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How my builds have changed from 0-500 hours

2023.03.25 01:28 ltuzia How my builds have changed from 0-500 hours

I thought it would be interesting to keep track of changes since I recently hit 500 hours in satisfactory. I have compiled a lot of screenshots over playing the game in this time so I organized and typed a bit on here about each album. There are a few more random comments on the imgur albums linked in this post as well. Maybe other people will find it interesting hopefully as well though I mainly made this post for myself to look back on in the future.
My first save when I downloaded the game I started in grasslands. I played 21 hours or so before I abandoned the save and started over again. Most buildings are built on the ground or hanging way up in the sky because I thought to verticality would be interesting to look at... only there are no supports and it doesn't make much sense like storage. I did have fun placing some things within trees at a nearby coal source I found to expand power shortly before quitting. First save album :
Second save I played for 35 hours on it before abandoning it. It was the first save I tried using a couple mods in as well. However this was a bad idea and led me to start over again. A hour or two before I left it I had installed the first few to try out, and one of them unlocked all the recipes? I didn't mean for it to do that, and didn't see in the description it would. Opps lol. Anyways when I noticed all my auto saves were gone so it led me to restart because it was too overwhelming seeing all these choices and things I never seen before yet.
In here though I tried to take notice of the things I learned from first save like using foundations to support factories more, and not making storage way up in the air. so it is more accessible. It also includes my first covered factory, and with me experimenting with things like hiding belts more between foundations. I also tried to focus on learning more about pipes and how to place them in more aesthetically pleasing ways. The second save album is here :
The third save is my current one, although I think I might restart it soon again, or just spend time to delete like half the map. I am still undecided on which. In this one I started in the northern forest. I really really like it here and probably will always start again here in the future. I have over 300 hours in it right now, and the rest of the 150ish comes from playing with a very close friend I tried to get into the game (around 45 hours on their save) and then some people's regular or dedicated servers.
The first thing I saw when coming down from space was being greeted by alien fauna.
One of the things I focused on this save was reconsidering my storage area to be both easy to travel to, and out of the way. So one of the first buildings I placed (and then later decorated some as I unlocked awesome shop things) was a storage area. It includes several floors, and it quite tall because I really liked the result of clipping containers through foundations. Later I changed the foundations to catwalks and I really like the result. Storage area album :
The reinforced iron plate factory was one of the first ones I built and involved things like very tightly hidden belts and lifts and many floors. It is quite large as well compared to my other builds so far. And at one point had ramp foundations 4m to access each floor that were annoying to jump up. Those were later removed and a simple hyper tube from f1 goes all the way to the top. RIPS album :
The next larger build I made is modular frames. Well besides rotors/stators which has been expanded so many times I don't think it is reasonable to show it since it doesn't resemble its original form at all anymore. Unlike how storage does... with some decorations. It is also the first time I used vehicles at all. It is to take them to where I was eventually making heavy modular frames (though the vehicle wasn't intended for that originally and only meant to bring back to storage... a very convenient thing). I believe it is 20/min in here right now. It has some more things in consideration like floor access that I learned to do better from RIPs and previous saves. Modular frames album :
At some point around this time I started making a huge sky road. It.. turned out very very eyesore. I want to delete it and rethink my transport. Album :
An attempt to make compact build... featuring coal towers. Like my idea from the previous save with the refineries before I abandoned it. It turned out badly, but I am much much better at the game now I feel like and have a more in depth understanding of belts and pipes and building techniques.. so I want to come back and redo this as I envisioned it properly at some point as well as upgrade the miners. Album :
HMF is the first time I tried to make a circular building, but I never got the production numbers I wanted. And didn't decorate it since I wanted another two or three of these circles with additional buildings nearby connected by sky bridges. Link :
In there you will see another building that did not turn out how I had in my mind. We didn't have the corner pieces. I didn't want a giant triangle top. I thought it would be so cool to have it shaped like the other 3 sides on all 4 and a diagonal corner.. however the building pieces will not allow for this. The inverted triangles do not fit where they need to so I can't make it. (I hope you add them coffee stain). It contains some HMF component production. Album :
Around this time I was able to have the opportunity help decorate someone's refineries and fuel generation. They were completely in the open and I closed them off while they worked on something else in their save. I really learned a lot about clipping stuff while doing so. Unfortunately I don't have very many images saved of this and everything is of WIP stuff and not the final result. Album of that work :
I also kind of messed around with packaged fuel for like 10 hours. I don't know why I had so much confusion doing this, but eventually I got it to work and it is still running with a sink even now over 100 hours minimum later. It is ugly though since I was testing stuff. Image :
At this point in my save I really really needed to expand power, so I ran around the map looking at fuel locations until I found one that I really liked. It was in this mushroom crater area. However what I didn't know when I started it is that it is going to be reworked... and considering what they they did to spire coasts that is going to make any building there unable to work what what I imagined for it... so I abandoned it only partway complete and hooked up. Though I connected to main grid. It is quite large and was going to produce something like 70k power or 60k idk. I am so sad to abandon it though because I loved the thought of a giant middle building with lots of generators across the biome with pipes hidden under the ground. Album link here :
So I ended up with some power so I went to work on aluminum (mainly batteries) stuff... which I ended up accidentally building in yet another map rework area. So that got abandoned too lol. Features some very closely placed foundations to avoid clipping into trees and branches and other parts of the geography. A very challenging place to build, but I imagined it to be soo cool looking to see an army of drones coming out of the forest.
