeing each other , I never hooked up with any1 else . He on the other hand , would do so I think . He went on a vacation and I could see he changed his profile that he is looking for a hook up there . Kinda pathetic of me to keep grindr just to see if he is online ( can't help myself). I need to say that we never rly said we would be exclusive but I was low key expecting that since he would always tell me how much he likes to be with me . Now I don't know what to do . In my head I want to just send him a text and end things but on the other note, I want to see him more cuz hanging out with him makes me happy and I feel loved . Seeing that he looks for other guys hurts , not gonna lie .
Any advice 🙏
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2023.03.31 16:58 ThrowRA_KindSoul I (38M) am a video gamer/hobbyist streamer. My SO (40F) is not.

Hello everyone - we've been together for 2 years now - 1 year living together currently.
Last night my girlfriend and I had an argument over me being online all of the time. She feels like she is in second place when it comes to me being online with my friends. My girlfriend had a kid (20F - lives in another state) really early in life, she is estranged from her for many reasons (I've never met or talked to her kid). So, my girlfriend has one friend other than me and they barely speak / do anything together.
Before we even began our relationship, she understood this is what I like to do with my free time. I like to stream video games and maintain the social network that I've built over the last 2 decades. 3 Pairs of friends I've met online, I flew my girlfriend and I out to see them all get married last year even! They all got a chance to meet her and everyone seemed to like her and vice versa, my girlfriend said she liked them.
She told me at the beginning she liked playing video games and even built her own PC (which was very out of date). So, in an effort to bring her up to speed I built her a much faster PC that can play all modern titles so she could join us. But she's just never really "found the time" to join us. My girlfriend didn't mind so much when I was playing a video game offline with just her, but as soon as it comes to playing with my friends (a lot of whom she has met personally), she doesn't want to be involved. Nor does she want to be a part of my stream other than maybe chatting via text once in a while.
So last night I came up with a compromise with her. That I would stream/game 3 days out of the week, and the rest can be between us. She was heartbroken by that and started sobbing. She thinks that's not a compromise and that that leaves her with only 2 days during the week, because the weekends are usually involved with social gatherings (mostly my family and friend gatherings - which do include her obviously) and chores.
I'm at a loss here everyone. Video Games and Streaming are my passions and I have loved to do them ever since I was a kid. I don't want to give that up or have it bn pushed back to less than 3 days a week. Maybe I need to find another way to look at this. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time!
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2023.03.31 16:58 potatoesmolasses 11 weeks of Qelbree (aka the best drug ever made)

