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2023.03.25 01:41 Pure_Average9654 To buy a condo or co-op apartment? Help!

Im 31F looking to purchase a 2 bed unit around 450k. I’ve seen some co-op apartments that have been under my budget and exactly what I’m looking for. Where as the condos I’ve seen are a bit over my budget, smaller and more open concept than I’d like. The only thing about the co-op is that most of them don’t allow rentals. Im not looking for an investment property, simply looking for a place to live. However, I tend to be a bit impulsive when it comes to changing jobs or going on long travels and ideally I’d like some flexibility. The co-op I have my heart set on doesn’t allow rentals but I can afford it flat out which would wipe out my savings but at least I’d own it flat out. I guess my question here is… do I go with a unit that’s exactly what I want but harder to sell and impossible to rent? Or pay a bit more and have that extra flexibility and be able to rent it out anytime and sell it quicker than a co-op. I know it’s probably a dumb question but it’s my current dilemma.
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2023.03.25 00:55 Typomaster1983 Novel to me but maybe not to you. Location: Gatlinburg, TN

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2023.03.24 22:41 MyInnerCircle Adult son sleeping in same bed as elderly dad?

*** please be mindful of your comments. If you have nothing constructive to say, please consider just moving past this post. TIA. ******
My dad is in his 80s and he and my mom recently separated. It was not of his own will. An order of protection (for verbal, not physical, violence) was issued by my mom so my dad had to leave her condo, his main residence.
Because it all happened quickly, my dad moved in with me, his mid40s aged son. I am single and live in a one bedroom with a queen sized bed.
It's been months, and we are both good with the arrangement, though I am considering either buying two smaller beds or leaving this rental for a bigger space. Considering, because I am also frugal and minimalist.
All that aside, is there something fundamentally wrong with this sleeping arrangement?
My dad and I both sleep great and dont feel weird about it at all. I've had several convos with him about it. We actually run a few comforters down the middle out of consideration for eachother ( and because he was sleep kicking me the first night 🤣🤣🤣).
Isn't it more normal in foreign countries for relatives to share beds; is this is more a western insecurity I am feeling? Incidentally, my dad is from the Caribbean and I was born in the states.
Looking forward to hearing the therapeutic opinions of this.
Thanks in advance, and please be gentle. I love my dad and am trying my best. ❤️
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2023.03.24 21:16 BLACKMASS81 I (m/41) feel defeated.

I (41/M) want the best life for my son (5). He’s the best thing that ever happened to me and he’s going through such a hard time with this. He doesn’t understand why he has to live with his mother at his grandparents house. Why everyone constantly tells him what to do, either his mother, or his grandmother, or his grandfather. He lashes out at school and he starts therapy soon to help pinpoint his feelings, and I feel absolutely helpless.
Backstory: my wife decided that her co worker and her had a better connection and that I was the worst thing for her. She took my son and vacated our rental house in June of 2022. In July I filed for divorce. During this time she continues to live off her mom. Her mom, who is extremely controlling, took control over my son and my son’s mom. Since he has moved over there he has had more outbursts, anger issues, and a low tolerance for any authority. When we FaceTime he tells me he just wants to be with me, even in front of his mother. When we are together he fights me to leave back to his mother’s house, but because of my work schedule (3-11pm) I cannot be primary, or even do 50/50. Currently I work for a school system and work as maintenance/custodial. Winter I’m on evenings, summers I’m on days.
During this time while separated I have trade down to a smaller vehicle. Lost a ton of weight, got in shape, and worked my butt off to buy a condo so I would have a stable household for my son. I’m trying to find a daytime job that pays as much, but it’s very hard because my job isn’t skill heavy, I just have years into it.
I just feel defeated. My ex tries to use my son as a weapon. Tells people she’s a “hardworking single mother” and it absolutely pisses me off.
I love my son more than anything. I just want him to be happy and he’s not and it’s wrecking me because I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. Money will get even tighter soon. I’m wracking up lawyer debt and I see no end in sight. Just depression. I even contemplated trying a go fund me or something to try and alleviate my debt. I can’t work a second job yet because it’ll count as second income and really screw me when the guidelines start up.
I just want to breathe again. This is just a rant. I currently live in a state that I’m not originally from, so I don’t have any family here and a small circle of good friends who have been basically a rock for me. If you read this far, thank you for your time.
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2023.03.24 20:21 Defiant_Pilot_6498 Opinions on 500 Queens Quay residence and 11 Brunel Court for renting?