Of the parts of the battery production I finished I fully decorated and finished the silica I needed for it. This place is honestly my most favorite build of everything I made. I took so many lessons from previous designs when making it. Like considering how I will travel inside, how it looks from outside. The truck station unload/load issue with multiple stations. The transport of silica (once battery production was up and running) etc. The truck entrance was to take overflow elsewhere. The drones where going to transport silica to batteries but for now has a conveyor belt. The outside of it looks very interesting and structurally sound to me. Also it is avoiding the natural trees in very close ways so it looks like it has been built there for a while and trees grew around it. And it just barely avoids the toxic gases inside. Absolute favorite factory of mine! Link here!
And then I still needed to eventually expand more fuel yet again, so I started working on this area which I think is safe from reworks? At least it better be LOL. The idea I had was hovering power generators with several towers. I am only using one oil node right now and I will NOT be building another 8 of these and everything else twice more to use the rest of the oil here. The towers themselves are too much work to hide pipework as best as you can to keep the hovering sci-fi feel I wanted. Very WIP to more finished stuff at the end of the album. However it is still my current project on my save so it isn't fully complete yet. Album link :
And finally my last project that I just finished a day or two ago (I needed a break from fuel piping on my save). The aluminum plant on a dedicated server I was invited to. It was really challenging to work with the resource nodes they already were extracting form. So I had to use some very far away ones. However It turned out nicely and I really played around with power switches a lot in here. Resulting in a modular power control of the factory outputs. Very happy with how it turned out, but the wiring was a pain to figure out the first time. The decoration is very open aired inspired. All together I think I spent around 66-95 hours building this, the bus, the train line, and supporting factories for it (silica, rubber, batteries, ai limiters, copper ingots). Album here :
And now I am at 505 hours played on steam. So much time, but I still feel like I can change things. Lots of things I would like to try more of in the future. But I really like my progress so far. Maybe I write another update post again in the future.
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2023.03.25 01:23 SmaugMudding $1500 gaming & data science

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
Primarily (80%) used for gaming, but some usage devoted to personal coding projects (I am a data engineer with a data science degree).
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
In the next 1-2 weeks
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
Tower / OS only - I already have a mouse/keyboard/monitor
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
Michigan, US - yes I have a microcenter
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
Acer KB272HL monitor
Logitech Lift vertical ergo mouse (wireless)
Perixx Periboard-535RD wired keyboard
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
No strong opinion here
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
I don't want less than 32gb ram (side projects in data science)
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
Not plain white or black. Yellow would be great, but orange or red could also be good.
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
Yes, and no preference. I was not planning on having a dvd drive.
Extra info or particulars:
I will be reusing the peripherals for my WFH day job on a Macbook pro.
I have not built a computer since 2001 and things have changed dramatically. Spent quite a few hours doing my own research and put together this list as a starting point, but trusting this community to know much more than me.
Greatly appreciate your feedback - keep being awesome!
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2023.03.25 00:28 randy242424 Garage door opener

Want to install a wireless single-button opener mounted outside the garage to open our door but can’t find any useful information about remote options. We have a Genie lift which based on what I’m seeing likely operates at 390 mhz (?) so do I just need to find an opener at that frequency? I hate everything Genie so I don’t want their shitty little button remotes, I want something to mount to the outside of the house with one big button to push and activate the door as we walk outside towards it.
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2023.03.25 00:23 shannonmbrunner Mystery Mine

I just had to share my husband and I’d experience today. We waited in about a 45 minute line at Mystery Mine. We get on the ride and as we are on the ride at the vertical before the coaster pops outside the ride stopped. We had to sit there (basically laying back) for about 15 minutes with little to no explanation. Finally two park workers came up on this lift bridge and had to help us shimmy out of the seats one at a time since we were laying backwards and they couldn’t completely release the over the shoulder harness or we would have fallen out. It was a pretty nerve wracking experience and in the end we just got two fast passes for two rides. Kind of disappointed with the stress and damper it put on the day.
