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2023.03.30 16:48 ImAtUrDoor Took the Dr. Sturm plunge...

I've been so curious to see what the fuss (hype) is all about regarding Dr. Sturm so I caved and bought myself a few things. I found an amazing deal on a set that included a 30 ml/1 oz Super Anti Aging Serum (usually, what, 370 on its own), and then small sizes (bigger than travel/mini, but much smaller than full size) of the foam cleanser, enzyme cleanser, and the Face Cream. I then separately purchased a smaller bottle of the Hyaluronic Serum.
I am going to put my Lancer method aside for now, and just use these products for the next 2 weeks or so -- the Face Cream and cleansers will run out much faster, but I think the serums will last longer -- and see how my skin feels and looks.
First impression from a few minutes ago is that everything feels a little sparse? The cleanser felt like nothing was there but not necessarily in a good way? I'm used to giving my skin a good scrub with Lancer polish and then a cleansing, so it's just a big shift. The Hyaluronic serum is stiiiiicccky. Definitely absorbed up fairly quickly but I wasn't expecting it to be that syrupy. The Face Cream felt fine too but my skin doesn't feel particularly soft or hydrated.
My gut says I'll be sticking with my Lancer, but never say never. I'll report back...
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2023.03.30 16:46 BPDthrowawayweee Am I (FTM 21) being unfair about the division of labor with my partner (22 M)?

I live in an apartment with my boyfriend and one roommate. All of us work full-time, with the roommate working longer shifts and my partner doordashing for extra income, usually a couple times a week. I also take online clssses. He also makes more, so he often pays a slightly larger chunk of the bills. He also takes me to work every day and usually gives me a ride home, as he is currently the only one who drives. I do a lot of the household work.
Cooking is done equally, but I often need to remind partner with help with dishes, and he doesn’t always remember to clean up messes around the living room. We usually all cook our own food, if someone is making a big meal we usually all share it. We also all typically do our own laundry. Roommate sometimes helps with things like cleaning and also does a fair amount of cooking. I do have two cats, I mostly care for them as they are my own.
My partner also has ADHD as well as myself. I have expressed being bothered about doing a lot of the chores towards him, and he has said as long as I ask him for help he will assist. We have been trying this for about a month, and we haven’t really had any fights over chores which is a positive sign. I have noticed much more help with things around the house when I ask him, but he still forgets occasionally or I feel like I need to remind him multiple times in the day. However, asking him is beginning to feel like a mental load. He has said he hasn’t found another system that works for him, he’s tried reminder apps and the like. He is working on finding a psychiatrist to try to find a med that works for him.
To be fair, I do forget my own messes around the home as well at times. I’m also autistic and have ocd, so I’m apt to be bothered by mess more than others. I do recognize my partner helps with a lot, but I’m unsure if being upset over asking him to do things is placing my expectations too high or if we should have another conversation.
TL;DR; ADHD partner does household work but often needs to be reminded, am I expecting too much?
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2023.03.30 16:45 amarettolime Thinking about walking away from my marriage

I've been reading lots of posts here and in other marriage/divorce subreddits for days and I see a common theme with a lot of what women are asking advice about... lack of emotional support.
My husband (38M) and I (39F) have been married for almost 8 years, together for 11 (no kids, three dogs). I am just now discovering things about myself that I feel no longer fit with this person, or this marriage. What I mean is that I have a lot of unresolved and unrealised childhood trauma and I guess I've been coasting along for most of my life. Doing things I thought people are supposed to do rather than asking if it's what I really wanted, putting up with things that are hurting me rather than addressing them head on. However I didn't know myself as well as I do now, and I'm still figuring that out, so the decisions I made in my 20s almost feel like mistakes at this point. I will be going to therapy soon and getting my hormones checked because I don't honestly know what is going on with me half the time.
I feel like I'm about to walk away from my marriage. Sometimes I think I have legitimate reasons to do so, other times I think I am overreacting.
I don't know if marriage is right for me or if I just married the wrong person.
For the most part my husband is pretty good, he's not physically abusive, no question of infidelity, no alcohol or drug issues. His love language is acts of service so he's pretty good at helping out around the house with dishes, washing, cleaning, gardening. He isn't great at cooking so I take that and meal planning on board. I also handle everything else, all the bills, the budget, organising outings and holidays, and what we're going to do with our dogs (two of them have arthritis so I make sure they get all their supplements, injections, proper approved exercise, home adjustments, the list goes on). I make all of his medical appointments for him, if he needs anything ordered online I do that too, home improvements also fall to me to organise (we're not DIY savvy or handy at all). If one bill goes unpaid or there isn't enough money in our account to cover a direct debit he gets mad at me for it. If I drop the ball in any of my areas of responsibility he gets frustrated and angry.
He works away for a week then he's home for a week, I have recently given up the 9-5 life and am doing a few things at home as well as some dog walking/training. I still bring in a bit of money but not as much as I used to. This isn't an issue for him at all, he was more than happy for me to give up a job that was causing me so much stress and burn out. So now I also make sure the house is clean and tidy for when he gets home, he has brought up in the past that my messiness is an issue so I've worked on resolving that. But he also has a very high standard of what cleanliness means and if I haven't 'done it right' he will get mad that he has to do it again.
My love language is words of affirmation and physical touch, both of which I have mentioned and both of which he never gives me. He has mentioned on a few occasions that my weight is an issue for him and that's why he doesn't touch me or initiate anything further. I honestly couldn't tell you when the last time we had sex was.
I've always struggled with low self-esteem and body issues, as well as a fear of rejection so I've stopped initiating things. If someone flat out tells you that your body isn't desirable how are you supposed to get over that? I've slimmed down multiple times over the years and nothing changes no matter how good I look, I receive more compliments from total strangers than I ever have from him... I had to ask him on our wedding day how I looked and he replied with "fine" (I also organised every aspect of our wedding with no help from him). I have asked him for hugs and to give me back rubs (etc) and each time he rolls his eyes or groans at the request. It's almost as if physical touch annoys him. I stopped asking years ago.
He talks to me like I'm a piece of shit most of the time too. He says it's because he's exhausted from work, which I understand, his job is full on, but when I say to him that it's not an excuse he just gets more angry at me for being so sensitive; for always thinking I've done something wrong when its really that he's just completely shattered. I can barely ask the simplest of questions without getting snapped at.
I organise nice outings and things for us to do with our dogs and the entire time he'll either complain, look utterly miserable, and/or just remain totally silent. Again he says it's because of work and being so tired. I make sure when he does get home that he has quiet time alone to rest and sleep, I think about all the things I can do to make life easier for him all the time. I don't feel like he has any regard for me at all in the same way I have for him.
He does deal with anxiety but I think it could be more than that? I brought up marriage counselling 2-3 years ago but he said we didn't need it.
He doesn't communicate well and I could certainly be better but I have definitely tried to communicate my feelings in the past. If it falls on deaf ears and he doesn't seem receptive to how he makes me feel (only angry at it being brought up) how am I expected to continue trying?
He never seems happy no matter what I do. He is a negative thinker too which does not help, always thinking the absolute worst about almost everything.
Recently I've mentally checked out of the relationship. When he's home I basically pretend that he isn't. I do my own thing, go on my own outings, focus on my hobbies. I've stopped organising things for us to do together, I've stopped initiating conversation... if he's going to be a moody, angry, miserable asshole whenever I do anything I don't see the point in trying anymore. I answer him when he asks me things, I reply when I need to reply, but I no longer initiate conversation like I used to, I no longer put his needs and moods above my own. I'm exhausted carrying that side of the relationship along with everything else.
He has noticed something isn't quite right and said: "Are you going to talk to me?" to which I replied "I'm done talking to you because I don't like how you respond to me" all I got in response was "Ok" and then he walked away.
So now he's just come back from work, off a week of night shift, he should be sleeping and getting back into a regular routine except he's doing all this work around the house as if I'll suddenly be ok. As if I'll suddenly forget everything else and just accept his bullshit behaviour like I have done for so many years.
I have asked him why he speaks to me that way (aside from being tired) and he said that it was probably because I don't pull him up on it often enough.
Am I a doormat? Is my lack of self worth the reason I have ignored all this and put up with it for so long?
I apologise for how lengthy this is, I have left out a lot more detail but it still seems very long winded and a bit all over the place. Thank you for reading.
TL;DR: I'm exhausted trying to make him happy when he never seems happy and I feel like I'm about to walk away. Did I marry the wrong person? Am I suddenly realising my own self worth?
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2023.03.30 16:44 Working_Celery Making sense of myself (TW: CSA)

