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Things you've done on Empire total war like invading the far east or colonisation of Europe

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A subreddit for the Total War strategy game series, made by Creative Assembly. Discussions, strategies, stories, crude cave-drawings, and more for Medieval 2, Empire, Shogun 2, Rome 2, Attila, Thrones of Britannia, Warhammer, Three Kingdoms and others.

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A subreddit dedicated to the Creative Assembly games in the Total War: Warhammer series Feel free to share any news, strategies, gameplay, start a discussion or just hang around. Currently looking for one or two moderators, preferably with some experience. Also looking for someone with experience regarding CSS.

2023.03.21 21:52 NRS_Yeet Any thoughts on this list?

++ Arks of Omen Detachment (Aeldari - Craftworlds) [102 PL, 5CP, 1,990pts] ++
+ Configuration +
Arks of Omen Compulsory Type: Elites
Battle Size [6CP]: 3. Strike Force (101-200 Total PL / 1001-2000 Points)
Craftworld Selection: Ulthwe: Foresight of the Damned
Detachment Command Cost
Game Type: 5. Chapter Approved: Arks of Omen
+ HQ +
Autarch Skyrunner [5 PL, 105pts]: Laser Lance
Farseer Skyrunner [6 PL, -1CP, 135pts]: 4. Executioner, 4: Fate's Messenger, 5. Focus Will, Stratagem: Warlord Trait, Warlord, Witchblade
+ Elites +
Wraithblades [10 PL, 225pts]: Ghostaxe and Forceshield, 5x Wraithblade
Wraithblades [10 PL, 225pts]: Ghostaxe and Forceshield, 5x Wraithblade
Wraithguard [20 PL, 400pts]: D-scythe, 8x Wraithguard
Wraithlord [8 PL, 115pts]: 2 x Shuriken Catapult, Ghostglaive
Wraithlord [8 PL, 115pts]: 2 x Shuriken Catapult, Ghostglaive
+ Fast Attack +
Shining Spears [6 PL, 125pts]
. 2x Shining Spear: 2x Laser Lance, 2x Twin Shuriken Catapult
. Shining Spear Exarch: Laser Lance, Lightning Attacks, Twin Shuriken Catapult
Shining Spears [6 PL, 125pts]
. 2x Shining Spear: 2x Laser Lance, 2x Twin Shuriken Catapult
. Shining Spear Exarch: Laser Lance, Lightning Attacks, Twin Shuriken Catapult
+ Lord of War +
Wraithknight [23 PL, 420pts]: Scattershield, 2x Shuriken Cannon, Titanic Ghostglaive
++ Total: [102 PL, 5CP, 1,990pts] ++
Created with BattleScribe
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2023.03.21 21:51 Pixzle_ Am I the only one?

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2023.03.21 21:51 squidgun Is my graphic card dead?

Specs: Card : gtx 1050ti Mobo : Asus h130M-A CPU : i5 9500 Ram 16gb
I played star wars the fallen jedi last night. Everything was fine. Turned off the computer. Next day I turn it back on. Double clicked on star wars game but it told me that I need direct x installed. That's funny. So I tried a couple other games and same notification. So I head on to geoforce experience app and updated my drivers. While installing, I got a bsod that read : System_Thread_Exception_Not_Handled (nvlddmkm.sys)
Confused, I turn off the pc and switched it back on. Now on the startup screen there appeared to be a small amount of broken pixels of different colours but mostly grey. It lagged but I managed to get into Windows.
Did some googling and found out that I should try to uninstall with ddu and reinstall latest graphics driver. I did. But it did the same bsod. Tried turning it on again but now it froze on startup screen with more broken coloured pixels. So I switched the hdmi cable from the card to the mobo. After that I could smoothly get into Windows.
So now I did a uninstall graphic driver using ddu again but this time I installed an older version of the graphic driver. But now I get an error saying 'NVIDIA driver not compatible with this version of Windows'
So I do the whole uninstall ddu and reinstall latest driver again (all the while HDMI is in mobo port.)
And now finally when I did a restart on the computer, its not even recognising the graphic card anymore. Geforce says that I don't have one installed and it doesn't show up in device manager. I can only use the computer if the hdmi cable is connected to the mobo. I can't use it if I connect it to the GPU as it freezes and the grey pixels are growing with each restart.
I also tried changing hdmi cable and monitor but didn't change a thing.
I'm totally out of ideas and I'm reaching out to anyone who can give me an idea what is causing this. :(
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2023.03.21 21:51 NextBrando234 (Offer) Empire of Light HD, Elvis 4K, The Lost Boys 4K, Spider-Man No Way Home 4K, Mickey & Minnie Shorts Vol 1 HD, Star Trek: The Original 4 Film Collection 4K, The Lost City 4K, FireStarter HD, many more. (Request) Plane 4K, Vudu Credits.

Offering: Will trade 4K for 4K or 4K for 2 HD titles.
Mainly looking for VUDU CREDITS & NEW RELEASES.
All codes are U.S. and come from HD/4K Blu-rays.

WILL port to MA:
A Good Day to Die Hard (Extended) HD (MA)
Empire of Light HD (MA)
Elvis 4K (MA)
FireStarter HD (2022) (MA)
Finding Dory HD (MA)
Incredibles 2 HD (MA)
Mickey & Minnie: 10 Classic Shorts Vol 1 HD (MA)
News of the World HD (MA)
Poltergeist 4K (1982) (MA)
Spider-Man: No Way Home 4K (MA)
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker HD (MA)
The Lost Boys 4K (1987) (MA)
The Invisible Man 2020 HD (MA)
The Call of the Wild HD (MA)
Vivo HD (MA)
West Side Story 2021 HD (MA)

Will NOT port to MA:
Bumblebee 4K (Vudu/Apple TV)
Bumblebee HD (Vudu/4K Apple TV)
Clifford The Big Red Dog HD (Vudu/4K Apple TV)
It's A Wonderful Life HD (Vudu/4K Apple TV
John Wick HD (Vudu)
Love the Coopers HD (Vudu/Apple TV)
Mission Impossible Fallout 4K (iTunes/Vudu)
The Lost City 4K (Vudu/Apple TV)
Star Trek: The Original 4 Film Collection 4K (Vudu/AppleTV)
Star Trek Into Darkness HD (Vudu/4K Apple TV)
Star Trek Beyond HD (Vudu/4K Apple TV)
The Hunger Games HD (Vudu)
Terminator: Dark Fate 4K (Vudu/Apple TV)
Transformers: The Last Knight HD (Vudu/4k Apple TV)
Transformers: Age of Extinction HD (Vudu/4k Apple TV)
Wonder Park HD (VUDU/4k Apple TV)

Looking For:
New Releases
Plane 4K
Vudu Credits
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2023.03.21 21:45 GreyWolfx Please make low level Uniques, and make them Tradeable

I'm very happy with how rares are tradeable in this game, and how legendary items are not. I think that's a reasonable design decision to make.
You save up to buy that perfectly rolled rare item with the exact affixes you want on it with high rolls that you most likely couldn't ever realistically find for yourself, but then by comparison, the easier to find legendary item that all you need is that one legendary mod on it that you want to use to enchant that rare is something you have to just grind out for. That's totally cool and I think it's a nice balance that keeps the players actively hunting in game in order to finish their gearing.
However, I think uniques absolutely should be tradeable, just like rares!
We should be able to find low level ones too, such that after we reach end game on our first character of any given league, our second character can benefit from some hand me down levelling uniques that we found (or traded for now that we have some wealth.) We should be able to slap a helmet on our next char that just happens to have nice resists for the low level, and slap on some boots that gives nice movespeed boost as part of it's unique mods. We should be able to throw on that level 10 two hander onto our bard to make him feel like a king for the next 10 levels until he has to swap to the next unique weapon that's in his stash waiting for him.
This has always been a great part of ARPG's with loot systems, is having those levelling items that you earned on your first play through, that you can proceed to use on subsequent characters, and even just give them to your low level friends who maybe aren't as progressed in the game as you are. It's nice to help your friends out like this, and it's even nice to just give noobs some beginner stuff from time to time too, players you don't even know, especially if this game gonna have MMO elements where you run into these guys naturally in the world.
I just hope uniques aren't an untradeable thing FOREVER in this game, and I hope the devs also don't stick to this idea that they only drop at end game and are only high lvl items. I think both of those choices would be mistakes that would truly hurt the game overall, and it's not too late for the devs to realize this!
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2023.03.21 21:41 flanneluwu this is so ridiculous

so ive been part in a pvp community for total war and it sucks that i just cant enjoy something without sexist shit, someone was sexist, i pointed it out and apparently thats a breach of rules because gamers are a oppressed minority https://imgur.com/VMks9qY https://imgur.com/a/6E8VmTZ
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2023.03.21 21:39 420MacMan [USA-CA][H] PS1+2+3+4+Vita, XBox OG+360+One, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Switch, DS, 3DS, TONS of Manuals/Covers/Cases [W] Paypal

Have a few items i'm trying to clear out all in great condition, noted if games are loose or CIB. Open to discount for bigger bundles.
Shipping starts at $5.00 and Free Shipping on Bundles over $75 with Friends & Family please. Pics upon request.


Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Storybook Edition SEALED $140
COD : Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition CIB $10
Plants vs Zombies 2 : Garden Warfare $10
FFXIV Complete Edition CIB $10
Has Been Heroes CIB $10
Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition CIB $$20
The Division $5
Deus Ex MD $10
3x PS4 Cases with Double Discs Slots $15


One Lords of the Fallen $10
Assassins Creed Odyssey $10

PS Vita

Toukiden: Kiwami $35
The Walking Dead: Season 2 $30
Hot Shots Golf World Invitational $30
Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel 1 $60
Dynasty Warriors Next $25
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Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders From Planet Space $30
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Fighter Maker Loose $10
FF Tactics GH CIB $30
FF9 CIB (Case damaged) $15
Crash Bandicoot 2 Loose in Twisted Metal GH Case $15
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Intec DS Case $10
Score 6x Game Cartridge Case $10
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N64 Console with hookups and 1x OEM Grey Controller (Controller is in good condition 8/10 and analog stick is 8/10, console was painted with black acrylic spray paint from previous owner and cartridge slot has been modded to play Japanese N64 carts so doesn't include the slot flaps) $80 shipped
007 GoldenEye Loose $35
Beetle Adventure Racing Loose $20
Snowboard Kids 1 Loose $50

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2023.03.21 21:36 NextBrando234 (Selling) Empire of Light HD, Elvis 4K, The Lost Boys 4K, Spider-Man No Way Home 4K, Mickey & Minnie Shorts Vol 1 HD, Star Trek: The Original 4 Film Collection 4K, The Lost City 4K, FireStarter HD, many more.

For Sale: Paypal FF
All codes are U.S. and come from HD/4K Blu-rays.

WILL port to MA:
A Good Day to Die Hard (Extended) HD (MA) - $4
Empire of Light HD (MA) - $8
Elvis 4K (MA) - $8
FireStarter HD (2022) (MA) - $10
Finding Dory HD (MA) - $5
Incredibles 2 HD (MA) - $5
Mickey & Minnie: 10 Classic Shorts Vol 1 HD (MA) - $8
News of the World HD (MA) - $4
Poltergeist 4K (1982) (MA) - $10
Spider-Man: No Way Home 4K (MA) - $10
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker HD (MA) - $5
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The Invisible Man 2020 HD (MA) $8
The Call of the Wild HD (MA) - $5
Vivo HD (MA) $10
West Side Story 2021 HD (MA) $5

Will NOT port to MA:
Bumblebee 4K (Vudu/Apple TV) - $8
Bumblebee HD (Vudu/4K Apple TV) - $4
Clifford The Big Red Dog HD (Vudu/4K Apple TV) $10
It's A Wonderful Life HD (Vudu/4K Apple TV) $8
John Wick HD (Vudu) - $4
Love the Coopers HD (Vudu/Apple TV) - $4
Mission Impossible Fallout 4K (iTunes/Vudu) - $4
The Lost City 4K (Vudu/Apple TV) - $10
Star Trek: The Original 4 Film Collection 4K (Vudu/AppleTV) - $35
Star Trek Into Darkness HD (Vudu/4K Apple TV) - $3
Star Trek Beyond HD (Vudu/4K Apple TV) - $3
The Hunger Games HD (Vudu) - $3
Terminator: Dark Fate 4K (Vudu/Apple TV) - $5
Transformers: The Last Knight HD (Vudu/4k Apple TV) - $3
Transformers: Age of Extinction HD (Vudu/4k Apple TV) - $3
Wonder Park HD (VUDU/4k Apple TV) - $4
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2023.03.21 21:34 Dry_Bison_7901 Originally, I wrote this wall of text to r/SuicideWatch, but I've decided NOT to post it because it might encourage somebody to actually end his/her life. As for us, we are used to suffering, year after year, so I guess I can share it here

This was the topic name: Lately, I've been having thoughts about suicide
And here is the text, I'll just copy/past it. I've just finished writing, so sorry if some parts do not make sense. I've lost my concentration so I cannot read and edit it. But I still feel like sharing it with somebody.
As a side note, I tend to avoid this subreddit because reading your post makes my hopeless situation even more desperate.

Before you start reading, my situation is not urgent. If you are suicidal, you better do not read this post at all.
Sometimes I did follow those thoughts, sometimes I did not. Either way, as a Stoic practitioner, my view on death is a lot different from most people. I do not see death as something terrible, now did I ever believe in God on such things. For me, death is just death. You stop existing and that all. In fact, it it a good thing, as you get rid of this body which is always a pain in the ass. You have to feed it, clench it's thirst....do everything for and it still gives up on you. It is a source of so much suffering.
Even writing this here, I am feeling kind of guilty, that's probably because if you knew me, you would think I would be on the other side of the screen, cheering people and not writing this long ass post.
So, the story goes like this. For the record, I am 36 years old, male.
I won't go into great lengths to tell you what got me into my current situation, but I do have to write a short summary.
So...I've always been a problematic kid. Did drugs, alcohol, smoked, basically, was one of the "cool" kids. I've skipped class, was a real pain in the ass to teachers, and that eventually lead to me being expelled from school in my final year of school. Finished it later so at the end of the day, that was not a big deal. However, that is where my issues started.
At that point, I got access to home internet and as I had no obligation, and my parents were ok (they still are) with whatever I do, I've become completely socially isolated. So, from the ages of 16, up until the 26. My days were always the same. I've been spending 16+ hours a day online!!! Rest of the time I was sleeping, most of the time waking up multiple times trough the night to check on my games, because most of that time I've spent playing games, randomly browsing the internet and watching porn here and there.
Life was GOOD. At that point, I actually enjoyed my life. I did not know any better, so I am not the kind of person who regrets my past. It is what it is. Sure, from this point of view, that was stupid, but, I did not know better back then and I could not do better.
Anyway, the real problem was not the addiction to the internet novelty, the real problems started happening when I actually had to leave home and do stuff, which happened once or twice a year. Long story short, every time I went out, I felt like I was about to die- And slowly, but surely, my comfort zone shrunk, and shrunk. Things that I used to do, suddenly become impossible for me to do, because I genuinely believed "something bad was going to happen" if I even try and do stuff.
That was the beginning of my real issue, that is, agoraphobia. Since most people do not know what that is, in short, it is a fear of leaving home. Not because you are afraid of anything in particular, such as dentist, flying or many other fears and phobias that people have. You are afraid of the feeling of fear, of the way you FEEL in particular situations. That is, you become afraid of the fear itself, so you start avoiding and avoiding.
Now, I never actually went to doctor to get diagnosed, because for me, if I could do that, I would consider myself recovered. For me, going to doctor is simply one of the hardest things to do. It is just the way it is. If I ever went, my diagnosis would be, without a doubt: "panic disorder with agoraphobia."
As the day, weeks, months and year went by, I was getting worse, not better. Eventually, I got to the point where all I did trough the day, was hide myself under the blanket, because of how much anxiety I had pretty much all the time, with frequent panic attacks.
At that point, I had enough. I could not live on like that, so I did my best to try and recover. I started by downloading plenty of books about agoraphobia, panic, and generally self-help books. But, I could not actually read them, or concentrate at all, as long as I was online. So, the first step was going offline. After that, I heard that meditation was good and something that might help with anxiety, so I started it. And I've been meditating for 7+ years, logging over 2500 hours of meditation in total. Spoiler alert, it sure is good, it helped with general anxiety so I've started feeling OK, when I was at home. No more constant anxiety and panic attacks at least in my safe zone. Although, if I am being honest, I would not attribute that to meditation, that happened because I was offline.
So, from that point on, I've started caring about myself and my body, for the first time, ever. I did stopped smoking, drugs, and alcohol before, so at last I did not have to deal with that.
Anyway, I've started what I had to do. I've started practicing exposure therapy, and slowly, but surely expanding my comfort zone. And from that point on, until now, I've been spinning in the same cycle. Getting a bit better, than having a massive setback, depression, going back online and wasting few weeks or months online, and that repeat. Restarting the entire cycle.
I had some success and failures, but every time shit got hard, I hid online. That is, until I actually started CRAVING real life, and wanting more of life than what I currently have.
I know exactly what I want from life, I know how to get it, and I am extremely motivated to put in necessary work and get what I want. After all, trough the years, I've put massive effort into recovery. Heck, 3 years ago, I considered myself like 75% recovered. That is when I lost my grandpa. I withdrew at home, and that lead to full blown relapse, once again.
All fine, still. I am still motivated and I still want to get my life back. However, that's when it got from bad to worse. I did some physically activity, and from than on, I've started having issues with my legs. That is, I've been under a lot of pain.
Eventually, it got better (after plenty of internet and inactivity) and last year, at August, after pushing myself day in, day out, I've completely burnt my legs. I did a lot of walking (as part of my exposure therapy) and from than on, my legs are always hurting. Even if I am resting. That is, my hamstrings are killing me.
Because of that, I had yet another setback, was online for like 2 months, but I started hating my life even more and I've decided I am I going to give recovery another go. Give it my all, and if I am not better in 180 days, I told myself, I am going to give up completely. Surrender, spend my days online, and live my life for as long as I have somebody to support me. Once I am out of support, I would finally end my life.
And, I did good during that period. Expanded my comfort zone, once again, leg pain slowly but surely subsides (not completely, but it got a lot better). That was all until I had another setback.... That happened when I had a massive panic attack in situation that I considered "safe." I did not withdraw completely, I kept going out and trying my best. But, my comfort zone got smaller and smaller, until I eventually got back to where I am now. Unable to take public transport, which is MASSIVE for me. Because without it, I have to walk a lot and the more I walk, the more my legs hurt.
The more my legs hurt and the less I walked, the more and more I've become depressed. Until finally, thoughts about just ending it all started creeping in. As someone who did a lot of meditation and who practiced Stoicism, I was able to see those thoughts for what they are. Just fleeting, and impermament. I did not have to follow any of them.
Sometimes I did follow them, sometimes I did not. Either way, as a Stoic practitioner, my view on death is a lot different from most people. I do not see death as something terrible, nor did I ever believed in God or such stiuff. For me, death is just death. You stop existing and that all. In fact, it it a good thing, as you get rid of this body which is always a pain in the ass. You have to feed it, clench it's thirst and take a lot of care of it. It is a source for a lot of suffering and pain, pretty much from the moment you are born. On death, that all just stops.
Before I was born, people existed, our planet did spin, people got married, people got into wars, movies were mad, kids were born, people died, birds sang, books were written...Basically, the world existed. Even Hitler happened and I was not part of it. Once I am gone, people will still exist, our planet will spin, new post on reddit will pop up, people will get married, people will divorce, sun will shine.....everything will keep on happening, whether I am alive or not.
Now, Stoicism, especially Seneca (one of the 3 main Stoic which works somehow survived to this day), actually encouraged suicide to people who cannot bear life any more.
If I were alone, I might have actually done it. However, I know I can still contribute to my family, and they need me. So, doing that, is the least thing I would do. Although, lately it started sounding compelling...
Basically, during my Stoic studies and practice, (I read a lot of Buddhism before that), death has become one very positive topic for me. I used it to motivate me to live my life..

