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2023.03.26 15:14 Epic_Swampert Suburbia (Vanilla+ 1.19.1 SMP) {Whitelisted} [Java Edition]

Hey there!

I'm Epic_Swampert and I'm the founder of the long-standing gaming community "Suburbia". As a group we've been functioning since the 16th of July 2013 (thats right! over 9 years and coming up to 10!) and while not all of our members play Minecraft these days, its the foundation our group was built on. As we've been going for so long as a group, sometimes we feel the need to bring some fresh faces to the group of around 30 people currently.

We're looking to add in a bunch of new members to really bring to life the existing 1.19.1 world we started back in July in 2022 and just generally some friendly people into our community, provided that they fit with the criteria we look for! I run a private whitelisted Vanilla+ experience (the + only being some QoL datapacks and an optional in game voice mod and nothing more than that). The server is dedicated so its not reliant on me to turn it on every day! We also do have a large border on the world in anticipation for the 1.20 update so there'll be plenty of new areas to explore once we update!

So what are we looking for?

🔺 We're looking for people aged 18 years old or above! I know this isn't ideal for some, but we're a mature community full of adults and that means, sometimes we joke and chat about topics not suitable for people under the age of 18.

🔺 We're looking for people who just want a place to come and relax with (hopefully) people you find are great friends. We aren't a server that scrambles for content creators and wants to follow in the footsteps of servers like Hermitcraft. We just want good friends who have a good time together and go from there. Saying that, if you do want to make content on the server, nobody will stop you!

🔺 We're looking for fair players. As mentioned above, we're looking for people who want to enjoy time together on the server and for that, we must also keep it fair. That means we're not looking for players who plan to exploit things like xray packs or stealing from other players etc.

🔺 We're looking for people who use Discord! While voice chatting isnt required, everyone in our group regularly hops in voice chat for our community events and we all spend evenings having fun this way. We use discord to chat outside of the server in our assorted text channels too. For this reason, both having Discord and being able to speak fluent English is a requirement as thats the language everyone else in the group communicates with!

As mentioned we do some community nights. Recently we've had a bit of a break from them to avoid people burning out but with some new faces, we'd love to get you involved in them in addition to playing on the server! We host virtual boardgame nights using both browser games & the steam game "Tabletop Simulator". Ontop of this I also host a social deduction night around once a month which I can tell you more about if you're interested!

Sorry this was a lot to read, but we find its important to set our expectations out clear for all to see and let you guys then be the judge of whether you'd like to ask to join or not. If you are interested in joining our community, send me a message here on reddit and I'll get back to you!

Thanks for taking the time to read!
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2023.03.26 15:13 YaaliAnnar NoP: Lost and Found (35)

