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2023.03.22 06:52 gobarkyourself MILs comments/parenting advice

So since my son was born, my MIL has given us some parenting advice. Not all bad, like to make sure to do lots of skin to skin. But some stuff has been a little crazy. Like give the baby chamomile tea for gas, or put a wet piece of wadded up paper on babies forehead for hiccups. She tries to insist we bundle the baby up. We were at her house a few months ago and she kept saying my son was crying because he was cold. It was 75 degrees in her house and he was red and sweaty. He was wearing a long sleeve shirt and pants and a hat because it was cold outside but I stripped him down to his diaper because she had the heat up so high. We went out to eat a few nights ago and she was flipping out because he wasn't wearing a hat. It was 50 degrees and we had a literal 30 second walk from the car to the restaurant. She kind of chased me around with his blanket even after I told her he was fine. I didn't give in. It's just annoying! Her only other grandchildren are from her own daughter who was 16 when she had her first. She did a bunch if stuff that those parents didn't like with her grandchildren but the parents are too young and respectful to say anything i guess. Im in my 30s. I keep hearing how it's my turn to hear it from her. Am I crazy for not appreciating the advice? I ask for her advice when I need it but I hate how she keeps on insisting on certain things. I also let my baby eat and get pretty dirty and just clean him up all at the end. She keeps trying to wipe him after each bite which he hates. She's an older hispanic lady. Can anyone tell me how to put my foot down without offending her? Is there even a way to go about it respectfully or will she just be offended either way?
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2023.03.22 06:51 Far_Lingonberry_4408 Is there any way on how to safely disable/uninstall unnecessary aosp apps from crdroid like the gallery, files, keyboard, and mat log? I am having second thoughts for if I do, it might break my phone's system from working.

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2023.03.22 06:51 ohshitgorillas Montior woes (NVidia RTX3060 Ti)

Hello everyone, I've got a few problems and questions here...
I have a fresh Pop! NVidia version installation as of a few days ago, on a system with an i5-10600KF, RTX3060Ti, and no onboard graphics. I frequently switch between my gaming monitor (2K) and TV (4K). I usually only have one plugged in at a time and switch between them by swapping the connectors out... not an elegant solution but it has worked so far.
After rebooting recently, I found my system
Seems the graphics driver is broken, but I'm not sure which one to manually install and google hasn't been helpful. Any suggestions for troubleshooting would be great as I don't want to reinstall a fifth time if necessary... it's getting old.
When the system does work, I have some issues watching videos on the TV with VLC: when I move the mouse, the screen has a brief seizure while it attempts to re-size itself just to display the status bar, then again a few seconds later to hide it. The effect is extremely obnoxious and I'd appreciate any suggestions on getting rid of that.
Last but not least, I would appreciate some help in making sure that the system remembers the monitor and the TV as distinct displays and remembering the proper settings for each.
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2023.03.22 06:51 PenAffectionate2627 What do I do with an unbalanced relationship? Idk a better title

Hi, some quick disclaimers before I start saying shit. I dunno anything about proper reddit rhetoric, so if some stuff is said weird or differently, that's why, please bare with me. Secondly, this is a throwaway, not because I think my partners will actually find this account and shit, but more for comfort sake. Thirdly, I don't even know if this is the right place to talk about this, so if I'm fucking up, please tell me and redirect me to the proper subreddit or whatever. Anyways, onto actually talking about this stuff.
For context: I started dating Gray about a year and a few months ago, and we added Ben around 8 months ago, math is hard(also I'm adding this in cuz I figured context is necessary again)
So, I'm in a polyamorous relationship with 2 other people, idk anything about different types of poly relationships, but for context, we're all supposed to love each other equally and all, just one big circle of love and shit blah blah. We don't see each other very often, but we make it work when we do. I've been having troubles in the relationship however, and I really just don't know what to do anymore. I don't know much about relationships, but from what I do, I know affection can be a major part of a relationship. While my one partner, for security I'll call them Ben, is affectionate with both me and my other partner, Gray(also for security), Gray is not affectionate at all. I know the whole deal. I should've thought of this when we started dating, I should've known how they are as a person, I guess I just had hopes they'd be more affectionate. It's not even for lack that they just don't want affection, they do, not as much as me and Ben do, but they do, but they NEVER go out of their way to try and get it. I try to hug them? They just sit there. Kiss them? They just sit there. They're like that with Ben too, but Ben doesn't care as much as I do about this whole shpeal. It's just very strained it feels. They are never affectionate, they were never affectionate when we first started dating either. I thought I could handle it, but after a while it got really upsetting. I'm a very affectionate person, ofc I know my boundaries and not to cross them so I never force affection or am too touchy, but it's really upsetting to be a super affectionate person, and to just be dating someone who never seems to want affection from me. It's not only that they're not affectionate, it seems like they're much more affectionate with Ben than they are with me. Not like that's saying much, as I said they never go out of their way to get affection, but I've noticed that they are more affectionate with Ben than they are me. It's always when all 3 of us are together too, and they say it's because they don't see Ben often so they do it to compensate, but at the same time I never get such treatment when they're around me so it feels bs? But that might just be biased cuz of my feelings on the matter. They never are affectionate, it feels like I annoy them more than anything but they've said before that's just how they are. I try to touch them, talk to them, be around them it feels like I'm just a problem, and it's tiring. I'm sick of feeling like that. One thing I know about being poly is that jealousy is kinda common, but I don't think jealousy should be this disproportionate to this point. They're just never there, emotionally, physically, nothing. I can't even name a time where they've kissed me or hugged me on their own without me prompting it. The last compliment I got was back at a picnic last summer. It's so draining, idk if draining is even the right word for it. I wanna be loved by them. And I know they do love me, but ig it's not a way I'm alright with. It feels like they love the title of dating me, not the work that's put into it. Hell it's gotten so bad that I've gotten delusional when they are affectionate, and when I say affectionate, I mean they hold my damn hand unprompted, I act like that's the greatest thing that's ever happened to me because I just never receive anything from them. To me it's just a lot. Also, I've brought this up to Ben, it doesn't really go well. All he usually says is to try and be more affectionate with them, and for the various reasons I said above, that just doesn't work.