I've been trying to connect the dots. So many things didn't make sense to me till I finally pieced them together.
I'm currently 26 yo male with an amazing girlfriend and I hope that I will be able to stay in this relationship without blowing it up.
From around 13 yo, I've had an inexplicable fear and hatred of women. I was attracted to girls, but I couldn't seem to see myself being with them or even near them. The proximity or physical contact of a girl put me on high alert, like I was in danger. The pain of loving and hating women really destroyed me.
At 14 yo, I experienced serious depersonalization and derealization. I felt so out of touch with reality and myself. I remember trying to describe my experience to google and learning about these words. I spent most of my teenage years socially isolated. I was addicted to video games, masturbation and porn.
In my late teens to early 20s, I had a strong preference for older women, or women who were taller than me. I felt physical attraction to girls my age, but I had no interest in dating them. I had strange sexual fantasies too. I often fantasized about being molested by women, particularly older women. I didn't know why it turned me on so much. I visited prostitutes a handful of times and I only visited older women. Their ages ranged from 30 to 50. I realized at age 21 that I had a sex addiction problem. Each visit to a prostitute left me with deep guilt and shame, yet I kept going back. I hated masturbating to porn yet I couldn't stop myself. I decided to start NoFap to regain a sense of sexual normalcy.
I say with great shame that I had an incest fetish. I sexualized other family members. I fantasized about sexual encounters with an imaginary sister and with extended family members.
My mother walks around the house in just a tank top and panties most of the time. It has always been this way in my life. A few times in my late teens to early 20s, I felt aroused by the sight of her. I ignored these thoughts. Despite this, I couldn't tolerate any physical contact with my mother from the age of around 12. Any physical contact with her, no matter how small and inconsequential, would send me into a fit of rage. I'd shout at her to not touch me and to get away from me. It wasn't alway like that. I used to be very close and very affectionate with my mother.
My relationship with my mother is very strained. She has treated me like her boyfriend for most of my life. I have a younger brother and an older brother, but my mother treated me like I was special when I was a child. I slept with her in the same bed as a child till about 11-12 yo. She swung between telling me that she wants to elope with me to another country to start a new life together and telling me that she wants to abandon the family or kill herself. I was her emotional blanket. We had many deep emotional conversations and philosophical conversations together. I was in love with my mother.
The incest kicked in full swing after my father was imprisoned when I was around 10 yo. My father was physically abusive towards me till then. I remember being happy that he was gone. I didn't just want him gone, I wanted him dead.
We only had one usable bathroom/toilet at home. Once, probably around 10 yo, I wanted to poop while my mother was showering. I told her and she let me in to poop. I pooped naked at that time. Mind you, there is no wall, curtain or barrier between the shower and the toilet. I remember watching my mother shower and having lots of conversations with her. Somehow, this became a regular thing. Sometimes, I had no intention to poop, but I still went into the bathroom and be at the toilet naked while she showers. One time, I saw my mother having her period. I watched period blood flow down her legs while she showered. She explained to me that this is what women experience every month and that it's good for me to learn more about women. I simply nodded and listened to her obediently.
There was once my mother, my younger brother and I were watching a film at home together and a pornographic sex scene came up. I remember feeling uncomfortable and weirded out by it. I looked over to my mother and she seemed unfazed. I remember her telling me that it's no big deal, it's only weird if I make it weird.
My mother often dressed and undressed in the bedroom with me inside. I asked my younger brother and he seemed to also remember seeing my mother change, but less than me. Often, I would be in my bed and my mother would come in to change. She'd tell me not to look while she changed. I would hide my face in my blanket to avoid seeing her naked. This makes no sense to me now. If she didn't want me to look, why didn't she tell me to leave the room? Why did she let me stay inside?
I seemed to have a strong fascination with my erect penis as a toddler. I vaguely remember showing my erect penis to my mother. I remember feeling very intrigued by it and asking my mother why my penis became big.
I have been hypersexual ever since I was a young child. I remember having sexual fantasies at around 5 yo. The sexual fantasies involved my mother or the female teachers at the kindergarten. I remember looking at my mother's bra hung behind a door and feeling aroused by it.
I have a very suspicious memory. I was probably around 10 yo and my father was in jail at the time. I was in the bedroom with just my mother. I remember feeling very angry and violated. Then, my mother said to me "girls can touch boys, but boys cannot touch girls". I became furious. I understood that my mother was telling me that I can be molested by women. I threw a tantrum said "I hate girls". Since then, when I slept at night, I felt a strong need to cover myself with my blanket, especially my private parts. For some reason, I didn't feel safe sleeping. I am unable to recall what led up to this incident, but it is a strong indicator to me that my mother may have molested me. I have a vague feeling that she stopped since this incident. I asked my mother as an adult now if she remembers saying this. She didn't remember but she told me that it makes sense that she told me "boys cannot touch girls" because she didn't want me to be accused of sexual assault.
I also remember at around 10 yo, a school teacher told the class that I used to be a very cheerful and happy kid when she first met me, but now I seemed sad and emotionless most of the time. From then till my early 20s, I had several episodes of depression and anxiety. Since 13 yo, I had frequent suicidal and homicidal thoughts till today.
The sexual abuse is only one piece of the puzzle. My father's physical abuse, my mother's borderline personality, the parent-child role reversal, the emotional abuse, the complete neglect by both my parents, the excessive hoarding that both my parents did, all of these left me deeply broken inside. I remember telling people as a teenager that I live with my parents but I feel like an orphan inside.
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2023.03.30 16:39 Odd-Success-2902 Anxiety has a chokehold on my life

