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2023.06.09 08:42 RichieMan07 Citra nightly update !

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2023.06.09 07:41 Rockshash-Dumma Alternative to inbuilt Music app

Is there an alternative to Apple Music app, no I don’t have Apple Music subscription but I download the mp3 and I have to use iTunes to put them in the library to listen to. But is there an app where I can download the music from safari and store it in files app and the music app fetches the songs to its library from this folder? Clean and minimal interface will be a godsend. Thank you in advance. No in app purchases either, a free app or one time purchase app will suffice.
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2023.06.09 07:39 Jazponlineshopping Brand New Apple iPhone 13 512GB Midnight

Brand New Apple iPhone 13 512GB Midnight
This brand new Apple iPhone 13 512GB in Midnight is the perfect phone for anyone who wants the best of the best. It has a powerful A15 Bionic chip, a beautiful Super Retina XDR display, and a long-lasting battery. It's also unlocked for all carriers, so you can use it with any service provider.
The iPhone 13 has the best camera system of any smartphone, so you can take amazing photos and videos no matter where you are. It also has a new Cinematic mode that lets you record videos with a shallow depth of field, so your subject stands out in focus while the background blurs.
If you're looking for the best smartphone on the market, the iPhone 13 is the perfect choice for you. Order yours today!

Apple iPhone 13 512GB Midnight
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2023.06.09 07:23 NuseAI [Podcast] Mark Zuckerberg on Jiu-Jitsu, AI Development, and Moderating Harmful Content on Social Media Platforms

Summarized by
Mark Zuckerberg discusses his passion for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and the benefits of being willing to fail and start as a beginner. The podcast also covers the development of AI, the challenges of moderating harmful content on social media platforms, and the risks and benefits of AI. Zuckerberg believes that AI will empower humans to become more intelligent collectively, rather than making AI systems super intelligent. He also talks about the importance of physical challenges to keep oneself humble and productive.

Mark Zuckerberg on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Learning from Failure

Mark Zuckerberg discusses his passion for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and how it helps him stay focused and mentally healthy. He emphasizes the significance of having a cohesive team to tackle challenges and make difficult decisions, especially in running a company like Meta. Zuckerberg advises people looking to start learning to be willing to push through difficult situations with grit and determination.

The Importance of Open Source Software for AI Models

The speakers discuss the importance of being willing to push through difficult situations and having the grit and determination to do so. They use the example of jujitsu and other high turnaround sports to illustrate the importance of being willing to be a beginner and to accept being humbled in order to learn and grow. The conversation then shifts to the development of artificial intelligence, specifically the release of the 65 billion parameter model, Lama, by Meta. Zuckerberg discusses the benefits of open source software for AI models, stating that it tends to be more secure and safer due to more people scrutinizing it. He believes that open source software will help advance the infrastructure of AI and lead to good alignment and understanding of what needs to be done to make it work well.

The Challenges of Aligning AI Models to Generate Truth, Knowledge, and Wisdom

The podcast discusses the challenges of aligning AI models to generate truth, knowledge, and wisdom. The speakers highlight the importance of adding context rather than censorship when moderating content on social media platforms. They also discuss the potential for AI to be integrated into social networks and personal relationships, such as an AI assistant or agent that people can talk to, AI that can edit photos, and AI that can create ad units that perform the best. The podcast also discusses the challenges of dealing with harmful content on social networks and the need for sophisticated AI systems to identify and prevent it.

The Future of Virtual and Mixed Reality

Zuckerberg discusses the new features of the Quest 3 headset, which includes high-resolution mixed reality and a sharper screen. The mixed reality feature allows users to see the physical world around them and place virtual objects in it, making it a completely new capability that will unlock a lot of different content. Zuckerberg believes that the Quest 3 will be the primary thing that people in the market will continue using for the foreseeable future. He also talks about the differences between Apple's mixed reality headset and Facebook's Quest 3, stating that they come from different places and have different design trade-offs. Finally, Zuckerberg briefly touches on the existential risks of AI, stating that he takes concerns seriously and that Facebook is working to ensure that AI is aligned with human values.