Several weeks ago, I made a post on here titled "Beginning Week 3 of Qelbree." I had been on Qelbree for slightly longer than two weeks. 15 or 16 days.
TL;DR of that post - My brain continues to be my brain, but I have noticed some small improvement across the board in task initiation, task continuation, and focus. The side effects (lightheadedness, feeling "off", constipation, more naps) have been disruptive, but they are slowly improving. Overall success so far...
Six weeks ago, I made a post on here titled "5 Weeks of Qelbree." I noted many improvements.
TL;DR of that post - This drug has been a miracle for me. To control expectations, I'm still flawed in all the ways I used to be. I don't feel "superhuman" or hyper-organized/-focused (read: robotic) like stimulants always made me feel. Instead, however, I feel like the person I am supposed to be. Disorganization, where it appears, feels like an idiosyncrasy rather than part of my disability.
For the first time in a long time, I don't feel like I'm constantly fighting against myself to accomplish the smallest tasks. I am engaged, actually productive, and far more organized and less forgetful. Everybody close to me has noted improvement in my mood, energy levels, and/or performance without solicitation from me. I consider these results a miracle (as far as I could reasonably expect one), and I cannot recommend this drug enough.
I am now finishing my 11th week. I feel even better than I did 5 weeks ago.
TL;DR of this post: This drug is nothing short of a miracle, and I think that everyone here should consider it.
Background: Me, 30F, inattentive ADHD. I have been taking Wellbutrin since November. I am finishing my 11th week of Qelbree. I started with one week at 200mg, and I began the next week at 400mg. I have been on 400 mg for 10 weeks, 200mg in the morning and 200mg at night.
Side Effects from the 2nd-3rd week: "In the last 15 days, I got lightheaded every time I stood, I have pooped one time (in 15 days), and my cycle is totally off for the first time since I was a teenager (by two weeks!). I also didn't drive in to work today because I was worried about being behind the wheel of a car while I felt so "off." And I threw up this morning (first time while on Qelbree, actually)."
[Author's Note: I downplayed the side effects in that post, to be totally honest. I also had emotional side effects (easy crying, bad temper), and I experiences disruption to my cycle and sexual dysfunction (I'm a woman, for context). In hindsight, I realize that I was putting on a brave front for myself and for you. I felt improvement even back then, and I wanted people to give Qelbree a try.]
Side Effects from the 5th week: "The lightheadedness subsided shortly after my last post, and the other weird stuff subsided shortly thereafter as well. By the time I started week 4, I was mostly normal. By the time I finished week 4, I would be hard-pressed to notice any physical abnormalities. It's not that they don't exist here and there. They do, and they come in waves, usually around when I'm due for my next pill. Sometimes, aerobic cardio is hard, and I suspect my heart rate is higher than natural (apple watch coming next week). I truly just don't care anymore, because mentally, I feel that much better*.*"
[Author's Note: This is accurate. In hindsight, I felt about 85% normal at 5 weeks in.]
I spent the rest of the post about my 5th week detailing the ways it has improved my ADHD symptoms, week by week. I cannot do that here, at least not in that format. Essentially, after that, I stopped paying attention to these tiny details, and I started getting on with and excelling at the rest of my life because Qelbree made that possible. I do not know how to illustrate the progression for you, so I will just give you a snapshot of how I feel now:
Fucking fantastic.
(Jk, I'll go into more detail, but I'll work within the defined symptoms.)
General Focus:
I feel like I have no trouble focusing, even when it pertains to "boring" matters. I said the same after 5 weeks, but I must impress upon you the fact that it has improved even more. I sometimes catch myself actually paying attention and I wonder, "Is this how regular people do it?" and "Have I been missing out on this my whole life?" Everything seems so easy now (within reason), and I don't have to scramble for notes or rely on other people to tell me things that I missed. The only issue I have with focus are limited to my bad habits. I previously managed my ADHD by taking "dopamine breaks" (as I like to call them) every 10 minutes. That is, I would scroll through reddit or go get a snack or go to the bathroom to just change it up, depending on the context. If I couldn't do these things, I'd just zone out into my daydreams. I still find myself doing this, but not because I can't focus. I still find myself doing this because it's a habit. It's a well-worn neural pathway, and I'm slowly phasing it out as anyone would phase out any bad habit. The difference here is: I'm in control of these breaks, not my ADHD.
6 weeks ago, I thought I was the most organized I could ever be. I was wrong. For the first time in the two years I have worked at my current workplace, I organized my office. Files, surfaces, everything. Don't get me wrong, I kept things looking nice because I'm not a hobo. I was disorganized to anyone who had eyes, but I could pretend I had a "system." These days, I actually organized my office. The real crazy part here is: I actually wanted to organize my office, and I actually did it. I think many of you will relate to this and share my elation. Additionally, I have a real visible calendar on my wall that I actually keep up-to-date with events/reminders. Honest to God, I am now the custodian of events/reminders/deadlines for myself AND my fiancé AND my stepson. I also, for the first time in my life, have kept an agenda/planner book that I use regularly!! I was always the person who would buy a pretty planner book to write in, but I just couldn't keep up with it. I was never organized enough to be forward-looking. I was always scrambling in the present. Now, I could tell you what my month looks like.
Task Initiation:
Six weeks ago, I said "Big tasks are not daunting. I still procrastinate on things that I expect will be super boring, but I can trust myself to get them completed before it becomes an additional problem for me." This is still true; however, I procrastinate even less. Additionally, I now can begin and complete tasks before they even register as a task needing completion, which has really helped the whole task paralysis problem. Unfortunately, as with general focus, I find myself falling into bad habits. Now, though, I can override the paralysis, put down the phone/nintendo switch, and do what I have to do instead of just sitting there and hating myself! Big improvement!
Task Continuation:
I literally find myself working 12-hour days and actually wanting to just get the task done when dinner rolls around or when it's time to go home. My fiancé, for the first time since I met him 7 years ago, has had to remind me to stop working so many times that he is beginning to resent this change lol. I literally have to try to pull myself away from a task that I've started and know that I can finish. I don't think I need to say more than that lol.
Emotional Dysregulation:
I think I'm a bit more anxious than I used to be. I also get frustrated easier, but I think that's just a tangential effect from being more in-tune with what I or my family is doing vs. what needs to be done, which I actually notice now lol.
Other Symptoms:
I fidget more. A lot more. However, I think that this is a tangential effect of just having more energy in general. I don't feel exhausted at the end of every day. I have energy to keep going, always. I also find myself needing less "recharge time," the need for which used to rule my life. So yeah, I'll take fidgeting more. I just bounce my legs. Frankly, the movement is probably better for my legs than sitting still in a chair.
This doesn't even cover the improvement that Qelbree has done to my life, honestly. I don't know how else to quantify it for you. So, I will instead list all things that I have wanted to do for years but just couldn't get to because my ADHD made everything so fucking hard:
I did the above in the last two weeks alone. This list is by no means exhaustive. According to my fiancé, I have completed tasks that he has waited for me to complete for weeks or months, and I did it so suddenly and quickly that it "gave him whiplash."
I also cannot quantify the positive effect that this has had on my work and personal life. At work, I am getting glowing feedback. I am also taking on more responsibility. My performance has improved ten-fold. In my personal life, I can actually keep up with my friends, make plans, follow up. All the things that make a friendship worth having, really. (I used to be a bad friend before, I just couldn't spare the energy, energy I didn't have, for people who weren't me.)
Also, I'm just straight-up happier now. I feel like someone gave me 10 extra waking hours, every single day. Can you imagine??
And - the best part? This drug doesn't wear off like stimulants do. I'm the same person - morning, noon, and night. I don't have to plan my functionality around when I take my pills. I just take them, and they do the rest--all day. I can be who I need to be at work AND at home.
I'll end by repeating what I have said before: this drug is not a miracle. I still have all the same bad habits, I still interrupt people all the time, I do not suddenly have a photographic memory that remembers all things.
However, 6 months ago, my fiancé and were talking about scaling down my career (a career that I LOVE and worked hard for), because I just couldn't do the 40+ hours. Every facet of my life was crumbling, and I felt like a failure all the time. It was making me depressed, and I was withdrawing from the joys and challenges of everyday life.
In only 11 weeks, I am hearing from my friends, my family, my boss, my coworkers, and from people that I barely know (our cleaning lady?? amongst others) that they can see that I'm happier, that I'm doing better, that I'm just overall more "me." They all ask me questions; they all want to know what changed.
I know what changed. Now, you know what changed, too.
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2023.03.31 16:58 Conor_Taylor Looking for a Marvel/Harry Potter role play partner