I'm planning to move to a new 1+1 unit downtown preferably close to the lake (first time living in a unit just for myself) and 500 Queens Quay W and 11 Brunel Court were the two I'm most interested in. The area seems amazing and I love to walk/run near the Toronto Music Gardens and it's fairly close to my workplace (Front/York street).
I wanted to get people's opinions on these buildings themselves, access to grocery stores/parks (my parents may visit from abroad so would be nice for them to have a walkable park nearby), the amenities and overall character of the neighbourhood. I love the area but the rents are at the upper limit of my budget which is why any help/opinions would be greatly appreciated!
Additionally, if both these buildings have major cons that I'm not aware of and you'd recommend another condo altogether, I'm open to exploring others as well! (I've been told by multiple people to avoid ICE condos so I'm not looking at those). Thank you!! :)
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2023.03.24 20:04 ieroll For visitors: Car? Uber?Lyft? Cap Met?

I moved away from Austin just before the Pandemic, but a couple of friends are heading in for a few days next week. They don't think they want to bother with a rental car. If they stay in the area between UT and downtown, what's the best way to get around these days? They want to do live music, restaurants, From some posts I have seen it looks like Uber might be stupid expensive and Lyft might be problematic. Cap Met is an option, but probably not for everything. Any advice? (Most of my Austin peeps have finally bailed or not an option for schlepping them around.) TIA
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2023.03.24 19:40 sylvyrfyre Jane Doe from a cold case in Gatlinburg, TN (December 1974) identified as Charlotte Roberta Henry

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2023.03.24 19:23 Difficult_Swing_5112 Worth visiting Jackson MS?

