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Grocery stores are open but it's never too early to learn some squirrel recipes.

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2023.03.31 18:52 ArioftheWild Fired from job a week after coming off medically necessary light duty.... LONG POST

Hey all, hoping someone can help me figure this out, and whether or not I may have a case here (still, it's been 2 years). Long post incoming.....
So, here's some needed background to the story so I can set up the rest of it. I'm a 36 (was 34 at the time) y/o trans woman. I used to work at a Resort Hotel doing Security, in Vermont. My boss (Call him J for short) was pretty awesome, but had expressed some heavy right wing views, and openly proclaimed to be a heavy trump supporter and was also a marine. However, despite this he appeared open minded and trustworthy. His second in command (Call him K for short) is a retired police officedetective who has expressed multiple times that he does not like me and will not trust me because he views me as untrustworthy for reasons I never heard. During shift change, if I had a partner he wouldn't acknowledge my presence or start the information exchange until my partner arrived (if I was first), if my partner arrived first, I would walk in to him already briefing them or finishing up, and he would not even acknowledge that I had arrived. The rest of the crew was awesome and does not play in to this at all.
Ok, that's set. Here's what happened....
In November 2020 I had major life saving surgery, it kept me out of work until January 2021. I returned a bit earlier than I medically should have (and now physically suffer a because of it), and did everything I could within my ability to be of use to the team. Another member was going our for his own medically necessary surgery and e couldn't be down 2 people like that. So I came back. I mostly stayed in the office watching cameras, documenting lost and found, and other duties like that. I took my job seriously and did everything I could to be of use to them. My boss called me to complain once about some things and stated" we are doing everything we can to make reasonable accommodations for you, but this (I had to step away from the office for about an hour to deal with medically necessary stretching and cleaning) is getting to be too much". This was over phone call, so...yeah. Also to note, I am extremely physically weak during this whole period, my Dr.'s note of a 5lb limit is actually HIGHER than I am able to pick up at this point. Walking 20 yards exhausted me completely.
Fast forward a few weeks, and my doctor feels I am ready to be let off light duty and return to full physical abilities. I am not so sure, and I let him know this. This was the second half of February/early March 2021. I'm still hobbled quite a bit in my walking, and still can barely lift over 5lbs without getting tired and feeling strained. Still office bound at work, mostly focusing on re-writing our training manual and logging lost and found.
About 1 week after I am let off of light duty, a set of wireless headphones supposedly comes through but I do not see them. A housekeeping manager mentioned them during the shift change, but I forget (severe ADHD coupled with the exhaustion of healing aided in this forgetting) so I do not log that I had not seen them. IMMEDIATELY the next morning when K arrives, he sends me a message asking about them, via text, and I am a bit confused, but assure him I will locate them when I get in, as that is the majority of my duties. And I do find them. Well, my coworker (Call him A) finds them after assisting me to search the office behind desks that I can't move. He found them wedged between the wall and the managers desk. I am feeling very strange about this whole thing, as it feels very off. I speak with some non-security coworkers whom I know have my back and have witnessed K saying negative things regarding to a few other employees.
The next day I am pulled in to a meeting with the HR director and told I am being sent home pending an investigation in to what happened. I solidly explain I did not take them, and that I am physically incapable of moving a desk that size and weight. They do not listen. I recorded the whole thing. (This was, if I remember correctly a Thursday, Friday I do not work). Sunday rolls around and I am called back in and let go. I am fully anticipating this, bring all of my uniforms and do not sign any paperwork acknowledging anything. I just leave. Very hurt, and angry. I had not done anything wrong and was railroaded by K, whom I believe set it up to get me fired, but have no proof of.
Immediately I file unemployment and submit all of the documentation and do it correctly (or so I thought). I am granted it by the state, and receive it for 1 month before starting my new job. And they fight it. They had not responded to the initial fact finding by the state, so I was granted it automatically, but now they decide to fight. It takes a few months and then we are virtually seen by a Judge Advocate and, to no surprise, I win. Sadly, the recording of the interrogations was too big for them to receive (every time I tried to send it, including the first time during fact finding for the initial decisions, so it's not used as evidence) I am ruled in favor of, which was relieving but not surprising. And then they appeal AGAIN. A few months later, we meet virtually with the counsel of employment judges, no new evidence is allowed only testimony written before and then given during the hearing. The HR director had made a major errolie as to why the previous JA had ruled in my favor and in regards to some of the evidence I had presented. I point this out to them, and then simply state :I hold to all of my previous testimony and have nothing else to add).
Again, I am ruled in favor of, and have not heard anything (The next level of appeal would be at the VT supreme
But I really feel I was wrongfully terminated and discriminated against, and am wondering if there is still a case here. I am hurt, even still, and have a harder time trusting people around me as a result (especially bosses). It feels like this has hindered my ability to fully commit to a workplace fully and I am always looking for reasons to leave or signs that I am not wanted.
Thoughts and advice are welcome... please?
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2023.03.31 18:51 Toggles_ Alta Passed 800” for the season!!