Note: If you're a long-time reader, I decided to retcon the name of the official language of Nusantara to "Bahasa" instead of "Neo-Malay." If you're new, hi.
First Previous
Memory Transcription Subject: Vani, venlil foreign exchange participant
Date [Standardized Human Reckoning]: 2136–09-18
Upon telling her our concern. Snop suggested that we talk to her acquaintance named Mowww Daywant in Surabaya who made a name for himself in the community as a cooling vest producer. She put us in touch with the tiger furry, who was excited to design a vest for me and he asked permission to get the model of my body from Snop.
Since Surabaya also hosted one of the twelve universities on the list we decided it would be our destination for my weekly checkup too.
Johan and I took our time on our trip to Surabaya, making stops to explore the sights along the way. The day after my assessment, we visited the Prambanan Temple. As usual, as soon as we got near the fenced temple complex, an eager tour guide approached us, offering to explain the history and significance of the temple. She explained that Prambanan is a Hindu temple and the second-largest Hindu temple complex on the planet, after Angkor Wat in Cambodia. The complex comprised six inner temples surrounded by two hundred smaller ones. Due to neglect, many of the smaller temples had fallen into ruin over the years, but one had been reconstructed to give visitors a glimpse of what it looked like in its original state.
The tour guide mentioned that her Hinduism is not the same as the one practiced in the temple back when it was erected.
"So there are different kinds of Hinduism?"
"That's true for pretty much any religion on Earth? Don't your religions have denominations too?" Johan asked.
"Not in the homeworld, but I suppose perhaps there are religions in the rest of the Federation who do have variations like that."
Moving forward on our way to Surabaya, my human decided to take a detour to a couple of caves. In my homeworld, caves are considered dangerous due to their darkness. With little use for them, we explore them using drones. However, humans see caves differently and they explore caves not only for research but also for the enjoyment it provides to them. Our first stop was the Gong Cave, where a well-maintained walking path had been installed in the cave. It allowed us to stroll inside and gaze at the geological features. Various colored lights had been set to highlight the rock formations.
Next, we visited the Tabuhan Cave, whose extraordinary stalactites and stalagmites had been turned into lithophones. When we entered the cave, we were treated to a beautiful percussive symphony created by striking the rocks. The sound made by a band of humans echoed through the cave, and it was hard to believe that these sounds were coming from natural formations.
Johan and I also made significant progress in our language learning. Being the fragmented species they are, humans have developed several writing systems, and one system, in particular, is used in many languages. He explained that sometimes, a group of people would adopt a neighboring writing system of their own will, but often what happened was that the writing systems of the colonizer were imposed on the colonized such as in the case of Bahasa. Perhaps because they were introduced much later, while English orthography is a complicated mess, Bahasa has a regular orthography.
After my overheating incident a week ago, Johan was cautious about the intensity of my exercises until we got the cooling vest that Snop's acquaintance could provide. He researched various exercises that would help me build my muscles without putting too much strain on my body. I no longer tire as I did when I first arrived on Earth. I could match the stamina of humans, but I was still susceptible to hyperthermia.
Speaking of heat, the other kind of heat I experienced dissipated a few days ago. Although my biological quirks no longer distracted me, I found that I could still be coaxed well out of my schedule, which was a welcome discovery for us. We hypothesized that it might be the result of something in human food or perhaps the presence of pheromones emitted by humans (i.e. Johan). I would not need to disclose this during my weekly checkup unless it led to any issues with my quality of life.
Right before reaching Surabaya, we visited the ancient city of Trowulan where the capital of an old empire used to reside. Instead of being made out of stone like the temples we have visited, everything there was made out of clay brick. The ruins of the once imperial capital were spread out over a vast area, with remnants of buildings, palaces, and temples all around. As usual, a tour guide jumped upon us and took us around to explain the history and significance of structures that survived the ravage of time. We even stumbled upon an old market square, where vendors once sold their wares to the people of the empire.
Walking through the city, I wondered how my ancestors lived and what their civilizations might have been like.
I could tell that we reached Surabaya when we passed a large gate saying "Welcome to Surabaya". I have switched my visual translator to the annotation mode to better learn the language. This way, I could see the translation of any human text alongside the original, helping me to better understand their language. Surabaya is the second largest city in Java and it felt like a little sibling to Jakarta. Despite its smaller size, its skyline was also adorned with tall glass towers just like in Jakarta, there are parts of the city that still maintain their colonial-era architecture.
When we approached Mowww Daywant's apartment building, I noticed that the surrounding buildings were sleek and the streets were spotless. I can surmise that this was a posh part of the city, reserved for the wealthy. Stepping into the building's lobby, I could see that the humans there were wearing neat fabric, unlike Johan's shabby ones. On our way to Mowww's flat, we encountered several indoor waterfalls pouring into a human-made canal which then cascade to an even lower floor. I have never seen such a feature in a building before.
After Johan pressed the bell in front of Mowww's apartment a long, muffled howling came out from behind the door.
"Oh, man..." Johan sighed. "He has a dog.
I know dogs. I have seen dogs before when we were outside. They can be seen almost always leashed with a human holding the other end of the rope.
When I delved deeper into my research on Earth's history, I discovered that humans and dogs had a much longer and deeper relationship. Humans met the wolves, ancestors of the dogs', tens of thousands of years before they settled and began agriculture. That means they used to hunt together with the wolves assisting in tracking and fetching prey while the humans provided food and shelter in return. Nowadays, dogs are utilized for things other than hunting. Some are trained to perform tasks such as guiding those with sight problems, detecting medical conditions, or providing security. Others serve as emotional support animals, providing comfort and companionship to their owners.
The door slid open. A human with whiskers above their lips greeted us. Their mane is trimmed on the side but kept long on top.
"I need to let you know that I have a dog with me right now. She's in a locked crate though."
"How do you think she'll react if she sees Vani?" Johan asked.
"I think she's pretty mellow?" The human looked back and then returned his gaze to us.
"Can I see the dog?" I wondered what kind of dog was inside that flat. In public, the few times I saw a dog, its owner always tugged on their leash and forced the beast to walk away from me and Johan.
"Okay, if she shows any sort of aggression toward Vani, we can go down to the lobby." Said Mowww.
The human let us into his flat and when I entered the temperature dropped much lower than the usual temperature of a human's building interior. The air was cool and crisp, almost resembling the temperature of a morgue. Once inside, we were greeted by an intense-looking living room. The walls were painted in the color of blood and a sculpture of a rotund tiger lay on the glass table in the middle. In one corner of the room, I spotted a large cage with the fluffiest thing ever lying down inside.
The beast's long thick fur hid its features, making it look like a soft, white capsule with four legs and a snout sticking out. As soon as it sensed our presence, the fluff beast stood up and stared at me, its tongue falling out of its mouth, panting.
"Is it smiling at me? It looks like it is smiling." The beast's beady eyes stared at me. The fluff beast was nothing like the ferocious-looking wolves I saw in the human network. It was fascinating but also terrifying that humans have modified an apex predator into something that looked like a giant doll.
"Oh, this breed of dog used to live in the arctic region. They have an upturned mouth like that to prevent saliva from pooling and freezing."
The beast approached the edge of the crate and its nose, wet and glistening, poked out through the metal bars, twitching as it sniffed in my direction.
"Isn't that a samoyed?" Johan asked. "Why are you keeping a dog like that in Surabaya of all places?"
"She's my friend's furbaby and they live in Batu where the climate is more suitable for her. Right now their household is going to Convention in Taipei for a while."
"You're not going there too?" Johan asked.
"I'm... recovering my finance after a weeklong trip to Fiesta de Furros a month back." He said, looking a bit embarrassed.
The fluffy dog pawed on the cage lock. "Is it safe to let her out?" I asked.
"I think so? She doesn't look aggressive toward you."
I slid the lock of the cage and before both humans can react, the fluff beast came out with a bang, running at lightning speed around the living room. Her claws made a tapping sound against the floor as they frolicked around. It disappeared behind the kitchen and I heard a high-pitched squeak not long after. A few moments later, she came back with a tiger-shaped object in her mouth. Her curved tail looked more like a mound behind her back that vibrated as she approached me. She dropped the toy in front of me before coming closer to sniff me.
"I can't believe you just did that!" Johan said. "That could've gone wrong in all sorts of ways!"
The dog went around and nudged me from behind, making me step on the plaything it had deposited. Hearing the high-pitched sound, the fluffy white beast lifted its head and let out a long, piercing howl that filled the room. The sound was both beautiful and haunting at the same time, sending shivers down my spine.
"Mofu, stop," Mowww commanded.
As if it understood the human's command, the dog stopped emitting the noise and began sniffing around my feet. It then picked up the toy again and bumped my paw with its snout. Thinking that it tried to make me take the toy, I grabbed the tiger doll. As soon as I pulled the object from its mouth, the dog released its bite. It stared at me and it didn't take long before the tongue came out again.
"She wants you to throw the toy," said Mowww, smiling at Mofu's antics.
I threw the toy towards the couch and watched as Mofu chased after it, her fluffy fur bouncing with every step. It hopped up onto the couch and picked up the toy with its mouth. The beast then curled into a giant furball.
The fluff beast's behavior made me consider that… perhaps sapience is a spectrum. The dog's behavior seemed to show an understanding of people, something that I did not expect from a non-sapient animal.
"Yeah, Mofu is a couch potato. You need to convince her to go for a walkies. Well... you're lucky the good girl likes you. Now, wait here."
Mowww disappeared into his room, before emerging with a vest in hand. The vest looked almost identical to the one that Beer had worn back in Jakarta, but this one seemed to be tailor-made for someone of my proportions. As Mowww helped me put on the vest, Johan was lounging on the couch absent-mindedly stroking Mofu. The beast seemed to take a liking to Johan because she uncurled and plopped herself onto his lap before curling into a fluff ball again. Johan chuckled, continuing to pet the dog as Mowww made some final adjustments to the vest.
"Right now I use the twenty degrees mix. But I'll give you the fifteen degrees too."
The vest felt cool against my body and I could not wait to try exercising with this.
Mowww insisted on hosting us for the rest of the day. The furry brewed some tea and brought out some snacks while I attended my class and Johan did his work.
When we sat together to eat, Mowww told us about his work in the field of astronautics, an area that had been impacted positively by the first contact between our species. He spoke with pride about the innovative designs that he had been testing thanks to the wealth of knowledge and ideas that had been exchanged between our species. Once we finished our meal, Mowww took us to his home office where he showed us some of his current projects. He also had various models of human spacecraft from the past and he explained them like a tour guide in a mini museum.
The furry even showed us a few of his recent designs that were approved for public view.
When our day neared its end, Mowww mentioned that he was expecting the arrival of his friend from the Republic of China, who was the actual owner of the fluff beast. He invited us to join him at the airport to greet his friend and exchange dogs. It was Johan's turn to extend hospitality and after some convincing, Mowww agreed to go to the airport in Johan's van. We piled into the vehicle with the fluff beast sitting beside me.
On our way to the airport, I tried to stroke the creature's back and this made the beast lay on my lap. The dog seemed content to trap me there, sometimes nuzzling my hand for more pets when I stopped. Somehow petting the soft predator felt therapeutic. Halfway, when I stopped and it did not react I realized that the beast had fallen asleep.
In the airport, it didn't take us long to see Mofu's owner. Mowww waved to a group of people with suitcases piled high on a couple of trolleys. Upon seeing its owner, the fluff beast darted away, snatching the leash from Mowww's hand, the dog jumped and tried to jab the humans with its snout, and the humans kneeled, with one of them trying to hug the beast. They laughed when the dog fell on the floor and presented its belly. When one of the humans rubbed that particular anatomy the tongue came out again.
Is this the power of domestication? The wolf looked like an actual predator, but the white fluffy thing that was being tickled by its owners looked more like a mockery of a wolf in the same way the humans themselves are a mockery of predators.
I wonder if the humans, on another timeline, would be able to domesticate the arxur.
After a few minutes of fussing over the dog and exchanging gifts, we said our goodbyes ready for the next day.
Today we came to the university of the week. When I consulted the map, it was clear that our destination, Airlangga University, is an educational institution geared toward medicine and public health. The university's sprawling campus was divided into two distinct sections: the north and south areas, each with its own set of dedicated buildings and resources. Nestled between the north and south sections of the campus lies an impressive hospital complex, which serves as both a practical training ground for students and a fully-functioning medical center for the local city.
Just like Gajah Mada university, Airlangga University is named after a monarch who lived eleven hundred years ago. I was not surprised to learn that his name means "Jumping Water". The monarch was born on another island and "Jumping Water" is an allusion to him sailing from his birthplace to the island of Java.
The faculty of medicine comprises several buildings, and I would go to the department of surgery as usual. In the lab, a professor named Nurhayat greeted me. We went through the procedure of wearing a suit just like in Gajah Mada, and afterward, he whisked me to a familiar-looking lab with four tables. When I approached the table, I could feel my heart racing with anticipation. I had been studying and practicing appendectomy through laparoscopy for a week, but performing it in real space is a whole different story.
Professor Nurhayat explained what I would need to prepare for and I listened, trying to commit every detail to memory. Laparoscopy, it seemed, was similar to remote surgery back on my Homeworld. I would be controlling a small device while looking through a camera, which would allow me to see the surgical area. It was a challenging task, as I had to be careful about how deep I inserted the instrument through the small hole in the dummy.
I felt like I was making a lot of tiny missteps during the procedure because, unlike the appendectomy practice in Yogyakarta, Professor Nurhayat kept offering advice and guidance as I navigated the device through the dummy. In the end, the professor overseeing my laparoscopy assessment nodded with approval, but I could sense that it was just a passable performance. I feel disappointed, considering how much effort I have been putting into studying the procedure. Since I have never practiced remote surgery back in my homeworld, laparoscopy on Earth posed some challenges.
After the assessment, I felt mentally and physically drained. My paws ached from having to maintain a steady position for a prolonged amount of time.
Walking out of the building, Johan patted my back. "You did great, Vani. Don't be too hard on yourself."
He reminded me that this was just the beginning of my studies and I still had a whole semester ahead of me to practice and learn.
The student overseeing my sample gathering said the same thing about exercising and decreasing my intake so I told them that I have begun doing the exercise, which they put into their note. Looking at my test result so far, I think it can be said with good confidence that a venlil can thrive on earth. After the next weekly check, the student said that we will decrease the frequency to monthly medical checks instead.
It did not free us up that much, since the assessment with an educational practitioner would still take place once a week.
Since we had to deliver the fluff best to its owners, we could not try the cooling vest that Mowww had made for me. But we made sure to set aside time today. The vest had been kept in a mini fridge in Johan's van to ensure the maximum cooling effect. Once I had the vest on, I could feel the difference right away. It helped me maintain a comfortable body temperature and increased my endurance up to a human level. Mowww had also given me a vest with a water pump. This method did not cool as much as the one with the temperature-constant polymer, but it can go on and on for two days before the battery need to be replaced. Perhaps this will be useful too one day.
All in all, despite the setback in the assessment, I am thankful for the humans and their willingness to help me adapt to this strange world.
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2023.03.26 15:13 MrKijani [RECRUITING] Reddit Pirates Family Reddit Pirates #9RCRVL8V Lvl 24 CWL Champ 3 RCS Verified TH13-15 War/Social

