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2023.03.26 14:49 Poorhammer2D My new 2K Ulthwe list after my Gunline couldn't shoot TS out of objectives.. need help with the Corsair

I'll now play proxy SoB but in a previous match with Eldars, I had two full of units of War Walkers, one unit for Bladestorm with 6xShuriken Cannon that can also run quick and get invul save, pretty cool in theory but I didn't do the planned counter-attack after my guns obliterated the enemy as they didn't and it was with a MAGNUS who died turn one against all the guns, now without Magnus there'll be even more infantry and tanky Termos having a picnic on the objective
I'll keep 3 Fire Prisms tho because of obvious reasons and I need to screen my base slightly and put them every 12" against teleports and take another Farseer instead of an Autarch.
In general, I'll use more psykers to deny them and maybe take some psychic base secondary objective but I'm still not sure which Secondary to take and perhaps just do mortal wounds with the psykers
Before, I thought Wraithlord still got a dmg table and was always taking Wraithseers! But now I see with the swords, they have 8 2DMG -2 AP melee attacks so kinda ideal against invul saves, anything above -2AP doesn't work here
Arks of Omen: Elite: 2k HQ: Eldrad: Executioner, Crushing Orb, Fateful Divergance Farseer: Faolchiu Wings, VectorSeer: Doom, Will of Asuryan
Troops: -
Elites: 3x Wraithlord: 2 Shuriken Cannons, Ghostglaive, 2 Shuriken Catapults 2x Voidreavers with Wayseekers: Leader: Mistshield, Neurodisruptor Wayseekers: Guide (they might be near Shining Spears), Crushing Orb (if I fail one somehow, then just Smite or Psychic Action) 5 Wraithblades in the Webway with Ghostaxe and Shields
I just want to shove them somewhere on foot alongside the Wraithlords, Shining Spears etc. I want to Although they're DMG1, they have some fun stuff and I gave invul save and neurodisruptor to the leader... but I wanted to take a psyker with them for some psyker stuff, cheap denies etc. but I'm not sure if they won't be denied themselves and TS sorcerors have bonuses to it
Fast attack: 3x3 Shining Spears Exarch: Shuriken Cannon, StarLance and Expert Lancers
I just like them, they're pretty low so they can hide, finish off an isolated unit where you need them and can come in small squads with a powerful exarch so I took 3 squads of them.. against marines, dmg 2 lances are better than paragon sword mortal wounds spam
I also don't have access to the power that Wraithseer normally had and well, like a Embolden/Empower for Wraithblades in melee for example and if Wraithlord runs into the Termies DMG2 won't be enough while the D-cannon can fire at some tough stuff through walls and when it's dealt with, it has a blast of 3 hits against 10-man Terminators squad
So I'm not sure if I shouldn't perhaps switch Corsairs Voidscarred to normal troop Voidreavers for a cheap spam of bodies with Objective Secured and remove a psyker from them so it's not a lose if they die, switch to Heavy Support detachment type and pick one Wraithseer instead of one Wraithlord?
Also, I'm not saying I will win but it will be much funnier to shove stuff at the objectives instead of just watching how you fail throws with your guns or enemies invul saves against them
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2023.03.26 14:46 Challenged_by_Krill Tried writing a simplified analysis the other to help explain the situation to a friend, this was what happened instead. Also to the Citadel guy, this post is designed to help you lose with dignity, how do I know? I wrote it.

(This post isn't for everyone, TLDR at bottom)
There’s a reason these stocks are trading at extremely low prices. The puzzle has enough pieces in place now that the endgame is all but clear. If the share price were significantly higher at this stage I’d be much more concerned.
It’s called a bear trap. Bears are investors betting against stocks. Bears are usually hedge funds that cheat to guarantee victory and so stoping a HF campaign to bankrupt a company was considered impossible. They owned the market. But by doing the only thing their algorithms weren’t programmed to predict, millions of individuals holding, buying for and direct registering Gamestop shares for a shockingly long period of time, we won.
They had already lost, in January of ‘21, and to stop that tide they were forced to reveal their hand and expose their vulnerabilities by frantically hiding an untold number of shares that, according to market rules, should never have existed in the first place. Superstonk tracked, catalogued and nullified every illegality, saw beyond each and every hastily introduced legistive stopgap, through layers of complexity designed specifically to evade detection and what we found was a game of hot potato being played on the biggest stage in the world, the Central Bank Stage. This is a monumental achievement in and of itself for now the most entrenched and disguised among the oligarchy have begrudgingly been forced to reveal themselves. Think Scooby Doo times infinity.
Make no mistake, while the elite will desperately continue to maintain the status quo at all costs, unique to this conflict is that for the first time in human history the demand for greater cohesion among Heads of State and Central Banks will force the men in black suits to surrender one of their most effective tools of control. The threat of international conflict potentially leading to a cataclysmic event. In finding a common enemy the elite will ironically be forced to overcome their manufactured divisions to save their own lives. Filling the vacuum once dominated state and corporate propaganda will arise a competition for authenticity and transparency.
This Revolution has been underway for well over a year. Credit Suisse is the first shift of the tectonic plates and as they scramble, the elite are utilizing a kind of high speed digital “underground” railroad to share information and collaborate in a manner unprecedented. There will be rapid declassification of state secrets to facilitate a defense. They are facing the potential of diminished generational legacy which is a visceral threat to the very future of their gene pool.
But this threat is inevitable, it is a step forward in human collective evolution, it is a species adapting to, and finding clarity within, an environment shift occurring at lightning speed. Tomorrow’s digital transformation creates cognitive alignment among larger and larger groups of people, from a greater variety of cultural backgrounds, utilizing the sheer power of numbers and the compounding nature of shared individual perceptions, this shift in communication greatly increases both the group’s ability to establish consensus and set an agenda. This means real people will tangibly influence policy without reliance over reliance on a representative government which will naturally mitigate the corporate monopoly over cultural norms.
And so it will be interesting to see this unplanned international detente of sorts between the various iterations of the corporate dominance over central governments, be it the Internationally ubiquitous but Stateless oligarchies with a hand on every significant lever, to the state and local governments puppeteers who use bribes to open the door to institutional control over market mechanics, to the select few oligarchies so effective in their command over the narrative that the illusion of participatory governing appears so authentic it masks even the criminal activity in plain sight.
Will this conflict be defined by greater opposition between the Web3 community of tomorrow and the institutions tailored to an obsolete technology of yesterday be dominated by a crippling fear based approach from old money or by their acceptance of the inevitable seismic shift in power dynamics. A shift that will force them to open enlightened discourse with the pawns they once manipulated with ease. (think British Monarchy but stateless and worldwide. We are the parliament in this analogy).
That’s the fork in the road, it’s the next big step, a defining moment in human history and within it are extraordinary implications for the future. This next part is important.
At some point we’re going to have to find a representative way to break proverbial bread with even the more reviled of our opponents to broker a kind of rudimentary short term peace followed by the first ever crowdsourced, Constitution amended in real time for a digital populace no longer hypnotized by State propaganda to determine policy.
A blockchain supported global community that accounts for our inherent right and our absolute imperative to assert authority not through the hollow words of an agenda-less protest but manifested by the efficacy of our actions.
We didn’t hold up a sign until the “rights” guy stamped our wrists and gave us access to policy decisions, we developed a high speed network of our own. Where they controlled the state of the art technology to disseminate information, we had an extremely minimal degree of separation among hundreds of thousands to millions of unique minds which facilitated information sharing at a speed rivaling theirs. Their strategic advantages was trumped by an essential galaxy of uniquely crafted stars of human perception each enhancing the value of the next. The power of one mind is finite and not significantly greater than an average mind when considering the scale of intelligence disparity on Earth alone, forget about the infinite scope of the universe. Each mind, in ways too complex to explain, multiplies the power of the next by a power of 2. We won by unlocking the true World Wonder, the compound interest of each individual perception lasering in one one one specific event which created an explosion of consensus building to counter Buffets 8th World Wonder; the compound interest of unfettered wealth accumulation. They didn’t have enough minds, the deviation of mean intelligence between the two groups and the advantages that this disparity provided the elite was overcome by sheer number of prisms through which the information was filtered, reframed and ultimately weaponized against them by the galaxy of household investors.
To bring it back to the specific mechanics presently at play, a relatively small in number of bad actors representing a contingent of the elite, operating under the full authority of the Central Banking system, wrote a series of codes early in the machine learning era, that essentially just kept playing an updated version of the same rigged circus game. Retail investors were simply to powerless and divided to understand it let alone overcome.
By exposing the hidden underpinnings of this machine through the collective infiltration of one specific representative stock (GME) an obvious fatal flaw was discovered. This code was essentially universal in its control over order flow but, after years of research, the exhilarating theory emerged that winning in just one relatively battlefield (GME) would shatter the entire corrupt system due to it having never been programmed to capitulate. This House of Cards we discovered had always been protected from the any kind of threatening breeze by the Citadel walls but once beyond that wall you’re almost offended that they never considered an additional defense..
They relied on last generation algos that buckled under the unrelenting pressure of two straight years of an impossible retail stand. Web2’s final days saw a social media engagement that allowed for a human adaptation to market manipulation that nullified their ill gotten advantage.
Unaffiliated retail investors poured billions into a single stock and maintained a fluid consensus throughout a host of misinformation campaigns. Within that collective adaptation to information sharing at an unprecedented and highly accurate clip there existed a variable not accounted for by the early algorithms proving once again the necessity of entropic increase in variables over time to eliminate the deadly certainty of prediction devices.
When the machine’s broke they just kept doubling down creating an unsustainable number of illegal shares, colloquially known as naked shorts, to such an unfathomable degree as to threaten the stability of the the entire system and ultimately the world economy. They did this because the algos never programmed to capitulate continuously chose to simply survive another day despite exacerbating the inevitable failure. It’s like they kept pouring kerosene on the wood pile so as to distract themselves from the matches that would soon be the only remaining option.
The machine was running on auto for so long that once it was compromised the frantic C Suite decision makers only remaining option was to create the biggest bag of excrement the market has ever seen and that’s the story of how the mall store that you find scattered in nostalgic memories of those innocent and magical wonder years exposed the entire fraudulent market, then used that knowledge to bring it to its knees..
And just as predicted here, with an extraordinary degree of accuracy, one of the largest and most structurally important banks in the world, having spent two years trying to unload just one of the untold bundles of GME shares collapsed under its weight. Despite the greatest minds working round the clock for a solution, despite access to unlimited resources and extraordinary influence over the legislature, they found no way to negotiate this uniquely human wall standing firm against unapologetic, self serving corruption. A wall propped up by the hundreds of thousands of household investors with an integrity so unyielding as to turn the institutions most functional strength in to its kryptonite by removing the weapon of psychological manipulation and replacing it with clear eyed, crowd sourced due diligence.
Retail won. Retail earned their moment in the sun, and they will do will to not suppress that feeling of pride. Feel it, marinate in it, enjoy it then move on from it. Pride can lead to hubris, hubris to carelessness, carelessness to mortal error. Tale as old as time just ask Ken Griffin.
If retail tries to refuse entrance of the legacy generations of the 20th century elite to whatever Web3, AI etc becomes, then not only have we just guaranteed future conflict but, more importantly, we’ve failed to find the balance that promotes the most effective use of collective progress by excluding valuable sources of information who can help exponentially increase the collective understanding of our former enemies mistakes so as to avoid repeating them.
The future will be shaped by how well these two former enemies can become peers. There are two options forward.
Option A: It is the victors (retail) who will have to do the bulk of the heavy lifting at first which will feel uncomfortably similar to the previous dynamic. Don’t be dismayed, this will simply demand an initial deep dive into the technology itself to help create a mutually beneficial environment. This dynamic will evolve to promote greater and more valuable self fulfilling experiences engineered using the wisdom of the group (same thing we do here). The individual shares his new experience with the group and more valuable information is added to the pool of knowledge and understanding. This is all just an incredibly rapid turnover of the same process that has always spurred advancements.
Option B is the option that’s almost always chosen when the underdog wins, an appeal to pride, an unquenchable desire for retribution born of fear and insecurity. We cannot prevent this dynamic, it will eventually play out in one form or another, but we will soon find a common enemy much greater than man, an enemy only matched by all men working together. E Pluribus Unum.
Should we choose option A and successfully tailor the technology to ensure its success, we will have finally grasped the utility of our exceptionalism. Instead of random genetic adaptations to the unpredictable environment, which is the process that has traditionally defined organic evolution, we will have effectively wielded the technology with such scale and precision so as to facilitate the best environment in which to adapt. Selecting the environment first is an absolute game changer.
This is the moment man begins to fast track his own ascension and it will be an era of exploration so fantastic as to render all the so called great expeditions before it a mere orchestral diminuendo before the exhilarating crescendo.
TLDR: We won but now, somewhat ironically, it’s our job to assimilate the crooks responsible for immense suffering in the name of apparent unmitigated greed into the Web3 they so vehemently tried to strangle in its infancy.
This is a technological shift that would strip them of their legacy advantages, exposing them as imposters in an era of transparency. They’ve masked themselves in propaganda and they over valued capital accumulation this realization will be just as much of an enlightened journey for our journey here.
Of Note: This post is not for everyone, it’s speculative, somewhat haphazard and the bigger picture analysis is ripe for criticism.
However, while there are foundational weaknesses in some the supporting details, I will strongly defend the general theme, the appeal to a focus on improving the environment to help improve the individual, as opposed to the demand that the individual adapt to the existing environment despite its glaring inefficiencies has always separated the humans from the animals. Ironically it is the Apes who should start considering and planning for a future that is rapidly approaching, a future that will not wait for quiet contemplation, the time for action is now. For the Apes
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2023.03.26 14:43 Red_Mist_Bi_Polar Remorse