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2023.03.31 18:51 AcanthocephalaSad458 Ghosted by my boss, what to do

Hello! I work part-time in retail and I am a full-time university student.
My salary is pretty poor and the store I work in is understaffed, so last year, when we had a change in management with a new store owner, my new boss asked me if I wanted to work more hours under a „student contract“ (it’s a very common thing where I am from: basically means I get to work up to 20 hours and keep my student status, which means I pay less taxes than the average part-timer. It’s beneficial for employer and employee).
At first, I refused, due to a large amount of university work and also because I quit my previous job to have more flexibility, but then my schedule started to clear up and at the start of February I said that I would give it a try.
The weeks went by and… nothing. No contract, no nothing. So I started asking my manger and my coworkers if they had seen my boss, who’s rarely around. My manager assured me that the new contract would be finished by March.
March rolled around and still nothing. I was getting pretty frustrated, and started looking into new jobs (without applying to any). I started pestering management a little and my boss finally gave me a contract, two weeks before April and also without the right legal phrases to make this a „student contract“. So I tried to contact my boss again and offered some written phrases that need to be in the contract.
He assured me that the contract would be done by April, but I already lost hope and now actively started to apply for other jobs. Less than one week before April he gave me a new contract which I read and agreed to and signed.
Today is the last day of March and I asked my manager if the contract had gone through and if everything was settled, tow hoch she just shrugged. I am at my limit. I feel so frustrated and betrayed and angry. Unfortunately I do not have any luck in finding a new position at this time with Easter just around the corner, so I can’t quit just yet.
I feel so unsure. We both signed the contract, so it should be binding by April 1st, right?
My boss also scheduled me for too many hours which I was not paid for, so I basically did 14 hours of unpaid overtime for them.
I don’t know what to do. University is expensive and so is rent and food, so I can’t just quit. I really don’t know how to handle this situation. Any advise would be appreciated.
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2023.03.31 18:51 StepwiseUndrape574 One of the most important aspects of any open-world game is the quality of its side content

One of the most important aspects of any open-world game is the quality of its side content. Fans are hoping for a game that is jam-packed with interesting and engaging side missions, activities, and collectibles that keep them engaged for hours on end.
GTA 5 Modder 👑 Buy gta 5 accounts // Fortnite // GTA 5 Accounts, Mods 💎 Creator on Patreon: 🎪
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2023.03.31 18:50 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in LA Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Hebert Steel CO Inc MIG Welder Gonzales
ElectriCom General Laborer Lake Charles
Aeropostale Store Lead Lake Charles
Schneider CDL A Driver Ruston
Schneider CDL A Driver Shreveport
BayMark Health Services LCSW West Monroe
Eckerd Connects Wraparound Facilitator Alexandria
The Center for Children and Families Behavioral Counselor - Family Therapist Shreveport
The Center for Children and Families Family Advocate Winnsboro
LSU HSC Immediate Openings Department Coordinator New Orleans Kenner
ST. CHARLES PARISH PUBLIC SCHOOLS Immediate Openings Teachers Of Middle 68 Or High School 912 Luling Luling
ST. CHARLES PARISH PUBLIC SCHOOLS Immediate Openings Teachers Of Special Education Students With Disabilities Luling New Orleans
ST. CHARLES PARISH PUBLIC SCHOOLS Immediate Openings Teachers Of Middle 68 Or High School 912 Luling New Orleans
LSU HSC Immediate Openings Teacher Trainee Assistant Teacher Lead Teacher New Orleans New Orleans
MATRANA's PRODUCE Diesel Mechanic Westwego
MATRANA's PRODUCE Immediate Openings Diesel Mechanic Diesel Mechanic Helper Westwego Westwego
MATRANA's PRODUCE Diesel Technician Westwego
CHRISTUS Health RN - Emergency Department PRN Alexandria
Christus Health RN Alexandria
CHRISTUS Health Emergency Room Nurse Alexandria
CHRISTUS Health Registered Nurse Lead- Stepdown Bossier City
CHRISTUS Health Registered Nurse Lead-Acute Orthopedics Bossier City
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in la. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.03.31 18:50 NoGroup2382 "Card is being produces" update