And with this, I know I shouldn't sit through this relationship feeling like this. And I know it's best to call things off, but with this a lot of problems arise. I still love Ben, he's affectionate, he shows he loves me and is there for me when I need him, if I were to break things off, how the hell does that work? Just dating him and not dating Gray anymore? Then the morality comes in, if Ben even agreed to that conclusion, it's not fair to Gray to lose both partners, I don't think I'm comfortable with Ben just dating both of us and Gray and I just not dating each other. Then goes the fact that I'm losing a big support system, Gray may not show they care much for me, but their family certainly does, their friends certainly do, and idk what goes from there. I seriously am just, so stuck. And really just don't know what to do.
So, I'd like some advice from people who know way more than me. What to do, what the steps are into doing it, etc etc. Any help or advice is very appreciated. I know I fucked up bad with this relationship, but I wanna figure out what to do with it now. (Also do tell me if there are better subreddits or smth or if I came to the wrong place, I don't wanna bother a peaceful or friendly subreddit with my nonsense).
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2023.03.22 06:51 TaraTrue Pitch-Matching Anxiety?

For reference I have no musical background, and I’m on my second speech therapist.
The act of a tone being played for me to match causes physical anxiety.
Anyone else?
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2023.03.22 06:51 Sevchenko874 [Fan Work of Fan Work] Koishi Komeiji's Heart Throbbing Adventure The Interim Chapter 12