I've been going off topic a lot, because this turned into the rant. I guess I had to get it off, to share it with somebody, so it's fine. I'll try to return to my current situation.
I've been online for the past 2 weeks. Spending 16+ hours online and generally hating it. I want to change it, but I am not ready for all the leg pain I am going to experience as soon as I start working on my recovery once again.
The reason I wrote this post, and the reason I went online once again, was because I started to hate my life, from the moment I woke up, I could not wait to go to sleep. It went on for days and the more it went on, the more thoughts about ending it all I had. I cannot say I was depressed, because I know how depression feel. I am more unhappy about my life situation and my inability to do the things I want to do. I know exactly what I want from life.
I want to fully recover.
I want to rebuild my social circle since I've always been very good at socializing.
I want to IMPROVE my physically fitness, by running, doing body weight exercises, riding a big, swimming...the list goes on. I so want to be pain free and to be super active.
I wan to start working, to have my own income.
I want so much more from life than this.

BUT...I simply cannot go to doctor, and I know as soon as I decide to go offline once again, and start working towards recovery. I'll have to deal with all this shit, shit I can easily hide away from as I am online. But, being online do not help, it just makes things worse.
I also know that just being offline is not the way to go, you have to actually build the life in which relapse will not even be an option. And I know how to do that, but, because of the leg pain, I am extremely limited in that which I can do.
Anyway, this is indeed a rant. Rant is mostly because I really dislike this leg pain, if it were not for it, it would have been much better.
What would Stoic recommend in this instance is something along the lies, "to love everything happens to you, because, it could always get worse." Like, how would it been if I got cancer and I am not able to get and get adequate treatment?
As for doctor in general, I've considered doing it plenty of times during the last 10 years, but that never happened. So, I am feeling stuck, and that sucks the most. I would have a better time if I did not know what I want from life and if I could just waste my life online. But, unfortunately, that is not the case.
Going to doctor, knowing what is actually wrong with my legs, and what I can do, would indeed be a life changer for me. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen, yet..

In the next few days, I'll go offline and give recovery another go. I will have to experience plenty of leg pain because of all the walking I'll have to do. It will get better once I get back to buses. But, that will take time.
At the end of the day, this post seems more appropriate for DecidingToBeBetter than this sub. I wrote it here because this was the first time I ever told someone I did actually start contemplating suicide.
Hopefully, things will get better this time. Because, every time I go 120+ days offline, depression creeps in and I have a very hard time.
If anyone read my rant, thank you.
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2023.03.21 21:33 autotldr Russia faces an 'exodus' of troops as prisoners recruited to fight in Ukraine start to be pardoned and return home, says UK intel

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 64%. (I'm a bot)
Russia is about to face potentially major personnel problems in Ukraine, as thousands of convicts who were recruited to fight in the war are set to be pardoned and sent home, according to UK intelligence.
The UK Ministry of Defence said in an intelligence update on Tuesday that in the coming weeks "Thousands of Russian convicts who have fought for Wagner Group are likely to be pardoned and released."
The Wagner Group is a private, pro-Kremlin group that has sent tens of thousands of mercenaries and former prisoners to Ukraine.
The MOD said that the number of those prisoners who are due to be pardoned shortly is significant, as the group's recruitment effort peaked in fall 2022.
Evidence from Russia suggests that the Wagner Group is "Following through on its promise to free survivors," the MOD said.
Wagner is expected to struggle with troop numbers going forward, the MOD said, as the group has been banned from recruiting more prisoners.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Group#1 Russia#2 Wagner#3 MOD#4 recruit#5
Post found in /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.03.21 21:32 Iceblade423 Stealth and Obscurement

This is a rework of the Stealth, Hiding, and Heavy Obscurement Rules. Several aspects needing to be examined in this revision rules: are they understandable as presented, are they workable, are they easier to implement than the 5e rules, do they deal with the issues caused by 5e's odd interactions involving inability/ability to see - fog cloud, invisibility, see invisible, darkness
One major negative is acknowledged, the GM has to track individual NPCs level of knowledge and detection of hidden characters.
To Mods: I won't be posting any more mechanics for feedback this week.

Stealth and Obscurement

Stealth and hiding is not a universal state but is instead a situation between two creatures: the Hider and the Seeker. The Hider can be hidden from one creature while being observed by another.

Hide Action

A creature (the Hider) can attempt to hide from another creature (the Seeker) if they cannot easily be seen by the Seeker. A creature is difficult to see when they are lightly or heavily obscured or behind total or three-quarters cover. The Hider can also hide from the Seeker if the Seeker is unaware of the hiding creature's presence such as in a crowd or not within line of sight.
The Hide Action requires a Stealth (Dexterity) check that exceeds the Passive Perception score of the Seeker. A Seeker can actively search for a hidden creature with a Perception (Wisdom) check against the Stealth (Dexterity) result of the Hider. A Seeker has advantage on searching for the Hider if the Seeker knows the general location of the Hider. Further, the Seeker's Passive Perception is increased by 5 if they know the general location of the Hider such as when an ally has already found the Hider. Light obscurement imposes a -5 penalty to a Seeker's Passive Perception or disadvantage on search attempts to detect hidden creatures.

Special Senses

Creatures with Truesight or Blindsight can see creatures attempting to use light or heavy obscurement to hide and thus automatically detect them. For a creature to hide from creatures with special senses such as Tremorsense or Blindsight must have a means of mitigating detection by those senses.

Stealth Conditions

Invisible Condition

When a creature is invisible, they aren't automatically hidden.

Hidden Condition

When a creature is hidden (the Hider) from another creature (the Seeker):

Obscured Condition

Heavy obscurement blocks a character's sight of the obscured creature. This condition is not absolute and only covers a character's perception from another creature.
Examples: An invisible creature is obscured from other creatures with normal senses. In the case of a Fog Cloud spell, both creatures are obscured from each other and thus attacks against each other are made with disadvantage if they know the other's exact location.
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2023.03.21 21:32 soylemon [US-VA][H] Black Tofu DZ60RGB + brass plate w/ lubed JWICK Yellows, Gold BM43A 40% w/ Box Creams, GMK Rainy Day Clones w/ Hangul Sublegends [W] Paypal

ttttttimestamp / CONUS shipping only
Whatddup internet friends, here's what I got for y'all today:

Please comment before PM. Thanks for lookin!
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2023.03.21 21:30 n0mad1o1 M4F an adventure in a galaxy far far away (Star Wars rp)

Hey guys! Let’s pretty much get right into it, i would like this be our own adventure meaning our own characters. I just find it more interesting to have our own personal characters that we made to fit in this huge universe that doesn’t mean we cant have existing characters appear in the rp, we totally can ! ( even if it’ll be complicated with one of the time period I chose ) We can come up with your character together if you want. This will be our adventure with like I said with our own characters, we can create our own crew, adventure around the galaxy.
The options are :
My first idea is that we’re set in a period called the high republic, it’s set roughly 250 years before episode 1 and we don’t know a ton about that time period so it’s perfect if you haven’t watched absolutely everything that came out. What we do know is that it’s considered the golden age of jedis, the republic was still somewhat young and the outer rim not fully a part of the republic with some parts being still unexplored. The Jedi were really considered as knights reflected in their more intricately designed and colorful lightsabers and robes. The main threat at that time were space pirates that could destroy ships in light speed lanes and terrorize the people. You will be free to play anyone you desire, a sith, a pirate, a bounty hunter, another jedi maybe have a secret romance story between two jedi it’s all up to what we set up. Since it’s a time period we don’t know a ton about we can world build a bit and come up with what we desire
The second idea is we're set after order 66 most of the jedis have been killed off, i would play a surviving Jedi in hiding. We could also form a crew along the story, once again your character can be whatever you want it be . For this i had Star Wars rebels or Jedi fallen order type of feel to this rp. It's also the setting i have most knowledge of.
Third idea is simply you propose something to me and we’ll figure out a setting together that’s totally fine by me. I’d be down for anything from old republic to after episode 6
Little word about me I’m 21 i live in CEST time zone, most of the people I rp with are from the us so its not an issue ( i know most people on here are from the us ). I only rp on discord nowhere else and prefer first person but third is doable as well. This will be a sfw rp, flirting , romance is all fine of course but nothing more fade to black works for me. I am semi literate to literate basically no one liners please thats all I’m asking for lol.
Soo if you read through this mess of a post i guess you’re at least a little interested ? It is still very rough but i think it can be super fun so if you want to set this up hit me up and we can get started
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2023.03.21 21:30 YungSlumdog New(ish) BL3 player with questions regarding gear and loot