🏴‍☠️ ⚔️ 🔱 Reddit Pirates / Parallax / Royal Pirates 🔱 ⚔️ 🏴‍☠️

🔹Clan Level: 24 / 21 / 17 🔹SCWL: Champion 3 / Crystal 1 / Gold 1 🔹Clan Tag: #9RCRVL8V / #2Y09LV28 / #GYRORRJ 🔹Clan Entry Reqs: Th13 (max heroes) - Th15 / Th11 (max heroes) - Th13 / Th8 - Th11
🔰 About our Clan 🔰
We're a clan that focuses on wars and constantly getting better at attacks while having fun and learning together. We have an active Discord to help strategize attacks and chat. If ye be salt enough to sail the high seas of clash with this crew of scallywags, then join up and plunge out your swords for glory! Apply via the discord link below.
🔸Pirates is a verified Reddit Clan System clan, this means, through Pirates, you can join the largest English speaking clan system in the world. RCS runs a large number of events that members of Pirates, Parallax, or Royals can join. 🔸Our Clan’s Official Subreddit is: redditpirates. 🔸We participate in friendly wars and diverse RCS events. We always try to find events in which Parallax's and Royal's members can participate as well and be included wherever possible. 🔸We usually split into 2/3 clans during CWLs, maximizing the participation and benefits between all of our clanmates. 🔸We are actively participating in Clan Capital raid weekends. 🔸Most players donate max troops and many are over several thousand donations a season. 🔸We max out clan games! All clans. Always. 🔸Multiple players help draw up war attacks and we have dedicated strategy channels for planning. We're a great place to learn and practice 3-star attack strategies. 🔸Newbie friendly, 100% Fair Play, with 400+ International players on the server. Get transferred to the higher clans as you meet their requirements! Discord:
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2023.03.26 15:13 ePEwX TF2 wiki

Team Fortress 2 is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter developed by Valve Software as part of the game bundle The Orange Box. It was first released for Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360 on October 10, 2007. A PlayStation 3 version then followed on November 22, 2007. Following suit, it was released as a standalone title on April 9, 2008, and on June 10, 2010, Team Fortress 2 was released for Mac OS X. The PC and OS X versions of Team Fortress 2 adopted a "Free to Play" model on June 23, 2011, with all revenue being generated from microtransactions in the in-game Store. After several months of closed beta, Team Fortress 2 was finally released for Linux operating systems on February 14, 2013.
The game was first announced in 1998 as a sequel to the original Team Fortress mod for Quake (a first-person shooter video game, developed by id Software), but has since been through various concept and design periods. In 1999, the game appeared to be abandoning the art styles of the original Team Fortress Classic by transitioning toward a more realistic and militaristic style of gameplay. However, the design continued evolving over the game's nine-year development period and game engine switch. The final art style rendition of Team Fortress 2 resembles that of the original Team Fortress and Team Fortress Classic games, and also features a cartoon-like visual style based on the art of Dean Cornwell, J. C Leyendecker, and Norman Rockwell. Team Fortress 2 followed a popular trend in CGI films at the time, in particular, films made by Pixar, such as The Incredibles.
The absence of media information or apparent development progress for six years of the game's development caused it to be labeled as vaporware, and it was regularly featured in the Wired News' annual vaporware list, among gaming news outlets. Since its release, however, the game has received critical acclaim and several awards.
Like its predecessors, Team Fortress 2 is centered around two opposing teams competing for an objective. These two teams are meant to represent a demolition and a construction company as a part of the backstory: Reliable Excavation Demolition (RED) and Builders League United (BLU). Players can choose to play as one of nine classes in these teams, each with their unique strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and roles. Although the abilities of some classes have changed from earlier Team Fortress incarnations, the essential elements of each class have remained.
Team Fortress 2 is the first of Valve's multiplayer games to incorporate detailed statistics for players. These statistics include the time spent playing as each class, the average point score, and the most captures or objectives achieved in a single round. Persistent statistics tell the player how they are improving concerning these statistics, such as if a player comes close to their record for the damage inflicted in a round. Team Fortress 2 also features numerous achievements for carrying out certain tasks, such as scoring a certain number of kills or completing a round within a certain time. New sets of class-specific achievements were added in updates after the main release. These have added new abilities and weapons to each class once unlocked by the player. Unlocked achievements and statistics from previously played games are displayed on the player's Steam Community or Xbox LIVE profile page.


Main article: List of maps
On the PC and OS X versions of Team Fortress 2, the initial release only included six official Valve maps, with several dozen more being added to the game over the years by Valve and the Team Fortress 2 community. On the console versions, however, these original six maps, all released by Valve, are still the only maps available. The official maps are commonly themed with an evil genius or retro-spy tech mentality, with secret bases that are concealed within industrial warehouses, as well as exaggerated super weapons such as laser cannons and missile launch facilities taking the role of objectives. During Halloween (called Scream Fortress) and Christmas (called Smissmas), several new maps are enabled that often feature Halloween and Christmas/winter themes respectively.
When players joins certain maps for the first time, an introductory video shows them how to complete map objectives. Map player limits are 24 on the PC and OS X, although the player limit has been altered on some servers to reach as high as 32, while the player limit on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 is 16.

Game modes

Main article: List of game modes
Team Fortress 2 shipped with three game modes: Capture the Flag, Control Point), and Territorial Control. Since the game's release, several new game modes have been added, such as Payload, Arena, and Mann vs. Machine. Several of these game modes feature both Valve-made and community-made maps. Several unused game modes have been discovered over the years.