You Matter to Her in a Way No One Else Could
When you died and were reborn, you became divine. You were love, and you were violence, and you were my miracle. A God sprung forth from the decaying machinery of your broken body. Koishi, the God of Love and Hate—have mercy on us all.
Down by the shore of one of the great Lunar seas, there sat a lonely shack thatched with feathers. Inside, there was a massive wani no less than eight leagues long… and her infant son. To that crocodile who had never known true familial love, that delicate little child—who cooed and smiled at his mother’s every move—was nothing less than a miracle. Such a delicate life in her claws, who knew nothing but unconditional love for his mother—to the crocodile, it was proof there was still good in the world.
She was tired, but the crocodile forced herself to stay awake. There was something she needed to do—a memory she wanted to share with the most important person in her life.
So, with all the caution and tenderness in the world, she picked up her child with her jaws and coaxed him into her throat pouch. The newborn child, perhaps having some shared instinct with his crocodilian mother, did not cry or struggle. Instead, he let out a giggle as he poked his head out from between his mother’s jagged teeth. With a snort, the dragon climbed out of her thatch hut, and crawled along the shore, drawing a meandering trail in the sand as she went.
When she reached the point where the water came to shore in gentle waves, the crocodile set herself down in the sand, letting the waves wash in and lick at her child in gentle sprays. Her child giggled as the Lunar sea’s tickled him with its pure waters, and as he did, his mother couldn’t help but feel at peace.
Nothing. Nothing at all would be able to take this from her.
Her miracle.
Toyohime opened her eye to clear blue skies.
She flexed her fingers, and instead of feeling the cold steel of the ship she started to tear apart, she felt so many tiny pebbles, warmed by their time in the sun. Sand? She brought a fistful of the stuff into her vision, before letting it fall through her fingers and run down her face. It was too real to be a dream.
Toyohime sat up to observe her surroundings. As far as the eye could see, there were infinite stretches of sand collected into wind-swept dunes that obscured the horizon. It was hot. Unbelievably so for what was supposedly the void. She felt a gentle gust of warm wind pass by her and toss her hair. This place… this impossible place… was she dead?
She rose to her feet, fighting biting aches and pains from her battle not too long ago. No—not dead. Somehow, she had survived—there was no other explanation. And as she looked down to assess the damage she had taken, her suspicions were only confirmed. Her right arm was missing, and in its place was nothing but a healed stump. The nasty cuts and bruises she had received in the fighting had all healed over for the most part, the only evidence they happened at all being residual scars that were yet to disappear. The ground was covered in dried blood. She must’ve been laying here in this sand trap for hours.
She brought her free arm, completely healed, up to the general space where her right eye was to find an arrow still protruding from it. Wrapping her fingers around the shaft, Toyohime tore it out in a fluid motion, causing the wound to reopen and drip blood onto the sands below. But, through some miraculous action, it was mere moments before the flow of blood stopped as the wound healed shut. Her right eye was still inoperable, but this healing ability was downright uncanny, even for a god.
She flexed her fingers. It felt like there was a hole in her head from which memories and feelings poured out. The mystery of how she got here, who she killed, and whether she could even trust her own senses had no answer—Toyohime knew she herself had made sure of that. She supposed there was a good reason. The less she knew, the better. That was something she could trick herself into believing.
Though no matter how much she forced herself to forget, she had the horrible feeling she had done something unforgivable—something she would kill over. In a sea of atrocities however, she could hardly even begin to suppose what that might have been. Maybe the heat was starting to fry her brain.
After spending a few minutes snapping the arrows lodged in her body by their shafts, Toyohime looked to the horizon, and then up. Ahead, there was a massive sand dune, no less than five times her height, and beyond the crest—a black pillar of smoke. Toyohime was not alone.
As she made her way up the shifting incline, Toyohime got to thinking about her next course of action. If this wasn’t a hallucination, then it most certainly had to be some extension of Koishi's will. Land in an impossible space… the creation of something impossible like that could only be a factor of a deteriorating mind, or God. And Toyohime had no time to consider the possibility of a crumbling psyche—not when she had a duty left unfulfilled.
But then… that would mean this was the paradise of Koishi’s mind. Surely, by her side is where she would find her salvation. She had already come to terms with it—that there was nothing left for her in the old world. Koishi could pervert and corrupt reality in whatever twisted ways she wanted—as long as it was the creation of her heart, it would be sufficient. Everything beyond that was not worth saving to the former princess.
… But that also meant there would be more enemies. More people she had to kill. She was ready. Ready to kill and ready to die in the name of love.
And as she planted her boot upon the peak of that sand dune, she saw the whole world become bare before her. A fair distance away was the crashed wreck of a golden ship, releasing plumes of black smoke as it burnt away. From this distance, it was difficult to make out any finer details, but she was sure the occupants had escaped. Satori was resourceful and stubborn, if nothing else. Dying in a crash was an impossibility.
She then traced a line from the ship through the shifting sands—to a city upon the horizon. Massive towers of glass and steel pushing against the sky, half buried in the sand, bending light around them as they reflected the intense heat of the sun. It gave the sight an unnatural fuzziness, as if the city was threatening to disappear at any moment.
As she traced the decaying visage of those buildings upwards, she saw a thin line reach beyond and into the sky. The line separated into two before converging back on itself. Above the city, etched upon the sky itself, was a pitch black gap in reality, opened and filled with so many eyes. And above still, the object of Toyohime’s desires and her sole driving factor—Koishi Komeiji.
Though the God’s eye was open, as well as the myriad collection of smaller eyes and drooling jaws that had lined every square inch of her squirming appendages, it was hard to tell if she was awake or conscious. Toyohime knew Koishi best, and if she had any guess as to what Koishi had been doing in the time they spent apart, it was receding back into the numbing comfort of her own mind. Even now, Toyohime figured she was still dreaming, avoiding the cruel weight of her responsibility. What manifested outside of her mind must’ve been some sort of twisted runoff.
Down there, hidden in the dunes, Toyohime knew there were those who would take this dream from Koishi. Those who would hurt Koishi. Those people would’ve done just as well to dig their own graves and build their own coffins. Because so long as Toyohime drew breath, she would protect Koishi with everything she could muster—that was her promise and the nature of her impossible, unconditional love.
Koishi was Toyohime’s second chance.
This time, one way or another, there would be no opportunity for a third.
Mima, on the other hand, had woken up quite a bit earlier than Toyohime had.
She had not suffered any fatal wounds or debilitating strikes leading up to the point where the reality around her started to crumble and distort—but she had briefly lost consciousness regardless. She figured that might’ve been a good thing; an action so absurd and so against everything she knew, perpetrated by an impossibly powerful being… even if a mere glimpse didn’t physically tear her mind to ribbons, she had no interest in trying to understand such a nonsensical event.
Mima awoke not in a desert, but in a grand sprawling city of seemingly human construction. Though the sun still hung overhead, the impossible hills and mountains of sand that caged the city in, always seemed to shift and move in the most calculated way… such that the sun was always put out. Caught in the shade, the city looked like it was in a perpetual night, in spite of the blinding yellow of the endless desert just beyond its limits.
Though that was the case, the city was far from dark. Street lamps, blinding neon signs, blinking traffic lights, apartments and houses with windows illuminated by the fluorescent lights within… It gave the impression the city was alive. It seemed exactly as a real bustling city at night, with its breathing and blinking—but there were no people. No matter how far Mima walked, no matter how many buildings she popped in, she would encounter no souls. She would find, in those buildings, immaculate setpieces filled with lived-in charm, hints and implications of life—but not people. Not even Yukari, who she wandered the streets in search of.
She recognized this place. This city—Tokyo. It couldn’t have possibly been, but it was the same Tokyo she grew up in, back before the Moonlight Descent and before the Kaiju. Before her chance meeting with the youkai who used to be her friend. This city, trapped in the middle of the desert, caught in an artificial night that obscured the flow of time—somehow it managed to be the perfect recreation of a long lost city, as if someone had taken a scalpel to the part of Mima’s brain that held onto the precious memories of her past life. It was comforting, being back in familiar territory, but it also carried along a pervasive uneasiness. The nostalgia said it was real, but the rational mind knew better than to buy into an impossible mirage—made all the more uneasy by the deathly silence of its streets.
After wandering around for a dozen minutes or more, Mima eventually came to find Yukari in a 24-hour fast food joint. She was sitting, out of her suit and miraculously healed, on a stool that faced the street outside, with her head down and a small pool of drool collecting at the point where the corner of her mouth met the countertop. Renko always said Maribel could fall asleep anywhere.
Mima floated back and forth around the gently snoring form of Yukari for a bit, considering her options. She changed back into her Renko form for a second, and after adjusting her hat a little, she reached over to tap Yukari on the shoulder… but then shied away. Glancing at Yukari, then back to her bag, she rummaged through its bottomless contents and pulled out a whole host of items: hand mirrors, makeup kits, two liter bottles of listerine, mints and peppermint breath spray and assorted beauty products.