Hello everyone,welcome to my post. I would like to present you some ideas for a role play (If you should have any questions, feel free to ask):
I hope to receive some requests, since I have been planning on those role plays for several months now, and I really want someone who would play them with me.
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2023.03.31 16:58 Chemical_Deer2427 my boyfriend thinks im crazy

My boyfriend and I have been dating since high school, also my first and only bf. We attended the same university, and in our second year (2020), he joined Greek life. He started commenting on how attractive other girls are to his friends and his fraternity bros. I happened to see their conversations and told him to stop because I was not okay with that. However, it kept happening, and I told him that I felt disrespected because he commented on how attractive other girls were and would comment on how "thiccc" they are (and I'm anything but thicc), so it definitely messed with my self-esteem, and I felt like I was not good enough for him.
Again, I told him how his actions made me feel, and it has made me feel really insecure about myself. We had a conversation where I told him he should respect me enough to not make comments like that to his friends, and he told me that just because he is in a relationship doesn't mean he would stop finding other girls attractive; it's just a "hormone" thing, and he was not going to act on it. I told him that I understand, but all I'm asking him is to keep it to himself and stop talking to his friends about it because it makes me look like a fool when it's our mutual friends and I just dont feel respected???
Seriously, this has made me super insecure about myself, and I am just not as confident in myself as I used to be. So he reassured me that he would stop. Fast forward to now, I went through his phone and found messages exchanged with his friend about other girls, and it's all him saying "Spain without the S," implying that he's in pain because he can't have them. I confronted him about it, and he told me that he's been good and this was just a one-time thing, and I caught him. He said that I should respect his privacy and not go through his private conversations. I did apologize for going through his phone, and I know that it's wrong, but he told me that I am crazy and unreasonable for asking him to stop commenting on other girls, and it's just a natural thing. He makes me feel like I'm the crazy one. And while I was going through an abortion with our child alone, he went on a vacation with his family and at the airport, commented on how "thicc" another girl is."
tldr: The key issue is that despite my requests for my boyfriend to stop making inappropriate comments about other girls to his friends, he dismissed my concerns and even went so far as to call me "crazy" for asking him to stop. This has left me feeling disrespected and insecure about myself, especially since he continued to make similar comments even after I expressed my discomfort with his behavior.
Like seriously??? is this a lot to ask for
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2023.03.31 16:58 Tylar_io How do I get influencers to play my game?

