Cub cadet xt2 riding lawn mower

Large purchase

2023.03.22 01:37 avidsmoker23 Large purchase

I am late 20s. Have 700ish credit scores. Only have one CapitalOne credit card in my name. I am about to purchase a riding lawn mower upwards of $3k. I am wondering if I should put this purchase on my credit card or pay cash? I only have a credit card to build my credit and usually only put about $20 on it monthly. I would immediately pay off the full balance due from the purchase once my CapitalOne invoice is due. Credit is tricky, just wanting to make sure I won’t ruin my credit scores doing this! Thanks for the help in advanced.
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2023.03.21 20:23 3XLeveragedOptions Cub Cadet loses power during a mowing session

Hi! New to this sub and looking for some help. I have a 2016 Cub Cadet XT1 LT50. I bought it new and it has been running well for years. When the dealer delivered the mower to my house in 2016 the driver left the lights on and the battery died. I charged the battery and the mower ran fine ever since then. Last year the mower had some issues starting up and I charged the battery to get it running and at the end of the summer I noticed the mower losing power after making a few passes up a hill in the backyard. The hill is pretty steep but the mower had no issues in the past. Since I had issues with the battery, I thought that might be the issue so I replaced the battery today. Again, after about 20 minutes and a few passes on the hill, the mower crawls and eventually stops. I checked all of the obvious things like throttle, etc. Even when I turn off the deck there's no power but the engine is idling totally fine. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.21 16:55 bumblef1ngers Purchase recommendation 2-4K USD

Time to buy my first mower. So dang confused. I have a small push mower etc. I now have 2.5 acres that is tree covered. About 1 acre gets sod and leaving the rest natural landscaping. We have some sandstone here and there. I’m fairly flat but do have a corner of the lot that is a hill with some stone retaining walls and flower beds.
It seems that entry level brand names are around 2000-2500. Toro, cub cadet etc. then there is the next level up around 4k. The bad boy, exmark, hustler, etc.
So that I don’t build spreadsheets with 800 options, is there a no brainer can’t go wrong answer my application?
I’m not worried about wrenching in it myself. I’d also look at used but don’t see much locally used that appears viable.
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2023.03.21 16:10 contactmissiondata The Best Value Riding Lawn Mower Best Reviews Today

The Best Value Riding Lawn Mower Best Reviews Today
Mowing a huge yard may seem impossible. You don't want to spend hours mowing just to do it again a week later. In this instance, a riding mower is recommended. People assume riding mowers are more expensive than push mowers, therefore they avoid them. That's why we here at Mission Data have spent a great deal of time and energy researching the market and developing what we believe to be the best value riding lawn mower.
Read More:
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2023.03.21 13:28 Telemeister62 Go cheap again or upgrade?

Over the last two years I’ve bought two cheap riding mowers. A Troy Bilt Bronco and a Troy Bilt Pony. Both were around $350-400, and both ended up what I consider “mechanically totaled”. Aka, it would have taken me more than a weekend to fix, or repeatedly broke after fixing. I’ve actually not lost money since I sell them “for repair” for about the same amount as I bought them for.
Anyways, I’m sort of trying to figure out my next step. I’ve got a line on another older mower, Craftsman LT2000, for $350. But also saw a near new (one year old and under 30 hours) Cub Cadet XT1 for $1500.
My personality says go cheap, but I’m tired of buying a mower every year 😂.
(I will mow 1 acre of grass and use it for various yard chores pulling a small trailer.)
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2023.03.21 06:28 iTyroneW Been applying to a lot of jobs like crazy. Gaps between Jobs are due to Lay Offs. Need Advice.

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2023.03.21 03:34 Weekly_Sandwich9273 Lawn Care Recommendations - Pine Hills/Buckingham Lake Neighborhood

Wondering if anyone has any recommendations for lawn services that are used to more urban lots. We don’t have a driveway and have stairs up to our house and a retaining wall which means a ride-on mower can’t be used. A regular mower can be pushed up a small hill to access the rest of the lot. Our lot is narrow but long with a fairly large backyard.
We have had two services tell us they can’t help us because they use ride-on mowers and can’t access our yard, however both recommendations came from friends with suburban homes. None of my immediate neighbors use lawn services.
Been doing our own yard work for five years but will need surgery later this spring and hoping to outsource this season.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.21 03:24 yorgasor It's not hard to see why some people suspect Elder Mark E Petersen was gay...

Apostle Mark E Petersen is famous for his notoriously racist beliefs and his extreme views on chastity. His humble-brag about never seeing his wife unclothed. His suggestion to stop night time masturbation was to tie your hands to the bed board. Any way, I was reminded of this passage from one of his books today and just had to share:
"Think back on those hot summer days which are now behind us for another year. Did you take a ride around the residential district on one of those afternoons, especially on a Saturday, and did you see the sights? There were plenty to be seen, you admit.
Do you remember that portly gentleman on the front lawn who was wearing nothing but a pair of shorts? You could not help but notice that waistline as it oozed over the man's belt, and then when he stooped over,...!
You will not soon forget the Tarzan type you saw, the man of power following a motorized mower on the lawn across the street. He was the one with the hairy chest and legs. When he turned around you saw a streak of whiskery shrubbery across his shoulders and running part way down his back. You mused to yourself, wondering which needed that mower most, the man or the lawn.
The specimen you saw on the next street still lingers in your memory. He was the tall thin man with the spindly legs, the hollow chest and the protruding bones where his neck and shoulders came together. They couldn't have been just shoulder blades, you told yourself. No shoulder blades ever stuck out like that! There must have been some other formation there. It wasn't a "spare tire," it was in the wrong place for that. It left you completely mystified. Anyway, the sight of him in the trunks made you think that all the unusual exhibits weren't in the zoo after all. And you wondered how he escaped.
The man with the big bare feet really bowled you over. You saw him the day you went for a walk with your wife. Do you remember how embarrassed your better half became when she had to pass this creature on the sidewalk, and was forced to behold those feet, including toes with nails that manifestly had not been trimmed in the memory of man? And that great toe! It still haunts you. Your wife asked you why it was men didn't have sense enough to cover up such monstrosities. Didn't they have any dignity any more, or any pride?" --A Faith To Live By, pg 180-181
Honestly, it felt like I was reading a gay romance novel, where the closeted man is going around town trying to convince himself he wasn't attracted to all these shirtless men in town.
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2023.03.20 23:54 biimerge Most durable riding mower blades?