Main article: Customization
Since the April 29, 2008 Patch, also known as the Gold Rush Update, the Loadout menu was introduced. This menu allowed the player to change their weapons and, with the introduction of cosmetic items in the Sniper vs. Spy Update, their cosmetic items (previously referred to as hats and miscellaneous items, or miscs) to change the appearance of their class.
In the Über Update, special taunts were added to the game as action slot items and were given their own loadout slot in the Love & War Update. Taunts allow players to perform certain animations, often used to taunt the enemy players after death. Some taunts are partner taunts, which allows two or more players to perform a taunt together (such as the Square Dance, which can be performed with one other player, and the Conga, which can be performed with many other players).
The Gun Mettle Update in 2015 introduced the Decorated quality, allowing players to customize the look of their weapons by applying different textures to them, later transitioning to the War Paint system with the Jungle Inferno Update in 2017.
Cosmetic items, taunts, and Decorated weapons can all feature special particle effects on them.



Originally developed as a freeware mod for Quake, Team Fortress 2 switched to the GoldSrc engine in 1998 after the development team of Team Fortress Software – consisting of Robin Walker and John Cook - was first contracted and employed by Valve. At the time, Team Fortress 2 was called Valve's Team Fortress. At the point of Team Fortress Software's acquisition, production moved up a notch, and the game was promoted to a standalone, retail product to tide fans over since, as well as time issues, much of the Team Fortress player base had purchased Half-Life solely in anticipation of the free release of Team Fortress 2. Work began on a simple port of the game which was released in 1999 as the free Team Fortress Classic. Notably, Team Fortress Classic was built entirely within the publicly available GoldSrc Software Development Kit (SDK) as an example to the community and industry of its flexibility.
Walker and Cook were heavily influenced by their three-month contractual stint at Valve and began working full-time on their design, which was undergoing rapid metamorphosis. Team Fortress 2 was to be a modern war game, with a command hierarchy including a commander, with a bird's-eye view of the battlefield; parachute drops over enemy territory; networked voice communication; and numerous other innovations.
The new design was revealed to the public at the 1999 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) where it earned several awards including Best Online Game and Best Action Game. By this time Team Fortress 2 had gained a new subtitle, "Brotherhood of Arms", and the results of Walker and Cook working at Valve were becoming evident. Several new, and at the time, unprecedented technologies were on show: parametric animation; seamlessly blended animations for smoother, more life-like movement; and Intel's multi-resolution mesh technology dynamically reducing the detail of on-screen elements as they become more distant to improve performance (a technique made obsolete by decreasing memory costs, since today's games use a method known as level of detail, which employs more memory but less processing power. Team Fortress 2 has switched to this method as well). No release date was given at the exposition.
In mid-2000, Valve announced that Team Fortress 2's development had been delayed for a second time. They put the news down to development switching to an in-house, proprietary engine that is today known as the Source engine. It was at around this time that all news ran dry, and Team Fortress 2 entered its notorious six-year vaporware phase, which was to last until July 13, 2006. During that time, both Walker and Cook worked on various other Valve projects – Walker was project lead on Half-Life 2: Episode One and Cook became a Steam developer among other things – raising doubts that Team Fortress 2 was the active project that was being repeatedly described.

"Invasion" design

See also: Invasion
When the infamous Half-Life 2 source tree was leaked in late 2003, two Team Fortress 2 models were included along with the Team Fortress 2 source code – which was fully compilable. They consisted of an alien grunt and a very stylized, out-of-proportion human soldier. The code was interpreted by fans as making references to parts of the Half-Life backstory; however, the two leaked player models did not resemble any known style from the Half-Life series, leading many to think it was meant for Team Fortress 2.
The Source SDK was released with the Half-Life 2 source code, and also provided references to Team Fortress 2. Some code merely confirmed what was already believed, but other segments provided completely new information such as the presence of NPCs in multiplayer matches, the possibility of the game taking place in the Half-Life 2 universe, fixed plasma gun and missile launcher emplacements, and more.
None of the leaked information appears to have had any bearing on today's version of the game. This iteration was mentioned in an August 2007 interview with Gabe Newell by GameTrailers and a September 2010 interview with PC Gamer, in which he mentions "Invasion" as being the second phase of Team Fortress 2's development under Valve Software.

Final design

The next significant public development occurred in the run up to Half-Life 2's 2004 release: Valve's Director of Marketing Doug Lombardi claimed that Team Fortress 2 was still in development and that information concerning it would come after Half-Life 2's release. This did not happen, nor was any news released after Lombardi's similar claim during an early interview regarding Half-Life 2: Episode One. Near the time of Episode One's release, Gabe Newell again claimed that news on Team Fortress 2 would be forthcoming – and this time it was. Team Fortress 2 was unveiled again a month later at the July 2006 EA Summer Showcase event.
Walker revealed in March 2007 that Valve had quietly built "probably three to four different games" before settling on their final design. Due to the game's lengthy development cycle it was often mentioned alongside Duke Nukem Forever, another long-anticipated game that went through many years of protracted development and engine changes before being released.
The beta release of the game featured six multiplayer maps of which three contain optional commentary by the developers on game design, level design, character design, and provide more information on the history behind the development.
Team Fortress 2 does not attempt the realistic graphical approach used in other Valve games using the Source engine such as Half-Life 2, Day of Defeat: Source, and Counter-Strike: Source. Rather, it uses a more stylized, cartoon-like approach "heavily influenced by early 20th century commercial illustrations". The effect is achieved using a unique Valve in-house rendering and lighting technique making extensive use of 'Phong shading'. The development commentary in the game suggests that part of the reason for the cartoonish style was the difficulty in explaining the maps and characters in realistic terms. The removal of an emphasis on realistic settings allows these questions to be sidestepped. The game debuts with the Source engine's new dynamic lighting, shadowing, and soft particle technologies, among many other unannounced features, alongside Half-Life 2: Episode Two. Team Fortress 2 was also the first game to implement the Source engine's new Facial Animation 3 features.
The art style of the game was inspired by J. C. Leyendecker, as well as Dean Cornwell and Norman Rockwell. Their distinctive styles of sharp silhouettes and shading to draw attention to specific details were adapted to make the models distinct, with a focus on making the characters' team, class, and current weapon easily identifiable. Silhouettes and animation are used to make the class of a character apparent even at range, and a color scheme that draws attention to the chest area brings focus to the selected weapon.
Maps are designed with a neutral space between two bases. They are archetypal spy fortresses but disguised as inconspicuous buildings to give plausibility to their close proximities. The maps have little visual clutter and stylized, almost impressionistic modeling, to allow enemies to be spotted more easily. The impressionistic design approach also affects textures, which are based on photos that are filtered and improved by hand, giving them a tactile quality and giving Team Fortress 2 its distinct look. The bases are designed to let players immediately know where they are. The RED base uses warm colors, natural materials, and angular shapes, while the BLU base uses cool colors, industrial materials, and orthogonal shapes.


During the July 2006 Electronic Arts press conference, Valve revealed that Team Fortress 2 would ship as the multiplayer component of Half-Life 2: Episode Two. A conference trailer demonstrated the game's new graphical style was featuring all of the original Team Fortress classes, pointed towards a more lighthearted and whimsical visual style as opposed to the dark, somewhat more traditional, a military simulation that had initially been shown. Newell said that their goal was to create "the best looking and best-playing class-based multiplayer game".
A beta for Team Fortress 2 was released via Steam on September 17, 2007, for customers who pre-purchased The Orange Box and for those who activated their "Black Box" coupon, which was included with ATI HD 2900XT Graphics cards. In addition to The Orange Box customers, LAN gaming centers using the 'Steam for Cafe' system had the game installed and ready to play.
Team Fortress 2 was released October 10, 2007, as both a standalone product via Steam and at retail stores as part of The Orange Box – a game bundle pack priced at each gaming platform's standard price. The package also contains Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode One, Half-Life 2: Episode Two. and Portal. Valve offered The Orange Box at a $5 discount for those who pre-purchased it via Steam before the October 10 release, as well as the opportunity to participate in the final beta test of Team Fortress 2. The game receives periodic, free updates that give the game new content, bug fixes, and additional features.
Team Fortress 2 became free-to-play on June 23rd, 2011 on Steam.