I'm a 21 year old male from the UK and I've been struggling with anxiety for the past 4-5 years. I'm hoping to connect with and get some advice from others who have experienced similar symptoms and triggers to me. This might be a pretty long post so I've left a TL;DR at the bottom.
My anxiety manifests in physical symptoms like wretching and gagging, and I end up feeling (and sometimes am) physically sick. Certain situations tend to trigger my anxiety, things like airports, public transport (particularly if it's a bus full of people or something) and meeting up with people I haven't seen in a long time.
For example, a recent anxious event for me was at the gym when a girl I used to know from secondary school walked in, waved at me, and within seconds I was feeling sick and wretching. I had to speed walk to the bathroom because I thought I was about to throw up. This girl is someone I knew had joined the gym weeks prior, and each morning before getting to the gym I'd be on edge in anticipation of seeing her. She's a lovely person, easy to talk to, and I spoke to her in person as recent as last week and it was fine. The most annoying thing for me is that once I left the situation (I had to cut my workout short), I felt absolutely fine and just ended up being frustrated with myself that I became overwhelmed and left.
I get anxious about being anxious. It drives me insane. I'm usually an optimistic person, but I'm struggling to see a future where I'm free of anxiety and can enjoy the things that make me anxious today without wretching/gagging etc. I have a hard time understanding how everybody else just does these things without having any form of anxiousness. My anxiety is getting in the way of my dating life, traveling, and doing all the other things I want to do.
I'm wondering if anyone has overcome anything similar to this and has been able to live their life without anxiety. If so, what helped you the most? I'm open to any advice or strategies that have worked for others. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I appreciate any help you can offer.
TL;DR: 21yr old male, my anxiety manifests in physical symptoms like wretching/gagging, feeling/being sick. Situations like going to airports, using busy public ransport, meeting with people I haven't seen in a while, dating make me extremely anxious. I get anxious over being anxious, and I'm struggling to see a future where I'm free of anxiety. My anxiety is getting in the way of my dating life, traveling, and doing all the other things I want to do. I'm looking for advice and strategies from others who have overcome similar anxiety symptoms and triggers.
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2023.03.30 16:39 Odd-Success-2902 Anxiety has a chokehold on my life

I'm a 21 year old male from the UK and I've been struggling with anxiety for the past 4-5 years. I'm hoping to connect with and get some advice from others who have experienced similar symptoms and triggers to me. This might be a pretty long post so I've left a TL;DR at the bottom.
My anxiety manifests in physical symptoms like wretching and gagging, and I end up feeling (and sometimes am) physically sick. Certain situations tend to trigger my anxiety, things like airports, public transport (particularly if it's a bus full of people or something) and meeting up with people I haven't seen in a long time.
For example, a recent anxious event for me was at the gym when a girl I used to know from secondary school walked in, waved at me, and within seconds I was feeling sick and wretching. I had to speed walk to the bathroom because I thought I was about to throw up. This girl is someone I knew had joined the gym weeks prior, and each morning before getting to the gym I'd be on edge in anticipation of seeing her. She's a lovely person, easy to talk to, and I spoke to her in person as recent as last week and it was fine. The most annoying thing for me is that once I left the situation (I had to cut my workout short), I felt absolutely fine and just ended up being frustrated with myself that I became overwhelmed and left.
I get anxious about being anxious. It drives me insane. I'm usually an optimistic person, but I'm struggling to see a future where I'm free of anxiety and can enjoy the things that make me anxious today without wretching/gagging etc. I have a hard time understanding how everybody else just does these things without having any form of anxiousness. My anxiety is getting in the way of my dating life, traveling, and doing all the other things I want to do.
I'm wondering if anyone has overcome anything similar to this and has been able to live their life without anxiety. If so, what helped you the most? I'm open to any advice or strategies that have worked for others. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I appreciate any help you can offer.
TL;DR: 21yr old male, my anxiety manifests in physical symptoms like wretching/gagging, feeling/being sick. Situations like going to airports, using busy public ransport, meeting with people I haven't seen in a while, dating make me extremely anxious. I get anxious over being anxious, and I'm struggling to see a future where I'm free of anxiety. My anxiety is getting in the way of my dating life, traveling, and doing all the other things I want to do. I'm looking for advice and strategies from others who have overcome similar anxiety symptoms and triggers.
Thanks in advance :)
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2023.03.30 16:39 Odd-Success-2902 Anxiety has a chokehold on my life

I'm a 21 year old male from the UK and I've been struggling with anxiety for the past 4-5 years. I'm hoping to connect with and get some advice from others who have experienced similar symptoms and triggers to me. This might be a pretty long post so I've left a TL;DR at the bottom.
My anxiety manifests in physical symptoms like wretching and gagging, and I end up feeling (and sometimes am) physically sick. Certain situations tend to trigger my anxiety, things like airports, public transport (particularly if it's a bus full of people or something) and meeting up with people I haven't seen in a long time.
For example, a recent anxious event for me was at the gym when a girl I used to know from secondary school walked in, waved at me, and within seconds I was feeling sick and wretching. I had to speed walk to the bathroom because I thought I was about to throw up. This girl is someone I knew had joined the gym weeks prior, and each morning before getting to the gym I'd be on edge in anticipation of seeing her. She's a lovely person, easy to talk to, and I spoke to her in person as recent as last week and it was fine. The most annoying thing for me is that once I left the situation (I had to cut my workout short), I felt absolutely fine and just ended up being frustrated with myself that I became overwhelmed and left.
I get anxious about being anxious. It drives me insane. I'm usually an optimistic person, but I'm struggling to see a future where I'm free of anxiety and can enjoy the things that make me anxious today without wretching/gagging etc. I have a hard time understanding how everybody else just does these things without having any form of anxiousness. My anxiety is getting in the way of my dating life, traveling, and doing all the other things I want to do.
I'm wondering if anyone has overcome anything similar to this and has been able to live their life without anxiety. If so, what helped you the most? I'm open to any advice or strategies that have worked for others. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I appreciate any help you can offer.
TL;DR: 21yr old male, my anxiety manifests in physical symptoms like wretching/gagging, feeling/being sick. Situations like going to airports, using busy public ransport, meeting with people I haven't seen in a while, dating make me extremely anxious. I get anxious over being anxious, and I'm struggling to see a future where I'm free of anxiety. My anxiety is getting in the way of my dating life, traveling, and doing all the other things I want to do. I'm looking for advice and strategies from others who have overcome similar anxiety symptoms and triggers.
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2023.03.30 16:38 Odd-Success-2902 Anxiety has a chokehold on my life