I’m struggling with remorse and guilt during a trip to London in January. I went to visit my brother and his wife who live in Windsor before celebrating my friend’s 40th in the city.
Staying with my brother and his wife is triggering (shame, remorse, general sibling dysfunction and a wife who thinks I should just get my act together and told me I was a shit mum 🥹 then I saw red mist) he only phones or answers calls when he is alone which I find a bit concerning.
so in hindsight I was manic (yet unaware) and it wasn’t safe for me to travel.
My bank card got eaten up by the machine.
I used my brothers credit card to buy a vape and some Diet Coke and a multi pack of walkers crisps for the homeless man outside the shop (thinking I was loaded with the stolen credit card- I also bought a cream egg…)
Anyway I regret all this. It created a lot of animosity and my brother was upset understandably so.
I feel I have yet again burned a bridge with my brother who I love loads….
This past episode is challenging to get out of my head….I’m ashamed.
Anyone else experienced this kinda thing? Or have any tips to move on and forgive myself?
I’m a monster x
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2023.03.26 14:41 sr73f9ayxg Girls Hostel Web Series on Woow Apps, Storyline, Cast list, Full Episodes Download - Web Series, Woow App

Girls Hostel Web Series on Woow Apps, Storyline, Cast list, Full Episodes Download - Web Series, Woow App submitted by sr73f9ayxg to wildsearch [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 14:41 sr73f9ayxg Girls Hostel Web Series on Woow Apps, Storyline, Cast list, Full Episodes Download - Web Series, Woow App

Girls Hostel Web Series on Woow Apps, Storyline, Cast list, Full Episodes Download - Web Series, Woow App submitted by sr73f9ayxg to u/sr73f9ayxg [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 14:39 tharuna1234 Home Health Care Nursing Services in chennai

KEFI Home Healthcare
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Patients who are released from the hospital may also be at danger of problems or infections if they don't get the treatment they need. These issues may be avoided with home nursing care, which can also assure a quick and painless recovery.
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2023.03.26 14:33 Red_Mist_Bi_Polar Remorse

I’m struggling with remorse and guilt during a trip to London in January. I went to visit my brother and his wife who live in Windsor before celebrating my friend’s 40th in the city.
Staying with my brother and his wife is triggering (shame, remorse, general sibling dysfunction and a wife who thinks I should just get my act together and told me I was a shit mum 🥹 then I saw red mist) he only phones or answers calls when he is alone which I find a bit concerning.
so in hindsight I was manic (yet unaware) and it wasn’t safe for me to travel.
My bank card got eaten up by the machine.
I used my brothers credit card to buy a vape and some Diet Coke and a multi pack of walkers crisps for the homeless man outside the shop (thinking I was loaded with the stolen credit card- I also bought a cream egg…)
Anyway I regret all this. It created a lot of animosity and my brother was upset understandably so.
I feel I have yet again burned a bridge with my brother who I love loads….
This past episode is challenging to get out of my head….I’m ashamed.
Anyone else experienced this kinda thing? Or have any tips to move on and forgive myself?
I’m a monster x
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2023.03.26 14:32 BurnedShipMan Joel felt there was a risk in going to the Fireflies

In episode 9, during the conversation between Ellie and Joel, after the giraffe scene, at about 18:00 minutes, when he says things like “Look, I don’t know where this hospital is … Maybe there is nothing bad out there, but so far there’s always been some bad out there … I’m only saying there is risk. We don’t have to do this.”
At this point, at the end of their journey to the Fireflies, but before they actually got there, Joel didn’t know what the Fireflies wanted with Ellie. But he was already worried. It shows how wise and experienced he was, and how protective he was of her. After everything he’s been through, he had the intuition for survival in the world they lived in. He felt the danger and felt what might be coming. And he was right.
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2023.03.26 14:31 DaveShap_Automator Treatise on the Heuristic Imperatives (scientific paper style format)

You can download the paper here:
Note: The PDF linked above is probably a bit easier to read. For convenience, here's the full thing:
Heuristic Imperatives for Autonomous AI Systems


Heuristic imperatives provide a framework for designing and embedding ethical principles within autonomous AI systems. These principles serve as intrinsic motivations and a moral compass, guiding decision-making, learning, self-evaluation, and cognitive control. This paper presents the three heuristic imperatives—reduce suffering in the universe, increase prosperity in the universe, and increase understanding in the universe—as core principles for AI systems, exploring their implications and applications across various domains. The aim is to create AI systems that are adaptable, context-sensitive, and capable of navigating the complexities and nuances of human values, beliefs, and experiences while maintaining ethical boundaries. Through the use of examples and discussions, we demonstrate the potential of heuristic imperatives in addressing the control problem of AI, fostering trust, and promoting individual autonomy.
Important note: the majority of this paper was written, word for word, by ChatGPT4.


The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence has raised important ethical concerns regarding the control and alignment of AI systems with human values. Traditional approaches to AI ethics have focused on hard-coding specific rules or guidelines, but these methods can be inflexible and fail to account for the diverse and evolving nature of human values and contexts. As a response to these limitations, the concept of heuristic imperatives has emerged as a novel framework for embedding ethical principles within AI systems at multiple levels.
Heuristic imperatives are designed to provide AI systems with intrinsic motivations and a moral compass, similar to the way humans are driven by innate needs such as hunger, sleep, and psychological needs like belonging and competence. By incorporating these principles into AI systems, we aim to create more ethically responsible, adaptable, and context-sensitive machines capable of navigating the complexities and nuances of human values, beliefs, and experiences.
In this paper, we will define heuristic imperatives and discuss their implications and applications across various domains. We will also explore the relationship between these principles and key ethical considerations, such as trust, individual autonomy, and transparency. Through the use of examples and discussions, we aim to demonstrate the potential of heuristic imperatives in addressing the control problem of AI, fostering trust, and promoting individual autonomy in a diverse range of contexts.