Hey! I’m planning a trip of southern USA. I’m a foreigner and have been to other places in the US such as NYC, Boston, Miami, Las Vegas, San Francisco, etc. but this will be my first time in Southern US.
Itinerary goes as follows: - New Orleans, LA (3.5 days) - Jackson, MS (2 days) - Memphis, TN (2 days) - Nashville, TN (2 days) - Birmingham, AL (3 days, including one to simply chill and do nothing cuz I know I’ll need that after 10 days) - Atlanta, GA (2.5 days) - Savannah, GA (3 days) - Charleston, SC (3 days) Then fly to Miami to see my relatives for a few days and maybe continue the trip up north (to cities like NYC and Boston to see friends, but that’s not so relevant for this post).
Anyway, I’m wondering whether Jackson is really worth visiting. I’m seeing conflicting reports online and can’t find that much to do there. The main reason why I planned to go there is because the train from NOLA to Memphis stops in Jackson and I realised the blues come from Jackson. But is it really worth two days of my trip?
Option 1: keep itinerary as is Option 2: cancel Jackson and allocate one extra day to each of Memphis and Nashville Option 3: adding an extra day to New Orleans and to one of Memphis or Nashville
What should I do?
Also, any cool recommendations for any of the above cities?
Caveats/about me: - I’m a fast traveller so 2-3 days in each city suits me - I’m not driving but taking trains and buses. It’s totally feasible as I already researched schedules and I’m staying in downtown of each location, and can also take local buses and Ubers when needed. This also means no flexibility in changing the order of the cities, and also that I can’t visit cool places like Asheville, NC bc they’re not easily reachable by public transport. - I’m a solo female traveller in my 30s. I’m of “ambiguous ethnicity” - I’m well travelled, relatively street smart, don’t drink much, don’t party, etc. - I’m interested in history which is rich in all of these locations (which is why I’m not totally sure Jackson is necessary in this itinerary - I can’t really find that much to do there). Also like art, funky stuff (excited about ghost tour in NOLA), and general culture of all kinds. Would also love to do some nature/hiking if there’s time. - My budget is limited but not super modest. I’m splurging on nice downtown accommodations but keeping tight on everything else. I know Jackson is the cheapest city in the itinerary but that’s not a good enough reason to keep it there - I mostly eat vegetarian and I am planning on doing most of my cooking (I know, sad, but c’est la vie!)
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2023.03.24 19:13 GregRaymer Building Wealth Through Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing can be a rewarding way to generate income and build wealth. Unfortunately, it also carries with it an elevated level of risk and requires extensive time and energy investment. When investing in real estate, there are various options to choose from. It is essential that you select the one best suited for you.
The US housing market is a seller’s market
Real estate investing is one of the best ways to build wealth. If you are considering purchasing a new property, now could be an ideal time to get involved. There are numerous opportunities available; you can invest in single-family homes, condos, commercial buildings and more if desired.
According to Redfin data, the US housing market is currently a seller’s market. This indicates that there is not enough inventory for all of the buyers currently looking for homes, leading prices to increase.
A seller’s market is a real estate environment in which there are not enough houses available for purchase. Home sellers will typically resist negotiating if they have multiple offers on their house, necessitating them to list it at higher prices in order to move it quickly.
The US housing market has become a seller’s market due to several reasons. These include intense competition, an absence of available homes for sale, and relatively low mortgage rates.
As the US economy struggles to recover, home sales are expected to decrease in 2023. This is because many people cannot afford to purchase a property.
In order to be a successful real estate investor, you must remember that this is an investment for the long haul. After all, you will be paying off the loan over an extended period of time and should not expect huge profits in the short term.
The price of real estate is still rising
The cost of real estate continues to increase, though not as rapidly as earlier this year. However, this trend may slow down over the coming months when mortgage rates are expected to increase again.
The housing market is intricate, encompassing various elements such as land sales and purchases, home improvements, development projects, construction work and lending.
Factors such as interest rates, property tax rates and construction costs all play a role in setting the price of real estate. Furthermore, this sector serves as an indicator for economic health since millions of jobs are directly tied to homebuilding projects and other improvements.