She stole a quick glance back at Yukari to make sure she was asleep before going at it—in one go, she dumped every minty product she could into her mouth before swishing the unholy mixture in her mouth. It was not a moment later that she coughed out all of that liquid ice with a retch and a gag. Sheepishly, she turned her head to see if Yukari had woken up in all the commotion. Luckily, she was still knocked out something fierce. Mima might’ve guessed she was dead, if it weren’t for the occasional snore.
Undeterred, she opened a hand mirror and began to apply her makeup. Carefully. There was a subtle art to it—she only needed enough to hide any unsightly blemishes she might’ve gotten from her rather shut-in lifestyle as a ghost. Anything more, and Maribel was bound to notice Mima was purposefully fixing her appearance around her. None of that. Mima was trying for a more subliminal approach… It’s what worked in the past, after all.
Well, upon further thought, Mima figured “worked” was too strong a word. She did die before she saw any results, after all. But enough of that, Mima thought—now that she regained her memories, she’s finally gotten another shot. This being the apocalypse and all, she figured she should probably make it count.
She clicked close her portable hand mirror and, along with the rest of her stuff, threw it back into her field bag. She stole one last glance at Yukari, who was still sleeping soundly, before straightening her hat and clearing her throat.
“Maribel…” she said in a quiet, sing-song voice. She placed a hand on Yukari’s shoulder and gave it a gentle shake. “Maribel, wake up.”
No response. Mima pouted as she shook her around again. “Merry? It’s so scary around here—I need someone super strong and amazing by my side. Maybe we could hold hands?”
Nothing but more snoring. Mima’s expression fell. “... Okay, seriously. Wake up.”
“Don’t make me break out the big guns, Merry,” Mima said, digging through her bag and pulling out an airhorn. “I’ll do it. You think I’m bluffing?”
A tense beat passes. Mima stows away the airhorn. “... Ah, I’m just kidding. I wouldn’t do something like that to you. You’re too cute, hehe.”
“I’m not above this, though.” She reaches back into her bag and pulls out a spray bottle filled with water… before giving Yukari’s face a couple of quick spritzes.
That quiet, tranquil expression to Mima seemed almost a timeless representation of the relationship she shared with Maribel quickly contorted into one of disgust. After a moment of being pelted with spray after spray of water droplets, Yukari finally was roused from her sleep, a squinty, grouchy mess.
“Who..? Urgh…” She mumbled with a groan. When Yukari saw Renko, immaculately constructed before her with enough accuracy to convince her she came straight from her memories, she froze. Her voice was barely above a whisper. “... Renko?”
“Hehe… Yep, it’s me! Your best friend. Best girl-friend, even. That is, a girl who is also a friend. Not a girlfriend, you know? Aha… Unless? Kidding, kidding.” Mima flashed an easy smile. “Glad you’re awake. Hey, before you say anything else—how do I look? I look cute, right? I know we’re in the middle of saving the world and everything, but I’ve actually been spending a lot of time taking care of my appearance.”
As Mima continued to ramble on and Yukari continued to wake up, her expression made a slow and gradual pivot. Where at first Yukari couldn’t hide her bemusement from her face—as well as that strange pained expression someone would have, seeing a loved one they have long since finished mourning appear upon their doorstep—she eventually came to settle on an empty stare and a neutral, apathetic expression. It hurt Mima a little, seeing such a radical turn in her demeanor.
“Oh,” Yukari muttered. “It’s just you.”
Mima didn’t think she intended it, but there was a layer of latent annoyance in her words. Or maybe it was disappointment? A thousand years or more apart did a lot to shift their relationship. That much was clear—and it hurt.
Yukari took a moment to look Mima up and down. With a scoff and a roll of her eyes, she delivered an unceremonious answer. “You look fine.”
Mima sighed in response. “Hey, I’ll take it.”
“More importantly…” As Yukari continued, she craned her neck around to absorb every detail of her surroundings: everything from the light fixtures above to the tables that were so meticulously set and prepared. “... Where are we?”
Her eyes naturally gravitated toward the front counter and the kitchen section that was just behind—meticulously wrapped burgers and fresh fries, set underneath heat lamps… it was as if they were all made recently. But that wasn’t even the strangest detail Yukari’s eyes were able to pick out. Upon one of the tables was a tray, filled with half eaten food—as if the patrons ceased to exist in the middle of their meal. This was beyond a mere liminal space, where it gave the impression of once being a place where people gathered—it was closer in relation to the scene of an ongoing disaster, where people had left in a hurry.
In that way, it didn’t carry much of the surreal quality of a place no longer meant for humans—it more so felt like a place with a cursed history, its sinister and mysterious narrative etched into its skin and flesh through the vestiges of human presence. Mima could tell, being a ghost herself, there was more to this place than the physical construction. As to what ‘more’ was, she could not place.
She could tell Yukari was thinking something similar by the way she walked around and took in the feeling of the place. Her posture was rigid and cautious, but not necessarily ready and waiting for danger. There was a quiet dread to the things that weren’t, but should’ve been.
“I’m trying to figure that out myself,” Mima replied, following Yukari around with her arms folded behind her back. “You’re going to think I’m crazy, but… I think we’re back in Tokyo.”
“I don’t think you’re crazy.” Yukari replied. She walked over to the table with the food and traced a finger across its top. No dust clung to the surface of her finger, as if the tabletop had recently been cleaned. She brought the back of her palm close to the food. It was still radiating just a little bit of heat, as if it had been freshly served. “That’s the part that scares me.”
“... Assuming this is all very much real, this must be Koishi’s doing,” Yukari declared, taking a moment to look down at herself. As she flexed her fingers, her eyes narrowed. Mima figured she might’ve just realized she had been healed and mysteriously back to her usual outfit. She still looked younger and weaker than she once was, but there was an undeniable, albeit subtle increase in the vitality she seemed to convey. As Yukari’s eyes wandered to the empty city street outside, Mima couldn’t help but notice that expression—that idle, faraway gaze that looked like Yukari had trapped herself in a vivid daydream. She couldn’t help but realize how much Maribel had changed—and yet stayed the same.
“Whatcha thinking, Merry?” Mima tried, shuffling up to Yukari’s side.
“Oh. Right. Ha, that’s my bad. My bad…”
“I’m thinking: why Tokyo specifically?” With a wave of her hand, Yukari opened a gap next to her. Through that little tear in reality was a bird’s eye view of the whole city, as well as the infinite desert that surrounded it. “... There must be some significance to this location, but I couldn’t possibly imagine what it could be. Not right now, knowing what we know.”
“Hey, I grew up in Tokyo, you know? Maybe it has something to do with that? And… y’know, we were teaching in Tokyo before…” Mima gestured vaguely around herself. “... Everything, I guess. Maybe Koishi’s reacting to our memories.”
“Could be. Could just as easily be something related to Koishi. Could be nothing at all.” The view through the gap eventually fizzled out, leaving nothing but the inky blackness of the pocket dimension Yukari held dominion over. She let out a sigh before stitching the gap closed with a wave of her hand. “I’d suggest we keep on moving. Collect as much information as we can about this place. But only what we need—the plan is still largely the same. There’s no telling when she will appear again. Best be as quick about it as we can.”
“Oh. Uh… Alright. That’s cool.”
“... What?”
“What’s wrong? You disagree?”
“Oh no, ah…” A sheepish grin crawled across Mima’s face. “I was just thinking about how much you’ve changed, is all. It’s just… you know, a huge city missing all of its people is pretty mysterious, huh? Don’t you want to do more exploring? Poke around a bit and take in the sights? Like we used to—just one last time?”
There was an unsettling period of silence where Yukari stared straight through Mima with that flat look. She averted her eyes for a passing moment. When Yukari returned her gaze to Mima, it was steely and cold. “No. Neither of us are kids anymore. We have duties and responsibilities that we can not abandon. Not for anything.”
Yukari brushed past Mima. The gesture wasn’t very rough at all, but Mima felt it come at her hard. As Yukari opened the door, she looked back at Mima and gestured to her to follow.
“Let’s go.”
Orin did not want much from life.
There was Satori, her master, who she cared about deeply. There was Okuu, her best friend, who she loved. There was Koishi, the younger sister of her master, who she felt obligated to take care of. And of course, there was her job of transporting corpses, which she could do endlessly and without tiring. Those things more or less encompassed everything she cared about—Orin was a simple person.
So as she crawled out the emergency hatch located at the top of the ship her master had so recklessly buried into a sand dune, she couldn’t help but feel so hopelessly out of her depth. With a groan, she hoisted herself over the lip of the hatch before losing her balance and tumbling over.
As she tumbled downward, bumping her head against every little edge the ship had on her way down, the visor to her suit cracked and then shattered. But as she flopped down into the warm sand, her arms and legs spread in a state of absolute fatigue, she couldn’t really bring herself to care about the warning tones in her helmet—or the fact she was able to breathe the air here, in what used to be the void. Frankly, all she could think about was how much she wanted to go home.
“Orin! Are you okay?” A familiar voice called from somewhere outside her field of vision. It was followed by the hasty clattering of boots on metal as they no doubt clambered down the ship in a hurry.
All Orin could offer in response was a weak grunt and the extension of a thumbs up.
“Are… are you insane?” Another voice called soon after, all breathless and hoarse. It cracked with exertion, as if it had already been worn out by so much screaming. “Satori, what form of devil possessed you to do that? We could’ve all died!”