Hi, The status for my I-485 changed to "Card is being produced" on Wednesday. As I was reading discussions online, the status will usually change in the next 24 hours to "case was approved". My status did not change. Does somebody else has similar experience? I know that the online tracking is not always accurate but I am right now in panic mode. I was waiting for the approval 29 months and I am just anxious about it.
Thank you!
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2023.03.31 18:50 Kezika ESET NOD32 high CPU with Forza Horizon 5 (even if disabled)

So having a weird issue. Basically ESET NOD32's ekrn.exe wants to take up 10 to 12% of my CPU while playing Forza Horizon 5, which usually isn't an issue, but when I want to stream that game it, on top of OBS, VSeeFace, and then this 12% ESET wants to eat for some reason takes the CPU all the way to and past 100%
For reference ekrn normally is at like maybe 1 or 2% at any given time.
For some reason it only wants to do it on this game. I figured whatever I'd disable it when playing the game, but that doesn't do anything. Even disabled it wants to take up that much CPU. Other games, it sits pretty at 1 or 2%, but have Forza Horizon 5 open, 12% and doesn't matter if disabled.
Any ideas on why this is doing this and how to get it to... not?
CPU is an i7-6850K that I have OC'ed to 4.3GHz. Running Windows 10 64-bit, 24 GB of RAM. RTX 2070 Super main GPU and GTX 980 Ti secondary GPU.
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2023.03.31 18:50 Hour-Context592 GLITCHHHHH PLAY BEFORE IT ENDS

Super cool glitch on this game!!! Better play before it runs out 24 hours !!
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2023.03.31 18:50 blackcrackerhole Milk left out of fridge

Small bottle of milk out of fridge for roughly 24 hours in total. Kept in bag and then bedroom. Was a bit warm, threw in fridge before leaving for work this morn.
Looks, smells and tastes (only had a bit) fine. Could it still be gone off? Can you die from drinking gone off milk?
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2023.03.31 18:50 Necessary_Coconut_42 Libre 2 newbie

Libre 2 newbie
Finally taking my health seriously and saw an endocrinologist who has given me a Libre 2 to wear for 2 weeks and gave me a ton of advice on diet. Will be seeing her again in two weeks to discuss possible diagnosis.
Super overwhelmed and trying my best, eating all the foods she advised but seeing lots of peaks and troughs and really feeling it when it hits 3.9mmol.. not asking for advice but wondered if anyone else has been in the same boat? Feeling a little alone in this rollercoaster!
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2023.03.31 18:50 AutoModerator [Get] Jonathan Montoya – Freedom Accelerator

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2023.03.31 18:50 Hour-Context592 GLITCH PLAY BEFORE ITS OVER

Super cool glitch on this game!!! Better play before it runs out 24 hours !!
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2023.03.31 18:49 Natro2017 [P4S] £5.49/$6.79 ~🍿PurpleMedia🍿~📺10,000+ TV Shows - 281K+ Episodes🍿 📺300+ 4k Shows - 4600+ Episodes🍿 🎥28,000+ Movies🍿 🎥1,500+ 4k Movies🍿 Anime REMUX FREE 24 Hour Trial Automated

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Monthly & Yearly Plans Available. Join our discord server to get started.
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2023.03.31 18:49 Hour-Context592 Win with 3 existing users with this glitch

Super cool glitch on this game!!! Better play before it runs out 24 hours !! !!!!
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2023.03.31 18:49 swapdealer Blackberry Breakout!! Forget AMC, BBBY, GME!