When determining the cost of real estate, location is paramount. As such, prices can differ drastically between cities and states.
For instance, home prices in San Francisco tend to be much higher than those found elsewhere due to its extensive new growth and gentrification, which can drive up housing costs there.
Another factor influencing home prices is its size. Larger houses require more construction costs and property taxes, which in turn leads to higher prices.
Another factor influencing home prices is how many people are in the market to purchase it. Right now, there are many buyers searching for properties but there simply aren’t enough houses available to meet their demands.
This means the price of a home may sometimes be set higher than necessary in order to maximize the profit for the seller.
High competition is making it hard to buy a new property
Finding good buys in a hot market can be a challenging one. Demand for properties outpaces supply, making it difficult for buyers to find a property that meets their requirements.
A reliable real estate agent is essential in this competitive market. They will be able to show you properties within your budget and provide recommendations on which ones are the most advantageous for you.
When purchasing a property, make sure you have an achievable budget and enough funds for a down payment, appraisal fees, and other miscellaneous closing costs. Additionally, set up an emergency fund in case of unexpected maintenance needs or emergencies.
Researching local school districts and other amenities that matter is a wise idea for parents with kids who may be tenants.
In the current market, many buyers are competing against investors who are buying homes to convert them into rental properties. These well-funded players typically represent hedge funds, pension funds and real estate investment trusts with the purpose of generating consistent returns for their shareholders.
Experts in the real estate industry believe competition has been a major factor in why inventory has been decreasing over the past few years, especially for first-time homebuyers and those who have previously purchased but now wish to sell their property. This situation poses particular challenges for those seeking home ownership for the first time or those who have owned homes but are now looking to sell them off.
Therefore, working with an experienced real estate agent is highly recommended. They can give you invaluable information about the local housing market and give advice on how to win your home-buying contest.
It’s a good time to invest in real estate
Real Estate Investing is a secure investment strategy that can help you accumulate wealth. In addition to providing a steady source of income, investing in real estate also allows you to deduct some expenses like mortgage interest and property taxes. Furthermore, the sale of your investment property may be taxed as capital gains rather than income, helping avoid high tax rates while making a profit on your investments.
Despite recent inflation and fears of recession, real estate remains a reliable investment choice. With adjusted housing prices, relatively low fixed interest rates, and rising rents, now is an opportunement to invest in real estate.
Residential properties such as single-family homes, multifamily buildings and commercial spaces are popular investments. You can buy them to occupy or rent out, depending on your financial situation. Before making a decision about occupying your property though, consider how much money you can afford each month and whether the location makes sense for you.
Other investment options in real estate include flipping homes, purchasing undervalued properties and fixing them up for a profit or renting them out to tenants. This strategy can be especially lucrative if you know how to locate and renovate undervalued houses.
You may invest in real estate through real estate investment groups, which are companies that purchase and manage properties for investors. These services provide a more hands-off approach to investing, allowing you to focus on other activities while investing.
If you don’t have the cash to purchase property, crowdfunding can be a great option to raise funds for a real estate project. Alternatively, you may partner with others who share similar financial objectives and purchase an asset together.
Another viable option is investing in a real estate investment trust (REIT). These companies pay dividends, so you can earn additional income without needing to own physical properties.
No matter your experience, investing in real estate is a wise choice as it can help you create wealth. Not only does it generate regular income, but it also builds long-term savings and offers retirement benefits. However, investing can take some time – so consider how much time you are willing to devote towards it.
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2023.03.24 18:16 HauntedSpy Decaying remains of woman found in Gatlinburg, TN, in 1974 have been ID'd as 35 y/o Charlotte Henry of Tulsa, OK. Cause of death is undetermined.