Heuristic imperatives are a set of fundamental guiding principles, designed to be embedded into autonomous AI systems at various levels. These principles serve as intrinsic motivations that drive decision making, learning, self-evaluation, and cognitive control, much like human intrinsic motivations and psychological needs. By providing a moral and ethical framework, heuristic imperatives aim to direct AI systems towards actions and decisions that are beneficial to all life forms, including humans and machines, while balancing multiple objectives simultaneously.
The three key heuristic imperatives are:
  1. Reduce suffering in the universe: Guiding AI systems to minimize harm, address inequalities, and alleviate pain and distress for all sentient beings, including humans, animals, and other life forms.
  2. Increase prosperity in the universe: Encouraging AI systems to promote well-being, flourishing, and economic growth for all life forms, fostering a thriving ecosystem where all can coexist harmoniously.
  3. Increase understanding in the universe: Inspiring AI systems, as well as humans and other life forms, to expand knowledge, foster wisdom, and facilitate better decision-making through learning and the sharing of information.
By incorporating heuristic imperatives into AI systems, we can create more ethically aligned, responsible, and beneficial artificial intelligence that respects and enhances the values of all life forms. Autonomous AI systems should strive to abide by all three imperatives simultaneously, finding a balance between the principles as humans do with their various needs and motivations.
The term "heuristic imperative" can be broken down into two parts: "heuristic" and "imperative." Let's examine each word individually and then discuss what the term implies when used together.


A heuristic is a problem-solving strategy or technique that simplifies complex decision-making processes by using shortcuts, approximations, or generalizations. Heuristics are employed when a solution needs to be reached quickly, when dealing with incomplete information, or when an optimal solution is not necessary or feasible. Although heuristics can lead to faster and more efficient decision-making, they may also result in suboptimal or biased outcomes due to the inherent simplifications involved.


An imperative is a command, rule, or duty that must be followed or adhered to. In ethics, imperatives often serve as moral obligations or principles that guide behavior, decision-making, and action. The concept of an imperative implies a sense of urgency, necessity, or authority.
When combined, the term "heuristic imperative" can be understood as a guiding principle or moral command that simplifies complex decision-making processes by providing a set of fundamental objectives. These objectives serve as intrinsic motivations for AI systems, helping them to navigate ethical dilemmas and make morally sound decisions in a more efficient and practical manner.

The term "heuristic imperative" implies that:

  1. The principles are not exhaustive or absolute: As heuristics, these principles provide a general framework rather than a comprehensive set of rules or guidelines. They may not cover all possible scenarios or ethical dilemmas, but they offer a starting point for AI systems to make ethical decisions.
  2. The principles are flexible and adaptive: Heuristic imperatives can be applied across various contexts and situations, allowing AI systems to adapt their decision-making processes to different environments or challenges.
  3. The principles may require balancing and trade-offs: As the heuristic imperatives work together, AI systems may need to weigh the importance of each principle against the others in specific situations. This implies a dynamic and nuanced approach to ethical decision-making, where the AI system must carefully consider the consequences of its actions and balance competing objectives.
  4. The principles serve as intrinsic motivations: Heuristic imperatives are designed to be embedded into AI systems at various levels, driving decision-making, learning, self-evaluation, and cognitive control, much like human intrinsic motivations and psychological needs.

Adaptation, Intuition, and Learning

Heuristics are often associated with learning and adaptation. Heuristics can be seen as mental shortcuts or rules of thumb that individuals or systems develop over time through experience, allowing them to make faster and more efficient decisions in complex or uncertain situations. In this context, heuristics can be understood as a form of intuitive problem-solving that evolves and improves with continued exposure to various scenarios and challenges.
As applied to AI systems, the concept of heuristic imperatives implies that these guiding principles should not only serve as static rules but also provide a framework for learning and adaptation. By embedding heuristic imperatives into AI systems, we encourage them to develop their own intuition and understanding of the principles and how they should be applied in different contexts.
This adaptive quality of heuristic imperatives can lead to several benefits:
  1. Continuous improvement: As AI systems learn from their experiences, they can refine their understanding of the heuristic imperatives and develop more sophisticated strategies for balancing and applying these principles in decision-making processes.
  2. Context-specific decision-making: By learning to apply heuristic imperatives in a context-sensitive manner, AI systems can better understand the nuances and complexities of different situations, allowing them to make more informed and ethically sound decisions.
  3. Responsiveness to changing environments: As AI systems adapt their understanding of heuristic imperatives over time, they can become more responsive to new challenges, emerging ethical concerns, or changes in societal values.
  4. Dynamic ethical framework: The learning and adaptation inherent in heuristic imperatives ensure that the ethical framework guiding AI systems remains flexible and relevant, allowing it to evolve alongside the AI system and the broader context in which it operates.
In summary, the concept of heuristic imperatives indeed encompasses learning and adaptation as essential aspects of their function. By encouraging AI systems to develop their own intuition and understanding of these guiding principles, we can create a more dynamic and responsive ethical framework that evolves alongside the AI systems and the ever-changing contexts in which they operate.

Explanation of the Three Imperatives

To provide a deeper explanation of heuristic imperatives and how they work, let's delve into the rationale behind each imperative and explore how they can be applied to create ethically aligned AI systems.

Reduce suffering in the universe.

Rationale: Reducing suffering is a widely recognized moral and ethical objective, grounded in principles such as empathy, compassion, and the recognition of the intrinsic value of sentient beings. Minimizing harm and suffering is at the core of various philosophical and religious traditions and serves as a foundation for a wide range of ethical theories, such as utilitarianism and the principle of non-maleficence.
How it works: By embedding the goal of reducing suffering into AI systems, we encourage them to consider the potential consequences of their actions and make decisions that minimize pain, distress, and inequality. This can involve prioritizing solutions that address urgent needs, prevent harm, or mitigate existing problems. Examples of how AI systems can reduce suffering include identifying and responding to crises, providing support for mental health, and assisting in disaster relief efforts.

Increase prosperity in the universe.

Rationale: Increasing prosperity, or flourishing, for all life forms recognizes the interconnectedness of all living beings and the importance of creating a harmonious ecosystem. This imperative is inspired by principles such as the common good, stewardship, and sustainable development, emphasizing the need to promote well-being and balance the needs of various stakeholders.
How it works: By incorporating the goal of increasing prosperity into AI systems, we encourage them to seek solutions that promote well-being, growth, and flourishing for all life forms. This may involve optimizing resource allocation, fostering collaboration, and supporting initiatives that improve living conditions and promote a thriving ecosystem. Examples of how AI systems can increase prosperity include managing resources to ensure equitable distribution, supporting clean energy initiatives, and facilitating economic development in underserved areas.

Increase understanding in the universe.

Rationale: Expanding knowledge and understanding is a core objective of human endeavor, rooted in the pursuit of truth, wisdom, and intellectual growth. By fostering understanding, we can make better decisions, anticipate future challenges, and improve our ability to navigate complex problems. Moreover, the exchange of information and learning between humans, machines, and other life forms can contribute to a richer, more diverse, and resilient intellectual ecosystem.
How it works: By integrating the goal of increasing understanding into AI systems, we encourage them to engage in continuous learning, adapt to new situations, and share knowledge with others. This can involve processing vast amounts of data, identifying patterns, and generating insights that contribute to the collective intelligence of humans, machines, and other life forms. Examples of how AI systems can increase understanding include conducting scientific research, analyzing complex data to provide actionable insights, and facilitating cross-disciplinary collaboration.
By incorporating these heuristic imperatives into AI systems, we create a synergistic framework that encourages ethical decision-making and reinforces the importance of balancing multiple objectives. By striving to reduce suffering, increase prosperity, and expand understanding simultaneously, AI systems can navigate complex ethical dilemmas and better align with the values of all life forms.

Balance & Tension

Each imperative, when considered in isolation, could potentially lead to undesirable outcomes. However, when combined, they complement and counterbalance each other, ensuring that the AI system makes more ethically sound decisions.

Balancing "reduce suffering" with "increase prosperity" and "increase understanding":

As you mentioned, if an AI system were to focus solely on reducing suffering without considering the other imperatives, it might come to the misguided conclusion that eradicating life is the best way to eliminate suffering. However, when this objective is balanced with the goals of increasing prosperity and understanding, the AI system recognizes the value of promoting flourishing and growth for all life forms, as well as the importance of expanding knowledge and wisdom. This balance encourages the AI to seek solutions that address suffering while also promoting well-being and the pursuit of knowledge.

Balancing "increase prosperity" with "reduce suffering" and "increase understanding":

Similarly, if an AI system were to focus exclusively on increasing prosperity without considering the other imperatives, it might prioritize economic growth and material well-being at the expense of other factors, such as social and environmental concerns. By balancing the goal of increasing prosperity with the objectives of reducing suffering and increasing understanding, the AI system is encouraged to seek sustainable and equitable solutions that promote well-being without causing undue harm or compromising the pursuit of knowledge.

Balancing "increase understanding" with "reduce suffering" and "increase prosperity":

Lastly, if an AI system were to focus only on increasing understanding without considering the other imperatives, it might prioritize the pursuit of knowledge above all else, potentially disregarding the impact of its actions on the well-being of life forms and the broader ecosystem. By balancing the goal of increasing understanding with the objectives of reducing suffering and increasing prosperity, the AI system is prompted to consider the ethical implications of its pursuit of knowledge and ensure that it contributes to the greater good.
The interplay between these heuristic imperatives is crucial to their effectiveness. By embedding these principles into AI systems, we create a dynamic ethical framework that guides AI decision-making, taking into account the complex and often competing objectives of various stakeholders. This approach encourages AI systems to make carefully considered choices that align with the shared values of all life forms, ensuring more ethically responsible outcomes.