I'm a long-time BL2 veteran and do not have much time on BL3. I beat the game once with FL4K before going back to BL2 which is my favorite of the series. I am much more knowledgeable regarding gear in BL2. Most BL2 players know that the Sham, Rough Rider, etc. are must-have shields. The DPUH, Sand Hawk, Lyuda, Pimpernel, etc. are must-have weapons. I am familiar with who to farm and how to get such loot.

However, when it comes to BL3 I feel totally lost. In BL3 the amount of gear seems astronomical, and with the bigger map it almost seems daunting to me to learn the gear and weapon like I know in BL2. As a newer player to BL3, what is the best way to go about this? What is the best way to learn which shields, class mods, and weapons are must haves? And how/where to farm these items?

I heard BL3 is in a great spot at the moment and really want to get into it as I have had a blast with it so far. Thanks and I appreciate any and all feedback!
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2023.03.21 21:25 Awkward_Comparison93 The Tales of Tra'Vol: Song of the Soul Prologue

In the verdant heart of Sayla, where the suns painted the sky with warm hues and the gentle whisper of the breeze carried the laughter of children, a soulborn elf named Elyan wandered through the lush forest, his steps as light as the dappled shadows that danced on the forest floor. His eyes sparkled with a carefree spirit, reflecting the beauty of the world around him. Life in Sayla was serene, with the days spent in harmonious coexistence among the vibrant flora and fauna. The village where Elyan lived was a haven for his kind, nestled in the embrace of ancient trees that stood as silent guardians, shielding them from the outside world. The soulborn elves shared a deep connection with the land and its creatures, nurturing an unwavering bond that transcended the passage of time. The villagers, united by a profound sense of kinship, filled their days with song and laughter, celebrating the simple joys of life. Elyan was no exception, cherishing the peace and tranquility that surrounded him. He spent his days exploring the emerald depths of the forest, forging friendships with its inhabitants, and basking in the warmth of his community. As the sun dipped below the horizon, Elyan would often gather with his friends and family around a crackling fire, sharing stories that echoed through the night, weaving a tapestry of memories that bound them together. Many of the stories would be about the trials and tribulations the Soul Born Elves faced over countless generations due to their overall pacifist nature. It is well known in Tra'Vol that Soul Born elves do not even take life as their culture is believed to cherish the sanctity of Life putting nothing else before it. Though true there is another reason soulborn elves do not kill that will be revealed in Elyan's tale. Unbeknownst to Elyan and his people, however, a storm was brewing on the horizon, a dark tide that threatened to shatter their idyllic existence forever. As the shadows lengthened and the air grew heavy with foreboding, the soulborn elves of Sayla would soon find themselves facing a grim reality. From beyond the southern border of Sayla, armies materialized as if conjured from thin air, commanded by a man known as Leviticus Brightsoul—The Wicked King to his own people. At the tender age of 17, Leviticus embarked on his first conquest, swiftly earning recognition from the kingdom of Impre'us. He conquered the provinces of Valta and Alamay and established a foothold in Eria after a brutal, month-long skirmish called The Shallows of Sorrow. The battle earned its name when rumors spread of Leviticus ruthlessly killing and torturing citizens and soldiers alike, leaving a trail of bodies in the shallow waters of the Eria swamplands. The death toll reportedly reached 50,000, yet Leviticus had only led a detachment of 100 troops—an astonishing feat even for the demigods who ruled the royal bloodlines of Tra'Vol. Five years passed after this conquest, and Leviticus returned to his homeland of Impre'us just in time to confront an invading army from Sacarr. Unimpressed, he single-handedly inflicted massive defeats on the invaders, forcing them to retreat. People began to speculate that Leviticus must have sold his soul to a Mala'Deus, as he had slain the Sacre'Noir—a formidable and ruthless warrior race, as well as the demigod representing their bloodline—all by himself. The carnage was said to be so immense that even his own people recoiled in horror as he slaughtered the enemy army, cackling maniacally throughout the ordeal. Everyone deemed his actions sickening and grotesque, except for his father, who saw his son's feat as a triumph that saved the empire. Swelling with pride, his father abdicated the throne, crowning Leviticus as the ruler of Impre'us. Leviticus was delighted but not surprised, as he had already planned to murder his father and seize the throne. With this obstacle removed, he set his sights on the neighboring continent of Lun'aal, intent on claiming its uncharted territories by force. Believing that every land rightfully belonged to his empire, Leviticus dispatched thousands of troops to explore the region. The soldiers landed on the serene coastlines of Mortua Terra, where they established bases that extended to the province of Black Sand and eventually to the borders of Sayla. However, they reported that the dense forests of Sayla made further travel and exploration impossible. Dissatisfied with their explanation and anticipating the rich resources of the unexplored land, Leviticus summoned his trusted advisor, a wizard named De'lacar, and the two used gate magic to teleport directly to the primary base at the border of Black Sand and Sayla. The soldiers in the encampment were taken aback when a tear in the very fabric of reality appeared in their midst, allowing their king and his advisor to step through. Shocked, everyone in the camp immediately knelt before their sovereign, Leviticus Brightsoul.
""No... No, that won't do. Get up!" Leviticus said, rubbing the bridge of his nose with his index finger and thumb as if nursing a headache.
"That's precisely why I had to leave the palace! You fools and your desperate attempts to take a break on my time!"
As he finished his sentence, Leviticus snapped his fingers. Small circles appeared around each of the soldiers, signaling impending doom. The camp erupted in a cacophony of cries as the men begged for their lives.
"Sir, please give me another chance!" one called out.
"I'm not going to die like this!" another exclaimed, attempting to flee but quickly realizing his muscles refused to respond.
"Please, Your Majesty, I have a family! Don't be a heartless bastard!" a man cried out, sounding like a frightened child.
"Heartless bastard, huh?... You no longer have a family."
"What?! No! I didn't... mean..."
"Silence!" Leviticus's voice roared, startling even a large predatory creature that had been stalking the troops and lurking nearby.
"The price for your transgressions will be paid in blood, and because of your careless words, not only your blood."
Leviticus removed a glowing, lustrous orb from his battle raiment. The sphere emitted a beautiful dance of colors before abruptly turning a deep blood red moments later. It began spewing blood and viscera onto the man who had insulted him. The man screamed in agony, realizing the gore covering him belonged to his wife and two daughters, recognizing his daughter's torn and shredded face amongst the flesh.
"You!... What have you done?! I'll kill you!!!" the man screamed.
"Oh, will you now? I'll tell you what," Leviticus' eyes briefly shimmered from their normal light blue to a deep, dark red before returning to their original hue. He released the circle around the distraught man. "I'd say I'm a pretty 'fair' king, so I'll give you a fair shot."
Leviticus gestured to his advisor, who produced a strange sword with a glowing essence. Leviticus explained, "The sword issued to you, though strong, won't be enough to kill me in this realm or the next. This sword, however..." He took the sword from his advisor.
"This sword is made from Dwarvain titanium and etched with runic symbols found in ancient texts left behind by the Cyphora Civilization that once called our homeland their own. The symbols and their effects are not important. What is important is that it can even strike down a deity if used properly."
Leviticus hurled the sword at the man, and it embedded itself into the ground next to him.
"Now kill me!" Leviticus said in a playful tone. Unprepared for the soldier's escape, as few ever managed to get away from Leviticus, the soldier seized the sword and took advantage of his short-range teleportation spells. He made it to the border of Sayla, sword in hand, and sought refuge at a monument to the Celes'Deus Solayah. He planted the sword into the ground next to the statue and collapsed beside it. Distraught and trying to determine his next move after witnessing the murder of his family by the king, he began to plan. But no one escapes the Wicked King.
"Should we go after him, sire?" De'lacar asked with urgency.
"Why waste the manpower?" Leviticus responded rhetorically, holding up the orb once again. As it began to glow, the men still held within the circle seemed to evaporate, transforming into pools of blood within the circle. Simultaneously, the soldier who sought refuge at the shrine of Solayah also began to evaporate, as the circle reappeared beneath him leaving behind the sword as the only evidence of his presence at the shrine.
Elsewhere in the province of Sayla, Elyan, utterly unaware of the storm brewing in the distance, continued to revel in the beauty of the present moment. As he ambled through the forest, he heard the distant call of his best friend, Lira, who was perched on a nearby branch.
"Elyan! There you are!" she exclaimed, her melodic voice carrying through the trees. "I've been looking for you everywhere. You know the Soul Dance Ceremony is tonight, right?"
