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This subreddit is dedicated and focused on the **fun side of Vegas**. Native of Vegas beware, this isn't for you. Share your **trips**, **photos**, **reviews**, **tips**, and **deals**. Let this subreddit be an oasis for those needing a little Vegas fix, and those excited for their upcoming trip. Popular sites, podcasts, photo albums, and tips will make it to the sidebar.

2023.03.14 17:20 scaryfridge5 New vegas casino scale model shows off just how much parking will be available
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2022.11.29 00:38 Faction_Chief /r/news -

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2022.09.01 09:42 komocode Boring Company files application for adding a station to Dream Hotel in Las Vegas.
Some people were guessing it's the dream hotel from that Object Dash LLC company that popped up recently. Now it's sort of confirmed.
More info on Dream Hotel:
We heard about object dash before building a station at 4613 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119 which is not too far from the dream hotel address (,+Las+Vegas,+NV/Dream+Las+Vegas+Hotel+%26+Casino,+5051+S+Las+Vegas+Blvd,+Las+Vegas,+NV+89119/@36.0856978,-115.1734446,18z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x80c8c5c3ef016e7d:0xa8479f293953b61a!2m2!1d-115.172041!2d36.086807!1m5!1m1!1s0x80c8c50f1ada341d:0x33269baeff39b07e!2m2!1d-115.172377!2d36.0840862!3e3 )
thread here:
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2022.05.08 15:24 InflationSensitive33 Is Arthur J. Lewis (aka AJ Lewis), the would-be financier of the Las Vegas All Net Resort....a Mike G Scam victim?

Is Arthur J. Lewis (aka AJ Lewis), the would-be financier of the Las Vegas All Net Resort....a Mike G Scam victim?
Michael Glaspie (aka Mike g) has launched a new Credit Fraud Ponzi scheme and it's backed by Arthur J. Lewis (aka AJ Lewis) and his company Active Capital Holdings.
Arthur J Lewis aka AJ Lewis scamming a room full of people:
AJ Lewis has a criminal past.
In 2011-2012 he pretended to be interested in buying this multi-million dollar property:
He ended up illegally squatting in the house and stealing the furniture.

“Moe and Lewis remained in the house until they were forcibly evicted in December of 2012,” Meyers said. “When Moe and Lewis moved out, they took most of the victims’ furnishings valued at about $75,000. Since the home was never purchased by Moe and Lewis, they stole the furniture from the victims.”
There is plenty of evidence of him scamming people in his previous ventures CCFS Mega Trust and Fresh Start Financial Solutions, just search Rip Off Report.
But here's where it gets crazy.
AJ Lewis is the financier of the Las Vegas All Net Resort, pledging $4.7bn to build the resort.

"Active Capital Holdings recently committed to fund the project and made that announcement on February 22nd, 2022 at The Stirling Club during an event held for the envisioned project. Active Capital Holdings, Executive Trustee AJ Lewis indicates that the deal for the funds could be closed by as soon as next week."

"Active Capital Holdings executive trustee Arthur “AJ” Lewis told a gathering Tuesday night at Las Vegas’ upscale Stirling Club that he was there “to support the event, to support the project and to formally let Jackie know that we are going to finance the project,” an announcement that drew cheers and applause."

"That’s right. “AJ” Lewis, who nobody’s ever heard of, executive trustee for Active Capital Holdings, a company nobody’s ever heard of, is going to pony up $4.7 billion for All Net Resort & Arena."
In several interviews, AJ refers to a "deal" to raise funds to finance the project, and it always seems to be due to close, but never does.
"One of our VIP loan partners and my partner Garry have been working on something really REALLY BIG!"
So it seems that AJ Lewis is the supposed "VIP Loan Partner".
And it seems that AJ Lewis is waiting for billions of dollars to fund a Las Vegas Resort.
Here's what I think:
  1. AJ Lewis has been scammed by Garry Davidson and Michael Glaspie
  2. He might even be one of the alleged $1m investors - his own recent scams appear to have been profitable
  3. AJ Lewis committed to fund a Las Vegas Resort with proceeds from the "Mike G Deal"( closing (LOL)
  4. Garry/Mike agreed to promote AJ's new ponzi scam, perhaps to help him get his money back while skimming some profits for themselves.
What ever next in this never ending saga?
Details of the new AJ Lewis scam:
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2022.03.13 05:02 HothHanSolo Has COVID changed the way we greet friends and acquaintances?