I'm a 21 year old male from the UK and I've been struggling with anxiety for the past 4-5 years. I'm hoping to connect with and get some advice from others who have experienced similar symptoms and triggers to me. This might be a pretty long post so I've left a TL;DR at the bottom.
My anxiety manifests in physical symptoms like wretching and gagging, and I end up feeling (and sometimes am) physically sick. Certain situations tend to trigger my anxiety, things like airports, public transport (particularly if it's a bus full of people or something) and meeting up with people I haven't seen in a long time.
For example, a recent anxious event for me was at the gym when a girl I used to know from secondary school walked in, waved at me, and within seconds I was feeling sick and wretching. I had to speed walk to the bathroom because I thought I was about to throw up. This girl is someone I knew had joined the gym weeks prior, and each morning before getting to the gym I'd be on edge in anticipation of seeing her. She's a lovely person, easy to talk to, and I spoke to her in person as recent as last week and it was fine. The most annoying thing for me is that once I left the situation (I had to cut my workout short), I felt absolutely fine and just ended up being frustrated with myself that I became overwhelmed and left.
I get anxious about being anxious. It drives me insane. I'm usually an optimistic person, but I'm struggling to see a future where I'm free of anxiety and can enjoy the things that make me anxious today without wretching/gagging etc. I have a hard time understanding how everybody else just does these things without having any form of anxiousness. My anxiety is getting in the way of my dating life, traveling, and doing all the other things I want to do.
I'm wondering if anyone has overcome anything similar to this and has been able to live their life without anxiety. If so, what helped you the most? I'm open to any advice or strategies that have worked for others. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I appreciate any help you can offer.
TL;DR: 21yr old male, my anxiety manifests in physical symptoms like wretching/gagging, feeling/being sick. Situations like going to airports, using busy public ransport, meeting with people I haven't seen in a while, dating make me extremely anxious. I get anxious over being anxious, and I'm struggling to see a future where I'm free of anxiety. My anxiety is getting in the way of my dating life, traveling, and doing all the other things I want to do. I'm looking for advice and strategies from others who have overcome similar anxiety symptoms and triggers.
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2023.03.30 16:29 watches4321 [NM] LNIB Unworn Tag Heuer Formula 1 X Red Bull Racing Quartz Chronograph (Ref. CAZ101AL.BA0842) - 100 spots at $13/ea

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86 OrbitalGram
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95 jgriffin84
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100 Whoppers_N_Fries

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2023.03.30 16:27 RipMcStudly Rifftrax's MST3K DOTW: Horror Of Party Beach (Season 8 Episode 17)

His mouth may be full of sausages, but he also wants to eat some humans, because The Horror Of Party Beach can't be stopped! This week's MST3K DOTW is episode 817, a black and white monster movie gem that may be considered a legendary turkey, but isn't afraid to have a good time. Venture back in time with the gang to 1964 for this one, after stopping off in plain old 64 AD for the start of the Roman Times section of season 8! Well, ok, first Servo tries to con Mike with his monk chants, but then we're off of see the epic rivalry of Rifftrax team Bridget and Mary Jo as Flavia and Peal (Apearlo) as Pearl and Brain Guy (Brainguyeus) try to con their way into the Roman high life. There's a lot of people who dislike season 8's network forced plotline, but it's hard to ignore the fun of Bridget and Mary Jo going at it, or Kevin's silly giddiness as a Roman aristocrat.
But enough of those silly in color people, it's time to deal with the movie, and quite a movie it is. This is a beach movie that goes hard on the dancing and skin, is packed to the brim with supposedly attractive people making dumb jokes while being promiscuous, and is so very, very white. The guys make a few riffs suggesting that the movie is South African, but it's actually from New Jersey, and directed by the "Ed Wood of Connecticut, Del Tenney". So just beware that all of these cavorting people are essentially on the Jersey Shore. Not to worry, though, because after we get some perfunctory plot establishing done, we start butchering them left and right. Pay attention to just how many people die in this movie, seriously. At one point, before we even reach halfway, the monsters wipe out a sorority slumber party, and kill 20 women. That's a huge body count for this kind of movie, and the movie only seems to care for about three minutes. Don't die in Jersey, is what I'm saying. But do employ a...well...are you familiar with the "mamie" stereotype? If not, then you're about to be if you watch this, and if you are, be wary if you're offended by some grade A dated stuff. The father and daughter at the heart of the movie have a domestic servant named Eulabelle who is that stereotype all the way down to the superstitious beliefs and supposed simplicity. It's probably going to bug some folks, and it's the one legit stain on a movie that is otherwise as deliciously cheesy as an MST3K horror movie can be. Like Attack Of The The Eye Creatures without the pervert twins.
Luckily for us, though, the riffing has no problem calling the movie out on this, or on anything else. The guys clearly liked this movie, and they roll with it very well, giving a sometimes pointed, but almost always solid attack on it. The excessive dance segments probably draw the most good riffs, and with good reason. The band gets some good riffs too, despite not being on screen all that long. But there's still a ton of quality attention to give to the titular Horrors, who have a wonderfully stupid design, at least until the movie's big secret is revealed, and the guys become increasingly obsessed with sodium. That obsession might grate a bit, but the movie does kind of make a ham job of the whole thing, so I call fair game.
Back on the SOL (and in Rome) the Bots want to throw their own beach party, but Mike's outfit is a lot more (and less) than they asked for in a memorable sketch that must've had Bridget groaning. Next Pearl and Brain Guy try to ingratiate themselves into Roman society with extremely dated, then current references, including a musical performance of a now classic jingle. Then we get a newspaper gag between Mike and Tom, and finally Bridget and Mary Jo try to kill each other while Brain Guy and Kevin go hit the puke lodge. Oh, fun. Sodium rounds out the cast.
All in all, this episode is probably going to end up on a lot of people's top 10 or top 20 lists, and with good reason. The movie is fun, fast for what it is, and goofy, and the riffs and host segments buoy it nicely. I'm going to go with GREAT for this one, because I believe it is one of season 8's many must see outings, but others may rate it a bit lower. Still, if you're able to watch this riff and think it's not a really good time, then I'm gonna need you to hand over all of that extra sodium for my trip up to NJ this summer.
Watch The Horror Of Party Beach if you like: B&W, ridiculous monsters, ridiculous science, and dancing!
Skip it if you're against: mass off screen slaughters, uncomfortable maids, or an only passing interest in the number of slaughtered people.
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2023.03.30 16:24 stsdddtomc mandy sacs leak olivia dunne nudes la petite onlyfans belami 24 orgy futa furry porn foxy brown sextape 14 year old slut on dr phil mati.marroni leaks patrcia heaton nude lavlune onlyfans leak berlusconi orgy futurana porn freeceleb sextapes 15 månader sluta amma

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2023.03.30 16:15 CoDa4lec Can't keep living this way.

Been using ketamine for the last 9 years. Started when I was 19 and I'm 28 going on 29 now. Didn't really start getting heavy into it until 25. Started light at first (1-2g a month) Overtime, that tolerance built up quick. Quickly went from 1-2g a month to 2-4gs a day on average, sometimes even more. I can't even K-hole unless I do 1g lines and even then I'm only high for an hour-hour and a half tops.
My k cramp episodes are so severe that sometimes I have to spend full days in a hot bath. I started peeing jelly and blood last year and I can't even hold my urine for more than 20 minutes at a time, which has deterred me from picking up a lot of different career paths. Right now I've chosen to be a delivery driver solely because I have the freedom to urinate whenever I want to.
It's fucking disgusting and I hate that this is what my life has become.
Started selling it just to pay for my habit and even then couldn't keep up with my usage. I'm $3000 in debt collectively to all my dealers and I've been nothing but a financial burden to the ones that love and care about me.
I'm fucking 28 years old and I have nothing to show for it. All my peers are getting married and having children. Never thought that this is what my life would become but here we are.
I'm here writing this because I've always felt like I had control of my usage but I'm finally able to admit that I'm not able to self-govern my habit and I really want to turn my life around.
Has any of you been this far deep and successfully stopped? Did you stop cold-turkey or did you ween yourself off? What was your wake up call?
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2023.03.30 16:13 jugglesensual Dr. Phil's house looks like it was decorated by the mutant spawn of a flamboyant gay and an Alabama redneck.