The Risks and Benefits of AI

Zuckerberg discusses the risks and benefits of AI, emphasizing the importance of focusing on the near-term risks of AI, such as fraud and scams, and developing governance on the autonomy of AI systems. He distinguishes between intelligence and autonomy, stating that the development of autonomy is where we need to be careful. Zuckerberg believes that open sourcing AI models is the best approach to ensure safety and security. He also discusses the concept of collective intelligence, where organizations and structures exhibit greater than human intelligence, and how AI can empower humans to make the collective intelligence machinery smarter.

Mark Zuckerberg on the Future of Technology and its Potential to Improve Human Life

Zuckerberg believes that AI will empower humans to become more intelligent collectively, rather than making AI systems super intelligent. He also talks about the importance of physical challenges, such as the Murf challenge, to keep oneself humble and productive. Zuckerberg believes that creating things is a virtue, whether it is artistic or functional, and that it is important to be a positive creative force in the world. He also talks about the role of faith in his life, both philosophically and culturally, and how it has helped him balance his responsibilities.
Overall, the podcast covers a range of topics related to AI, social media, and technology. Zuckerberg emphasizes the importance of being willing to learn and grow, the benefits of open source software for AI models, and the challenges of aligning AI models to generate truth, knowledge, and wisdom. He also discusses the future of virtual and mixed reality, the risks and benefits of AI, and the potential of technology to improve human life.
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2023.06.09 07:19 LifeAd3570 [Question] What is .dat.nosync files? and should i delete them?

[Question] What is .dat.nosync files? and should i delete them?
As my phone is run out of storage by a common iphone issue "other", i tried to look in filza and diskprobe to find some large folder, and i found that folder urlbags in /private/vamobile/Library/Caches/ take about 17gb of my phone and there are hundreds of folder ".dat.syncxxxx", each of them is about 53-56 mb. What is this file? Should i delete them to free my storage?
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2023.06.09 07:09 basalt_shit_wiper How to merge both common and unique characteristics w/common identifiers across rows

Let’s say I have a list of alphabetically sorted identifiers (fruits in this case) under column A. This list has duplicates and has multiple columns of information for each fruit. So column A might read something like this: Apple, Apple, Apple, Blueberry, Blueberry, Cherry, Dragonfruit, Dragonfruit, etc. Then, columns B through G all have information regarding the fruit. Column B for example, might have different numbered textures, such as 1soft, 2chewy, 3crunchy, 4mushy, etc. Column C might have different numbered flavor descriptors, such as 1sweet, 2sour, 3rich, 4bitter, etc., and Columns D, E, F, and G would also have unique information about each fruit that generally corresponds to their identifier. However, there are exceptions in the qualities of fruits that I want to capture. Although two apples might be said to be 3crunchy and 1sweet (along with all the other info from D through G), the third could be 2sour and 4mushy (also with the other info from D through G). How can I merge the rows such that I end up with one row (max) for each unique fruit identifier in column A with all common and unique characteristics entered in numerical order into their respective columns (once even if there are multiple appearances of the characteristic)? For example, though I start with three rows of the same Apple identifiers, row 1 would be the only row with an Apple identifier after the merge, and it would include both 1sweet and 2sour in the form of ‘1sweet/2sour’ in column C (flavor descriptors) and both 3crunchy and 4mushy (‘3crunchy/4mushy) in column B. The same would apply for information from columns D through G. If there are common or shared characteristics (say all three apple identifiers have a 1red color for column D, color), then during the merge, they will be kept without any addition or deletion (so the one remaining Apple identifier would have all the unique characteristics observed from all three apples, and would only have the color 1red in column D because that was the only characteristic observed from all three Apple identifiers). How would I do this while maintaining numerical order with the characteristics? Any help is appreciated!
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2023.06.09 07:02 iamadmancom View iPhone backup on your MacBook

An macOS app that can parse the backup of your iPhone/iPad, and export files in the backup, then you can view photos in it, and you can also use some sqlite editor apps to view the contacts, messages, notes, calendars, reminders, and all the files of the applications you installed such as wechat, whatsapp, facebook, twitter
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2023.06.09 06:51 kid_named_elbow iCloud photos deletion.