I've tried emailing Youtubers, messaging tons on Twitter and Instagram. My Twitter is verified and all my accounts look legit and professional. I know my game is actually good because it's racking up tons of wishlists and the playtesters had a good time but I don't know what to do next. Any insight or advice would be appreciated.
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2023.03.31 16:58 throwRAfentanylfm my (22)gf (19f) is annoying me so much. how do i deal with this? is this normal?

we've been tgt for 2+ years and its stressing me the fuck out. like she expects me to know everything and wouldnt tell me shit i did wrong. and shes also always mad at me for littlest shit that i wouldnt even bother if she did the same thing. would always try to blame me for shit. her going out w her friends last minute? yeah i dont mind cs u do whatever u want? i trust u thats it? and me having to do work last minute? she would freak the fuck out and attack me w so many questions. im so tired at this point. shes expecting me to buy smth that she wouldnt even buy if its for me like fuck it. i fucking hate this. im starting to lose feelings like is this normal or am i just a fucking shit partner? shes just too much for me rn and i cant handle it. even if im mad at her i would talk to her softly and she just fucking snaps at me the whole time LIKE FUCK MY LIFE. those who said dating between girls are easier can go to hell cs youre definitely lying😭 im just so tired of everything and she just adds more to my stress. i dont know why ive been feeling this way. i dont wanna stop seeing her its just she annoys me so much w her attitude. its exhausting me. i wanna cry writing this idk if im sad or mad im just so tired.
TL; DR: i am tired of my girlfriend, shes just too much to handle or am i a bad partner?
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2023.03.31 16:58 McMannBorgers [17M] Looking for long-term friendships!

Hey there! I'm looking for online friends and buddies to talk to! I haven't had a lot of luck being social outside of the internet, as I have had troubles within the past when trying to make friends. I've insulated myself from others for a couple of years, and I feel like I'm finally opening up again. I have so many things to talk, vent, think about, and its almost impossible for me to do them alone again. I regret not opening up sooner, but things don't always work out the way we want them to.
I've got various hobbies, and I'm happy I invested enough time in them, as it paid off in the end. My main hobbies consist of Gaming, 3D Animation and Modeling, playing my Saxophone ( I've been playing for 6-7 years) among other things such as goingt o the gym multiple times a week. You'll be the judge of how interesting I am to you though... :)
Now the real stuff, I basically like all games, varying from Survival Sandbox games like Minecraft, 7 Days to Die and Terraria (Modded!), Co-Op Adventure games like Sea of Thieves, to FPS Shooters like OW2, TF2 and Apex Legends! I'm even open for suggestions, feel free to ask about other games aswell!
If you have read up to this point, I thank you for your time, even if you are not going to dm/comment. If you do still have an interest after reading all my senseless mumbling-about, you can dm me with an introduction if you're still feeling like you'd get along with me.
I am looking for genuine connections, not some chatting. I would appreciate it if you were 17+ and below the age of 22. European timezone is preferred, but I am suitable for EST as I am a night-person.
Thank you again for reading my post, have a good day!
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2023.03.31 16:58 colacitycowgirl socials

hi guys! i don’t really care to get into big law (i may get my phd after law school and just use my law degree to help take care of myself financially) and i’m not really caring about any huge schools (they’re expensive, i’m a hard worker and i trust myself, plus i will most likely take an alternative route to my career bc that’s just who i am)
this may seem stupid, but i am from a deeply conservative family/place so my understanding of what i’ll be judged for can be warped (e.g. i was afraid i could never be a lawyer if i got a tattoo; now i know this is incorrect.)
my question is how do i need to curate my social media? i have an okay following in tiktok, where i post fashion. there is no mention of drug abuse, no slurs, or anything. but in some of these videos, i use trending songs, which curse and can use some cruder language. for example tyler, the creator’s new song: “she can ride my face i don’t want nothin in return/cept for some her time and all her love that’s my concern” was posted to my account and the video says “this song is not only beautiful but a mainstream artist actively using anti-misogynistic lyrics…” and so on. it’s a feminist commentary on the lyrics.
do i need to make sure i stop posting with all curse words / explicit songs? i also dress somewhat “provocatively” (crop tops, bralette tops, i’m 21 years old) and these outfits can be in my outfit check videos. i also am a female who has armpit hair which is visible on my public instagram profile. my parents have told me maybe someone would reject me for this. same thing with my septum piercing.
please give me some REAL advice! i’ve come to understand my parents’ view is very extreme and often not rooted in reality. but i need the community’s help to see things for what they are&ovetcome the biases of my childhood. thanks for shedding some truth on how free i am to express myself!
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2023.03.31 16:58 PenguinsAreMyGame Urgent help: negative equity??