Dr. Phil's house looks like it was decorated by the mutant spawn of a flamboyant gay and an Alabama redneck. submitted by jugglesensual to WowIActuallyHateThis [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 16:12 earl-grey-latte New favorite episode/scene?

Prior to the airing of S3, my all-time favorite episode continued to be S1E7 (the Regatta episode). As much as I loved S2 and was fully onboard with Heybourne, none of the episodes from the second season surpassed it. It was just chock-full of drama and intrigue and hurt and declarations from so many of the main characters. AND it was the true beginning of Arthur and Georgiana's epic friendship!
But now I think that S3E3 and maybe even S3E5 have surpassed it. (More "research", i.e. rewatches, required on that one, such a hardship.) E3 has so much going for it...the trial, the reappearance of Otis, longing looks, dogs (I'm a dog person, what can I say), and obviously the cliffs scene (which has surpassed the rowing lesson scene from S1E7 as my new favorite). It is now my favorite episode of the show ever and the one from S3 that I've rewatched most.
So, I'm just curious what everyone else's experiences are. What was your favorite episode/scene ever of the show before watching S3 and has anything surpassed it?
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2023.03.30 16:11 legselevenhotdogfire Should I Buy a Flat in Scotland?

tl;dr: 34 years old, low wage, unskilled worker living in the Midlands. 75k in savings and considering buying a cheap freehold flat for around 60k cash in Scotland. Should I?
I am 34 years old. I have 75k in savings. 50k is currently in premium bonds, and the rest is in a Club Lloyds current account earning a very poor interest rate on only 5k of the amount. At the minute I live with my elderly dad, and that is how I have managed to save so much money despite working an unskilled, low pay job.
I currently work a non-skilled warehouse job and earn 12.93 an hour and I work 37 hours a week (1913.64 per month). I've worked there for about 8 years.
I want to buy a flat in Scotland.
I see that in some places in Scotland I can purchase a flat for 50-60k that look ready to move in and are in what seem to be decent areas. They are all freehold flats as Scotland has eliminated leaseholds, so the maintenance is split between the owners of the flats. There is no ground rent, no service charges (though tenants might hire a company to manage the property's upkeep for a fee) and no lease to ever need to renew.
Where I currently live, in the Midlands, the average rent for a one bed flat is about 750 a month, unfurnished, not including bills. Even if I rented a room and shared a kitchen I would have to pay 600 or so, though that would include some bills usually. The lowest price for a home here is probably about 140k, and they are not in good condition, nor in good areas.
My idea is to move to Scotland, buy a freehold flat for 60k or less, and live on the remainder of my savings until I can get another job in a warehouse or something there, probably for minimum wage (10.43 per hour as of April. 1543.64 per month). Ideally I would pivot at some point to another line of work, as I do feel like I am wasting my life in warehouse work, and would like to move to something creative and knowledge based.
It seems to me that I will have increased security by owning my own flat, increased independence for decorating, pets, accumulating furniture etc. also, I estimate all expenses would amount to 400-500 per month (utility bills, council tax, food), and that is an amount that I could probably cover with just part time work if I wanted to, or, if I worked full time even for minimum wage I'd have about 1k per month after expenses.
Also, in Scotland, after living there for 3 years I can attend university for free, potentially opening up a way to upskill and get a better job (I attended 2 years of Uni in England, retaking my first year twice before dropping out. I had undiagnosed ADHD and drug problems that had made uni hard to cope with, and then in my second year my mom died which kinda made me give up on life for a long time. I understand that because I took 2 years of uni already, I might only be eligible for 2 years of free uni in Scotland, but the cost for Scottish citizens is only about 1800 a year in tuition anyway).
I guess my question is: is this a good idea? Are there variables I am missing that are essential to consider or be aware of?
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2023.03.30 16:07 D3capitron Josuke Go Beyond All Star Battle R Fighter Concept

General concept:
The idea that I have for a Josuke Go Beyond is to try to make a Moveset that is an upgrade of the Josuke's moveset that is in the game, the main concept that I am looking for is that in User Mode Josuke is a Zooner character that is based on shooting and put traps that make it difficult for the rival to approach while the Stand Mode is more focused on direct combat
To differentiate it from the Josuke 8 by default, it was thought that in addition to changing its model to make it more similar to what is seen in the final stretch of JoJolion, make it have the Roca mark on its face
User Mode:
Stand Mode:
Other Movements:
Outfit A- Josuke's typical Sailor outfit
Outfit B- The clothes that Josuke wears on the cover of chapter 72 (https://static.jojowiki.com/images/6/62/latest/20210416190747/JJL_Chapter_72.png)
Outfit C- The clothes that Josuke wears on the cover of Volumen 20 (https://static.jojowiki.com/images/e/e0/latest/20191222142634/JJL20Clean.jpg)
Outfit D- The clothes that Josuke wears on the cover of Volumen 27 (https://static.jojowiki.com/images/f/f1/latest/20221209112438/JJL27Digital.png)
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2023.03.30 16:04 lct200 Podcast -Following his daughter's death after taking the drug Propulsid, former Canadian politician Terence Young intro legislation, Vanessa's law, in Ottawa to make reporting of serious drug adverse events in hosp mandatory. Enacted in 2020, it seems many adverse events are still not reported. Wny?

The drug Vanessa was taking was pulled off the North American Market the day before her funeral. After her death, Terence Young set up the non-profit Drug Safety Canada to advocate for safer prescription drugs.
In this podcast, he argues that it’s essential for us all to educate ourselves about drug safety, we can’t just leave it to doctors. And Young reveals the 10 essential points we all need to check before taking any prescription drug.
You can listen to the full podcast on:
Apple , Spotify and all major podcast platforms.
The podcast is hosted by me, Liz Tucker. It's aimed at both medical professionals and patients. Here are my credentials: I am an award winning medical journalist who made films for many years for the BBC. My documentaries have been shown in over100 countries.
If you'd like to see more about my credentials, here's a link to the website:
Podcast Website
Many thanks
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2023.03.30 16:01 harbingermedia 🔸🔷🔸The Week in Podcasts at Harbinger Media🔸🔷🔸