I'm hosting an event in a few weeks--the first post-COVID-restrictions event I'll be attending here in Canada.
I'll be seeing some people I'd normally hug and meeting other people where I'd normally shake their hand.
Has COVID changed whether you touch people when you greet them? Do we have to re-negotiate this with every person you are seeing again?
This tweet from 2020 has stuck with me: "Shaking hands was always weird and gross." I've never felt this way, but maybe that's true?
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2021.07.30 23:50 MetaN3rd Get together at the con for our subreddit?

--update from original post--
planning a get together for 7PM Wed night and again 7PM Fri night. Come by and say Hi!

Hey all. Our subreddit has been chatty the past few weeks. We have some new people that have never gone before and I wanted to send an invite to them and for anyone that wants to get together.
How about Wed night, say 7PM, right before the con kicks off. We could meet in the Paris bar area
There is a raised platform area with seating that seems like a good spot. 4th pic down better describes what it looks like.
Suggest we do another night too for those that can't make Wednesday night. set another meetup for Friday night and we can share our stories from the first day.
Those of us that are con veterans can answer questions and give tips/tricks, point things out.
Shout out below if you can make it! I'll be the short guy in the black t-shirt and wearing something blinky hanging from my neck. Well that might describe a lot of people that week. I'll wear this SAO around my neck...
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2021.03.16 20:00 marchscr3amer Vegas Tipster Site Pointing to 10/22-24 for EDC

[This may have already been posted previously]
I place little credibility on this type of hallway chatter but more signs are pointing to the weekend of Oct 22-24 for EDC Vegas. This follows on the heels of an alleged postponement (blurred) announcement that briefly made its way across Instagram, and also speaks to the rising hotel rates for that weekend.
I did call around to some resorts in an effort to migrate my reservation to that weekend and that's been the word on the street for them too. We shall see.
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2021.03.08 17:08 EdRedVegas Let the Shows Commence
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2021.02.20 16:44 EdRedVegas Wow wow wow. If true — wow. #Hamilton in Vegas
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2021.02.17 09:27 EdRedVegas Criss Angel & Franco Dragone New Collaboration

This looks interesting.
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2021.02.17 09:19 EdRedVegas Criss Angel & Franco Dragone New Collaboration

This should be good, or at least interesting.
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2021.02.17 09:16 EdRedVegas Criss Angel & Franco Dragone New Collaboration
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2020.09.28 05:46 kungfuhippo1 What font is this legal document written in?

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2020.07.04 00:25 StonyTheStoner420 Casino Puts

Las Vegas Sands and Caesars are planning to close their strip properties once the weekend is over due to increase in Corona cases.
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2020.06.28 23:13 ImperatorLJ Demolition Rumors for Luxor and Excalibur

According to this article, there are once again rumors from industry folk that there could be demolition or de-theming of the Luxor and Excalibur.
I don't like that this is being considered. I find themes dope! Especially since they are fantasy and historical themes. The good news is that these are just rumors, and I can't imagine MGM would pay out during this economy.
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2020.02.05 03:12 polyphanes Domino Lore and Superstitions

Hello everyone! Forgive me if this is something of an off-topic post, but this is more about the culture of dominoes than the games or rules of dominoes.
For a research project for a book I'm writing, I'm trying to research information on lore, superstitions, stories, and cultural influences behind dominoes. It's not easy to find much along these lines, but I'm looking for things like how the Nine of Diamonds in a deck of poker cards is sometimes called the "Curse of Scotland" and considered an unlucky card to draw, or particular names of particular bones like how certain throws of dice in craps have their own names.
Do you know of any such superstitions, or have you heard any stories about particular dominoes in a spooky or capital-W Weird sense? Do you personally hold to any yourself? Are there any books or stories you might recommend?
Thank you!
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2019.12.03 04:11 twoffo Short Audio on Vital Vegas Podcast from Tunnel Site Visit

Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 104: Front Yard, Solo Bubble Craps and Sheer Kaos
Starting at 13:35 and lasting about 7 minutes the podcast has a Boring Company engineer and LVCC rep answering some questions about the project.
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2019.09.10 01:53 Tealllane Automation is slowly coming in. Does anyone have a plan for the worst case scenario?

(Too Long Did Not Read): How long until our jobs are automated away, and do you have a plan for the worst case?
I'd like to discuss jobs, specifically with more and more work places filling job positions with Automation and AI. This is happening, slowly, but surely. Not everyone will lose their jobs overnight or within in the next couple of years, but we are already seeing robots replace people in the food and beverage industry. Does everyone currently working have either a backup plan, or a guaranteed way to keep their position or elevate themselves?
I've seen only maybe a couple posts in this group over the past few years where people have shared videos of robot cooks. Typically it is always met with an eye roll and some people want to show everyone how big their micro penis by saying they're better than "That got dang robit who ain't never gon take my job!". Well I have been arguing for the past 2 years in my places of work and online that, that way of thinking is both dangerous and foolish. Because soon enough people will be sounding like a South Park episode chanting "They Took Er Jerbs".
We already have robot restaurants in the United States such as Spyce in Boston Massachusetts, Zume Pizza in the Silicon Valley and Bay area of San Francisco. San Francisco also has Creator burger and Cafe X(It's coffee, but it's still the same concept).
The MGM Resorts just laid off hundreds of their bartenders in August in their MGM2020 plan to save $300mil a year, $100mil on labor costs. The likelyhood of them adopting robot kitchens is high, if not inevitable by 2021. With that much money saved why wouldn't they?
I personally predict that more Robot Kitchen like Zume, Creator, and Spyce will appear in more cities. I haven't exactly looked into every major city to find out how many already exist, but three that I know of exist in my hometown of San Francisco. The owner of Creator said that his two 14foot machines cook their burgers in 5 minutes start to finish, and grind the meat to order. He's able to focus on higher quality ingredients by having less employees and spending less on rent, his burgers currently go for around $6 and people love them. Zume currently even has pizza trucks that cook and deliver their pizzas while assembly is done in the main restaurant. Their truck's pizza ovens utilize software that recognize with GPS how far away they are from delivery and then begin to cook your pizza for a perfect cook time.
Of course like I said this isn't going to be coming for all of us within the next couple of years. Those of us like myself who live and work in a small town for a small business owner will be safe, for awhile. But after Casinos replace more workers, next will likely be fastfood and chain restaurants such as Cheesecake Factory, Applebees, Outback Steakhouse, etc. I know that at the nearest Outback for me they barely even have servers, but instead Kiosks at each table that you place your orders for food/drinks in and have games/shows/movies you can watch/play. So servers have become obsolete as well, all you'll need is some stoned 21 year old to serve drinks/food, unless they lower drinking age to 18 then you can have a stoned 18 year old fresh out of high school.
This is going to put millions of us out of work unless we have a back up plan, because only a portion of us will be needed to work alongside the robots. Many of us who didn't grow up in a a family business or have a parent's friend started in fastfood or some shithole like a Chevys. Realistically speaking we need unions to help us with displacement, and plans set in place for retraining for a whole new field. This isn't a "Them Problem", this is an "Us Problem" that nobody talks about or just shrugs off.
If you made it this far, thank you for reading and I would appreciate hearing your thoughts and plans if you have any. 2016: 2017:
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2019.08.28 16:10 mcslippinz Robot Bartender Misinformation