Critical reception

Team Fortress 2 was very well received by critics and consumers alike. Charles Onyett of IGN awarded Team Fortress 2 an 8.9/10 praising the quirky graphics and fun atmosphere, but criticizing the lack of extra content, like bots, as well as the removal of class-specific Grenades which were one of the defining features of the original Team Fortress. By contrast, PC Gamer UK praised Team Fortress 2 for removing the Grenade, continuing to compliment Valve Software for the unique nature of each of the game's characters. Despite some mild criticism over map navigation and the Medic class, PC Gamer UK awarded the game 94%. X-Play awarded The Orange Box with its highest rating (5/5) with nothing but good things to say about Team Fortress 2. Review aggregation site Metacritic ranks Team Fortress 2 as having received "universal acclaim", with an average critic review of 92%, based on 12 reviews by game critic sites, and a 9.6/10 rating based on user ratings. As of January 21, 2008, The Orange Box has a GameRankings score of 96.2% on the Xbox 360, making it tied for the highest ranked Xbox 360 game and a score of 96.2% on the PC.
Team Fortress 2 has won several awards since its release. In its "Best of 2007" awards, honored the game with an award for "Best Artistic Design" for the PC. Additionally, Team Fortress 2 received awards for "Best Multiplayer Experience (PC)," and "Best Artistic Direction (PC)" from in its 2007 editorial awards. The game also won "Best Multiplayer Game of the Year" both on the PC and on any platform in GameSpy's 2007 Game of the Year awards along with an award for "Most Unique Art Style."

Promotional events

Main article: Promotional items
Over the years, Team Fortress 2 has collaborated with several different games, companies, and communities to feature special crossover content such as weapons and cosmetic items. Some of these events include having Team Fortress 2 content shipped to the associated game, such as featuring one of the mercenaries, maps, or other content.

External links

Major game updates (oldest to newest):

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2023.03.26 15:12 Sangeeta_Chauhan_ Shrimad Bhagwat Gita Chapter 8 Verse 13 "People of Russia"

Shrimad Bhagwat Gita Chapter 8 Verse 13 submitted by Sangeeta_Chauhan_ to u/Sangeeta_Chauhan_ [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 15:11 Lloydski Looking for Volumes 3 & 4 (Translated)

Hi all,
I'm trying to get hold of Volumes 3 & 4 (translated), but the download links on taekan's website are all expired or non-functioning.
Does anyone have the epub or pdf that they could share, please?
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2023.03.26 15:11 AutoModerator [Get] Jay Abraham – Beyond Exponential Business Bucket List Bonanza 2023

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2023.03.26 15:11 sorped Andreas Christensen is is a target for Newcastle and Arsenal, if Barcelona are forced to sell - should Manu Utd join the chase? (Danish article - translation here (Disregard the wrong title))
Basically Barca could be forced to sell players due to their financial situation, and could be forced to listen to offers for Andreas Christensen
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2023.03.26 15:11 Pristine-Simple689 TTC Chapter 16 (Mawangdui 60) (Guodian A-13)

Previous -------------------------------- Next chapter soon(tm)
I am no authority in Chinese, translation, or Taoism. I have no cultural or religious Taoist background. English is not my first language. Chinese text might be wrong, I don't know how to read or write Chinese. Translation might be inaccurate, comments might be mistaken. The comment section is usually great and provides useful insights. Sources linked in comment section, sort by oldest.
Feel free to share your favorite translations in the comments so we can all compare and learn together, also feel free to ask anything or correct any mistakes. You are free to copy, change, improve, expand, and/or share this text with whoever. No recognition or mention of OP is required. Enjoy!

Chapter 16:
致 虛 極 ,
Emit vacuity to the furthest extreme] [,]
守 靜 篤 。
Protect tranquillity genuine [.]
萬 物 並 作 ,
Ten thousand creatures together they live [,]
吾 以 觀 復 。
I therefore observe and imitate [.]
夫 物 芸 芸 ,
So then, the creatures diverse and varied [,]
各 復 歸 其 根 。
Each of them return to revert to his root [.]
歸 根 曰 靜 ,
Revert to root say tranquillity [,]
是 謂 復 命 。
It is naturally correct to say return to (natural) order [.]
復 命 曰 常 ,
Return to order say perpetual [,]
知 常 曰 明 。
Understand perpetual say bright [.]
不 知 常 ,
No understand perpetual [,]
妄 作 凶 。
Foolish absurdity that leads to misfortune [.]
知 常 容 ,
Understand perpetual appeareance [,]
容 乃 公 ,
Appearance this of equitable and public (is in everything) [;]
公 乃 王 ,
Equitable this of king [,]
王 乃 天 ,
King this of Heaven [,]
天 乃 道 ,
Heaven this of Tao [,]
道 乃 久 ,
Tao this of long time ago [,]
沒 身 不 殆 。
Without body no dangerous.

Emit vacuity to the furthest extreme [,]
Protect tranquillity genuine [.]

虛 worthless, empty; here translated as vacuity
靜 quiet, still; here translated as tranquility
極 extreme, furthest; Meaning: 木 tree, 亟 urgently, extensive
篤 genuine; deep.

"Emit emptiness in every direction [,]
protect the genuine tranquility [,]"

Ten thousand creatures together they live [,]
I therefore observe and imitate [.]

"The ten thousand creatures live together [,]
I observe and imitate them [.]"

So then, the creatures diverse and varied [,]
Each of them return to revert to his root [.]
芸芸 "diverse and varied"; numerous, rue rue; 艹 grass 云 clouds;
各 each, every
復歸 to return;
I am translating these two characters separately, so the translation reads "return to revert to" in reference to a circle of actions. "no matter how far away they go, they return to reverting to the root"

"So then, the creatures, being diverse and varied [,]
each one of them returns to his root [.]

Revert to root say tranquillity [,]
It is naturally correct to say return to (natural) order [.]

"To revert to the root is the same as to say to be calm [,]
naturally, it is correct to say return to the natural order[.]"

Return to order say perpetual [,]
Understand perpetual say bright [.]

"Returning to order is the same as saying perpetual [,]
Understanding perpetual is the same as saying bright [.]"

First appearance of "perpetual",
[I'm doing a subjective comment on this one until someone with more knowledge on the topic comments on it (or I find something in the sub and link it) this will then be edited]
In reference to the unchanging laws of nature, the same laws with different outcomes. understanding the order of nature (today: science) is to understand perpetual, the non-changing, or what opposites have in common.
"bright" is possibly a reference to the "inner light" or "the essence of the life of a creature". Often translated as clairvoyance, "to be bright", or "intelligence". But I think it is more subtle than that, making "bright" a reference for simplicity and non-artificial. The "natural way".

No understand perpetual [,]
Foolish absurdity that leads to misfortune [.]
妄 "absurd", meaning: 女 woman sound: 亡 to kill, death
作 "make"; meaning: 亻 person, sound: 乍 "suddenly
凶 culprit, murder, bad.

"Not understanding perpetual [,]
is the absurdity that will lead to misfortune[.]"

Understand perpetual appeareance [,]
Appearance this of equitable and public (is in everything) [;]

"To understand the perpetual appearance of the natural order [,]
this appearance comes from equally everywhere [.]"

"understanding perpetual order,
this appearance is everywhere."