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Ryuu woke in a skin of cold sweat that clung to his body. Lunging forward from a deep sleep, recalling a gruesome end to a cursed dream. His hand reaches out for his trusted blades, sheathed and displayed out next to his cot. His armour is neatly placed at the foot of the hay bed. "Never would have imagined I'd find myself a Samurai," An old crone says from behind Ryuu, he flips around ready to strike. His mind is still on the battlefield. "Easy kid, no need for steel." Another voice says, a rough and striking voice. Almost inhuman. Yet to Ryuu's surprise the voice is from a well groomed man sits cross legged, a well shaped beard and long hair in a knot. He holds the handle of a sword laying on his lap, whilst his other hand taps the sheath of his blade. A gently warning. "Where am I?" Ryuu asks realising he's bandaged up. Tenzu was about to kill him, had it not been for Soaki's fast thinking Ryuu would have been sliced in half. He remembers falling backwards into the cold waters below. Then darkness. "Outside of Towada, some local boys found you in the lake." The man says in a deep voice. "Yukimo is a healer, and I am but her humble errand boy." The man says pointing to the crone. "Half dead, you were. Dripping with the red stuff, and talking in tongues." Yukimo seemingly cackles. "I thank you for my treatment, I have coin." Ryuu says slowly standing. "Keep the coin, though no good to you if you're dead." The man states. "I suggest you rest up, before you go back to whatever it is brought you to us." He adds. "You a swordsman?" Ryuu asks looking at the blade on his lap. "I am an errand boy, this sword belongs to Akira Himinuzaki. He was once a very noble samurai, who was exiled for disobeying the Iron Emperor." The man once known as Akira says. "Heard he was executed." Ryuu questions, as tales of Akira's disobedience was well known. The empire stated that Akira was beheaded on a still spring night under a blood moon. "Akira had friends, helped him leave. He took an oath to the Emperor, a man who carries a broken promise will never walk free again." The man says. "I understand that, we were attacking Tenzu's Iron Cloud. Trying to bring it down for good, before he gets to Edo." Ryuu says remembering more details of his battle. They'd demolished several of his fleet, but Tenzu's personal Iron Cloud was a behemoth of a machine. A death ship built with a thick iron hull and monstrous exhaust pipes that block out the sun. "Who is we? The Empire, fools who worship the Iron Emperor and his Ghost Machine." The crone cries out in a roar of laughter. "No, we are Akuma-no-inu. We don't condone the Empire, but Tenzu is a maniac and a tyrant. He poisons the air with his toxic bloodlust, turning folk against their own." Ryuu says with rage. His own village fell when Tenzu returned from the north. "Well you're gonna need your strength before you go after Tenzu, I fear my old friend Akira has had run-ins with that blade." The man says.
Tenzu Kumuchi had been a loyal member of the Empire, a prodigy swordsman but his skill cut down with sickness. He turned to the criminal Black Iron Smither, Izo Mazomaku. Izo's techniques were forbidden, using dark ritual to create an armour that kept Tenzu alive, and stronger than ever. The emperor's men executed Izo, before he could complete his creation. And banished Tenzu from the island. Whisperers say he spent time in Korea, studying their dark rituals and black smithing techniques. He led their armies and helped them build the Iron Clouds. "He swore he'd have his revenge against the Iron Emperor." The man tells Ryuu, recounting his memories of a younger Tenzu. Ryuu can't imagine it having seen the abomination Tenzu has become. "They call him the Beast Lord Shogun, the Sky Burner. But under the armour is a mortal man." Says the crone, she seems unbothered by the tales of death. "Ignore Yukimo, her mind is beyond the veil. She still remembers Okoomi Tatamaki being Iron Emperor." The man says helping Ryuu stand. The door slides open and a young woman in a kimino enters the hut. "Yin will take care of you, and show you around." The man says. "When you are ready come meet me in the court yard." The man commands. As Ryuu is escorted outside.