Elyan's eyes sparkled with excitement. "Of course, Lira! Do you know if Sonair is coming this year?"
Lira gracefully hopped down from her perch, landing beside Elyan with a soft rustle of leaves.
"They haven't said, but it's supposed to be a grand celebration of our goddess Solayah this year, so it's sure to be a night to remember. Unlike the last gathering when your brother got drunk on lavender tree sap," Lira recalled, giggling.
"Who even knew that was possible?" Elyan replied, joining in the laughter.
"Apparently Sedwin! One would swear he already knew and just attempted to liven up the boring rituals of our normal Soul Dance Ceremonies," Lira said playfully, tapping Elyan's shoulder.
"Yeah, he's probably responsible for the drunken antics of the village elders nowadays. You think he shared the recipe with them?" Elyan jokingly asked.
"Your little brother does tend to get away with a lot these days!" Lira exclaimed.
Elyan and Lira had been close since childhood. Both being raised as acolytes of Solayah, they never thought of each other as anything more than brother and sister. Elyan, however, had always harbored deeper feelings for Lira. But due to their strict religious beliefs, he never pursued these feelings. Nevertheless, the feelings remained and led to one of the first of many sins Elyan would go on to commit – the sin of coveting.
"You know what, Elyan? We should go visit the nearby shrine of Solayah. It's not too far from where we are now – maybe 20 or 30 minutes at most," Lira suggested eagerly.
Reluctant to resist Lira's captivating golden-hued puppy eyes, Elyan acquiesced, and they embarked on the renowned Living Vine Trail. The path earned its name from the vibrant green mycelium, resembling vines, that meandered languidly through the dense tree canopy overhead. The trail's relative safety ensured a tranquil journey for the couple as they made their way to the shrine. However, upon nearing the shrine's staircase, an unsettling sensation enveloped them—an eerie atmosphere that was decidedly atypical for a sacred space devoted to the Celes'Deus.
"Elyan, do you feel that?" Lira inquires nervously, drawing closer to him for comfort. "Yes... I do. Something dark has transpired here."
"At a shrine dedicated to a celestial deity?" Lira's voice trembles with the onset of fear. "We must turn back now, Elyan!"
Just as Elyan is about to agree, a glint of something catches his eye near the Statue of Solayah at the shrine's apex.
"Lira, wait here. I'll only be a moment," he insists, starting up the marble staircase.
"Elyan, are you serious? We need to hurry back and inform the elders about the dreadful occurrence here!" Lira protests.
"We will, but first, I must ensure the shrine hasn't been desecrated. We cannot risk angering Solayah before the Soul Dance Ceremony tonight," Elyan explains, swiftly ascending the staircase.
"Elyan, you better hurry up! I mean it!" Lira calls after him, her worry evident in her voice.
Upon reaching the magnificent golden statue of Solayah in all its splendor, Elyan is suddenly overcome by the stench of decay and an overwhelming sense of despair, causing his stomach to churn violently. He scans the area for the source of the repugnant odor, expecting to find the decomposing remains of an animal, but discovers nothing. Instead, his eyes are drawn to an exquisite sword planted beside the statue, unlike any he had ever encountered before. As Elyan picks up the sword to examine it, he notices the emblem of the Dwarvain Empire on its pommel—a familiar sight, as the Solvaylians are well-acquainted with the Knomadic race that inhabits Dwarvain. Beyond this single detail, however, the sword remains a mystery to Elyan. The hilt is wrapped in a sturdy wyvern hide, but it doesn't match any wyvern species he has ever seen. The golden crossguard bears intricate etchings in an indecipherable language, while the blade itself is inscribed with magical runes that are equally unfamiliar to him.
As if compelled by the enigmatic blade, Elyan conceals it within his cloak and makes his way back down the staircase. Elyan's descent is hastened by a sense of urgency as he clutches the mysterious sword hidden beneath his cloak. As he reaches the foot of the staircase, Lira's eyes widen in alarm, sensing the change in him.
"Elyan, what did you find up there?" she inquires, her voice quivering with trepidation.
He hesitates for a moment, contemplating whether or not to reveal the sword to Lira. Finally, he decides to confide in her, drawing the enigmatic weapon from its concealment. Her eyes fixate on the sword, reflecting a mix of awe and concern.
"I found this next to the statue of Solayah," Elyan explains. "I've never seen anything like it before. It bears the emblem of the Dwarvain Empire, but everything else about it is unfamiliar. I couldn't just leave it there."
Lira's gaze shifts from the sword to Elyan's face, searching for reassurance. "We need to take this to the elders immediately. They might be able to shed some light on its origin and significance, especially with the unsettling atmosphere surrounding the shrine."
Elyan nods in agreement, carefully returning the sword to its hiding place within his cloak. With the weight of their discovery weighing heavily upon them, the duo retraces their steps along the Living Vine Trail, eager to share their findings with the village elders and uncover the truth behind the mysterious sword and the ominous presence at the shrine. As they walk, they cannot shake the feeling that their lives have become entwined with a destiny far greater than they ever could have imagined.
As the sun dipped lower in the sky, casting a warm golden glow over the village, Elyan and Lira joined their fellow Soulborn Elves in the village square. The atmosphere buzzed with anticipation, as everyone eagerly awaited the elders' pronouncement.
Elder Aelara, a sagacious and revered figure within the community, stepped forward and raised her hands, calling for silence. Her voice, gentle yet authoritative, effortlessly captivated the attention of all those present.
"Children of Sayla," she began, her eyes sweeping over the assembly, "we gather here tonight to celebrate our bond with the forest and the spirits that dwell within its embrace. The harmony we share with the land and its creatures is a precious gift, one that we must treasure and safeguard for generations to come."
Her words were met with nods of agreement and murmurs of approval. Elyan, standing beside Lira, felt a swell of pride in his chest. The bond his people shared with the land was something truly special, and he was grateful to be part of such a unique and connected community.
As the night progressed, the music filled the air, creating a magical atmosphere that enveloped the village. Elyan and Lira danced and sang, their hearts brimming with happiness and love for their people. However, the discovery at the Shrine of Solayah weighed heavily on their minds, and they knew they had to share the information with the village elders.
Taking a break from the festivities, they approached Elder Aelara, who was speaking with a small group of villagers.
"Elder Aelara," Elyan called out, trying to mask the urgency in his voice. "May we speak with you for a moment? It's important."
Aelara turned to face them, her wise eyes showing concern. "Of course, Elyan, Lira. What troubles you?"
Lira glanced around, ensuring no one was eavesdropping, before she began. "We visited the Shrine of Solayah earlier today, and we found something... unusual."
Elyan chimed in, "Yes, there was this strange sword next to the statue, and it bore the emblem of the Empire of Dwarvain. It also had magical runes etched into its blade, runes we've never seen before." Aelara quickly snatched the sword away as if taking poison from a child, eyes widened, and she exchanged a worried glance with the other elders. "This is troubling news. We must investigate this matter further. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Please, enjoy the rest of the ceremony, and we will discuss this further tomorrow." Taking the sword from them, she sent them on their way.
Elyan and Lira nodded, a sense of relief washing over them as they returned to the celebration. They hoped that the village's wise leaders would uncover the truth behind the mysterious sword and the disquiet it had stirred.
As the night of festivities drew to a close, Elyan and Lira found themselves sitting together at the village dock on the Ta'kalu River, following their nightly tradition.
"I was at Solayah's shrine just three days ago, and that sword wasn't there," Lira said, her voice tinged with concern. "Maybe it was accidentally left behind by some adventurer," Elyan suggested, trying to ease her worries.
"But that's the thing, Elyan," Lira countered. "When's the last time you remember an adventurer passing through Sayla?"
Elyan furrowed his brow, deep in thought. "I don't..."
"Exactly!" Lira exclaimed. "We only hear stories of adventurers in Sayla. Our home is nearly inhospitable to outsiders. Many have been swallowed by the jungles, as evidenced by the number of skeletons we've discovered."
They sat in silence for a moment, contemplating the unsettling implications of the mysterious sword's presence in their sacred shrine. But for now, they could only hope that the wisdom of their elders would provide answers and guidance in the days to come.
Meanwhile, at the border between BlackSands and Sayla, King Leviticus began mobilizing thousands of troops skilled in jungle-based warfare. He ordered the transport of ample supplies and materials for his military campaign into the uncharted province of Sayla.
"Your Majesty, word has come from the Emperor Isles that your father and his council disapprove of your campaign into Sayla. They are taking action to sway public opinion against you," De'lacar informed King Leviticus. "How should we proceed? Executing the old fool now would silence his council effectively." De'lacar suggested.