🔸🔷🔸The Week in Podcasts at Harbinger Media🔸🔷🔸
Welcome to your weekly report on Canada's #1 podcast community! In this edition we:
\ explore the importance of labour journalism with More Perfect Union's Faiz Shakir on PRESS PROGRESS SOURCES*
\* explain why the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank is part of a larger crisis in the tech sector on TECH WON'T SAVE US
\ pearl clutch about the Trudeau Liberal's reckless new luxury tax on expensive cars and boats on BIG SHINY TAKES*
But first: are you listening to GREEN MAJORITY?
As the environmental movement continues its transformation into a social justice-oriented revolutionary push for an equitable, cooperative and sustainable democratic civilization Green Majority is bringing together the most important environmental justice news, voices and strategies from the grassroots with various hosts and contributors since the mid '00s over more than 800 episodes.
Hear the 2023 line-up of hosts including Ottawa-based activist Lauren Latour and brother-brother tag team Stefan and David Hostetter broadcasting on CIUT 89.5 FM in Toronto on Fridays at 11:00AM and on campus and community radio stations around the country (or wherever you get your podcasts), like on this week's episode interviewing world-renown geneticist and environmentalist David Suzuki about his new The Nature of Things documentary Apocalypse Plan B.
Help build Canada's progressive podcast community for just a few dollars a month (and get exclusive stickers, pins and other limited edition merch) by becoming a member!
Support Harbinger Media
Now here's the latest in new releases:
PRESS PROGRESS SOURCES: Emily Leedham talks to More Perfect Union executive director and 2020 Bernie Sanders campaign manager Faiz Shakir about the importance of labour journalism in an era of mounting inequality between the rich and poor. on ep11 of Press Progress SOURCES. (Winnipeg/Washington)
BIG SHINY TAKES: Marino Greco and Eric Wickham welcome Pullback hosts Kristen Pue and Kyla Hewson to read a baffling National Post column concern-trolling the federal government's new luxury tax on vehicles and claiming it will impact the working class more than prospective boat owners. on another Jeremy Appel-less new episode of the world's #1 anti-free speech podcast. (Toronto/Ottawa/Vancouver)
CJPME DEBRIEF: Tom Woodley and Reem Majid welcome Aline Batarseh, executive director of Visualizing Palestine, for a conversation exploring the work of VP, its successes, challenges and new strategic plan, international solidarity, and the importance of shifting the narrative toward justice. (Montreal/South Dakota)
TECH WON'T SAVE US: Friend-of-the-show (and host of new CBC podcast The Naked Emperor) Jacob Silverman joins Paris Marx to discuss how the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank is part of a larger crisis in the tech sector and why it’s turning people against the industry’s venture capitalists. (St. John's/Los Angeles)
VICTOR'S CHILDREN: In his new book 'Future on Fire: Capitalism and the Politics of Climate Change' Victor's Children host David Camfield argues that a just transition from fossil fuels won’t be delivered by businesspeople or politicians. In this re-broadcast of Harbinger Society Presents ep46 he joins Andre Goulet to talk about the book and how his podcast explores "socialism from below". (Winnipeg/Montreal)
BERRYGROUNDS: The Independent's new podcast explores whose responsibility it is to keep race-shifters in check and how people should respond when asked about their claims of Indigeneity, in the wake of the controversy surrounding Memorial University President Vianne Timmons' claims of Mi’kmaw ancestry, in a conversation between host Justin Brake and Cree journalist Michelle Cyca. (St. John's/Vancouver)
DARTS & LETTERS: Guest host Jay Cockburn tries to makes sense of what’s real, what’s hype and who pays when it comes to longevity research with BioViva CEO and self-experimenter Liz Parish, scientist and vocal critic of life extension claims Charles Brenner and bioethicist Dr. Keisha S. Ray, who reminds us that while the rich look for new ways to live longer, the poor lack access to basic health care. (Toronto/Los Angeles/Houston)
REDEYE: Co-op Radio's public affairs show welcomes CJPME's Tom Woodley to discuss the Media Accountability Project, Katherine Scott unpacks her new CCPA report examining Canada’s pandemic response through a gender lens and City Beat reporter Ian Mass talks Vancouver municipal politics in three new interviews. (VancouveMontreal/Ottawa)
PULLBACK: Is spraying sulphate into the atmosphere a solution to climate change in an era of rising temperatures? Kristen Pue and Kyla Hewson invite Green Majority hosts Lauren Latour and Stefan Hostetter to explore “Solar Radiation Management” and the geo-engineering fixation on messing with the biosphere. (Toronto/Ottawa/Vancouver)
* BIG SHINY TAKES and THE FORGOTTEN CORNER co-host Jeremy Appel is offering 30% off paid subscriptions to his The Orchard Substack until April 7th. Watch for the launch of his upcoming book Rejecting the Premise: A Political Biography of Jason Kenney from Dundurn Press later in 2023.
* CJPME's Media Accountability Project, a new initiative monitoring Canadian news coverage of the Middle East for bias against Palestinians, is now live and don't miss the Advocating for Palestine in Canada anthology free book launch webinar from Fernwood Press featuring a panel including CJPME vice-president Michael Bueckert on Thursday, March 30th at 8pm EST.
* VICTOR'S CHILDREN's host David Camfield explores how to fight Capitalism's ecological death cult with Brazilian ecosocialist Sabrina Fernandez and Salvage editor Richard Seymour on April 15th. Find out more and RSVP at Haymarket Books.
* TAKE BACK THE FIGHT and THIRTYWOOD host Nora Loreto is releasing 10 minute news headlines every weekday morning at 9:05am. Find it on Sandy and Nora Talk Politics.
\* TECH WON'T SAVE US host Paris Marx's new Disconnected, a newsletter with critical perspectives on the tech industry, is available now on Substack.
* ROB ROUSSEAU discusses topics of interest to the left every M-F from 12-4 EST on Twitch with can't-miss highlights available on Youtube.
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Become a member and help build Canada's #1 progressive media and podcast community.
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2023.03.30 16:00 wheatcrust Take it to the mechanic or junkyard?

Hi everyone. This is a bit of a longer post, because I’m trying to paint a holistic picture so that I can get the best advice. I’d appreciate anyone who is able to read through and put in their two cents.
TL;DR: I have an old car with a handful of minor issues and a few potentially major issues. I’m trying to figure out if it’s finally time to take my car to the junkyard, or if I should keep trying to fix it up.
Here’s the full situation.
I have a ‘96 Ford Taurus LX with 80,000 miles on it. It’s a little beat up, but it’s been mostly reliable since I bought it from my sister in 2019. I have put about 1,000-$1,200 into it each year for maintenance.
The check engine light is on, and I’ve attached the diagnostic reading. My grandpa bought me the parts to change the spark plugs and wires, but unfortunately the coil pack is on the rear of the engine, so I don’t think I can replace those myself. (Would a mechanic be willing for me to give them the parts I have and just charge me the labor to put them in?)
Recently I’ve been having two problems: a rattling noise, and the battery. The picture of the underside of the car is what I think is making the noise. My grandpa says it’s the cover to the catalytic converter, and it shouldn’t be hard to fix.
Here’s the bigger problem: my battery has been dying, and I think I made a big mistake. I’ve been jumping it when I’ve needed to drive it (I have a portable battery jumper), and the last time I tried to jump it, I held the key for a little too long and I heard a loud noise and something in the engine area started to smoke. I haven’t tried using the car since then.
Now I’m trying to decide if I try to tow it to a mechanic or a junkyard. I recently moved, so I don’t have a mechanic I trust in the area. If I could get another 2-3 years out of this car, I would be willing to put another $1000 in to get these issues fixed. (That’s hoping they can be fixed and that there aren’t other major issues that I’m not aware of yet). I’ve been calling around to junkyards and they’ve been quoting $300-$400 for it.
I know it may be hard to answer without seeing the car in person, but do you think I can resolve these issues without spending way more than the car is worth? Is it possible I could get another few years out of the car? I kind of feel like the junkyards are lowballing me, given the mileage on the engine and the fact that it was still driving recently, but I have no experience in thus area. Are they giving me a fair price?
submitted by wheatcrust to MechanicAdvice [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 15:59 gixkgtymwe 😘👉👌 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM 🍆💦