"Welcome to Take-no-ōkoku Village," Yin says leading Ryuu by the hand. Ryuu was amazed at the large dome structure built entirely of Devil's Bamboo. A plant that holds the properties of hard steel, only the wisest Steel Smith's use such a material. "I thought this place was just a myth," Ryuu says looking as they use Sun Stones and a Lunar compass to simulate night and day. Clouds of cold steam hover above keeping the air cool, providing artificial weather over the large village. "Many have given their lives to keep it just a myth, but we are definitely real." Yin giggles hiding her smile behind her hand. "According to the Empire, you'd be a considered a hostile kingdom." Ryuu says remembering his childhood in Edo. Though he grew to reject the Iron Empire, he at one point would have given his life for it. "Who isn't an enemy of the Empire, can't say I disagree with Tetsu's plan to destroy them." Yin says. "Trust me, I hate the Empire and I want to bring them down. But not like this." Ryuu says in anger. "I heard of the incident at Aoi Village," Yin says, Ryuu remembers the incident. They walk silently among the fallen cherry blossom. "I imagine you are quite hungry, you were asleep for 3 days." Yin says as they stop by a small restaurant. The smell of freshly fried locust shrimp and eel bird wafted from the interior of the restaurant. The sound of deep laughter and drunken songs was a refreshing change for Ryuu. Too long he'd been among the battle weary, covered in mud and blood. Avoiding near death with the price of steel. Yin offers Ryuu some time to himself and promises to return once her chores are complete.
Inside the tavern a small pit of coal burns away gently. A man in cooking wear tends to the embers and lays out marinated meats over the heat. Patrons of all shape and ages rest around the interior, some armed and others scarred from war. "Damn samurai dog!" A one armed man mutters under his breath as Ryuu enters. "The Isubishi family lost three of their boys, cause of your war." Another voice shouts, all hope of a warm welcome melts away. "You should be ashamed. My husband died in your crossfire." A woman says throwing her warm sake in Ryuu's face. "Stop this at once!" The chef barks from behind his counter. He drives his sharp knife down in to the cutting board, making it stand upright. "So long as he's here, he should be welcomed as my acquitance and dear friend." The chef says. "Thank you, and I'm sorry our war has plagued you. I offer my services to anyone who requests them. Till my debt is paid in full" Ryuu says humbly bowing to the angry woman. Her anger faulters and she begins to feel sorrow, for what she lost. She pushes past Ryuu and leaves. "Pay her no mind, she's just angry. Can't say I blame her." The chef mutters as he goes back to prepping meals. "I carry her burden," Ryuu says firmly, the chef is humbled by young man's commitment to the woman. "Unless you were the one who decapitated her husband don't bother, she hated him" the chef abruptly laughs. "Only reason she's pissed is cause she didn't get chance to gut that lying bastard herself." He adds slamming his huge knife down on a piece of Sakana-no-tori, it tears through the scaly flesh like fresh cotton. "Was he so monstrous he deserved death?" Ryuu asks taking a sip from his cup. Ice cold Sake, his lips tingle and his mouth entranced by the flavour of Spring. "Probably not, but he was a lousy husband, an shitter dad, and an even worse brother." The chef confesses to Ryuu, he lifts his clothing by his waist and reveals a large scar on his hip. "Brothers can be complicated," Ryuu says looking at the silken scar. He's reminded of his own brother, the spoilt prince. "Well I was never one to hold a grudge, may look bad but nothing a few cups of sake to accompany a good meal can't fix." The chef says as he takes some of the meat of the Sakana-no-tori and mixes it together with jade beans and rice before wrapping it with nori. Pulling it tightly into a roll. "Have you always been a chef?" Ryuu asks recognising a certain demeanor about the chef. "No, I fought back in the last imperial war. Was damn good as well, I had got to the rank of Hand Swordsman." The chef says, a rank just below General. "Who was your banner?" Ryuu asks. "Kytomozo of Hogun Province," says the chef proudly, effortless slicing up the freshly rolled sushi. Ryuu knows the clan well, a honourable family sworn to protect the Kyojin no kokoro mountain. A sacred place said to hold the soul of a three eyed demon. Ryuu's father lord Goji Oginawa, had been loyal to the Kytomozo clan. Ever since they helped defeat an Omen that plagued their village. He taps some wazabi on a plate and places the sushi on top. "I was offered discharge after my wife fell ill, I had served well and got a decent payout. So I set up here, to care for my wife and keep us going." Explains the chef. "Is she okay now?" Ryuu asks. "Well she has Desutatchi curse, every day she fades a little more." The chef explains. Desutatchi is a death curse. It inflicts people by slowly turning them into a ghost. Rumour has it, that it impacts those that cross paths with a white banshee. "Is there nothing can be done?" Asks Ryuu, many villages have shamans and healers. "Tried everything I can without going bankrupt, hired a witcheater a while back but he turned out to be a fraud." The chef says with a harmed pride. Ryuu had little experience dealing with monsters, other than the odd Kamapari or Drugr. "How much did he charge?" Ryuu asks.