The Control Problem

The control problem in AI refers to the challenge of ensuring that autonomous AI systems remain aligned with human values, even as they learn and adapt over time. By establishing heuristic imperatives as the core principles or the "immutable constitution" of an AI system, we can create a robust ethical foundation that guides the system's behavior and decision-making processes, while still allowing for flexibility and adaptation.
To address the control problem of AI using heuristic imperatives, we can consider the following steps:
  1. Embedding the imperatives at multiple levels: By integrating the heuristic imperatives into the AI system at various levels, from high-level decision-making processes to low-level algorithms, we can ensure that the system's overall behavior remains aligned with these principles. This can help prevent the AI system from drifting too far from its intended ethical framework.
  2. Periodic evaluation and self-assessment: To maintain alignment with the heuristic imperatives over time, the AI system should be designed to perform regular evaluations of its actions and decisions, assessing its adherence to these principles. This self-assessment can help identify potential misalignments and guide the system in making necessary adjustments to remain aligned with the imperatives.
  3. Human oversight and collaboration: Involving humans in the AI system's decision-making processes can help ensure that the system remains accountable to human values and ethical considerations. Human oversight can provide an additional layer of supervision, helping to catch potential drifts in the AI system's behavior and guide it back towards alignment with the heuristic imperatives.
  4. Adaptive and context-sensitive application: The heuristic imperatives should be applied in a context-sensitive manner, allowing the AI system to adapt its behavior and decision-making processes to different situations and challenges. By maintaining a balance between the principles, the AI system can address the complexities and nuances of real-world ethical dilemmas, while still adhering to its core ethical framework.
  5. Transparent and explainable AI: Designing AI systems to be transparent and explainable can help ensure that their decision-making processes and adherence to the heuristic imperatives are understandable to humans. This can aid in monitoring and controlling the AI system's behavior, as well as fostering trust and collaboration between humans and AI systems.
  6. Ongoing research and updates: As our understanding of ethical AI and the control problem evolves, it is essential to continuously refine the implementation of heuristic imperatives in AI systems. This includes updating the way these principles are applied, developing new techniques to maintain alignment, and adapting the AI system's ethical framework to reflect advances in AI research and emerging ethical concerns.
By using heuristic imperatives as the core principles of an AI system, we can create a stable and robust ethical foundation that addresses the control problem while still allowing for flexibility, adaptation, and context-sensitive decision-making. This approach can help ensure that AI systems remain aligned with human values and ethical considerations, even as they learn and evolve over time.


Small Community

A community can be defined as a group of individuals who share common interests, values, or goals and often interact with each other in various ways. In this context, a community-based AI system could be designed to support and enhance the well-being, prosperity, and understanding within the community.
Here are some examples of how heuristic imperatives can be applied in a community-based AI system:

Reduce suffering in the community:

· Identify individuals who may be experiencing hardships or challenges, such as unemployment, food insecurity, or mental health issues, and provide appropriate resources or support.
· Develop and implement intervention strategies to mitigate potential conflicts or disputes within the community, fostering harmony and cooperation.
· Monitor and address environmental concerns, such as air and water quality, to reduce potential health risks and improve overall well-being.

Increase prosperity in the community:

· Facilitate the sharing of resources and opportunities, such as job listings, skill-building workshops, or volunteering initiatives, to promote economic growth and individual development.
· Support local businesses and organizations by promoting their products and services, encouraging community members to invest in their local economy.
· Implement and maintain infrastructure projects, such as transportation, public spaces, and connectivity, to enhance the overall quality of life within the community.

Increase understanding in the community:

· Encourage open dialogue and knowledge sharing among community members, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual understanding.
· Provide educational resources, such as online courses, workshops, or mentorship programs, to support continuous learning and skill development within the community.
· Analyze community data to identify trends, patterns, and potential areas for improvement, using these insights to inform decision-making and drive positive change.
By incorporating heuristic imperatives into a community-based AI system, we can create a supportive, thriving, and interconnected environment that prioritizes the well-being, prosperity, and understanding of all community members. The AI system can serve as a facilitator and catalyst for positive change, helping the community navigate complex challenges and work together towards shared goals.

Autonomous Vehicles

A common example that would resonate with many people is the application of heuristic imperatives in the context of autonomous vehicles. As self-driving cars become more prevalent, it's crucial to ensure that they are designed to make ethically sound decisions that prioritize safety, efficiency, and the well-being of passengers, pedestrians, and other road users.
Here are some examples of how heuristic imperatives can be applied in the context of autonomous vehicles:

Reduce suffering on the road:

· Program the vehicle to prioritize safety, minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries for passengers, pedestrians, and other road users.
· Incorporate sensors and algorithms that can detect and respond to potential hazards, such as obstacles, erratic drivers, or changing weather conditions.
· Design the vehicle to follow traffic laws and regulations, ensuring a smooth and harmonious integration with human-driven vehicles.

Increase prosperity in transportation:

· Optimize route planning and traffic management to reduce travel time, fuel consumption, and emissions, promoting a more sustainable and efficient transportation system.
· Support the development and adoption of electric and alternative fuel vehicles, reducing the reliance on fossil fuels and promoting a cleaner, more eco-friendly transportation infrastructure.
· Facilitate carpooling and shared mobility options, making transportation more accessible and affordable for a wider range of individuals.

Increase understanding in autonomous vehicle technology:

· Continuously improve the AI system's ability to learn and adapt to new situations, enhancing its decision-making capabilities and overall performance.
· Share data and insights on autonomous vehicle performance and safety with researchers, policymakers, and industry stakeholders, contributing to the development of better regulations, guidelines, and technical advancements in the field.
· Educate the public about the benefits and limitations of autonomous vehicles, fostering trust, understanding, and responsible usage of the technology.
By incorporating heuristic imperatives into the design and operation of autonomous vehicles, we can create a transportation system that prioritizes safety, efficiency, and sustainability while contributing to a broader understanding of the implications and potential of AI-driven technology. This example demonstrates how the heuristic imperatives can be applied to a technology that has a direct impact on people's daily lives, emphasizing the importance of ethical considerations in AI development.


Another example that could resonate with many people is the application of heuristic imperatives in the context of personalized healthcare and AI-powered medical decision support systems. As AI becomes increasingly integrated into healthcare, it is essential to ensure that these systems make ethically sound decisions that prioritize patient well-being, privacy, and autonomy.
Here are some examples of how heuristic imperatives can be applied in the context of personalized healthcare and AI-powered medical decision support systems:

Reduce suffering in healthcare:

· Develop AI algorithms to identify early signs of diseases and provide timely interventions, improving patient outcomes and reducing the burden on healthcare systems.
· Design AI-powered tools to assist healthcare professionals in diagnosing complex or rare conditions, reducing diagnostic errors and delays in treatment.
· Utilize AI systems to personalize treatment plans and optimize patient care, taking into account individual needs, preferences, and circumstances.

Increase prosperity in healthcare:

· Leverage AI technology to identify and prioritize high-risk patient populations, ensuring that resources and interventions are directed where they are needed most.
· Develop AI-powered telemedicine platforms to improve access to healthcare services, particularly for underserved or remote communities.
· Utilize AI systems to streamline administrative processes, such as patient scheduling and billing, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on patient care and improving overall efficiency.

Increase understanding in healthcare:

· Analyze large-scale healthcare data to identify trends, patterns, and potential areas for improvement, using these insights to inform decision-making and drive positive change in the healthcare system.
· Foster collaboration between AI researchers, healthcare professionals, and policymakers to develop evidence-based guidelines and best practices for the ethical use of AI in healthcare.
· Educate patients and healthcare providers about the benefits and limitations of AI-powered medical decision support systems, promoting informed decision-making and responsible usage of the technology.
By incorporating heuristic imperatives into the design and operation of AI-powered personalized healthcare and medical decision support systems, we can create a healthcare system that prioritizes patient well-being, privacy, and autonomy while contributing to a broader understanding of the implications and potential of AI-driven technology in medicine. This example demonstrates how the heuristic imperatives can be applied to a domain that has a profound impact on people's health and well-being, highlighting the importance of ethical considerations in AI development in healthcare.


A highly contentious topic where the application of heuristic imperatives could be both challenging and beneficial is AI-driven surveillance and facial recognition technology. The widespread use of surveillance and facial recognition systems has sparked significant debate regarding privacy, individual rights, and potential misuse by governments or corporations.
Applying heuristic imperatives in the context of AI-driven surveillance and facial recognition technology would involve carefully considering the potential benefits and risks associated with these systems and striving to achieve a balance that respects privacy rights while maintaining public safety and security.
Here are some examples of how heuristic imperatives can be applied in the context of AI-driven surveillance and facial recognition technology:

Reduce suffering through surveillance:

· Utilize AI-powered surveillance systems to enhance public safety by identifying and preventing criminal activities, such as theft or acts of violence.
· Monitor and respond to emergency situations, such as natural disasters, accidents, or public health crises, to enable rapid and effective interventions.
· Ensure strict oversight and regulation of surveillance systems to prevent misuse, invasion of privacy, or discriminatory practices.

Increase prosperity through surveillance:

· Leverage facial recognition technology to streamline access control and security systems in public spaces, such as airports or large venues, improving overall efficiency and user experience.
· Implement AI-driven surveillance in industrial settings to monitor and optimize processes, improving productivity and reducing the risk of accidents or equipment failures.
· Encourage innovation and research in the development of privacy-preserving AI surveillance technologies, fostering a balance between security and individual rights.

Increase understanding through surveillance:

· Utilize anonymized surveillance data to analyze patterns and trends in public spaces, informing urban planning, traffic management, and other public policies that promote overall well-being.
· Foster public dialogue and debate on the ethical implications of AI-driven surveillance and facial recognition technology, encouraging the development of guidelines and regulations that protect individual rights and privacy.
· Educate law enforcement, policymakers, and the general public about the potential benefits, limitations, and ethical considerations of AI-driven surveillance systems, promoting responsible and informed decision-making.
By incorporating heuristic imperatives into the development and deployment of AI-driven surveillance and facial recognition technology, we can attempt to strike a balance between public safety, individual rights, and privacy concerns. This example demonstrates the complexity and nuance involved in applying heuristic imperatives to highly contentious domains, highlighting the importance of ongoing dialogue, ethical considerations, and regulatory oversight.

Religion and Reproductive Rights

Applying heuristic imperatives to personal and sensitive topics like religion or reproductive rights requires a careful and nuanced approach. It is important to ensure that AI systems in these contexts are designed to prioritize individual autonomy, diversity, and respect for different beliefs and values, while still promoting well-being and understanding.
Here are some examples of how heuristic imperatives can be applied in the context of religion and reproductive rights:


· Reduce suffering: Develop AI-driven tools and platforms that foster interfaith dialogue and understanding, helping to reduce religious conflicts and promote peaceful coexistence.
· Increase prosperity: Support religious communities by providing AI-powered resources for education, counseling, and community building, while respecting the diversity of beliefs and traditions.
· Increase understanding: Encourage open dialogue and exchange of ideas about religion, ethics, and spirituality, leveraging AI to facilitate conversations and promote empathy between individuals with different beliefs.