Satori, of course, didn’t respond. Not before she entered Orin’s field of view, her own helmet long since thrown away. Her face was etched with a rare look of concern, and she breathed a deep sigh of relief when she saw Orin manage a weak smile. Wordlessly, Satori jostled off the smashed helmet from Orin’s suit and brushed away any remaining debris… before pulling her into a tight embrace.
Orin, dazed and shocked from the crash, could manage little else than to rest her head upon her master’s shoulders as she was pulled in. But through whatever stores of energy she had left, she managed to raise her arms and wrap them around in loose reciprocation.
“I’m okay,” she whispered. “I’m okay.”
Satori pulled back from the hug, but stayed kneeling by Orin’s side. Cautiously, she looked to the horizon, as if she had caught a vanishing glimpse of something stalking them from behind the shifting sands. She extended an elbow for Orin to grab on to. “Let’s go. Can you stand?”
“I… I think so,” Orin mumbled, hooking one of her arms around Satori’s elbow and placing a hand on her shoulder for support. Her master lifted, and in response Orin tried her best to stumble onto her feet, with mixed results. As she straightened herself out with the help of Satori, she heard her bones shift and crackle in strange ways—followed by an absolute lightning strike of localized pain in the leg and the fuzzy static that came to replace it.
After a sharp intake of breath and a pained wince, Orin settled into a decidedly unconvincing posture—she plastered a smile on her face and shifted all of her weight onto the other leg in a poor imitation of nonchalance, but Satori’s face only got graver. It broke Orin’s heart. For a moment, Orin tried to separate herself from her master so she could stand on her own—but Satori only squeezed her in closer, as if she would’ve lost Orin the second she let go.
That didn’t surprise Orin much. She knew better than anyone that the events one year ago were still fresh in her master’s mind. Even now, it haunted her every action, and now the consequences were starting to catch up with everyone involved. But to Orin, that didn’t matter. It never did—not so long as Satori was her master, and Orin was her pet. Satori could march to the deepest pit of Hell, pick a fight with a God, oppose reality itself… and Orin would march along right beside her, no matter what.
Patchouli, on the other hand, did not share the same sentiment. She marched up to the two, at least temporarily uncaring of the fantastical environment they found themselves in, and went straight to airing out her grievances.
“Recklessly engaging with Toyohime like that, against all better logic… one day, and this day might very well come sooner than you think, your obsession with that cursed woman will hurt someone you care about,” Patchouli snapped. As she looked to Orin, whose body was riddled with evidence of blunt trauma, her expression softened. “... It already has.”
“As if we had any other choice. It was our best shot to kill her, once and for all,” Satori replied, stone-faced and cold. “... Besides, let Orin speak for herself. As if you know what she does and doesn’t wish for.”
“... Orin wasn’t the only person who got hurt. Or killed.”
“It just so happens that Eirin conveniently falls outside my definition of ‘people I care about.’ I fail to see the issue.” Satori snorted with disgust, as if offended by the mere implication. Orin wanted to speak up and cut between the fighting, but couldn’t find the strength to oppose her own master. “That aside, who says I was the one who got her killed? She got herself killed, following her own incomprehensible mess of half-baked ideas and strategies. What are you coming at me for?”
“How could you be so cold toward someone like her? Especially since we were all fighting out there together, as comrades? Have you no shame?”
“I’ve no love for her. Not after what she did to my sister.” Satori stared straight into Patchouli’s eyes. Sometimes her master was like this—staring straight ahead through a person, as if judging the content of their soul itself. Sometimes, this was literally the case, given that she made liberal use of her opened third eye. “We might be fighting beside each other, but we’re fighting for completely different things. Yukari, Eirin, Kaguya, even you and I—we’re all fighting for something different. Those are just the facts. Just as it was a fact that Koakuma had darkness in her heart. It’s that kind of fact.”
“How cynical. Aren’t we friends?”
Satori fixed Patchouli with a steady glare as she thought through her answer. Even with an open eye, Orin found her master’s thought process difficult to parse.
“... No. We aren’t,” Satori settled. “It’s not a secret—I’m fighting to get my sister back. I’m fighting to kill the person who turned her into a monster. I’m fighting to protect my family. You are doing none of those things—you’re fighting for a more abstract reason: protecting the world, or preventing human suffering, or whatever other justification you assign to your actions. It’s admirable, but recognize that It’s only by convenience that we’re here, helping each other out.”
“... Is that right?” Patchouli muttered under her breath. “Then if it came between Yukari, or Eirin, or me, or anyone else… and your family. Who would you choose?”
“It’s best to be honest with ourselves. It saves us the heartache.”
“I see.”
In the silence that came after, the atmosphere seemed to become heavier. Orin spent each passing beat being suffocated by the pressure. Her eyes darted from Patchouli to her master, and then back again.
“Er…” Orin started. “Let’s ah… could we just figure out what we’re going to do next, maybe? Without fighting—that would be nice.”
“Good plan, Orin,” Satori said. Though strangely enough, she wouldn’t take her eyes off of Patchouli. “I’m not quite sure what we would do without you.”
Patchouli looked away. Orin couldn’t help but feel vaguely responsible—though the second the thought even popped into mind, Satori squeezed a little tighter, as if in reassurance.
“... There’s no use in arguing,” Patchouli said with a heavy sigh. “Or rather, it’s a subject for later, when we aren’t all in danger. For now, I agree—we should figure out our next steps.”
The guns had long since run quiet.
Those satellites—their powerful bodies forged by the greatest minds, cast in the strongest metals, and mounted with the fiercest weapons humanity could muster—how could they have possibly matched the horror of God’s wrath? They could never, and for their hubris, their bodies and their souls were scattered and broken as a million glittering lights upon the ocean.
Those were the kinds of things Kaguya Houraisan thought about as she sat beside a flickering fire, her only source of light deep in the darkness of a desert night, not a few meters from the turned and battered wreckage of the CNS Beyond the Sun. In the void, It was battered by unseen force, turned three times—and upon the fourth, struck down and consumed by the void, as was the divine will of God. To its crew, it might have seemed like nothing less than a castigation of divine nature—but Kaguya knew it was nothing more than the temper tantrum of a child. As infant children must necessarily cry, Koishi must necessarily kill—it was her unconscious will.
Woe upon humanity, as its greatest accomplishment was brought low and made worthless before a child. Her own child. What a dubious honor it was—being the mother of such a terrifying, omnipresent killer.
Kaguya was on the ship when it was attacked by Toyohime. She was there to see Eirin march on to meet her. And she was there to see her die. It didn’t bother Kaguya too much—after all, she had watched Eirin die countless times. She will likely watch her die countless more, before all is said and done. But it was there, seized by the temporary shock, that Kaguya lost consciousness. When she woke up, she was deep within the fresh wreckage of humanity’s greatest weapon—alone. On what happened to her crew, and why Kaguya was spared, she could only make guesses.
With no direction and no plan, Kaguya spent what felt like hours wandering the claustrophobic halls of that great metal cage of a ship. But she was alone. Alone in such a way that not even the impression of humanity remained. Even the spot where she saw three men become atomized by Toyohime’s attack, which had burnt dark impressions of their silhouettes into the steel, was mysteriously void of any sign they were killed at all. The damage remained, but the people were gone—erased from existence in a way only God could manage.
When she eventually emerged from the dark recesses of the ship into a darker night, with nothing but the stars above and the inexplicable ground below, she could do nothing but start a simple fire. The night was cold, and she had a feeling it would be long. Warmth would be needed.
This, alone and huddled by a dying fire, must have been the end. Kaguya shifted closer to the flame, and held her knees closer to her chest. She didn’t know what to do. When her own daughter had sought her out, she didn’t know what to say. All she could do was recognize—that in pursuit of an easy life, she had made things so much worse. She wondered if it was too late to make things right between herself and Koishi. If Kaguya had looked up to her daughter now, and said sorry, would she hear? Would she care?
She wasn’t sure. And she wasn’t sure if she wanted to find out.
As she stared at the stars above, Kaguya heard the shuffling of boots displacing the sand. The sounds came in an irregular, halting motion. When it came to a stop, Kaguya lowered her gaze to the figure who stood at the edge of her fire’s light.
A moon rabbit in a pilot suit, all ripped up, tattered, and blackened by combat. In the gaps of her suit, her skin had melted away from severe burns—and froze in place, creating large patches of gangrenous tissue that covered her body. As Kaguya’s eyes drifted downward, she noticed a patch of body that had a view to the other side. Somehow, by some miracle of medicine, the wound remained stable and closed.
Her face was concealed by her helmet, tinted and patterned by a spider web of cracks, but by the way she stood, so still and lopsided, Kaguya had the impression of an empty gaze just behind the facade.
The moon rabbit carried in her left hand a revolver, its chambers empty and on display as the mechanism that connected the grip to the top half of the hung loose. In her other hand, was an ax, splintered in half at the handle from excessive use and its blade caked in a thick layer of blood.
Without a word, the moon rabbit collapsed into a heap by the fire.
Kaguya rushed to the moon rabbit’s side and, upon removing her helmet, froze.
Atonement—she wondered if it was even possible.
Previous Chapter:
Interim Chapter 11
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2023.03.22 06:50 stinkybutterboy Calc for Business (MAT 1133)