Hi everyone,
I have a cub cadet xt1 50” riding mower.
A few years back my wife and I bought a new house with 2 acres which was pretty rocky.
I have spent the last 3 years clearing rocks to make the yard safer for the kids and my mower. It isn’t perfect yet but most of the big stones are gone or can easily be avoided and the smaller rocks that were rampant after excavating seem to have been significantly reduced after planting grass and clover to keep the top soil from eroding.
At the end of last year I bought new blades because the one I had took a bad beating and were basically nubs that had broken off on the unseen rocks in their path. I put on the new blades and it was magical but I came across one or 2 granite rocks (the size of a tree nut maybe). The blades were immediately ruined.
I want to buy new blades again this season but was hoping to find something that can withstand the occasional rock hit without destroying the blades. I understand they will likely dull if I hit any rocks but breaking off big chunks of metal leaves little to be sharpened.
Any thoughts on a good, solid brand?
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2023.03.20 13:05 FoxDeltaCharlie Is there a such thing as a V-twin diesel?

We've got a Cub Cadet 60" Z-turn mower and I've been toying with the notion of replacing the motor with a diesel (currently a gas V-twin). I think it's about 25-28 HP. The mower is only about two years old and the existing motor is fine, but it doesn't have enough torque (IMO). When we get into the thicker stuff later in the summer it starts bogging down. I was wondering if there might be a horizontal V-twin diesel replacement option for it? Does such a thing even exist? Wasn't really sure on where to even begin looking for such an animal.
We've got lots of terrain (hills) on our place too, so all the more reason for the added torque of a diesel. Plus, then everything we own would be diesel (except the weed whackers and chainsaws). which would be nice from a fueling standpoint.
I realize the mounting housing might be tricky here, but it's just a straight forward bell housing so I'm confident I can figure something out for this. Motor mounts will just be custom made and welded to the frame (no biggie there at all)l.
Thanks for any ideas.
ETA - Some added weight wouldn't hurt my feelings either.
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2023.03.20 09:48 furrybutler Lawn care kit

I wanna see a kit about mowing the lawn, maybe like bust the dust? Get that sweet sweet domesticity, some stuff like push mower, riding mowers, weeds, moodlets for the smell of freshly cut grass
Maybe I'm a weirdo but I enjoy mowing the yard
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2023.03.20 03:34 RollTideAnyways Rear Engine Snapper Trailer / Hitch

TL/DR: ISO snapper trailer and hitch. Or is there a hitch you can buy and mount?
I grew up riding snapper mowers to cut my grandfathers lawn. I finally own a home with a bigger enough yard to justify buying a snapper so I did! Love the snapper but the guy on FB marketplace sold me a lemon, I love to work on engines (mechanical engineer). Unfortunately it was 5 hours away but in a city a buddy of mine lived in, so he grabbed it and brought it down on his next visit. Wasn’t able to inspect it personally… anyways. I’ve got it in great shape.
Does anyone know where to get a trailer and hitch for a rear engine snapper?
I have a MODEL: 2812523BVE. 05’ I believe or at-least the engine is.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.03.19 23:02 BubbleNutsPog Good zero turn mower

Looking at getting a new zero turm any recommendations. Im thinking of getting one with a bagger system too. So were particularily interested in deere, toro and cub cadet. Also have hustler, ferris, husqvarna, kubota, bobcat, grasshopper, gravely, and bad boy mower dealerships too
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2023.03.19 14:58 AngelBlu666 Sort person - help needed with mower purchase

I need help! I have a ride on mower but I cannot reach the pedals as I am 5 ft 2. I am also very allergic to grass and pollen so I have been hiring a lawn service to do my lawn this past few years. Recently, they upped their price and now this year it will cost me about $1600 for 0.3 acre. There are a couple small trees to go around and the front yard has an incline of about 40 degrees in one area.
I have been looking at my options as to what to get to either do it quickly or automate it but need some help.
I was looking at a zero turn, but wondered if they had pedals, as if they do I may not be able to reach them? Also, would a zero turn handle the hill? Is it also worth it to get a 52" deck or should I go even higher to reduce the time I am actually cutting the lawn to avoid triggering my allergies?
I also looked at robot mowers, specifically the Husqvana 415X due to the hill. Can I just pick them up and move it to my back lawn? How would it handle getting across the sidewalk to the verge? Are they even worth it?
So many questions! Any guidance is appreciated.
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2023.03.19 10:55 lazyERnurse Best riding lawnmower/zero turn for slopes?

I have a large area of the yard about 15-20 degree slope. Rest of the yard is flat. Looking for a stable rider with a deck thats 42 inches wide. I see the cub cadet zts1 is rated to 20 degrees but the price tag is pretty high. I had a regular manual lawn tractor that did great but the transmission went out. The hydrostatic in the other rider I used seemed weak and was barely crawling up it. Any other models to look at?
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