That night Ryuu prayed and meditated until the early hours of the following morning. He walked the grounds burning incense and planting hallow seeds. A small ritual to help guide him. Having donned his armour, he prepares for battle. Drinking Uzshroom tea he sharpens his mind, his muscles ached for a fight. Then he hears the distant wails of a unearthly creature. Something that haunts the local river. By paper lantern he travelled deeper into the woods, something the chef advised greatly against. Pushing through the thick plant growth he came to the bank, a woman in white robes waited for him by the water's edge. Definitely a spirit of some sort. He wiped his blade with black mountain oil, and lights it with the spark of a nearby rock. The woman in white turns, her elegant features twist into a nightmarish creature of sharp teeth and oozing red mist. "Easy there you, let's figure this out." A voice in a strange accent says from edge of the trees. Ryuu can only make out the likeness of a mantis-monkey. Hunched down in the duff, the creature with elongated arms and long sharp fingers watches the lone samurai intently. This one isn't like other mantis-monkeys, no pale white fur or humanoid looking face. Just black on black fur, fur that wriggles upward like dancing flame. The odd mantis-monkey, on an even stranger twist, this mantis-monkey has a third eye vertically in its forehead. "Step away, and I'll make it worth your while." The mantis-monkey says getting closer. "This does not concern you mortal!" The creature says it's three crimson eyes burning. Ryuu takes his eyes off of the mantis-monkey that is trying to convince him to leave, instead looking at the attrocity that was once a woman in white. The creature is held back but could rip Ryuu apart with just one swipe. "Don't worry about my child here, she's just adjusting to this new world." The stranger says in its animal skin. "I do not trust you," Ryuu says keeping his blade poised and ready to strike. All he needs is one successful strike, a well timed sweep and his enemy is done. But this wasn't a creature from this world, and Ryuu had heard rumours. Of the Undying Travellers. "This creature has caused suffering to the people in the nearby village." Ryuu says as the mantis-monkey moves forward. "And they cause suffering, and you cause suffering, we all do. Think of the bigger picture, my child here can dawn you a new age. An age powered by this" the mantis-monkey holds out it's three fingered paw and from its palm a blue black flame, one that glimmers like oil. A rainbow shine over the surface of the flame. The air grows cold and the wind begins to howl, the flame only grows. Ryuu feels compelled to accept the flame as his own.
Ryuu would accept the flame, and become a monstrous puppet for the creature. But the creature would allow Ryuu to finish his mission. A battle utop an iron cloud would see the fall of Tenzu's men, as Ryuu carves the men before him in half. Feeding the desires of the dark creature that aids him. The helipilots would offer artillery to bring the iron cloud down, hitting it's iron hull with rockets. Ignoring the chaos around him, Ryuu would fight Tenzu atop of the Captain's watch. Ryuu would win, and show no mercy Beheading Tenzu whilst he mocked the young samurai. And for Ryuu his mission was accomplished. However the creature's plans would be just in their beginnings. Ryuu sees his body act of its own will, becoming an instrument of death and decay. Chaos and power. Without any way of stopping it, more and more of Ryuu would become lost. The creature would take everything. It gift turning into a curse. Eventually Ryuu would prove no longer useful to the creature, and left. The was infamous samurai who ended the rebellion became nothing but another insane old man. Corrupted and unable to die.
Ryuu's hand hovers just above the flame, about to accept the offer. His fingers gently touching the surface of the flame. Like entering a hot pool on a cold day. Ryuu's body felt more power than ever before, having visions of all the potential. "All you have to do is accept," the creature says it's third eye glowing. What was once the lady in white stomps forward making the earth shake. Long twisted limbs smash against the earth below, a jaw made of sharp teeth. Ryuu looks at the attrocity, that still looks ready to pounce. He thinks of getting Tenzu, and his comrades. Could they do it without him. Ryuu takes in the strength of the flame one last time. Then pulling his hand away, putting both hands on his sword. The mantis-monkey jumps away and scowls. "You made the wrong choice." It says before disappearing. The monster made from the lady in whites form, snaps forward and Ryuu lunges. Aiming for its throat, but the creature catches Ryuu. He drops his sword and falls to his knees, the body of the woman in white slumps forward on to him. She looks peaceful compared to the monster she'd become. Her life is faint, as is Ryuu's. Yet he tries to remain calm and strong so the woman might die peacefully. He looks up and thinks about the Iron Clouds over Bamboo kingdoms, and smiles for the last time. Leaving their fates to Mesmir.
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