I just decided my major as business and am looking to take Calc for Business in the fall, however, I have no PreCal experience and have only taken MAT 1073 (Alg for Scientists/ Engineers). PreCal isn’t a prereq for Calc for Business and my MATH 1073 satisfies the gateway. Do you guys think I would be okay to jump straight into Calc for Business or should I take MAT 1053 (Mathematics for Business) first? I’m not sure what MAT 1053 teaches you though. Would taking PreCal be a better idea before starting Calc for Business, even though it isn’t a prerequisite?
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2023.03.22 06:50 Rowantreerah The Unicorn Curse

Harry struggled as hard as he could against Quirrell, but he was still only eleven. He tried to summon up another burst of strength, trying to keep the older wizard from getting the Philosopher's Stone for another few seconds. Maybe someone would come to his rescue.
"You're a fool for trying to stop the Dark Lord, Potter," Quirrell said. "Soon, he shall be resurrected and I will be reward— Urck!"
The man's strength left him and Harry scrambled away from him. Only then did he notice the blood pouring down Quirrell's body and the sharp point emerging from his chest.
The unicorn shook its head, throwing Quirrell's body to the ground. It whinnied, and despite the animalistic nature of the sound, Harry seemed to understand perfectly what the unicorn meant.
"I lived, bitch."
The unicorn curse is a curse of unicorns.
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2023.03.22 06:50 Far_Lingonberry_4408 Is there any way on how to safely disable/uninstall unnecessary aosp apps from crdroid like the gallery, files, keyboard, and mat log? I am having second thoughts for if I do, it might break my phone's system from working.