Leviticus furrowed his brow, considering the situation. "I'm less concerned about his feeble council than the consequences of killing the old man. No, executing him will be... complicated at this stage in my plan," Leviticus replied thoughtfully, weighing his options.
"De'lacar, contact the Alliance of Dark Heart and offer them a substantial reward for eliminating my mother. They must stage the event to implicate Old Man Lavarus, providing us with the perfect pretext to sentence him to death," Leviticus commanded, his voice unwavering.
"As you wish, Your Majesty. But... if I may," De'lacar hesitated, only to be immediately interrupted by Leviticus' thunderous voice.
"You may not!"
"Understood, Your Majesty," De'lacar responded, bowing his head in submission as he stepped backward into a swirling portal that closed behind him, leaving Leviticus to ponder his next move. The door to Leviticus's war room creaked open once more.
"Sire, the troops will be fully mobilized in about a month, and the fortress you commissioned will be completed in a matter of days," General Gurod reported, kneeling in submission to his king.
"And what of the local population here in BlackSands?" Leviticus inquired.
"We successfully captured the Perr'ju city of Ku'ran and many of the neighboring villages... however," the general hesitated.
"However?" Leviticus probed with great interest.
"Sir, the land here is harsh, and morale among the men in the 19th division is dwindling. They request permission to withdraw from the Sundered Coast and StoneBlossom Meadows," General Gurod explained, fear creeping into his voice.
"Withdrawal?..... Withdrawal!?" Leviticus stood, his piercing blue eyes flashing a fiery red for an instant. "The troops have been 'withdrawn'," he declared, sitting back down with a sinister grin.
"The 20th division is now the 19th division, and so forth for divisions 20 through 50," Leviticus detailed manically."Sir... That division comprised one hundred thousand men."
"And there will be one less to worry about unless you curb your questioning tone, General Gurod," Leviticus warned, his voice cold and unforgiving.
"Now that that little detail is taken care of, send a detachment of troops to retake the city of Ku'ran and recapture the local populations for use as slaves. The Sundered Coast and StoneBlossom Meadows are to be reoccupied immediately by the 19th division, formerly the 20th," Leviticus cackled.
"As you command, sire," General Gurod replied submissively as he stood and walked toward the war room's exit.
"Oh, and one more thing, General!" Leviticus called out as he sauntered over to Gurod, handing him a sealed parchment scroll bearing the symbol of the Mala'Deus Pantheon.
"Take this to the statue of Nero located on the edge of the DustBowl." Gurod grasped the scroll, his face a mix of shock and fear due to the ominous symbol and the perilous location he was to visit. However, not wanting to question a man who had just dispatched one hundred thousand men without a mere word, the general accepted the scroll without hesitation, simply responding, "As you wish, sire."
Back in Sayla, Elyan and Lira awoke early, eager to learn whether the elders had uncovered anything about the mysterious sword they had found the night before. They met at the prestigious Temple of the Celestial Gods, only to be greeted by a locked door.
"The door is only locked when something serious is happening," Elyan told Lira, trying to peer through a crack in the heavy wooden door.
"I know... it's troubling. The last time the temple was locked, we were attacked by a swarm of Bush Wyverns not long after," Lira replied, her voice filled with concern.
"Maybe we should just take it easy, Lira. The elders could be deliberating for hours, and I have chores to do at home anyway," Elyan suggested, stepping away from the door. "Yeah, maybe you're right. I have to go get Gecko herb from the village south of here today anyway. Perhaps things will have settled down by then," Lira replied, her frustration evident.
"The village of Floravale, right? I understand your frustration. It gets cold there, being so close to BlackSands," Elyan said compassionately.
"Yes! It can be tedious sometimes, but fortunately, Grandma's warm Gecko tea is a refuge all on its own," Lira declared, her spirits lifting.
"Ah yes! I remember Granny's Gecko tea! Pure as Solayah's soul," Elyan reminisced fondly, thinking back to his time as a youth in Floravale village.
"Well, I'll be sure to pass on your high praise to her," Lira responded with a giddy giggle. "You know, you could come with me. You're always welcome at Grandma Laya's house, Elyan, and I'm sure she'd love to see you after all these years."
"I would love to join you, Lira, but my mother's sickness has worsened lately, and my father will need help tilling the field. I'm glad Eleene is old enough to take over my mother's household duties. Krain knows Sedwin wouldn't be able to handle it," Elyan explained, reflecting on his younger brother's laziness.
"Is she still sick?" Lira asked with concern. "That's not good at all, Elyan. It's been, what, about four weeks now, right? Have you tried consulting Shaman Arlo about a possible remedy?" Lira inquired, her anticipation palpable.
"My sister Eleene has visited him several times, and the last time she inquired, he was just as puzzled as we are. So, he came to our home and made a dire prognosis. He says my mother is suffering from an illness related to our ancestral heritage. But when we asked him to elaborate further, he wouldn't say more, only that she had a matter of months before..." Elyan's voice trailed off, his teeth gritting slightly.
"I'm... so sorry, Elyan," Lira replied sympathetically. A dead silence filling the air.
"All things ethereal, the living intertwine... The meaning of life discovered, but only when we die," Elyan recited a verse from the scriptures on the teachings of Solayah. "It's okay, Lira. We're just going to make her as comfortable as possible before she rejoins Solayah."
"That's a noble task, Elyan. I truly commend you," Lira replied. "Well, I have to go if I want to get back in time to hear what the elders have to say. See you later, Elyan!" She hurried down the road heading south out of the village.
"Safe travels, Lira!" Elyan called out, watching Lira disappear into the distance.
"Well, I'd better get to my father," Elyan said to himself, preparing for the day ahead.
In the continent of Sol'aay, across the vast sea, former King Lavarus of Impre'us province and father to Leviticus, convenes with his council at the Temple of Sol'thur on the Emperor Isles. They engage in a heated debate about the impending invasion of Sayla and the reckless actions of Leviticus, who ascended the throne mere months ago.
"This is an utter disaster! Your son will be the downfall of our kingdom!" Adviser Calvris exclaims, addressing the former king Lavarus.
"Why did you abdicate so readily? Just because he vanquished those supposed 'invaders'?" another adviser adds.
Lavarus tries to interject, "It was an invasion..."
"Massacre, sire! Anyone with eyes saw what Prince Laventus did to those people," Adviser Calvris retorts.
"That's King Laventus, you insolent worm!" De'lacar announces, entering the chambers with numerous guards in tow.
The sudden appearance causes everyone in the room to stand. Lavarus demands, "What is the meaning of this, De'lacar?" his tone a mix of confusion and impatience.
"Well, 'Sire,' you are under arrest for high treason, for your involvement in the death of your wife, Queen Silla," De'lacar proclaims, gesturing for the guards to arrest Lavarus.
"What?! No..." Lavarus utters, shocked by the news.
"Unfortunately, yes. And the punishment for such a crime is public execution," De'lacar reveals, a sinister smile gracing his lips.
"How could he do this? Tell me, De'lacar! How could he have his sweet, innocent mother murdered?" Lavarus implores. De'lacar merely shrugs, responding, "I wasn't allowed to ask," before attempting to leave the room.
"Do you really think we'll let you and Leviticus get away with this, you glorified lapdog?" Adviser Calvris challenges De'lacar, garnering the support of his fellow advisers.
"No, which is why none of you will leave this room," De'lacar replies. "You may complete your contract, but don't leave a mess this time."
De'lacar's words puzzle the council as he ushers Lavarus out in shackles, closing the door behind him. Suddenly, small black energy masses with a purple aura appear next to each of the seven advisers' heads, darting into them as if possessing them. A dark figure clad in black leather armor emerges from the shadows, and the now zombie-like advisers form a single file line, following the mysterious figure out the door.
"Don't leave a mess this time," the mysterious figure, Zel, mocks De'lacar childishly. Two other figures materialize from the darkness behind him.
"Don't be so childish, Zel," the tallest of the figures scolds. "Indeed, your overconfidence could be your undoing," a female voice chimes in with laughter.
"Yeah, yeah, stop lecturing me! This contract was already disappointing," Zel grumbles.
"Please! This contract was the witches tits! Not every day you get to stage a murder within in the royal bloodlines" the female voice counters.
"Of course you had fun, you got the most pleasurable kill with that frail old Lady Sinclair," Zel retorts.
The trio, along with the entranced advisers, proceed down the palace hallway, reaching a dead end. Zel recites an incantation, "Queen of the night, heed your children's call, for we've fulfilled our tasks and killed them all!" Simultaneously, he casts a handful of black powder at the wall.
The wall transforms into a distorted portal, emanating a faint purple glow and the haunting sounds of countless souls groaning in agony. As the mysterious figures and their captives step through, the largest cloaked figure drops a black rose with deep purple pedals, before the portal vanishes behind them. A calling card of the Alliance of Dark Heart.
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2023.03.21 21:24 wtb_username_pls Aaaaaand... we're offline.