My storage has been full for a long time and I want to backup my phone, so I am wondering if i delete iCloud photos (AppleID>iCloud>Photos>manage storage>turn off and delete from iCloud) will it save my photos on Google Photos?
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2023.06.09 06:47 kid_named_elbow deleting icloud photos

My storage has been full for a long time and I want to backup my phone, so I am wondering if i delete iCloud photos (AppleID>iCloud>Photos>manage storage>turn off and delete from iCloud) will it save my photos on Google Photos?
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2023.06.09 06:37 climbingvan Issues with iCloud syncing Photos on iPhone

I have a very weird issue with iCloud syncing my Photos. I have spoken to Apple support multiple times and even gone into the Store, but no one can help. At the bottom of my Photos, it says "Syncing 2,318 items to iCloud" but this number never goes down, and the loading bar is stuck.
There are a bunch of images which show as not synced to iCloud on my phone, but when I go on iCloud on my laptop they are there. However, not everything is uploading. I've tried turning off 'Sync this iPhone' and turning it back on again, but all that happened is all of the photos which are on the Cloud are no longer on my phone. It still won't upload some photos and videos on my phone.
I've updated to the latest iOS, tried uploading the images to my Mac and syncing from Photos on my Mac, but that also doesn't work. I can't manually upload to iCloud because it doesn't accept HEIC or MOV files.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as I've been trying to solve this for weeks now!
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2023.06.09 06:17 livingwithrage [WTS] Gold and Silver! AGE/ASE/Silver Buffalos and more!

Hey everyone,
Looking to liquidate some items I have, please let me know if you have any questions or need addiotional information. All prices DO NOT include shipping
x2 1/10oz AGE - $250/ea / / /
x3 1/10oz Maples - $230/ea / / /
x1 1/4oz Lunar - $550 /
SOLD x2 1oz Kangaroos: $27/ea
x5 1oz ASE: $35/ea / /
SOLD x12 1oz Buffalo Rounds: $28/ea /
Let me know if you have any questions, thank you.
All will come with insurance shipped through USPS and ship next day.
Venmo/Apple Pay/Bitcoin
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2023.06.09 06:08 BuilderOfDragons How to connect to computer/file transfer when away from home

I have a home PC running Linux Mint 20.3 and OpenSSH. It has a large media library stored on it, which I connect to and play on various devices via SFTP (using "CX File Explorer" app on Android) when on my home LAN.
I'm just a lowly mechanical engineer who pretends to know a little about computers. What is the simplest secure way to connect to this machine and access video/photos stored on it from elsewhere over the internet? The PC and all android devices use Mullvad VPN, which I prefer to leave enabled if possible. Unfortunately Mullvad no longer supports port forwarding as of this month.
General suggestions/guidance are all I need. I am happy to research on my own, but I've tried googling for a bit and apparently I don't have enough networking knowledge to figure out what I need to search for.

EDIT: Tailscale was recommended by a commentor, and it works great. 9/10. Evantually I will try to do something self-hosted but for now this is exactly what I wanted. <5min set up and its like both devices are on the same LAN.
To get Mullvad and Tailscale to work together on the server (ubuntu), this is required:
I still don't know how to do it on the Android client, so I currently need to disable the Mullvad VPN to use Tailscale and vice versa...

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2023.06.09 06:05 Revolutionary_News32 They pushed it back Ik it😭

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2023.06.09 05:48 Jacob_Dash Godot won't open on my Mac

Godot won't open on my Mac
Godot 4 won't open on my MAC I usually run Godot 4 on my PC but I'm trying to run it on my mac so I can test some things on the go. I have used Godot 3 for a long time on here so I'm not sure whats wrong, if someone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.09 05:40 hjhart WWDC Session notes: Meet Reality Compose Pro

Meet Reality Composer Pro

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2023.06.09 05:17 WarProfessional3278 [USA-TX] [H] Paypal [W] 45mm Apple Watch Series 7 or 8, AirPods Max, iPad Pro 12.9

Looking for an Apple Watch S7 or S8, 45mm. Midnight preferably.
Also looking to buy an AirPods Max and an iPad Pro 12.9'', preferably with apple pencil.
Please PM prices and photos.
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2023.06.09 05:15 Dryesthalo98066 For some reason certain photos/videos will not import into an album

I made a meme album because I have so many memes. However for whatever reason, I seem to have the issue of some of the photos and videos not transferring to my meme album. Weirder still is that they don't appear to show up in my photo library if I try to add the photo/video from my camera roll to inside of my meme album through said meme album by using the add photos button. Not sure what is causing this, I get the videos from a bunch of different sources however some videos from the same sources will work and will not work sometimes. If anyone has any ideas, let me know.
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2023.06.09 04:53 One-Point6960 The Future of CNN