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2023.03.31 18:49 He1kor Where to store libraries in cross-platform app?

My friend and I decided to start learning C++ game programming using SDL + OpenGL (GLEW), but we don't understand well how to configure cmake files and where put libraries yet.
I'm working on Windows and my friend on macOS. So we tried to install SDL separatly for our systems. In many guides and forums about Windows installing I've read that it's a good practice to store library in the project folder but not something like ...../System32 folder. I did it (with download asset using this guide:
But we can't figure out how to do same stuff on Mac. In all of guides which use cmake it tells to store library (SDL2-2.26.4.dmg) in /Library/Frameworks folder. And the guide that worked for me on Windows doesn't work with Mac (and probably shouldn't because there .dll files have to be placed in folder with the exe).
So the question is how should we store library, should it be outside or inside our project or it depends on OS? What's best practice to solve with cmake these cross-platform problems when there are two different library versions for each platform? Can you share any examples of cross-platform (Windows + macOS) apps using SDL and cmake?
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2023.03.31 18:49 mooseLimbsCatLicks Japanese Department and Grocery Store Teso Life Opening in Jersey City

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2023.03.31 18:49 Hour-Context592 Glitch!! Win with only 3 existing users

Super cool glitch on this game!!! Better play before it runs out 24 hours !!
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2023.03.31 18:48 Cybelie My(f20) Boyfriend(m22) is extremely scared and jealous

(Long Text)
Hello, I (f20) and my boyfriend (m22) have been together for almost 1.5 years, but I think I'm slowly losing my romantic feelings for him and it scares me a lot. My boyfriend is normally very nice to me, but lately we've had a lot of arguments about his jealousy.
I have mostly male friends (only one female friend) and I understand his concern, I would be too if he had a lot of female contacts, so we agreed that I would let him check my phone at all times or when I was gone I would send him pictures or videos so he knows where and with whom I'm spending time, that's perfectly fine with me and that always went very well. However, about 3 months ago he expressed that he believes he will eventually break down over it and that he is extremely worried that I will eventually leave or cheat on him.
My boyfriend was recently abroad for 3 weeks, so I went out with friends more often, since I now had a lot of time on my hands (no parties, just private between me and 2-3 friends) I always sent him pictures when asked for. But on the last night there he totally freaked out when I didn't answer because I was at the gym. He called me 13 times in under an hour and sent me very upset messages including that I must be getting "railed" by another guy right now, and I'm just like any other girl. (He wasn't cheated on by any of his exes as far as I know). He immediately apologized when I pointed out to him with a picture that I was in the gym. He said he didn't know what got into him either. It has also been said that if I leave him or cheat on him, he will no longer be in this world (He mentioned it less as a threat and more as a statement when he was in a depressed mood)
A few days ago I met a nice man(22) in the studio and after workout we went to a café and chatted over a cup of tea. We have had very good, mature and deep conversations and he has also expressed his interest in me very openly, whereupon he also asked if I already have a partner. Well, I don't know why, but I said "no" without really thinking. And I regretted it the very same moment, but changing the answer now would have been very strange. Besides, I can't say that I'm not interested in him, quite the opposite. So we exchanged numbers and have been talking every day since. It's still purely platonic and there was no physical contact or anything else romantic, I wouldn't let things get that far either, my conscience and love for my boyfriend would not allow me to (and I know, that doesn't make it any better).
I love my boyfriend, but his constant outbursts and insults to me, his constant questioning of my loyalty, and how spiteful he is about my friends have just become a burden to me. We've talked about it a number of times, about his jealousy and his fears of losing me, and each time I've told him I'll be there for him and he doesn't have to worry. He's a great man and he's also been there for me in very difficult times, he asks me every day how I'm doing, mentally (we're very open about our emotions). How pretty I look, tells me how glad he is to have me by his side and we have great communication in our relationship. But when he has these outbursts, insults me, accuses me or even cries for hours, saying I'm going to leave him soon anyway... I just can't do it anymore. But I'm so scared that if I leave him he'll treat himself bad or even worse unalive himself, which I really don't want.
I lost my composure during our last fight because he falsely accused me again. I told him in my anger that I was probably not good for him. Asked him if I should drop 90% of my friend circle just to make him feel better and stop worrying. It was unfair of me to say that because I know he wouldn't want it. But how else am I supposed to make him happy?
How do I deal with this situation?
I would also like to give it another chance, but I have the uneasy feeling that with this decision I am only reading the same book three times and hoping for a different ending. But when I think about not having him in my life anymore, my heart aches extremely and it scares me. But on the other hand I'm more than annoyed and even hurt by his behavior.
Trust is very important to me, but more and more often I catch myself thinking "since he doesn't trust me one way or the other, it doesn't matter who I talk to in what way."
I don't know what to do. I'm in despair. I love him so much. But I can't continue like this. The thought of breaking up hurts so much.
If anyone has read this to the end, I would like to thank you very much and would be very happy about your opinions or tips.
TL;DR My boyfriend is very jealous and scared to lose me I don't know how to make him happy that way.
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2023.03.31 18:48 Creative-Support2379 Dreama Team