Equitable this of king [,]
King this of Heaven [,]
Heaven this of Tao [,]
Tao this of long time ago [,]

"Being everywhere comes from its power of king [,]
Its power as king comes from Heaven [,]
Heaven comes from Tao [,]
Tao comes from long time ago [,]"

沒 身 不 殆 。
Without body no dangerous.
"Without body, it can't be harmed"

Sometimes translated as:
"Because it doesn't have a body, it can't be harmed"
"without a body, it isn't dangerous"
"Until the end of its days, it will never be in danger"
Various translations and characters for this last verse. Comment your favorite so I can add more.

Chapter in progress:
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2023.03.26 15:11 Anuby_Cry [Reupload due to le bad english :c] présente to you la Twinkgo~

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2023.03.26 15:10 e-is-for-elias Some of the Non-Mythological Cryptids of the Philippines.

Some of the Non-Mythological Cryptids of the Philippines.
Since i've seen only 1 post years ago about cryptids from my country and instead of bothering to ask here, I did some research on some of the known or less known elusive cryptids from this side of the South east asia. I had a hard time researching these because most articles even in books tend to mix pure mythology and folklore from reports of cryptids that dont dwell from it.
This post WILL NOT include the most infamous and well known mythological creatures depicted in philippine modern media that people here may know of (Manananggal, Tikbalang, Duende, Aswang, Tiyanak, Mambabarang, Etc.) but some of the creatures listed dwelve in the spectrum of old legend from our ancestors before the country got colonized from the spanish more than 300 years ago as we all know some legends were told from word of mouth that may hold some truth in it from time to time.
The Amomongo, known as the "Philippine Bigfoot" is a creature of Philippine cryptozoology described as hairy, man-sized and ape-like with long nails. The term may have its roots in the Hiligaynon word amó, which means "ape" or "monkey". the cryptid was thought to have been nothing but a legend or folklore within the natives of the island of negros accidental until a recent attack was documented. Elias Galvez and Salvador Aguilar reported to Mayor Alberto Nicor and the police that they were separately attacked by a “hairy creature with long nails,” on the nights of June 9 and 10, 2008, in Cabungbungan, Brgy. Sag-ang, La Castellana, Philippines. Aguilar who was able to escape from the creature, was treated at the La Castellana Emergency Clinic for scratches on different parts of his body, police said. Galvez, on the other hand, who was also attacked by the creature, was rescued by his companions, Nicor told the Daily Star on June 12th. Brgy. Sag-ang residents described the creature to be about 5 feet and 4 inches tall, and looks like a monkey. Sag-ang Brgy. Capt. Rudy Torres has confirmed reports of the existence of such creature, called amomongo (gorilla) by residents. The creature has also allegedly victimized chickens and a goat, who ate their intestines, in May 2008. Torres said the creature usually strikes where there are no barangay tanods (village guards or paramilitary elements) around. He called on barangay residents to be vigilant, especially during night time. People have not been roaming around the barangay at night since the attack against Galvez and Aguilar, Nicor said. Barangay residents should put out a bait to capture the creature, Nicor suggested. Brgy. Sag-ang in La Castellana is located at the foot of Mt. Kanlaon , which has many caves. The creature could be hiding in one of the caves, Nicor said. Mayor Alberto Nicor said amomongo is not a witch or aswang but a wild animal. He theorized it is not remote for an amomongo to live in Sag-ang, considering that the area is at the foot of Mt. Kanlaon. He added the animal may have been suffering from hunger. “This is one possibility because there may be no food now in the mountain. Or it might be that amomongo habitat has been disturbed by humans, thus, it runs wild.” This Cryptid may have been the most well documented cryptid in the country in recent time but due to no more further sightings there is little to no evidence this cryptid.
The Mantabungal is known to the Tagbanua of Palawan, in the Philippines. It is found primarily in the forests of Mount Victoria in Baraki, and is the most feared of the mountain demons. Mantabungal is described as like a cow or small elephant in body and voice, but lacks horns. It has a long coat of shaggy hair that reaches the ground. Its monstrous mouth has two pairs of huge incisors – two above and two below – that it uses to tear its victims to shreds. One man reported hearing bovine moos while gathering gum in the mountains. Spooked and disoriented in the darkness, he ran aimlessly into the forest as far as he could and spent the night shivering miserably under a tree. When he returned to camp, he found that the mantabungal had destroyed everything he had touched. His hut, gear, and even the firewood had been dismantled and chewed to bits. People have speculated that it may be a long lost relic species of Gompotherium that was encountered by early indigenous people and was passed on as a legend. the speculation may hold some truth as to how the species managed to cross to the archipelago millions of years before the landbridges were separated and may have survived before dying out during prehistory, the description of Mantabungal differs however because of the shaggy hair and its small size that was described from the animal and it may have been a subspecies but it is unlikely.
Kugtong is a local term for an unusually large grouper or Lapu Lapu/pugapo fish found in the waters of Cebu island. One popular version is the Kugtong in General Milling Corporation located in Lapu-Lapu City. This Kugtong is said to be large enough to devour a human being. Locals of the island city of Lapu-Lapu know too well the story of a grouper fish living under a milling company. The fish is said to be so big that it can swallow a person whole. Some people would say that it has razor sharp teeth and scales allegedly because it mutated due to the biological waste products of the milling company. A variation of this story states that the owners consider the fish lucky and that it is fed a live person to continue bringing in business abundance. Although reports of giant grouper reaching the size of more than 5 feet have been caught and documented in the philippines (such as in this photo of one that was caught in palawan island during 2020), It is speculated that the fish may be an unusually sized old Giant grouper that was too large and became a local legend within the region.

Giant grouper caught at Palawan island on 2020
The Mameleu is described as a sea snake with a huge body “as large around as a carabao’s”. This cryptid has two imposing white horns growing on its head, each thirty fathoms (dipa) long. In other versions of the creature, instead of horns, it possesses impressive tusks. The Mameleu is armed with long, menacing, sharp teeth and its scales function like armor; hard and impenetrable. Its eyes burn like torches in the darkness of the deep. When angry, the sea creature spits out green water. It is believed that the Mameleu lives in the deepest parts of the seas around Western Visayas. Some fisherfolk are said to have heard its long and loud thundering bellows. Reports of sightings are erratic, but almost always in the same general area around Panay and Negros Islands from 1932 to as recent as 2007 were the last known sighting was from a fisherman off the coast of Negros near Nadulao Island.
Giant Pythons are separate species of the reticulated python of East Asia, ranging from India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia and down to the Philippines. These specimens exceed the generally accepted upper length of 33 feet; in some cases they supposedly reach up to approximately 70 feet. Thomas Headland, an anthropologist that lived in the philippines for 24 years with the native Agta-Negrito tribes that were hunter-gatherers on Luzon Island until recently, described a quarter (26 percent) of Agta Negritos men had been attacked by a reticulated python in the past, most bearing the scars to prove it. Headland also confirmed six known fatalities of Agta Negrito people by pythons between 1934 and 1973. In one chilling case, a python was found after killing two children. The father killed the snake while it was in the midst of devouring a third child headfirst, who survived. Those killed also included full-grown adults. The authors believe that fatalities would likely have been much more common if the hunter-gatherers did not have access to iron knives and guns. There have also been reports of Giant pythons that were estimated to be 40-50 feet in length that the tribes had encountered and hunted but said reports havent been thoroughly verified and may have been an overestimation.
Skin of female python killed by Agta-Negrito men. Photo by: J. Headland.
Giant Crocodile sightings have been prevalent in other areas in the Philippines particularly within the area of Agusan Del Sur where the infamous "Lolong" as the largest crocodile in captivity was captured. Lolong measured 6.17 m (20.2 ft) and weighed 1,075 kg (2,370 lb) and was named after the late crocodile hunter Ernesto “Lolong” Conate, who was leading the hunt for a rumored monster crocodile near Lake Mihaba when he died of a stroke just days before the real monster croc was hauled in alive. That hunt began after a local fisherman and a 12-year-old girl disappeared and were presumed to have been killed by the croc, just the latest in a string of alleged man-eating croc attacks in the area stretching over 20 years. Meanwhile, there have been speculation from residents that Lolong was "smaller" and not the prime suspect of the recent deaths within the region and reports of an even bigger monster female crocodile that was estimated to be more than 30 feet have been reported after the capture of Lolong and persisted in Agusan del Sur and around the Agusan River to this day, despite the fact that no others have been caught anywhere near its size.
Lolong size comparison when it was captured.
Pinatubo Monster - One of the more interesting aquatic phenomenons to hit the world stage hails from the Zambales region of the Philippine island of Luzon, where as many as five large creatures have been reported swimming in the Tikis River, near the former mining village of Buhawen. Dubbed by the local Aeta tribesmen as “Pinatubo Monsters,” these animals have sent ripples of terror throughout the fishing villages located in Tikis river basin. Described as huge, black, serpentine creatures — much like Florida’s Muck Monster — the Aetas claim that these animals are unlike any eel, fish or snake that they are familiar with. The first accounts of these animals date back to November 5, 2002, when an Aeta boy apparently mistook one of the animals for a floating log, only to become consumed with terror when the beast moved. The second major encounter occurred on January 12, 2003, when a cadre of eyewitnesses claimed to have seen a seven-foot long, three-foot wide, black animal undulating silently down the river. Interestingly enough, Lake Pinatubo was formed after Mount Pinatubo erupted on June 15, 1991. Mount Pinatubo being located near the boundaries of Pampanga, Tarlac and Zambales provinces in the Philippines offer a summit crater lake that is the deepest lake in the country at 800 m (2,600 ft) deep.