Hey Guys, Yang is getting some backlash from Tipsy Robot here in Vegas.
Please realize the short video on Twitter was a fan edit.
MGM is still replacing their bartenders. Wrong video of the wrong machine. Bartenders are being replaced with:
Tipsy robot is a spectacle, but what Yang says is true
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2019.06.12 19:57 Bflatsharpeleven Plan to bring MLB to Vegas rumored, announcement supposedly coming after World Series

This is according to Vital Vegas on Twitter. Like all such rumors, take it with a grain of salt, but this guy has been right a bunch of times before about Las Vegas development projects, etc.
Current plan is to build a stadium near the South Point, which is a little ways south of the Strip on I-15:
There also seems to be a bunch of activity on other plots of land in the area, possibly due to the supposed stadium plans:
Again, this could be nothing, but it’s worth talking about.
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2018.05.07 17:05 16semesters Trip Report 6/4-6/6: Vdara

Got into LAS on a non-stop from my home airport at about 10:30pm. Ordered a Lyft when I was approaching baggage claim and by the time I got to 2M where the rideshare is for terminal one the ride was there.
Arrived at Vdara after a ~18 min ride (normal strip traffic). Staying on a comp, got upgraded (no sandwich) to an Executive Corner Suite which was a nice room with a full sized kitchen and 1.5 baths. Went out to check the Bellagio Conservatory, walk the strip with the people I was with. Conservatory is a rotating floral display that's huge and always interesting with cool displays and fun themes. It's free and always fun to check out, I recommend it if you're in the area.
Ended up at Haute Doggery at the link, ate a Billionaire dog which is delicious as always. On the way back to Vdara stopped at Aria for some green chip BJ. Ended up slightly at about 230am went back for bed.
Up early the next day at 8:00am. By 8:30am we were at Wicked Spoon for their brunch and bottomless drinks. It's 53$ (before tax and tip) for all you can eat and all you can drink miller lite, champagne, bloody marys or house wine. We went with champagne, but they let you switch if you get tired of your choice. There's something about Wicked Spoon servers; they are always so nice, friendly and boy do they give you a lot of booze! They will just bring the whole bottles of champagne to the table so you don't have to constantly ask for refills.
Food is of good quality, Bacchanal is better overall quality wise but for value and booze I think Wicked Spoon wins overall. Stand outs were their bone marrow and roast sirloin which was cooked to a perfect rare. Note: aside from some sushi/sashimi there's no crab/shrimp at this brunch buffet, which is one of my only complaints about the place.
Wicked spoon gets very busy on weekend brunch, so go early unless you're okay with a wait. By the time we left at ~11am the line was probably 150 people long.
After wicked spoon walked back through Aria to place bets on the Kentucky Derby and the NBA playoff games. One of us ended up picking Justify, so that was a fun win. I ended up having a decent amount on the Celtics straight up at +375 (plus another Celtics +9 bet) so I ended up doing well on the day sports betting. Long lines at the sports book even at 11:15am due to the Derby.
After that went to pool at Vdara. Despite being smaller and at prime time, finding chairs was not hard. Staff very nice and came around with free ice waters. Bought some beers at the pool bar and they were not too bad price wise: about 6$ which for a bar at a pool on the strip is pretty dang good.
Went up to the room, changed real quick and then went down to play some more green chip BJ at Aria. Played okay and ended down slightly. Nice dealers and good drink service. Be careful on your table selection though: I saw a 50$ table that only paid 6:5!
After that went back up to the room at Vdara to watch the end of the Cs game and catch a nap. After the nap woke up and got ready. We had tickets to Opium a new Spiegelworld show (the people behind Absinthe) for the 8pm showing at the Cosmo. Got excellent discount codes from so the tickets were only about ~27$ each which is totally worth it. Show was great: It's a small theater and definitively a variety show. Mix of humor, contortionist, singing, drag, dancing, juggling, and more. Is part of a newer wave of smaller, more intimate, more "hipster" shows popping up on the strip like the Great Miss Behave's Gameshow I saw a few months earlier.
After the show took a Lyft downtown. Downtown was INSANELY busy. By far the busiest I've ever seen it. I've been there for the Superbowl, March Madness, etc. and I've never seen downtown like that. Couldn't get a table downtown for BJ it was so busy! Went to Oak and Ivy at the Container park which is an amazing whiskey/cocktail bar I always recommend and the drinks were excellent.
After that took a Lyft back to the strip. Were hungry so ate at Shake Shack at NYNY which is a decent and quick burger. I remember going to the original Shake Shack back in NYC so it was not anything too exotic but a solid burger non the less. I got the Shack Stack which has a cheese-stuffed fried portabello mushroom on top of a burger. Very good.
After that some more green chip BJ at Aria were I ended up slightly up on the session, but down a little on the trip from the previous session in the day. Because of the Cs coming up big though, I ended up quite a bit on the trip.
Went to bed and woke up at 7am and out the door at 7:45am. Had a flight at 9:15am. The last few times I've flown out of Terminal 1 C gates they've had the "everyone is pre-check" policy which ends up taking a bit longer for more me since I already have pre-check and it just makes the line longer. Took about 20 mins to get through security, so timing was no problem for my flight home.
Vdara was very nice and a good location overall but it is a bummer there's not a lot of food options without having to walk.
Vegas is all in on the Vegas Golden Knights and it's cool to see. All hotels/casinos had staff wearing jerseys and all the marquees had messages for the Knights, even casinos that compete with MGM. (MGM is a part owner of the arena they play in)
Downtown is becoming more and more popular. Each time I'm there it's more crowded. I think this is a good thing because hopefully it spurs more development downtown but also a little worrisome because I worry it will bring the bad parts of the strip downtown like increasing prices, worse gambling odds, and pricing out locally owned restaurants and bars.
It's a busy summer so my next trip will not be till August! Thanks for reading!
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2018.03.02 04:33 jmmasten Las Vegas Discussion: Going more/less?