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2023.03.21 21:18 TheMattInTheHat [FS/FT 11729][H] Legendary Encounters: Alien, Dwellings of Eldervale, Wingspan, and more. [W] Undaunted: Reinforcements, Arkham Horror LCG, Bad Company, Rolling Heights, $$$

I have the following games for sale / trade (small list). Smoke-free home. Will ship via PirateShip for best rates.
Discounts on multiple purchases. Buy 2 - 10% off Buy 3 - 15% off
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Condition rating: 1 - Poor, complete but wear and tear 2 - Fair, complete, but some visible wear 3 - Good, complete, nothing noticeable 4 - Great, complete, like new 5 - New in shrink
For Sale:
7 Wonders Duel - $20 (4) Age of Civilization - $15 (4) Ambal Tournament - $15 (4) The Ancient World - $30 (5) Android: Mainframe - $15 (3) Blokus - $15 (4) Champions of Midgard - $30 (3) Dead Men Tell No Tales - $20 (4) Dead of Winter (4) + The Long Night Expansion (5) - $60 Dwellings of Eldervale (No minis or extras) (4) - $100 First Empires - $20 (4) Forbidden Island - $10 (4) Galaxy Trucker - $15 (4) Hanamikoji - $10 (4) Inis + Seasons of Inis (sleeved, all in base game box) - $80 (4) The Isle of Cats - $30 (4) Legendary Encounters: Alien + Big box expansion (sleeved, all in base game box) - $150 (4) Lost Cities - $15 (5) Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power - $25 (5) MOB: Big Apple - $20 (4) My City - $20 (5) The Night Cage - $25 (4) Photosynthesis - $25 (4) Quest Big Box Edition - $20 (4) Santorini - $20 (4) Star Wars: Imperial Assault - $40 (box corner torn in shipping, otherwise played once) Tsuro - $15 (3) Viticulture Essential Edition - $40 (5) Wingspan - $35 (4)
Want List:
Undaunted: Reinforcements Rolling Heights Dream Home Comic Hunters Bad Company Arkham Horror LCG - Revised Sets Only (I have base game and Dunwitch Legacy already)
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2023.03.21 21:16 Legitimate_Front6652 Busco compañero/a para mi banda de mercenarios en un servidor de GOT

¡Buenas! Estoy en un servidor de GOT, con aires de total war (adminstracion de ejercitos, ciudades) etc. No voy a explicar de que va, aunque es muy muy interesante y son gente adulta (por fin porque vaya tela lo que hay en discord) .
El caso, es que tengo una compañia de mercenarios y estoy buscando una persona interesada en aprenderender y convertirse en mi compañero o compañera. Podemos hablar por mp si os interesa
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2023.03.21 21:15 Yusuf9867 The Persians civ concept

The Persians civ concept
Hi there. So, in this topic, I’m discussing the Persians as a proposed future civilization to be added in the future. Anyways, here’s some proposed flags:

The proposed flag of the Persians
The Persians are a civilization, representing the namesake civilization within modern-day Iran. In the late antiquity to the early middle ages, the Sasanian Empire ruled over Persia and other areas influenced by the Persians. However, after the Islamic conquest of Persia, the Sasanian Empire would ultimately collapse and be replaced by various medieval dynasties of Persia and the indigenous religion, Zoroastrianism would be severely declined due to the majority populus becoming Muslim after the conquest.
  • Year span: 498-1599 CE
  • Civilization type: Culture, Trade, Dynasties
  • Difficulty: 3/3
  • Villagers cost -40% food and have +1 melee armor point but have 25% slower workrate.
  • Early Lancer available in the Feudal Age.
  • Landmarks can garrison villagers with each garrison villager increasing the HP of the Landmark by 2% but if the Landmark is below it’s original HP and the villagers are no longer garrisoned, the Landmark stays with 1 HP.
Influence: Town Centers and Caravanserais let nearby houses generate gold.
How the Dynasty system works: If a Dynasty is unlocked, houses that are within the influence generate gold slightly faster for each Dynasty unlocked. Some Dynasties will also unlock certain units and techs. These are following Dynasties that can be unlocked:
  • Qarinvand Dynasty (Choice 1 available in the Dark Age and requires 2 Dark Age buildings to get access)
  • Bavandid Dynasty (Choice 2 available in the Dark Age and requires 3 Dark Age buildings to get access)
  • Baduspanids (Choice 1 available in the Feudal Age and requires 2 Feudal Age buildings to get access)
  • Samanid Dynasty (Choice 2 available in the Feudal Age and requires 3 Feudal Age buildings to get access)
  • Buyid Dynasty (Choice 1 available in the Castle Age and requires 1 Castle Age building to get access)
  • Khwarazmian Dynasty (Choice 2 available in the Castle Age and requires 2 Castle Age buildings to get access)
  • Kar-Kiya Dynasty (Choice 1 available in the Imperial Age and requires 3 Castle Age buildings)
  • Safavid Empire (Choice 2 available in the Imperial Age and requires the Madrasa)
Unique units:
  • Dailamite Warrior - Medium melee infantry unit that is armed with a battle axe and javelin and can form a wall with their shield if Dailamite Formation is researched. Strong against other infantry units but weak against cavalry. Available at the Barracks starting in the Feudal Age.
  • Dehqan - Economic unit that collects tax from Mills and can help nearby villagers carry +5 of each resource. Available at the Town Center starting in the Dark Age.
  • Ispahbed - Medium melee cavalry unit that has an attack good against ranged infantry and light cavalry but weak against heavy cavalry and the Spearman. Available at the Stable starting in the Feudal Age and can be unlocked with the Bavandid Dynasty.
  • Sardar - Cavalry leader that has the ability to have nearby military units attack 50% faster for 10 seconds. Available at the Keep if either of the two Imperial Age dynasty options are unlocked.
  • Qurchi - Heavy melee infantry unit that can take out light melee infantry while they hardly can take out other heavy melee infantry. Available at the Barracks if the Safavid Dynasty is unlocked.
  • Zamburak - Unit that’s very similar to the Abbasid Camel Archer except that it wields the arquebus instead of the bow and arrow and as well as costs gold of the same amount (60) instead of wood. Available at the Archery Range if the Safavid Dynasty is unlocked.
Unique buildings:
  • Agiary - Religious building that can inspire nearby units with slightly faster gathering rate (villagers) and 15% faster attack rate (military units). Relics can be placed into this building. Can be constructed in the Dark Age.
  • Caravanserai - Economic building that let’s passing traders receive a speed boost while also dropping off +25 of a resource you designate the Caravanserai to generate. Can be constructed in the Dark Age.
Unique technologies:
  • Qanats - Docks are capable of storing stone. Available at the Dock starting in the Dark Age.
  • Defense Lines - Walls are constructed 80% faster. Available at the Rayen Castle starting in the Feudal Age.
  • Dailamite Formation - Dailamite Warriors are given the ability to form a wall with their shield. Available at the Rayen Castle starting in the Feudal Age.
  • Dah-Bashi - First military building spawns 10 random military units. Available at the Rayen Castle starting in the Castle Age if either of the Castle Age dynasties are unlocked.
  • Kamandaran - Archers are 15% cheaper. Available at the Archery Range starting in the Feudal Age.
  • Pearls of the Persian Gulf - Fishing boats get extra gold every time they return with fishes, which is equal at 20% of the resources deposited. Available at the Dock starting in the Feudal Age.
  • Khorasan Road - Traders are 50% cheaper to create. Available at the Caravanserai starting in the Castle Age.
  • Mahouts - Elephant units move 25% faster. Available at the Blacksmith starting in the Castle Age.
  • Mounted Lookouts - All cavalry units (including Elephants) gain +2 LOS. Available at the Stable starting in the Castle Age.
  • Mysticism - Religious units slowly regenerate hitpoints. Available at the Mosque starting in the Castle Age.
  • Higher Education - Madrasas become affected by the influence. Available at the Caravanserai starting in the Imperial Age.
  • Achaemenid Legacy - Wood and Gold can be stored at Madrasas. Available at the Town Center starting in the Imperial Age.
  • Clibanarii Fortitude - Cavalry have +2 melee armor and +2 ranged armor. Available at the Stable starting in the Imperial Age.
  • Sasanian Preservation - Relics can be stored into Landmarks while relics stored in Agiaries and Mosques generate 50% faster. Available at the Madrasa.
  • Cultural Orientation - Town Centers and Caravanserais have +3 Influence range. Available at the Madrasa.
  • Persian Recruitment - Persian unique units (excluding the Dehqan) are created 50% faster. Available at the Blacksmith starting in the Imperial Age.
  • Enhanced Weaponry - All existing non-gunpowder ranged infantry become Hand Cannoneers and gunpowder units are created 25% faster. Available at the Blacksmith starting in the Imperial Age if the Safavid Dynasty is unlocked.
  • Bam Citadel - Landmark that acts as a Market and allows the Caravanserai to exchange the drop-off resources for a different kind of resource. Based on the Arg-e Bam.
  • Rayen Castle - Landmark that acts as a Blacksmith and houses the Defense Lines technology, the Dailamite Formation technology, and the Dah-Bashi technology. It also increases the production of nearby military buildings by 15%. Based on the building of the same name.
  • Network Temple - Landmark that acts as an Agiary. Let’s nearby religious buildings auto repair and heals a maximum of 5 nearby units almost instantly. Based on the Tappe Mil.
  • Equestrian Necropolis - Landmark that can auto train horse units but at a slower training time. The units being the Horseman, Lancer, and Horse Archer and if the Bavandid Dynasty is unlocked, the Ispahbed also becomes trainable. Based on the Naqsh-e Rostam.
  • Qabus Tower - Landmark that adds 100 gold in possession every 10 minutes and houses certain unique technologies that are 50% cheaper but have 50% slower research rate. Based on the tower in Gonbad-e Qabus.
  • Ardashir Palace - Landmark that acts as a Town Center and Caravanserai. Villagers are created 150% faster. Based on the building of the same name.
Wonder: Shapur Khast
Units that are expected to become shared units:
  • Horse Archer - Ranged cavalry that is to become shared among civilizations that historically used them.
  • War Elephant - Melee cavalry that is to become shared among civilizations that historically used them.
  • Camel Rider - Melee cavalry that is to become shared among civilizations that historically used them.
New shared unit expected to come into existance:
  • Elephant Archer - Ranged cavalry unit where the archer is atop of the elephant and is available to civilizations that historically used military elephants. Delhi Sultanate uses the Tower Elephant instead.
Architecture: Age I would use Sasanian style with Age II using Khorasani style, Age III using Razi style, and Age IV using Isfahani style.
Language: Middle Persian and would evolve into New Persian.
Proposed Stats for each unique unit:
  • Cost: 100 Food and 50 Gold
  • Training time: 20 seconds
  • Hitpoints: 75
  • Melee armor: 0
  • Pierce armor: 0
  • Speed: 1.12 tiles/second
  • Population cap: 1
[Dailamite Warrior]
  • Cost: 80 Food and 45 Gold
  • Training time: 20 seconds
  • Hitpoints: 90 (Early), 115 (Regular), 130 (Veteran), 145 (Elite)
  • Melee Attack: 6 (Early), 8 (Regular), 10 (Veteran), 12 (Elite)
  • Fire Attack: 10 (Early), 13 (Regular), 16 (Veteran), 20 (Elite)
  • Rate of fire: 1.50 seconds (Battle Axe), 2.00 seconds (Torch), 2.50 seconds (Javelin)
  • Melee armor: 0
  • Pierce armor: 1 (Early), 2 (Regular), 3 (Veteran), 4 (Elite)
  • Cost: 90 Food and 40 Gold
  • Training time: 21.5 seconds
  • Hitpoints: 170
  • Melee Attack: 14
  • Fire Attack: 19
  • Rate of Fire: 1.25 seconds (Sword) and 2.00 seconds (Torch)
  • Melee armor: 4
  • Pierce armor: 4
  • Speed: 1.125 tiles/second
  • Cost: 110 Food and 55 Gold
  • Training time: 30 seconds
  • Hitpoints: 145 (Regular), 190 (Veteran), 225 (Elite)
  • Melee Attack: 15 (Regular), 19 (Veteran), 24 (Elite)
  • Attack bonus: +5 vs Siege (Torch)
  • Rate of fire: 1.48 seconds
  • Melee armor: 2 (Regular), 3 (Veteran), 4 (Elite)
  • Pierce armor: 2 (Regular), 3 (Veteran), 4 (Elite)
  • Speed: 1.70 tiles/second
  • Upgrade cost: 100 Food and 250 Gold (Veteran), 300 Food and 700 Gold (Elite)
  • Upgrade time: 30 seconds (Veteran), 60 seconds (Elite)
  • Cost: 150 Food and 150 Gold
  • Training time: 35 seconds
  • Maximum amount: 1
  • Hitpoints: 360
  • Attack: 24 (melee), 30 (ranged)
  • Fire Attack: 10
  • Rate of fire: 2 seconds (melee), 2.15 seconds (ranged), 2.12 seconds (torch)
  • Melee armor: 4
  • Pierce armor: 4
  • Speed: 1.68 tiles/second
  • Cost: 180 Food and 60 Gold
  • Training time: 35 seconds
  • Hitpoints: 200
  • Pierce Attack: 35
  • Rate of Fire: 1.62 seconds
  • Range: 4
  • Melee armor: 0
  • Pierce armor: 0
  • Speed: 1.62 tiles/second
Conclusion: Having the Persians be one of the civilizations of Age of Empires IV would be one of the best things because it can explore the medieval era of Persia. Also, the Persian identity did existed in the ancient and medieval times that can be considered parallel to the Chinese identity.
Note: This page was directly copied from the Persians civ concept topic that's available on the Age of Empires Forums.
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2023.03.21 21:10 dr4gonsl4yer111 I don't know what you're all on about, mine works fine