I am new to trading more frequently and have sold and bought stocks several times over the last few days. Suddenly, I see that I have a negative number in the category "Equity with Loan (EW)" in my cash report. My current availably funds are negative in the same value, yet I have positive "cash". Did I mess up somehow? I never took a loan from Interactive Brokers, at least no conscioulsy. All I ever did was place limit orders. Could someone please help?
I'm sorry if the question is stupid but I don't want to mess up my account.
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2023.03.31 16:58 Pope_Puree Additives for insect control

Hey painters, any thoughts on the use of additives for insect control?
I have an issue with carpenter bees (more of a nuisance, mostly cosmetic damage) and carpenter ants, which if left unchecked can cause structural damage. Given my location it will be necessary for me to treat the ants with pesticides, but carpenter bees are actually beneficial insects, pollinators that almost never sting people. I'd rather deter these guys than kill them if I can help it.
I'd heard of people adding citronella to paint, but if I'm going to spend a ton of time, money and effort doing exterior painting I don't want to take a chance that it may compromise the quality or integrity of the paint. So I'd rather use an additive specifically made for paint.
I found this Outlast NBS 30, but when I looked at the MSDS it's just a few well-known essential oils that repel insects (like citronella) in a carrier of mineral oil. Which has me thinking, maybe I can just add citronella oil to the paint....?
  1. I'd be interested in anyone's experience with insect repellent additives, both in terms of their effectiveness and also how they affect the paint characteristics
  2. Thoughts on adding small amounts of oils (like 1:20 ratio) to exterior latex paint
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.31 16:57 Perky-Pomegranate938 Tried Kroger Boost, so far not loving Instacart.

I signed up for a free Kroger Boost membership, I figured I'd give it a shot, who couldn't use extra fuel points these days? Normally I use the Click List and pick up my groceries, I also tip the people who load my groceries into my trunk. I appreciate not having to do shopping myself. So I try delivery the first time, and the woman picked the worst produce ever. My grapes were squishy and moldy, same with my berries, my tomatoes were wrinkled and bruised, my bananas had maybe 2 days of life left in them. It was terrible. I ended up getting refunded for most of my produce. And when they arrive at my house, it is not a woman at all, but a middled aged man. I chalked it up to a mishap and try again this week. This time the person doesn't start shopping my order until 10:45 (the start of my delivery window is 10) but my order is 62 items, nothing heavy, nothing odd, and I live close (less than 2 miles) away, so I don't sweat it, they should be here on time before I have to leave. Well a half hour later I get an email from Kroger saying my order was cancelled! What the heck? So my only option is to reorder everything from the Click List this time and pick it up after work. This is also tied up my money until Kroger reimburses me for the Instacart order. I have never had any issues with Shipt when I've used it in the past, but Instacart is 0 for 2 right now. I don't think I will continue my Boost membership and surely won't use Instacart again. :(
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2023.03.31 16:57 Beefismyfavorite My mom has had these dreams her whole life and now I have them, too. (Death predictions)

Growing up, I remember multiple times my mom telling my dad (in front of me and my siblings) that she had dreamt of a wedding and someone close to us would die soon. She had always been able to predict small things but death was clearly scary for her to predict.
A few years before I was born, she had a wedding dream. A few days later her best friend was killed in a terrible car accident.
Another I remember clearly was when she told us she had dreamt of a wedding and then I heard her screaming from her bedroom early one morning only to find out less than a week later, my 16 year old cousin had been killed in a dirt bike accident.
I'm 30 (f). I've also always had intuition and predicted small and weird things that I tend to brush off. trigger warning for below
Twice with two separate friends, they told me they were pregnant (both were pregnant with their 2nd child) and I told my husband I had a terrible feeling about it. I told him I hoped I was wrong, but I didn't think their children would ever be born. They both miscarried within a couple of weeks.
A couple of weeks ago, I had my first wedding dream. My mom had always been specific that it isn't just a dream of a wedding.. It has to be of someone walking down the isle, you have to see the wedding actually happy and not just attending one. Well, I told my husband I had that dream and it concerned me. I found out later that my uncle who I hadn't talked to in many years died the same night I had that dream. He had no health issues, he died in his sleep unexpectedly.
Now I'm almost scared of the next time I dream of a wedding. I don't want this weight on my shoulders. Does anyone else here dream of weddings or anything in particular before a death of someone close happens?
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2023.03.31 16:57 Competitive_Twist575 Starting a new life