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2023.03.24 17:45 Upbeat-Appearance-57 No Affordable homes

I've been approved for a mortgage looking at Fightinville or Free town. Anywhere close to downtown, however they are all rentals sitting empty in my price range. With a looming recession, I don't what to spend over 85,000 more like 65,000. It doesn't have to be pretty but at least liveable. It seems investors scoped all the affordable properties when the rates were low and now they can't rent them, but also won't sell. Frustrating, I'm so close to buying airstream and just leaving the area and travel 100% of the time until I find a sweet spot.
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2023.03.24 17:43 makeitstop1901 MIL wanted to buy LO's "first pair of earrings" and other weird things i am not particularly enthralled by

Do not share/repost/recreate/use for content on this or any other platform.
This lady doesn't stop. I am LC with her and do not reply to texts or calls anymore. She pretends to be caring and loving and then will tell my husband on the phone that I'm immature, etc.
She sent a baby book that was stupid looking and didn't match anything in her nursery or our house. I know that sounds petty but I am a designer and everything in my home is extremely particular. In the same package she sent a "first tooth fairy visit" door hanger thing with a pocket to the put the tooth (baby is still in my womb), and an extremely ugly "gratitude box," and some foam coasters that had memes of babies on them saying "i came out of your what??" and "that wasn't a fart" like... lady who the hell do u think I am? Last but not least she sent a little sign that read "Mimi is..." and it was a narcisist's dream list about how loved she is by "everyone," and that she's the "best cook ever" when she has never made a meal in her life, which DH attests to and she has even admitted as much to me. I am the big chef here okay? Let me have that in my own home, please.
She hasn't been in my house since I have been with my DH (he lived here for ten years before me), but she has seen copious videos/pictures. She has genuinely complimented me many times on the style of our house. I know she's jealous about the nursery as she stated she would be buying the furniture for baby but my mom had already shipped all of my antique furniture I inherited and I used my old bedroom set (75 years old but absolutely sturdy and completely well made) for the nursery. It was my mom's before it was mine and I know this bothers MIL because she will mention "well that's nice that OP has that furniture from her mom..." every time. GOD FORBID WE KEEP HEIRLOOMS FROM MY FAMILY.
Naturally, I am not too keen on involving someone who, in this very special time for my little family, referred to my child in my womb as "her baby [me, OP] was carrying." Or how she threatened to off herself cause I generically spoke poorly on SM about how MILs are needy and creepy. So we went NC for like 3/4 months. I apologized to appease my husband.
She texted me some fuck shit the other day about how she was so glad me and baby were okay and that she loved us so much and I just didn't even answer. Which naturally prompted her to call DH and ask about:
  1. the package and if we liked it-- DH said yeah sure but that I wasn't going to put any of that stuff out because it doesn't fit the design of my home. She asked if she could get a lava lamp and he said he would get back to her. I sent 4 links to DH to forward to her of non-lava lamps if she really wanted to contribute (I'm buying them myself and don't expect her to, I just wanted to show her that I don't put junk in my house just because she got it). I also just want to express that DH and I don't have any joint accounts which MIL keeps asking about. She asked at least 4 different times for the account/routing number for our joint account that doesn't exist so she could "cash the wedding checks for us and put it into our account" which we rolled our eyes at she yelled "you may think I'm over stepping but I'm not!" Cause we weren't capable enough to cash a ton of checks the day before our honeymoon right? Then again "I want to put money in your account as a gift." I absolutely bodied that woman with gray-rocking. Must've changed her life. :')
  2. If she had "upset" me "again" -- DH explained I had told him not to tell anyone about me going to the hospital recently and that he actively went behind my back to tell her and that's why I wasn't answering her texts and I can't tell if I appreciate his honesty or not, I'm just glad she knows that I am actively trying not to share personal medical info w her bc she loves telling her whole, weird family. DH and I got over that hurdle within our relationship and I am proud of him for owning up to his selfishness regarding my medical info and have advised him to never do it again unless he wants me to contact a lawyer again (I'm not playing games).
oh and she of course said, on the topic of him sending her pics of the nursery I designed and hand painted:
"I knew OP was creative, but not THAT creative. I had no idea she could make the nursery look so beautiful! It looks almost.. professional!"
Hurt my ego I wont lie, and now I will give some unsolicited information about why that hurt my ego:
BITCH (not you guys, her) I AM A WORKING ARTIST W MY OWN STUDIO DOWNTOWN IN A BIG CITY. I FUNDED HER SON'S BURGEONING ART CAREER WHEN I WAS 24 YEARS OLD. I HAVE WORKED ON SUCCESSFUL FILMS DESIGNING SETS. One time I drove 7 hours away to her vacation rental to deliver a portrait I spent almost 15 hours on for her bday and she "forgot it" and it was thrown out. She forgot I am a professional artist? Holy geriatric.
She then finishes with
"I want to buy LO her first pair of earrings"
DH actually shut that down and said "yknow, mom I gotta stop you right there. OP and I read some articles about first experiences with LO and this, like the tooth fairy thing, are firsts we want to do with our kid." She apparently very nonchalantly said "oh I had no idea about firsts, that's totally cool. I get it."
I want to believe in my heart, the way DH does, that she doesn't have ill-intentions. I actually very much doubt that she does/says these over-bearing, crazy things to hurt me or make me feel like I'm not important. But DH and I both acknowledge that she is both stupid and annoying. Normal social etiquette flies over her head. This woman interrupted our first dance simply out of impulse and genuinely has no clue why or how that deeply affected me and tainted the day as a whole for me because of how mortifyingly humiliating that moment was. The number of ppl who came up to me at my own wedding asking if I was okay... like cmon.
Even tho she's just dumb, I have a hard time finding it in me to like her. I don't look forward to talking to her on speaker w DH, I don't like the fact that every time I mentally process one bombardment of idiocy, I am met with another seemingly innocuous statement/desire from her that just knocks the wind out of me. DH keeps the peace w her to maintain a relationship and I am LC/will gray-rock to preserve my sanity but like fuck if I wanna ruminate on something as stupid as bAbY's FiRsT eArRiNgS.
ok end rant sorry this was long thanks please me nice to me in the comments I'm really sensitive rn.
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2023.03.24 16:07 fuzzypickletrader looking to invest in my first commercial property and need some help with the math