If you are looking for an uplifting and inspiring documentary check out the trailer for a soon to be released feature length film. This film is kickass and will make you want to go out and try something new!
Dreama Team tells the story of a seemingly ordinary mom… with an extraordinary hobby.
Dreama Walton is an ultramarathon runner who has just gotten into America's biggest race:
The Western States 100 Mile Endurance Race.

But why run 100 miles? What is the value in doing hard things?
The film explores this question as we follow Dreama's journey to complete the race within the infamous 24-hour window. We explore her "why" as we learn about painful moments in her childhood and how the impact of a new community changed everything for her.

Dreama Team isn't just a story about ultramarathon running. It's a story about an everyday person taking struggle head-on, to face life's challenges.
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2023.03.31 18:48 timeknew $TAU Weekly Digest [Mar 31]

$TAU Weekly Digest [Mar 31]
A few highlights of activity over the past week across the Lamden community:

# News

  • The $YETI team has released a new website so users can quickly and easily swap their $MARMITE tokens for $YETI. The team is planning to distribute the first rewards to members on April 2 at 8pm GMT (to allow time for swapping); rewards will continue to be distributed once every 24 hours to members that hold 50 million+ $YETI tokens. In addition, 1% of the tax from buys/sells will be used to regularly rain/snow within the $YETI Telegram chat.
  • $YETI is now a verified token on the Rocketswap exchange.
  • crosschainer, developer of the Taurus NFT marketplace, is also working on a new PvP role-playing game where you fight monsters and other players to collect equipable and sellable loot (NFTs). A short video demonstration shows how players can equip an LNS NFT to assign as their character’s name.
  • The latest Rocketswap Leaderboard competition has wrapped up. Stay tuned for winner distributions and the next competition!


Each week the Lamden team will answer questions from the community. Please submit your questions to the community manager (deadline is each Wednesday to give us sufficient time to answer). This week’s AMA begins now…

Rafael Nejati asks, “How much is the liquidity and why can't we use $10k from it for marketing purposes?”
We welcome all ideas however our focus at the moment is getting our community nodes and DAO fully operational. Marketing is not an immediate priority but understand this is important to members of the community and worth re-exploring at a later time. In the meantime, we’re dedicated to maintaining and growing our various social channels.

Nmln asks, “Any information regarding the wallet? Is it still getting delisted from Chrome in June?”
The Lamden Vault wallet is a beloved tool and the recent feedback from the community has been invaluable. We’re very happy to report that Allen has begun updating the Vault wallet for the transition to Manifest V3. We don’t have specific dates to share at the moment but we’ll continue to keep the community informed.

PineTreeV asks, “What tokens are surely to be added on Lamden Bridge or being truly considered? What is the criteria for a token to be added on the Bridge and will they be added if said conditions are met?”
The priority is rolling out community nodes. Unfortunately we can’t commit to adding tokens to the bridge at this time. If and when that changes, we’ll definitely share that information with the community.