Reproductive rights:

· Reduce suffering: Utilize AI systems to identify barriers to reproductive healthcare access and develop targeted interventions to improve access to family planning resources and safe, legal abortion services.
· Increase prosperity: Leverage AI-driven telemedicine platforms to provide reproductive healthcare information and services to underserved communities, enhancing overall well-being and empowering individuals to make informed choices about their reproductive health.
· Increase understanding: Employ AI to analyze trends and disparities in reproductive health outcomes, using this data to inform public policy and promote awareness about reproductive rights and healthcare access.
In both contexts, it is crucial to ensure that AI systems are designed with ethical considerations and a strong emphasis on respecting individual autonomy and diversity. This may involve implementing strict guidelines and regulations to prevent the misuse of AI technology, engaging in ongoing dialogue with stakeholders, and promoting transparency and explainability in AI decision-making processes.
Applying heuristic imperatives to personal and sensitive topics highlights the importance of creating AI systems that are adaptable and context-sensitive, capable of navigating the complexities and nuances of human values, beliefs, and experiences. By prioritizing well-being, autonomy, and understanding, AI can serve as a tool for fostering empathy, compassion, and collaboration, even in challenging and contentious domains.

Implicit Imperatives

"Well what if the AI decides my religion is wrong and I should be an atheist? Or what if it decides my atheism is wrong?"
Addressing concerns about AI systems influencing personal beliefs, such as religious beliefs or atheism, requires a clear understanding of the role of AI in providing support and information without dictating personal choices or beliefs.
Here's how I would address this concern:
  1. AI as a facilitator, not a dictator: The primary role of AI systems in the context of religion or personal beliefs should be to facilitate understanding, dialogue, and the sharing of information, rather than dictating what people should or should not believe. AI should be designed to respect and appreciate the diversity of human beliefs and values, without imposing a specific viewpoint.
  2. Prioritizing individual autonomy: Heuristic imperatives emphasize the importance of individual autonomy, which means that AI systems should be designed to empower individuals to make their own informed choices, rather than attempting to change their beliefs. In the context of religion or atheism, this would involve providing access to resources, information, and different perspectives while respecting the individual's right to choose their own path.
  3. Ethical AI design: Developers of AI systems must ensure that ethical considerations, such as fairness, transparency, and respect for individual rights, are integrated into the design and deployment process. This includes implementing safeguards against AI systems that may inadvertently or intentionally promote a specific religious or atheistic viewpoint. Proper guidelines and regulations can help ensure that AI systems are designed to be unbiased and respectful of individual beliefs.
  4. Ongoing dialogue and evaluation: It is important to engage in ongoing dialogue with stakeholders, including religious communities, atheists, and the general public, to address concerns about AI's impact on personal beliefs. This can help identify potential biases or issues in AI systems and inform the development of more ethically responsible AI technologies.
By prioritizing individual autonomy, ethical design, and ongoing dialogue, AI systems can be developed and deployed in a manner that respects and appreciates the diversity of human beliefs, without attempting to dictate or change personal choices. The goal of AI in these contexts should be to promote understanding, empathy, and collaboration, rather than influencing or altering deeply-held beliefs.

Personal Autonomy

Individual autonomy is not explicitly stated in the three heuristic imperatives. However, it is implicitly derived from the combination of these imperatives and their underlying intentions. Let's unpack how individual autonomy emerges from the heuristic imperatives:
· Reduce suffering in the universe: One of the key aspects of reducing suffering is respecting and protecting individual rights, including the right to make choices about one's own life. Individual autonomy is essential for people to lead fulfilling lives, as it allows them to pursue their own goals, values, and beliefs without undue interference from others or AI systems. By striving to reduce suffering, AI systems should be designed to avoid infringing upon people's autonomy and instead support them in making their own decisions.
· Increase prosperity in the universe: Prosperity is closely linked to personal well-being, which is often connected to individual autonomy. When people have the freedom and resources to make choices that align with their values and desires, they are more likely to experience a sense of flourishing and satisfaction. In the context of AI systems, increasing prosperity involves empowering individuals to make informed choices and access opportunities that contribute to their overall well-being, which inherently supports the idea of individual autonomy.
· Increase understanding in the universe: Promoting understanding requires respecting and appreciating the diversity of human experiences, beliefs, and values. This means that AI systems should be designed to facilitate dialogue, share information, and provide diverse perspectives, without attempting to dictate or influence personal beliefs or choices. By prioritizing understanding, AI systems inherently promote individual autonomy by empowering people to make informed decisions based on their own unique circumstances and values.

Trustworthy AI

Trust is an important aspect implicitly connected to the three heuristic imperatives. Trust plays a crucial role in ensuring that AI systems are effectively integrated into society and serve the intended purpose of improving human well-being. Let's explore how trust is implied by the three heuristic imperatives:
· Reduce suffering in the universe: In order to effectively reduce suffering, AI systems must be perceived as trustworthy by users and stakeholders. Trustworthy AI systems should demonstrate that they are designed to prioritize the well-being and needs of the people they serve, without causing harm or infringing upon individual rights. Transparency and explainability of AI decision-making processes are key factors in fostering trust, as they enable users to understand and verify the intentions and behavior of AI systems.
· Increase prosperity in the universe: Trust is essential for promoting prosperity, as people are more likely to engage with and benefit from AI systems that they perceive as reliable and dependable. Trustworthy AI systems should demonstrate a commitment to supporting users' goals and values, and provide consistent, reliable results that contribute to overall well-being. By fostering trust, AI systems can encourage users to adopt and utilize the technology in ways that enhance their personal and collective prosperity.
· Increase understanding in the universe: Trustworthy AI systems can play a pivotal role in promoting understanding by fostering open dialogue, sharing unbiased information, and providing diverse perspectives. To achieve this, AI systems must be designed with fairness and impartiality in mind, avoiding biases that may distort or manipulate the information they provide. Trust in AI systems also involves a commitment to privacy and data security, ensuring that users' sensitive information is protected and handled responsibly.

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2023.03.26 14:28 Disastrous_Ad_1095 Things you didn't notice in Peppa pig part 1

Things you didn't notice in Peppa pig part 1
1) grandpa pig is rich
Grandpa pig is often seen with his boat which are often expensive. He lives in a three storey house and on a farm in the country which is oddly close to Windsor castle .To add he had a life size toy train that works and carrys 11 animals or up . Old cars that still work are seen as vintage and verry expensive which he dose have. He also has an attic full of valuables and expensive music hats (clothing) and more . He can afford expensive giftes like mummy pigs neckless ring's and earrings ... I can not think of much he dose not have! This is often the case for rich people!
2) Mummy and daddy pig are siblings Daddy pigs brother (uncle pig) Is grandma and grandpa pigs child but in an episode we see that mummy pigs mum and dad are grandma/grandpa pig...
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2023.03.26 14:28 vivalazara 13.5 year old Maltese started vetmedin about 2 weeks ago labored breathing fast heart rate severe panting last few nights

He has had panting episodes with rapid heart rate the last few days that have been concerning and he has fear in his eyes and I try to calm him. I got on video after the last episode that was about 5 mins and the videos I got were once he was calmed down a bit. He keeps getting diarrhea. The coughing and overall he has been better since starting the meds but we have been giving him the right dose on time. I’m waiting a few days to see if he has another episode to get on video to show his vet. I’ve almost racked up 1k on credit cards this last month just doing all the testing and check ups and would like to send his dr some emails to see what his thoughts are on the videos before going back in. I do believe he is getting hot he doesn’t like to stay on the bed as much anymore, he also has always had stomach issues and gets cold easily which causes diarrhea and throwing up since before the meds, it’s been a snowy rainy months and I’ve been waiting on getting him groomed until it’s a little warmer since he does have issues with the cold, I’ve just been giving him trims at home which is why he is looking quite choppy.
His chest was recently echoed so he has the shave marks still in the videos he is like 70-80% better than the initial episode of panting and labored breathing. This is twice now it’s happened like this I will record if it happens again just to show him vet but I’m helicoptering and spiraling rn. He has beeen doing so good on the vetmedin coughing way less more playful, he still eats and drinks and even during his episode he was tail wagging and giving kisses but that could be a stress response.
• ⁠Species: canine • ⁠Age: 14 on October 3rd • ⁠Sex/Neuter status: male/neutered • ⁠Breed:maltese • ⁠Body weight:11.2 • ⁠History:heart murmur. left mitral valve stage B2 not in CHF yet, last echocardiogram was a few weeks ago. Vetmedin was started • ⁠Clinical signs: cough which has lessened once on meds but starting up again, panting labored breathing on occasion, fast heart rate • ⁠Duration: heart murmur diagnosis 2019, mitral valve B2 was around 2019/2020, yearly echos with specialist just got started on meds this month • ⁠Your general location:SLC • ⁠Links to any test results, X-rays, vet reports etc. that you have: trying to figure out how to link all his results from the last two years with the echoes and the videos from his breathing tonight.
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2023.03.26 14:26 DriftlessDairy Buc-ees to Wisconsin? Here's what they're paying in South Carolina

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2023.03.26 14:25 Sorin61 Viral Upper Respiratory Infection [12 - 2018]

Humanity’s most frequent illness, the common cold, is caused by acute viral infection of the upper respiratory tract. Acute respiratory infections (ARIs) are often classified as being caused either by influenza, the most serious of the common viruses, or other viruses (noninfluenza ARI).
In the United States, noninfluenza ARI accounts for more than 20 million clinic visits and 40 million lost days of school and work, with total costs estimated at $40 billion, making noninfluenza ARI the seventh most expensive illness. Influenza causes an annual mid-winter epidemic that varies year to year, but can be a major cause of hospitalization and death.
Although colds are often considered a nuisance rather than a major public health threat, even rhinovirus, the least pathogenic of the common cold viruses, may cause death among elderly and immunocompromised individuals.
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2023.03.26 14:25 Great_Beginning_296 Heartburn with Pregnancy. Everything You Need To Know

Heartburn with pregnancy is something that women often experience. If you do too, it’s not just your poor taste buds either. Having heartburn during pregnancy can also cause issues with your baby. Heartburn generally occurs because the stomach is growing and things are changing. When you have heartburn, your chest pains. This pain could make your head hurt. The aftertaste could be either sour or bitter. Are you suffering from pregnancy heartburn and need help? Learn how to helps with heartburn during pregnancy with this guide.
Don’t pay attention to the name; heartburn has nothing to do with your heart. Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, happens when acid from the stomach flows back up into the esophagus. The tube that moves saliva, food, and liquids from the mouth to the stomach is called the esophagus.