hi everyone. i'm trying to run potential numbers for my first commercial building. it's a multiplex, 6 unit condo.

hoping you can help point out anything i'm missing. everything right now is in theory - i've yet to find a building but trying to see if it's worth the time to look if these parameters match.

Location: Alberta, Canada
Property: $1.5M
Mortgage: 5% down, 4.5% fixed, 50 year ammort. = ~$6000/month payment
Cash flow: 6 units @ $1700 = $10,200/month
Insurance, property tax, utilities, etc. = Unknown

Am I correct in thinking that current standings i'm cash flow positive of $4200/month not including the insurance/maintenance/property tax?

I've done rentals for residential properties but nothing on a commercial scale. Hoping you can point out what i'm missing in this situation. Usually when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. I know i'm missing something.

Can't wait to hear your feedback. Thanks everyone
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2023.03.24 15:48 morgancb Tips for finding rental housing when moving to Lafayette from out-of-state

I will be attending grad school in the fall at UL and am looking for a house to rent in Lafayette for me, my girlfriend, and our dog. Our budget is in the range of $1000-1500.
We are looking for a place within walking/biking distance of campus and downtown, so we've mostly been looking at the Saint streets and Freetown neighborhoods based on some old threads I found on this sub. But there are not a ton of places advertised on Zillow, HotPads, etc.
So I was hoping folks on here might have some better recommendations on where to look. Are there any large property management/rental companies we should check with? Facebook groups? Do leases near the university tend to end around a certain time of year, and if so, when is the best time to start looking?
I will likely travel to Lafayette sometime in the next couple months to look at houses in person, but I'd like to get some leads together first, and it would be good to know when the best time would be to make the trip.
Thanks in advance for any advice you can give to a future Ragin' Cajun!
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2023.03.24 14:21 jrcroom Single Room including utility bill at Indah Villa, Bandar Sunway

Single Room including utility bill at Indah Villa, Bandar Sunway
Martin 60193333084
Room Detail:
Fully furnished bedroom for rent in Indah Villa Condo, Bandar Sunway. This spacious bedroom comes with: Air conditioner, Fan, Bed & mattress, Study table & chair, Wardrobe. Bathroom comes with hot/cold shower. Rental price cover water & electricity bill except AC
About 13 minutes walk to Monash University & Sunway Medical Centre. Less than 10 minutes walk to Sunway University, Sunway College & Sunway Pyramid shopping mall.
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2023.03.24 14:06 bostonglobe Black leaders are developing Nubian Square. Can they revitalize the economic heart of Black Boston?