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2023.03.22 06:50 ThisISDesert Questions about rental agreement we are about to sign

We have found a property and we are about to sign the lease however there are a few things that are quite abnormal..
firstly - it says theyre allowed to increase rent at anytime. is this legal?
secondly - it says they only have to give us 7 day's notice for eviction
finally - we're not allowed to keep a bike in the backyard?
Is all this normal and can it actually be applied. I feel like there is a law that means they cant increase rent whenever they want?
any help much appreciated
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2023.03.22 06:50 Sparkinson01 Dream I just had

I’ve been seeing a therapist for a couple months now. My insurance hasn’t been paying for it, and I’m not sure why. Anyway, after I went to bed tonight, I had a dream that felt so incredibly real I woke up out of a dead sleep to check. In the dream, I had a second therapist I was seeing and my insurance didn’t like that. I even had a name for the second therapist, Tyler, and knew what he looked like. I also know I wasn’t getting as much help from him as I was the real one. I woke up and picked up my phone to see if he was being paid, and immediately was like, wait….and now my brain feels like it’s shitting itself, like it found a hole in the matrix or something. 🤯
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2023.03.22 06:49 Highlight_Commercial Is a BS in Data Science worth it for an originally intended CS Major?

I just got into UC Santa Barbara with the original intent of studying Computer Science, however they have instead offered me a B.S. in Statistics and Data Science.
Since I originally had the goal of becoming a Software Engineer, or at least working in the tech field to develop and create new technology, I was wondering if this degree would still let me do aspects of this, or even give me new and better opportunities.
To know more about me, I've taken AP computer science courses at my school and LOVE problem-solving and programming, and additionally I am a decent math guy (taking AP Calc) and love economics (taking AP Macroeconomics + have my own investments).
Please let me know if you would need any more info from me to give a better answer. Thank you so much for your time :)
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2023.03.22 06:49 very_good_very_good Anyone else gets mild panic attacks?

Most of my panic attacks are mild but still quite bothersome. They usually last 20-30 seconds and then dissipate. I usually respond to them by staying where I am or even staying in the uncomfortable location for longer than I had planned (like riding one extra subway stop and walking back the extra distance). Even though my panic attacks are mild and I can ride them out well I still have a very bad taste of them. So going out still stresses me out. But I still go out every day.
Because this problem was not going away, I have been on Prozac 20mg for 6 weeks but it hasn't really helped.
It's crazy how a small annoying uncomfortable feeling can mess with you so much.
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2023.03.22 06:49 demeterdott1r I have no clue what I'm doing

Hi! This is my first post, so I'm not really sure how to format this, but here goes. I hope this is the right place for this.
I'm getting ready to go to college in the fall, and I like to plan ahead, but so far, I've always focused on getting to college, and now that I'm almost there, I don't know what to do.
I did my best to bump up my academics in high school. I'm part of the NHS (Honor Society) and also did a full year of dual credit classes senior year, so I've knocked off a year's worth of classes the cheaper way. My grades are good (mostly A's with two B's and a C throughout all of high school). I know I can get in, but how do I set myself up for the future? Does anyone have any advice for me?
I'm living at home, at least for the first semester, and my family doesn't want me working full-time for now (though I'm wearing them down and working on my license so I can be a bit freer), but I have a part-time job. It's not many hours, and it doesn't pay a ton yet, but once I'm fully trained in the field I can start making a bit more.
I want to be an architect, so that's going to be my major, and I'm definitely willing to put in the work!! I'm gunning for a Master and then a PHD, so I know it'll be time-consuming. What do I focus on? Is there something I should set up now that I haven't done yet? I know I'm supposed to start a retirement fund and invest and all of that, but I barely make enough to buy little things at the store, let alone start a big savings account. I watch and read a lot of media on this kind of thing, but they all pretty much say the same things and tend to be a bit holier than thou. Believe me, I'd prefer to get my money up instead of my funny, but only one of those things is free.
I'm also in the process of learning a second language to prepare for a mandatory semester abroad I know will be in my degree program, but I doubt that helps.
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2023.03.22 06:49 Far_Lingonberry_4408 Is there any way on how to safely disable/uninstall unnecessary aosp apps from crdroid like the gallery, files, keyboard, and mat log? I am having second thoughts for if I do, it might break my phone's system from working.

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2023.03.22 06:49 CloneofKazuzu At the risk of sounding terminally online: Is there an uptick in the amount of "trans" people with absolutely unhinged/maladaptive personalities on social media sites?

Twitter changed its format and now I see shit they think I want to see. This sadly includes "trans women" who tweet and act like the absolute most bottom feeders of 4chan. The only reason I'm questioning whether they're real is because any time I say that this drama is literally just dredged up by terminally online people, I'm blocked. I'm talking 30 seconds or less from when I actually tweet it.
The reason I feel that it's possible these people aren't trans is just because they seem to pop up after some controversy in our community. Mainly when a trans death is popularized (Brianna Ghey, Eden Knight, etc). Anyone these people disagree with have their mentions absolutely destroyed and they're harassed for days on end. I woke up last week to this from a tweet one of these weird accounts found of mine from days before.
These people tend to have alt-right politics despite claiming to be communist and like I said, their timeline is full of drama that literally doesn't exist outside a select group on social media. It's not drama like here about trans people that applies to the real world. It's even scarier that these people are literally 35+ (or so they claim)
I'd attribute it to unemployed twitter people but I'm starting to see some of that on this sub and other trans subs too. Crossdressers or people who just post in sissy forums speaking on trans issues, having really off opinions, etc.
I'm not one for the whole "psyop" BS but something's been going on and it's just....interesting. Opinions?
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2023.03.22 06:49 Fit_Air94 NTU Mech Engine

I honestly feel NTU mechanical engineering curriculum it’s a bit of an overkill
I got accepted by both nus and ntu I chose ntu cause there was a mindset that “engineering is better” in ntu
But after 3 years I just think it means that it’s much more demanding and unnecessarily so
we basically have no s/u system only allows us to s/u our electives which is basically 4 modules out of the whole 4 years and I think we do take more mods as compared to the ppl in nus one example being under thermodynamics we need to clear 3 modules one of them including heat transfer and for fluid we have to clear both fluid dy and and fluid mechanics
I also feel the Curriculum in nus is more realistic and reasonable hearing our each modules combines with lab session so one can look how the concept is being learnt in a practical sense but ntu just bombards lab session and u may have zero knowledge going into it because u may not have taken the module as of yet cause there are just so many of them
And now we can’t even clear core modules in summer exchange like seriously ? HAHA
and not to mention also gpa wise may not be so high so I’m really worried abt it. I’m at high second lower but from the looks of it I don’t see myself graduating with a second upper
They say gpa doesn’t matter but they also say that it’s your ticket or “clearing the first step” towards getting a job so I don’t see myself getting even a ticket for a decent paying job ?
Does anybody out there feel like this
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2023.03.22 06:49 Fleinnswan I must wait before I can even consider having a relationship.