I don't know what you're all on about, mine works fine submitted by dr4gonsl4yer111 to destiny2 [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 21:10 jvasicek Brothers in Exile by Joe Vasicek

To wake a lost girl from the ice, two brothers must face an empire.
Deep in the Far Outworlds, a derelict space station holds the bones of a long-dead people—and a beautiful young woman locked in cryofreeze. When the star-wandering brothers Isaac and Aaron Deltana find the sleeping girl, they soon realize that they are her only hope for rescue. If they don't take her, then slavers certainly will.
With no way to revive her, they set a course for the New Pleiades in hopes of finding someone who can help. But a storm is brewing over that region of space. After a series of brutal civil wars, the Gaian Empire has turned its sights outward. A frontier war is on the verge of breaking out, and the brothers are about to be caught in the middle of it.
They both harbor a secret, though. Somewhere else in the Outworlds is another derelict station—one that they used to call home. That secret will either bind them together or draw them apart in
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2023.03.21 21:10 mcindoeman DLC speculation - The Monkey King and Changeling (JK it's mostly Dien Ch'ing)

The Lords:
The monkey King
Cathay's big monke, in lore the Monkey king is kinda neutral, working both with and against the dragons of Cathay. He has openly traded with Skaven and asked their generals to aid in training his troops and has also allowed ambassadors from openly tzeentch following city states into his court.
That said he has also fights to defend Cathay from the south and has betrayed the previously mentioned ambassadors from Tzeentch once he got what he wanted from them. so yea he isn't part of Cathay's iron handed government but he ain't fully chaos.
He will likely be focused on melee brawling, if he has magic i would expect beasts and Yang but the melee focus is still gonna be strong. He might have a stalk aspect to him, to represent his trickster nature.
In terms of units, he would bring Monkey warriors which might be stalking infantry due to the Monkey king believing an Eshin warlord could lead them well. Cathay is missing a big stalking unit hole in their tech tree. There would also likely be (Great) vermilion birds which would be a phoenix like unit and possibly smaller fell bat sized swarms all with flaming attacks. beyond that i would guess a lore of beasts hero.

A Shapeshifter and lore of Tzeentch spell caster. Lore wise, he is a trickster who enjoys pranks but has spent so long shapeshifting he has forgotten his original form. Tzeentch uses this to manipulate and strong the changeling along doing his bidding. According to the loading screen lore, the changeling is currently trying to turn public opinion in Cathay against the Monkey king, likely due to his betrayal of the cult of Tzeentch in lore.
Likely to have some form of transformation ability but to what? who knows. Likely has some form of stalk prob some uses of the hidden in time ability. In terms of units the most likely is changebringers, and if he is focusing on fighting in Cathay, maybe some smaller cultist units? other than that i'm not sure.

Legendary Hero: Dien Ch'ing
You might be wonder who on earth is Dien Ch'ing? Dien Ch'ing is one of the only 2 known members of the Monkey Kings court, an ambassador and representative for an openly Tzeentch run city state during the Cathay civil war. That was until the Monkey king fired and exiled him without warning, angered Dien Ch'ing murdered a diplomat the Monkey King sent to form an alliance with Karl franz, then took his place. Dien Ch'ing then proceeded to try and assassinate Karl Franz's son (by jumping him outside a brothel with 3 other chaos cultists), framing Cathay in the process. Dien Ch'ing's plan was foiled however and he went on to aid several pro-chaos rebellions in Kislev and was last spotted in a chaos warband pretending not to see Gotrek and felix and walking away in the other direction
Is he even still canon? yes, he has been mentioned twice by GW as still canon since game 3's launch. In the Warhammer RPG, one of the NPCs is a Cathay ambassador who mentions that the Empire couldn't figure out that the last Cathay ambassador was an imposter. The other more direct and meta confirmation that Dien Ch'ing is still canon, comes from GW's Q&A they released when Cathay was announced. The Q&A says in it's footnote that a certain Cathay wizard from the book beasts in velvet is still canon, Dien Ch'ing being the only Cathay wizard in said story.
In terms of abilities, Dien knows some form of martial arts so expect him to be stated like a legendary Eshin sorcerer. He is also the first recorded user of the lore of Yin spell ancestral warriors, in one of the stories he appears in, he summons his grandfather's ghost to fend off attackers. That was prob the main reason he was confirmed as still canon, to hint at Cathay's new magic. So Dien Ch'ing would be a lore of Yin and likely Tzeentch spell caster, a deadly combination.
To summarise what i hope from Dien Ch'ing as a legendary hero:

In terms of recruitment, i'd say he gets unlocked by taking control of Beichi since it's the only city in Cathay with a history of Chaos (so far), tho i wouldn't mind him getting a quest or similar that starts once the city is taken.

FLC: Li Dao
The fire dragon, Li Dao. If he follows the Same pattern as Zhao Ming and Miao Ying then he will have a mix of lore of fire and Yin, 100% a range focused lord. Why range focused? because the lore of fire passive boosts fire damage and in the base Cathay roster only the rocket and cannon units deal fire damage. With this DLC there would be other fire based options for him to buff but for people who just own the base game getting Li Dao as FLC, he will boost only artillery, so it makes sense for him to be a ranged focused lord. Plus it will give him a different playstyle to the Monkey king's melee.

FLC: Total war access: lore of Fire Alchemists.
Mentioned already in game in the description of Zhao Ming and his metal alchemists form the unit browser. Basically the same as the current lore of metal alchemists, if they get a new model i would expect it to be a male wizard as fire is a sub lore of Yang while metal is a sub lore of Yin in Cathay.
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