Processing gif oxjpozgeuvqa1...
“How did it go,” I ask coming down the stairs.
After their bodies had stopped shuddering for the moment, Brianna turned slowly towards her brother, shrouded in darkness, reluctantly leaving his cock for the moment. She had no intentions of leaving this room until she had to, and hoped he felt the same. She moaned softly as his hands found her body once again, and she gently stroked the head of his cock with her soft toes, gliding them against his half erect flesh as their lips met again in another fiery and explosive kiss. Both were lost in the throes of desire, and passion, and something else, something more. Neither could define what they were feeling, but it was obvious to each of them that they were experiencing something far stronger and different than anything they’d ever experienced before.
"Oh my gosh, you suck at this game!" Aria jokingly teased.
“What’d you do?”
She caught me staring and scolded me. She was a good Catholic girl and didn’t want any temptations. My cock immediately softened.
"Boy the bus sure is bouncing a lot." whispered Linda, pointing at Misty and Kevin. Sure enough, Christy could see Misty bouncing up and down on Kevin's lap. Then a naughty thrill went through Christy. This part of the road was pretty smooth. Linda and Christy weren't bouncing on the seat! She whispered back at Linda "You don't suppose they're..."
She began to French me and I responded by tickling her tongue with mine, which she seemed to greatly appreciate. The whole time we kissed which was at least three or four minutes of constant passion, she kept her eyes closed. However I, enraptured by her beauty, watched her as she serenely enveloped my mouth in one of the most heavenly of pleasures. As I began skillfully tracing my tongue over hers, she opened her eyes and gazed dreamily into mine, an obvious expression of pure pleasure spread across her face.
I sifted through the games and found a good one. “Monster Hunter 3 it is then.”
Silence took us for a few more seconds, until I started laughing nervously. “It’s crazy how many things we’re both feeling right now, isn’t it?”
After a moment to recover, Allison moved her body up, positioning Ryan's hard cock right at her opening. She gently rocked her hips back and forth, letting Ryan feel the teasing sensation of his head barely nestled in between her outer lips.
Her face lit up with that pure, genuine smile.
The slitting of the throat had been done at the end, but it was what had come right after that had killed this… person. Two thick nails of black iron pierced the eyes. They were what killed the victim, completing the ritual the man had been forced to perform and turning this human into a genderless Homunculus, a symbol of mankind while completely devoid of humanity.
There was about a fingers width of hair across the top of the penis and some growing down either side of it, his balls looked totally hairless and there were no hairs growing up to his navel. His dick had flopped over to one side and was starting to grow fatter and lift of the scrotum. Ricky got hold of it and put his whole hand around it and started to massage it up and down.
by Vincent
“Yes, through your desires and wishes, I was formed. Before your cancer, when you were plagued by misery and depression, your subconscious dreamt up a being that would be able to cure you of your pain, the one person who you could love forever and be happy with. Your soul sculpted mine, your heart shaping me to be your ultimate match.
So with that we got up and headed upstairs and went into hollys room.
“Because I believe in the law. Laugh if you want but there needs to be justice in the world and ‘if’ I were to come after a group I’d want the real evidence and real witnesses. Not someone who is being paid or evidence that has been falsified to make sure the case goes to trial and the sentence sticks,” I explain and the older man is smiling at me.
“You like sex and stuff?” he hissed. “I heard the boys talking about sluts in gym class!”
“Not really,” he replied. “I barely slept last night.”
Then after all of that bitching she told me that she had to go to the bathroom. I had actually been looking forward to that. I had watched mom take her into the bathroom and then bring her out again several times. I always wanted to see Stormy’s pussy. I wanted to see her tits too but that might have to wait. Right then all I could think of was that I was going to get to see my sister’s pussy and wipe it too. Maybe my fingers could slip off the toilet paper and actually touch her pussy. Holy shit!
“And you still haven’t gotten rid of your boner?” I replied. She said, “every time it got soft, it started getting hard again. Honestly, it’s been hard most of the day, and it’s starting to feel sore.”
"Yeah? Aren’t you just checking out every fine piece of ass at the beach?" I say, wiping the rest of the now-caked sperm off my face with a tissue. Now I feel some part of it went on my neck; I try to wipe it off; and stick out my naked, perky tits in front of the guys.
town. When he got
"Well, Well, Well, look who finally woke up" said my annoying oldest sister Sarah
The car drives slowly up a dirt road and approaches a lakeside home. "This is my folks' summer house." Tyler says as he parks the car. "But it's ours tonight." He smiles as he turns to face Emmy. "Come on." He says as he takes her hand after she exits the passenger side. He leads her to the opposite side of the home, facing the still lake. They stand on the small dock.
I started visiting the site several times over the coming days and weeks. On one of those visits, however, I stumbled onto the room of lovely_lucy. What stunned me, though, was that I knew her. Her name isn’t Lucy; it’s Jenny and she goes to my school. I couldn’t believe I was watching Jenny getting naked on camera. Her body was simply stunning. She had over 1000 people watching her and tipping her with tokens. I didn’t have money for tokens and didn’t want to register on a porn site anyway, so I just watched her as an anonymous viewer.
We went back to the living room and watched movies the entire night. We were all asleep by 3am.
“Not really.” I replied as I ate as well. “But you’re getting embarrassing, and you’re freaking out both my friends and yours. People know we’re together now, and thanks to you bragging to David, they know we’re incest too. You know how fucked up and awkward this year is gonna be?” I said, looking at her.
“You two are the angriest couple I’ve ever seen,” Ramona says sitting down on her one chair.
She wanted him to at least last long enough to get him inside her waiting confines. But she
Karly stopped and gave me one of her patented, Karly is not happy, looks.
"You've never had sex with anyone? Not even oral?"
Monday morning and word of what happened to Ben spread like wildfire. Sadly for Taylor, if he is pulling this shit, it didn’t work like he thought. People are banding together, everyone is watching everyone else’s back. There is an assembly set up and the A/V club has already made arrangements for me to pull off something ridiculous. Fifth period rolls around and everyone is in the assembly, everyone except me and a small group from the A/V club lead by Hideo. He’s running me down a route and swears that this has been cleared by Mrs. Jackson and Coach Campbell. I shake my head, I like a grand display but this is a bit much with me on Pale Horse waiting. I’ve got everything set and I get the signal and start my route. I’m focusing on the route but there are camera men shooting video of me and I’m heading towards the gym when the doors pop open fast and I’m inside and in front of the whole school. I thought the students could deafen but take a Harley bike and put it in an acoustic oven like a Gym and you can see people screaming but you don’t hear shit. I cut the engine and I hear music, its familiar when I make out Kid Rock’s American Badass. I set my bike upright and smile at my people and pull my hood up onto my head which get’s more cheering, not sure why when they can’t see my face they cheer harder but who fucking cares. I walk over to Principal Jackson and with a smile take a microphone and get a hug. I step back to center stage and address my people.