First, I gotta make sure my ex lands in a good place both emotionally and physically so they aren't depressed to the degree that they are.
Second, I gotta graduate, get a job, and go to the country I wanna move to for an extended period of time.
Then I can only get into a relationship if I happen to meet someone I like, because I don't wanna manipulate and trick someone so I can move into the country, and I don't wish to be predatory. I gotta save money for a while before this as well.
Considering my circumstances, I don't think I'll ever get into a relationship. >.<
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2023.03.22 06:48 holistictech55 Warhammer Board Game Figures Paint Spray Gun Paint For Warhammer

SprayGunner is the #1 source for paint spray gun, airbrush paint kit & paint compressor supplies online. Free US shipping on orders above $85. Shop now!
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Now Let’s talk about: Warhammer age of Sigmar
Warhammer Age of Sigmar is a tabletop miniature wargame produced by Games Workshop. The game is set in the Mortal Realms, a world full of magic, danger, and epic battles between armies of fantastical creatures. Players build and paint miniature models of their armies, which they then use to battle their opponents in a game of strategy and luck.
Painting is an essential aspect of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, as it allows players to bring their miniature models to life and create a unique and personal army.
When it comes to choosing the right paint for Warhammer Age of Sigmar, there are a few things to consider. First, choose a paint range that is specifically designed for miniature painting, such as Citadel or Vallejo. These paints are formulated to work well with the small size of the models and to provide a consistent and vibrant color.
Second, consider the type of paint you want to use. Acrylic paints are the most popular choice, as they are easy to use, quick-drying, and water-soluble. They also come in a wide range of colors and finishes, such as matte, glossy, and metallic.
For more information regarding paint for Warhammer visit there:
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2023.03.22 06:48 linkelek1 Ukrajnai háború, szerda reggel

-elemzés: volt NATO tábornok: milyennek kellene lennie az ukránok tavaszi offenzívájának -mit mondanak a helyi orosz hatóságok a tegnapi krimi vasúti csomópont elleni drón támadásról -ukrán napi videós összefoglaló -az ukránok az utolsó orosz támadást várják Bakhmutnál , ott elfogytak a börtönös wagneresek, most jár le a fél éves szerződésük -szijártó: mo továbbra is meg fogja vétózni Ukrajna és a NATO közeledését -szijjártó panacskodik, hogy úgy is megtartottak Ukrajna-NATO találkozókat , hogy azt mo megvétózta

orosz sorozás/mobilizálás

-elemzés: 300mobilizált nem segített az orosz hadseregen, a következő 400e sem fog

drónok, rakéták

-ukrán drón orosz tankellenes pozíció ellen -a Dniprón keresztül is mehet a drón nehéz bombázás 120mm-es aknavetőlőszernek tűnik amit ledob, geo: 46.6637321,32.7306383 -elemzés: ukrán drón program


-szlovákia 13 MIG-29AS/UBS ad Ukrajnának, cserébe, kap az USA-tól AH-1Z Viper Attack Helicopters és Hellfire rakétákat -ukrán géppuska távirányítással -az USA felgyorsította az Abramsok és Patriotok Ukrajnába szállítását, M1A1 Abramsokat küldenek, mert az van raktáron

friss térképek

-a bakhmuti front befagyott a wagneresek elfogynak, az ukránok még nem ellentámadnak -az ukrán egységek elhelyezkedése interaktív térkép -teljes nap térképeken


-orosz katonák háborús bűncselekménye videón -a tegnap Donetsknél lelőtt orosz gépet az orosz légvédelem intézte el -március 31-re várható a 175e orosz halott -ponros találatot kap egy 2S3 Akatsiya -orosz veszteségek , 960 troop losses, 7-day troop average: 861, 47 equipment* losses, 7-day equipment* average: 45 -orosz támadás Avidiivkánál


RUSSIAN OFFENSIVE CAMPAIGN ASSESSMENT, MARCH 21, 2023 Russian President Vladimir Putin appears to be setting conditions to weaponize the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) as a method of Russian power projection in advance of Russia’s accession to the rotating UNSC presidency in April. The readouts of the second day of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit with Russian President Vladimir Putin continued to suggest that Putin has not been able to secure the no-limits bilateral partnership with China that he likely hoped for. Putin falsely portrayed the Western provision of depleted uranium ammunition (not suitable for use in nuclear or radiological weapons) to Ukraine as a significant escalation in order to bolster information operations aiming to deter Western security assistance to Ukraine and to place the onus for negotiations on the West. Wagner Group may lose most of its convict force in the upcoming weeks as convicts finish their six-month military contracts. The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) and the Russian National Guard (Rosgvardia) launched a criminal investigation into the Deputy Commander of the Rosgvardia’s Central District, Major General Vadim Dragomiretsky. The US Department of Defense (DoD) announced that it authorized a presidential drawdown to provide around $350 million of security assistance to Ukraine. Russian forces continued limited offensive operations along the Kupyansk-Svatove-Kreminna line. Russian forces did not make any confirmed gains in or around Bakhmut and continued offensive operations along the outskirts of Donetsk City. The Kremlin continues crypto mobilization campaigns to recruit men across Russia for contract service to avoid declaring a second mobilization wave. Russian occupation officials continue to facilitate the deportation of Ukrainian children to Russia.


orosz trollok 12 pontja kedd reggel
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2023.03.22 06:48 Gastro_Jedi Brand new here… can I ask for help finding a song?

There’s this video, from a cosplayer event called Dragoncon back in 2016. This group, Mineralblu, takes awesome footage and puts it to music. The second song in the video is by a band named Years and Years, “Desire”. It is a remix. For the life of me I can’t find the exact remix, and have to drive around with YouTube playing if I ever want to listen to it. I’ve read all the comments on YouTube, Shazammed, and spotified everything i could. Can you guys help, does anyone know how to find this song?! Any help is greatly appreciated!
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2023.03.22 06:48 Far_Lingonberry_4408 Is there any way on how to safely disable/uninstall unnecessary aosp apps from crdroid like the gallery, files, keyboard, and mat log? I am having second thoughts for if I do, it might break my phone's system from working.

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