I (26 m) have tried NoFap many times before, every time i get motivated and decide that this will be my last time, and every single time a relapse within the 3 first day, it's been like this for years, actually now when i think about it PMO have been always a part of my life to the point that i don't think i can live without it. I have tried so many times but this time is different, i'm supposed to work from home today and i did PMO in the first morning when i wake up (i did it last night before i go to sleep), after i did it this morning i spent the whole day doing nothing aside from thinking how miserable my life is, no motivation at all, a very awkward person, social anxiety to the roof, can't make a simple conversation with anyone and the list can go forever.
I just feel that this time is different, i feel like i have made a final decision to save my life, i don't want to live like this forever, it's been years searching to find out what's wrong with me and everything like everything is pointing to PMO.
i know that you see this kind of posts everyday on this sub, but i just made it for me as a contract and hopefully that one day in the future i will read it again and feel proud of what i did. to everyone else who is in the same mess as i'm, you're not alone, and together we will get our lives back. I promise.
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2023.03.31 16:57 SirCheeseAlot I wonder how many people actually like themselves, and how many people use others view of them to satiate a lack of value in themselves?

It seems like there are four options here.
1 - No one values you, and you dont value yourself.
2 - Others value you, but you dont value yourself.
3 - Others value you, and you value yourself.
4 - Others dont value you, but you value yourself.
I think option 2 is most people. Most people have a lot of insecurities they hide, and seek out acceptance by conforming to social norms. Or they are a narcissist.
Option 1 is probably a lot of us in this sub. You may wear a mask and try to fit in, but even that doesnt work out for you. Or you give up trying to fit in.
Option 4 is either a delusional thinker, or some hermit that just does their own thing.
Option 3 seems to be the ultimate goal. That seems like a tricky one though. You basically need to have desires that line up with what others want. It would also be environment dependent. Your values, morals, physical attributes, etc would need to line up with that of the communities values. What happens when you dont agree with the community? You are stuck in option 4.
Ultimately it would be best to learn to value yourself, regardless of others opinions. Unless you are trying to genetically engineer giant kaiju to unleash on the planet. Or something similar.
How do you learn to value yourself? So much of a persons worth is tied up in how others perceive them. A lot of us were abused, neglected, and ridiculed growing up. It almost became a defense to think poorly of ourselves. A way to deflect attacks, by attacking ourselves first.
I logically can conceive of what valuing yourself means, but its a bit like trying to understand what taking acid is like when you have never taken it. Maybe it just takes time to learn how to internalize self worth. It is setting boundaries for yourself. Saying no to things. Taking care of your self. Like taking a shower, exercising, eating good food. Expending the energy to do the things that matter to you, instead of just laying in bed all day watching youtube.
Sorry this is super rambling. Im just trying to understand this, and work it out in my mind. Maybe valuing yourself takes work. Like doing the work our parents didnt do. Expending the energy to treat ourselves in a way that shows to our selves that we value them. Instead of neglecting their needs and wants.
Not sure. What do you guys think? DO you have any ideas to add to this?
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2023.03.31 16:57 raseC_Ceda Career Advice

I apologize in advance since English it's not my first language. For some context. I'm 26 year old male living in US. Finally after a few years I completed my AA in computer science so I could transfer to an University and complete my bachelor's, I did this while working full time and doing some side gigs so I could survive. I also had ADHD so nothing of this was easy.
This is my first semester at the University fully onine since I work 40 hour week. I'm taking 4 classes and already had to take $3,300 in loan because I did t qualified for Aid and in addition to I'll probably be failing 2 classes because the university its horrible and I basically had to teach myself.
I recently started a new job as an IT support desk and it's great and I have the opportunity to grow at the company and I got a 45% pay increase from my last job. I probably think that I can only take 2 or the classes at the time without loosing my shit but that would take me 5 YEARS!!! to eran my bachelor's and I don't feel cabable to do that.
I also see a lot of people working in this field without a bachelor's degree so, is it really worth it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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