Accepting her fate she swallowed hard, before reaching around releasing the clasp.
“Do you like shower fucking?” She asked.
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I peered at her, even more suspicious than ever. She'd said to too slowly, too deliberately. "All right..." I said, slowly.
“My bad!”
The next point was hard fought with a long rally, I could feel sweat trickling over my ribs, but I won. 40-30.
"Sweet! I'll be over in an hour babe, that ok?"
“I know he’s here. The fact that you have semen on your chin proves that there is someone with you and that he doesn’t have a car.”
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"That's capitalism for you", said her dad, "charge what the market will bear."
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The conversation went on like this until I started to get hornier and hornier with each answer she typed in. I had a woody and I couldn't hold back my curiosity.
Everyone burst out in laughter, except for Justin, who was apparently at the roots of the hilarity. “Shut up Ben, at least I had the balls to ask her.” Justin had the biggest crush on Josie since high school, hell, who wouldn’t? She was quite pretty, although not a part of the popular clique. But, she certainly had the biggest rack of the entire school, including the teacher with the implants.
“Did I make a mistake?” I asked. “Will this help you and Phil work out your differences?”
“Hey, Becky, what's up?” I asked.
“Ohh my god.” I said.
“I still can't believe Chris and Stephanie are fucking,” Rita said after we broke the kiss.
"you okay"i whispered looking at her. i saw her nervously glance at me. she didnt really say anything which i took as a sign that she was really scared.. "Sarah if it scares you that much lets go"i whispered.she didn't argue. i helped her up. she sorta leaned into me. she was alittle cold. and i guess i was warm. cause she didn't say anything to walking out basicly in my arms.
Melody giggled and sat on his bed while he went into the bathroom shutting the door behind him. Pedro came up to her and started pawing at her side. She held him and then lay back on Brandon’s bed. She saw his iPod sitting in the cradle and she picked it up an put the headphones on and started playing some music Brandon liked. She came across a bunch of music with no titles. She played one and she heard Brandon’s voice come on.
Mark smiled, and neither really thought much of this. They were friends, and half the time neither of them even acknowledged that they were a boy and a girl.
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“Me” she said, smiling mischievously.
’Hmmmm ’ she said selecting an altogether more modest blue one that was nevertheless an attractive high cut pattern and holding it up to her. ‘I think I’ll take this one’ she said.
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“Guess what I got in the mail today,” she said, quietly.
After getting dressed and turning off the video camera I changed DVDs. Then Sandy and I snuck out the back way and around to the living room windows. A couple of years ago Dad had planted some pretty big shrubs along the windows. I always wondered why since they had always liked the view. However it gave Sandy and I cover from the street so that we could become Peeping Toms. Then we saw our mothers in another sexual embrace totally naked as our fathers watched and took digital pictures of the two sisters making out. I raised my video camera and joined them. Then it dawned on me why Dad had planted the big shrubs and never trimmed them. Privacy!
"Hold on." I took a peek around. No staff was in the vicinity. I ducked into her dressing room. It had a seat and a hook. The door stood off the ground by two feet and the walls reached up to the ceiling. There were mirrors in the corners by which one could see completely around oneself. My sister was still wearing her black shirt which was getting a bit too tight. She had compensated these past few weeks by cutting the V portion of her neckline to give her a bit more room. It was her favorite shirt and she hated having to put it away, but she was learning that being pregnant came with some costs.
"Like the book bag thing, I did things that other people probably would have stopped
I was anxious to go but Mom said that the store had to be open a couple of hours for the girls to need a break. She was right of course. I hated the wait but she really was right.
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Billie gasped, this was not what she was expecting. Her fingers combed through blond hair, sighing as her heart sped up even more. Her eyes never leaving the sight in front of her. The dick reappeared wet and shiny, then back again between Emblas meaty labia. She was dreaming it was her that got plowed by that huge cock.
“Tom,” I commanded my new slave, “fuck my ass.”
Kayla looked at her younger cousin for a long minute. “Candy, it’s hard to explain. If you like someone, I mean care for them, then it is wonderful. Girls are soft, and they go slow and unlike guys who fumble around, another girl just seems to know what you want and what to do to make you feel sexy . . . and well, just wonderful!”
“Oh, really? I want to see what kind of ideas you have in mind.”
She let out a muffled squeal before her lips locked around me, I slowly thrust up and down sliding my cock into her mouth over and over again going ever so slightly deeper each time. It wasn't long until I had gotten into a rhythm, her mouth was so wet and warm it felt incredible, easily the best blowjob i'd ever have, add the fact I was pretty much fucking her mouth made it that much better. I felt the tip pressing against her throat everytime I thrust down which resulted in no hint of her gagging whatsoever which made me wonder just how much she could take.
over her tongue and into her eager mouth.
They were lying on a blanket in Yellowstone National Park, having a picnic. They were up on a hill, hiding from the summer sun with the shade of the trees above them, looking out across green pastures with the forest and mountains on the other side.
Rachel had left The Cult’s head quarters and made a bee-line for the hospital. Lying to the front desk woman, she told them that Blane was her older cousin, and that she had just got to town with her parents. The woman at the desk had bought the lie, and told Rachel everything she wanted to know about the hospital, and more specifically, were to find Blane. And thanks to that, Rachel found Blane’s room easily.
“Gosh, you really think I am?” She asked. “I wasn’t so sure.”
“I’ve never kissed a boy before” she added quietly.
Finally, it came time to draw lots. We made four lines (I felt sorry for the queer kids, the shortness of their lines meant it had to be a lot more awkward for them, especially because they were standing next to potential partners).
I might be but he’s done running. Time to stare them down.
I gripped harder, prompting her to answer.
Detective Midnight found the kitchen phone underneath the table, and concluded that she had hidden there while she tried to call for help. It was broken. She must have dropped it… but why? The stranger must have startled her when he found her hiding there…
My eyes got as big as the sun. "What?!"
They found a pack of sheer black hold-ups with two pairs in, for £3.50. Sophie smiled as she paid for them.
“Quit being such a… teacher.” I jokingly complained. He didn’t laugh, giving me the silence I dreaded. “Nicole and I aren’t having sex anymore.”
Christie thought for a bit. “If he breaks up with you because you won’t have sex with him, then he isn’t the right guy.”
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“I don’t know. Let’s tell mom and dad, maybe they can buy his silence” Nick suggested.
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