The Globe recently spoke with 10 leaders involved in redeveloping Nubian Square, most of them Black and with longstanding ties to the community. They believe there’s an opportunity to restore the square to its former glory in the first half of the 20th century, when it was Boston’s second-most-popular commercial destination, behind downtown. They also hope to attract tourists and patrons from Greater Boston, while improving the neighborhood’s economy for residents.
But there are complications to this rebirth. Namely, whether a balance can be struck between the need to bring in outside capital and the initiative to build wealth among the low-income population of Nubian Square, with sensitivity to the redevelopment history of the neighborhood, where other attempts at revitalization have fizzled.
According to Norm Stembridge, cochairperson of the Roxbury Strategic Master Plan Oversight Committee, this iteration is different because it’s led by “people who have proven their expertise in development and the ability to get financing.”
Stembridge said that seeking out local people of color with track records as developers was intentional. “We told [the city], basically, that we needed developers in this section of Boston who look like you and me, who we knew, who we thought could collaborate with other developers and bring much-needed activity back into the community,” he said.
The list of projects coming to the square runs the gamut. Jazz Urbane Cafe aims to provide world-class entertainment and nightlife. The Benjamin Franklin Cummings Institute of Technology, which is moving to the neighborhood from the South End next year, promises education for high-paying careers. Nubian Markets will bring Afrocentric grocery shopping and dining. A variety of mixed-use, mixed-income housing projects with ownership opportunities are in progress.
City Councilor Tania Fernandes Anderson, who represents Roxbury, believes that affordable housing is important, but that too much of it concentrates poverty without offering economic opportunity. She envisions a neighborhood where entertainment, green space, commercial opportunities, mixed-income rentals, and affordable homeownership options are all abundant.
The development plan for the 7.7-acre plot known as P3 in Lower Roxbury, just outside of Nubian Square, aims to bring all of that by 2028. The proposal would house an Embrace Boston museum and policy center; multiple parks, pathways, and plazas; retail space that emphasizes local businesses and vendors; a life sciences center that would create 2,400 permanent jobs; and 144 affordable homeownership units at an average price of 65 percent of the area median income, along with 164 affordable rental units ranging from 30 to 80 percent of the AMI — which the sale of the life sciences buildings will subsidize.
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2023.03.24 10:26 guam-homes Discover Your Dream Home in Paradise: Exploring the Best Homes in Guam with Liz Duenas

Discover Your Dream Home in Paradise: Exploring the Best Homes in Guam with Liz Duenas
Are you considering purchasing a home in Guam? Look no further than Guam Homes with Liz Duenas. As a seasoned real estate professional with over a decade of experience in the Guam market, Liz Duenas and her team have the knowledge and expertise to help you find the perfect home in paradise.
The homes in Guam are as varied as the island's stunning landscapes. Whether you're looking for a beachfront property with breathtaking ocean views or a cozy condo in the heart of town, Guam has it all. From traditional island-style homes to modern villas, there is something to suit every taste and budget.
When you work with Guam Homes with Liz Duenas, you can expect a personalized and professional approach to your home buying journey. We'll take the time to understand your unique needs and preferences, and guide you through every step of the process, from financing to closing.
One of the advantages of buying a home in Guam is the island's strong real estate market. With a growing tourism industry and a robust military presence, there is a high demand for rental properties. This means that purchasing a home in Guam can be a wise investment, with the potential for excellent returns.
In addition to helping you find the perfect home, Guam Homes with Liz Duenas can also assist with property management and vacation rental services. Our team of professionals can help you navigate the ins and outs of renting out your property, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.
So if you're ready to discover your dream home in paradise, look no further than Guam Homes with Liz Duenas. Contact us today to learn more about the homes in Guam and start your journey towards owning a piece of island paradise.
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2023.03.24 09:57 Capital_Tale_9296 Thighs!!! (Drunk post)

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2023.03.24 09:49 monjomar Buying a condo outside Metro Manila for secondary home and not rental business