This is probably going to be lengthy and like a fart in the wind, but in general I’m just curious if anyone’s attitudes towards Vegas have changed. Phx is a huge market for them and I’ve been going a lot for over 10 years, but my 3-4x/yr has become once, maybe twice now. I’ve never been a huge gambler or big spender, but the main reasons I’ve soured a bit have been:
Resort fees, Parking fees, Tighter payouts, Tighter drink policies, And for some people it may be safety/security (not me)
It’s seemingly become the way of the world, but resort fees really drive me crazy. MGM properties started in ‘08, then Caesar’s promoted “no resort fees”, ultimately following suit in ‘13. Each have increased them a couple times, including effective today, and now here’s where they stand for middle the road properties: The Linq $39.68/night Mirage: $41.95/ night
Then paid parking began. First at MGM then Caesar’s joined in ‘16. They’ve each raised parking fees since, and here’s what they are for those properties for self-parking for 24 hours: The Linq $10/night Mirage: $15/night
So since I started going, and driving, to Vegas I now pay about $50/night at Caesar’s properties and $57/night at MGM in fees that didn’t use to exist. The irony of all of this is that I probably have three times as much disposable income as I used to, but the principle of the matter just pisses me off. I wish they would be forced to roll fees in advertised rates.
Then there’s 3:2 blackjack that has transformed to 6:5 over the years. And free drinks policies have certainly tightened to where they now have a light system on the back of video poker machines at bars for bartenders to follow. An obvious additional factor is just that I’ve been so much and seen most everything that it’s lost some of its luster. But I’m definitely over the bland drive and wish plane ticket prices revert or I-11 gets going. But long story short, I’m just curious how others feel about going and if your habits have changed over the years.
With the resorts doing better than ever, and having near record occupancy, I don’t see them backing down or slowing down on the implementation of fees and cutting costs. On a miscellaneous note I love checking out for info. I used to use but Condé Nast traveler purchased it and ruined it!
PS, I saw Carrot Top last trip and that ginger is amazing! Just purchased Penn & Teller tix for April tonight.
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