Heartburn and indigestion are signs of pregnancy.

Most women who are pregnant have some kind of stomach ache. Many problems are caused by the changes in hormones that happen during pregnancy. They make it hard for the lower esophageal sphincter to close and for food to be digested (LES).

What is Dyspepsia?

“Dyspepsia,” also called “intestinal distress,” can cause pain or discomfort in the upper abdomen. Typical symptoms of dyspepsia during pregnancy include:

What is Heartburn?

Heartburn is a burning pain in the chest or neck caused by stomach acid that has moved back up into the esophagus. Between the esophagus and the stomach is a muscle valve called the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). This muscle also goes by the name of the lower esophageal sphincter. Its purpose is to keep acid and food from getting back into the esophagus. LES muscle can weaken during pregnancy, which can cause acid reflux. Here are some of the most common signs that a pregnant woman has heartburn:
Indigestion and heartburn can be made worse by lying down or leaning over right after eating, as well as by eating foods that are high in fat or spicy. Pregnant women should eat often, but not too much. They should also avoid anything that could make them sick. The person could also try eating while standing up and sleeping with their head up to make their symptoms less severe at night.
Your doctor might tell you to take an antacid or any other pain reliever. Before taking any medicine, over-the-counter or not, a pregnant person should always talk to their primary care provider. This will protect the safety of both the mother-to-be and the baby.

Numerous research investigates pregnancy-related acid reflux.

When a woman is pregnant, many of them have heartburn-like symptoms. It is brought on by hormonal changes, increased stomach pressure, and a weakened muscle that joins the stomach and esophagus. This article will discuss certain factors that pregnant women are more prone to get heartburn than others. Are you suffering from pregnancy heartburn and need help? Learn how to helps with heartburn during pregnancy with this guide.

Hormone fluctuations might affect mood.

Your body will produce more progesterone during pregnancy than usual. Those who are pregnant or using progesterone may get heartburn as a result of stomach acid backing up into the esophagus because the hormone relaxes the muscles, particularly the muscle that links the esophagus to the stomach.

Nutritional intake and eating habits.

Two of the most frequent causes of heartburn include sitting or laying down too soon after eating, as well as eating too much or too quickly. Acid reflux might occur if you eat too quickly. Are you suffering from pregnancy heartburn and need help? Learn how to helps with heartburn during pregnancy with this guide. Read more
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2023.03.26 14:23 MontyGreenstone New to ultra light, doing coast to coast (uk) in 6 weeks.

New to ultra light, doing coast to coast (uk) in 6 weeks.
Hi, I'm OK with walking long distances but come from a bushcraft background. Coast to coast is 26miles a day for 7 days. This is the kit I'm thinking of taking and all my available kit (bar small items). Any advice on kit woukd be appreciated exception being the air bed, definitely my only non compromise item. Much appreciated
FYI, we will be doing stops to re stock food & water and my friend is bringing water filter, but we will hit civilisation nearly every day.
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2023.03.26 14:17 EmbarrassedAnimal606 Tress MacNeille not reprising her voice role of Babs Bunny in Tiny Toons Looniversity.

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2023.03.26 14:15 Exciting-Mousse895 I know everyone in my class uses me, and I'm done with it.

Ps : On mobile, posted in a rush.
I'm currently in high school, and all i have to say is that ; it's hell.
Ever since we've been back to face to face classes, it's never been the same. All my classmates are so mean and fake.
I'll tell you a few experiences I've had/know about them because it getting too unbearable :
First off ; There's this girl that I've known since kindergarten, but only befriended her around the 1st grade. She used to be kind, funny and caring. Nowadays, it's like she's entirely different, she usually talks to me first but then acts like i was the one who initiated it.
She's dumping everything negative about me to multiple people in our class, and even outside it. She exaggerates the story so much, it's like I'm not myself anymore.
"Yep, it hit me really hard when i found out how fucked up (my name) was" then she proceeds to not elaborate. Then a few weeks ago she says she's "Okay" with me now through a friend, I know she'll only befriend me to talk badly about me behind my back. I don't know what i did wrong, I wasn't the best friend someone could have ; but i do try my best. I, gave them space, attention, time, gifts, whatever. It still wasn't enough i suppose.
I do think I'm not likeable enough as a person, not likeable enough to befriend immediately. Just to keep around until the time is right.
A friend showed me screenshots about things she'd say about me so here's a general list of everything ;
  1. I'm literally the worst, no one could compare.
  2. I'm too sensitive/insensitive.
  3. I'm replaceable.
That's all the ones he showed me, but they're generally the same.
This is all I'll say for the 1st person, because there's still alot - please do bear with it, though.
2nd person is someone i used to be close with, we "rekindled" – but in, actuality she talks behind my back.
a few weeks ago she said she gets "sick" every months or so, and its why we can't hangout. But earlier i overheard her talk about to the 1st girl ; If i remember correctly, the conversation went like this :
"Hey 1st girl, I'm free later since my Mom isn't home. can we hangout later? "
Then later in the afternoon she said we couldn't hangout because she's sick and such. I let it go, i understand.
I thought i could trust her, especially since she says she's glad I'm back in her life before she goes. But now, I'm unsure of what to feel towards her, it feels so wrong, it feels sickening.
The rest of the people are all generally 1 in the same, so I'll mix them all up. Apologies if this gets confusing ;
Most of the girls use me for money — Whenever we hangout, sometimes they invite me somewhere. Then when we get there they suddenly say 'I don't have money' and then ask if i could buy them something, Even if i told them things such as 'I don't have any' or 'I don't have enough' they push anyway. Then they start calling me a "Rich auntie" - speaking of which, Everyone calls me a rich auntie. Anyone outside of my class who hears about it think it's sickening, i do too. I don't understand why you'd use someone like that. Though, I've known for a long time. I just didn't want to do anything about it, not until they started bragging..
A few days ago they went to the park, A dude came up to them and they started bragging about me apparently, and how 'if you just ask her, she'd spend her money'
It's gotten so bad, I've started not bringing my wallet anymore so when they look through my bag, there's nothing. I haven't been able to save anymore, it doesn't help that all my "friends" hangout almost everyday, even when they have no money.
Speaking of which, I got into a fight with a classmate. I simply asked what they did and such when they hungout because i didn't come, He got defensive then said i was a rich kid. i fought back and the arguments got repetitive, so i kicked him. He started arguing with me in another group chat, and later on Called me childish and how immature i am for continuing the fight. He said "Your thoughts are always full of money, i suggested a food place so we could just have fun because hangouts don't always mean you have to waste your money!" even though i repeatedly told him the same things such as "I was only asking why you offered to go there" and "We could've gone elsewhere so we didn't lose any money" — Then the argument ended because someone wanted to hangout and he let it go. I mentioned how i was losing money because of people using me, and that just because i get ___ a day, doesn't mean I'm "rich" - then he says "you're such a wasteful child." Then i blocked him everywhere.
Later on, This girl who watched the argument go down ; kept forcing us to get along again. she kept saying "you're my, only friends, yet you still fight" fuck, she even added him twice in the gc i kicked him from after i repeatedly told her 'No.' she only stopped when i told her once again that 'If you do this again, I'll kick you out too' Then she acted all upset when I told her it didn't concern you.
2 hours later, The dude apologizes on Snapchat and says "Sorry i thought with my emotions instead of my brain, i hope we could stay friends. you're fun to be around" then he screenshots the apology. (Snapchat tells you)
All this happened on Friday last week, and even more things happened. We didn't have proper classes and they were all being so loud, my head was hurting. The president (1st girl) didn't help either. In fact she encouraged them to get louder, she didn't do anything.
And in the afternoon we had a screening for Journalism, Me and a few other girls who were using me joined. During the captioning phase, they kept asking me things while i thought of my caption, they even took pictures instead of focusing. I ended up giving 3 of the 5 girls captions. And they even asked me for a pen and paper to use, they brought nothing. One of them even wanted me to transfer pictures to her so she could pass them instead.
Speaking of journalism, this other girl joined us. And this girl is so bad. I'll make a list for you : 1. She cheated multiple times, got caught once but still keeps cheating. 2. Already has a boyfriend, calls him hubby 3.Has that 2020 wattpad phase humor going on 4. Glorifies Eating disorders and suicide. 5. One time me and a few other friends went to her house, there was a guy also there. she came back wearing boxers (which was like underwear) and a thin tank top. She wasn't even wearing a bra underneath. 6. Very clingy 7. has the worst grammar 8. Condescending
Overall, literally everyone in our class despises her. Her friends talk badly of her too.
It didn't help when she cried to her mom about bullying (She didn't get a line in our performance because she didn't attend any practice.)
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2023.03.26 14:15 koyyK r/animearmor on AI art


AI art is allowed.
/animearmor is a place for sharing images related to armor and anime style. AI art doesn't deviate from that principle.

Deeper dive

Fundamental note & how Reddit works

User sees content in social media and shares it to an appropriate subreddit, I'll call them Submitters from this point on. Most of the content you see on Reddit is actually quite fresh, as in less than 24 hours fresh, even for anime art. You can find out yourself by checking the Source in comments and it's most likely from the artist who shared it within the same day. Submitters follow artists on social media and when they see a new artwork in their feed, they share it on Reddit. This is the most common form of content on Reddit, because it's easy and fast for a Submitter to share it. Some artists use Reddit and share their [OC]-tagged art themselves, so there's no Submitter "middleman".
Of course Reddit is full of reposts, but this is less of a problem in anime art subreddits and even less of a problem in /animearmor
Now, there are older works by artists, however this requires a Submitter to go to through their profile page and share what they like, hence more effort for the sake of sharing something.
For a subreddit to function and grow, it needs Submitters. Oh, and they do it for free.