For context, our family ay native sa Taguig, wala kaming probinsya, even sa birth certificate ko Metro Manila ang nakalagay na province ko, same with my parents and grandparents, dito lahat talaga kami sa Metro Manila nagmula. So my dream is to buy a property outside MM to have a home away from home, but I prefer condo living or small living. Just a small space for myself (or my parents) para may getaway kami from Manila. I still love our place here tho.
I don’t see myself buying a townhouse or a house and lot yet as I’m still single and pwede pa mabago ang place of preference ko where to settle. So I’m really set on buying a condo with decent amenity (e.g. pool, jogging path, greeneries) and nasa tranquil location (e.g. Tagaytay, Nuvali, Calamba, Pampanga, etc.)
However, I observed the reasons ng majority of condo buyers on this group ay very different sakin, first is marami ay mainly for rental business, second naman is they are not from Manila and they are looking to have an address here (baliktad sa main reason ko hehe)
I still have to look for someone na halos may same reason din sakin sa pagbili ng condo, I’m questioning myself tuloy if I have the right mindset on buying a condo. End use lang and parang on the side lang yung investment. If nabenta ko sya after 10 or 20 years e di masaya haha. I consider rin na investment group ito so majority ng mga reason talaga will lean towards pa-rent, flipping, buy and sell, airbnb or value appreciation.
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2023.03.24 07:52 Feisty-Maintenance76 Affordable Car Rental Your Smooth Sailing Rental Experience Affordable Car Rental...

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2023.03.24 07:50 Feisty-Maintenance76 Car Rental Book Outstation Cab...

Car Rental Book Outstation Cab...

Car Rental Book Outstation Cab... Etios / swift dzir Rs.14.00/Per Km Rs.12.00/Per Km 4 Xylo / Tavera Rs.18.00/Per Km Rs.15.00/Per Km 7 Innova Rs.18.00/Per Km Rs.16.00/Per Km 6 * Super & Reliable services * Comfortable Journey * Economic price * Completely Safe * Quick & Easy Booking * 24/7 Customer Support Book Your Ride : +91 89394 62345 More Info : #cab #taxi #Omkar #omkaromkardropcab #traveloutstation #cabdrop #taxiservice #carbooking #taxicab #cabs #transportation 📷
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2023.03.24 06:56 othmanelballouti0 Investment Property Hotspots in Dubai

Investment Property Hotspots in Dubai
Dubai's booming economy is a significant draw for visitors. Expats, business travelers, and tourists all contribute to this migration. Othman el Ballouti explained that the city's robust housing market is another selling point for potential buyers. Many investors find real estate in Dubai appealing because of the city's high rental yields, favorable tax circumstances, and low crime rates. Dubai might become one of the most valuable real estate markets globally. Downtown Dubai is well-liked by sightseers for more than just its towering skyscrapers. The Burj Khalifa, a famous landmark, is a prime example of this. Even though property values have increased significantly, this neighborhood still offers attractive returns.
Last year, the average yearly return on Downtown Dubai properties through SmartCrowd was 6.52 percent, making it a fantastic choice for long-term investors. JLT, located across from the Dubai marina, is a prime spot to buy an apartment in Dubai. These high-rise flats are close to three malls and the Dubai Metro, making them a great investment opportunity while providing residents with a high quality of life at a reasonable price. Investors love this established area because of its prime location and promising new construction. In this neighborhood, a one-bedroom apartment would run you around AED 1.15m, while a two-bedroom will go you around AED 1.9m.
Affluent locals and visitors alike flock here because of the area's stellar reputation as a prime real estate hotspot. The site has a robust secondary market, attracting purchasers interested in high-end homes. The area's proximity to some of Dubai's most famous attractions makes it desirable for short- and long-term rentals. The proximity to the world-famous Burj Khalifa and the abundance of services make this high-rise community a top choice for Dubai property investors. It's a great buy due to its proximity to the airport, shopping centers, and various eateries.
Damac Hills 2 is a good option for anyone investing in a high-end condo or villa in Dubai. It is a well-planned, eco-friendly neighborhood that is expected to grow further. Despite the recent downturn in the global economy, Dubai's real estate sector has held steady. Dubai's government provides transparent rules and policies, making it the best place to invest in real estate.
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