Lake Pinatubo
The Filipino secretary bird was a cryptid bird reported from the Philippines by French naturalist Pierre Sonnerat, who visited the islands in 1771 to 1772. He described it as similar to the African secretary bird (Sagittarius serpentarius), with longer feathers in the lower portion of its crest, and and the outer part of its tail. Secretary birds are not known from anywhere outside of Africa, but Karl Shuker suggests that some specimens could have been taken to the Philippines by early traders. Alternatively, Sonnerat may have been describing the then-unknown Philippine eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi), a bird of prey with a notable crest but short legs, based on second-hand reports.
Photo of a Philippine eagle that may have been mistaken as a secretary bird
The Illigan dolphin was a cryptid cetacean reported from the Bohol Sea off Mindanao in the Philippines, known from sightings made by W. F. J. Mörzer Bruyns, who also reported the Alula whale, Greek dolphin, and Senegal dolphin. The Illigan dolphin had a distinct "ploughshare head," compared to that of the Pacific white sided dolphin (Lagenorhynchus obliquidens) or a porpoise (Phocoena sp.). It was brightly-coloured, with a dark brown dorsal surface, orange and yellow flanks, and a pink underside. When Mörzer Bruyns observed the Illigan dolphins, he could see no resemblance to any known species. However, between his sighting and the publication of his Field Guide of Whales and Dolphins (1971), the melon-headed whale (Peponocephala electra), which is often seen near islands including the Philippines, became better-known. Mörzer Bruyns and Bernard Heuvelmans felt that the Illigan dolphin closely resembled this species, but continued to distinguish it by its brighter colouration.
Illigan Dolphin
The Death Dealing tree of the Philippines - An account of the cryptid tree appeared titled as “Escaped From the Embrace of the Man-Eating Tree,” in the American Weekly, Jan. 4, 1925, While exploring the Mindanao region of the Philippines, a planter from Mississippi came across a dark gray colored tree that stood 35 feet and was 80 to 100 feet in diameter, surrounded by human bones and emitted a foul smelling odor like carrion. The planter noticed a human skull lying underneath the shade of the tree and went in to further investigate. As soon as he was about to investigate, his guide suddenly stopped him and pointed at the tree in panic. The planter was soon horrified to discover that the tree had a branch reaching for him. Not much is known for this cryptid tree and there have never been further reports due to the remote accessibility of the region due to terrorist conflict that made it hard to access the inland forest regions of the island.

Artist depiction of the death dealing tree.
There have been more reported cryptids in the philippines that was not based on mythology or folklore but i'll still try to find and research some of them. will have a part 2 in the future.
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2023.03.26 15:10 Henry-T-01 ETH Zurich just published how it plans to deal with ChatGPT and it’s a super progressive approach.

The ETH Zurich (ranking as 9th best university in the world according to QS) just published how it’ll deal with students using ChatGPT in their work:
Some passages:
Is ChatGPT a cheating tool?
No. For students wanting to cheat on homework, it would still be a much more efficient and save choice to copy from fellow students or use some of the online services like Chegg.
For any kind of scientific writing, ChatGPT can provide a good start to get over writer's block, but students will still need to work on securely anchoring their work in literature, etc. - ChatGPT is remarkable, but at its very core, still produces nothing but plausible fiction.
What assessments can I do with ChatGPT?
ChatGPT is a great way of getting over writer's block when creating essays and presentations, just like DeepL is a great way to get started with a translation. But just like with computer-​generated translations, computer-​generated essays and presentations will need further work to be acceptable to anything but cursory grading. When prompted about its weaknesses, ChatGPT "admits" that it can become very verbose and fall short on being factual. Our students need to learn unbiased, concise, precise, and factually correct communication. In a way, ChatGPT simply raised the bar and certain kinds of assignments and their grading.
Can ChatGPT program?
Oh yes, it can. For example, ChatGPT does amazingly well on small programming assignments in Python (including VPython) and R. It translates problem descriptions into code, and it also fixes bugs when prompted. We still need to learn what that means for typical Jupyter Notebook assignments.
One answer might be to not give more open-​ended problem descriptions or simply scenarios, which the learner still has to translate into more concrete prompts that ChatGPT can translate into code. Computational competencies for non-​Computer-Science majors would thus start with concepts of computability, conceptualization, and formulation of the problem that needs solving.
"I feel like just giving up!"
In faculty meetings these days, one frequently hears exasperated statements like "so, should we just give up?!" - of course, faculty are thinking about cheating, but also on a more fundamental level: are our curricula obsolete?
Currently, the capabilities of ChatGPT might appear to threaten academic integrity and good scientific practice, and they might appear to dig around the foundations of our curricula, but in a way, the discussion is similar to the extensive and hotly contested discussions about using pocket calculators in schools and for exams in the 1970s - eventually, pocket calculators were understood as what they really are: tools.
Yes, ChatGPT threatens certain assessment types. The typical, simple take-​home essay is probably a thing of the past; while instructors used to protect those essays against plagiarism by coming up with creative new prompts, ChatGPT will respond to almost any prompt with plausible responses in the desired length and style. Even the "knowledge cutoff" of 2021 is not a hurdle, since learners could also feed appropriate news articles into the dialogue.
But even that is nothing new: external pageDeepLcall_made, a tool that many of us use regularly (including professionally!), essentially made simple take-​home translation assignments obsolete.
What do you recommend for exams?
As with any other technological resource, examiners should ask themselves: Do I want to allow the use of ChatGPT (or any other resources) when working on assessment tasks - or not?
Assessments where ChatGPT is not allowed: For paper-​based examinations, proceed as you would have before ChatGPT. For computer-​based examinations, ETH offers a service for secure On Campus Online Examinations. However, make sure that such limitations are common-​sense, and that it is obvious to learners why such restrictions are justified by the subject-​matter - you want to avoid the impression that restrictions are merely a matter of convenience or inertia on the part of the faculty. Assessments where ChatGPT is expressly allowed: We can expect that many disciplines will rapidly integrate ChatGPT and similar technologies into their practices and workflows. This may create a demand for appropriately aligned examinations, where students also have access to ChatGPT, while other resources, such as e.g. messenger apps or chat forums, remain effectively blocked. Such examination scenarios are already routinely conducted with ETH’s infrastructure for On Campus Online Examinations - though not yet with ChatGPT, but instead with other web-​based resources. Furthermore, there may exist a demand for two-​ or multi-​phase examinations, where students first solve tasks without access to ChatGPT and then solve other tasks while being granted access. ETH’s Online Examinations service also enables such multi-​phase scenarios.
On the long run, ETH's Bring-​Your-Own-Device initiative will bring additional flexibility, particularly when used when external pageSafe-​Exam-Browsercall_made and other technologies currently in development, such as controlled WLAN subnets. However, like with any other exam, make sure that there are no restrictions that cannot be enforced, as that punishes the honest students.
Other possibilities are opened by oral exams, during which the examiner could have one or more students do some problems with and some problems without external resources. Oral exams are not only a way to provide supervision against cheating, but also a way to better probe students’ competencies. Oral examinations can focus on the interactive and dynamic process rather some static work result.
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2023.03.26 15:10 AutoModerator [Get] Jay Abraham – Beyond Exponential Business Bucket List Bonanza 2023