The Future of CNN
Post back to this article and commentary from 2020. NYU Business Professor on his blog wrote about the future of CNN. I think in light of them firing Chris Licht it was worth revisiting this analysis.
Cnn not only is in structural decline, it as accelerated since Biden's victory. The cable bundle, and ad revenue is in decline. Not to mention Chris Licht and well as the lack of investment into CNN programming their prime time ratings are worse their Newsmax. If they sold CNN, I don't think it would be a lot. They went from a $1 billion in revenue to $750 million. Warner Discovery cut CNN+, and CNN films which actually won Emmy's, could have had documentaries part of their programming strategy. The problem with CNN+ they couldn't put exclusive cnn programming meant for cable on the service.
I question. Who could buy CNN?
A rich benefactor that cares about the media? The article mentioned Bezos owns the Washington Post, and Mark Benioff who owns Time. I would add Melinda Gates or McKenzie Scott (Bezos Ex) as possibilities.
Tech companies like Apple could sell CNN as Apple News+ or part of Apple TV. I wouldn't think Google or meta would want them. Microsoft doesn't fit their bundle services.
Disney is in much worse situation as of today to buy a big new outlet rather than other investments with higher upside.
Comcast I do think this would get blocked by ftc over the possibility of shuttering msnbc If not cnbc as well.
Paramount already has enough distressed assets that didn't have a digital strategy into streaming and out of the cable bundle.
Galloway predicted you could put Twitter under subscription and merge with CNN. However Elon Musk for now, ruined that. Elon is a classic example Dunning–Kruger effect overpaid for Twitter and it's worth at 33% of his original investment. I believe the new head of Twitter will be blamed for his failure, then he will sell. I'd give Twitter a year until Elon blames his ceo throws her under the bus. Could someone want to acquire Twitter and CNN for peanuts of their sums? Maybe I don't think so, but if someone wanted to try this it may work.
CNN needs to go to an owner that will invest into their programming with a new model. If I ran Cnn under a new company I'd acquire talent that had podcasts in news or business/news. I would have a table top show akin to The Agenda with Steve Paikin. It doesn't have to be the same story every hour. I would have business hours as well. More documentaries. There's like 400 congressman have them on daily. Be the network that explains stuff. Warner discovery making them a bland product just accelerated their ratings fall. I do think status quo is a smart move. I think their talent knows they are going by the wayside.
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2023.06.09 04:52 Wachvris Loop videos

How come Apple hasn’t implemented a way to loop videos in Photos? It’s something so basic yet overlooked and you shouldn’t need a third party app to do so. This is a 1999 feature.
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2023.06.09 04:41 daddyKun [USA-TX] [H] Apple iPad Pro 11 inch (M2, 512GB, silver, cellular + WiFi) [W] PayPal

Timestamped photo:
Selling my personal Apple iPad Pro (M2, 512GB, silver, cellular + WiFi). Used for photo editing and entertainment only.
The iPad is in great condition…it has no damage at all, and functions perfectly. Has had a screen protector and spigen case on it since day one. Cell capability is unlocked and ready to be used with any carrier (or no carrier).
Repairs: none
Device will ship in its original retail box with all original accessories (cable, charging adapter).
Asking $1300 OBO for the ipad with screen protector and spigen case
Requesting all payments to be made via PayPal goods & services for your protection and mine. Thank you!
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2023.06.09 04:31 HomemadeToast57 Concerns about duplicates when transferring from iCloud to Google Photos for a second time

Hey everyone!
I need some advice regarding transferring photos and videos from iCloud to Google Photos. About four years ago, I moved all my Apple media to Google Photos successfully through the official icloud transfer website ( Since then, I've accumulated new photos and videos, including live photos, in my iCloud account.
Now, I'm considering another transfer to bring all my latest media to Google Photos. However, I'm worried that I might end up with duplicate files from the first transfer. I definitely want to avoid cluttering my collection with multiple copies.
Has anyone gone through a similar situation or performed a second transfer from iCloud to Google Photos? Did you encounter any issues with duplicates, or does the transfer process handle it intelligently?
If anyone has technical knowledge about iCloud and Google Photos transfers, I'd appreciate any insights on how the process works and any precautions to prevent duplication.
Thanks in advance for your help!
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