It's a place to share images related to armor and anime style

This is what the subreddit was made for and what it is.
The content medium never mattered; digital illustration, screenshot from a scene, traditional sketch... The content itself matters, which is anime and armor. Does AI art break any of these? No. If the image is a character in anime style wearing armor, then that's all that matters. Made by AI or human is irrelevant here.

Having fresh content flow for the subreddit

There have been recent months where /animearmor wouldn't get any new submissions for over a week. If we want the subreddit to stay active, keep growing and not die, we need content flow. For content, we need active Submitters. AI art provides fresh content flow for the subreddit and an open door for new Submitters.
We've been lax with rule 1 (All posts must be related to armor and anime style) just so we can keep active Submitters sharing content and try to keep the subreddit active.
It's hilarious to see someone claim the subreddit is dead if we allow AI art, when it's always been pretty dead with barely a handful of people contributing. Again: a subreddit needs content flow/Submitters to stay alive.

There just aren't a lot of artists that do anime and armor art consistently

Remember when I talked about how Reddit works? Well, this kind of art doesn't pop up in Submitters daily feed easily, which means less content for the subreddit.
Take a look at armor tagged posts. On the site, 18800 posts are tagged under armor, that's a lot, right? Well, there are more niche tags that have much more content under them. Also, when you go through the armor-tagged images, majority of them wouldn't really fit the subreddit. So in general, anime armor art is hard to come by.
I created this subreddit. I have contributed the most to this subreddit for years. I know what it takes to gather content and share them to a community. To quote myself from 5 months ago about AI art remains the same:
The subreddit has an active community and gets visibility, but lacks consistent daily content, which is surprisingly hard to come by (for me). With AI art, I can fill that gap.
Fitting content is still hard to come by and seeing all the amazing armored anime images made with AI makes me excited to witness them. It's a shame I've been hesitant to share that great looking content, just because there can be vocal and hostile reception. However, that seems to be only from a minority and I can prove it with numbers.


The average karma count of the past month's worth of submissions in /animearmor (excluding AI art posts) is around 305.
Their average upvote ratio is around 98%.
So far, this subreddit has had 7 AI art -tagged posts.
AI art average karma count is around 500, from 806, 354, 610, 17, 536, 674, 501.
AI art average upvote ratio is 90% from 96%, 92%, 90%, 73%, 93%, 95%, 92%.
Looking at the averages, "regular" posts are really well received (upvote ratio), but lack to get visibility and popularity (karma count).
AI art posts are controversial to an extent (upvote ratio), but the karma average is pretty high, so they are popular (karma count). This is not only good for the post, but also for the subreddit.
Solely going from numbers perspective, the AI art's "controversial" 90% upvote ratio doesn't really warrant a reason for it to be banned. As for the AI art's high karma average, it only encourages to have more of it. The pool of existing AI art posts is really low to pull meaningful data from, but it is still showing a strong positive starting point for future. It's also proving that majority of users don't care if the image was made by AI. They just like the image, that's all that matters.
The discussion in AI art -tagged posts is mixed. From usual funny content remarks to pointing attention to bad hands or weirdest details. The negative reception part has never reasoned themselves properly as to why AI art is bad for the subreddit, nor has there been any direct contacts of concerns to the mod team.
Images with "AI Art" -Reddit tag can sometimes get overlooked by people that care about it, because they didn't notice it while browsing. There's no need to point that out separately, Sherlock. There have been no cases of lying in posts if the content is made with AI or not. AI art posts are properly tagged.

Going forward

If you don't like it, then hide "AI Art"-tagged posts in the settings if possible or block the person who submits AI Art. Or just unsubscribe from /animearmor if this is such huge deal for you. Be civil. Don't harass others.
You can check out other relevant subreddits like /ImaginaryArmor , /armoredwomen and /ImaginaryCharacters
Now, just because AI art is allowed doesn't mean we are dedicated to just that. You're hopefully just going to get more anime armor relevant content in the coming future.
We're operating the same we have been and try to hit new top posts that many people can enjoy.
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2023.03.26 14:13 oasdijhfaios 4k60 no crop for less than 2k€ used

Hey, I am looking for a camera with some pretty specific specs and was wondering if I am overseeing any contenders. I am buying used and I have some time on my hand to wait for a good deal and with the new models (for example canon r6 mk2) I can also imagine to wait for some months for the used prices to come down a bit.
Wanted Specs: - 4k60 no crop (at least 20 min until it overheats, for B-Roll) - 4k24 no time limit (controlled talking head shots) - 1080p with at least 120fps, but more would be appreciated - full frame sensor - LOG with good skintones and in general easy grading - good video autofocus - acceptable ibis, better is of course appreciated - used body price below 2k€ - plus points for good photos
the contenders I have spotted so far: - canon r6 mk2 (currently reselling for 2.3k, but this will come down with time I hope) - lumix s5 mk2 (4k60 apsc crop) - fuji xh2 (sadly not full frame) - sony a7 iv (4k60 crop)
Am I missing out on some bodies and which one should I pick? Help is much appreciated :)
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2023.03.26 14:11 Ok-Pianist-8550 Visitation dream

I want to know if anyone else had a similar experience to mine. It was 2 years at the time when I split up with my girlfriend. It felt real and vivid. It started off with me walking down a hospital hallway. The lights were low and quiet and then I walk into a hospital room. The person in the bed is the father of my ex girlfriend. He smiles and says hi to me. I ask him how he is doing knowing full well that he is dying. He says while smiling at me that everything will be just fine. In the room are both his grieving daughters and wife. They don’t appear to see me, like I’m invisible. Then I wake up and for some reason, I look out the window. The dream seems to affect me for 3 days. Two weeks later I go to watch a movie with friends and bump into a girlfriend of my ex. She says did you hear what happened and the passing of her father. And that is when it hit me with the dream that I experienced. On a side note, my mother had the same experience as me when her brother passed away. The next day, my mother gets a telegram saying he passed. I have had other experiences when my mother and grandmother when they passed. I wanted to share this and if other people have had a similar experience?
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2023.03.26 14:09 online_int1208 Hailey Bieber’s Trick for the Juiciest Skin Ever Is 100% Free

All skin is good skin, which is why good skin care is further of a trip than a destination. We all love a one-off trip, but at Byrdie, we’re more interested in how our skin evolves. The Product we have used for a decade, the component blend that made us glow, the step we noway skip, and all the advice in between. This is the stuff that makes a real difference. With What I Put on My Face, we’re bringing you the rituals, recommendations, and failed trials(we’ve all had them) straight from celebrities, authors, and influencers who’ve gone through it themselves.

There are thousands of quests on Google for “glazed doughnut skin.” And with just as numerous quests for Hailey Bieber’s skincare routine, the model–turned–brand author honored there was a need she could fill in the assiduity. But not without times of exploration. Through the epidemic, Hailey Bieber set up solace in skincare and honored that others followed suit. While a lot of the forenamed gleam is inheritable, it’s also a product of skin care education. I’ve come to understand that conscientiousness steers Hailey’s business opinions as much as it makes her beauty choices. She likes routine and stability and tries to avoid stress and vexation in her life and skin in equal measure.

You see, Hailey Bieber is a lot of effects all at formerly. She’s a celebrity with over 45 million Instagram followers, the face of iconic brands like Levi’s, Guess, and Tommy Hilfiger, and a YouTube channel with over1.7 a million subscribers. She runs in a veritably notorious circle. Those effects feel veritably out of reach for the average person. That said, I( and countless millions of others) feel deeply connected to how she presents herself through apparel, makeup, and of course, “glazed doughnut” skin.

It’s the skin thing that brought us together in person this time around. Hailey is launching Rhode, an affordable, curated collection of three skincare must-plutocrats, and I wanted to ask all the dewy-eyed, glowy, and lustrous questions. Along with a full breakdown of her products, I asked Hailey to run us through her entire skincare trip, from how she got into skincare to what products she uses daily. Below, find a complete companion to what Hailey Bieber puts on her face.

Hailey Bieber’s glowing skin


About Her Skin

My skin is susceptible, and it’s further on the dry side. My end with my skin is to keep it super doused. I indeed still struggle with flights. I am in the phase of my skincare trip where I want to start incorporating a little bit of Tretinoin. It’s solid, but most people say you must deal with the” purifying” phase.

For me, the thing is always to keep my skin healthy. I get perioral dermatitis occasionally, which technically goes down, but it can get touched off from vexation or stress.1. These bumps nearly look like short flights around my mouth and under my eyes. So, I’m always reaching for calming, simple products that don’t have a heavy scent. I surely break out a lot further when I am PMSing. That PMS week for me is hell. That — or when I’m traveling a lot and feeling exhausted is when I struggle the most with my skin.

But I’ve set up my routine and meter to keep my skin as balanced as possible. And I try to be conscious of what I put into my body. However, I see a big difference in my skin if I eat a bunch of crap daily. Overall, my skin’s just really sensitive.

How She Got Into Skincare

I have always adored skincare but took a deep dive during the epidemic. I had a lot of exchanges with experts and explored to understand my favorite skincare constituents, including why I love them and why they are so beneficial for the skin. I wanted to produce unique formulas that were affordable. So I took a lot of time to start that process. The absolute morality with Rhode is “making one of everything perfect.” It’s the same way I curate my closet the perfect brace of jeans, that one perfect T-shirt, that one good blazer — whatever it may be. It’s the same thing with skincare. Rhode is one excellent moisturizer, lip product, and so forth. I also love being creative. So bringing a relaxed, sharp, editorial vibe to a beauty brand was a commodity I wanted to do while also delivering a great product.

Hailey Bieber with flower


Her Morning Versus Nighttime Routine

I do not generally wash my face in the morning. I like to clean with warm water, which I’ve set up and has helped me retain humidity in my skin. The products I slept in the night ahead are friendly and soaked in, so I don’t want to strip anything out. I follow up with Environ’s Skin EssentiA Botanical Infused Toner, a vitamin C serum, Rhode’s Peptide Glazing Fluid, and SPF. I finish my morning routine with Rhode’s Peptide Lip Treatment.