Get the course here:
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2023.03.26 15:08 UnMielpopsFanDeLa7g I'm looking for the scene where Riko cries blood in manga

Hi, after watching the traumatic episode 10 I tried to find the scene where Riko cries blood in manga but I can't find it.
I'm french so if the translation is not correct excuse me
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2023.03.26 15:08 Da7i_De_Omar Im looking for roman noir book about a man who is searching after his young love.

I remember that I read it in french but Im sure its was translated. Its about a man who fell in love with a blonde girl when they were kids, and the man's father one day organized a dance or beauty contest, and she had won it, later they kid found his father and his crush having an affair. I also remember that she left town, and when he got older he found her name and decided to look for her. Thats what I remember if the book.
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2023.03.26 15:07 BugomaUgandaSafaris Abu Bakar causally punching Aisha

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2023.03.26 15:06 ascendone Yoga classes in Zurich (for a beginner)

Hi there! I recently started trying to improve my physical flexibility and getting in tune with my emotions and thought about joining a yoga class. I‘m a 17 year old guy and not very flexible and experienced , hence the ,beginner‘.
As I couldn‘t find another post, does anybody know an affordable and good yoga class in Zurich where a beginner would feel comfortable? (German or English)
Thanks for any recommendations!
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2023.03.26 15:06 leemohh Why has my dog got extra fluffy patches of fur?

My English springer spaniel has started to get extra fluffy patches of fur on his coat, there’s no dry skin, he gets brushed every day and he just has these large fluffy bits but the rest is nice and flat. Why is this?
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2023.03.26 15:05 Ok_Gear_7448 the seven categories of Loyalist music

*put this in History cause IDK where else to put it*
so I've been listening to Loyalist music a lot for the past four years, I've done a lot of research into Loyalism, its history and its culture which has intern lead me to listen to a lot and I do mean a lot of Loyalist music. here are what I recon the seven categories are.
the seven categories:
the famous and the old. this comprises about 5% of all Loyalist music, consisting of songs like the sash and the Protestant boys. it generally dates before partition and in many cases pre Catholic emancipation, it usually has been covered by several artists and may feature on albums from the south as a token Orange song. generally the only ones to be actually professionally recorded and known by anyone outside of the British isles.
the famous by Irish standards. this comprises about 10 to 15% of Loyalist music, songs like the Billy Boys and NO1 platoon go here. this generally originates from the post partition period. usually been covered by several artists though usually never done by the south. these are generally known within the isles and sung at football matches in the modern day.
the old. this comprises about 7 to 10% of Loyalist music. dating from pre partition Ireland they are usually a mix of folk music such as the battle of Garvagh, Dolly's Brae and the Auld Orange flute. the quality is usually ok, they are usually recorded by either Sam Carson or Willie Rodgers and maybe Howlst Yer Whilst. they are known almost exclusively in Ireland, they may have received a cover from one or two southern artists.
the WW1 music. this comprises about 10% of Loyalist music. dating from WW1 and the home rule crisis they are a strange mix of the most beautiful songs you've ever heard, the attempts at that and stuff that sounds like Nationalist music. usually done by several artists though none are usually credited. some example songs are: Danny Boy; Londonderry on the Foyle; here lies a soldier; Shankhill to the Somme; Englishman's command; and the Armagh Brigade. these vary from globally known to known pretty much only by Loyalists.
the troubles music. this comprises about 30% of Loyalist music, dating from the troubles they are generally Paisley levels of Loyalist being heavily anti IRA/Catholic. they usually feature more modern instruments and techno. there are so many songs that fit here that I can't name them all so enjoy five. the suicide battalion of the UVF; Ardoyne (IDK what the name is, that's just what its titled on Youtube); the UDR4; Father's advice; and build my gallows. they are basically just Balkan Nationalist music but set in Northern Ireland and in English, that's the best way of describing them. most usually have been recorded in a bar or crummy recording room, the quality varies from surprisingly high to ok. most have no named artist. they are known exclusively by Loyalists in Scotland and Ulster.
the football songs. this comprises about 10% ish of Loyalist music. generally chants put to music, pretty much all of the other categories music will be sung at football matches, the football songs are essentially the songs that could only be sung at football matches. this is generally because they are either focused on a team (usually the Glasgow rangers) or are deliberately outrageously offensive. the instruments if they are present are usually drums or synthesisers. these are basically only known in Scotland Ulster. they are by far the most offensive songs, examples include no pope of Rome and King Billy's on the wall.
the bog music. this comprises 10% of Loyalist music. most of it is probably from the troubles, usually ultra Loyalist though this is going off what the description or the comments say the lyrics are. its rarely known even within Northern Ireland, rarely featured on playlists just put on by Loyalist music channels as a stop gap post. the quality is so terrible that you cant figure out what words they are saying, its basically just distorted noise. it was probably recorded in a crumbling pro paramilitary pub with a damaged microphone back in 1974, the tape was then accidently dumped in a bog and left there for thirty years before being dredged out by some obscure Loyalist youtuber with five hundred and six subscribers and uploaded in 2009, they haven't uploaded for seven years. this audio was then taken down but managing to be passed about being deep-fried as it migrated from channel to channel avoiding Youtube censorship before I had the unfortunate displeasure of listening to it. somehow these all have like thirty comments. these comprise of a strange mix: of drunk Loyalists just putting six Loyalist slogans together and calling it a comment; some Irish Nationalist and Loyalist spamming tri colours and Union Jacks back and forth; drunk Loyalists using it for party music; and some presumably disturbed Loyalist using this as improv funeral music for one of their deceased comrades.
IDK if anyone else cares about this, but if it brought you a laugh, yer welcome.
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2023.03.26 15:05 Prosec_the_drag Some kind of old english

Some kind of old english
Hey Guys, I found these old stencils In the attic and would really like to know wich font that is. Should be some kind of old english but I couldn't find the right one. Thanks In advance!
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2023.03.26 15:05 Roel116 C.S. Lewis books in English

Can I find any C.S. Lewis books in English in Belgrade?
I'm specifically looking for Chronicles of Narnia, Magicians Nepfew and Screwtapes Letters. But all I've found are only translated and I need the English version.
Thank you in advance! 🤍
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2023.03.26 15:04 Consistent-Leg-4324 Offering : Korean, Seeking : English

Hi everyone,
I am a native Korean and I am looking for a language exchange partner to practice English with. I am hoping to find someone who is also interested in learning Korean.
Since I live in Korea(GMT+9), I would like to have a language exchange partner who lives in a similar time zone(or opposite time zone would work too), so we can have sustainable language exchange sessions that work for both of us.
I have studied Korean education at university(It’s for Korean student though, not for foreign student). But I am not good at speaking English, so I am looking for someone who is willing to help me practice my conversation skills. In return, I am can help you with your Korean, including grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.
If you are interested in having a language exchange session with me, please feel free to send me a message.
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