Gary D asks, “So what is the team going to do to attract new developers?”
We are currently running advertisements on Twitter but are holding off on doing active recruitment until the community nodes are fully implemented. We want to make sure we’re giving a good first impression to new members.

PineTreeV asks, “Will the team hire developers for needed changes to the system like the Lamden Wallet, nodes, or any new features that might be needed? Or is that for the community to decide on with the DAO after decentralization (community nodes fully added)?”
The team will continue to support and maintain the protocol. Jeff is laser-focused on resolving the remaining bugs needed to roll out the community nodes and DAO. Other projects like PixelWhale and LamdenLink have been deprioritized until he can finish getting the chain decentralized.
Additionally, we encourage others to develop new tools like a wallet to give users options. Competition makes us all strive to do better, drives innovation, and ensures the community always has a choice.

thatguy asks, “Who does the Team consist of these days?”
Developers include Stu, Jeff and Allen. Mykyta did great work on our node tech and has now moved to a part-time contributor role.

thatguy asks, “What is the overall feel of the team towards further progress of Lamden and its future?”
We love Lamden, always have and always will!

thatguy asks, “If team believes in the future of Lamden and are making steps to achieve a brighter future, is a Buy Back being considered at the ultra low prices as the team can build up future Lamden Labs funds for further growth and development once Lamden sentiment improves?”
No buy backs are planned.

Chief Yeti asks, “In the last AMA you mentioned you will restore WETH liquidity ‘once time frees up’ but surely replacing liquidity takes about 15 seconds so what is the hold up?”
It’s still on our radar to enable the WETH bridge. The WETH contracts still need to be updated and the LamdenLink test environment was on Kovan (which no longer exists). So it’s unfortunately not as easy as just flipping a switch. Jeff’s time is focused on rolling out the community nodes and DAO first and foremost. Addressing these other priorities will come next. Thanks for everyone’s patience!
Thanks again for everyone’s great questions this week!

# Totals

  • Transactions: 1,301,913 (+1,329)
  • Burned: 7,700 (+6)
  • Tokens: 190 (-)
  • Dapps: 11 (-)
  • Contracts: 1,929 (+2)
  • Addresses: 26,177 (+17)
Why Lamden?
It’s fast, with tiny transaction fees, and a developer-focus. Built from the ground up to remove technical hurdles and empower developers. Choose to program in Python, or your preferred language, and significantly reduce the time to produce your dApps. Developers are further incentivized since 90% of each transaction fee is returned to the dApp creator. $TAU has a maximum supply of 248 million and is deflationary with 1% of each transaction fee burned. Lamden is paving its own path as the premier Python-based layer-1 blockchain platform. With access to a potential developer base of over 10 million, the sky is the limit. Welcome to Lamden - let's build together!
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2023.03.31 18:48 BuseShyftUp Instacart Shopper ASO Audit Report


Instacart Shopper is among the leading full-service grocer & shopper in app stores today. With over a million people who have downloaded the app, Instacart Shopper has enjoyed a relatively high ranking in the App Store. In fact, Instacart Shopper, by the time of this writing, is rated to be the #11 app in the Business category.
While Instacart Shopper has already accomplished things that other full-service grocer & shopper apps haven’t achieved, there is still a way to maximize their app store visibility and therefore increase their chance of getting noticed.
After all, the biggest room is the room for improvement. No matter how great Instacart Shopper might already be, they can still do something to reach the number 1 spot and not be overtaken by competitors.
In this ASO audit, let’s take a look at how Instacart Shopper can improve its keyword ranking in the most efficient way possible.

Keyword research

We did a quick keyword research for Instacart Shopper. We have shared the details at the end of this post.
Looking at the research result, we can see that we are already ranking for some important keywords. Nevertheless, we have identified some great opportunities for us to take advantage of.
In this situation, ASO intelligence tools come in handy. These tools are effective in identifying popular keywords with the lowest competition. For example, in ShyftUp, we use Mobile Action to perform reliable keyword research.
Among the results we get is the term Search Score. Here’s a quick overview:
Going back to the results that we got, here’s how Instacart Shopper’s ranking looks like:
We also did research on competitor keywords. We got the following results:
The results show us that there is a lot of work to do. To ensure that we climb up the rankings, we should use these keywords in our metadata.
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