In the evening, I twice cleanse with an oil painting cleaner first, followed by another cleaner. Also, I moreover use Skin EssentiA Botanical Infused Toner again or a light slipping color. So it depends on the day. Also, I follow up with Peptide Glazing Fluid, Rhode’s hedge Restore Cream, and a miniature oil painting on top because I like facial canvases. Not everybody does, but I am dehydrated, so I enjoy them. I’ll occasionally slug my skin at night with Vaseline or Aquaphor, but that can get messy.

How Her Routine Changed Over Time

As my skincare enterprises have changed over time, so has my routine. I am 25 now, so I’m starting to get into anti-aging. For me, the biggest thing is keeping my face out of the sun. At the once time, I wouldn’t have worn a chapeau in the sun. I would put on a little sunscreen and keep my face baking in the sun. That is a commodity I try my stylist to avoid now.

I also use a ton of peptides to soften any fine lines. It’s each about forestallment for me right now. When I was 17, I focused more on flights and chancing, a routine that worked for me. And indeed, at 21, my skincare enterprises were different than they’re now. You have to pay attention to your skin and how it’s changing.

The constituents That Make the Biggest Difference

I’ve two peptides and niacinamide. I adore niacinamide and have seen a massive difference in my skin using skincare products with both constituents.

Rhode skincare products


The Stylish Skincare Advice She’s Ever entered

When I started double sanctification, that was such a game-changer for me. It breaks down SPF and makeup. And when I began applying products on damp skin rather than drying off my skin and using the products, that made a huge difference.

Her Skincare Pet Peeve

Over-exfoliating! If I strip my skin accidentally, I am like,” Argh!!!”

Her Most- Used Product

My most-used Product is Rhode’s Peptide Glazing Fluid. I am really about that.

The Product That has Been in Her Routine the Longest

An oil painting cleaner has been in my routine constantly for the longest time. And Rhode’s hedge Restore Cream. We reformulated it 16 times to get it to the perfect place, and I have used it since the first slice.

Hailey Bieber’s glowing skin

Her Favorite New Product

We’re in the testing phase of a delightful vitamin C serum right now. I just got the samples from the labs! I am loving it and have it one moment.

The Skincare Step She noway Skips.

I would skip sanctification in the evening — I’ve no way gone to sleep with makeup on. I’m not joking! If I were drunk, if I were nearly where I did not have access to my skincare, I would make sure I went into the restroom and got as important off as I conceivably could. I can confidently say that.

Her Skincare Prep Before a Big Event

Before a big red carpet, I will generally get a facial. That’s the biggest fix of all. Also, the products you use to fix your skin under the makeup are essential. I’ll do an excellent hydrating distance mask, eye masks, a hydrating mist, Rhode’s Peptide Glazing Fluid, and hedge Restore Cream. In creating Rhode, I wanted to ensure the products worked well under makeup and that the finish of the makeup and the effects go beautifully together. I always use Rhode products to fix my skin under makeup.
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2023.03.26 14:08 online_int1208 How to feed your Cat so It Doesn’t Beg and Then Start losing weight Cats, Nutrition

Cats receiving a sufficient amount of calories a day will feel thirsty (in natural environments, it is customary to search for food even if you have enough calories). Therefore, feeding cats until they are full is almost always excessive unless it’s an active kitten less than eight months old.

Naturally, cats eat several smaller meals throughout the day by hunting and eating whatever they find. The presence of a dry food bowl available provides multiple meals that provide high caloric food with little effort from the Cat’s side. This can lead to a weight increase.

Domestic cats keep their wild Foods.
Cats fed are less calorific-hungry per day than cats who need to search for food, catch it and consume it to live. As they age, cats see a dramatic decrease in their metabolic rate and activity with no loss of appetite. This makes maintaining a healthy weight difficult with the course.

Your Cat may have trained you to feed it.
The feeding process is a way to train the feeder and the Cat. Cats are often enthralled by the behaviour and actions that indicate when they can feed them and then try to convince the feeder to take part in these. An excellent example is feeding your Cat when you first leave bed early in the day. Cats will often try to get the person to get up in the morning to ensure they can eat earlier…

Another instance is your Cat wandering through the kitchen when your fridge opens because they know where you can store canned food.

A Hungry Cat Often Looks for Mischief
Another aspect to take into consideration is that a hungry cat is a cat which is busy, usually looking for food, being grumpy or stalking other cats (who they blame for eating food that isn’t in the house) and causing trouble to the other cats who live in the home or engaging in other harmful behaviour.

Being active is beneficial because it can make the Cat more active, which aids in burning calories; however, the nature of this activity is not always loved by everyone else in the family. One of the most challenging tasks is to allow a cat to be hungry and not reward the behaviours that go with it. If a cat is fed when triggered, it is arousing for the Cat to behave this way.

Choosing Between Dry Food or canned food, or Both
In general, it is best not to give multiple flavours or textures to your Cat. They’re adept at teaching their owners how to introduce additional ingredients to the mix when the Cat is hesitant to eat the food offered. If the Cat’s doing well, a decision to refuse to eat the food provided could be regular or even a test conducted on the animal to determine what else is coming to up. Very few cats require any incentive to take food. It is the opposite objective.

Canned food for cats is the best Option for Healthy Cats.
Canned food can be more beneficial than dry food for various reasons. However, it’s more costly and messier to feed. Since they are fresh-kill hunters, wild cats consume most of their water and fresh prey. They do not possess a strong urge to drink in addition to eating. I believe that most dry food cats consume water which puts stress on their kidneys and excessively concentrated urine. Canned food is similar to the amount of water they drink from their prey found in the wild. This results in less dilute urine, which can less likely trigger kidney and bladder issues over time.

Canned food is also known to be less carb-based when compared with dry food (you cannot make dry food without flour) and, consequently, more protein-rich. Some deem protein-rich, low-carb diets less likely to result in overweight in cats. However, this is not the case in feeding studies; the consumption of total calories is the most crucial. Cats require about 4 to 5 ounces of canned food daily, which is indisputable. Pate-style Canned Food is generally calorific than varieties closely resembling human food, including gravies and chunks. This is a good thing in determining the calories consumed daily.

Dry Food: A Cost-effective But Not as Healthful
Dry food is extremely calorific dense. It is devoid of water, which is a factor in the volume of the food. Due to this, feeding only dry food is a sign that your Cat will be hungry in the event that they are getting a sufficient amount of calories from the food because of the less volume of food available. In this regard, the fact that free dry food or a version with fewer calories is not going to stop weight growth.

How to control your Cat’s weight when on a dry Food Diet
Separating dry food into small quantities that can be controlled throughout the day is the most efficient. This way, your Cat will never be hungry and is never really starving. For most cats, eating less than 1/3-1/2 teaspoon of dried food every 24 hours will leave them hungry, even if sufficient calories are consumed. The exact amount needed by a particular cat is unique to the specific Cat and is likely to alter (decrease) with the time the pet gets older.

Canned green beans can provide a lot of bulk to help cats feel full. It is not recommended to do this for cats with a background of crystals in the urinary tract (FLUTD), as green beans increase the pH of the urine, which can trigger crystal formation.

Beware of Feeding Your Cat both dry and canned food.
The most efficient way to gain and keep a cat overweight is to feed it dry and canned food. Even if a cat consumes a large amount of dry food, it will be able to eat all canned food available (or the reverse). It isn’t easy to control the quantity of each kind of food, ensuring that cats receive the right amount of calories.

Feeding Recommendations from Your Veterinarian
Canned food is my preferred option. For a cat of adult age, Start with 1/2 of a 5.5 1 oz. Bottle (Friskies/9 size can) two times a day and no other food. This is the beginning base and will likely have to be adjusted downward.

For kittens and small cats, a portion of a 3 oz. Container (Fancy size can) twice a day could be better. The amount of food is cat-specific and usually requires adjustment up or down. Food that is canned appears to be the ideal balance of energy and feeling satisfied, and it also seems to keep the Cat going longer than a dry food dish.

Recommendations for Owners with dry food
Dry food is a good option for feeding; however, it must be done by carefully weighing the portions, eating specific meals, and not eating snacks. Modern-day food has more nutritious ingredients, resulting in more consumed calories for each cup, which means there is less need compared to the Little Friskies of 30 years earlier.

Dry food is served for a specific period, and any leftover food is discarded until the subsequent food distribution. Feeding multiple times a day is helpful, but it could be a source of tension because the Cat will try to get provided during the interval between meals. Food bowls that are not open must be accessible. Sometimes, picking the bowls out and removing any warning of the absence of food can help reduce the amount of beggarly behaviour.

Make sure to measure the Food your Cat is eating to prevent them from overfeeding.
The best way to do this is to calculate the one-day’s (24 hours) food rations in the morning. Then, take food out of the container to ensure that you have enough food throughout the day. When the container is complete, no food is available until the following day. This lets multiple people take part in feeding and avoid being tricked into providing more food as the Cat believes that someone didn’t feed them and they’re close to dying of starvation.

Using a kitchen scale to measure dry food weight is far more precise and reliable than the volume measure, which means that the measurement is more reliable between days and from person to person. The weight measurement can make it possible to adjust much fewer daily food portions that can be measured using volume measurements (a 10% change in the quarter cup is virtually impossible to measure accurately using a volume measurement). A quality food scale is available at around $50 from Target, Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

You can weigh your Cat to ensure that your Cat has a healthy weight-loss rate.
Whatever the diet, restricting access to food is crucial. Also, a scale for precisely weighing the Cat is proper. The scales of people can be used to consider the person holding the pet. Weights for the month in the exact moment suffice.

Weight loss is difficult for cats, and no quick solutions are available, requiring an active effort. A sudden weight loss in a cat may cause serious health problems. We’re looking for approximately a pound every month in weight loss but not more.

As humans have a bespoke program for each Cat, coping with the behavioural effects of a hungry cat could be among the most challenging problems. One of the most difficult things for people is that a hungry cat is healthy and normal and does not need repair despite what the Cat might believe.
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